I’m excited I just bought this house and 360 acres here see the big barn down there let me tell you why this is important there’s something unique about this house that I bought I’ve bought multiple pieces of real estate but this house right here was built with multiple streams of cash flow most important concept you can ever learn financially something they don’t teach you in school the average millionaire has three streams of income Warren Buffett the billionaire has over ninety two streams of income I’m not there yet it’s an aspiration of mine I’ve got I’ve gone from zero streams of income when I started to about eighteen distinct streams of income this is important watch this video I’ve got a free training also you can watch but look in the house here doesn’t have any furniture it’s about I think it’s about fifty five hundred or six thousand square feet need some work but the foundation is this great it’s got real fireplaces in it more importantly than any of this and a house tour really is what I’m about to say okay listen it’s only three ways you can make money in the world you sell physical product you can sell that’s like you know Target Walmart Whole Foods you buy something physical second digital that’s what Netflix does right you don’t actually get anything in your hand or Disney you go watch a movie it’s all digital or audible you listen to audiobooks so again physical digital and last you can have a service so I recommend business services back in 2016 I started teaching people how to do social media marketing for businesses and how to make one to ten thousand dollars a month well the good thing about that is it helped people get one new stream of income but I realize in hindsight that something else is needed and that’s what I’ve got for you right now I want to show you how to create three streams of cash flow in the next sixty days I know it sounds a outrageous but I’ve created a test group and I’m gonna take my goal big picture is 1 million people 1 million people spread across the globe who have at least three streams of cash flow so that you can start investing in real estate so you can start paying off debt so you can start increasing the your bank count decreasing your stress financial freedom is basically the first step in any kind of freedom relationship freedom even health when you’re stressed out about money you’d all have time to work out or eat right so fix your finances first so if you’re watching this and you’re under tremendous financial pressure just pay attention because I’ve created a free training in addition to this video I’m gonna put a link below this videos for the the test group I’m gonna put a thousand people on this test group click the link here you’ve got three dates so here’s how it works I are and this is why this is in any kind of Ponzi scheme it’s not some weird thing people go is this multi-level marketing or no this is the simplest thing ever in fact it was pioneered by Jeff Bezos this is how he built Amazon and made himself the wealthiest person in the world but also made many people millionaires one of my friends Liz she has an affiliate partnership website she has a store on Amazon a lot of times in your bond Amazon right you get a little story now this is let me not get distracted I was just bringing up Jeff Bezos this has nothing to do with Amazon I have about ten companies I spend over ten million bucks I’ve spent way more than 10 million dollars making Mark Zuckerberg richer at Facebook and Instagram making the Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page the owners of Google wealthy a snapchat owner Evan Spiegel cuz I spend money advertising you’ve probably seen my youtube ads this is an ad I realized what if I could just partner with you instead of sending making the rich richer and sending them a check send you a check what am I going to help you make twenty five hundred bucks a month you might still have your job and your other streams of income I think that’s a lot better for the world not just making the rich richer in hindsight I wish I had launched this a long time ago I had a friend who told me I should and I just didn’t get to it but but he was right so what I’ve created is an affiliate partnership I do all the work my companies do all the work one of my companies has over 75 employees you don’t have to hire anybody that’s the beauty you’d have to build a website you don’t have to have accountants you don’t have to have customer support you don’t have to worry about credit card processing with Visa and MasterCard will do all that I’ll show you how to start with four traffic to different businesses so I have physical business I have mentor box and farmers box mentor box ships books to people around the world the largest book club in the world we have Walmart as a customer okay I’ve got farmers box it’s a business base right here before we ship organic food to people across the United States so I got physical I’m gonna get you a physical stream of income I’ve got digital lots of digital products we’re doing what colleges don’t do we’re educating people for a hundredth of the price no one’s getting a trillion dollars of college debt like there is in the United States so you can be part of that movement I’ve got service business my online agency we do we charge businesses between twenty-five and hundred fifty thousand dollars to build their marketing systems businesses want to learn how to go online and do social media marketing I own the trademark and I’ve trained more people on how to build social media marketing agencies and I have my own okay so if you refer someone there I can write you a check just somebody you probably already know I could write you a check for up to $25,000 one referral now you might say but I don’t know anybody I’m shy I’m introverted I don’t have many social media followers I’m going to show you every ninja trick I have so that you don’t have to become extroverted if you’re shy I’ll show you how to use email marketing something called solo ads and email drops I’m gonna show you how to use other people who have social media you can leverage their reach and not even have to have it your own I’m gonna show you how to cut deals I’m gonna make it all easy but the main thing is I’m gonna give you a ten step cut and paste formula follow this ten step fall is tense up and I have a strong refund promise you’ll see when you click the link below you’re gonna see the refund because I want to be committed to your success when you see people not doing a refund policy it’s because they’re kind of just throwing it out there I know the products that I have work I know that people buy them because every day I see my bank account I see those multiple streams of income coming from different sources so I’m gonna get you set up as an affiliate partner there’s no downside I’ve got you covered with the refund policy I don’t want you to go into it wanting a refund but I’m just saying if for whatever reason doesn’t work for you you’ll see send you your money back plus you got all the training but more importantly I’m gonna be your ally see I teach people stuff but trust me partners I teach even more I’m on the first people online I was doing Google Ads in 2001-2002 one of the first people online people don’t realize I started young as a teenager 2006 sorry 2004 2005 I was doing myspace as 2006 2008 it was in the beta of Facebook 2014 YouTube ads one of the first people advertising so I’m already spending money on advertising different companies you got to market your companies I want to build a system and by the way you don’t even have to send paying customers you send somebody who joins my free email list you can get paid I’m gonna give you many ways at least three some of you are gonna create seven eight different streams income I don’t want you to get too confused at the beginning so once you focus on three you can keep your day job this works outside the US or works inside the US it works if you’re male female young it doesn’t matter even if you don’t have experience if you don’t have a lot of cash this is the best thing I think I’ve ever come up with to help people not just make the rich richer I spent God knows how many tens of millions on Google YouTube Facebook snapchat just making these wealthy people wealthier I want to partner with you I’m not saying I’m gonna send you ten million dollars but I just had an affiliate maybe will cut in a little video today I’m talking about what you told me what was it four or four days ago that you’ve made what about six hundred thousand you said just took shy of seven hundred and you how much have you spent out-of-pocket cost fifteen to twenty grand so how has that let me turn the volume up how has that changed your life in terms of like what were you doing you started with me in twenty fifteen right and you’re in a fill you have some other streams of income but I think being a partner with me is the largest right extreme is like so what were you doing before how [Music] so what’s what’s your life like today who’s week you and your wife and you’re making your netting about $200,000 a year from the partnership is that roughly 150 to 200 yeah yeah so you see 55 cool he started with me in 2015 he’s really the only person I did this partnership with the one that I’m opening up now I did it with one person in 2015 he’s made $650,000 in the last four years revolutionized his life he’s on a he’s like on an RV trip with his wife for the last couple years because he has multiple streams of income I’m the largest one being affiliate partner with me and get this he spent $15,000 is his total cost and made over 650,000 I’ve never missed a partner payment to him he gets it a CH direct deposit now most people are gonna get to the 650 or 700,000 but all he did was post some YouTube videos on a little channel he had and he knew how to make them viral which I’ll show you how to do and they just like clockwork I pay him between five and ten thousand dollars every two weeks I pay out every two weeks just like a job but it’s better than a job he has freedom in fact this video that they cut in that’s the first time I’ve ever talked to the guy in person my brother he knew my brother so I tested this affiliate partnership for 2015 but I didn’t really make it available in hindsight I should have and Joel Salatin told me better late than never so here am i I Here I am doing it right now so click the link below you got less than three days I’m gonna take a million people there’s my lofty goal for myself we’ll see if I can hit it but for sure I’m focused on a thousand right now I’m gonna try to get ten thousand then a hundred thousand million and then lastly a million I’m just gonna tell you this when I open up programs like social media marketing agency the people who got in first by far had the first mover advantage it was less saturated it was easier get into this early click the link below watch take the time by the way I’ve got a full presentation there free training even it’s gonna in its gonna train you even if you don’t end up doing that the cash flow partnership with me because I just laid it all out for you it’s probably the best video I’ve shot in the last five years and it’s over 45 minutes but you know what people spend an hour to watch in a Netflix movie which doesn’t help them at all just makes them the owner of Netflix Richard take the time for yourself watch this whole video don’t get distracted even if you got to divide it over two or three days but get in before the time I got a little timer on there you’ll see how long you have get in the test group and I hope one day it’ll be you investing in real estate or paying off your loans all from your multiple streams of cash flow having freedom like David my fila partner for 2015 has just traveling the world with his life enjoying life life’s meant to be enjoyed remember this you’ve got one life you better enjoy it and most people don’t because they have zero or one stream of cash flow you get two three the doors start open up even if they’re small they start to compound and that exponential growth comes so yeah I’ll see you inside