The 5 WORST Cash Errors To Stop away from In Your 20’s

what’s up you guys it is Graham right here so I just lately got here throughout a video by Phil cities number-one rule in no wait Phil cities rule primary investing I believe that is it anyway I digress he made an incredible video concerning the six cash traps that it’s best to keep away from in your 30s and that video received over 1 million views so I believed to myself you understand what that is a very good idea I will get one million views too however since I am 28 and have not made cash errors in my 30s but that I do know of I will be speaking concerning the 5 largest cash errors individuals make of their 20s and how you can keep away from them and should you’re not but in your 20s nonetheless watch this video anyway and hit that like button see you might keep away from these disastrous cash errors so let’s begin right here primary most likely the most important cash mistake I see lots of people making of their 20s is stepping into substantial pupil mortgage debt and proper now actually it is a loopy epidemic and I merely simply do not perceive it a latest research decided that the common pupil mortgage steadiness for the category of 2016 was 37 thousand 100 and seventy two {dollars} for what I imply this makes completely no sense and what’s even worse is that it is projected that the excellent pupil mortgage steadiness goes to succeed in two trillion {dollars} by the yr 2022 come on you guys that is completely ridiculous and the tip results of that is that you simply graduate from faculty owing almost a median annual u.s. wage as debt as a substitute of starting your profession and investing as early as you possibly can your priorities then flip to how can I repay this substantial pupil mortgage debt earlier than it merely eats me alive the quantity of money and time it’ll take you to repay that pupil mortgage steadiness whereas concurrently beginning your profession out on the decrease finish of the pay grade goes to set you again many years when it comes to constructing your wealth now I perceive that faculty is pricey however it’s actually necessary to know a couple of issues primary what do you need to do together with your life and does that require a university diploma if the reply to that’s no it does not then it’s possible you’ll need to rethink going to varsity particularly should you’re gonna rack up a ton of pupil mortgage debt and if it does require a university is it price it to take out a ton of pupil mortgage debt with a purpose to obtain that diploma if not then rethink going to varsity within the first place or take the primary two years of your faculty training at a group faculty simply to avoid wasting the cash and should you’ve answered sure to those in a university diploma is required simply be sure to have a excessive paying job or some type of marketable ability that you need to use by the point you graduate in relation to me I by no means went to varsity I haven’t got any type of faculty diploma and I am a agency believer that faculty will not be a requirement if you wish to become profitable or achieve success and most of the wealthiest individuals I do know by no means went to varsity or by no means used something that they ever discovered in faculty the truth is that when it comes to training so long as you will have the self-discipline to truly go and apply your self you possibly can just about study the whole lot you’ll want to know on the web and by watching youtube movies now I additionally completely perceive that this isn’t for everyone and if there’s some individuals on the market that merely want the regular paycheck of getting a nine-to-five and for them having a university diploma is solely only a means to an finish if that is the case simply go to a group faculty first for the primary two years to avoid wasting the cash actually it makes completely no distinction I’ve seen so a lot of my associates go this route they save a ton of cash by the point they graduate and switch it makes completely no distinction by any means besides to their checking account which is loads greater than those that took out substantial pupil mortgage debt to pay for costlier college so save the cash do it go to a group faculty or simply rethink faculty altogether should you actually needn’t go okay so now quantity two the second largest mistake individuals make of their 20s is shopping for avocado toasts a research carried out by an MIT professor in 2017 discovered that the common worth of avocado toast was hitting $10 and that costs of avocado toast was rising quickly in June of 2014 People have been spending on common of seventeen thousand {dollars} yearly on this breakfast in comparison with June of 2017 the place this rose to eight hundred and ninety thousand {dollars} due to that data I extremely suggest that everybody of their 20s price range roughly 5% of their wage in the direction of avocado toast and count on to extend that to 6 to seven % for inflation and rising price of avocados in any other case you are not going to get that that half was totally joke gotcha no I simply made that one up completely kidding however for actual although the second largest mistake individuals make of their twenties is ready to speculate the rationale for that is that one of many largest benefits that you’ve in your twenties is the ability of time see not solely are you able to face up to any short-term market fluctuations in worth however you will have the benefit of what is referred to as compound curiosity it’s because the cash that you simply make investments offers you again curiosity however if you reinvest that curiosity it offers you much more curiosity which simply offers you much more curiosity which simply offers you much more curiosity after which fairly quickly you will have a trillion {dollars} now contemplate this should you make investments $100 each single month starting on the age of 20 at a median of an 8% return by the point you are 65 years outdated you are going to have 5 hundred and 4 thousand {dollars} invested however as a substitute should you simply figured you understand why I will spend that additional $100 a month on avocado toast and I am gonna begin investing once I’m 25 I am younger I can do that any time I’ve received the remainder of my life’s you make investments I am simply gonna eat some avocado toast as a substitute so anyway assuming you begin investing that $100 a month on the age of 25 as a substitute of on the age of 20 by the point you are 65 you are solely going to have 300 and thirty seven thousand {dollars} invested that could be a 167 thousand greenback distinction by simply ready in additional 5 years that signifies that the six thousand {dollars} that you simply put money into between the ages of 20 and 25 was a 100 sixty seven thousand greenback quantity later in life that’s enormous that is why the cash you save and put money into your 20s is arguably an important cash you are ever going to have in your complete life you principally get forty years to have your investments develop into one thing huge just because you will have the benefit of time working in your facet yearly that goes by proper now that you do not make investments is one other yr the place you are not gonna be seeing some insane development thirty or forty years from now now your cash may not be price loads proper now however belief me on this one by the point you are able to retire and golf on the seashore someplace in your Ferrari you are gonna be thanking your self for saving and investing in your 20s and that brings me to this take quantity three and that’s shopping for an costly automobile in your 20s now it is a robust one for me as a result of I like automobiles loads and I completely recognize why individuals purchase them I get the enjoyable I completely perceive it once I was 19 I went and acquired a 2006 crumb orange Lotus Elise in money I drove the SH out of it and I completely liked that automobile it was the very best cash ever spent however you actually need to know what that is going to price you the explanations you are shopping for it and the way this would possibly find yourself setting you again my actuality of shopping for a Lotus at 19 was that it launched me to so many nice associates from automobile meets that I by no means would have met in any other case launched me to so many nice shoppers in a $35,000 automobile ended up most likely making me over 200 thousand {dollars} in additional commissions and a few of my largest commissions is an actual property agent have been from individuals I met at automobile meets or associates admitted automobile mates that then simply referred me different enterprise plus it was simply an all-around nice expertise that I might not commerce for any sum of money however for most individuals of their 20s they are not in a gross sales business the place they’ll then leverage the automobile to get extra enterprise I’ve seen highschool associates purchase $50,000 automobiles on a $40,000 wage in the meantime they’re dwelling with six roommates barely scraping by and questioning why they’re at all times broke however hey you understand what they received a cool automobile and positive sure they could look cool driving round in that automobile however let’s be actual right here a lot of the consideration you find yourself getting in a cool automobile is normally simply from different guys nothing mistaken with that after all but when your purpose is attempt to look cool in entrance of women and perhaps get laid a automobile might be one of many worst issues that you might do most ladies actually do not care about how loud the automobile is what it seems like or how briskly it goes and if something it might truly work towards you as a result of abruptly it begins seeming like you might be making an attempt too onerous or perhaps you are making an attempt to compensate for one thing and if you wish to purchase a automobile that ladies like my sincere advice might be a 1965 Ford Mustang and older Ford Bronco a convertible out ett for some purpose a whole lot of girls appear to love that automobile and clearly the Lotus Exige so anyway assuming you are only a automobile fanatic of their 20s and that is only a enjoyable pastime for you there’s nothing mistaken with getting a automobile so long as you possibly can afford it ideally lower than 10% of your take-home wage goes to go in the direction of your automobile so this simply principally means should you’re not making a ton of cash going purchase a Miata or s2000 as a substitute of shopping for the Porsche 911 Turbo so now quantity 4 the fourth largest mistake is renting an costly condo in your 20s now similar to the third instance I’ve seen this occur manner too many instances the place somebody will get an incredible job out of school or perhaps they begin making some first rate cash after which they go and proceed to spend half of their paycheck on a very cool luxurious condo and normally the place they stay by no means even issues as a result of they’re by no means dwelling anyway as a result of they’re at all times at work to pay for the condo after which to allow them to go dwelling and sleep after which do all the factor the subsequent day to pay for the condo that is manner too costly so this is what I am getting at renting a spot is superior particularly if it allows you to save cash and make investments elsewhere and also you must also stay someplace you are proud of however throwing a ton of cash and an costly cool luxurious condo in your 20s is only a waste I imply you are 20 years outdated individuals do not count on you to stay the lifetime of luxurious they count on you to stay on a futon and your pals storage as a result of it is low-cost and you are still saving up now’s the time the place you possibly can truly get away dwelling like this you might save and make investments the distinction effectively it is nonetheless socially acceptable give it some thought for a second you are dwelling in your buddy’s sofa paying $200 a month nobody bats a watch since you’re 21 years outdated however attempt doing that if you’re 43 not a very good picture and everybody loses their thoughts so it’s possible you’ll as effectively simply get away with the whole lot now when you nonetheless can for the sake of saving cash and investing it for the long run an costly condo in your 20s is solely going to remove from the approach to life that you might have later in life when it does actually matter essentially the most the extra money you save right here the extra money you get to have elsewhere simply give it some thought for a second should you save up sufficient cash you are gonna have sufficient to start out the enterprise you’ve got at all times wished to you are not gonna have to fret about quitting the job you completely hate since you want it to pay the payments you would possibly manage to pay for sooner or later to even purchase a Lotus Exige S 240 that is why it is so necessary that in your 20s now’s the time the place you get to stay cheaply with none concern or any repercussions of whether or not or not it is socially acceptable as a result of individuals do not count on you to have something to start with okay now quantity 5 that is most likely one of many largest errors individuals make of their 20s and the place most individuals simply totally screw up and I am right here to reveal it and that’s you guys the classic Starbucks iced latte for a median worth of four {dollars} and 15 cents it simply makes completely no sense why pee would ever spend cash on this as a substitute simply go and order a standard espresso with two pumps of vanilla after which get a cup of ice totally free on the facet then all you’ll want to do is pour your individual milk after which pour that over the free ice after which abruptly proper there you will have saved two {dollars} and 65 cents by doing a few of the work your self consider simply how a lot cash that will prevent two {dollars} and sixty-five cents each single day over 40 years that equates to about 300 and seventy two thousand I am simply making all of these things up by the way in which now for actual although let’s go to quantity 5 the final mistake individuals make of their 20s will not be preserving a price range or monitoring their bills of most people I do know of their 20s I might say most likely lower than ten % have any type of price range by any means and even fewer of these truly go step additional to truly monitor their funds the remainder of the individuals might need a imprecise thought of considerably what they spend simply based mostly on how a lot cash is of their account however for essentially the most half they simply do not even take note of it among the best issues that you are able to do in relation to saving and investing and actually benefiting from your time in your 20s to have a ton of cash later in life is actually budgeting and monitoring in every single place your cash goes and the whole lot you spend cash on now there is a saying on the market that claims what you measure improves and it sounds cliche however it’s completely true now to do that simply go and join on mint comm or private capital comm each of these are nice assets to make use of simply go and sort in your data and all your accounts will come up and it’ll routinely monitor all your revenue bills and the whole lot else that you simply select to kind in there it is wonderful I would use this myself personally for over six years now and should you truly go and do that you are most likely gonna be forward of 99.9 % of the inhabitants on the market it merely has by no means finished this of their lifetime and it actually does not take that a lot time to do both I imply realistically I would spend 5 to 10 minutes per week simply wanting by way of and simply checking that the whole lot’s there I imply lower than the time it takes to look at considered one of my movies and hit the like button that is how simple that is and by truly going and doing this you are gonna have a practical expectation of how a lot cash you actually need how a lot you spend what you needn’t spend cash on and the place you can begin slicing again or increasing as wanted based mostly off your present spending habits which most individuals we’ll be shocked on the quantity of little like three 4 or 5 greenback purchases all through the day to simply add as much as one thing giant over an extended time period so anyway with that stated you guys these are the 5 largest cash errors that individuals make of their 20s and the way you might keep away from them should you guys take pleasure in movies like this ensure earlier than you click on out of this to smash that subscribe button then smash that notification bell so YouTube notifies you anytime I add a video additionally be at liberty so as to add me on snapchat and Instagram I publish her just about day by day so if you wish to be part of it there be at liberty so as to add me there thanks once more for watching and till subsequent time

New Fb Commercials Intention for 2019 (Progressed) | Dropshipping & E-Commerce

hey everyone Gabriel here and in this video I’m gonna be talking about a new Facebook Ads strategy that I’ve been using that’s been doing really well for me and I think that this strategy is gonna become one of the more predominant strategies in 2019 for Facebook Ads so it’s not for complete beginners you do need to have some data to work with in order to use this strategy but if you’re already running ads on Facebook and you’re looking for ways to significantly increase your return on adspend then this is the perfect video for you so without further ado let’s get right into the content so to start off I want to give you guys a little bit of background about this strategy so Facebook recently released a new feature called campaign budget optimization or CBO for short and what campaign budget optimization does is that instead of setting your budget at the ad set level for each individual ad set you set the budget for the entire campaign and then Facebook distributes your budget across the ad sets based on the performance in real time so theoretically what this does is that you spend more on your best ad sets and you spend less on ad sets that aren’t performing and overall you get a better return on adspend so this picture that I pulled from Facebook actually does a great job at explaining it so on the left here we have without campaign budget optimization and as you can see there’s no budget set for the campaign the budget set for each individual ad set and then no matter what the performance of these ad sets it’s gonna spend that budget and you know so in this example you would get 10 conversions here even though ad set number two was performing better right because this one got 5 conversions this one only got 2 so if you turn on CBO with the same ad sets what would have happened is that Facebook would have spent much more on ad set 2 when it saw that ad set 2 is get more purchases so you know it would optimize the spent to spend more on ad set number 2 the result is that instead of getting just 10 conversions you would end up with 15 conversions for the same amount spent so that’s what CBO is and it’s a really interesting feature and it’s definitely worth testing so before I get into the exact strategy there are a few requirements that I would recommend you have in order to start testing the strategy number one is that you are already already running ads on Facebook and getting consistent sales now the reason I put this requirement is that I don’t want you guys to think that CBO is like a miracle solution that’s going to turn your failed campaigns into successful ones because that’s not the case what CBO will do is it will increase the profitability of your already successful campaign right so you’ll get a better return on ad spend on your campaigns that are already doing relatively well another requirement is that you already have some data to work with and to build look-alike audiences from so pixel data Instagram data an email list whatever but this strategy I this exact strategy I’m talking about using look-alike audiences so you’re gonna need to have data to work with and yeah the last requirement is that you’re looking to increase your profitability within your existing campaigns so if you meet all those requirements then that’s good and you can start testing the strategy and it should work well for you so I’m gonna give you guys a quick overview of the strategy and then I’m gonna show you how it would actually implement this in practice so the idea behind the strategy is that we’re gonna use look like audiences plus see do to get the absolute best distribution of a budget possible so look-alike audiences is already an extremely powerful tool to find the right audience to target when we combine that with CBO which is an extremely powerful tool to distribute your budget according to performance you basically get a extremely powerful campaign that’s gonna spend your budget very efficiently as long as everything else is in order right if you have a good offer a good product good website etc but that should already be the case if you met the requirements so the strategy is really powerful now how you’re gonna want to set this up is you’re gonna want to have a single campaign for each lla each look-alike audience sorry and then each country an individual campaign as well so for example you’d want to have a single campaign for the buyer look-alikes for the US and then you could do a single campaign for the buyer look-alikes for the UK whatever for your main countries and you want to segment it by country and type of look-alike and what you’re gonna want to do is break down each look-alike audience into five segments so for example 1% 1 to 2% 2 to 3% 3 to 4 and 4 to 5% and what this does is it avoids overlap and you can test the different levels and this is what the CBO is going to optimize towards testing these different levels of look-alike audiences and yeah you don’t have to do 1% 1 to 2% you can also do 2% increments so you can do 2% 2 to 4 4 to 6 6 to 8 and 8 to 10 if you’re targeting a country that has a smaller population and you want bigger audiences but that’s the general idea you’re gonna break each look-alike audience into 5 Eggman’s put it into a single campaign turn on CBO and then have a budget of about a hundred to two hundred fifty dollars to start off and let it run and let it optimize and this usually works really really well because it lets Facebook find the absolute best spot despite to spend your budget within that look-alike audience and you can just let it optimize let it do its thing and every two days if the campaign is profitable you’re gonna want to double the budget so that you get the most out of this campaign so that’s the overview of the strategy it’s not complicated but you know you do need to have some data to work with now I’m gonna show you guys how to set this up in practice if you’ve never setup CBO and look-alike audiences so just to show you guys an example this is a new campaign that I’ve been testing I launched this today and as you can see I’m using the exact strategy so in this case it’s a ninety-five percent video viewers look alike to the United States and what I’ve been doing is I just broke it down into five segments so 1% 1 to 2 2 to 3 3 to 4 4 to 5 I turned on CBO so as you can see it says right here using campaign budget and I set the budget to $100 just to test because this is a new campaign and I wasn’t sure how is it going to turn out but as you can see it’s already doing pretty well so it’s got a cost per purchase of $9 2.37 robots and as you can see it found that this 1% look-alike which is kind of expected this 1% look-alike was doing the best so it started spending a lot more towards this one right it spent 23 dollars towards this look-alike and only like 6 dollars to all the different ad sets so if it only spent like $6 on this one I probably wouldn’t have gotten these 4 purchases here so you know as you can see it’s optimizing towards what’s giving me the best performance so now I just want to quickly show you guys how to set this up in practice so that you can do it yourself so first off you need to create some look-alike audiences if you haven’t already and to do this you need to create some custom audiences so what you want to go is you want to go to your asset library by just clicking the menu and then going to audiences and then create a custom audience and this custom audience is gonna be the seed for your look-alike audience so if you want to make a look-alike of your website visitors you need to create a custom audience of your website visitors first and then use that to create the look-alike so website traffic and then all website visitors in the last 30 days sure then you’ll name it something according to to what the audience is so in this case I call it WV 30 website visitors and last 30 days create that audience and then you need to let it generate itself so this takes a bit of time to populate you can still create the look-alike audiences right away but it needs to populate properly before you can run ads to them so I’m just gonna show you so you go to create audience look-alike audience and then as you’re sort of audience that you just created so WV 30 and then the location for the strategy you want to use one country per campaign so a good one to start off with is all to see the United States so location United States and then audience size this is where you’re gonna segment your your look-alike audience into five different pieces so you go to show advanced options number of audiences and you go to five and then you just want to drag this so that each audience is just one percent so I’m having a hard time there so ya drag this here and there you go and as you can see each audience is the same size and you know there’s gonna be no overlap between those audiences you don’t want to just do 1 percent 2 percent 3 percent because there’s gonna be overlap so if you do this and you do CBO this way there’s gonna be absolutely no overlap and Facebook is gonna be able to optimize the delivery to the best segments of your look-alike audience usually either the first ones will do better right 1 percent will be the best one to 2 percent but that’s not always the case and that’s why this method works really well so then you just press create audience and then you just wait a little bit you want to wait till all those audiences are created and generated so um you should have the size should be bigger than below 1000 right so once you see a proper sized number that’s when you know that done that it’s ready to advertise so once you’ve created your look-alikes now you can actually set up the campaign so I’m gonna show you step by step how to do this you’re just gonna create and then campaign name you would call it something like WV 30 US CBO buying type auction camping objective conversions and then right here which says budget optimization you want to turn that on and then this is where you can set the campaign budget so like I said 100 to 250 dollars is what I like to start at depends on your budget and how well you think it’s gonna do so let’s just say 100 and then create a new ad set this is where you can put your look-alikes so I’m just gonna call it 1% and then skip the on save to draft and then you just go to your ad set here 1% and then this is where you select your pixels so let’s just say lead you would you would want to put purchases this is just my personal website so there’s no there’s no purchase of it but you would want to put purchase here if you’re doing e-commerce and drop shipping and then your custom audience this is where you put the look-alike so you click here look-alike there we go one percent and then locations you just want to take that out it’s automatically gonna have the locations from the look-alike audience age range I just let that as broad as possible language no need to put anything there because you know that the US speaks English no point in refining your targeting for nothing and then placements I like to do I’m just feed I don’t know what happened here for placements I like to do just just feed so you can set that up I mean this is up to you it also depends on your product on your ads but I usually do video ads so I like to do just feed and then yeah it keeps scrolling and then everything here is good conversion window this is up to you I like using one day click and then duplicate and then you want to duplicate this four times and you’re gonna add all the different look like audiences in there so pretty straightforward I’m showing you step by step but I’m sure that a lot of you guys you know can already figure this out so one to two percent and then you just want to replace the look-alike to the one to two percent one and then remove the old one and yeah and so on you just keep doing this so the same thing here so two two two three and then I’m not going to show you all the way this is the last example two to three percent and yeah two to three percent blah blah blah there we go and once you set all this up you know you’ll have all your different one so 1 percent 1 to 2 2 to 3 3 to 4 4 to 5 and then you can just publish the campaign let it run and you know it should optimize as well so that’s pretty much it for the strategy guys I hope you enjoy it I just want to add a little thing before I end the video my personal favorite look-alike audiences to test with this strategy so number one is buyers in the last three days and I also like testing buyers with the lifetime value so that’s another option that you can do when you’re building a custom audience and it’s gonna take into account the lifetime value of your bars as well and you’re gonna get a slightly different look-alike audience another one is the top 25% visitors buy time spent I found in my experience that DC look-alikes don’t work really well if you content look-alikes but if you do a top 25% visitors buy time spent you’ll get a much more targeted custom audience and then when you build a look-alike audience from that it’s gonna do a lot better another one is 95% video viewers I really like that one especially because it’s easy to get enough video views to build a 95% video viewers custom audience so this is one of the first look-alike audiences that you can test and that usually does really well and lastly is Instagram save so especially if you’re doing some influencer marketing on Instagram building a look-alike audience of your Instagram saves will usually perform really well so yeah guys that is pretty much it for this video I hope you enjoy this new strategy let me know how it does in the comments below and if you haven’t yet make sure to join my facebook group it’s the first link in the description we’ve got a ton of people and they’re super active so if you’re new to dropshipping or if you’re just trying to get better there’s a ton of help in there and I definitely recommend you checking it out so on that note I hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see

Why Milllennials Are So Notorious With Cash…

why are Millennials so dangerous with cash that’s what we’re going to be speaking about on this video right now so just lately cash beneath 30 performed a survey to check the monetary well being of Millennials what they did was they surveyed 612 American Millennials to attempt to perceive what it’s that is occurring with this technology that’s inflicting us to be so poor off financially now the very first thing I need to say is that this isn’t essentially all Millennials as a result of I’ve numerous younger individuals who watch my channel or right here on the channel we speak about private finance the inventory market monetary training and so there are an unlimited quantity of Millennials on the market which can be killing it financially however the majority of individuals based mostly on this survey suck financially and we’re going to speak about the principle findings of this survey and why this could be the case for those who guys need to learn the survey it should be the highest hyperlink within the description under cash beneath 30 is a superb finance weblog for those who guys need to be taught extra about private finance investing something of that nature that is gonna be down within the description under as nicely however I discovered these outcomes to be completely stunning and there have been a few them that I wished to share with you so the primary cause why Millennials are so dangerous with cash actually just isn’t our fault and that’s the undeniable fact that faculty tuition has skyrocketed there’s quite a few completely different statistics on the market which can be sharing knowledge on this about how a lot faculty tuition prices at this time limit however what cash beneath 30 discovered on this survey is that 16 % of a Millennials surveyed listed their major monetary aim is to repay scholar loans that’s sort of a tragic monetary aim of your greatest aim out there’s to not personal a home it is to not retire it is simply to get out of debt there are numerous completely different the explanation why persons are struggling to get out from beneath their scholar loans however one of many primary causes is the truth that like we stated tuition on this nation is skyrocketing however there’s additionally this concept that everyone must go to school and there are numerous good jobs on the market you will get that don’t require a school training and so I believe this concept that faculty is actually a prerequisite to life is a really previous concept that lots of people must get out of their head faculty is the nice alternative and the suitable alternative for some folks however it’s undoubtedly not the suitable alternative for everybody on the market the second cause why millenials are so dangerous with cash is as a result of they can not discover jobs of their area and so what they’re discovering is that after you get educated after you get your faculty diploma you come out and also you’re in an enormous quantity of debt however you possibly can’t discover a job in your area that is one other widespread downside amongst Millennials and this survey discovered that 13 % of Millennials listed their major monetary aim is to get a job of their area once more these are fairly unhappy numbers right here 16% say they simply need to get out from beneath their scholar loans 13% simply need to discover a job of their area and in my view the first cause for that is that persons are not excited about what they’re gonna do once they get out of school there are some levels which can be extra marketable than others and so you probably have a level in glassblowing or basket weaving it should be arduous to really get a job until in comparison with any individual who could have a level in stem or one thing medical associated so what I imagine this comes all the way down to is a scarcity of analysis or a scarcity of a plan so far as what you are going to do after faculty and the way you are really going to make the most of that diploma in order that I do must blame on the Millennials going to school and searching for a school training in a non marketable or a non precious ability the third the explanation why numerous Millennials are broke or so dangerous with cash is that primary and quantity two are stopping them from buying properties and so consequently they have an inclination to lease for all of their authorities or they’re of their 30s they usually’re nonetheless renting as a result of they can’t get out from beneath their scholar mortgage debt they’re underemployed or they are not making sufficient cash based mostly on their training degree and consequently they can not afford to purchase a house so that they’re simply burning cash burning by money left and proper by renting and it is extraordinarily arduous for Millennials to purchase properties in the event that they’re caught on this lure as a result of their scholar mortgage cost is mainly their mortgage I imply I’ve pals I’ve talked to of their scholar mortgage funds or 5 six seven hundred {dollars} per 30 days that’s astronomical that’s virtually what you’d pay for a mortgage of possibly half a mortgage and so due to the truth that they’re burdened so closely by scholar loans and they’re probably not making the suitable sum of money based mostly on their ability or they’ve a non marketable ability they’re unable to avoid wasting up cash to pay for a home and they’re renting and oftentimes what you are paying in lease goes to be increased than what you’d pay for those who really personal that property so that’s one more reason why Millennials are so dangerous with cash is they don’t seem to be capable of purchase properties due to their previous selections right here with training quantity 4 the fourth factor that this survey discovered right here is that Millennials are just a little bit too optimistic about their future financially and so cash beneath 30 discovered that 78% of the millennial surveys to gas that their monetary scenario will enhance in comparison with 45 level 5 % of People now there is a very clear cause for this in my view and that’s the undeniable fact that Millennials have solely ever been adults in a wholesome and affluent financial system and through the 2008 crash the market crash when unemployment was by the roof most Millennials weren’t of the grownup age and they also’ve solely ever been adults throughout a affluent and wholesome financial system and so I imagine that numerous Millennials are just a little bit too optimistic about their scenario enhancing now I do not assume their scenario cannot enhance however they’re really gonna must take some steps and take some motion to enhance it it isn’t simply gonna magically get higher and so I really feel there’s an general sense of optimism that could be just a little bit overdone right here dears based mostly on the truth that they’ve solely ever seen a affluent financial system the fifth factor that this survey discovered that was completely stunning to me is that nineteen level 5 % of Millennials would borrow from family and friends if they’d an sudden $500 expense that is simply so mind-blowing to me that $500 a 500 greenback expense a fender bender or some sort of dental surgical procedure costing you 500 bucks you are gonna name up your folks you are gonna name up your loved ones members for a bailout that is simply such a poor determination to be making in my view to must depend on family and friends for a $500 expense and I believe that is once more one more reason why Millennials are dangerous with cash is they don’t seem to be too proud to ask for that I do know personally I might by no means ask my pals or household for cash I might determine it out I might do no matter I needed to earlier than I crawl to my family and friends and stated hey can I get hundred bucks I am in a pinch however I believe lots of people numerous Millennials can be completely keen to try this and that is kind of a mindset downside in my view of getting that willingness to go on the market and you understand ask your family and friends for cash in a pinch quantity six the sixth factor discovered right here which is why Millennials are going to be so dangerous with cash going ahead is the truth that 51 level six % of Millennials usually are not contributing to retirement accounts and ten % do not even know in the event that they even have one which implies that sixty one level six % for those who lump this collectively they both usually are not contributing or they don’t know if they’ve one and that is why they’re gonna wrestle a lot financially going ahead is that almost all Millennials of those Millennials surveyed right here usually are not contributing in the direction of retirement and it simply reveals you the way dangerous this monetary panorama is right here as a result of anyone who understands compound curiosity is aware of that it is the time worth of cash and if most Millennials usually are not contributing in the direction of retirement accounts they are not going to have sufficient time or as a lot time for compounding to happen and for them to earn cash from their present sum of money in order that in and of itself goes to be an enormous monetary downside for Millennials after which quantity seven the seventh factor discovered by this survey right here is that 36 % of Millennials do not know their credit score rating and if that is not dangerous sufficient 35 % have zero bank cards this simply comes all the way down to in my view a scarcity of training whether or not or not it’s from education whether or not or not it’s from mother and father pals no matter it’s there’s numerous dangerous stigma on the market surrounding bank cards and bank cards usually are not the foundation of all evil as they’re made out to be and it is essential to have good credit score as a youngster if you are going to be shopping for a automotive if you are going to be shopping for a house numerous locations for those who’re trying to lease from that place they’ll run your credit score and so if you do not have a nicely established credit score you are going to be paying increased rates of interest on bank card funds increased rates of interest on auto loans for those who ever need to purchase a home you are gonna must get any individual to be a co borrower with you it should be an enormous headache and so once more this proper right here is one more reason why Millennials suck financially they do not know their at rating and numerous them one third of them have zero bank cards which means they haven’t any established strains of credit score constructing their credit score rating and so in any case guys that is what this survey right here cash under-30 discovered to be numerous the the explanation why Millennials are struggling financially and I might love to listen to what you guys take into consideration this do you fall beneath these statistics right here or are you among the many folks which can be doing nicely financially as a millennial I might love to listen to what you guys assume down within the remark part under however in any case guys that is going to wrap up this video like I stated I linked as much as cash beneath 30 in addition to this survey for those who guys need to test it out within the description under undoubtedly an amazing useful resource for private finance and investing articles and content material every thing like that however thanks guys a lot for watching this video I hope you loved it and I’ll see you within the subsequent one

Negotiation Concepts. Younger Hustlers.

my identify is Grant Cardone does the cardones personal every single day every single day I am gonna present you easy methods to get cash so much cheaper than this I get your self able to sit down in that chair proper there are you the answer otherwise you the value yeah we’re gonna what does it take they do not know you and so they’re not interested by you they do know you and so they’re not pondering okay forgot you my identify is Grant Cardone you are within the automotive down zone the place I wake you up I shake you up punch you within the face however principally I am that good [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh get that large we sure let me birthday let’s get him a pin to subsequent pin I want a 10x pin – hey welcome to younger hustlers the cardones personal each Thursday each third it is Jared grant it are us it is us speaking to you about easy methods to preserve your hustle you recognize you recognize i appropriately pit exhausting preserve it robust preserve it robust preserve it persisting did you get him Jared Jared is doing let me do that for you – cuz you have been a 10x dude Jared proper now by the best way everyone 305 eight six 5 eight six six eight Jared is doing a little form of what do you do intermittent fasting and cleaning and he is cleaning he is doing two colonics a day mm-hmm that that these aren’t a part of the weight loss plan this can be a recreation santhi administers these – yeah yeah okay and it is any hope you are watching proper now and so he does a pair colonics a day he is doing natural cleaning and he is doing the intermittent intermittent fasting that was prompt to him by his coach Anthony Rhodes who had by the best way your coach as properly yeah however he makes up all the things he comes from MSU MSU make shit up you by no means make shit up College most these trainers that is the place they arrive from large shout out to Anthony wet Rhodes at present we’re not gonna be making stuff up what we’re gonna accomplish that that you do not have to make stuff up how about these segways you are actually stringing them collectively there GC we’re gonna begin bringing each each Thursday some negotiating methods to you guys I used to be in London and I began ripping off on among the alternate options yep Genghis Khan’s egocentric youngster dude they have been the folks within the England have been like what my god man you recognize cry my ello hey this bloke got here in right here speaking about methods to barter transactions and I used to be like that is bollocks and people blown away after which he bought on his jet he flew again to the US Lily went to Wales and did the identical factor okay so look what we wish to do is offer you technique most of you which might be right here you are already motivated now the query will probably be will you get what you deserve in life you recognize it is stated that you just you aren’t getting what’s honest you get what you negotiate so Jared you wish to choose one thing that you just love one of many one of many my negotiating methods that you just’re like okay that is it properly I feel I feel one of many one of many strongest issues that that I ever realized and I am nonetheless like this developed and it takes layers since you be taught it form of in a single dimension after which you need to work out easy methods to plug this into different areas of your life not simply promoting a product both like that is it is actually essential that you just have a look at the layers of this however however while you’re making an attempt to make a proposal or a suggestion to anyone as a substitute of in an assailant Aereo discounting an give you really use different alternate options your different items of stock different merchandise to to maneuver them round with out having to low cost your worth yeah and so you recognize one of many first issues when folks hear this that that is robust for them to confront is they do not have a number of merchandise to supply proper you recognize they arrive in and and so they find yourself with one supply and so they both low cost it or they stroll the client however shifting folks round after which the the factor that you just you you teaches is that you just transfer folks up earlier than you progress them down yeah yeah yeah there’s some there’s some totally different dimensions like that as a result of that one applies to each enterprise by the best way after I began texting I am texting mark over at AutoNation proper now yeah okay I am working a deal proper now with a significant main firm and I noticed I gave the man one selection I ought to have given him two and three yeah like even while you’re doing this every single day what Jared’s saying is you gotta have an ABC even even poor Michael Jackson knew this ABC ABC it is as straightforward as one two three ABC Three or 5 eight 6 5 6 6 a name us three or 5 eight six 5 eight six six eight so while you name them what we’re gonna do is ready up your a B and your C yeah everyone ought to have an A B and C okay for for I am going to offer you an instance good instance what we’re doing at our convention convention $95 seat by the best way it is already discounted from 2500 do not ask me for an additional low cost we do this in all places by the best way oh by the best way is the low cost too heavy possibly I am going to determine that out as I mark it as I cashflow as we construct the occasion out and we are able to all the time increase costs again up one more reason why you want large volumes and we discuss this so much margins and volumes you want volumes of content material to promote with a view to earn a living so Jared Jared ah after we sit down and say we wish to do that gig in Vegas we’ll do it in Miami we’re gonna do it in Fort Lauderdale we wish to do 2,000 folks we wish to do 35,000 we decided on quantity in order that we might really supply this to folks oh let me simply let me simply take the a out zero how about this zero 95 one 95 d ABCD we’re gonna go to how about this how about how about please personal it how about for the massive hitters on the market I’m going to 15 grand so I bought a zero ticket how do I get that we had this dialog this morning look man we simply need both nothing from you however ship one thing to you or slightly bit from you however for some folks we now have to ship this product down right here 15 grand I bought corporations do not wish to spend thousands and thousands of {dollars} they won’t take heed to me what is the quote to this firm do not inform him what the corporate is however he stated how a lot and and simply inform everyone what what I posted again to him 2 hundred fifty to 5 hundred thousand I am unable to get his consideration I am unable to get his consideration if I do not pitch him that top proper he is like what am I gonna get for 15 grand so once more worth is a fantasy you bought that out of vendor be offered the information that we’ll share with you is out of the closure survivable God Cardone College and one different place and that place is that for our negotiating occasion that I did about two three months in the past on round we provided that for $49 folks got here in and watched it what we did was we launched a $49 product after which went money circulation this product I am speaking entrepreneurial not gross sales there is a enterprise idea launched a $49 product had I do not know 5 or 6 seven thousand folks watched it proper 1000’s capped it off closed it a rebuilt a product round it and got here out to {the marketplace} and offered it for 1995 however after we carry it to the market will present three choices right here so you have to provide you with choices grocery shops do that Starbucks does that automotive dealerships do it you want three possibility like like if we went out with a 15ok supply and that was the one supply then we would not have 35,000 folks at eBay that is proper so not everyone not everyone is a participant for fireman policeman you’ve got given your life your you are being paid 60 grand a yr to run into burning buildings I am going to provide the c40 mm-hmm what’s the worth of that ticket being prepared to have you ever be burnt okay give it I am gonna go to Afghanistan for the Navy the Air Pressure and Marines military dude I am going to offer you a seat the price of zero however actually what you needed to do is commerce three years of your life away from your loved ones depart Charleston South Carolina to go to Afghanistan beneath the proper you get it okay now for a few of you you should buy a twenty 5 hundred greenback ticket proper now you may get 4 ninety 5 {dollars} you may get a mezzanine ticket proper Jerry doesn’t suggest you may get government for 195 okay now what am i doing after I do on this that is known as parameters I am mainly taking you I am taking you proper right here and I’m blocking you mentally into the negotiations I bought zero that is actually the way it works it does not work vertical it actually works this manner 195 and I and I’ve a 4 thousand greenback ticket let me take this paragraph I bought a 4 thousand greenback ticket what what the hell is that see what I am doing earlier than anyone complains about an excessive amount of or when is it or what is the lodge or how do I get there or who’s gonna be talking I do not need you interested by that I really need you interested by the costs yeah as a result of if I am unable to preserve you within the costs stead of your acceptable know if I can preserve you within the costs I am retaining you away from when is it I do not need you interested by while you and I’ve this dialog now than on a regular basis I need you to decide 10 X Four comma 4 / 10 X Four pounder bought comm 10x progress con-com 10x work on comm 10x progress comm 10x progress konkow 35,000 folks gonna be there 20,000 folks have purchased seats already I am paying Steve Harvey to fly in Daymond John we bought we bought we bought a Tony Robbins John Maxwell Sara Blakely Bethany Freya we bought a suggestion out to the rock nonetheless we bought a suggestion out to mmm we bought a suggestion out to who agreed my man yesterday this got here in he is doing leisure Oh dougie contemporary Dougie contemporary is come my buddy Doug E contemporary let’s go man these folks value cash by the best way you guys are shopping for the most cost effective tickets you could possibly spend $15,000 on this occasion and I am going to assure you it’s going to be the most effective funding you ever made ask ask your self this three days with enterprise leaders or three days in school spend the identical sum of money the place would you reasonably do it three days in Enterprise Faculty or three days with Grant Cardone and his pals you are in the proper place on the proper time my life has been modified in a method that I did not personally suppose it might be modified anymore the alternatives alone which have offered themselves whereas I’ve been right here the magnitude I am unable to even describe proper now I used to be bored I used to be lazy not doing something sleeping not doing what need to do man gregor do not share my life larger than life is not concerning the regulation of attraction it is concerning the regulation of motion completed my revenue since my life and since my future household man that is what it is all about man [Music] you [Music] wealth dynamics believes everybody has the god-given proper to personal their potential most of us do not as a result of we spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 yr to life sentence turning our treasured time for nugatory paper known as cash we train our purchasers to safe revenue so you should buy your freedom again and dwell a lifetime of abundance and prosperity wealth dynamics supplies teaching training accountability and group that will help you construct wealth be part of our teaching program get educated on the wealth dynamics College and start networking with the wealth dynamics mastermind group at present to get began go to wealth dynamics com seen the quickest rising e-commerce platform in Health fitness center meals retailer calm delivered to you by Harvard skilled m.d. entrepreneur and specialist and rehabilitation and regenerative drugs David Carly together with Zoe Bedford skilled and distribution and product growth fitness center meals shops your on-line market for vitamin and Sport supplementation we offer you entry to the simplest merchandise and vitamin all whereas offering skilled critiques and consumer training fitness center meals shops right here that will help you determine and validate product choice so that you’re not losing cash or time on merchandise which might be merely subpar be taught extra at fitness center meals retailer calm that is fitness center meals retailer calm proper now couple of years AI machines have made their method into our properties the battlefield our office and even into our palms within the type of smartphones with voice recognition digital help for the house symbolize a possibility if you know the way to make the most of them that’s the place Nico’s Laptop Engineering is available in hey we’re again younger hustlers it is Jarrod glint in my essential man grant cardone right here at present on the present we’re speaking about negotiating we’re speaking about your supply and extra particularly we’re speaking about how you utilize alternate options to assist folks decide so 10x progress calm developing I do not know when you can see this checklist of individuals proper right here however every one in all these audio system represents a distinct piece of M and 2010 English our convention yeah so we have got Steve Harvey Sara Blakely Grant Cardone Elena Cardone john maxwell russell brunson ty Lopez Daymond John Bethenny Frankel Ryan Deiss and Jesse so precisely what what jared saying proper now okay while you’re doing stock and also you’re negotiating with all the things is a negotiation each advertising piece of fabric each webpage each touchdown web page negotiates so we bought Steve H Harvey Steve Barbie we bought Bethenny Frankel she’s a billionaire dude proper I guess no Sara Blakely sir no properly yeah however what did she do she offered her firm for the way a lot Bethenny yeah beneath million 100 million sorry sorry sir so we bought Sara Blakely price a billion {dollars} hundred million {dollars} this man earns 50 million {dollars} on TV a yr poor poor black child grows up out of Atlanta yeah and makes 50 million and by the best way he is been related for like 30 I simply bought off the cellphone with Steve yeah you bought Grant Cardone you bought Elena Cardone what am i doing why am i providing all this expertise why am i spending cash as a result of some those that wish to come see Steve however do not wish to spend cash they’re like ah after which they see that Sarah Blakely’s coming I imply after which they see that Jarrod’s gonna be talking there him and his spouse and it is slightly little child Jake proper the gorgeous little household the look okay if he eats I informed my stated dude do not do this proper why you recognize what cuz if you cannot suppose you possibly can’t shut you possibly can’t shut a hungry abdomen don’t attempt to shut folks which might be hungry why as a result of they don’t seem to be analytical so long as I can preserve anyone analytical I can shut them okay watch watch I am gonna do it proper now you prepared okay guys let me ask you one thing what do you suppose it could value to spend an hour with Steve Harvey Bethenny Frankel and Sara Blakely this is your decisions okay by the best way you’re who you spend your time with when you’re a hero you do not have to provide me any cash all you bought to do is go to 10x drunk on gum and say I am within the military I am a vet I am a marine I am a fireman I am a policeman a instructor or a nurse bang you get to be there and spend three days with these folks together with myself my spouse Jarrod high 40 for nothing proper apart from the dedication you made to your loved ones by the best way these are the most cost effective tickets within the room the 15,000 as a result of now you get to fulfill these folks 15 grand you get to fulfill Stevie boy you get to glad-hand you get to carry and hug it out rise up picture with Sara Blakely proper so are you able to do that you just present me 15 grand and I am gonna name Steve up and say Steve I bought anyone desires to fulfill you 415 gonna be like they can not even get on household feud for that ha ha ha ha ha that is silly man proper you recognize I am gonna have John Maxwell there I bought a name in to Tony Robbins what does Tony need some huge cash this a lot cash and a helicopter in right here I am gonna put you in entrance of those that you do not even know their names however they’re doing a billion {dollars} a yr in gross sales you gotta discover ways to negotiate I am making an attempt to maintain you logical I need you to be analytical within the garments not emotional this can be a larger folks make they you need folks to be logical within the garments by no means hungry a-b-c-d or how about this II do not do something do not do something do not just do keep keep at dwelling what’s gonna occur when you keep at dwelling it is gonna value you Four million {dollars} not 95 bucks you bought a greater probability of coming to this convention watch I am being analytical you bought to get on a airplane you bought to fly down right here you are gonna miss three days of labor you might have a greater a greater possibility by the best way you bought to carry them to to the long run what’s that known as Jarrod Again to the Future Again to the Future hey to illustrate you do not come February 1st 2nd third you are in Chicago you bought to get on a airplane you bought to fly down right here to illustrate you are there and also you meet one particular person and neglect all the things else that you just heard and that one particular person modified your life wouldn’t it be price a B C or D no matter you frolicked power and cash to illustrate you do not do something E you do not do something again to the long run you do nothing you simply preserve doing what you’ve got been doing what do you suppose the price of that’s now that is the place you guys need to lean man you’ve got bought a lean okay properly let me give it some thought okay good give it some thought give it some thought let’s go give it some thought that is what we’re doing proper now take into consideration that is why you bought to have this man fed yeah sandy do not let him do that meals you had the fasting and the colonics the poor guys man he is bought this a lot power like like actually actually I might push him proper now if I do this once more he is gonna fall out of the chair all proper let’s speak to our callers Joe good day Joe what’s occurring man welcome to the present thanks thanks for calling in what query you might have for us at present so I this previous yr I made a change from a wage place to an all Fee job and out of 15 folks have been doing it for 15 years or extra I am gonna end primary however I really feel like he’ll be doing one thing slightly bit yeah however let’s keep on the subject dude how can this data I am sharing with you at present allow you to in your individual yeah yeah that is effective so I am gonna allow you to out right here I am gonna allow you to out right here see proper now you are your you are like hey do I have to make a shift this might you guys you guys do I do a shift to a different business you guys want to sit down down and write it in keep logical and do it with a full abdomen what when you do not do it what when you do do it what might it value you what that is how about actual property offers Jerrod requested me this morning which of the three offers do you want the most effective after which I simply begin ripping like yeah would not okay I like this one as a result of I like that one as a result of I like this one as a result of it is in all probability gonna purchase all of them yeah you gotta know logically man what’s the threat what is the worst-case situation what is the upside what when you do not do something what do you possibly can’t do this with your self you possibly can’t do it with a buyer take them to zero so what does it imply to take anyone dude when you do not make the transfer what occurs let’s take you to zero proper now okay if I do not make the transfer I preserve constructing off my shopper base I am positive yearly good it is higher you do not make not as rapidly as I like so that is what I am in search of my margin there enhance faster than what I’d in all probability forecasted to so that is what my ideas are good now what when you did not do something in in a aspect gig what would the aspect gig me I’d in all probability get in I’ve a good friend of mine if we have been speaking about it we simply you recognize we have not absolutely gotten there as a result of he is getting married I third child on the best way yeah I really feel like there’s been some distractions however we have been speaking about it you recognize I am simply primarily based on what you simply informed me the pace at which you answered that I feel that you just’re extra prone to keep within the gig you are at and add the true property then go do the opposite factor that you just’re interested by by the best way it should be simpler it should value much less value and guys when you guys cannot make it doing what you are doing proper now Jarrod cannot be profitable right here even when he hates my guts hardly ever typically not as a lot as I hate Anthony okay even when he is like okay what am I gonna do i’ma depart right here make it work the place you’re you guys bought to give up skipping and hop in leaving and grievin we bought some folks left my firm and so they’re grieving dude I am telling you it is Christmas and they are going to be crying I can depend them on a couple of hand silly I’ll change all the things’s gonna be higher ABCDE if you cannot shut your self you possibly can’t shut me shut your self throwing your future defending your previous Jay defrosted firm P LLC is a public accounting agency provides quite a lot of assurance and tax providers to companies and people within the Chattanooga and surrounding areas we give attention to development and manufacturing industries our major goal is shopper satisfaction by means of wonderful customer support work with the most effective we’re accredited by the BBB that is JD frost and firm for a full suite of taxes surance and administration accounting providers go to us proper now at Frost CPAs dot-com generally is a large waste of time unhealthy experiences you say I’ll by no means discover the proper lady you waste your time your cash and your power my identify is Jasmine tehrani I am the nation’s high relationship skilled with over eleven years of expertise and two graduate levels from Columbia College and I’ll allow you to appeal to the proper lady the proper companion in your life your small business and your empire discover out extra at Jasmine Taurani calm forward-slash dream lady 100 and even 200 new prospects contacting you instantly each month imply in your backside line when you’re a contractor then we may also help you fill your pipeline and begin at present at present leads we allow you to fill your schedule with stable appointments chrome leads is right here that will help you to construct your small business brick by brick name us at present at 4 zero three seven one zero six to 71 or go to us at at present assault extra gross sales in much less time know when your hyperlinks are clicked on inside your emails observe efficiency metrics supplying you with limitless actual time e mail monitoring we offer you exact e mail scheduling ensure that your emails arrive on the proper time each time enhance your open charges and ideal your multi time zone sending we automate your comply with up course of see the way it can be just right for you strive it fully free for 2 weeks hey what is going on on everyone that is jared glandt and grant cardone we’re right here within the automotive down zone on younger hustlers we’re taking your gross sales questions at present so name in to the present 305 eight six 5 eight six six eight one of the vital invaluable classes that I ever realized was while you make one supply to anyone and so they say no to it it is very troublesome to come back again round and save the state of affairs since you’re making an attempt to promote them on one thing that they’ve already repeatedly stated no to so alternate options may be top-of-the-line methods to proceed to carry one thing new justify your worth and provides folks decisions folks like decisions so we we give decisions with our occasions we give decisions with our merchandise we give decisions with the best way you can really transact with our gross sales crew on our company program and what why would folks not give by the best way what what what’s the what’s what goes on in your head that you just’re like I do not wish to give them decisions what do you suppose that’s folks do this as a result of I feel they’re afraid they’re gonna confuse precisely primary cause I feel I am gonna confuse the man behind that’s you might have this this this like naive concept that they are gonna you are crossing your fingers simply saying they’re simply gonna purchase the very first thing I give them something gonna work like that why do you consider grocery shops 50 the common grocery retailer it is fifty eight thousand merchandise in it I’m going in there for weight loss plan cokes okay I’m going in there for coats I’m going in there for sprite I’m going for 7up I’m going for ice cream I’m going for pizza why have they got 58,000 I am going straight to the beats this man I even inform my spouse in there straight to the pizza sooner or later I inform the youngsters we’re going for pizza and that is all we’re gonna get and the extra the extra by the best way the client says that is all I need you to indicate me the extra they’re telling you you possibly can promote me different goodies use choices all the time use choices preserve the organic and absorb there to zero and this is one other factor that that that alternate options do alternate options provide the alternative to serve the client higher as a result of when folks make one supply there’s quite a lot of assumptions which might be made behind it when you may make a number of provides it really supplies a greater service to the custodian us when you might go to the grocery retailer and all you could possibly purchase was a pizza do you suppose you would be serving them higher that method or if they will stroll in and see fifty thousand totally different choices it is it is really a service to the client you recognize we now have that is why we we really serve totally different markets with the pricing that we now have for our occasions we now have those that wish to purchase they get a free ticket those that we are able to get a 15 thousand greenback ticket will then get a ticket within the center folks they will get a free ebook folks that may pay for a ebook we wish everyone desires to be on the entrance row okay let’s not child ourselves everyone desires to be within the fifteen thousand greenback seats and meet Steve and Sarah and gran and time and John Maxwell everyone desires to be on the entrance however not everyone has that cash and a few those that have the cash do not wish to spend their cash they’re like I wish to be on the occasion yeah I’ll go there however I wish to be on the entrance however you recognize what I do not need my youngsters on the entrance you are not spending 15 for them to jot down so it places folks in a troublesome state of affairs while you’re flying firstclass why do planes have totally different worth ranges mm-hmm and why do not you why do not you might have the stock why do not you might have the totally different merchandise you solopreneurs with one product assure you are gonna fail it’s essential to have stock have a look at what number of merchandise that I’ve have a look at our web site have a look at our cyber monday yeah Grant Cardone com4 slash tons of of merchandise dude you are gonna you are gonna go in there I assure you are going for Cardone College as a result of it is a tremendous deal proper now I feel it is twelve hundred ninety seven {dollars} for a yr yep it is 9 ninety seven for 3 months with a ninety 9 greenback renewal which is definitely it is really the and I assure you when you’re in there you are gonna say hey the place was that little 10x pin I noticed grant the place and the way low-cost is that at present I feel a few of our merchandise are beneath the fee to fabricate after which when you’re there you are like possibly I am going to go to the 10x progress convention or oh he simply launched the brand new webinar he is doing for actual property grant cardone come help /r e irei grant corps no naka first /re yeah subsequent Saturday two Saturdays from now I am gonna do a dwell webcast on easy methods to get began in actual property 49 bucks I am going to add you Kate you easy methods to purchase actual property so am i complicated you I do not know possibly ah yeah fuck if I am complicated you this straightforward you’re already confused and I would reasonably have you ever being attentive to my confusion than anyone else’s so let me simply go over what I bought occurring I bought 10x progress convention quantity three I am spending ten million {dollars} logical preserve that organic proper now I am spending 10 million {dollars} on this occasion bringing Steve Harvey Tony Robbins we bought a name with Tony at present Daymond John Sara Blakely Elena Cardone Ryan Deiss Russell Brunson Tai Lopez three days okay you should buy tickets from 49 bucks I am sorry $95 oops $95 to 15 grand hey Bea you possibly can come to my webinar two Saturdays from now am i complicated you I bought my crew and there is like do not do this webinar but dude it is 49 bucks I am gonna construct a $9,000 program with that and promote it later you guys are gonna fund my mission I am telling folks precisely what I am doing you are gonna fund my mission for $49 I am gonna spend three to 4 hours with you displaying you easy methods to purchase actual property this can be a actual property solely webinar how do you get began easy methods to purchase a home easy methods to flip a home easy methods to rehab it two models 4 models eight models I am going to promote this out each webinar I’ve ever carried out I’ve offered out we all the time hit our goal mmm third factor you could possibly do is you could possibly get card on you you may get card on you proper now for twelve ninety seven or 9 ninety 9 okay did I confuse you I do not know some folks cannot be confused as a result of they’re sure they wish to do enterprise with me some folks can’t be confused they’re like fuck it I am going to purchase all of them and a few individuals are looking for a technique to do one thing and that is why you want once more that is the that is the chance you run of counting on one supply is as a result of like we there might be folks on the market I do not know what planet they’d be on however there might be folks that do not wish to come to progress con yeah that is proper there might be folks that may’t come to progress right like I had a man that is gonna be in Singapore he is like hey I would love to come back and may’t make it this yr however no actually gonna get him there about it yeah the free diamond ticket wouldn’t get him there yep however I’m keen on how grant turned a constructed a billion greenback actual property portfolio like I am tremendous keen on that some folks do not care about my actual property they’re like do how do you get Steve Harvey on the cellphone how do you get Tony’s quantity how do you cope with Tony’s man how do you speak to builds anchor who’s who’s created the it in all probability has the most effective popularity for bringing large occasions collectively how do you get that dude’s quantity what do y’all discuss and let me let you know let me simply let you know what you want to pay attention to identical factor we can we’re all the time the place are the alternatives at after which we fill these gaps in like like 4 years dude we had a spot with females you recognize with the relationships so Grant was like Elena you bought to in your recreation you bought to you bought it you need to inform folks you need to have your cannot be a girl as a lot as I would prefer to be so so now that is being introduced in we’re bringing in additional stock there are folks that can come to progress con to see Elena Bethany and Sarah and so they do not care about grant or Steve or John or me or whoever and we’d like these we’d like these join collateral Jerrod’s we have to ship out promos girls and only a girl 10x progress convention then then they’re simply the Beast 10x progress convention after which a beast and the nice guys yeah I do know the place I am at within the gap that is okay why do you suppose I introduced John Maxwell John Maxwell is a pleasant human being a mature Christian after which there’s me so I want the steadiness proper I want the steadiness so so so you bought to have the steadiness of stock with a view to construct your small business with different vehicles and roofing when you’re in community advertising you have to understand how do I construct my crew out it is exhausting sufficient to get anyone able to make a transfer once they when they’re there and so they already be sure you give them a cause to do enterprise with you no matter that could be like just like the worst factor that we might do is we might spend all this power and energy within the cash yeah bringing anyone to our web site bringing anyone into our group after which not having the ability to have one thing that they will use that that can profit them yeah now now when you do these choices it’s essential to carry the customer to urgency when you’re gonna shut the deal you are negotiating with anyone you have to get to the purpose the place you gonna be like do one thing proper out of the 10x rule do one thing do not simply watch do not simply hear pull the set off the pace at which you may make choices will decide how a lot cash you make in your lifetime take heed to me the pace at which you spend cash the pace at which you spend cash will decide how a lot cash comes again to you promise you when you write this you write this down in your mirror write one factor down the pace at which you’ll be able to spin cash will decide how a lot cash you may find yourself with as a result of if you need to sluggish roll it and suppose it and query it and doubt it everyone that goes to purchase from you’ll do the identical factor to you the pace at which you’ll be able to’t spend cash Natalie we must be telling everyone that does what grant says the pace at which you’ll be able to spend cash will decide how a lot cash you get and how briskly you may get it now let’s speak to our callers let’s go Brandon what is going on on uncle G what is going on on let’s occurring hey thanks for having me grant actually fast I bought two questions for you the primary one is I am a fight marine I went to Afghanistan in 2010 so I wished to make the most of the the give you bought there good attempt to do it on the web site nonetheless we had some glitches I simply wish to speak to you afterwards there proper yeah yeah no we’ll get that dealt with recognize your service recognize your service when you bought in your boy any of your different buds man carry them down get them to the convention it’s going to be good we bought a handful of these seats left so grant cardone com4 slash heroes test it out grant cardone com4 slash heroes what do you do for work now thanks in your service man completely thanks I do LED lighting for sports activities complexes in addition to for automotive dealerships okay superior nation so my query is we now have a ton of choices the one factor that we do not have on our desk that is form of affecting our gross sales for Mesa particularly is we do not have that large identify that everyone’s in search of yeah okay in order that’s effective however let me ask you this what like like when you’re pitching LED to me okay to illustrate you bought within the mat you bought in into my workplace and I am doing lighting proper now as a result of as a result of look the massive identify it was all the time a no-name to start with Procter & Gamble no person knew that identify coca-cola no person coca-cola did not promote something the primary yr so so so what are your choices when you find yourself with me what’s your ABC you recognize the Cadillac and C is the Ford model of the lighting so okay so simply give me give me give me what that may appear to be that is a that is a Ford what do you say Cadillac and a Maserati Maserati yeah so give me the pricing although cuz I do not wish to hear that terminology proper I wish to know hey dude you are able to do the le package deal da-da-da proper so automotive dealership one package deal will probably be 100 fifty thousand one other package deal will probably be 98 thousand and the bottom of the low which in all probability will not even get a proofs from the town is like I do not know 75,000 okay good after which what you may wish to do do is you may wish to put one thing on the highest like like go to go to loopy land three eighty proper and then you definitely may wish to go down right here and do that dude you could possibly simply do nothing simply stick with what you might have proper you recognize or possibly simply replace what you are doing or simply are available and put new bulbs in and keep that method you have to carry this man to this zero as a result of when you do not he’ll when you do not he’ll my my concern is that even after I carry him to the air he is gonna say all proper nice no drawback cuz I already bought this large identify that is doing this and this and this yeah yeah okay good for you so that you when are you gonna make a transfer simply not with you that is totally different no no that is totally different than taking him to zero in assuming that they don’t seem to be gonna do something yeah so he says hey we have been procuring large identify and we’re interested by doing one thing with him good man proper now primarily based on what I confirmed you it is me and massive identify that is another choice proper what would you reasonably do possibility F do an enormous identify and I like the best way you are saying you are not utilizing their identify by the best way I’d by no means use their identify no I do not you recognize good so that you’re gonna do an enormous identify okay okay I bought these 4 choices or large identify what do you wish to do when you have been gonna decide proper now what are you gonna do see that is the place you guys do not shut what are you gonna do proper properly I am gonna go at them I do not know very first thing in the event that they such as you they’re gonna be I do not know good man when you did know when you have been gonna decide when you had a crystal ball what would you say dude I imply I bought to be sincere with you man you wish to make it exhausting for this man to let you know however you have to get him to let you know yeah we’re gonna go a big-name dude we’re gonna go a big-name why then you definitely bought to get into the closing materials okay now you bought to ask him why you are gonna go along with large identify why do you suppose they’re gonna do which might be you asking me yeah I am asking you just for the identify and since anyone else has used previously and so they’ve had success okay good why else as a result of my good friend use them good why else truthfully I am unable to consider the rest all proper so let me deal with these two issues if I might deal with these two issues would you do enterprise with me completely so once more I bought to get larger than the good friend and I bought to get larger than the identify I bought to get actual to the sky proper okay now I do not know when you’re prepared to tug this card however I let you know what dude I’d if I did what you probably did I’d pull the cardboard completely and that card could be this dude I went to Afghanistan for you man consuming that blow I do not suppose it is low I feel it is acceptable I feel it is good and I feel you must freak and pull the cardboard and so many bets is not going to pull that card and I am like God pull the cardboard you are a police dude do not holy Dubrow you probably did one thing no person else did why must you not have a victory for that proper proper I did not go I did not go I did not what number of years did you spend over there I spent it was to 6 months end nobody yeah yeah hey man did your good friend go to Afghanistan for you probably did that firm go to I did I went dude what’d you do with me at present the choice you make at present takes care of me and my household simply preserve that in thoughts yeah let you know what dude I am gonna use it I am gonna use it on a regular basis since you did that it is not prefer it’s like anyone stated you recognize Cardone you brag so much it is not low it is like like that’s nothing that is the consideration that you’ve got yeah yeah yeah you recognize and so then they bought a buddy’s character is and the best way you have to ship it however you recognize hey I simply wish to remind you I’m a veteran we function this a veteran owned firm if that is the case keep in mind however John I am not gonna remedy you up like Jared is I am gonna inform him proper now hey dude I served for you yeah okay signal proper right here go dude boo do transfer good night that is proper bro and also you need a man like me in your crew you need a man like me doing all of your lighting you need a man like me as a result of I freakin I am going to push you within the nook man while you inform me hey man you stated you stated you have been gonna have it carried out by then I am going to get it carried out by then while you stated you have been gonna come beneath finances I’ll do this I went to Afghanistan for you dude again I bought buddies that may’t be in entrance of you proper now signal proper right here hey I bought a query beneath yet another query grant you you need me to achieve success proper dude I do need you to achieve success let me get some leads and a few automotive dealerships you recognize throughout the state I am placing you in a room with 35,000 folks man proper Leland till then let me get some names I like that I like anyone I like that I am going to offer you one proper now I am going to offer you one proper now enroll get you get you get your hero’s ticket after which give them JJ’s identify okay JJ you may see all proper let’s speak to the following caller okay that is what you guys want each thirsty man a few of you proper now you possibly can’t you are gonna you are gonna finish this since you’re like I bought to return on the market and name anyone put up a remark put up a remark do you just like the present what would you prefer to see us cowl what issues are you are having yet another yet another factor that I wish to say says so primary is you need to have alternate options sure quantity two is you all the time transfer folks up first so if now say no to an give you all the time wish to transfer them up after which quantity three while you’re placing your different provides collectively you want to pay attention to the proximity of the pricing of your a B and C supply if you need them to restrict so so so what you need is when you’re gonna give them three provides off for a B in 1501 supply the supply is gonna be 1500 subsequent possibility the following possibility is gonna be earlier than you say sure or no yeah that is what you are gonna do earlier than you say sure or no earlier than you say oh this an excessive amount of or too little or regardless of the subsequent possibility is gonna be for 3,400 yeah after which the C possibility is gonna be for 1195 yep okay you could possibly you wish to make it possible for your your your center supply and your backside supply are shut sufficient in proximity to cost that individuals transfer themselves again up into that center supply yeah or they do that that is an excessive amount of what is that this query mark why why what Jarrod simply did Jarrod put a flooring beneath this man so if he’ll negotiate with you he will not give you 1200 he’ll give you some quantity between that you just’re controlling the counter okay you are controlling the counter he’ll really feel like an fool to go beneath that you aren’t getting this this and this that is what’s lacking right here you aren’t getting this this and this okay okay let you know what I do that is what I need that is what you have to say first I’m that is your maker I need this now you need a counter however you wish to counter with anyone that has some sanity not not some silly supply quite a lot of you what you do is that is what you guys do hey man my merchandise 1,500 you both say you wish to do it you wish to give it some thought right here go away or make me a suggestion and the man guts you and says I am going to pay you 9 hundred and ninety {dollars} and you may’t ship it 9 ninety and then you definitely hate his guts he hates your guts everyone wasted everyone’s time we get anymore colours okay younger hustlers delivered to you by the automotive down zone each Thursday we do that generate a promote that is proper if we’re not right here anyone’s right here query is will you be on the 10x progress convention hey Matthew from Nebraska however Little Rock Arkansas we’re on cellphone man grant how are you doing the exhausting issues on Little Rock Thank You Natalie I bought a fast query for a person making an attempt to persuade my boss paper card in your birthday now that is slightly bit on low cost yeah dude as a result of car is what you do that is the best way you hey dude this is the deal man give me twelve hundred ninety seven {dollars} tax deductible to you you give it to me it is not revenue to me as a result of it is training you write it off you write it off am i price 5 hundred bucks as a result of that is all of the warning proper cardona verify for 1297 it makes me a greater salesperson when you want cash from me let you know what I am going to do I am going to pay you 100 bucks a month take it out of my verify that method you recognize you get your cash but when I hit my goal I do not pay you that is the way you persuade [Music] and when you do not shut him you do not shut him dude then you definitely’re only a weak-ass suck I stated when you do not shut him you are a weak set you are only a weak suck hey I am gonna shut them hey these place and dealing with me gave me two days he is gone Carter College I am not right here I can present extra data on my two hours a day of listening to that you just’re forwards and backwards to work now card on College’s bomb of us okay so for $40,000 program go to Grant Cardone comm know the place do they go Carleton College grant cardone comm ahead slash vacation vacation Grant Cardone ah is that’s that the place they get the precise typically for court docket on you although that sure grant cardone com4 slash vacation twelve hundred ninety seven {dollars} card on College all you guys on the market to pay three grand six grand 10 grand do not bitch at me if you wish to get one other each other twelve months at 1297 seize it do not burn that did you offered it to me for extra and you need to be making a ton of cash I bought corporations paying forty thousand for it we don’t give them their forty grand again we’re like get one other yr for twelve million let me simply play one thing it is effective as a result of due to all my one deal one deal guys so this man proper right here this man proper right here paid 25ok for lifetime entry to card on you and now he sees that we did a Black Friday deal for 1200 or for 9.99 and he is bought it for all times and he is bought it for all times and he stated you recognize what it is it is already been price it you guys I am prepared to pay no matter as a result of it is price it it really works yeah so so that you you look begin investing cash 1.5 trillion {dollars} 1.5 trillion {dollars} of debt for faculty takes 4 to 6 years 60% of all individuals are not out of school after 4 years 48% or not after out of school after six years loopy most individuals no do not even end school nonetheless accumulate 1.5 trillion is that trillion or billion that is billion yeah sorry {dollars} have been the debt okay okay now I do not know what Harvard value 50 60 grand a yr yeah in all probability twelve ninety seven one-year card on you it is one factor you could possibly do okay fifteen hundred {dollars} you may get an ideal seat at 10x progress convention you are able to do it for lower than 15 beneath you are able to do a 4 ninety 5 ninety 5 when you go to Afghanistan I am going to provide the seat totally free okay three-day three-day occasion with among the the best world shakers or you could possibly do that you could possibly do a webinar with me subsequent when you love actual property possibly you do not wish to do any of that is $49 why am i supplying you with decisions or bro you guys can simply go sit on that rattling school that you just went to all you college students on the market school guys on the market school ladies you are going to school you have to add one thing to what you are doing at school you have to add some you went by means of to be taught now you have to add enterprise or you are able to do nothing that is proper you’re taking them to zero Jared keep proper the place you are at nothing will change all the things will proceed because it has been the one query you have to ask give it some thought work out what you wish to do yeah hope that anyone buys it to you fruit for you Christmas preserve placing stuff up keep in mind the pace at which you make choices will decide how a lot cash you make pondering planning ready praying these are all issues for doubters all you believers on the market all you do I pray about all the things you’d that you are a doubter man you are within the satan’s camp the satan loves a doubter why would you return and ask God what to do when you find yourself prepared press for path is that an excessive amount of I feel you possibly can go yet another deeper dude dude you you prayed this morning now you are like I bought to go pray once more what number of occasions look what God are you praying to that wants repetition the Saint provides this ain’t an abs exercise this ain’t buns of metal we talkin to G oh and the date we’re speaking God canine you ask God one time and then you definitely run right into a dude that claims this may do that and you are like I bought a I bought to go test it out once more no man what you do is pull the set off say dude I am gonna work out easy methods to make this work Elon Musk says I am going to work out easy methods to make a a make-up go to go to Mars okay I am going to tackle the SEC so so so when are you gonna shut your self if you cannot shut your self on little stuff that makes you higher how the hell are you gonna shut a buyer on spending cash with you that is why the extra money I spend the extra I purchased a jet I purchased a jet in in beneath 10 days Gulfstream was like no person’s everyone jet this quick I went over there yeah let’s purchase the jet this is the cash on this roll it was delivered ten days later yeah I used to be telling lane of the opposite day it took me longer to get dinner the opposite night time in a restaurant as a result of the folks in that restaurant do not worth timing you do not worth your resolution make it the way you make choices there is not any method you possibly can anticipate Jared glandt to decide rapidly okay hey the negotiating program is that on sale by the best way any probability anyone that desires extra of this data could also be you don’t need card on us an excessive amount of you do not wish to come to the expansion convention you possibly can’t afford the $95 and let me see possibly the $49 webinar you are like okay I am gonna do this the place is it it is Grant Cardone calm or Yacht Grant Cardone no Grant Cardone calm /or yeah yep advance gross sales negotiations proper right here 5 ninety seven 5 hundred ninety seven {dollars} you may get your complete negotiating how lengthy is that Jared it’s about 12 hours 12 hours 10500 $97 go to Grant Cardone calm vicious I feel it is 4 hours I do not suppose it is 12 hours I feel it is like 4 hours oh you are speaking concerning the grasp class yeah 597 okay so you could possibly get that you are able to do 597 that is a V I am going to carry you again to card on College 1297 2500 movies you should buy nearer Survival Information yeah you should buy the garments Survival Information purchase the little books you do not consider in your self that is what you are doing mainly that is what the person is doing once they’re strolling by means of this I feel you get that ebook for 19 bucks you do not even as much as purchase it for me go to Amazon mm-hmm however do one thing do one thing make zero make zero take it off your checklist I’ve to begin making strikes so for these of you who need extra of this Daymond John Steve Harvey Sara Blakely John Maxwell Russell Brunson Ryan Deiss they’ll come spin 5 days with me in three days with you in mine and these are all folks each single one of many those that we have introduced like like what we did final yr we all know everybody ends busier than you’re can we have a look at we have a look at like okay hey what what did we cowl final yr and and what can we wish to cowl this yr we listened to what folks stated yeah dude this yr what we’re highlighting is we’re highlighting those that have carried out extraordinary issues each single one in all these they’ve million those that million particular person followings they’ve influenced billions of {dollars} in gross sales they’ve they’ve began based offered large corporations six billion {dollars} each single one in all these folks John Maxwell in all probability is spoken in additional cities possibly pound on the earth 80 international locations on management on management than 80 books I imply it is 80 books in 80 international locations that is you recognize that that is one other degree Jesse it is our completely one other degree okay one factor that individuals stated final yr dude just like the motivation is nice however that is not what I want I want technique so we drawback Jesse it is or the best way he constructed this enterprise is totally different than the best way his spouse constructed her billion-dollar enterprise they’re each going to be talking the best way bethenny frankel had 100 million greenback rating is totally different away she leveraged herself to get on the TV present to get on to to get on to the apprentice sure as a result of she was initially The Apprentice yeah to get on to the housewives after which leverage that larger mind make them smaller they’re all too large the best way ty Lopez is totally different than the best way I do and I am doing it bangin pushing shoving you recognize he is doing e-commerce from his home we do not workplace from our dwelling we bought an enormous workplace he outsources all the things I bought a we bought 269 staff right here 119 right here and one other 150 on the highway yeah make it higher the best way Russell Brunson does it by the best way is totally different than Steve Harvey sir Blakeley Russell Brunson constructed his firm and he is bought 250 contractors working for him all around the world yeah so so this can be a 10 million greenback mission that I am placing on for you we aren’t sponsor primarily based simply so you recognize and these individuals are not coming in simply to bang you stuff there aren’t any shock gross sales right here like I do know quite a lot of the occasions the best way they work you go there for Steve or Tony after which up pops Charlie yeah and you bought to take heed to Charlie that is not what we’re doing right here this isn’t timeshare it is an attractive Stadium 35,000 folks could be the most important entrepreneur occasion within the historical past of the world and we now have a worth degree for everybody what are our worth ranges once more you are closing wants to begin along with your advertising while you begin advertising an concept do we now have a zero ticket do we now have a $95 ticket do we now have a 195 ticket do we now have a $15,000 supply do we now have a three-day possibility a two-day possibility a one-day possibility do I’ve an possibility for those who get excited and say I wish to keep a fourth and fifth day by the best way we do a fourth and fifth day we’re doing an actual property course proper after the occasion first second third 10x progress convention fourth and fifth there’s going to be out of 35,000 folks I assure you we may have tons of of those that wish to keep an additional two days and are available to my actual property course and can supply that whereas we’re there for the primary time ever all proper when you known as in at present name Natalie again be sure you get a flag I need everyone simply following younger hustlers to get a flag we love you guys look when you did nothing at present on this name did not purchase a ebook did not purchase webcast did not seize a seat we nonetheless love you all proper doing nothing takes quite a lot of power and it does not change your state of affairs it does not really feel good it does not enhance your conditions it is it is rattling round in your head I did not do it I did not do it I informed I informed Ryan at present I stated I bought three offers on my desk I wish to purchase these fucking offers or I do not one of many two possibly I wish to both do them or not doing I am unable to have them drag it Roblin round in my head dude simply put kill it decide the pace at which you can begin making choices in your life that can decide how briskly you get that is why I do not do medicine you recognize I wish to make choices as rapidly as doable as a result of if I do this then I can anticipate different folks to do this and you do not skip meals are you gonna hand over on it if I talked you out of it not but dude dude you gotta cease I am virtually I am virtually by means of an entire week yeah yeah grant cardone com ahead slash vacation the offers are ending I feel tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. so that is your final alternative to make the most of these offers so make the most of it now I promise you that you will make you may make you may make sufficient cash earlier than the tip of the yr to greater than pay for the investments that you just make at present yep otherwise you do nothing and by the best way all you haters proper there on YouTube that posting feedback that you do not like this okay hey look I do know you wish to be me I do know each time y’all hit the clicking the down button is cuz you are like I fuckin wish to be in so unhealthy I wish to be him so unhealthy I used to be gonna be him so unhealthy I want I might I might be with him and Jared so unhealthy you’re keen on me a lot you needed to hear this like when you do love me man hit the like button when you do not love me no drawback put up your feedback give me your opinion you recognize what they are saying concerning the Oh pinions they similar to the asshole everyone is presented with one please and so they all stink besides mine see that was tremendous extensive but be good what you needed to go there dude that was obnoxious why you gotta go that yeah the way you even know let’s transfer on okay as a result of that is getting ugly all proper hey thanks for watching tomorrow we’ll be on the cardones Oh doing the automotive down zone till then Jared who provides up on the HUS solely folks to sentence the hustle are those who’ve already given up on the hustle themselves and odor the ass you are in the proper place on the proper time my life has been modified in a method that I did not personally suppose it might be modified anymore the alternatives alone which have offered themselves whereas I’ve been right here the magnitude I am unable to even describe proper now I used to be bored I used to be lazy not doing something sleeping not doing what to do man Gregor Dulce my life bigger-than-life hear concerning the regulation of attraction it is concerning the regulation of motion clear that my revenue since my life it has been that is my future household man that is what it is all about man [Music] you [Music] my identify is Grant Cardone does the cardones personal every single day every single day I am gonna present you easy methods to get cash so much cheaper than the hey get your self able to sit down in a chair proper there are you the answer otherwise you the value yeah we’re gonna what does it take they do not know you and so they’re not interested by you they do know you and so they’re not pondering okay forgot you my identify is Grant Cardone you are within the automotive down zone the place I wake you up I shake you up punch you within the face however principally I am that good [Music] Zenda man you bought a deal we bought a query [Music] you

The suitable diagram to Begin a Social Media Firm in 2019: VaynerMentors Session

– You are additionally making
gold that has no context for the distribution. – Right.
– Yep. – That is proper. – Which is susceptible sooner or later. You bought your perspective. (crowd cheering) I simply wanna be comfortable. Do not you wanna be comfortable? (chill hip hop music) – I’m Paul Daly, AKA Paul J Daly. I am the founder and CEO of
Congruent Inventive Company. So, it has been a loopy six
months because the first assembly with Gary and the mentors. That kinda seems like a band. Though we had so much
of stuff rolling already after we began the mentors program, I can undoubtedly say that
the strategic steerage and mentorship that they’ve given me have actually fast-tracked
the expansion of the company. Our income because the mentors’
program has nearly tripled and our head depend has nearly doubled, so it is making an actual distinction. Look, there have undoubtedly
been various setbacks since we began the
Vayner Mentor Program, however the actual level is that they
have been accessible for us at any time when we have hit one to
assist coach us by way of it. I can say Vayner Mentors
modified my enterprise for the higher, continues to
enhance it for the higher, and I feel will sooner or later as properly, so here is to the journey. – [Man] So, what do you see
turning into your core product as an company? – I feel our foremost in-road
is gonna be by way of this incoming era of sellers. There’s a whole lot of transitioning
happening proper now who’re progressive,
who’re following you. That is the emails you are getting. We have to present them there is a answer that they’ll deliver to dad and say, dad, we have to do that. – So, let’s speak about that. What do you wanna promote? I agree with you 100%. – Completely.
– I am Gary. Sasha, proper right here, now we have a dealership, fuckin’ dad’s losing all
his cash on TV and radio and does not imagine on this shit. I wanna do it, and I do know it is early, however what do you assume it’s? – I wanna create a model,
make clear your messaging. – Branding, I received it. – Branding, messaging,
and content material manufacturing. That is the way you produce content material. – How a lot? – How a lot content material? – How a lot cash would you like for that? – I feel we might have hundred thousand greenback relationships. – Quarter million to a 100,000. – 100 to 250 is what
you are pondering a 12 months. As a retainer? – That is what we’re working in the direction of. – Positive, yeah.
– Yeah. That is why we’re right here. Hear, that is why we’re right here. – I would like to get away from project-based. We work with native and nationwide manufacturers. – Yeah, actually, the explanation Vayner Media turned a giant firm quick
was we did no mission work. We have layered mission work
on high now, however I hate it. – Yeah. – So, what is the present… You are doing 300 plus
thousand within the enterprise now. What are individuals paying you for in the present day? – On the company aspect? – Yeah.
– On the company aspect, yeah. And why did you mission 800. – They’re simply seeing
cool stuff on the market. So mainly, main world
manufacturers are producing amazingly cools stuff. We simply began producing cool
stuff at a really native degree. Persons are like, I need that, I need my model to mirror that, so that they name us, hey, we wish – And while you say cool stuff, a video? – Video, yeah.
– Yeah. That is wonderful.
– Social media executions they arrive in and say, we
need you to make us a video. We’re like, properly, why would you like a video? Who’s gonna watch it? The place’s it gonna dwell? After which, we kinda again
in and so they understand, stroll out, say we’d like so much
extra assist than only a video. – Yeah, so that they rent us not for one video, however a sequence of 20 movies
and we execute to that. – Cool movies, cool media,
cool images, cool animations. – However you are not doing the
media placement, proper. You are doing the inventive manufacturing. – Little or no placement. – Yeah, we introduced on Pat,
that man with the orange sweatshirt over there, do this,
to begin executing to that ‘trigger we give them this piece of gold and so they completely fuck it up. – They do not perceive
what to do with that. – Yeah.
– Precisely. – You are additionally making
gold that has no context for the distribution. – Right.
– Yep. – That is proper. – Which is susceptible sooner or later. – Let me inform you my private finish sport. – Go forward. That is a good way to begin.
– Yeah. – That is the place we should always begin. – Yeah.
– Which is? – So, I used to be type of prepared,
‘trigger you are to the purpose, so I will simply beat you to it. I wanna assist individuals. I wanna assist individuals get readability. This was born in Claude’s
workplace a 12 months in the past. I wanna assist individuals with
enterprise, with relationships. – Yep. – If you happen to’re not making
choices based mostly on readability, you are simply guessing, at greatest, you are guessing a basic course. I feel that having an
company leverages my potential to speak, builds my private model, and if I can do it in enterprise, I wanna preserve doing it in enterprise. If it is dealership world for
the following 5 years, superior. That can give me 20 years
within the dealership world. – My blueprint is enticing to you. – Completely, 100%. – That is what you are saying. – That is why we’re connecting. Yeah, completely.
– That is what I am doing. – That is why I belief you, that is why I am like, I do not
know the way it’s gonna work out, however I do know being closest to this solar is gonna assist me get there. This is similar factor. It is actually, when
you are speaking to that, I am like, you are speaking to me. – 100%. – It was so necessary for the entire crew as a result of there’s a component
of getting near the solar that I wished us to expertise
as a crew of creatives. It is a type of issues, we
do not know what we do not know and while you get in an
setting that is utterly outdoors your common life and
you can begin to see individuals working on a special degree, hastily, you begin
to appreciate, you realize what? That is potential. – Let me offer you a
couple items of recommendation that I feel will actually matter. You should be very, very
considerate in regards to the services and products you do for this firm. Let me offer you a fantastic piece of recommendation: Instantly, from day one,
and I do know we’re kinda of in day one, however post-acquisition,
we’re in a brand new day one, I need you to announce a date
for Readability Con instantly. The factor that you will
be taught in a short time… You are gonna get your moneys
value proper this second. Your even enterprise will
be extra worthwhile, extra enjoyable, extra worthwhile,
extra impactful for you mission of why from day one. If you happen to’re in a position to do Readability Con, if you happen to’re in a position to say
Readability Con appears to be like like this: It is $1000 ticket, however you
additionally get 30 minutes Q and As or one hour Q and As on
a closed door dwell stream with me as soon as a month. Received it? After which, that every one of a
sudden turns into additionally one thing you get free, that if you happen to’re
a shopper of your organization, as a part of the retainer… I feel if you happen to construct a mannequin… If I might do it over again, which is what we’re speaking about right here, realizing your business sufficient, you do a $5000 a month
retainer, a method retainer, not a inventive output,
after which a contractual, minimal assure of one other
5000 in social media content material. – Output. – Output. So now, they’re locked in for
120 to even be in your world after which above and past mission work. So, it goes 5, 5
– I am gonna come round and hug you in a second. – That is what’s good. That is it, man. That is what’s good. That is what I might… If I
– And I am not taking notes ‘trigger I do know Levi is. – So now, what you are doing is you are creating perceived worth. It is like, okay cool,
I am getting one thing that is 1000 bucks, I am
gaining access to him, you are constructing that, you are constructing in, you are constructing, you are
constructing, you are constructing. You are constructing stairs. You get this, you get
this, however now it is like, hey, it is 5000 a month
retainer and obligation to do 5000 a month of output, so that they’re gonna be like, okay,
it is $10,000 a month, proper? By saying 5000 for that and
5000 you must purchase for output, what you have achieved is a really
good job of not mixing the 2. They’ve now purchased into
the actual fact they’re paying you $60,000 a 12 months to be good. That is a whole lot of upside for you and your group, long-term. That is why I need you to
get away that Readability, ‘trigger we used to do it as
you are gonna get $10,000 value of neighborhood administration and photos and also you get the worth of our technique, however at any time when something is free, it is free. – It is free. – Received it? So, I need you to begin with
it is $5000 a month retainer for technique and model positioning, comma, even for us to say sure to that, you must then do
one other $5000 within the output and that is the place you may get your photos and movies and funky stuff. – Yeah. – That is your day in and time out. Above and past that,
you are able to do one-off movies on your huge fall sale, you are sitting on an excessive amount of stock, you want an additional enhance, or
if you happen to wanna go down the trail of inside tradition, kinda
of the Claude stuff, wonderful. You may resolve the way you wanna
construct out your organization and your companies, however
I do assume that 120 base for pondering and photos and movies, you are at a very candy
spot to construct on high of, together with they get a
ticket to Readability Con, which is 1000 bucks. – Yeah. – Anyway, that might be the mannequin, I feel you’ll want to go along with, however I
assume Readability Con from day one, while you announce it, actually
it is we have been purchased and actually comma, we have been purchased, we have an company, we have
received Readability Con coming, in fucking wherever on no matter. – What’s real looking? What is the consideration size
that we are able to truly push that? You recognize what I imply? ‘Trigger I am pondering,
how a lot time will we received to execute to a convention. – And here is the excellent news, here is what’s superb about video, and I feel we see it a
lot in my inside coms, so long as you are humble and clear, that is the way you hedge: It is humility, it is self-deprecation. For example you make a video in September, all people’s away for the summer time, you say, guys, Readability Con, March 2109, tremendous enthusiastic about it. To be very frank, we’re gonna
begin opening up pre-sales and getting a way, it is $1000 ticket, additionally you get it without cost
if you happen to’re a shopper of ours. Very merely, I don’t know
if that is gonna occur in a Dunkin Donuts or
if that is gonna be achieved at Buffalo Invoice Stadium. I feel most likely extra possible Dunkin Donuts than Buffalo Invoice Stadium, but when there’s one person who comes or a million people who come, we’re gonna placed on a present. You’ve got now eradicated
any expectations, received it? That is it. Now, you are not susceptible. Now, you have taken strain
out of promoting it. Now, if you happen to promote seven – Every part you announce
that is gonna occur within the meantime, it is an upside. Oh, that is truly gonna occur now. – That is precisely proper. – That is dwell. – That is proper.
– That is dwell. – I simply assume – We watch Gary Vaynerchuck,
are you able to imagine it? – Yeah, and also you’re solely
150,000 within the gap. (laughing) By the way in which, by the way in which – That might be yours, so – By the way in which, by the way in which. It is actually best for you. You may win that sport. You’ve got received all these personalities that you have been in a position to
get into your ecosystem. You’ll name in favors. You are gonna placed on an actual
present and it could turn out to be an actual factor and what’s
nice about Readability Con is perhaps 12 months one it is slightly bit extra in the direction of that world, however to your
why and the place you are going, you’ll broaden out. It is agnostic. – Step, man. – Happy with you, man. Congrats.
– Thanks. I feel it is actually necessary to say that the worth of this
program isn’t just Gary, however it’s the crew that he is assembled and I feel he’d be comfortable
to listen to me say that, however for actual, the mentors
crew is accessible and prepared and keen to assist
at any time when now we have a setback. (digital camera flashes) There was this sense of we’re
about to take the primary steps on a visit that we’re gonna
speak about for a very long time. It was this information that, I do not know what we’re gonna be taught, I do not know what we’re
gonna do from right here on out, however I do know it is gonna be significant and I do know it may
be a type of moments that we glance again on and say, are you able to think about if we hadn’t achieved this? (upbeat Spanish hip hop music)

How Grand to Assign in 401Ok [and Other Crucial Retirement Questions]

Greater than seven million retirees stay in poverty
and tens of tens of millions extra are simply scraping
by due to errors in 401Ok investing.
By the tip of this video, you’ll know the
5 worst 401Ok errors and find out how to keep away from
In actual fact, I’m going to indicate you the way avoiding
simply one in every of these errors can result in large
financial savings in your nest egg.
We’re speaking 401Ok investing at this time on Let’s
Discuss Cash!
Beat debt.
Earn a living.
Make your cash give you the results you want.
Creating the monetary future you deserve.
Let’s speak cash.
Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Discuss Cash channel
right here on YouTube I need to ship a particular shout
out to everybody in our group, thanks
for taking part of your day to be with us.
For those who’re not a part of the group but,
simply click on that little pink subscribe button.
It’s free and also you’ll by no means miss an episode.
Constancy has launched its annual survey of
retirement account balances and it’s not
a reasonably image.
The typical particular person simply earlier than retirement
has about $167,000 of their 401Ok account.
That’s about five-times the annual wage
of round $35,000.
And never practically sufficient to retire on.
For those who go by the rule of thumb you could
take out about 4% of your investments to pay
for bills in retirement, that $167Ok means
retiring on simply $6,700 a 12 months and that’s
earlier than taxes.
It’s simple to see why two-in-three retirees
rely on social safety for many of their
bills however even added the typical $1,360
month-to-month SSI verify means you’re residing on
simply over $1,900 a month or about $23,000
a 12 months.
Now I don’t know what state you reside in
however you examine that together with your bills and
I don’t know anybody that may stay on $23,000
a 12 months.
Even for married {couples} with two SSI checks,
it comes out underneath $3,000 a month.
These had been alleged to be the golden years,
the years you labored your entire life to get pleasure from.
You’re having fun with them alright, in case you get pleasure from
ramen noodles and bus passes.
It doesn’t need to be like this!
All of us suppose that folks don’t save or make investments
sufficient however an enormous a part of the issue is the
errors they make once they do make investments.
Investing simply $250 a month beginning at age
35 can develop to over $350,000 by the point you
retire in case you preserve your charges and prices low.
Make investments that very same quantity however lose 4% of it
to charges and all of the hidden prices that come
with 401Ok plans and also you’re caught proper again
in that studio condominium consuming ramen.
After all, the fantastic thing about that 401Ok plan is
your employer match.
If your organization matches simply half that $3,000
a 12 months and also you keep away from these excessive charges and different
prices, that nest egg can develop to over half
one million by age 67.
That’s sufficient for an revenue of $3,100 with
SSI for a single particular person or nearly $4,500 for
a married couple.
It may not be filet mignon however it’s a
good little begin.
The important thing right here is to keep away from these big charges,
errors and pitfalls in these 401Ok plans
and that’s precisely what we’re going to
speak about in at this time’s video.
Not solely will I reveal the 5 worst errors
folks make with their 401Ok investing, I’ll
share three tricks to keep away from these pitfalls and
a option to get a free 401Ok evaluation to avoid wasting
you from these hidden charges.
It’s all a part of a three-part video collection
in partnership with Blooom.
Now Blooom is an impartial 401Ok supervisor
that works together with your present retirement account.
You may join your 401Ok account and Blooom’s
software program will present you the funding charges
you’re paying, and find out how to get again on observe.
I’ll let you know extra about Blooom later and
share a particular supply to get your free 401Ok
well being evaluation however first let’s get to these
5 401Ok errors.
First right here is being too aggressive or too
conservative together with your 401Ok investments.
With retirement balances what they’re, it’s
simple to chase these returns in shares even
all the best way to retirement.
The issue is, and you may ask anybody that
was planning to retire in 2008, that as you
get nearer to retirement, you should begin
occupied with defending your cash as a lot
as rising it.
Having an excessive amount of in shares is simply setting
you up for a inventory market crash to wipe out
half your nest egg.
Being too conservative can be an enormous drawback
although, particularly for millennials nonetheless gun-shy
after the 2008 crash.
If we glance again on that funding of $250
a month however solely earn a 6% annual return from
an excessive amount of in bonds then even one of the best case
state of affairs yields simply $237,000 by retirement.
The second mistake lots of people make with
their 401Ok investments is placing the whole lot
in a Goal Date fund.
Now these are common as a result of supposedly,
they make investments in accordance with your age and rebalance
with shares and bonds as you grow old.
The issue right here is these items are so darn
For instance, the Principal LifeTime 2040 fund
expenses 1.14% yearly.
That’s nearly five-times the typical index
One other drawback with these goal date funds
is that they are typically wildly over-conservative.
Some funds I checked out have greater than 20%
of the investments in bonds for traders
with 20+ years to retirement and that’s
going to noticeably restrict returns.
Our third main 401Ok mistake is simply forgetting
to rebalance the investments in your account.
That is vital since you may begin
with an awesome mixture of shares and bonds in your
30s however in case you’re not rebalancing and shifting
how a lot you need in every, you might be means
off by the point you attain retirement.
You’re going to be extra uncovered to a inventory
market crash and the quantity you’ve got in shares
versus bonds will probably be means off from what you
In actual fact, a survey of 5,500 Blooom shoppers
discovered that 59% didn’t recurrently rebalance
their investments and 21% didn’t even know
about rebalancing earlier than they began utilizing
The fourth 401Ok mistake, and that is in all probability
the worst, just isn’t watching these charges.
Inc journal discovered that 92% of Individuals don’t
know what charges they’re paying of their 401Ok
That very same survey by Blooom discovered that simply
one-in-five traders had been lively in minimizing
their charges.
We all know what an enormous distinction only a small
change in charges can imply to your retirement
financial savings.
Forbes present in one research {that a} distinction
of simply 0.93%, lower than 1%, in charges can value
a single investor as much as $215,000.
Contemplating the typical Blooom consumer in a
goal date fund sees their charges diminished by
42%, that may imply an enormous change in your retirement.
Our fifth 401Ok mistake earlier than we get to these
three ideas is among the greatest 401Ok misconceptions
of all, that somebody is managing your account.
Simply since you make investments by your organization’s
plan and with an funding firm, doesn’t
imply anybody is managing your 401Ok investments.
The funding firm is busy promoting to
new shoppers, they will not be doing something
together with your account.
You set your 401Ok investments if you signal
as much as the plan and so they don’t change except
you alter them.
That’s going to set you up for all of the pitfalls
we talked about on this video.
As dangerous as these 401Ok errors are, there are
just a few issues you are able to do to keep away from them and
ensure your cash is there if you want
First, perceive how your investments ought to
change as you age.
There are guidelines of thumb like 100 minus your
age for the quantity you need in shares however
these depart plenty of threat to your private
As you grow old, your wants shift to defending
your cash relatively than chasing these excessive
returns so you should be proactive in shifting
your investments.
You additionally must rebalance your investments
This isn’t about timing the inventory market
however about staying on observe in accordance with your
For those who’re continually investing the identical
quantity in shares and bonds, the stock-portion
of your portfolio goes to develop a lot quicker
throughout a bull market.
Meaning it’s going to get out of whack
with that excellent combine you want in accordance with
your targets.
Lastly right here is simply to look at these charges.
Ensure that your 401Ok plan isn’t charging
you load charges to purchase or promote and examine the
annual charges in your funds.
A number of the best options like these goal
date funds cost the best charges.
This final tip is the place Blooom actually shines
and it’s proven folks find out how to save over $608
million in funding charges on their 401Ok accounts.
Additionally they maintain all of the rebalancing
and administration as effectively.
One of the simplest ways to ensure you’re not making
these 401Ok errors is to get that free evaluation
with Blooom.
It takes lower than two minutes to attach
together with your 401Ok plan and Blooom will do a whole
well being checkup in your retirement account.
It’s going to indicate you the place your investments
are, the place they need to be and all of the charges
you’re paying.
There’s no obligation to the evaluation.
For those who don’t know precisely what’s going
on inside your 401Ok account, click on by
that hyperlink and discover out precisely which of those
errors you’re making in your 401Ok.
I’ll depart a hyperlink within the video description
Don’t overlook to even be expecting the
subsequent video in our 401Ok investing collection.
Subsequent week, I’ll be answering your questions
about 401Ok and retirement investing so make
positive you ask these within the feedback beneath.
We’ll additionally take a more in-depth take a look at the typical
401Ok steadiness by age and find out how to get yours again
on observe.
We’re right here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
with one of the best movies on beating debt, making
extra money and making your cash work for
For those who’ve acquired a query about cash, simply
scroll down and ask it within the feedback and
we’ll reply it in a video.

How To Invent A $100 A Day From Dwelling

– Drop shipping,
cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and Amazon, and Shopify, and
day trading, and real estate, can you actually make 100
bucks a day doing those things? The answer is absolutely you could. But there’s one big fucking problem. All these things, it
takes money to get going. How do you get going when you
got no money or no budget? What do you do? Well just think about it. If you are selling something on Amazon, well guess what, where are you gonna buy those fucking products? Well, you buy from China,
you buy from AliExpress. Guess what? It costs money. To build that website, the
e-commerce website, guess what? It costs money to start. What about that Shopify? What about the software
to maintain the site? Guess what? It costs money to do it. What about driving
traffic to your website? Guess what, it costs money to do it? Well what about investing
in cryptocurrency? Guess what? It costs money to do that as well. Or day trading? It costs money to be
doing day trading as well. So there’s so many
things that you could do, yes you could make money
doing those things. The problem is you’re not
doing them in the right order. I always tell all my
students, you wanna take care of your cash flow needs
today, before you worry about getting rich. You gotta get money coming in today. Make that first $50, $100, $200 a day, get it going. Then once you’ve got
enough income coming in, once you develop that high income skill. Now define high income skill. It’s a skill that can make
you $10,000 or more per month. Once you do that, then if you want to, you could pursue all these other ventures and you can then tap
into and try and test out some of these vehicles, business vehicles. But first you need to have that skill set. So everybody is chasing the next thing, the next big thing, the next shiny object, when I what I do, what my students do is we are using the oldest
ways to make money. See most people, they’re looking at it, yet they’re stepping over
dollars to pick up dimes. What I’m talking about. I’m talking about the gold ol’ telephone. That’s right, the good old phone. Simple, simple tool to make $100 a day. Let me share my business model with you, my formula with you, the very same formula that I teach all my
students across the world, the high ticket closing methodology. Here’s how it’s gonna work. Imagine this. There are companies out
there, nowadays it costs more than ever to acquire
customers, so most companies you notice, there’s advertising, is costing more money than ever because it’s more competitive than
ever in the marketplace. So a lot of companies, when
they are selling any kind of product, most products
under $200, most of the time, those are what are called
the initial product that they are using those
products in the marketplace, companies, entrepreneurs, they’re selling these products hopefully
to develop a relationship with a customer. It’s to break the wallet and
just start the relationship, star the conversation. All the money is made
after that $200 is spent when they realize, hey, you know what? Once my customer trusts our
brand, trusts our company, now we can follow up
with them and offer them other products and services
that are at the 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000,
20,000, 25,000 or more. That’s where the money is made. Here’s the problem. Those offers I refer them
as high ticket offers. $5,000, $10,000, $25,000,
$50,000, those sales, they need to be closed on the phone. Very rarely people buy
something at that kind of price point looking at
a video or just looking at a website. They need to have that
one on one conversation. So what does that have to do with you? That’s where you come in. Imagine this, let’s say you
are closing for a company, or you’re closing for an entrepreneur. Let’s say their offer is $1,000. And if you’re a good closer,
you have good closing skill, they are willing to pay
you $100, which is 10% of the sale, 10% commission. That’s $100, so I want
you to think about it. If you’re closing some of these packages, some of these products and services, 1,000 bucks, you make $100 a sale, that’s $100 a day, all
you need to do is what? To make one single sale a day. That’s it, one single sale a
day, you get your 100 bucks. What is your cost? Zero. How many websites do you have to build? Zero. How many products do you have to buy? Zero, why? Because you’re not
selling your own products. You’re not selling your own offers. You’re selling other people’s offers. The company, the influencer,
the entrepreneur, they are doing all the marketing. They’re doing all the lead generation. They’re driving all the traffic. They are building the funnel. They are creating content. They’re writing a blog. They’re creating videos. They’re doing the press release. They’re doing 90% of the work, but yet they don’t make the money until someone like you
and me get on the phone and close those high ticket sales. This is one of those very rare skills that you could make your
$100 a day with no expense and no overhead. Now, you may be thinking,
well Dan are you talking about being like a annoying telemarketer? Does that mean I have to cold call people? Does that mean I have to
do a lot of prospecting? Oh my God, like, I can’t do that. I’m a shy person. I’m not very talkative. It’s not about none of that shit. I am talking about talking
to people who have put up their hand. I’m talking about talking
to prospects who have gone through a series of steps, who have filled out an application form,
and they’ve booked a time to speak with you as a high ticket closer, and then you close those sales. That’s what I teach. Zero cold calling. It has nothing to do
with building a website. You don’t have to do anything online. And you don’t have to
cold call a single person. That’s the power of high ticket closing. Now, if you’re thinking,
well, I don’t know if sales is for me, or
if I’m not, I don’t know if I’m a sales person, it’s
not about being a sales person. If you have not watched my other videos, I say you go click here
and watch my other videos. Or you can go to YouTube
and type in Dan Lok sales, or Dan Lok closing,
you’ll see of the things that I do, what high
ticket closing sounds like, and look like. And I can promise you it’s very different from traditional sales. Because who else wants to
get the telephone slammed in their face every damn day? I don’t do that. Who wants to do that? Like, who wants to get
rejected all the time? That’s not a good way to make a living. That’s definitely not the
way I wanna make a living. If you want a proven business model, you want a no-bullshit
way to make $100 a day, I’m doing a brand new training,
a two-hour masterclass. I wanna invite you click on
the link below and join me. I’m gonna walk you through four secrets that has helped my
students to make $1,000, $500, $200, or as little as $100 a day. So click on the link below,
and I will see you in class.

This Kind Of Boring Advertising Is Why Nearly Every Mountainous Corporation Is Going To Proceed

I don’t know why all these businesses are going out of business bankrupt look at these stupid advertisements look at this stupid ads first rule of some human psychology and marketing put a face in it humans respond to faces that’s why finish line will be finished mark my words all these companies can be gone the kid’s gonna grow up with a whole new set of brands maybe you’ll own one of them if you don’t know how basics of psychology you can always be broken or you will become broke as competition increases these things that have all be gone we are stupid don’t ever think big corporations know what they’re doing they’re just as stupid as the next person

How To Fabricate Fabricate Cash Online by Proper WATCHING VIDEOS! (2019)

every single day guys I get one question that comes along with my emails that is very very common and that question is how can you start to make some sort of money online if you have no money no investment you literally have no money to start online well usually it takes money to make money online but today I’m going to show you how you can make around about thirty dollars per hour watching videos online yes and you could do this with zero dollars all you need is a little bit of time to do this so let’s jump into my office and I’ll show you exactly how you can make thirty dollars per hour online right now alright guys before we get started I want to mention one thing the reason I’m showing you this particular method so you can get a little bit of money so you can use that money to hopefully start another business online this is perfect to get a little bit of money to start a dropship in business and affiliate marketing business maybe you want to start your own course and do Facebook ads or you can keep the money if you like however my recommendation is to do this and then use the money for something even bigger alright guys because I get asked all the time how can you make money off zero dollars this is a great way to do it guys it’s free you don’t need to spend any money this is just going to take a little bit of time for you to do this is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make a little bit of money online but to get started as well guys you must have a PayPal account this is really important because this is how all of your monies need sent to you so go to PayPal calm sign up for an account and then you’re gonna get paid the money into PayPal and you can take that money out and do whatever you like with it spend it by louis vuitton or designer stuff if you like or buy some new shoes or you can use it to start and grow another business which is what I recommend you do guys before we get into the actual method make sure you leave a comment below hit the subscribe button hit that notification bell and make sure you give this video a like because I give away free stuff every single week plus a giveaway entry into one of my courses as some of you guys know so make sure you do that to get an entry now the reason I’m showing you this method as well guys part from the money side is I actually have a Trevor fight theme called EECOM turbo calm right and we have the theme has EPS built in and stuff like that now we need people to test it for us to watch videos and find and all sorts of stuff so what we do is we actually use these websites to do that we pay people 10 20 $30 $40 $50 to watch videos with our product and test our product okay so you know as you can imagine a theme with apps in it we come across a lot of bugs with the update all the time so we consistently testing and testing and testing so what you want to do guys as I picked the best three sites that you can do this with okay this one is called and what you can do is you can come here and you can earn up to $60 per test all right guys listen to my phone on silent we have some money coming in but make plenty of money online so you can make up to $60 per test guys and what you can do is basically you can watch videos you can test our apps and websites and companies like my company EECOM turbo we will pay you to test stuff for us okay so this is how it works get $10 via PayPal for every twenty minute video you complete user testing pays you for visiting apps and completing tasks of Washington videos and stuff like that so ten dollars every twenty minutes on average is roughly about every ten to twenty minutes so it’s around about thirty dollars per hour it’s actually a little bit more than that so you can make one hundred two hundred dollars per day you know so guys once again you do this without spending any money it’s just time everyone’s got a little bit of time on their hands all right and go down guys and this is used by a very very big brands as well but this isn’t the only site you can use okay there are two more that I’ve found I mainly use this one but there’s this one here guys called user feel calm as well you go to become a become a tester become a tester and earn $10.00 per test each test lasts 10 to 20 minutes you do it from your home computer or smartphone go so you can even do it from a smartphone we would prefer people to or from a laptop when we do ours read the phone instructions and I’ve got an example video and stuff like that guys so you can go and watch videos test apps test websites test software stuff like that and get paid to do it now that’s not the only website guys the only two there is also another one which I you know I like there’s heaps but these are the top three in my opinion this is another one called user and it’s easy register to earn money okay interact with web and mobile apps and stuff like that you can also probably watch videos on here as well get paid by a paypal and these guys will pay five ten to fifteen dollars or even as much as ninety dollars it all depends on the person that wants the test done or the you know the video that’s watch so what happens guys is what we actually does without themas will send people will have a video right and we’ll have a video of a process like someone going to you know we’ll we’ll be like hey this upload the Shopify theme to a store and we’ll do a purchase checkout right and we’ll record it and what we do is we upload it to the website so we get people to watch the video to see if they can see me think that we missed okay so that’s kind of when the watch video thing comes into play and yeah that’s well it guys so you go so guys it’s really really easy to do you go to one of these three websites you sign up you spend a little bit of time on this you know let’s say you do three tests today okay it’s thirty dollars per day now I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of money but when you’re stuck in a nine-to-five job and you do this after work or something can you get an extra $30 it soon starts to accumulate right thirty dollars times that by two for the next day six dollars times that by thought you’ve got a hundred twenty extra dollars in a week right then you times it again and again again and it accumulates four hundred dollars a month five hundred dollars a month and you can use that money to start another business online whether it be drop shipping affiliate marketing or maybe you want to use Facebook ads or Google Ads and one of your online businesses that you already have right so my channel is all about making money but I understand that a lot of people don’t know where to start they literally have $0 guys I get so many emails about that so I’m pretty sure most of my demographic have no money or online knowledge so to get some online money you can simply go and do this on these three websites and make some money guys and by the way I’m not you know this doesn’t get rich quick scheme I’m not telling you that this is gonna work for everybody I’m not telling you this gonna make you rich this is going to make you a few dollars so you can start something yourself or you might want to make some money after work on the side with a bit of extra food or something great who knows I don’t know the situation but you’re obviously here trying to learn how to make money all right and then once you so I don’t know how long usually it takes around about four five days or something to get the money two or three days or just depends on the website but you know there’s these three websites will pay you into your PayPal account once you’re paid into your PayPal account you can withdraw that money to your bank account and comes in your bank account within three or four days then you can use that money or whatever you’d like it’s a very very good system and actually the sale I just got for fourth was on PayPal right that little ding ding you heard so guys that’s the three sites you can test apps test web sites watch the videos you get up to six dollars per test on this side okay I ran about ten dollars every 20 minutes this one is user field comm they will do you ten dollars per test once again each test lasts around about ten to twenty minutes now they’re probably not gonna have a lot of tests you can do like the you can’t just keep doing it every hour all right or I’m sorry every ten twenty minutes and making some money you know they might do three four tests a day that you can do or one or two tests a day preferably you want to be doing 30 bucks an hour but it really just depends on what site but if you use all of these sites guys and other sites you can definitely do $30 an hour for quite a long time maybe forever and then we have this one here get paid to test apps these guys will pay you 5 10 15 20 or even up to $90 per test all right guys it’s really that simple when you scroll down you’re putting your email you sign up all of that good stuff and it’s a free to sign up and then inside you’ll get all the information to do as well and you can watch videos making money watching videos those are the easiest ones all right guys now as some of my subscribers know we actually just did a rerelease on my e-commerce Shopify training now I don’t like to do big promotions on this but I do like to mention it at the end of my videos just in case this and people here that are interested in jumping in and actually we’ll just show you inside so this is equivalence 2.0 if you if you don’t know what this is this is a ecommerce training showing people how to build ecommerce stores if you have any money liked this video you can go and make some money but this method method and then you can expand it to other business models like this so we’ve got around here guys there’s all sorts of modules you know just basically takes you through how to start your own e-commerce business online selling drop shipping products okay I’ve got heaps of videos on that on my channel if you want to check out that you have no idea what that is however for the 2.0 launch guys we are doing a special deal we’re doing a cyber monday deal whenever this video is recorded it might be a little bit late but we are Delana cyber monday deal so if you want to jump in there it is like we do we have extended it for 24 hours because a lot of people want it extended so I did do that for everyone if you want to jump into this guy so you come in here all the information is on the page you can start your own online drop shipping business drop shipping is a great business model by the way it explains it all on here or you can go watch my other videos explaining what drop shipping is how it works and how it can make you money alright so I hope you enjoyed this video guys once again econ elites 2.0 is now like click the link in the description and you can get access to that right now but I will be closing guys I don’t leave this open for very long and once again these are the three websites where you can do testing user testing calm user feel calm and user lytx calm yeah sorry user alright guys those are the three websites that I personally recommend that you can do this and remember guys comment below hit that subscribe button hit that like button and hit that bow notification button so you can get notified when my next video releases