Best 3 Meat Steak Chili Recipe Ever!

hey this is jeff rose I wife has nominated this to be our Christmas Eve tradition dinner and I think the real reason is because that way she doesn’t have to cook but that’s just what I’m saying but today I want to show you how to make it and actually this is going to be a multi-part video because it is a two-day process but today I just want to show you the ingredients how to prep it for tomorrow and then tomorrow rush to do the cooking and the tasting so let’s take a look at the ingredients okay here we are looking at the ingredients for the steak chili recipe the very first thing that you absolutely have to have is an iPad or a laptop handy so that you can follow the directions now I must say that this actually is not my steak chili recipe my buddy Jeremy from genetics finance finance actually it’s his recipe I have just tweaked it a bit and kind of made it my own so the first ingredients we have are the meat and some of the I think one of the key ingredients here we have the Bob Evans zesty hot pork sausage for a little bit of spice in there we have the ground beef sirloin and then we have the round steak now the other slight changes I have made is the poblano pepper and I actually have never had a poblano pepper until this recipe the recipe calls for one I’m a spice guy myself so I like the spices up so I had an extra poblano pepper in there and my wife she doesn’t like spicy as much as I do but she really likes this recipe just a couple other ingredients you’ve got the crushed tomatoes I always add some extra tomato sauce it seems like whatever the recipe recommends I always have to add that more to make it a little bit more saucy you’ve got the chili beans you’ve got the liquid smoke and the Worcestershire sauce now the one thing that I’ll mention again here whatever you’re using this liquid smoke I always like to put some plastic on my hands because when you’re mixing the meat which I’ll have to do here this stuff literally stays on your hands for at least a day or two so your hands is reka liquid smoke no matter how much you wash them and the other key ingredients we have the cayenne pepper and we have the coriander C the ground coriander seed do not buy the pellet I made them mistake the first time and then we also have the ground cumin I’m going to mix all this stuff up here we’re going to get it all cut up so check back with me here in a second and I’ll show you the next step all right I’ve got all the ingredients cut up I’ve got all the steak cut up the green pepper the poblano pepper the garlic and everything and the onions all mixed up and now I want to show you how you get your hands dirty and what makes this recipe a lot of fun all right so now that we’ve got the liquid smoke we’ve got the Worcestershire sauce and I’m totally going against what I said earlier but as I said you won’t might wanna have some plastic but I’m going without it so all you gotta do is just dig in and just get it all mixed up and so once we get all this mixed up we are then just going to seal it and we’re gonna stick it in the fridge and then tomorrow we’re gonna Brown the meat and finish the chili so we’ll see you tomorrow with the second step okay let the cooking begin it is nowaday – and I’m actually starting this a little bit later than I would like if you’re going to be serving this for dinner you usually like to start cooking around noon so that way it gives us enough time to get the cookie – all the spices and all the ingredients to simmer and really get in there so I’m already starting to brown the hamburger as you can see here you’re gonna need a pretty big skillet now don’t try to cook it all at once it’s gonna take me about probably five or six batches of browning the meat and then once you get the meat browned you’re going to need a big big pot we’re gonna check back after I get the meat Brown and then we’ll be adding the sauce and everything else to it and the bean so we’ll see you soon okay we are going to add the tomato sauce I have browned all the hamburger and dumped it into the big pot hopefully you can see there and now I’m going to start adding the crushed Tomatoes go ahead some of the herbs and spices this is the coriander seed some black pepper a little bit of kosher salt some red cayenne pepper can you see I like a little bit of spice and it looks like either add some cumin but that is not open yet so we’re gonna go ahead and stir this up a little bit just so you can kind of see how it looks so it looks kind of thick now and after this simmer for a good while you’ll start seeing more liquid to the top but we’re definitely going to be adding some more tomato sauce here as we go five or so hours the chili is finally done now I have a little special surprise that I didn’t mention this before but the little extra changes I made to this is that I have made this into a chili mac so we have a three meat steak chili mac and I’m getting ready to have my first taste of the evening beautiful it’s Christmas time let’s celebrate guy more questions you were to find me for the best state chili recipe ever Merry Christmas