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đź”´ The “HIP” Thunder materials Method [How to Create Content that Wins]

– Hey, what’s everyone. Pat Flynn right here. Thanks a lot for
becoming a member of me on this video. Should you’re watching the stay, superior, when you’re watching the replay, superior. Each of you stick round til the top as a result of we’re gonna have
some giveaway alternatives for each of you, sure, even
the replay viewers as properly. However I wanna begin off as
extra persons are coming in now by telling you a fast story, and a narrative about content material creation. Truly make sure that, as a result of
we gotta a HIP technique to share with you, and it is
not simply HIP ‘trigger it is cool, but it surely’s ‘trigger it is gonna
make it easier to create content material that works for you. Now the story is gonna
take you again into time once I first began to
create content material alone weblog. I keep in mind studying a whole lot of different blogs and listening to loads
of different podcasters, and really being utterly
jealous of the truth that their content material was written so properly, like I keep in mind getting
misplaced of their content material, spending 15 minutes, even 30 minutes getting all the way in which to the
finish and simply being like how did you understand how to say that. What’s up, True Financials,
The Minister Circle, Mina, and Tim, hey,
welcome, thanks everyone. So I am in the midst of this story telling you about how
jealous I used to be of individuals again within the day once I
was simply beginning out, as a result of I used to be like how did you, how do you know to write down like that? How did you retain me
engaged the entire time? As a result of I keep in mind when
I used to be writing on my weblog again in 2008 and 2009, I
kinda simply wrote to write down. I did not actually have a
technique shifting ahead. And it was solely form of
within the final couple years that I actually began to consider how my content material was structured. This if for all you
bloggers, you podcasters, folks doing video each stay and recorded, what I am about to show you right this moment is gonna make it easier to construction
your content material in a method such that you simply’re gonna get
people who find themselves gonna pay attention or learn or watch extra of that content material. They will be extra engaged with you. They’re gonna construct a relationship with you throughout that point. And so they’re gonna get
all the way in which to the top such that they’re going to probably take motion on the calls to actions that you’ve got however as an fascinating byproduct
of this engagement issue in your web site or in your
podcast or in your weblog, you realize, you have got the chance to additionally climb the rankings in Google or in YouTube or no matter algorithms are
taking part in in impact in your content material as a result of the longer folks spend with you, the extra probably it’s your content material’s gonna be delivered to the highest. So once more be sure you stick round as a result of when you do not do what
I am about to share with you, probably, you are placing
a whole lot of effort and time into what it’s that you simply’re doing and you are not getting the
most bang to your buck. A variety of occasions our content material
feels form of misplaced. We put a lot arduous work into what we do, it is simply form of unhappy
when you do not put in that little further that basically
provides it the prospect to shine and really be discovered and
truly impact those that you need to have an effect on. So we have got the HIP technique for you, let’s welcome some extra folks, Brad, Alia, Elite, Enterprise
Blueprint, what’s up? Lydian, or Lyndon, excuse
me, Ramsey, MMA Pixel, Shawn, Kay, we bought some
of the usuals in right here Thanks, Staff Flynn,
I recognize you guys. And when you’re watching the replay and you are like I do not know
who this Pat Flynn man is, my title is Pat Flynn. I am right here that will help you earn more money, save extra time, and assist extra folks too. As you’ll be able to see we have got
an awesome group right here. Ensure you subscribe to the channel. I am additionally a nerd, Prepared Participant
One comes out this weekend, I am tremendous stoked about it. And I did a video that was
printed the opposite day about Prepared Participant One and my prediction for the way properly it is gonna
do within the field workplace. However we’re gonna undergo
this technique proper now. So that is the HIP technique,
and naturally these are acronyms that you could comply with. So let me get this prepared and going. So let’s discuss this. So what does the H stand for? Once more, we’re speaking
about content material creation, making it extra engagement,
making it so that individuals will truly
learn or pay attention or watch all over. So, H stands for (drawing) the hook. The hook is de facto necessary. There’s a lot noise on the market, it is advisable within the first
few seconds in your weblog, within the first few seconds in your video, and if it is a podcast,
in all probability the primary minute, you get somewhat bit extra
leeway on the podcast, it is advisable hook these folks in in order that they are saying, “Sure, I wanna proceed “studying down this web page, “I wanna proceed watching this video, “as a result of I do know that this
is gonna be useful.” So how do you create a hook? There’s a whole lot of completely different
methods to create hooks, however I am gonna go over some methods on the following web page right here for ya. So how do you create a hook? Properly, I created a hook
to start with for you, and I will share with you what that was. So these are hooks. (drawing) So the very first thing I did (drawing) was I informed a narrative. A narrative is a good way to hook folks in if you can also make it relatable, if you can also make it
one thing that places context into what it’s that you simply’re educating. You may inform a narrative, clearly, any time, but when it would not relate to
what it’s that you simply’re educating then it is form of pointless, proper? So the way in which that I began this stay stream was by telling a narrative
about what it was like once I first began writing content material and being jealous of different individuals who wrote content material very properly, being very engaged of their content material, after which me kinda simply writing
no matter I felt like writing, and never having any construction to it, and subsequently not having
it carry out in addition to I needed it to. So tales are nice. Why are tales nice? As a result of we as people, we’re positive tuned to simply take heed to tales. We’re being learn tales once we’re youngsters, tales had been being informed
to us on a regular basis, and it form of transforms
the particular person listening to you, or watching, or studying
that story, into that place. It is a good way to have folks go okay, I am listening to his story,
I am in there with you, I am gonna begin paying consideration now. Shawn says prime quality. Glad birthday Maya, okay cool, we have got some chat in
the chat room, cool, thanks for being right here guys. So story is a good way to start out. Now what else are you able to
do to hook an individual in? (drawing) So I did this one as properly. (drawing) So that is completely different. Which means, hey, when you stick round, that is what is going to change
because of you studying these things or paying
consideration to these things. So I share this to start with by saying you realize, when you pay
consideration to this HIP technique, and perceive tips on how to
implement these items, persons are gonna be watching,
or listening, or studying your content material longer, they’re
gonna be extra engaged with you, have the ability to construct extra
authority, you are gonna have the ability to construct extra authority and
belief along with your viewers, And past that, you may additionally
get advantages of search engines like google and yahoo, since you’ll have extra
watch time or consumption time or session time on these
specific platforms. So actually juxtapositioning, or
actually sharing the distinction between the place they’re at now to the place they’ll be afterwards. It is a smart way,
once more, to hook an individual in, since you’re creating that open loop. Wow, okay, I would like to stay round as a result of I need what’s
on the opposite finish there. Now on the identical time, (drawing) sharing with folks, properly,
when you did not do that, that is what would keep the identical. And a whole lot of you who had been
on initially heard me say, hey, when you do not comply with this technique, you are probably gonna put
a whole lot of effort and time into this content material that you simply’re creating but it surely’s not gonna be discovered. You are losing your time
and all that tough work you are placing in isn’t
gonna be fruitful for you due to these sure
methods that you must take note of. So that is very a lot how gross sales
copy is structured as properly. The hook is essential in gross sales copy. You create that juxtaposition
between the place they’re at now versus the place they’re gonna be, but in addition, and that is from the P.A.S.T.O.R.
mannequin from Ray Edwards, the A and the P.A.S.T.O.R. mannequin. The A stands for amplify,
and what he says to amplify what would occur if a
particular person did not do that factor, or did not learn this content material
or when it comes to gross sales did not purchase this product
or did not discover a resolution to this downside or ache that they’ve. However hey guys, welcome, juxtaposition, displaying your structure
self there, says Morgan, yeah. I can not assist it. After which lastly right here, I sort
of talked about this already, (drawing) creating an open loop. So there’s this concept
known as hole concept the place we as people, we simply hate
when there’s clean areas or when gaps are usually not closed, proper? Because of this everytime you
on social media kind in hey fill within the clean, my
favourite meals is clean, or no matter it is perhaps, folks can not help however need
to fill in that clean. And in your content material you do not essentially want blanks all over the place, however it is advisable or can
create these open loops such that persons are gonna
be interested by, okay, properly what is definitely
going to fill in that hole. And I did this for you, (papers rustling) proper right here to start with, as a result of I confirmed you that we
have this path we’re taking place however you are not essentially
positive what the I and the P are gonna be about. So I am additionally creating an open loop. So simply as demonstrating for the content material that I am sharing with you right this moment, I truly applied
all these hook methods proper in the beginning, so it’s going to be actually
fascinating to return and take a look at the watch time and retention for this specific video. I do not know, what do you assume? Do you agree that I used to be capable of hook you into this case, or are you right here for
maybe different functions, or are you simply kinda wanna hang around with different folks locally? Anyway, I simply wanna know what you assume. However hey, guys, uh, let’s have a look at. Hello everybody, the Wild Jones Report, Mina says that is sensible, I’m your 102nd, or 102,09,
I can not even say that. Thanks for subscribing, Ralph. So we talked in regards to the hook. That is actually necessary, proper. Do y’all get that? Give me a sure or a thumb’s
up or some kind of emoji to let me know that you simply
perceive the hook. And another time simply to summarize, you’ll be able to inform a narrative, you’ll be able to share, okay, properly, when you stick round,
that is what is going to change, that is what can be
completely different, the result of this. You may discuss okay,
properly, when you do not do that, that is what stays the identical, and you don’t need that. And creating an open loop. Lyndon says hooked, okay. I am right here for Staff Flynn
says, Carl, okay, superior. Thanks. So now let’s speak in regards to the I. Now I am not gonna speak
too lengthy about this one however I feel a whole lot of
you already know this, however a good way to create participating content material that retains an individual studying down the web page or watching that video, (drawing) woops. (drawing) Nearly spelled that mistaken, however I saved it. (drawing) Creating content material that is incremental. By incremental I imply
there are steps concerned. As a result of whenever you begin
one thing usually, when you get going, an object in movement
tends to remain in movement, when you have got step-by-step processes, when an individual will get to the first step and two, they’re gonna be extra probably
to complete these processes. Which is why it is actually
necessary that everytime you’re creating content material
that has steps concerned, or issues that add onto one another, or iterations if you’ll, that the primary couple steps are straightforward. And so when you’re creating
demo movies of one thing, do not simply go proper to the
hardest a part of the scenario. Begin off straightforward and make
these first few steps one thing that an individual will be like, “Yeah, okay, I can do that.” Identical to we simply did. Okay, you guys perceive the hook, alright, that is the first step. Let’s hold going. So increments are nice as a result of it is also a possibility to present folks kind of breaks in between. It takes that massive big aim that you’ve got that you simply’re providing to those folks or to this particular person or the readers, or listeners, or viewers, or watchers, and actually breaking it down. So it is a technique that’s
usually utilized in aim setting, taking a giant aim and chunking it up and that method you’ll be able to
form of get a way for the way far you have come alongside. So creating incremental
content material is doing very properly. Amanda says, “Has anybody
tried tremendous chat?” Sure, just a few folks have truly. John Pullum did one final week, and some different folks, Design Whale I feel did like
a $20 one a pair weeks in the past. The ATR’s blocking the board, thanks. So Yono says, “Pat,
it is lastly nice to be “capable of catch you in a stay stream. “Greetings from Mexico. “Superior, love your again wall there.” Sure, it’s actual. Some persons are like is
that digitally put in there. No, it is not. (knocking) Though I might have digitally
put in that sound too, when you heard that, anyway. So hook and incremental. So once more, that is simply how
your content material is structured in a method so that individuals
can take steps on the way in which and make these first steps
very easy to eat. Okay, now, actually fast,
I wanna ask you guys, the place are you, these of you
watching life proper now, and be sure you stick round, even you replay viewers stick round, as a result of we’ve got a possibility
to do a giveaway for you. Truly, I’ve to announce the winner from final week’s stay
video for the replay. So those that caught the replay
additionally had an opportunity to win an Ask Pat t-shirt and a signed copy of my Wall Road Journal greatest
promoting e-book, Will It Fly, and large congrats to Ryan Soperpowel. So Ryan Soperpowel, when you’re
watching this proper now, we’ll attain out to you,
we’ll reply to that touch upon final week’s stream. You gained. So ship an e mail to Congratulations. And we’ll hook you up with that. And the replay viewers watching now, you may have a possibility
to observe one thing, and I will announce your
title subsequent week as properly. So, let’s transfer on to P. So P is, and that is actually necessary, and really, that is
one thing that I picked up since going fairly arduous on YouTube. I realized this from Brian
Dean, from Roberto Blake, from Sean Cannell, from Amy Landino, from Darryl Eves, all
the highest YouTuber individuals who I have been studying from, that is one thing that
I’m now implementing and placing into my different content material and it has been figuring out rather well. This actually simply retains an individual going. And it is fascinating whenever you hear it. So right here it’s. (drawing) Sample interrupt. Sample interrupt. So it is a option to get folks to reset. And also you reset them so that they are gonna be extra excited
to enter the following spot. So what does that appear to be? Properly in a video, let’s
simply take for instance, when you took a podcast
episode, lots of people ask questions on repurposing
podcast episodes, and placing them on a video. Should you take a podcast
episode, simply the audio solely, and you place it onto YouTube and it is simply a picture
that you’ve got up there for 45 minutes, the identical picture, the identical content material that
an individual is engaged to and is listening to on a podcast, but when they only see that
visible picture the entire time, there’s nothing altering, it turns into devalued due to that. As a result of there’s nothing altering. It’s essential to interrupt the patterns that persons are going via in order that it resets them. It nearly like is a option to shock them, it is a option to have them take a breath each occasionally. It is much like, and I
inform this story on stage, if in case you have a partner and also you go to mattress with them each evening, and also you say goodnight honey, I
love you, each single evening, goodnight honey, I like you,
goodnight honey, I like you, and like there’s that one time that you do not say it after which she will get upset, as a result of it is form of a common factor, that is a sample interrupt. However when you go into her
workplace on Tuesday at 3:48 pm to simply give her some
goodies and say I like you. That is completely different, that is not regular, that’s the factor that will get remembered. That is the factor that will get talked about. That is the factor that
retains that particular person excited. And it would not must be very massive. These sample interrupts
go very a good distance. On YouTube you may discover this on a whole lot of actually, actually excessive performing channels, that each, nearly each
few seconds, usually, there will be some kind of bounce lower, or B-roll, or screenshot,
issues are shifting round, issues are altering, the
sample is being interrupted. Now it is somewhat bit extra
completely different to do it in a livestream setting like this, as a result of I imply, I do have entry to, instruments to permit for
various things to return up, for instance, if I had been
to go right here, and try this, okay, even one thing so simple as that visible that simply
popped up proper now, that is a sample interrupt too. However in stay settings, a greater
sample interrupt is to simply okay, take a fast break from the content material, transfer onto one thing else,
only for a short second, to be able to come
again to it and there is a little little bit of a break, and
I simply did this with you guys proper earlier than we went into the P right here. I mentioned, okay, properly inform me
the place you are coming in from, and in addition speaking in regards to the giveaway and all these sorts of issues. We took a break, we
interrupted the sample, and now we got here again to
it and form of reset. So interrupting that sample’s
gonna be an awesome factor so that you can do, and when you do movies, that is gonna be actually, actually necessary, and there is a few issues you are able to do along with your movies
particularly, recorded movies, and that is simply the place
my head is at proper now due to the truth that I’ve
been doing a whole lot of movies. So including B-roll. In order you might be talking, you
can lower to a special scene of you shifting or doing one thing else. Or, for instance, when you’re
doing an unboxing video, and also you’re displaying you and this field, you’ll be able to lower to a different
angle at a sure level of you opening the field, possibly
it is somewhat massive nearer, or taking issues outta the field, however you are still talking over it, that is an instance of sample interrupt. Even just a bit icon that pops up or an emoji that pops
up at a sure time, simply to form of emphasize a
humorous factor that simply occurred, that may be a sample interrupt. Textual content that pops up on the display, a shifting nonetheless picture of a inventory picture that represents or assist
that individual level that you simply’re making, that is
a sample interrupt as properly. Livestream inception. What sort of gazette saved over there showcasing YouTube subscriber quantity? Yeah, we’ll get into questions
and solutions in only a minute. Truly that is known as
LaMetric, and it is fairly cool. It may well present your Instagram account, it might probably present, it may be an alarm
clock, every kind of issues, so LaMetric. Anyway I simply wanna end up. Keep in mind the hook, so telling tales, what are they gonna get, what do they not get if
they do not comply with via and really implement. Additionally offering an open loop
and we shut that loop right here with the HIP. The incremental content material, so
we did that right here as properly. So this is the first step, step two, step three, and making it straightforward to know, and one thing that an individual can, particularly if it is a longer set of steps, have the primary steps be straightforward to implement. After which the sample interrupt. So ensuring that in your content material you are breaking it up somewhat bit. Even in written content material, you
can have sample interrupts. So as an alternative of only one lengthy paragraph, clearly you wanna
break it down and chunk it into completely different items
with H3 headers alongside the way in which to indicate the completely different sections. However even then you possibly can
break it down much more by having photos, you’ll be able to have, pull quotes, so bigger our bodies of textual content that share some components that you simply wanna emphasize in that put up. There’s a whole lot of methods to
interrupt that sample. So what I might do is go to
your final piece of content material that you simply created and
kinda do a self audit. Have you ever created a great hook? Have you ever created an
incremental course of that is straightforward to start out and as soon as
that movement will get going, folks can undergo the remainder of it? And have you ever been ready
to interrupt that sample all through the entire piece? So there you go. That is the HIP technique. Sure, very cool, we use that sample interrupt type loads, it matches us. Nice, thanks, Halos and Heathens. Love the content material, Pat,
you might be an inspiration, lengthy stay Favle. Welcome to crypto. Yeah, let’s hope issues rebound
within the crypto world, proper? Want I had caught this to start with. Guess I’ve to observe it later. Sure, no worries, and hey, by the way in which, we’re gonna do the primary half
of our contest proper now, so for these of you who’re watching stay, earlier than we get into the QA, I am
gonna ask you guys a query and I am gonna choose a solution randomly within the subsequent couple
minutes and you’ll win an Ask Pat t-shirt and a
signed copy of my e-book, Will It Fly. So the query that I’ve for you is who’s inspiring you proper now. Please do not point out me, however
I might like to know names of who it’s that you simply’re following whether or not it is on YouTube, or blogs, or stay streams, no matter. Simply I wanna know a reputation of anyone else who is de facto, actually
inspiring you proper now and serving to you in some
method, form or type. Should you wanna additionally add in why, that is cool, however not essentially with a view to qualify for this random drawing. I am gonna decide anyone in
the following couple minutes. However I’m gonna learn off
a pair names proper now simply so I do know. Chris Tucker says Sensational Life, Sean Cannell, for positive, Amy Landino, Roberto Blake. Ray Edward says Tyler. I like Ray, he is superb. Draw with Jazza, Thomas
DeLauer, Brian G. Johnson TV, Alex Becker says Sean. I see him in all of the adverts that
are on my channel, it appears. Roberto Blake, Gary Vee,
Derek Sivers is superb. Ducker after all as a result of
he is an awesome Brit. Are you a Brit too as properly, Amanda? Gary Vaynerchuk, Jordan
Peterson, oh couple names that I do not know
truly, which is nice. Richard says JLD, John Lee Dumas, superior, Howe L. Rod says Phil. Are you doing the miracle morning as properly? Roberto Blake, did you guys catch the Techniques within the Tesla with Roberto Blake. Wonderful, proper? Nice dialog and I might
love so that you can examine that out if you have not already. You may simply return a
couple movies in my channel. We had an awesome dialog and he broke down a whole lot of
what it takes to succeed. Not simply on YouTube however as a artistic, as an nearly solopreneur if you’ll to stand up and create one thing superior and earn money from
your expertise, it is nice. Brian Dean, Siri the Pixi, Siri the Pixel Biologist, sorry. John Oliver, Jeff Walker, I like Jeff, I simply met him in particular person the opposite day. Peter McKinnon, man his
channel’s exploding, I like that. Tim Ferris, James Altucher,
Ray Edwards once more, Dan Crone, okay, so Shaline
Johnson says Stunning Horizon, that is nice. Alright so I am gonna decide
anyone at random right here, it has been a pair minutes, so thanks guys for answering, that helps me perceive okay, properly who else can I study
from and get impressed from in order that I can encourage
and make it easier to much more. So I am gonna decide, uh, let’s have a look at, Sam Jay right here says Phil Ebner. So Sam, Sam Jay, ship an e mail to,
congratulations, you are gonna get an Ask Pat t-shirt and in addition a signed copy
of my e-book, Will It Fly. So Sam Jay, congratulations, let me put a word in right here for my assistant so she’ll count on that from you. And also you replay viewers after the Q&A, I will provide you with a query as properly to be able to win one thing subsequent week. Identical to Ryan did from final week. Ryan Soperpowel. So let’s have a look at right here, so
Sam Jay in the home. Sam Jay for Ask Pat shirt
and Will It Fly e-book. Superior congratulations Sam. Okay so I will take a pair questions. In all probability I solely have
time for a pair as a result of I’ve workplace hours with my
Energy-Up Podcasting college students in only a minute, however sorry Niha, I recognize
you for being right here although. Amanda says meh. Excessive Geek says Casey
Neistat, yeah he is nice. You helped me initially arrange my podcast so thanks for the mentorship. My pleasure, Euclid, thanks. Mina the warrior’s princes lol. Simply despatched three folks
eager to do a brand new podcast that is a.m., that is
exploding, superior, very cool. Any questions? What do you congratulate, what are you congratulate, for what are you congratulating me? So Sam, for answering the query who’s inspiring you proper now, you get an Ask Pat t-shirt and a signed copy of my e-book Will It Fly. Simply ship an e mail at and we’ll hook you up, freed from cost, simply as a cool reward for you, and all of you, simply thanks for being part of Staff Flynn. It has been superb to see the expansion proceed to excel right here on YouTube, simply actually excited for the long run, we bought a whole lot of nice movies coming, we’ve got one other Techniques within the Tesla approaching Tuesday with a YouTuber who has over one million subscribers
and I did not understand that I truly had an impact on the expansion of his
enterprise to start with. So how’s that for a tease? That is approaching Tuesday. And we’ve got filmed a bunch
of stuff this earlier week for subsequent week already, in order that’s all in the home. So Mina says, “How would you go about “placing a podcast on YouTube “with out utilizing a digicam
and displaying your face?” Nice query, so Mina,
the way in which I might do that’s truly not placing
the total podcast episode however simply taking chunks of it, so possibly a 5 to 10 minute clip and dealing on that clip
to visually improve it. So including B-roll, including, you realize, you are able to do slides for
instance or quote playing cards and simply making issues that
are visually fascinating throughout that 5 to 10 minutes. That’ll positively assist that chunk of the podcast episode. So possibly there is a specific
query that you simply ask a visitor, and also you begin with that and
you get this visitor to reply and you’ll present photos of that visitor, you’ll be able to present texts of sure quotes which might be actually, actually, actually
tweetable throughout that point. In order that’s how I might go about it. Doing that for 45 minutes,
if an episode is that lengthy, is sort of lengthy, proper? So 5 to 10 minute chunks, make it very relatable to
probably a really particular subject that you could additionally rank for as properly. In order that method you get search
engine optimization, it is a few particular
subject, it is extra participating, and it is actual, as a result of it is
from an actual dialog, but in addition visually titillating, I do not know why my head was going there, but it surely went there and I mentioned it, however creating visually
titillating content material on YouTube, that is how I might do it. Jennifer says, “Love Ask Pat 2.0, “listening in to actual life
teaching is so useful, “thanks.” Thanks Jennifer, I recognize that. A variety of that has been
impressed by quite a lot of books that I’ve learn associated to teaching, one in every of them being the Teaching Behavior, that I might suggest for all of you. I did a video on {that a} couple months in the past, and that e-book actually buildings how one can go about teaching anyone, which is basically
asking the correct questions and having them provide you with the solutions, it is actual fascinating how that’s, versus you simply telling
an individual what to do, it is truly you asking
the correct questions, that is the way you grow to be an awesome coach. Let’s have a look at, Shawn says, and
we’ll end up with this, guys, as a result of I’ve to prepare
for Workplace Hours subsequent, and we have been right here
for almost a half hour, and I recognize you guys
a lot for listening in. I wanna ensure that
if you have not subscribed to the channel but, that you simply try this now, so subscribe to the channel
and welcome to Staff Flynn. As you’ll be able to see we’ve got
an awesome group right here. Should you’re watching the replay, you may see that the chat is simply on fireplace, you guys are superb, thanks a lot. And by the way in which, all you replay viewers, earlier than I reply this query, the place do I wanna be in 5 years, for you replay viewers,
I might like to know, the identical query as properly, who
is inspiring you proper now. Should you can reply along with your remark after, so these of you watching stay now, you do not qualify when you’re watching stay, however when you occur to observe the replay, you’ll be able to come again and requalify your self, I suppose that is somewhat bonus for you being right here stay is that after this will get processed and will get put up on my YouTube channel, you’ll be able to come again and go away a solution, however when you’re watching the replay, who’s inspiring you? I’d simply like to know, to
get to know extra about you, that tells me loads about who you might be, who else you might be studying from. Alright, let’s have a look at, um, oh yeah, the query,
to complete off the day, so the place do I wanna be in 5 years? So what’s actually fascinating proper now isn’t just the expansion in
YouTube that I am having having and the web programs that
I am creating, you realize, we did over one million
{dollars} in gross sales final yr and are set to do loads
greater than that this yr, which is de facto nice, however truthfully, the place I wanna go is, I wanna begin the following
chapter of my biography, and actually, I bought impressed by Benjamin Franklin and his biography. Should you take a look at his biography, the primary 60 pages of like
the 700 pages of that e-book, he is already 40 years previous. Now I am 35 proper now, 35 years previous, and I am not even 40 but, so I really feel like in an analogous
option to Benjamin Franklin, if I had been to work arduous on
one thing, and actually focus, I can have the 660 pages of my biography be about one thing utterly completely different, and I really feel like it is a launching pad, not that I am gonna go away any of this, however I wanna slim my focus in a while into one thing that I actually
really feel like I can have an effect on and that’s placing
entrepreneurship into schooling. My aim could be to be an agent and having entrepreneurship be part of a daily faculty curriculum. It’s within the faculty that my youngsters go to, and I am seeing an enormous impact
on how they strategy the world, how they sort out issues,
how they speak to folks, how the socialize, how they work together, and many others. It could be superb to
play a task in having entrepreneurship be on the identical stage as studying, science, and math in faculties. Whether or not an individual turns into
an entrepreneur or not, simply having these expertise of with the ability to recover from
the concern that you’ve got when beginning one thing new to presentation expertise to
attempting one thing and iterating and bettering on processes,
to figuring out the numbers, like that each one means a lot to me, now that I’ve realized
these things after faculty. They do not educate that stuff in class. It is stuff that just a few people who find themselves courageous sufficient and curious
sufficient can perceive, and that is what I wanna
have be put into faculty so that children can study that, in order that’s kinda the place I wanna be. In 5 years I might like to be a reputation who’s being pushed round as anyone who’s truly making a
distinction in that realm. Shawn says, “Wonderful reply,
a lot respect, thanks guys.” Yeah, so, it is fascinating, as a result of I’ve shared this a pair occasions, and I’ve seen lots of people
rallying behind me on that, and I feel that is actually cool, I feel everyone knows that
there must be a change, and I feel that altering
schooling is difficult. And I’ve already performed a
lot of analysis on this, there’s a whole lot of crimson tape, politics, and budgeting and all that stuff, it is tough, that is gonna
be a lifelong factor for me. However I additionally know that as an alternative
of preventing the faculties, possibly we will work with them, as a result of altering it utterly
is gonna be tough. There are a variety of faculties popping up which might be very completely different, which is nice. However I feel if we wanna
make a mass change, we’ve got to combine
entrepreneurship into faculties and that’ll simply assist youngsters have the talents to make a greater future for
all of us, and all of our youngsters, and all of our youngsters’ youngsters. So anyway, a whole lot of massive
stage considering there, however I am getting impressed
by folks like Elon Musk, who’re simply doing issues
which might be seemingly inconceivable, and really making them work, and I really feel like I can, now that I’ve constructed the boldness up with this
enterprise that I’ve created, I ought to have the ability to do one thing related. So thanks guys for all of your
assist, I recognize you. Should you wanna hook me up with a thumb’s up when you assist that that’d be superior, and hey guys, look out for me subsequent week. That is just like the fourth week in a row we have gone stay on a Friday. And I prefer it, it matches my schedule, hopefully it matches into yours too. And replay viewers, make sure that
you reply that query, who’s inspiring you
proper now, do not say me, and I might like to know who
else you are studying from. So, guys, thanks so
a lot, I recognize you, and Staff Flynn for the win. Love you guys. Bye.

🔥How To Internet Over 29k in Under 30 Days w/ 5 Passive Income Suggestions

in this video I’m gonna show you how I made $29,000 in one month using five different income streams we’re gonna go inside my computer I’m gonna show you every single step what’s up it’s Clarke from refusing to settle calm let’s go I’m laughing right now because it still doesn’t seem real it’s kind of swiping a credit card right like if you go and you buy an expensive dinner or expensive grocery bill or maybe like a expensive piece of technology and that number comes up and you just swipe a card versus if you go and you pay cash right like you feel the cash but sometimes online when it’s all digital you don’t feel it so looking at these numbers I mean $29,000 it just seems kind of like swiping that credit card except the reverse right it’s just numbers with more zeroes that makes sense anyway if you don’t know me welcome to this video I’m gonna call this series to share the wealth because let’s first started on the line there was a lot of smoke and mirrors behind internet marketing okay and that’s just a fancy term for basically a polite term of saying making money online there’s so much smoke and mirrors like people like not wanting to reveal how they made money or how much or there was all these secrets that they didn’t want to give away cuz you know I hold back and I’ll put that in the course and I sell online courses so my philosophy is kind of the opposite I want to give as much away as I can for free so that you’re like oh my god this is his free stuff I wonder what his paid stuff is like and then of course in the paid stuff we go way deeper does that make sense I hope that kind of gives you a frame of where I’m coming from now the next part before I jump in and show you these five income models I wanted to actually show you proof so the month I’m showing you is of January 2018 and a couple things before I reveal these screenshots I was doing a mini launch then of a new course I was transitioning platforms so these come from a few different areas the biggest chunk of this income here’s a screenshot from my Clickbank sales now I don’t use them anymore I’ll explain later but you can see they’re all the weeks that it was starting at January 1st or 2nd you know thirty two hundred dollars and then $5,800 $2,900 sixteen hundred dollars and then two thousand dollars for a total of sixteen thousand one hundred and seventy-five dollars and ninety three cents let’s just call it 16 K to take a numbers the second one YouTube videos okay so this content you’re seeing right here now at this time I was doing a I was ending a fifty videos in fifty days challenge so I made twenty one hundred dollars from the ad revenue on YouTube you can see that right there the third one I’ll show you this is a screenshot from my strife account now I was transitioning at the time to click funnels which you saw that video of me explaining it the walkthroughs if you’re interested in that go watch it I made nine thousand nine hundred dollars through like a mini launch I’ll talk about in a bit the next income source right here this is an affiliate affiliate for epidemic sounds made four hundred twenty dollars just recommending their music next one is a affiliate for a plugin one hundred and fifty seven dollars off tube buddy this next one right here this is capital with a cue it’s the app that I use to save money for taxes trips everything my one beef with this app from an affiliate standpoint is they don’t give you a good way to track how much you’ve made they just give you a sum total and then they give you a tax form at the end of the year so last year I made I think it was seventy eight hundred dollars promoting their app and then add to this date let me look let’s just call it a thousand bucks in the month of January promoting that app and then some other miscellaneous income streams that I’m not gonna rip up the screenshots for Amazon Associates it’s just affiliate links and videos made about one hundred seventy eight dollars there some Kindle e-books there as well with Kindle publishing and then about five hundred dollars roughly depending on how you convert bitcoins promoting coinbase in videos so there you go that’s as much proof as I can give you now we’ll walk through and break down those so you can see step by step exactly how each one works in these five income streams now a couple of things before I jump in here I’m not financial expert so please do not listen to bonehead Clark when it comes to finances always check with the professor with what to do this is not intended to be financial advice now the second thing this is without ads okay as of recording this video now in March I do experiment with Facebook ads and like running them and stuff but when this was all going on in January I didn’t touch Facebook ads I think in my lifetime before this I had ran like three ads and wasted like a hundred or two hundred dollars because I know what I was doing so this is all just sales and it you know its net profits a little tricky but if I had to estimate how much like profit was made off that I’d put it pretty high just because I’m not really paying for much beyond email web hosting and some other business expenses so let’s just remove to cape conservatively for business and web expenses all right let’s jump in now to the five income streams I’ll show you how I made each one now the first one I want to talk about this is YouTube this is kind of a lazy way to make money online in my opinion is just like put up videos and put them on autopilot and a lot of people they’re trying to base their entire business off an advertising model and that’s not a good way that’s like the low-hanging fruit that’s like I’ll post as much content as I can and I’ll take whatever they give me and I’ll explain later and these other points how to be a smart marketer 10x what you’re making on ads as you’ve seen with my income right it was over 20k and only 2k it came from advertising on YouTube but I use YouTube as a traffic source so let me just pull it up and show you so this is inside my dashboard right now at the time of recording so it’s March so yeah 2200 in the last I don’t know 28 days but I’ll show you something cooler than that so here’s the analytics we’re gonna go to that custom range of when this month was so let’s put that at January 1st to January 31st right and here we can isolate the views and what percentage was coming from what videos and dive a little deeper so there are 500,000 views in that time period and okay 300,000 came from how to save money how to make passive income how to sell a product so here we’re kind of isolating the 8020 of like what 20% of videos are giving you 80% of the benefits so I’ll walk through these since these are probably the money makers on the channel so here’s the video that got 300,000 views during that time at the time of according as 640 thousand views it’s just talking about how to save money over eleven thousand and six months using that app I talked about earlier capital and this is just something I did I’m really it works it’s a great app and so I talked about that and some other stuff in this video right here now it’s hard to say why a video actually performs super well and like some videos don’t and others do I think a couple things with this video that you can implement it’s punchy it doesn’t like putts around the issue of like theoretical stuff of how to save money it gets straight to like tactical stuff like use this app save this percentage it’s very prescriptive it’s very authoritative authoritative and people tend to resonate with that the second thing is the SEO on it the search engine optimization so if you see right here I put how to save money see it even has a little typo right there like a mess up your videos don’t have to be perfect and so if we go to YouTube when we type in how to save money you see it’s the first one so that’s cool picking one little key phrase or keyword that you want to go after and finding like the best way to rank it at the top and and put all your your content into trying to rank that keyword that’s a little bit of my strategy the second one is just that thumbnail right there right that’s like an irresistible thumbnail now actually outsource that to a graphic designer it only cost like $20 and I give that same thumbnail away so you can mess with it and manipulate it which is crazy in my course backstage studio you get like a dozen of my thumbnails or 10 or some somewhere around that I’m always updating it you can drag and drop your own text delete my face if you’re into it but that thumbnail it’s very like enticing it draws you in so if you have a video you know is gonna cross her you really want to spend time on really pay for good thumbnails or like get a thumbnail designer I was joking in the last video I talked about this the guy’s like oh you paid $20 for one thumbnail I paid $20 for 15 and I went to his page and I’m like dude they look awful they suck they look like $15 thumbnails for 15 or whatever it was and he had to send me an email so if you’re watching this I was that was fun so the next one is how to make passive income now right here again same strategy title or that that little keyword in the front right here so I’m trying to rank this bad boy for how to make passive income and here’s a trick when you’re looking for rankings on YouTube you always want to use incognito because it saves your browse history on YouTube and it’ll remember that so let’s go here how to make passive income so right here we’re doing a raw search and hmm okay so I’m on the front page I’m not all the way up but still it ranks on the front page that’s why it performed super well and the last thing I’ll say on YouTube videos for monetization is you if you want to maximize the ad revenue don’t cuss in your videos because it Flags it as it’ll D monetize it cuz not like user friendly don’t talk about provocative topics and whether you like that or not you know that’s just the name of the game it’s their house you play by their rules and then to get the most results from it make it really really actionable so a lot of people’s YouTube videos they’re just kind of boring and they don’t have show me how right show me don’t tell me it’s kind of the theme I want to do with these videos that you’re watching right now right like I’m showing you inside my screen I’m showing you the actual results of my awesome month I’m showing you right now I’m like giving it away too so do that in your videos so rank that keyword make it super super actionable get good thumbnails and make it punchy I mean there you go that’s a formula for a winning video now the second income stream let’s talk about the Clickbank the over 16k that came from Clickbank I’m gonna show you right now my online courses are inside right now a thing called click funnels this again if you saw that tutorial I’ll show you how to use this and set up your own pages but let’s just click on this right here I’ll show you my my best journal course this is my my best journal course right here and I tell them a story right here and this is the course that I put together on how to start keep and master something I do every day and then it’s changed my life this journal right here and it’s not keeping a diary it’s not your sister’s diary that you know you don’t want your older brother to find this is like more of a business tool if you’re gonna make passive income you have to track things because what gets managed what gets measured gets managed what is that yeah what gets measured gets managed anyway there’s a quote that goes something like that and I think that’s really true in my journal today I just wrote out the next four months four months worth of content for my youtube channel okay so you’ve got to plan things it baffles me when people like just try to wing it online and that’s what I did it early on when I was making I don’t know 2k a month or $200 a month when I was first starting and now you know having a month like this over 20k I mean it’s all because I have these systems I’m tracking and if you’re gonna do anything on scale you need to track that so whoo getting on a tangent there but I’m so passionate about this and I put together all of that in this course but I’ll actually show you inside the course right now so this is it this is the course right here so it’s a it’s a membership site right here with all these different lessons right here there’s just so much content and so this sells for between 67 and $97 depending on when they get it if they get it on a deal and this made me you know this is one of my online courses that month that I made a lot of money on through Clickbank now I think a lot of that came from the 5450 video challenge where between November and January 1st that was November 12th there was 50 days and I said what’s the number-one thing I could do for my business though to have the biggest impact making a video every day for 50 days so I did a 50-day challenge and I didn’t miss a single day a lot of you saw that so I think that kind of boosted people’s awareness of like courses that I had and you know you get this trickle-down effect maybe of where and and this is a subtle point I want you to get if you’re gonna get into marketing or creating content is that people need to be reminded constantly of your product it’s not if you build it they will come that’s what a lot of clients I work with when they’re creating their own courses right we’ve gotten really good at creating these so I’m helping people create their own courses and like Clark I don’t get it I made my course and the things just not selling I built it and I sent an email I posted a video and no one’s buying it and I’m like yeah cuz you talked about it one time two times so you need to constantly talk about your products and if you believe in them that shouldn’t be a problem right so I constantly blabber about my products I can’t stop it because they’re so good so why I’m showing you this is not to try and sell you on the course I don’t really care in this video if you buy it or not what I’m showing you here is that this is a course on keeping a journal so online courses are such a good business model because they can literally be about anything and actually have a course on courses coming out soon online courses are my favorite business model because once someone buys it it’s almost instant profit right and it just sits there like an asset so I made this thing two years ago yeah two years ago maybe even three years ago I can’t remember and it’s still making me money for years to come and that is the power of having an asset that pays you in the future I don’t have to mess with inventory I don’t have to mess with shipping costs I even if someone refunds this it’s really at no expense to me right I’m not taking it in and eating the lost cost here’s my other course video breakthrough Academy right here and this teaches people how to start and master YouTube and start their own channel as a business not just like hey I’m a vlogger and watch me live my awesome life like no one really cares about that and it’s super hard to do so I teach more like edutainment where you’re creating tutorials or creating education your edges all VLEs problems through your content and then you can market products based around that content so this is the course that sets it up all and walks you step-by-step how to do that so the sales page looks like this and it’s a 497 course if you buy it through here so this sells and generates money I’ll just keep walking through these courses if this is helpful let me know just to kind of put it all out on the table so here’s the thing 30-day coaching this is the simple course I have it was actually originally a part of my best journal and then I split it off because it was like its own standalone thing and rebranded it updated it and repackaged it as its own little $47 course so every day a new thing of motivation gets unlocked for them and yeah they get it all for less than the price of a cup of coffee every day that’s 30-day coaching and then the last one I’ll show you is backstage studio now this is my course where I reveal behind the scenes of like how you’ve seen this video so I actually show you how to make one yourself and I give you those thumbnails I talked about earlier I give you my video scripts I give you music all that stuff so again I don’t care if you buy these from this video that’s not the point of me showing you these the point is I’m showing you all my different offers I have that made up that 16 grand that I made through Clickbank and so I’ll actually put this as number 3 is this online course right here backstage studio I actually did a launch of it during January that was a strike earning so that what was that ninety nine hundred dollars honestly not the greatest launch in the world actually wrote down the numbers in my journal okay so I’m correct it was 80 100 dollars from the backstage studio and the remainder came from various like upsells I had during that launch and I launched it to a list of about let’s just call 3000 people yeah and I launched the course for 67 bucks that was the offer and you know that’s what like two dollars a person on an email list that’s pretty good now I’ll talk a little bit about the launch and if you want this in a separate video just let me know in the comments down below but here’s the final sales page I had with backstage studio and if you want to know the launch strategy behind it go back to my dashboard here and I’ll show it to you look like a super villain in this one here’s one of like five videos I did during that launch week so if you’re new to launches so you have a course right if they build it they will come no that’s not true and you block out like a weeks period of where you’re gonna launch the thing and so I had the course made it was all done it was final and then I had to promote the thing now you have a challenge because some people aren’t an email list but a lot of people they they’re not subscribed to email lists like my list I showed you in another video sits around twelve to thirteen thousand depending on what I’m cleaning or or whatever and my youtube channel time recording is 160,000 so you can see a lot more people on YouTube now that doesn’t mean all 160,000 will see the videos but it’s still a lot more than that twelve thirteen K on your list right be everywhere it’s kind of the terminology with a launch some people are more active on Facebook okay you got a post stuff there some people are more active on Instagram post their email post their YouTube you get the idea and so when you’re launching something you gotta just shotgun all your social media platforms make sure people know I’ll walk through some of the launch content I made now a launch is typically made up of pre launch so where you’re educating people okay because it and then there’s the actual launch phase of where you’re selling people so that education phase right there a lot of people skip over because they’re like ah there’s launch my product and sell it to people well know sometimes like how to make killer videos and like why people need thumbnails and music like that takes a little more warming up in education actually product the problem before you just give them a solution right because if you just come out with the solution some people are gonna be like I don’t care I don’t need that like my videos are fine and so if you’re able to show them and a little education on I actually give them good content right like these videos are good they’re walking you through how to actually do things but then say hey if you want the completed done-for-you format I have a course over here I hope that’s resonating and making sense a little bit let’s continue with the content here so the first one I have is make money on YouTube with a small youtube channel so I’m going over five unique ways to do that and I’m walking them through via tutorial in here much like this video but for passive income I’m a little disappointed with it to be honest 2600 views and I know you can’t always judge based on views but I thought it would crush and it doesn’t so you know sometimes that’s another meta lesson here is that you can put all the quality you want you can put all the time you want you can give as much value away as you want but sometimes it just doesn’t work the way you think that’s okay the goal here again is not to reach everyone it’s to reach the right people so here’s another one I did how to grow with zero views and zero subscribers little early to tell in my opinion but 3,600 views here so it did better you got to think about who’s watching your channel and so my channel right now it’s leaning more towards like self development which I like but this course was more towards YouTube and not everyone who’s into self-development is into YouTube and earlier I talked about how I sent it to a list of 3000 people and you’re like why not all twelve well because not everyone on my twelve thousand person list is into YouTube right some of them are like don’t I don’t care about YouTube at all just give me the best ten ideas and that’s fine I want to respect them and so you segment everything and you just give it to the right people that’s marketing right there just like finding out the right offer for the right people and pitching it to them there you go that’s marketing 101 so that’s probably why some of these numbers are a bit lower here’s another video I did how to write viral YouTube videos three methods that work and I and not the best response 2300 people but it’s still you know at the end of it I talk about a little bit backstage studio and just kind of reminding people that it’s there did a lot of content here’s how to make custom thumbnails on YouTube and then the other video I launched during that time was how I got 102 real thousand subscribers with proof so these videos all together you know and and we’ll see I’ll give them another six months because sometimes they spike up late but that combined with some emails is how I did my launch that brought in that eight thousand and nine thousand dollars mark from the stripe account the fourth income screen that I want to talk to you about is affiliate marketing now unlike those online courses and YouTube where you’re creating your own content and either monetizing it through advertising selling it launching it affiliate marketing is coined as the lazy make money online method now I hate that term because affiliate marketing if done right you work your tail off alright and and the more you work the more money you’ll bring in so affiliate marketing isn’t just where you open your laptop on a beach and and you know grab a cup of coffee shoot off an email and then just like rake in your millions no affiliate marketing is generally done where you build up an organic audience or an audience of your your size by giving a real good content like I’ve been shown you in this video and then if another offer comes along that’s in line with your mission in line with your audience you synergistically promote it together does that make sense so an example of this is I’ve showed it to you in this video but the how to save money video that we have pulled up right here again I told you about how I made seventy eight hundred dollars in 2017 promoting capital the app that was on my w-2 the tax form the month after we’ll call it a thousand bucks on there so that fits so well with that video and then this video kind of got lucky and went viral so together you see how like mass exposure with the right offer created a good feel promo how that worked is every time someone signed up for the app and deposited their first I think just any deposit amount they got a free five dollars so that’s awesome right like if you download the app deposit you get five bucks that’s pretty cool and it’s a free app and then I got a free $5 for recommending it so I send them a ton of traffic through that video and it brought in a ton of revenue here’s another video I did on Kindle publishing that I was actually pretty proud of how this came out I mean again just tons and tons and tons of to use the marketing term value um I think everything you should do should have value that’s why I make fun of that word it’s super overused in my opinion anyway here I’m just showing people start to finish how to publish their own ebooks on Amazon and then at the end of it I’m like hey you know I gave you all this stuff but if you want I’ll give you this course right here K money mastery and it’s a course that I’m gonna affiliate for so you know I get a commission on this probably thirty to fifty percent or whatever it is and so this is a great course that’s taught me how to publish on Amazon so I went through the course myself I knew my audience would be into it so I plugged it in and it worked and so I don’t know to date exactly how much money I’ve made on that course but that is through Clickbank as well and affiliate marketing here’s another product review that I did on organifi it’s a greens drink that I drink every morning and it got a lot of hate because I don’t really talk about health like you see this dislike bar here it’s 62 down likes so this is probably an example of maybe what not to do and I still stand by this video today I think it is it’s a good quality video and the products great the pitch I agree could was a little heavy and it wasn’t a lot of value but yeah so I promoted this and sales still trickle in with this now what’s nice is this is a continuity program which means that auto bills and ships every month so if you have one of those then you still get paid every month as long as they’re subscribed and using the product but between those three organifi capital and K money mastery that’s a bulk of my ax Marketing Oh actually two more I mentioned epidemic sounds so this is a platform that has tons of royalty free music on there and what’s cool about them is that it’s free to use as long as you have a subscription you can use it in your videos and even if you cancel the subscription they don’t monetize your videos so you don’t have to have an active one as long as it was posted when you did now a lot of companies you have to have like an active subscription to use them and if you don’t they’ll go back even though you paid and the monetize your videos which sucks so I pay our that teamed up with these and through my online courses right I recommend this because that’s what I use all the music in this videos from them so that paid me in recommendations four hundred and twenty dollars that month pretty great right I think it’s thirty dollars to sign up if someone signs up through my link and then the last one was tube buddy right here this is a plugin that you can use for YouTube like if you go to my videos right here HQ trivia is live I don’t know if you play that game that’s another passive income method just get your trivia questions right right here this like video analytics if you see this on the right hand side that’s all like from to buddy that plug-in and so that just gives you some data on it and you can also see tags which is really great if you’re trying to do that SEO we talked about with videos earlier so you can see what people are tagging their videos and kind you know model your content around that or just generate ideas in your head if you’re smart marketer about what’s popular that’s pretty much it I don’t think I have any affiliate links to Amazon in here but if I do a book review normally I put them there yeah I don’t have any right there but a lot of big youtubers will list their gear like either camera gear or there’s a little thing with Amazon a socially let me show you alright so let’s just have some fun and let’s say I want to promote this toaster because I have a cooking channel on my YouTube whatever and so you come up here if you’re an amazon associate and you just go to get link right here text and a links to your you’re tracking account right here and so here’s a here’s a Pete pages doc if I go to this link right here in a new incognito window you see that toaster comes up here’s another little marketing tip I learned if you’re just curious about what other people are marketing like oh are they an affiliate for this person just go to where goes calm and you just post the link in and it’ll it’ll run all the back-and-forth Stu you and so it says that that’s a redirect to this that’s not the best example here let’s one the K money mastery link that I have or right there let’s run this let’s trace this URL okay yeah so right here you can see that there’s my affiliate link in the link from the redirect now that’s not important really I just want to show you that to you in case you’re curious again giving value in this video value value and on that note with the give value thing I just think it’s funny because if you watch any amount of marketing or any marketing speak like people say give value I wanted to make a rant on it but it wouldn’t be too funny and be too niche so in this video I’m talking about internet marketing I laugh every time when I fear give value because it always precedes something people talk about where they’re talking about like getting money they’re like all right so then you put them in your funnel and then you you you squeeze page them and then you upsell OTO s but you know you give value I just think it’s funny it’s like Bringham for all they’re worth until they buy or die right willful Wall Street but give value alright having too much fun which means this video is about to wrap up look the last thing I just want to say on this video the fifth way I made all that money in that month is just good old-fashioned hustle now I wanted to talk about this right here because I think when we’re talking about internet marketing or making money online or passive income people approach it from the how much money can I make with how little time can I put it do you see how that mindset is backwards how does that work in a relationship how much can I get out of the relationship with how little I can put in how little effort can I put in will you’ll be single really quick right how does that minds that work in a body how much cake can I stuff my face with with how little time can I spend in the gym and and get a 6-pack like it doesn’t work well other places it won’t work well for you if you approach business like that I’m not saying from the day one you have to know everything and you have to stay up till 8 in the morning and not sleep and be a zambian like take modafinil until you’re blue in the face know what I’m seeing is that be smart about it and like if you’re committed to this the reason I want to do this share the wealth series is because like I was committed to it too and it took me so long that was so frustrated I just remember the pain of like waking up and like sitting down on my computer and I had open it up and I’d be like all right today I gotta make money and I tried all the stuff and it just it just did not work and you know I was making a couple hundred bucks maybe but even that I was stoked on but I was going to my part-time job and just like seeing these videos like this where people are making you know multiple tens of thousand dollars a month and be like oh my god what would you do with that money do you do you invest at all like that’s more money that I made all year that’s some stupid job and so if you are in that beginner stage of where you’re frustrated just stick it out for the long term and it takes hustle don’t listen to people who tell you that this is all done in on a beach and swim trunks it’s not it takes rolling up your sleeve actually learning the thing you’re talking about actually making videos right like it took me 300 videos posted before I started getting good results you know what while I have it all pulled up you know you see from 2014 to 2016 and I was still publishing videos in fact let’s compare it that’s messy but I just put videos published there so in that time I’ve published 326 videos and you see like still publishing videos even though nothing’s really happening and that’s just hard work and then of course when more things happen look I posted more videos and more things happen anyway to wrap that up all I’m saying is that stick at this commit to it for the long term and you’ll be surprised that if you’re really really committed to it how much results you get right and I’m not trying to lecture you right now but everything you want is on the other side of commitment okay and if you’re a hundred percent committed of something you’re gonna find a way to make it happen and so if you’re a hundred percent committed to this if you’re a hundred percent committed to making money online passive income and building your business earning your freedom escaping a nine-to-five I can’t promise you that it’s gonna happen because I don’t know your commitment level but if you’re a hundred percent commitment that’s what it takes that’s all I can say is that that’s what it takes to do this and make it successful so I hope this video was inspiring if it was leave a comment down below with something you got out of it or something you’d like me to cover more in the future because I’m always looking at that stuff for video ideas questions I have a whole file of screenshots of questions that I’ll answer or video topics to make if you want a free guide to pass an income I’ll post a link down below to 100% free get sent straight to your inbox no credit card no nothing just put in your email that’s it that’s how I made over twenty thousand dollars in January hope it was helpful I’m still laughing because crazy to me as well this is just the beginning and I’m really really excited for what’s to come I’ll try and do some more of these behind the scenes videos it’s nuts it really is so go out there crush it and stop settling start living see in the next video [Music]

Is Your Home An Asset?

so it is your own home an asset or a legal responsibility that’s what we wish to reply on this video immediately now you could be asking your self why I am sitting outdoors within the rain right here and it is as a result of I wished to take you guys to point out you probably the most costly homes on the market proper now with a listing worth of just below 1.four million {dollars} and the query I am seeking to reply immediately is whether or not or not this one that buys this home is shopping for an asset or a legal responsibility so going by the strict definition an asset is an financial useful resource or useful resource with financial worth whereas a legal responsibility is just a monetary debt or obligation so following that definition issues like my automobile in my home would technically be an asset as a result of they’re a useful resource that has financial worth in the meantime objects like my bank card debt are going to be a legal responsibility as a result of it’s a monetary obligation however we’re gonna take this a step additional and think about what Robert Kiyosaki says about belongings versus liabilities as a result of he has a far totally different tackle this now Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of belongings vs. liabilities and he is the writer of Wealthy Dad Poor Dad in case you did not know that however his definition of that is quite simple he says an asset places cash in your pocket and a legal responsibility takes cash out of your pocket so if we observe the normal definition of what an asset is our home is an asset as a result of it has financial worth but when we observe what Robert Kiyosaki says about belongings vs. liabilities the home that we truly reside in will not be an asset as a result of when is the final time your own home put cash into your pocket otherwise you went out to your automobile and also you discovered a $100 invoice on the driving force’s seat as a result of your automobile was paying you I am gonna take a wild guess and say this has by no means occurred it actually by no means occurred to me perhaps I am driving the unsuitable sort of automobile however I can say for a matter of reality my home and my automobile have by no means paid me a dime however it’s attainable for a home to grow to be an asset for you following Robert Kiyosaki’s definition all it has to do is put cash into your pocket every month now how is that achieved that’s achieved by renting out a chunk of actual property so let’s go forward and break this down proper now to begin with in case you are renting a home then it’s a legal responsibility it’s not placing any cash in your pocket in case you personal that home and you reside in in your following Robert Kiyosaki’s definition it is nonetheless a legal responsibility however in case you observe the normal definition it is technically an asset as that is an financial useful resource however in case you are renting out a home and also you’re getting optimistic money circulate from that piece of actual property then it is a asset when it comes to what Robert Kiyosaki says and it is nonetheless an asset based mostly on that conventional definition so to begin with let’s think about the home that you simply truly reside in and think about the money influx and outflow of that piece of actual property so in case you truly reside on this home you are not renting this home out to someone else and your money influx from this piece of actual property is $zero now you do need to pay for issues like your mortgage like your householders insurance coverage like your property taxes and as an instance that ends in a money outflow of $1,800 monthly effectively you might have a unfavorable money circulate of $1,800 a month from this piece of actual property so by Robert Kiyosaki’s definition there isn’t any manner in hell that is thought of to be an asset as a result of it is taking $1,800 a month out of your pocket now alternatively let’s think about if that home that you simply’re dwelling in was truly a home you rented out and also you rented that very same home out for $2,000 monthly so now the influx on this property is $2,000 and the outflow is 1,800 which means you might have a optimistic money circulate of $200 a month from this piece of actual property now this home has grow to be an asset okay now this is the place issues are going to get a little bit bit complicated as a result of now that we’re calling a home a legal responsibility we’ve got to attract the road between the distinction between one thing like an vehicle and {that a} piece of actual property as a result of the factor a couple of automobile or just about something with wheels or an engine it is going to depreciate in worth so the camper that you simply purchase the boat that you simply purchase the bike all these objects are going to go down in worth with time whereas actual property tends to go up in worth so the principle distinction right here is that your own home is probably going going to understand in worth in case you purchased it in a very good space and also you paid a good worth for it and traditionally talking homes have appreciated on common 3.7 % per yr so the excellent news is although by Robert Kiyosaki’s definition your own home is a legal responsibility it nonetheless goes to understand in worth more than likely as you maintain on to it now alternatively in case you purchase a brand-new automobile you might be by no means going to get out of it what you paid for it it doesn’t matter what until you are shopping for a traditional automobile for some purpose but it surely’s not going to be a every day driver in that case and the opposite factor a home is for folks is it is a pressured financial savings plan and what I imply by that’s most individuals are gonna pay their mortgage as a result of if they do not pay it for a set period of time they’ll get their home foreclosed they usually’re gonna have nowhere to reside so most individuals are gonna be paying their mortgages and a certain quantity of that mortgage goes in direction of precept now when the early years lots goes in direction of curiosity however ultimately you are going to be paying down the principal and increase fairness in your house now down the highway in case you select to promote your own home you may acknowledge that fairness and roll it into a brand new home otherwise you’re simply going to take the money out of your own home if you promote it and take the money sale or the opposite factor you are able to do is down the highway draw a house fairness line of credit score on the fairness you’ve got constructed in your house and so that’s the reason I see a home as a pressured financial savings plan and sadly normally that’s the solely manner individuals are saving any cash is by constructing fairness of their home now could be this a great way to save cash completely not most of what you are paying is curiosity and in case you have a look at what you pay an curiosity on a mortgage over 30 years which is the commonest mortgage it is gonna make you sick anyhow guys I hope this helped to reply the query of whether or not or not a home is an asset or a legal responsibility in case you guys loved this video be sure you drop a like and depart me a remark down beneath together with your ideas about this video and do you agree with Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of belongings vs. liabilities or do you observe the extra commonplace definition of belongings merely being an financial useful resource and if that is your first time seeing my face be sure you guys subscribe and hit that Bell for notifications and I’ll see you within the subsequent video in case you are occupied with studying extra about investing within the inventory market I’ve created a free course only for you the hyperlink is within the description beneath listed below are a couple of different movies you would possibly get pleasure from as effectively you

Entrepreneurship Changed My Life in My 20’s

I’ve built multiple online businesses in the
past year…
and…it has changed my life.
For those who are new to this channel, what’s
up, my name’s Ethan and in the past year,
I’ve been taking eCommerce and dropshipping more seriously, and honestly…
I haven’t looked back since.
It’s opened up so many doors in life I could
never imagine – I’ve been able to travel the world
I’ve been able to invest in properties, I now live in this amazing beautiful high-rise apartment
and of course, I’ve been able to give back to loved ones, which is really important.
At the end of the day, it let me do the things
that I love in life.
Working in a 9-5, I quickly realized
I was either going to earn a very steady income
and live a mediocre life, OR, work tirelessly
on a side hustle and create income on demand.
And that’s exactly what I did.
I’ve now created income streams from Shopify dropshipping, affiliate marketing and print on demand
And seriously guys, If I can do it, you guys can do it too!
But, to be honest
I still do work a 9-5 as a Digital Marketing Manager, and here’s the reason.
I learn so much from that job and I apply everything Iearn from the job daily
To my online businesses and that’s how I find my success.
So, what I do on this channel is pass on that knowledge to you guys
So go ahead and check out my YouTube channel
There’s heaps of value bombs there for free
I’m not here to sell you anything at all.
I’m here to provide you guys with a lot of free value
And if you think you’re somebody who has more to offer in this life
Than sitting in a single room
working for somebody
else, then SUBSCRIBE to this channel join the #HUSTLEFAM,
join the #HUSTLEFAM,
we’re creating a big community of like-minded
entrepreneurs this channel very quickly
People that are ready to hustle
So if this is you, join this channel.
And I’ll see you on the inside.

Is Dropshipping a SCAM?! (Points New Dropshippers Converse…)

Hey guys, I need to say one thing.
I completely love operating this channel, I
love creating these movies, and I like speaking
about Dropshipping with [inaudible 00:00:09].
Most of you permit actually considerate, sort
feedback and questions.
However typically, typically, it may be a bit
irritating when individuals go away feedback like,
“Hey guys, simply wished to go away a remark
to warn you all.
Arrange my retailer and added merchandise, ran Fb
adverts, made no cash.
Leaving my report on Scamwatch proper now.”
“My query for you is how can I do that
without spending a dime?
Second query, if I begin this in the present day, will
I make $10,000 within the subsequent 30 days?
Please inform me how you can make $10,000 within the
subsequent 30 days with none prior expertise.”
“So I purchased your course, very upset.
I anticipated you to disclose all the secrets and techniques
that you simply gurus know however do not usually share.
As a substitute, you taught me info that I
already know.
Very upset, anticipated extra.”
“My query is, how can I do that without spending a dime?”
“Hey guys, simply wished to go away a remark
to warn you all that that is all only a rip-off.
They make it sound really easy like you’ll begin
earning money tomorrow.
They do not warn you that it is more durable than
it appears.
Rip-off, rip-off, rip-off.”
“Sure, I’ve a query, how can I flip no
cash into $10,000 actually quick?
I would like it within the subsequent seven days.
Trying ahead to your reply.”
You recognize what?
It is all good, it is all good.
I am blissful to deal with all of those considerations.
Let’s simply do it, let’s simply bounce straight
into the video.
Is Dropshipping a rip-off?
Clearly, I will say that no, it is not.
The trustworthy reality is that you will discover
loads of individuals on the market which are going
to say to you, “I attempted Dropshipping and it
did not work for me.
I did not make any cash, it is only a gigantic
It’s important to think about that anyone got here to
you and mentioned, “Hey, I opened a espresso store.
Guess what, I did not make any cash.
No one got here in and acquired any espresso off of
Man, espresso retailers are gigantic scams.”
What would you do?
I do know what you’d in all probability do, you’d most
probably take a look at them sideways and assume to
your self, “No, cafĂ©s aren’t scams.
You simply did not run yours proper.”
CafĂ©s aren’t scams, they’re simply companies.
The reality is is that most individuals aren’t very
good at operating enterprise.
Sure, cafés are a enterprise.
You are providing a product, which is espresso,
and also you’re making an attempt to get individuals to come back in
and purchase it.
When you aren’t superb at advertising and marketing your
café, then no one goes to come back in, and
you are not going to make any cash.
When you open your retailer in an space of city
that no one desires a cafĂ© in, then nobody’s
going to come back, and you are not going to make
any cash.
In case your café is subsequent to a different one which
seems to be nicer, is friendlier, and that individuals
want to be in, then they are going to go
into that on and never into your one, and also you’re
not going to make any cash.
Guess what?
Dropshipping shops are precisely the identical.
When you arrange your Aliexpress Shopify Dropshipping
retailer and you do not spend the money and time
advertising and marketing it and testing merchandise, you then’re
not going to make any cash.
When you’re promoting merchandise that no one desires,
then individuals aren’t magically going to purchase
They don’t seem to be going to buy them, and also you’re
not going to make any cash.
In case your retailer seems to be unprofessional and untrustworthy
since you did not need to put the time and
effort into making it appear like these issues,
then individuals are going to go to the shops
that look reliable {and professional}, and
you are not going to make any cash.
When you open a Dropshipping retailer and also you did not
make any cash, it isn’t since you fell
for a huge rip-off, it is since you merely
did not run it proper.
The general public that I come throughout who
accuse Dropshipping of being a rip-off are often
the types of individuals which are trying truthfully
for a magical cash tree.
They are not trying to run a enterprise.
No, they’re trying and scouring over the
web trying to find secret hacks and methods
which are going to permit them to earn cash
by means of some gigantic loophole with out doing
any work, which is loopy.
There aren’t any secret methods, or hacks, or loopholes
for how one can simply make free, simple cash
on the web.
That is not going to cease the people who stay
in hope of discovering the magical cash tree.
Often these individuals stumble throughout Aliexpress
Dropshipping they usually assume that they discovered
the key hack or trick that is going to permit
them to make their free, simple cash.
No, you have not.
All Dropshipping is is bypassing the wholesale
and intermediary.
As a substitute, you buy your objects immediately
from the producer and also you get them to
ship them out on to the shopper.
That is it, there aren’t any secret methods or hacks
right here, it is only a type of order success.
When you do not put any work to construct up your
retailer, you then’re not going to make any cash.
It’s worthwhile to be ready to place work into creating
your retailer.
When you took an espresso machine and also you simply
threw it into an empty field of a room, then
individuals are not going to come back in to your café.
The identical goes for Dropshipping.
You are going to have to speculate cash into
operating adverts on your retailer if you wish to
see quick outcomes, which is precisely the identical
should you opened a café.
When you did not hassle to promote, then no
one would know that it existed.
Guess what?
There aren’t any ensures.
Even most profitable cafĂ©s weren’t instantly
They did not simply instantly begin making
As a result of it takes time to study and perceive
It takes time to learn to use promoting
There’s a studying curve, and the identical is
for Dropshipping.
Like every enterprise, there may be going to be a
studying curve for studying advertising and marketing and
determining how you can generate gross sales, particularly
if you’re new to the web advertising and marketing world.
Do not get me incorrect although, Dropshipping is
thrilling and it’s really a very distinctive
alternative in comparison with most different companies.
It is thrilling as a result of not like operating a espresso
store and most different companies, you do not
want tens of hundreds of {dollars} to begin,
and you do not want any particular {qualifications}
to begin.
There aren’t any obstacles to entry like fancy
As a substitute, all you’ll want to do is to find out how
to do it your self.
That may be both by means of coaches, programs,
movies, or by means of trial and error.
There usually are not many companies on the market the place
you can begin with lower than a thousand {dollars}
and no particular {qualifications}, and but have
such large incomes potentials.
That’s tremendous cool, but it surely’s nonetheless a enterprise
with work and most certainly some trial and error.
Mainly, should you assume that Dropshipping
goes to be a merchandising machine the place if
you set $20 in and also you press some buttons
and you are going to get $100 come out the opposite
aspect, you need to in all probability go elsewhere.
No, you’ll be able to’t Dropship without spending a dime.
Honestly, I actually should not get pissed off
when individuals ask this as a result of I perceive
why most do.
The explanation why they need to begin a enterprise
is as a result of they do not have cash, in order that they
need to create one in order that they’ll have some
But to construct a enterprise to earn cash, you
must have some cash to get began.
Type of a catch-22, proper?
If that is you, I am actually sorry.
I want I had a greater reply for you, however
the trustworthy reality is that you simply’re merely going
to have to avoid wasting startup cash.
At minimal, you are going to want $50 to get
began utilizing Free Site visitors.
The trustworthy reality is that most individuals are going
to search out paid site visitors rather a lot sooner and simpler.
If you wish to make the most of paid adverts, then make
certain that you’re ready not less than $500.
When you’re somebody on the market that has the cash,
you simply merely do not need to spend it, properly
that isn’t the precise perspective to have a enterprise.
Some individuals have very restricted attitudes when
it comes in the direction of cash.
They see it as a scarce useful resource, when in
actuality it’s an considerable useful resource.
As a result of you’ll be able to spend cash to earn cash,
that is the purpose of enterprise and reinvesting.
Cash is the present that retains giving.
When you’re somebody that has that perspective,
then what I’d advocate is that you simply attempt
to shift that mindset.
When you do, you are going to discover it rather a lot simpler
to scale and develop your retailer.
Cease in search of secret hacks.
There are actually individuals on the market that consider
that there are secret methods and hacks that
knowledgeable Dropshippers use.
It is these methods that enable them to achieve success,
and if solely, if solely they might study these
secret hacks, then they may very well be profitable
Now spoiler, whereas that might be cool, there
aren’t secret underground societies the place
individuals are freely giving the key underground
hacks to creating tens of millions and tens of millions of {dollars}
yearly with Dropshipping.
You recognize, maybe I am incorrect.
Maybe they do exist and I am simply cool sufficient
but to be invited to them.
Truly, I think that these teams do not
Pay attention, if you’re shopping for a course as a result of
you are hoping to search out secret methods and secret
hacks you can’t discover anyplace else, you
in all probability should not be shopping for that course.
A very good motive to buy a coaching
program or a course is to get entry to step-by-step
trainings as a way to have steering and
path, or to get entry to premium instruments
and apps, or to get entry to unique one-on-one
Right here is the trustworthy reality; most info
is definitely obtainable on the web, it is
simply extraordinarily disorganized to say the least.
Programs present for you in a streamlined means
you can simply observe.
For instance, with the Dropship Membership, our declare
to fame is that we provide you with step-by-step coaching
movies which are over the shoulder, in order that
you’ll be able to observe together with my display screen.
Each month I host a stay Q&A classes that
are unique for members.
When you’re the type of particular person that desires that
kind of coaching and that kind of assist,
then the membership home is nice.
If that’s you, I’ll have a hyperlink to it in
the outline under.
When you have been spending the previous few years
watching each video that you’ll find on
Dropshipping on the web, you then in all probability
know quite a bit already and you need to have
opened your retailer by now.
Do not buy a course hoping that will probably be
the Pandora’s field of secrets and techniques that you’ve got been
wishing and hoping for.
Belief me, it is not going to be.
I am not fairly telling the reality right here, as a result of
there may be sort of one secret hack that not
many individuals find out about.
I will allow you to in on it proper now.
Secret hack; research gross sales psychology, focus
on copywriting and conversions.
I’ve mentioned it earlier than and I’ll say it once more,
most people who find themselves drawn to Dropshipping
really feel much more snug working with numbers
somewhat than phrases.
They need a numbers based mostly enterprise.
If I spend X amount of cash, then it would
ship Y quantity of tourists, which can make
Z quantity of income, which lead to N quantity
of revenue.
Sure, you’ll be able to run your corporation that means, however
you’re going to get much more guests, income and
revenue should you additionally deal with copywriting and
You recognize what?
Data about copywriting, conversions,
and purchaser psychology is one thing that very
few individuals find out about and hassle to study
If about it, it is sort of such as you
have a secret weapon.
If you wish to get a robust benefit over
your competitors, learn to use phrases,
photos, and movies to get prospects to need
to take motion and purchase your objects proper now.
There you go guys, if you want to study
extra of my secret hacks, then be sure you subscribe
to Wholesale Ted for extra nice movies like
If you have not already, be sure you click on that
little notification down subsequent to the subscribe
button in order that you do not miss out on any movies.
Truly, I sort of lied twice.
I do have one different secret hack for you.
Right here at Wholesale Ted now we have a free book,
How To Make $10,000 A Month On-line With Dropshipping.
You may discover a hyperlink on how you can obtain this
free book within the video description under.

How Prolonged Does $1 Million Closing in Retirement | Phil City

hello guys I am Phil city from rule 1 investing and at present I wish to discuss to you about how lengthy one million {dollars} will final in retirement one million {dollars} [Music] $1,000,000 is a typical benchmark in the case of retirement targets as a result of it sounds such as you acquired some huge cash and lots of sources we’ll advocate this quantity as how a lot you must save earlier than you retire nonetheless effectively $1,000,000 could sound like an amazing purpose to attempt for I need you to recollect Austin Powers as a result of the reality is one million eight what it was and it most likely is not even sufficient so that you can stay comfortably and have an amazing pleasant retirement which I do know must be surprising so let’s perceive this slightly higher let’s attempt to determine how lengthy one million {dollars} will truly final in retirement so we acquired to determine what are the components affecting how a lot you retirement prices so the primary drawback was setting one million {dollars} as an ordinary throughout the board for a way a lot individuals ought to save for retirement is the truth that the price of residing varies dramatically relying on the place you are positioned individual residing down in a small city down by me in South Georgia goes to have the ability to make one million {dollars} lasts loads longer than an individual residing in New York Metropolis or Honolulu so in figuring out whether or not one million {dollars} can be sufficient to retire on essential to take an account what’s the price of residing the place you are going to be positioned while you retired so some persons are capable of get by completely positive on lower than $20,000 a 12 months and are fairly comfortable doing it they most likely stay in some place in East to bukistan others have change into accustomed to life which may value slightly greater than that and a few of us are actually used to residing the six-figure life-style simply to keep up issues so effectively it is one factor to calculate simply how a lot you’ll want to save simply to outlive publish retirement proper it is one other factor solely to calculate how a lot you’ll want to save to pay for the approach to life you’ve got change into accustomed to and even higher than one you want to change into accustomed to so since this determine goes to be totally different for each individual setting a single benchmark of $1,000,000 that applies to all people is type of ineffective granted it is some huge cash however for many individuals is not sufficient inflation is the ever-present power that we’ve to keep in mind as a result of it slowly erodes the worth of the cash we set over time the excellent news I assume is that investing your cash in corporations somewhat than protecting it in money will permit you generally to bypass inflation that’s that the inventory market usually outperforms inflation nonetheless this does not change the truth that inflation skews the true worth of the benchmarks corresponding to one million bucks again in nineteen ten million {dollars} made you very wealthy at present not fairly a lot the reality is the shopping for energy of 1 million {dollars} a day is certainly not going to be the identical as a shopping for energy of 1 million {dollars} 20 or 30 years from now because of this it is a actually good thought you have to issue within the common inflation price while you’re setting your retirement targets so each individual’s retirement wants are going to be totally different for positive and the way a lot you’ll want to retire goes to be influenced by your location your life-style the inflation price and a wealth of different components energy for the typical on a regular basis individual is one million {dollars} gonna be sufficient to retire on and the sobering reply I hope you are sitting down might be not now there’s a wide range of the reason why 1 million {dollars} is not more likely to be sufficient for the typical individual to retire on from elevated life expectancy to rising prices nonetheless the necessary takeaway that you’ll want to sit down and calculate your individual purpose based mostly by yourself scenario somewhat than counting on customary benchmarks corresponding to 1 million {dollars} now when you calculate that determine by figuring out how a lot cash you wish to have accessible annually multiply that quantity by the upper-end optimistic estimate of the years you anticipate to be in retirement I imply determine it like this if you happen to’re wholesome at 65 years previous you are gonna stay to be 90 so exit and begin figuring what that is going to do to you consider inflation begin saving towards that little purpose slightly bit at a time now the quantity you give you may be slightly bit giant proper you may be shocked and the way a lot you are gonna want however here is the cool factor if you happen to’re an investor that’s not a speculator not any individual that is going on the market and shopping for the inventory market indexes however an excellent investor who’s following rule one technique and you utilize your self-discipline to not spend cash you do not have to spend you would be amazed at how little time it takes you to get there for a fast option to calculate what you want I acquired an amazing retirement calculator at rule one now I wish to inform you another factor about that million {dollars} if you happen to’re planning on retiring 20 years from now and also you wish to stay a way of life of about fifty to sixty thousand {dollars} a years so we’re not speaking about you realize holidays to Hawaii each third week only a respectable life-style that you just’re gonna have the ability to get pleasure from your retirement you are gonna want I do not know if you happen to’re sitting down now however here is what you are gonna want you are gonna want effectively over two million {dollars} until you understand how to take a position that cash and get a very stable low-risk excessive price of return and by the best way that is what we educate you so now I might love to listen to from you guys are you apprehensive about how lengthy your cash will final in retirement try to be depart a remark beneath together with your reply and I am going to remember to observe up with you and thanks for watching you guys now go play so if you happen to loved this video and also you thought it was invaluable in educating you extra about how far your cash will go hit the like button and please share this video with your mates and if you’d like extra investing content material subscribe to my channel so remember to click on the button on the display screen for a free reward and thanks once more for watching

Assembly With Jake Paul on Team10, Twitch, and Rising Your Following | GaryVee Alternate Assembly

– Good to go? – Good man, just drinkin’ my Vayner H2O. That’s how you do it. (laughing) (techno music) – You look sharp. Are you, were you on– – I was just on GMA, yeah. – How’d it go? – It was great, man. I loved talking to Michael. – Strahan? – Yeah, yeah, he’s a good
guy, really good guy. – What’s going on with you? – [Man] How’s it going? – Have you guys met? – No, first time. – Yeah, yeah. – [Gary] Pleasure. – Yeah. We, just a lot going on,
man, we’re just thinking, there’s so many categories we can go down, and it’s what’s– – I would argue the biggest thing you guys should be thinking
about is tripling down on how you got here. Something I’ve been thinking
about you, your bro, and other, the kinda
top 10, is everybody’s now in a mad dash to
monetize, as they should, these are remarkably big numbers, I just don’t think you’re going away. And if you’re not going
away, my big thing now, more than ever, is how do you go way more back to the consumer. I think, if I heard today, that you’re doing a two hour Q&A live stream every single day with your
fans, like, Juice with Jake, and it’s like you’re
literally just drinking an apple juice in the morning or a different juice every morning, you know, and just two
hours, like real, real, not even on an entertainment kick. Just like fucking GMA, even. Maybe it’s weird that I’m bringing this up when you just went on
the old version of it, and just like, how you doing, cool, Sarah, thank you for
that, you dude, remember, just like real, as if
you were with 20 kids that have loved you forever,
oh shit, I forgot about that fucking post, or
like, what has happened to SallyPants49, she did have three million, I hope she’s doing well. To me, what I’m feeling right now, is this is the moment more than ever to unmonetize and
quadruple down on audience. While it’s underpriced. While it’s underpriced attention, get as much as you can,
because the monetizing can be done at any point, and I just think, everyone’s like, again, having empathy, when
you’re young on the ride, there’s a level, the insecurities change. Insecurities drive so much. The insecurity now is
can I be a professional, and build an empire or be a business man or woman at that level,
you know what I mean? It’s fun to watch. So I think it’s a very special,
interesting time for you where that’s just one thing I would give a lot of thought to. The audience has to be the fourth pillar. Or it needs to be a separate thing. If Leo’s that, then the scarecrow, let’s build out Wizard of Oz, here, you got the fucking lion, cool, the scarecrow, or Dorothy
needs to the audience. If you guys are the cowardly
lion with your strategy, Dorothy needs to be the audience. I don’t know, this is like, honestly I’m giving myself
advice as I’m talking to you. This is always the religion. And it’s an interesting time. Because you become, bro you become the next, you become the next Brad Pitt, this is how it happens. – Yeah. – If you’re 13 right now,
you’re the establishment. And that new person that
popped last week is you. – Yeah. It’s just you wake up and it is. (laughing) It’s funny to think, though. – I think we’re also spending
a lot of time now too on expanding Team 10
and then verticalize it. We just launched Team 10 gaming, and we’ve got these two kids in Team 10, they’re big gamers, did
a big launch on Twitch, I think we’re gonna see in the next year that the gaming space– – Dude we’ve been on that forever. – Heavy like lifestyle,
it’s gonna move more into like lifestyle. – You saw what happened last night. Last night was the moment it changed. I’ve been, like we’re putting
together a video right now, I’m glad to see you’re not doing it, that means Babin’s
making a good one, right? Iris? – [Iris] Seth. – Seth, alright. Seth, Seth. You better not fuck up this video. You’re doing the Twitch video? You better fucking annihilate it. – [Jake] What’s it about? – It’s just, this is what’s
great about filming yourself, it’s fucking me in 2014, 15, 16, 17 talking about Twitch, and then I made, I literally landed at 4:30
this morning, I’m like, alright it happened last night, the crossover moment, here it comes, people been asking me
what I think about it, here’s what I think about it. And it’s just gonna be
two minutes of highlights of me being like Twitch, just like– – From 14, 15, 16, like all the past cuts. That’s awesome. – That’s what I trade on. That’s what’s good about
how I do what I do. Look the world is your fucking oyster, no matter all the dumb shit that happens along the way
over the next five years, as long as it’s not super egregious, you’ll get through that funnel easily. Where you’ll get caught way more than like burning down a house or whatever, somebody getting hurt on a prank, or somebody’s feelings getting hurt, where you’ll lose is
you’ll be a boa constrictor that tries to eat an
elephant and you’ll blow up. – Right. – [Gary] That’s exactly
what will happen to you. – We gotta eat rats. – [Gary] You need to eat like hippos. Boas are amazing, but they,
you know those fucking, I’m sure there’s videos online where they try to eat something
too big and they break. And they’re amazing, they
can eat big ass shit, and you’re amazing,
you’re gonna be able to eat big ass shit, you just
need to be very thoughtful that you don’t try to eat too much which then blows you up. – Right. – I’m with you, man, gaming, you could talk about gaming, crypto, VR, AR, merch, food, retail stores, in a few minutes you’re gonna realize that you and your bro are
basically the Wahlbergs and let’s go after Mcdonalds. I mean, like, this is all real. My point of view, take a good fucking week and go to like Turks and Caicos and Hawaii
and don’t produce content, and just fucking think,
and then really come to what is the most exciting
thing we could do, and let’s just spend one
year dismantling that while in parallel
crushing audience growth, and all this other shit
will be there forever. Merch is never gonna go away, endorsement deals are
gonna only get bigger. It’s all coming. It’s taking a step back
and taking a breath and realizing it won’t
go away especially if number one, two, and
three is the audience. – Right, I think we do
a bad job right now, you do an amazing job of
recirculating old content. We’ve got all this Vine content. – Yes, brother, I know, dude, by the way, I think we
really are the best at it right now when I look, and
we’re not even good at it. That’s how good it is. Talking to yourself. Do you remember, it was funny,
with Logan and the parrot, when I came to you and I was like the cartoon kid that you
guys added to Team 10, actually, we probably have that video, ’cause we filmed that day
when I came to Team 10, right? Or no? I wasn’t vlogging yet. Fuck. But you remember, right? I literally said to him make a cartoon I believe in it more than ever now because of Snapchat’s new AR kit, I think the number one
thing you should do, number one, ’cause Walt Disney
built a much bigger company than fucking Vince McMahon, I’m creating a character like, and a world of them, you
need to go hard at it. – [Beau] Yep. – Good. – On the content side, I think there’s two big opportunities, a
massive animated platform. – [Gary] Massive, I think
it’s bigger than everything. – And I think the game show side. – Beau, I couldn’t agree more. Audience. It’s the only thing that matters. Think about all the
things we just mentioned that weren’t even emerging a year ago. Like truly 24 months
ago, back to animated, we wouldn’t be talking about, you just said animation and
fucking game show, right? If we’re sitting here 24 months ago, neither one of those things
come out of any of our mouths. My big thing right now is
when you’re king of the hill, triple down on it. (mumbling) More. I would go back to Jake Paul 0.1 where it was just about the audience. Like as much as you can. And I know you can’t go all the way back, I get it, I get it, but if I can get ya
70% of that 30% of what you’re actually doing now your whole world will be different. Audiences know, just so you know. They’ll never be tricked. Either you’re doing it for them or you’re doing it for yourself. When you audit your last
three weeks and you think about how many hours you spent on what’s for you, what’s for them, it doesn’t look pretty
and it doesn’t look pretty for any of the A lists
right now in our world. So, cool. And it’s driven by the
right thing, I get it. You did that first, you’re
trying to make your name in the next thing, I get it, but I’m telling you that’s
where the secret is. – I agree. – Cool, if you guys agree with that, you can’t imagine how
excited I am right now because I actually think
you guys are super smart, like I think you might agree, and you might do something about it, and you’re gonna be,
like I genuinely think I’m gonna get a text or
a video in four weeks and you’ll be like, “Dude.” Because what’s gonna happen,
because you’re so good, and you’re so big, and you’re so creative, and if you give a fuck,
it’s just gonna compound. – Right. – Yeah. – [Gary] I don’t know. It’s just gonna work. – I think part of that too is like going into other parallels like music’s a big thing for me. – [Gary] I know, I’ve watched. – Gonna be jumping into Twitch, jumping into music. – Music, Twitch and quadruple downing on your other things. Music, Twitch, and quadruple down. Like I can’t imagine what your
Twitter and Facebook game are but I know they’re not good enough. Because there’s no reason. Just film ’em, just fucking film ’em, bro. He’s so creative, just film him. You should 24 hours a day
have somebody following you, here’s why, you’re gonna
say something smart or creative or funny or,
when you really get to it, when you really get smart in my opinion, when you’re there with Strahan, and you guys have a little
clip in the greenroom, and then you clip it, and
you run it on Facebook, against fucking Giant
fans, who are 42 years old, who love Strahan, there’s
a segmentation right now on Facebook that are Giant
fans, that are the age when he played, and fans
of Good Morning America. They’re both. There’s 18,000 people, 180,000 people, you take that clip, and you post it, and he siphons 8% fans. Paid collabs. You hear that? – Right. – And what happens when you’re this size is you don’t use paid media,
because it’s all organic, meanwhile the paid media’s never been– – So cheap, so fucking cheap. – So my question becomes, like, here’s what’s gonna
happen, I’m gonna end up becoming the most famous of everybody, because I’m committed just to audience, and even though I started further behind, and not in the perfect zone, I can, I’m just watching it happen. – What platform are you tackling the most. – Instagram, podcasts is huge for me. I think you should have
top 100 podcast tomorrow. Nobody in your world has done that, and like, Facebook is huge, email. You should see, you
wanna see something cool? Look what the fuck these guys are doing. Come here, let’s show you. This you could annihilate. (clicking) Here’s what I’m sensing. The worst part of internet marketing is starting to bleed into
the influencer space. It’s not gonna become
spammy CDs in the back, but it’s gonna because some sort of thing, and I think the ones
that can rise above it and do what I did during the 2000s and stay above that fray, are the ones that are gonna win the most, and right now, everybody’s
on tilt of monetization, without really proper thought
around what that means. Because when you make that switch, the audience relationship changes, and you become more the,
you know, you become more and because your relationship is only about the transactional business,
and the authenticity and uniqueness of what
you were building on and why you were able to
win that game goes away. Selling out. – Yep. – Not super complicated. – I’m excited for you, man, ’cause I just see all
the stuff you’re doing, with the agency and then
what’s that turning into longer term, it’s incredible. – I appreciate it. Yeah, man, listen, I was in
the prime of my business life, I’d just invested in
Twitter and FB and Tumblr and made all that, it was all coming, they were all going
public, this was a grind. Building an agency sucks. I have a real job. Like I have people, I have a
lot of people to answer to. I’m like answering to them. I was on two client calls the
second I landed this morning. This is me giving you advice based on actually something I’m doing, which is built for the long term. – What do you focus on next
in terms of building out, is there a category you
wanna go after, is there… – Anything that matters, right? Like that whole area, we’re
turning into a Twitch studio, so it’s right here. We made that decision after
I went on a Twitch show with Hunter Pence, the baseball player, a couple of months ago. And the next thing is also– – Are you gonna be doing it yourself? – Yeah, like, you coming
through right now, I might take five minutes and play, but I’m gonna make it authentic. Like I don’t play the new shit, so cool, you and I are gonna play like Madden 94. ‘Cause that’s what I know. (laughing) – Right. – So all these kids, I’m gonna try to play the tree games I’m good at. And then let them, be like, cool, now let me show you another thing, and they’ll kill me in two seconds. I’m like, fuck. (laughing) – How are you thinking
about international? – A lot. I mean that’s where Facebook I think you should go all in on. You can reach audience international. We’re running some ads right now in India. It’s fucking nuts. I also claim that I’m gonna make myself the most famous person in Peru just on ads on Facebook with my content. I’m gonna do it for like six months and then just fly to Peru
and see what happens. I think it’s gonna be crazy. Like that’s the kinda stuff
I think you should be doing. That’s where– (mumbling) That’s where Jerome was very smart. Like when I would tell, like he, when I would feed him this, he would run with it and get it. He really, he was a good under, like he had all his natural skills but then when I would be like do this, he would understand, remember I was like, go to globe, remember
when he went to Mexico and everywhere, I was like go global, and go collab with everybody. You have all the leverage. You have to understand,
here’s what I think about with global if I was a
partner on this team. I’d be like it’s all about
audience, audience matters, global matters, so time is
our biggest issue, right, opportunity costs, fuck it. Let’s sit down, let’s do the math, who is the biggest 10
influencers in Brazil, got it. – Cross collab, shoot the
culture, and the whole thing. – But you do a month.
– So we’re doing a concept. – When you make a thoughtful plan to go to India for four
days, and you actually allocate every minute properly, and you actually systematically cross every T and I, like
it’s all about efficiency, we’ll take this highway,
we’re gonna stop right here, alright hit up, you know, Honie, he’s gonna meet us there,
we’ll do the collab there, and like it’s literally just about– – It’s programmed out, like content. – In a real way, you know what I mean. Can I tell you something? Audience. You’re only as good as
how big that bucket is. You’re upside is not gonna be stopped by creativity or opportunity,
it’s gonna be based, it’s gonna be stopped by audience. You’re gonna tap out. ‘Cause you’ve got your bucket and it’s one of the biggest
buckets in the world right now, but if you’re not filling it up every time you’re doing shit,
you’re squeezing it out. That’s what happens to everybody. You’re trading on fame. Got it? That’s the game. Lot more for them. Lot more for them. ‘Cause right now you did a lot for them, and it’s all now being cashed out. – How do you think about new audience versus existing audience? How are you catering to your
existing audience versus– – You’re just doing,
you’re just doing stuff for audience, and you let
them weave in and out. I don’t think about it actually. I’m just doing the best work I can do, that I think brings people
value, and let them ebb & flow. Don’t overthink that. And you’re gonna change, right? You’re also in an interesting
time in your life. When you’re in your 20s, or early, like, you’re evolving as a man. So they’re gonna, things are gonna happen. They happened to me
hardcore when I switched from wine to business content. Like, hey wine boy, stay in
your lane was very common. – Cool – Cool, gonna bounce. – Thank you. – You’re welcome, good to see you. (clapping) – Appreciate it.
– Good to see you. (clapping) – Keep doing it. – I will, my man. (mellow music)