let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes look there’s some things that you never ever want to tell a customer and I want to go over these with you okay never tell them I don’t know never say I can’t do that never ever say it’s a company policy would you mind holding is a pet peeve of mine beyond belief because you don’t care if I mind or not you put me on hold anyway and oh this is the one that kills me that’s impossible let’s take one at a time okay first of all when you tell somebody I don’t know a customer asked you a question you say I don’t know what you just told them was you’re wasting your time with me I’m an idiot I am a reservoir of no data what you want to tell them is if you don’t know say that’s a great question let me find out for you see I’ll just change that don’t tell them you’re an idiot or just once you post something on your head I’m an idiot I know nothing okay number two I can’t do that when you tell somebody you can’t do that let’s say they asked for a price or can you ship it at this time or whatever and you’re like I can’t do that it’s negative you sound like you’re not willing to help people look say yeah I’d be happy to work that out for you I was in a hotel once and I said hey can you upgrade me to a suite and legs like I can’t do that we’re full I’m like why don’t you check see the way she should have done it was this mister Cardone I’d be happy to do that for you let me see what I have available and then come back and say hey I don’t have any availability see the difference people are so quick to say what they can’t do and what they don’t know number three it’s a company policy dude I don’t care about your company policy okay break it I was at the Four Seasons Hotel this morning and I went to sit in this little place and they said hey it’s a company policy or the Four Seasons policy the kids can’t sit here I’m like dude I don’t care about that company policy make an exclusion to it I don’t care what the Four Seasons decided a week ago a month ago six months ago somebody fell out of the chair whatever did I want to sit here this is what we’re going to do I don’t care about your company policies there’s got to be a better way to say that what you want to say is what sir you know what this is a really unsafe place I just want to make you aware of it we had this thing happened here I got a much better location for you over here see the difference in the delivery this is a grant Ram man I’m just keeping it real with you the way you’re responding to people’s call skee time is costing you money it’s costing your customers hey would you mind holding your receptionist would you mind hold your damn right on mine don’t put me on hold damn it and I’m already on hold don’t do that just say this hold please don’t ask a question give them a command tell them what you need to do hold one second I’ll be right back with you I need one second and the last one is that’s impossible look we’re not going to the moon I’m not asking you to go to another universe I’m not asking you to go to another planet and bring back minerals I asked you to give me some paper work and make me a copier get me a brochure and you’re going to answer like that’s impossible come on man get your game on