Apple Podcasts – What Would You Ask For?

– Hey, what’s up Team Flynn, Pat here. If you have a podcast, just bear with me for the minute and a half of this video. Really quick, I want
you to imagine with me. You fly to Cupertino, California, you bust through the doors of Apple, and you meet the person who
is actually a decision maker for the Apple podcast division. And they happen to ask you,
what is on your wishlist for us to do for you? What would you say? I want you to type in the
comments section below what it is that you
would love to see changed with Apple podcasts. Or some features that
you would love to have that are not there for you yet. I know for example, that I want better
findability for my show. There are only currently a few ways for people to find my show. I either have to use assets
that I’ve already built myself, which for the smaller podcaster, especially those starting
out, it’s kinda unfair, because you’re gonna have
a hard time getting found. I’m thankful that New and
Noteworthy seems to be back, and the What’s Hot list
is getting updated more, but even search, not very transparent, on exactly how that works, and kind of, what the algorithms are. Related shows are only available if you scroll all the way to the bottom, or you click on this link over here, and heck, I would even
pay to get discovered, on other people’s shows through the app. And things like that. Those are really interesting ideas to me. What ideas do you have, and
things you wish Apple would do? Please answer below, and then
share this with a podcaster because, happen to know somebody. (crunching apple) (smacks lips) Urgh! (smacks lips)