Case Studies | Tim Ferriss

to embarrass here author the 4-hour workweek want to talk about and uses this is a common problem area for people to read the 4-hour workweek and that is creating a cash flow based business and automated business that funds your lifestyle so it’s not intended to be sold necessarily although that can happen it has happened with readers so I want to show you a few examples of muses and how I’m hoping to provide case studies of successful muses models with all the details that you can emulate and replicate so here are a few examples these are real muses that have been sent to me by readers this is I think like a genius for example very well put together this is everyday genius Institute calm and it’s a subscription-based model so every month you get something like this with a this is a CD maybe a DVD and a guide that allows you to model people who are the best at what they do so in this case it’s things like a straight-a student in past instances it has been a sommelier for example and it’s very cool it helps you to model the best practices of people who are the best at what they do so this is one successful muse to be about Erin thank you very much then a very different example would be this right here which is entropy so this is a a sports drink although I wouldn’t call it a sports drink it is a B vitamin vitamin C guarana l-carnitine green tea etc drink that does not contain a lot of the that is in drinks of this type actually designed by a software leave a software engineer from a very well-known company and you can see the packaging and everything is done very very well so this is the box and I’ve been consuming it regularly this is empty very very well done very professionally done so this is a very different type of Muta certainly than this instructional type two more that are really textbook when you consider the prescription in the book in terms of targeting a specific niche and designing for so this is gorilla drum making gorilla drum making comm GU er RI l la and this is how to create a 5 piece drum set with basic materials from Home Depot for very very low cost drum making with realistic tactics and realistic tools and you can see here this what it looks like it’s very well put together you could certainly see purchasing something like this at a Borders Books or Barnes & Noble it’s packaged well enough that it could sell it retail button most of it I would imagine is direct sales okay that’s one along the same lines you have this for example this is a crossfit fundamentals video from crossfit Palo Alto comm and both of these offer products that are very high value potentially high retail price in some cases high production cost if you don’t control the costs but if you control your costs low unit cost of production all right so this is a very much a textbook markup for product of high value that can be low production cost and very easy to test with this type of media as well and last but not least I want to show an example of perhaps a traditional career shift that could also double as a muse this is a book called food heroes very very cool book by Georgia Pellegrini here Georgia Pellegrini comm and this book profiles 16 culinary artisans preserving traditions and different types of professionals or specialists and different types of cooking and what they’re preserving the traditions are preserving this is through a traditional publisher beautiful book really really beautifully done and in this case you’re looking at certainly the royalties from the book itself but then indirectly you have the speaking engagements and so forth and so on Georgia has a lot of very very cool stuff coming so these are a number of very different examples but they share commonalities and I think one of the stumbling blocks that people have with with muses in particulars how to get started what are this civics what’s the hosting company what’s the contract manufacturer those types of details so what we’ll be doing hopefully in the next few weeks in the next few months is showcasing muses that work and giving you some of the nitty-gritty details behind the curtains showing you how it’s done so if you have that type of music reiated something that is working then please submit your details and I will be happy to promote you to hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of people that is all hopefully this will help a lot of people and also help promote some muses that are worthy of attention out there so thanks for listening and upward and onward