Be Laser Focused When Life Challenges You – Grant Rant #119

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey Grant Cardone New York Times bestselling Arthur and I want to talk to you today about the TSA that’s right my friends at transportation for the airlines look ever since my FA problem look like a problem to you okay the TSA has been nothing but nice to me and it reminds me back in May 21st 2009 my wife called me there’s a great story here and I just did an interview with MSN about it my wife calls me at 6:30 in the morning Houston time I was at the Hyatt Hotel at the Intercontinental Airport in Houston and she says we’re having a baby today now we knew the baby was coming but I thought it was going to be in June so I planned this seminar because I’m the delivery guy I’m the doula at my house I don’t know if you know this but we do natural trial birth at my home I don’t want doctors cutting on her drug in her and I don’t wanted to be in a place where a bunch of people are sick broken hungover domestic problem issues I don’t want all that so we had our baby at home so my wife calls me she says you need to come home I’m like dude I got 257 people at a seminar you need to come home she’s laser focused you need to come home because you made a commitment to deliver this baby with me and I’m like you’re right I’ll be home what do I do I grab my bags a buy ticket online I grab my bags I go to the tram in Houston tram shut down what do I do I got 11 minutes to make a 8:30 a.m. flight so I can be at home and time to deliver my first baby girl what do I do dude stay positive okay no negativity allowed here I’m like stay positive grant I just start hauling ass pulling my bags I go all the way across the Intercontinental Airport I come up to TSA I start reaching in a security security line I’m busting through the security line I’m like hey give me some help give me some help I’m late I’m late help me help me help me help me I’m begging people for help right stay focused man I know I can’t make this flight I know I can’t I look Oh where’s my driver’s license where my passport no driver’s license no passport I’ve lost both um you know what you do in that situation you quit that’s what most people do they quit cuz quitters quit that’s what they know how to do what did I do I say special attention I need some special attention I got a special situation those are two key words you want to use in an airport whenever you need help special situation now do you think all grants gonna drop the pregnancy card they’re having a baby today help me up no dude don’t do that save that you don’t blow your whole wad at one time you’ve been doing that your whole life okay you say special situation he says yeah what is it I said look I don’t have a driver’s license don’t have a passport but check it out grant cardone 10x rule I just wrote this book is sick you need to get one and by the way here’s my photo right here okay also on that phone is my facebook account and my Twitter account check me out that’s who I am Grant Cardone you with me guy says ok come on through it’s a supervisor I go straight to the line he says you’re never gonna make it impossible you will never make this flight you’re down in like seven minutes I said please have one of these be positive be positive okay because if I give up now I can’t make it so I’m like if I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail at the last moment this is longer than a two minute rant but why is it important dude don’t stop obstacles problems challenges keep moving forward I got in a plane eight hours later delivered my first baby girl I would never want to miss that day let me just tell you something grant you could’ve taken the next flight I would have missed three hours of my wife and labor man I got a shot to watch my wife and massive pain for three hours and I got to be there supportive of her to help her to comfort her to take showers with her being the jacuzzi with her right to love my wife through those moments where it’s difficult look the natural childbirth was the most incredible thing I’ve done in my life supporting my wife was the most incredible thing I’ve done in my life as well and making that flight was incredible it was miraculous and it was because of one thing I kept taking actually do the same thing