Remark That Your Product Will Sell! Don’t Mosey in Blind! A Handbook to Amazon’s Simplest Seller Ranking.

hey everyone is jordyn millionaire millennial thanks so much for watching this video be sure to subscribe and hit that little belt so you guys get notified anytime I release a new video in this one we’re going to be talking about the bestsellers rank and how it affects which products you pick alright so every product on Amazon has a ranking and when you’re doing research to find a new product that you want to sell you need to be sure that that product will sell and the best sellers rank will tell us whether or not that products going to sell so without further ado let’s jump into my computer and get started [Music] so here I am on the yes you guessed it the Amazon homepage what I always am I spend so much time on this page in particular it’s actually the same so what we’re going to do is we’re going to hit this drop down and take a category that we might be interested in or a category that our product is in let’s say we want to sell something in the sports and outdoors category what you want to do is just a minus sign and then type in some gibberish and what this will do is it will pull up every single product in that category so as you can see this is how many products are in the sports and outdoor category there’s 23 million seven and thirty five eight hundred forty products currently in the sports and outdoor category so that being said how does the ranking fit into all of this so the one thing that you’ll need to know about the bestsellers rank is that it constantly changes every single day in fact it probably changes multiple times every hour so right here I’ve pulled up the keep of graph for this product here alright so keepa is just a free program and they have a chrome extension that you can get for free and it will display the keep a graph in the window right there underneath the product so it’s really nice and I highly recommend this plugin but as you can see this rank is costly changing this green line is the rank constantly changing every day so we can actually move up into just today this is the past 24 hours it’s changed one two three four five times register in past 24 hours so just because something is ranked good right now okay does not mean it’s going to be ranked good tomorrow or the next day so that’s why you always need to look at the kippah graph okay and make sure that that ranking is kind of still good in the past because if it’s been good in the past it means it will continue to be good in the future most likely another very important aspect to keep in mind is that every category has a different number of products in it for example the arts crafts and sewing category all right it’s not going to have nearly as many products as the sports and doors notice this is not even three million all right we’re sports and outdoors was twenty three million all right so it’s like ten times less so something that’s ranked you know fifty thousand in arts and crafts okay is probably not going to sell as well something ranked fifty thousand or even sixty seventy five thousand in sports and outdoors so you have to keep that in mind when you’re looking at a new product is what’s the rank in this category so what’s a good rank in each individual category well I like to sell things that are in the top 2% or so maybe two or three percent what does that mean we don’t have a percentage all we have is sales rank and the total number in that category great alright so I’ve pulled up two different products one in the arts and crafts category which is just this bag and another in the kitchen and dining category which is this nice alright the knife is ranked 5,000 and the bag is ranked 2,000 right so you would think oh this one’s ranked lower so it would sell more but there’s a lot less products in the arts and crafts and sewing category and I’ve put this in the spreadsheet over here in the kitchen and dining category there’s 50 million products and in the arts and crafts & söhne category there’s not even 3 million and the percentage is just the rank divided by the number of products in that category so the knife right is in the top 0.01% of its category whereas the bags are on the top point of seven percent so what does that mean it means that the knife is actually ranked better than the bag and that’s interesting because if we look the rank of the knife was higher than the rank of the bag so this is just to show that the rank is entirely dependent on what categories engine that you really can’t compare two products in two different categories very easily what you need to do is break it down into this percentage and then see which one has a lower percentage because the smaller the number here the better what kind of sales rank should you look at what kind of sales percentage should you look at well I like anything that’s in the top two or three percent of its category right so if I was in the kitchen and dining I could I could say something as high as 300,000 because that’s only a half a percent you could even say something as high as a million who need too many zeros there’s take up a 2-0 because then at a million in kitchen and dining that’s you’re still in the top two percent but if we were to go and say a million in the arts-and-crafts that’s thirty three percent that’s way too high so for arts and crafts maybe we’ll you only want to stick to something that’s maybe a hundred thousand or even less than that because that’s three point four percent so you definitely want to make sure that you look at the category that you’re selling in and then you kind of run this little calculation to make sure that the percentage is under three or three percent or so so I really hope that this video helped you guys understand the ranking system here on Amazon and that you guys will find some really cool products to sell that will be profitable for you so if you’ve got any questions please feel free to ask me on any of my social media or here on youtube and I’ll be sure to answer don’t forget to subscribe and click that bell so you guys get notified every time that I release a new video and I’ll see you guys in my next video [Music]

How Males Should tranquil Deal with Their Females – The G&E Comment

a military too and so they come to my defend your match what I realized oh yeah simply let me simply behind the scenes let me simply clarify to you what we’re speaking about Leila’s acquired a Chanel bag out right here on my Gallina there is not any vowel thank god you are not a prostitute okay she’s like what thank god you are not a prostitute she’s like why so since you would give it away at no cost okay let’s go piers to do if persons are not going to pay you to advertise their your prop their product the persons are going to advertise you do not go round telling folks look what I am carrying okay folks ask me what are you carrying once they begin paying me I will begin telling you okay footwear jackets purses no that is the primary you guys need me to speak about you ship me my stuff discuss my packages at my books and I’ll promote your organization okay a few of your promotional firms on the market to maintain sending my spouse stuff hey I will by no means point out your identify that’s not true Graham signing to you and a half a penile represent you already know I’ll promote my good I will promote for you however you bought to pay me man pay me that cash no effectively you already know what roses and different folks like in our 10x community serving to one another in order that they ship me stuff I’ll present it like lifetime of a spouse I am gonna perhaps want this this after my child till I see my retailer however that is on it we promote glasses in our retailer perhaps I will not present lifetime of a spouse goblet oh you have to drink one thing out of that goblet man okay you suppose you bought one mom what’s he gonna do now lifetime of a spouse duffel baggage look I will verify them out lifetime of a spouse dot-com see cuz we we all know learn how to deliver one another up we all know learn how to assist one another we’re not so self-centered we solely take into consideration ourselves on this half of the rally clip that is that this unison on this half of makes your hair okay wait you bought scorching hair going okay okay now you there this line don’t cross this line you see the road let me simply don’t cross this line your crust is that is my aspect recover from this however this desert is mine do not cross down I do not need to get too near him he is in a cool temper the desert is mine what we speaking about right this moment champ you wished to speak about with girls need you aren’t beginning off on the correct foot what girls need they do not need that you simply prepared three on 5 eight six 5 eight six six seven pictures being right here right this moment thanks for all of the shares hmm you are seeing behind the scenes within the GE present and I am for you already know Renee Oh [Music] so an entrepreneur is difficult work however it’s price it when it really works you bought your arms full on daily basis like I do you bought youngsters you bought a you already know a wedding making an attempt to work right into a enterprise if you happen to’re making an attempt to make work and discovering time for the children and retaining it spontaneous however I used to be good final night time no person teaches you learn how to handle a enterprise or handle your relationship or marriage everyone’s simply making an attempt to do the most effective that they will the aim of the present is to present you some instruments on learn how to make the wedding and the enterprise work we do not do it good however we’re figuring it out [Music] hey welcome again to the Genie present from final Wednesday we left off final Wims do you keep in mind what we had been completed about final night time oh no we acquired my Brown vehicles final however no we weren’t I do know new brown automobile I am not a racist however I would like my vehicles white my identify is Grant Cardone that is Elena Cardone the gorgeous phenomenal sensation very on edge you are near me right this moment okay we name her it a pee-pee if you happen to had been watching a pre-show you already know what the pee-pee is who would it not know I do not know you are scaring me okay we love Elena everyone loves learn how to love the Elena what number of instances have I advised you that it is a that is the Genie present we speak in regards to the enterprise of marriage and learn how to construct your empire everyone’s acquired an empire proper child oh you already know they do what are they doing what are you doing with that whose is my query what is the function you getting greater you getting smaller who’s defending you you already know what sort of drama you noticed mmm if you happen to had been a film Empire what sort of film would you be yeah good ending a nasty title of your empire hmm mmm so Jamie did we see the opposite day we noticed Baywatch they watch us there was just a few good laughs however it was you already know was a spooning watch let me simply okay all proper I will provide you with that that is truthful it would not even be what are we gonna discuss right this moment I am gonna discuss what males ought to do for ladies I need to discuss when speaking all my bugs on the market girls okay is not it how a person ought to deal with a girl mmm by the way in which I have been violating all March for the final 45 precisely however what number of of you guys like get you on the identical web page boy later Tamina Lena wakened this morning look I need to do to principally I need to do to cowl two subjects one I need to cowl how males ought to deal with girls additionally need to come again and discuss girls okay not saying that you simply do however if you wish to entice an excellent profitable highly effective man I’ll present you the way to try this in a future we will cowl that in future you are gonna present them how cuz you will have lots of expertise on getting an excellent I am telling you I am going – type of good nineties you are to not cheat me I really like you want I do not want anybody to handle me ah I can handle myself not on the stage I will handle her you possibly can let’s go what are you speaking about how may you say that there are some girls on the market that completely cannot identify one Oprah Madonna Rizzo furs and Lisbon what does that need to do with something you might be killing Madonna Madonna Madonna does not have nicki minaj nicki minaj is staying I do know Adriana no matter Go Go Grande the Taylor Swift Taylor’s what she will maintain him relationship that does not matter she will handle herself she do not want wonderful however it was give me a traditional particular person although oh how about all the women I do know on the market give me an e melinda brownstone he can not handle her husband the way in which i handle you give me one other identify okay I am not gonna name out on my good friend what would you make it sound like girls cannot do this for themselves it is very offensive this isn’t what girls need or how they need to beautify me it is a future matter anyway okay like we all know you have to do it right this moment I will get you prepared I am gonna get you guys prepared right this moment late oh you will have my harpy girls grand Court docket I would like you you aren’t gonna get girls followers with the way in which you simply seemed like a complete salmon present you right this moment girls I am gonna present males what they need to do for his or her girls sure we do this it is not all black particular person’s let me let you know primary girls what a what gents males males boy yeah why do not you inform us what girls need let’s hear it okay okay you guys on the market one no do why am I not getting the correct girls primary you already know what no person know actual girls acquired girls superior girls don’t want punks and juveniles and Momma boys okay they need males man okay so what’s the method Brandi yeah what’s a person insistent reveals up persistently I confirmed up for her 426 up for 13 months 26 cellphone calls she would pop in locations I’d all the time be there she did not see an fool she did not see Junior she did not see Punk she noticed a man that would pay the invoice proper she noticed God it was constant she noticed God it was unimaginable not the man that was wealthy by the way in which okay girls don’t want wealthy guys girls need guys which can be are wealthy you perceive wealthy in potential not a lot sort good I like I like that sure thanks in wealthy I can get again on an excessive amount of in any wealthy in integrity okay wealthy in they do one thing they present up and and are that factor okay girls need authenticity until they’re probably not girls perhaps they’re simply little ladies you little ladies on the market going out to the stay and then you definately marvel what Oh why know all the fellows and it is treating round stay bitch you are gonna be mistreated okay stay l eyes be it day ain’t no II okay cuz ya’ll consuming all of the e when you’re there that is why they dropped me off the stay okay a bunch of freaking idiots okay actual girls don’t want idiots they need males additional in that is the bonus of your age okay no matter your cash it is not about your physique it is not about what you should purchase it is not nearly flowers all these issues are good too by the way in which it must be completed by the way in which don’t hook my lady up with flowers man flowers go a good distance okay telling you why deal with you when listening listening to your spouse inform me what’s taking place with you that is me see see I’m principally telling you the way good and I’m name us three oh 5 eight six 5 eight six six eight three oh fuckin a simply want that from the start of a superb dude come on however let me simply let you know the very last thing that girls need then what’s a harmful in they need a badass do not child your self each actual lady desires a badass so we do not need boring you bought to place the entire bundle collectively be the entire bundle be the entire bundle okay name us need to speak to you the Geo 5 and 6 5 eight six six eight it is about way of life well being and wellness vitality and wealth creation the guts of an entrepreneur and somebody on the lookout for superb freedom flight Vantage provides a tremendous alternative wonderful know-how and a tremendous crew Sammy and Lauren rib inventory are on the lookout for 10 Xers to affix their crew the place high earners can earn six figures per thirty days success is decided by your drive aim being a crew participant and work ethic we facilitate the instruments and collectively we facilitate your success with life Vantage’s know-how Sammy and Lauren will guarantee your success is assured join now at Stay Properly enterprises that lifevantage comm that is stay effectively enterprises dot lifevantage comm shopping for or discovering a brand new dwelling shouldn’t be demanding or boring with over 14 years expertise good time Tom even spent his time constructing methods ideas and content material that can show you how to the brand new home-owner or seasoned home-owner get the most effective deal in your cash and UK navigate and have a good time as a result of whether or not you are shopping for or promoting you are gonna get extra visitors to your property promotion on each channel and watch as Tom and his crew work till you might be glad your new dwelling awaits you with good time Tom and his crew subscribe like and comply with a superb time Tommy calm that is good time younger Colin scape design that is way of life design Steve Griggs is the most effective landscaper on the planet and offers you data and information that you would be able to’t even discover on Google featured on Huffington Publish grant cardone TV Steve Griggs is the entrepreneur constructed and designed that will help you make your private home turn out to be the life-style of your goals for extra info go to Steve Griggs that is hey welcome again grant cardone Elena Cardone on Instagram the gorgeous Elena Cardone on Twitter over 37,000 followers thanks a lot thirty six thousand 9 hundred ninety 9 of that are mine that might be true I am superb with that too perhaps I really like you a lot okay you are freaking such a superb associate okay so we’re speaking about what girls what males have to do for ladies let me hear it out of your viewpoint okay I am gonna have to do for ladies I’ve advised you what I assumed males ought to do for ladies consistency ethics present up be a badass shield her keep in mind that time that that man type of stated one thing about to you and I simply freakin unloaded on when you dug that dude you dug it you dug it you bought open silly you bought all like she acquired somewhat girly she’s like oh goddamn that was good he is such a person you stated some man I did not know you are dwelling in case she’s like backbone an airplane to canine okay I put her on that airplane at me and her have a look at one another like we’re like my god my okay sure completely each single time we fly on that airplane we now have the identical expertise we have a look at one another she’s proper you already know it does not even I am gonna go within the again you need to make the million milli mile membership what’s it my excessive membership let’s go on to me each time do not we all know you bought you guys I acquired me so I simply need to get in entrance I simply need to confront these of you on the market is aware of me or I do not want an extended it takes for music I do not want sincere I do not want cash I do not want a personal jet I do not want the large automobile and that is why I all the time say give up being so egocentric perhaps she does perhaps she deserves it and you do not okay I do not want a my very own airplane perhaps your youngsters want it oh by the way in which when your airplane blows up within the air on JetBlue due to some freaking whack job introduced a pc on with plastic explosives when that occurs okay however when some huge morenas will get dragged off the airplane proper as a result of he did not have his seat or no matter and also you guys are delayed 5 hours and now you are each out the outlet the outlet y’all are all in preventing at that time yeah you already know in my trip I am gonna be like saying perhaps I want a few of that Cardone stuff that Cardone talks about do not take into consideration your self for a person to essentially be a person and handle a girl you bought to consider the lady what does she want however what you want although all proper so I did a survey I will let you know what I would like I will let you know what a few of my pals stated okay I imply I believe each lady desires to really feel valued hmm they need to really feel included Oh what consists of you what else they won’t have enjoyable there you need to discover ways to have it they need to be respectful and respecting for probably the most half um you already know for me what I would like I need to be protected I would like you I give me give me a smile all good from me okay and I do know I am not like different girls on this space as a result of not all girls have this I occur to be like truly for all of the masculine issues I do do I am very female like I desire a man who I do know can shield me half the time act Elena acts like she’s acquired a penis by the window I am simply dummy however okay it I am telling you she’s type of like a dude proper I will let you know one issues and I will let you know one factor this morning grant walked into the laundry room it is a true story grant walked into the laundry room this morning and I’ve like six six weapons in circumstances 4 or 4 rifles two shotguns and their desk in case rifles and an assault rifle yeah so I’ve the six weapons and so they’re taking over an excessive amount of room within the laundry room and grant goes I’ve had it that is sufficient no extra weapons for you they can not match right here and and I went into such a serious panic assault I used to be thirty minutes late no extra no extra no extra weapons and I went what did she do I freaking she removed all the children stuff get out into the laundry room and I took every part and put it within the hallway acid Donora you have acquired assist me get the stuff out of the home now I cleared complete shoals and chuck stuff and now all my stuff is tucked away yeah and I may breathe once more so that is what we’ll say that for one more present as a result of that is what girls have to do for males we now have six callers on give me on defending you give me a grade eight is eight em oh my god a-plus on respecting you and respect you man is not a person who loves respect calm down kids I believe that is okay give me their very own respecting kids a take a plus on respecting you hey DF I do not get a Naomi’s getting a – I imply as a result of you already know you already know what it’s you completely respect me you truly do get an A+ however due to who you might be and also you’re humorous and wiseguy you need to crack folks up that is whenever you drop to a – since you showcase and embarrass me and accomplish that on on pay attention do I take heed to you might be you gonna give me a C on that you simply fee your self lots decrease no I provide you with like a – on that about how about self-awareness is that vital to you in a person that he is conscious of his property and his legal responsibility positively yeah what else can be vital to you and we will have a caller effectively that you simply you already know nothing that you simply you that we develop collectively as a pair we’re on the identical web page we now have our targets collectively and one thing that you simply simply lazy you you stated this morning once we mentioned a subject for right this moment you stated girls simply need purses and footwear and it actually upsets me did say that that is not what I stated what did you say I stated that’s one factor that girls ought to get and will have the ability to present okay so I imply confirm that then I agree with you however that ought to come when there is a reward for targets attained your lady is backing you or serving to you or no matter then it is like what I am not a canine like go get the bone no however I imply it is not a make-up reward like the way in which you stated it this morning felt like a make-up like pajamas you D on this I provide you with a D on listening let’s speak to our first caller okay Kim Kim thanks for calling Kim I hope you are following me I would like it I would like girls to like me I am truly I really like my mother you already know as you already know late a month my mother was my greatest good friend I used to be I used to be raised by a girl so I had this I believe girls generally like if they do not know me they’re like did the fellows like a sexist or uh-oh I ponder what would make them suppose that what is going on on Kim Kim from Tampa howdy yeah the way you doing pal hey good night time you guys good good good thanks for calling hey inform me what do you suppose what would you like from males Kim mmm some we will pay attention somebody who’s my genius is what spontaneous I am paying it oh yeah buddy good let’s do it and that is actually somebody who I can be taught from this love yeah yeah yeah so I am like your good man proper you possibly can thanks let me only a minute Kim I the right man proper yeah you bought it cuz you already know if you happen to ever had any fantasies about me Hugh I am sorry have you ever ever had a fantasy about me um not she has perhaps as a enterprise associate okay all proper your instances I you already know it is not simply your crush is like grand illusions of himself I assure you she do not about and also you marvel why girls suppose your senses and also you marvel why girls suppose you are sexist okay you do not assist your self by doing this however I am not six okay am i intercourse when it comes off that method sure it sounds very sexist do you consider me I imply like Oh shucks she does take into consideration me him I really like you Kim Kim I really like you Oh Lord giveth what’s your enterprise um truly proper now myself yeah what does it imply I imply um okay so I am engaged on branding myself okay okay okay Brandon I jumped complete cage life in scenario um I was in a position bodied particular person I used to be a dancer I simply stroll once more with my again and a yr and a half in the past I used to be hit by a automobile oh wow I grew to become paralyzed Wow proper alright we’re Instagram pals proper yeah keep in mind the gorgeous lady I do not once we come again from break I am gonna I am gonna introduce you to Kim okay what a straight story by the way in which and by the way in which of us look I am simply an genuine particular person I can simply say regardless of the hell is on my thoughts AB you want positive you want me or don’t love me a minimum of Lena you possibly can belief that I am gonna do what I say proper yeah that is okay stick with us [Music] have you ever ever considered simply getting away with the correct folks on the proper time to get your thoughts proper and your enterprise proper guess what we’re doing st. Bart’s October the most effective climate yow will discover on that Island little unique island in the midst of the Caribbean it’s a tremendous place to go to my spouse and I’ve been there hey guys my spouse and my youngsters have been there twice now we’re going again in October we might love so that you can come be part of us 5 days dinner each night time with us very unique journey we’ll have lunch every day collectively the remainder of the day we simply construct our life construct our enterprise construct our futures map it out I need to do it with you they’re going to be there I’m we hope you are there we’re gonna have a blast are y’all prepared for st. Barths ladies [Music] franchising is that this by Grant Cardone is among the methods to turn out to be a millionaire let the specialists at plan finders be with you each step of the way in which is your associate discovering shopping for promoting and selling franchises with over 10 years expertise model finders is the corporate that helped get arrange with franchising that will help you get arrange with proudly owning your personal franchise and discovering a franchise that is best for you is it Fran finders calm that is grand finders calm to get began along with your search right this moment hey welcome again to the Genie present Elena’s bringing us in right this moment sure welcome again to the G&E present you possibly can all the time rely upon us for bringing it to you actual effectively you prefer it oh yeah man that is what we do on this present we discuss learn how to stand by your lady learn how to stand by your man learn how to stand by your marriage the enterprise of marriage construct in an empire right this moment yeah effectively my brothers and sisters my sisters and my brothers we’re speaking about what girls need for males listening motional availability monogamy monogamy sexual verify and butter how about good intercourse and damages no that is true okay effectively I’d not be with you I will let you know proper now if you happen to didn’t have that Division dealt with truce with Damon you solely you I gotta belief you Danny sliver to ship you solely get to try this for me one particular person cuz I am a monogamous chick and two if you happen to ain’t doing that with me I am gonna go discover any individual to try this with my Wow Wow are you going all gangster I get engaged on that I am unable to do down right here says 10x explosion about to occur so disgusting uh you already know after I was single I had one other however I had one other one over right here says I don’t launch this belt with out danger do you simply agree the feedback or one thing the place you give you this okay go on mister true Oh so what we’re speaking about what girls need from males proper dude you gotta have some pleasure boats who does not need pleasure by the way in which that is not males or girls that is everyone everyone desires some motion everyone desires somewhat motion I do not care in the event that they let you know I did my daughter Sabrina okay yeah and also you need out of your husband out of man you need any individual can be a superb father simply youngsters good sure I would like was Sonny a person a person loves protects and cherishes girls and kids and my e-book I went out within the ocean yesterday with my daughter Sabrina I considered you Robert cuz I used to be out within the surf and it was actually uneven yeah yeah yeah effectively I used to be with my child proper so Sabrina’s like she’s terrified she’s all oh my god oh my god dude girls like being scared somewhat scare as a result of when you will have the victory of it I believe all folks like that proper yeah cuz Sabrina got here into yesterday she was so excited cuz she survived the waves proper she survived the large ocean proper so like how will you deliver one thing I do know all of the the psychologists and the couple workshops pay attention be obtainable however what about the remainder of it like the place’s the thrill the place’s the enjoyable and the place’s the hazard worse I am gonna shield my lady it doesn’t matter what in an actual world when any individual says one thing about your spouse you already know you have seen me slap some folks down har yeah okay and in flowers do flowers matter yeah okay do good garments mat that is simply selecting up the invoice matter mm-hmm okay girls I might wish to know does it matter to you three or 5 eight six 5 eighty six six eight I’ve had girls inform me I you need not pay the invoice I can I stated effectively then purchase it yeah I am good with that child hey I am good with it now you need to pay the invoice for the freaking jet you need to freakin pay for the gasoline uh effectively that type of Oh choking on your self huh I see that okay okay you already know what take us caller caller took a name on mr. Cardone denims Colleen John you had been with me at that convention we did the place the child wished a fly again from the place had been we Phoenix Los Angeles can the viewers wished to fly again from Los Angeles with me on the 10x jet I stated yeah you possibly can come do you know this story it’s going to value you 40 guys I stated yeah you possibly can come you pay for the view you possibly can come he is like mm I do not know I’ve to go to again to work so when did he turn out to be Asian why what if we do incident that is my greatest accent okay is that the one one it was Indian now we all know the place’s my black accent oh god please oh I’ve to attend some time this is my Jamaican Oh your completely different trial this is my Indian oh so good your curry okay let’s speak to the garlic oh yeah please proper nothing she’s proper yeah I like it I acquired me as a result of he is a superb man belief me on I hate yeah the way you doing Colleen I am doing nice so excited proper now Oh Colleen that is simply miss Lee’s acquired gonna name me inform him you been fantasies about sure have you ever ever had a fantasy about one coming please say sure I am unable to say sure as a result of I am married and I really like him so yeah however I imply I admire that Cohen how can we show you how to boy huh Ganga was going hey effectively proper now I am truly studying your 10x e-book Oh superior um at the moment I am a stay-at-home mother and I am transitioning to being a work from home mother yeah and my husband’s a very laborious employee he is within the automobile business I do not know if you happen to’ve heard of Billy fusil oh oh yeah love constructing man I really like Billy okay so clearly he is not a small-minded particular person he thinks huge and he goes enormous proper and he is huge he is huge and he is no I seeing is a big character yeah I hit work he yeah completely completely and let me simply let you know coloring so that you can see maintain on cuz I do know Billy Priscilla for her to be Billy facility huge she’s a nasty she is unhealthy to the bone we’re speaking Empire Builder proper right here okay so I’m so no no no no wait wait you are lacking you are lacking I not his spouse in any respect oh oh sorry my husband works for him as a supervisor oh I acquired it okay I acquired I acquired okay however thanks yeah however I nonetheless provide you with that flatter okay thanks so what do you will have a query or remark we’re gonna get to would you retain slicing her off sure he he is busy that is that after which what are you gonna say okay so I need to get time freedom for my household yeah and possibly a harmful factor to say on the cellphone proper in entrance of actually peaceable if he listens however um I need to construct my very own empire from dwelling and steadiness my household I’ve 4 youngsters underneath 10 spouse solely youngsters underneath four Xiamen States Wow and a home to take care of and I need to construct this enterprise and achieve success and depart a legacy for my youngsters the place how do you discover that steadiness and I assume the group yeah you need to begin no you bought okay primary you have to get you have to get some assist round the home okay so so so if you happen to had been introduced up the way in which I did about save every part save every part you are not going to need to go get a nanny or a maid you have to get a nanny animate that’s so humorous you stated that as a result of I simply advised my husband I stated you’re employed 80 hours every week you do not meal with the garden and you do not change the oil yeah so and I need to construct a enterprise I want any individual to wash the home and handle the children twice every week a minimum of yeah look I am going get groceries generally I am wind man groceries had been the children this weekend a man met me on the grocery retailer so I may store with my youngsters this may sound elitist lots of people I wished to buy with my youngsters simply to spend time with my youngsters okay Tom was on the the the grocery retailer he introduced every part dwelling I did not pack something we went and shopped did the enjoyable stuff popsicles he did the remainder picked all of it up and introduced her dwelling okay they unpacked it I am not doing that stuff is under my pay grade okay it is known as under my pay grade you perceive and there is nothing to steer us about it everyone ought to begin occupied with my spouse I do not want her doing a little stuff I do not know why she was doing these baggage this morning I desire a service is a menace concerned you stated no no our weapons in and it went so Colleen Colleen I’d begin by having the conversations that you simply’re having along with your husband you already know quantity two you are gonna need to get you guys acquired to sit down down and lightweight down write down what are the mutual targets right here why are you going to work for your self okay why do I need to Lena writing a e-book about girls okay how does that aim of her writing a e-book I do not actually care the place the cash comes from I do not care the place the celebrity comes from I do not care what the superstar comes from I do not care the place energy comes from I do not care what it takes is it come from her does it come from me if we’re on the identical web page I do not actually care who does it however it’s acquired to get completed in order that we will do what you are dreaming about which is construct an empire management time have freedom construct a legacy in your youngsters okay you possibly can say it higher than that no person can completely encourage me so I take pleasure in Colleen we love you we love you by the way in which do you will have the millionaire booklet I haven’t got that but okay so if you happen to go to millionaire booklet com4 slash free I would like you and your husband to learn this okay as a result of it is gonna it is gonna change the way in which you consider cash and spending and what he is incomes thanks for calling me I admire it subsequent caller Elena Cardone the gorgeous hmm what do not you need from males what I do not need 4 males effectively a primary on my record is you already know dishonest yeah I do not desire a man fallen in need of his targets cousin he is gonna fall quick for me yeah yeah and um you suppose I am positive and I do not desire a man to make different frivolous issues not the vital issues however the frivolous issues extra vital than me like what oh my oh I do know like enjoying together with his buddy yeah like over and over and over or like doing doing this or doing that or like all the time making every part else a precedence apart from me like oh yeah mark no and we’re gonna we’re gonna cowl one other matter in reality subsequent week I am gonna discuss girls what highly effective males despise in girls despise okay I acquired a complete record of stuff if you happen to do that with me I imply I you already know there was a bunch of ladies that did not make the lower for Elena and I am like some mother wished to be with somebody however I could not be with somebody cuz they they only did they did some issues which can be like oh my god that is horrible I am unable to even I can have intercourse with you another time however that is it okay subsequent caller Justin what is going on on man Justin hey Justin now let me ask you Justin what do you suppose girls need from their males Oh Justin oh there he goes once more so so Elena Elena um if you happen to had 5 issues a man has to ship he cannot ship ten he can solely ship 5 what 5 okay he needs to be monogamous he having that is straightforward for many guys I hope you are proper about that okay okay so he needs to be monogamous he has to see me he is different girls does that imply is straightforward I imply he is respectful I believe have a look at different girls I imply I do not care you possibly can look all you need however be respectful I imply I wish to see visitin born son yeah okay no he is not visiting porn websites okay I imply I’ll get monogamous monogamous yeah yeah you are not you are not doing that different stuff that is simply not okay you get bizarre whenever you do this stuff yeah yeah okay so monogamous he needs to be worthy of belief worthy of belief worthy of belief does what he says he is gonna do whenever you make agreements you retain your agreements until you renegotiate the settlement you do not frighten the agreements worthy of belief that is a deal in rehab by the way in which completely formidable ethically and he needs to be formidable I do not desire a man sitting on a sofa smoking the endo smoke studying to play the guitar as a result of he is gonna be in a rock band that is not for me so ethically formidable like make the calls do the laborious work I can pound the pavement he needs to be drug free drug for a judgment drug free and never abusive of alcohol not abusive of alkali goodness use alcohol yeah you already know like overly doing and like f off and like flirt with all your pals or one thing silly you already know yeah and the final one you bought quantity 5 yeah he has to worth girls he has to know that he has locations to guard care and cherish girls and kids cuz they’re a very powerful minutes on this planet we would be deserves a name a minute want Aldrin we have been collectively 13 years lengthy what grade do you give me on monogamy a plus plus plus thanks on what worthy of belief a plus plus plus moral formidable a plus plus no I you myself like 10 X 10 X a drug-free and never alcohol abusive a plus plus plus worth girls a plus plus plus actually give me a plus a no no look oh look oh look oh your CEO all the time yeah yeah positive that have a look at all of the folks you all of the keepo folks in your life are girls increase bow chicka chicka mother mother mommy do it i imply you you bought me since you perceive girls you worth girls whether or not you act robust across the guys no matter you do you bought I understand how you’re feeling about girls and kids you you I consider you’d die for a girl or a baby so there is a genie present we deliver up these subjects we do not be share this with your pals okay if you happen to’re watching this on YouTube or Fb wherever you are watching it or Grant Cardone TV we would like you to share this with your pals we expect the enterprise of marriage is a enterprise by the way in which I used to be within the 50th dance and man getting a divorce can be actually costly for me at this level and everyone’s like whoa John transfer it effectively I am unable to consider you stated that did if my spouse was right here I might say she’d be like sure it might be okay um however I do not even talk about that I understand how are you guys are I am unable to even consider you set all of it out it is simply it is not negotiable you guys on the market you guys on the market I do know you need it I do know you wanna you already know I do know you need to present as much as be that proper man for the lady in your life I do know you do okay so if you happen to’re not doing it proper now if you happen to’re not doing that a number of the issues if you happen to’re not delivering on the stage like what would you need it is a lady would not you need monogamy whenever you need worthy of belief whenever you need moral formidable whenever you need drug-free who desires druggies round no person man besides Turner a liar even the drug you do not need to drive you round okay I imply our manipulator keep in mind when the dude I acquired medicine advised me I used to be doing too many medicine he is like they’re you doing too many medicine I am like yeah however did you will have Steven Adler of weapons and roses let you know you possibly can’t hang around together with his girlfriend cuz you are a nasty affect I acquired that one on useless okay would you like males would you like girls to know that you simply worth girls in fact you do okay no girls what would you like who you going after what sort of folks you attracting what would you like man make a complete record would you like Chanel baggage would you like roses would you like a pleasant home why not any individual’s gonna get it have a look at the folks they acquired it Nicki Minaj I am not gonna even discuss her I am unable to discuss her cuz anyway it is a challenge okay so look we need to show you how to we need to shine we need to show you how to we need to show you how to we hope this helps you please put up in feedback or questions feedback or questions prefer it do not prefer it does not matter please have an opinion have an O pinyon have an opinion hey man everyone’s acquired an opinion have it right here like don’t love and please remark if you happen to suppose Elena appears to be like lovely they please inform her it’s going to get me laid if I can get eighty likes if I can get eighty feedback that she appears to be like superior putout hey my identify is Grant Cardone that is lovely Elena Cardone the G&E present dropped at you by GT TV GT no no GCD grand quarter you bought your self all flustered on that one tomorrow younger hustlers Friday’s Cardone zone we gone nuclear a nuclear nuclear oK we have an enormous challenge initiatives occurring proper now of us need to be sure you’re a part of them we now have a documentary that we’re capturing about honey you need to be a part of the documentary about cash if you happen to go to my youtube channel you may see I believe monetary literacy what was the identify of that video Oh who taught you who taught you about cash that is the identify of it who taught you about cash and if you happen to put up a video grant cardone cash documentary grant cardone cash documentary add that to youtube perform a little one-minute on who taught you about cash what had been you taught about cash penny saved is a penny air cash does not develop on timber oh no do not reply the questions cash is the foundation of all like discuss that and in addition inform me did you be taught did your mother and father train you about passive flows of earnings diversification investing no actual property yeah okay inventory market know the way a lot cash can be sufficient cash anyone speak to you about millionaire math if you wish to do a brief video on that we would embody you within the documentary lots of people are loading their content material up okay we’re gonna do one thing actually actually distinctive with this bundle is manufacturing and I might wish to have you ever concerned so each time I’ve a query would I’ve to signal some waiver that you should utilize they need not waive nothing I could use it anyway come after me later I will deal with you okay my identify is grant cardone the gorgeous Elena Cardone simply actual shortly about our st. Barts journey let’s invite our pals let’s do it st. Barts y’all need to come spend a while what did you want man that’d be a enjoyable couple to hang around with it is gonna be identical to this all about proper guys there is perhaps like on second thought it’s like such as you’re gonna meet us and also you’re gonna be like wow man identical to the present huh that is it I believe we’re truly funner in actual life I’ve my largest fights with you on the present I believe anyway go on the genie present the genie present we can be doing this in st. Mark’s we would like to have you ever a part of it October 16th to the 20th mm-hmm we is perhaps there longer 16th to the 20th 5 days hangout $25,000 per particular person all the cash goes to charity make-a-wish and drug-free America we’re serving to others strive free automobile hang around on us we’ll spend 5 days 5 days collectively mapping out our lives for the subsequent uh mastermind no matter 20 years 30 years 30 weeks subsequent yr no matter you need to do is gonna be a blast so we’re gonna mastermind within the mornings and the remainder of the day we’re gonna simply have enjoyable all proper let hang around with you good the rest not now okay now millionaire e-book let’s go to millionaire booklet come ahead slash free these are free any individual stated you are all the time promoting one thing that is free I am making an attempt to indicate you youtube channel get free what number of movies we now have there 15 Instagram free oh by the way in which method to go hundred {dollars} away Oh guys such as you’re all the time you all the time promote one thing I am giving 500 okay yeah however I gotta comply with your Instagram to get to 500 okay I’ve to do one thing to get the 500 all proper okay twittering Milano you gotta spend the greenback yeah and based mostly in your perspective you ain’t gonna win to 500 cuz you had to take action again I would not choose you to present you soiled cash okay get a superb perspective man you ain’t gonna win shit put a nasty perspective let’s maintain it actual all proper okay and by the way in which I am Jonah sellin one thing on a regular basis if it is bothering you what does that imply Robert yeah it means you ain’t promoting that bit talking of that how will you promote one thing if no person is aware of you Robert Cecil Oh Robert Sisler the video genius he desires to bran you market you and do a video story upon you about you yeah and all of the Twitter’s and Instagram then he desires to indicate he desires to inform the world who you might be and put your story collectively as a video manufacturing like he is doing for me my identify is Grant Cardone we’re gonna take a look at in and Elena I will see you tomorrow child tomorrow tomorrow [Music]

$300 A Day With Fb Advertisements From SCRATCH (PT2)

attributable to money owed its Becker my head hurts I am going to do that we will make this video let’s look SATs are simply let’s go into it welcome again to the channel guys so we took slightly little bit of a break over Memorial Day weekend however we’re again and I am simply I am simply leaping in the place we left off which is our Fb advert coaching that is half two within the three half collection now however this is what must occur earlier than we watch this video 1 if you happen to’re not subscribed go subscribe as a result of we’re releasing half three to this collection and releasing new movies each single day so if you happen to just like the stuff remember to subscribe in case you are new right here what you’ll want to do is you’ll want to return within the description I’ve linked to half 1 on this video collection as a result of you are going to watch this video be like alright that is precisely what I really feel like proper now truthfully so what I will get to on this video is extra in order that concentrating on and the creation of the advert on Fb as a result of every part I am about to speak about proper right here has been coated on this channel extensively and I am on a hyperlink to it under this video every of those funnels every of those advertising issues blah blah Baba’s been coated okay so go to subscribe first after which go take a look at that stuff now I am simply going to begin from the highest to backside and get into what we will promote how we will promote it the touchdown web page does supply every part after which how we will go on the market and market this now earlier than I get into this in case you are fucking fool this video is knocking up it isn’t going to be just right for you okay if you happen to want every part spelled out to you and also you want somebody to love put a leash on you and stroll you round like a coddled little pet they can not even assist however throw up on the bottom after which eat it this video shouldn’t be going to be just right for you okay if you happen to if you happen to fall into that class too coddled throw up consuming pet you in all probability is not going to be an excellent entrepreneur so I am warning you no freaking outcomes not typical for puppies they eat their very own shit so anyhow and never not or no let’s simply dive straight into it so what we will be doing once we run Fb guys we’re gonna be track a mixture of this stuff proper right here okay we will be promoting affiliate merchandise we will be promoting our personal merchandise which you actually need to mix collectively if you wish to make this work we will be promoting consulting which might be both doing social media consulting search engine optimisation consulting doing companies for individuals perhaps like constructing their search engine optimisation backlinks or all kinds of different companies that we’ll get into or will likely be promoting ecommerce merchandise like mugs and stuff like that now every of those sections proper right here I’ve truly damaged down the precise funnels that I exploit for this that is largely what I do okay I so largely my very own merchandise and slightly little bit of affiliate stuff largely different individuals promote consulting or they promote ecommerce now there is a video on every of those under and the funnel that individuals are utilizing by way of Fb and stuff like that so I am not going to get an excessive amount of into it now what you are going to be promoting and the one factor I am actually going to get into is actually affiliate stuff in your personal merchandise every of those is specified by different movies and so what you actually need to do if you’re doing all that is simply copy different individuals I do know it appears like you’ll want to understand that you do not need to have some magical thought you do not know fuck about fuck so you are not going to have a terrific knock it out of the park thought it is simply not that is not how it will work and so I need to type of present you want how I might do that if I used to be beginning my very own affiliate flash my very own product firm now you are in all probability considering proper now you realize Alex what if I do not know sufficient that may create my very own merchandise or what if I do not really feel comfy create my very own merchandise you simply say poor for the remainder of your life in order that that is all you do okay if you do not need if you happen to do not feel comfy making your personal stuff or placing your self on the market making a temp you simply you simply do not make any cash in order that’s how that works so how will we be promoting stuff so lets say I need to go and begin a weight reduction model and lets say I need to promote like three issues okay I need to promote I need to discover at the least two affiliate merchandise and I need to create at the least one reoccurring membership perhaps like a 47 a month membership okay so what I need to do is I need to take a look at what different individuals are promoting and discover some good affiliate merchandise and what I need to do is seize individuals on an electronic mail checklist so I can promote this to them now you are going to discover with all these techniques proper right here all of them have funnels in terms of Fb Advertisements all of them funnels even the e-comm provides individuals used to direct hyperlink a lock you continue to can do that you simply nonetheless can do this however often individuals seize and concentrate on capturing leads and I’ve mentioned it a billion instances on this channel I’ve mentioned a billion instances you guys are going to hear as a result of gathering leads and in promoting long-term shouldn’t be one thing I throw up consuming pet understands however if you happen to’re above that stage the rationale why individuals gather emails particularly in all of those they usually concentrate on getting the lead they concentrate on getting the lead is as a result of it is quite a bit simpler to make a long run ROI what lots of people attempt to do once they hop on Fb the primary time I begin they attempt to immediately hyperlink from the Fb adverts to a proposal and that is too fucking simple that is what you are in all probability considering no matter buddy might do this I might do this too it is too fucking simple it has been aggressive out when the web first began sure you can direct hyperlink to a proposal however this time you truly must undergo a promoting course of and look is that slightly bit tedious sure however if you wish to make 300 {dollars} a day 9 thousand {dollars} a month hundred thousand {dollars} a yr you may have to do some few further issues than {that a} hobo down the road is doing you realize so what I might do if I used to be beginning like a exercise model okay and I clarify what I will do in these ones proper right here so if I used to be beginning a exercise model what I might first do is I might go over to Fb and I’m going and discover different manufacturers which might be doing effectively so like bulletproof espresso okay bulletproof espresso and bulletproof marriage bulletproof every part’s bulletproof round these fucking place I might do a ketogenic world I’m going and discover I might discover all of the manufacturers on the market which might be associated to what I am doing so like a extremely good instance proper right here to be okay all proper so cool so I need to go and observe these manufacturers as a result of what is going on to occur is you are going to see a ton of individuals a ton ton ton of individuals going and sharing you realize you are going to be see a bunch of individuals operating adverts to you principally as a result of individuals goal you primarily based on what you want and what you are curious about so that you need to go and dive into the area you are stepping into that is this isn’t the technical concentrating on little micro one-cent click on bullshit you are going to see in different movies I am simply going to inform you like how you’ll want to suppose as an entrepreneur so that you need to go and dive into precisely the area of interest okay so we get in right here and I will go and truly click on on a number of of those and type of see what they’re like doing over right here so you’ll be able to see like what how’s this man what are they promoting proper right here alright so you’ll be able to see take a look at take a look at what I simply found proper right here simply trying by way of this proper right here how this one model is promoting their stuff on face as a result of they’re linking the Articles that assist individuals about stuff after which they’re promoting these ecommerce merchandise proper right here okay so that is type of an econ instance proper there however say I used to be constructing a physique constructing model the place I need to promote my very own exercise programs and stuff like that so what you are able to do is I might go on the market and I might observe any exercise coaches or individuals there equally and simply take a look at what they’re doing take a look at what they’re promoting take a look at the opt-ins and take a look at the issues they’re doing okay and so what I do then is I’m going on over to Clickbank and I discover a number of affiliate merchandise perhaps a number of these ones proper right here okay so that you go to affiliate market and you are going to discover stuff that is changing effectively so let’s simply go discover the most effective changing weight-loss product so down right here to well being and health and I simply need to look those which have the best gravity truthfully as a result of that is how a lot is every part how constantly it sells and stuff like that so I see a bunch of merchandise proper right here which might be providing you realize good percentages for payouts and stuff like that so I’m going and discover a number of merchandise I can promote you choose these merchandise on Clickbank you’ll be able to promote them so then what I might additionally do is I’m going and make slightly forty seven greenback per thirty days membership okay so I’ve two affiliate merchandise I am promoting I might must $47 forty seven greenback per thirty days membership and what I might do is I might then seize them by way of an opt-in like this since you need to seize individuals we need to constantly market to them now that’s actually the way you promote any merchandise that you simply create by yourself or market affiliate merchandise you are going to hit a lot you up you’ll be able to completely direct hyperlink to provides from Fb however you need to actually actually fucking know what you are doing you need to actually fucking know what you are doing and you actually fucking do not know what you are doing so what you’ll want to do is concentrate on capturing leads you too can concentrate on promoting consulting your ecommerce and doing the identical stuff and your movies on each of these in order that’s how I might do it that is how I might go and discover merchandise I might discover different coaches see what they’re doing after which discover different processors promoting an affiliate websites like Clickbank and choose up these merchandise so I’ve my three little repertoire of shit proper right here I bought two affiliate merchandise and my little membership so do what I might do is I might ship all people to the touchdown web page as I simply confirmed you okay so this is a extremely ugly touchdown web page that I’ve used previously lots of of 1000’s of individuals come to this web page I might ship them to that web page proper there after which what I might do is I might get them on my electronic mail checklist and I might simply market to them the issues that I am promoting okay that that is actually all there’s to and I will get into type of like gross sales techniques and stuff like that and a few later movies I simply need to present you type of the course we’re heading in okay so now that for the half you guys are all freaking out in all probability in regards to the concentrating on an preliminary adverts so what I then do is you need to go and we need to concentrate on the goal so gonna go over right here let’s go and create the advert so the very first thing I need to do is the rationale why we additionally went on the market and fall with a bunch of coaches adopted a bunch of individuals like that as a result of that is who we’re truly gonna be concentrating on we’re be concentrating on their prospects that is the place you need to begin off at so we will begin over from scratch proper right here and what you need to do is you need to go right here and set this by conversions that is the place you are gonna begin off as a result of the pixel and Fb itself will optimize your adverts to maximise the gross sales or opt-ins and every part you are getting okay so I am simply going to place in a take a look at instance proper right here alright so what you are going to need to do at this time limit is you are going to need to go and truly the very first thing I need to do is create your Fb pixel and positioned in your Thank You web page okay I am not going to get into that as a result of you’ll be able to fucking Fb I imply Google that and see precisely the best way to place your conversion pixel what your end-users going to pick out the conversion we need to accomplish that I am simply going to do buy on this instance now what you need to do at this time limit is you need to go and Goal and stack the audiences which might be very very related to what you are doing okay so as an example I am getting within the weight reduction or one thing like that I need to go goal manufacturers which might be much like mine so I might do like Aria so I need to do those that like you need to construct a sort of that proper alright cool we bought these individuals proper there however that is an enormous viewers and we will be spending little or no cash proper now once we get begins we need to slender this viewers we need to do those that additionally like bulletproof espresso okay and we are able to even slender this down even additional okay so that you see we have got 200 thousand individuals proper there close to let’s down even additional to those that I do not know any huge exercise coaches so I am simply going to double up on the man that owns about bulletproof espresso so we do this proper there okay now what now we have proper right here is thirty six thousand individuals which might be tremendous fan they’ve within the physique constructing okay our they’re within the bulletproof espresso in order that’s type of like a ketogenic food regimen after which Dave Asprey has a mind it is all about ketogenic and shit and stuff like that so what has accomplished is we have got a really focused viewers of thirty six thousand individuals to then go after okay so that is simple now what you are going to do is computerized placements as a result of you do not know what the fuck you are doing and off the automated placements work very very effectively we will set day by day budgets to about ten bucks okay simple simple as pot so what we will do is hit proceed we will proceed on over to creating the advert so right here is the place you need it this is what you need to do together with your adverts you need to hold them as primary as doable if you’re beginning out we’re not going and scaling we’re not making an attempt to get essentially the most optimized advert the primary time we’re simply making an attempt to get an advert that works and so I will simply use my instance my Fb newsfeed as a result of clearly I am within the web advertising so clearly I get focused per aisle the web advertising advert however let’s examine I need to undergo and see what’s working for different individuals and so lets say I am operating an opt-in proper now okay I am operating an opt-in and I am making an attempt to gather individuals within the web advertising area of interest to by market right here okay so I can see if this dude’s proper doing proper right here he is clearly operating a webinar okay nice this can be a pretty trying web page however what I will do is I will scroll round and type of discover and see what kind of pages and what adverts are working for different individuals so what I might do is I might truly simply go and truly take this I will say look we’re giving freely this superior coaching blah blah blah however primarily what I will do is simply rip the advert okay I am not going to go and take it phrase for phrase however I am simply going to go and duplicate this advert as a result of he is clearly in the identical area of interest he is clearly advertising the identical individuals I need to market to after which what you are going to do okay as you need to go and type of copy that get a number of footage that appear like this I can actually go get footage that appear like this go to Google kind in affiliate marketing online growth okay so I will type of copy the advert all type of rip what he is doing and I will ship it to a touchdown web page appears like this and I will begin capturing leads and in promoting to these leads within the electronic mail telephone which we talked about in different entrance with movies so I am not likely going to get into that okay however you simply see how easy that’s to go and truly create the advert what we need to do is we need to goal our opponents individuals which might be curious about clearly our area of interest and the rationale why we’re doing that and different you’ll want to perceive if you happen to can’t get an individual that’s right into a ketogenic marketer right into a ketogenic complement and into bodybuilding to transform to your I do not know ketogenic typically the 5 meals it is best to by no means eat if you wish to keep ketogenic one thing like that you simply but your online business would not work your online business would not work till you’ll be able to truly make a revenue with that and even get your publish excellent goal buyer to react the way in which you need you are not going to have the ability to get anyone else like a distant a buyer or some individual that’s new to your model to transform you’ll want to perceive that is the largest factor what lots of people try to do is that they try to get actually inventive with their adverts earlier than they’ll even get essentially the most primary particular person to transform if I can’t get an individual that performs guitar and look and is searching for guitar classes to transform to my guitar lesson typically and convert to my XLR lesson provides and merchandise I am not going to get anybody to transform and I repeated that as a result of it is so essential so we will do that is get a single picture and we’ll go take a picture actually from out of this man’s e-book okay copy the advert copy it over after which growth you are monitoring individuals in – you are off or – you are typically after which what you need to do is convert them to what you are promoting that that’s bread and butter the way you generate cash with Fb Advertisements it isn’t about direct linking is a few magic provides I am about discovering one cent clicks and brank discovering some huge loophole you simply go and duplicate what different individuals are doing and also you twist it slightly bit to promote the provides that we talked about slightly bit earlier on identical precise factor if you wish to promote consulting you need to see the kind of adverts they’re operating go and observe individuals which might be promoting consulting you need to see individuals which might be for doing rather well in EECOM take a look at the provides they’re promoting that vessel you are doing go and duplicate the identical precise provides after which go down after which begin scaling that now what we will get into within the subsequent video is scaling truly getting this since you’re spending 10 bucks a day you are not going to make communion {dollars} a day again you are not I will present you within the subsequent video how the size DS provides up the best way to repair your adverts and the best way to enhance your adverts slowly over time to scale it up over to 300 {dollars} a day perhaps in two weeks to thirty days time okay that is precisely once we present you within the subsequent video that is it that is it so what you’ll want to do proper now could be if you happen to like movies like this you need to catch a subsequent one go down under and subscribe we bought new movies popping out day-after-day and ask me questions under let me know if there’s something you need cleared up within the subsequent video after which I will hit on these as effectively as a result of I understand it is slightly bit complicated if you happen to’re simply beginning off however once more like that is bread and butter the way it works okay you choose some affiliate provides you choose your personal merchandise are you so consulting otherwise you promote ecommerce merchandise okay you are taking it down you gather leads otherwise you see precisely how different individuals are promoting their supply for instance do not forget that physique constructing they had been promoting it to a pretend article or not a pretend article however an article speaking in regards to the merchandise then they offered aprox after the article okay what you do is you goal individuals which might be similar to your model they’re very related companies you goal those that like these manufacturers and then you definitely take a look at the adverts these manufacturers are operating after which customers go and duplicate them you go and duplicate them you do not copy them precisely however you twist it to your message and also you twist it to what you are doing and that is the way in which you are going to get essentially the most traction if you’re first beginning off you are not going to get it by creating some magic model from scratch that is what you accomplish that there’s been becker remember to subscribe I will catch you within the subsequent video go forward [Music] [Applause]


[Music] how’s it goin immediately guys so immediately we will be speaking about my high three shares to control for the month of June now prior to now these movies have gotten a whole lot of views in comparison with my different ones so I believe these herald a whole lot of new folks to my channel so in the event you’re new to my channel I invite you guys to take a look at a few of my different movies on the inventory market and investing and in the event you guys like what you see right here I would definitely respect it in the event you guys would subscribe to be notified of future uploads however in any case the very first thing I need to do is simply do a recap of the shares that we talked about for dwell shares to look at in Could so in the event you guys noticed that video you understand I talked in regards to the inventory Martin Marietta I noticed that as a inventory to probably purchase into as a result of I believe that may be a good infrastructure play I talked about CSX how they’ve new administration and the way I’ve excessive hopes for CSX and I additionally talked about Proctor and Gamble saying out that may be a very good inventory to maintain an eye fixed out and see if it bottoms out so so far as Martin Marietta goes they really achieve seven level six % on sturdy earnings on Could 2nd since then the inventory has come down somewhat bit however total from Could 1st to Could 30th they’re up roughly 2 % so I am very proud of the efficiency of that inventory so far as CSX goes I am very proud of what CSX has completed during the last month from Could 1st to Could 30th CSX stopped CSX inventory is up roughly 5.2 % so that’s completely phenomenal so far as Procter & Gamble goes it seems that they did backside out round Could 18th the inventory fell to 85 87 a share as a closing value and from Could 18th to Could 30th they’re up roughly 2 % so I am fairly proud of them my recommendation on these couple of shares there and if anyone you understand invested in Martin Marietta earlier than these earnings you could have seen a pleasant little return there or in the event you look into investing at CSX you understand that may be a very good inventory to put money into as effectively in order that’s just about my recap for the month of Could and I let’s get into my three favourite shares for June now I am not going to be on it I will be trustworthy with you guys that is mainly like that is nothing earth-shattering or nothing just one on youtube speaking about these three shares so this is not going to be something that you simply most likely have not heard my three shares for the month of June are going to be Google Amazon and Fb so these are my three shares and I’ve completed a video on every certainly one of these so I am not going to go tremendous in-depth with them and so in the event you guys need to discover out extra about them I’ll hyperlink as much as these movies on the finish or simply verify them out on my channel for related info on these shares however these are solely shares that I might lock in June and these are shares to look at for for the long run for them for the yr of 2017 and even going ahead I believe these are nice long-term investments however first I am going to speak about Google or alphabet Inc so mainly they commerce beneath the image goog or goog L I defined the rationale for that in my different video mainly after they did a inventory cut up they provide they mainly gave everybody who held a share of Google inventory one non-voting share of Google you understand in a two-to-one cut up that they did in order that’s why you may have two totally different ones they commerce that barely totally different costs as a result of a type of units of shares has voting rights and the opposite set of shares doesn’t so mainly Google has a market capitalization of 600 eighty billion {dollars} a value to earnings ratio of 30:2 and they don’t pay a dividend now Google is quickly approaching 1,000 {dollars} per share by the point you are watching this video they might have handed 2,000 {dollars} a share they had been mainly in a race with Amazon to see who would hit a thousand {dollars} a share first so far as the inventory goes the efficiency of Google is simply phenomenal during the last month Google inventory is up 6.5 % during the last three months or of 17.6% and a 20-17 alone they’re up twenty 5 level 4 % now Google has solely completed one shares however this was in 2014 and as I mentioned that is after they issued one new non-voting share to present shareholders within the two-to-one cut up which is why you may have goog versus goog L so far as the inventory symbols if you take a look at Google inventory o do I believe that Google goes to have one other inventory cut up now that they’ve had a thousand {dollars} to share I don’t I additionally do not assume Amazon goes to both I am going to clarify these causes as we go right here however mainly I might say a inventory cut up may be very unlikely for Google proper now because it has not been talked about in any discussions and no future inventory cut up is deliberate so I do not assume that they are going to cut up the inventory solely based mostly on the truth that it is now above $1,000 per share so I might be shocked to see Google’s with their inventory within the close to future at their are not any plans to I believe that they are simply you understand figuring the inventory to over a thousand {dollars} a share and other people will nonetheless make investments regardless for my part Google mainly these are the explanations that I see Google as an excellent funding like I mentioned I’ve talked about this in my different movies however to begin with is the truth that Google is the dominant search engine and this comes from the truth that once we need to know the reply to one thing we google it we do not Bing it or Yahoo it and due to that this simply goes to point out how a dominant Google is as a search engine and the way central and Google search is to our on a regular basis lives google additionally has an array of merchandise which might be equally important to our lives take into consideration Gmail take into consideration Google Maps all of the various things that Google presents us there’s numerous totally different ones on the market and I am certain many people use Google merchandise every day I do know I do for certain um as a substitute of charging for these providers that Google presents the place they will possibly cost a small sum of money what they do is that they acquire information on their customers which is value tens of millions of {dollars} to advertisers now advert spending is simply going to extend for Google in addition to Fb and fewer cash is being spent on conventional promoting and that is often because conventional promoting sucks and you understand you are seeing lots of people who are actually seeing the pattern of the promoting spending going in direction of Google and Fb as a result of it is simply so significantly better in order much less individuals are spending cash on conventional promoting you understand billboards and radio and TV which may be very costly you are going to see increasingly more cash being spent with Google and Fb and different on-line advertisers so that is going to only be superior for Google in the long run Google gives mainly real-time suggestions to advertisers that is the massive profit to that is historically if you’ve made an promoting marketing campaign as an instance you set an advert within the newspaper or one thing you actually don’t know of figuring out how effectively that advert did or how effectively that transformed folks into consumers in the event you or a small enterprise proprietor and also you’re mainly put an advert within the newspaper about your enterprise or one thing there isn’t any actual method to inform what number of clients got here by way of your door on account of that advert however with Google you get real-time suggestions in your advert so you’ll be able to see precisely how many individuals are clicking on these adverts and the way many individuals are literally shopping for issues after clicking in order that’s why promoting on Google and on Fb is simply so significantly better than custom promoting mainly Adwords and Adsense or the money cow from Google Google has a superb stability sheet they usually mainly are able the place they’re in a position to take the cash that they’ve and make small bets and mainly they’re sort of like researching new issues and making an attempt new issues and a whole lot of these new issues are attempting or not going to achieve success they sort of go off and check out various things in several areas and I talked about this extra of my different video however mainly these small bets that Google is making if they don’t seem to be profitable it is not like they invested a ton of cash but when they’re profitable that it may very well be one thing that’s large for Google long run so these are mainly my causes for seeing Google as an excellent inventory to maintain an eye fixed in it for the month of June and only a nice inventory to put money into long run for my part okay so my second inventory to look at on my record of shares for June is Fb now Fb inventory has a market capitalization of 441 billion {dollars} and it value to earnings ratio of 38 so far as the inventory efficiency goes during the last month Fb inventory is definitely down 0.2 % during the last three months Fb inventory is up twelve level three % and in 2017 alone Fb inventory is up thirty two level three % now Fb has a rising social media monopoly and just like the like Google Fb mainly collects information on their customers the acquisitions of Instagram whatsapp give them entry to much more information and it additionally offers them entry to further income streams so I do know that adverts had been only recently being rolled out on Instagram they usually actually have not put adverts on whatsapp so far as I do know like I mentioned in my earlier video on this inventory I do not use both of these two platforms however so far as I do know there isn’t any adverts on whatsapp to date and adverts are sort of simply not merging on Instagram so after they absolutely scale the commercial on these two different social media platforms they’ve this is able to simply imply extra income for Fb total Fb is the dominant social media platform they actually gained the social media race you understand you noticed the place myspace had the early lead and lots of people use myspace means again within the day and we all know Google+ sort of tried they usually failed at it however Fb actually has gained they usually have develop into the dominant social media platform which for my part offers them a really low danger for disruption I do not see anyone who may probably not Fb off pedestal there I believe Fb one and that is all there’s to it now regardless of Fb being so giant they’re really nonetheless rising day by day energetic customers grew by 18 % in 2016 and cell month-to-month energetic customers grew by 17 % so it is actually superior to be nonetheless be seeing development from Fb regardless of how giant they’ve develop into and clearly with extra customers are going to have entry to extra information they usually’ll even have extra folks to promote to in order that’s much more advert income for Fb so at the moment Fb is sending out a pile of money with no long-term debt so like Google mainly what they’re doing is their outside on the market making longshot bets very small bets looking for options to advanced issues on the market or advanced challenges so that is one thing that I really like about Fb in Google is the truth that they’re on the market making these lengthy shot that so like I mentioned a lot of this stuff they are going to be mistaken about however it’ll propel them ahead and they are going to be taught from every thing they do and ultimately when they’re proper about one thing that may very well be the subsequent massive factor for these two firms so I might say proper now Fb and Google are equal to me it could be arduous for me to determine which one I like higher I actually love each of those shares saying I believe it could be an excellent inventory to have in your portfolio simply due to what we seen with Fb to date and I believe they simply have a really shiny future as extra individuals are spending cash promoting on Fb as a substitute of conventional promoting platforms and it is simply so significantly better to promote on Fb and to promote on Google so you actually cannot argue with that anyway my third inventory right here is Amazon they’ve a market capitalization of 479 billion {dollars} and a value to earnings ratio of 187 now whereas that will appear actually excessive it’s a must to perceive that it due to the way in which Amazon operates their enterprise they function very near break-even as a result of they’re making an attempt to be as modern as potential so that they’re spending as a lot cash as they will being modern and mainly disrupting all people else so that they’re spending a ton of cash simply pulling ahead and consequently that value to earnings ratio it does appear excessive however when you perceive the way in which Amazon function their enterprise it sort of makes extra sense so far as the inventory goes Amazon inventory is up 5.four % during the last month of eighteen level three % during the last three months they usually’re up an astounding thirty three level three % in 2017 to date Amazon can also be approaching $1,000 a share and like I mentioned it most likely is already there by the point you guys are watching this video I do know closing costs immediately on Monday had been shut to love 996 I consider so I am certain inside a day or two if we now have a pair good days we’ll see Amazon and Google over a thousand {dollars} a share I do know intraday immediately it did break a thousand however it did not shut over a thousand {dollars} now amazon has cut up their shares 3 times prior to now however once more I do not count on them to do a inventory splits solely on the truth that they’re exceeding a thousand {dollars} of sharing out and that is largely due to the truth that inventory splits have gotten much less widespread because it has now develop into sort of a standing image which have a sky-high inventory value the argument is that when your inventory value is that prime it attracts consideration to you so I believe it’ll be much less widespread for us to see inventory cut up solely based mostly on the truth that an organization inventory costs sky excessive so I do not count on there to be a inventory cut up with Amazon solely based mostly on the truth that they’re exceeding $1,000 as a result of there are not any plans for a future inventory cut up and I simply do not assume it is within the playing cards for them so possibly a few of you guys are hoping to see a inventory cut up however I might be very shocked if both Google or Amazon had a inventory cut up mainly my causes for investing in Amazon are that I see them put money into Amazon as a result of Amazon is definitely changing into the buying search engine and what I imply by that’s extra individuals are really beginning their search on Amazon than they’re historically what they had been beginning on Google so some folks would historically begin trying to find buying as an instance they had been in search of I do not know pair of headphones many individuals had been typing to Google headphones okay after which possibly they get directed to Amazon however now increasingly more individuals are really simply beginning their search on Amazon so Amazon is changing into the buying search engine which is simply superior for Amazon not a lot for different retailers however for Amazon that is an enormous plus Amazon is disrupting retailers throughout the board clearly in the event you guys have watched any of my different movies on the retail meltdown that we’re seeing proper now in all these retail bankruptcies it’s extremely clear that Amazon is disrupting retailers throughout the board Amazon Prime is now extra widespread than a landline phone and households which is simply astonishing to me so it is extra widespread to go to any individual’s home and any individual in that home has an Amazon Prime account than it’s to go in that home and discover them having a landline cellphone in order that simply goes to point out how important Amazon Prime has develop into our on a regular basis lives and what I really like about Amazon Prime is the extra you utilize it the cheaper it’s so mainly it encourages folks to order as a lot as they will off of Amazon as a result of they get the totally different perks with having Amazon Prime so that you get probably the most bang to your buck you are going to attempt to use it as a lot as potential so as as a lot as you’ll be able to off of Amazon in order that’s an enormous plus for them and I additionally assume that Amazon once more has a really low danger of disruption attributable to their mental property in addition to the general price of their enterprise and the distribution facilities and the community they’ve created I do not see anyone who may actually step in and disrupt Amazon just because they’ve simply develop into so giant that is the case with all three of those shares right here I do not see anybody who may disrupt Amazon Google or Fb to be trustworthy with you and this client buying pattern shift that we’re seeing the place extra individuals are doing their buying on-line it’ll profit Amazon greater than another firm on the market so that’s the reason they’re my third inventory so far as shares to look at in June in any case guys on the very last thing I need to say right here so the 30.3% right here that I’ve circled that’s the common improve of those three shares to date are 2017 which is simply astounding to me 13.3% improve so in the event you purchased all three of those shares on December or the final buying and selling day of 2016 proper now as of immediately you’ll be sitting at about thirty level three % return in your funding which is simply superior so anyway guys that is just about all I received for this video in the event you loved it please drop a like after which contemplate subscribing to be notified of any future uploads and as at all times I thanks guys for watching this video

How to Originate Your First Amazon FBA Product: 6 Hacks to a House-Urge Success (w/ Daniel Audunsson)

Hey guys, it’s me, Sarah here, the video editor
of Wholesale Ted.
And in this video, I’m gonna give you six
super important tips for launching your first
Amazon FBA product and making it a huge success
right out of the gate.
Now I decided to create this video because
if we’re gonna be honest, there is a lot of
information out there about how to pick your
first Amazon FBA product.
But there is a surprising lack of information
out there about how to launch your first product
and make it a success.
And when I say “launch,” I mean making your
initial first sales and rising to the top
of the Amazon search results because that
is where 90% of the sales are made.
Now there are two ways to gain the Amazon
search algorithm.
And if you know these two hacks, then you
can do what the pros do, and you can brute-force
your way into making your product a success,
even if it is your first product ever.
Now the first secret is that you need sales
Sales velocity refers to how many sales your
product is making a day.
And your goal is simple.
You want to either equal or, ideally, beat
the same number of sales per day as your competitor.
So if your top competitor is making, say,
10 sales a day, then what you want to do when
you launch your product is you want to be
making 10 sales a day for about 2 weeks.
So if you make 10 or more sales per day for
about 2 weeks, then the Amazon algorithm looks
at your product, and it says, “Wow!
This product is outselling all of its other
I guess then that we should promote this product
above others.”
The second secret is that you need high conversions.
What I mean with this is you need a high percentage
of people who come to your listing to then
go through and actually purchase it.
So if you had 100 people come to your listing
and then 50 people were to buy it, that means
then that you would have a conversion rate
of 50%, which would be amazing.
You want your conversion rate to be as high
or, ideally, higher than your top competitor’s.
So if you get higher sales velocity plus high
conversions than your competitor for about
two weeks, then you’re gonna rise to the top
of the Amazon search results and get free
sales from organic traffic.
And your product will be a huge success.
Now you definitely spend some money during
this process.
But it’s well worth it because once you’re
at the top of the Amazon search results, you
start making free sales, and you will make
the money back that you spent during this
So the question is how do you actually do
Well, if you follow the six steps that I’m
gonna give you in this video, then you should
have a homerun success of a product launch.
Now I’ve got a special guest to help me on
this video today, Daniel.
Daniel and his business partner Ryan have
launched over 200 products on Amazon and make
millions of dollars every year from their
Obviously, Daniel is a little bit of an expert
at launching products.
So it’s great to have him on this video with
me today.
All right, let’s jump straight into it.
Tip number one, product giveaways are the
fastest way to build up sales velocity and
increase your conversion rate.
Product giveaways are one of the most powerful
methods available and almost guaranteeing
that you’re gonna have a successful launch
out of the gate.
Now you can’t actually give products away
for free on Amazon, but what you can do is
get a coupon code and discount your product
down so that it costs just 99 cents.
So it’s not free, but it’s basically free.
So, of course, the way a product giveaway
works is simple.
You create your discount coupon code.
Usually, you discount your product to just
99 cents.
Secondly, you sign up to a membership program
that has a huge amount of members that are
very interested in purchasing products using
these discounted Amazon coupon codes.
Some examples of these are Jump Send and Zonblast.
These services will distribute your coupon
code to its members.
And, of course, those members will go and
buy your product.
Not only does this give you a huge surge in
sales, but because of the fact that those
members are eager to buy these items and they
have a heavily discounted coupon, it means
then that they’re gonna have a super high
conversion rate on the page.
You can be looking to get a conversion rate
as high as about 50% from people that arrive
at your page this way.
Product giveaways are the brute force way
to push your product to the top of the Amazon
search results.
But of course, like with all things, there
is a downside.
And of course, in this case, the downside
is that they can be a bit expensive considering
that you’re basically giving your product
away for free.
Now keep in mind there are less expensive
ways to get sales, such as paid advertising.
So you don’t need to use this method to get
all of your sales during the launch.
But, again, don’t get too discouraged by the
cost of this method because once you get to
the top of the Amazon organic search results,
you’ll start making free sales, and you make
your investment back very fast.
All right, that’s my tip.
Let’s switch over to Daniel, and he’s gonna
give you another tip for increasing your sales
and conversion rate.
Daniel: Tip number two is pricing.
Pricing is the most underutilized and underestimated
strategy of them all.
And in my opinion, pricing is probably the
most important strategy when it comes to promoting
your products and getting those sales on Amazon.
And the reason is simple.
Pricing dramatically impacts two of the most
important factors when it comes to ranking
your products better and getting more sales
on Amazon.
And those are conversion rate and sales velocity.
So with pricing, you’re able to actually click
a button within Seller Central to drop the
And that can literally have a massive impact.
So with pricing, it’s really important to
understand how powerful it is, especially
for products that are already getting some
traction, some sales, some momentum.
Just dropping the price can be enough to promote
the product for a week or two, and it can
be enough to give you that extra boost to
get more visibility and more sales.
Sarah: Tip number three, use super URLs to
push your listing to the top of the Amazon
search results.
So let me give you an example of what a super
URL is, why they’re so important, but also
why they can be a bit controversial.
So let’s take this item, a barbecue spatula.
This is an item that has been private-labeled
specifically for Amazon under the brand GrillHogs.
Obviously, with this item, they are hoping
to be number one in the search results for
the keyword phrase “barbecue spatula.”
Well, the best way to raise up their ranking
for the keyword “barbecue spatula” is to have
people type it into the Amazon search bar,
scroll down the results, click on their listing,
and then purchase it.
If you have more clicks, sales, and have a
high conversion rate from people going through
the Amazon search results for your keyword,
clicking on your listing, and then purchasing
it compared to your competitors, then you
will rise to the top of the search results
for that keyword.
But of course, as I’m sure you can imagine,
if you’re running a giveaway and then you
ask people to go search for your keyword,
find your listing, and then purchase it, well,
a lot of people aren’t gonna bother.
So the workaround for this is to use a Super
This here is the original product URL for
the GrillHogs barbecue spatula.
And here is what the product URL for the GrillHogs
barbecue spatula looks like if you go through
the Amazon search results and click on it
after searching for the keyword “barbecue
As you can see, the URL changes depending
upon how people found your Amazon product
And this is the tracking information that
Amazon uses to see how people found your listing
and then purchased it.
So of course this sneaky method is where,
instead of sending people to the original
product URL, you send them to the product
URL that is generated if they had gone through
the search results for your keyword and then
selected your product.
So if GrillHogs wanted to rank for the keyword
“barbecue spatula,” they wanna send people
to this URL and get those same people to this
URL so it looks to Amazon as though they bought
it after searching for the product.
So of course what you do during a product
giveaway is you send some people to the super
URL for your product.
But there is something very important to note.
You don’t want to abuse this method.
This method isn’t strictly against the rules.
But it is gaming the Amazon algorithm.
And if you abuse it too much, then you risk
your product getting removed or, even worse,
your Amazon account getting banned.
Experts like Ryan and Daniel have tested it
and have found that 20% is the safe number.
So during a product giveaway, you might send
20% of the people to your super URL and the
rest to your normal product URL.
So back to the original example at the start
of this video, let’s say that your goal is
to match your competitor, and they are making
10 sales a day.
So what you wanna do is you wanna be making
10 sales a day for 2 weeks.
So over the course of your promotion, you
would be making about 140 sales.
So a safe number would be to push about 28
sales through using this method since 28 is
20% of 140.
And as I said, this method is a little bit
controversial for this reason.
Do it at your own risk.
But experts have tested it, and they found
that if you do not abuse it, you should be
And of course, it’s even better if people
actually go and search for the product and
then purchase it.
So when you’re getting your family and friends
to purchase the product, ask them to do this.
Because of the fact that they actually care
for your success, they should actually go
through the process of doing it.
All right, let’s move back to Ryan, and he’s
gonna give you his next tip for increasing
your sales velocity and your conversions.
Ryan: Tip number four is Amazon ads or otherwise
known as sponsored ads.
So now you’re able to simply pay for advertising
on Amazon.
So you pay to be seen for a human search,
instead of just ranking there organically.
This allows you to get that visibility from
day one with the new product that isn’t ranked
already, but in turn, then you do get sales
even through the ads for the searches you
wanna be ranked for.
It actually increases the odds of you being
ranked there organically.
So it’s one of the initial ways to get some
traction, to get some momentum and start getting
some sales coming through the searches you
wanna rank for.
The more sales you get through a human search,
the higher you’re gonna be ranked for that
In the long run, it’s also an important strategy
because Amazon ads can be very profitable.
It’s an essential part of promoting products
on Amazon.
We always run Amazon ads.
If they are either being profitable or breaking
even, you want to run them all the time because,
even breakeven ads, they help you get more
visibility and thus more organic sales.
So Amazon ads is tip number four.
Sarah: Tip number five, have a high-converting
product listing design and get reviews.
So let’s say you have your product launch
and you run your giveaway and you use these
methods to increase your sales velocity and
conversion rate to equal or match your competitor
and then you rise to the top of the Amazon
search results.
Well, the Amazon algorithm has put you there
because it thinks that you’re gonna make the
most sales compared to your competitors.
And of course, this benefits Amazon.
You see, the more sales a merchant makes,
the more that Amazon makes back in fees.
So of course, it’s in their interest to put
the highest-selling merchant at the top of
the search results.
So here is what you don’t want to happen.
You don’t want to, at the end of your promotion,
return your product to its normal price and
have people come to your listing, decide they
don’t like it, and then buy from the competitor
who’s sitting below you.
That would be a disaster, because then Amazon’s
algorithm would move your competitor back
up above you because now they are making the
most sales.
So what you want to do is create a high-converting
product listing.
Here’s an example of high-converting product
This is a product created by the Jungle Scout
team, Jungle Stix.
As you can see, they have lots of high-quality
Amazon has found that having the highest number
of photos in high quality so that users can
zoom in on them is the number one conversion
fact to foreign listing.
They also have a keyword-rich product title.
And they have multiple bullet points with
excellent copy that makes the Jungle Stix
sound exciting to buy.
Scrolling down, you can also see that they
have an excellent product description with
more photos included in it.
This is a great product listing to use as
a basis when designing and writing your own
high-converting product listing.
You also wanna take advantage of all the sales
that you’re getting during your promotional
period to get as many reviews as you can.
Now your potential customers don’t need to
see anywhere near as many reviews as your
top competitors.
But they do need to see some because having
some really good, positive reviews shows that
they can trust your product.
The key to do this is to follow up with the
customers who purchased your product and ask
them to leave a review.
You cannot ask people to do this before you
give them your product discount code.
In the past, you could, but it is now against
Amazon’s terms of services, and it’s considered
soliciting reviews.
But you can email people who purchased your
product and ask them to leave an honest review.
And emailing them and asking them to leave
the review is crucial.
Jump Send have found that if you don’t email,
then less than 5% of buyers will leave a review.
But if you follow up with emails, then you
can bump your success rate up to 10%, 15%.
And of course, when you’re getting your friends
and family to come and purchase your product
during the product launch phase, you should
be asking them directly to leave you a review
since hopefully they will as they actually
care about your success.
All right, let’s switch back to Daniel so
he can give you his final tip for increasing
your sales velocity and conversions.
Daniel: Tip number six is Amazon Marketing
Services or AMS.
Within Seller Central, you have access to
sponsored ads or Amazon ads.
But with Amazon Marketing Services, you can
actually place advertisements on other places
inside of Amazon, not only in the search result
pages, but also on the competitor’s product
pages, for example, and inside of categories
and things like that, other places where people
are browsing on Amazon.
You can actually now buy an ad placement there
and have your product being advertised in
different locations on Amazon.
So doing this really help you get more sales
to your product.
In a lot of cases, these ads are very profitable
because they’re not being utilized by most
If you got access to this, then you can place
a lot more advertising on Amazon than 99%
of your competition.
So that’s tip number six.
Sarah: So those are our tips for launching
your first Amazon FBA product and making a
homerun success right out of the launch gate.
If you liked this video, I’d appreciate if
you gave it a thumbs-up and subscribe to us
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And before you go, I’ve got something else
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Here at Wholesale Ted, we have a free e-book,
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You can find a link on how to download this
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Voiceover: Hi there, and thanks for watching
this video created by us here at Wholesale
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Making Your First $10,000 on Amazon. + FREE 100 Product Checklist!

I have a huge list of 100 products and I’m going to show you in my computer right here it’s a huge list in an Excel spreadsheet of a hundred different products that you can sell arbitrage right now so you know this is a big list the ROI ranges from around 50 percent of this one 438 to over 100 143 you know there’s 174 so it’s a lot of range on these products there’s a lot of different profit you can make so this list is going to be available for free to anyone who watches this video just click the link in the description give me your name and email and I’ll email you the link to it it’s in my google drive so I don’t want to really share that link directly on YouTube because then that link might get spread to other people I really just want this link to be for people that are subscribed to me because I want to share this with my viewers directly so 100 products you can sell to day on Amazon completely free lists so go check it out if you’re interested so without further ado let’s get into this online arbitrage order and package it up [Music] [Applause] hey it’s Jordan millionaire millennial today I want to be going with you guys through an entire online arbitrage order that I made that I’m going to just receive the boxes today I’m going to take those boxes I’m going to prep them I’m going to pack them I’m going to ship them off to Amazon’s warehouse and then we’re going to see how they sell all right so let’s go ahead and get started with that [Music] so what we want to do now is we want to jump into my computer over here and we want to make sure that we got everything that we ordered and then we want to create a shipment plan and then we want to consolidate everything label it and ship it off so I am at the listing I’m going to go ahead and go down here I’m going to click have one to sell sell on Amazon but it’s pretty easy just say how many you have that’s how many order I usually match low price and then I want Amazon to ship everybody customer service if my agram sells calculate fees of course to put in how many I’m going to sell and then you hit submit your listing and create shipment all right so once I do that this page where I can choose the manufacturer barcode or the Amazon barcode so you can choose between the manufacturer barcode or the Amazon barcode I always go with the Amazon barcode for a couple reasons one this barcode on the product might not actually match the same barcode that Amazon thinks this product has so then that puts you in a huge world of hurt when they get there and they’re like this isn’t the product you sent in if you check manufacturers barcode then you get commingled which means your product gets placed in a bin with everybody else’s products that they sit in and theirs might not be like legit they might not have the real product they might have a fake product or whatever so you definitely want to use amazon’s barcode because that is a barcode that is registered to you only not just the product it’s registered to you only so I always click Amazon barcode it’s save and continue’ okay and it’ll come up with the send replenish inventory page alright so from here you’ve got a couple things here so you want to create a new shipment plan put in your ship from address obviously you don’t put in my address that is making any sense and then your packaging type individual products is going to be if you’re shipping like a bunch of ones of different products so like you’ve got like 20 different products and your me shipping individual ones case pack is going to be if you’re shipping a bunch of the same product which is exactly what I’m doing I have a bunch of these and be sure a bunch of these in so I’m going to pick a case packed alright then this is what you put in how many units you have and how many cases you have so you’re allowed to have 150 units per case right and I think I’ve got less than that all we need to do is put the Amazon label on there remember when we picked Amazon label over barcode manufacturer barcode we want to put those labels on there so what I choose is I go with 30 up labels you can choose whatever kind of label you want 30 ups are typically the most normal that’s what a lot of people use it’s what I use you can buy a huge pack of 30 labels effect I’ve got this which is 3000 labels I think I got this for like 10 or 15 dollars on Amazon so that’s a lot of labels alright so what we want to do is print labels for this page they will download a PDF if you open that up you’ll see that they’re already perfectly arranged to the layout of the page because the 30th page is just 30 individual stickers and it will print 30 on each page properly spaced and so all you have to do here is just print this page to the printer with your your 30 ups loaded into the printer so once you print out your barcodes I’ve already used a couple of them but you’ll get an entire sheet of barcodes and what you want to do is just take them off and you want to put them over any existing barcodes so see there’s already a barcode here I want to put it over that barcode so they’re going to scan this you never want to have two barcodes showing on your item because that’s going to confuse the people at the warehouse and they’re not going to know which one to scan alright so make sure there’s no other barcodes showing so this is where we approve the shipment so we’re going to ship 40 units one case over to White’s town right so we can approve this shipment and once it’s approved it will say work on shipment here’s where you put in all the information about the package that you can be shipping so you know you can pick UPS or FedEx if you’re in Canada or some other country you’re not going to have these deeply discounted shipping options so you’re going to have to ship it using something like Canada most or you know whatever your shipping in with the UK but in the United States you’re you’re offered UPS or FedEx and I personally go with which I was cheaper you can check both prices when you get to the bottom and I’ve got a UPS over here and I got a FedEx over here so it doesn’t matter I can also arrange for pickup if I’ve got a huge order that I can’t fit in my car drawling down we see the shipment packaging we’re going to put everything in one box all right or at least we’re going to try to fit everything in one box if we can’t fit everything one box then you click multiple boxes pretty simple so as far as box weight all right um if you don’t have a scale and I don’t have a scale all right what I do and you know this might be a little off people might be questioning this but I go to the listing I scroll down to where it says item weight or shipping weight rather all right shipping weighs 8 ounces all right I take 8 ounces Rick and I times it by how many things I have in the shipment right so I’ve got 320 ounces and I say 320 ounces pounds and see 2 pounds that’s 20 pounds ok so guess what I put here 20 pounds now um you should weight your boxes and you know but as long as it’s close I think it’s okay this is what I’ve always done and it’s never had a problem before so a box dimension is simple enough whatever box you put them all in I just use the boxes that they ship in and I’m going to show you that when I go to package that I just put them all in one box all right if you can fit them all in one box that’s great because it’ll be cheaper so let’s say that box is like 14 by 12 by 10 click confirm’ then down here you’ll have a little calculate button and this is going to calculate the cost of the shipment so basically it’s going to cost me eight dollars and sixty cents to ship it once that’s all filled out we click I agree the terms and conditions when you accept these charges it’ll say charges accepted you can void the charges and you have 24 hours to avoid these charges for it is charged to your seller account all right so this that $9.00 will show up as a charge in my seller account it’s not going to charge my credit card or anything it’s going to charge my seller account and I can void those charges up to 24 hours so this should be the last thing that you do when you’re getting ready to actually ship the box then you click print box labels and this will also be a PDF download you open it up it’s basically every box is going to have its own page so if you’re shipping in more than one box you’re gonna have more than one page and each page has two labels on it right so you have the shipping label which is this large one and you have the FBA label which is a smaller one both of these need to go on the Box right here I’ve got this is a sticker paper that’s got two labels all right on it and what’s great about this is it’s the same size and perfect fit for these pages so you can actually get all of this for free notice this is for UPS shipping only I should using FedEx all the time don’t tell anybody but if you go to UPS and make a business account which is free they’ll send you free shipping plus so they sent me like hundreds of these and it’s super great because it I don’t have to like tape the labels down or anything like that and they’ll ship it to you for free they pay shipping you don’t you don’t pay anything it’s completely free they’ll mail you a bunch of business supplies it’s really great so if you haven’t done that already do it it’s free all right so we’ll print this right onto our to label paper okay and once that’s printed out then you’re ready to package the Box up and ship it off which let’s go back over to the box and I’ll show you what I mean I got my labels right here I have the unlabeled products here and then I have the labeled products that I’m packing into this box here so I’m just going to go ahead and label all of them making sure to cover up the barcode [Music] so if you’re going to reuse a box that came in you’re going to make sure to remove the old shipping labels okay so any other labels that are not the ones that you’re about to put on go ahead and take those off and now you can apply your labels not over where the seam is all right so notice I put it on this side this is the cutting seam when they open the box they’re going to just slice that if your labels over that they’re going to slice the label one happen they’re not going to be able to scan it and all sorts of problems right so just make sure to not put it on the seam [Music]

Fabricate You Want To Lose Money On Fb Earlier than Making Money? (Kick once more Time Q&A)

alright guys welcome again and as promised I will begin doing Q&A movies the precise each carried out one and there was one earlier than this really one earlier than this one was how one can generate profits on-line with $100 that was really a query somebody had for me so did that video however what I will do is scroll by my youtube remark to roar proper now I have never seen loads of them as a result of I get loads of spam and I will learn them up and we’ll go over some questions and hopefully this can assist a few of you guys out discover I do see two do see the identical query quite a bit and stuff like that oh no not everyone’s going to see this however I simply hopefully it will sort of provide you with a little bit of understanding and assist your some your guys questions proper so I am simply chilling at residence right here I used to be not driving at present it is fairly late and I forgot that I used to be near bringing it out as soon as per week proper at the beginning of the week or was a bit it wasn’t me the top of the week however now the websites are ready to start out it simpler for me so the primary query it will scroll by we do a lower as a result of I have never seen loads of these the primary query is from Eliseo and I’ve smile at prime on my left right here such a bit simpler and he says Franklin so that you’re saying I’ve to lose cash earlier than I can generate profits so I can discover my successful product is that appropriate and as soon as I discover that maintain scaling the day budgets of Fb optimizing it higher for me simply to wrap my head round it due to different movies and articles that was on one in all my Fb movies so that you’re primarily with any sort of enterprise it’s a must to spend cash proper to generate profits so with Fb and stuff if whether or not you are selling an affiliate value the place they’re selling a membership course whether or not you are doing the native lead era with you are doing Shopify it’s a must to spend cash lose properly I say spend the cash however he is saying lose cash so it’s a must to lose cash first to sort of gauge what is going on on what’s could occur that is the testing part so that you’re testing with the Shopify for instance you take a number of merchandise and you are going to lose cash at the beginning as a result of not all of these merchandise are going to be winners and even some that turn out to be winners generally take some time for those who keep in mind from Miami testing one they will take some time to get like generally Fb get your sale you may get a sale or one or two gross sales however generally it will probably take you some time to get a pleasant constant quantity of gross sales so that you both destructive money circulation or your even and sure so to reply that query for you sure normally with any sort of enterprise on-line or offline it’s a must to often spend some sort of cash or lose cash earlier than you generate profits like for instance offline companies they’ve insurance coverage they’ve hire you realize if in case you have a brick and mortar retailer your hire you might have insurance coverage you’ve got misplaced cash earlier than you’ve got even began doing enterprise so the straight-line reply to that’s sure you have to be dropping cash if you’re beginning out on Fb as a result of you have to be testing and you are going to fail at the beginning more often than not and you are going to have loads of our merchandise which can be going to fail earlier than you discover a winner all proper so the following query is that this factor um a few of you guys requested for visiting movies I begin up on the opposite day in all probability will begin moving into that so this video specifically is not going to be nearly Shopify stuff um so this individual requested would like to know extra about investing and worth investing coping with some shares of Foreign exchange of so how did you get began so I do not and this than any of that stuff proper I do not miss the shares I’ve bought into startup firms so mainly earlier than an organization goes right into a public providing I like to do this as a substitute of truly doing shares as a result of the explanation asking this query is as a result of really it’s how a lot time the Dave you spend on it I do not spend any time on it however I do know those who do and if you are going to be buying and selling shares particularly day buying and selling it’s a must to do loads of analysis sure really know what you are doing shares are very unstable and also you both um you set you bid on that you simply do that you do brief cease promoting like Timothy Sykes does otherwise you do shares as they go up or down like this heater totally different methods to inventory market buying and selling now I’ve carried out it previously sure do not do a lot now however I do loads of again into Bitcoin is again into Bitcoin some time in the past I went to Bitcoin as properly or so pink coin I’ve carried out some testing and web simply offered a bunch of pink coin really there’s an enormous pump and dump on that if you do not know what pump and dump is mainly they pump it up after which dump all their cash so yeah the explanation I sort of would have that briefly is as a result of for those who’re doing in two stops and stuff be ready to truly should do a little bit of analysis and have to love watch it persistently it shares aren’t one thing that you simply like I do shares once I purchase into firms that have not gone public but it is a bit bit totally different as a result of I haven’t got rather a lot day buying and selling I can simply I simply make investments my cash and what occurs is yearly I get a dividend again so I give it I get a share of the fairness that I’ve a web firm so it is a bit bit totally different than inventory buying and selling & foreign exchange and stuff like that so yeah if that I hope that solutions your query I am shocked within the hyperlink there someplace like everybody’s spamming with that stuff oh yeah mainly how a lot time you want loads of time if you wish to get into shares no it isn’t like anybody says it is fast and simple cash it is not likely the case all proper this is one other query I am not Shopify associated we’ll get again into that form of stuff what number of with s do you purchase and do you purchase it each with Twitter Chronos and P begins on the identical time for those who knew my channel you do not workplaces I am doing about backlinking website positioning search engine marketing and a few movies on that so what I do first was my web site stopped by with s first I purchase a 10 package deal off my man okay so like 10 with first and what I do is I will begin doing like pure anchor textual content model and context after which over time I will really add my very own articles so there’s net to make them stronger as a result of once I get and get them that they solely have a few articles however I construct them out a bit extra as soon as I’ve carried out the PBR the net I allow them to a bit slice it for a number of extra weeks after which I do the TV ends the if you’re doing internet online affiliate marketing and stuff or any sort of website positioning on web site there is a course of so when your web site begins it’s extremely recent it isn’t a good suggestion of begin throwing hints of hyperlink set okay it is it is a good suggestion to construct that sidecut let it marinate a bit bit simply let it sit there and sort of do its factor then after a month I might often begin constructing hyperlinks to it then possibly after a number of extra weeks I begin constructing TV ends to it it is at all times a nasty thought for those who construct your whole hyperlinks directly as a result of it is sort of like spamming and Google does not like that proper so I am time for that query what number of PPM’s do I purchase I begin off with ten sorry with I begin off with ten then the heavy ends I often purchase ten of these as properly now see how I’m going after which I wait a number of extra weeks then I will do some extra and I will do some extra on do some extra that is the way it goes it is on a quick recreation it’s extremely gradual now often because Google’s modified a number of issues however yeah that is how I do mine for that for that query okay the following query is definitely a superb one um as a result of I simply began doing loads of this myself so Dublin says Dublin historic belongings and them you retailer one thing would you suggest utilizing Fb Advertisements to go to blogs for selling merchandise I used to jot down blogs for Amazon affiliate websites reviewing bytes however I by no means did paid advertisements with it do you discover sending individuals to a weblog from an advert is simpler for gross sales oblique straight up picture or video advert okay so um I do not suggest promoting straight to blogs on Fb or any paper effort as a result of it is chilly site visitors often and it is costly however what I like to recommend doing what I have been doing rather a lot these days particularly on a few my affiliate websites really as you wish to have a pixel in your web site and retarget again to them for 2 causes primary it is low-cost okay you may’t your value goes to be half straightforward half little doubt about it and second in the event that they’ve already gone to your web page with the product on it and so they’ve left and do retarget them they’re possible fairly heat now so what which means in the event that they return they’re extra more likely to make a purchase order I have been doing loads of testing with this these days as in understanding actually very well for me particularly a few Clickbank merchandise that I have been selling as properly during the last six months I really did not actually click on I really watch the video miles Beckler and it was his his spouse was doing loads of retargeting again to her weblog from natural site visitors is available in and she or he retaliates again to them is smart proper however I did not actually consider that I’ve simply in movies different issues I have been doing with my on-line bonus weblog for a very long time nevertheless it really thought to do it with my affiliate blogs and so it really works fairly properly so my reply to that might be in case you are planning on doing PPE I am sorry the here–it of these things right here so I resolve to do away with them on the display screen as a result of I am she saves individuals’s names so um yeah what I might do shouldn’t be do direct coal site visitors to your weblog publish um you may however it will be costly and it is simply chilly site visitors you just about throwing cash away for those who’re already getting a pleasant trickle of natural site visitors from some other place it is best to retarget them that is what I’ve discovered with loads of my stuff so that is what I might do however simply take a look at as a result of if you’re sending individuals straight to a weblog publish from Fb it’s extremely laborious to transform them into one thing since you’re not sending them throught a funnel or something you are simply sending right into a web page with a product the media assessment and stuff however you I do not know check it out possibly it will work however keep in mind that Amazon affiliate you realize if I am to not do an Amazon affiliate however the Fee’s are fairly low so you are going to should ensure you get one thing again clearly to your advert so it isn’t going to make any cash so I acquired sort of top to Graham’s Andre at 40 50 bucks Fee cursing of Clickbank so yeah retargeting positively attempt that it is a fast query I ought to simply reply to the remark actually proper make sense however I will simply say it right here anyway do you publish your prime 10 assessment article to your Shopify weblog if you do not know what I imply that is from the website positioning video I did my final video sure you publish that to your weblog you hyperlink as much as the merchandise and also you ship hyperlinks to that weblog publish and so they rank or if you need you are able to do it on one other web site however simply make sense to do it on the Shopify weblog and somebody stated at all times asking about your writing expertise es I am surprising at writing once I was 19 years previous I crashed a bike right into a lamppost and truly smashed my hand I did all of it cannot get a knuckle put in and I needed to be taught to jot down from scratch or 19 years previous so my writing is surprising okay this is one which I really like you guys would possibly be capable of relate to that’s I simply carry the laptop computer over right here it’s kind of simpler um one query on price range to handbook bidding when working an exit or handbook bidding do you continue to scale the price range small or gradual or have you ever discovered that however then your bidding and units you may bounce the price range quicker and better okay so I will mingle being having them up an excessive amount of these days at the least you quite a bit I at all times thought the message price range anyway and I’ve discovered that with handbook bidding you might have rather a lot for some purpose that in all probability is smart I suppose you may often do larger jumps in your price range I’ve discovered that that works finest for me I am mechanically billion I’ve bother once I do large jumps and budgets however I begin like once I do something I am beginning at $1,000 a day sort stuff prefer it’s I am not beginning small for those who begin small with me like let’s simply say for those who do of each day price range of $20 and also you inform Fb you wish to get a conversion at 3 $four Fb finds it laborious to provide you their attain so I at all times begin off like $500,000 budgets anyway after which I have never carried out many bidding for some time nevertheless it makes use of duplicated to neglect advertisements which can be larger budgets otherwise you simply improve like at silly charges and I by no means actually had any issues aside from a number of issues however sure to reply that query um however I do not I do not scale the budgets smaller if you’re bidding as a result of I begin off for the massive price range anyway as a result of the factor is with handbook bidding you are you might have extra management Fb is not going to spend your cash except you you realize as a result of you are going to inform the macao on a most bid of $5 per conversion or 10 $20 or I would like a median however you are in additional management so you can begin off with thousand two thousand greenback days as a result of if Fb does not discover you a conversion the worth you need it isn’t going to spend the cash so you might have extra management it is a like Fb going to only go and spend all of that cash for you and waste all of your cash since you’re telling it what to take action you may bounce in with big budgets you clearly budgets it does not actually matter after which you realize often with Mendel bidding you may begin low and bit up otherwise you’ll begin hiring them down I often begin low and bit up after which even then some days generally it is a bit bit constant and generally it is constant they do not go up just a bit bit extra till I get the constant quantity of conversions for my price range by often I’m I’m going to greater price range anyway I do not miss with small budgets in the case of me or billing it is what it’s kind of of a waste of time I used to be trying like group $23 each day budgets you wish to be doing at the least like at the least 100 plus as a result of you realize yeah it is laborious to to sort of go over that with out going into element with imply you are bidding however um I simply watched a video the opposite day really and I wrote down some notes expenses get the notes proper so I am really going to sleep on the video sickness however Fb sit within the video you give it constraints if you give them loads of budgets and particularly a handbook bidding you give them constraints after which when there’s constraint and it strains up precisely with what I stated about low price range so like if you give Fb a low price range for instance at 5 ten {dollars} a day it will probably put area e-book in a constraint they do not they can not get you they can not get the attain and stuff that they actually wish to get you so yeah that was simply one thing sort of a video an public sale on Fb with the opposite day see when it comes right down to it menu opening is a whole totally different ballgame and I do greater budgets once I do my bidding alright this one um comes throughout my disc rather a lot okay seize the laptop computer once more okay I’ve a query if I am understanding what you are saying your video appropriately that is in regards to the that is my first Q&A you might be saying to decide on for those who select to start a marketing campaign with web site sorry web site conversion eggs to first use the Advocate possibility till you are giving 15 to 25 sounds per week for a number of weeks and to vary it to a purchase order possibility okay guys the squishing is requested rather a lot and like there isn’t any set method that is what Fb has informed us within the video that I watched the opposite day I ship these notes as properly I at all times I appears loads of webinars Fb has like 3040 stay in hours listed on their web site now let me simply discover it yeah so Fb I stated use the perfect various conversion closest to the perfect one so for those who’re getting a bunch of provoke checkouts proper that is a conversion however you are not getting sufficient purchases they’re mainly saying and sit on provoke kick out okay or for those who’re getting a not sufficient provoke examine ups and on math notices start a ton of Advocates then go to advocate okay you do not have to vary to buy both one thing like I’ve run loads of advert units on provoke checkout for a fee data Add to Cart and I’ve had very profitable campaigns individuals have to sort of like cease specializing in the aim on a regular basis as a result of what loads of guys are doing now could be this that they are getting them to the 1525 per week and so they’re altering straightaway to buy and it is simply messing up their exit since you mainly what you’ve got carried out is you’ve got informed Fb okay get me all these Add to Cart after which Fb’s in all probability simply making an attempt to optimize it begin an optimizer then you definately change it okay and also you’re mainly reset if then Fb now wants to regulate okay so um then to essentially reply that query prefer it’s laborious as a result of individuals simply wish to comply with what everybody else does however my recommendation is to not try this like mainly take away what Fb stated use the perfect various conversion okay so for those who’re not getting for example you are not getting the 15 twist by plus purchases per week however you will get 15 to 25 plus provoke checkouts per week use that as a convert or saying with add-to-cart if you will get 1520 advocates clearly however you may’t get sufficient gross sales then like for instance proper okay this is one thing the membership Health membership below to my pal one in all our exits solely will get about twelve purchases per week nevertheless it’s a excessive ticket merchandise so it does not matter okay we do not we’re not we’re not there to scale it up massively as a result of it is a excessive ticket merchandise we get good cash from these quantity of purchases and we’ve that sitting on abdicated and optimizes fantastically completely superb and we do not wish to scale that one up specifically as a result of it is making us a superb earnings as a result of excessive ticket proper we needn’t scale it up after which now we’ll scaling up by different pursuits however we’re not scaling up that specific exit as a result of it is working advantageous for us so the pins in your costs in case your merchandise and all types of stuff goes like you realize for those who’ve acquired a product that you simply make you realize so long as Fb clauses going round our individuals are making a thousand {dollars} per buy you are not going to have that on buy worth as a result of you realize more often than not of that you simply’re not going to get fifteen plus per week are you you are in all probability going to be sittin on add to chop so I hope that is smart you have to take a look at the high-ticket objects versity low ticket objects as properly if you’re doing that sort of stuff I do know for the health factor we’re doing we it’s a excessive ticket merchandise and we needn’t go 15 20 plus curates it as a result of we make sufficient cash with out doing that so we clearly we go one thing a greater various which is etiquette proper so yeah I hope that sort of solutions your query is to not get caught on buy a lot simply go to the perfect various the following various to to your buy or no matter you are making an attempt to do alright this is one other one for website positioning okay I get like it is a loopy query on a regular basis however I do not thoughts answering it what number of hyperlinks shall I exploit in backlinking guys is not any reply there isn’t any reply okay it will depend on your area of interest will depend on your web site like that is it I will go away that query there as a result of it is really easy there isn’t any reply what number of hyperlinks do you have to use I do not I do not know so that you simply maintain constructing good high quality hyperlinks till your web site begins to rank and even for those who’ve constructed too many it simply makes your web site stronger anyway so yeah time for that query guys there isn’t any quantity you may simply do no matter you need you realize set off a rule of thumb the straightforward of the area of interest clearly the checklist hyperlinks it’s a must to use and more durable than ish the extra hyperlinks you gotta use to disk off that alright guys this is one I actually wish to reply for a very long time okay um that it is a totally different context but when I by chance shot off my advert there is a little bit of problem as a substitute of recent ones we’ll simply merely flip it on once more proper loads of these consultants say practically ever ever arm pause an advert I’ve had one working since December final yr I pause it for 3 months okay and I simply began it once more Oh way back then I paused it once more for a month as a result of I used to be engaged on some stuff and the advert is run advantageous the reply it is run advantageous each time a optimistic introduced it again pausing your advert units do not do something unhealthy to your exits okay now some circumstances some individuals going to say yeah it does have gotten the proof and stuff okay proper that is okay however for me I’ve poured in fact as hits on a regular basis and by no means get any issues by no means any issues so to that query like you can duplicate it and begin a brand new one however simply let the opposite one run as properly see which one performs higher however you realize do not get scared to pause and reply and inner marketing campaign I ought to say after which flip it again on I do it on a regular basis then had any issues in any respect however the factor is is what individuals do not perceive what Fb once more as soon as once more I will get to my notes right here as a result of Fb point out this once more within the video what is the different day is um you are on a bit you are on an possibility so your exits particularly on automated bit are going to go up and down you may have good days and going to have unhealthy days proper it is by no means actually going to be loopy constant on automated bit so what occurs is these guys will pause the advert set and the following day or the following 24 hours the 48 hours in fact it isn’t going to run proper as a result of it is making an attempt to get again into the system it is making an attempt to regulate the sport proper you’ve got simply paused at Rio that the once I paused to be one in all you working from December the primary time once I ran it about three months later to 3 months later began it again and began March I feel it took about 4 days for to start out getting again to the place it was it was up and down actual unhealthy it was actual unhealthy it had two days of nothing after which it got here again up so I feel that is we wish to get caught as they suppose that when individuals say scaling all that all the pieces is constant on automated bit all the pieces shouldn’t be constant since you’re in a bid at totally different instances of the day you may have totally different you are going to have you realize it is simply totally different totally different instances of the day work higher than others and also you’re bidding in opposition to you’ve got been in opposition to different individuals so simply keep in mind that no matter you do to your advert units simply allow them to regulate and so they’re you are going to come again to the place they have been I feel I will maintain one affected person and so they pause after which begin once more and so they say by no means ever pause the keep your headset as a result of they have not waited lengthy sufficient and that hasn’t give sufficient time to sort of come again into the sport and readjust so I sort of hope that explains it to you I imply there isn’t any they’ve a pause perform for a purpose that is what if you pause it your advert simply stops if you unpause it it simply begins once more there’s nothing that occurs like all the pieces continues to be there you’ve got simply turned it on and off Fb is not going to be like oh properly we do not we’ll drawback you now one thing that is not how they work all you are doing is popping it off on and off there isn’t any no drummer there some guys that I am not on this enterprise do properly do not watch that video you may simply go away that video that me that these questions are actually humorous as a result of you may simply go away the video simply click on again button alright guys I will plan yet one more query as a result of this video is fairly lengthy I feel in all probability round about half an hour now and it’s a 9 o’clock I’ve loads of issues to do tonight it is solely one other three o’clock within the morning one for me okay so that is the good lengthy query they’re in all probability arm sort of enjoyable browsing issues for you guys proper so we simply went out now that is from the aggressive testing a video I lower by it actual fast as if it of stuff there something to know one factor I wished to ask when doing this particular person advertisements for every product are you – you are testing do select the perfect age group demographic and curiosity and simply use that vary for one advert you are working for particular product how does the concentrating on work on these and these aggressive kissing s okay so once I did aggressive testing video if you’re testing simply straight web site conversions and stuff you have to be considerably analysis earlier than you do those who’s it so age are often a reasonably broad as a result of what is going on to occur okay I’m going fairly broad lace I’ll go eighteen to forty to fifty or one thing after which I will do like a bit little bit of you realize transient search on the concentrating on however what is going on to occur is once I get my winner I will let it run for some time and I will dive it is all about information mining it is all about mining that information out of that advert cell later so what I will do then is once I get my successful exit I will dive again in per week later two weeks later I will see what instances work the perfect I will see what age group work the perfect then I will begin diving into that advert set after which I will begin dissecting a bit bit and I will begin doing extra headsets with that specific age or exclude specific international locations if we’re doing that form of stuff change entry or not change curiosity by duplicate into totally different curiosity that is once I begin to do all that sort of stuff with some aggressive testing as a result of the entire level of that aggressive testing is to only take a look at take a look at take a look at take a look at take a look at okay we’re not we’re not um you realize do a little analysis clearly it’s a must to analysis your curiosity and you realize stuff like that however do not get to the purpose the place you are doing a lot analysis that your Nike testing okay as a result of that is all I individuals do although do not achieve this a lot analysis a lot analysis and so they’ll come to the testing level and so they’ll be like I am positive this was going to work and I will get indignant and I get pissed off do not overthink it if you’re doing the aggressive testing stuff I might go massive on the ages eighteen to forty 18 to 50 I might select your nation’s in all probability III earnest to USA most on the time after which I might select like you realize I do the flick styling and stuff I’ll select larger audiences if you’re testing like that so I might in all probability go like at the least one million plus as a result of if you begin dissecting into them in a while and doing totally different ages and totally different curiosity or shrinking than curiosity possibly you are going to shrink that viewers down okay so it is we all know Chris of testing it is at all times finest to start out a much bigger viewers the larger the higher and now in 2017 Fb this new replace that is come out I will discuss this in one other video they’re mainly telling us that they are going extra broader now what’s loads of these items they’re mainly telling us to go broader and so they’ll do the work for us now they will inform what the error is to be that is sort of that is from actually what I’ve acquired from this updating from the testing I have been doing that’s the final query however yeah I simply sort of like if you’re aggressive testing like that or once I do it I will begin diving into my age intercourse in a while what is the collected information and do information mining then I will fear in regards to the ages they do not fear about bounce into extra curiosity and sure I do i do do curiosity analysis like I you realize I am not simply going to blindly goal individuals however I won’t go like actual loopy dialed down I am not going to dial right down to 2 hundred thousand three 4 hundred thousand individuals you realize stick in curiosity and flex concentrating on as a result of in a while I haven’t got a lot room to maneuver I do not I can not shrink the age as a result of that is going to in all probability lower my viewers and a half or one thing so yeah what any sort of testing is teams acquired larger to start out proper together with your viewers after which work on it later okay however at that time all you are making an attempt to do is use winners and I perceive lots of people in all probability properly you might have extra likelihood of discovering whether or not for those who do correct analysis and naturally do correct analysis however do analysis on a much bigger scale on a broader scale so it is simpler in a while to slender issues down okay if that is smart since you might use for example you get ten merchandise and also you get an viewers’s 300 thousand every okay they are saying as an illustration proper would solely say flatter and inform me to look a bit bit larger for those who get one winner and your one winner one viewers at 5 hundred thousand for example you’ve got acquired ages eighteen to thirty I am sorry eighteen to say twenty-five is doing actually very well for you however the danger of the ages aren’t doing that properly so that is you duplicate right into a one other exit with that 18 to 25 and for example that goes very well after which possibly you kill the opposite one however the one which’s rising very well do I feel it duplicated you just about lower it lower that viewers in half or in all probability round about that we must always simply lower the age massive time okay so yeah so but to love reply that query particularly do I select the perfect age group and demographics and curiosity I do not select the perfect age group then let’s have carried out PP you first in fact demographics and all that I mess with that later okay curiosity I’ll do a little bit of analysis okay as a result of I wish to lower a observe I wish to slender it down a bit bit however then I nonetheless wish to keep sort of introduced on the identical time it is a very very advantageous line there yeah oh there was one other query that I’d sure this is not yet one more okay sorry do you do single or carousel advertisements I do single advertisements for all of my coal site visitors okay single video or single picture I do carousel advertisements if I’ve a distinct segment retailer and I am doing retargeting okay so a type of I like a carousel advert I is perhaps doing fishing lures which I am in that market and so they’ll have one lure I’ve one other one and I may need totally different colours totally different sizes totally different manufacturers proper so sort of it sort of carousel is fascinating as a result of what care of salt does is it is mainly there and it offers the individual an choice to click on OK after which click on alongside and so they get rather a lot hotter they do one other click on and so they sort of go a bit bit hotter and so they examine you properly those that scroll down and so they take a look and I sort of scroll down now however for those who make goal with the carousel and also you’re already promoting to those who have seen me heat as a result of they’ve already been to your product web page anyway after which the extra that click on and work together together with your advert they sort of begin to turn out to be heat so it is simpler to truly get them into gross sales as a result of they’ve much more curiosity they’ve carried out little micro micro steps you realize I am like how clarify it is like for example you might have a bunch of fishing lures within the carousel proper and the man clicks is I left and I gradual it click on that – good little that is good legislation I will click on on that and purchase that that is higher than simply having one advert in a single picture and so they scroll down like I care and I am not excited about that nevertheless it’s a lot simpler to make use of carousel when retargeting I discovered that utilizing it in chilly site visitors I’ve by no means had something prefer it okay I’ve had my finest luck utilizing them was retargeting after they’re already sort of heat as a result of in they’re really going to have an curiosity in your model like okay properly so these guys acquired to supply me if that is smart in order that’s it for the session I will attempt to do them as soon as per week we both construct within the automobile and the workplace right here possibly my workplace on the town I will be establishing a recording studio throughout the hallway there quickly so I’ve acquired like so many questions right here it is it is insane um they’re by the best way guys if I am trying up upwards it is as a result of it is laborious to take a look at the lens and since I can see myself on there it is simpler however um I’ve acquired this pages and pages of questions and spend anyway – guys have any extra questions let me up rather a lot and I will be completely happy to go over them for you and I will attempt you realize if I get extra hip options I will attempt to do two or three days per week proper and make it easier to guys up I will see you on the following one

8 Steps to Making Your Blog A success – Passive Earnings Online Running a blog

You are seeing these articles all over the
web about these kids who are making a ton
of money by creating a blog.
Sometimes these kids are generating thousands
and thousands of dollars a day.
Sure, that’s rare, but there’s a lot of people
who are generating five, 10, 20 grand a month
from their blog.
I’m going to teach you today how you can create
a blog that generates income.
The first thing you need to do is go to
Once you go there, you’ll start seeing the
The article will break down how to get started
with your blogging platform.
But first it teaches you that you need to
pick a niche.
How do you know what to blog about?
Well, one, has to be based off of your passion.
If you’re really passionate about something,
you should probably consider blogging about
that versus something that just makes money
such as mesothelioma.
Mesothelioma and legal related keywords are
really lucrative, but who wants to blog about
that stuff?
It’s boring.
And if you don’t love what you’re going to
do, you’re going to eventually quit.
So blog about something you love.
You have to be passionate about it.
When you’re on that web page on
you can type in keywords, and it’ll break
down what industries have a big enough market
Now you’re like, All right, I’m passionate
about this subject such as clothing or fashion
and I know enough people are searching about
it so now I can create a blog about it.
But you don’t want to go too broad, and that
tool on, that how to start a
blog page, it’ll tell you if the niche you’re
picking is too big or too small.
Now that you got that out of the way sign
up for a hosting account.
You can use BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy,
whatever you want.
I would recommend that you use BlueHost because
with one click you can install WordPress and
then it’s up and running, you don’t have to
be technical.
Once it’s up and running, you can even pick
some themes and the design, they’ll give them
to you, and then you want to start writing
your articles.
Once you start writing your articles, there’s
a few things you need to know.
The first is if it’s not appealing, people
aren’t going to read it.
Think about it.
I’m writing this article, but I myself want
to read it.
If you don’t, don’t write it then.
If other people also want to read it, great.
You have to be willing to read it and other
people want to read it.
Ask people, survey them, just talk to your
buddies, friends, people that you know, be
like, 3Hey, would you like to read this article
about men’s fashion and how you can match
Yeah, all right, that sounds cool.4 Great,
then write it.
Now that you got your topic there’s a few
things you need to know.
First is your headline.
Your headline has to be appealing.
Go to Copyblogger.
They have this headline formula.
They’ll teach you how to write really persuasive
They even give you a formula and a tool that
you just have to plug and play keywords in
there, and you’ll be able to create really
cool headlines from that.
Now that you got your headline, outline what
your post is going to be about.
Just think about those high school days where
you think, write the introduction, you write
the body, and then the conclusion.
The body has subheadings, so just write your
introduction, write the conclusion, add in
your subheadings, and then fill the rest out.
That’s how you get started with writing your
first blog post.
When you’re writing your first blog post,
each paragraph can’t be more than five or
six lines.
If it’s more than five or six lines what’s
going to happen is it’s going to be too overwhelming
for people.
No one wants to read a 10 line paragraph.
It’s just too much.
Also, use the words you and I within your
blog post.
That way it’s like a conversation.
People will interact, engage with you, and
then they’ll leave comments.
Because your content is engaging.
You can also ask a question at the end of
your conclusion, which will help create more
engagement because that will spur more people
to leave comments.
And when they leave a comment, respond to
Don’t be a prick.
If someone asked you a question in person,
you would respond to them.
Do the same with your blog.
Once you got your blog post out, you of course
want to link to people within your blog post
to back up the main points you want to make
or any other cool blogs that you think would
benefit your readers.
Once you figure that out, you want to start
doing this on a consistent basis.
Write at least one post a week, but ideally
you should be blogging three times a week.
Over a course of six months to a year you’ll
build up a big base of readers.
As you build up a base of readers you can
use a tool called and
They’re free.
Hello Bar offers email subscriptions where
someone can subscribe to your blog by just
entering in their email and get notified every
time you release a new blog post.
Subscribers lets people know as they’re browsing
around on their computer in the browser that,
hey, you got a new blog post, and they should
go back to your site.
So the people will start keep coming back
to your site.
Then from there you can monetize in a few
One you can put Google Adsense.
It’s a quick way to make money from Google
in which they’ll pay you every time someone
clicks on one of your ads.
You can also use affiliate links.
There’s sites out there like
in which they’ll let you promote products
and services within your space, and every
time you generate a sale for someone else
you’ll get paid a commission.
That’s called affiliate marketing.
That’s a really simple way to start making
money from your blog.
The third way, and this is my favorite, why
not sell your own products or services.
Let’s say you have a site about fashion.
You can actually do let’s say a box where
they get mailed fashion tidbits, or they get
mailed fashion items once a month, and you
can charge a premium for that.
That’92s a quick way to make money.
It’s kind of like Birchbox.
Or you can sell a guide or an e-book about
men’s fashion or how to be swag on a budget.
Whatever it may be, you can sell an ebook
literally for $5, $9, whatever it may be.
This will all start generating you income.
And if you want, you can do a mixture of everything.
As you do this from the ads to the affiliate
marketing to selling your own products, you’ll
notice that over time your income will go
Just be patient and give it a good six months
to a year before you start making any decent
money from your blog.
Just like anything worthwhile it takes time.

Here’s Why Contributors Are Jealous of YOU

there’s an old saying I think it’s an Australian tall poppy syndrome as when it’s called that there’s two ways to have the tallest building in town the first way requires a ton of work is to build yours the tallest you got to assemble the materials you’ve got to organize a team you got to build four months and hopefully it’s the tallest building in town well what’s the second way it’s to build a building not as tall and tear everyone else’s down reality is that’s how some people go about life and on the internet when it’s anonymous it’s going to seem like there’s more people trying to tear you down remember this the more successful you get the more people will try to tear you down perfect example of this I had a video just the other week go semi viral all right got 400,000 views in the span of like two weeks and before you know it had 4,000 views pretty positive in there lots of things lots of oh I’m going to use this lots of really positive comments as soon as it started getting successful what happened all the hate came because they saw this video maybe something they felt they could talk about or that why is this guy getting all this credit why is this guy getting all these views X Y & Z they started on the video tearing it apart finding everything and some of their comments are really funny but that just proved to me this point that the more successful you become the bigger you get the bigger the target is for other people to come in and tear that building down prove them wrong use that as fuel use that as motivation to get out there kick ass and prove them wrong pretty soon they’ll come knocking back and ask if your hire realize that you’re the one playing on the court right now and all those people who are hating on you all those people who are watching your success are the people in the sidelines are the people in the stands how many people do you know go to a viewing party they got the beer belly and they’re making fun of the football players playing the game on the screen we’re talking about people who are out of shape when they’re the ones who are out of shape and anyone on the field could own them 50 times over because it’s easier to hate on people than it is to put yourself in the game so you’re the one who’s taking action but look the other people who think they could or wish they would have are you deaf hustle till your heater’s mastic require [Music]

Solutions to Engage Your First Proper Property Cope with Grant Cardone

so known as real-estate rise gonna be a great show today grant we’re going back to my old stomping grounds we’re going to start from Ground Zero your first deal we’re going to find your first deal that’s the name of today’s show find your first deal well you guys got this real estate investing with Grant Cardone big three oh five eight six five eight six six eight three oh five eight six five eight six six eight I’m thinking about getting rid of my plane guys hey dude I’ve been looking at planes all weekend okay they’re tripping me out yeah I mean you want to get I said Elena I need some new inspiration she’s like going controller comm that always does it for you I even look at homes I can’t afford they got a house down in uh and what South a here the L Gables Coral Gables on the ocean thirty two million dollars I did the math on it but put ten million down it would cost me 120 thousand bucks a year no no is that right no no it cost me a million no let me see 22 million 22 me see I’m still sexing over it I didn’t put 10 million dollars down and it would cost me 12 132 yeah 130 mm what’s the debt 20 22 million dollars no it’s gonna cost me 100 grand a month yep like dang dude at 110 110 a grand a month and that’s before the lawn mow is mode before furniture then I got to get a boat because it’s got a damn boat slip so that’s gonna cost me what’s that gonna cost John it’s all free it doesn’t even matter it does so selling a mic I mean I put 10 million dollars down the first thing I think is what its first thing I think of real estate Ron how much money you’ll be able to make down there I could put no no I can put 10 million in an apartment deal I know I’m like I could I could buy the same up I could buy a 32 million dollar apartment that would pay me for eternity with the same 10 million dollars isn’t and by the way I don’t have to get a boat so I’m like how do I do that life how do I do that lifestyle without spinning for it oh go rent a house for a hundred grand a month yeah or 200 grand a month I can win I can rent that house for 200 grand a month and get it out of my system that would be stupid too right rather than committing to it for 30 years and use the ten million dollars to go buy an apartment that would produce incoming to pay for the house yes see that’s what we talk about on this show so really appreciate you joining me today appreciate the shares thank you so much stuff so much let me just give a shout out to all my friends that are sharing by the way we’re getting ready to start the show this is the pre-show – real estate investing made simple and if you want to be involved in this documentary that I’m doing that everybody’s talking about if you’d like to get involved you can post a video on YouTube what should we call it guys grant cardone documentary yeah grant cardone document money documentary if you want to post a video of it rich versus poor what were you taught who taught you mom dad uncle aunt grandfather teachers what did they teach you about money did they teach you how to invest it okay and finish these statements in your video penny saved is a penny which money won’t make you happy money is the root of all don’t answer the question okay rich people are answer those questions and in addition to that the second phase of this is going to be did your parents teach you about compounding did they teach you about investing did they teach you where to invest did they talk about making money did they talk about getting rich did they talk about passive income did they talk about cover this in your video did they talk about multiple flows of income and how you were going to get it or did your parents have about this much financial literacy or were they financially illiterate I’m trying to show why people are broke okay stay with us hope you enjoyed the pre-show [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I owned it hey welcome to real estate investing made simple my name is grant cardone here we got the whole crew we got a real estate run you know and miss captain Ryan because he flies a plane with me welcome real estate Ryan thank you sir thank you for having me today we got Roberts sis load the video genius on the ones and twos he’s the guy that markets and advertises for you and pushes you out along my channel to make your brand your message clear with video and then we tell the whole world about how good you are what’d you do today Monday we talked about real estate we make real estate investing simple the number here’s 305 eight six five eight six six eight we look at deals your first deal we look at your deal we make sense of your deal how to buy it how to sell it how to add value to it you might have seen an Instagram post or YouTube post I’m sorry a youtube post I did this weekend about one of the things I do to reduce my cost and rehab property you might have seen that on YouTube this weekend where I went to a hotel did you see that captain Ron yeah real estate Ron you’re you were at hide how was it that I was it was at Hyatt yeah Hyatt nice hide hotel hyd e right here in Miami just up the street and I went up to have breakfast on the ninth floor and outside they have all this beautiful furniture and they got these arbors and a nice infinity pool we just bought a property called here on point up in Boyton beach boynton beach we’re rehabbing the property and rather than me hiring an architect or designer what I do is I go to hotels that have just been done grab a $40 breakfast the black sharpie I take my iPhone out and I’m like couch table all that’s by the way synthetic wood that they had on the tables which was brilliant arbors shoot it colors pillows boom I give it to captain Ryan real estate Ryan and I’m like hey dude let’s do this at hair on point and changed her name from hair on point to heroes héroes point where heroes live where people go to live to become heroes hey my name is Grant Cardone and every Monday we do this for you I want to make real estate investing simple for you our lines are probably are already full we’re full five collars on we got space for one more today we’re going to talk about how to get started in real estate how to get started how do you find your first deal how do you get your first deal how do you analyze it how do you finance it how do you manage it by the way I just gave you the four things you gots to figure out okay let me pull up my magic real estate board okay man I hate I hate pulling this in because you know what then I take out all that real estate I just hate that okay so look when you’re gonna buy your first deal here’s what we’re gonna do all right buy your first deal they pulled it my magic board buy your first deal first deal okay and we’re going to assume because so many people are writing in particularly on our YouTube channel okay I had 200 questions if you go to my youtube channel if you subscribe when you subscribe when you subscribe and when you comment I’m the guy answering the questions there okay so whether you’re wherever you watch this I actually get the content okay I get these questions this is what I use for my shows so I really appreciate your comments your questions if you’re watching live great if you’re watching after the fact either way I’m going back and looking at stuff you’re like how do you find the time to do all this because I care okay I care so captain Ryan here who’s off camera he says grant I paid twenty ten and picked twelve thousand dollars for courses is that true plus plus yeah what one course was ten grand I did the the Robert Kiyosaki Gil for the same courses that you’re given information so look a lot of your asking look only got five or ten thousand dollars let me show you how to find that deal today and I’m also do I’m going to also break one of my rules here I say look man look for 16 units that is a perfect scenario 32 units is the perfect scenario but look if you don’t have the money you got to get started a to unit or four unit or six units or eight units let’s get started there let’s rehab it let’s get the final deal fix the deal get a loan on the deal short-term loans because we’re going to flip you out of the deal so that you can move to twelve units we’re going to do the same thing with the twelve years we’re going to flip you out of that get you 16 units we’re going to do that again that’s what I did okay so first first four things the only four things you really need to do okay I’m going to give you one thing before this but four things you need to do you need to find a deal obviously find a deal there’s one thing you need to do before these first four things I’ve talked about that in other earlier shows real estate investing made simple Grant Cardone TV by the way this is brought to you by Grant Cardone TV second thing you got to do is analyze the deal Ryan do you know the thing you have to do before these first four things you have to know 100% that’s right that you want to buy real estate you got to know not just real estate you got to know this is the game you need to be in okay the multifamily game okay the fourth thing you need to do is you need to build a manage it those are the four simple things that you need to do with investing real estate there go ask your mom or your dad your uncle or your aunt hey I’m thinking about buying some some some apartments and renting them out what do you think it’s a negative bull terrible idea Oh be careful oh my god don’t do it and it’s toilets and termites oh you’re gonna have people calling you Oh a real estates to expense at midnight I am yeah I had a lady tell me I want to buy real estate but I don’t want to buy right now because it’s too expensive like then you’re never gonna buy bait you can’t just buy when it’s cheap then you got to be out in the marketplace buying stuff okay so how do you find a deal the first thing to do to find in a deal is to go on a site or go in your local paper or start calling your commercial real estate brokers hey I’m looking for a property you got to talk about what you’re looking for when we come back from break I’m going to walk you through it I’m going to find a deal while we’re here I’m going to show you what it would cost how to manage it how to analyze it how to finance it put over 20 years of experience in the real estate game cash now PA is the place to go for buying homes for cash with no fees any condition with BBB accreditation great abou donor of cash now PA has been helping customers get in and out of homes creating better spaces for living and making a difference in local communities with the focus on buying homes all cash no fees with any condition also be BBB accredited visit cash now PA com that’s cash now PA com buying or finding a new home should not be stressful or boring with over 14 years experience good time Tommy has spent his time building strategies tips and content that will help you the new homeowner or seasoned homeowner get the best deal for your money and UK navigate and celebrate because whether you’re buying or selling you’re gonna get more traffic to your property promotion on every channel and watch as Tom and his team work until you are satisfied your new home awaits you with good time Tom and his team subscribe like and follow a good time Tommy calm that’s good time Tommy Chong’s one company to work for in the smart home industry skyline security right now is looking for the best of the Grant Cardone following to join their team and expand financially and professionally go to join skyline calm to register labelled by Inc 5000 as the fastest growing company for the last two years in a row you get to protect families grow your wealth and join a team of top producers skyline is looking for great people go to join skyline calm that’s join skyline calm to get started on a brand new 10x career path go to join skyline calm to register we’re back and we’re live thank you so much for being here I want to shout out to Coby Glen Braun gates Andrew Vannelli Charles and Mattila Lawrence thank you for sharing with your friends grant cardone is live we have six colors on the line I’m trying to make real estate investing simple before you do these four things find analyze finance and manage that would be called the what them before you find analyze finance and manage or we could call it the fam find a deal analyze the deal money money you need the money and you need to manage it what we’re going to do is you’ve got to know this is the game you want to play okay folks if you don’t know this is the game you want to play do none of this matters none of this matters folks okay male female young oh if you don’t know you want to do the deal because you’re going to have a bunch of people tell you not to do the deal now I’m pulling out my emails right now I’m going to show you a four-plex this came up a Zillow you normally I use loot net because I’m a commercial real estate buyer anything below what is it twelve units is not considered commercial is that right run five so one at one of four units is consider residential learn one word Warren Warren two for one to four units is considered a residential purchase on your first deal I am going to break my rule of sixteen units are smaller so Robert Cisco once it get in the real estate game okay he’s like man he lives in Phoenix Arizona can y’all see this deal can I can I pull this deal up how much is this deal run bet that deals sold for two to 260 okay so I’m in Phoenix Arizona yep I’m gonna find a deal I’m going to show you how to buy this deal it’s four units it’s $260,000 okay don’t worry about the price right now let’s say we’re going to give them the full 260 I go into every deal captain Ryan can tell you this I go into every deal assuming I’m giving them all the money right I was trying to buy a deal we just blew out of Friday right here in Miami okay and we went in we went in assume the full price of the deal plus some okay you do not want to go and say I’m going to buy for 240 if you got to make sense now you see now now do you took it over for me is that right am I still in the shutter yeah there you go so um if you got to make sense because there’s a price to do this deal this deal doesn’t make sense okay if this is a private deal four units five units or less okay you’re gonna put 5% down where do I get that money from kepta I would go to a regional bank but you can go to Wells Fargo you go to Bank of America you can go to any bank FHA FHA yes you live in one of the that you can get FHA right a little one you can get a VA we’re gonna live in one of the units for some period of time yeah that’s how you’re going to get the best loan here you could probably do this deal with 3% down so Robert okay Robert could go to the bank and say hey I’m gonna put 5% down that gets me what is that $13,000 yeah so imagine he owns a two hundred and sixty thousand dollar building for 13 grand okay now let’s compare that for a second to vesting in the stock market if you if you have thirteen thousand dollars to invest in the stock market how much stock you get what you paid for it thirteen thousand let’s say you weren’t about thirteen thousand dollars with a Bitcoin you get 13,000 get it okay in real estate with 13 grand you can get a quarter of a million dollars so I know for sure that you if you can hold on to this deal if you do the next steps right the funding the analyzing and the managing if you can do those three things right and buy it right thirty years from now that place will be paid off Dave Ramsey it’ll be paid off you won’t have any more debt Dave okay but without the debt without the debt you could never do this okay thirteen thousand dollars is $13,000 this money is going down and value this is going to go up in value over time okay why not because it’s real estate why will this go up in value captain Ryan captain real estate run because it produces income and this goes back to the first thing I told you you need to understand why this game works and why this game is different than a house what’s different than an office building why it’s different than any other commercial real estate okay so what are the payments going to be on this deal captain Ryan do you have the rest of numbers for me payments are going to be I’m gonna finance $247,000 dollars okay we’re taking your calls by the way what are the payments of two hundred forty seven thousand seven multiplied times six yep the rate factor a money factor of seven forty seven one two three times six percent equals uh oh my god I’m so bored twelve twelve thirty five 12345 dollars I’m sorry no one thousand two three five so it’s 1200 ollars a month no it’s not do it again multiply 247 I got to do everything you know sure you do times 247 times six it’s fourteen thousand eight twenty a year okay okay well that’s a lot different than we need divided by twelve fifty thousand dollars a year okay so I round it up now what is the income of this property this is the debt this is the death I’ll put thirteen thousand dollars down I’m gonna pay fifteen grand a year for it okay yeah y’all want to give me you want to pull the camera out so they can see the full shot John come on John come on Johnny sir Johnny keep it tight keep it right 2850 is the intim okay so the income on this deal gross now now in analyzing and what am i doing first thing I do is find a deal we found the deal it’s down to bought a duck bottom left-hand corner here found a deal in Phoenix on 8101 thirty-third dry hot little piece of material on this joint this is the debt okay so what is the income on the deal I’m gonna go back and analyze it now what is the income 2850 a year a month per month well dude I’m doing an annual oh sorry about that Guddi for thirty four to thirty four thousand two hundred dollars okay what is it gonna cost me to run this operation remember my rule of some thumb fever is going to cost you $17,000 half it’s not because it’s smaller deal this deal probably cost you about ten thousand bucks a year is that fair to say you’re gonna manage it yourself you’re going to probably be on the property that makes me $17,000 okay seventeen thousand my debts 15 grand I make two thousand dollars a year that’s your first real estate deal two thousand dollars on a 13 thousand dollar investment will be one of the best investments you make in your entire lifetime that’s fifteen percent is that right fifteen sixteen percent that your two thousand dollars your cash flow are you after my debt yeah okay that’s 180 bucks a month oh now you’re like for $180 a month dude I can go free cash fan or a streetcar in from big for $180 you’re right that’s why I don’t like little deals because they’re paying an ass but here’s the deal we’re probably going to bail the manage this thing for like $12,000 a year because we’re going to do it ourselves that’s a nexus now twenty-two thousand two hundred dollars a year if we never raise the rents this makes me seven grand now it becomes interesting because I’m earning fifty percent on my money yeah but that last means in two years in two years look if you’re not convinced to do this when I finish this today really I’m thinking Glock left pent temple okay see somebody to lend your bullets because it’s bad it’s bad it’s wrecked okay don’t go away don’t leave do not hang up I’m gonna look at your deal when we come back for me I just made you 50% of your money boys and girls real estate made simple [Music] have you ever thought about just getting away with the right people at the right time to get your mind right and your business right guess what we’re doing st. Bart’s October the best weather you can find on that Island little exclusive island in the middle of the Caribbean it is an amazing place to go to my wife and I have been there hey guys my wife and my kids have been there twice now we’re going back in October we would love for you to come join us five days dinner every night with us very exclusive trip we’ll have lunch each day together the rest of the day we just build our life build our business build our futures map it out I want to do it with you they’ll be there I am we hope you’re there we’re gonna have a blast are y’all ready for st. Barths girls [Music] franchising is listed by Grant Cardone is one of the ways to become a millionaire let the experts at plan finders be with you every step of the way is your partner finding buying selling and promoting franchises with over ten years experience brand finders is the company to help get set up a franchising to help you get set up with owning your own franchise and finding a franchise that’s right for you is it friend finders calm that’s grand finders calm to get started with your search today hey welcome back Grant Cardone here making real estate investing simple for you I just showed you a deal in Phoenix Arizona okay it earns $34,000 a year it’s going to cost $12,000 a year to manage it we’re going to make $22,000 our debts going to be what did I say fifteen thousand bucks okay you’re going to make seven thousand dollars on a thirteen thousand dollar investment for – not a bad deal now grant if I rent one of the four units which we did I would not make $34,000 a year you remember what I did when bought four units rented three of them I lived in one of them that’s what you’re going to tell the bank and that’s what you need to do for 12 months the end of 12 months you get the blow out of the deal and rent the fourth unit the first year you’re going to get paid by three other people and you have to count if you’re smart person you should count your rent you should actually pay this property rent I rent where I live today I rent where I live I actually own the building in an LLC and then I rent it for myself I pay myself rent okay you’re like oh no I’m gonna rim the place is not gonna make 34 grand you does not count the money okay okay you understand so so if you have a question I want to answer it if you have a deal I want to answer it alright this is a 50% return on your money what do you need to know where do I find a deal how do I analyze the deal I’m sorry number two how do I finance that deal where do I get the debt from a bank regional bank Wells Fargo local bank it’s easier to get this loan by the way then it’s that single family house loan you agree with that run absolutely why because the other three units for this income you need to put up with headaches yeah you’re gonna have to put up with a freakin $37,000 headache now I’m learning 600 bucks a month if I don’t increase the rent tolas now imagine before I take the next caller get them ready imagine if I could increase the rents by 50 bucks a month 50 times 3 is 150 bucks times 12 is $1,800 now the 7,000 becomes 88 8800 what if I get another 50 bucks next year what if I get another 50 bucks a year after that what if I get another 50 bucks now I’m making 10 or 12,000 bucks a year when you were a pilot Ryan how much did this help by the way this is the deal you did right it is just one of them okay and then he sold the deal I made a little dough okay may 30 2009 there that’s why he’s on with the show but we got a lot of comments coming folks we had comments coming in we got people talk and we got them subscribing okay done yeah yeah do you mind you mind if I just add really quick so so to find the deals these deals the wonderful are gonna be on the MLS MLS or yellow so your relationships with real estate agents you know your you know your relationships with with let’s talk to our first caller where’s our first caller Verizon Philly Philly okay so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to Zillow I’m gonna put in Philly what’s up man hey hey there grant thank you thank you so much for taking my call oh come on man come on come on don’t don’t don’t make me feel all mushy inside awesome yeah I I just have a quick question I’m currently negotiating a deal right now and I also just saw one that looks super interesting on with that yeah and I’m wondering which of the two you would rather do okay you want to give it to me yeah let me just get let me just guess the address yeah oh yeah no go ahead he says go for it I’ll go and number two yeah okay I’ll give you the address yeah yeah okay so what I’m currently negotiating right now is 2327 Park Avenue Park Avenue yes sir and where is that it’s in Philadelphia it’s right or right by Temple University really yeah you like it I don’t love it the second one I just I’m gonna go up that one is the one I’m feeling I know why are we looking at 600k let me just tell you let me tell everybody something right now if you don’t love the deal today I like it I like it now you said you didn’t love it dude you don’t love it today you’re not gonna love it tomorrow I like it tomorrow I think okay you only want the one I love that I think I like I like more yeah I’m much rather than that man okay all right here we go all right so it’s 6040 third straight six yeah what so fix out 43rd Street y’all watch me doing this right now yeah and it came up it came up in the search right so look you can find out anything I don’t even need a broker right now okay it brings me to Lube net oh nice nice I like this man right bite you pen okay so he stepped up so give me the numbers man give me the numbers on this deal yes Joe it’s for 1.6 million okay right now we just stepped out we just we just went from residential to commercial okay the seventy is 14 units yeah yeah 14 units no he does not he no longer qualifies so what are the four steps find a deal he found a deal number two and there’s the money gonna come from okay how much you got you’re gonna need 400 grand about this deal you know that right yep there okay the bank will finance a million – it might be a little less than that you might have to put 500 grand down okay the rule of thumb is 65% I’ll get you alone 75% I don’t know okay but if you got 75% if you got 25% of that’s the 400 I can probably get you another loan for another 100 just to get you a traditional debt right here remember the four steps find a deal second finance and deal third thing analyze it what is the gross income of the property all right the Cabaret no I don’t have I don’t have you in common okay good give me the camp right I’ll go in backwards uh well I have the rent I have the rent so we could kind of back into it if you want okay what’s the total rent all right give it dude give me the cat purring you know they give me the cap right cuz I just saw I just saw that it’s a six cap right okay yeah yep give me the cap right I mean give me a little in a why it’s not on okay it’s about a 100k yeah so sixteen three zero your there’s room on this point zero six one it’s ninety nine thousand four hundred thirty okay so it’s got $100,000 Noi now what does that mean the Noi if I take it because the cap rate is on the site okay it says cat six percent it’s not a six percent nothing ends in zeroes ever okay see he gave me a ninety nine number what did I do I rounded up so we already know the numbers are false very very very important to understand we’re in the second step analyzing a deal but let me just average this fight this fund that we round off stuff right here while we’re doing this you just got to understand that everybody’s lying to everybody okay most of which is you lying to you yeah not other people okay divided by 0.06 so this deals a million 666 you owe me the price right yeah good so the Noi okay so we know we’re going to finance this number this is the number we’re going to finance 70 we know they analyzed a hundred thousand that’s before debt we know what we got to put down this is our down payment right here hmm that’s gonna be 72 K 72 thousand dollars is the debt how do we figure that out okay you take point oh six it’s a rule of thumb 0.06 in today’s rate market times the deck the million to 70 mm so this deal will make twenty eight thousand dollars a year if the 72 will cover your principal and interest before any rent yeah principal and interest oh also if we could it is possible if we gonna underwrite the exit I know you know that that’s a bit good now this dude knows what he said out okay yes dude knows when you sum up because part of analyzing is how do I get out of this deal I’ve talked about it on earlier shows by the way you see all the shows at Grant Cardone TV ford slash real estate it’s a 7 percent return I mean that that’s with that’s with no capex budget that’s with no yeah because below I mean the important thing is knowing your NY like 100 percent knowing what the expenses are what the NOI is because if this property needs maintenance and capex that’s gonna eat that twenty eight thousand dollars can you see it can you make it bigger for me cap let X capital expenditures oh it’s a little con lag because I want to show you this deal because I mean what is this 1940 1938 how old is this deal man 1920 I said 1938 okay I was out by eighteen years but what does it matter when you’re 100 years old yeah so so look we know what we’re gonna have asbestos we’re gonna have lead-based paint lead-based paint we’re gonna have you can’t you can do anything here dude every time you do something here I’ll show me huh old plumbing old plumbing you got it you might be a little bit put them washers and dryers in it yeah okay good that’s good and what are these things written for um so ya might be call you out Joe okay month monthly rent is dick 81 681 that should here number thank you for this video for the studio and over the one-bedroom its 840 it’s about 50/50 yeah and you know there might be there might be some rental disparity right ya know um it does competing right this is a business on me I’m a flyer yes yes so what’s the play here dude what’s the play on this deal so I like I’d like to go in each year raised red 7% raise the rent 7% every year ideally it possible who’s doing that who’s doing that dude I mean you know that you possible blow me to market I don’t know the market I mean yeah the thing that concerns me is my store thinking you’re gonna raise the rent every year 7% that’s not a real look look I’ve had property where I raise the rent a hundred dollars every month I got a problem we just bought we walked in raised the risk 200 bucks I don’t need like when you say I’m gonna raise the rent every year I’m going to go into freaking crush the rents as fast as I can and maybe not raise them again see see is that easy all the brokers say oh you’re going to raise the rents 3% a year dude I I go in first of all I figure I’m never going to be able to raise the rents I need to make sense of this deal when I analyze it I’ll never be able to raise the rents and the expenses are going to keep creeping up and three or four or five years from now you’re going to have some major expense on this joint so this is the real stuff you need to understand about real estate okay so how many deals have you looked at uh at least 50 good look at another 50 and then call me back and when you want to him bro when you walk in you can’t like something you got to walk in and say this is a steal man this is steal you can’t think I’m gonna maybe raise the rent seven percent of you you got to walk in and say I’m dropping washers and dryers by the way you didn’t tell me what that was going to cost okay I’m gonna you know you know I’m saying do you have the room can you do it what will it cost like have all your numbers down and then call me back and say hey grant this things that screamer okay let’s just talk question you ask the broker on this deal well I would ask him when’s the last time it traded waited trade for what’s the upside what’s the exit how do I get out how much money would I spend hey would you would you would you buy this deal yourself okay what’s the worst thing that can happen to me in this deal what’s the best thing you could happen to me in this deal oh by the way I’d go back and ask those questions to them another time hey when did it trade last again I told you that in the last call I forgot man I didn’t take any notes what did it trade for I don’t know I don’t remember guess okay what’s the upside what’s the downside what do you like about the deal what don’t you like about the deal would you put your own money in this deal just I just freakin I just and then I call up a bank how do you see the deal how would you under right it what do you think is this real like why do you do that though why do you ask for a second time because because because what one you know I need to know okay the most important thing with any investment any business a relationship you’re having a relationship with this this this building for the next thirty years folks you want to know I love this thing okay every piece of real estate that we own today if the world went to hell tomorrow I would wake up tomorrow morning dude everything got pulled down in value and I love it all okay I love it all I don’t have to get rid of anything I just got to weather the storm there’s going to be a storm I’ll weather this storm and when we get on the other side of this storm baby all that property goes straight back to and exceeds where it last left off let’s talk to the next call hope that helped man I do knows what he’s talking about though see he’s been looking at deals see the difference when somebody looks at 50 deals and somebody looks at the first two Ramon what’s going on give me your deal this is Suze Orman and I will tell you what to do and how to do that this debt is good debt Ramona Ramona leverage leverage leverage ramen how many section it’s Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond real estate let’s let it worry man on you that was good grant come on I got ya you know I put on YouTube that if you can’t keep up a great you shouldn’t call in so the area I live and there’s a lot of bad economic area and I noticed that when you’re rehabbing your deals that it seems to be like 7% is the rehab cost that you do is that just calculated strictly from the cash flow or in do you fair amount of shrimp now dude first of all first of all it doesn’t have anything to do a cash flow it doesn’t have anything to do with some 7% number I’ve never used that number dude it is what it is the roof cost with a roof costs okay floors cost what they cost carpets cost what they cost paint cost what it cost you got to figure out what it costs so what do we spend on that her on point on her on one unit or on the whole of the roof just the roof 835 K eight hundred and thirty five thousand dollars what are we going to spend on the on the on the the clubhouse two forty two hundred forty thousand dollars okay dude those two numbers totals those two numbers represent more money than I put down on my first deal mmm-hmm I spend more money fixing a deal that most people spend buying a deal so it’s just as long as it fits in the deal and it doesn’t affect my exit no because it will affect your exit right it will affect your exit because the only reason to spend money is two reasons raise rents or to sell now if I know I’m going to put a new roof on this was a roof and this this was a clubhouse okay and this is a clubhouse right first of all the roof doesn’t get me anything the roof gets me nothing the reason I put a new roof on is because and by the way I could have waited three years but I just know because I played the game long enough if I want to put her new roof on okay I’m not gonna own this deal for 35 years let me go ahead and do it now what why wait three years this scared money weights this is what I said Bobby man Bobby’s gonna wait and do it late he’s gonna do it Bubba did if you’re good if you know you’re gonna get a new kitchen why don’t you just go ahead and get one now I start enjoying it right get it over with man so we put a roof on the first 30 days be on the deal so what do they say new sheriff in town we went painted the curbs I don’t know what that costs we’re gonna fix the slurry coat this the suit though the seal coat the driveway said we’re going to stripe everything so we’re like there’s order in this freaking joint okay we took a couple units and just went rip them out ripped out all the six thousand six thousand a unit six that would spit six thousand dollars a unit why am i doing that we get two hundred dollars increase okay okay that’s a nice return two hundred dollars times twelve twenty-four twenty-four hundred that’s a twenty that’s a forty percent return on my money but why did we do it we didn’t do it in the beginning we did it for one reason dude there’s a new in town tell Eric Clapton isn’t the sheriff in town okay whoo you shut up the sheriff writ on time oh boo yeah so dude dude why am i doing this in McGee there’s a lot of different reasons what you’d want to do something okay one reason I want to do somethings I want to UM no new sheriff in town second reason is we raise the rents immediately oh by the way we’re only going to fix check this out check this freaking genius out there’s a hundred ninety two units there we’re only going to fix about ten of them I’m going to raise the rents on those ten and I’m gonna let the other 182 come up with them so I’m not going to spend money on all of them I’m gonna spend 60 grand on ten units six sixty thousand at sixty thousand in total I’m gonna fix the club Allison I’m gonna fix the roof okay I’m going to spend some money on arbors and barbecue pits and I’m a freak I’m a sex to join up that’s why I was at that hotel this weekend you can see that video on my youtube channel where I’m walking around the hotel them to find out what color umbrellas what color arbors who makes that material I can get the name off of it I don’t need a hire architect or designer I just go steal other people’s stuff right there what’s worked in other environments you steal ideas all the time right I do this I do this for you real estate investing made simple so you guys can steal from my mistakes and not do them okay don’t duplicate them okay go ahead you get what I’m saying here I sure do and I want to thank you throw the money that you don’t raise for us veteran oh the little day you got it brother you got a happy Memorial Day thanks for calling in all right thank you hey make sure folks again subscribe to my youtube channel you’re going to see us drop in more and more content on there about buying real estate please please subscribe to the channel post comments okay and I tell you what I’m going to do every month I’m gonna give away somebody that subscribes to qualify I’m going to give away I’ll underwrite your deal I’ll look at your deal who knows maybe I’ll become a partner in your deal we’re going to go to LA captain Ryan real estate Ryan doesn’t know this but we’re going to go to LA and actually shoot a show on buying big I’m going to look at your deals buy my big deals and maybe be a with you and your deals so if you want to be part of that part of that subscribe to the YouTube channel post comments send me your deal in comments if you got a deal when I’m out in LA or Houston maybe will give you a ring and say hey we’re coming over to look at your deal I want to look at your deal we need to teach captain Ryan how to use a camera either that or I got to drag you guys around with me all over the countries next caller Chris give me your deal son give me your deal boy hey glad how you doing good brother good thanks for calling real estate investing made simple thank you for doing what you do I really do it free home and it’s the least I could do is help people come up makes me feel good with a single said here’s the thing I’m a 23 year old new business owner I just opened an auto dealership my wife helps me she works a time as well and I want in there that shadows first getting into met by family should I try again to duplex for flex now or reserve capital wait longer and do a bigger deal to start out like you talked about well grossing like a grease line you got to do is get your hair right okay uh well man look how much dough you got the cash I about all about five to seven thousand cast right now to work with well yeah okay so I mean the way to do it right now for you man it is is the flipper deal what’s it what city do you live in Vancouver Washington okay nice little tight market love it up there okay I’d go you know I mean look ideally ideally is you wait but but if you can’t wait because you got that freaking hustle hunger then what you do man what you do is you buy four units and you flip them there’s nothing wrong with the slipper game as long as you guys understand you’re not trying to keep this real estate forever you want to get in and get out as fast as you can all right so I don’t know if you can see this is they’re just a big lag okay Vancouver what why Coover Washington I dated a girl from Merridew she was hot – she was like oh well I thought you dated the girl with their first name Vancouver is like that’s a little weird you know this girl she was sweet really I shouldn’t say she was hot but it was it was it was one of those neurotic relationships Robert you’ve been in some of theirs dude it was freaking erotic it was there in place you know you know the only time we didn’t argue is when we LuAnn a sex only time we didn’t no idea the only time dude that everything was perfect was when we were having sex okay so so look I’m looking for four units whose eye owner how do I find four units on Zillow do you know you have a deal for me to look at man I don’t exact deal no no I can find one yeah so how do I find four units home type let me home tight make your bank apartments there you go okay let me get rid of all houses I don’t know if y’all see me doing this I basically went to Zillow Zillow Zillow super-slow um I see okay and let’s see here okay there’s a studio for 500 and here’s another studio dude I mean yeah I can’t even imagine paying $250,000 per unit so this is what this deal says this will pop up in a second a little bit of a lag here’s a studio 2800 zero look at Washington or beat zebras Fabio I’m Vancouver Washington man yeah okay okay 9150 North East can you make it bigger so they can see what I’m looking at I’m looking at it right now yeah I’ve got 32 North East bills two years before I was born it’s $570,000 so I’ll just I’ll just do the math for a year but you got to know your market I don’t know what the upside is here okay you’re going to put 5% down you’re going to tell the bank that you’re going to live in one side of it 275,000 Oh at $27,500 will buy this deal okay so you need you need to save up 22 grand right you’re going to finance you’re going to finance five hundred and whatever that other number is 40,000 what’s the note of that going to be what is it without 540 times six is thirty two thousand dollars a year thirty they’re looking for you thirty-two thousand yep thirty-two for thirty two thousand and and it’s you know this thing is going to have to rent for what I mean what does it say it’s going to rent for all three units attached single car even if you did I mean even if you did 1,200 1,300 bucks huh I mean that’s high right $1300 so 1300 they’d probably financing less times times three units 3,900 bucks 4000 units there’s only two units here okay those sitters what would this thing rent for three three units but I’d say up there I said there a studio feel about 900 bucks a month 950 well there’s no way this worked no two grand a month two units times 1,024 times there’s no way you you don’t have the data this guy’s got to rent for more than that otherwise they wouldn’t ask of us okay so there’s got to be some other data that nobody can sell something from what then it’s worth 2 units 4 units 8 units 16 units a beautiful thing about real estate this kind of real estate income producing real estate it’s all based on not what somebody think it’s worth how much income it can produce that’s what makes it real so so bro the other thing I would tell you to do man it’s is know the market ok you need to know the market alright thank you for calling hope that helps and happy Memorial Day real estate investing made simple got one more caller I want to talk to that person hopefully you bring me a deal hopefully I can be your partner a deal what is your deal yeah what are you what is your deal you see another expensive city man almost impossible to buy there go man what’s up cat Oh God talk to me hey hey how are you doing good man how you doing what’s your deal tell me about your deal uh well I don’t have a deal but so both my parents that’s the way they left behind about 200 grand and I just wanted to know how it can get started in a real estate well okay that’s a great great question that $200,000 is that is that after taxes I mean you’ve got 200 grand of use um no a belated growth is that yeah okay good so that’s your money okay so this is going to buy about six hundred to eight hundred thousand dollars in real estate now here’s the problem for you what are the four steps and find them find a deal man find a deal where you cannot mint you can’t you can’t afford to manage a deal outside of where you can touch a deal you need to be able to touch a deal you needs to be in your neighborhood you need to know that neighborhood you need to know what’s going on in that neighborhood you need to know who the drug salesman is in that neighborhood literally you need to know everything about that neighborhood particularly when you’re brand-new man you need to know who the the uncle pedophile is in the neighborhood you need to know everything good and bad about that neighborhood otherwise you don’t need to be in a damn neighborhood I don’t want to spend money I don’t want to put 200 grand bro your mom and dad you know they hustled and busted it so they could put 200 grand way to give you that you don’t want to blow it on this deal so no number one no number two find a deal I got to find a deal to I got to figure out where am I gonna get my funding from who’s gonna give me let’s say this deal let’s say this deal cost uh eight hundred thousand dollars okay who’s gonna lend you 600 grand do you know where to get the debt you have good credit loan do you have good credit yes good good then you probably qualify for a loan here’s the thing they’re gonna ask you have you ever managed a piece of real estate before right wrong right that’s so captain Ryan real estate Ryan’s here with me man hey man did you ever know we’d like to give you the loan you have good credit we liked you sorry mommy and daddy died have you ever managed a piece of real estate and your answer is going to be low they’re not gonna like that answer yeah they’re not going to like that answer at all okay in the beginning what I needed to do is I need to join up with a management company so that when they say because they used to ask me this all dumb who who’s managing it oh dude I got a professional management company who is it oh that’s good it made him feel all calm and cool it did mean they were any good he just made him feel good man check the box huh check the box okay we good he’s good he’s good we good okay that’s good let’s go okay let’s get him somebody yeah once they give you money didn’t they give you money a second time noon tonight can we give you some money now they call me up can we give you some money so so now here’s the other way to do it but the other way to do it there’s four ways for you to buy real estate for everybody watching the show because if you’ve seen anything today you’ve probably seen man there’s a lot of damn work dude for a thousand bucks a month it’s a lot of work it is a lot of work folks okay but i’ma tell you if you played this game right you think big okay these people these people that are calling about two units let me tell you something I started with two units now I got those kind of units four thousand of those imagine that four thousand and these pigs paying you every month pigs we call them all pigs I don’t care if they’re brand new we’re looking at brand new stuff in in Houston Texas what do we call them Captain run piglets you know why we call it piglet six cuz they produce bacon all right wait coin point right some of these things are so piglet like like I’m I get cholesterol like my doctors like you gotta quit buying apartments bro it’s gonna block up your vascular okay so look it all starts somewhere my first deal was 38 units my next deal was 48 units my next deal was 92 units my next purchase was 2200 units at one time it was like jump jump jumps yep my first deal was one unit okay my first single deal with my first mistake I don’t ever talk about it was one unit seventy eight thousand dollars it was a waste of time and energy my second deal was a single-family house stupid even though I made money on it third deal 48:38 units fourth deal forty-eight units I’m like okay now this is going to work okay those when I started buying the units and Balcombe like this works so what he could do if he’s qualified is you could invest either in your own deal number two a REIT I strongly advise you not to do a REIT because it does not provide the real estate investment advantages that real estate like this does okay you guys are invested in reach on the stock market that’s not a real estate investment that’s a stock it’s a piece of paper it’s garbage okay third thing is find a syndicator like who are subsidy caters captain Ryan real estate Ryan captain Ryan MC companies is one of them yeah upside of doing that wait wait points the second one yeah I mean I mean they just don’t have any money in the deals so they go and raise all the heat he hates the idea he’s got this real bad look on his face right now like he just ate like drank one of those bullets it’s like horse racing you know it’s kind of this kind of a crapshoot you know you don’t know who the jockey is and you don’t know who the racehorse is the fourth way is if you could possibly if you’re an accredited investor invest with me in Cardone acquisitions this is our acquisitions company we started a fun we basically go out and buy real estate I buy with my money i buy only deals that I want my money invested in and then we allow investors to come in on top or ideal some of the employees that work here my mother used to invest with me my sister my brother my mom’s not not around anymore so she’s not a good investor even though she never bothers me okay I love my mom she’s my friend and she would she would think that that joke was funny even though some of you didn’t again because you take death more you make a bigger deal about it than I did okay so um look we want to help you I want to help you whether you can buy your own deal whether you want to syndicate a deal maybe you want to you want to learn Biya syndicator maybe you want to start a fun I want to help you in the real estate game if you’re in a credit investor you can email Ryan Ryan at Cardona acquisitions comm if you have a deal you want us to look at and cover in one of our future shows email Ryan Ryan at Cardone acquisitions calm Iran at Cardone acquisition Scott would you learn today Ryan real estate Ryan would you learn today that you guys go first what you learned Robert no no captain Ron you’re in the show not they’re not well no I mean III learned that you know you have to you have to look at a lot of deals and you have to look at 50 deals so to understand the numbers I mean when one of the callers called in one of the things that I keep pulling out of these these these guys who are asking the questions and girls is you really have to know the numbers and one of the things you drill in on is hey what’s your real Noy what’s your real gross income what’s your real expenses because if you don’t know if you can’t if you don’t know how to analyze then you’re you’re you’re thinking you’re buying a good deal you’re not poor thing this how simple this game is you find a deal how can you know if a deal is a good deal before you even analyze the deal how do you know it’s a good deal if you don’t know the entire market okay me and captain Ryan three weeks ago we drove I don’t know seven or eight properties over there on the eighth property that we drove I said I like this place I like the neighborhood we went Nate breakfast in the neighborhood I’m like I dig this there’s money here right I feel good you feel it feels good no no no no hope they don’t shut me down for doing that that was that good right is that a cup it feels good dananananana and then what do we do second thing we did was we analyzed it okay third thing we did was we made an offer for after I knew I could get a loan on the deal the deal was 36 million dollars the bank would loan me 26 27 million dollars I needed nine million dollars in cash I had it I had the money ready to go I made an offer I got out bidded okay and then you asked the manager then you asked the management company cuz if the fourth one is managed yeah yeah what do you think of the deal yeah I had it under written by another bank okay we tried to buy the deal I went after the deal hard hard hard hard here’s what I didn’t tell you today okay at some point after you do those four steps you need to make a decision you’re gonna buy the deal or not okay we made a decision to bail out of that deal okay I don’t I don’t want to be strangled by real estate I want freedom when I buy I want freedom when I buy it okay I don’t need to chase it just because it’s real estate doesn’t mean you can make money with it and by the way you’re gonna own this stuff for a long time okay you’re going to have one year we’re going to go in and fix a whole bunch of stuff is there problems in downside with it yeah promise you don’t let the problems keep you from buying but don’t let the the upside the possibility upside blind you to not know what you’re doing okay if we can help you all you got to do is email me Ryan at Cardona acquisitions comm or GC a car down acquisition comm we’ll look at your deal I want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes if you’re on youtube great subscribe there if you’re on Grant Cardone TV and you can see the exact order of these shows subscribe their comment ok comment I will answer your questions there somebody doesn’t answer your question if it’s me or Ron don’t answer your question right away call my office 800 three six eight five seven seven one call in any Monday I’m here to help you we want to help you oh yeah if you subscribe we’re going to pick we’re going to pick somebody to partner up with if you want to be part of their new real estate show if you want to be part of my real estate show subscribe to the YouTube channel under any real estate video real estate posted video comment that you want to be part of the show okay part of the show we’re going to be in Houston Los Angeles and San Diego this month shooting for the new real estate show brought to you by can’t tell you the network yet but I can tell you it’s going to be called the big by Grant Cardone goes crazy nananananana we are [Music] Benjamin