today we’re going to be talking about what I see at the best passive income models for businesses getting into for the year of 2017 so the way I see it there’s a lot of great ways to make passive income out there there’s spent a lot of ways that have been around for a long time but there’s also some ways that maybe used to work a number of years ago but I don’t really think didn’t work well anymore so I wanted to basically out like for you guys but if I was trying to start a passive income business or a passive income model for the year 2017 here is the for businesses or the for areas I would be involved with I just want to mention too before I get too far on video I am a little over the weather today not feeling too great I wanted to shoot the video anyway so it’s my energy levels not exactly there or if I kind of sound a little I don’t know if I sound kinda congested that’s what’s going on with that but I still wanted to make sure you get this video done so that’s what we’re doing today I will be the light the first thing I’d recommend and I would say for people who are so let’s say if you’re younger because the number three is number four you kind of have to be older enough to own property anyway have a little bit of money that you have two jobs you have property you’ve probably saved up money in order to own that property but number one and number two you can do either for free or very extensively because you do a lot of the work yourself but number one would be to write a niche specific blog no this is not a blog where you write opinionated posts about things that you see on the internet this is the way blogs used to be this is like the old days of launch we went on a new role based on opinion I’m not saying that you can’t have a successful fall off successful blog based on opinion I’m just saying it’s a whole lot harder than it used to be a number of years ago so if you really want a blog just you want to make you a good amount of money I would write a very niche specific blog because this is basically a way that positions you as an authority on this topic and the thing with this guys you need to be authority you need to be a trusted person in order to sell the people because people are very skeptical now because everyone’s gone through experience where they’ve been lied to for the most part so they’re very skeptical especially online because there’s a lot of scammers out there and one thing that they hate to do is waste their time or waste their money so in order for you to sell a product to somebody or sell a resource or whatever it is they really need to trust you and they really need to believe that you know what you’re talking about so the first thing I’d recommend to make sure you know what you’re talking about write about something you already know about and some of you already care about even you know even not as big of a topic as something else maybe there’s something that’s a bigger bigger potential but you have no idea you don’t know the first thing about it it’s going to be hard because you have to educate yourself while you’re teaching others about it so it’s going to take you twice as long to do it and if you’re not interested in the topic you’re not going to want to do it you’re going to give up halfway trust me guys I’ve talked to a lot of people will try this that was the biggest thing that they would do they would pick some topic because it seemed like it was a hot topic they weren’t interested in that themselves and they ended up giving up because they didn’t want to do it so basically you look into people think that they have a niche on when you think you have a niche go out five layers deeper so the example I gave of this is if you were going to write a blog about dog grooming and you said yeah my niche is dog grooming that is not in any way and yet you got to go about five layers deeper a niche blog example would be like the best ruining practices for teacup yorkies that’s a niche dog grooming is not a niche is you have large breed small breeds medium breeze toy breeds you have many different layers until you get to a niche so a lot of people think they found a niche you’ve got to go many layers deeper oh but you got to think about this guy’s if somebody’s looking to groom their teacup Yorkie and they go to a blog about grooming your pet they’re not going to take that longest for them they have a teacup Yorkie yes it is a pet yes it is a dog but they don’t feel as connected to that flow because it’s kind of big if they come across a great blog about grooming your teacup yorkies they’re going to be like oh my god this is this was written for me they’re going to be more attached to that work they’re going to be more likely to read it and they’re going to be more likely to buy something that you are selling on that blog so you really want to make sure you find a niche you want to make sure that is it specific enough so how do you monetize this well you don’t monetize it for a while because you got to build it you got to have a vast array of information you got to have a lot of knowledge up there before you can monetize it because people need to see you as a trusted resource they need to see you as the authority on this so if you start trying to sell right out of the gate nobody’s going to buy your stuff you don’t even know where you are so you need to build up a base of knowledge these free resources because you need to give value first before anybody’s going to give you money back you always want to give value first so you want to just give people as much information as possible about the topic for free and then you offer something for basically you pay money at that point for some extra goodie so a couple of examples of that you know if you have ads on the site you’re not going to make a ton of money unless you have a very very high traffic site and you might be able to make enough money to us see some coming in but if that’s not the best way to do it you can do a combination of things you could do ads and a product but I think the best way to do it is to have a paid resource so maybe you write an e-book um that has like all the best information or something like that or even better if you can sell your own product that would be great too so let’s say you are doing that example about about you’re doing grooming for teacup yorkies and you have a shampoo that’s like isn’t the best shampoo for toy breeds especially this teacup Yorkie and then you somehow we’re able to make that shampoo or have somebody make it for you put your own size label on there that would be I think the best way to monetize a niche visited log is with a physical product number two I would say would be a resource okay so that’s where you your own resource that you’re selling it’s like an expanded version of maybe what your website has to offer you can do ads as well as tend to annoy people though so just be careful with your placement of the ads and you can also do affiliate sales so a bit of a product that would relate really well to your audience you can do affiliate sales of that product or that resource so I would just make sure that that affiliate is somebody that something you’ve actually if it’s a resource make sure it’s something you’ve read yourself because you don’t want to sell somebody something that ends up being garbage because that looks really bad for you so you want to make sure it’s something that actually would be useful to your own it’s not just something to fat in your pockets basically but like I said guys that’s something you can do starting at fifteen fifteen years old if you want to start getting something started if you do it for a couple of years you build up a huge audience I mean you could you can make it ton of money with a niche specific one there was a book I really like it’s called quick millionaire’s if you guys are looking for some inspiration on this I don’t never really author is but I got it off of Amazon but he goes you all the example the people who made these niche specific blogs and one of them was like a it was all about raising chickens in your backyard and these people need this blog as a hobby and they ended up making millions of dollars will suddenly brought it all to them and they were like they were just doing it because they wanted to share their experience lands of making millions of dollars so you can make a lot of money with a niche specific blog okay let’s move on second one here so writing an e-book this kind of tied in with your blog and it can be you can do both of these if you do that blog what you want to do in a lot of the same things apply to this too you want to share your expertise about something you already know a lot about let me you already care a lot about you can’t just fake it these people are going to see right through you and then you can either well just a couple examples here you could write an annual how-to guide a beginner’s guide you can also write fiction if your writer yourself you could write fanfiction you could do all kinds of different stuff then what you can do there’s two options here so you can either sell the e-book directly maybe you have the blog to when you’re selling it as a resource on your blog or you go on Amazon you sell it to Amazon Kindle with a lot of places where you can sell your ebooks um but then you could also leverage the e-book to make more money down the road so one of the most common ways that these people doing this is through lead generation so let’s say you have a coaching service and you write an e-book on like the thought the topsides way to increase I’m just writing to the top of my head increase the customers coming in to your door o increase the customers come with your business okay so you give that ebook away for free in exchange for somebody’s email but then you also have a business coaching service that you’re going to be sending to their email regularly with email blast so that’s the way you could use it to leverage the e-book and have future coach sales of your coaching services or whatever services you offer then you can also if you wanted to you can do affiliate sales but basically have people sell the e-book for you on there’s websites like Clickbank where you can go on there and if anybody sells a copy of the e-book they get an affiliate Commission and you get the other part of the money so just another option there how to monetize this and then like I said guys another two options here are probably a little more difficult for younger person because you have to be kind of established into these two things here but number three is to get in on Airbnb and Airbnb is huge gets a lot bigger than I thought it was just out of curiosity I did a search in like my 5-mile radius and there were over 150 people doing Airbnb just in my area which is crazy because I I just heard of it not too long ago but basically what you do is you guys have a spare room or if you have vacation rentals or if you are going away for an extended period of time during the summer or something you can rent out your own home or a lake and if you have local attractions in your area which I do which I’ll tell you about that’s a big bucks so I actually live like five six miles away from the Saratoga racetrack and I do I go there like once or twice a year it’s not my thing but people come from all over the world to see the track so if you have a local attraction if you rent out a space in your home or a property around that time you’ll make a lot more money because there’s a higher demand in that area and I put this here to rent out a tree house maybe that sounds like a joke but another book I read they talked about how these people in Vermont basically built these treehouses in their backyards and they rent out these treehouses and there were some of these people with tree houses in their yards that have a six-month waiting list for people to get in there and these people have actually paid off the mortgages on their own home renting out a tree house in their backyard that’s pretty crazy then the fourth one kind of size in this case this is like the most tried and tested passive income model is rental income so build a portfolio of rental properties you know yeah this takes a lot of money yeah it’s difficult to get started with this but this is the best way you’re going to make the most money doing this and this has the biggest potential I think to become passes once you have a management company to manage all your properties you collect rent or you take care of renting out your apartments it’s pretty much passes at that point you just keep your check once a month this is probably the most difficult one to set up because it takes a lot of money and a lot of at first it’s not passive at all because you’re going to be collecting rent yourself you’re going to be going to get out to people you’re going to be making repairs or making the phone call to make those repairs so it is going to be a headache at first but it has the potential to become completely passive and the last thing I wanted to say guys I don’t passive income seems like a very sexy type of income because people are like oh like I know the thumbnail maybe that’s a little quick baby but it’s a you know the picture of people at the beach that’s what people think of when they see passive income they think of oh I can make a couple hundred dollars sitting at the beach or I made a thousand dollars today sitting under an umbrella at the beach most of these income models here especially these ones listed here there are nothing but passive at first in fact they’re going to be taking a lot of your time they’re going to take hours a day to build a niche specific blog or to write an e-book and market it successfully or to save up the money to buy real estate or to save money to buy a place to rent out an air B&B maybe one of the potentials become passive but there’s a lot of work at the start of it and if anybody is trying to tell you that there’s a passive income model out there that doesn’t take any work at first they’re probably lying to you if you do come across one make sure you let me know because I’ve yet to find one and I think it’s because most of these things that I want to say all of these things require a lot of work at first but that’s pretty much guys the four areas I would look into if you were looking to build passive income 2017 so thank you guys for watching the video if you guys have any questions or you have any video ideas yourself please drop them in the comments below if you enjoyed the video please drop a like and subscribe thank you guys for watching