5 High Dividend Stocks Ranked [Best Cash Yield for Your Money]

dividend stocks beat the market research proves it time and again but which dividend-paying stocks are going to give you the highest yield and return on your money in this video I’ll not only rank the top 5 dividend stocks I’ll reveal 4 dividend investing risks that will destroy your portfolio we’re talking high dividend […]

Ranking the Best Dividend ETF [Vanguard vs SPDR vs iShares]

hey we are live the Sunday as we are every week here on let’s talk money at 1:00 p.m. Eastern 10:00 a.m. Pacific I want to thank everybody for joining us it just gives us a chance to talk about a topic of the week and then reach out to the community to answer some […]

5 Strategies to Survive Any Stock Market Crash 2019

we opened May with a warning about stocks and why I was selling we closed May with the stock market down 7% and no bottom in sight today I’m going to show you five strategies you can use to survive any stock market crash and actually make money we’re talking investing strategies today on let’s […]

Ex-Dividend Date and 3 Dividend Calendar Strategies

The ex-dividend date is one of the most important markers in dividend investing but also oneof the most confusing.In this video, I’ll not only walk you through the dividend calendar dates, I’m revealingthree dividend investing strategies you can use to maximize your returns.We’re talking dividend stock strategies today on Let’s Talk Money!Beat debt.Make money.Make your […]

What is Dividend Yield [and 3 Dividend Investing Strategies]

I’m sharing an easy explanation to the question, “What is Dividend Yield?” using Appledividends and some of the biggest risks to dividend stock investing.I’ll not only show you how to calculate the dividend yield quickly but reveal fivedividend stock strategies for higher returns without the risk.We’re talking dividend yield today on Let’s Talk Money!Beat debt.Make […]

7 Financial Ratios Every Investor Must Know

hey everybody we are live this Sunday on our Sunday livestream here on let’s talk money I want to thank everybody for joining us each Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time 10:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. Pacific time a great chance just to reach out and and connect with everyone in the community and and and […]

Trade War Stocks to Buy [and Stocks to Sell]

hey everybody want to thank you for joining us for another livestream we’re here every week 1 p.m. Eastern Time thank you for joining us here at let’s talk money and we’ve got a really special really important video for you today one that I think a lot of people and and you know a […]