7 Methods to Help You Dig Deeper with Keyword Research and Niche Selection (Unreleased)

okay welcome to video number seven in this video I’m going to show you some things you could do if you’re having trouble with niche selection so even if you aren’t having trouble with niche selection it might be smart just to watch through this video because you might find some new techniques that might be helpful to you in the future when you’re building new niche sites now if you are struggling with niche selection don’t worry it’s not easy I know this a ton of other people know this and really what separates the people who succeed and those who give up is just those who keep going it’s it’s hard to find those keywords if it was easy everyone would be doing it and everyone would be making lots of money but it’s not which is why we’re here and why I’m going to help you throughout this whole process so I’m going to share with you some other ways to find potential keywords new ways that I haven’t talked about yet in this course and the reason I’m giving these to you now is because before I didn’t want to overwhelm you and I wanted to give you just a good starting point using the 777 method that I taught you earlier and just starting with your passions and things that are involved in your life which would be easier to build a niche site for if you’re at this point and you haven’t found a keyword yet you’ve gone through all the traffic filters and all your topics that you selected and nothing’s working out these might help you a little bit more now the first thing I want to tell you is just simply practice and get faster just put more keywords in market Samurai and do as much as you can for some it takes a while to get used to the software but seriously as time goes by it becomes almost second nature for me now whenever I come up with a new topic or idea maybe I’m just driving on the street and I write it down and I put it in my iphone just so I can explore it later I come home go to market Samurai and just you know within a couple minutes I can explore that entire niche and understand if there’s any opportunities in there and it’s just almost second nature now I don’t even have to worry and think about what buttons to pick or what filters to use and things like that so seriously just practice and get faster I want to run through the keyword process that I used when I was going to select my very first niche for my very first niche site which is my security guard training niche site security guard training HQ comm you know I just want to give you some more inspiration and show you how easy it is to just get really fast with this software so you can get through more keywords and eventually find that one that works for you so let’s head on over to market samurai right now okay so here we are back in market samurai and again I just wanted to show you how I stumbled upon the security guard training niche now this was not the first one I tried out I had done about two or three days of just constant checking of different topics and different keywords until I finally found this one and it was awesome and now the sites making about 1,500 to 1,600 a month which is obviously where I want you to get to so I’m going to create a new project and type in police training this is the exact topic or keyword that I use that eventually led me to security go trading and the reason I have selected police training is because it was one of the seven things I was interested in and passionate about at the time not because I was but it was because something that my mom was interested in she was looking to become a police officer so that’s why I put that in there so I’m going to hit create I’m going to do the usual keyword research method that we’ve always been used to I’m going to do a phrase length of three three words or more just simply because I want to get rid of the ones that just have one or two words which are usually a little bit more competitive so I will be able to generate more longer tail keywords using this method so I’m just going to hit generate keywords and see what pops up here are the results as you can see there are 900 in our excuse me 696 active keywords which is a lot which is great so I’m just going to go to analyze these keywords and I’m going to have to redo these filters here sometimes when you start a new project it kind of resets these unfortunately but it’s real easy just click no filters select SEO traffic for 80 phrase to broad 35 adwords cost per click at 0.8 and actually the adwords cost per click is not here yet because we have to analyze the keywords once again but we’ve already filtered 789 so it won’t take quite as long now so i’m going to analyze the keywords one more time actually before or I do that and this is really important I’m going to switch to phrase match type I’m going to hit analyze keywords all right in here we have the data filled in for SEO competition and remember I don’t even look at that because it’s not about the number of competing webpages it’s about the strength of the top ten in google which is what we’re going to find out right now for each of these so I’m actually going to click on the little key on the left hand side of each of these left over keywords we have eight that are active now so I’m just going to click on that to open up new tabs which you can see are being created at the top and I’m going to go through each of these one by one to see what the strength is like in Google by going to the SEO competition module for each of these and then hitting generate results alright so now that I have these results I could see that I have way too much information here stuff I don’t need so I’m going to click off domain age index count all the referring domain stuff the domain backlinks the dot edu gov backlinks dmoz directory and yahoo directory to see what I have left over so this is now a little bit easier to look at and I can see that obviously the pr average is going to be a lot higher than 2.2 these are pretty high here I want to see zeros ones and twos and a few threes I see a lot of three fours fives and sixes here so I’m just going to exit out of this keyword and move on to the next one and do the exact same thing and this is really what it’s all about so as you can see I’m really going through a bunch of keywords really fast we had 696 active keywords that were generated from the original keyword police training and now we’re filtered down to 8 and now we’re looking at each of those one by one and seeing which ones have opportunity a lot of times none of them will and that’s when you just keep going and keep exploring this one criminal justice jobs does not have any opportunity let’s try security guard training SEO competition generate results now this is the keyword that I eventually landed on and built a website for which is now making fifteen sixteen hundred bucks a month which is great now the thing to realize here is that now this site this keyword is a little bit more competitive as you can see the PR is a little bit more generous here however there’s a lot of people who have the keyword in the title URL description and a header which means that you know since I’ve done this a lot of people caught on and built niche sites for this particular keyword as well so I wouldn’t get into this niche now I mean you can if you want but these sites are here already and there’s mine at the top which is awesome and hopefully it will stay there so as you can see it has less PR than a few these other sites and but it has some really good backlinks coming to it this I know and I know for sure that the content is the best on my site I made sure that is the case and if you go here and you explore these sites you’ll see that that’s the case too and I believe that’s why Google put me at number one so this is how I found that keyword before there was only zeros once in twos and this five site I think was here but I wasn’t worried about that because I saw some other ones that were weaker up top I think this one was there before too just going to move on to some of these other ones to show you what they look like so I’m going to keep security going there just show you really how fast this goes nope this one’s a little too competitive so I’m going to move on police department jobs SEO competition generate results too competitive next police officer jobs SEO competition generate results too competitive a lot of five fours fives and sixes next Police Department’s hiring generate results and the PR is a little bit better but it’s still too competitive so I’m left over with security guard training and again if I were to come across this now it might be a little bit too competitive but I see a lot of twos in ones and zeros here as you can see at the lower end of the top ten which is which is a decent sign now the next thing I want to talk about is digging deeper using the chain method I went over this in the last video just briefly but I want to go over it again because it’s really important and I found a lot of keywords using this method in market samurai show I want to show you kind of how it works one more time here in market samurai and I want to show you how the chain method works it’s a great way to go through a bunch of different keywords without doing too much work and it’s almost mindless and we don’t do any extra thinking in order to do this we’re just going to use the keywords that we found here to open up new keywords and new groups of related keywords and I’ll show you how that’s done now so as you can see police training is opened up and we have those eight active keywords that are left over after all the filtering we did and let’s say we gone through all these and none of them meet the SEO competition requirement that we wanted I’m eight I’m actually just going to open one of these up I’m going to select this one criminal justice Jobs for example click on the key to the left of it and that opens criminal justice jobs up as a totally brand new keyword so I’m going to click on that I’m going to make sure the keyword research module is on and then now I’m going to treat this like it’s its own new topic that’s the chain and I can keep going and going and going and doing this until I finally land on something or until I get bored of the subject and it kind of just gets you know way off course and I want to move on to something else so I’m going to select the phrase length of three that’s up to you if you want to do that or not I just like to do that because I like to look at all the longtail keywords and longtail possibilities that come along with this method okay so now I only have 13 active keywords if you remember before we had I think 696 and the reason we only have 13 is because if we go over keyword analysis you’ll see that the filters are already working for us so as you can see SEO traffic at 80 phrase abroad 35 raise match 0.8 for cost-per-click and again the cost-per-click isn’t yet toggled because we we haven’t analyzed the keywords once again but we go and do that right now the data is filled in and we see we have we have 12 active keywords that are all filtered down and now we just do the same thing go through the SEO competition for each of these to see if there’s any opportunities so I’m going to just do the exact same thing open all these up into a new tab and I’m going to go through each of these one by one SEO competition generate results what’s nice about the chain method is that our filters and what we have clicked on and off here are already set for us so this one looks pretty darn competitive so I’m going to move on all right so I fast forwarded and it looked like that none of those worked out so Vaughn and just do another chain so I’m going to pick one of these maybe private security jobs for example and treat that as another topic so I’m going to go to the keyword research module click on phrase length of 3 click generate keywords so we have 19 active keywords coming from here so I’m going to click on keyword analysis and analyze keywords one more time to get the cost per click okay so all those all look good and I could see security card training came back up here so we already went through that one so I’m not going to go through that but I’m going to open each of these other ones and see what’s going on and I’m actually going to speed up this process by just fast-forwarding till I get to a point where it looks like we found one okay so I fast forwarded through that whole process for you I didn’t need you to see how many attempts I made and stuff but I went through all of the 18 active keywords here and I did find three that worked out and I’ll show you I’ll dig into those in a second but again remember this came from a chain you know those 80 words came from private security jobs which came from criminal justice jobs which came from police training so as you could see I’m creating this kind of chain of keywords here and I’m digging deeper and deeper into the subject and and I hope you can tell that some of these things are still you know a lot of these things are still related to our initial keyword because we’re using that chain method which is cool which is exactly what we want we just want to get as many keywords through this machine as fast as possible and I’ll show you the ones that we ended up with here the first one is private investigator jobs so here’s the SEO competition module for that as you can see some good green these ones will worry me a little bit but what attracted me to this keyword was the fact that the PR although it was 2.3 I am looking at this domain here private investigator Jobs org and the one below that private investigator jobs.com those are exact match domains domains that exactly match this keyword there’s nothing more nothing less and looking at their information one of them’s appear one with 53 backlinks the other one is a PR one with zero backlinks so this just shows me that if I were to create a niche site that was targeting this keyword just like the one these ones are all I have to do is do better than these guys and I’m already going to be up here eventually so what I’m going to do is actually I’m going to click each of these just to see what’s going on and to see if it’s something that I could possibly do too so this one just looks like it’s a job search engine which you know I’m not exactly sure how Google would put this up here but apparently a lot of people are probably using it a lot of people might be linking to certain parts of this particular page but you know I could compete with this if I have a lot of great content on my site now let’s look at the other one private investigator jobs calm now again this looks more like a regular web site although it does have some stuff going on here it seems to have some employment application stuff going on and you know I don’t see much as far as content is concerned maybe these these are links to other private investigator type web sites as I can see there’s some social stuff going on here with this Google friend connect Facebook and yeah I mean it just it just seems like it’s it’s a domain that was purchased for ICS which is a private investigator Network it seems they’re running Google Ads so so that’s interesting it doesn’t seem like it’d be bunch to beat this out because all it would take is great content and great backlinks and some time so we could do that so again the numbers here look like it would be in our favor now the reason why I might not get into this is because these keywords appear or these domains up here look like they would be very hard to beat especially these here so you know they would be beatable over time but I’m looking for something a little bit easier but I would be able to get into the top ten for this site based off of what I’m seeing on that site in that site so the next one I want to look at is loss prevention jobs this one has a PR of 4 7 11 16 19 21 so this is a 2.1 average for PR which is less than 2.2 which is a good sign the backlinks there’s not much going on here which is an even better sign and you know I see another exact match domain loss prevention jobs calm it doesn’t look like much is going on on that site – I’m actually going to click on it just to see what it looks like and it just oh there’s some funky music going on of it it just looks like a very almost generic site with some ads and I’m going to turn that off because the music is kind of annoying but yeah so I hope you can see there is opportunity here now as far as this site here up top you know that’s something I want to investigate because it looks like that could be the authority or leading site for this particular niche and it might be very difficult to beat out that niche not impossible but I do want to look at it just to see what I’m up against and see we’ll see what’s going on so it looks like it’s a an actual organization or foundation the loss prevention foundation and it’s kind of a job you know hub for for loss prevention which which is interesting and it looks like it would be very useful for people for employers and also job seekers so that might be very competitive but a lot of people you know not everyone clicks on that first result so if we can get on the second and third result eventually which it looks like we can with some content some time and some SEO we can make it happen so this might be a potential keyword I would get into now the last one I found is security manager jobs this one looks even better than all the others so as you can see there’s a lot of green here in the PR a lot of green here in the backlinks and I actually don’t see any exact match domains here in the top ten I see security management jobs but not security manager jobs yeah so that this is this is a this is a good potential keyword I want to explore this a little bit more and the way I would do that is just to kind of you know click through to these sites and see what’s going on and yeah I mean that I mean if I add these up it’s two six seven eight nine ten fourteen nineteen twenty-one so that’s two point one and yeah I mean this would be a good potential site to get into that I could build content for and rank a site for so this these are some opportunities I might you know I’m not that interested in private investigative jobs or loss prevention jobs or security manager jobs so I might go a whole nother route and put another topic in there and just make a different chain and see if I could find any opportunities in there but I hope you can see I mean the whole point is that this is just to show you that you can dig deeper and get further into the keyword to find related keywords that you might not have necessarily landed on if you just stuck with that initial topic so use the chain method to dig deeper and find potential niche sites to get into and if you find something and you are you know you’re not sure about it or the numbers you know you’re not sure about the numbers go ahead and go to the forums and we’ll be able to talk about it from there so let’s talk about some more methods that we can use to find some golden keywords all right now that we’ve practiced and gotten faster with market samurai and we also dug deeper using the chain method I want to show you something called backwards niche selection this is pretty cool it’s a pretty interesting way to find niches we’re actually going to look at existing niche sites that are being sold on the market getting their SEO and keyword data and seeing if there’s any opportunities in there that’s why it’s called backwards niche selection because we’re not starting from scratch we’re actually looking at existing and ranking niche sites so we’re actually going to head on over to a website called flippa.com that’s FL IP P a.com and I’ll show you exactly how this method can work okay so welcome to flippa.com this is kind of a marketplace for buying and selling websites and we want to look at web sites that are being sold so we could potentially analyze them so I’m actually going to click on buy web sites here and now I’m left with a bunch of listings for web sites that are being sold and it could be you know this could be addicting to look at you know these are potential sites that you could buy if you wanted to and some of them are already making money you know that that’s a whole new ballgame though I haven’t done any website flipping or buying up web sites at all for that I mean there are other people who are experts at that I know nothing about that so don’t even ask me now what I want you to do here first is to refine your search you could do that by clicking here on the left hand side I’m going to look at sites that are making over five hundred dollars a month and sites that are you know that have over one thousand visitors and this shows me that these niches or these sites that show up now are making money which means they have commerciality and – they have over a thousand visitors a month which means that they’re ranking and then we can do some analysis on their sites so I’m actually going to just look through these and see if I see any keywords in the domain name or see if any the titles talked about rankings for a particular keyword now this one here I know because I checked it earlier but I want to show you you know I was interested because it said Kobe beef and that’s a a niche that’s a Kobe beef is actually a type of beef that comes from Japan where they you know it’s a really expensive fatty type of beef that tastes really good and yeah I love Kobe beef so that this is something I’m interested in actually so I’m not going to buy the site but I can read the description and look at the financial details and see how much you know the site has made and you can see a reported revenue and in page views per month and things like that but what I want you to look at here is if you scroll down a lot of these sites on Flippa have what they call a verified Google Analytics PDF in the attachment in the attachments section now we’re going to become very familiar with Google Analytics in a little bit it’s a free tool that Google set up that we can connect any web site to that we own and and can verify that will show us how much traffic is coming to the site where it’s coming from and all these data and cool analytics for it so I’m actually going to click on this to show you what it looks like and why we’re doing this is because we want to analyze this site we know it’s a site that’s built for Kobe beef we want to see if there are any keywords within that niche that you know we kit that are ranking for and we could potentially get into so and for you know that this is what the PDF looks like it shows us kind of ethic analysis on a day-by-day basis and it shows us that 84 percent of the traffic is coming from search engines which is a good which is a good sign so I’m going to scroll all the way down until I see something that says keywords or traffic sources so here we go on the right hand side you can see the keywords that this site is ranking for oops what’s wrong with my pin Kobe beef is number one Kobe beef price Wagyu beef American Kobe beef price and Kobe beef prices so I’m actually gonna be interested in in this keyword you know this is something that I can now put into market samurai to see what the traffic numbers are like to see what the competition is like to see if there’s actually any room in there and then if I wanted to I can go from there and do a little chain just like I talked about in the last tip and then just take it from there again this is a great way to see sites that are existing that we know that there’s a market for so we can come in there and potentially find a find an angle in to that to that particular niche so item I’m not going to go into market samurai and show you how that works I believe that by now you can do that so I would put Kobe beef into market samurai see what the traffic is like and all these other keywords to to see if there’s anything else that we could get into for that particular niche what else do they show here just some specific pages some products that they sell so it’s pretty interesting so that is using the back door method there’s a bunch of other sites that you can look at that that you could do the same thing if you go to google and type in digital digital point forum marketplace you’ll see it says websites for sale this is another market place where you can do the same thing now I don’t believe that they have quite as many web sites that share the exact PDF from Google Analytics but you can actually just look through these and get some ideas now if you go through digital point for them you can and there’s a link below this video if you want to direct link to there you’ll notice that something called WTS and sometimes you’ll see something that says WTB now taking it like the longest time to ever figure out what that meant it simply means want to sell so they have something to sell and WTB is a post that people put up if they want something to buy so want to buy so want to sell and want to buy so again you can just look in here niche site hotels in Jamaica yeah I mean just just check it out and do the exact same thing you know you’re going to have to do a little bit of digging but it’s just you know it’s pretty interesting it’s an interesting way to kind of backdoor your way into a potential niche site so I hope that helps some of you there back to our list of other ways to find potential keywords the next thing I want to talk about is looking inside the cover on books inside Amazon this is a fantastic way to find niches actually I actually use this method more for finding topics to write about within niches that I’m already in but it’s actually a great way to look for niches as well that you could build websites for so let’s head on over to amazon.com and we’ll explore inside the cover of some of these books and I’ll show you what I’m talking about all right here we are at amazon.com and again like I said we’re going to be looking for books and looking inside the covers of those books within the topic that we’re interested in to see if there’s any potential keywords that we could look up that we may not have found just through market samurais keyword generation tools so I’m going to make sure that the menu here is on ebooks and I’m going to type in any topic that I want so for this example I’m going to try fly fishing and hit enter now this method won’t work for all topics but it will work for a lot of them because as we all know there’s books about almost anything these days and what we’re looking for here is a little symbol or icon that shows up next to these books that says look inside you know as you can see a couple these results already have that there and so what we’re actually going to do is is click on that this opens up the page for the book I’m going to click to look inside one more time and this opens up the first few pages of the book which is great and most of them it also include the table of contents as you can see here on the left hand side now the reason they do this is to kind of give people a preview of what the book may look like or what the book may include before they purchase but for us it’s perfect because we’ll get an idea of some potential keywords that we can get into so I’m going to click on the table of contents and as you can see here there’s one to two pages of excellent content topics within this book that might be of interest to us as far as keywords are concerned and what I might actually do is just create a spreadsheet and just write all these things down put them into market Samurai and generate keywords or actually just put them in there and see what the results are I mean the roll cast falls casting wind casting the wooly worm the nymph hare winged CAD these catice the Royal Wolf I mean these are all things that I have no idea what they’re about but people who are interested in fly-fishing might want to know more about them or are probably searching for Google about about them and would probably you know do it in large numbers enough to potentially build a niche site for so that’s just showing you an idea of how it works I hope that works that might work out for you so I want to go back and show you some more methods really quick because I want to talk about finding on forums finding niche sites and potential keywords to use on forums forums or online communities where people with a common interest will congregate and go into and just talk and usually these forums are broken up and divided into different topics so we can get a good idea of where people are active where people are asking questions and looking for information about which we could then build a potential niche site for so let’s go ahead and look for some forums on some different topics and I’ll show you how to explore them okay here we are in Google and again we’re going to look for forums for whatever topic or niche we’re interested in so the easiest way to do that is just to type in forum colon and then space and then whatever your niche or topic of interest is so for this example I’m going to do bass fishing and all of the listings here are all different bass fishing forums there’s a ton of them I’m just going to click on the top one and see what’s going on now what I’m looking for when I get here are the different topics and threads and types of discussions that are being talked about I want to see how the webmaster divided bass-fishing because that’s what forum webmasters do they divide the major topic of bass-fishing into little smaller chunks so that people with certain interests within that niche have a place to go to and talk more about it so as you can see here I can see stuff about smallmouth bass fishing which is a specific species of bass fishing for women fishing tournaments bass clubs fishing tackle tackle making that’s pretty cool fishing rods reels lion’s leaders and knots specific regions of bass fishing which might be you know kind of a interesting thing to get into as well other fish species hunting and guns which are just other topics so you know I’m just kind of getting a feel for what kind of things are being talked about within the niche of bass fishing there might be some keywords that stand out you know smallmouth bass fishing might be a good one to put in or tackle making it might be another one to get it to put into market Samurai so you know I’m just going to explore around and and see what’s going on so I’m just going to click on you know smallmouth bass fishing and see what comes up alright so there’s a ton of different pages here and things that are being talked about and these are potential things that I could again put into market samurai things like um you know best plastic bait or a smallmouth spinning rod or southern smallmouth or just things like that and like like you already know it’s not that hard just to put something and you know in market samurai I would create a spreadsheet while I’m doing this and just keep track of all these different little things that I could potentially put into market samurai so I’m going to go back I want to look at that tackle making one really quick because that looked kind of interesting so I’m going to scroll down to tackle making I would put tackle making into market samurai and see what related words come up with that or the traffic is like crankbaits carved and painted baits tubes blue gills that’s the type of fish swim baits that’s it that’s a good keyword yeah there’s there’s a lot of different things here so you know I’m not going to go into it too much and I’m not going to go into market samurai but I think again you get the idea this is a way to explore within a niche where people are talking about a particular subject because you know it’s okay to just blindly feel you know to just blindly go into a topic and then pick a topic within that that you think people are talking about but these are actual things that you know are actual topics that people are getting together to talk about and you know these are great places to potentially you know if you do get into a niche related to this to to market your niche site eventually or join the forums and become an authority and then you know increase the PageRank of your site and have people come to it and as a resource so just some things to think about there now I want to give you another kind of forum tip that actually comes from my buddy Glenn Alsop I’m not sure exactly where he got it from but this is pretty cool because some forums not all of them but some of them insert this plug-in or enable a plug-in that allows people to see what keywords people searched for in google to land on that page and so if we can figure out what those keywords are it would give us some really great data as far as what keywords people are actually typing into Google to get to that page so in order to find this all we have to do is put any quotations visitors found this page by searching for and then end quotations or closed quotations and then put it in any topic that you’re interested in so you know I see iPhone here so I’m going to put I phone and just see what comes up and again these are all forums now and as you can see in the bold letters in the description we see something that says visitors found this page by searching for iPhone and I’m going to click on this one just to show you what it looks like and how valuable this tip is so once this loads up the plugin is usually installed at the bottom of the page and here it is it says visitors palace found this page by searching for iPhone discount iPad apps discount on iPad apps iPhone app discount service discounts for iPad apps discounted iPad apps iPhone app discounts iPhone app pad discounts iPhone apps discount bar code so those are some you know those were actual keywords that people are typing into Google to land on this particular page so these are some words that you could explore in market samurai so I’m going to do another one I’m actually going to do visitors found this page by looking for solar panels oops for solar panels oops see that’s what happens when you don’t put in quotations it kind of mixes it up and kind of does a broad match type of search so I’m going to do phrase match visitors found this page by looking for and then I’m going to put solar panels because I want those to be together by searching for excuse me there we go alright so there’s a lot of different things here I’m going to click on any of these just to see what comes up again this is just a matter of getting ideas and seeing what seeing what’s going on in these forms and what people are typing in so again this was for solar panels so I’m going to let this load and then scroll down to the bottom to see what other keywords people are searching for so this one says visitors found this page by searching for solar tracking PV systems solar tracker UK sap electrician’s forum and SAP system solar so those are very specific things but again those are things that people are typing into Google to find this page and this is the page that we found on Google so those are again potentials niches or keywords that we can put into markets and write to see what’s going on and I know uh Glen has found a lot of keywords this way a lot of people found keywords this way too this is a pretty cool trick so that’s how you can use forums again forums where people within a topic are talking about specific things to find keywords it’s a great method if you’re having trouble and you know you could you could you know just randomly stumble upon that next untapped to keep keyword that you can build a niche site for so that’s how you do forums I have a couple more techniques that you can use for looking for keywords so let’s head back and see what they are okay so far we have five other ways to find potential keywords I hope they’ve been helpful so far we have two more to go and the next one number six is called spy on the competition now this is where it gets fun and interesting and don’t worry we’re not going to do anything illegal and we’re not hacking or anything like that we’re basically just going to find high ranking websites for niches and keywords that we want to get into and see what other keywords they’re targeting on their site as well because sometimes they’re optimized for one keyword and they’re driving backlinks just for that keyword they have anchor texts just for that one keyword yet they’re targeting other keywords and that might give us an idea of what we could target primarily so that we can get into there and and dominate so let’s go ahead and actually head to market Samurai and look up some topics find some high ranking websites and see what’s going on okay so here we are in market Samurai once again I’m going to create a totally different project and I’m going to use the keyword solar panels now I’m pretty sure this will be just way too competitive but that’s not the point of this demonstration I want to show you how we can look at the sites that are already ranking for solar panels to see what other keywords we could potentially rank for so we don’t even have to go into the keyword research module right now just go into the SEO competition module and generate results okay yeah so as you can see there’s a ton of red here I wouldn’t even think at all about getting into this niche but that’s not the point what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on these URLs here to open them up in a new window and then I’m going to explore the code to see what other keywords this website is you know trying to target in order to do that you want to make sure that you right-click somewhere that’s not on an image and then click on view page source now in chrome it says view page source some other ones it just says page source Firefox Safari I’m not exactly sure what it says but just look up anything that says view page source or page source something Internet Explorer it’ll be the same thing so I’m going to view page source and this opens up a window with a ton of different code in it it looks scary you don’t have to understand any of this but what you have to do what you do have to do is look up to see what other keywords this site is potentially trying to rank for so to do that the easy way to do that is to just click on control F if you’re on a PC or on a Windows platform or command F and then to do a search and then I’m going to search for keywords and then that should highlight or it should take you to where the word keywords is in this whole list of a code here as you can see it highlighted keywords here and now I see solar power solar panels solar power kits solar garden lights solar fountains solar lighting solar lamp post lights discount solar panels RV solar panels solar training solar companies so those are some great keywords that we could you know either create new topics for in market Samurai or just do a keyword analysis on those really quick and what I would do is I would actually open up a notepad like this and I would start to collect them I would actually do this as you see what I’m doing right here so just organize them so they’re all one per line oops missed one there but that worked out because that’s how we input it into market Samurai in order for to get to get the right data so let me finish this one off really quick and I want to do one more just to show you and collect some more so I’m going to go down to solar home dot org you know Wikipedia probably won’t have other keywords that they’re targeting and so just look for the websites that look like they would be potentially trying to rank for other keywords so solar home org all right so here we are looks like they have some Google Adsense ads those are nicely placed there anyways do the same thing right click view page source and then I’m going to look for the keywords I can already see them right here solar panels solar power solar fountains solar kits residential solar lights grid tie systems RV solar kits solar pumps solar battery chargers solar cells pool covers pool heaters heaters solar power so I can actually just copy all of these again and if some of them double up in your text file that’s totally fine market samurai will take care of that for you so I’m just going to do this really quick and then I’m going to plug them into market Samurai look at lights I don’t know why they’re trying to target for lights but you know some of these could be potential keywords or at least they would be great topics to start new projects for and then maybe do a chain or something like that to just dig deeper and find something so what I’m going to do is I’m going to copy all of these again there are now all one per line I’m going to go back into market Samurai just go to the keyword research module doesn’t matter what the keyword is up here I’m going to paste into add keywords and then click on add keywords as you can see now I have 22 active keywords and then I’m going to do a keyword analysis analyze keywords and just see what comes up now I’m not going to go through the whole SEO competition thing go through each of them and do a chain I think I you know beat that with enough already so I just want to show you how this works and how we can look at other websites to get good keywords that we could potentially create sites for as well so after this data fetches I’m going to just you know show you what the traffic looks like it and then we’ll move on to the last tip okay so a lot of these keywords have a lot of traffic coming to them of course we would just apply our filters like we would normally do and and you know then go from there so you know a lot of these things have have some potential so I’m just going to stop there and you know you can do that with any which and look at any website to see what keywords they’re ranking for some actually don’t include keywords which is which is fine and you know to tell you the truth Google actually doesn’t look at those keywords anymore what happened was in the past some people were putting keywords that had nothing to do with the content on their site and they were ranking for those keywords so Google just took those out but a lot of those sites just for you know best practice they keep them in there anyway so they’re telling us you know other keywords that we could potentially get into which is great so let’s get into the last tip which is a one that I just learned recently be looking at dropt domain names now dropped domain names are domain names that people have registered before but for some reason they just all up on their payment or they just let the site die and never followed you know never renewed it and so they will become available so that’s a great way to see what sites people have created and we can put that information into market samurai to see if there’s any keyword research opportunity there so let’s go to a couple websites that I like in order to research dropped domain names the first one is just dropped com okay so here’s just dropped com there’s a lot of stuff going on here now the first thing you have to know is that in order to access any of this data you will have to register you can register for free there are some things like getting a list of the domains that are expiring tomorrow for a premium price but I don’t do any of that the only two things I do on here are use this tool that you see here in the middle again you first have to register and second I join their newsletter and I actually like their newsletter better if you click on join newsletter up here at the top and put in your name and email they send you emails every day and then a weekly email with a summary of everything that happened during the week that I’m going to show you right now and as you can see this is what the email looks like and it gives us a daily domain list and all you have to do is reply if you’d like to buy them and they’re actually fairly decent priced the higher priced ones probably have a little bit more sore traffic or they’re just they just look better I mean designer Donuts calm for $4.99 YUM I actually I actually have a couple niche sites up that were built because I found keywords here in this email so what you can do is actually just go through this list every single day or just every week and then pop some of the ones that interest you into market samurai and see if there’s any market opportunities in there so that’s just dropped com that’s the newsletter on the website if I go to domain search I can just type in some words that I want to be included in the dropped domains or potentially dropped domains I can just you know I typically you know leave all these on because I just want to get the keyword ideas I’m not necessarily going to buy these domain names but I just want to see what’s going on so again you first have to register I’m going to put back match up here if you’re looking for an exact match domain you can put if you wanted to start with something here if you want to end with something here or if you want the domain to include something there so I’m only going to do fish in one of these and just see what happens I’m going to click on show the domains okay and here are the results I have three hundred ninety-six domains that are expiring or have expired as you can see the status date here and you know I’m not going to be buying those DS domain names but I am going to be looking at them as far as keywords are concerned so I could see here bass fishing tips online bait cast fish bad fish gear auburn marine fish automatic fish apache fishing Alaska hunting and fishing zyne adult fish game you know babies are I mean if I could quickly put these into market samurai I can just see if there are any opportunities in there and I can do that because there is a tool up here that says if I can find it oh here we go right in the middle download these results so I can download these results and get them in a excel type file and then I can quickly copy and paste them in market samurai like I did before so I’m not going to do right now I want to quickly show you the other domain name kind of dropped tool or a website out there that I use it’s called snap names at snap names calm and I can look for a domain and see if it’s available if it has expired or not but I actually like to go into here where it says hot categories now that should just tell you that these are categories that people you know are looking to buy domains from so there’s potentially good opportunities in there to you know get a high commercial ‘ti type of site one with potentially a lot of search and traffic so I’m just going to click on mmm I don’t know any of these the sports and see what domain names are here so Virginia football bicycling bicycling dotnet hiking personalized golf ball that’s a good keyword archery tournaments bamboo fly rod baseball masters again these are just good potential keyword ideas or topics that we could put into market samurai I’m not necessarily going to buy these don’t be tempted to because you don’t need to I look to see how much the price for security guard training com was it wasn’t available that’s why I picked up security guard training HQ comm and I’ll talk more about how to select the right domain name for your niche site the thing is you don’t need an exact match domain in order to rank it number one my sites ranking at number one with an HQ which stands for headquarters at the end now security guard training comm was being sold for thirty five thousand dollars I’m glad I didn’t die I didn’t even think about buying it but I’m glad I didn’t buy it obviously and I’m already ranking at number one which is where I want to be anyway so you don’t need an exact match domain the point of this is again just to look at the domain names to see if there’s any potential ones that we could put into market Samurai and again there is a way to export this to an excel file upper here over here on the upper right-hand side of the search results so you know we can put in eighty one thousand five hundred twenty four and then do some keyword research on those and see what comes up so hopefully that helps you and I’m going to head back to keynote to show you one more thing I just want to congratulate you two getting to the end of our first module hopefully by now at the end of this video or after sometime after watching this video you will have honed in on the one keyword that you want to build a niche site for if not go into the forums and keep asking for help keep trying to dig deeper go back and watch this video or even the last one to you know just get through it and again just put as many keywords as you can through there think outside the box while you’re walking down the street or while you’re driving just write down any ideas you have because you never know some of those ideas might lead through a chain to a great niche site that you can build now there is a video left in this module and that is a summary video for module number one it’ll give you instructions on what to do and how to proceed so click on the button below to let me know that you did find your keyword and then it’ll show you this next video and then we can move on