3 Dangerous Words That Keep You Poor

– Three most dangerous words that keep you poor.Have you wondered why some people,they seem to have the Midas touch?Whatever they touch, it turns into gold.Have you also wondered why some people,they seem to set goalsand whatever goals that they set,they just achieve them?What’s the difference between them and you?What are their secrets?Their secret is, […]

Why You SHOULD Be Selfish – Exclusive Interview With Dan Peña, The $50 Billion Dollar Man

(piano music)– I think there’s a difference betweenlike a millionaire, a decent life,versus, like, really wealthy.That you have a lot more peoplegoing in and out of your lifelike you said your butler,you have your personal assistant.I’m getting used to it, where the delegation part,like you said,a lot of things you actually don’t do any more, […]

THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Best Motivational Video For Success In Life

– If you’re down right now,if you’re not where you want to be right now,if you’re not successful right now, don’t worrybecause the signs of success are not obvious.What often looks like a failure on the surfaceis just a stepping stone towards success.So wherever you are in your journey, you need to realizeyour adversity is […]

The 3 Most Important Skills In Sales

Nothing is more frustrating when you spend all that timeand effort talking to a prospect,and then at the end, you don’t close the sale.Today, I’m going to teach you three most important skillsthat you must understand and master in salesif you want to be a successful entrepreneuror a successful salesperson.You see, most people don’t know […]