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The Shopify Feature No One’s Utilizing For Free Visitors?!

If there is one thing that I am yet to
see in the countless Shopify dropshipping
stores that I have reviewed or
helped set up it would be this one
element that I’m just about to talk
about right now little do people know
that this element is already in the
backend of your Shopify store so this
will help you generate a lot of free
traffic in the long term without paid
ads best of all I’m going to guide you
through how to set this up step-by-step
so let’s get into it
what is hustlers, welcome back to side
hustle Academy a channel where I teach
you how to set up additional income
sources on the side so you can one day
chase lifestyle not dollars if you
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Wednesdays 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
ok so WordPress websites and WooCommerce
we all know that it has a lot of
flexibility as a platform to get itself
onto Google organic searches and however
a lot of people don’t know that Shopify
has great tools in place to get itself
organically although unfortunately a lot
of people aren’t utilizing it correctly
or amplifying the content correctly on
Shopify and I’ll show you how to do this
before that though I wanted to show you
something really quickly and you may
already have noticed that however it is
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there’s a bunch of apparel links down in
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guys jumping into the video really
quickly I just realized while editing in
the video and watching back that if
everyone was to DM me for a coupon code
I’ll probably end up with way too many
messages and dance to be able to reply
to so what I’m gonna do is just enter or
insert the coupon code right here down
here down below the coupon code will be
hustle fam so make sure you just enter
it into the store while you’re checking
out and you will get 20% off this is a
limited time only thing it’s not going
to be forever I’m gonna make it expire
I’m going to set the expiry date to end
of year so you have roughly 20 days
depending on when you watch this
obviously so getting there really
quickly guys I hope you enjoy though
guys go ahead and check them out anyway
let’s get onto my laptop now and as
promised I will guide you through what
exactly I’m talking about so you can get
that free traffic to your Shopify store
let’s go okay what is up guys I’m gonna
get straight into it and the first thing
you want to do in the backend of your
store is click online store and this is
this is it guys this is very simple what
I want you to click on is blog posts
this is the exact tool that people do
not use frequent enough so what we want
to do here is create blog posts or turn
your Shopify store not simply as an
e-commerce store but also as a content
creation area so let’s go ahead and
click create a blog a post and yes it
may seem simple but there are
technicalities behind this so just keep
watching and I’ll show you and guide you
through what you need to do alright so
first things first that sort of like the
thought process behind this is if you’re
in a certain niche and now I should say
that this is going to work beautifully
niche stores so let’s just say you’re in
the cat niche store you want to start
creating or an area of your site
dedicated to content only simply for the
topic that you’re going to be talking
about the aim of this is to start
ranking your store for cat specific
terms therefore driving free traffic to
your store a lot of people again do not
use this feature on Shopify and I have
no clue why I guess they look at Shopify
as a purely pushing sales but actually
the blog post system in Jaffa is very
strong because it is already optimized
for SEO all right so what we’re gonna be
doing is I’m just gonna give you a quick
example and let’s just type in like top
top five ways to clean your cat I’m just
making this stuff up I don’t know how to
clean a cat I don’t know if there’s top
5 ways but you get the gist so a few
things I’m not gonna actually write the
content out here
but a few things you want to be wary of
and I’ll make a list of points for you
to follow on so okay obviously firstly
you want to hit visible and you
definitely want to add an excerpt
because this is what is going to appear
on your homepage and also search engines
and you also want to make sure that you
edits the meta page description the page
title and the URL handle and just make
sure that again if it does start ranking
on Google with that people do have a
clear description of what exactly
they’re clicking on on Google which will
increase click-through rate so guys
first few things you need to be wary of
I’m not actually going to type out the
content but I’m gonna type out the
things that you need to follow on with
is firstly make sure that the jar that
the language sorry is not filled with
industry jargon so make sure it is just
plain English okay that’s the first
point the second point is make sure your
content is shareable okay so like tech
take a step back and ask yourself if you
want to share it if so could you share
it and also would you share it so make
sure that you’re creating content
that is shareable and third point is can
it be scanned quickly it be scanned
quickly so how do you get content or you
know blog content out there that is
scannable or really easy to read it’s
pretty simple use short paragraphs
call-outs bold text bullet points
numbered lists quotes and so on to make
the text easy on the eyes and easy to
digest now again this is an element that
Google looks for in order to rank your
website another thing is when you do
what you really want to do is break down
the content so if I’m writing about top
five ways to clean your cat you should
ideally break down the top five ways
into bold titles you can easily do that
by let’s say top one way top first way
whatever you want to call it
formatting heading one okay so actually
in this case I do
heading two and then heading one will be
you know the byline for example so
that’s very easy way to make your
content stand out and also be read
easily by the Google algorithm so the
fourth tip on top of this is it what you
want it to feature a deal result a
common objective or time frames and sub
headers so basically anticipate the
audience’s hopes fears and concerns if
that makes sense you know if you’re
talking to five ways clean your cat
their concerns gonna be how exactly to
clean the cat without you know making a
huge mess being efficient clean that cat
properly those sort of concerns you want
anticipate and add into your content and
finally just do a quick Google search on
top five ways or like just how to clean
your cat on Google because you want to
make sure that this result we better
than your other search engine results
page winners so this is what we call in
digital marketing SERP page SERP results
analysis so what you’re doing is
basically you know making sure that the
content you put out
is not identical and you want to make
sure that it is better than your SERP
results or comment surprised olds so
make sure it’s better make sure that the
content is better and you want to aim
for about you know eight hundred
thousand words for blog posts like this
incorporate relevant screenshots of
videos incorporate links out to your
products as well that’s a very important
one because internal linking also is
beneficial to SEO ranking purposes so
internal linking I’ll add that in there
now that’s once you have all of these
nuts it out you want to set it live of
course author is whatever you want it to
be blog is you you want to make sure
that you create a new blog here and
because the reason for this is you want
to make sure that it is titled correctly
and it is relevant again to certain
search terms and for this I’ll be let’s
just say I’m selling cat products so I
want to make sure that the blog title is
relevant to cat and and you want to let
the audience know what exactly they’re
reading about anyway so like let’s just
name this for the sake of this tutorial
cat tutorials in tags of just as
important they’re very important so make
sure you just tag it with a whole bunch
of relevant tags I’d say at least ten
and get that in there then once that’s
all done hit save the next thing I want
you to do once you’ve got all these blog
posts up is of course go into navigation
and then edit your main menu because
this again is very important you don’t
want to hide your blog post in the back
end so they’re sort of like dark posts
you want to make sure that people can go
in and read these blog posts so I cat
blog let’s just call it hat blog the
link will be the blog itself so cat
tutorials add that in there and guys
save menu so if I hit a view store now
let’s go into my store you should be
able to see cat blog right there and
yeah this is how it appears on this
specific theme
but it’s as simple as that guys however
just understand that you can’t just put
one single blog post out there and
expect all this free traffic to comes
through that’s not how it works okay how
it works is you need to be steady you
need to be consistent you need to be you
know constantly pushing out this content
to your audience and this is a great way
as well to capture emails and now that
is a completely different story in
however guys stay consistent pump out
these blogs and you’ll you will get in
the long term I’m talking six months to
a year a lot of free traffic that comes
through without paying a single cent for
it okay
so guys I hope this helps if you’re
interested in more SEO content I’m gonna
put a link right above this video and
click on that link right now because
that will take you to an SEO tutorial
where I speak more in depth about how
exactly to get your site ranked now that
video is specific to WordPress however
that’s totally fine because there are
pointers in there that you can relate
relay back on to this specific store or
this specific set up which is a Shopify
store obviously and it works both ways
so guys I hope you enjoyed this
knowledge bomb and if it has helped you
in any way shape or form be sure to hit
that thumbs up button otherwise guys
thanks for watching as always and keep
on hustling

Fb Retargeting Strategy for CHEAP CONVERSIONS – Shopify Dropshipping

realizing the way to use Fb advertising
like a professional is the distinction between
making no drop delivery gross sales or making
multi figures in revenue by means of scaling
on this video I’ll present you in
fb enterprise supervisor step-by-step
how precisely to arrange these specific
retargeting advertisements that may positively
enhance your merchandise ales and in addition
lower your value per conversion so
let’s get into it
What’s again hustlers! Welcome again to aspect hustle Academy
a channel the place we undergo the way to set
up extra revenue sources on the aspect
so you possibly can at some point chase the approach to life
not {dollars} should you’re new to this
channel then you might need to contemplate
clicking that subscribe button in that
Bell button to affix the notification
squad as a result of movies are uploaded each
single Wednesdays four p.m. Jap
Commonplace Time so this very useful
piece of content material that I am about to point out
you in a second is predicated on a consulting
name that I had with a pupil and he is
Shopify dropshipping retailer which wasn’t
doing to that and and he is advertisements weren’t
too unhealthy both nonetheless he did not know
the way to retarget his viewers correctly to
drive these conversions to the following
stage earlier than we leap into the recording
itself simply to provide you some context of
the consulting name we’re clearly in
he is fb enterprise supervisor account
and we’re going over how precisely to set
up retargeting advertisements or create audiences
primarily based on individuals who have interacted with
his video advertisements prior to now so guys I hope
you benefit from the worth bombs on this video
and I am going to see you on the opposite aspect
you’ve got already paid good cash for
individuals to view these movies meaning
they’ve actually engaged together with your advertisements
does intense yeah so with retargeting
they’ve already confirmed intent in your
merchandise on prime of that retargeting
clicks are cheaper so you possibly can drive your
cpc’s down for like 10 cents a click on
that is how low cost you may get it however my
advice is since you’ve already
arrange you recognize video views I see you’d
see three second video views sure you
need to create an advert set that targets
the those who have watched
50% of that video extra so the individuals
which have truly sat right here on the
newsfeed to take a look at your web site to look
at your video you recognize they’re
within the product you recognize
they’re within the video so that you
need to serve these guys these sure
those who watch your video extra advertisements
extra advertisements no you do not need to goal
them with the identical video you need to
goal them with a picture concerning the bag
for instance and so they’re like oh yeah I
keep in mind one thing I keep in mind watching
this video I need to click on onto the
web site now that is that is the thought
course of proper that is the psychology
behind it so it is fairly easy to do
that that is let’s click on create create an
advert should you by no means created this viewers
earlier than which I imagine you might have it you
have to create a brand new customized audiences
button so not the drop-down menu you are
gonna click on this need to create the
viewers yeah yeah that is it
okay this right oh that is that is the
juicy stuff that lots of people do not
get into I’ve by no means come throughout this so
from right here you need to click on engagement
so all the way in which down up to date yeah mmm-hmm
click on that from right here and also you need to
click on video okay okay so within the
engagement area select the sort that
you principally need to select the kind of
content material you need to use to create your
viewers so for instance individuals who
seen a minimum of 10 seconds I’d say
50% in your video 50% a minimum of 50% is
good yeah yeah now prior to now I’d
say what how lengthy has it been operating
sizzling one month so 30 days yeah and simply
named this you recognize video views 50
p.c yeah precisely go that is a number of
individuals to retarget right here man oh shit oh
yeah you recognize that is that is a significant
waste of cash you recognize like that is a
lot of individuals you possibly can goal what’s
this present assets okay so by the way in which
for this marketing campaign to run effectively you
have to be sure that the third
marketing campaign that you simply’re at present operating
retains on operating okay so so as a substitute of
killing this advert simply go away this particular
advert on after which credit score will not be creating so
that is gonna fill the retargeting
marketing campaign this retired in marketing campaign it is
gonna get you less expensive clicks I can
should you’re getting how a lot was it like a
greenback one thing per click on you will be
sure that the price per clicks gonna
be pushed under a greenback all proper yeah
so hit affirm this this truly that
consequence proper there you see that is not
from my newest advert mentioned that you’ve got been
seeing that is truly from there was
one earlier than that created this okay that
that exact advert is legendary in a submit
that already you can even know you want
to reactivate it on you can even create
like precisely what we have been speaking about
earlier than with the precise focusing on and
create a video marketing campaign so within the
goal as a substitute of conversions would
be video views does that make sense
as a result of that method it will optimize
the video views you are gonna waste much less
cash you are going to get extra views and
from these views you need to leverage it
and retarget these individuals who have
watched 50% of that video and that may
drive visitors onto your web site alright
yeah that is proper so look retains of
technique we will undergo however that is
most likely going to be the simplest
so affirm that and I simply need to
shortly go over the methods that I
was speaking about so guys I hope you
loved that snippet of the consulting
core and share primarily based interplay
and retargeting off that’s unimaginable
it has labored nicely for my store hearth
possibility retailer in my advertisements so there is not any
motive that it could’t bear outcomes for
you too a few of you might already know
that I preach again and again that
video advertisements a king video is king in
basic so it is actually vital that
you do not waste your advert spend and that
you are leveraging the pre-existing views
and interactions with video advertisements that you simply
put up on Fb and that may add
one other layer or one other discovered a
to your funnel and a really robust
basis to funnel by means of extra
visitors again to your retailer and make
these conversions and I do know that the
consulting name that snippet that you simply
simply watched is perhaps a little bit bit
complicated however I needed to clearly minimize out
a number of confidential particulars so all of the
essential particulars are in there for you
to learn to arrange these advertisements and if
you get confused simply return and watch
once more and comply with it step-by-step and
you can arrange these actual
similar advertisements your self to additionally guys should you’re
thinking about a consulting name with me
simply be anxious that I will probably be touring
rather a lot on the finish of this 12 months at
the beginning of subsequent 12 months across the states
and whatnot so simply bear that in thoughts
however once I come again it is going to be enterprise
as at all times
so positively hit me up should you’re
thinking about a consulting name I am
spots are restricted nonetheless hyperlinks down
under should you’re only a heads
up for individuals who are literally
contemplating reserving the primary or second
few consulting calls with me that I do
have fairly plenty of college students on the
second so subsequently my time is stretched
out and I am going to have to compensate by
pushing up the costs of those
consulting calls within the close to future so
I can nonetheless spend my high quality time
with a small handful of high quality shoppers
and college students anyway guys let me understand how
you go along with this retargeting technique
and if it is helped you in any method form
or type I give it a thumbs up and as
at all times guys thanks for watching and hold
on hustling

Prime Investments With Your MONEY & TIME in 2019!

if I used to be signing off once more if I had no capital by any means I might begin off flipping stuff creating capital after which transferring on to greater and higher scalable enterprise fashions we have all been in the identical dilemma both we’re seeking to higher make investments our cash within the new yr however I do know the place to begin or we’re simply seeking to arrange higher spending habits normally on this video I will be going excessive 5 investments that I feel it is best to really contemplate primarily based on my earlier expertise final yr and seeing the place these investments took me and I’ve made leaps and bounds with the investments that I made final yr what’s a Buster’s welcome again to web site hustle Academy a channel the place I’m going by way of easy methods to arrange further revenue sources on the facet so you possibly can someday chase way of life and never {dollars} if you have not already subscribed to this channel then you could need to contemplate hitting that subscribe button that notification bell to affix the notification squad as a result of lit content material and data bombs is dropped each single Wednesday is four p.m. Jap Normal Time okay so I’ll assume that you’ve got just a few hundred {dollars} perhaps just a few thousand {dollars} even however in fact the more cash that you’ve got extra flexibility and choices you must spend money on to recollect the universe would not offer you what you need by way of your ideas the universe offers you what you demand by way of your actions so for many who do not need a lot cash in any respect and they also’re writing off the possibility to speculate and I urge you to rethink that strategy as a result of all the things begins from nothing all the things begins from step one that you simply take the aim right here is in fact to begin small however then to begin scaling fairly rapidly each financially and mentally with this strategy will likely be relying the rules of compounding in fact so the brand new yr is an efficient time to begin investing I will begin with new habits as a result of New 12 months’s resolutions are actually vital New 12 months’s decision drink much less and give up smoking maintain New 12 months’s resolutions now many King however significantly although it’s a nice time to begin as a result of you can begin monitoring your progress all year long and bench market to the beginning of the yr so for instance I began this YouTube channel at first of 2018 this yr and my preliminary aim or the top aim on the Solar this yr was to crack the 1000 subscriber mark and on the time of this video I’m on monitor to surpass 14000 and subscribers so that’s superb and never solely that I’ve additionally arrange a further revenue supply by way of YouTube through internet affiliate marketing so I am actually stoked about that and that’s the the facility of goal-setting and should you’re fascinated with internet affiliate marketing and easy methods to arrange internet affiliate marketing as an revenue stream then let me know down within the feedback beneath now let’s begin off with primary beginning your personal enterprise or a facet hustle is one of the best funding you may make between 19 as a result of as Robert Kiyosaki made well-known his money stream quadrant if you wish to turn out to be wealthy then it is best to make an asset that produces cash reasonably than you create the cash your self you need these belongings which is which could possibly be a enterprise to create that revenue for you as a further revenue supply I maintain speaking about e-commerce as a result of ecommerce is a multi trillion greenback enterprise nowadays it’s a multi trillion-dollar area of interest and so many individuals are leveraging ecommerce to promote and scale globally it has a lot energy and potential and it’s so straightforward to get into nowadays with the appearance of store fireplace and drop delivery and if you do not know what that’s then go take a look at my channel as a result of I’ve so many movies on easy methods to drop ship it’s a enterprise mannequin that has low obstacles to entry that nearly anybody can begin with nearly no cash in any respect and should you’re go forward and begin Shopify there is a free trial obtain hyperlinks beneath to a two-week free trial the second suggestion that I feel it is best to actually contemplate is the inventory market if you have not already studying the ins and outs of the inventory market with just a little bit of cash can repay dividends in the long run I do know that the inventory market is a polarizing place to speculate into however hear me out Amazon simply the opposite month broke by way of the market cap of 1 trillion {dollars} that’s HUGE now should you invested only a thousand {dollars} into the preliminary public providing or IPO in 1997 you’ll be a 1.three million richer by now that’s insane guys after a thousand greenback investments you would be 1.three million {dollars} richer now I am not saying that each inventory will likely be an Amazon inventory and never each inventory offers you any form of return in any respect nevertheless should you’re keen to I feel it is best to make investments into the inventory market study the ins and outs as a result of like I stated it would repay the dividends on a long run it’s a sensible funding possibility notably with the rise of our tech shares and the rise of tech normally on this planet it’s that could be a larger threat funding nevertheless I do imagine that tech shares have quite a lot of room for progress so I’ve invested in tech shares final yr and it has paid dividends has labored out very well right here in Australia however in fact simply keep in mind these are excessive threat shares however then in fact larger threat rewards now third greatest funding and I is perhaps just a little bit biased right here once more however it’s in fact digital advertising all the things is changing into digital and digital advertising is taking up so this can be very vital that you simply spend money on your self and study the tips of the commerce relating to digital advertising once I initially began moving into the company world after graduating from College digital advertising was in scorching demand and that demand for digital advertising specialists far exceeded provide so due to this fact the beginning salaries and the salaries normally digital advertising was massively exponential okay by way of competitors in evaluating totally different salaries towards one another and it nonetheless is at this time I do know is that there is quite a lot of entrepreneurs who watch this channel and tune in on the common so digital advertising nonetheless applies to you guys this can be very vital for any entrepreneur to know easy methods to funnel site visitors into their web site or enter them right into a funnel for the QI okay so if you know the way the digital market then you know the way to push site visitors on a budget and enhance conversion charges which finally will increase the underside line of your online business now the fourth greatest funding that you would be able to make in phrases of time and money and that is more and more common as a result of and that is additionally a homage to Gary Vee is flipping merchandise on-line now that is the artwork of discovering merchandise which are promoting for a budget on eBay or from storage gross sales or no matter it is perhaps after which flipping it on-line to make a small margin of revenue Mughlai it is a nice funding and an excellent begin to any form of enterprise mannequin for many who don’t have any capital by any means and must make a greenback or two how I might see it if I used to be signing off once more if I had no capital by any means I might begin a flipping stuff creating capital after which transferring on to greater and higher scalable enterprise fashions as a result of you must bear in mind flipping merchandise on-line and shopping for merchandise in individual will not be a really scalable in any respect I feel it is also price noting and rather a lot individuals do not realize this drop delivery is a type of flipping you might be shopping for Aliexpress merchandise on a budget after which flipping it on-line by yourself retailer and thru your personal model for a revenue margin nevertheless the distinction is you don’t want to be there in individual to be shopping for these merchandise you possibly can scale this enterprise infinitely into the world so there’s quite a lot of extra there’s much more potential there than flipping merchandise in individual now the fifth and arguably crucial funding you may make within the new yr is in your self okay now investing your self is so vital and I am speaking about getting coaches getting programs shopping for books even investing your self mentally and bodily the bodily elements of self-improvement is simply as vital than the psychological facet of self-improvement all of them pair collectively and I really feel like individuals are likely to overlook this so please just be sure you’re spending a while with family and friends spending a while to deal with your self and simply investing in your self normally sure I do know this looks as if widespread sense right here be shocked widespread sense will not be so widespread in 2018 and 2019 transferring ahead including to that I need to say that I do imagine ebooks have the best ROI or return on funding lots of people imagine this however on the identical time lots of people query how books may give you such a excessive ROI and guys you must have a look at it like this should you spent $10 on a guide that $10 may probably making thousands and thousands of {dollars} down the monitor as a result of should you’re studying and gaining data from this guide if it is a sensible enterprise guide a self-improvement guide that is behavior or piece of data that you simply’re studying may flip into 1,000,000 {dollars} later down the monitor as a result of should you’re in a gathering and shutting a shopper for instance and you’ve got efficiently closed that shopper you possibly can attribute it to that guide the place you acquire that data from okay so books are so vital so that is the significance of books and I’ll find yourself this video with this essential notes data will not be energy it’s highly effective the appliance of data is highly effective so its actions that you simply take with the data so please bear that in thoughts and with that guys I hope you loved this video should you did should you’ve received one thing out of it should you’ve received data please give it a thumbs up in any other case guys thanks for watching as all the time and carry on hustling [Music]

How To ACTUALLY Manufacture Money By Gaming & eSports | REALISTIC METHOD

so at this point everyone knows just how
big eSports is and how lucrative it can
be if you don’t know well then you’re
missing out on a big business
opportunity here that’s forty nine
hundred million in ninety days our next
guest is trying to cash in all this in
sports gaming craze in this video I’m
going to guide you step-by-step how
exactly to make money and scale your
business with helping a competitive
eSports player because unfortunately not
everyone is the next Ninja (Tyler Belvins) What is up hustlers, welcome back to side hustle
Academy a channel where I teach you how
to set up additional income sources on
the side so you can one day chase
lifestyle not dollars if you haven’t
already subscribed for this channel then
you may want to consider hearing that
subscribe button in that notification
bill to join the notification squad
because lit content and knowledge bums
has dropped every single Wednesday’s 4
p.m. Eastern Standard Time
now eSports it is a complete Beast it is
expected to draw in the near future 1.5
billion dollars in revenue per year and
also draw 600 million in people watching
just in a single year and this is
according to a Deloitte report I enjoy a
little gaming hearing there and back in
the day I had dreams of becoming a pro
gamer but let’s be serious my chances of
becoming a pro player on the global
stage winning a slice of the prize pool
which is often a few million dollars is
so slim but the prize pool isn’t where
it’s at your chances of creating an
e-commerce store and targeting gamers
and selling Ganey products and making a
lot of money and taking a slice of the
multi trillion-dollar world of
e-commerce is far higher than becoming a
pro gamer so for all the gamers out
there I am going to show you how to
chase your hobby set up an e-commerce
store Target fellow gamers and sell
gaming products for a profit so I’m
going to jump up to my laptop right now
and show you guys step by step how
exactly to do this so let’s get onto it
okay so now that we know the power of
gaming and eSports let’s go ahead and
I’ll show you how to set up an
e-commerce store very quickly and target
gamers so the first things first let’s
talk about products where are you going
to source these products let’s go ahead
and type in Aliexpress and click on the
first result for those who don’t already
know at least Express is kind of like a
manufacturers version of eBay to sum it
up so let’s go ahead and click on that
and here’s where you’re gonna find your
relevant products so I’ve already typed
in Gaming Mouse so let’s search that up
as an example now you can go with gaming
keyboards and go with microphones etc
etc and the options are plentiful but
for an example as an example let’s look
at the gaming mice is here and so we’re
looking at you know 10 to 30 USD that’s
very cheap let’s click on the first
option and as you can tell if you look
at the orders there is quite a few
orders for this specific product that’s
an over 9000 orders so we know that this
is a height to product okay so looking
at this product it looks like a pretty
nifty gaming mice actually and and
what’s more important is let’s let’s see
if they offer a packet shipping okay sir
if we click on a packet we always want
to go with a packet shipping because
it’s the fastest delivery time yet the
shipping cost is very low so it click OK
and now we can essentially get this
specific Mouse for roughly 10 USD
delivered now you can resell this Mouse
for much higher than that because if
you’re a gamer you know that gaming
mouses or mice as I should say go from
upwards of $100 so guys you can already
start to see the potential here if you
market it correctly marking it well to
the right people there are bound to be
people that want to buy this Mouse
especially if they’re going through
Facebook feeds and they’re a gamer and
they get hit with a very nice ad and
you’ve set up a really nice ecommerce
store chances are they’re going to
impulse buy this if you’ve set this at
like 40 to 50
Westie and that’s a very high profit
margin so that is where you’re gonna
source your products from okay now how
about the ecommerce store itself now I
like to use shop five because it’s
really simple and links down below to a
free 14-day trial but once you’ve set
that up and it’s very easy to set up
you’ll be greeted with this sort of
layouts now I want to quickly add as
well even though we talked about gaming
products itself don’t forget about print
on print on demand okay you can
literally create t-shirts for a gaming
niche now I’m talking about gaming memes
here I’m talking about speaking to the
gaming audience with funny quotes you
can throw that onto a t-shirt and and
that’s very easy to do as well you can
do that through Shopify simply download
an app called printful and now again
I’ll link all the links or the relevant
apps to underneath the video here in the
description box and but it’s this
specific app that I’m talking about
printful which allows you to create
t-shirts based on a niche now that’s
really powerful I will be talking to
that technique or that’s niche in this
particular video but I will go over the
product itself so if you’re interested
in print under man I’ve got a free
tutorial series on this channel so go
check that out if you’d like but now but
yeah go ahead and create your Shopify
store and then from here you’re going to
get Oh blow Oh blow app is essentially
an app that you tack on and then you can
easily pull this product into your
Shopify store without doing anything
else so once you’ve downloaded the app
Oh blow and you’ve set up shop a fire go
back into your our products and then
pull this product and any other gaming
products that you like or want to sell
and pull this into the ecommerce store
now from there you’re gonna set up the
the look of the store and whatnot and
that’s pretty easy to do you just type
in themes and then you set up the entire
look and feel and this is why I love
Shopify because it’s so easy to set up a
store you can simply drag and drop items
into the store and so that’s not going
to take you too long
again if you want an in-depth tutorial
on how to set up a Shopify store I’ve
got a completely free Shopify course
ocean fire tutorial series on my channel
once again which I’ll link in this video
so go check that out if you’re
interested in setting up your store from
scratch so from here I want to give you
a quick example of what certain stores
look like and this is considered a spy
tool so go ahead and go on to exchange
marketplace calm and this will bring you
to this specific page and mind you this
is powered by Shopify so this isn’t some
sort of dodgy tour this isn’t some sort
of paid app that you need to pay for
this is completely free this entire
method is completely free so going to
the exchange marketplace and this shows
you all the drops drop shipping and
Shopify stores out there that are for
sale ok so you’re going to go ahead and
click browse and then go ahead and type
in or not type in scroll to industry and
you can take a look here let’s go into
electronics and gadgets because that’s a
relevant niche we will look for we want
to sell gaming mices we want to sell
gaming keyboards etc so this is where
it’s at
so from here you can see specifically
the stats of how much the store is
making revenue
what sort of marketing platforms are
using etc etc so this is very
interesting to give you an example of
what you can set up so just quickly
looking at this devil oh it’s a drop
shipping store electronics and gadgets
niche very interesting so let’s quickly
look at it very high profit margins as
well we’re looking at you know roughly
thirteen point two grand in total
revenue in a single month and so that’s
not profit sorry that is a revenue
itself but click on to the relevant
listings and it’ll give you an idea of
what to set up or give you screenshots
and the link itself so it looks like a
very simple store they’ve they’ve
included Facebook and Shopify stats here
so I really urge you to go through these
these listings right because it will
just give you nine
dear of what is selling what is not and
the overall seeming that you should be
going for now this is let’s let let this
load okay this is an interesting one
this is a very this is a very trendy
general store this I wouldn’t I wouldn’t
consider that this being in the gadget
niche but again it shows you the
potential of information here that you
can just basically spy on and then
replicate from for yourself so guys
let’s pretend that we’ve set this all up
completely okay we’ve got the Shopify
store up you’ve got your products what
do you do now you want to place your
products in front of the right people
and that’s super easy to do with
Facebook Ads if you do it correctly now
I’ve got this test account setup here so
I just wanted to show you what this all
looks like but essentially from here all
you want to do is create a campaign
let’s start off with a conversion ad and
now this isn’t the right way to do it
particularly but Facebook Ads is a beast
in itself and I’m not going to go into
detail in this tutorial here but I will
quickly show you what you should be
doing generally if you’re doing Facebook
Ads so guys if we’re selling that gaming
mom Mouse to certain people we want to
target the right people now I’m in
Australia so I’m just gonna pretend that
I’m talking targeting Australians and if
you’re based in the States or you want
to sell globally you can do what you
want to do however let’s start off with
the location itself in the age
demographic using common common sense
here and of course I urge you to do
research on Google before you set these
demographics and targeting options but
using common sense here
I believe gamers are set to the 18 to 35
range I would even probably go further
down to 16 and and I’m gonna target
males specifically and know hey to the
female gamers that out there I know that
you’re out there but I know obviously
the gaming is more of a male dominated
hobby so we’ve set that up
all I’m doing here is tailoring down so
I’m reaching the right people on not
wasting my ad spend on irrelevant people
so detail targeting I want to use a
technique called flex targeting which is
gonna need áown specifically to the
exact audience that I want to target so
let’s start off broad right here’s how I
like to do we always start off broad and
start with gaming itself okay so now
I’ve got gaming as an interest okay
let’s not expand interests and from here
okay I’ve already got a thousand four
hundred people so that’s too specific
that’s too little let’s let’s exit and
let’s go global just for the sake of
this tutorial let’s go to the United
States actually so let’s go United
States for ten thousand people okay
maybe that so clearly here if you look
at the size 217 that’s that’s not enough
people so let’s go a bit more broader
than that I am pretty sure this should
be a let’s go with games okay so video
games or games let’s go with video games
because this has a broader targeting
option so 37 million people okay that’s
that’s really high now so let’s flex
down and narrow the audience or in other
terms flex target so video games that’s
basically typing gaming mouse
well actually I know so I’m thinking
about brands that do really good gaming
mouses so let’s think about Razer gaming
cuz I know for a fact that they are a
very big company what that does gamey
but from here I can see let’s go with
this one here Razer Inc I’m pretty sure
that one is it ok so video games and
Razer Inc still got three million people
that’s still a little bit broad let’s
narrow down a further and this is where
it’s going to get interesting because ok
this a let’s think about trends here
let’s think outside the box I know that
there is a huge demand for fortnight ok
the game itself I know that people going
crazy over there’s PC gamers out there
so let’s go type in for tonight as an
interest and you’re gonna flex down and
we’ve still got two million people I
don’t go even further down to this
because I don’t want to waste your money
here we’ve got to go really targeted
okay so I’m gonna be talking about here
for tonight and like PC gaming because
that is completely different that is
completely different than then console
gaming because we’re selling mices here
which is you know you’re obviously not
gonna use a mouse for a console sir
let’s just go ahead and hit PC gamer and
1.3 mil now you get the gist really
ideally you want to get this under a
million and I mean in terms of potential
reach because this is still a bit broad
but you get the idea this is flex
targeting so from here guys okay you’re
going to set up your ad and I’m not
gonna go into further detail otherwise
this videos gonna be extremely long I
think it’s already long as it is but as
you can tell already in ten minutes I
explain to you exactly how to find your
product okay and you know appeal to the
gaming niche the eSports niche and then
from there you can very quickly set up a
shop face tour and that’s why I love
Shopify and and the fact that they
provide a 14-day free trial is awesome
so again links down below if you want to
try this method out and then from there
you want to just do some research so
from there and you’re gonna create the
Facebook Ads get your store and product
in front of the right people and then if
you’re doing it correctly guaranteed
you’re gonna start selling your products
okay unless you’re doing something wrong
and I know there’s a lot of variables
especially if you’re doing this
completely fresh a completely new
there’s gonna be a lot of variables
where you can go wrong but just hit me
up I am happy to help most of my videos
on my channel at this point in the at
this stage have I answered a lot of
questions and in terms of dropshipping
set up an e-commerce store so go check
out those videos
I hope you enjoyed this video if you
have any questions or if you’re trying
out this method and you’re targeting our
gamers let me know down in the comments
below otherwise guys thanks for watching
and as always keep on hustling

The TRUTH Within the once more of Social Media Advertising and marketing Corporations

Let me let you know proper now and that is
the plain reality in case you are an entire
newbie with completely no digital
advertising and marketing expertise and also you’re planning
otherwise you’re pondering that you could purchase a
course and arrange and run a profitable
advertising and marketing company then you definitely want a actuality
test and I am about to present you that
actuality test proper now I am eager to
put this message on the market as a result of like
I mentioned I’ve seen so many of those movies
about how simple it’s to arrange an company
when it is actually not and I truly get
a number of questions on how it’s working
in an company how can I arrange an company
and so on and so on so I need to give my HONEST
opinion on the market as a result of I’ve bit for a
bit slimy with all these movies out
there and all this kind of faux persona
about advertising and marketing companies so that is the
trustworthy reality and for those who actually do need
to arrange an company I’ll inform
you how one can let me clarify citing a
social media advertising and marketing company or any
advertising and marketing company for that reality is
infinitely extra tougher than you suppose it
can be it is extra tougher than all these
movies on making it out to be I get it
although it appears simple on paper your
mother or father lis going on the market you are
pitching companies you are convincing
them that they want digital advertising and marketing
you get them to enroll on a contract
and accomplice along with your model after which
from there you both full the
digital advertising and marketing companies your self or
you outsource it to folks that really
know how one can digital market like I mentioned
it sounds simple proper however no it is not and
you are in all probability questioning how do I do know
I am providing you with this angle and this
trustworthy reality as a digital present
digital advertising and marketing supervisor as somebody who
has freelance up to now and as somebody
who has labored in for renown companies
all the way in which from small to medium
companies serving servicing small to
medium companies right through to
a world multinational company so I do
know my ship I am speaking about purchasers
which can be world manufacturers purchasers that none
of those SMA
guys can get in the event that they wished okay I am
speaking about I might spent on the tens of millions
of {dollars} in single month that is legit
enterprise right here and on-line lights I do know I
attended an awards ceremony the opposite
night time an entry award ceremony the place our
company took out one of the best digital
advertising and marketing marketing campaign in Australia so test
the membership salad now my boys and I be
popping off like all of the drugs she’s
taking her younger automotive they do it is not
as a result of the resort vacant flip it lad
will sound out on that loud she and beat
to lunch die nothing fucks together with his rattling
breath however as a result of off they only cannot
compete together with his heartthrob snatcher
curb a love her lights election Yonsei
younger feels too slick like let’s begin
off the width s MMA programs it is a
mouthful so social media advertising and marketing
companies so there are some horrible
programs on the market and truly there are
some nice programs on the market nonetheless
even when the course has 100 hours
of nice content material within the course itself
there is no such thing as a manner that you could simply sit
by a course and be ready to run
an company in particular person have the data
the experience the enterprise acumen to run
that company efficiently the gurus want
to cease enjoying down the issue of
organising and operating an company it is
not one thing that you could simply merely
automate and set and overlook whether or not you
prefer it or not advertising and marketing companies are in
the servicing area of interest you might be servicing
your purchasers so what which means is you
must get in entrance of them face to
face conferences it’s worthwhile to report back to them
it’s worthwhile to even take them out and
schmooze them and dine with them to maintain
and retain that shopper relationship if
you do not then good luck to you your
company is not going to final that lengthy as a result of
your shopper churn fee shall be so excessive
and hey even for those who’re in a position to automate
your total company and also you’re in a position to
outsource all the pieces okay it is one factor
to get good outcomes on your purchasers and
even that’s robust month to month month
repeatedly for those who get nice outcomes for
them good work nonetheless it’s worthwhile to
retain that shopper relationship that’s
arguably extra necessary than getting
them good outcomes on a regular basis it is all
about relationship and for those who’re
outsourcing all the pieces and also you’re
conserving again on the seashore and never
servicing these purchasers you are going to
burn your company goes to burn like
each different enterprise it’s a long-term
play it’s worthwhile to be within the enterprise the
founder must be servicing the
purchasers okay you’ll be able to’t count on to be a
shortcut option to make revenue you’ll be able to’t
arrange an company outsource all the pieces to
make a fast buck as a result of you’re going
to lose all of your purchasers and that is not
a sustainable enterprise sure you’ll be able to set
up a advertising and marketing company by these
programs okay
the inspiration is there nonetheless I can
assure you that 99% of you if not
greater than 99% of you’ll fail within the
long run a advertising and marketing company is not
one thing you must run into within the
skilled world you very not often see
somebody underneath 30 you operating a full
blown advertising and marketing company or digital
advertising and marketing company that’s turning over
tens of millions for good motive however for the
folks which can be nonetheless genuinely
desirous about organising an actual
advertising and marketing company and never one thing that
is a shortcut or not one thing that’s
faux then I am gonna provide you with three ideas
on how one can get began correctly tip
primary can be to grasp
digital advertising and marketing to get amongst it okay
it is sort of like in the mean time what I am
seeing is lots of people that do not
know how one can execute on Google Advertisements how one can
execute on Fb Advertisements in any respect on this
beginning a advertising and marketing company it is
ridiculous it is sort of like beginning a
automotive servicing firm not figuring out a
single factor about vehicles how have you learnt
what to repair in what you are promoting how do you
know when employers aren’t doing the
proper factor issues on these platforms
so my advice before everything
is to get digital advertising and marketing expertise
and correct digital advertising and marketing expertise
no guys simply organising
Fb advertisements and simply organising some
Google advertisements and performing some mainly
retargeting doesn’t imply you know the way
to digital market on this age
sadly everybody is outwardly a
digital marketer however whether or not you are
genuine or not is a totally
completely different query second factor you need
to be doing is freelancing or not less than
even getting an internship so to the
first level it’s worthwhile to be getting
expertise first should be
understanding digital advertising and marketing so – in
order to take action it’s worthwhile to get into the
business you are able to do this just by
getting internships you’ll be able to freelance
for folks and you’ll even volunteer
your time to digital advertising and marketing companies
which can be established in your space so I
know somebody truly here is a fast
story that acquired to the glass ceiling he
was a couple of mid-level a supervisor and the
firm did not need to give him a
promotion as a result of they thought he wasn’t
prepared at that time he was completely
sure that he was prepared so what he did
was take his data and begin up his
personal company this company now two three
4 years later I imagine is among the
largest in Australia and it is his
turning over tens of millions and tens of millions of
{dollars} yearly third tip guys is now
that is the to the purpose of programs do
not imitate you need to innovate okay
that sort of rhymes – that sounded type
of cool however critically you do not need to
imitate a course okay as a result of it is going
to be a cookie cutter shortcut for those who
imitate an company arrange okay like each
different folks that’s taking the course if
there is a actually fashionable course with
1000’s of individuals in it and also you’re
copying that very same arrange you recognize
in the end and that is an business
pattern purchasers or companies are going to
understand that hey we do not want the
intermediary we do not want the company if
this company appears precisely the identical as
the following company there isn’t any motive for
them to remain particularly in the event that they’re
providing their companies for cheaper so
just remember to firstly perceive
digital advertising and marketing and that you simply’re
innovating your advertising and marketing company not
copying it okay and you do not need to
copy completely
all the pieces I am speaking about gross sales
funnels gross sales pitches make it your personal
factor that’s what’s going to make you
profitable and differentiate your
hello guys that’s I do know this was a little bit of
a rant of a video however I am glad to get it
off my chest I really feel sort of icky with
all these faux messages going out with
these folks claiming to know how one can
begin my advertising and marketing companies and I am certain
a few of them have carried out an important job in
the sense that they began up an company
whether or not it is long run or not I do not
know and I’m certain although that the
majority of them is not going to develop into
long run performs they may quickly discover out
that my signing up and advertising and marketing company
is far tougher than they suppose it’s so
if you are going to do it I hope you are
doing it proper and I do know that is
completely different contents of what I normally put
out for those who’re desirous about extra of this
kind of content material about advertising and marketing companies
and also you need an business perception from me
about digital advertising and marketing in numerous
advertising and marketing companies then let me know
glad to make extra content material round this
however in any other case guys as all the time thanks for
watching and carry on hustling

Why Free Plus Shipping Is Now DEAD.

Free plus shipping is definitely dead
for the ordinary dropshipping eCommerce store so in
this video I will tell you exactly why
free plus shipping is dead for the most
part and how you can instead pivot and
use that marketing tactic free plus
shipping to your own advantage how to
properly utilize it and not look like
every other drop shipper out there
before I get into it let’s up our
content game and like I promise I’m
going to change this camera to this one
right here in a click let’s go
much better what is our puzzlers welcome
back to cycle Academy a channel where I
teach you how to set up additional
income sources on the side so you can
one day chase lifestyle not dollars if
you haven’t already clicked that
subscribe button and that notification
belt to join the notification squad then
you may want to consider doing so cuz
lit content bonds or lit not a knowledge
bombs I should say is released every
single Wednesdays 4 p.m. Eastern
Standard Time
so with this amazing rig behind the lens
now expect some awesome lifestyle
content to come anyway like I was saying
a free plus shipping it can almost be
compared to bait and switch and if you
don’t already know what bait and switch
is bait and switch is essentially a
scheme or a fraud scheme I should say
that is all about proposing an item to
somebody or advertising our item and
then either misplacing it with something
completely different of inferior quality
or just simply not sending them the item
at all with free plus shipping what you
need to realize is you’re essentially
saying hey check out this awesome item
here go check out they check out then
they’re boom hit with a huge shipping
fee sometimes upwards of $15 and you
know obviously the consumer knows that
they’re paying for the item via the
shipping cost it’s kind of
bait-and-switch really and like nowadays
I don’t even know if the consumers are
dumb enough to proceed with free plus
shipping because they’re expecting
that huge shipping fee for starters or
they’ve been burnt in the past with not
being sent the item at all and that this
has happened quite a few times in the
past so at this point you’re either
thinking one or two things one you’re
thinking I’ve heard so many stories
about free plus shipping I know it works
I’ve heard people saw those red bikinis
free watches it goes gangbusters or
you’re thinking – how exactly then do I
go about doing free plus shipping the
right way if you are 100% on free plus
shipping which isn’t the worst marketing
tactic out there if you’re doing it
right then you need to be doing it at a
loss that is the secret with free plus
shipping you cannot be charging an arm
and a leg just to ship out that free
product over to your customer now go
into that in more detail in one second
I’m actually gonna take you to the
whiteboard and show you exactly what I
but before that yeah I just wanted to
say that free plus shipping done the old
way is really devaluing your brand it’s
really making your brand look quite
scammy so do not do free plus shipping
and slap on a huge shipping fee just to
cover the cost of the product you need
to be using free plus shipping as a
tripwire tripwire is the same marketing
where you use a little piece of an offer
something to get over the entry point
and really lead them into a sales funnel
and that’s what you want to be doing
with free plus shipping
while we’re on the topic of authors do
not provide offers 24/7 unless you’re a
specialty discount store then you don’t
want to be sending out authors all the
time because that also devalues your
brand that also sets the expectation for
customers to only come back when their
sales you do not want to do this okay
welcome to the whiteboard
he’s gonna be a quick demonstration of
what you should be doing if you’re going
to be doing free plus shipping so let’s
start off with your Shopify store let’s
just say you have a Shopify store and
you’re offering that free product so
right here you’ve got that free product
you want to be offering this free
product for
maxximum I’m talking about like five to
eight USD dollars okay like Max and five
to eight USD dollars for shipping will
only cover the cost of B packet shipping
and maybe a bit of the product really
ideally if you can if you can if you’re
able to in your budget permits you
should be offering it completely free
100% free with Free Shipping now
the reason being and you’re probably
asking that where do I make my profit
then I’m telling you you make a loss at
your first purchase however when they
check out during checkout you want to
grab the email okay you want to grab the
email from here because that is the
money piece and you want to enter them
into the nurture flow so that email
you’re probably paying for that product
in theory with a package shipping
depending the product a couple of
dollars a couple of dollars for that
email now that is a bargain because that
email can easily turn into a repeat
customer and end up making you 20 30 50
USD later down the track and I’m just
being modest here with my estimates sir
they can make you hundreds if not maybe
thousands if you’re purchasing great or
if you’re selling a high-tech items so
from here you made a loss at the first
stage okay however you grab the email
address you need to make the email
address a necessary item in order to
check out and you can do that on the
back end or shop fly pretty easily so
now once you’ve got that email address
and if you do it correctly if you do
this entire scheme correctly you’re
going to see a lot of sales come in
because people trust you that you’ve got
a free product and when they check out
they’re expecting to pay shipping if
shipping is completely free that is mind
blowing okay you’re going to get a lot
of orders now I recommend of course
capping it and you can do that again on
the shop fly back in
cap the shipping or so you should cap
the cells because if it’s literally free
then you can see it explode to the point
where you can’t fulfill those orders you
don’t you don’t want to do that now if
you’re doing correctly you can easily
see five hundred emails if not more
depending on what your budget permits
now once you want what you want to do
that email address is now enter them
into a nurture flow
now this nurture flow is basically an
email system that will start trickling
in information to your customers and
stop the process of getting them to want
to buy or purchase more products from
your store now if they receive this item
they like it there is a good chance that
they’re gonna come back now if they
purchase another product there is a good
chance and statistically I think it was
an increase of 50% chance that they’re
gonna come back and purchase yet another
item by the third or fourth item they
are a loyal customer on your store okay
so that’s what you want to do now how do
you create this nurture flow that’s
relatively simple I’m not going to get
into the granular details because you
can check out this very awesome sweater
that I’ve done around clickfunnels now I
recommend clickfunnels for that nurture
flow for several reasons and but if you
don’t use clickfunnels that’s how they
focus you already got a Shopify store
right you just need to use an email
system and I’ve got some recommendations
down in the description links below so
just check out those links there’s a
bunch of links there that will help you
out with this strategy but from here
once you get the nurture flow you’re
going to give them one two three or four
emails and from then on about maybe the
second or even third from there onwards
you want to start selling them the first
email will of course be the welcome
email or the Welcome series and what you
want to do is it really gives you a
chance to build rapport with them build
a relationship get your brand out in
front of them of these 500 emails that
you do grab and then from there you just
nurture them and you’ll see the amount
of return that will come back to you
will be mind-boggling because I’ve seen
it for clients that I work with
and also for myself so guys this is it
if you want to do free plus shipping
this is the way to do it do not get
carried away with covering the cost by
shipping that’s not going to work out
for you in 2019 I’m telling you now okay
so if you don’t do it properly do it
this way so guys I hope this helped and
I hope you like this new set up get if
you do like the quality of this video
let me know down in the comments below
otherwise guys as usual thanks for
watching keep on hustling

Elevate IMPULSE BUYS on Shopify – One Easy Trick!

this is a direct checkout and this makes
things that much easier I’ve got a
question for you just how many customers
have you seen visit your Shopify dropshipping store
view the product but only just to leave
the product page to many people right
well I’ve got a nifty trick up my sleeve
to share with you in this video and this
will all be centered around how to get
those quick impulse buys particularly if
you’re selling low ticket items all you
need to change is something on your
product page your shop by liquid code
and I’ll guide you through all of that
in this video so let’s go what is our
purses welcome back to sign hustle
Academy a channel where I teach you how
to set up additional income sources on
the side so you can chase lifestyle not
dollars if you haven’t already
subscribed to this channel then you may
want to consider hearing the subscribe
button and being part of the
notification squad by hearing that
notification bell because knowledge
bombs are dropped every single
Wednesday’s 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
alright let’s take one moment just to
consider how we’re going to increase
impulse purchases on your Shopify store
how exactly are we going to do this
let’s think about this psychologically
think about the last time you were at
the supermarket with only one or two
items you wanted to make a quick
purchase or an impulse buy so and
naturally you would take the express
checkout lane or the self checkout
rather than the you know the proper
lanes with people with a whole bunch of
items with trolley carts because
naturally you would take the more
convenient path to purchase so as humans
we naturally want to take the path with
less resistance the path that uses less
brainpower and so if that means skipping
two or three steps we’ll definitely take
that part and this applies exactly to
your Shopify store so knowing this how
exactly are we going to apply this
methodology to our Shopify stores well
that is quite easy actually one key
element that a lot of people overlook or
haven’t considered whatsoever is the
fact that you should have a quick buy
your product page it’s as simple as that
this bad boy in this very simple button
which I will teach you how to implement
into your store in a moment but this
button itself will allow customers to
skip that multi-step process from going
to add to car of you the car and then
finally checkout and I know that might
seem super simple but you will be
surprised out there just how lazy
consumers are in general it’s the exact
reason why people like to check out via
PayPal Express and when I had PayPal
Express turned off just as in a quick
experiment for a couple of days on my
Shopify store I saw conversions decrease
decrease by a third that is a lot that
is a lot and that is a lot of people
that is a lot of money so people
obviously like the path of less
resistance the path that is most
convenient so now that you understand
just how important this sort of button
is I’m gonna jump into my test store
here and guide you through how to set up
this button and yes this will require
shellfire liquid coding but don’t worry
as usual I’ll make it super easy get
that pun easy that’s terrible as usual
by the way yes there are apps for this
specific functionality yes you can’t get
an app to slap on that quick buy button
unfortunately though from what I’ve seen
in the past these are paid apps and not
only just paid apps they are monthly
reoccurring paid apps so that’s kind of
ridiculous for a single button so what
I’m gonna do is show you how to get that
exact button through coding so you get
it for free essentially so you can
better spend that money that you save on
outsourcing your business on the paid
ads yep thank me later oh one last thing
before I get into my laptop right now
this is a disclaimer we will be playing
around with your Shopify liquid code so
please proceed with your own caution
follow this video step by step okay what
I’m about to show you is relatively
simple it’s not that tough I’ve shown
you tougher things in previous videos
but as always just take precaution and
if you see that anything misses messes
up then just revert
back to the old Shopify code and but
yeah just a warning for you guys now
let’s get stuck into my laptop so
welcome back yet to come to my test
store but you know what’s funny about
this I was playing around and finding
out how to best configure or code out a
button and it’s actually a much more
simple than we all think it is so again
thank me later I think I’m gonna save
you guys a lot of time here so starting
off with the Shopify back in store go
ahead and click the plus button within
sales channel this is the nifty trick
here all you need to do is scroll down
to buy the buy button which is
completely free to install and this is
this comes as an integration tool as
part of Shopify and so once that loads
and once that is installed you’ll be
greeted with this very simple interface
once it loads any time now and here we
go so what you want to do is hit that
create Buy button and I don’t know where
it went again there we go
create by button now I’ve only got one
product product on this store as you
already know and this very nifty test
shirt so select a product and yes it is
going to be quite manual however this is
what I recommend and make that button
for your best selling products at first
anyway and see how many times people use
that Buy button so let’s go ahead and
hit to make it visible so you’ll be
greeted with this very very useful
interface which makes things infinitely
easier to create a Buy button for okay
so there are specific templates up here
and to create specific layouts or
buttons but for this purpose and you can
simply just create but a but a single
button because that’s what we’ll be
doing here and when the actions the
action when people click on it is ADD
product to cut off sorry actually what I
mean is direct shoppers to checkout
because we want to skip the multi the
multi-step checkout process so
what people will do is click that Buy
Now button and that will direct them
directly to the checkout now alignment
is Center button style and text I’ve
already customized this before this
video when I was playing around with it
beforehand and so you can change it to
your liking you know you can change it
to a blue green now you can just play
around with your button and your
call-to-action and but I would
personally keep it simple ok so let’s
just stick with by now and once you’ve
got your perfect button all you need to
do is hit generate code and this is
where the fun begins you’ll get a whole
bunch of code here all you need to do is
hit copy code to clipboard and now it’s
copied it and this is when we’ll go into
the back end of the the liquid code and
this is where we’re gonna have the fun
so type in the search bar theme and
we’ll go to the theme itself customize
the theme now we’ll be customizing the
live themes that the current theme is
simple that I have here hit actions go
into edit code once this loads what you
want to search for is product liquid or
theme s CSS now this all depends on the
theme that you’re using and this is the
tricky part because I can’t speak to
every single person out there because
they have different code I mean sorry
excuse me different themes that they’re
using so what I like doing or for the
purpose of this tutorial anyway I’m
gonna go into the product liquid page
because this is usually streamlined
across every single theme so go ahead
and click product liquid and now I urge
you to play around with the positioning
and the code itself because that’s how
you’re gonna make it look appealing to
your theme so project liquid usually
comes with a very clean slate I’m gonna
chuck in the code here control V hit
once you hit saved you want to preview
what you’ve done okay so hit preview I’m
gonna maximize this store again
now click into your protein what we
should see is whoops I just let’s close
that preview let’s do that again
so click into the products itself and
now you should see here we go that buy
button right here instead of Add to Cart
now Add to Cart as you would know
literally adds a car and you have to
view the cart and then checkout and if
we go ahead and test this buy now button
this Buy Now button will pop up and
drive you directly to the checkout once
it loads and my internet is a bit slow
tonight unfortunately and but anyway as
you can see here this is a direct
checkout and this makes things that much
easier okay so that’s that’s literally
it guys now again I urge you to play
around the code however if you run into
any issues okay if you hit preview in
there’s problems already all you need to
do is hit older versions here and just
revert back if you want to do it
manually you can do that too you can
completely remove the code itself and
hit save so there we have it guys a very
simple useful video and that’s button
it’s show itself should see some
traction with your purchases and if
you’re doing it correctly if you’re
driving people to the store and you’ve
got great copy you’ve got that very
significant CTA button with a bind now
instead of Add to Cart and trust me
people do actually hit that buy a button
Buy Now button particularly if they’re
sold on the product page if they’re sold
on the images and the copy and they just
want to buy it now they’ve got the money
they don’t want to waste time they’ll go
ahead and click that Buy Now button so
guys as always I really hope you enjoyed
this video I hope it’s useful and if you
haven’t already subscribed make sure
that you subscribe because a lot of lit
content is coming out just like this
video and but as always guys thanks for
watching and keep on hustling

10Ok Q&A | Channel Updates + Giveaway!

What’s up hustlers i am ethan and on the
time of this video we have not solely hit
the 10okay subscribers milestone however we have
additionally surpassed it I publish up my first
video on this channel about ten months
in the past and I’m completely humbled by simply
how briskly this channel has grown since
then I began this channel as a passion
and since just a few buddies my social
circle have been asking me what my aspect
hustle was which was really
dropshipping on the time so I made a decision
why not assist many relatively than simply assist
just a few of my social circle so I made a decision
to begin posting movies on my youtube
channel so I wish to thanks for
supporting this channel and constantly
simply participating with the content material it means
quite a bit to me and to have a good time the
milestone I will be doing a
giveaway on this video so keep tuned I am
gonna be telling you the way to enter {that a}
particular giveaway earlier than we get caught
into the Q&A I wish to provide you with a fast
replace on this channel there isn’t any doubt
plainly quite a lot of you benefit from the
content material that I’ve present the no bortion
on this method that I take and the
digital advertising and marketing perspective that I
provide you with additionally the main target of this channel
will nonetheless be retained on the way to arrange
aspect hustles the way to blow up these aspect
hustles so you possibly can at some point chase
way of life not {dollars} however as you
most likely already know I get a brand new
digicam arrange and for these
will probably be a Sony a7 a Mach three with an
assortment of various lenses Prime and
zoom lenses so video high quality can be off
the charts and with that I wish to be
providing you with an perception into way of life
kind content material as nicely I will be making extra
of a aware effort sprinkle out extra
way of life content material on this channel and so
whether or not that be me touring
for leisure or for enterprise I wish to
take you guys with me and provide you with
perception into how I function day-to-day
productiveness hacks and ideas as a result of a
lot of you appear to ask me questions
about this form of stuff that is it for
the channel replace let’s get caught into
the Q&A and all questions are sourced
from the neighborhood tab right here on my
youtube channel and in addition my Instagram so
when you’re not already comply with our
Instagram make sure to comply with it it is
Ethan and dot saying so
and that for an extra ado let’s begin
with just a few questions on the neighborhood
tab B and I am simply gonna sift via
them so the primary query is from mr.
advert the place are you from I am from a sunny
Sydney Australia it is not so sunny at
the second it is really been raining
for the previous two weeks which is tremendous
uncommon for Sydney it is normally actually
actually sunny and it’s technically
spring proper now and the following query
is how previous are you I’m presently 25
while you have been 19 what was your job I had
a number of jobs jobs on-line and offline so
I suppose let’s begin with the actual job
and which was a bartending position I used to be
really working at a bar and earlier than
that I used to be working at enhance juice which
was I suppose my first official actual job
and however on the similar time I used to be on-line
creating wealth is thru affiliate
advertising and marketing and in addition YouTube so for these
who do not know I used to be operating a health
channel and that was really producing
some revenue there in order that was fairly
cool as a 19 yr previous I used to be making fairly
some cash as a substitute of investing that
cash or reinvesting that cash I
really simply took it and traveled quite a bit
in order that was fairly enjoyable how lengthy have you ever
been kickboxing for I hold singing in
your intro and a looksie thanks for the
suggestions I have been kickboxing really
let’s go all the way in which again once I was 7 I
received into Taekwondo which is a Korean
martial artwork so I technically began
martial arts once I was 7 I received into
mootai or Thai kickboxing or Thai boxing
no matter you wish to name it once I was
13 in highschool and I’ve sort of been
doing on and off since then so fairly
a while now
and I’ve not too long ago simply began getting
again into it when you comply with my Instagram
tales and I you most likely see me
kickboxing every now and then I am
hooked on it I like sparring I like
the artwork of it I like the physicality of
it so yeah I have been kickboxing and I’ve
been doing martial arts for fairly some
time now subsequent query comes from Ivan
palovak he says firstly congratulations
on the feat thanks very a lot I simply
received into company life and I can inform
it is already not my factor I am questioning
since you continue to work as a digital
advertising and marketing
what are your ideas on working a
nine-to-five within the company life now
that could be a loaded query however completely happy to
reply it so what do I take into consideration the
company life within the nine-to-five I
suppose it is appropriate for some individuals however
I believe for essentially the most half it’s so
trenching for the opposite half okay so a
lot of individuals clearly that is that is
what they suppose is the bread and butter
in life that is what they suppose is the
path to life you go forward and get your
college diploma and also you go work a
nine-to-five for the remainder of your life
you would possibly job hop slightly bit however
you are all the time going to be in company
you are all the time going to be working for
someone else so lots of people suppose
it is their solely choice and
thankfully for some individuals it makes
them completely happy so once more on the finish of the
day it is what makes you content that’s
most necessary however I do know for me
look I take pleasure in it just because I like my
trade I like digital advertising and marketing and
however I do wish to be my very own boss on the
finish of the day however I am in no rush to
as a result of I realized a lot each single
day and I share that data with you
guys on this YouTube channel so I am not
complaining however hey my recommendation is that if
you are not liking what you are doing and
you are younger particularly when you’re a 19
or perhaps a bit older than that then go
forward and do what you like take these
dangers as a result of you possibly can all the time return to
company you possibly can all the time find yourself working
for someone else the quantity of
potential that you’ve most individuals
do not that fathom most individuals do not
understand it however quite a lot of you are able to do quite a bit
greater than working for someone else so
that is my ideas on company and if
you are to listen to extra of those
ideas which may make a separate
video on it however in a nutshell I do suppose
there’s quite a lot of potential on the market
there’s lots of people that are not
making essentially the most use of their very own abilities
and yeah company life might be very
cutthroat in order that’s my two cents subsequent
query comes from all the things a gizmo
is query is I do know you are anti
callsigns sure I’m anti programs nevertheless
do not get me unsuitable there are superb
programs out
and nothing unsuitable with programs
however sadly on this time and day
there are lots of people I made a video
about this there’s lots of people quite a bit
of gurus who simply promote programs
for the sake of promoting programs to make
cash and there isn’t any substance in these
programs so that is what I do not like however
there are a lot of programs on the market that I
do like anyway it is full query is I
know your anti programs however I believe many
of us would like to see a full-blown
dropshipping in or Fb Advertisements course
from you do you suppose you by no means launch
one sure probably as a result of so many
individuals have been asking me for a course
from my perspective and vite Instagram
messages through YouTube feedback and
whatnot so I suppose if sufficient individuals ask
I’ll launch a course I imply work on
one and so I suppose when you’re
let me know what you on the lookout for what
you search for in a course
what are your ache factors when it comes
to drop delivery with regards to or
no matter enterprise you are engaged on I
know quite a lot of you wish to see Fb
content material so I’ll make extra content material on
that as for a course that could be within the
if sufficient of you requested for it so we’ll
see the following questions from Instagram
and the query is when you needed to
advocate one ebook what wouldn’t it be that
is a really powerful one there are such a lot of
superb books on the market I do not suppose I
might advocate only one however I’ll say
{that a} latest ebook that I simply learn
which is superb really it is proper
again there I am gonna seize it one second
it’s this ebook right here the miracle morning
it’s so good let it focus this ebook is
all about waking up at a time earlier than a
am a time earlier than even 5:00 a.m. actually
and truthfully it is such an actionable
ebook it is a quick learn it is a simple learn
and I began getting up at like
truthfully 6 even 5 a.m. generally and it
has modified productiveness so extremely
advocate that you just learn that ebook if
you are on the lookout for a ebook that offers you
insights and precise objects as a result of quite a bit
of enterprise books that I learn they’re
usually simply very lofty lofty and
it is sort of like
and what actions can I take out of it
it is sort of repetitive however this ebook
extremely beneficial in order that’s it for the
Q&A thanks a lot for the people who
submitted the questions and let’s transfer
on to the giveaway now I will be giving
away a full our marketing consultant core for our
mentorship core and that’s that will help you
in your corporation whether or not that be
internet online affiliate marketing and even drop
delivery so all you should do to enter
is comply with my Instagram its Ethernet
saying and just remember to remark
down beneath any remark that you just like
simply ensure that it is tagged with
hustle femme and you will be within the enter
to win that consulting name thanks once more
in your help
I respect it a lot and I actually
sit up for posting out extra content material
for you guys however within the meantime thanks
as all the time for watching and carry on

Which Dropshipping NICHES Will PROFIT in 2019?!

random example here but a great example
showing you that it is on the upward
trend especially for December whether
you’re just starting out with dropshipping
you’re looking to add another
category into your drop shipping store
or you’re completely looking to build a
brand new niche store well then you’re
probably wondering what is the best
niches to get into in 2019
now that drop shipping is completely
saturated is there still money though to
be made in the drop shipping space you
bet your ass there is so strap in and
let’s get into the top three niches of
2019 and by the way if you do want to
get into these niches in 2019 and
capitalize on them then you better start
your store today
what is up hustlers welcome back to side
hustle Academy a channel where we go
through how to set up additional income
sources on the side so you can one day
chase lifestyle not dollars if you
haven’t already subscribe to this
channel then you may want to consider
hitting that subscribe button that
notification bell because the lids value
is dropped every single Wednesdays at 4
p.m. Eastern Standard Time if we
throwback to my first ever video where I
spoke about how I made $10,000 in a
single week drop shipping I know a lot
of e-commerce gurus out there tell you
you know your products the most
important thing it is and they also say
you need to get into the right niche at
the right time with the right product
and you know what I don’t tend to agree
with those guys me personally with this
current store I took something that was
super passionate about in a super overly
saturated market and still made ten
thousand dollars in three days now if I
had listened to the Guru’s and said you
know what screw it I’m not going to get
into this niche because it’s too
complicated and oversaturated I would
have made ten thousand dollars in three
days yes I do still believe that your
ability to market a product is
infinitely more important than selecting
a popular niche because at the end of
the day if you’re a gun digital marketer
or if you
great marketer in general then you’re
able to sell most things in life the
audio mm this baby got the 16-bit do
d/a-converter however there is no doubts
that if you’re able to predict product
trends then you’re able to jump on that
bandwagon early enough to be able to get
your dropshipping store to completely
explode for me personally I haven’t
jumped on product trends before I’ve
simply you know marketed products that I
enjoy marketing myself and I’ve found
great success in that so that is proof
in itself that you don’t need to stick
to a popular niche but it does help
particularly if you’re completely new to
this game so if you’re looking to take
advantage of these niches that I’ll be
talking to then you need to create your
store today because you want to prepare
for 2019 so you need to ensure that you
prepare your store today and take
advantage as well of the upcoming
holidays such as Halloween or Christmas
obviously even new year sales
okay so let’s jump to my laptop as per
usual and let’s go over the niches that
I will think will grow in 2019 inks
potentially explode and I’ll back that
up with some data so now that we’re on
my laptop I want to dive into Google
Trends if you haven’t already been using
this toy or if you haven’t already heard
it then you definitely need to get onto
this ASAP now the first thing I want to
discuss is trends that have gone
that you shouldn’t be getting into and
using Google Trends as an example of how
to use this tool so it’s pretty
straightforward really I know that
wristwatches is overly saturated on drop
shipping or drop shipping stores and the
overall trend for wristwatches is
actually going downhill globally so
let’s go ahead and search globally here
so actually let’s just go for the let’s
go for the search directly and then
we’ll set up the parameters and let’s
type in wristwatches here now if we set
what we want to do is set it for
obviously global because we want to see
a global trend
unless you’re particularly targeting
a specific country now I always go for a
lifetime because I want to see the
overall trend and the overarching
picture and not just you know within the
year because that could tell a
completely different story
but as you can tell and overall it’s
it’s just it’s just going downhill since
really December 2004 it sort of peaked
again and this is all based on search
volume so the amount of people searching
for wristwatches and as you can tell
today it is about 33 points in value
with Google Trends which is quite low so
that’s a low sort of search volume and
so look wristwatches not so great let’s
back that up with some more data let’s
type in a popular wristwatch brand which
is Daniel Wellington now Daniel
Wellington is if you don’t already know
a very popular sort of semi viral
wristwatch brand and it’s just again it
looks like it’s going downhill from here
it’s sort of peaked at certain points
but overall trend is its stagnating and
yeah potentially going downhill really
so you know moving on from that these
are the niches that I want to talk about
and I think will do quite well so the
first niche that I’ll give you for 2019
is organic products now organic products
is already a growing trend at the moment
and when I say organic products you’re
probably thinking as he told organic
products this organic food and you know
this even organic furniture I believe
that’s made out of like literal wood and
stuff like that but I’m talking about
knickknacks here so for example bamboo
bamboo toothbrushes I know they are
popular at least in Australia but again
look as you could tell here from a
worldwide trend it really only started
to pick up in 2016 early 2017 and it’s
just grown exponentially
now this little downward dip here is a
prediction okay
it’s based on as you can see here
incomplete data so right now as of let’s
get back to that point here as of August
2018 so last month really it is peaking
and there is a lot of demand from what
I’ve seen based on tools like these and
other tools that I use that are paid
which I won’t mention in this video but
and it is a very popular niche to get
into at the moment because it will only
be set for more growth in 2019 now
another product within this niche is
essential oils so what I’ve got in mind
here is as before I get into it but as
you can tell it has just jumped
exponentially from 2012 really and it’s
just gone on the rise so essential oils
very popular and if you look down here
it’s also interesting to divide it by
interest by region because this should
sort of correlate with your Facebook
targeting and with if you don’t Google
ads within Google ads targeting and you
can geolocate by region and you can
based it off related topics particularly
if you’re going for Google ads and
keywords a bit on this is a perfect tool
and so why I say organic products is a
great niche to get into and there’s a
lot of mini products or mini winning
products that are just working in this
particular niche and and I see it set
for growth in 2019 so it’s in its early
days but a lot of these products are
signed to win so just think I thought
outside the box here when if you’re
thinking about getting to this nation
let’s go into Aliexpress because I do
want to walk the talk really and show
you what sort of costs are so associated
with these niches I I am recommending
now organic products let’s go back to
the bamboo toothbrush I’m sure they have
it as you can see there’s quite a few
results 5,000 results so it’s relatively
I mean 5,000 results in Aliexpress
that’s not a lot of
products but that is a good sign really
because that means it’s not a tapped
into niche or product so as you can tell
here very cheap I mean a set of ten
bamboo toothbrushes eco-friendly seven
US dollars completely free shipping so
look really straightforward if you want
to go with one piece each it’s literally
like 1 USD or less so a lot of a lot of
potential profit margin here and so
that’s a great profit get into now the
second let’s go back to the home page of
Google Trends the second niche that I
want to recommend here is décor simple
as that
décor is not so tapped into and it has a
lot of potential growth in terms of yes
the demand for the products but on top
of that there’s a lot of profit margin
here to work with this is perfect for
high ticket dropshipping and I’ve
preached high ticket drop shipping many
times in the past but let’s go into
specifics here now on top of my head I
know for example
for as an example fare you lights are
very popular now on YouTube as a
youtuber fairy lights a very very you
know popular and and in general décor
it’s very popular as well let’s with
this trend here it doesn’t look too
great but however if I were to sell this
I would go worldwide and I would go all
time 2004 to presents and okay so this
is a better sort of overall look of the
demand for this product as you can tell
it sort of dips and correlates but the
overall trend is it’s on its growth
especially here it is at its growth and
it’s gonna peak again and very soon as
you can tell here it sort of fluctuates
fluctuates fluctuates its Pete not too
long ago earlier will actually either
side of this year it’s kind of come down
again but you can tell by this trend it
is very interesting I’ll tell you an
insight here
zoom into this this insight what this
insight means when you see graphs that
sort of peek at certain times this tells
me one thing and one thing only this
tells me that fairy lights are a very
popular Christmas gift as you can tell
they always peek always peek at December
you know without even looking at the
dates I could tell straight up the bat
just looking at the curves looking at
Google using Google Trends enough every
week really this tells you that it is a
perfect Christmas gift so again like I
said in at the side of this video if you
want to get into these products and set
yourself up to scale the products ASAP
and potentially makes make tens of
thousands of dollars from this single
product then you need to start your
advertising you need to start your store
right now today so fairy lights you know
random example here but a great example
showing you that it is on the upward
trend especially for December when it
peaks at a hundred you can easily scale
this product because there’s gonna be so
much demand on it on the internet and if
you start selling on November you’ve got
all your adds up you’ve got your
Facebook targeting on point you can
simply start scaling and loading off the
budget and it is gonna sell like hot
so that’s very alights now of course
there’s other items which we’re going to
go into but decore it can get quite
expensive and people do pay good money
for it so that is the second niche that
I’m recommending now the final niche is
very simple actually am smart tech when
I say smart tech I mean smart watches
you know smart light bulbs all that good
stuff and even drones because this is a
very popular nation of course this is
all techie and whatnot but 2019 is going
to be surely set for a year where all of
this explodes smart tech wearable tech
drones is set to be on fire in 2019 so
let’s let’s go ahead and check out
drones I’ve got a funny feeling that
drones is on the downward trend because
you know it’s not exactly
as you can tell here but let’s change it
up look at the wider picture again very
important to look at the wider picture
because if you look at the 12 months in
a southern country then it’s you could
be missing on a potential winning
product now if you look here yes it is
sort of on a downward trend and I
thought so as much but I’m sure it’s
going to pick up in 2019 so drones smart
LED light bulbs let’s have done in
smarts for the smite light bulbs now
this is sort of relatively new as you
tell it’s sort of peat here so maybe
this this this one isn’t that great of a
product so potentially don’t go with
this one but um smart tech in general
wearable Tech’s let’s let’s let’s think
about another one here I don’t okay so
video doorbells I know this this one
should be popular because I’ve seen this
quite a lot with as you can tell as I
said it is quite popular it is peaking
as of right now a hundred so this is a
huge one so when you think smart tech
think about the smart home okay I’m
talking about light bulbs I’m talking
about yes video doorbells and I’m
talking about drones and stuff like that
so very techy sort of stuff this stuff
is gonna explode in 2019 now you’re
probably thinking all you know Ethan
this is stuff that’s hard to get on
aliexpress tech is hard to get on
aliexpress yes it is but I’ve already
taught a lot of you guys and if you’re
completely new this channel I’ll say it
again drop shipping does not need to be
purely based on aliexpress drop shipping
is a business models yeah I don’t know
how many times I can say this and preach
this but there are many businesses out
there that are willing to sort of you
know drop get on that drop shipping
model and they don’t need to be on
Aliexpress so yes you can drop ship
drones yes you can drop ship high
quality video doorbells for example you
just need to know where to look and you
need to have that supplier relationship
so you can negotiate and dropship
certain products that might not be
available to the everyday drop shipper
so yeah I’m gonna end off here but I
will give you one bonus point okay and
if that is what is another trend in
28:19 and that is print on demand now
print demand has been growing this year
but why printing demand is so great is
because it doesn’t you don’t need to
look for products to leverage a trend
you can’t excuse me you can’t leverage
products based on trends so for example
if a big event happens and that becomes
the trend you’re not scrambling to look
for products that are related to that
event you can simply create a t-shirt
design based on that event so I suspect
this is this is continuing to grow in
2019 print on demand will be huge so I
do a lot of print demand stuff on this
channel because I love it personally I
love to pair it together with drop
shipping I love to pair it with
Aliexpress products and so there we have
it that’s my suggestion guys I hope you
enjoyed this video and if you did give
it a thumbs up as always and be sure to
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guys thanks for watching and keep on