Commit to Success – Grant Rant #106

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes a track car down here New York Times bestselling author you’re number one sales expert on Twitter and your top 10 business coaches on Twitter in 2012 hey I want to talk to you today about success success Duty obligation responsibility if you approach it any other way which most people are most people think well I’ll be successful if the economy works I’ll be successful if something happens I’ll be successful if I win the lottery ticket look you’re not going to be successful if you don’t demand it if you literally don’t stake a claim to it and say this is mine it’s important you’re not going to have it I promise you I know I’m telling you from experience I spent the first 25 years of my life like like a spectator watching other people get successful and then wondering why was it success is your duty it is your responsibility I’m sorry your obligation and your responsibility is impart and don’t let anybody tell you it’s not important in fact that created a pledge okay and here’s the pledge I want to read it a success pledge strongly encourage you guys to read this every morning put it up on your mirror okay share it in meetings keep it at your desk put it on your house and you’re free download put it on your computer is your screensaver I pledge a commitment to my success I wrote this right after Lehman’s collapsed okay I read this with my wife I pledged a commitment to my success personally I pledged a commitment to my family success and to the success successful survival of my company that I represent what am I say in that pledge because that’s my commitment to me to my family and my company success is not an option for me but something I insist upon achieving success is not something others can give me nor is this something the government or the economy can possibly provide for me success is not determined by luck chance race creed color or religion but is dependent upon hard work creativity followed through in persistence I refuse I refused not to have success our use not to have success to have my success I refuse to quit prior to achieving my success and I will do everything in claiming my right – my success my success is my duty my obligation and my responsibility take the success pledge I dare you and take it every day