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what is up YouTube family welcome to another exciting video in this video we’re gonna be talking about how to start investing for a complete beginner and we’re gonna be focusing on things that you can start doing right now even if you have very little money to start and I’m gonna reveal my number one strategy for investing that has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars with very little money to start so stay tuned alright guys so we’re gonna be talking about Warren Buffett aka the stock market King we’re gonna talk about the strategies that he actually advises and he recommends when it comes to actually getting started investing for beginners and we’re gonna be talking about some of the fatal mistakes to avoid because a single fatal mistake can destroy you and what people don’t realize is if you have $100 to start and you lose 50 percent right now you have $50 and then if you make 50 percent back right you don’t go back to $100 right 50 percent of 50 is 25 so you only go back to 75 so losing money is the number one worst way to actually you know be in the market right and Warren Buffett says don’t lose money is rule number one of investing and rule number two is refer to rule number one so we’re going to be talking about how to actually diversify and mitigate your own risk because losing money is actually much more important to avoid than gaining money in the long term with investing and I’m going to be revealing the number one strategy that I personally use and recommend to all of my friends and family when it comes to investing it’s called the dca if’ method we’re going to be talking about that in detail later on and I’m gonna reveal exactly how anybody anywhere can get started with very very little money to start investing using this strategy so I started investing actually when I was 14 years old and not in the traditional way that you’re probably thinking you know like stocks and bonds and things like that but investing you know by definition means doing things with your time or money that you hope and assume are going to appreciate in value because investing is as much a mindset as it is you know investing your actual money into the stock market if you have the mentality that you need to invest in yourself and invest in your own learning you’re gonna come out way ahead at people who only think about investing their actual money into the stock market and so if you’re only watching this video because you think that I’m gonna reveal like the next three hottest stocks that are gonna go from a penny to a thousand dollars right that’s not the point of this video the point of this video is to teach you actual fundamentals that over the long term are gonna make you a significant amount of money if you follow these fundamental ideas right because one of the most famous books for investing is actually by Ben Graham which is one of Warren Buffett mentors and it’s called the intelligent investor so the intelligent investor is probably one of if not the most famous book on investing and it’s a very long book and it’s a very dry read and so I don’t personally recommend that people who are just getting started with investing go straight to the intelligent investor because there’s so much in that book there’s a lot of good information but people who are just getting started investing like if you go straight to the intelligent investor I promise you that most people are gonna get bored of that book my advice would be to actually read a summary of the book write a really well-done summary is gonna give you most of the ideas of the book without having to read you know hundreds or thousands of pages where most people are gonna give up because the main ideas of the book is that people that don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it right the stock market is very cyclical a lot of the same things happen but when you actually start to lose money on a stock and it goes down people get emotional they make emotional decisions and when you make emotional decisions in the stock market or investments most of the time it’s not going to be a good thing and you’re gonna lose money Ben Graham talks about removing emotion from your stock choices right he talks about establishing a strict system and sticking to it so if you say I’m gonna buy Amazon at $1,000 a share and I’m not gonna sell it until it gets to 1,200 and I’m not gonna sell it until it goes to if it drops if it goes to 800 right writing it down and sticking to that takes the emotion out right because then if you get emotional if it drops down $50 and you sell all of it and then the next week it goes up $500 right you’re gonna be sad but that happens so often it happens to me it happens to everyone so if you remove the emotion from the beginning you’re gonna be in such better shape than most people are when they start investing and they allow human nature to actually dictate their decisions more so than sound logic and you know what your actual plan is so once you read that summary my favorite book right and all of the investing world is actually a book by Peter Lynch and the book is called how to one-up Wall Street and what he talks about is how to use your own experiences in your own life and your own kind of situation to really have a one-up right to one-up Wall Street let me give you an example like to kind of illustrate that so a few years ago when I was selling on Amazon FBA full time when I was you know using AWS Amazon’s cloud systems to run my software and my iOS apps and things like that I was just dumping money into Amazon I seriously knew how much money that they were making from FBA how much money that they were making from AWS I used prime every day all of my friends had prime shipping I just I realized that Amazon had their claws everywhere and they had these huge competitive barriers enter that nobody’s ever gonna touch right for e-commerce its Amazon first and everyone else a very very distant second and so they had all of these like real massive advantages and I knew how much of money that they were making from all of it because I used all of those things right and so I went all-in I used my own experiences and I went all-in on Amazon I knew all of my friends were on Amazon I knew all my friends were using Amazon Prime not only for shipping but also to watch videos like Netflix right so I went all-in on Amazon stock and I just kept buying more and more and more and the stock kept going higher and higher and higher and the reason that I was so confident to do that is because I couldn’t literally imagine my life without Amazon that’s the number one strategy that I use when it comes to investing I never invest in a company that I wouldn’t invest for in the long term and I never ever invest in a company that I can’t imagine my life without and you know I always say this when we talk about investing in things like that people roll their eyes and they say Kevin come on just get to the point tell us what stocks and how to actually invest our money but the thing is guys I’ve invested in real estate I’ve invested in crypto I’ve invested in bonds I’ve invested in stocks I’ve invested in all types of things right pretty much every investment that you can make I’ve tried and I’ve made money on some of it and I’ve lost money on others but the truth is nothing has ever come close to the money and the time that I’ve invested into myself into learning into actually building my youtube channel into building my business into building an Amazon business into you know creating these communities of people nothing has ever come close to the ROI to the return on investment of investing into myself and into my own learning so my number one recommendation to you before we get into my strategy that I like to use with the stock market is invest in yourself right invest in learning how to do a YouTube channel invest in creating a Facebook group invest in a podcast invest in learning Amazon or SM ma or how to create a digital course or things like that you learn and you can literally apply that knowledge for the rest of your life so investing in yourself is by far no question the most profitable way of investing but for the people who are rolling their eyes and they’re saying Kevin just tell us actually how to invest our money let’s get to that in just a second because the truth is investing and doing so profitably normally is a full-time job right having to do research on these companies and their management and you know what their new strategies are and all the stuff it takes a ton of time and so the best strategy for most people is called dollar cost and I like to add in my own little twist of that which we’re gonna talk about in just one second but before we do I want to quickly recap on what we discussed right because we discussed kind of a lot of things and I want to make sure that everybody understands them chronologically so first and foremost it is important to invest in yourself but strictly concerning the stock market right it’s very very important to not allow yourself to become emotional right create a plan and stick to it and you’re gonna be in such better shape than people you know with the stock drops $10 they sell their whole portfolio and then the next day the stock you know pops $500 and they lost all that potential gain just because they got emotional another important strategy that we do need to touch on is creating what’s called an emergency fund right never invest all of your money into the stock market or any investment you want to save you know at least 10% of your take-home pay in an emergency fund in case anything crazy happens like you break your leg or you’re unable to work or you know something happens where you you all of a sudden need a lot of money and people will invest all their money into stocks or bonds or things that they can’t get to you know quickly and then you know they’re kind of out of luck if they have an emergency situation so what I would always kind of advise people to do is create an emergency fund with 10% or more of your take on pay just in case you ever need it okay so what actually is the dollar cost averaging strategy and what is the if’ of the dca IFM well it actually stands for index funds right so my strategy that I would always recommend for new people is dollar-cost averaging with index funds and I know that sounds complicated but let’s actually break down exactly what it is and then how anybody anywhere even with very little money can get started doing this investing in the best way so we’re gonna talk about that in two seconds but really quickly guys I wanted to give a shout out to our daily comment winner we want to give a shout out and show love to all of our you know amazing commenters every single day we pick a new person and we give them a big shout out in front of you know hundreds of thousands of people on these videos so shout out to you I mean if you want to be our next daily comment winner all you have to do is one simple thing leave a comment down below letting me know what your best ever investment was right tell me what your best investment was maybe you bought Amazon ten years ago and you’ve made you know hundred thousand dollars with it let me know down below in the comment section what your number one investment of all time is and you could be our next daily comment shout out winner all right guys so what dollar cost averaging actually is is actually very so let’s say that you have an extra $1,000 a month that you want to invest into the stock market right if you have $1,000 a month and what you’re gonna do is on the first day of every month you’re gonna vest $1,000 into the same stock right so let’s say that we choose Apple just for the sake of example right so we’re gonna buy $1,000 of Apple stock on the first of the month right so maybe we’re gonna get a hundred shares just for the sake of math I know that that’s not the right the correct actual share price for Apple but let’s say for the sake of math that Apple shares you can buy a hundred of them for $1,000 so then in the next month on the first of the month we’re gonna again invest $1,000 right but this month maybe this stock maybe Apple stock went down and so what’s gonna happen is we’re actually gonna be able to buy more than 100 shares because Apple stock is actually cheaper this month because the stock price went down so maybe this month we’re gonna buy a hundred and ten shares instead of last month we were only able to afford a hundred shares with that thousand dollars so let’s take it to the third month right let’s go to the third month let’s say that Apple stock has gone up right so now instead of buying a hundred the first month and then the second month the stock price went down so we were able to buy a hundred and ten the third month it actually goes up right so now Apple shares are actually significantly higher and so this third month we’re only able to buy 90 shares basically what dollar cost averaging means is you eliminate the need to try to time the market because each month you’re buying the same amount of monetary value of stock if the stock price goes up you get more shares if the stock price goes down you get less shares but the shares you do have have gone up in value so what it does is it basically mitigates the need to actually try to time the market because you’re entering the market every month at the same time whether the stock goes up you know if the stock goes up you make money on what you have if the stock goes down you’re able to buy more shares of that stock that are hopefully gonna eventually go up because you know if you take the stock market as a whole since the stock market first started right it’s gone up and up and up and yes there are you know bear markets and yes the stock market does go down in the short term but in the long term right the stock market has since it started gone significantly up over the long term and so dollar cost averaging mitigates the need to actually have to try to time the market and then the next part of it right cuz dollar cost averaging is the dca right i F is index funds so what an index fund basically is is a low-cost you know collection of stocks that is meant to mimic the overall movement of the market and so this is another way to mitigate your risk and how this works basically is you buy an index fund and the my favorite place to buy index funds is with Vanguard right Vanguard has very very cheap index funds I would suggest just googling you know Vanguard index funds and you can read about which ones that you you know like in are interested in have been performing well and that align with your investment strategy and then what I like to do is I dollar cost average the index fund so every month on the first of the month or the 15th of the month or the 30th of the month right I’ll buy a thousand dollars worth of the index fund what this does is you mitigate your risk of having to time the market with dollar cost averaging and then you also mitigate the risk of buying a single stock and then that stock going down right because as a whole the market generally goes up that’s why that’s why people invest in the market because you know as a whole the stock market has gone up and up and up and so investing into an index fund really mitigates your risk of a single stock going down significantly because you’re investing into the market as a whole right into the collection of stocks as a whole which mitigates your risk again so this is the single strategy that I personally use and have had the best success with because it takes almost none of your time right there’s very little emotion because it’s the stock market as a whole and your dollar cost averaging which mitigates the actual risk of having to time the market and so I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did do me a favor and click the little like button right here click on the red subscribe button turn on notification bells so that you will be the first person to know every time we drop a brand new video on how to make money online how to invest and how to live a happier healthier more fulfilling life and until next time guys happy hustling and happy investing


what’s up you guys it’s Graham here so I realized it’s been quite some time since I made a video standing up but this is the perfect time to make a standing up video because I have some good news to share with you guys spoiler alert I ended up getting my offer accepted and for those of you that saw the video I posted about two and a half three weeks ago that the seller denied my offer and I was disappointed and I was showing in that video like the seller should have taken my offer I don’t know why they didn’t take it that was a huge mistake they ended up taking my offer even though my offer was $70,000 lower than the other offer they had so I’m gonna be showing in this video how I got the offer accepted the potential I saw in this place and also why I decided to buy in the area that I bought in so real quick here’s a 60 second synopsis for those that didn’t see the first video I posted when the sellers denied my offer but basically I’ve been looking for like three and a half months to try to buy a property and I couldn’t find anything but this place came up it was absolutely perfect when I saw it in person I ended up writing a full price offer on it they had seven other offers they countered all of us best and final I wrote my best and final offer with what I felt the property was really worth they ended up turning my offer down and going for an offer that was $70,000 higher than mine I was disappointed but I figured you know what if someone’s willing to pay that much more by all means two and a half weeks after I did that that offer fell through the other backup offer they had also fell through they came back to me I offered basically the same price I did the first time they turned it down I offered it again they turned it down and then I was so frustrated I made a video posting about it and that’s where we are today they ended up taking my offer so here’s what ended up happening the first time that they denied my offer I basically explained to them how this was the best offer that they’re gonna get given that it is a sure thing it’s a guaranteed closed all they have to do is sign and they turned it down so what ended up happening was that I spoke with the agent and the agent said my last buyer ended up doing like $2,000 worth of inspections on the property they did their sewer line inspection roof inspections general inspection plumbing inspection foundation in fact like they did everything they spent $2,000 doing all of these inspections that I wouldn’t have to do myself so I said send me over all of the inspections and I will make an offer based on these inspections at a point where basically I can remove what’s called the inspection contingency so I won’t do any inspections of my own and I will make an offer that is not going to ever be renegotiated given all of the issues a little minor issues with the property so sure enough I get all the inspections back there are a few little things in there that I figured yeah they should probably be fixed at some point in the next few months from next year so I’ve been made another offer on the property and they came back saying here’s an appraisal that the last buyer did that shows that that appraisal came in way higher than where you’re offering right now and I explained to them listen I’m not gonna go and renegotiate I’m not gonna give you that price and then try to renegotiate the deal by doing my own inspections I’m literally offering you right now a price where if you just accept it right now you have a done deal now the issue and the leverage that I knew I had with the seller and I definitely took a risk by doing this was that they were now on the market for three weeks the thing is if they had just priced this and accepted a good offer from the very beginning that wasn’t necessarily the highest but was maybe a stronger offer in terms of like the buyers capabilities of closing they could have closed way higher they could have closed significantly higher than my offer and not only that but the offer that I wrote myself when I first offered was way higher than what I’m offering right now because I knew that to sell a place like this the best chance that they have is to sell it in multiples within the first few days if they don’t do that if it sits on the market for more than three weeks all of a sudden so many buyers out there subconsciously think why has it been listed for three weeks why don’t they have an offer on it there must be something wrong with it and this is how stupid it is but as an agent I have seen this happen so many times that I can recognize that and say to myself this is a good deal that is just psychologically turning buyers away because it fell out of escrow that’s not warranted at all it’s just a stupid psychological thing that buyers think it fell out of scro and therefore it’s a bad deal when in reality the buyer was just crazy to begin with and all of a sudden that could be my advantage in the deal so I’m explaining to them that basically my offer is the best and they should really go and take it and again they kept turning it down so we were going back and forth one night I think this is the day after I posted that video we’re going back and forth and they again turned down my offer I just kept basically resubmitting the same thing over again and they turn it down and then I like literally write the exact same offer with just another letter explaining like take my offer it’s but another day they turn it down and so I offered in the moment I said you know what I will come up five thousand dollars higher right now if you can accept my offer in the next like two hours so I’m waiting there it’s like 10 p.m. I’m hoping like by midnight they’re gonna take my offer and I’ll pay 5,000 more just again for the convenience of just you know take it take it he’s 5 grand extra and sure enough they turn it down and I’m thinking like why are they I just gave him an extra 5 grand for nothing all they had to do is just accept it and at that point I’m like you know why I’m getting fed up with this so basically what I did is two days went by and then I just resubmitted the original offer that I wrote that was lower and I basically said you have 8 hours to take this offer if you don’t take this offer I’m gonna withdraw the offer in writing I’m gonna wait one week and then the next week I’m gonna offer $10,000 less they don’t take that offer within 8 hours I will take that off and then the week after that I’m gonna offer $10,000 less and I will continually every single week just offer $10,000 less until they take it and every day that they’re sitting on the market is a day that they lose their leverage they had all the leverage for the first few days but after that after they fell out after 2 weeks all of a sudden the buyer is in the drivers position of the property not the sellers so I knew I had the upper hand and I knew the chance of them getting that activity again and getting the price that they originally wanted was slim to none and I figured at this point I’m willing to take the risk of losing it knowing that at the end of the day I can score basically a better deal after eight hours they basically came back and said okay we’ll take the offer but how about you reduce the closing from 35 days to 25 days I said no that offer is exactly it take it or leave it so then they came back and said okay well how about we can just renegotiate the home warranty plan we’ll take out the home warranty plan I said no it’s best and final this is it if you ask for anything else on the deal I’m taking it off and I will offer 10,000 less next week and sure enough they ended up taking it and when they took it I was ecstatic because this is an offer believe it or not sorry sellers if you end up seeing as I don’t think you will but the offer that was accepted was lower than the offer that I would have paid had they just accepted it when we were in multiple counter offers I wasn’t gonna renegotiate anything anyway so you know they ended up losing a little money on there but they took the risk for a much higher offer it didn’t pay out and that loss from that end was my gain and they also had an appraisal like I said that was way higher than where I’m at a score right now where I’m supposed to close but here’s why I saw the potential in this place first of all it’s two miles away from the Inglewood Stadium now for those of you that aren’t around Los Angeles this is the new Ram Stadium that’s going up and it’s estimated that they’re spending about five billion dollars building out this infrastructure for the stadium not only that but a lot of investor money right now is coming in around the stadium in anticipation of this doing like really well so right now you’re finding a lot of investor money just pouring into this entire area that’s expanding outwards and the property that I’m buying is within a two mile radius of that so I should see a lot of benefit from that the other upside with this is that it’s about a mile away from what’s called the Crenshaw Plaza now what this is this is a very old outdated mall that no one really goes to anymore but they’re going to be undergoing a 700 million dollar renovation to revitalize the entire area they’re noticing that the demographic of that area is shifting and it’s going towards more higher-end luxury retail fine dining you know living all these extravagant things so they’re investing 700 mm dollars which is probably gonna be closer to a billion realistically by the time they’re done with it into renovating that entire structure but the other thing I’m looking forward to is that this property is two blocks away from what’s called the Crenshaw line now this is a line if that goes from Los Angeles Airport all the way to what’s called the Expo Line which is a Crenshaw and exposition the Expo Line was big for Los Angeles because it was a rail that went all the way from Santa Monica all the way to downtown Los Angeles and now this connects Santa Monica all the way to LAX more downtown from LAX because basically now that the whole tram comes and could go through and connect and what they’re trying to push for at this point is to extend the Crenshaw line all the way north to West Hollywood now if this happens the entire area will explode in value because all of a sudden now you have a way to get from Los Angeles Airport all the way to Hollywood which has never been done before for one of these rails or you can take it all the way from like Hollywood to Santa Monica Hollywood sit down like there’s so many different ways you can do this and this property is a two block walk to hop on the Expo Line to basically go anywhere from the beach to downtown to Hollywood to LAX which is tremendous so right there you have three major things that are gonna be bringing up this entire area over the next 10 to 20 years like I said Crenshaw Line Crenshaw Plaza and also the Inglewood Rams stadium all around this property and that’s why I believe that this whole area is really poised just to go up in value over time the second thing that I saw with this property that I can add a ton of value with is that for some reason it was inaccurately advertised as a 1-bedroom 1-bathroom now any time any sort of agents is looking for their clients 99 percent of the time they put two bedrooms as the minimum anytime a buyer is looking for a duplex 99% of the time they’re gonna put in two bedrooms as the minimum so this property didn’t even show up for probably like 90% of the people out there who would have loved this place it just didn’t even show up for him in a reality it was really a one bedroom one and a half bathroom and the second bedroom was just opened up to the living room for probably like $3,000 maximum you could enclose the second bedroom put a door in the hallway and all of a sudden you can call this a two bedroom one and a half bathroom and then if you were to ever sell it you say buyer to verify second bedroom you know second bedroom could be used also as a den whatever it might be but the fact remains this is a room with a closet that can be enclosed and call the second bedroom just by doing that I could spend $3,000 and turn this into a two-bedroom just by that if I were to rent out the other unit I can get a few hundred dollars more every single month if they sold this as a two bedroom one and a half bathroom for each side so they would have spent maybe six seven thousand dollars max doing this that would have translated to probably an extra $100,000 in sales price just by doing that that is something that I absolutely would have done if I were ever selling this place turn it into a two-bedroom I mean it’s the easiest thing that you could have done and expose it to everybody who’s now looking for a two-bedroom because in reality and I’ll make videos about this whole thing because this is what I want to do I’ll show you guys like this is very much a two bedroom now the next way it can add value to this is with the garage they have a huge oversized garage that eventually want to save up the extra money I want to turn this into what’s called an Adu which stands for accessory dwelling unit this is basically where I can spend about a hundred and eighty let’s say two hundred thousand dollars max making this a legal triplex now instead of a duplex all of a sudden I’m going to spend two hundred thousand dollars and I’m gonna get back around sixteen to maybe seventeen hundred dollars a month extra and rent so I’m trading 200 grand at the very most for about $1,700 a month extra that to me seems amazing so I can add value by turning it into a two-bedroom and also someday turning the garage into another unit and honestly just by doing these two things I really expect the value of this place should really be more like 1 million 150 – maybe 1.2 million at the very most right now the area doesn’t support anything beyond that if I were to spend like a hundred 80 grand redoing the garage but honestly there’s still a lot of equity to be made just by doing these few little things and waiting overtime but this is a place like I said I’m planning to keep this forever I’m never gonna sell this place this place to me is just gorgeous I love it like I’m very rarely ever just like yeah I love this place and now this was that place like I really really liked it a lot so I’m gonna be making for sure a few house tour videos on this and I’ll be showing you guys everything in person once I actually close and I’ll walk you guys through everything that I’m gonna be doing to it so you guys will see so make sure to subscribe so you can see all of that but anyway last moral of the story here is just this is that anytime you’re going back and forth on an offer if you’re a buyer stay firm if you really feel like you know what it’s worth stay firm on your offer that’s what I did if anything I even got more aggressive as I had more leverage I understood that all of a sudden I could be more aggressive with my offer and not lose it because the sellers didn’t have any other option because they screwed themselves by taking a high offer from the very beginning unfortunately sorry sellers but that’s what ended up happening and they ended up getting a slightly lower price at the end of the day I mean it’s still a fair price for everybody but at the end of the day it was something that I recognized the opportunity and I just went for it knowing that this place honestly was absolutely perfect now really quick for those that watch the very end here’s a cool offer now I’ve been considering doing this and I think now is the point where I should just I should just do it I had this idea a few weeks ago when I was talking with meet Evan about hosting an event in the backyard of this place where I share everything I know about real estate investing it would basically be an entire day seminar where I go over what I look for in properties how to renovate properties where I look to buy everything about cash like basically everything about real estate investing for an entire day in person we basically start in the morning like a Saturday morning go until Saturday night in the back yard of this place I’m buying which I thought it was really cool that I can just like literally show you everyone firsthand like hey this is the place I bought this is why I bought it at the place in person so if you guys are interested in this I want to keep it really small so it’s probably just going to be 15 people and I got to cap it out of that because I’ve never done something like this before so I don’t want too many people going to this but I think 15 people will be a good amount no yes it is gonna be a paid event but you will have me in person at my place and Kevin in person for the entire day really answering all of your questions one on one like I said in person now typically I’m doing like $250 for 45 minutes on a coaching call but this would be way less than that when you break it down per hour for the entire day so if you guys are interested in doing this the link is in the description it’s probably going to be mid-october sometime obviously the all the informations in the description so if you guys are interested in that only 15 people I I’ve never done this before so I hope it’s good obviously it will be I’m just I’m nervous about talking in front of groups but anyway trying to get over that fear so if you guys want to check that out make sure to check that out so anyway you guys thank you so much for watching this video I really appreciate it if you guys enjoy this make sure to smash that like button also make sure to smash that subscribe button smash that notification bell so youtube notifies you anytime I post a video and also add me on snapchat and Instagram I post there pretty much daily so if you want to be a part of it there feel free to be a part of it there lastly have a private Facebook group in the description for anyone who’s interested in real estate investing real estate agent in real estate wholesaling mentoring coaching Real Estate’s you like real estate just add yourself to the group we’re just about a 10,000 members and that’s pretty cool it’s a really supportive group so if you want to be a part of it there feel free to just add yourself to that thank you again for watching and until next time

Why You Obtained’t Become a Millionaire (Glimpse This)

what’s up you guys it’s Graham here now we’ve all heard the saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make a drink the tools are out there right now for you to crush it and make millions of dollars in whatever you want to do but the reality is that unless you implement these few things it’s almost inevitable that you will fail and I’ve learned these five practices firsthand I am the type where I learn from what other people are doing around me I figure out why they are successful and the Knights choose which bits and pieces to emulate in my own life and I noticed once I started practicing these few simple tricks and subtle shifts my personal life and my business life really began to take off and this topic is so much deeper than just the surface level aspects of increasing your income saving money and investing because none of that works without this solid foundation so with that said watch the video all the way through take notes if you have to rewatch it later this is one of those few videos where I really put it all on the line so let’s just get right into it the first thing that I have noticed almost every single highly successful person do is that they consciously reframe everything as a positive they start to trick and rewire their brain into thinking this is the best thing that could have happened to me and will lead to something even better this is because any time you’re out there making money or starting a business you will fail and you will encounter setbacks this really becomes just as much of a mental game as it does a strategic game and with that if you encounter any type of failure or setback which is 100% inevitable it’s not met with self-pity it’s not met with you thinking why me it’s not met with anything unproductive instead you’re gonna reframe that as to what lessons did I learn from this and what steps can I take in the future to make sure I get a better outcome and I get it though because sometimes really really things happen we’re on a floating rock flying throughout space and things happen to us that are totally outside of our control we don’t control our upbringing we don’t control what other people do to us we don’t control if you’re driving down the street and someone comes crashing into you unexpectedly I totally get that and most people don’t deserve the terrible things that may have happened in their lives but you do actively have a choice each and every day to make one of two decisions 1 are you going to be the victim of circumstance and let that dictate your life or two are you gonna make an effort to take control over the areas that actually will make a difference in your life this is really all just a shift in perspective no matter how big or how small it might be for instance yesterday I was driving down a packed Street looking for a parking spot I found a parking spot I was reversing my car into the spot as a car came up behind me and stole it from me so I get out of my car to cuss them out they get out of their car and say you know what not moving I live right here you got to find another spot listen I’ve had little situations like this happen in the past that I have dwelled on something so mundane has impacted the very few limited hours we all have on this planet and I am here concerned about a lost parking space I’ve learned to just reframe all of this as a positive and oddly enough I kept driving and I found an even better parking space that was right out in front of where I was going and it all just worked out and all of that was really just for nothing or when I first started in real estate I was about a year into the business and I had another agent actively steal my client from me in front of me I took them to a showing the agent literally told the client in front of me that she can do a better job than me that she knew the area better than I did that she was doing this longer than I did and that the client should work with her instead and that she would just give me a referral and believe it or not the client actually went for it I felt so betrayed I felt so embarrassed I felt so devastated and ashamed that my clients would actually just up and leave and I didn’t have the knowledge or the confidence to stick up for myself at that moment I remember thinking to myself maybe I don’t have what it takes and I don’t even want to be in a business that’s this shady where people actively try to steal their clients in front of one another this was not a business that I wanted to be in but instead I chose this to be an experience to learn how to be more assertive to learn how to be more confident to know the market even better so that I would never have to put myself in a situation where this ever happened again and sure enough it has never happened again and never will happen again at least for me I don’t think I could look back at anything that’s happened in my life and feel any sort of regret or misfortune because everything that’s happened has led me to where I am today everything has led to something better every failure has led to something that was a success this is something I have noticed just about every single highly successful person do and it’s not even just myth but it’s proven that optimistically thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for better results you may have heard this one before but there have been studies done where they separate two groups of people one that thinks optimistically and one that thinks pessimistically they were each given the same challenge that was look through a magazine and determine how many pictures were in there the pessimistic people generally took a few minutes to identify all of the pictures in the magazine and come up with their answer but the optimistic people found their answer usually within a few seconds so how are the optimistic people able to get the answer so much faster in a matter of seconds that is because on the second page it said in a picture there are 83 pictures in this magazine stop looking now so why was this and this is because the optimists were more focused on finding opportunity than they were avoiding failure and as we all know you get what you focus on the pessimistic people were focused so much on not failing that they missed the opportunity right in front of them because their focus was on not failing so step one is reframe everything is a positive every experience can lead to something better every experience that happens you can learn from and become a better person in the future focus more on opportunities and not avoiding failure and with this is really what comes financial success and the second thing is to let go of whatever limiting beliefs you have whatever grudges you have whatever negative thoughts are bringing you down let the go of it your business partners screwed you over and you haven’t gotten over it in years let go of it your girlfriend lied to you and you broke up let go of it your parents didn’t give you a good upbringing let go of it for your own sanity you have to accept situations for what they are and let go of it the most highly successful people I know don’t have the time to dwell on these situations and they don’t have the time to let any of these negative thoughts creep into their head like you know when you’re doing something and you’re just in the zone when you’re doing something and everything else around you just melts away all of your problems are gone because you’re so focused on doing what you’re doing that is how a lot of highly successful people think and work if they allowed their mental energy to be drained by things that they can’t control by things that they can’t learn from by things that they can’t use to better themselves in the future they would be drained I don’t wait too many people that are just like a pitbull holding on to things that have happened years ago and they just can’t let go of it I have seen so many people that have ruined their lives because they can’t mentally let go of what may it happen to them and they choose to be a victim of the circumstance and let that bring them down and I bet if you’re really honest with yourself most of us can relate to this in some way or another I almost guarantee that there’s something in your life that you’ve been hanging on to that doesn’t do you any good that you can let go of that’s been bringing you down it’s so important that you find out what this is accept it for what it is figure out how you can learn from this to become a better person so that that never happens to you again and how you can grow and just become a better human being the most successful people I know are always looking forwards and never backwards now third speaking of forward it’s always so important to focus on the end game or end result that you want if you don’t know what the end result is how do you expect to ever get there like anytime I’m going in my car I type the end destination in my GPS so I know exactly how to get there I don’t just go and get my car and randomly drive around hoping to show up somewhere that I’m not really sure to even exists so how do you expect to get what you want if you haven’t even thought that far in advance if you want to be one of the few people that really becomes exceptional you have to focus and have to know the endgame is you have to know what the end result will be you really have to know exactly what that’s going to be and why you even want it in the first place and if you don’t know what this is then that should be the first thing that you focus on you should really figure out what do you want in your life why that’s so important to you and then from there you can figure out how you’re going to actually get there and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know exactly what you want to be doing 20 or 30 years from now instead focus on the next five years focus on the next 1 year whatever it might be like for instance when I first started working as a real estate agent my goal at the time I wanted to be a top agent in Los Angeles I wanted to open up my own brokerage by the time I was 25 and then I wanted to manage a giant top producing sales team and when I had that goal I worked towards it really really hard that was all I wanted but then I slowly realized wait a second I don’t want the responsibility I don’t want the overhead I don’t want all the time that takes instead it wants something a lot more passive so instead I’m going to use all my energy and start moving it over to investing in real estate so I worked really really hard to set up passive income streams by investing in real estate but then after that I realized wait a second this is passive and I don’t really get that creative outlet so instead I’m going to make youtube videos because I’ve always wanted to do that and then I start making YouTube videos and I realized wait a second this is so much beyond me that I’m able to have a worldwide impact from people that I can actually help then from there I’m thinking well what’s after YouTube I can’t just be making YouTube videos forever eventually I think I want to get into public speaking and I’m sure eventually I’m going to work on that get into public speaking and then there’s gonna be something even better beyond that point being I have no idea where I’m gonna be 10 or 15 or 20 years from now but at the very least I have a goal of where I can see myself in the next few years regardless of whether or not that comes to fruition or whether that changes because people change and things do change but at least I have an end goal of different accomplishments that I want to hit and make you can do the absolute same thing you don’t need to think 50 years from now think a year from now thinks six months from now think of the next thing that you really want to work towards and then work words achieving it I promise you you will get whatever you choose to focus on so it’s so important that you focus on something that you believe you can do because you will end up hitting that now the fourth thing I noticed highly successful people doing and this ties into the third is that you have to feel deserving of it if you don’t feel like you deserve something I promise you you will self-sabotage yourself so that you prove yourself right because you didn’t feel like you deserved it in the first place and this saying is so true you attract what you are you get what you believe in and if you don’t believe in something to be possible or deserving for you like I said I promise you’re not going to get it if you don’t feel deserving of something even if you end up getting it almost always you will lose it you will self-consciously act in ways to self-sabotage yourself so that you end up with what you feel you are worth and deserve in order to get anything that you thought you couldn’t achieve or to get something that you feel is impossible to reach you need to first feel deserving of that and the sad truth like I had mentioned earlier is that most people just don’t feel deserving of it they think why me what makes me so special there are 7 billion people out on the planet not everyone could be a millionaire why do I deserve this over anyone else so many people are better than me are more talented than me they deserve it more than I do but what they’re really saying to themselves is I don’t deserve this I don’t want to disappoint myself and because of that I’m gonna play it safe and not even try in the first place that way I don’t fail and again their focus goes back on I’m avoiding failure that I am trying to seek opportunity and bam all of a sudden it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and they prove themselves right that they didn’t deserve it and our mind always proves ourself right if you think you suck at everything your brain will look at every single moment in your life where you have sucked and it will cement that thought in your head that you suck on the other hand if you believe you are the coolest to mankind your brain will look through every single moment in your life where you have been the to mankind and that will further cement that belief that you are in fact the of all mankind and what you really gotta understand is that you’re just as deserving as everybody else you deserve all the money in the world you deserve the lifestyle you want you deserve the house you want you deserve the income you want you deserve everything if you feel like you deserve it and finally number five and this is something I am working on as well but you have to actively feel grateful for everything that’s happened you have to look at everything as a blessing and really feel like you’re grateful for everything you have around you no matter how big it is or how small it is gratitude is something that’s very difficult for me to do just because I’m constantly seeking more I’m constantly on the next thing I’m constantly looking for something bigger and better but at the same time it’s so important to realize that I can’t just be on this treadmill of what’s the next thing what’s the next goal what’s the next objective without looking back and realizing that there’s a great view right where I’m at it’s so important just to take the time to realize that like holy shit I have it really good I have such a great life it doesn’t matter what everything else is I am just I’m grateful just to be here in the first place so just take a moment right now and be grateful that you even have the free time to sit here and watch an improvement video on YouTube it’s a lot of the planet that doesn’t have that opportunity afforded to them that they don’t have iPads or computers or iPhones or galaxy s’s or whatever you’re watching this on they don’t have that option they don’t have the free time to go and enjoy videos like this they don’t even have the free time to smash that like button if you haven’t done that already so chances are already you’ve got it pretty good in your life so take a moment just to appreciate that and be grateful for it and those five things are really the things that I’ve noticed from every single financially successful person out there who is also emotionally a happy fulfilled person this has really meant to be just the foundation from which you can build a financially successful Empire from you can’t build a massive stack of wealth by believing a victim mentality by believing that everything bad happens to you by believing you don’t deserve something it’s like hitting your head against a wall expecting something different to happen when instead it just gives you a headache the truth is if you’re not satisfied with where you are right now then it’s proven that what you’ve been doing is not working and it’s very important that you will need to change your ways and change your thinking if you expect a different result and these are really the five things that you should be focusing on that have made a tremendous difference in my life and what I have observed from other people around me that I look up to so with that said you guys thank you so much for watching I really deeply appreciate it if you haven’t subscribed already make sure to hit and smash that subscribe button smash that notification bell so YouTube also notifies you anytime I post a video also feel free to add me on snapchat and Instagram I poster pretty much daily so if you want to be a part of it there feel free to add me there I have a private Facebook group in the description check that out as well and lastly let me know what you think of videos like this comment down below if you enjoy more of like the self helpy videos I mean ideally maybe like 10 years in the future I would like to do a lot more of these because I’m super interested in psychology and what people believe and just they’re just everything involving that so I probably like to do more of these like do you like two or three a month so let me know what you think of this comment down below that’s it thanks for watching until next time

How Persona Affects Your Lifestyles and Money [Expert Interview]

Joseph Hogue here with another video on the let’s talk money YouTube channel I want to welcome all our subscribers and thank you for taking a part of your day to be here if you’re not a subscriber yet just click that little red button it’s free and you’ll never miss a video I’m excited to do this video today one in our interview series with some of the biggest names in personal finance blogging and online income we talked a lot about saving and spending on the channel and we’ve gotten some great tips from a lot of very smart people but I still hear from so many of you that you just can’t seem to keep that budget or stop from overspending and it’s because we have so many psychological barriers and challenges to our financial health no spending habits aren’t just a habit that’s you know hard to break but go even deeper into our own personalities that’s why generic savings and budget budgeting tips just don’t always work because you need to understand how your own personality deals with money so I wanted to bring on Kathryn Terme for our interview today Kathryn is a behavioral finance analyst her job is to study how our personality and behaviors actually affect all those financial decisions so she’s perfect for helping us figure this out but she also faces all the same money and life decisions that we all do so she started her blog at Catherine Tremaine calm to share her thoughts on money career in life Kathryn thank you for being here with us today sharing your expertise and your insight into this psychology of overspending yes yes absolutely thank you for having me so it actually to be perfectly honest with you started out of somewhat of my own failures not necessarily in the sense of like oh well I had to go buy a product coat Prada purse or something along those lines I think for the vast majority of us we we know a little bit more than to do that but so it actually came from a couple of years ago I was I just recently got a divorce and I decided to move to a new city one word fit my personality and over in just like a fun city so without thinking about the financial aspect of it of things I moved to this move to this city with this job that actually took it was twinkling less then yeah 20 grand less than what someone with my education and experience level would take out what you know the market value of it and so I initially was just like ah whatever it’s fine it’s a full-time job you know it’s not like I’m you know freelancer released what I thought was a bad idea to be a freelancer so I’m responsible this is a good thing and come to find out it’s actually pretty expensive to live in Austin for those of you don’t that don’t know it’s we’re the most expensive cities to live in the United States rates think of Texas as one of the more so but Austin I know is is growing pretty quickly yes with average rent being around $1,500 a month so yeah that extra 20 grand would have definitely helped so being the Sociology person that I am my bachelor’s in science in sociology I looked into this a lot further and come to find out my personality this is a very natural inclination for my personality type so for those of you that don’t know about personality types there are 16 different personality types according to the founder Carl Jung and one of them being an ENFP so enfps what are extroverted intuitive feeler perceivers and feelers they have a tendency to look at the meaning of things versus the use and the meaning to me was this is a new life this is a new me this fits my personality so the meaning it fit well for me but the use of things not so much it’s 20 grand less and what is for that particular area I see so it you talk a lot about that on your blog you know how your personality affects how you spend and manage your money and and and maybe how everybody’s personality is maybe a little bit different can you explain that a little bit how in general terms how people’s personality might different parts of their personality might affect spending decisions yeah so absolutely um so take a little awareness just in general is the key to your financial success just kind of like a blanket statement there but let’s take the last mark of feel or the last mark of judges versus perceivers in that last fourth little corner judgers the meaning of that is how they like to have their life played out judgers meaning like they’d like to have things planned out they like to have things organized what’s the future let’s figure it out let’s have a plan versus perceivers they have a tendency to be like well you know let’s just kind of figure things out as we go right so just if you’re self-aware of that natural inclination just that in and of itself and applying that to finances like you’re like for a 401k or something along those lines feel like oh wait a minute nope that’s the perceiver in me I need to you know need to think about things like that okay you know so so yeah that’s just one specific example of how of how that kid how that can play out so you’re talking about the the myers-briggs personality test which you know whether you’ve had to take it in high school or if your job almost everybody takes it at some point basically it gives you four parts of your personality that all fit together each part has I think to like to two things you could be either like intuitive or asking or something like that is that it yeah so that’s the second part of intuitive versus sensing so so you’ve got you’ve got these four four descriptors I guess that kind of describe your personality and and just understanding how that affects your money I think so many people they take these tests because because they have to oh yeah my boss told me you don’t realize how practical it can actually be how you can use that to say okay well you know this is my personality this is how people with that personality might react overreact even to some financial decisions or other decisions in their lives yes and how you’re I’m sorry practical test but go ahead no go ahead oh yeah so I was just gonna say um like your career your career path have a little that place into your finances to people don’t typically think of oh well they just think it’s like oh well I’m just bad with money I just spent three hundred dollars over budget this month I’m just sad with money so like your career path and what you chose can have a lot to do with that if it doesn’t fit into your natural strengths the natural strengths of your personality type over time it can actually if you’re in that job long enough it could actually threaten your emotional stability which of course we all know if we’re not emotionally stable then one of the last things that we consider is whether or not we’re in budget now you talked about you also talked about on the site that there’s some common triggers sometimes that that trigger specific personality types or type personalities that send people different people into overspending or bad financial decisions can you can you talk about these what are some of those specific triggers sometimes with with specific personality types oh yes absolutely I’m socially take enfps for instance enfps let’s say that they’re in a job like a military like they’re in the military or some all those lines where there’s very strict rules and regulations it can over time can send them into emotional instability because in FPS they have a tendency to like to try out new things kind of test the waters I mean even what I do I like to test out different like social media strategies with my current business like that gets me thriving and going and actually helps my like emotional stability versus where I if I was in a job like in the military where everything’s rule and regulation and that’s you just have to follow it just because that’s you know you have to be in suit with everyone else for my personality type it honestly just doesn’t work and when definitely overtime threatened my emotional stability sure so definitely I you know if you were if your personality type you know doesn’t want those that that’s that control from from an external source then maybe getting that obviously the emotional instability maybe you’re going to be prone to react with your with your financial decisions as far as as far as what maybe maybe you know having less control in that because you’ve got so much control in this other part exactly exactly so there we naturally want to have options and explore those options and if you don’t have those options especially in your career path something that you do virtually almost half of your day throughout the throughout the week that’s a pretty big hit to your finances because you could just feel as well everything’s so controlled over here I got a splurge then we’re gonna do something okay I’m just gonna go hang out with all my friends and I’m just going to blow $50 at dinner you know it’s not a venture I guess that’s a good reason why you know this is this test this personality test is is so frequently used with you know when you get a job because yeah your your career does play so closely with your personality in your life that it’s more important than people think I think oh yes and has a huge impact on your finances even when I was before I was doing what I’m doing now I was an HR advisor for six years and I saw that very regularly that people that weren’t I did somewhat of a informal study myself if you will the people that didn’t work out in certain job titles it was not a natural fit for them and you know alcoholism drug use and things of that nature even some of the most prestigious jobs they don’t discriminate they don’t discriminate in that they definitely threaten their emotional stability and okay their finances so yeah I mean you know maybe not not even whether you’re good at your job or not a lot of that stuff but whether you’re a good emotional and and personality fit with your job that’s absolutely so how could people you know besides I guess just just understanding their personality type better and and the roles or the demands of a certain job you know how come people maybe avoid some of these triggers or at least minimize them yeah so look at your natural strengths and weaknesses whether it be in queer relationships and things of that nature look at what you’re naturally inclined to do and avoid the things that you’re not naturally inclined to do let’s say you’re with somebody that absolutely loves going rock climbing and adventures and you know all the things in you are an introvert and you get exhausted by that again that can threaten your emotional stability maybe that’s not really a good fit for your relation for that particular relationship so yeah okay now I know you also have a like a money survival workbook on your blog how does that work what what exactly is money survival money survival yes so money it actually you know affects everything that we do not that money is everything I’m definitely not suggesting that but it does have a huge impact on your on your daily life and you know how you like make decisions so a good portion of what my money survivals workbook is is whatever you do mess up with money there’s a process that you that you need to go through like hey why did you actually make this decision what situation was I actually in that led me to this bad financial decision why did I go out to eat that’s pretty common right why I want to eat mine you I didn’t have that money what stressed me out so specific questions like that are in that workbook that can help you do you help you do things better and even if you do fail some of my biggest failures have actually helped me in the long run so even if you do fail like once or twice maybe in three times it doesn’t matter just want to learn from those um you can you can do so much better yeah in their life and I and I think that’s a great point you know we talked so much about trying to be proactive with our finances planning organizing getting everything right but there’s there’s a lot to be learned about being kind of reactive to a lot of our financial decisions you know being able to to look at what we spent stuff money on and why and and really learning from that and I think that’s just as important as being proactive and trying to plan out your your your finances because you know as we’ve seen with with or how our personality affects our decisions sometimes we’re not even aware of how we’re going to how we’re going to you know make those decisions so we’ve you’ve got no way to proactively plan out those decisions they just happen so it’s it’s a great idea to you know to look back look at some of the failures look at some of the successes you had in planning your finances and in those decisions absolutely great idea that’s me some great information okay yeah I want to thank our guest – Katherine fourme for insights and how our personalities affect those financial decisions so be sure to check out her blog there’s a money personality quiz available on there that you absolutely have to check out so I’ll leave a link to her blog and that personality quiz in the description below I also want to thank you again for tuning into our interview series I’ve got a lot of great guests lined up some of the top names and beating debt making money and making your money work for you so be sure to subscribe to the channel it’s free and you’ll never miss a single video if you’ve got them any question for one of our guests or for myself subscribe to the channel and go to peer finance 101 comm slash ask and I’ll make sure to answer it in a future video [Music]

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so let’s get directly into this first
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no matter where you find them how you
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perceived value so what is something
with perceived value a perfect example
is diamonds right diamonds in real life
in the real world right are not actually
that expensive but you know the diamond
conglomerates you know artificially kind
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demand and that’s you know topic for
another conversation but the moral of
the story guys is a diamond seems
valuable but in reality it’s not
actually that valuable it’s not that
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you have that type of massive
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this whole econ thing right so perceived
value is a beautiful thing that you want
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number two is light and non-breakable
and the reason for this guy’s is because
you don’t want to have a lot of your
products you know ship out to your
customer and get broken in transit and
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want to pay you to absorb it it fees for
shipping and things like that it just
trust me when I tell you that light and
non-breakable generally is a good thing
and it’s just something that you want
your products to have right and these
aren’t like just steadfast rules if you
find an amazing product and maybe it’s
not that light or maybe it’s not the
most non breakable thing in the world
there’s ways to get around it right like
extra bubble wrap and foam and things
like that so don’t let me like
completely kill a beautiful awesome idea
that you have just because it doesn’t
fit one of these three fins these are a
general guidance then you have to use
your own creativity and your own mind
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your own product research to find these
beautiful products so number three is
proven trending popular right now
because the thing about drop shipping
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thing about you know making 100 hours
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don’t have to go find a brand new
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start all right guys so product research
method number one and now that the Sun
is fully in my eyes let’s get it
directly into it and remember like Yoda
says do or do not there is no try so
let’s get into it the first method that
I want to talk about guys is a method
using Google Google is an incredibly
powerful tool that people actually don’t
use as often as they should with Shopify
with how you know how to make $100 per
day if you understand Google fully and
how to use all the little tips and
tactics and tricks with Google you
pretty much don’t need any other actual
product research tool but a lot of
people just don’t know how to use Google
correctly so for the people that have
used Shopify before Shopify is one of
the most popular e-commerce platforms
and how they set up their link structure
on the link structure the literal URL
structure of their websites is they have
like a back end that’s called dot my
Shopify com they doesn’t always show up
right so what you can do is you can go
into Google right and just literally
type my Shopify dot-com and then add a
plus here right and then watch this
magic happen so let look literally I
could type anything here I could type
jewelry or diamonds or whatever I want
right but the beautiful thing is Google
will literally autofill these for me and
show me by letter what the most popular
search queries are and let me show you
exactly what I mean so if I type
literally just the letter A here it’s
going to show me what the most popular
things are that people are searching for
related to this query right so people
are searching for accessories anime
apparel right B beauty baby
backpack bags bracelets bikinis Beach
basketball bikes black write all of
these different things
clothing cooking camping like let’s just
choose yeah so let’s just use cats here
and let’s take a look at one of these
sites because what we can do here is we
can actually like learn a lot of stuff
about you know what’s going on with the
Shopify store so if I click in here
right there’s a lot of different stuff
our story accessories clothing cell
phone case
is home decor right they have a lot of
different stuff here but there’s another
fun little hack that I like to use again
that’s taking advantage of how Shopify
sets up their URL structure because they
use the same URL structure and the same
for all of their different websites on
their platform and so literally there’s
this little hack this link that you can
add to the end of pretty much any
Shopify store if they set it up custom
then you can’t do this but most Shopify
stores you can add this slash collection
slash all question marks sort underscore
buy equals best selling so I’m gonna
copy this and if you want to write this
down you know feel free to pause the
video and write it down really quick and
what we’re gonna do is go to the same
website that we just looked at right and
we’re gonna paste this right here and
now instead of having to go through all
the different products and make guesses
about what their best selling products
are right we can literally just press
enter and voila
here we see that their best selling
products here our anti-slip kitty squad
Matt and the cat sunglasses and a cat
whatever this is their thermos mug right
and so here we see browse by sort by
best selling so we basically hacked this
site to force it to show us their best
selling products and this works for
pretty much any Shopify site so again we
could come back in here and we could
type in anything right we can literally
type d-dogs
e electronics elephant essential oils
literally pretty much infinite options
here and so again don’t copy what I’m
doing exactly you know go A to Z and if
something catches your mind and
something catches your eye excuse me
start to look at those products and
start to you know apply again this I’m
little hack to see what their best
selling products are and then you can
actually go to all the Express and see
if you can find it for cheaper so you
can actually start to estimate what
these people are making from each sale
and since I love you guys I’m gonna show
you exactly how to do that so it’s like
one other quick look at this site we’ll
just choose their best seller here and
this is another extremely fun hack you
know that just you guys know this is
gonna be a shameless plug but the
Shopify ninja master class has the
craziest hacks you ever seen this is
just scratching the surface but let’s
show you another amazing one right here
but if you are interested 50% discount
for a limited time
first just link in the description for
you guys to check that out and join the
thousands of other students that are in
the shop by ninja master class
killing it on ecommerce so what you can
do here guys is you can actually
right-click and search search Google for
image right so this is actually an image
search so if we click here right I’d be
willing to bet that there is literally
this exact picture on Aliexpress and all
the Express is where you actually find
these products for super cheap in China
so let’s actually look at this so we see
Amazon zazzle cats for life and
Aliexpress right here and we see that
the price in the USA it looks like is
five forty seven and let’s see how much
it actually cost to ship this piece and
we see that it actually does have
completely free shipping a packet which
is the fastest form of shipping again
twelve to twenty days so it’s free
shipping so 559 is probably gonna be the
price that we’re gonna pay to ship this
to the USA plus again zero dollars for
shipping and they are selling it for
twenty six twenty six ninety so if we do
twenty six ninety minus and then we have
the five fifty nine here – five fifty
nine and we’re gonna estimate you know
between three and five dollars I’m for
paid traffic because you actually have
to run ads to get people to come to your
site so we’ll just call that five
dollars which is pretty conservative –
five means that they are profiting
sixteen dollars and 31 cents on each
sale of this anti-slip kiddie mat right
and then if we divide it with a sixteen
point three one so if we do a hundred
dollars per day divided by sixteen point
dope about of my sixteen point three one
we see that we only have to sell six of
these per day to make one hundred
dollars per day as a kid as a beginner
you know as someone who’s completely
broke and just starting out guys and
this is literally a step-by-step
tutorial of how exactly you do this how
to know how much shipping is how to
estimate add cost right how to know how
much your cost of goods sold are how to
find this product on all the express
literally by doing a reverse google
image search so again guys I always
bring it to you 100% live 100% zero
steps skipped a to see everything that
you need no hidden anything right I
talked about shipping I talked about add
cost talks about yeah
cost to buy this product I showed you
exactly how to search it by doing a
reverse image search directly from their
best sellers using another hack so that
is product research method number one
let’s fly through these next two because
I love Pinterest and I use it all time
so let’s actually type in jewelry here
and what we see guys is we can actually
go into any of these right and we can
literally see how many times these are
being saved right and so literally it’s
showing that you know easy crawl it
saved it 140 1000 times that particular
necklace has been saved so let’s look
for something that’s interesting right
because like we don’t want just a
generic necklace we want something that
we can actually target on Facebook right
so if somebody likes astronomy and
somebody likes necklaces and somebody
you know has somebody that’s that’s
coming up in the near future that has
like you know an anniversary present all
of which are things you can target on on
Facebook you can target people on
Facebook for this might be a good one
right because like if they like the Sun
and the moon and astronomy and necklaces
then they might be interested in a
necklace that has astronomy and the Sun
and the moon on it you know what I mean
so 14,000 people like this and again
this is what I mean by social proof guys
people are true are proving that they’re
interested in it so let’s just take an
example here of one that looks
interesting so let’s just take an
example here we’ll do this one so we see
41,000 pin so 41,000 people went out of
their way to actually save this right
and so what the heck is this a terrarium
necklaces preserved tiny pieces of
nature you can always carry with you
right so this is this is great this is
not only sentimental right you can put
whatever you want in it like little
pieces of nature beautiful it’s
definitely very unique I’ve never seen
this before
so let’s actually use our same fun
little hack here search Google for image
all right and let’s type in all we see
if we see it okay so we don’t see all
the Express here but it does give us the
keywords up here because somebody named
this actual JPEG the image that they
they named it terrarium necklace so
let’s go here let’s go into all the
Express and let’s type in terrarium
necklace and voila we see a bunch of
terrarium necklaces here cuz good old
all express always has written
everything so let’s type in so what I
just did in here guys is I sorted it by
orders right because it sorts it by
for best match but if you actually sort
by orders it shows you a lot more data
right we don’t want to guess about
anything we want data we want social
proof and what this is telling us is 441
people have ordered this little you know
Rose terrarium necklace again it’s a
dollar ten to actually buy this with a
dollar 87 to ship it right so it’s less
than three dollars completely total
costs so if you’re selling it for 14.95
right 15 dollars and it cost three you
have 12 dollars of margin right if we if
we put $5 or $3 which is which is
realistic to be able to sell one of
these aren’t with a facebook ad right
that’s still almost ten dollars per day
or $10 profit per sale so you have to
sell ten of these in one day which is
very easy to do with the scale of
Facebook ads and again the Shopify ninja
master class shameless plug teaches you
everything that you need to know and
we’re having a 50% off discount right
now for you beautiful YouTube exclusive
viewers so that is an amazing way that I
like to use Pinterest again reverse
image search to find these exact
products on on all Express and even if
it’s not here in the results you can
just take the keywords and search for it
so that is product research method
number two but we’re not quite done yet
so let’s come back to the home page here
of all the Express and oops I just like
the URL bar to be clean so if now we’re
at the kind of home page of all the
Express right so what I’m gonna do guys
and this is actually a new feature you
can see the little new right here um
this is kind of the same thing as like
Lightning Deals on Amazon but this is a
really cool new feature because you can
actually you can actually filter it by
different category so literally again we
never like to guess guys social proof if
people are buying these and you can see
the amount claimed then you know that
people are interested in these things
right and these are literally again you
know limited time 30-day best prices
recommendations and we can go through
one at a time view health and beauty
epi roller smooth Bend 60 sold 54
percent off 30 percent claim right we
want to look for some stuff that has a
lot of things claimed right like and you
know this is
necessarily sexy nail repair essence
serum fungal nail treatment remover but
a lot of times guys things that aren’t
sexy cell because I don’t you know if I
had a fungus on my toenail I wouldn’t
want to go in and talk to a cashier and
have to like show them and they’re like
you know they’re imagining and picturing
my fungus toenail I’d rather just buy it
on the Internet right and this is it
this is three dollars and ninety nine
cents I would if I had toenail fungus
I’d probably pay twenty thirty forty
dollars for that I don’t know and so you
know sometimes the non sexy stuff sells
guys and if nothing else is an amazing
way to just do product research I would
never in a million years even think to
sell a fungal toenail kit right or like
a ceramic nail drill or any of this
stuff or like specifically this one wow
that’s creepy yeah so so that’s just
kind of how you use the flash deals and
what I like to look for is a high
percentage of claim right in a low
percentage of time so these are you know
happen I think daily you can see the
up-and-coming ones right like it’s this
one starts in five hours and 14 minutes
so what I like to do is look for the way
I refreshed it right as the new one
starts right and whichever of these is
selling out the fastest it really means
a lot to me because again it’s proven
real data and you can see that people
have interest in that and then you can
actually go ahead and go try to sell
those same products on yourself and
again it’s just amazing it’s amazing way
to have this social proof and to have
the real sales in front of you which is
an amazing when I’m saying amazing a lot
which is an awesome way to be able to
actually you know know before you invest
this time and energy that these things
are actually going to sell so the last
thing that I want to talk about really
quickly product research is something
that I’ve used for a long time guys
which is Google Alerts if you don’t know
about Google Alerts
know about it because it’s an incredibly
powerful tool that I’ve used to make a
ton of money for literally probably ten
years now in a variety of different ways
so what you can do guys is you can come
in here slash alerts and you
can type anything the reason that I have
quotes around it is because now it’s
gonna do blow is going to scan the
entire internet right for the exact
phrase sold out gifts and sold out gifts
is one of the best ways that I’ve
personally used to be able to find a ton
of really cool trending popular
you know awesome new products to be able
to sell right and you can you can do a
lot of different stuff here you can
write trending gifts you can write
popular gifts right you can write a lot
of different stuff and you could write
trending gifts you know for Dad trending
gifts and then you could say dog right
and it’s going to go out there and it’s
gonna look at it’s gonna look at the
entire internet and it’s gonna show you
google is literally going to you know
you can do it as it happens once per day
once per week I do at most once per day
right sources I do automatic language
again English that’s the language I
speak if I was selling in the United the
United Kingdom I would choose UK here if
I was selling in the US I choose US
Australia Australia Canada Canada etc
right so I just use the United States
here and then I let Google actually tell
me only the best results Google is the
best aggregator of information in the
entire world and now directly delivered
straight to my inbox my Google Gmail
right I get literally the best results
from all around the internet and my
personal favorite guys is sold out gifts
and then again you can add anything you
want here dog you could write you know
cat you could write all different types
of stuff here or you can just go general
and then it’s literally going to show
you all of the different cool results
from all around the entire Internet in
one summarised beautiful way and you can
just go through that takes you five
minutes and sometimes you stumble upon a
gem that Google shows you before the
market knows about it and that is how
you make 100 dollars per day as a kid as
a beginner as whatever guy’s
understanding and how to use these
beautiful tools and then going out there
and applying it because the truth is
guys if you’re still watching this
you’re probably the 1% right because
only 1% of people are probably going to
watch this full video and only 1% of
that 1% is actually going to go out
there and do something about it right
the only 1% of the people watching this
video are gonna take action join my
Shopify ninja master class at the 50%
discounted price I’m link in the
description only one percent of people
are really gonna actually take effort
right even if you’re doing it completely
for free from this YouTube video I give
you you know so much props go out there
and actually take action actually do
something right don’t just let yourself
watch this vid
and not take action because you know a
month from now when you know you’re
making more money than you’ve ever made
in your life
you’re gonna thank me come back and
leave a comment on this video thanking
me for all this free content that I’m
putting out for you guys and now you
have two choices if you are 100 percent
ready to invest in yourself and join the
Shopify ninja master class today again
that course is not free but so many of
my Shopify students have had such
amazing success because literally these
are just scratching the surface what I
showed in this video it’s just
scratching the surface of what you’re
able to do which is why I really pour my
heart and soul into every single course
that I create and the Shopify ninja
master class is one of the best courses
we have thousands and thousands of
students part of it right now if you’re
ready to invest in yourself click that
first little link in the description
right here or if you want to find out
more completely for free take a look at
our Shopify training where we talk about
a lot more amazing fun ways to find
trending hot awesome products and how to
actually profit from this chaotic
confusing ecommerce world
alright so I’m out of here guys but
remember leave me a comment below
telling me what you want the next video
topic to be about you could talk about
you know Facebook Ads Amazon FBA more
Shopify you know we could talk about my
morning routine motivation whatever you
want to talk about literally guys I’m
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would be possible without you you make
me happy you make me feel fulfilled so
leave me a comment I want every single
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topic to be about and whichever has the
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out there I’m reading every single
comment myself and whichever one of your
amazing comments has the most populace
vote that’s the video that I’m going to
make next guys again I love every single
one of you guys and ninjas are signing
out we’ll see you on the next one

Are we about to way a DROP in Right Estate Prices?

what’s up you guys it’s Graham here so it’s no surprise the economy is doing better stocks are higher than ever in real estate has been going up steadily since 2011 it’s also no surprise that much of that recent momentum was largely fueled by extremely cheap lending see the thing is when the economy goes and takes a ship we lower interest rates to incentivize people to borrow and spend which then stimulates the economy so think of almost low interest rates just like catnip for the economy but obviously this can’t last forever because if interest rates stay too low for too long inflation can get out of control so you have to raise interest rates in a bettering economy like what’s happening right now but what does this mean for real estate prices all of a sudden borrowing gets more expensive and when borrowing gets more expensive so does the cost to own real estate so what’s gonna happen will realistic it less expensive as interest rates go up or is it better to lock in a low rate now before it gets even higher for real quick a little bit about me for anyone who’s watching my channel for the first time make sure to LIKE and subscribe but I started selling real estate in May of 2002 18 as a real estate agent here in Los Angeles this is pretty much a time where real estate just hit its peak and was on its slow subsequent decline over the next four years I was able to witness real estate at a time when nobody wanted to buy when inventory was through the roof when a normal homeowner could not sell their house because of competing with short sales and foreclosures that were selling for 50% of their value and the only people buying at that time for the most part were cash investors and then from there I ended up investing in three properties myself while still working as a real estate agent and then buying another property in 2016 another one in 2017 and yet I’m looking again in 2018 and throughout all of this I’ve still worked full time as a real estate agent so I’ve been able to see real estate at near its peak and it’s very bottom and now we’re pretty much on the top again and now present day in 2018 people are more confident about real estate and interest rates are still at historic lows and as an investor it’s becoming extremely difficult to find deals that make sense or competing with thousands other people out there that want the exact same thing that I do but the biggest variable I see out there isn’t so much the lack of inventory it’s the interest rate and it’s steadily going up therefore making real estate steadily more expensive to own in 2016 I was fortunate enough to get a 30-year fixed-rate loan at three point three seventy five percent interest in 2017 I was able to get an investment loan 30-year fixed for 4.5% in 2018 if I wanted that exact same loan it’s going to cost me more like four point seven percent that is a thirty five percent increase over two years so why should we care see the thing is interest rates directly affect how expensive it is to own real estate let’s take a $500,000 home for an example with 20% down a $400,000 mortgage at a 4% interest rate over 30 years is going to cost you $1,900 per month now at 6% that exact same loan is going to cost you $2,400 for the exact same loan that is a $500 per month difference for instance if you’re qualified to buy a $500,000 home and a 4% interest rate where your payment is going to be $1,900 per month if interest rates go up the cost to own that property go up as well and your loan becomes more expensive to the point where if you wanted that same $1,900 per month payment you would only then qualify for a $400,000 home at a 6% interest rate this means that you qualified for 20% less home as interest rates go up 2% and that same concept applies to investors as well that $500,000 home that was previously generating you five hundred dollars per month in cash flow and a four percent interest rate now gives you zero cash flow at a six percent interest rate so in that example something needs to happen either rents need to go up or property values need to go down in order for that to cash flow basically the higher the interest rate the more money the property needs to make in order to compensate for the higher cost but what does this mean for real estate prices are we destined to see a slow decline in price as interest rates go up and the cost of owning that property get more expensive well the actual results may somewhat surprise you because it did to me see historically us freaking out over higher interest rates is rather comical given that in the 1980s the thirty-year mortgage rate was nearing eighteen percent by the 90s the interest rate was more like ten percent and then since then it steadily decreased so what about real estate prices back then in the 80s when the interest rate was eighteen percent how our price is doing well the surprising answer is it really didn’t have that much of an effect development did slow down as borrowing money just became too costly to make sense but the dwindling supply kept prices rather intact and historically speaking interest rates have very little direct correlation with the value of real estate the reality is that there are so many other market factors to consider that have a much greater impact than the interest rate alone now one interesting note here is that interest rates are usually increased in two scenarios number one is when the economy gets better and number two to combat inflation see the thing is in an improving economy people tend to do better as well unemployment is lower people are making more money wage growth is increasing and with that people are spending more money now this bodes well for real estate because people then have more discretionary income to spend on their home now in a second scenario if interest rates are increased to combat inflation this also bodes well for real estate which is typically a hard asset that keeps pace with inflation as build costs get more expensive to recreate that same property this means that oftentimes the increase in property value just from inflation can outweigh any potential decrease caused by rising rates and the net benefit is actually positive for real estate this is often one of the big advantages of real estate is its ability to weather the storm of inflation and as they say when it comes to real estate its location location location and a bigger determination of price is still the age-old supply and demand local market health is a much stronger indication of real estate prices versus interest rates alone if development isn’t enough to keep up with the current demand supply goes down and prices go up as supply increases and demand eases prices then go down that’s that’s all some pretty common-sense stuff so with that said historically speaking interest rates have very little direct correlation with the price of real estate well rising interest rates absolutely affect affordability and we can’t deny that local market conditions of supply and demand have a much greater impact than just about anything else so with that said what do I think about it and what’s my opinion on the current rising interest rates well right now what I’m noticing is that rising rates give people an urgency to buy right now before interest rates rise higher in the future and this is the type of urgency I have yet to see before in my entire career and you know what I’m in the exact same boat as this I want to get another mortgage over the next six months so I can lock in and interest rate now then wait another year for that same property just to get more expensive to own rising rates to me mean that previously cash flowing properties that made sense at a four percent interest rate are now actually losing money when interest rates are closer to five percent and that same property just cost more expensive to own even though in theory property values should go down to compensate for the extra cost of owning that property but in reality the lack of supply is still keeping property values going up and still selling at a record rate my pure unbiased prediction here all things considered is that I think we’re still going to see upward pressure on real estate prices even as interest rates increase now with that said local market conditions will obviously have a much greater effect than interest rates alone and if you’re in a city where they’re starting to over develop then that could have a negative impact on real estate prices much more than just rising interest rates alone this is why I tend to believe we’re seeing a slowdown of real estate in New York as people just tend to over develop these areas and get a little ahead of the market it’s not so much the interest rates are going up it’s just that there’s more on the market and there’s more inventory and more people competing against one another for a limited amount of buyers and I really believe the reason we’re not seeing that same result here in Los Angeles is because LA still has a hue shortage of inventory and there’s simply not enough development right now to meet the current demand this could change in the future if LA opens up its zoning and allows for more dense development hey very well we could see a decline of real-estate prices but that’s not directly correlated with the cost of the interest rate now I don’t think the Fed is so stupid as to increase interest rates an absurd amount as to shock the market but I think it’s gonna be in very small slow incremental rate increases that are gonna be pretty easy to swallow that we’re barely going to notice month a month and it’s gonna give everybody time just to adjust accordingly but I do have to say that for myself affordability is definitely a concern I cannot find a cash flowing property in Los Angeles at a 4.7 percent interest rate it just doesn’t happen unless I find the unicorn of a deal but just as devil’s advocate here that if prices do go down in theory affordability should remain the exact same see the thing is if property values go down but interest rates go up the property still cost the exact same amount as if property values were hired and interest rates were lower the net cost just usually happens to be the exact same whether you’re paying more for the value of the property or you’re paying more for interest of that loan so in that case still assuming a slow and steady growth it would still be cheaper to buy now than to wait a year or two when property values could potentially still be going up or the cost of the loan continues to go up as well making it just all-around more expensive in the future but like I said previously local market conditions will have a much greater impact on real estate prices than just the interest rate alone for instance development or the lack thereof will likely have a much greater correlation with real estate prices then how much the loan will cost you to own of course these are all just my opinions and my theories and not financial advice and please you guys do your own research and don’t just listen to some guy on YouTube for of your financial advice not financial advice whatever I have to say not to get sued so as always you guys thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it if you guys enjoy videos like this make sure to gently tap the like button really helps out the channel a lot and if you’ve watched it all the way through you haven’t already subscribed just take the 2 seconds it takes to hit the subscribe button really makes a huge difference I put out a lot of video I put out three videos a week spend a lot of times like a part-time job doing all these videos so if you guys enjoy it make sure to hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell so YouTube notifies you anytime I upload a video also feel free to add me on snapchat and Instagram posts are pretty much daily so if you want to be a part of it there feel free to add me on there and then finally I have a link in the description if anyone wants to join my private real estate Facebook group the links are in the description I’m too many plugs right now thanks for watching until next time

How To Salvage Things Achieved And End Procrastinating – Boss In The Bentley

– Today I’m gonna share with you, how do you get things done,
and stop procrastinating? (upbeat music) Here’s a question from Aaron. I know Aaron, he’s one of my, High Ticket Closer, from my students, from my HTC program. “So Dan, you’ve told stories
how you implement things fast, “and that money loves speed. “How do you implement with
speed without being reckless? “Do you consider strategy, preparation, “and research as implementation “as long as it’s not procrastination?” Now, if you have not watched my video on how to stop procrastinating, make sure you click on the i button, and hope that you don’t procrastinate to watch my How To Stop
Procrastinating video, right? If you’ve been procrastinating about it, stop procrastinating, and click on that damn button, okay? i button, watch that video
first, before you watch this. So, when it comes to getting things done, I could tell you this. Over years, I met so many
entrepreneurs, right. I met so many people. And many people would consider them, themselves to be productive, or whatever. I could tell you, out of
the thousands and thousands and thousands of people, entrepreneurs versus people that I’ve met, I’ve met maybe, a handful. I can count them with two hands. Like, two hands, how
many of them actually, high-performance. Most people, they cannot
even spell high-performance. They don’t know what that is like. They operate at a very, very low level, and they think they’re productive. They do so many things, if, and not, I don’t wanna sound like, come across a braggadocios way, but, I probably get more done in a day than most people get done in a month. Because my output and productivity. And I’ve trained myself over the years, how do you get things done. How do you get the important
things done, right? So, goes back to Aaron’s question. Money, love, speed. That’s one of my core. Money, love, speed. It’s not how much you know, it’s how fast you can implement. I’ll share a quick story with you, many years ago I was attending a, an internet marketing conference, like at a marketing conference. Many years ago. And we were talking about maybe there was, 400, 500 people in the audience. A few hundred people in the audience. And day one, the speaker, on
stage, was teaching about, how you can get more
subscribers for your website. We’re talking many years ago. He was teaching a strategy called, having like a pop-up on the homepage. I know. Pop-up. That’s, that’s really old, but that’s what he was
teaching at the time. So how you can add a little
pop-up, a little script, and on the homepage, they
get people to subscribe to your email list, or your
newsletter, your name and email. So I thought, that was interesting. After he taught the
strategy, the day, the night, when I went back to the hotel, I called up my webmaster, and implemented, okay, let’s put this on, here’s a script, here’s the code, let’s see if that works. And in the morning, we found out actually, it doubled our subscriber rate. It doubled the amount of
subscribers we were getting. So, day two, when we went
back to the conference, I put up my hand and was
sharing with the speaker, “Hey you know what, what
you taught really worked. “Cause yesterday I
implemented it on my website, “it doubled my subscriber rate, “so I wanna say, thank you.” And the speaker was like,
“Oh that’s very nice, Dan.” And he was asking, “So, how many of you “have done what Dan did?” Right, you went and you implemented it. He asked them to put up their hand. Out of all 500 people, guess what? I was the only one that did it. Nobody else actually
implemented the technique, yet. And, at the time, I had
a big aha moment for me. You know, people ask me, when you, when do you know, you know, those moments? That when you know that you are different? That you’re different from everybody else? That moment, that was my moment. Because I thought,
everybody implemented it. I thought everybody, of
course you’re learning, you implement it, what’s the problem? That’s when I thought, wow, I’m actually very different. I implemented way faster than most people. Because most people,
they go to conference, what do they do? They go to conference, they
learn a bunch of stuff, they write a lot of notes, full, like a binder full of notes, they go back to their home,
they go back to their business, they don’t do shit. That’s most people. Small percentage will
say, well, let me wait, and then they procrastinate, they wait a week, they wait a month, I’ll get to it, and then they
never implement anything. Me, I just implement immediately. And that’s always been the way I operate, and that’s always been the
way that I run my business. That I’m a fast implementer. I know, it’s not how much you know, I don’t care how much you know. It does not matter how much you know. It’s how fast you can take
your ideas and implement. Regardless if it’s not perfect, regardless if it’s not
100%, it doesn’t matter. Because you can adjust, you can pivot. But if you don’t implement, you just, you’re stuck in your head, you have all these stories,
and you have all these things, and you have all these ideas,
it doesn’t mean anything. It’s implementation. And then you adjust. So that’s when I learned
the most important thing. Like, motion beats meditation. Motion beats meditation. You gotta think about
your ideas all day long, I’m sure you know those people. You have those people in your life. They talk about this. They saw some stuff on TV. They saw some ideas on the internet. You know what, dammit! I thought about that idea three years ago. I thought about that idea five years ago. I thought about that like 10 years ago. And now, someone’s making
millions of dollars with my idea. So fucking what. It was an idea, but you didn’t execute, you didn’t implement. It doesn’t matter. It’s not about the
ideas, ideas are like 1%. 99% is execution. You don’t need the greatest idea, give me an average idea, implement today, it’s way better than a great
idea that implement tomorrow. Average idea implement today is better than a great idea that implement tomorrow. It’s today. It’s today. Right? Procrastination. One thing I learned from my
mentor many years ago is that, you know, Dan, procrastination
equals poverty. Procrastination equals poverty. Tomorrow never comes. What you don’t do today
simply doesn’t get done. Rich people, they focus
on getting stuff done, implementing. Poor people, procrastinate. Oh, I’ll wait tomorrow,
yeah I don’t feel like it. I don’t know, I don’t wanna do this, all this fucking bullshit. That’s what I’m talking about. Now, goes back to Aaron’s question. How do you stop procrastinating? That’s how you stop procrastinating. For any people, when you are implementing, I think, when it comes to productivity, when it comes to, implementing, when it comes
to getting things done, I think you go through three stages. And this is the formula I
believe you should follow. The first stage is work hard. First stage. Most people don’t even get to this. They’re fucking lazy, they procrastinate, they can’t get stuff done, they can’t even get stuff
done that’s good for them. They get so much
emotional, mental bullshit. They cannot even get that done. So it’s working hard. Learn how to work hard,
have a good work ethics, you look at most people, you
look at most working class, you look at the majority of society, they cannot even work hard. You look at their behavior, the hump day, right, Wednesday. Monday, Tuesday, gotta
work, Wednesday, oh my god, hopefully get to the weekends, and then, on Saturday,
Sunday, they’ll get drunk, hangover, and then Monday
start over again, right. They cannot even work hard. By the time, 4:50, oh
man I’m getting off work, do my thing and I’m gone. They can’t even work hard. They can’t even have a good
work ethics to get things done. That’s the first stage. I think for most people,
you gotta do that. For the first five years of my career, I didn’t take a single day off, I worked every single day, 10
to 12 hours, every single day, for the first five years of my life. As I was building my business,
was building my career, all my friends did
drinking, chasing girls, watching sports games, I was fucking working. So I have a good work ethics. Now, even at a little
older age, very rarely, you ask my team, you talk
to their people, right. My stamina? Man, I go hours and hours. And I’m so focused, I forgot
to eat, and I’m still working. Rarely you hear me, oh
man I’m all tired now, and all that shit, right. And I don’t need to, like, after a long day of work, I
need three days to recover. No, morning, I’m up. Give me some sleep, I’m ready to go. So I still have the
same work ethics, right. That first stage, you got to get the point where you know how to fucking work hard. That’s number one. Then, you can now earn the right, second stage, to work smart. Fuck the work smart
thing, ’cause most people, oh I’ll just work smart, you don’t even know how
to fucking work hard! But how do you work smart? You don’t even know what
that looks like yet. That’s why young people
sometimes, they tell me, “Oh Dan I don’t know what
to try, I don’t know.” I say you haven’t tried enough things! You haven’t failed enough. You haven’t done enough shit. You haven’t tried. Try more things first. Do more things first. Once you get that point
down, second stage, you can work smart. Now you’re looking at
what you do, and you say, okay, how can I be a
little bit more efficient? How can I be more effective, right? How can I have other people help me? Now you earn the right to do that. Now you can do little bit, things a little bit smarter. How do you do in order?
Now you can work smart. But, get to work hard first. Then second stage, when
you get to a certain point, you work smart. Then the third stage. Once you get that, probably, that’s another two, three, five years. That’s what I’m concerned. Then the last stage, now,
you learn to think hard. Now you’re thinking. You’re being more strategic. You’re looking at what you do, you’re being self-critical, you self-examine what you do, your plan, your strategy, your big picture, your vision. Now, that’s totally different. Now you think hard. Henry Ford said it best. “Thinking is the hardest work there is, “and that’s why so few
people engage in it.” That’s the stage that I
think probably less than 1%, I might even say 0.1%,
the entrepreneurs get to. They know how to work hard, most of them, they stay
working a long time, that’s good, but it’s not enough, after you earn the right,
you gotta work smart. After you’ve done that,
you’re getting good results, then you gotta think about, okay, how do I think hard? Which, you look in most entrepreneurs, I don’t care, you think
how successful they are, they don’t think, most people, they don’t think very deeply about things. They don’t think very deeply
about their business model, they don’t think very deeply
about the environment, they don’t think very deeply about what’s going on in the world. They just don’t think. They just do, ’cause
it’s easier, to just do. Especially if they’ve been
doing that for five, 10 years. But after you get to a certain point, now I gotta think hard. And thinking hard is a skill, it is a habit that you go develop. I call that thinking time. You actually need to sit down and have a, in a quiet space, no fucking cellphone, and you think. And how do you think? How do you look at your problems? How do you do all these things, right? So nowadays, I spend every single week, a little bit of time, to think, a block on the time, and once a month, I have, almost block of a day, I do nothing but to think. Not working, not checking email, it’s just to think, right. And every time, when I do that, my team would feel like, oh there’s some big plan happening, there’s some big pivot, why I always keep reinventing certain things when we’re doing well. It’s the thinking time, that gives me that kind of, opportunity to look at what we do. Be very critical about what you do. Even things that are going well, be very critical. And you do that from time to time. So, first stage, work hard, second stage, work smart, third stage, think hard. And there’s how to stop procrastinating. So that’s what I’m talking about, getting things done. Most people, they can’t
even get to level one. They cannot get to level one. And you wonder why they’re broke. You wonder why they’re not successful. You wonder why they struggle. They can’t even work hard. And now you gotta work smart. What does that look like? They don’t know. How they work smart? They don’t know. They forget about thinking hard, that’s like, again, 0.1% entrepreneur. That’s what I’m talking about. So that’s how you stop procrastinating. It is not so much for you, for most people watching
this video on YouTube, I will say, just get to the
working hard stage first. Don’t think, overthink
it, in the beginning, just get more shit done. Just get it done. Don’t think too much, don’t
procrastinate, get things done. Make it become a habit,
check off that list, and just get into a habit, after you’ve developed that, then you earn the right to work smart. But before that, don’t talk
to me about working smart, about all that shit, you’re
not getting stuff done. You’re not producing results. How do you know you’re
getting enough stuff done? Look at your results. In business, look at your results. It’s very, very simple. Don’t tell me, oh I’m
so busy, I get all this, you know what, if you’re honest with me, for most entrepreneurs,
they’re honest with me, honest with me, I would
say, you know that, that busyness is a form of laziness. You’re keeping yourself busy so that you don’t have to think. You don’t have to face the truth. You don’t have, oh I’m just busy man, I’m running around trying to get business. What you don’t want to face is, you’re a lousy marketer. You can’t sell worth a shit. And that’s why I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that, well none
of that produce results. Instead of looking within, you know what, maybe I don’t know how to get results. Maybe I need to upgrade my skill. Maybe I need to be able to learn how to communicate better with people. So I can close some sales, I can bring in the business. Or whatever it is. Or they get so busy, busier, and the people, they have staff issues, well, what you don’t want to
face is your lousy leader. That you don’t have the
respect from your team, right. You can’t lead, with
conviction, with certainty. You don’t want to face
that, so you want easier, to just put your head down and just work, versus facing stuff that
you need to work on. So ponder on that. Ponder on that. So any other questions
you have, comment below, if it’s a good question,
I’ll pin it to the top, I’ll answer these questions
on my way to work, and on my way to a meeting. Make sure you also follow
me on Instagram, @danlok. Follow me on Instagram, if you
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kinda tough love message, share that with them. And also check out my other Boss In The Bentley video
right there as well. Okay? Until next time. I’ll see you in my Bentley.

3 Ways To Amplify Sales From Influencer Shoutouts (Dropshipping)

we’ve been going crazy up in Hollywood [Music] [Applause] yo face learn Facebook ads yeah alright lessons from a man who was able to use drop shipping to afford rent in an m4 [Music] what’s going on everyone hating here coming back at you with the brand new video and in this one we’re gonna be talking about three different things with Instagram influencers to not necessarily increase your sales well this is going to directly apply to that but also to increase your conversions from using that specific shout-out that’s going to make sense where it’s it’s both conversions and sales because the the third point that I’m talking about inside of this video anyways I’m in Hollywood right now we decided to stay we have meetings all yesterday and booked a few more for tomorrow so just been kind of back and forth between Hollywood and Malibu and we were out in the desert in Palm Springs so kind of jumping all around I don’t really care it’s fun but it is affecting my work a little bit on certain aspects of it so if the contents lacking that’s why I do have some crazy footage stacked up I might have just made a little intro clip there it takes a long time to actually go through I don’t know how these vloggers do it actually I do they outsource it they have like in-house teams you know T walk inside the cloud house shout-out to you homie by the way but like all these people they have editors you know that’s the thing they have editors for their videos I don’t have that I might need that but to go through and actually edit a real video you know fine music first of all it’s not copyrighted make it head it kind of goes to that music like that intro you just saw if I did that or its kind of cinematic stuff that probably took me 20 to 30 minutes so it’s like that type of video is completely different but anyways with Instagram influencers you guys I had someone drop a comment or actually they DM me on Instagram saying yo you know just getting started but I’m curious why don’t you use influencers anymore and I’m like what what what are you talking about where did I say that I I think if I had said anything about me not using influencers it was me not using influencers as much because I really figured out Facebook for Facebook which I’ve explained in other videos but using Facebook to get the data which used to be a little bit harder for me but now I’ve kind of figured that out just to get the pixel data as fast as possible to start crushing it with the look like audience but influencers is still easy money it’s still fast pixel data so if a product can’t take is fast on Facebook I’ll just go ahead a few influencers with it and get that data over there so let’s jump inside of my computer we’re gonna start talking about again three main things I’ll just kind of you know points I want to talk about on how to increase your conversions and increase your sales with these shadows so let’s jump in to do that right now by the way by the way I know I’ve been making a few videos talking about school which is a controversial topic in itself as well as me dropping out there’s a lot of people who have a lot of different things to say in their own opinions that’s great I have people saying yo why’d you move to LA you could have moved to Aspen or Miami and liked it very strong sided you know people say New York East Coast all these different things and they’re just super opinionated with like you know this is why this is why everybody’s different every situation is different they’re like oh you killed with this California tax I don’t care one of the only issues that first of all you have a good CPA and the accounting team and stuff there’s a lot of advantages you have as a business owner especially in California and disadvantages as well but I’m not too worried about that to make more money it solves your problem with taxes people are usually worried about that because it takes a good chunk of their money well if you’re worried about that money go make more money and make up for the difference that makes sense so I moved because it was a logical decision as I’ve explained all these things logic logic logic not the wrapper even though he is good but um just a logical decision with everything you do so keep that in mind with all these videos I’m just sharing and documenting my experience in my journey because a lot of you guys are curious about that stuff so it’s not just business on the channel so let’s jump inside my computer start going through this okay so there’s three things I want to talk about first of all a lot of this is gonna come with experience so as you’re gonna see in one of these points experience plays a huge role now that I’ve already done it figured it out which in the beginning obviously has sucked I wasted money you know think that was an Instagram influencer so I understood how it worked but from going from Cundy affiliate marketing realm with influencers into dropshipping it’s a different industry it’s like doing Facebook ads for social media marketing versus for dropshipping different industry even though the skills kind of overlap which usually makes a little bit faster and easier to figure it out so nowadays I can pretty much eliminate 99% of the time just eliminate any chance of the in are not working so usually it’ll be a slight profit at worst kind of break even god forbid making no sales you know that happens to some people usually to beginners at this point just by having the experience and knowing a few these things and really just once you do what you do it it becomes very simple I I know that might sound weird but keep doing it it’s like I there’s always this analogy I use you know you can watch all the videos online on how to play soccer you can study the top people buy the best cleats at the best soccer ball but if you never get on the field and kick around that ball you’re not gonna progress and you’re not gonna truly build a real skill so you have to test you have to get that experience somehow so it’s gonna become a lot easier let me just tell you that now this first one I want to touch on might be a little more general whatever not a lot of people talk about it I know a ton of dropshippers who do this but it’s something that most people overlook if they are told this you know I go to some events I travel whatever some people recognize me here and there just ask me questions anywhere on social media I give them this answer and I still I don’t see them because I can’t exactly tell but they’re not making money and this is a reason why watch watch the influencers study them follow their page turn on post notifications and watch their freakin page very simple and and it’s free oh my god literally you guys just just watch their page for a few weeks it’s very simple to see when they post you can ignore it if it’s a regular post you’re looking for shout outs actual paid promotions and screenshot every single one take a picture of it with your phone I don’t care have that little library of content for each influencer because what’s gonna happen is once you see like five to ten different shout outs on there a different post you can go through all the pictures you’ve taken and I guarantee you I guarantee you if it’s a pretty large page or actually even a small one if you’ve seen five to ten you’re gonna see similarities similarities between the pages and similarities between what’s working if you start seeing you if you’ve seen had and you see that same product again and again you know keep taking pictures you can kind of compare what’s working ad copy the picture you can even go to their site look at their Instagram page watch and observe it’s a very simple study the marketplace that’s actually how I get a lot of product ideas is you know you guys already know my strategy on Facebook to do the product research and the people inside the course would find some crazy stuff in Blowing up with that but at the same time I’m still doing the og strategy that I was doing on Instagram just watch and observe if you see a shot up more than once two three four times study it see what’s working you can take screenshots but if you see it multiple times you know it’s working okay this next one is expansion and there’s a little system or a process to this which I’m explainable I’m not centered on this thing because a balanced on some stuff right now expansion so when you’re doing Instagram influencers I always recommend starting with a little bit more Nishi kind of narrow down on your focus on what the page is if you think about logically that’s gonna be a little bit smaller pages because it’s more niche specific you know if you’re doing animals you know maybe you’re going with a turtle page I don’t think turtles have the biggest audience with millions and millions of followers so it’s gonna be a little bit smaller and more narrow and targeted that’s both good and bad so first of all you’re gonna want to test though is just to kind of see how the product or how the audience reacts to the product to see if it works I always like to do those and once I can kind of get that working I slowly move out and I expand into pages that are a little bit more general you know I’m not jumping from like a super specific page on to the biggest main page you want to kind of get to that not necessarily depends you know don’t want to put the wrong thing in your head but you slowly expand out with bigger pages now the audience might be a little bit more general on that with what they’re interested in so you might get overall more of visits and everything but less conversion rate you know that might be a lower percentage but you still might get more sales so that’s where increasing conversions versus increasing sales you know what’s better people are always actually most people just drag about their sales you never see some 106.3 conversion what’s up with it homie know if you know only dropshippers kind of do that between each other which is kind of a fun fact for you guys you get a lot of people doing that but anyways expanding out that’s what’s been working best for me and that’s kind of what I’ve been doing since day one starting a little bit more niche focus because a few things it’s gonna be cheaper because it’s a smaller page and then you’re gonna get to figure out if it works that audience following the turtle page like the example we used they’re interested in turtles it’s very specific from there you can start to branch out okay people might be a little bit diluted you know if fewer and far between but overall there’s more audience might cost you more but there’s more audience you slowly expand once it’s working that’s huge now double up or double down you probably don’t know what that is allow me to explain this one this one’s interesting I don’t think anyone uses this phrase that’s just kind of what I give it so doubling up if you guys have heard me talk about the influencers and how to test product you guys already know how I do things if I’m running a new influencer I’m gonna take two products to products that are already working of mine and on a line of two different shout outs on that page usually this works the best one it’s kind of a middle sized page I really like doing it too much with a smaller page but that’s called doubling up so I’m doing two posts not at the same time not at whatever but I’m scheduling that immediately so I’m doing that right up front I pay them for two I paid them for two posts up front which is cheaper first of all and it gets you both those tests which is gonna help increase the conversion in the sales because you really get to identify if that influencer is of value if it’s an influencer who’s actually gonna bring you results which is huge it’s obvious is what you need now this is where I think most people don’t quite do this and I’m gonna explain a little bit about instagrams algorithm as well doubling down okay people I can just get super focused what I mean by this exactly it’s the opposite of doubling up most influence of shoutouts are 24 hours right that’s kind of the gold standard industry standard whatever you want to call it Instagram you guys your post is gonna get the most engagement in the first hour to three hours some people say in the first hour I still see a lot of engagement in too late the third hour 24 hours why do you need that much time on a page especially because of myth because I’ve watched my videos if you stand boil and watch all of them you know what that means none in front what does that mean it kind of goes on the front end and back end for both stories and the actual post if you run a shot up for 24 hours as soon as that influencer posts another post whether it’s their regular content or a shout out you’re done yours is dead it’s gonna get almost no traction and no engagement which means no sales low conversion low sales so it’s the opposite for Instagram stories so on a regular post they post after yours is gonna die it’s gonna get drowned out Instagram is not gonna push it pretty much any nobody’s gonna see it now with an Instagram story if they have a ton of story post before that’s so many different points where people can drop off and lose interest so the more they have in front the less yours is gonna get the less views it’s gonna get so you want to make sure they’re not posting like right before right after your post but if you’re doubling down this is where you pay them less for a shorter shout-out and it might get you slightly less sales but based on the amount of money you just saved and cut down it might have increased your overall margin and a conversion rate on that so just doing that little thing in itself can really help you because a lot of people I see people a lot of time you know leaving something up for 24 hours and if the influencer doesn’t end up posting in the next 24 hours which might happen with a small page very rare with the large page that’s fine that might be to your advantage because it’s still you know maybe someone really enjoys the page I kind of check back every day to see if they have a post and if they don’t it’s your content it’s your app so double it up and doubling down that’s definitely something to think about but I think the doubling down part is something that’s very effective especially when you’re starting that expansion phase just moving through I’m not gonna run something longer until I know the influencers working once they’re working I’ll spend more money to do it longer just to see all right at what point does the engagement start to drop off on these posts you know so you can save the most amount of money you don’t need to pay for something that’s 24 hours if it doesn’t really get any views after 8 so you can cut that price down significantly you know from 30 to 20 30 to 15 30 to 10 30 to 5 maybe I don’t even know so it really depends you guys those are just a couple of things when it comes to increase you know I guess both your conversions and your sales Instagram influencers there’s a stupid amount of money to be made if you’re not taking advantage of that I definitely recommend it and if you’re a complete beginner by far the best thing to do Facebook Ads a lot of confusing mushy stuff a lot of buttons a lot of confusing things stuff that you can just get lost on so folks in the Instagram influencers are gonna make things a little bit more simple and give you a higher chance of I don’t want to say fully success but of hitting something that works and once you hit something that works there’s a lot of things that can go into that you’re gonna now know what influencers work what products work the overall style for ad copy and the pictures which leads into experience which then you can take elsewhere you understand what works and what doesn’t which is going to play out to your advantage because now as you’re picking influencers and running new influencers the odds of you getting sales higher conversion and higher sales is increased because you already know what works based on what’s previously worked it’s like the patterns of success follow you to this day you know some of the stuff changes like small little details but overall you just kind of understand how the audience any audience for that matter doesn’t matter what the niches react to a certain structure so you’re gonna figure that out with the experience experience is huge you guys again get in the field start kicking that soccer ball get that testing going doesn’t matter don’t be afraid to spend five dollars twenty dollars a hundred dollars I spent upwards of a thousand dollars on Instagram influencers obviously to get to that point that’s not a first time test with a new product and a new influencer but it’s basically the same thing it’s a relative scale I started with the smaller pages built my way up identified products that worked fine tuned the process of using that product what ad copy what picture even four videos use the videos a little bit on Instagram or so on Facebook but using that and then get into the bigger pages that’s where you can be able to explore the sales and ideally if you understand Facebook at this point where you can start to transition once you’re there get that pixel data take a hundred sales and pixel that I know confusing confusing go watch the beginner Facebook ad videos on the channel take that pixel data go to Facebook and just explore it and I know I’m a huge nerd if you don’t understand what I’m talking about but this stuff is excited there’s a lot of money to be made it’s really fun it’s like this whole system and what it works you’re like like just grab it grab the money take it put this just a boom a moon repeat double a new store all this different stuff it’s a lot of fun I’m not hot not wired on cocaine I don’t do drugs I don’t drink if you think I’m crazy I’m not just feeling good but it’s actually raining in Hollywood right now that’s it’s a little bit of a disappointment anyway Instagram influencers you guys a lot of money to be made if you did enjoy this video how to appreciate if you drop like down below and of course join the family join the gang we had a nice link and subscribe button down below and I might attempt to do an outro it’s gonna take me about 30 minutes of editing but I got you guys you

What It Prices Me To Accumulate An M4 At 17

wait but you’re only 17 dude dude his dad definitely bought a farm bro what’s going on everyone hated me to coming back at you with a brand new video and this one I’m gonna be breaking down the cost everything it costed me to buy my m4 about two and a half months ago I picked up a BMW m4 I’m gonna talk about total cost of the price just all the money I’ve already put into it what the payments are what I’m projecting just everything I put into it what it’s costing me and or what it still cost me to own my BMW m4 at 17 now this definitely is a fun car I really enjoy it that’s why I got the car I had rented out in California and explain a little bit more about that and why I got it a little bit later in this video but just shifted out here so I’m finally able to drive it I had it in Minnesota which is where I grew up for about a month and a half to two months I bought it like two and a half months ago and I wasn’t really able to drive it there so it’s like you never had traction it was always cold always snowing so wasn’t able to fully drive the car I’m trying to go through and kind of break down a couple the costs and things behind excite know a lot of people have been asking and I guess it’s really cool to get something like that at 17 so just wait for the next car though that’s all I can tell you but uh yeah let’s jump into this one thing I do just want to say and I think this is congruent with pretty much everything you get in your life cars houses if you buy a watch any sort of like financial materialistic thing it never feels like you thought it would like this is now just a car where’s the key it’s just a car it really is weird like you know is my dream car background on both of my phones for six months and I’ll explain that here in a second but it’s just a car and now on the financial and the things I don’t need to think about it it’s nothing and that might sound douchey or whatever but that’s the progression so that car became nothing it’s just it’s just a payment I don’t even notice it I don’t think about it so it’s just levelling up through but you realize it’s nothing’s ever as amazing as it’s all chopped up to be so getting the car is great it’s a lot of fun don’t get me wrong I love driving I don’t drive all that much like like regularly to go do stuff so when I do drive it’s like now I’m going to hit Newport you know late at night where there’s just nothing out there just open beautiful California roads where it’s like fun so I almost positioned driving my car as a reward so once I get my work done whatever I can go rip the car so that’s one thing I’ve been doing I’m just gonna kind of jump into this so again I bought it two and a half months ago in Minnesota it’s registered in Minnesota that’s gonna play a factor here in a second so anyways I’m just gonna jump straight in I got the vehicle about two and a half months ago like I said total price was 54,000 i financed the car did a 60 month finance the reason I did it a little bit shorter I know a lot of people go for a 72 month was just to stay ahead of the depreciation curve so I don’t plan on keeping the car for that long maybe maybe another like 12 months or so a year roughly so holding it for about a year it’s not gonna lose that much value I bet I’ll be able to sell it for like well with the mods I put into it we’ll talk about that towards the end of this but I bet I’ll be able to sell it for like 48 depending on how many miles I put on it 45 to 48 so not really taking that much of a hit the thing that did suck and this is a mistake I made I registered in Minnesota when I bought it had to pay 4200 in cash and I wrote a check right there when I registered the vehicle so that’s just an immediate L I took a phat L right there 4200 just in sales tax to register the vehicle that sucks but it is what it is that was like my first real thing of holy crap taxes suck so other than that the car payment every single month since it is financed it’s not all that bad again I don’t think about it it’s nine hundred eighty five bucks a month it just it just comes out and have a separate account with that my dad did cosign for by the way so using his credit I’ll explain the rates and stuff here in a second but um there’s a joint account I put money in there and I had to front him some money which I’ll be explaining towards the end of this as well insurance every single month this is actually not as bad as I thought which is interesting because I do have two speeding tickets no those were not in any fast car nice car whatever those were just in my mom’s car one I was definitely speeding one other ticket I didn’t even know I was speeding stupid so insurance for only 310 I honestly thought it would be a lot more like four to five hundred with the next car I get like a super car level I bet it’d be like 800 to a thousand we’ll see fun fact I’ve gotten pulled over in that gold M for just while it was in Minnesota for two months I got pulled over a total of 13 times and never once got a ticket however people gonna say Oh 13 times you crazy driver no only one of those was partially for speed but every single time it was for no plate and illegal tents so nothing I could do about it I didn’t even have plates I bought a custom plate such as actually a cost we’re gonna go through in a second but the illegal tents I bought the car out of state so I have six months to change that not keeping the car in Minnesota for six months I just shipped it out to Cali where in California that level of tint is legal so didn’t want to switch that now this is interesting because it depends on how much you drive to fill up my tank from pretty much empty up to full is only like thirty five bucks out here in California right now I seem to be doing that about every other day every three days so that was actually the price of gas in Minnesota 35 it’s about 40 out here so to fill up the tank so it really depends on how much you drive I’m just gonna call it 600 a month so not bad that’s kind of some monthly reoccurrence that go into the car I have not done any maintenance to it yet no oil change no service no anything I’ve done mods but I’m probably gonna end up doing tires later this year definitely a service I have to service it in a few like 6,000 miles and I’m gonna start doing a few more oil changes so a couple oil changes every year that’s about it I don’t think that’s too expensive tires you know there might be a thousand bucks or whatever regular service that’s just the the typical maintenance that you have to do on the vehicle other than that this is where it gets interesting the additional cost I did put some money into it if you guys I’ll throw in a sound clip somewhere it literally I kid you not sounds like an ak-47 it’s ridiculous and I love it I put in the tune that was 1252 by the tune that’s basically a tablet with the software and you plug it into like the computer of the vehicle and change its memory basically or I don’t even know so from there I also got catless downpipe sfrom fab speed if he has no cars I paid 850 for those and 1200 to install it which sucks I should have gone to a cheaper shop but quality over money for sure and then I did carbon fiber paddle shifters so instead of the little baby paddles they have got nice big carbon fiber paddle shifters I only paid 200 bucks for those honestly I bought these before I even got the car so I purchased the car by the way I purchased the car without having ever seen it which was interesting I just didn’t have the time to go down to Florida to look at it so I bought the car they shipped it up and while it was being shipped I bought the paddle shifters so that’s how excited I was one thing I do want to say is both of those were heavily discounted so I have a ton of friends in the car industry this would have normally costed me about two thousand and this would have costed me about fifteen hundred so I think instead of costing me like two grand so about third 3,200 with an install it would have cost to me more like 4,200 to 4,500 so it did save a little bit of money with that that’s just cost it went into the vehicle and typically with mods you’re not gonna get any of that back on the back end it’s just you’re dumping money and for the fun of it but for me let me give you a little bit of background why I bought the car I bought the car because I rented the same exact car except it was a competition package which is gonna be important here in a second competition package same color I rented it in LA about seven months ago for this event that was going on in San Diego I don’t know if you some some you still remember that but an event in San Diego I fly to LA drag the car down to San Diego my first time ever really in California enjoying myself also my first time in a nice car especially for an extended period of time I had that car for about a week rented it fell in love with it really liked the car I’ll throw in a clip of it revving which will be important here in a second [Music] because when I got my car it didn’t sound like that I didn’t realize that there’s a difference between the competition package exhaust and a regular you know stock car exhaust I didn’t know there was a difference so I get in warm up the car start driving it let it off no crackles I was like you know what make sure it’s in Sport+ same thing I I literally was going through with my friend I was in the car I brought up to to let it off three four thousand rpms off five thousand six I was like dude what the hell so from there I was like that’s it I have to do something to it ended up dumping a few thousand to get that done definitely worth it the tune did add horsepower so I think it’s sitting like right at 500 horsepower right about now but other than that that’s kind of all the cost I put into it I can’t think about too much I might end up I’m definitely gonna end up doing a rap within like the next few months we’ll see how that goes as well as now that I’m in California I can do a full carbon fiber body kit because my driveway back in Minnesota it was on a hill first of all and it was steep so it’s like it might live with scrape normally anyway so I couldn’t get like a front carbon lip or anything it would just get ripped off so I’m gonna do a full carbon body kit on there something at some point probably once I get another car so we’ll see what happens with that I’m not really rushing to get into another vehicle it’s not the money I’m just gonna get a car once it doesn’t matter so have other costs coming up other things I want to do multiple properties you guys will be seeing that just over the next few weeks next few months and everything so that’ll be fun that’s a little bit more interesting to me than just having a car payment so would rather focus on the business end of things just to make sure everything said with that but that’s essentially what it cost me to own the m4 I did give my dad $10,000 cash up front to make him feel a little bit more comfortable with it so that’s another expense that was out of my pocket he did cosign for it the let me frame this out for you what was it the interest was I believe it was two point nine nine percent which was not all that bad so that’s what we got the financing for not a crazy interest rate I’m not sure what I’m gonna end up doing when I turned 18 this next month I might transfer the vehicle fully into my name just on the loan end of things I am the primary on the title because it’s my vehicle and the insurance is under my name so my dad is a perfect record on insurance didn’t want it to be under his because at least the way we were planning on structuring it it would have affected his insurance if I had crashed it so which I’m not going to crash one amazing driver but at the end of the day you can’t control that someone else could hit you but yeah so that’s what the interest rate was again I don’t plan on keeping it for this long for like a full 60 months however it’s a great daily driver so when I get a super car I’m definitely gonna keep it I know a lot of people end up like selling their other car I’m like dude you’re gonna daily drive a Lambo like I probably will end up daily in it for at least a few months after I get it but come on you know you gotta put stuff in the car that m4 is very practical one of the main reasons I got it was because it has back seats so extremely practical vehicle I love it super fun to drive pretty fast it definitely sounds good now that I put that money into it but other than that you guys that’s kind of how I’m structuring it I know LAN you guys were asking both legally and financially how is that car structured how much does it cost me that at least that I financed no I didn’t lease will I end the policing vehicles maybe I’m gonna have to consult the tax person on that because well with the lease and you have a business you can write that off to a degree you know there’s a certain amount of there’s like a luxury-car limit essentially so you can’t have like a ton of cars I don’t know I know ty Lopez leases all of his cars so or not all of them I think he might have bought one but whatever I’m gonna see how I can structure that but for this vehicle that’s what it cost me again I did have to put the 4200 for tax right away which sucks 10 grand to my dad and then the monthly payments so far plus all this stuff with the mods so probably looking at right around 20,000 so far and then now it’s just gonna be like probably I’d budget about I say 1,500 to 2 grand a month for the vehicle not including any maintenance or stuff that’s gonna need to be done here just in the next few months so that’s what’s up with that if you guys have any other questions about the car whatever anything else you want me to break down definite let me know in the comments down below and with that being said you guys I’d appreciate if you drop leg down below and of course join the family during the game I have a nice-lookin subscribe button and I post every single day so be see you guys tomorrow the next one these

Are You Trying To Gather Rich Snappy? (Minority Mindset Interview)

how’s it going today guys so I’m very excited to bring you an interview here with one person that I’ve been looking up to for a very long time is Josh breed Singh from minority mindset is out to channel dedicated to entrepreneurship and personal finance he has an awesome channel and so could you just give us a quick introduction about yourself Josh breat sure oh thank you for having me Ryan you know when you reached out to me I was very excited yeah our channel minority mindset is called minority mindset not because of the way you look or your ethnicity or your skin color but because of the mindset it’s the mindset to defy all odds and do something different than the majority of people I think the simplest way if I could explain it in one sentence it would be if you give the majority $200 they’ll come back with a pair of shoes give up the minority $200 they’ll come back for two thousand right so it’s that mindset of thinking different and doing something different and breaking away from the majority path because when I was growing up you know my parents always told me you gotta go to school be a doctor you know because I’m Indian they know that’s what you have to do and when I went to college and started to see that you know there’s other opportunities in the world because I was never exposed to these things I was really like wow and so that’s when I started to do something different and really develop this this idea of doing something different than what the majority of people do especially if you want to end up different that the majority of people right because if you keep doing what the majority of people do you’re gonna end up like the majority of people what we’re gonna do with tying in that whole majority versus minority thing but we want to talk about specifically is people trying to make fast money it seems like the majority of people out there that majority mindset is that you can get rich quick without a lot of effort the minority mindset would be that it takes a lot of effort to get rich and it’s going to take a lot of time so it seems like we’ve seen a lot of people out there investing or putting money into things that they’re hopefully trying to make a quick return over time over a very short period of time and they don’t have any long term mindset and so just brie and I both started YouTube channels and I thought what we could talk about first is how long does it take to really even have success with you two but tell anyone even really cares who you are so maybe you could share your story from about like your YouTube channel and how that got started that would be cool sure sure so right now we know we’re getting close to 300 thousand subscribers we have close to 10 million views on her channel something around there and we started officially in on March 1st 2016 so just about two years ago and well we actually started a few months before then but it took us months and months where I was put in our content and nobody was watching it I mean first off my contents sucked keys YouTube is different I was never taught how to make videos but it was a lot of work for me to put out videos and put out content and then after that you put out a video when you get 100 views and I was like oh man that sucks I’m doing all this work but you know I did that for months and months and months and it took us like a year to get 30,000 subscribers yeah so I mean I think a lot of people they want that instant gratification they want to do something and see the results and the rewards for right away and I had I had actually faster success with YouTube than just breathe I mean I look back at his channel nine already mindset and he started a long time before me and I saw him having all these subscribers and at first I was kind of jealous I was like wow this guy’s killing it but everyone ignores that initial work that goes in there and all the work that you put in when nobody cares about you but for me I’ve had faster success with my youtube channel just because I think the interest level was there I’m sure you’re one of the pioneers of this who kind of got people interested so I’m sure a lot of people found me as a result of you which is awesome but I’m a I would say that people want to have instant success and that’s definitely not something that happens with anything especially with YouTube and so I know for me like the first month that I did YouTube I worked on it for twenty twenty-five hours a week and I made $3 an ad revenue when you were uploading videos getting a hundred views how did you stay motivated to keep doing this thing oh man so well I think that’s a two-part answer to that one is what do you do what you do for and second is kind of seeing the opportunities so you know one thing that I tell people is if you have a reason for why you do what you do every day you’ll find a way if you don’t have a reason you’ll find an excuse you know and so when I was kind of going deciding to go into the entrepreneurial path and this is before YouTube I’ve had a lot of different businesses that I’ve done everybody and I mean everybody my parents my friends everybody around me told me I was stupid I was insane because this was not something that I was supposed to do I was supposed to be a doctor and so you know when people found out that I was you know gonna start a business people tell me I was an idiot you know my parents who were not happy at all and so that was my motivation to prove everybody wrong I was like okay you know that’s fine I’m just gonna do me and I’m gonna prove you wrong so that was always like in the back of my mind I have to succeed because I have no other choice I need to make sure everybody is wrong about me and then on the other end just general research when I research other youtubers or whoever any other business you see that pretty much every business has this kind of like curve where the beginning is very slow I mean coca-cola sold what 25 bottles of coke in their first year it’s just every business has a slow start because you have to I mean you have to learn the industry you have to build it you have to get out there you have and especially in the internet with businesses now you have to start creating content and getting your content seen takes time and so it’s that initial time and then looking at other you know businesses and youtubers and like okay well if I just keep consistently putting out content and I just keep getting better I mean then that’s all I can do at that point so I just kept doing it again and again and again take off which is just keep putting it in just keep on trying guys and remember for me the first video that ever got a lot of views was my video on how to become a millionaire with five dollars a day and it was because that video took my channel from 12,000 subscribers to 44 thousand subscribers in one week which was loud it was Wow unheard of now a lot of people said that was a result of algorithm prop that week I don’t know whatever it is pray and I was like oh my gosh the YouTube gods have fun yeah helped me out here but take it that’s that’s like an example hero of having that long-term mindset and building things over time and it’s just a lack of patience that I think a lot of people have and it causes them to try to make fast money do you have any experience with trying to make fast money in the past and did it work for you or have you always had that long-term mindset of put the work in and you know you’ll see results over time for the most part yeah I mean I’ve always been like kind of a hustler I understand that I may have tried so in I started investing in the stock market right after the 2008 crash it just kind of happened to be that way I was in high school at the time and I had a little bit of money I was working and I had a couple you know side businesses I was working and so I took some of the money and invested in the stock market and everything was shooting up so I was like oh man I’m a financial genius uh-huh and then at the same time I started hearing about you know penny stocks and day trading and I was like well let me try this out I’m already a financial genius I know what to do so I tried doing it and I did a first summer and I remember I did it for one summer and I was up you know early mornings reading articles seeing what stock and what penny stock is gonna is gonna do I shoot up today and I mean I don’t know I don’t know where I ended up I know I didn’t make money I’m either broke even I lost a little bit of money so somewhere in that range but I was like man this this this is now right so that’s when I started learning more about stocks kind of similar to what you did learning more about you know long-term investing strategies and that that mindset really applies to anything whether it’s investing or starting a business I mean if you try to start a business today and you want it to be a hundred thousand dollars a month by next month good luck you know I mean you have to know how it works you have to know how to build an audience you have to know how to get sales you have to know how to do all these things and you have to learn them I mean a lot of people trying to sell this you know take this program and you’ll be doing this but here’s the thing you have to know the whole picture it takes time it takes practice it takes learning so you have to really understand how it works yeah I completely agree the last thing I want to ask you about I know specifically that I owe you said you have a lot of different businesses you also are a real estate investor which is awesome very successful YouTube channel but you also have a sock business is that right or oh yeah the socks I’m just curious because I’ve never tried a actual like physical business the ones that I do are all online so I’m curious like well how was that been for you as far as having a physical product that you’re trying to sell if you had was that a learning experience or was it successful for you yeah so that sock business I started right as I either right as I graduated call or no right after I graduated and so the idea was to create a water-resistant athletic sock so for people who play you know football or out and they’re doing things during the rain you don’t want to have soggy wet smelly socks and so I had this idea and it actually came up in class because I forgot to do one of my class projects and my feet were soaked so this kind of came that way but I had this idea and again I have no experience in apparel but businesses before then were either in real estate or event planning so I had no idea how to create a product or do anything but I had this idea in my mind okay I want to create a sock I want to create this technology how do I do this so I started driving from like sock manufacturer to sock manufacturer to textile engineer because I don’t know what to do and so I was just going to anybody I could asking them questions about socks house sock manufacturing works I mean a pair of manufacturing is it’s it’s unique because there’s different types of manufacturing for different types of apparel like socks are knit and it’s very different than how you make a shirt or pants or something like that so learning how to do that was one kind of animal on its own the second thing was how do I create this technology that will make a sock water how will it repel water and then being able to apply these two things together and then how do you launch a business I mean you got a raise money just on the technology of it and I’ve never thought about socks I’ve put them on I’ve never thought in my mind about socks but I’m sure like once you get into it I’m sure there’s a lot you need to know about even just socks you know and yeah building in the streets things we don’t think about and then you start diving in and looking at the nuts and bolts of this and I’m sure there’s a lot more to pretty much everything out there I didn’t know that about socks and shirts that’s really interesting they were made in different ways but yeah that’s like not even just figuring out how to do it before you even like figuring out the product before you even figure out how to launch a business which is I must’ve took a huge learning experience for you yeah took us about two years before we from the idea to actually having a product to launch it ask you one question right there how much money did you make off this business in those two years oh I made nothing analysis huh Aladin as creative as I can so I didn’t have to spend so much money exactly that’s an example of that long to remind set not the short-term get-rich-quick I mean if you really want to be successful you have to be like Josh breed here and spend two years on a business making zero dollars that’s just the way it is it’s all about that long term well yeah may not even be right when you’re done you know looking back there are other ways to start businesses now where you don’t have to wait two years to do it but you know yeah I mean I think just the idea of being willing to sacrifice now for a long-term goal right be willing to save more today be willing to invest more today be willing to put in more time today for something bigger tomorrow I think it’s just that general concept nothing now with the internet social media and all these things that have made it a lot easier we don’t have to wait two years without getting a paycheck we’re business but yeah I think there’s that mindset of be willing to put in the hustle and the extra time and effort and learning today and it’s okay if you don’t you know hit your goal tomorrow or next week or next month you know it just takes time it’s well worth it I mean would you say it’s worth and now having a very successful YouTube channel those days when you weren’t so successful is it it’s young resolve with a little bit of I mean it’s hard to see it at the time because when you’re when you’re there and you see all these successful people that are doing it and you’re like cheese man I’m going over yeah it’s tough then but you got to just keep pushing it and just keep believing in yourself and yeah I mean oh yeah I mean of course it’s easy looking back now but you know at that time I used to click the refresh button a hundred times so I used to have a hundred views on my videos just to get started you got it yeah I mean you know you got to do what you got to do and that a screw screw the people that are doubting you and do it for you absolutely that’s really cool to hear your story of overcoming that doubt that everyone had in you to and how it really fueled you and yeah that if anything else do it to prove people wrong absolutely but yeah anyways Joss Rita was great to talk to you how can people find out more about you and what you’re doing well thank you for having me Ryan if you want to check out us check us out on YouTube minority mindset on YouTube we’re on Instagram we’re on Facebook and we’re launching a publication WWE minority mindset combo will have a whole bunch of daily content related to personal finance and entrepreneurship but just other ways to help you defy all odds it’s going live on February 16th and it’s all free anyways guys thank you for watching this I’m really excited to have brought you this interview and I will see you guys in the next video thank you for having me