Cheap Term Life Insurance – How to Get Dirt Cheap Term LIfe Rates

today we’re gonna get cheap dirt cheap but not that kind of cheap we’re talking about cheap life insurance say what life insurance Jeff you may talk about life insurance wait too long I know I have but here’s the thing people still don’t got no life insurance fifty million people five zero five zero fifty million people don’t have life insurance that’s California and Illinois combined the number one excuse that people don’t buy life insurance is because they say it costs too much too much too much are you serious are you serious don’t we talk about too much so you’re gonna sit here and tell me that you’re gonna spend $100 a month to have unlimited texting to have unlimited data on your cell phone on your cell phone but you’re not gonna spend $100 a month and make sure that your family’s taken care of I will smack you upside the head with this flyswatter don’t got me survey was just announced that two thirds of people that do have life insurance are paying less than $100 a month surprise and of those half are paying less than 50 bucks a month that’s two 20s and a ten that’s two of these in one of these 50 dollars so now that we’ve established that life insurance is cheap I want to show you three easy ways to make sure that when you go buy life insurance because you aren’t gonna buy it if you don’t have any three easy ways to get life insurance super cheap let’s take a look the first thing you gotta do is stop living like Sir Richard Branson you know the guy that skydives made a trip to the moon does all these crazy daredevil tricks be crazy Superman crazy crazy stop living on the edge stop trying to be a daredevil you little crazy you if you’re a skydiver a BASE jumper or a crocodile wrestler you gotta realize that life insurance companies are going to consider you to be high risk so yeah you still might be able to get life insurance but it ain’t gonna be cheap it’s gonna be super expensive the second thing you gotta do is not procrastinate the last time I checked we’re not getting any younger we’re all getting older do you see these hairs they weren’t here a couple of years ago but they keep popping up the older that we get more expensive life insurance is going to be why would you not want to lock in a low rate when you’re young it makes sense right you hear me you hear me so unless you’re Jack Palance who can do one arm push up to the age of seventy the Oscars who’s Jeff Jack get your life insurance now while you’re young and the final thing you gotta do is cut out the crap did he just say crap I mean if your idea of the three healthy food groups aren’t Cheetos hotdogs and Ben and Jerry’s I think you’re in for a bit of a surprise living the dream boys live in the dream you gotta take care of yourself you’re gonna have high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes overweight all these things and if that happens guess what your life insurance are going to go skyrocket upwards so that’s it that’s how easy it is to get cheap life insurance he’s still got excuses are you still gonna try to tell me it’s too expensive don’t make me come at you with this flyswatter consider yourself warned go out and buy yourself some dirt cheap life insurance this is jeff rose don’t even come out with Matt don’t even come at me with that deep my feet click I’m a daredevil be quick I gotta buy life what life insurance no Superman crazy crazy surprise I don’t want to buy life insurance a day I want to do it tomorrow I’m tired yeah one two three