A simple Message from me to you

you know I was giving a lot of thought to what I was going to do today on garyvaynerchuk.com and I was kind of stumbling you know a lot of my thoughts are so similar and they’re kind of similar to the other videos I’ve done I mean I can repackage them and give other analogies against them and they’ll resonate and people think it’s cool because I think goodness always wins and you know my parents have done the right thing and gave me the right DNA to be good but uh I finally just got inspired very quickly and it hit me like a ton of bricks like a thunderbolt through my neck and this is what I want to do with today’s gary vaynerchuck I want to thank every single person that has ever watched one second has listened to one word read one email did anything and most of all watched any of these garyvaynerchuk.com in their entire lives because I will never like so many internet celebrities or any kind of celebrities or just normal people not you can come in let’s set it up um I’ve got a table every TV I will never ever ever take for granted the fact that people take time out of their day to watch what I do or listen to what I say oh we’re taking time to send me an email or an instant message or a direct message or text it is ridiculously humbling and I think every person right now that is having success with a blog or video bloggers being followed by more than your inner family and your soccer friends should absolutely positively be so grateful because we are we are not only living in an amazing time where it’s possible at a very low cost of entry to have this amazing network of friends but we should never take for granted the fact that other human beings find us interesting and to me that is an amazing gift and something I will never take for granted so I kept a very basic today I just want to say flat-out thank you