hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn back again talking about unique article wizard today this is a tool that i’ve been using recently to help build hundreds of backlinks to my website and it’s working out pretty good there are some other kind of article submission tools out there and this is the one by far that is the best that i’ve used and i’ll show you kind of exactly how it works before i go on you know that this is kind of a unique article wizard that kind of works in a way where you submit an article say it has three paragraphs then for each paragraph you submit two more versions of each and then it kind of mixes and matches them together for you know so that all the articles is they submit to their network of article cites aren’t exactly the same so they’re going to be different there’s many different combinations and paragraphs and different versions that you use so you can literally get hundreds of different versions at hundreds of different directories all pointing back to whatever you want to point to so let’s uh let’s go through and show you how it works so you know there’s several different things here a lot of things I don’t even use or haven’t even explored yet there’s just you know the software is kind of clunky but you know it works it’ll take one or two times going through to understand how it works and how to how to get through it pretty fast but it doesn’t take very long especially when you consider that you’re going to get hundreds of backlinks out of it now I like to go through the step-by-step wizard and this will actually be easy for me to show you exactly how this Tool Works so the first step is to go with a project name I’m going to use one that I’ve used before called security guard training author when you use my pen name which is Pete Chamberlain and you know you can add additional authors if you want to now the title of this article is do you need to go to school to get hired as a security guard and this is the body of this article is going to be a spun version of the article which I talked about in the best spinner video above if you’re reading this on the blog post if you’re watching this on youtube you can go to my profile and or my channel and you’ll see the best spinner video there which will show you how to create multiple versions of this article so this will include one version right here so let’s go over to the best spinner this is one spun version just create a new one because i already use that one in a go article and i’m going to copy this and paste it right here into this body of article and you’ll see spelling errors there all right looks good next step now the next step is you want to create different titles for your articles so right here I have do you need to go to school to get hired a security guard do you need to go to school to get hired as a security officer and maybe do security guards need to go to go to school for to get employment and you can add additional titles as well and again it’s going to mix and match mix and match these when you know when it creates the different versions based on the different paragraphs that you’re doing right here you’re going to want to edit the first paragraph and then this is where you create different versions of each paragraph and normally you know it would take time to write different versions of the paragraphs but again we’ve already spun this article so what I’m going to do is I’m going to spin this article grab the first paragraph go back to unique article wizard paste that so right here see a number of people ask if there are any education and right here it says a lot of people are probably wondering if there are any school qualifications required so it is working and okay going back to article Wizards spin it one more time again because in each three versions and go back here so this is paragraph one here are three different versions for paragraph one next paragraph I’m at paragraph 2 i’m just going to grab this one here because I know I’ve already spun it and it’s different and going back here boom alright so i just finished adding the third version of paragraph six so i’m going to click on next step okay so this is where you create your resource file or the resource box that is included with your article that you’re allowed to place links in and you’ll see an example here that you can just kind of base your your links and your text off of but I’m just going to do it really quick here for you so my target URL this is the article to this is my go article that I created which was again from another spun version of this article i linked to it above if you’re reading this on the blog post the anchor text security guard training and build link the anchor text here isn’t as important as it is for sites that directly linked to your site ah because these are linking again to the anchor sites we’re doing that because we don’t want to send hundreds of links to our niche site we want to send hundreds of links to our anchor sites such as this go articles article that I just wrote and published because then it’ll be able to handle those hundreds of links while passing that SEO juice from those hundreds of links on to my niche site if we were to just point a you know directly to our niche site you know we might get penalized because that’s a ton of backlinks no directly to our brand new niche site so what happens here is I just built a link there’s a hyperlink builder here you can do it manually obviously if you want to and I’m going to create a resource page so I’m just going to say you know if you like to learn more about and I’m going to paste that which you know I copied to clipboard here and this will put security guard training as my anchor text for my target URL which is my co articles article if you like to learn more about security guard training and possibly that I can spell possibly now I have another link here this is my squid do my web two point O property and i’m going to change this to armed security guard training so i have a target urls my squid you my anchor text armed security guard training i’m going to build that link it’s going to change that their copy to clipboard okay and possibly copy paste armed security guard training so it says if you’d like to learn more about security training and possibly are scarier training you should definitely check out and this isn’t written as well as it probably should be but security guard training headquarters and i can’t add any more links because I’ve already added to which is the max here but you get the idea so in this this is the rest of this process is you know creating different variations of this because you will want the you know two to four different variations so it’s not duplicated throughout all the hundreds of differences back like so I’m just going to fast forward this part for you right now alright so i just finished creating my resource boxes i have four different versions here it wasn’t that hard to create just follow the instructions up here and i’m going to go to the next step and this is where I add the different categories and keywords so here the first part they want some specific keywords like security guard training security guard courses security guard education then it wants you to ask for more broader categories like security protection services stuff like that and then you can you know think laterally about what these involve is so careers education stuff like that and down here you’re going to select different categories so I’m going to select careers for number one education for number two in business careers for number three check and then it’ll tell me exactly how many directories this article could roughly go to so it says 1065 directories and that’ll change based on the you know how many paragraphs you’ve written the different categories you selected and all that stuff your resource boxes so we’re over the next step and here you know i’m just going to confirm everything i get to see the different variations of the articles my resource box the keywords and all that stuff and i can say when I want the articles to be sent out and the maximum submissions per day they recommend 50 but that’s because they they’re thinking about pointing to your direct niche site if you’re if you’re doing it like the way I’m teaching it and you know these backlinks are going to anchor sites you can you can definitely increase this number i usually put it at like you know 350 a day and then submit and that’s it so i have one in progress now again you could see articles that i’ve already done with unique article visitor this one top five pieces of security guard equipment i can click here to see the directories they’ve been submitted to this one was submitted to 485 different directories here they listen for you which is nice which is pretty cool then you can see the one we just put up do you need to go to school they hired a security guard scheduled for tomorrow it’s pending and yeah so that’s it unique article wizard you can get a copy for yourself it is a monthly payment not exactly sure what the prices right now but it is a monthly payment to be part of this program but it is working really well for me it’s probably the best article submitter that I found so far if you want to go through my affiliate link if you want to take a copy of this you can go to smart passive income calm / you a w which stands for unique article is so smart passive income calm / UAW so I hope you kind of learned a little bit about that process and again this process we’re using our unique article Wizards to create mass article submissions massive backlinks going to your anchor sites which you know your anchor sites act as a shield against that hole of links coming in but then they pass that SEO juice into your niche site if you have those anchor texts and your links correctly on your anchor sites so hope that helped make sense I know it’s a lot of stuff but hopefully the blog posts at smart passive income com clarify some stuff for you so thank you