5 Easy Tricks to Get Facebook Fans Fast

hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog today I’m gonna give you five easy tricks to get Facebook fans fast now this is assuming you already have a Facebook fan page or business page and if you don’t that’s okay I’m gonna link to one in the description here on YouTube which is a video that I did about exactly how to do that so the first trick and this is probably the most important thing and should be done before you do any of these other tricks is to create a Facebook landing page now Facebook landing page is a page that people will go to and see on your Facebook fan page first and this is a must because you want new visitors to be taken to a page that tells them exactly who you are or what your business is about and also one that gives them clear instructions about how to become a fan because if you look at my wall right now what you’re looking at on the screen you know it doesn’t really give people good instructions about what to do or what I’m about and it doesn’t really give a good first impression you know it doesn’t allow me to put really fancy graphics in that people will see the first time they come to my page so creating the landing page will do this for you I’m gonna show you what mine looks like right here so as you can see right away it gives them clear instructions about what to do tells them a little bit about who I am and why this should become a fan and also there’s a picture of me and at the bottom I have a link to my website as well you know for proof in case they wanted to I get to know me a little bit more so that’s my Facebook landing page and it’s been working fantastic so it’s basically just blank HTML page that you set up and you can set it up so that that page is the default page that new visitors will see which is perfect and awesome if again I made a video about exactly how to do that which I’ll put in this description as well if you’re if you’re interested in doing that which I really really really really recommend so the second trick is to place links to your Facebook page on your website now this may seem obvious but a lot of people for some reason aren’t taking advantage of this so as you can see right here right next to where people can follow me on Twitter I have my Facebook fan page link right there and this is becoming more and more calm and now a lot of bloggers are putting a link to the Facebook fan page on their website too so if you’re not doing that already and you have a Facebook fan page you know why not another tip that you could do related to that which I don’t do but I’m going to is you can put a link to your Facebook fan page at the end of your individual blog posts now think about it if people make it to the end of your blog post you know they probably read a lot of what you had to say and they probably enjoyed it and they’ll probably be more inclined to become a fan at that point so you know you want to hit them while they’re hot and if you have the landing page set up properly if they click on that they’ll know exactly what to do when they get to your fan page my third tip is to include a link to your fan page in any you know signatures in any forums that you’re in so here’s my signature down here at the bottom on the pro blogger.com forum and you can see right here it clearly says connect with me on Facebook and this is a great way to promote your Facebook fan page for free you know since it’s on a signature it’s done automatically after each post that you do and you can easily do this by going into you know most forums have a spot where you can edit your profile and then there’s a spot that says edit your signature and you’ll want to make sure that you put in really nice make it look really nice using basic link HTML coding and you know instead of having it say well connect with me on Facebook at HTTP blah blah blah bit better so that’s that’s the third tip including a link to your fan page in any of your form signatures now fourth tip that I have it might not apply to all of you but if you’re doing videos or blog posts on other websites you can easily just plug in your Facebook fan page link there so for instance if you want to look at my YouTube page this is a this is actually the video about how to make a facebook landing page you can see right here right at the end with six minutes left or sorry at with like 30 seconds left there it is facebook.com slash smart passive income now the link is really easy to memorize the way you do that is you know if you don’t have a nice URL for your Facebook fan you can go to www.facebook.com / username and there you’ll be able to set a nice-looking URL for your fanpage now you have to have at least 25 fans in order to do this but you know if you implement a lot of these strategies you’ll be able to get to that point really quickly now lastly the fifth tip I have is one that will cost you money but it’s working working really well for me and you can pay Facebook to promote your fanpage through an advertisement so you know how you see these advertisements here on the right-hand side of Facebook well you can put your Facebook fan page put an ad for your Facebook fan page on certain people’s walls which is awesome and the way you do that is you go to your Facebook fan page and you go to promote with an ad here right underneath your picture and then you’ll be able to create your own ad and they could kind of give you a preview of what it’ll look like it’ll give you it’ll it’ll make one for you but I wouldn’t recommend using the ones that they put in there because you know if you just read this right here it doesn’t really make sense so you want to you want to put something really nice in there that’ll get people excited about clicking over to to actually your landing page if you set that up correctly now the coolest part about this is you can set up set it up so that you could target certain people so for instance if you are looking to target only males if your business is male oriented or females or you can even target people on their birthday which is crazy so you can have an ad that specifically says hey is your birthday coming up well you might like a free coupon for your birthday at blah blah blah or whatever you can get really really ninja with a lot of these advertising methods here on Facebook so for instance if you have like a dog training website for example you can enter the keyword dog training well actually if you’re dog training you probably wouldn’t want to use the words dog training because those people are actually dog trading there’s already but you can put like golden retriever for example and that’ll show the add to right here on the bottom it says ten thousand people so 10,000 people have golden retriever in their profile and those people those people probably have golden retrievers right so you can specifically make your add if you wanted to get really ninja just create individual adds if you’re a dog trainer with different different dog breeds and have your ads say do you own a golden retriever or you know it’s kind of they’ll people will think it’s crazy that they that you know they have a golden retriever in their ads so they’ll click over and then they’ll get to your landing page and they’ll probably become a fan if you if you really give them a reason to so the ad that’s been working for me lately is this one right here and it’s really short and sweet and I find that the shorter ones work better at least for my niche you’ll need to test it out for you but mine says ninja marketing strategies for your online business or blog and that’s it and that’s been getting really really good click-through rates lately I think the word ninja a lot of people are attracted to for some reason and I’ve been saying that a lot lately so I apologize if it’s starting to get annoying but you know it’s working for me so you have to test it out and they give you metrics about how your ads are doing and you know one really quick tip is they’ll give you a suggested bid price as you can see mine here is 81 cents to 97 cents i under bid that and you know my ads are sleeping still getting shown so you know of course they’re gonna want to make as much money as possible so you know you kinda have to deal with them you’ll probably have less impressions but you know you’ll be paying a lot less per click and you’ll want to fiddle around with that you know I could probably even go even lower so you can see here the people I’m targeting bloggers entrepreneurs work at home internet marketing certain books like the 1 million mill in one minute millionaire in the 4-hour workweek and and stuff like that and my ads being shown to about 800,000 people and as you can see yesterday it was impressed that there were almost a hundred thousand impressions in 45 clicks which is pretty awesome so that’s that’s basically that’s basically it those are the five tips again I’ll go over them really quickly one is to create a Facebook landing page second one is to put links on your blog third one is to put links in your any forum signatures fourth is to plug your link in your videos and any guest posts and fourth or fifth is to put it in an ad which really helps in so I hope you guys enjoyed that and you might find that some of those will be useful for you again if you’re looking for videos about how to create a landing page or how to create a Facebook fan page they’ll be in the description in YouTube and also you can join me on my youtube channel at youtube.com slash smart passive income for more videos just like this one so thank you guys again I really appreciate it again if you wanted to see what my Facebook fan page looks like and check out what the experience is like to get to that landing page for the first time is like you can go to facebook.com slash smart passive income and that’ll take you there so thank you guys so much I hope you enjoyed that and I’ll talk to you soon have a good one [Music]