Do You Actually Need Passion to Profit Online?

hey everybody what’s up it’s pat flynn from smart passive income calm and today i’m going to tackle the question do you actually need passion to profit online and my quick answer is well yes and no and I’ll explain why in a sec when trying to figure out what to do online what sort of niche to get into you a lot of people say you need to be passionate about that niche in order to be successful you need to live it you need to breathe it eat and sleep it you know where you just can’t stop thinking about it and passion helps yes and if you’re passionate about something that’s the obvious place to start but I wouldn’t let not having passion for something hold you back from you know seeing if you can make a successful business out of it there is something however that you do need an ingredient that’s absolutely necessary in order to take an idea and mold it into something successful and that is interest you need to be interested in the topic nut not necessarily passionate although like I said that does help but there is a difference between interest and passion if you have an interest in something you’re not necessarily breathing it or thinking about it 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days out of the year you know but when a topic of interest comes up it can hold your attention enough to make something successful me for example I’m not passionate about the security guard training industry but I was interested in enough to build a security guard training website it’s now ranking number one and generating a decent income and I’m interested in it enough to keep it up and try to make it even better so you might be asking well why you know how did I get interested in security guards in the first place and actually do have a connection to the industry and that’s through my mom who is a security guard and you know your connection to whatever things you may be interested in will be different of course now even though you don’t need to be passionate about a topic you still need to have passion not necessarily for that topic like we discussed but for two specific things one you need to have a passion to help people helping people spans across all niches and markets and the more you can help people in whatever topic the more will come back to you in return and secondly you need to have a passion for business for being an entrepreneur you know not just for making money i mean that’s important it’s it’s it’s good to want to make more money but that’s not what a business should be all about it should be about you know the love of experimentation improving things like traffic and conversions in customer experience and user interface and your product and you know just wanting to be the best there is out there that’s that’s what you have to be passionate about so if there’s one thing you could take away from this video it’s this if you think of it you’re interested if your brain thinks of an idea you are somewhat interested in it so if you’re struggling to find a nature or something to get into write down every single idea that comes to mind you know start with something you’re the most interested in and you know even if it’s something you’re not passionate about and just go with it you know take action and use the passion that you have to want to help people and make something awesome and the passion that you have for entrepreneurship and just be successful in whatever niche you’re going to get into so what do you think do you need the passion or is interest enough to find success I’d love to hear what you think so go ahead and leave a comment below and I’d love to hear your thoughts thanks so much and I’ll see you at smart passive income calm