Create a Clickable US Map for FREE – Quick!

hey my name is pat flynn and welcome to create a clickable map calm a totally 100% free online tool i created to help you make clickable maps for your website let me show you how this works on the left hand side you’ll see the map links area and this is where you’re going to manually enter the links for each state that correspond to that page on your site so for example if you had a page for the state of alabama you could just simply put HTTP wwii com alabama or whatever your particular URL is for that state and here i’m going to enter the title maybe the title is alabama state require its oops requirements now when someone hovers over that state in this map after you generate it in put it on your site you’ll see it says the title underneath and then when they click on that link they’ll be taken to that page simple enough now you can change the color of each state individually if you choose to do so by clicking on this box here within each state so i’m gonna change alabama to blue for example now if you wanted to change all the states colors you can go here to the general options area click on all states colors and then click on any color you wish and all the states will change now let me just go over the general options area with you really quick the width and the height can be changed they are you know there’s a certain ratio there so if you change one the other will change too so I’m gonna change the width to 500 to match the kind of width of the text portion of my wordpress blog for example and then as you can see the height changed as well the font you could change right here with this drop-down menu there’s just a few to select from we went over all states color already the states hover color as you can see when I hover over the state’s they turn white I can change that really quickly by just using this option here now as you can see they’re yellow the background color is the background color of well I guess it should be for your site so if your background color had kind of a red color you can you know select red here so it kind of blends in to your site a little bit better but I’m just gonna switch this back to white the label color is the color of the text on each state when you’re not hovering over it as you can see it’s white here but I can just simply change it to I’ll change it to green outside label color these are for the labels outside of the state for states that are too small to actually put the text inside so this is you know I can’t get the option to change this color in case the background color of your site doesn’t work well with this gray color so I’m gonna change that to red and the hover label color that’s the color of the text when you’re hovering over a particular State as you can see Montana here is black I’m gonna change that to white so now when I hover over it you can’t see that very well let me do a red then now when you hover over in Montana or any other state it’s gonna show that red hover label color for a border that’s just simply the actual borders around each state you can have it a solid color or you can have it dashed or you can have no line at all the dash looks pretty cool I’ll just keep it solid and you can change that color with the border color option here so I’ll change this to white show HTML links this is a special tool especially if you are conscious about SEO what this will do if you actually turn this on is it’ll create a set of links underneath your map when you generate the map script and paste it on your site this is good because this is a flash map it generates a flash map and you still want a link showing up on your page to that particular state for SEO purposes for a search engine optimization purposes so let me show you what that looks like here this is one of my sites it’s a security guard training as you can see there’s the map that I placed and below that you’ll see a set of states and each of these correspond to the same link that if someone were to click on one of the states here on the map so that’s again this can be read by search engines the flash map cannot so I gave you that option there so that’s show HTML links and then this last option here links open new window that’s exactly what it sounds like if you turn this on that means whenever someone clicks on these links it’ll open up in a new window if you turn it off it will open up in that same page now one last thing if you do not have all the states if you don’t if you don’t have the URL for all of the states that’s okay you can leave them blank the only thing is when you create the flash map it’ll still display that particular state but it just won’t be clickable you can still hover over it but when someone clicks on it nothing’s gonna happen so that’s it so I hope you enjoyed create a clickable map comm again it’s 100% free I’d created this for you because I spent you know about 60 bucks trying to create one on my own and had it outsourced and everything and I thought you know I could save you some time and money by doing this now if you’d like to pay me back just simply like this page or Google +1 it or tweet it out or all three that’s all I need from you and then that would be you know I’m very thankful if you do that and that’s all thank you so much and please spread the word and I hope you do well with this and I wish you all the best of luck take care of Thanks bye