hey whats up youtube facebook internet land this is jay brown coming into our with another video oh i’m making this video because i feel like it’s a big buzz around this company block buzz and i noticed a lot of people researching this company you probably on this video because you’re researching this company and you try to know you know you’re trying to find out if this company is a fit for you you’re trying to find out if you can really make money with this company you know you’re trying to see if if this company is about what it says about you know you you don’t want to get scammed you probably got burnt in the past by all these you know so-called get-rich-quick schemes and you’re tired of it you’re fed up with it well i’m gonna give my honest opinion about this block buzz company and uh you know I’m gonna be straight up with you I feel like this company is legit you know the owner of this company and I did my research the only this company has made a little over million dollars in selling ad pixel so he knows his stuff you know he know what he doing and like I said it’s a there’s a lot of good reviews about this company don’t get me wrong I mean if I wasn’t in the opportunity now I probably would join it but you’re probably on this video because you’re looking for a good business to make money from and you know and that’s my thing about this company here you know you can’t make one hundred percent commission you know you sign a note for thirty-five dollars you know you get somebody to sign up for thirty-five dollars you making three dollars here you making a dollar here you know I’m saying you’re not getting one hundred percent commission like you deserve and I feel like if you work hard for that money you should get one hundred percent commission in the company out man that’s what you get you get get the whole Commission you know you you sign somebody up for twenty-five dollars which is lesser than thirty-five dollars you you make the whole thing you get the whole $25 and it’s also tied into residual you size somebody up they sign somebody up you make a cut of that I’m it’s a win-win situation I mean it’s a big company probably heard of it empower network it’s all over the Internet and you know you should get started like I said you paid $25 you you get access to a blogging system which you can blog daily and and get ranked on front page of Google and make some money i mean it’s simple anybody can blow i mean you can blog about daily stuff you know that happens in your life you know you can blog about anything you want to and get traffic without paying thirty five hundred thousand dollars for ads all you have to do pay $25 start blogging generate traffic and sit in peace and blessing to you and get signed up