let’s face it everybody’s got to sense and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey Grant Cardone New York Times bestselling author and the guy that’s trying to trademark don’t be a little bitch look let me explain to you what I mean when I say that I just did a presentation in New York City with Google and I give everybody a ban out there now and it’s 80% women at this meeting I’m like hey don’t be a little bitch and I could tell you get this look from a woman if you’ve ever had that look from a woman like oh shit I’m gonna kill you later you know I’m gonna talk about you later I might criticize you later I’m not gonna tell you thing to your face right now I don’t like you but I don’t like that we had a big party at my house recently it was a huge hit and everybody’s like where’d you come up with this don’t be a little bitch and it was a woman asked me that but she’s like what what is it with you man are you like a sexist pig she’d had a couple of drinks she could call me that she could say that right I’m like no why would you say that Koren okay you’re an America not a maraca so I said why would you say that Karan in Carnes like well look it says don’t be a little bitch you know well what’s that about that’s sexist I’m like look the word bitch means to whine to complain kind of excuses when I say the word bitch I don’t mean dog and I don’t mean a woman I mean a Crabby a whiner somebody that can’t do anything ain’t got the time I don’t have they’re not there they’re not home I can’t find them I lost the phone up dude quit being a little bitch it’s not male or female anybody can be a little bitch when I say don’t be a little bitch I don’t mean don’t be a woman or don’t be a dog dogs are bitches right a female dog is a bitch I’m talking about you don’t be a little crybaby okay don’t be a little whiner don’t be a little puss okay don’t be the person that comes up with a damn excuse for everything don’t be my little bitch don’t be anybody’s bitch