DIY Videoscribing – How to Create Video Scribe Videos Electronically

hey this is pat flynn from smart passive income comm and today i’m going to show you how you can DIY video scribe how you can do it yourself so you can record yourself writing or drawing on your screen and speed it up so it looks like this video scribing is like i can’t you just can’t take your eyes off of it but i’m going to tell you up front it’s not easy it’s going to take some time and a lot of practice and I’m not an artist and there are a lot of professionals out there that can do this much better than me but it’s fun it’s challenging and it got a really nice response when I shared it in a previous video so I’m happy to show you how I did it today so first let’s go over the equipment that you need now many of the pros will actually use real whiteboards and dry erase markers but I do this all electronically using a tablet setup where you can draw with a pen on your screen on a little tablet that’s next to your desktop now there’s a lot of different brands out there but I use a bamboo by Wacom now secondly you’ll need some sort of screen capture software to record what you’re writing on the screen and the best for this is Camtasia camtasia for mac or if you’re on a PC then camtasia studios but ScreenFlow for mac will work too just not as well as can camtasia for mac for this particular sort of technique and number three you’re going to need to download a piece of software called audacity it’s free they have it for PC and Mac again that’s audacity AUD a CI t Y and you can just look it up in Google or something and lastly preferably you should have Photoshop on your computer to draw in if not some sort of Photoshop alternative that has a pen tool that you can draw on a whiteboard or whatever in that program will work for you so once you have that all you have to do is follow the step by step process that I’m about to show you right now okay so here we are in audacity and the basic idea here is you want to get an b3 file in here that we’re going to use in our screen recording software and in audacity when we slow it down so whether you already have that mp3 file or you want to create it here on audacity and then slow it down here that’s you know just get the audio in audacity somehow so I’m just going to record straight into audacity this is one way to do it so I’m just gonna record something really quick hey thanks for visiting smart passive income com stop it I’m going to press play hey thanks for visiting smart passive income com okay great so if you did that and you didn’t have an mp3 file of this already you want to go ahead and create that so you can actually do that with audacity you can go to file and then export and then export as mp3 just get that mp3 and that once you have that let’s do the next step so I’m going to fast forward to what I have that already okay so after you have your mp3 file ready and you know we’ve just set it up with audacity it’s in audacity drag and drop it into your screen capture software so I have Camtasia Mac for open a Camtasia for Mac open now I’m just going to drag and drop it into the timeline I’m going to press play just to listen to it a thanks for visiting smart passive income comm okay great so now we have to go back into audacity that’s there for reference in Camtasia for Mac and we’re going to use this little dial here to change the playback speed so I’m going to change the playback speed from 1x del all the way down to about 0.23 X so what’s going to happen is when I play when I play this again using this particular green button next to the dial here you’re going to hear it super slow yeah it’s really slow but that helps us when we’re drawing and writing because we can catch up to what with what we’re saying and write certain elements so then when we speed up that video along with that audio it’s just going to be it’s it’s you know that’s vit that’s a video scribing so we’re all set up to go here I’m going to show you photoshop really quick because that’s actually where I’m going to be drawing and you’re looking in Photoshop right now let me drag this here so you can see this is the background that I created that’s kind of branded with my logo in the upper left and then the space to write on in the middle but I want to make sure that for this I want to write in a layer above the background so that you know if I write like this I can just easily turn off that layer to delete it instead of kind of writing on the background and then everything gets all screwed up so you always want to make sure that you’re writing on separate layers in Photoshop so let me undo that move this out of the way and so we’re all set up to go here what we want to do is go back into Camtasia and make sure that we press the record button now because I’m actually recording this tutorial in Camtasia right now that’s why there’s a pause button here but this would be a big red button instead you would want to press that to start recording and then you know don’t worry about getting things right you can lead up to it you can always delete the stuff out before you start this technique but again just for your reference this will be a big red button here where you can record and you want to record a certain area around your kind of Photoshop background here so the next step is to record and then go into audacity play at slow speed jump into Photoshop like I said this isn’t easy and then right while you’re speaking at the slow speed so let’s go ahead and do that right now and anytime you do some little Wiggly thing or you start to draw something like people it looks really cool with its and fast motion but again I did a short audio for you so I just wanted to do this really fast for you so that’s that’s what it’s like and then you’d stop recording or you can go back and try it again you know just delete everything in Photoshop and then and then go back and audacity press play and try it again I think I like that one a little better actually so again you can just keep doing it till you get it right or you’re happy with it then you stop recording and I’m actually going to keep recording because I’m recording this tutorial for you that was kind of one of the big challenges of recording this tutorial because I’m recording recording a tutorial or something like that I don’t know it’s just crazy but anyways once you have that done you go back into Camtasia and that will be here in your timeline so I’m going to stop this videos so that it’s entered there and I’ll show you how to manipulate it right now and I’ll come right back okay so we’re back on our screen capture software we had just finished recording and so this little thing pop-up in a timeline which is that video that we just recorded so what we’re going to do is just drag and drop it anywhere on the anywhere on the timeline right now it doesn’t matter for right now and what we’re going to do is zoom out and we’re basically just going to look at the preview screen and try to find the video of where there it is of where we wrote stuff down so as you can see it’s right there starts right there so I’m just going to hit command T to delete and kind of split the tracks if you’re in ScreenFlow you just have to press T if you’re in Camtasia you press come Antti or ctrl t to split the tracks and you can delete which what you don’t want so I’m going to test these two things as you can see there’s this one here that we did and that lasts till about there after did the squigglies and I think I drew some people after that so there’s that one so I’m going to split that one off and actually you don’t need the audio since we already have audio that was just audio of me talking over it and then this other one here which I liked better was starts right there and then that one ends right there so let me clean those up and now I have these I don’t need the audio so now I have the videos just the video in the timeline for each of those different things that we just did both for it takes so what we have to do now is we have to slow this down so how do we slow this down you right click on this and darn it you can’t see it here because this is not being recorded but it says add clip speed or which you can actually do is highlight the thing that you want to speed up and then go to video effects and click on clip speed you can actually drag this on to that particular timeline that you want to speed up and so what happens is it says effect added you click on this and then on the right hand side here there’s this kind of Settings button if you scroll down you’ll see it says speed 100% now since we did that 23 percent I mean it’s not exact you know if we preferably we want 25% but audacity does it weird it’s like 23 and point 0.28 or 0.26 so basically we just want to speed this up 400% okay so there we have it there it’s sped up at about 400% I’m going to bring this back to the beginning and kind of zoom in and you’ll be able to see kind of what happens from the start hey thanks for visiting smart passive income comm there you go those little drawings that we did and everything it’s kind of cut off a little bit because of the settings sorry but let me try one more time so you can see hey thanks for visiting smart passive income comm goo doing little drawings so as you can see it’s sped up what we just did which is pretty cool if the audio is a little bit longer it would make more sense because you’d be writing certain words at certain points that match up with that audio and it would look pretty cool actually just like you saw at the beginning of this video now we’re going to go to this other piece of video that recorded the one that I liked better and see kind of what that looks like so I’m going to just move this one out of the way and bring this one back but again this one’s at regular speed right now so we have to speed it up again so I’m going to drag the clip speed tool on top of that it says effect added and then I’m going to go here to the settings bar the gear here and crank the speed to 400% and see what happens hey thanks for visiting smart passive income comm all right so cut off pretty fast because there wasn’t any fun drawings at the end but you know you can play around with the you can play around with the width the length of this a little bit actually what happens if I go over there let’s see hey thanks for visiting smart passive income comm and then I think I start talking and then start editing stuff after that yeah so you want to play around with this to make sure it lines up with the audio correctly and may thanks for visiting smart passive income comm so so yeah that’s basically how it works again this is a really difficult tutorial to create for you but that’s the basic idea get into audacity get an mp3 file in there slow it down it’s best if you have a script to go along with it so you can follow along because the voice is really slow and sometimes you have to figure out where you’re at or with what to draw next and then draw on Photoshop while that’s playing go into Camtasia or ScreenFlow and speed up the clip you can change the speed and see if it matches up better or move things around a little bit just just so it lines up more correctly but again I just wanted to create this for you and show you how was done and hopefully there’ll be a an easier way to do this you know I just learned this the other day and I want to show you how I figured it out if I figure out a better way to do these video scribing videos I’ll definitely let you know but you know I would love to see any of you try this and you know if you have a tablet already this would be something fun to to attempt so good luck I wish you all the best and thanks I’ll see you at