what’s going on everybody this is the day in the life of a pro drop shipper part 2 if you guys know anything about me part 1 that’s what made me go viral and that allowed me to have the base to take it from there now a lot of things have changed and I can’t wait to show you guys obviously I’m in a new apartment now way bigger than the last one that last one was tiny tiny tiny and I’m just basically gonna show you what I’m doing now as compared to then because now we’re in the summer before we’re in December it was cold as fuck now it’s just nice out and you can see what I do on a daily basis when it’s actually nice out here and good old Clayton Missouri aka st. Louis so as usual we’re gonna run to the roof and get some coffee yeah guys a lot has changed since the last video many partnerships new six-figure stores I’ve launched a clothing brand I bought a new car that’s pretty awesome I obviously move units and then lately I’ve been on this kick where I’m doing 2,000 active calories a day there’s 2,000 active calories a day so I’m actually burning more like 4,000 calories a day honestly at this point guys that large chunk of my day is dedicated to just like going out here and just beating my body to shit and then doing it the next day the next my whole philosophy is most people aren’t gonna do it I’m gonna definitely do it because then you know that’s just an accomplishment to myself still living free just still doing exactly what I want to do every single day in my life with nobody ever telling me what to do this I’m gonna hit this six mile run we’re gonna go down a sharp park right over there there’s a lot of fucking dogs walking around pooping but I’m just gonna have to avoid it like the plague yeah we’re about to hit this run right now but I just want to say I’ve been traveling a fuck ton lately like I’ve been going to like I went to LA I went to Toronto I just got back from Ron cow and Wyoming I’ll tell you it’s so much different like actually traveling wherever the hell you want I think I also went to uh I went to Miami twice went to Colorado like twice and this is Austin’s last video I want to say guys if you really want to travel just go out and travel especially with drop shipping I haven’t paid for a flight in like a year and a half because all you guys got realizes when you’re spending $1,000 a day on Facebook Ads you’re getting all points that if we got the right card I recommend watching my video about Fred Clark you guys three times points so it’s like yeah thing I go spend $3,000 here Jake I’m faithful guy you get 9,000 points today in tow that’s $125 a day in trouble I asked long-running pointers ridiculous so the cops are using for a hotel stay use I sure whatever you want well I’m doing is like do definitely be using that for your travel cuz you can pay for like your buddies of fucking slice themself to travel for free oh I want to say guys take this lucky let’s take this fucking run let’s hit this fucking run fuck it I’m fucking punks I said I gotta hit 2,000 active calories a day that’s active calories or something on the lens yeah I’m just gonna run as far as I can just a quick tip for you guys who won the wrong I really don’t want to be breathing too much when you’re running like you want to hold your breath as long as possible when you’re running I know a lot of you saw in the last video that’s what I do when I workout try to hold your breath for a minimum like five minutes at a time because if you do that your energy levels will spike you’ll just burn way more calories that’s just what I do there we go oh my gosh can’t fake the sweat that’s usually how I start my mornings now four point four miles CJ I start for my building so it’s around five and a half with a 618 calorie burn now it’s time to go rinse off in the public pool hoarder into that run I start feeling light-headed and woozy and I was like oh shit I didn’t drink anything besides half of that coffee this morning so I just burned like 600 calories no water but as a my late great doctor rest in peace always said Scott whenever you’re dehydrated don’t be a pussy just keep pushing through and eventually it’ll go away I just listened to him maybe three I wonder if I try to squeeze out the sweat if anything will come out because this thing is completely soaked let’s see if we can get a few droplets huh oh that’s disgusting I usually can average about 2 to 400 calories in the pool so it’s like cool like cool off after ranma and this is again guys is all before the gym like we’re not even closed so a little trick most people don’t know is never you’re dehydrated when you’re swimming you can just get hydrated by drinking the pool water you always say oh when you swim close your mouth well it’s like if you keep your mouth open you can just keep drinking as much water as you want and you’re not gonna be dehydrated don’t worry about the chlorine content don’t worry about any of that at the end of the day water is water salt water chlorine water soap water light salt water and your body can tell the difference it’s what scientists don’t want you to know so for those who don’t know my name is Scott Hill see I started like a six figure drop shipping business with an iPhone case and I’ve done multiple six-figure businesses now actually just launched a recent six-figure drop shipping business and all the fun product it’s like pretty cool I know most of you know my story so I’m not gonna cover it too much but that’s just what I do I do drop shipping I have a program I think last video I had like 800 people in the program now I’ve over 4,000 it’s called simplified drop shipping calm you can check that out in the description below when I dropped out of college I was just like I don’t want anyone telling me what to do I want to do whatever I want when I want took about a year as a busser ended up scaling one business to six figures i scaled the next business six figures i scaled that next business to six figures and now really what I’m focusing on is 7 and 8-figure businesses because anybody can start a six-figure business but it’s a whole different structure when you’re going for seven or eight yeah now it’s all about making money in Fitness health and wealth nowadays I’m focusing try and focus more on health wealth love and happiness I’m super thirsty so I’m going to drink some of this pool [Music] I just got done with that swim puts us at 222 calories for that Dhofar at noon we got a late start today at noon we’re looking at cal law requires we’re at 905 so almost halfway there are they gonna go back a lot of water then you probably didn’t realize when you’re in there so what I was swimming around you were sitting over there yeah there’s all these kids around you all these people in their swimsuits and you’re just over there in full jeans boots and everything just holding a big ass and your phone just sitting by yourself I just kept looking over and cracking up pull works fine always like sometimes just want some real water Cheers [Music] oh it’s so cool we just got done getting some breakfast at the classic first watch we’re gonna head towards the classic gym but we’re gonna hit some major big manis on the way I’m big into the manis so let’s get it bury me with always bringing my grave on the gutter child like an occasional I got a lot gonna say I got a moves I’m gonna weigh you give a fuck or what you want me to say made a couple bloody rice on the day and the level our y’all are falling in phase neither table neither face time so deep like baseline Six Flags side through like a foe hands over the grapevine don’t fall asleep because I’m what it may have looked like I had toe touch I’m doing this for fun mixed with calorie wise like already bearing 105 calories because I’m shameless go Banga Banga live breaking don’t say my name is not major don’t sound the same I can’t take those complicating my conversations we should I have to say talk is painless had enough of that buy another one call me back again where you were know that buy another one call me back again [Music] enough of that buy another one call me back again where you went hit the buzzer let you know what time it is different colors all new design of his hip recording not concentrate and go back forth about word I’m writing in fucking beef and I smoked the vitamins Aquafina my wrists are bright it is yo [Music] I gotta grooves I gotta blaze there be widows bring my brave I look at each others I can occasion I’ve got a lot gonna say I was hella scared when I came around that corner I don’t know if you saw if I was like this close stop destroying myself on that ledge because I was coming in too high and I made too wide of a turn right now yeah we’re gonna go ahead and hop into the gym we burned three oh close to 400 calories just skating around busted Manny’s mass-marketing I’m a big believer and no warm-ups and just going as much weight as possible going straight at the sixties people always like Scott you should get a spotter and I’m like why do you need a spotter when you can just do this get some get some get some get some get some get some get some get some get some oh I made the mistake of going to light right there should I just went straight for the 65 to the 70s I had a lot of coffee at first watch the guy put extra stevia in there giving me the games right now we’re at 14 36 the hashtag no spotter like I am my own spotter it’s the first time big whoop that just means I’ll get him the second time good all right remember guys spotters are useless you never want to use a spotter it doesn’t doesn’t make any sense no spotter life let’s go [Music] ah [Music] some people call me a baller I call myself a free thrower so like a little-known fact that not many people know about me I’ve never missed a basketball shot in my entire life it’s like a weird thing I’m like Stephon curry Oh [Music] like giving shots like this guys I don’t understand I just can’t miss it’s that simple that we got back right now I’m looking at 2025 calories but I’m not stopping there like I think today I’m gonna hit 2500 and at this point of the video you’re probably wondering like is the day in life of a pro drive server when he’s gonna start doing drop shipping stuff okay so there’s two topics I’m talking about it most of the time all my drop shipping work is done launch all my ads at like midnight so I like to do it at night go depending on my strategy like no horizontal scaling I gotta be on that every single night if I’m doing backing or other or vertical scaling like that’s usually a couple day thing and I have even more free time at that point but right now what ends up happening was you can see right here this is my new store it’s a little one product but nowadays what I’m doing guys ended one product drop shipping and that means like I own the domain of the name so like fidgets spinner com it’s whatever the name of the product is calm is able to do about one hundred five thousand dollars in just over a month the first month to the fortunate thing about this is like I start scaling it and then see how scam right here and then this is when the Facebook glitch happens so then had to restart everything and I’m going up right here and now I’m doing like seven thousand a six hours a day and then right here June six is when the the big Shopify glitch happened and then that started going downhill and then all of a sudden right here is when my I was alerted that I sold all of Aliexpress out of inventory I’m talking every supplier in Aliexpress ran out of all inventory because I sold him out completely I went right here I was still like selling a little bit I just couldn’t scale and it was at this point two guys that I had now having issues with my paypal right now I got $20,000 locked into PayPal they’re requesting more information because on top of all this every order from June 6th to June 9th that’s a lot of orders those 250 never got sent out because my supplier which the actual link on me so now it took a while and I’m finally getting this set out sent out to damn and talking with them I China it’s been a huge headache as well as stripe I have $40,000 in to stripe and 20,000 into PayPal all because the stupid error my supplier did so it’s just been a headache but then as you can see right here it finally went back into inventory sorry sorry scaling down its again again and then right here is when I learned that I sold them out I sold them out of inventory again and then also that Facebook disapproved all my ads and now I’m just taking this as a sign to you know just chill for a second I’ll get all the data to PayPal and everything just chill I don’t want to the issue I have right now is if I scale I want to scale with PayPal I don’t have to but my revenue is gonna increase for sure but if I scale PayPal and then the information I supply him with isn’t sufficient enough I might get even more money lodged into PayPal so I’m like I like a really weird spot right now and then I’m actually not even investing with Aliexpress I got invited to this new beta software where it’s five days ship and private labeling and instant fulfillment so no need for VA so I’m just giving it a rest right now I don’t want to scale too quickly I don’t want to keep locking away more money I just want everything to be have a stable foundation before I’m comfortable with scaling to thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars a day but normally what I would do is wake up you know check my Shopify sales do these workouts come back home around this time check it again check the Facebook Ads make sure everything’s good go off and work out some more or go be with friends or usually it’s making a youtube video but obviously I’m making a YouTube video as I’m going through my day so that’s just where I’m at right now on the drop shipping side of things from the last video I got a new car you know I’m chilling with this I ate it’s a really fun car we’re about to hit the other gym I’ve been going to this gym exists since I was like 17 obviously you can hear that slender in right here so we’re about to go have some fun in this and then I hit the stair stepper I’m not really into designer clothing anymore and the thing about making like a lot of money I feel like at my age you go through phases really quick I went through that designer clothing phase I spent way too much money on it and then immediately I just got out of it but that’s why I have my own company simplify apparel there you can view it in the description below so if there’s one thing you guys can get from this video it’s just like look at the freedom I have like literally my entire day every day is pretty much open I do have some commitments here in there that I have to attend to I don’t have a time I have to be to work I don’t have a structured schedule and then ultimately a lot of people are like you need to act more professional or and it’s like I didn’t do all this work so that I could just act professional because guess what that first word act that’s not what I’m into I’m gonna keep it real I’m gonna keep it real to myself cuz that’s what I worked this hard to do it only makes sense so at this point I’m starting to structure it so that I’m putting in more work towards certain things like opening stores you know testing product opening businesses collaborations making YouTube videos and everything party at 2,000 calories for the day but that’s not gonna stop we’re gonna hit a quick 10 minute Iran this usually would be 30 but I’m so ahead of schedule and I need to so we’re just gonna go now I’m gonna bump this up hole speed you’re not doing the stair stepper at this speed what do you even do fuck what are you even doing [Music] all right cool we got a mentorship me and Jared gets and a bunch of other high-class individuals who’ve done millions in sales I’m gonna hop on that call right now and like these it depends on how long it takes sometimes the calls are an hour sometimes or three hours it’s just like we stopped the call whenever the question stuff so if you guys want to apply for mentorship we don’t open it up to everybody you can check out the link below we’re also able to take control of their actual screen to do exactly what they need to do and show them so that they can learn [Music] [Music] all right good talking with everybody man that was a good call this was a super beneficial call I ran about two hours on ER who’s also in the group just laid down the craziest information about psychological warfare when it comes to Facebook Ads he made a great point like on Amazon on eBay and all these other platforms they’re coming to buy on Facebook they’re not coming to buy it’s just a social platform that allows advertisements so that’s super important when it comes to drop shipping that’s the type of information you learn in there and it’s definitely something to check out that links below so now is usually the time I would check my email I check it throughout the day but obviously we’ve had such an active day and we’re filming this video I haven’t really gotten around to it yeah I’m gonna go ahead and check these emails I’m gonna approve everyone on my exclusive Facebook group for simplified drop shipping and then we’re gonna go and get some food on the way to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse but I gotta make a quick stop first [Music] nah no fucking room I think there’s enough room fuckin submersed not enough room it’s because this is my day in the life of a pro drop shipper part two doesn’t necessarily mean this is my every single day obviously I’m doing something for the video the cow calorie-wise that’s just something I’m into right now so it ranges like some days I’m working literally 16 17 hours straight and I’m still not getting all my work done other days I don’t have to do anything the whole day because there’s businesses basic automated so I just wanna put that out there really quick it’s highly variable if a problem arises we might have to put like 10 20 hours into it if everything is cool and copacetic and there’s no scaling that needs to be done no products that needs to be launched I got the whole day to myself [Music] [Music] we’re on the way to my friend Brandon’s house but first we got to make a pit stop [Music] oh yeah fourth-of-july type vibes what’s the most you’ve ever spent on fireworks you think really yeah Brendan do you remember [Music] oh you call that a cloud this is a cloud [Music] [Applause] [Music] in my hair you got a fire [Music] oh the concept showed up it looks like try the fire department oh shit yeah tell you shit you should be sick you should be super aggressive and then we light the rest right now yeah we can do about it that’s hilarious there goes Brandon again put it out this time guys yeah that’s basically my day it’s a day full of freedom with high variability like I said earlier like literally one day could be the exact opposite of the next it works zero hours one day and then 16 in a row the next is it depends on what needs to be done obviously things are at a standstill right now as I get everything situated but my payment processors but just basically doing whatever I want it’s the exact lifestyle I was envisioning two years ago that ended up actually manifesting which is crazy just doing whatever I want there’s no limit on my time really and there’s no limit and for the most part on like what I can do money-wise like I can pretty much do whatever so yeah I had a great time David do you have a good time I had a good time that’s what I would like to hear tomorrow is fourth of July just so everyone’s clear but I guess in st. Louis they don’t they will they will not let you shoot off any fireworks [Music] that concludes my day where that concludes this video thank you so much for watching if you could hit the like button that’d be amazing first ones at 175,000 views so if we can get this one to 200,000 I’d be super super appreciative and it all starts with you smashing that like button smash that like button and then leave in the comments below if I should keep making these videos I want your honest opinion should I keep making these types of videos because I had a blast today I thought I hope David had a blast today and this is just so fun to do so let me know thanks for watching this is my life Scott he’ll see peace [Music]