Step By Step : How I Made $146,000 Absolute most practical Week (Proof)

dudes do that so what’s going on this is alex becker and you see something pretty cool today and I’m wearing this stormtrooper mask I’ll let you know this is official it’s a serious business like the Empire okay so what we’re going to be getting into and people wonder why I like people come to my channel like this guy’s a fucking scammer he’s full of shit I I want people to take me seriously so well maybe getting into today is what the headline suggesting me showing you how I made fifty thousand dollars in the span of an hour this isn’t something that’s too uncommon at our business there’s explosive growth and stuff like that and so forth but what I want to do in this video is show you the exact marketing process I use to get people onto a webinar from the internet okay so people are on the internet okay and they’re like cruising around their porn sites or whatever looking at your not porn site we don’t advertise there yet anyways I’m going to show you I found people cruising around Facebook and on my email lists and whatnot got them onto a webinar showed them a cool new software that we’ve created called market hero and sold 50,000 dollars worth of it in the span of about 45 minutes and I think that’s pretty cool because fifty thousand dollars and span a forty five minutes it’s like a lot of people’s average yearly income according to statistics and stuff I’m going to show you how I did that it’s gonna be a really cool lesson because routinely when I do webinars and so forth I think the first webinar I ever did I did about 83,000 dollars profit and routinely of webinars I’ll do anywhere from you know thirty thousand to sometimes I think eight hundred thousand dollars and total sales revenue that’s often split with JB’s and stuff like that and often it is split over payment plans and stuff like that so it’s not eight hundred thousand dollars up front I’ve never done that that would be cool um but this is pretty much what I consider one of the best marketing strategies on the interwebs okay I think consistently works for me and almost all my businesses are based around getting people’s emails contact information from Facebook getting them on webinars shooting the shit with them and then getting them the pick up cool software that I’ve designed that there’s hanging out so you’ll enjoy this a whole lot and if you have any questions be sure to hit me up in the comments section I love answering your guys questions actually checking on the videos if you want to see me eat food and stuff follow me on Instagram and snapchat I also answer a lot of business Q&A there so we’re gonna hop in my computer right now I’m going to break down everything take you inside the transaction account how we did it and you will enjoy it or you won’t if you don’t enjoy it feel free to hang around though I’ll tell jokes and reference Pokemon since you guys love that alright let’s get into it all right eat internet turds we’re inside my computer and I just want to get straight into this without any buts cuts or coconuts okay and the reason real quick as you saw in this began this video we’re going to be talking about how I made like fifty thousand dollars and about two hours of work and I’m going to break it down to you simple so it just makes sense I’m going to show you all the nuts and bolts and it’s going to become it’s going to be frankly kind of boring this video is not going to be that exciting I’ll tell some jokes and I’ll talk about poop and stuff so that you’re like oh okay cool alright I get it alright because I know you guys need like a grab the pussy Donald Trump joke every ten minutes for this video to be entertained but I’ll do that don’t worry but other than that the videos gonna be kind of boring and I want it to be boring because I want you to understand that stuff like this can be normal and it is semi normal actually it is very normal for me and there’s people out there that it make way more a million dollars a day at two hundred thousand dollars a day for no work okay you need to understand that and then want to make these videos not so much to brag or be like hey look at me but I want to show you like the nuts and bolts behind and show that this can just be like common everyday thing and when you start accepting that this is common when you start accepting that this is just like stuff that happens it’s not a big deal it’s not something dramatic to you that’s when you can really start moving forward because you can think you know hey man I can make ten thousand day or I can make ten thousand this month or I can make fifty thousand this month it doesn’t sound outlandish it’s really hard to start moving towards your goals when they seem completely unrealistic okay for example I told you in the last video that we put up my goals to make like a million than 1.5 million month and I hang out with people and I’ve seen inside their bank accounts I’ve seen people to make you know a million one point five million a month and it’s just in my reality so that goal seems very very obtainable to me almost like if you see a person at the gym working out who’s like getting all pumped up and stuff like that you see the other people can do it you see that it’s like normal and you see it’s not like it’s it’s obtainable so that’s what I want to do in these videos is going to break down so we actually opened this business market here oh about a week ago we had like the grand opening and we did like a hundred thousand dollars in sales from actually that webinar our series but I want to show you just literally how I got people onto an online event for our beta opening and you glutes let’s go back here I think we did that on September it was either from the 18th to the Cisco I think it was like the 19th or the 21st so let’s go right there okay so you can see it here from this and people were buying a little bit after midnight but this was one webinar ok and I’m going to break you down i’ma shoot a sales page I’m going to show you everything inside there ok so what I did is I emailed my email list ok and I have a bunch of people on there that just come from advertising that I do just like I’ve shown you in other videos and broken it down I go out there and track all that kind of stuff and so email everyone my email list semmen email saying hey we’re opening this project ok you probably think we’ll else you know you started with an email list and stuff like that and it’s so easy if you can do that yeah but I built that I built that and at this point in time it is very easy for me to do that I admit that ok I have a total advantage is I built that advantage ok you’re not going to be able to send out and start a business and get you know a thousand people on a webinar right away ok but I want to show you that once you’ve built the business and once you get it going it can be frankly very easy ok so I got everybody on the webinar and I’ll even show you a replay I’ll link you to a replay below this if you want to see me pitching and selling in a webinar and so what I did is I got everybody on there told about market hero I ran through a pitch which I actually have right here in keynote you can see this is actual pitch that I ran through with it you can see it as he-man and all sorts of crazy stuff on there because my webinars for my actual businesses are insane that’s how I keep people attached on there and at the end of the webinar I gave them a very solid pitch for a 997 offer that allows them to get a course with market hero and market hero is an automation software I actually take you inside of it here in a second if you actually do enter marketing to be pretty useful to you if you’re just here to learn it’s it’s not that useful to you at this time don’t worry I’m not going to sell to you offer them that offer and I believe we had from these stats right here we had about 52 people buy it ok so that’s how it works that’s what happened and I want to take you through the entire process right now so step one as you can see we’re actually inside this is the software that I was selling in the webinar and if you don’t know you haven’t been around the channel before my entire business is based around getting people’s email addresses based on giving them value same cool content and then getting them the by software and products for me okay mainly 99% software these days because I just software’s better and since it’s more fun to sell anyways hey poop joke grab the pussy Donald Trump woo okay there’s your entertainment for every five minutes ah so many Donald Trump jokes lately on the channel I don’t really give a shit about American politics so it’s whatever I live on an island it doesn’t matter alright so anyways um I’m gonna go try and find the exact email okay so anyways I went and I believe I sent them an email looks just like this okay so hey there buddy it’s Becker if you read this headline I paid attention all past few years I built my first company source wave in a business to defects hundreds of thousands of se OS I’m not going to read this entire email if you want you can pause the video and read it yourself the gist of it is hey man I built my first business through email marketing I’m in this webinar when we doing this Thursday is based around email marketing I’m going to show you a lot of cool stuff that allowed me the double and triple my business very similar stuff like that okay so you can register for the training right here and I sent people to a registration page that looks just like this okay this is what’s going on right here okay we’re actually running another webinar today I like this and this is this one of the ways I build my businesses I run webinars via advertising and get people on them to buy software go to businesses okay so person goes in they put in their email let’s just say my emails Picabo at okay next thing it happens is they get sent to a video just like that and what I do is I explain that they’re going to come on the webinar and they’re going to learn a lot of cool stuff if you’ve ever been on one of my actual business webinars you learn a lot of cool stuff I would encourage you to come on the software I’m selling probably won’t apply to if you’re a brand new beginner and you’re just cruising around YouTube and mentally masturbating all over the place I hope you don’t make a mess gross um but yeah so basically coursing I’m Sierra to get a video time this is not gonna be a 60 minute pitch fest they’re gonna get lots of cool stuff yada yada yada alright it’s gonna be a great webinar they’re gonna learn a whole lot okay so at this point in time what happens is they go through what I like to call a string and Mark here on it’s just another fancy word for a funnel okay so you can actually see this was one of the lace once you ran actually know what’s going through anymore second screw with it um but what goes on right here is it going this is the opt-in that you saw in that previous page I apply a tag to them this one right here to basically show me what they came from where they’re coming from all that kind of stuff right there so that I can see and segment them on my email list and mail them based on what they’ve done so for example if a person hasn’t seen the email yet hasn’t seen the webinar yet I don’t want to be sending them emails acting like he has sent the webinar send him emails the rest of my email list is getting because he doesn’t he’s in the process of going to the webinar I don’t like send him another offer for like shoes or something okay I don’t sell people shoes but you get what I’m saying alright I don’t want to send conflicting stuff so use that to segment and separate people on my ela email list so first go they’re here to get a little welcome email tells them when they’re going to join here’s a link to join at the time and then I send back to the video we were just at on that other page so they like get them pumped up in Jazzercise for the webinar ok because I want them intend at that point what I do is I delay them for about five days and that’s well past after the webinar is done and what happens is a tag is applied to them that signals me that they are now on the generalist this means when I can start sending them regular offers value emails stuff that won’t conflict with what they’re doing right now okay so this understand it segmentation is really important in email marketing you don’t want to talk to a person who’s doing a certain thing differently than you’re talking to someone else just to explain it real quick if your complete beginner I know it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around but let’s imagine a person has already bought he walks into the 18c store two people walk in okay one person is bought an iPhone 7 already the other one hasn’t buy the knife own seven you want to talk to these people differently you don’t want to talk to the person who’s bought an iPhone 7 like like you’re selling another iPhone 7 okay you want to sell them an upgrade or something like that so what I would do is I tagged a person bought iPhone 7 start sending them upgrades if they haven’t done it they obviously don’t have the tag bot iPhone 7 so what’s going to happen is they’re going to iPhone 7 yeah that’s what it is in a nutshell then at that point in time what I’ll do if we go back over to broadcast and I go to view all broadcast I’ll get emails just like this one right here okay I’m great here to view this email I’m just going to tell them hey the emails coming it’s going to be the today tomorrow and I sent them about an email once every 12 hours letting them know hey reminder the webinars going to be starting ok whoever is gonna be starting man you get it you get a get attend this webinar it’s gonna be cool alright there’s going to be there’s me fish sticks and bean burritos and you can you can light stuff on fire in your house it’s going to be cool alright that’s to get people who come to webinars off from fish sticks bean burritos bring out that bean burrito alright it’s all about the beans and then that that’s what you got okay so next step what happens is at the time and then date we hold the webinar now I don’t of course I’m not going to run a live webinar right here but um they go in to go to webinar so you can see this is where people are stored and stuff like that and they’re at this webinar system I press Start webinar begins I run this pitch okay it starts me introducing myself showing people some cool stuff some cool tactics pictures of Stewie Griffin very important going over some advertising tactics and then offering them market hero a prepaid account for 997 okay and that get some like a bunch of months free and all sorts of stuff like that so that’s the offer right there yeah at that point in time that’s really where this pitch or this process ended I ran one webinar I did not send out a replay of the webinar though with other webinars I do for example if you go right here market hero he rolled out good Irish Lachey avian in arrow any webinar you should be a repeat but no no does not how goes okay I don’t wanna find a page yeah and then I’ll send people to a replay page that um gives them the same offer if they miss the webinar and stuff like that but the guys sit the original webinar right here took about two hours I can get it done in an hour and a half but I hung out talking to people for a while and for that hour and a half I made about fifty two thousand dollars in sales pretty cool that’s all there is to it it’s that simple that’s all there is to it I sent an email out I got people on a webinar gave them a really cool jazzy offer they bought it and I’m fifty two thousand dollars richer okay so that’s that’s all there is to and that’s how simple it is I wish I could go into like some secret money-making like live the passive income lifestyle but I can’t I can’t because this is that this is how it’s done it’s that simple so the reason why I want to make this video is just to show you like this can be boring and this isn’t outside of reality this isn’t something that’s abstract or weird or like I’m doing some secret deep underlayer it’s crazy genius marketing no I’m just getting people’s contact information I’m getting them cool stuff they enjoy reading and stuff and then you know I’ll bring them on webinars and I’ll give them some really cool stuff that that’s all there is to it okay um of course it takes more than that okay I’m not gonna act like oh man just go open an email list and get people cool shit and you’re gonna make so much fucking money that’s not that’s not house that’s not the gist that’s not when I’m passing on here what I’m trying to show is that this can be very common it can be very straightforward it can be a borderline boring and I really want you to just get this in your reality that making fifty thousand dollars in a day isn’t isn’t that nuts it’s actually straightforward making a hundred thousand dollars in a day you can actually see from the ones webinars we did later this month I think in October we opened unlike the 20th then we closed unlike the 25th we did about eighty-three thousand dollars in sales just from that one webinar alone so again that’s about an hour and a half of work and sending some emails and it’s almost a hundred thousand dollars an income right there so it’s in you it’s obtainable it’s straightforward and you just have to go out there and do the work I mean right now you of course had to build a software market here I’ve also done other offers where I put together like a training a product or something like that we did like a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in sales and webinars and it’s just like that’s it and I really want you to get that I really want you to understand the like this is very obtainable this is something you do I’ve nothing to offer at this time I just want this to enter your reality so you stop being such a skeptical jaded fuck and maybe you’re like huh okay so that this isn’t magic this isn’t like some wizardry that’s just a dude on the internet working hard that’s it so that’s what I got today this has been Becker if you like this kind of stuff be sure to subscribe below I really appreciate the channels growing really fast I love getting this message and content out to the world if you want to see the food I eat you should follow me on Instagram and snapchat above because I make cool snaps and I take pictures of the beach because I live in the Cayman Islands and it’s cool and you can be like oh wow look at this idiot he’s so dumb and then you can unsubscribe so also be sure to leave a like it helps the video out leave a like be like just be like man I like this video it’s cool I mean it’s it’s spiffy and I I like I like its style I like its style it just suits me so well just click that like button I’m going to stop talking now okay because this video is getting weird all right I’ll catch you next video we got some funny videos coming away some Q&A stuff it’s going to be so great like you’re going to tell all your friends about and I’m done alright goodbye you

Nordic Business Conference 2016 Interview

– You talked about about
Sweden, Finland, the Nordics,
why is that attention-grabbing to you?
– To me, why it is attention-grabbing?
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
– What would you do right here?
– Yeah so I’ve spent so much
of time in Stockholm as properly.
– Yeah.
– You understand, I assume the best way
I take into consideration the world is that if
you lay out the world in a flat
map there are clearly 8, 10, 15
areas one may argue that
they wish to put a flag in the event that they
wish to be international.
– Yeah.
– Very merely, I could not
think about making an attempt to realize my
ambitions of constructing international
manufacturers with out having a presence
within the Nordics.
I believe it is sufficient of its personal
micro tradition inside a European
panorama that it is, first of
all, I have been to between Sweden
and Finland I have been within the
area 9, 10 instances already.
There is a consolation zone.
I just like the individuals.
I just like the DNA of the, I like
the mix of, initially, I am
a hard-core hustler for American
so no a part of the world is gonna
work as onerous however, you understand,
there’s some components of Europe
that do not work in any respect,
by my requirements.
I just like the work ethic,
innovation, tradition points of
the Nordic as an entire and so
very merely it’s on the record of
these 10 areas like
South America, like Asia,
like Western Europe that I simply
know that I can be.
– Onerous working and tech savvy.
– Sure.
– Yeah.
– And I am simply
sufficient business-oriented.
The issues I concern aren’t, you
know, Germany’s a superb instance.
It is an incredible wonderful innovation
however a lot infrastructure,
very troublesome to
do enterprise in.
Particularly issues I care about.
If you happen to hear, I do not
know in the event you heard my discuss.
– [Gabrielle] Yeah, I did.
– Rent quick, hearth quicker. Proper?
Not superb in Germany
when you’ve gotten six months.
– [Gabrielle] Sweden both.
– Right.
I’m conscious in order that you understand
bear in mind I stated self-awareness?
I understand how I like operating
companies so I have to be
cautious the place I arrange store
as a result of for not solely the individuals
however what are the
authorities restrictions?
What is the enjoying discipline however
I really feel a advantage, hear, on the
finish of the day, most of European
guidelines are just a little bit extra
troublesome for my hearth quick
greater quick in order that turns into
an excellent enjoying discipline.
The opposite factor that is gonna
play out for me is as my profile
as a businessman continues to
develop there’ll inevitably be
locations that the individuals
that I’ve extra followers.
Extra individuals keen on me
being in so one of many causes
I come to one thing like this
is I would like consciousness within the
market and now over subsequent
six months I will be very cautious
to observe my numbers of
consumption of my
content material in Finland.
What sort of emails I get,
what sort of enterprise
improvement issues I get.
Identical manner I have a look at
Sweden and Norway and Poland.
– [Gabrielle] You may
observe all of it precisely as a result of
you’ve gotten all the information.
– Right.
– [Gabrielle] Implausible.
– And so, you understand as I used to be
saying to David earlier than I am like
there’s not a number of issues
that I do for kicks and giggles.
Regardless that I’m a really
informal man, I am very severe and
strategic about what I do in my
life and so I am very optimistic.
– [Gabrielle] Even going out
to dinner tonight appeared like a
thought through–
– Pay attention, I do not wish to,
hear, as a lot as I wish to
paint myself as a genius, you
know you bought to eat dinner and
I wish to see Dick and issues
however I am going to say this Gabrielle even
this interview why I all the time
sure, I am an enormous believer within the
following assertion.
Folks make the world.
– [Gabrielle] Mhmmm.
– And for me I like
individuals naturally.
Folks like me naturally and
perhaps one thing, you understand
my PR group is all the time mad at me.
I am going to do some little weblog,
I am going to do an interview after which
I am going to say no to CNN or
Wall Avenue Journal they usually’re
all the time like no it’s important to do
higher time administration and
I do not suppose they perceive.
Sure, extra individuals will examine
me in these locations however the depth
of individuals you’ll be able to solely do one on
one, one on two, one on 4 and
so I am all the time making an attempt to place
myself ready the place I am
studying and assembly new individuals
as a result of you understand we might do
one thing collectively
35 years from now.
– [Gabrielle] Who is aware of?
– Who is aware of?
– What wouldn’t it appear to be in the event you
arrange store in
Sweden like in London.
– Sure.
– Give me a really feel
for what it would–
– I might take 5 to six individuals
from the New York
workplace and convey them.
I’ve a number of younger individuals
who wish to journey the world.
Crucial to me
to have that tradition.
I might then rent three or 4
individuals from the market that knew
of me or VaynerMedia in order that they
actually knew what they
had been stepping into.
We might begin with
these 7, 8, 10 individuals.
We might be very strategic about
having a shopper or
two available in the market.
I met the top of promoting
from FinnAir and I stated
hey, can I’ve your card.
I wish to have a shopper or two
within the market after which we
would arrange store and I might
come over usually and I might strive
to do media and interviews to
construct up the profile however on the
finish of the day it
could be concerning the work.
London is working.
I did a superb job selling we
received good individuals however the one
purpose subsequent 12 months appears wholesome
is the folks that employed us are
blown away by the work.
They inform anyone else.
On the finish of the day, no
advertising, no charismatic chief
trumps being good at your craft
and so the primary factor
could be who’re the 10 individuals a
mixture of unique Vayner workers
and a mixture of the Swedes or the
Finns or wherever it’s that
may truly know what to
do on this market or within the
Stockholm market higher than
anyone that anyone else may
rent and we’re obsessed
with the standard of the work.
– [Gabrielle] I’ve a
conservative management of
individuals who run
all the businesses.
What’s your message?
Why ought to they rent you?
What’s your…?
– The reality is, I believe
you may discover this attention-grabbing.
I am not so compelled to
say they need to rent me.
What’s far more attention-grabbing for
me is that if they consider in what
I consider in they will naturally
be keen on what I do.
Which is the world’s altering.
I imply, you understand, I believe
individuals take issues without any consideration.
How are we
recording this interview?
You are doing it
by means of your phone.
Have you learnt how loopy that’s if
you talked about
that 15 years in the past?
Folks do not perceive how large
that is and so I believe the factor
I might say conservative leaders
and we now have ’em the US as properly
is look in the event you’re not taking a look at
the way you’re doing your enterprise
day-after-day and making an attempt to say is
this good for the world we dwell
in as we speak as a result of 2016 is already
very totally different then 2009
and it appears like yesterday.
– [Gabrielle] Mhmmm.
– Proper?
I imply 2009 all three of us,
properly none of us listed below are that
previous, I am most likely the oldest
however 2009 appears like
I do not know yesterday.
Seven years in the past you’ve gotten leaders
which are 50, 60, 70 years previous
in these firms and 1984
and 1975 appears like yesterday.
– [Gabrielle] 10 years
in the past yeah, there was no Fb.
– That is proper and so and
and return 15 years and
no person had a smartphone.
I imply, most of our
communication in
Sweden is thru textual content.
And folks did not textual content 15
years in the past, 20 years in the past.
So, I simply do not suppose individuals
perceive, so I believe the
primary factor I might say to
the conservative management is
I am a businessman not a
social media fanatic.
I believe it’s worthwhile to have a look at
your revenue and loss, your P&L.
– [Gabrielle] Yeah.
– And it’s worthwhile to take into consideration
what you are spending cash on
and in the event you’re not spending
sufficient cash on issues which are
taking place on this gadget to
drive your enterprise outcomes,
that is one thing that
must be challenged.
– [Gabrielle] As an example you
weren’t, you get the message–
– Sure.
– I am doing it
proper, how do I begin?
I do not actually get these things.
– I believe as I stated within the room,
I believe you spend the
20 to 50 hours as a
chief to teach your self.
There is a website known as Google and
a website known as YouTube that you just
can kind in unbelievable quantities
of phrases they usually offers you
unbelievable free info
which then, for my part,
means that you can
make a senior rent.
You understand I am anxious about?
I am all the time anxious that when
I discuss, ‘trigger I am motivational,
individuals get excited after which
I am scared they’re gonna rent
anyone to be their head of
social media however they themselves
do not perceive it and
that is a foul scenario.
So what I might say
is educate your self.
Know what that is, then make a
good rent as a result of you understand and
then construct a
division round it.
– However in the event you Google it I think about
you’d discover an unimaginable quantity
of excellent recommendation too.
– Good and unhealthy, proper?
– Good and unhealthy, yeah.
You go to place within the work.
If you happen to personal a enterprise or
in the event you’re the CEO of an enormous
enterprise, you have gotta put in
the 50 hours of studying and
listening and watching.
It is like anything you
needed to discover ways to drive.
You needed to discover ways to stroll.
You need to put within the work.
– Now you bought to study
tips on how to use Snapchat.
– Sure, proper and it’s a humorous
manner of claiming it’s important to know
how the world is speaking.
You may’t simply present up and never
perceive the shift and once more
like a been saying the
greatest drawback is it is so large.
That is large.
What you and I, we’re
fortunate the three of us.
The final 60 years had been the identical.
Radio, tv,
newspaper, it was the identical.
You need to return to
ancestors that weren’t,
aren’t alive anymore.
If you happen to and I and DRock and
everyone watching had our
nice, nice, nice,
great-grandmother right here
she would clarify.
She would say sure then they
invented the radio and we used
you understand or the phone
like this has occurred earlier than.
There have been individuals who
lived with no phone.
They wrote letters.
Sure and when the phone
got here, go learn the articles.
Western Union stated that the
phone was a fad and could be
gone in three years.
– There is a Swedish minister who
stated the web was a fad too.
That is very well-known.
– I do know what
you are referring to.
– Talking of which,
let’s usher in politics.
– Okay.
– Or politics to enterprise is
politics understanding one thing
that enterprise is not?
Is it totally different or related?
– No, I believe it is the identical.
There’re unbelievable quantities of
politicians that do not consider
on this after which often
you’ve gotten some that do and
they’re benefiting and it is not
simply Donald Trump that individuals
wish to seek advice from.
There are 25-year-old,
30-year-old mayors all throughout
America which have gained as a result of
they went on Fb and their
50-year-old competitor tried
to do a tv and indicators.
It is taking place.
– [Gabrielle] Fascinating.
– It is taking place in
all walks of life.
Nonprofits, Charity: Water,
Pencils of Promise, they had been
small charities, now they’ve
grow to be large charities ‘trigger
they’re enjoying right here and
large charities are
enjoying the previous world.
– [Gabrielle] I wish to go
again to politics however first,–
– Please.
– [Gabrielle] Any
particular discipline that’s
significantly attention-grabbing?
Do you see
one thing in charities
or one thing in church buildings?
– So far as anyone
doing good or unhealthy?
– [Gabrielle] Fascinating stuff.
– I believe probably the most attention-grabbing
stuff to me proper now’s media
firms that promote conventional
media spending cash on this
new media to drive their
enterprise to promote previous media.
Take into consideration that.
You have got tv and
newspaper firms spending a
lot of cash on social media to
get individuals to learn to then promote
firms to purchase
print and commercials.
– [Gabrielle] It’s
very attention-grabbing.
Makes me consider Amazon,
Jeff Bezos for some purpose.
I assume trendy shopping for previous.
– Shops you imply?
Oh, by the best way,
let’s discuss that.
That is so bizarre I virtually introduced
that up within the different room.
I believe the 2 of the
finest enterprise offers which have
occurred within the final 10 years is
the individual Jeff Bezos shopping for the
Washington Put up and I do not
bear in mind who purchased the
Boston Globe nevertheless it was
an entrepreneur.
Very cheap.
– [Gabrielle] Positive.
– This is why.
Not as a result of I consider within the
newspaper mannequin however I consider
that the model may be very precious.
– [Gabrielle] And also you
consider in content material.
– All the time however model.
The Boston Globe and The
Washington Put up are manufacturers and
for the 35, 40 million
in the event you make that model.
When he purchased the Washington
Put up lots of people requested me
why did Bezos purchase it.
I stated in the event you open your Kindle
if he would’ve gained the sport.
For instance, if Apple purchased the
Wall Avenue Journal and each
time you turned in your cellphone,
Wall Avenue Journal could be the
entrance web page of the Wall Avenue
Journal could be and also you’d have
to swipe and begin,
it will be an important
media firm on the earth.
– [Gabrielle] Fascinating.
– So it is while you,
Marvel comedian books as a
comedian e-book firm it was crap.
However the folks that purchased it
made films and it went from
being bankrupt to
being price billions.
– [Gabrielle] Like a Star Wars.
Very attention-grabbing.
– IP.
– [Gabrielle] Let’s go
again to politics, who’s–
– Positive.
– what do you consider the
present Clinton versus Trump?
I imply Trump is doing
factor on Twitter for certain.
– Yeah, I believe Donald Trump has
activated social in a manner that
individuals did not perceive and has
benefited significantly and I believe
that neither considered one of
them are doing a superb job.
– Why not?
– As a result of they’re each
actually filled with shit.
Which means they’re, one of the simplest ways to
do social in the event you’re a politician
is to show that it is you.
Extra vid, each of them ought to
be doing unbelievable quantities of
Fb video and of
Periscope and issues of that
nature however they’re behind the
written phrase, you’ll be able to look,
I do know when Donald’s tweeting
as Donald and when
it is his group doing it.
– Yeah.
– Hillary is a machine.
It is all not her and so I believe
the wonderful thing about social is
that authenticity and I believe
that in addition to Donald’s doing
if he or if she would
do much more video.
For instance,
I simply gave this discuss.
I used to be taking a look at
individuals saying good issues.
I replied in video type.
That individual is aware of it is me.
They do not must guess if it is
my intern, if it is anyone again
within the States and that depth is
a connection and so I believe the
nice miss of politicians isn’t
to make use of extra video and audio and
that is why I might say that
they are not utilizing it
in addition to they might.
– As a result of they’re scared.
They need management.
– In fact they usually need scale.
– Yeah.
– So if–
– You may get scale, cannot you?
– You may get scale in case your
interns are tweeting for you.
It is tougher so that you can do it.
– Alright.
– However I believe when Hillary’s on
the best way to her subsequent occasion, in
the 10 minutes she’s within the automobile
she must be videoing 10 individuals
as a result of it scales.
Taylor Swift does this
extraordinarily properly as a pop star.
She does a number of engagement.
She reveals up at
individuals’s weddings.
It is not a superb use of Taylor
Swift’s time to point out as much as
anyone’s wedding ceremony
that they stated,
“Taylor, can cease
by my wedding ceremony,” however it’s.
Let me inform you why.
When she goes though
there’s solely 45 individuals at that
wedding ceremony or 100 individuals at
that wedding ceremony or 200 individuals at
that wedding ceremony,
the media picks up on it and
offers her thousands and thousands at scale.
And so what individuals are
misunderstanding is that when
you do genuine deep
engagement, the market rewards
you for it and also you
truly get scale.
– However that is onerous to pretend.
You gotta be genuine you bought
to be real while you do it.
– It is no totally different.
It is no totally different than the man
requested within the different room he goes,
“Properly how do you
grow to be a thought chief?”
By being a thought chief.
You are proper, it is onerous.
It is onerous to be genuine.
So how do you be genuine?
By being genuine.
You understand, hear I all the time used
to say this, it is like doing
push-ups. You and I if we wish
muscle groups it’s important to do push-ups.
You may’t examine
the doing push-ups.
You may’t outsource doing the
push-ups and so there is a purpose
that people who find themselves genuine
and truly doing are successful.
As a result of everyone else is making an attempt
to determine the shortcut.
– Ah, nevertheless it’s attention-grabbing.
You discuss all this new
expertise and also you’re additionally
speaking about some
very conventional values.
– As a result of I consider expertise
is the gateway drug
to conventional.
– Hmmmm.
– I consider what I do right here
permits me to get to the second
the place in the event you watched me, all
the stuff he recorded, all these
handshakes, all these selfies,
it was all of the work I did right here
that received to the second the place
I received to shake his hand
and take that image.
So I take advantage of expertise
to scale the intimacy.
– And that pays off in
phrases of extra enterprise.
– I believe so.
Positive, I imply look, take into consideration
who you are keen
to do issues for.
It begins with your loved ones
then it is your finest pals,
then it is your folks,
then it is your acquaintances,
then it is strangers.
– Positive.
– I am making an attempt to shut it.
– So you make
the world smaller.
– 100% by placing within the work.
– [Gabrielle] After which you’ve gotten
extra clients involves you.
– Completely and to me, if
you are actually good, the best way
I consider it and that is very
vital I make the world
smaller for
potential clients,
not clients.
That is a really
vital distinction.
If you happen to had been to do issues with
the intent to money in on it,
you’ll lose.
As a result of the opposite
individual will style it.
The rationale my stuff works is the
similar purpose while you requested me
why do not you inform me what to
inform the conservative enterprise
individuals why they need to rent you.
I do not wish to.
I do not wish to promote.
I wish to guilt and leverage
individuals into being .
– [Gabrielle] However that is
attention-grabbing, you describe
your self as a hustler.
– I’m.
– [Gabrielle] As
a wine salesman.
– I’m.
I believe the most effective salespeople
on the earth are those that
do not promote which are those
that truly have individuals coming
to them to purchase.
And there is just one technique to do
that, present upfront worth with
zero expectation in
return on a micro stage.
On a macro stage, I count on
it turning out to being good.
– However on the individual–
– Right.
Right, so if I provide you with 50
interviews, a enterprise recommendation,
a tip on a inventory, choose up your
daughter at a deserted home in
New Jersey and I ask you
for one thing small–
– That was bizarre.
– That was very bizarre.
I do not know however
I am making an attempt to go excessive.
– Yeah.
– If I accomplish that a lot for you and
I ask for just a little bit in return
and also you say no, I am unphased.
I believe most individuals are phased.
Most individuals give and do
count on one thing in return.
I believe the explanation I am
successful is ‘trigger I do not.
I simply do not.
I do know it really works out however
I am empathetic to know
typically it would not.
Generally individuals need from
you and do not wish to give and
that is okay since you
will win on a macro stage.
I genuinely consider that.
– I ought to know this however how do
you make the majority of your cash?
What’s probably the most worthwhile?
– My life is damaged up into Wine
Library kicks me dividends every
12 months as a result of it is nonetheless
owned household enterprise.
Talking I do very properly in that
however a lot the far majority my
cash is my wage and the
distribution of earnings of
VaynerMedia which is de facto what
I do for a residing and you then
know fortunately often some
of my firms
I spend money on promote or go public.
I’ve large occasions.
Proper, when Twitter went public.
When Fb went public.
When Buddy Media was purchased
by Salesforce in order that’s it.
However I am additionally very investing in
my world which means I could make a
lot extra money from VaynerMedia
if I simply stayed a 500 workers
as an alternative of 800 this 12 months,
I might’ve made some huge cash
however I am reinvesting in myself.
– Since you’re long run.
You talked about your
enterprise capital firm
on high of the media firm.
– Sure.
– Is that actual or is
it a future venture?
– Enterprise is already taking place.
What I discussed was
non-public fairness, shopping for manufacturers,
it’s totally actual.
It is the one purpose
I constructed VaynerMedia.
To construct a enterprise that was
shopper providers would’ve not
been attention-grabbing to me.
They’re simply not
good companies.
– And this is applicable to something,
something you wish to promote,
something you wish to do you
ought to have a media/content material half.
– I believe so.
I believe so.
That is why I constructed it.
– [Woman] Final query.
– No drawback.
Sure, and that is why I constructed it
as a result of bear in mind proper now
I am nonetheless hungry and on hearth
and I wish to purchase the
New York Jets however I’ve hopefully
one other 60 years in my life and
this is what’s gonna
occur in these 60 years.
My youngsters are gonna develop
up and have pursuits.
I am gonna lose household
and pals to ailments.
One thing will occur at a macro
geopolitical stage that scares
me and so not solely do I need a
advertising machine to promote the
bubblegum model that I purchase and
flip it or to purchase at an American
soccer group but when my mom
dies from a uncommon illness that is
not been cured, I am gonna need
to make use of that machine to construct
consciousness and to discover a treatment.
If my daughter turns into
infatuated with volcanoes I would like
to make use of that advertising machine to
give her the most effective place to do
what she desires in her life.
If my grandson desires to do X,
Y, and Z I would like that advertising
machine to provide him the most effective
likelihood to do this and so I believe
it is a vital machine
to have for the remainder of my life.
– Fascinating so it would not
actually matter in the event you by no means get
to purchase the Jets anyway.
– Simply the method to purchase them.
To me the journey is far more
attention-grabbing than
the end line.
– Fascinating.

Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Oasis: Which Is Better?

Hey, everyone. Stefan here from project In this video,
I’m going to do a comparison of the
Kindle Paperwhite versus the Kindle
Oasis. I’m going to share with you guys the
differences, the benefits, why I love them,
and which one that I feel is better. Now,
If you guys follow me on Snapchat,
Instagram, you guys know that I love my
Kindle. My Kindle is one of my prized
possessions. It’s something that I cannot
live without. This device right here, this
small little light device has I think
over 150 books on it. I
can easily download more with a press
of a few buttons. The battery lasts such
a long time, and there’s so much life
-changing value and information in this
one little device. This right here, for me,
is worth thousands and thousands of
dollars, not only because all the books
that are on it are worth thousands, but also
the information I could say is
worth millions of dollars to me in my
lifetime. I love these. I love them
a lot better than paperback books. I read
paperback for many years, hardcover for
years. I had the same fear and worry that
a lot of people have, making the
transition to Kindle, which is
often times people say they love the feel
of paperback and things like that. Man,
when I got a Kindle, it was like I
easily did away with that. I love it.
I can never go back. Just the fact
that it’s so light, it’s easier to read
I can speed-read with it. I can have
hundreds of books here. I could take it
with me when I travel. I don’t have to
use up room from my suitcase and whatnot.
You can take notes from it. There’s
just so many incredible benefits. If
you don’t already have a Kindle or
something like this, man, this
is a life-changing thing right here.
That’s the first thing.
Paperwhite versus the Oasis.
My first Kindle that I got
was a Kindle Paperwhite which is right
here. This here comes in a case. You
can open it up. As you can see, I’ve
got my books here on it, my
library. You can set up collections
in it and everything.
The Kindle Paperwhite I liked primarily
because there’s no glare on it, and it’s
much different than reading from a
computer, or an iPad, or whatever it might
be, or an iPhone, because when you read from
a computer, or an iPad, or something like
the screen is not really designed for
you to read off of. Often times it’s
bad for your eyes and can cause
headaches, and it’s much more challenging to
read, whereas the Paperwhite is
basically set up in a way where it’s
like reading from an actual book. It’s
really great for the eyes. It’s much easier
to read on, and it’s a lot more enjoyable.
That’s one primary difference
reasons why I like the Paperwhite over
the Kindle Fire and other ones out there.
Other factors that you look
for in a Kindle is the battery life,
the storage, the speed
can make a difference as well. For
example, with the Kindle Paperwhite is a little
bit slower than the Kindle Oasis, but
the features are very
comparable. With that said, the
Kindle Oasis, I had the Kindle
Paperwhite for many years. It served me
great. It’s been awesome. I bought it for
family and my friends, and
my girlfriend, and everything as well.
It’s great, but I recently got the Kindle
Oasis. The reason is, it has a few
features that make it much better than
any other Kindle out there. One is
it’s very identical. The
features are almost the same, except with
the Kindle Oasis the battery life is
longer. In fact, here this case, if I
remove this, this case here has a battery
on it. This connects by a magnet to
the back here and it actually extends the
battery life. This, you
can go months
without charging it. That’s how
awesome it is. It’s also smaller and
lighter. If you go to feel the
difference, this one is super light.
I mean, they’re already pretty light, but
the Kindle Oasis is like a totally
different level.
It’s a lot faster too, which does make a
difference if you’re scrolling through
books, and pages and things like that so
that the speed is much faster as well.
The resolution though I
is pretty similar. You can adjust the brightness, a
lot of different features. The main
reason why I got the Kindle Oasis is
this feature right here. Right here on
the side there’s two buttons, and with
this button, I can just hit it and I can
easily change the page. I can just
press, press, press, easily change the page,
whereas traditionally on other Kindles you
got to hold with two hands, and you got to
press right there to change the page. Now,
the reason why this is a big deal is for
speed reading. I like to speed-read
certain books, and the Kindle Oasis makes
it very easy for you to do that. I can
hold it with one hand here, and I can
speed-read this book just by going over
it just like that. I’m not going to
go into speed reading in this video.
I might do another video on it, but there’s
different strategies like you read every
third word, or you read the first
sentence and the last sentence of each
paragraph and that allows you to consume
80% of what’s on the
page. This feature here was well
worth the extra money that I spent for
this, because now I can consume content
much faster and I can speed-read.
That’s the main reason why I got the
Kindle Oasis. When I discovered this, it
was like I bought it just like that.
I didn’t even think about it. I was just
like, “Man, that feature alone makes it
worth it.”
Now, this one is not cheap. I think I paid
$200, $300 for it. I forget what it cost.
The Paperwhite is still even
a bit of money as well, but like
I said, it’s a no-brainer
because I’ve already got thousands of
dollars worth of books already that I
purchased through this, that spending an
extra 100 or 200 bucks to
get a device that I could store everything
on and consume it faster. For me,
if you’re spending money on books,
it’s a no-brainer. That’s why I love the
Kindle Oasis. Now, they’re both great.
I love them both.
I’m probably going to sell this one, to be
honest with you, and get rid of it
because the Kindle Oasis has pretty
much replaced it. I love it, guys.
the features, the benefits of it are
amazing, especially if you enjoy reading.
You want to consume content. Another
great benefit too is that Kindle books
are cheaper than paperback books. If
you’re buying from the Kindle Store,
typically they’re around $10,
even less, whereas paperback books for
the same book can be $20 or
even more than that. That’s one reason
why I love it as well is that you actually save
money long-term owning a Kindle, and
that’s just the direction of the way that
things are going as well. I love my
Kindle Oasis, guys. Hopefully, that
shares with you a little bit the
difference. If you guys want to know more,
click the link below. It will take you to
the Kindle on Amazon, the Oasis, and the
Paperwhite. On the Amazon page, you
can actually see a comparison. They
actually have a comparison of the
different eReaders that they have, but
so far the Oasis has been the best thing
that I’ve had so far. Highly recommend it.
Great tool to have. If you still want
to read paperback, great, but it’s still
definitely worthwhile to have one of
these as well. Thank you for watching
the video. Hit the like button if you
enjoyed it. If you already have a Kindle,
leave a comment below. I’d love to know
which one you have, how you enjoy it.
If you have any books you might
recommend, I’d love to hear those as well.
Subscribe for more videos, of course.
Again, if you want to check out the
Kindles, hit the link below and I’ll see
guys again soon. Take care.


how’s it going today guys so I got a very exciting topic to talk about today and I’m not gonna lie no it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but it’s something that you should definitely be conscious at especially if you’re a young person and you’re just getting started out with like getting your own bank account and get your checking account and like thinking ahead and that is your credit score so I want to talk about how I personally built my credit up as a young person and right now I’ll just say I’m 21 years old I’ve had my own bank account since I was 16 got my first credit card when I was 18 and I currently have a credit score of 749 which is pretty decent for a young guy I have four open lines of credit and I also have an auto loan which is one of the open lines of credit and just to tell you why it’s good to have credit established um I have my own loan I don’t have a cosigner on there or a co-borrower I have a loan that I took out for $11,000 on my other car I got a 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX I bought it in the spring of this year and I took out an eleven thousand dollar loan for five years for a 1.75 percent interest rate which is quite low for somebody my age I mean I know friends of mine who have car loans who are paying like ten percent interest so because I established credit when I was younger um I was offered a pretty awesome rate for somebody my age in fact the bank told me that’s the lowest rate they offer so I remember when I was going in there the lady who did all my paperwork was kind of saying oh you know we’re probably going to have to put you in the credit builder program and I kind of sat there with smug look on my face like no you’re not wait till you run my score she ran my score she was like wow she’s like you have great credit no we’re going to be able to give you this awesome rate so she gave me a rate of like 1.75 percent of 5 years which I think over the five years I’m going to pay like five or six hundred dollars and it interests something around there so it’s not much at all compared to ten percent interest rate which would be thousands of dollars so here’s the problem with your credit is uh you need credit history to get a credit card but at the same time you need a credit card to build credit history so getting your first line of credit is kind of difficult but not impossible and I’m gonna explain to you how to do this the first thing you want to do when you’re 16 years old and some banks will even let you start sooner so start as soon as you can so 16 or younger open up a credit I’m sorry open up a checking or or in a savings account so you can do both you could do just a savings account where you just have a ATM card you withdraw cash when you need it you put your cash in the bank or you can also get a checking account where you know you get an actual debit card you can use it to make your purchases or you can do both keep some and savings some and checking which is a good way to do that too but I started that when I was 16 years old I had to get my mom to sign on the accounts because I was under 18 and depending on the bank you know there’s different policies like that but what you want to do is build a rapport with that bank and kind of say hey you know I’m a responsible banker I don’t overdraw my account I regularly add money I regularly use money and you kind of want to establish a good history of with the bank as far as being a good banker and then what you want to do when you turn 18 inquire about a secured line of credit so what that is is um you’re going to put aside money in a CD which is a certificate of deposit which basically backs your line of credit so what I did is I signed up for a five hundred dollar line of secured credit so what I did is I took five hundred dollars out of my savings account put it in a certificate of deposit and that basically backed that credit card for the bank so they said that no matter what happens even though I ran up a five hundred dollar credit limit and never paid them they could draw from that certificate of deposit to pay for what I owed them so no matter what they do it’s a win-win situation for them because one they’re going to get interest off you but they’re not because you’re not going to carry a balance and even if they don’t have you pay them they’re going to take it from the CD so it’s like money they can get for free from you either way then most of them do have like a maintenance fee or a yearly fee mine I think was $50 a year and since then awesome once I turned I believe 21 or it was 20 some around there actually it was 21 on my Earth Day they reached out to me and said yeah we’re taking off that yearly fee and we’re gonna we’re going to give you back your certificate of deposit you don’t need to back this credit card anymore so that does go away over time but at first it is worth it I mean you could go to different banks and see if there are some that offer an account without a yearly maintenance fee but most of them are going to charge some kind of fee but it is worth it in the long run to establish your credit so once you have had a checking or savings account with a bank for a couple years and when you turn 18 talk to them about a secure line of credit that’s the first thing you want to do so then what I did is this every single week I put my gas on the card and then I paid the entire balance off every single month and you want to do this for two reasons number one you’re probably going to have a high interest rate on this credit card because you’re a high risk credit holder so you’re probably looking at like a 10 or 15 percent or higher interest rate I think mine was like 15% interest which even on a couple hundred bucks that adds up over time you don’t want to pay any interest the other thing is when you have in credit cards when you carry a balance on your credit card it actually lowers your credit score they want to see you using the credit cards but paying them off showing that you don’t actually need to carry a balance and that’s what’s going to build your credit over time it’s keeping a very low or ideally keeping no balance on your cards but still utilizing that credit so then what I did um I did that for about one to two years you know bought my gas paid it every month that gave me a buying history and a payment history which is what they want to see once I had about I think I had about eighteen months of payments I actually received in the mail from discover a student credit card and the only reason I applied for that line of credit is because they said guaranteed approval I think I started out with a one thousand dollar line of credit through Discover so I sent to my application um and then they mailed my credit card within about I think it was about two weeks I had my credit card there so what I did with that card and that when I actually get cash back no yearly fee and then there’s also a lot of other benefits with that card – and I get like discounts at certain stores or through I haven’t really utilized those but I have gotten a good amount of cash back like I’ve had that card for one year now and I think I have a little over one hundred fifty dollars in cash back just from using for random stuff buying it here and there so that’s like free money I’ll get to use and I actually did another video which I’ll link up below that’s a way to get free money from credit card companies by using this cashback system so if you’re interested in seeing that video check the description so what I did is I continue to buy gas on my secured credit card and then with my Discover card I buy my groceries and the same deal pay it off every single month that way you’re not carrying any interest and then you’re getting double payment history double buying history so then every month I’m getting two on-time payments which are good marks for your credit so that’s what I would do I would suggest either doing a student credit card if it’s offered to you and if there’s no offer for a student credit card I would go for a clothing or store card or a gas station card because those two are some of the easier ones to get because they’re usually a lower credit limit and they’re more geared towards younger people who may not have a large credit history or that great of a credit score now you can have a great credit score with poor buying history so there’s a couple that there’s a lot that goes into your credit score but I would recommend looking for a student credit card at that point or a clothing store card or gas card now after two to three years of doing both of these things so maybe you’re about 20 or 21 years old now you have a secured credit card which is hopefully going to be no longer secured in the near future after you turned 21 and then you also maybe have a gas card or a store card or a student credit card that’s when I would recommend applying for a major credit card you know like a MasterCard or Visa card whatever it is you know because those cards generally have like a minimum balance or a minimum credit limit of $5,000 I actually just got my first one of those the bank that I hold my auto loan with reached out to me they said hey you’ve you’ve had great buying history or payment history with your car we want to offer you a guaranteed approval on this line of credit I said I was running yearly fee they said nope I said okay why not so I opened that up and they gave me like a five thousand dollar line of credit I haven’t even used that card yet just because I have enough of a headache between buying and paying those other two cards but you know what it another line of credit to have out there that’s kind of helping my credit you don’t want to have too many at a certain point it gets to be too much but I mean a couple of lines of credit is a good thing to have and a major credit card is good to this issue the major credit card recognizes you as a good person to extend the line of credit – it does improve your credit score immensely so a couple of other pointers I have here for you do not apply for more than one line of credit every six months so don’t apply for a credit card then two months later apply for another credit card because every time you apply for a credit card there’s a derogatory mark put on your credit score and that does go away I think after two years I’m not sure how long but it will go away over time but every time there’s that hard inquiry on your card it does have a derogatory marking so your credit score does lower for a period of time so do not apply for a credit card more than every six months we’ll say that’s what I would say is the guideline and most importantly why are you doing this why is it important to establish credit well here’s a number of great reasons – number one lower interest rates you’re going to get a better rate so you saw with my example a lot of my friends are paying ten percent interest on their cars I’m paying one point seven five so over five years that’s thousands of dollars I’m not paying an interest number to a better chance of approval if you have a better credit score if you have buying history payment history you’re going to have a better chance of getting approved for a line of credit or for a loan or for whatever it may be it gives you in the negotiating power which is great because let’s say you’re going to a dealer and you’re trying to buy a car and you know they’re giving you the runaround they’re saying oh you know this is the best price I can do you can say look I know you can do better I have a 750 blah blah blah credit credit score you know I’m going to make these payments you got to lower that price for me I’m not a high risk buyer you know you’re going to get your money back call your creditors up and get me a better rate right now that’s what it gives you it gives you the negotiating power as opposed to somebody who goes in there and says I have no idea what my credit score is so you know I’m not in control the situation if you know what your credit score is you’re in the driver’s seat um easier approval process sometimes they don’t need to do background checks co-signers a lot of the times if you have established credit they don’t need to do as much background information on you like finding out Oh sometimes like to get a credit card you got to send in like proof of residency and stuff like that a lot of that stuff isn’t necessary once you have a credit history um another thing too and I actually haven’t looked into this I’m going to you can sometimes get better car insurance rates if you have a better credit score because uh I’m actually not sure what the reason is I would imagine it has to do with the fact that responsible people with their credit are probably more responsible with their car insurance but I’m definitely going to call my insurance companies up and kind of say hey you know I’m aware what my credit score is can you improve my car insurance rate another thing that’s convenient too is you can avoid security deposits when you have good credit in some cases like I know with phone contracts utility payments sometimes if you’re renting a house or renting an apartment they require a security deposit but if you have a good credit score they may waive that security deposit which is nice because then you have more of your own money to hold on to you don’t have to set aside money as a security deposit in case you were to go scoot off on the rent or in case you didn’t pay your phone bill or didn’t pay your utility bill and then the last thing and this is kind of an advantage kind of a disadvantage I guess as long as you’re responsible it’s not a disadvantage but they will give you a larger line of credit if you have a better credit score so for all of these reasons guys I highly recommend starting young and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to my age where I ask them what their credit score is or like I bring it up and like they have no idea they don’t even have credit cards they don’t even know like how you’d find out what your credit score is and I’ll tell you right now obviously I’m not sponsored by any of these people I’m not sponsored by Discover or anything or these websites I’m gonna mention but is the best way to check your credit score in my opinion they don’t sell you on some kind of enrollment and triple advantage which you hear on the commercials where you end up paying 10 bucks a month for your credit score you do not pay a thing all they do is advertise credit cards to you and send you the occasional junk email but they let you check your credit card history they let you check your credit score and the the thing I really like about Discover is every month they send you your FICO credit score and then there’s there’s a number of different scores there’s like your FICO there’s your TransUnion which I’m not going to get into you can look into those yourself because mostly I’m actually not sure what the difference is between those but I know the FICO score is one a lot of people look at the transunion credit score I think the one that I polled think that 749 is my FICO score but there’s a number of different scoring mechanisms out there with your credit but I highly recommend getting the ball rolling early because it’s done a lot for me you know it saved me thousands of dollars in interest on my car loan so it’s something to consider as a young person getting that credit established because then you know at some point you’re gonna want to buy a house at some point maybe you’re gonna want to buy a car or maybe you’re gonna want to uh you know get yourself an apartment and you’re not going to want to pay security deposit or maybe you want to lower your car insurance get the ball rolling on your credit early and don’t be one of those people that has no idea what their credit score is you know and it kind of gives you bragging rights in a way to when people are talking about their credit score but having bad credit you can say I don’t have to worry about that man I got this killer rate on my car I got lower insurance I got a you know I didn’t have to pay security deposit in my apartment because I’m a responsible buyer so I highly recommend getting smart about your credit score so I hope this video was helpful to you guys and like I said I also did another video about how to get free money from credit card companies by utilizing that cashback enticement system and that’s in the description so I recommend checking that out but uh if not that’s all I got for you guys so thank you for watching

10 BEST IDEAS | Unlimited Energy | Tony Robbins | E book Abstract

how do you find your true purpose design a life you’re constantly proud of and live with unlimited passion we’re talking about that on this week’s book review unlimited power the new science of personal achievement what’s up guys Clark back from my best journal dot-com here today with another book review we’re back on the weekly book reviews distilling down the best personal development books anything that can change your life we want to read it and they’re three four or five hundred pages sometimes so what we do on this channel as we take that down and we distill it into the 10 best ideas around 20 minutes so we can consume it and go about our days and we can keep revisiting that and apply it right away today I’m super excited we have my number one mentor joining us mr. Tony Robbins himself do an unlimited power and I’m just radiating even thinking about doing this book and he’s got a really inspiring story went from if you don’t know who Tony Robbins is he’s the number one arguably motivational speaker of all time although he wouldn’t say he’s a motivational speaker but he’s one of the performing coaches coached I think three US presidents top Olympic athletes the the best of the best um he got big in the 80s with personal power was his infomercial series and I think there was a statistic floating around that his infomercial was so played uh that it was non-stop 24/7 for the past 25 years straight somewhere in North America on TV this guy’s turned into a literal behemoth of personal development pretty much every idea you hear modern people speaking pretty much all the ideas on my channel in some form has been influenced by this man right here so we’re going back to I believe this is his first book don’t quote me on that unlimited power the new science of personal achievement really good we’re gonna get into the best 10 ideas on it but first remember if you’re a regular viewer of this show we ask for three things when you’re watching this video listen for one of the three things the first one is something you agree you with the best idea post it down below the thing that stands out to you second idea is something we forgot that you would like to add and the third idea is something you disagree with on a different note you know just a personal endorsement for this book and um this calling this is the guy who got me into personal development I heard his ideas back when I think I was sixteen seventeen eighteen maybe I was struggling with severe depression extreme anxiety like the only eighteen-year-old out there with that right transitionary period and I found these ideas and started really researching what it means to develop yourself and grow and I started journaling I started taking that idea seriously so I’ve gone back and pulled out through my journals or through this book through whatever the best ten ideas that I’m going to share with you right now on unlimited power let’s dive in big idea number one modeling the new science of personal achievement can be summed up with one quote success leaves Clues this is a quote by Jim Rohn originally one of Anthony Robbins mentors but this entire books about techniques on how do you take success of others and make it your own if success is not an overnight act on accident okay so how what key attributes of other people are they doing what’s their formula what’s their secret sauce and once you get that secret sauce once you see it and put it in your own terms and start applying it you can get similar results this always blows my mind the Beatles one of the most undeniable successful bands of all time impacted millions of lives they started as a cover band that’s true and Paul McCartney said that the only reason the Beatles started writing their own songs was so bands couldn’t copy their set Kobe Bryant one of the best basketball players in the world says that there isn’t a new move he watched tapes and modeled as heroes trying to copy them then realized he didn’t have the ability to pull it off so he fell short and the moves became his own or saw as original modeling is how we learn it’s the whole science of dissecting a formula and making it your own um when you’re trying to get into music what do you do you model your favorite guitarists or your favorite musicians you practice scales when you’re trying to get into painting what do you do you recreate masterpieces you paint that picture it becomes your own even down with kids when we’re teaching them how how do how do we read how do you learn that skill well you start with the alphabet and then you model and then you work your way up so modeling is the key attribute that takes success from others and can make it your own point number two this is the success cycle all success can be broken down into essentially four steps we’ll come back to that but first I want to tell you the success story of Roger Bannister on may 5th 1954 conventional wisdom said it was impossible to run a mile in under four minutes it’s never been done nobody could do it it was physically impossible you might die the next day Roger Bannister ran the mile in three minutes 59 seconds 0.4 then six weeks later an Australian ran it one whole second faster since 1954 14 others have broken the four-minute mile and the previous year alone around 50 to 75 people have broken it even including high schoolers what did Roger Bannister do that no one else did he modeled the results of successful runners he trained on his consistent basis he showed up he put in the work and he got the results he used this success cycle formula of the four steps we’re gonna go over so what is this success cycle on the book it has four points the first is beliefs all right in order to achieve anything right we have to believe it’s actually possible changing your beliefs is the fundamental of this cycle it’s the core of it it’s a starting point all right then you move into potentials once you have the belief though it transfers over to potential because now you think it’s possible to run a four-minute mile okay now you have the potential to actually do it if you thought it was impossible you wouldn’t even try it whenever the potential right if you think it’s possible to making a million dollars all right now you have the potential because it’s at least a possibility so you might actually work towards it but if you thought it wasn’t if you didn’t have the bully if you don’t have the potential you get the idea potential leads into actions okay if we have the enough belief if we have enough potential we’re gonna start taking action all right and so once we start taking action we either get the feedback of it didn’t work or the feedback of this did work and if it does work it leads into the final step which is results and that’s where we reap the rewards once you start getting results on something from taking action you can speed the whole thing up and it works better and better and so actions then influence your beliefs which influences your potential influences your actions results and the whole thing spins faster and faster but it all starts with that key linchpin that Domino that the first mover that falls over and creates the rest the rumble of the beliefs you have Roger Bannister was the first one to really say to really adopt that belief there in that success cycle and say you know what I can do this and it led into the potential that said it’s a possibility let until the actions that said I will do this and then it led him to the results that said I did this I broke the four-minute mile then what happened more people adopted the belief I can do this Roger Bannister did it actions to Train results and boom the cycle keeps going that’s why high schoolers are breaking the four-minute mile and what was it seventy-five people this year broke the four-minute mile essentially with our whole channels about changing our beliefs right and so we can get more actions and more results and improve ourselves but think about your beliefs and this is something I constantly go back to in my journal like we’ve done on the workshops on this channel we’ve done on the goal-setting seminars on this channel we’ve done over hundreds of videos I think we got over 300 going on 400 soon videos on this channel all talking about this really identifying your success cycle where you’ve believed something and it’s led to results or you have failed to believe something and it’s led to the opposite results big idea number three raise your standards Tony Robbins says that we all get what we settle for everyone gets their musts not everyone gets their shits I should work out more I should get more money I should not leave work ten minutes earlier I should tell my significant other I love them on regular basis you know if it’s a it’s just a maybe it’s a nice to have when it’s a must you’re really committed you burn the ships you go all in then you make something happen and Tony Robbins even says you know if you have a bunch of should that should work out more I should make more money I should should should should shut he says shot stop shooting on yourself it’s messy and turn it into a must personal example for my life that I’m not very proud of but um it was a should do a must I was running a health podcast for three years I had the best New York Times bestselling authors on there the best scientists on there I’d people were the healthiest of the top elite cutting edge and health research medicine all that and what was I doing after every show for the past four years I had a severe chewing tobacco habit I was addicted to chewing tobacco on and off starting high school continuing into college never really quit here I was this 18 20 22 year old kid talking to these halide experts who was just thinking about the whole time chewing tobacco when he gets off but the one day that changed it was when I was in my car and I have my spittoon of just the grossest sludge next to me and I knock it over and it spills everywhere and that moment right there it became a must I have to stop treating tobacco this is disgusting and I wrote down all the reasons why if I didn’t change this habit it was going to affect me in the future I wrote down the modeling for my kids I don’t want my kids chew tobacco my girlfriend I don’t want her to see me chewing tobacco um it was disgusting I had to hide it it was not really expensive it’s dirt cheap but my health my gums everything was falling apart this is disgusting I changed it and I’m proud to say I have not chewed tobacco since that day I spilled the sludge all over Maya 99 Buick any transition in your life trying to find enough motivation a change that should do a must I mean I just recommend it right there write out all the reasons that if you don’t change it it’s gonna affect you negatively what were your life look like five years from now ten years from now 20 years from now if you don’t give up that habit projecting outward that’s one of the most beneficial ways to rewire yourself to make a should into a must point number four take mass of action point in the book that says decisions happen in an instant but it’s getting ourselves to make the change that takes the longest we’ve all been in a relationship think about a time where you knew it wasn’t working but you stayed in it for whatever reason so you made the decision that it wasn’t working this isn’t going to work out but you stuck in it long enough until one day you finally made that decision what was a change there I mean some people stay in relationships that aren’t serving them for years decades even before they make that decision same thing with jobs you’ve all worked a job that wasn’t fulfilling and we show up every day why is it that we make a decision but we don’t honor it always I love the quote from Tony Robbins says in the book it says if you keep doing what you’ve always done we’ll keep getting what we always got it’s the same thing with decisions so how do you shortcut this if we know that decisions happen in a moment but change takes forever we take massive action immediately is what I go back to I call it the power of impulsivity that when you really want something you gotta honor that when you have that gut feeling that comes up and says this isn’t right we have that gut instinct that says you need to start that business I need to do that health program or I need to make a change something’s got to give really listen to it an honor it example if you want to get healthy one of the best ways to take massive action do something toward your health go to your cupboards rip out every single thing that’s not serving me that’s unhealthy and throw in the garbage that’s a great way to take massive action so what’s your goal if it’s to save more money then great taking massive action could look like going to the bank opening a separate checking account until you find out where you want to invest it depositing X amount of dollars or 10% of everything for the next six months that’s massive action right there in other words you never leave the site of setting a goal without doing something towards its attainment that’s something that I heard back when I was 16 we became obsessed with goal setting and every single time I set a goal I try to do at least one action piece towards it and you know a simple example not as big as some of those we were and about but just this week I had the call to really rebrand myself to go from Clark danger to use my real name Clark Kegley and so what did I do I had that gut feeling if something I’ve been talking about for a while just thinking you know I want to be more professional I want to take this more seriously it’s my business within you know an hour two hours the next morning waking up and deciding that I had read out sores to my logo change the names on my channel readouts or my intros totally rebranded my website domains everything crash my site um everything to take massive action on that and once we have that action we have what’s even more powerful which is momentum cliche that the snowball when it’s rolling down a hill it starts small and then it picks up more and more and more snow and then adds it gets to the end of the hill boom you got the base of a snowman or whatever I love the analogy of the dominoes that we got from the one thing that these dominoes can knock over one that’s 1.5 it’s size so if you start with one Domino it’s about two inches right and you keep stacking them bigger and bigger and bigger 1.5 1.5 1.5 I think it’s by the 18th that’s to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and I think by the 20th of that Everest but by the 34th Domino it’s clear into the moon that’s how tall it is so these little changes can make big differences don’t be afraid when you get a call to make a decision do something towards entertainment take massive action and if we do what we’ve always done the option is to get what we’ve always got let’s do some Tony Robbins quotes for point number five setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped quality questions create quality life successful people ask better questions and as a results they get better answers a real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action if there’s no action you haven’t truly decided we can change our lives we can do have and be exactly what we wish if you want to be successful find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results point number six growth time for the bit you always hear me use from master himself Tony Robbins on grow or die that life seems to have this pattern if you look around everything is growing or it’s dying sounds morbid but let’s unpack that the leaves on a tree they’re growing they’re growing they’re growing until October hits like it is in Seattle right now and they turn it turns into fall and what do they do they fall down to the ground because they’re no longer growing they’ve died and they start to serve as life as the nutrients for other things that are going to grow up from them our relationships if we don’t continue to grow over the years in our relationships they start to die out they start to lose the spark they start to lose the passion our businesses if it’s not growing its receding it’s dying our health if we’re not constantly maintaining our health and growing in our health and doing things to make us healthier or dying so bringing it back I mean this isn’t a morbid point this is the reality of what it is in other words it’s the progress that growth that keeps us alive but it’s the progress that makes us feel alive think about it progress equals happiness it really does that feeling of growth equals happiness you can take any job let’s just take a job you had like I did in college and I worked an unglamorous housekeeping job and even for the first week it was somewhat stimulating but then by weeks three four five six you’re scrubbing the same spots eight hours a day room after room and then you go to the next room and it’s the same exact room all white with cupboards that are brown but they have different spots but for the first week it’s super stimulating because it’s new you’re growing you’re learning new things and then by weeks two three you want to rip your eyes out after all what is boredom boredom is when we stop learning and we get complacent and we just stay there and most people you know they can get bored you can get in ruts you really can and that’s nothing more than you’ve stopped learning or you’ve stopped growing or we’ve stopped progressing Warren Buffett um Warren Buffett the billionaire investor says that I’m I’m paraphrasing right here but the more I earn no the more I learned the more I earn and he’s been quoted at saying that he reads up to 800 to a thousand new pages every single day he’s just obsessed with learning devours it I know Bill Gates is the same way some of the most successful people remember going back to modeling they’ve always had that curiosity and they’ve nurtured it and they’ve never stopped learning they’ve devoured content like you’re doing on these videos right now they’ve had that curiosity they’ve tapped into and it’s that growth it’s that progress that they feel from the learning that keeps them alive and happy that keeps them striving towards things like us on this channel it’s what we’re trying to do finding ways to tap into that curiosity finding ways to continuously growing that’s what it’s really all about point number seven the secret to living is giving all this personal achievement all this goal setting all the striving it’s meaningless if we don’t have anybody to share it with it’s a cliche but a joy shared as a joy doubled and I really like the story from Wayne Dyer dr. Wayne Dyer passed away recently um it always stuck with me in one of his PBS specials he has this one plus one equals three bit he goes into saying that serotonin the things that they pump into SSRIs when you’re depressed basically the feel-good chemical I know there’s more brain science that goes into it than that but for the sake of this video that feel good serotonin chemical that is released when you do something nice for another person alright so you give someone a gift boom you have serotonin go off in your brain well it’s also fascinating is that when they receive a gift more serotonin goes off in their brain all right so now you have to but what’s really fascinating is that anybody else around you witnessing that gift that giving when they see that act going down boom serotonin goes off in their brain so it’s in that way that when you give something not only is the other person receiving it they get happy but other people also that you shared it with are happy as well it’s one plus one equals three the secret to life secret to living is really sharing and it’s giving doesn’t always have to be gifts it can be the gift of time you volunteer with someone it can be the gift of knowledge you’re just giving your knowledge away to people I’m like we do on this channel you know whatever limited very small knowledge I can impart on you that I’ve learned through these books I mean I’m honored to do it it’s a privilege it really is you know with the business everyone goes in with how do I make more money how do I get more money out of people how do I take more money that’s the wrong mentality if he’s went into it with how do I give the most value how do I provide the most for my time how do I change people’s lives don’t you think the money would follow I can tell you firsthand from this video these videos in this channel that when I started upgrading my value giving when I started just putting it all out there just trying to give the most value per video that I could impart on anyone on YouTube boom the money started following people started buying my journal courses people started watching this challenge makes ad revenue everything started pouring in the channel started growing which is exponential snowball all from giving value all from the secret to living is really giving and it’s what makes us feel alive alright point number eight this one’s a recent one I learned from Tony Robbins I don’t even think it’s in his book but it’s worth sharing on on this channel that is that suffering comes from a me focus all this personal development stuff the self-help stuff you know reading all these books and trying to achieve more and strive after things it can really burn you out and run you dry and it’s because it can be it can be an isolating journey right and so you’re so focused on you you’re so focused on what you’re doing that you can psychoanalyze yourself and you can get in your own head or you journal too much and you get in your own head I see it all the time all that suffering all that anxiety it comes from a me focus when we’re too focused on ourselves that’s when we get depressed that’s when we feel lonely that’s when we feel isolated that’s when we feel anxious it’s a me focus it really is I mean look at the celebrities who have everything by monetary standards or material standards right they have the house they have the cars they have the money but they’re isolated and alone and they’re obsessed with keeping that or maintaining that that’s a me focus that’s a fear of loss it’s hard to hear it really is but you know I like the polarity that we talk about on this channel that there’s a positive and a negative sort of dance that everything does is the night and day the up-down the male/female the east-west the hot cold well with suffering depression what’s the opposite of that it’s gratitude really is um it’s joy its ecstasy and that those two things suffering anxiety depression Chuck supposed to joy gratitude and ecstasy all that stuff they can exist simultaneously it’s impossible so that if you want to feel that you got to get out of the me focus and you got to go back to what we talked about in the last point which is the secret to living is giving find out how to give more contribute more and get back more and naturally those things start to go away the last quote you know Tony Robbins says in here happiness comes from when you trade your expectations for appreciations and your whole life changes so if we want to really change our life it’s because we’re dissatisfied sometimes we’re depressed were dissatisfied with our expectations weren’t met we go on a vacation we think it’s not as good as we remember it because we expected something totally different so finding simple ways to trade our expectations to appreciations that’s a great way we can use this point number nine this is the best resources to learn more from obviously you can get this book it’s great I would also recommend money master the game the new book if you’re in the finance at all I think we will be reviewing that on this channel jam-packed of tons of stuff also I’ll link in the description below some TED talks Tony’s done that are phenomenal he also did his course I can’t even remember the name I think it’s called unleash the power within or get the edge I think it is I’ll have a link down below where you can check that course out that’s the one I did when I was 18 scrubbing houses um every day I would just have Tony Robbins in while sweeping up leaves or cleaning stuff in college and I look back on those times and really see the beginnings of everything I’m doing now from that little time point number 10 this is the application of this remember that all these ideas we talked about all this knowledge everything we’re going over is worthless if we don’t have the application if you don’t take action remember that belief potential results are belief potential what’s that key point here it’s action that leads to results so if we’re not applying any of the things we just learned might as well have not even learned on that’s just nice to haves and sometimes we can get so addicted to learning the new ideas we don’t apply them and we don’t get any results I see that time and time again so how do you change us how do you get results personal growth is such a big topic how do i narrow it down how do I apply stuff how do I take action on it and that’s why I developed seven years ago a way of journaling that I still use to this day to take all this abstract and make it really practical so if you go to my best journal com that is the ultimate guide to keeping a journal course put so many people through in the last six months alone I’m raising the price soon so I want to make it accessible for everyone but I’m gonna be putting a lot more content on there the course of how you change your life in under four hours through a method of journaling we also have tons of free videos on journaling on this channel it’s a number one thing I’ve done to develop myself and take all these abstract ideas and take action on them alright guys that’s it unlimited power by Anthony Robbins definitely um a must read one of my favorites of all time again someone who’s probably my biggest mentor thank you so much for your support on this channel means the world I’m honoured with the growth and being able to share these ideas and grow more with you remember to post them below you’re one of those three things we asked at the beginning something you agree with something we left out or something you disagree with give it a big thumbs up share it if this was helpful and if you want to click on the link below to get the eleven questions to change your life this is a free information they need information just a free book workbook I put together with the best eleven questions you can do to take action on some of these ideas and really go deeper into yourself do the work it takes to develop and get some clarity about what you’re here to do and how you can live with more passion alright I will see you back here next week for the book review it’s up in the air don’t really know what we’re doing but until then stop settling start living see you later

Handiest Behold to Behold Lending Sites and Get hold of out how to Get hold of the Handiest Rates

hey joho here with pure finance 101 your blog for sharing your stories about debt money and financial goals I wanted to add this video to one of the most popular posts on the blog the super list of peer-to-peer lending sites on the web the list highlights all the fees features and discounts on each sites you need the best peer loan for your needs for this video I wanted to highlight some of the Pureland websites I’ve used as a borrower and as an investor I also wanted to talk about a few things you can do to eat the lower rates on your loan so let’s start with that idea of getting the lowest rate possible all of the peer loan sites are going to look at your credit report and assign an interest rate just like any other lender would the trick to getting a better rate is to boost your credit score by as much as possible before applying for a loan so now we’ve got a full list of 21 steps to increase your credit score on the blog these are the same steps I took to boost my score 140 points but let’s go over a few that work the fastest so if you can pay off any credit card debt before applying for a loan that’s really the best thing to do the credit score people hate credit card debt because there’s no fixed payment or no pay update now paying off your cards isn’t usually an option for a lot of people especially if you’re looking for a pure loan to pay off your credit cards so we’ll cover a few other options here the easiest thing you can do is just to call the credit card companies and ask to ask them to increase your limit now this doesn’t mean applying for new cards or going out shopping on your new higher spending limit it’s just a way to make it look like you have more credit available now that’s important because part of your credit score is based on whether you have credit available something called your credit utilization ratio so another trick you can try is to remove negative remarks from your credit report now you do this by writing the credit score bureaus and the addresses are all on the post on the website in contesting a missed payment or a late payment or whatever it is you want to to remove from your credit score now any of these things are going to take a couple of months to really boost your credit score it just doesn’t happen overnight but if you can increase your score by even 20 or 30 points you could save hundreds or even thousands on your loan interest so I’ve highlighted some of the pure lenders I’ve used not all are gonna be the same some are good for good credit borrowers while others are good for bad credit borrowers some are better for debt consolidation and loans to pay off credit cards while others are better for student loans and other needs there’s a table with some notes on each peer lending site as well so let’s look at a few of the loan sites listed in that table Lending Club is the largest peer-to-peer lending site in the world it makes small business loans also but most of the loans on the side are going to be for debt consolidation and home improvement medical expenses loans like that Lending Club usually requires a higher credit score around 640 or higher but rates are gonna be lower also so rates are gonna start at just over 5% and up to 31 percent depending on your credit so fee loans is also a good choice for good credit borrowers they won’t say the minimum credit score for a loan but it may be higher than Lending Club rates are about the same starting at under 6% but don’t go as high two big advantages of Sofie is that they don’t charge an origination fee and you can refinance student loans and even get a mortgage on the site low or no origination fees are really important because that’s money you pay off the top after getting a loan your origination fee of five percent which is pretty standard across most peer-to-peer lending sites is gonna cost you five hundred dollars for a ten thousand dollar loan so next on the list is pure personal loans com a site I’ve used for pure loans and one of the best p2p websites for bad credit borrowers the site says it requires a credit score of around 580 or higher I know people that have gotten a loan with a lower score the best part about personal loans com is that they work with different lenders to provide a loan depending on your situation so they can offer pure loans personal loans and cash advances right on one site so it’s a way to get those different offers from from a loan rates are higher starting at around 10% but it’s still much better than a payday loan and usually less than your credit card rates now if you’re applying for a pure loan online it pays to start with the sites that might offer a lower rate even if you’ve got a little bit lower credit score the websites do what’s called a soft poll of your credit first to estimate your industry now this first credit check doesn’t go on your credit report so it won’t hurt your score they only do a hard check on your credit after you accept the interest rate and the loan so there’s really no harm in just checking to see if you apply you qualify for a loan so you can get a better rate there’s a lot of other peer lending websites in the list so check them out on peer finance 101 the list is also broken out into best loan sites for different types of borrowers including bad credit loans personal loans business loans and more so read through the list and get the right loan for you

How To Budget And Attach Cash | Cash Administration Guidelines

Hey everyone, Stefan here from project and in this video
I’m going to talk to you a little bit
about how to budget money and how to
save money. Saving money is very
important. You’ve got to make sure that
you’re putting money aside every single
month, but the problem is that most
people they don’t budget their money and
manage their money in the first place.
In fact most people they’re living paycheck to
paycheck where their expenses are
a certain amount of money and whatever
money that they’re earning is going
directly towards paying off those
expenses. Therefore they don’t
have any positive cash flow that they
can then use to save and put aside.
If you are living that way, if you’re
living month to month, paycheck to paycheck
and you’re not saving any money, then
you’re stuck in what is called the rat
race. The rat race basically means that
you’re never going to be able to get
ahead because you’re just repeating the
same cycle. You’re not taking money that
you can save, that you can invest, and
help use to build your financial future,
to build a business, to make passive
income etc. Really the most
important thing that you’ve got to
understand before you’re even in a
position where you can invest money and
all that sort of stuff, is you’ve got
to make sure that you manage your money
and you set up a budget. A budget is
basically where you say that you’re not
going to spend more than X amount of
money. You’ve got to decide what that is,
what is realistic for you but
a budget is a way of essentially
sacrificing in some way in your life,
which is a very important thing to
understand. For me I remember in my life
I never wanted to make a sacrifice. I
just wanted to make money and spend that
money, but then I realized by living my
life that way it was at the cost of my
future and that by living my life that
way as time were to go by that I was taking
away from my future life that I was
going to have one day. When I had kids
one day or a marriage or a family or
whatever it is that I was going to
struggle at that point in my life.
You’ve got to think ahead for your future.
You can’t just live for and think about
today, you’ve got to think ahead and
prepare for the future and that means
sacrificing some instant gratification.
You’ve got to
delay gratification and make a
Budgeting you’ve got to decide how
much is your budget going to be. That
you’re not going to exceed what that is.
What I recommend you do before
that is make a list of all your existing
current expenses.
Go through your credit cards or debit
cards or online banking, your statements,
go through your receipts, whatever you’ve
got to go through and go through every
single transaction that you have and add
it all up. Because the first place to
start is you’ve got to know exactly where
you’re at.
You’ve got to know exactly where your
monthly expenses are and how much it is
that you’re spending on a month to month
basis. I do recommend you go back
several months because you’ve got to see
what the pattern is. It’s even better
if you can categorize it into different
categories. A great way of doing
this, you can use software, you can use
Microsoft Excel, you can use a Google
spreadsheet, you can use Numbers if
you’re on a Mac, but actually set up a
spreadsheet or track it whatever the way
that you want and add it up. Get out your
calculator and add up exactly how much
you spent on a month to month basis on
your rent or on your mortgage.
Whatever that number is write it down,
put it under a column or a category.
That’s exactly what your monthly
rent or mortgage is. Another category is
going to be putting in exactly what you
spend every single month on your cell
phone bill.
Put exactly what that is. Again, go
back several months know exactly what
that is. There might be some months you might
have spent more than what your
bill traditionally is but you’ve got to
know exactly what that is. You’re going to look
at your Internet bill, your gym
membership. You’re going to look at how much money
you’re spending on a monthly basis
buying groceries,
eating out, entertainment such as going
to movies or playing video games or
whatever that is.
Again, these are all different categories.
You’ve got to look through all your
transactions or statements and add
exactly what that is to know exactly
where you’re at. Your car payments,
gas, your bus pass,
transportation, taking a taxi, whatever
that is break it up in the categories.
Maybe another category could be
investing in yourself like books
and courses, whatever. Know exactly
what you’re investing every month there.
It could be a coach, it could be a mentor,
it could be your school tuition
payments or your student loan.
Whatever it is guys you’ve got to have a
spreadsheet or something that’s tracking
everything. That way you can add
everything up.
You know exactly what you spent every
single month for the last several months.
When you look at that number it’s going
to be an eye opener for you. You’re going
to actually realize the reality of how
you’re living. Then what you’re also going
to do is going to add up and
track exactly how much you’re making every
month as well. That’s exactly what you
make from your job, maybe from your
business, maybe from other income streams
that you might have such as investments, such
as … I don’t know things that you might be
doing on the side, but you’ve got to make
sure you track all of that as well and
you’ve got to know exactly what that is.
Basically by doing this exercise
you’re going to have a list and you’re
going to know exactly what your expenses are
and then you’re also going to know exactly what
your income is. You’re always going to
make sure that your income is higher
than what your expenses are and you have
what is called a positive cash flow.
Positive cash flow. Very important,
that’s what’s going to allow you to save
money every month. That’s what’s going to
allow you to invest, to build a business,
to do whatever it is that you want to do
and have that savings for whatever it is you
want to invest in. If
you find yourself your expenses are too
high, then you’ve got to set up the budget.
You’ve got to decide again
how much do I want to save every
month? Is it one hundred bucks a month, is it a
thousand bucks a month and then look at
ways that you can cut down and lower
your expenses. That’s creating a
budget. You might decide, my
budget is that I’m not going to spend
more than two hundred dollars a month
eating out.
You’ve got to enforce that, that’s what the
budget is. I’m not going to spend more
than two hundred dollars a
month on clothing.
That’s the budget. I’m not going to
spend more than X amount of
on transportation or on alcohol or
whatever it might be that you’re
spending money on. In some cases you might
got to find a cheaper cell phone
plan. I’ve got to sell my cell phone and get
a cheaper phone. I need to get rid of my
car and get a bus pass instead. Again,
these are sacrifices that you might have
to make so that you can save money and
set yourself up for your future.
Set that budget and then the other key
piece is guys, you’ve got to make sure that you
are tracking this on a weekly basis
especially the start. On a weekly
basis. Which means that every single week,
you’re going to want to go through your
credit card statement, your bank
statements, everything and add everything
up and put them in the categories
that you have set up in your spreadsheet.
I recommend doing this weekly
because it’ll be faster if you do it
weekly. If you leave it every month
they’ll be a lot more transactions and
you’re going to procrastinate you’re not
going to do it. Weekly helps you
understand where you are at with your
budget and it will help you realize hey you
know what? I spent a little bit too much
just last week, I’m coming up close to my
budget so I need to cut back a little
bit. Do it every week, very important.
Then the other piece is I highly
recommend that you use a credit card or
a debit card for all your transactions
because if you’re spending cash on
things, it’s very hard for you to track
that whereas if you’re buying everything on
your credit card, then you’re going to be
able to see everything. You’re going
to see where your money
is going and be able to go through
all those transactions. Using a
credit card is beneficial because
it’s helping you build up your credit score
which is very important especially at a
young age to build your credit. If you
have a problem with overspending with
credit cards, then I would recommend
setting a limit on the credit card. You
can call your credit card company and
say, “I want to have a limit of a thousand
dollars, of two thousand dollars,” or
whatever that limit is to ensure that
you don’t overspend that, but if
you’re doing that every week you’re
tracking things, you’re going through your
you know exactly where you’re
at. You have that awareness and you’re
ensuring that you have a positive cash
flow then that’s going to give you the
ability to save money
and you’re going to have a better
sense of control and confidence over your
life of managing your money.
It’s very important that you do this as early
as possible because if you can’t manage
what you currently have,
then there’s no point going out there
to try to make more money because if you
can’t manage two thousand dollars a
month, five thousand dollars a month, if
you make ten thousand or more, if you make a
million dollars a year, you’re going to
be in trouble if you don’t know
how to manage that because then you’re
going to get into a serious financial
trouble. That’s why it’s better to
learn how to manage
what you already have.
Master managing what you already
have and then as things grow you’ll have
that foundation, this money management
skills that will help you to succeed at
a later point your life as well. Thank
you for watching this video. Hopefully
you enjoyed it. Check out the videos that
I have on investing for beginners if
you’re in a position where you’re able
to save money and start to invest. If
you want to learn how to build your
online business and make more money
online specifically passive income, then
check out the link below to a free
course that I have that share seven online
business models that help make me an
Internet millionaire that will help you
get started building your online
business. Thank you guys for watching
this video and I’ll see you in the next

What This Presidential Election Will Mannequin to the Inventory Market

alright guys I am Phil city from rule 1 investing I need to discuss to you a bit of bit in regards to the upcoming presidential election first off let me form of arrange the scenario within the inventory market the inventory market usually ranges between worth of about sixty p.c of GDP and 100% of GDP when it is 100% it’s totally expensive unlikely to go up when it is sixty p.c it is fairly prone to go up and it is fairly low-cost as we speak the inventory market is priced at 100 and thirty p.c of GDP it is solely been there a few occasions within the final you already know since World Battle two and each occasions it crashed in a big approach so we’re already arrange the place it’s totally troublesome to see the inventory market and shifting up strongly from right here irrespective of who will get elected so take into consideration this we’ve two completely different candidates one who mainly needs to empty the swamp and one who’s a pose to that course of and who thinks that bigger authorities and extra globalization is healthier for the nation so you have to actually stark selections right here you bought a road fighter very tough character actually crass you already know simply completely completely different than the everyday glib politician who needs to burn down the home in lots of some ways and then you definately’ve received any person who’s actually well-known typical politician and who’s going to go from the intense that they talked about to get elected again to the center so if Hillary Clinton will get elected I believe what we will see is form of extra of the identical from what we noticed with Bush and Obama huge authorities getting greater globalization getting extra international extra free commerce going throughout borders harder and harder for the center class to to do nicely and extra authorities applications to assist the center class retrain and go completely different instructions you may see taxes go up a lot greater with Hillary Clinton within the White Home if she will get a Congress and Senate that’ll go them you are gonna see individuals over $250,000 are gonna pay much more taxes and what which means is that the individuals who run small companies that are 70% of the staff in America are are working for a small enterprise and the individuals who run these companies will not be taxed as firms they’re taxed as people and sometimes land on this $250,000 vary and if they’ll get taxed extra on the earnings which might be coming in from their firms it implies that small firms are going to not be hiring as many individuals US firms are the very best tax firms on the earth we’re competing towards taxes that goes low as zero in some international locations however our averaging round 15 to 18 p.c so if we do not get taxes down from the place they’re proper now which is 39% for firms then we proceed to be at a drawback worldwide so globalization greater taxes a lot greater welfare program rather more authorities involvement is extra of the identical that we have had for a lot of many a few years now so if Hillary will get elected I believe that what we’re gonna see is the inventory market will proceed to form of creep alongside and crawl towards new highs increasingly more troublesome on a regular basis most likely for a few years till the impression of all of this merely will get to ready on the center class and you will see a giant huge combat towards it and I believe we’re gonna have a giant meltdown within the inventory market most likely at that time Trump then again tough character you discover that that that that Hillary’s arguments towards Trump has nearly nothing to do with coverage in any respect and one of many causes for that’s as a result of he is truly left of Hillary on on issues like nationwide protection the place he actually wish to see us out of most of those international wars I am positive he’d like to see Putin take over the center center jap international locations and simply cope with it possibly a buffer round China could be okay with him we’re not gonna ship our troops to save lots of Korea and Taiwan you already know Europe can have a buffer between Russia and Europe and so you will not push for NATO to take absorb European Jap European international locations and that is very destabilizing that form of exercise that is one thing that goes towards actually the entire US protection coverage since World Battle two very radical very rather more libertarian and really very rather more like Bernie Sanders in that regard similar factor with employees pay scales I imply Sanders was pushing exhausting for the center class after which Trump is pushing simply as exhausting to cease NAFTA cease TPP to attempt to get a greater stability between this idea of globalization the place firms can merely rent anyone from around the globe that may do the job at no matter value you already know if they may get guys NIT to do it for 3 {dollars} a time out of Kenya that might be a professional within the eyes of this globalization idea and sadly what that does is simply reduce the wheels out from underneath our complete center class after we’re seeing individuals go from $85,000 jobs into unemployment as a result of somebody from one other nation took their job and was over right here getting paid 50,000 a yr then you definately received to surprise if that is the best approach to go and Clinton is totally in favor of that NAFTA is from Invoice Clinton TPP is one thing she’s vastly in favor of which she’s you already know through the election saying she’s not however that may proceed to go on underneath her administration with Trump he begins placing up tariffs like he is speaking about he begins placing up partitions to commerce and you bought the potential for the form of 1929 state of affairs the place one tariff begets one other tariff and you find yourself with the world international financial conflict and then you definately go into foreign money wars after which we would have a catastrophe so with Trump and these different financial applications you are taking you it is a roll of the cube very potential he is received the best concept for the center class very potential it really works out for the advantage of the nation very potential two three years into that administration if he has a congress with us he makes the entire thing working we received 20 years of growth however what’s gonna occur when he will get elected is that this markets gonna crater as a result of uncertainty will go proper off the chart in order that’s my view love to listen to from you reply this query how do you foresee this presidential election impression within the inventory market like to see the knowledge of crowds go away your reply beneath and we’ll observe up with you in the event you loved the video by the best way you already know and also you assume it was priceless and educating you extra about you know the way to deal with your monetary future subscribe to my channel and share the video please share it out with your folks and anyone who may profit from this info and by the best way we have got much more assets for taking management of your monetary life and studying tips on how to make investments so go to my web site rule 1 investing we received all types of excellent free stuff up there make the most of it and thanks for watching now playe hey guys in the event you just like the video and also you thought it was actually priceless for educating you extra about getting management of your monetary future then simply share the video with your folks or anybody else who may profit from the data and if you would like extra assets for taking management of your funds and studying tips on how to make investments then go to my web site rule 1 investing calm so thanks for watching now go play

What’s a 401Okay – Youthful Hustlers

yeah we deliver you a present referred to as younger hustlers then we deliver it to you so we do not we do not need to let you know in regards to the present we do not need to let you know in regards to the present with out providing your options so I’ll offer you some options as we speak too at 401 Okay in the event you do not like the thought giving your cash to Wall Avenue in the event you do not like the thought given the cash to Wall Avenue you need management your cash I let you know on a regular basis man management equals earnings management in the event you do not management your cash you are not going to have any cash it is unattainable to surrender management Jarrod it is unattainable to surrender management and assume that you’ll do effectively okay in the event you do not assume you are able to do higher than anyone else guess what you are not going to do higher than anybody else okay no acquired that that is Chris you simply put it over high of your shirt man huh this program proper now’s solely $49 it is a two and a half hour program is for 95 on sale for the way do they discover it although no I do not assume so yeah it isn’t there what Grayson formulation the place is it sorry no it isn’t test it out there is not any approach it’s it isn’t a premium product product test it out ah there I acquired stuff on the printer are you able to seize that Robert 401okay we’re speaking in regards to the 401okay please take the time to share the stream you probably have mates invested in 401 okay JH a brother or sister uncle aunt cousin an employer-employee and so they’re like when are we gonna hit a 401 Okay man look watch this present as we speak I am gonna reveal some issues to you in regards to the 401 and the Okay there okay all day yeah not you may need to know some issues in regards to the 401 Okay how a lot cash is in a for the way a lot whole cash is in 401 Okay dude I used to be pulling enjoyable trillion it is gotta be trillions proper effectively I imply I do not assume certainly one of them had trillions however all of them had like billions billions of {dollars} yeah REITs bond funds I imply I do know our goals acquired over three trillion {dollars} who which of them that how a lot whole cash okay welcome to the present welcome Fb thanks for being right here what high allocation funds Oh on the highest story in CNBC that is superior man 2.Eight trillion {dollars} eighteen p.c of all whole mutual funds eight level 9 billion within the vanguard Wellington I simply informed you the quantity dude the two.Eight trillion I acquired the full proper right here forty six level six billion in Vanguard sorry 18% of all mutual funds six six six level six p.c one-year return within the vanguard Reed mm-hmm that was final yr although yep they’re supplying you with eight bucks and your shirt seems to be good dude who’s trying extra buff although man who’s trying extra buff let me let me get let me get you bought guess you bought your you are just a little bit extra minimize up huh you are extra minimize up than me I’ve acquired a want okay grant cardone Jarrod Glen 305 eight six 5 eight six six eighty 9 eight six 5 eighty six six eight in the event you’re not gonna put money into them in the event you’re nobody investing within the 401 what you going finest do not you go finest in gross who’s acquired my cash is my query okay additionally acquired on-line I need to reference this and I simply put this on sale for $49 what it is for ninety 5 for the present dude for the present we acquired we acquired we acquired to supply individuals an answer for the present and ten of those for twenty okay and I have to test with Josh man our gross sales at our product gross sales head oh these are $10 two shirts by the best way if you would like the shirts I do know lots of people discuss in regards to the shirt already man all people loves this shirt meals not within the shot proper no look what I acquired dude the what do you bought dude what do you bought present I get dude how do I give it a sticker can I get one – Jared a sticker please for the please man we do not need please man please Jinhua Gen X Millennials era me era Web you already know who you’re you have been crushed hit exhausting by this financial system so in the event you’re coping with faculty debt I imply perhaps you are even making an attempt to maneuver out of your dad and mom home or begin a brand new enterprise look the one approach you are gonna have the ability to do that’s to have the ability to produce and to get individuals to pay you what you are price I am combating in your era I am not counting you out I consider in you we’re right here to present younger hustlers the recommendation and instruments they want to achieve a 21st century yay-hey-hey welcome younger hustlers on the earth who’s acquired my cash who’s acquired my approach acquired my cash who’s acquired your cash who’s acquired yo cash that is what I get up day-after-day saying who’s acquired my cash man I Pat my youngsters on the again kiss some kiss my spouse after which I am like the remainder of the day it is like Who am I I have been doing that I have been doing that since I used to be 25 years outdated however then if you discover it you bought to multiply it you already know there’s younger hustlers each Thursday midday East Coast Commonplace Time we come right here to drop just a little bomb just a little data bomb on you we acquired some new be obsessed stickers have you have not picked the guide up but come on man primary primary enterprise finance guide on Amazon three weeks now okay if you do not have your be obsessed or be common we get selfies on a regular basis if you have already got the guide in you wrote a testimonial or you have not written testimonial reviewing I like that ring I can not let you know each morning in our gross sales conferences we share opinions we share selfies ship me your selfies ship me your evaluate I actually admire any suggestions you give me on the guide each Thursday twelve PM me and Jared meet yep yep and we talked about you bought a do what you bought to can we talked about however you are gonna do brother what’s it who’s that get informed Kogan’s oh I did not get ya what you gonna do when your 401 Okay u runs wild so we’re gonna discuss 401ks as we speak as a result of I wrote an article yesterday Roberts gonna be on the mic over there Roberts the man behind the scenes he is just like the wizard Wizard of OuncesWizard of Ouncesokay Robert so that you inform me inform me if you google effectively in the event you sort in 401 Okay into Google proper now yeah there’s uh there is a man that has a high story on CNBC the self-made millionaire do not put your cash in your 401 Okay dick as you do oh yeah there there it’s miss you dad yeah y’all what oh I do not see that one effectively I see simply what I see it is proper right here here is a narrative at Forbes the right way to turn into a 401okay millionaire okay now I am gonna inform all people proper now and Jared Jimmy and Jared have had this dialog many nights many instances some ways yep uh shopping for a house dangerous concept what’s the second shopping for a house Oh School educate borrow cash to go to varsity go to varsity but they’re they’re gonna come on I am simply going to let you know three issues that you just needn’t go to WikiLeaks to get conspiracy theories okay the extra individuals have been killed by these three concepts then get all of the terrorism on the planet Oh God okay so Holmes yeah your prisoner cannot even depart they satisfied you to do this they they they offered this concept to mass numbers of individuals thousands and thousands of individuals why and by the best way the Clinton administration again in earlier than 2008-2009 this isn’t a political assertion once they lowered once they lowered your requirement tomorrow residence yeah abruptly the floodgates went open all people began by what occurred six years later growth the boss dies each time they make the charges low-cost and all people can do it they’re organising for a bus faculty is a jail and the 401 Okay might be one of many best scams on the American public ever within the historical past of the USA so why do individuals put cash in for cash as a result of as a result of as a result of here is the deal is it mendacity in all equity like if individuals have jobs right here and so they be just right for you know most likely a medium-sized or massive firm and 56-degree speaking about 401ks sure certain they’re they’re saying hey we acquired a 401okay do you need to take part it goes up then choose out you already know yeah so that is what occurred the 401okay was created by Wall Avenue it was offered to politicians politicians had been then informed hey man we are going to help you if you will get this factor pulled off okay now and the factor they did they wished to drag off was this we need to persuade Jared he is 28 years outdated 30 years outdated 32 years outdated 34 years outdated we need to take him now we need to get his cash now so we’ll spin a narrative okay to the center class to say Jared ought to begin younger all people hears heard that story begin younger perform a little bit each month man dude it the entire the entire story was constructed for Wall Avenue it wasn’t constructed for you and I can show it we will show it what who’s gonna show it first effectively you possibly can show it however I might help it I simply began a mutual fund okay I simply one other mutual fund however I began a fund for actual property investing for me to start out a fund to let individuals put money into my enjoyable they’ve guidelines that say it’s important to be an accredited earner okay which implies merely simplify that Robert can put money into the deal but as a result of he would not earn 200 grand a yr for 2 years in a row or he would not have 1,000,000 {dollars} whether or not web price solely the one individuals that may make investments on this funder you earn 200 grand a yr and may show it okay which is simply like 4 or 5 p.c of the whole inhabitants yeah and you bought to have 1,000,000 greenback web price which implies what I can not have anyone with 50 bucks a month do the deal why as a result of Wall Avenue has a nook a strangle on that deal stranglehold okay as a result of they need Jerrod younger Jerrod at 18 years outdated given 50 bucks a month he works it is Chris works at Starbucks hey man Chris is what we’re gonna do for you Chrissy little Chris man what we gonna do man we gonna take $50 out of your test we’re gonna match it with 50 man we’re gonna do as much as $3,000 yeah we would not deal with you man okay as a result of they do not assume they knew the story would promote and by the best way Chris we’ll take that cash and we’ll lure it for the following 30 or 40 years man which is precisely what monetary markets are very difficult oh so difficult you’ll by no means Persephone would by no means 1 2 Three Eight trillion {dollars} 2.Eight trillion {dollars} is invested in 401 Okay G’s you possibly can’t get the cash they penalize you if you take it out I’ve truly acquired a listing proper right here yeah please okay pitfalls of a 401okay rip-off you may be worn out in a single day BAM yeah effectively come right here Sharia mop is what an amazing type of retirement plan permits thousands and thousands of individuals to lose 30% of their life financial savings simply as they close to retirement due to a change out there okay similar to that administrative charges within the Tyrian we need to give you already know constructive to the 401 Okay okay that is younger US so how are you going to hustle when you do not know the place your cash is stick with us gctv fast in the event you’re searching for digital money circulation different streams of earnings and you know the way necessary a number of streams of earnings are have you ever 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recreation they need to play yeah do you need to play an enormous recreation or do you need to play the small recreation as a result of all the mathematics that breaks down with 401ks that I can discover says you you are gonna get you already know six to 10 p.c a yr god forbid you already know any something loopy occurs within the inventory market that pulls the rug out from beneath you however you are going to get about that a lot and in the event you contribute over your lifetime you may have 1.2 or 1.Three million {dollars} contributing the minimal about 8,000 years yeah now now there is a there is a there is a most based mostly on in your incomes so wait I simply need all people know I’ve an IRA I’ve a RA which is a max I am precisely it is like 4 grand a yr or one thing yeah I’ve a 401 okay keeo I’ve a self-directed Keogh I did all this once I was younger yeah I am like I gotta save this cash however right here was the issue once I was 33 34 35 years outdated I wished to purchase actual property I could not seize that cash yeah and so what I imply by you wanted to resolve what what sort of recreation you need to play what I imply is that this I began investing with Grant 4 years in the past perhaps mm-hmm you assume 4 years in the past most likely yeah 4 years in the past so he takes cash from his that’s taxed yeah totally taxed I do know I do know there’s some advantages to not being taxed on the cash he takes that cash no matter’s left over after his taxes yep so for 401 Okay I might have been capped at 18,000 per yr so during the last 4 years that might have been 72 thousand {dollars} yeah that I might have invested good 72,000 and Marlowe’s asking this query completely what about tax financial savings and employer contribution in order that’s good that is how they offered you Daniel we’ll make a contribution we’ll match we’ll offer you a deduction we’re not going to cost you for what it grows over 30 years okay we can’t we can’t invoice you or choji taxes till you get out however watch what Jared did as a substitute so so I put as a substitute of capping myself out at 18,000 then making an attempt to determine the place to place my cash subsequent I took all of my cash and put it in the actual property enterprise the actual property offers after which did that after did that twice did that thrice and so then over a interval of 4 years all what occurs with Jared’s actual property the explanation I like actual property a lot he places for instance 100 grand in an actual property deal for instance for instance for dialog and pays him again ten thousand that yr yeah okay the primary yr he’s most likely going to get what’s referred to as a k1 mm-hmm I am gonna we’ll write him a k1 that claims hey Jared your earnings was ten or twelve thousand {dollars} final yr however your taxes are most likely a adverse two thousand yeah so we get numerous tax profit from initiation referred to as depreciation the place he acquired cash however he truly acquired to write down down his taxes the gorgeous factor is jared has management of his earnings in and he is getting cash pumped again to have cash that is that is one other factor to love in a 401okay you set your cash away you get money circulation you can not obtain a penny yeah so you probably have 100 grand or three thousand or 600 a month getting in even when it pays you 5 – 6 or seven or eight I do not know what are a few of the returns between six and ten p.c even when invasion ten p.c yeah you aren’t getting the cash how are you going to eat if you aren’t getting the cash so the purpose actually is is after 4 years the the cash that I put in I imply the return I imply god on what I put in might be 5 hundred p.c yeah yeah yeah so and here is three scams I talked to you about on a regular basis younger hussars do not transfer you you are gonna lose your hustler you are gonna lose that hustle man if you lose okay I do know there’s three main scams okay faculty is a rip-off borrowing cash for school the federal government desires to increase faculty they need you in faculty so long as they’ll maintain you in faculty as a result of they need to go from 100 and eighty billion {dollars} a yr in faculty funding okay our faculty funding to 3 trillion {dollars} okay they need to double down man what they need all people in class they need to give free education okay quantity two the house sale okay why did not individuals need you in houses as a result of it helps banks so two issues proper right here assist banks what are they faculties we’re gonna hurt cash mhm we will promote these bonds out to {the marketplace} we’ll give the cash to the school the school can elevate the charges you do not ever must pay it again we stick anyone else down the street as a result of we put in these funds proper and the third one is the 4 Oh what’s your junk by the best way huh what’s your leap on completely yeah proper we’re gonna do the 401okay and we’re gonna get Robyn who makes 3,000 or 4,000 {dollars} a month we’re gonna provide this deal the place she will be able to put in 4 hundred bucks a month mm-hmm as much as eighteen thousand a yr she is rarely going to see the cash once more I keep in mind I used to be doing this convention with uh with a it was an automotive convention and and the producers like hey the Toyota particularly we need to begin advertising to a five-year-old I am like do they need them for all times yeah so the primary time that man will get a set of keys they need to make tag on Toyota homeowners similar to Apple desires to do and similar to Wall Avenue desires to do they need to make you prisoners that 401okay you’ve gotten of us is making you a prisoner it is the reality you aren’t getting money circulation you do not have management you possibly can’t get the cash with no penalty let me go over some another pitfalls of yellowcake so there is not any money circulation for a greater alternative that might come alongside no entry to the cash lack of liquidity if you want it most if the market falls aside like Sheree was saying market falls aside she has all this cash within the financial institution inventory in Washington Mutual or whoever it was after which when she wants the cash when she want it by the best way when will you want it when it is dangerous when it is horrible is if you’re gonna want the cash proper and so your your worth has dropped so in 2009 sherry an government at an organization she works right here now she had a bunch of cash in a 401okay she was within the mortgage trade yeah the the trade acquired decimated simply worn out proper so she’s with no job yep what does she want now cash she will be able to get a job yeah that trade simply acquired late like a tsunami tsunami hit yeah it goes out it is going she’s like I am searching for one other job she would not have any cash she goes to seize her 401okay on the time when if you’re decimated man over 30 years you do not assume there’s gonna be one other couple locations yep so in order that the dole the penalty is large proper the lack of awareness encourages the pivot is just not horrible the penalty is just not horrible mainly you pay you pay tax on ten p.c no no you have already paid taxes so for instance you bought 50 grand trapped in a 401okay okay man requested me final night time I acquired 50 grand trapped in my 401okay I need to take the cash out and I need to reinvest it in my firm I am like I might completely try this dude pay your freakin 5 thousand {dollars} get that 40 grand get your arms on much less cash okay in the event you consider in what you are promoting put that cash to work yeah let’s have a look at so lack of awareness about 401 okay’s encourages unconscious investing holding your little worry of taxes if you do mature it results in underneath utilization of the of the cash however what is the probabilities taxes goes to be larger 30 or larger downs that will get upon withdrawal TOA is is not it we all know we all know are going up I do not care what these politicians let you know they will tax you of us it is taking place the center class will get hammered right here within the subsequent years to come back as a result of the federal government’s acquired 84 trillion {dollars} for the Medicare debt okay 84 trillion mm-hmm so how do you pay that it is on the backs of younger individuals you guys in a room proper right here watching proper now that is who’s going to pay for all these items no exit technique it is a simple goal for an property tax the federal government owns your 401okay dr. Chris from Eire I need to see how he feels about it cuz Eire is a good place to put money into cash Chris what is going on on buddy Chris what are you able to inform me about some 401 within the caveman solely acquired 20 seconds lengthy I am you from the UK mama oh hey brother I haven’t got a boy lengthy fam within the UK we do not home them over right here yeah effectively good for you man the common 401okay maintain tonight you stick with us Chris okay I need to discuss to you from the UK my title is Grant Cardone that is that Jared glamp we’re younger hustlers as you’re thanks and do not depart the place you’re proper now get gaining monetary independence is what each particular person seeks in as we speak’s world with so many choices in the case of investing it may be complicated to know what to do specialised IRA providers helps you already know the appropriate path to go whether or not you’re searching for a self-directed IRA a retirement account or want the know-how on funding 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panorama designer this is not panorama design that is way of life design for extra data go to Steve Griggs at Steve Griggs design calm model enjoyable expertise and the perfect meals on the planet Brick Metropolis Grill family-owned and situated at Somerset portion of Ames Iowa voted finest meals in Iowa in 2016 the whole lot recent the whole lot American rated the perfect sports activities grill in Iowa this household oriented surroundings was constructed to get pleasure from the perfect of life with your mates your loved ones your co-workers with the very best high quality meals watch the sport assembly individuals and create your expertise at Brick Metropolis grill for extra data go to burg Metropolis grill calm that is Brick Metropolis grill dot Wow hey welcome again to younger hussars Jerry are again and we’re speaking about cash we’re speaking about wealth the right way to get dude you bought a greater time you bought to make the large determination dude do not need to sluggish it in okay each motion that you just take when you make the choice of how massive you need to go must help that yeah the large factor 401 Okay doesn’t help massive 41.4 401 Okay helps within the wealth creation formulation okay I am going to provide the 9 steps nice earnings improve earnings save okay however the third step say there’s 9 steps on this wheel the third step save okay is secure to speculate it would not imply ship the cash to anyone you do not know like how is that potential that you just and I had been informed with this okay purchase a home commit 300 grand to at least one location how ridiculous is that you just acquired all of your cash in an handle 1 handle it produces no earnings quantity 2 any cash you bought leftover ship it to individuals you do not know and quantity Three go to varsity for 5 years the place no one pays you in then you definately pay and you aren’t getting paid how is that how these investments did none of this is sensible how was American I actually need to such as you guys want to essentially take a look at how had been you offered these concepts by the best way I used to be offered on all these concepts to I purchased a home it was silly I went to varsity that was dumb and I put cash in a 401okay I nonetheless have lure as we speak my sister referred to as me final month and stated I’ve $250,000 in a 401okay what ought to I do promote it man dump it get your cash you have been in it lengthy sufficient seize your dough however there is a penalty so pay it she acquired 200 ten thousand I stated look in the event you discovered 200 and ten thousand {dollars} tomorrow would you choose it up yeah yeah would that is the way you take a look at it not such as you’re dropping 40 yep such as you discovered two ten that was one of many issues that they talked about it is it is a type of these concepts that you just get in your head like oh man I am gonna get taxed effectively they penalize I am going to pay taxes man get your two kin in the event you might discover 210 in the event you might win the lottery tomorrow for 200 grand effectively do it I am going to offer you instance like this so we we purchase all these garments these shirts proper and so after we provide them for $10 I to loser for us proper we lose cash after we promote these for what we pay for him due to transport and workers and the whole lot however grant says hey do away with them let’s blow them out as a result of when that cash comes again in I imply even when we misplaced cash it is money again within the enterprise and I acquired anyone sporting my shirt that is cool dude and I acquired anyone going to my retailer what do I care mm-hmm kick and that is what Jarrod opened with decide are you gonna assume little are you guys gonna maintain considering little are you gonna maintain considering like just a little mouse I keep in mind the guide who moved my cheese oh yeah yeah like ain’t no one transferring my cheese I acquired my cheese you already know what cuz my cheese a lot cheese you possibly can’t transfer my cheese yeah for Cece as a result of to me that guide was like as a lot as I like that guide it was like I additionally stated did no one can transfer my shed dude as a result of yeah I acquired numerous it man like so so after which individuals truly let you know so if you begin and I have never learn the feedback on the CNBC article on the 401okay that you just wrote but I do know I acquired an concept what its gonna sound like particularly in that in that house however however individuals will let you know like what we’re telling you proper now what I am telling you 33 years outdated crossed 1,000,000 final yr massive milestone for me personally millionaire I we’ll let you know yeah I’ll let you know that if you begin speaking a few 401okay disparagingly since you need to get wealthy and also you need to make thousands and thousands individuals will let you know to not plan for that do not plan for that that is not real looking for most individuals you possibly can’t hit it massive like that folks will truly begin coming at you and attacking you due to the best way that you just’re considering so that you simply acquired to be so similar factor with the home you are gonna get the identical dialog about the home and the identical factor about faculty your mother and pop going to say our home is an efficient funding no it isn’t funding it is a spot to stay it is a very costly place to stay by the best way that you do not even have selection on similar factor with the 401okay you lose decisions if you make investments cash over there as a result of you possibly can’t get it again yeah you need decisions Chris from Eire the UK someplace on the earth what is going on on buddy I like you admire you calling in man what is going on on not a lot going to speak about work completed and watching others sure sure yeah you need to say what you need to say discuss to me now now’s the time so that you can begin speaking okay I have been targeted with some time it is gonna be on for a few week Brian eBay primary ladies I’ve like seen different species proper good yeah haha okay so mainly month proper I begin our consulting enterprise I do know it is digital market earlier than it falls on the market on a ship enterprise good second and coca-cola firm being calm about they arrive unprepared name American census yeah I am a range minute I do is just not you by no means see I am doing this right here all proper I am doing it in another way and a penny I misplaced him oh man I feel I keep in mind listening to Eminem proper proper let in and a bunch of different rappers I am like sounds good however I do not perceive a phrase they are saying huh no he is he is a Viking dude the man’s a Viking he is gonna discuss packy man what you speaking about man in the event you’re gonna try this speaking to Mike okay let’s discuss to let’s discuss to Shane from York Pennsylvania hey Shane by the best way Chris by the admire you calling in as we speak you most likely know my buddy Chris hair and see no up there what do you concentrate on the 401okay within the IR and the egg effectively I let you know what are you all there – yeah yeah we hear you and also you us or man hey I am going residence from right here with Cheyenne I am a hustler I am an insurance coverage dealer however I can let you know all about this 401okay come on man need nobody okay costume for nothing however a lure why do you say that dad to say that man does the tax penalties are so ridiculous what individuals acquired these issues they had been informed that you already know hey if you take out your cash your tax bracket will likely be much less they’re simply such a complete they’re so costly it is take your cash out of your 401okay go purchase your self some actual property or put money into one thing some 401okay it is simply it is frat completely dude you already know primary primary Shane do you agree with this the truth that you not have your cash it’s sufficient huh 100% gonna get you the cash proper okay look look who’s acquired my cash put the cash into sombody we have my test checking us out for instance I am going by $300,000 home or about $300,000 with the t-shirts which one do you assume I am gonna earn more money how by the p.c no approach dude I am going to earn more money on my t-shirts man I can promote why’d you present yeah you possibly can’t promote your own home tomorrow even when I take a loss for instance you pay money for a home and I pay money for my t-shirts and I would like 200 grand tomorrow okay what do you search dude I acquired an opportunity to promote $200,000 on the t-shirts by tomorrow you are not gonna shut on a home now ain’t no approach you are gonna commerce a home two extra in 24 hours no approach 401okay there’s an excessive amount of recreation individuals you need it in the event you guys wished to dump out of your 401okay in 24 hours you most likely might you most likely might however you are gonna be going like oh my god man what’s it gonna look they gotta promote that what you already know so anyway go forward Shane you do the speaking for me now man telling why I check what you are doing man go on the market turn into you’re your individual enterprise go on the market get upset to make your cash cease ready for corporations I imply that 401okay is nothing however a dream sure your individual dream man you inform a grand feeling as I dream dude I used to be like Algeria journal I used to be on Jamie and heavy deep doo-doo you’ve gotten certainly one of my shirts but no I haven’t got one let’s get you one proper now man i’ma hook you up shake so look Thank You Shane so so of us I used to be on Jimmy cephalo present this morning I do a WOD Julliard radio and Robert Cisco Grant Cardone a distorted glut skits with Grant Cardone Jimmy right here Jimmy 401 Okay sure after which Jimmy’s like hey grant what sort of jobs ought to individuals be searching for I stated Ben individuals must be not searching for jobs they need to be searching for alternative he is like effectively what does that imply I stated effectively a job can be someplace the place they’re gonna give you well being advantages and a 401okay huh effectively in {that a} good factor no dude it is a lure and by the best way once I give you that stuff once I give you stuff like that once I give you advantages like oh I am gonna deal with your well being care I simply robbed you I simply blinded you for alternative as a result of I’ve informed you I have to deal with you cuz you possibly can’t deal with your self yeah so these aren’t good issues for you of us you need management of your cash management of your cash okay there’s no one that involves working within the gross sales division for for 3 grand a month yeah precisely so Julian from Tampa I need to know what he says man I acquired numerous motion proper now Fb I acquired numerous motion any feedback anymore do not Tommy God if he hosts in your feedback I am going to offer you a shout out proper now go forward Julian jo8 he f i-b level I like that I like that intro intro okay come on deliver it man what you bought uncle G there are you bought a plan what’s up good I’m we kill it do you eight let me ask you Julian earlier than you begin how outdated are you when you already know you bought to get this effectively creation for me do you’ve gotten it but I acquired a technique sure sir okay inform me what your technique is in I at the moment do work so I am not a 401okay my dad outdoors enterprise um and I yeah I’m the best way to get into wealthy and we acquired each shade each firm yeah I do know you not won’t be on with a llama I do not know what he stated that you just guys get a chin you get the possibility to get your self recognized name the present I do was present Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday yep day-after-day oh man get give probability go man I acquired lots of people watching this present proper now we acquired extra individuals watching this present proper now than Fox companies god that is the reality Fox enterprise okay I am critical I assure there’s extra individuals on this stream proper now then we’re on WOD radio this morning so that you guys get an opportunity man get you landline name in inform me who you’re what’s your web site what’s your organization what you are doing the place are you going who you’re each Thursday me and Jarrod sit down and do a present referred to as younger hustler why cuz it isn’t about how outdated you at the moment are what about you dude it is about it is about making the appropriate choices now in order that you may stay the life and also you dream yeah and give up considering like your mommy your daddy man your mommy and daddy had been unsuitable what number of issues does your mother and pop been speaking about how are you going to make the appropriate choices financially if the message has all the time been simply adequate you do not have to face out do not you do not do an excessive amount of do not work an excessive amount of do not mama your mama wished you to purchase a home so that you by no means depart in the event you’re provided that your solely path out of your dad and mom was dude you’ll want to freakin get wealthy you’ll want to get filthy wealthy dude you would not be nervous about 401okay cash you assume dude you would be kinda exhausting to listen to magnificence elitist I am simply telling you man proper in there I need to get I need to get wealthy yeah yeah yeah I need to get wealthy cuz I do know that that is the one factor that present safety let me simply let you know this little guide proper there dangerous no this little guide proper right here 44 pages lengthy goes with this wealth creation guide okay that is it is 4 hundred ninety 5 {dollars} at my web site it is on sale 90 p.c as we speak 90 p.c on cuz of the present we’re simply promoted as we speak for the present anyone to be on the present watching as we speak to get out guys this little guide is $10 I feel you get 10 em for 20 bucks so in the event you purchase two you get like eight free shirts ten bucks every however the level about these is look the shirts not gonna make any cash it is simply gonna remind you you want data you want information distinctive content material proper this says look earn earnings first don’t worry about saving cash don’t worry about avoiding taxes and don’t worry about your retirement nowhere on this guide are we speaking about retirement Elon Musk would not have an IRA you already know but you already know Warren Buffett would not have a freaking 401okay Oprah ain’t acquired no 401okay and if she does she do not care as a result of it is so little there’s so little cash you possibly can put in it go forward effectively I used to be simply gonna say all that data is not a guide it is simply referred to as the middle-class guide yeah yeah was a guide you had rising up that is the millionaire guide yeah yeah that is a millionaire billionaire that was like just a little joke yeah and it steps it isn’t the millionaire mindset it isn’t making an attempt to get your head wrapped round one thing it is exhibiting you the eight steps you’ll want to begin considering the best way Jarrod’s saying as a millionaire after which Jarrod six years in the past Jarrod was had no cash oak in debt in debt as we speak he is acquired 1,000,000 {dollars} for the community okay he is acquired cash that may’t be destroyed if Jarrod acquired sick and could not present up in that workplace day-after-day he is acquired cash what are you what is your earnings each month now your passive earnings uh most likely $1,400 perhaps a month yeah yeah however with no cash within the offers yeah like so it is just a little extra difficult than that however he is acquired for instance fourteen hundred bucks a month coming he cannot stay on fourteen hundred bucks a month however that is gonna continue to grow over time he is beginning to get invested in different issues simply taking good care of him might he get that cash tomorrow if he wanted it no he could not however he is getting paid each month yeah your 401okay would not pay you each month you aren’t getting the arrogance man the 401okay is like going to purchase a bunch of water however you possibly can’t drink it for 30 years it is like shopping for greens from the shop however you gotta anticipate 30 years and so they gonna be on nasty dude you already know and so they let you know the taxes are going to be much less within the yr 2046 does anyone assume what they will tax you goes to be lower than what it’s as we speak okay you take a look at you look in your little metropolis that you just stay in take a look at these roads they will be 30 years outdated or and so they’re gonna want anyone to repair them meaning your taxes are going to go up as a result of that is the one approach the federal government’s gonna bail repair these we’re gonna be venezuela sooner or later some level it is gonna be ugly man I am not even being dramatic right here Tracy from Boca Boca guys the way you doing man good boat man good hey thanks for having cellphone man why is Josh strolling so bizarre it is like he had one thing in his Oh cuz he did he did now he did legs on the health club yesterday he says that Danny’s like concept was like he is strolling like anyone hit the again door know what’s up brah so pay attention God grant you’ve gotten following you this early this yr has actually modified my life I simply wanna let you know that proper now I am you guys I admire you guys a lot I feel Jared is aware of just a little little bit of my retailer simply from electronic mail communication Kim and I’ve had however I am 51 years outdated effectively I’ve had an online design growth firm since 2005 and I type of acquired I type of in-law I acquired misplaced up to now few years yeah and simply did not actually know you already know wasn’t assured what I used to be doing what feeling good to have some you already know points and I come into work coping with which is basically actually powerful however simply following you once more to start this yr change my complete outlook being acquired me on the appropriate path and I am on Fb a guide on utilizing Fb as to only refill with native companies and different corporations good however what I wished to let you know was I am glad you are on the far-off 401 Okay ass-kicking as a result of I do not come expertise 401 Okay so I used to be in a company world for a very long time I left I used to be as a result of I feel your selection ah corn chips man I left with 150 Okay I had investments that myself I put it out there in 2000 I elevated that in only a couple years to love virtually 1,000,000 {dollars} and in 2000 when the market bula i misplaced 90% actually in a single day that is 90 p.c 90 p.c say now years later 16 years later I’ve virtually $250,000 in a few accounts in shares and traditional on yeah it is simply been simply there stagnating and I simply need to ask you the way can I make investments virtually 250okay with you effectively effectively you may you may you we mainly create a fund from our actual property it requires you to be accredited okay once more goes again to why sure was attention-grabbing I simply found this 30 days in the past I stated why do I must be you possibly can solely take cash from anyone earns 200 grand a yr oh and and and so they must construct your CPAs acquired to mainly validate it I haven’t got to validate it they must you bought to ship me one thing say hey he earns sufficient cash and or you’ve gotten 1,000,000 {dollars} for the community so and I am like why why cannot a man so I can not rob and make investments 4000 bucks with me or John make investments $3,000 Mikey grant these are non-accredited okay Wall Avenue will get that cash why can Wall Avenue why can constancy mutual fund take $50 from Robin or Angela or Sheree however I can not take the $50 okay why cannot after which I am like sure the lure is the lure bro after which I perceive why the hedge funds have given Hillary Clinton 69 million {dollars} mm-hmm and so they gave Donald Trump 19 thousand mm-hmm I am such as you guys cannot comply with the cash man dangle on a second comply with the cash of us comply with the cash man okay the hedge funds by the best way hedge funds pay the bottom tax price in the USA of America they take an organization they haven’t any funding in they put money into an organization for instance of Google it explodes the inventory explodes okay they make billion {dollars} they pay like fifteen p.c if I went out and did a deal and made a bit offered an organization for a billion {dollars} I am gonna pay the very best tax price there may be okay so the hedge funds who had no cash invested by the best way these guys aren’t entrepreneurs as a capitalist I am an entrepreneur I put cash in danger okay the hedge fund did what they put a enjoyable collectively based mostly on the backs of Tracy and Jarrod and Robin seize cash from the three of you invested in one thing and so they acquired paid with having no cash within the deal there was no threat man okay so and that is why he misplaced 90% of his cash that is why Wall Avenue would not need me doing the deal as a result of I might turn into competitors you’ve gotten their funds and so they would not get three trillion three trillion do you perceive there’s three trillion {dollars} in mutual funds in a 401okay sit strapped the US financial system the full US financial system is three trillion {dollars} Wow so it is a huge huge enterprise with large political implications okay they tramps the center class like houses like faculties Tracy what else man what else are you able to inform me and by the best way are you on the wealth creation formulation Tracy as a result of I promise you in the event you get on that factor you are not going to derail once more no I’m then I am in your effectively Fee formulation I purchased you the cardboard on you early this yr to all that stuff that simply simply following you and connecting with you and following your packages has modified my outlook one hundred percent I can not thanks sufficient you already know what I imply get is an issue get is {that a} costume I need to ship him a few of our stickers as a result of I need to see these stickers in bulk of the following time I let their down what is an efficient time for me to cease by and simply shake your hand an individual effectively grant they’re simply gently invoke I am shut yeah simply prepare it with arranger would hit me up I acquired your data tree yeah yeah alright good yeah lovely admire you calling yeah so Jared I imply look the callers are telling you it is a lure yeah so what an epic you already know like I I do not assume lots of people perceive it nonetheless like you already know the individuals which might be calling and sounding off about that one man’s an insurance coverage agent Tracey’s 50 years outdated he been invested in him his complete life you already know however firfer for folk like me I do not even know what a 401okay is man like I simply I knew I heard about it in class like put your cash in 401okay your workers acquired a match it is a advantages factor blah blah blah blah go to high school good iesson to the train I did not hear any of this that is d even now that is the primary time if you actually have a dialog you attempt to be taught one thing about it’s blissful do these are traps sure they’re traps man they’re traps you lose mobility you lose decisions you lose management now here is here is the place we acquired time although okay okay you lose decisions you lose mobility and also you lose management you lose any of these three you are not free you are trapped your slave thanks for watching as we speak hey each Thursday each Thursday effectively p.m. nice Cardone TV we deliver you younger hussars we all the time will we all the time have are we exhibiting is unsuitable man hey who’s acquired my cash who’s acquired my acquired my cash $10 as we speak acquired a oh my piece is $49 $49 make you holla and that is deal proper there okay 495 greenback product you will get this at Grant Cardone com4 slash wealth we acquired tremendous gross sales day-after-day as we speak it is tea millionaire booklets 28 $10 on-line not as Christmas ring man in your Cody mates prospecting software dropping in iTunes podcast stitcher pictured do not steal to Instagram who moved my cheese so long watching on YouTube ensure you subscribe in life and we love your feedback additionally keep in mind you will discover grants podcasts on stitcher and iTunes and in the event you by no means need to miss Grant Cardone grant cardone the place all his exhibits are broadcast stay that is Grant Cardone