BEST Program To Make Money Online With As A Beginner To Affiliate Marketing!

what’s going on guys in today’s video I’m gonna explain to you how to make money online using one particular program that I’ve been using for a while now and I’ve nearly hit a hundred thousand dollars and earnings and I’m gonna take you through step by step how I did this and how you can actually implement this yourself as well I’m going to explain it to you so you can easily understand it and you can implement this and actually start to make money online yourself and I’ll explain to you why this program is one of the best programs to make money with online right now and as you can see you’ve got some results on the screen here nearly a hundred thousand dollars and I will just do a refresh in my account so you can see that we are legit here we’ve had a refund today which is quite normal that will probably pick back up sometimes you have refunds haven’t had any for a while four hundred dollars yesterday three hundred and seven dollars two hundred dollars as you can see 93 thousand dollars this as a legitimate page so I’m going to explain to how I did this and hopefully it helps you understand a bit more about making money online and give you some ideas that you can go out and implement yourself to start making money online as well it’s really easy to understand so what we’re talking about today guys is a method called affiliate marketing and it’s when you take someone else’s product and you promote that product for a commission but in this tutorial I’m going to take you through step by step how to get organic traffic that is completely free and is very high converting it’s really simple to do and there’s lots of big companies that use affiliate marketing to promote their products like the program that I’m going to be explaining to you in this tutorial which is click funnels now click funnels is a software where people build landing pages webinars collect leads and you can create courses course memberships you can create all sorts of stuff with this particular program the best thing about this program guys is it’s easy to get people to sign up under you because nearly every single person who’s trying to work online right now needs some sort of membership funnel landing page they need to collect the leads and click funnels has become the industry leader in this department so it makes sense to promote something and make money from something that is at the top and has a very good reputation so this is it here and this is another example of an affiliate program that i promote called get response where i promote these guys and I get a 33% commission for as long as that person stays on for months on end by recommending this particular email software so this is a software as well and that’s how affiliate marketing works so I’m gonna explain to you how I’ve made a bunch of money promoting this particular product called click funnels now the reason I love click funnels guides is because it’s a great program that’s easy to get people to sign up under you but they also have a very great commission structure so basically click funnels will pay you 40 percent monthly recurring commissions if you can get someone to stay on their trial to get a trial and stay on the trail and you will get thirty eight dollars per month right sorry guys let’s look at my pinup so you’re gonna get 38 dollars and 80 cents per month for one single person and to stay on to their platform if they upgrade you will get a hundred and eighteen dollars per month from that particular person and if they get the funnel hacks webinar you will get nearly four hundred dollars in commissions right so it’s an extremely lucrative program to promote and that’s only three things that you can make money from guys there are lots of products that you can go and promote from click funnels but I’ll leave that up to you to go and have a look and check those out and another great thing I love about click funnels guys is the share funnel function so I can build a funnel and share it with people so what that means is I can be like hey I’m gonna go and create a landing page and share it with my friends and say hey if you sign up under me I’ll give you my funnel for free so that’s a way that you can leverage click bundles to get people to sign up under you so you can make money and one thing about the commissions guys 40% monthly recurring is quite high when you look at things like Amazon the top one is 10% and it’s not recurring it’s only a one-off payment so these you get every single month as long as that person stays on click funnels under you so that’s why a lot of people moaning clickfunnels so let’s kind of have a look at a bit of a structure here so you understand how much you can actually make from this particular program so let’s just take the usual three Commission breakdowns that they have which is the starter plan the enterprise plan and the funnel hacks webinar that they promote as well but you can also promote books other classes other courses they’ve got one that’s three thousand dollars I think or five thousand dollars and you get 40% commission from that so let’s say you get five people under you on the trial and there and this is how it works the first one stays with you for six months and you get a total of two hundred and thirty two dollars and eighty six because that’s thirty-eight dollars times six let’s say the second person stays on for a month and then they upgrade to the next one which is one hundred and eighteen dollars you get six hundred and thirty-two dollars total from that person for six months we’re going in a six month basis here the third person signs up for three months and then leaves this is quite common you know people are going to come on and use it they’re not going to need it anymore but maybe I’ll move on to something else and for that particular person you’ve got one hundred and sixteen dollars now let’s say the fourth person got on as well but they got the upgrade right so they got the four hundred dollar upgrade and that worked out to be six hundred and thirty one dollars and sixty cents in six months and then the last person got on to the enterprise account straight away and stayed on that for six months for seven hundred and twelve dollars you have made two hundred and two two thousand sorry 326.00 to get paid that much dividends in a six month time frame so it can be very lucrative guys and that’s from only five people you simply just to scale this up you just keep going and getting more people in and it keeps building and keeps building and keeps building making you more money in the long run now on top of that guys this is kind of a basic structure from five people you know this is just an idea it’s not exactly what’s going to happen but it gives you an idea of how much money you can make but clickfunnels also have a thing called a dream card challenge where if you can get two hundred people to stick to a trial you’ll get $1,000 per month extra if you get a hundred people to stick you get five hundred so I have already won the clickfunnels dream card challenge and I get thousand dollars a month extra on top of whatever I make as well so that my friends is two hundred and fifty dollars extra per week that I get just from doing nothing so how does this work how am i doing this and how can you do the exact same thing so I’ve used multiple ways to get people into the trials I’ve used advertising and stuff like that but one of my main ways guys as I build niche websites promoting products by providing value okay remember that promoting products by providing value so basically someone goes into Google and searches for something I want my website to pop up for that particular search term so I have a website about funnels for example and then I do an article and then I take I get people to click on my affiliate link and it takes them to click funnels where I get a commission that they stay on the trial so they sever look at a couple of examples here example number one this is an article that I did and it’s it’s about basically it’s a click bundles review and they get traffic from all these keywords here click bundles marketplace marketplace click bundles how to use click funnels I’m ranking for some of these keywords on the first and second page and yes you can get traffic from the second page so what I’m doing is I’m putting my website up and those search terms in Google and then when someone searches stuff my website shows up and I’m basically promoting click funnels by doing a review in this particular example and this is one of my sites here it’s got over 2,000 shares it gets quite a lot of traffic now another one I do guys is cook pretty cool as well and that is I do a article on Sam car versus click bundles so I’m comparing click funnels with another similar products and I once again I’m getting traffic from all of these keywords see one mistake a lot of people think is they have to when they could trying to rank an article in Google they’re ranking for one particular keyword no ghouls so smart that Google will go and rank you for hundreds if not thousands and thousands of keywords so you can get so much traffic even though this search volume is thirty 8150 it’s kind of low it all adds up to a lot of traffic but a lot of people don’t wait that long and they’re too impatient to wait for these types of result to come in because it does take a little bit of a time to rank for these particular keywords now another example guys we’ve got four examples there this one here is not clickfunnels but it’s kind of just to show you some proof that this works extremely well I have a blog post called how to start a blog and this is a commission from today doesn’t have the date but this is this morning at 7 o’clock I got a hundred and ten dollar referral from my my blog post that’s titled how to start a blog so what happens is people go and read that I get a commission when they go and start a website and use the hosting that I recommend and I got a one hundred and ten dollar commission from that I make around about three to four hundred dollars per day from this particular affiliate marketing program alone but that’s not clickfunnels that was just an example so you can kind of understand a little bit better and then example number four guys I didn’t add a corn how to make money with click bundles you can see my faces here this is my article and then you’ll see I’ve got these little call to actions claim your free 14-day trial claim your free 14-day trial in this particular article and that’s how I’m getting people on to click funnels under me and that’s how I’m getting commissions guys with the click funnels platform now a little trick that I recommend you guys do if you do go down this route and you do start doing stuff like this this to actually give away a free course okay so these are from articles that are about how to start a blog you would do something either click bundles course give away a free course so get someone’s email and give away a free course in your articles on how to use click funnels because then you’ll get the more serious people and then you can you know talk them into getting click panels under you via email marketing maybe you’ve got a YouTube video you can send out or just send out the article and the emails and just because it warms them up a little bit bitter so I do recommend giving away a free course guys if you do want to go and promote click funnels it’s extremely valuable to do that and you’ll get a lot more trials if you actually do it that way um but the most important thing is it’s all about the angle and this is where a lot of people get stuck so there’s so many angles you can do how to articles how to do this how to do that you can do review content which I showed you an example one you can give away share funnels and get affiliate Commission’s that way you can compare click funnels with other products like I did bond with Sam cart you can compare click funnels of Shopify you can complete compare click bundles with WordPress you can compare click funnels with insta pages there’s literally guys the list goes on you’re never going to run out of content or you can create a big list of products and you can have click models and that list too as well and you can just promote heaps of other different products if you like as well but think about what the person is searching for and what you can offer them ok there’s billions of searches online every single day you can get a piece of the pie so here’s a ranking example let’s say you wanted to go into an article about the best landing page builder most people will go ah this is only a thousand searches a month this is useless I’m not going to make any money why am I wasting my time and they’re not going to do an article on that topic well that’s silly on the Left we’ve got website one website two these are the websites ranking at the top number one and number two they are ranking for thousands of other keywords that all add up to thousands of visits every single month guys your articles not just going to rank for best landing page builder it’s going to rank for thousands of hundreds of thousands of variations where you can get all sorts of traffic times and thousands and thousands of people visiting a store are sorry your website blog article every single month but that’s where people go wrong they think a thousand visits per month Franklin’s telling me I should rank the best landing page builder he’s an idiot he doesn’t know what he’s talking about well that’s not how it works guys Google will rank you for thousands of keywords and all of these tiny keywords that are easy to rank for will start to add up if you rank for a thousand keywords they get a hundred search searches per month right that means that your particular arrow could potentially be in front of a hundred thousand people so it really adds up guys it’s extremely profitable to do this stuff but most people don’t get past this stage because they think that that’s a low search volume keyword and it is you’re not going to get a lot of traffic from this particular keyword but you’ll get thousands of visits from all of these other keywords that google’s gonna go and rank for you because they will take all of these words and mash them all together from your page and start to rank you for all of these words so the way I usually do stuff guys is like try to rank for the low volume easy keywords and then let Google do the rest and rank me for all of these other small keywords and I’ll do heaps of articles on different topics and I go more for volume instead of one big article based on what particular keywords I just do hundreds of pages and ranks both thousands of keywords and make tons of money that way so that’s kind of that that debt in a nutshell make sure that you understand that Google will rank you for other keywords thousands of other keywords so step number one guys is to choose a domain name and start a website that is very easy to do you can go to a website called Bluehost com I’ll leave a link below they will give you a free domain they will give you a free ISS out certificate to make sure your website safe they will give you the WordPress installation and they give you support and it’s two dollars and ninety five per month and I think if you get it under me it’s a little bit cheaper as well but that’s all you need to do guys is paid two dollars 95 per month to get this started now once you have your domain set up guys and your website is ready to go and you’ve started it you want to build out their website because a theme installed start to put in a few articles here and there just make your website look a bit nice and start adding content on a particular topic you won’t Google to be like okay hey Franklin’s website is about funnels or Franklin’s website is about internet marketing or advertising or making money online you want Google to know that your website is about a particular topic so start adding content and on a particular topic just start to fill it out a little bit you can buy articles you can do the articles yourself step number three guys is to build your pillar content what I mean by that is let’s say you’ve started your website and you’ve done three articles on funnels just to put three articles on that website just to kind of fill it out a little bit you might not have any affiliate stuff in there then build out your pillar content that might be clickfunnels review make it a nice big long article authority of article heaps information and then link your other articles to that article as well and then kind of create a spider web so Google can crawl your site and be like okay you’ve got these articles linking to your big pillar content this is probably pretty relevant we’re gonna start to push us up in the ranks because you’ve linked all this relevant content from your website to this pillar content so what I kinda mean guys we go back to example number one this article is about clickfunnels review I would link other articles from my website on clickfunnels or you know maybe I clicked on a competitor I would link them back to this main with this main article so Google knows okay this particular article we need to focus on a lot more than the other ones because or Franklin’s pointing all this other stuff to it and all this relevant content so that’s kind of what I mean there you don’t understand that guys you can search online for SEO search engine optimization and that explains it a little bit more which is what we’re going to go to now so step number three guys’ then start to do your keyword research you can search online how to do that is plenty of videos around step number four is to optimize your page for SEO search engine optimization so this is a really important part and it’s becoming more important you want to tell Google what your page is about so go and Google how to do that it’s really easy to figure it out and once you do that guys if you Optima T if you optimize your page really well then sometimes that’s all you need to rank you don’t need to go and buy backlinks and stuff depending on how how many how much how competitive the keyword is but sometimes that’s all you need guys to do and over time to say it will slowly rank let you know you’re not going to rank tomorrow you can my rank in two months time three months time but the way Google works guys is you slowly start to move up the ranks that’s how it works and you start to get this get traffic coming to your website it does take a little bit of time so go on learn how to optimize your page for search engine optimization it’s called on-page SEO and step number five guys if needed as you start building backlinks to your website but do this in a natural way so start building natural backlinks to your website you can also go and Google how to do that there is plenty of tutorials online and your website then becomes an asset and can be worth a lot of money this was really important I have websites guys that I could probably sell for at least 200 to 300 thousand right now you heard me that you that is correct I have one website that I built four years ago I could probably get over a quarter of a million dollars for this particular website because it’s made me over a million and it makes hundreds and thousands of dollars every few months it’s crazy so there is a lot of money to be made and the stronger you build these websites out they become assets and you can basically sell them if you like if you need some cash now another trick to do guys to take it to the next level is once you have your website ranking and you’re getting traffic you can put a Facebook pixel or a Google pixel on your website and you can build up what we call a retargeting list and then you can start to run ads and say hey I noticed you checked out my article my click panel’s review we’ve got some bonuses you can get if you get the trial under me or here’s the link to get the trial if you forgot to get it and you can start to do cheap retargeting ads that’s a good thing about retargeting ads guys they’re extremely cheap to run you can you can get trials for like a couple of dollars if you want so that’s kind of the next level after you start to rank of site and get traffic coming in now these are kind of some tips guys to help you out and it’s important if you do your research you will get results research the right keywords to target and you will get results learn how to do search engine optimization you will get results keep putting out content and you will get traffic so this is something that a lot of people don’t do they’ll put out a couple of articles and we’ll keep traffic and they’ll stop it if you keep putting out content eventually you’ll start to get a bunch of traffic because eventually more people are going to start to see your articles google’s and start to rank you for smaller easier keywords and you’re going to start to get traffic and it just becomes a snowball effect guys it doesn’t go like this like that it goes up and up and up and up and up and up and keeps going up and your website might get a hundred visits per month now and then in two months later it might get two thousand visits and six months later it might get five thousand visits in four years time and might get 200,000 visits per month and could be worth nearly half a million dollars if you’re making a lot of money from it so it’s it’s just a snowball effect that keeps going up stay consistent and it will pay off a big in the end and keep doing content the backlinks will come so if you keep doing articles you keep doing content people will naturally link to you making your website stronger because they because other people need to link to relevant articles as well and it will make your website stronger and you must remember guys that every time you search for something you end up on a blog or YouTube channel so this stuff works we all end up in the same place one day I was searching how to make money online where did I end up I ended up on a blog guys so that’s how you can go out and crack this affiliate marketing stuff that’s exactly how I’ve been promoting clickfunnels guys to make nearly $100,000 and if you want more videos on how to do this guys I’ll leave them up on the screen and I’ll also leave a playlist that you can go to and learn step-by-step how to make money in affiliate marketing don’t forget to drop a like on this video guys tap that subscribe button tap there notification about tsunami next videos come out I’ll see you on the next video up on the screen whatever side it’s on