all right one more and then I think I got to do the book signing yes sir what’s your name my name is Jeff thanks for thanks for taking my question sure it was good stuff Mike liked what you had to say Thanks um I’m talking about when you’re you’re you’re kind of talking about what would you do for your mother and then for your brother yeah for a complete stranger yeah I started a company called red monkey foods we do gourmet seasonings and spices so since I am a complete stranger would you mind tweeting about it to your 900,000 friends good hustle I’m obsessed with hustle right but see what I find interesting is even though I just gave it an really passionate talk you went for the 19 year old dude move right you try to close on our first transaction and so that gives you a big fucking no but but I do love your swag and your hustle and that’s why you’re sitting in the room you go and hedge that you know we’re all the guys I told you my first business was lemonade stands because I really didn’t want to tell you what it really was my first business was really four and a half I used to go to people’s yards rip their flowers out of their yard ring their doorbell and sell it back to them so unlike you I’m gangster right I’m sales I’m not up here mother Teresa loved your 50 people I only remember you forgot because it was an hour ago I only do this because it’s how business is going to be done I’m only interested in this stuff because it converts and it’s going to be the only thing against the amount of noise that’s going to be going on in the world so what would have been more interesting is when I talked about you know the steak I was having for you to like send and say hey I saw you in 500 and I’m sending you a little you know spice that would go really great with that and then I would say ah good thank you economy tactic let me retweet it but now you fucking blew it but there’s a lot of other but there’s a lot of other pretty girls out there so the next time you go into the social media bar don’t be a douchebag roll deep thank you