They Want You To Be Poor (Millionaire Reacts to Robert Kiyosaki Interview)

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is one of my most favorite books of all time it has changed my life it has changed my mindset in ways that I don’t think I could ever quantify now with Robert he can’t be somewhat controversial at times but some of the stuff he says I […]

Grow Your Dough Check-in (you won’t believe how much money I made!)

so what happens when I take one thousand dollars and invest it into nine different investment strategies we’re gonna find out how that works how much money I’ve made and who the surprise winner is right now what’s going on y’all welcome back to wealth hacker TV the channel dedicated to teaching you new ways […]

House Hacking – Live For Free & Build Over $400,000 of Wealth

– What’s goin’ on y’all? Welcome to back to Wealth Hack Wednesday, and today, like usual, I’ve got a special treat. Today we’re going to learn how this person lived in their house for free, and built a $400,000 net worth. This is what we call house hacking y’all. We’re gonna learn this story, how […]

How to Start Multiple Side Hustles (that ALL make money)

what’s going on y’all welcome back to another make 1k series this is a series where I’m featuring successful entrepreneurs that are crushing it but we’re not here to learn about the amazing amounts of money they’re making right now because that’s all fun but for many of you that want to start a business […]

5 Minute Millionaire Math (no calculator needed)

– I was so small as a kid, I never imagined that I could lift a lot of weight. And then I was deployed and got really into crossfit, and I had a crazy goal of dead lifting 500 pounds. But I will tell you I never thought that I could lift that amount of […]