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gentlemen Steve Jeff Baron this is Grant Cardone videoing from Hollywood California Baron sent me an email two days ago saying hey grant could you put together a little clip so the people here the executives here that shoot TV and make decisions could see exactly what you do when you come to the UK and give a turnaround version my turnaround TV show version in the UK so rather than me telling you what I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do is use my own personal business let’s face it all businesses fail the question is do they fail long term or just short periods of time so when we cope when I go into a company what I’m looking for is the real problems the people in the business don’t know the problems if they knew the problems they wouldn’t have them so what I do is I go into a company and identify real actual problems I tell you what rather than me telling you follow me I’ll show you what I do this is the sales department okay imma blow in on the sales department and show them how to sell something that’s gonna increase morale it’s gonna drive revenue it’s gonna make the business successful I’ll give you a call at the end of the month then with me see where we’re at Lacedaemon let me have that off oh really this is Carlos hey Carlos grant cardone here how you doing this is you know when you’re talking to me right now hey and the reason I’m jumping on this call Carlos is because I heard Jarrod say something about he’s gonna call you back next month okay but let me ask you something why did you look at it in the first place okay so what’s important to you what problem Carlos excuse me but do you feel like you’re missing opportunities right now good so you didn’t call Jared you didn’t show interest in our product because you wanted to save money you call Jarry because you want to increase your income be raised by your revenue by having your people better handle situations get your veterans experience and get your green your newer salespeople trained well the 1500 a month that that’s your objection is the cost yeah well let me explain to you that it’s not 1500 a month it’s thirty six thousand dollars plus the four thousand dollar startup fee which means it’s 40 thousand I need you to think about a forty thousand dollar decision not at $1,500 a month decision you’re going to be on this program two years not one month if you’re not going to be on it two years you need to tell me that upfront because then we don’t need to do it it won’t work anyway let me ask you a question Carlos I will when’s the last time your company spent forty thousand dollars a hue ever had it not work right so look you’re going to spend $40,000 to train your people over two years over two years to handle every opportunity comes to you and you spend four hundred and eighty thousand dollars in the same period of time on advertising this represents basically eight percent of your ad budget do you want to train your people do you want them motivated if so if you’re going to do this sooner or later if you’re going to do this sooner or later and I’m going to suggest and that’s why I’m getting on the call take time out of the equation and let’s do this the reason I got on the call was to assure you that I’m here to support you and help you look Carlos Carlos I appreciate your business well that’s what everybody should be doing right now to make businesses work so they survive and prosper what’s your what’s your home address I want to send you something personal for me you got horses what was it was the zip code again I missed it okay good do you have any do you have any concerns about doing this yeah that’s right would there be right would there be any reason you would change your mind I’m sending it to you right now thank you so much for your business and look look for your mailbox look in your mailbox for a so special okay thank you so see walkies look it’s not always going to work like that but if the executive drops in brings in the altitude brings in the enthusiasm even if I would have failed I restore my sales department they see that I’m watching they see that it’s happening now they see success that’s what I want to come to the UK and do to wake the UK up sure John pain yeah I know John gonna call yeah sure you still you still record your head on his cut this no yeah yeah you totally so here’s another here’s another client right now this close but they’d like to talk to me let’s just see what happens then it’s called again look these are these are completely crazy random happens all day long happens to every business it happens in the cupcake business it happens in the vacuum cleaner business the furniture business the motorcycle business see Armando he’s not making enough phone calls Houska never get a chair hey Jana Jana hey John it’s David Brent crank cardones I got a favor what’s that buddy long time yeah do you want me to call you on your landline you’ll be calling you on your landline yeah what’s the number you gotta wonder what’s the best use of time for the executor right now I’ve written it I want to increase the revenue of the company that is the the grease for the machinery it’s money and it’s sorry particularly over there right now with the second recession your experience in its money you got to drive the cash register and the only way to do that is to talk to customers to interact with customers to touch customers to get involved a meetings not gonna do it organized he’s not gonna do it what’s that player everything Garrett everything’s good yeah yeah good I think the last time I saw you I ran into you yeah was it that big convention right that’s right business good for you yeah yeah David good yeah you do man she got a responsible for me that’s right yeah you did it back when you better your own fella I appreciate that I appreciate that yeah yeah well I’m trying I’m working on doing something to elevate that to another level so yeah hey are you sitting with a contract in front of you for me what do I need to do brother come over here oh man I can’t come all the way over there and kick this thing off dude I’m so busy but I cannot tell you what I can do we I can drop in virtually I can drop in live on a Skype or a Google Plus call you know I look you know object I’ll do one of those to kick it off but I can do more you know if you call me up and give me like 60 days notice I’ll just put it on my calendar you know maybe we’re when we’re 60 or 90 days into the deal and do another one for you yeah yeah because that’s a living in people dog let me see what do I have what I haven’t run oven if you want over the numbers with it he’s got it what’s the contracts that what what’s the contract say yeah so it’s gonna be $4,000 1295 for 24 months get together with you and have a chat no-no-no that’s if I come over the over over virtually potentially incorporate how many guys should run with no man you want that I’m telling you it’s for the setup okay I’m actually giving you that dealers you you definitely want that there’s that David or John yeah you want that man I’m telling you I’ll kick this thing off so hard first of all David is gonna kick it off with your management team to show them how to set it up then I’m gonna either come in in two weeks or four weeks into the program I don’t I’d prefer to do it after they’ve been on in a while but come in and starting to turn their questions so you know 90 days into the deal you want me to do another when we’re friends I’ll do another one for you yeah sure in the feed yeah going forward like look whatever y’all want me to do I’ll do going forward just ask me to do it I’ll do it okay right no no why you why you want to do that to me man why you want to nickel and dime you like that no it’s not no it’s not no you just save been $600 a month there’s normally 1,800 bucks whatever the agreement do you all want me to do unlimited support for you or do you want do you want to nickel and dime me up front on the deal you call me up and say grant do another 20 minute 30 40 minute meeting for us let’s do one in December grant let’s do one in March grant let’s do one in June I look I charge four grand a pop for those okay they just caught you you want me to do one every month if I can put it on my calendar I’ll do it I’m just saying you guys call me and tell me when you want me to do it I’ll put it on my calendar that’s what I’m telling you well well be flexible here okay four grand 1295 I’m sending it to you right now any reason you change your mind Bing what that’s right that’s the American Way right more more is better I’m in send it back over ich it send it back over and get your guys on it for two weeks and we’ll schedule the first one okay I’m here hey love you guys who do you know who do you know other than yourself that would be interested in doing this now you already know me well enough who did you think of when I asked that question new 20 groups right now cool okay when can I speak to one of the groups yeah yeah he’s been on this thing 18 months okay so who do you guys know come on should share the crawfish yeah know who’s your best friend in the group your best friend in the group who is it Rick Rick coward okay okay can you give me a meeting with him show this to him yeah okay well you trust me can you send me 50 pounds of crawfish then can you send me 50 pounds of crawfish winds crawfish come when they come you gotta come in the spring for this all right okay 20 group I yeah I’m here okay I got a 20 group meeting that’s going to quantity uh actually Sunday flavin okay we’re mostly it’s in Philadelphia I don’t want to go til Adelphia well anyway toughen up oh my god I’m an infinity 20 group David said about an accurate 20 group okay so the guy Paragons one of course we knew about you but Paragon was yeah singing your praises the other thing right one of the group’s okay okay so uh but now I got some really heavy hitters that sound guys refused but it’s morning and they see Michael a fool that’s they feel a thousand dollars in revenue in ten minutes Gordo yes sir okay you know Dave mellow oh I don’t really know all the guys I probably okay we’ll just give me you know maybe put me on the agenda Sonny say hey can we bring car down in he’s doing business with Ben stock I’m doing business with Rick case you know you yeah yeah I’ll bring it up I’d love to hang out with y’all come to stay an extra night we’ll throw back stint on Julio okay buddy thanks for your business I appreciate that there’s a good example okay my god David mind if L take the deal all the way but this and it fuel to the fire okay gets it hot in here they’re like oh my god we can do business and it might have speeded up the process this is what we need to do for a TV show in the UK