what’s going on everybody Scott Hills here with you today number four it said this video be sure to subscribe to him post notifications up because I answer any no questions within the first hour of every single video so this is a video I’ve been getting a lot of requests for we’re basically just gonna go through and review all of your stores me and Jared guess where I’m here in Boca so it was like the perfect opportunity to get to takes on everything because as we keep saying the more perspectives you have one stuff the more successful you’d be that’s just a fact the most successful students we’ve had for sure took pieces from every single part and always was learning always those learnings so yeah we had all you guys submit on Instagram your stores we got hundreds of submissions we just randomly chose about ten if you were lucky enough to get chosen please take this advice seriously we might roast you just a little bit but we’re just being honest so let’s get right into these reviews and even if you’re not lucky enough to get chosen like look at you know really look into what we’re teaching here because it’s applicable for everyone so what’s that right in absolutely alright store number one is pakka boo calm the name itself is a little bit confusing but it’s okay it’s a dog shop so first thing you get is a pop up wanting to sign up for their newsletter be the first in the know by getting special deals and offers sent directly to us first of all here you want to offer a discount or you want to incentivize them to give you their email there it’s not incentivizing to say give me your email so I can give you the best deal so you could shop with us it’s like give me a mail so you can get 15% off your off your first order absolutely the the site looks pretty trustworthy color scheme looks nice you know the font and everything is matched up the transitions look great let’s actually check the product pages on see how they would convert and it looks like a wide range of priced products like this here is five hundred and fifty dollars this is a leash for almost a hundred dollars it’s pretty expensive dog leash I don’t know if I have spend that much of my dog’s leash let’s go ahead and pick on this product right here and it’s it’s good products for sure it’s like interesting products and like you said it’s a wide variety loll ways a good idea to have a wide range of price so that you can accompany a wide range of people and income levels for sure now on this product page first thing I noticed is that there’s a lot of blank space at the top which is useless you know you don’t have as much here below or above the fold as you could you do have the Add to Cart Add to Cart button above the fold but it’s barely visible down here also categories home page that doesn’t really mean anything that’s just you can get rid of that or you can actually make it a category that counts and same with the SKU for sure yeah you don’t need to have this random SKUs or even the tags I would say get rid of the tags as well yeah you pretty much want to get rid of all this stuff you could put categories actually makes sense so people can click on them and go shop other products in that category but the SKU and the tags are pretty much useless here I like to typically have like an Add to Cart button or a Buy Now button that’s that’s up that’s a Shivering you know shaking or moving something that’s bigger and normally something that’s like bright green but this one goes pretty well with the theme now let’s look at the reviews really quick oh yeah so I thought no reviews no reviews this that’s never good would you think it’s better to it would probably better to not have any reviews tab if you don’t have any reviews for sure also if it’s a drop shipping store and you’re selling a generic product that other people are selling you can import reviews from Aliexpress because those are actual reviews of that product so that’s always a good way to do it and then let’s see you the checkout process added the cart checkout loads a little bit slow but overall it’s a pretty good site I Drake this like a seven point eight out of ten yeah my rating I’ll give it I would say just around a seven point five out of ten I notice I don’t know if it’s here or not but they don’t have any upsell or down so especially for if they’re spending five fifty you definitely want to get an upsell on that because they’re at that point they’re just looking to spend money if they’re paying five hundred fifty dollars for a smart bed I agree all right well pakka boo not bad not a bad story alright next up we have infinity castle calm great name infinity castle interesting name yeah first thing is you gotta change this this photo it’s a little confusing because you got top products over like a Big Mac screen and there’s just a lot of colors there’s a lot of things going on right when you go to the website so definitely first things first changed that cover photo yes like I don’t really know I have a big Starbucks cup in your in this photo right and then you’re gonna have two categories uh new arrivals and faiths apparels which doesn’t really even fit the original photo to begin with with the iPad so we get faith apparel and new arrivals so this person clearly is like focused on what’s trending in dropshipping because I know I did a webinar where I showed off a hoodie that we did a million dollars on there’s somebody who’s killing it with burrito blankets so whoever’s store this is you’re in the know on drop shipping products let’s go ahead and check out new arrivals all right every product here has multiple u.s. flags so I’m not sure why for the I guess they have a currency converter uh okay so typically you’d want the site to automatically convert based on with your IP address hundred percent you can use best Currency Converter Pro for that let’s click on a product page I would say for the desktop version and the mobile wouldn’t really matter but on the desktop right here it’s all pushed to the right you definitely want to look Center izing that because it does look a little weird that it’s all you know push to the right even though most people on Facebook are going through mobile you still want to optimize for both especially if it’s not a mobile specific product all right so you have Add to Cart you have buy it now typically themes that convert well also have a dynamic button which would either be Apple pay or PayPal or whatever you use most I’m gonna pop up right here so you can just check out let’s click on buy it now all right standard Shopify checkout just find nothing wrong with that overall what would you rate it’s good I’d give this a five point five out of ten you definitely have a lot of things to clean up it’s pretty confusing looking at it to begin with if you are going for more of a general store you at least want to categorize it and make sense of it more than just like posting a Starbucks cup and iPad and an iPhone and then have enough faith apparel and I knew it rivals tab it doesn’t really make sense to me it’s not very trustworthy I’d give it I’ll give it a four point eight but when you go a little bit of work can get it up there though pretty quickly 100% all right infinity castle next up we have the pause cleaner calm definitely one product store sounds like it free shipping only if you order today I menu you actually okay you can see it on this photo but the top menu you can’t see on the first photo let it will let it a cycle again yeah that’s a big no-no for sure if you can’t see the menu where do you go well let’s check it out right here like yeah you can’t even read this stuff so if you were to go down here what is the pall cleaner I mean this font is very very small you can I’d prefer to just have like three icons like safely cleaned pause easy to use like must-have for dog owners as opposed like you know a small paragraph here that you can barely read that doesn’t catch your attention before and afters are cool you know people can relate to this I’m sure you have some reviews but where do you buy it how do you how do you buy it where’s the buy now come on okay so if you want to buy it it’s like you got to look to you know you got to figure out how to buy it let’s hear the video looks like muddy paws [Music] not a bit not a bad video it looks like the pause cleaner made this at home definitely yeah that’s okay dog lovers you know they probably appreciate this but you still got to figure out how to buy the product and I believe you have to go up here to the menu that you can’t read which is not good so it says shop here but it’s hard to see click on shop now it brings you to reusable wait first of all why do you have reusable straws I’m here for a dollar eighteen yeah that’s not even an upsell worthy like price I’m relatable no you got to get rid of the reusable straws 100% and just send them to this page so get this page entirely needs to go it needs to go this straws no point and then he could upsell straws afterwards if you’d like to but it’s the kind of weird thing to upsell when you’re buying a pall cleaner but it should go straight to this page when you click shop cuz it’s your only product here a little bit messy you know like this is just randomly off-centered color and size are both above the buttons and then quantities to left of the button you have the Add to Cart buttons like a and not a very bright green it’s like a kind of a dull green you want it to stand out more and like be bigger because it’s still hard to see yeah my opinion since this is a one product store you should pretty much make it as simple as possible he had to click at least three clicks just to get to the page where you could just buy it I mean you you if you want to increase your conversions it only makes sense to put the buy now and the product on the first page and in my opinion you should just get rid of the shop button and yeah I mean you should just like clean this up a bit so that’s way more simpler so that instead of people taking three clicks to order the product make it one yeah let’s go to the Add to Cart button see what happens so it brings you here this should just bring you right to the checkout because you’re not shopping around on this website you already have a quantity selector there and then typical Shopify checkout so this is fine the pall cleaner guy or girl whoever made this page you know nice job trying and making the video and I get school product but like you you can’t read the menu so that’s not good it’s a cool product and I you know you worked hard on the video so that’s nice too way too many clicks to buy I give this one a four point five out of ten yeah I do a five out of ten all right we got next up miracle – pen calm I’m not a big fan of the – in the domain personally okay so this one seemed it was loaded a little bit slow right off the bat there’s barely anything to load so that’s a bad sign from the beginning yeah you got a lot of things on the left side yeah it’s a it’s a very messy website and it’s a little too simple and that last website I’ve seen simplified is a little too simple you literally have a photo of it and no description and then you have a privacy policy of refunds and cancellation tab a Terms of Service to contact us a FAQ and track your do you have more information about your your website than you do about the product you’re selling itself yeah and like this right here is pretty useless this doesn’t do anything for any person this should be so this right here should be at the top if you’re gonna keep this format so that you can have Buy It Now above the fold this should be a video of the product using and it should be underneath subscribe to our newsletter get rid of it or put it like at the very bottom and have a pop up you know give us give us your email for 15% off let’s cute let’s continue onward with this first of all the Add to Cart button is hard to see you don’t you never want a white button with with a color around it it’s like you gotta look for it and there’s only one product so it should be by now should be by now yeah I think that’ll do for a miracle pen what would what would you rate it I don’t want to be the harsh one I’m gonna say a two point five out of ten all right next up will ya splash deals data Club this must be a club let’s see if this is a membership site imagine like a Costco okay I’ll say off the bat you generally want to stick with a.com just for SEO purposes and longevity I personally never had a store with auto comm have you had a non comm one no yeah it’s always way better especially for the trust factor to comm is always gonna be way more trustworthy than any of the other dots so to me this is confusing because it’s called Splash deals dot Club so you think it’s like a membership site or like it has a lot of different products and there’s all these different deals but here you have like kind of a banner with like today’s deals written in like text over a video and then the video it’s just it looks like some guy in a girl using a hammock so the I mean if anything you’re gonna sell this hammock that’s great but you want to call it like super hammock calm or like the best hammock calm or outdoor hammock that or whatever it is splash deals and a single product store don’t really go together mm-hmm so but it’s not a bad job showing the product bug free hammock you know fast and easy to set up breathable you know not terrible but there should be buy buttons all over the place yeah I would also take off this last little black bar right here kind of like throws off the flow in my opinion cuz it’s like black bar black bar and then it showcases a few pictures and then another one right there kind of looks a little messy so that for sure I would just take off yeah a little too much info I got I would have buttoned like you know to go to the product page down here you finally have where they can buy but it just says Add to Cart again and guys I’m going to stress this a lot like the Buy It Now or Add to Cart button should always be like a bright color so you can I see it and always have dynamic checkout that’s huge and dynamic checkouts just like if you’re using Pay Pal all the time PayPal will automatically come up or if you use Google Play Google pay will come up or Amazon pay you know etc let’s go ahead and click Add to Cart see what happens now it brings you to a useless shopping it should go right to checkout and I don’t mean to I’m not saying useless to be mean but like I just mean like you can change your quantity right here so what’s the point of this page there’s just just friction strictly friction what do you got for this one I give it I give it like a six and a half out of ten like I definitely see where you’re going with it it just needs a little bit of tweaking and a little bit of cleaning up but yeah you’re going in the right direction for sure I would say you’re you’re on the right path and you’re definitely gonna find success in this if you just keep going and maybe assignment on this product but I mean I’d say by far the most important thing you need to do is change that domain because dock club makes no sense yeah I’d say it’s just a confusing dynamic you’re here for splash deals and you have a hammock only so like that alone knocks off like three points in my book you know plus a few of the other things I give it like a six point two out of ten all right splash deals you got some things to work on all right retro G case we got here alright that’s a gameboy case the Gameboy case I like how it has a Buy It Now button up here two words can define our case epic protection the only case that your iPhone needs iPhone you want to put a lower case I am not to be too picky this is a good banner yeah the site looks pretty good there’s Buy Now button work let’s say yeah it works ok cool see it in action the branding looks nice mhm you know the red button works it’s it’s noticeable but you should definitely also have it on the bottom of the homepage the actual product page I mean the product checkout page said they’re able to check out at the bottom instead of like you know haven’t either click the Buy Now or having to click the retro G case on the top right there that doesn’t really make too much sense to me I would get rid of the retro G case in my opinion and then keep the home and then if they want to buy it they’re gonna click the Buy Now on the home page or they’re just gonna buy it at the bottom but with the dynamic checkout that you have right here so you think that they shouldn’t have this page at all no I’m saying they should have this page but they should also have it be able to check out on the home page right as well go right to the checkout yeah I don’t really see it necessary to have the tab up here when you have multiple Buy Now buttons on the home page okay less caps the better I like how they haven’t had to Cart button that pops up down oh I didn’t see that that’s good that’s good that’s really good a lot of information I mean it is pretty nicely built site definitely definitely um this button that would make red with white text not white with red text again definitely this is a classic Aliexpress move you want to eliminate the for for sure and you just want to display the model number says for I fine and then the capital P for sure so it doesn’t look a little phony yep and then they got the dynamic checkout which is good let’s click Add to Cart now I was asking for my email to add it to cart classic but I don’t do that do you do that I tried it for a bit and I found that it actually hurts the conversion rate because in general it’s like people are used to like Amazon so like or just a regular site it’s like why do I need to just to add it to cart why would I need to add my email of this is a legitimate site I understand from your perspective you’re trying to collect emails and this is how you increase retargeting and all that but I think this might have worked a couple years ago but this just screams dropshipping to me and you’re gonna collect their email if they buy from you or if they even add to card and they put their email and you’ll get that email address and if you have a Facebook pixel you’re gonna be able to retarget them this is gonna hurt your conversion rate 100% I’ve give this about a 7 point 8 a 10 I give a 7 out of 10 personally yeah good job whoever that was that Shoji case nice word has a really good one all right we have next up is pluck sea or pooks flukes dot KO you forgot the app flukes ko could be pluck see ya could be plucks oh yeah so right off the bat if I saw this like when I went wait wait they got the fidgets they got the fidgets spinner this is good electronics and gadgets electronics and gadgets premium gift ideas so when you when someone comes to the website it’s best to actually like gain their interest it seems like this is geared more towards like when you like track your orders and stuff like like most people come to your website don’t care about tracking the orders when they haven’t ordered anything to begin with and then you got eager for a sneak peek sois Mui I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean like this this whole thing’s pretty confusing it doesn’t even look like e-commerce website it kind of looks like a some sort of software company honestly until you like start looking into a deeper so like the trust factor for me instantly is way down this looks like a logistics company to me yeah exactly it’s got a it’s got an airplane flying some maybe a travel agency is a woman doing yoga let’s see what else we got here okay now we have products aching for more have our emails in your inbox we don’t spam okay now so you need a neat first of all you want to pop up you want to incentive you need to incentivize people to give you their precious email addresses they don’t care about your business enough to just give you their email address there they’re not aching for more especially not after seeing this airplane and and this random picture of a building with soy soy on it nobody’s making for more of that all right so we have men’s products women’s products and electronics and gadgets let’s see what they got here so for men’s products we have a cuddle pillow you got a woman right on the right on the cut up it’ll pillow for the men’s products that’s and you only have two men’s products and why is it luggage baggage strap why is that specific to bed does it make this doesn’t make any that’s neither of these are men’s products no women oh if it’s men okay okay they also have the pillow they have a die choc comb okay fair enough a mini spray bottle and a an iconic hairbrush they must have some good gadgets on here me yeah spinners okay okay they like you have about seven total products on here and three categories and most of them are listed on each category M that’s not great let’s go ahead and check this because it’s listed on every category let’s also note that you had a picture of a fidget spinner you don’t have fidget spinners available to buy so yeah and I wouldn’t have fitted spinners available to buy ID I leave that trend in 2016 also this site loads pretty slow we will check out a load speed test on it just to see if I’m right about that there’s nothing here luggage bungee strap no description Add to Cart is very dull and small huge gap between the price and the checkout yeah and you have it’s as effective price I’m not sure what that supposed to mean effective price yeah and subtotal let’s check what the slowed speed was do I have that tab open still I don’t know was webpagetest.org check it out so this is webpagetest.org you can come here and you can test how fast it takes for a certain page on your website or you just like one page on your website to load and this is how you know you need to optimize your videos or your gifts or your photos in order to make it load quicker because the average person gives a website two to three seconds and if it doesn’t load in those two to three seconds they just leave because the attention span of the human mind is that all-time low and it’s only getting lower yep and this website will actually give you like really in-depth analytics for this sake we’re just gonna look at the amount of seconds it takes it picks three places around the country to test from so it’s not just one place it looks like it’s taking pretty long so let’s check if it’s anything over five seconds you’re not in good shape like you want to be three or under like Scott said anything over five is in really bad shape it’s still testing now so let’s see all right so wool 21 seconds Wow Wow that must be okay so you must not have optimized any of the images on this website they must be full size the gift is probably full size it’s running tests to see if test2 even came up yet test to nineteen point three seconds that’s not good and 18.6 right so mr. or mrs. plucks you can’t make money with this website you’re gonna have to make some changes if you want to make money with this website to be honest whoever has this website I’d probably just start over just make a new website because there’s so many things you got to change here that it’s not even really worth changing I give this a one point five out of ten yeah I was gonna give this maybe a two out of ten when he says start over like literally start over get a brand new domain because Calexico doesn’t make any sense it looks like you might have put a good amount of effort into this actual website but we saw it’s a 20 second load time and then for some reason you’re telling them though you’re asking them if they’re aching for more to just give you their mail and it says we don’t spam specifically if someone said that to me I just assume that they’re gonna spam me because it’s like why else would they mention that it doesn’t make sense so yeah definitely like one point eight out of ten hey if it’s your first store or even your said whatever props for trying yeah but it’s really bad almost everyone who’s gotten in the drop ship thing has made a store like this and it’s used learn that’s how you learn I just take it as you will take it with a grain of salt but this is how you learn you actually did it so you don’t feel bad about that you just gotta remember you’re or you’re a head of like 99% of the people in the world because most people don’t even attempt drop shipping but the only person that will buy from the store may be your mom yeah okay cool so thanks for plex for submitting that we got some good feedback one thing I want to mention to all you guys out there when you’re asking for people to look at your store and tell and ask them what they think of it don’t ask your friends and don’t ask your family like literally just try to find strangers on the internet and be like what do you think of the store because your friends and family care about your feelings and they even if you say like give me the harsh truth they’re still gonna hold back a little so if you want the real honest truth about a website I totally recommend asking strangers over your friends and family yep all right next we got your iPhone case shop calm Spring Sale 20% off entire order use code spring at Capital at checkout limited time offer if you could just make that go across the top you don’t need two lines for that it takes a bunch of space for no reason right is it still spring no no no it’s summer well it’s about well technically spring but it’s gonna be summer in a month right well what if summer update that December so phone cases you could I mean Jack woman’s cases men’s cases I guess you could do that but okay now this doesn’t make any sense we are a Los Angeles California based company built by the ground up not by us but by our genuine and loyal customers your iPhone case shop is a result of many years spent looking for the most fashionable elegant premium quality cases in the market yeah that bout us is a little weird that’s kind of weird how you said like we didn’t build this build our cars built by the ground up yeah okay so maybe you’re not the best copywriter but you tried you’re trying to give yourself a brand image definitely wanna change that up though a little bit and then you put right here again that we truly believe you so you say that if you spend many years looking for the most fashionable elegant premium quality cases the market and then right below that you go we truly believe we carry some of the most fashionable elegant premier companies in the market just to reassure us that that is true I would definitely take that out immediately for sure yeah I don’t really think you need much of any if you’re gonna have this section the about us and our guarantee you want this to be powerful you want this to represent your brand you don’t want people to think you just kind of like throwed it out just to put it there and put like a generic picture of like four people on customer support on laptops low Mouse PCs and you probably want these on tabs honestly and like it I wouldn’t really put this on yeah unless it was like you know our mission like we use repurposed wood and writing sea turtles right like that’s not really a selling point you’d want to just keep it up here on the tab let’s check out the rest of it so got women women’s cases yeah I mean I would buy this case ok that’s necessary just for women but yeah the interesting choice and I don’t know if I put them on separate separate pages I’d also say your product selection in general it’s kind of like pretty bland I don’t really see any these cases going like massively viral like all you guys know I had my anti-gravity case go viral and that’s only because it had an actual unique feature to it that people were attracted to this is kind of like very similar cases that you can find at Walmart or Amazon for like 30% of what you’re charging for it yeah and if your drop shipping cases and you have a selection you should have a bigger selection too because you get there’s so many cases down there there’s a lot of cool ones let’s check out one of them here so you’ve heard of the material again you want to change that the iPhone for sure yep you want to change this button make it a red button with white text you got some conversion features here 83 sold selling fast 83 sold when got reviews that’s good are they of the same case yeah they look to be not bad overall I would give this give it give it a 5 point 4 out of 10 I was thinking about four and a half out of ten all right you’re on your iPhone case shop thank you for submitting that all right next one we got three sites left here you have golfer elite code calm I’m ready and I love golf Scott likes golf too I always beat him when we play so this will be a fun one to look at all right so loads feels a little funky a little funky on the load speed want discounts exclusive discount code directly to your inbox we will not spam oh my gosh I don’t know why people keep putting that I understand there must be someone out there teaching it also you have a pop-up on the right which is just like sitting here in front of everything this should pop up right in the middle it should say get 15% off your order today and then it should say enter email and it says if you click the exit saying no I don’t want a discount like that’s it simple give me 15 percent off today or nothing you’re selling a free golf pudding laser in my opinion golf is an expensive sport so like for something like for a golfer I’d feel weird getting I would think it’s a very cheap product I’d rather actually spend money on a on a product for health at least $20 maybe in 30 I could see this product actually going barble if with them a right video with the right targeting you’re onto something here for sure if I was you I would honestly just simplify it and get it down just to that just try that laser pointer cuz it leer let’s look at their other products too okay we had a catalog here yeah but it’s 50% off the entire store all business free that’s a little bit confusing that’s a little bit confusing yeah so click here to get a free end 50% of the entire store a little bit that’s very actually very confusing okay we’ll go back real quick like I could see this product taking off with a good upsell like you could upsell the golf training swing guide but it’s I wouldn’t make this entire website just for four products because I don’t really see the cleaning brush and the ball claw making you a millionaire anytime soon is only seven products I would definitely focus on your best product which for some reason you know I can charging for at this point and then just see what happens from there yeah and just make it easy for them to buy it you know and then upsells in the backend mm-hmm overall I’ll give it a four point two out of ten yeah I’d give it a 4 out of 10 all right one deal thunder kind of thunder let’s go one deal thunder see we got all right we have a very pixelated photo of somebody holding up an iPhone and what looks to be just because I know because I’ve sold this product a projector now you can’t really tell from the photo what it is but this man is holding it and it’s very pixelated you don’t want you want to have a hike this represents your page you land on it you need something very high quality I’ve actually sold a lot of this product so it works so I’m familiar with this theme right here on mobile this is gonna push off of the mobile screen so you definitely want to get that Center eyes for sure and so that’s one issue right off the bat but that’s a great photo right there for sure I think this is a little too big it’s good to have like trust badges but in my opinion it doesn’t need to be like so in your face also there’s like a random pulsating dot yeah that’s super strange huh and then no other products they have no dynamic check out either okay you have one product but your your menu says products hmm about us we owin deal thumb they believe the customer should come first not the business that’s why they offer high quality deals one at a time and outstanding discounts we worked directly a manufacturer thought for you the absolute lowest price that’s actually my copy that’s my exact guy fine it’s fine so this is what I meant earlier in the video when I was saying like you really don’t want to put shipping time ten to two five days on the checkout page if you’re gonna mention that you want to mention that about us with a good description so he like he was taking my copy was basically saying like because these deals are so great and because we get such large volume expect shipping times to be about two weeks but it yeah super strange a a products tab when you only have one product so I’d get rid of that immediately right off the jump so overall you have a pixelated photo here your products tab brings you just to one product this stuff not bad I think that this is a little bit large in my opinion with a random pulsating thing back here it brings you to a cart page which you don’t need no dynamic checkout no dynamic checkout until oh wait let’s see if we can go back here see there’s dynamic check out here yep here there is okay I give it it I’ll give it a six out of ten uh-huh I’m thinking more like a four out of ten oh maybe I’m getting generous toward the end all right guys we at the last store coming up are you ready for this one Mart spree writes free.com Mart spree calm now this can go this could be either really good or really bad it’s an interesting name oh yeah alright so you got the smallest logo that’s ever been made up here and then tell the experience isn’t even Center eyes this is a logo of somebody’s mouth tell the experience tell the somehow that’s off-centered I would say definitely make that although larger and center eyes I don’t think that a general Giap shipping store I don’t think a mouth really works no that doesn’t scream deal and then there’s a huge space in between the election lists and there’s no there’s no really like any information about what they’ve been looking at and then you got a whole array of colors you got blue you got gray you got green you got white we just follow us on Facebook you don’t have any other social channels you got 2017 copyright I mean this screams I don’t trust this store yeah screams it let’s see what they got let’s let’s just maybe they’re only driving traffic to the product pages let’s let’s give them a benefit of the doubt this comedone acne remover let’s check it out visitors right now 530 all right I don’t know if you can adjust then whatever app you’re using but I would never believe that 530 people are looking at this product right now now although this looks doesn’t look very good this could convert well because it’s giant yes I want one this is unreasonable but this could work for certain types of consumers it’s it’s there’s nothing to distract you in the product page I think oh there’s no menu up top you got the everything’s above the fold this probably looks good on mobile the product page probably converts at a decent rate to be honest with you the countdown timers a little long in my opinion I usually stick with maximum like 36 hours like three days eight hours they got that’s a lot of time to think the color scheme is very could be better that let’s see what happens here it brings you to a shopping cart I would just go right to checkout but it does have dynamic checkout which is good so let’s just see what they do with shipping and we’ll go back there are no shipping oh well if it’s available for your Carter address so maybe they don’t deliver to America I don’t think that’s possible Wow oh yeah that’s a first for me okay well that’s gonna kill your conversion rate not being able to order so I’m gonna give some real feedback here aesthetically not good like you know you land here the logo means nothing that you know there’s a bunch of white space at the top the color scheme doesn’t work but I’ve built some pretty ugly sites that convert really well and I’ll tell you that having a giant green button that stands out at you not having a bunch of distractions up here like I feel pretty ugly sites like this that I’ve converted it like eight percent ah so although it’s not a good-looking site and making it speaking about conversion rates alone it may convert well except for the fact that you can’t ship to United States which just kind of kills it my overall rating here may be a little bit higher than the ratings of the stores that looked better but still is not going to be a good one I’m gonna give this store a five point five minutes in yeah I give it a two out of ten I’m sorry for everyone’s this but this is not that great you have a lot to do with the color scheme the logo the theme the products and just the overall like the display of everything like your product pages are good but everything else needs a serious amount of work I agree with you I think it’s a there was not a lot of effort put into this into like you know really trying here with this website just from my experience I’ve had ugly sites like this that convert but yeah I think we’ll be a little bit off on the rating on this one yeah cool well that was the last site definitely what do you think I think thank you guys so much for submitting it we had like I said at least two three hundred people submit use this as a flagship for your own store like I’m sure a lot of these things especially the Add to Cart a lot of these things can be applied to your store to see a lot of people have that they don’t have the dynamic checkout even like dynamic checkout is an instant sales booster and it’s free it’s completely free so that for sure definitely always roll with that dot-com domain don’t even if you think you like you really like this domain where it’s like you know once one store now or something and they don’t have the dot-com just find something else you want that calm especially for long term you want you’re not gonna get ranked on Google if you don’t have it calm it was gonna be hard to get ranked on Google that’s for sure and then yeah overall you want the big add the Cart button and then like he was saying it’s like if you’re gonna charge for shipping you definitely want to incentivize them to buy too if you try if you’re charging for shipping so that they get free shipping for buying to their for your average order your body goes what else do you need to have that that was most of the things that we went over you know guys like sometimes it takes a second set of eyes but if you submitted the site like just go through your website pretend your consumer you know would you trust your own site check to see your load speed load speed is huge like if it’s more than five seconds you pretty much can’t be profitable it’s very tough if you’re at 20 seconds like the one store was like it’s almost impossible make sure everything works and yeah having an Add to Cart button a page a lot of times it causes friction and other than that you said pretty much everything so but yeah definitely commend you guys for submitting your stores and putting it on the line hope you got value and everyone pay close attention to how we rated these stores because all these lessons can be used for your store too and I want to have one more thing you said that you want them to go through the website and like see if they would buy it again I would strongly encourage you to just send it out to a bunch of strangers and asked if they would buy it because people can be pretty biased or to what they’re making you know a lot of people they’ll build a website and they’ll feel good about it because you know oh we built a website well it doesn’t matter what you feel about your product doesn’t matter what you feel about your website it only matters what the people you’re targeting feel about it and that’s something you should never ever forget don’t get emotionally attached to your design to your products or anything because all that matters is them not you right on awesome awesome yeah so hope you guys enjoyed this video many more to come so yes