Are You Giving Instant Results? You Should, and Here's Why

hey what’s up everybody it’s pat flynn from smart passive income com I just want to tell you a quick story about something cool that happened to me and a friend of mine at the mall the other day we went to the mall and we’re just strolling around you know we had a bite to eat we had her coffee and that sort of thing and we were just walking around and we come up to this vendor cart you know one of those mall carts in the middle of the mall that was selling this device and we had no clue what this device does or what it did at the time so we come up to the guy who was kind of Manning that vendor cart we asked him hey what does this thing do and he said okay well I’ll give you a demonstration and I’ll tell you that by the end of this demonstration we actually pulled out our wallets and bought a number of these things both of us because it was just it was just really cool and i’ll tell you at the end how this applies to your blog or business and the kind of principle behind what happened and why we just kind of you know without even planning on it pulled out our wallets and bought a number of these things I mean this thing’s pretty cool to begin with and this isn’t a review about this product it’s it’s not this isn’t what this video is about it’s about the principles about why you know the demonstration that this guy did for us worked really well and how you can apply it to your own business so I’m going to give you the demonstration that he did for us right now so this is actually called an X sticker vibration speaker it’s actually a speaker that you can plug into any little mp3 player or an iPod or iPad or something like that so it actually looks like this and I’m actually going to plug it into my iphone right now I have a song cued up it’s like a g6 by far east movement you may or may not have heard it before you can hear it on the on little microphone on my shirt I’m going to plug it into this and what this does is it transfers the sound to this little extension off of the device and you know you can sort of hear the music off of this thing but it doesn’t really do much I mean you can’t you know you can’t bump to it or anything like that so what the guy did was he pulled out a box it wasn’t this exact box this is a mac and cheese box from trader joe’s but he pulled out a box and he just went like this I don’t know if you I hope you can hear that on the microphone but it sounds pretty darn clear it sounds really good actually actually feel the bass coming from this box and he said not only a box but how about a Styrofoam plate so if you’re at a picnic or something and you need a speaker to play music for everybody just take one your plates or he put he actually had a cooler on hand a styrofoam cooler and he put it on that and it sounded really really good you can use something like a box that sounds really good actually so it was just incredible this demonstration the guy did for us you can actually even put it I don’t know if you can hear that it’s kind of far away but I can actually hear the music coming from my table and he it was just incredible and so let me turn the music off so by the end of this thing we were just like this is a really cool innovative device and that it was actually featured on shark tank I don’t know if you’ve seen that show where people come with their business ideas and they pitch it to these guys who potentially become partners with them and help them find their project but it was actually featured on again this is the X sticker vibration speaker and the demonstration totally blew us away and like I said we just I ended up buying four of them as gifts for people and actually this one I bought for myself it’s actually really cool now the whole idea behind this is something called instant results this is something that I kind of I mean I always knew about it but I learned kind of the definition of instant results from at blogworld Expo actually I was sitting in on Derek Halpern from social triggers calm his presentation in and he talked about giving people instant results to immediately give them something to hang on to something to be excited about and potentially give them something or a reason to pull out their wallets to buy something from you and that’s exactly what happened to us so if you have a blog or you’re doing a podcast or videos where you’re doing a webinar or a teleseminar or even if you’re speaking live give people the opportunity right away to do something so they can see immediate instant results from it and you can be sure that if you can do that you’re going to get them hooked on hbu and your brand and what you’re saying and get them to listen to you and potentially buy from you if you if that’s what you’re doing on your on your site so instant results give them instant results it’s incredible film let’s leave it that