Breakdancing Moves 101

alright this is the basic of the six steps so I’m going to explain the most fundamental move in breakdancing footwork here’s how it starts you are in a push-up position body straight feet slightly apart where you’re going to do is bring this right leg into slightly almost like you’re doing a half a mountain climber then you’re gonna step out this is that about two o’clock notice my kids are underneath my shoulders then you come in behind this bent like you want this foot to be underneath your hips underneath your right butt cheek in this case then this leg is gonna come out so like that and you’re gonna flip it to the other hand right notice in this position I can sit comfortably this is very important so when your legs are behind you if you were to draw a line horizontally when your legs are behind this horizontal line you want them to be straight out this is a general principle you don’t want your hips to be above your shoulders okay and when your legs are in the front you want your at least one leg to be underneath your hip so you’re moving okay so then we come through here notice it’s exactly the opposite of what we did on the other side then you’re gonna kick out straight and then come back to this position just plank position position with your legs across so now in faster speed I’ll show you what that looks like okay all right so once again we’re here common mistakes you’re going to be have your hips way up yours looks ridiculous you also don’t want to end out here this is another common mistake also looks ridiculous have been a lot of strain on your shoulders so looks like this slight step up leg out here on the heel or on the side of the foot or the heel in right foot under right butt cheek then what we’re gonna do is switch to the right hand as I bring this leg underneath boom across out and then here we go okay so that’s the six step few other notes notice that I’m on the palm of my hands like this it’s because I lack genetically the flexibility in the fingers if you can take your fingers and bend them back so that there are 90 degrees of this backcourt of your hand it will help you to be up on those on the pads of the hand be careful with your thumbs you can break your thumbs but that extra three to four inches will make you look better so elevate your shoulder knowledge of your hips okay so a few embellishments that you can add the basic six step so we’re here come here so you can also jump so instead of bringing this up and then through you can jump like this okay so that’s slightly faster version or here jump straight to this this point where you have the right foot under the butt cheek here here okay and then if you speed this up you end up incorporating a kick through just like you would if you’re doing this type of move and the way it translates it looks like this okay okay it’s a much faster version be careful your wrists with the basic six step a few things you can do so put here boom when you get to this position you can move down either side which is a lot of fun so I can throw my weight this way and then walk with very small steps of my feet place okay you got other things you can do if you extend one leg here you’re just going to pivot on this leg use this hand for a flourish come over like that and then go back into the six step so we mean by that is okay back into normal all right other things you can do put your knees down another very easy embellishment so my position jump in in boom boom now I’m just going to bring instead of come in here I’m gonna put my left knee down and then follow my right knee you’ll see what this looks like now I’ll be right back in the sixth step okay so there’s some basics what I want to show you now it’s how you get into the system so this is going to be the entrance