3 Habits That Are Keeping You Poor!

hey so today I’m gonna share with you three habits that absolutely hinders people’s ability to succeed financially in life it keeps so many people poor or in poverty by not realizing these three habits that so many people are doing on an everyday basis we’re talking billions of people are doing these every day so I’m gonna share those with you in this video this is one of the most important videos I’ve ever created on this channel and I truly do mean that so if you’re new here to the channel make sure you hit the subscribe button for more videos like this when we help people save more money make more money and live a better financial life for themselves so let’s get into this let’s get started but these three habits right here have changed my life and I truly do mean that and by acknowledging them and fixing them I was able to make tens of thousands of dollars in just the past couple of months by using some of these things I’m gonna share with you in this video and some things you want to avoid so the first thing we need to think about and the first habit that so many people are doing is by not treating time as if it were their most valuable asset I think this is a serious problem that a lot of people face but look money is not our greatest asset the amount of likes that we get on Instagram that’s not our greatest asset the greatest asset that we have in life is time it’s the one thing we can’t recoup you know if we file for bankruptcy one day okay we can get money back eventually maybe 7 years so credit but eventually you get your money back right you can dig out of that you can’t dig out of time you can’t stop time from running we all have 24 hours in a day and so you want to think about how you’re spending your time throughout your everyday life you know it’s interesting because the average American spends between 3 & 5 hours per day on their phones and I think about how much time you might spend on your phone may be browsing Instagram and browsing through snapchat browsing through YouTube but what happens and we call this a social media vortex and I’m sure I didn’t coin this term somebody coined it but what happens is that you end up maybe you want to see what your friends are doing on Instagram I do this I go on Instagram right I’ll see my friends are doing next thing you know 30 minutes go by 45 minutes go by you’re in the Browse section you’re looking at barstool sports and ESPN pages and and all kinds of just weird different Instagram pages and you end up spending an hour of your time in this social media vortex or you’re watching oddly satisfying snapchats or or different things throughout this social media world right or maybe you’re watching Netflix you start binge watching a Netflix show and five hours go by now there’s nothing wrong with entertainment there’s nothing wrong with maybe watching an episode of the office before you go to bed there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but if you want to succeed financially you need to think about how you’re valuing your time and how that plays into your success in life I think a lot of people spend so much time entertaining themselves instead of working on educating themselves so watching a video like this can actually be pretty beneficial I think we’re reading a book can be pretty beneficial but you need to make that that a difference between educating and entertaining and which one you’re spending most of your time throughout your day doing and if you can spend more time educating yourself by self learning self teaching learning these different things in life that is a way to succeed in life now another thing that I do to kind of combat this social media vortex to kind of make sure that I’m not being entertained too much to the point where I’m not able to get stuff done I’m not able to learn new things is I actually do something where I will not check my phone in the first 45 minutes when I wake up in the morning so what I’m talking about here is that a lot of people when they wake up first thing to do check their phone right and what happens that they’re instantly reacting to the rest of their day because they’re reacting to text messages emails replies on Instagram DMS and you’re reacting throughout your entire day you’re reacting so what I do I wake up I take a shower I eat breakfast I get ready for my day I list out the things that I need to do for the day and for the week and once I have everything filled out once I have everything knowing what my day is gonna look like then I check my email then I look at my phone and it’s usually about 45 minutes to an hour after I wake up if you can do this you’re gonna see a difference in your life because you’re not gonna be reacting to everything that’s going on instead you’re gonna have a mission on what you’re doing for that day to accomplish the tasks that you need to accomplish so that’s something that I just think is so incredibly important in blocking out time in your day saying that you know I’m not gonna check my phone for the next three hours I’m gonna put it away put it in airplane mode put it my desk whatever you have to do to get away from it so that you can be productive for the next few hours and I just think that’s something that a lot of people don’t do when it’s it’s something that hinders people’s ability to succeed further in life by just not managing their time and treating it as if it were your greatest asset because it truly is so the next one is by associating yourself with the wrong people you know there’s a saying that your the average of the five people you spend the most amount of time with now this is so incredibly true you know you think about you know say you’re in a room with five other people and it’s five losers five people who have no ambition in life may be that they’re just not good people they they aren’t trying to grow in any way whatsoever there’s a chance you might be loser number six now that’s not always the case it’s really not but if you think about how much time you spend with the people who you are closest with and you think about how they influence you and how you influence them it has a much greater influence than you might think so if you want to truly succeed in life then you want to think about how to associate yourself with the right people the people who are trying to succeed the life now this can be kind of difficult in some cases but thanks to the internet it really is possible to associate yourself with anyone in the world now a lot of people say you need a mentor if you’re trying to succeed and you want to make save millions of dollars maybe you need a mentor now that’s not always the case but imagine this imagine if you’re best friends with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates has come on over for the weekend barbeque to your home imagine the doors and the opportunities that that opens up so your network is your net worth you think about that and how powerful that can be if you’re good buddies with Elon Musk all of a sudden it opens so many opportunities so many doors and so if you can surround yourself with people like that now the ways to do this it’s much easier to do this now than it was back 20 30 40 years ago when you have to physically actually reach out to people or meet people at at meetings or conventions today you can just DM somebody you can email somebody now this is a great way to reach out to people and associate yourself with successful people now the biggest tip for that if you want to reach out to somebody you can’t just call up Elon Musk you can’t just call up a Jeff Bezos what you have to do is find a way to provide them value let me give an example this last year that’s about a year and a half ago I reached out to someone in Los Angeles who’s very successful and I said hey I’m taking a helicopter up over the city for a tour of the city I have an extra seat in the helicopter do you want to come with me now I didn’t have enough money for that I was going to pay for it with a credit card but I figured this is going to be worth it for me the amount of value in the connection that I can build for my network that is going to be profitable in the long run for myself to surround myself with successful people now they said yeah they said yes to it and and that’s something that really kind of struck me like in an interesting way that if you can find a way to provide value for these people that is a way to succeed and build that network so that’s just something that I think is just really important to think about now the final one that I want to mention here is and this is something that a lot of people fall into it’s a habit that so many people end up in and it’s by not setting goals on a not only a yearly basis but we’re talking monthly weekly and daily basis so the problem here you think about how many people in their lives set these new year’s resolutions right 95% of people new year’s resolutions they want to be more fit they want to go to the gym more often they want to make a million dollars this year they want to save more money make more money whatever their new year’s resolutions are and think about how many people actually follow through with that usually about two three weeks into it people fizzle out people stop thinking about their goals and then 52 weeks later they start thinking about them again right you think about if you ever been to the gym right after New Year’s and look how incredibly crowded it is in the first couple weeks of January come February come March it’s back to the normal levels of people right so everybody goes gung ho for the first few weeks of their goals and then they fizzle out now the way to combat this the way to think about this is to break these goals down not only on a yearly basis but break them down into monthly goals but them down into yearly or weekly goals and then even daily goals and if you can do that you’re going to be able to accomplish so much more that’s something that I learned not too long ago a couple years ago and once I started implementing this where I would set these these ten-year goals your your goals monthly goals and then even all the way down to the day where you’re listening the top three things that you have to do on that specific day and if you can do that I think you’re gonna find that it really does help in so many ways if you can just write down these goals and not only just goals where you’re saying oh I want to become more fit or I want to make more money you have to set measurable goals so maybe you want to be able to afford to pay for your kids college in two years and you need to have seventy two thousand dollars so you have an exact number you know exactly what you’re working towards and then break it down as far as possible that’s the way to achieve those things and writing them down on if you’re not doing that it’s going to become so much more difficult to actually achieve that so those are some different ideas now there’s a couple others that we could mention here a one that I’m just gonna slip in here before we almost wrap up this video a thing that people aren’t doing and this is like tip number four here they’re not budgeting okay they’re not budgeting throughout their everyday life if you want to succeed financially you need to think about running yourself like a business this is what I do might sound strange but think about this imagine a business not having balance sheets not having cash flow statements not having an income statement not having accountants right it would be a mess so you need to run yourself as if you were a business and when you can do that you know how much money’s coming in how much money’s going out and then you know where you stand financially just do that create a budget a very simple budget I have a free budget template down in the description below totally free it’s on Google Docs you can use and I think it’s gonna be something that you could find some value in so if you found this video to be helpful drop it like let me know your thoughts down below on this video and share this with somebody who you think this video could benefit thanks for watching the video thanks for checking out the channel I really do appreciate all the support here I really don’t sell things to my viewers I just like to create these videos to hopefully help at least one person out there watching this video right now so if you found value in it let me know down below or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll try to respond so thanks for watching and I’ll see everybody next time