this is Tim Barris coming to you straight from beautiful Princeton New Jersey where you can see it as a spring-like day with the cherry blossoms behind me the reason I’m doing this video is doing out something very exciting it’s related to a little company may recall called DODOcase DODOcase is now doing four to five million dollars a year in revenue and they make among other things iPad cases using traditional bookbinding techniques and at the time I last checked in with them they sold more than ten thousand at sixty dollars pop and it all started with something called the Shopify build a business competition at the time the bribe was a hundred thousand dollars and more than fourteen hundred companies came out of that at this point I would say more than 1400 now we have more than $500,000 in prizes and once again it’s intended to be a benevolent kick in the ass to anyone who needs to pull the trigger and finally take that idea or come up with the idea that can become the next big thing for you personally or for the world a lot of people involved yours truly gary vaynerchuk seth good you could have set cookie dinner in New York City if you want if you win you can come to San Francisco go to the Googleplex so then have dinner and have lots of wine probably with yours truly goes on and on we will provide all the tools along with Shopify all the lessons you need to along with your brethren to shed a tear maybe bleed a little just paper cuts and get off of your chair and actually create something that you’ve been thinking of creating so it’s a huge opportunity it’s bigger than it’s ever been it’s better than it’s ever been and you can learn everything about it by going to Shopify com slash contest that’s sh OPI FY dot-com slash contest and there’s more below