Best Online Stock Brokers – Cheap Trades and Mutual Funds

if you’re interested in doing some online trading there are many different platforms that you can go to but what do you need to know to find the best online stock broker hey this is jeff rose from let’s take a look at what you need to know the first thing that one suggests is make sure that you go with a name that you recognize or that you know sometimes you’ll see these online brokers they’re advertising trade for $2 or $3 and that might be enticing but if you don’t know the company you know how good the execution is gonna be on those trades another thing you just don’t know if that company is insured by the SI pc so make sure it’s a thing that you recognize it could be Scottrade e Trade TD Ameritrade there are many different choices the second thing you want to figure out is what are you actually going to be buying online is it stocks ETFs mutual funds all the different online brokers have their little niches that they focus on for example if you’re looking for stocks purely stocks each ray t v– ameritrade ur probably be a little bit cheaper than a Scottrade with mutual funds Scottrade has over 30 100 different mutual funds that you can buy with no transaction cost if you’re looking to buy stocks but want to focus on dividend reinvestment capital one share builder is another great resource to go to and the last thing you want to focus on is fees mostly the online brokers are really cheap in their fees but make sure there’s nothing on the back end they’re going to try to ding you on for example do they have an annual account fee or an annual maintenance fee are they going to charge you if you transfer your account out do they charge for advice if you have a question you want to call their toll-free number is there additional cost hopefully this isn’t an add-on just an additional service that they provide so if you have a question you’re not going to get charged for it if you’re not sure what the best online stock broker is for you be sure to head over to the site we have a comparison review table that shows all the different online brokers that you can use if you have any additional questions a good financial sense comm is a great resource you could also check us out on our Facebook fan page this is Jeff rose trying to help you find the best online stock broker take care