The map to Study Graphic Originate On-line and My Free Classes

– Study stuff and work laborious. That is all there’s to it. Hey all people, that is Roberto
Blake of, serving to you create
one thing superior as we speak. So a lot of you already know that
after I was getting began, after I was about 13 years outdated, that is like 19 years in the past, the web was a really completely different place. There was no such factor as YouTube. There was no such factor as Google. If wished to study the talents
that I used to be attempting to study, should you wished net design and coding, should you wished to study images, should you wished to study graphic design, there weren’t loads of choices when it comes to how you could possibly do this and it was actually laborious
and actually irritating. Immediately we now have a ton of choices however even this YouTube channel the place I’ve helped so could of
you create superior issues and share them with the
world, it is not excellent. It has its flaws. One of many greatest flaws that
has annoyed me essentially the most with this platform is that it
hasn’t given me the power to essentially create construction round a lesson and make it easier to guys in that specific approach. I would must do like an hour,
two hour lengthy lecture video with a view to accomplish that and that is one thing that I
actually do not essentially suppose the far majority of you might be
interested by getting from me. In order that’s why I am gonna
be creating free programs utilizing our sponsor as we speak, Skillshare. Skillshare is a web based studying platform the place you possibly can just about study something when it comes to an actionable talent. That is one thing that is excellent should you wanna study Photoshop or picture modifying ideas and fundamentals or you possibly can even undergo
one thing extraordinarily sensible like my good buddy Shawn Barry, one other graphic designer right here on YouTube. Positively try his channel. He is executed a design boot camp
and he has another programs which are gonna be popping out quickly. I plan to do some free
entry stage programs. I wanna offer you guys a possibility that I did not essentially have with like an amazing structured lesson plan that is completely actionable
that may make it easier to construct the beginnings of what you want with a view to begin a profession
within the inventive trade, whether or not it is design or
any of the opposite expertise that I’ve acquired through the years. Whereas they seem to be a ton of
on-line studying choices and I positively suppose it’s best to discover the one that you simply suppose suits you the most effective, the factor about Skillshare is there are loads of free
programs on the platform and you may go forward and also you
can study no matter you need for 3 months at 99 cents a month. That may be a improbable deal. So you will wanna positively
click on on the hyperlink for Skillshare within the description beneath. There are a little bit gaps in my
information in sure issues and there are strategies
that I wanna study or see from different individuals
so I take advantage of the platform to review up or to refresh
myself on one thing that I may be discovering difficult
like Adobe After Results. I wanna do much more with movement graphics and produce larger video manufacturing and modifying values to the YouTube channel. So studying extra about
filmmaking strategies from individuals in Skillshare, studying extra about after results and what I can do with movement
graphics and animation. These are expertise that I am
studying utilizing the platform and like I stated, it is tremendous inexpensive. However I am actually enthusiastic about
doing these free programs. You guys know that I’ve a ardour not just for being inventive
and doing my very own initiatives however for educating different individuals
and giving them alternative. That is one thing that I like
doing and it is the good factor that is been a part of my
YouTube journey with you guys however I wanna take a few of these
issues to the following stage. You may at all times get free content material
right here on the YouTube channel however I additionally wanna begin doing these programs so I can do structured
content material that can actually assist the far majority of
you who’re in search of that sort of answer. So I’ve obtained a ballot operating so far as like my first couple of free courses so be sure you’re voting there and also you guys will sort of
get to resolve a little bit bit, what my free courses on
Skillshare may appear to be particularly early on. So let me know what you are in search of me within the remark part and in addition use the ballot up right here to vote. I wanna thank our mates
over at Skillshare for placing me on their nice
on-line studying platform. I actually suppose that
what they do is wonderful and inexpensive for the
far majority of individuals. There’s some individuals
that simply can’t afford to go to school. I labored my approach by faculty
and that was actually tough and never all people goes to
be able to try this. Some individuals are getting
vastly into scholar mortgage debt and is crippling them when the get began of their grownup life, and so I believe that if
you need precise expertise that it is a nice various for you or should you’re already in faculty, perhaps it might construct on what
you are studying proper now or what you’ve got already discovered earlier than. Query of the day. What are your ideas on on-line studying versus conventional schooling? Let me know that within the
remark part as properly. Anyway, like this video should you prefer it. Remember subscribe. Take a look at the opposite superior
content material on the channel. As at all times you guys, thanks
a lot for watching and do not forget, create
one thing superior as we speak. Take care.

Warren Buffett’s Advice: Why You Ought to Grab and Shield

you hi you guys I’m Phil table for rule number one investing and today I want to talk to you about some of the best advice I’ve ever received from one of my favorite investors Warren Buffett and that is that the key to successful investing is buying a great company when it’s on sale and then holding it for long periods of time now let me explain why that’s so genius you need to understand a couple numbers let’s say we bought Walmart back in 1970 when it was just getting going as a public company by the 1970s and it doubled its growth rate or use the growth rate every year of about 18% that means it doubles every four years so if we go forward thirty two years of holding on to Walmart we would have every four years a double and the value of our investment so every four years means in thirty two years you’ve got eight doubles so think about what this means this is crazy you’re going to love this compounded annual growth rates are the hardest thing to understand in the planet but if you get this you’re going to get really rich so you got ten thousand dollars invested in Walmart and it’s doubling eight times in 32 years and now you’re ready to retire how much money do you have from your original $10,000 well eight doubles ten goes to 2040 8163 2640 1.2 million 2.4 million and that’s eight doubles so you’re $10,000 here at the beginning of your investing career in a Walmart at 18 percent growth rate when you’re ready to retire produce 2.4 million dollars of profit for you simply by just leaving it alone and doing nothing I’m telling you right now there’s nothing on the planet that can produce wealth like a great company that you can buy at a great price now before we wrap up I want to leave you this one thought from my favorite investor Warren Buffett and that is only buy something you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years now if you haven’t seen my other videos about how to take control of your finances take a look now I’d love to hear from you what’s the best advice you’ve ever received when it comes to your finances or investing leave a comment below with your answer and I’ll be sure to follow up with you so thanks for watching now go play if you enjoyed this video and feel it was valuable in teaching you more about ruling your financial future subscribe to my channel and share this video with your friends or anyone who might benefit from this information

The Energy of Rebounding: How A Rebounder Can Trade Your Existence

Hey, guys. Stefan here from In this video, I’m
going to share with you the power of rebounding, how rebounding every single
day can change your life. Now, if you don’t know what a rebounder is, then
you’re looking at one right here behind me.
This is known as a rebounder, also known as a mini trampoline, also known as a
lymphasizer. This specific one right here is known as a Cellerciser by
David Hall, which is the number one rebounder on the market today. It’s the one
that I personally use and what I recommend to people. There’s so many
incredible benefits to rebounding. I’m going to share them with you guys in this
video. I’m going to share with you guys some of my own personal benefits that I’ve
noticed amongst several years of using this, as well as the scientific benefits
that I had here on my phone as well. Now, you’ve probably seen a rebounder before.
You’ve probably seen it at the store. Maybe you’ve seen in fitness
stuff. You might have followed me on Snapchat or on my Morning Ritual video,
whatever it is. You’ve probably seen a rebounder before and you probably think … People
often think it’s a silly process, but they don’t understand the benefit of
it. You might be wondering, “What does that really do? What’s the real benefit
of doing that?” I’m going to share that with you guys in this video. Now, the
process of rebounding is really simple. All it really is, you get up on this
thing. You have it in your house or apartment, and you just jump up and
down like this. It might seem simple but there’s a lot of powerful benefits
that are happening right now.
First is that you have to understand that your body is made up of trillion
of cells. Your cells are your health, are your life.
You’re made up of 75 trillion cells.
That’s what you are. It makes up everything in your body. What happens
is when you jump up and down like this, your 75 trillion cells are flexing a
hundred times per minute. That’s really important because your cells have
toxicity in them. Every time you jump up and down, your body is excreting
toxins which then get eliminated by your lymphatic system. It can help
with recovery, with your energy. When you jump up and down, you’re taking in more
oxygen. For me, personally, one of the
biggest benefits I found rebounding everyday is energy. I think that energy is
life. If you want to achieve anything of value in your life, it’s going to require
a tremendous amount of energy. If you want to have a passionate relationship,
you need tremendous energy for that. If you want to achieve a successful
business, it’s going to require a lot of your energy. For me, this is a process
that I do every single day part of my morning ritual that gives me energy.
You guys probably see when I jump up and down, I often do
my affirmations. I look at my vision board. I do gratitude. I put on some
music. There’s many things that I do every morning as part of this. Also, I
use it throughout the day. If at any moment throughout the day I might have a
little bit lower energy, I’ll jump on the rebounder and that immediately will
change my state. It’ll take in more oxygen which your cells take oxygen to
your brain which gives you energy. You’re going to have a huge boost of
energy. I not only do it in the morning, but all throughout the day as
well. It’s also great for fitness and for weight loss. In fact, you can burn a lot
of calories on these things. There’s a lot of exercises that you could do. To give you
guys an example,
during my fitness competitions, I’ve used this everyday for doing
cardio. That could just be running, going for a jog.
It can do kickbacks like this, kicking forward, kicking to the side. You could be doing
jumping jacks. You could be doing sprints. There’s a lot of great things you can do.
Often times, I’ll put on a video or listen to something while I’m doing it. It’s
very convenient to have in your home. It’s great for fitness. In fact, David
Hall is just someone I recommend that you look up. I’ll have a link below to his
website. He is the rebounding master. I think he’s in his 60s.
The guy is ripped like muscular and ripped, good tone. All he does is rebounding
because he actually has different fitness programs that you can do that if you
jump up and down like this, and you target a certain muscle like maybe your
delts, what’s happening is now the stress and your delts are getting worked out.
It’s a pretty amazing thing. I recommend that you go to him for that. I’ll have a link below
to his rebounder. Also, I recommend his website. He’s got some good videos
and stuff.
Energy is one of the biggest benefits, great for your posture. In fact, the
reason why I have this one here … This is an older rebounder. What I often
recommend when you invest in a rebounder is don’t go cheap.
There’s $50 ones you could buy at, I don’t know,
Home Depot or something like that and they’re crap.
I can’t tell you how many of them that I bought in the past that are
50 bucks and they break. In fact, you can get injured on them. Also, the bounce
is very important because this one right here … The cheaper ones, they’re
really bad for your back because the bounce is really hard. You can
actually have back problems. The one that I recommend, the Cellerciser
has a patented technology with it that is way better for your posture and your back.
That’s one thing to keep in mind. It’s actually good for your posture.
You actually feel better. Your posture, everything is much
better from it. Let me go to some of the benefits that I have here.
All right. The vertical use of acceleration, deceleration and
gravity provide the ideal conditions for cleansing cells.
The movement of going up and down, that’s the ideal condition for cleansing
your cells. Rebounding is a true cellular exercise. It builds physical
cellular strength by challenging the structure of each cell. That’s why a
hundred times per minute, you’re flexing it and it’s challenging your cells
so your cells actually become stronger. The strengthening of the cells helps to
protect against degenerative diseases. A lot of great benefits to your health, your
immune system. It leads to improved posture, increased vascularity, better
muscle tone, enhanced timing, sharper vision, greater coordination, better
balance, more rhythm, elevated energy levels. By working against the constant
gravitational pressure while bouncing
you resist the earth pole so gravity
becomes a force for the good of your entire body. Rebounding will improve the
working of your heart muscle, so great for your heart, improving the tone, the
quality of the muscle itself by increasing the coordination of the
fibers as they
bring blood to the heart during each beat. Amazing benefits to your
heart. Provides a stimulus for free flowing lymphatic drainage, which is your
sewage system for your body. To give you an idea,
your heart has a pump. Sorry. Your blood has a pump which is the
heart. That’s how your body gets rid of toxicity and whatnot
through the blood. Your lymphatic system, there’s no pump. The
only way that you cleanse lymph is through movement. Rebounding is one of the
best ways to get rid of lymph and the toxicity in your body. It helps get rid
of your body of toxins, cancer cells, waste, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses and
other waste of the cells cast off. It helps you get rid of all that
toxicity. I found for me, it also helps with digestion, too, so your whole digestive
system improves. When you’re rebounding, you’re flooding the cells with oxygen.
This enables them to convert glucose into ATP and also into glycogen. Thus,
rebounding can actually increase your ability to convert glucose into glycogen.
Further, it may be possible to train your body through consistent lymphasizing to
store this glycogen and have it released when you need it for a sudden burst of
So many benefits to it, guys. Here’s one more thing I’m going
to add. The g-force, the gravity at the top of your bounce when you bounce on a
rebounder is eliminated and the body becomes weightless just for a fraction
of a second. At the bottom of the bounce, the g-force suddenly doubles over
what is ordinary the gravity on earth. Internal organs are put under
pressure and their cellular stimulation
is increased accordingly so that the waste materials within cells get squeezed
out. The lymphatics carry the waste away to be disposed through the
urinary tract and other excretion mechanisms. Sorry. It’s
actually very small, very hard to read. Basically, what they’re saying is the
gravity of that puts your organs under a lot of pressure,
which is really good for it. When you put your body under stress,
that’s what strengthens your body. Let me put this phone away here for
a sec. As you guys can tell just from reading that … Maybe I’ll have some more
information for you guys
below this video. Amazing health benefits, guys. For me, it was a game-changer
in my life. I learned about it from Tony Robbins years ago. I decided to buy
one. Like I said, I bought the cheap one, $50 one.
What happened was it broke. Then I bought another cheap one, also broke. Very
dangerous because you can actually get injured on it. Then I did more
research and I found out that the ones that are cheaper aren’t good
for you. Like I said, the bounce is too hard. You want to make sure
that you’re not bouncing on a hard surface. That’s why
even jumping up and down like this on a hard surface can actually be bad
for your back. That’s why specifically I
like the Cellerciser because David Hall has been a master of rebounding for 20
years. He has developed and committed his life to the rebounder, to the Cellerciser.
That’s one that I recommend and use. You do that everyday,
guys, part of your morning ritual. You do it throughout the day. Amazing health
benefits to you. It’s going to help improve your state, your energy, your
health, everything for you, guys. If you guys want to learn more about it, I’ll
have some research below. Check out the Cellerciser by David Hall. I’ll have a link
below to that as well, as well as with the blog post. Hopefully, this video
has been helpful for you. I’m just sharing the benefits to help you guys
understand what it actually is, and what it does, and how it’s a game-changer. That
way, when you guys see me on Snapchat or my social media, you guys see that I do
this. You guys will understand it little bit more. It’s one of those
things that you got to get it. You got try it.
Once you’ve lived
with it, you won’t be able to go back.
That’s been my experience with certain things like this is that if I were to
lend this to you for a week or month, use it every single day, you’d want
to keep it.
I’d have a hard time getting it back from you. It’s one of those things
that once you lived with it, you can’t live without. By the way,
the reason why I love the David Hall one, too, this one actually folds up.
This is actually a trifold one. It folds up into three pieces.
You can put it in … It’s got a carry on that goes with it as well. I can
travel with this anywhere in the world and bring it with me.
Yes, that’s how extreme and how important this is to actually travel
with it. You can’t live without it sort of thing. It has some cool
benefits and things like that as well that I really enjoy. This one here I
think was about 300 to 400 bucks. This one here actually was a couple of hundred bucks
as well. You can buy other ones that are a couple hundred dollars, but
personally I will just go to David Hall because I think he has the best ones.
That’s it for rebounding, guys. Thank you for watching this video. Make sure to
give a thumbs up. Leave a comment. Subscribe for more videos like this.
Take care.

Behringer UFX1204 Mixer: In-depth evaluate for podcasters

hey what’s up all people that is jim and ricky and at this time you might be listening to us on the ufx 1204 mixer that is from behringer and that is the most effective mixer ever it’s very superior so we’re speaking about this mixer for podcasters on this video clearly lots of people use this for lots of various causes however the cause that we like this one for podcasting is that this you’ll be able to document on to a flash drive from the mixer which saves loads of work proper okay so your flash drive simply plugs in within the again and the actual benefit to that is that is the primary be certain it mixer I’ve ever seen that truly has a sound recorder inbuilt you’ll be able to simply press document and proper now it is recording our audio and it is also sending it into the video system so it is it is actually cool for podcasters since you used to should spend how a lot does these do these zooms prices a couple of hundred {dollars} 300 {dollars} or one thing and this mixer is lower than that it is it is a costly it is a actually very nice mixer you’ll be able to positively purchase cheaper mixers however you are getting an superior mixer which you’d in all probability need for those who’re gonna do an excellent job podcasting anyway and it is received your sound recorder constructed or constructed proper in so it is superior for that so it has 4 XLR inputs has 12 whole inputs which I do not know if anyone actually what number of while you’re podcasting you are able to do like your particular results and stuff if you wish to sound all echoey or one thing it it is cool I I do not even know sufficient about this factor to speak extra about it actually so let’s discuss you realize what does this offer you that you simply’re not getting in contrast to the zoom h6 as a result of as a result of the zoom h6 is one which loads of podcasters are going to make use of it is received a few inputs you realize I am utilizing the zoom h4 it is received two XLR inputs truly and one enter for you realize their attachments that I’ve to you realize pay a bunch for therefore you realize principally I’ve received two inputs I’ve the power to extend and reduce quantity on every of these inputs however and I can document that is principally what it does from a sensible standpoint that is what it does and it prices a couple of hundred bucks so what does this add to that that makes it value shopping for this for much less cash if within the zoo nicely a couple of issues the primary is way a lot better preamps so for those who purchase like a kind of like they make a bit of tiny mixers with like three inputs for like 50 bucks tremendous tremendous low-cost and that was the very first thing that I purchased once I began podcasting as a result of I believed nicely I imply when am I gonna want greater than three mics on there I am not like doing a significant studio present I am simply doing a bit of podcast me typically one different individual nicely what I discovered is that they’re simply made actually cheaply and so for those who simply make a mistake and also you’re testing your mic and you have simply cranked up your achieve actually excessive you burn it out like that like actually I burned it out in a pair weeks as a result of I used to be nonetheless new attempting to determine find out how to do it and stuff and also you did not understand your quantity your achieve was too excessive and also you simply burned it out so I’ve discovered the onerous method to not go too low-cost on mixers for that however now that that is combining two units it is positively good for that you realize the picture the the standard of the audio is sweet the opposite downside with the zoom is one you you both gotta put batteries in it which inevitably died in the course of a podcast otherwise you plug within the mini USB and I’ve had the issue on the I had the zoom h2 I had the zoom I’ve the h6 and was the h5 I’ve owned and the h4n I’ve nicely I’ve had loads of zooms over the previous couple of years each time while you plug in that mini USB it will work for some time and then you definitely begin listening to this that sounds actually faint and it is from the usb they’ve by no means overcome it even with the h6 it is only a downside and so that is fully eliminating any type of downside as a result of this can be a seen mixer you possibly can use this for professional audio so audio high quality is superior and longevity I imply these mixers are gonna final 20 years it is made by bérenger I imply it is it is a good firm that makes high-quality audio merchandise which might be utilized in you realize audio recording of you not simply podcasts however we’re speaking music and all the pieces else mm-hmm so and and you should use this as an interface to plug straight into the pc is strictly proper so it is superior I believe if you’re a podcaster and also you’re one thing like one of many zooms otherwise you’re one other mixer there’s simply no good cause to not get this one it is not horribly costly it is a bit of bit extra however it has changed a lot of units for me and it is executed it much more reliably so that is the xenix ufx 1204 there are a variety of comparable mixers to this so to ensure you’re getting the precise proper one not all of them are gonna have all these capabilities so for those who go to revenue slash mixer we’re gonna have you ever a hyperlink to get to the best one on Amazon and that’s an affiliate hyperlink so we might recognize it for those who’re shopping for it to make use of that it offers us a bit of little bit of a return for making these movies for you guys so thanks all people for becoming a member of us on revenue college and we’ll see

Rode Procaster: In-depth overview for podcasters

hey what’s up all people I am Jim and that is Ricky from revenue faculty and at the moment we’re speaking about these two podcasting mics however particularly this one that is known as the rode procaster and that is my every day driver for podcasting I actually like this mic it is simply it sounds clear I attempted this in in comparison with the excessive lpr 40 that lots of podcasters are utilizing and I am from Ohio PR forwarded your track for a bit of bit extra garbled it sounds extra wealthy however a bit of bit extra garbled and the factor about podcasts are persons are listening to them normally at one-and-a-half instances velocity and so in case your audio shouldn’t be crystal-clear individuals lose curiosity and so they get distracted in what they’re doing and so they simply cannot reduce fairly sustain with you and so I went for readability versus richness within the mics and actually for talking that is what you care about proper sure it isn’t about you are not singing into the microphone typically I think about I imply I must be it’s all concerning the Christmas and the clearness I’ve listened to plenty of podcasts and and even achieved faculty programs you realize odd you realize recorded faculty programs on one and a half or two instances velocity and if the sound is not clear the rationale you get distracted is as a result of you must actually focus simply to attempt to perceive what the individual is saying and and so for those who’re a kind of individuals like 99% of us that do different issues whereas we take heed to podcasts I imply who’s simply sitting there like on the sofa listening completely attentively to their podcast mm-hm it is simply not occurring so for those who’re like all people else and also you’re listening to a podcast and out of the blue you possibly can’t perceive what they’re saying and if that is an everyday factor you are simply not gonna subscribe so the elephant within the room right here is that this mic is gonna value you 4 instances greater than that may give us that is the audio-technica ATR 2100 and we wished to report this with each as a way to see what you are getting to your cash this mic is is a very good worth there are actually costlier mics that sound loads worse this however you possibly can hear the audio high quality between me and Ricky shouldn’t be very totally different it’s extremely very related you possibly can completely report a podcast with these two mics and and his does not sound worse until you actually have that golden ear you possibly can actually hear what you are listening for therefore that is a kind of issues the place you must simply form of make a make a selection are you gonna pony up for the true huge boy microphone or are you gonna do what’s most likely much more sensible by way of being accountable together with your funding for your small business and simply get the audio technica 2,180 are 2,100 I like this mic as a result of it is the very best one which I’ve ever examined and so I simply wished it however actually it most likely is sensible for actually any podcast it is simply higher to sit down simply save the cash and go along with the ATR 2100 however I do love this mic it is the very best that I’ve ever spent I’ve I’ve tried most likely six or seven of the high-end mics like this and and this is not even high-end them the mid finish of mics and this was my favourite of them so I wished it however yeah I do form of really feel just like the rode podcaster is kind of the gold normal in pot for podcasting mm-hmm you realize not essentially for Santa you realize music recording or different issues like that however for podcasting it truly is form of a gold normal it is a actually actually good microphone for those who’re gonna go along with just like the audio-technica ATR 2100 or one thing that is a extra fundamental microphone you actually you must have the pop filter yeah with out it it does sound like an affordable microphone yeah it’s we filter out we clear it clears out lots of the the noise the peas and the esses however you realize with out it it is it simply does not actually sound crystal clear which is what you realize we talked about is absolutely essential okay now let’s discuss this pop filter that I’ve on right here I’ve had a number of individuals electronic mail me and requested me what this pop filter is it seems very nice it is skinny it isn’t just like the a kind of large ones it is simply made with like pantyhose wrapped round a hoop it this one is precise it is a terrific of metallic and it is it is actually good I imply you possibly can’t pop your P it actually I it is costly I feel it was 70 bucks for this tiny little pop filter however I feel it was price it for those who’re gonna make investments this a lot in a mic the pop filter makes a giant distinction and so I’ve a hyperlink to it it is a particular one and it is truly not made for this mic nevertheless it does match so for those who go to revenue faculty comm go to really useful setups and revenue faculty is our web site the place we discuss easy methods to generate income with Amazon affiliate easy methods to generate income together with your podcast easy methods to get individuals in your electronic mail checklist all that form of stuff after which beneath really useful setups simply click on podcasting setups and proper right here beneath the premium arrange that is what I take advantage of day-after-day you possibly can see the hyperlinks to the procaster right here after which additionally this pop filter that I like to recommend so you’ll want to try that out now one other one which we’ve got to say is that that is the street pro-castro this one is XLR solely it is analog audio so you have to go right into a mixer or one thing like a zoom h6 or one thing however you too can get the rode podcaster that’s digital you possibly can plug it straight into your pc it does not sound nearly as good you realize it is possibly 15% not nearly as good and so if you are going to be getting the street procaster you would possibly as nicely get the ATR 2100 after the podcaster store I am gonna get the podcaster the ATR 2100 additionally it has XLR nevertheless it additionally has digital via USB so you possibly can plug it proper into your pc use your pc as your sound recorder so I agree for those who’re gonna for those who’re gonna attempt to go the the digital route and simply plug straight into a pc skip the mixer skip the sound recorder yeah simply get the ATR 2100 cool nicely you’ll want to try our hyperlinks at revenue faculty comm and click on on really useful setups and we’ll see you within the subsequent video

Audio Technica ATR2100 Evaluation for Podcasting

hey guys Ricky right here with jim and at present we’re gonna be speaking in regards to the ATR 2100 microphone that is the microphone that i am utilizing proper right here and i assume we’ll simply dive proper into it this can be a we suggest this for any podcast yeah i imply whether or not you are newbie or whether or not you are making an attempt to have a extremely skilled sound it is simply it actually does the job and it would not yeah so my mic that is the rode professional the street procaster it prices just like the 4 of those it is much more costly it is not terribly costly nevertheless it’s dearer I believe by about 4 instances and you’ll hear the audio high quality between me and Ricky it is a sensible standpoint it isn’t totally different yeah I imply for those who’re like a really very critical podcaster and also you simply have that golden ear you may hear the distinction which is why I picked this however except you are listening to I am facet by facet you would not even know and even if you end up like we will each we will report a podcast collectively and no one has ever mentioned like what’s up with Ricky’s mic they sound the identical you understand the I suppose here is one of many one of many advantages you may get out of getting the procaster with this you understand this cool setup is that um for those who’re for those who’re recording a podcast with video that one appears to be like extra skilled and you’ll appear like what you employ in a radio studio simply put this on a growth and also you’re such dick I do know I do know however I imply that the microphone itself different common however regular folks do not regular folks will not even inform the distinction and once more like Jim simply mentioned put this on a growth it is gonna it is gonna be unbelievable and it is nonetheless gonna look simply pretty much as good and it is gonna sound simply pretty much as good so okay so let’s speak about a pair issues to concentrate on with the audio-technica ATR 2100 first take off your pop filter for those who speak into it with no pop filter this isn’t a great mic yeah I imply it it is identical to every other you understand low-cost cardioid kind microphone on the market yeah you pop your P’s and scss it simply it simply would not sound that good so proper now he has a extremely ugly zoom this can be a huge outdated fatty you do not have to make use of one which huge however I imply that hey you need to cease your Peas that’ll do it you understand I exploit the identical kind of setup for my recordings and stuff at your own home yeah at my home and you understand I exploit the identical kind of pop filter and it’s huge however once more no one’s it is not a go no one’s ever nicely it is audio and even after I report a video no one’s like hey what’s up along with your microphone proper so big yeah so in order that so the massive function of this audio-technica ATR 2100 is that it has XLR and mini USB are you able to present it to that digital camera up there yep nicely present ya there you go now you may see it so he is plugin plugged in with XLR proper now in order that’s acquired to go to a mixer however you may simply analog sound I am getting you understand clear analog recording yeah and it is gonna sound only a hair simply 5 p.c higher on XLR once more except you are listening to them facet by facet you are probably not gonna know folks on my podcast on a regular basis I all the time suggest that the hosts get this ATR 2100 as a result of you may simply get a bit of USB wire and plug it in and abruptly it is a digital mic and you’ll plug it straight into your laptop computer something so for podcasts that you understand podcasters that need to do that on a funds it is like the last word resolution as a result of it is like 70 60 bucks and also you’re getting an analogue mic if you wish to step as much as a mixer or you may plug it straight into the pc and that is why I exploit this yeah that is why I exploit this mic each single day as a result of I am utilizing this for my primary podcast this mic however on a regular basis I am you understand recording audio suggestions for a shopper or one thing like that and I do not need to undergo a mixer and all that trouble I am simply gonna plug it straight into the pc and that is what that mics for thus is there the rest to say about no I imply though it is a good microphone for any degree of podcaster once more you’ve gotten XLR you’ve gotten USB so whether or not you are on a funds or whether or not you’ve gotten a mixer and also you need to step it up or perhaps you need to step it up perhaps down the street as soon as you may some cash it is a good possibility that may go type of each methods and you understand simply put a good pop filter on it and it is gonna sound pretty much as good as the rest on the market yeah and I suppose a pair suggestions for those who’re simply getting in began in podcasting I’ve to inform this to new folks on my reveals like ten instances earlier than it actually sinks within the mic cannot be too near your face that is proper for those who do not do it take for those who take your mic and you place it out right here even when I am speaking loud so that you get the identical quantity it simply sounds cruddy you may hear the room extra it sounds extra such as you’re in a rest room when the mic is much from you and even when the amount is similar a bit of bit yeah sure so that you do it from you so you may speak now okay so if I am speaking proper right here it is simply it is clear and crisp and even when my lips are hitting the pop filter the pop filters blocking out the noise yeah that is how you understand you are doing this appropriately if each now and again you stumble upon your pop filter the entire concept is to to present you a stronger sign to noise ratio so after we’re lifeless silent for those who’re listening on good headphones you may hear just a bit little bit of you understand sound from from the pc fan simply sound just a bit little bit of noise as a result of our achieve is likely to be too scorching simply you may simply hear a room and if you’re loud by being near it then it you you are drowning out that noise ground and so it sounds tremendous tremendous clear if you’re out like this except you are in an ideal sound handled room it is simply not gonna sound so good and that is why you see yeah excuse me you understand like on Dave Letterman and stuff he would not should be you understand his mic would not should be like this as a result of it is an ideal sound handled space they usually have mics they’ve a dude holding the mic pointing precisely Adam a shotgun mic in order that it might will get the sound excellent however however that is not the way it works for podcasting you understand you are gonna need it proper up near you so it sounds the easiest so actually that does it simply we suggest the ATR 2100 it is the audio-technica ATR 2100 yow will discover a hyperlink to you can simply go to earnings college comm slash I believe it is advisable setups let’s pull up that hyperlink oh yeah simply go to earnings college comm after which on the high advisable setups after which to the podcast sure you understand we’re gonna have info there on plenty of these items however the ATR 2100 is sort of within the second set of kit the type of the mid-level and once more we suggest that it doesn’t matter what degree of podcasting you are at regardless of how lengthy you’ve got been doing it it is only a good microphone superior thanks everyone for becoming a member of us on this video hopefully it was useful so that you can see what we use as skilled podcasters and good luck to you in your present bye

17 WordPress Mistakes to Draw shut some distance flung from for New Bloggers

hey what’s up everybody it’s trim and Ricky from income school our business is about teaching people how to start a blog that’s profitable and we’ve done it with a lot of different niche websites just kind of small topics writing about them and earning money with them so today we want to talk about 17 common mistakes that we see as we’re coaching people through WordPress so you want to take the first run sure let’s just roll through these okay so the first one is forgetting to set up permalinks oh that’s a terrible mistake it really is get it right from the start permalinks is when you write in it when you create a post or a page on your website that your WordPress is automatically going to create a URL a web address for that site and you can set up what the format of that URL is going to look like the way that it usually comes is the plain one which is like income school com slash question mark P equals and then each article will be given a number or I don’t know that might be the default of yes it is yeah so it’s just this weird code umm which I think it has two problems leaving it leaving it that way first of all it just looks ugly because you have this weird code in there it used to serve a purpose years ago it used to make it faster but it doesn’t anymore and the other thing is it hurts your SEO because it’s just a long a long URL and then you can’t get those those keywords in the URL so what we recommend is to just go with the post name so you’re just going to go into settings change your post name so it’s just income school comm and then the name of the post with the hyphens in between them cool so very simple but do it now if you wait to do it what’s gonna happen is breaks all your legs yeah we later you’re gonna go in and be like oh shoot you know what I I want to have all the links have my my title name in them well any any link anywhere that linked to one of those pages on your website now those links are broken so if you know somebody comes in from another site from Pinterest from wherever then they’re not gonna end up on the right page they’re just gonna end up getting like a 404 page error so yeah do it now at the beginning of your website if you haven’t done it yet I’m sorry yeah you really do want to get that right and I wish they would fix that by default kit number two is not backing up your website look your WordPress site is going to get messed up at some point it will happen especially when you’re new at WordPress and you’re making mistakes you have to have a backup I promise you you will cry like a baby when you lose six months of work because it wasn’t backed up just because it’s on a hosting company doesn’t mean it’s backed up now having said that getting a good hosting company is going to help you like we recommend your first site should be on Bluehost I’ve been a customer since 2007 and the reason is that they keep good backups multiple times I’ve called them and said hey I messed up my website can you just roll it back to what it looked like yesterday and it’s fixed in a 30 second phone call but also you need to keep a local backup one that I’ve used for this in the past is called vault press and it’s just a plugin you can install that will do this now I’m using it a little bit more of an advanced way but this this will definitely do the job it’s one that I would recommend to start out with so backup your website all right number three using a free theme every or just super cheap or just ones from not reputable companies anything you know it you need a good theme and a powerful theme not having a good theme is going to cause things to break it’s gonna cause your site to go slow it’s not gonna work well with the the plugins that you want there’s just so many problems you can have by using a bad theme and those problems may not surface at first but as you get more traffic as you get you know plugins and more articles you’re you’re gonna run into problems down the road our favorite theme we use it all over the place is called X theme you know go to income school calm slash WordPress – mistakes you’re gonna get to see this and you know all of this information there you can see a link to X team you can also check out our review of X theme we we love X theme yeah and I I hate spending people’s money when it’s not necessary and there are a lot of acceptable free themes but you know what you’re spending so much effort I mean forget the money you’ve spent on a host and stuff think about your time you’re spending on this I it’s worth it’s worth the 60 bucks to get this theme it really is I use X theme on every single website I make I probably have 15 copies of it right now that I’m using on different websites there are other great themes for sure but I really would recommend sticking with X theme I’ve tried well over a hundred themes over the last seven years and this one I really really like a lot really powerful really fast and really not that expensive compared to other good themes so yeah that’s our recommendation so customizing your theme is awesome and this is mistake number four but the problem is you can spend three months customizing your theme especially if you’ve got one that wasn’t very good and it makes it hard to customize even it’s possible it’s hard and what we see all the time so we do niche site consultations you can go to our website at income school comm and then you can go to our niche site school and here you can you can hire us to add to record sit down at our microphones like this and we’ll record a you know 10 15 minute audio just talking through the idea for your blog any problems you can mistake you could face how to do the monetization for your blog all that kind of stuff and will email you the 10 minute mp3 and then also will send you emails almost every single day with with a video from us showing you what step to take just you know spend an hour a day for 60 days and you can have a very very nice blog that that should start earning money in short order order and we’re gonna help you avoid all these mistakes we’re talking about today you’re gonna avoid them all because we’re gonna walk you through the right way to do this yeah and you can email us like we’re gonna be there to make sure we can help you with it now when we talk about customizing your theme like X theme or any of the good themes out there have lots of really cool things you can do but it’s using features that are built into the theme okay what I don’t want you to do is to go messing around in the PHP code or you know messing around with CSS too try to customize it make it look a certain way you can spend way too long doing it and then once the theme updates or wants WordPress updates it’s all broken again just don’t mess with that buy a theme that you like that looks good I am I can pretty much guarantee you that X theme has a stack and a setup that will look exactly how you want your site to look because it’s that versatile ok the next mistake is writing too short of posts when I started my blog and what we see all the time when we’re doing consultations is that people think that the way to get traffic is to write short quickly consumable tips that people can go on real quick and get the information and that is from my experience at least completely the wrong approach to it let me show you the analytics for one of my websites for just the last month this website gets over a million people going to it each month and these articles all the biggest articles the shortest one is 3,000 words in length the most popular posts on all of my blogs are the big fat meaty posts that are like really close to be turned into an e-book I mean we’re talking 3,000 4,000 5,000 word long posts and they’re almost always getting the best traffic for me cool awesome next one we’re not resizing images when you put an image onto your into a post it’s going to make it smaller on the page so it’ll look small it’ll look good on your site but it’s not actually reducing the size of that image the number of pixels in that image and so the file is still really big and when that happens your site your pages are just gonna load really slow it takes a long time to load those image so what we like to do first you know your smaller images that have the text wrapped around them for your little featured images we usually go with like a 350 pixel width for full width images we’re still only talking like 900 pixels on the long side on the horizontal side and that’s going to give you kind of a full width on your page it’s gonna look really good but it’s not gonna be so huge of a file yeah so if you don’t use Photoshop just take your image and before you upload it to your website just go to resize image net and are really simple to be able to resize it you’ve got to do this or else your website’s gonna be running solo just because it’s showing the right size doesn’t mean it’s been cropped to the right size it just means it’s taking in a big huge picture and it’s displaying it smaller it stills is gonna take just as long to load okay number seven is too many plugins fighting each other I have a hard rule that I can never ever have more than 20 plugins on a website and every time I try to get fancy and try to just add a couple more plugins that I really wanted cuz they’re really cool it always causes problems and there’s nothing worse than coming to your website it’s down you say Oh what is wrong and now you have to go through each plug-in and figure out what happened I would say for your first whole year of blogging no more than eight plugins period so you know if you want to do something fancy for one post and you want this cool feature for one post skip it just don’t do it because now you’ve added another plug-in and you know hopefully we’re playing this the long game you just can’t do that for for one post only add a plugin if you really have a need plugins are what caused the most problems in WordPress so only by reputable ones and use as few as humanly possible that kind of comes back to the theme if you have a really good theme to start with helps won’t need so many plugins okay next one number eight using a password that’s easy to guess in this day and age there are computers out there that are just running a script to try to guess at your password to get into your WordPress site and they’re just gonna do that over and over and over again every day all day okay so you know when you have a small site you might not see so much of that but over time you’re gonna start to get a lot of password tips so use a unique password that you don’t use anywhere else you know I recommend using there’s a tool called LastPass just go to LastPass calm there you can create a password vault that you can have across your devices that’s that’s all encrypted and it’s free it’s totally free and and so then you can have it generate passwords that are like twelve or sixteen characters long and have special characters and you know then then you have to worry about it they’re never gonna guess those passwords yeah my my wordpress website is getting two hundred attempts a day to crack the passwords you really do have to be careful and the cool thing is with with like a twelve if you if you have a password that’s like 12 characters long twelve random characters both random characters that use alpha alphabet numerix and special characters you have literally over a trillion password combination it’s basically one crack will never get it yeah so the NSA can’t crack it okay maybe not okay next is using a junky host so several years ago I decided that I was gonna try a different host because somebody had said they had this fancy host and so I tried it I’m trying to remember who it was cuz I would totally call him ah oh that’s the I wrote it in the article storm on demand I spent five times as much as I did with with my good host and my website could not stay online it was just not managed well the way that my site was implemented on the server was just not handling the amount of traffic I had well you have to get a good host there are a lot of good ones most in fact are going to be pretty decent but there are a lot of bad ones and if you make the wrong call you are definitely gonna regret it so go to income slash start and we have a tutorial there that will walk you through picking a host getting your WordPress theme on all that kind of stuff yep alright number 10 trying to SEO your way to traffic we have a philosophy that is rather than using it trying to use all the SEO tricks and trying to basically trick Google into thinking your site has the content that people want we just write really good content and the reason for that is you know we’ve tried it we’ve done the SEO stuff we’ve done the link building all the tricks that are supposed to work and really they do nothing for you they do very very little for you and really in the end all you’re trying to do is trick google mm-hmm so just write good content having those big beefy media articles we talked about is gonna do more for you than any SEO link building stuff you do we haven’t a whole article about this so if you want to check it out again go go to income school comm check out this article we have a link to the two the one about SEO as well yeah if you just go to income school comm slash for mistakes it’s gonna link to everything income school comm such mistakes so one of them I want to show you this is an article where I showed all of these crazy different SEO techniques I did and it didn’t make a difference my traffic just rose steadily over time you know only a couple little dips were really just technical errors that I had to fix something but it just didn’t make any difference it grows the same and so just don’t waste your time just make some good content and I think you’re gonna be much much better off alright number eleven is using junky images now two things about this one you really should get a subscription to graphic stock buying stock photos for all of your articles can get really pricey and so we started using this company and it’s just a lot less expensive their their portfolio wasn’t as big as some of the others but you’re not paying like seven bucks an image to get a full width image it’s ninety nine dollars a year and you can just download like crazy for the whole year that you’re podcasting so go to income school comm such mistakes and we have a link to get it and another thing that I’ll say about images don’t get too cheesy of images you know if you’re writing a business blog people always like have this you know black guy and a white guy shaking hands like just a super like it just looks so cheesy fake like really forced and it’s it just it makes your website look cheesy and forced and not genuine so find find photos that look professional but look real like it’s like just just real not not like so every smiling I’ll happy business people awesome okay the next one is failing to miss are missing out on Amazon Commission’s every single blog out there has products that they could recommend and has products that they could make talk about they can compare and you should be doing that go sign up for a free Amazon Associates account it’s gonna take you like 15 minutes and you know go to income school calm / start will kind of talk to you about how to do that a little bit but you can just start earning Commission’s immediately it tomorrow and like my wife started a blog last month and she made her first 5 bucks this month yeah and and yeah you know it’s a ramp like you’re gonna not earn that much for a while and then you get traffic last year we made a hundred fifty thousand dollars just on Amazon Associates it’s like they just keep mailing you the check that’s awesome so don’t miss out on those commissions you’ve got to sign up I in fact I’ve seen websites for sale that just aren’t using the program I’m always trying to buy them but somebody always beats me to those you know in our niche site school program would we do that in the first week we set up Amazon Associates because there’s no reason to hold off on it at all yep okay all right failing to block spam this is a big one spam goes crazy on WordPress and we have a plugin recommended here in the article too that’s been the best for us but if you don’t do anything to block spam you’re gonna get inundated in just the first few weeks so you got to do something that gets spam comments and posts and contact forms all that stuff all the time okay the next one is failing to test your social media buttons you may get up you may download the plug-in because you want people to share your posts right at the bottom of the post it’s gonna say you know share on Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter and this and that if you want you want to test those out and make sure that they actually work and that they share properly we’ve seen this in the past where you know plugin looks like it looks like it’s working well and then you realize I mean you don’t realize right you don’t realize that it’s not working and then you switch to a different plug-in that works properly and suddenly four times the shares mm-hmm and that I mean yeah I’ve seen that yeah just just test it out make sure it’s working if you’re gonna use that okay okay the next one is over doing it on social media whenever we do a consultation with clients which is almost every day we’re getting people submitting consultation requests for us and this is the one that we really have to sit people down and walk them through because most people when they imagine starting a blog they immediately go start a Facebook page and a Twitter account and stuff and they think that’s the way to get traffic it certainly can happen and seven years ago when I started my first blog that is how I got traffic and it really did work great for me times have changed big time and for very very few of our clients do we recommend any social media whatsoever until you’re getting lots and lots of traffic you know over a hundred thousand for income school we do nothing on social media we have YouTube and our website and that’s it because it’s a massive time suck and what I’m seeing increasingly over time is Facebook and the other social social networks are just not sending that traffic anymore so you’re spending all this time into it and you’re just not at getting the return that you would get by just sitting down and writing good content when income school started you know we created a Facebook page we don’t even worry about it anymore because it doesn’t do anything for us the the most that we do is occasionally if an article is appropriate for it we’ll pin it on Pinterest yep and that’s it we don’t worry about creating a social media community at all yeah I have one of my websites has 650 thousand followers on Facebook on the Facebook page and it’s like the smallest refer of traffic to my website it’s just not something I focus on okay the next one is and we wrote an article about this couple years ago but making your blog too nice okay and when we talk about nice we talk about making it status quo like every other blog out there okay you’re writing good content you’re coming up with good articles good topics but in the end it’s just another repository of articles for most of your readers just like when you drive down the street and you see all these businesses out there they all keep there in front of their stores looking nice but the ones that stand out are the ones that do something a little bit different and so what we recommend is try to do something unique have something on your site that makes it stand out whether it’s you know a a monthly youtube video that just like kind of just does something really weird and different or or maybe it’s it’s a sort of a series of articles that that come out once a week there’s an article that falls under this category that’s just a little bit off the wall it’s the purple cow right that you remember that that’s gonna be something that’s gonna make people more interested in your site and it’s gonna make it more memorable so people will come back as opposed to just you know seeing it is again another repository of information yeah somebody submitted a niche site consultation this week and they said you know I’m thinking about doing a website about helping people buy their first house and I said well I you know he also said he was handy and so I said well what if you do a niche site about buying houses under $100,000 like really really inexpensive homes and fixing it up as your first home you know just do something that makes it different because people well it’s something that’s remarkable at least you can say hey there’s a website that shows you how to get houses under a hundred thousand bucks and this guy’s making them pretty nice you know it’s just something different so that about covers it we talked to through a ton of WordPress mistakes that we’ve made to get the whole article and all the links and our niche site consultations everything just go to income and this article is income slash mistakes see ya

X Theme Evaluate: Is it truly the suitable WordPress theme ever?

hey what’s up everybody I’m Jim Nez Ricky and today we are reviewing the X theme from theme Co it’s available on theme forest and I have tried well over a hundred light or WordPress themes over the last seven years I’ve a little bit obsessive about getting the websites to look and function just right and when I discovered X theme I guess about a year and a half ago I have switched completely and entirely to X theme it’s the only theme I use on all my new sites so we want to show you some of the websites that we’ve built with X theme to show you some of the different different ways that they can look all with the same theme okay so let’s go to the computer it’s a little bit bouncy there sorry so this website is income school this is our website and what we like about it on this website is that it has this strip of what is this called at the top um the carousel yeah the post carousel at the top so which is to me I look at the slider below it and I think that’s the carousel because carousels kind of like oh yeah a carousel goes in in a circle so that don’t get confused that is the slider yes carousels across the top so like I use this on my knife website I bought this website a couple years ago enough and I made a couple tweaks that dramatically improved it right off the bat and then I installed X theme on it and it saw a 20% increase in my affiliate sales because I put this post carousel at the top you know the best pocket knife best survival knife best multi-tool etc and so it’s putting all these main articles right at the top so if you come into this like this is how the website gets all its Vitz traffic is this it’s the knife laws for all the states so what I saw is way too many people were coming in seeing the knife laws for their website and bouncing but now with this design the very first thing you see is additional pillar content and it I like I said 20% bump just by making that one tweak just switching the theme and bang which is cool because I never see that nobody really cares and that makes a lot of sense for a site like this where people are coming in from there’s looking at they’re looking for specific content when they search it on google and so they’re coming into an article that that article isn’t going to point them to any sort of product to buy and so now what you’ve done is you’ve just you’ve intrigued them by putting your you know your best articles with your best products right across the top and you know that draws them in it may not be so necessary if your site has you know if the articles that are drawing people in are are the paid ones are the ones that are gonna actually earn you some money right but we love this for knife up and and several other sites including as you saw income school because it fits our philosophy with it a lot of people when they’re creating these niche sites they’re making every single article about making money it’s like best float tubes best fly rods best waiters and it makes a super spammy website that Google never really trusts because it’s just heavy affiliate and that’s not our philosophy our philosophy is to make really super useful websites and about 20% of the articles or the money makers that are recommending products so it works really really well for us but the cool thing about X theme is it’s not I mean it hits one theme but they have something called stacks that’s basically just different designs within the theme right that would just with one click you can do so let’s take a look I’ll send you the computer again so both of these websites are very similar built with X theme you can see the the design is pretty similar but then let’s go also to this this is my subscription website for photographers it’s also built with X theme and it looks completely and totally different see like these counters and stuff that’s built in like this this button here it’s built in so you don’t have to it all these little icons and stuff built-in everything all of this stuff is built into the plugin so you can do really cool beautiful looking designs without like coding different things and installing a million plugins is I think it’s super cool and then you can also design what each page looks like with a drag-and-drop editor so this is just an example is you know it’s the same theme here but you look down here I’ve set up this this this block grid ya block grid just using X theme and so it’s pretty cool that you can do things like that just on the fly without installing like oh I need to do this new plugin need to do that new plugin and so I really like that now the fear I always have when you get something like this that controls a lot of your website you’re designing articles and stuff with it is what happens five years from now when you decide to switch WordPress themes do you now have to go back to all of your posts and totally redesign them the awesome thing with X theme is no because their plug-in called cornerstone comes with a theme and so you can just keep cornerstone change your your theme and you’re good to go so I really like that I don’t feel locked into X theme even though I’ve kind of locked myself in because I just put it on my website yes well and and cornerstone cornerstone is that it’s it’s a plugin that comes built-in to X theme it’s made to work perfectly with X themes you’ll have to worry about it breaking down or causing problems but um that is the drag-and-drop editor that Jim was talking about writes the cornerstone plug-in and it really is drag-and-drop you make your grids you make you know whatever you want to again in a drag-and-drop style which is awesome for people who you know either you don’t want to make get another weird plug-in or you don’t know how to do you know HTML code to create tables and things like that we don’t want to mess with that so I love it I love that it’s totally built-in yeah last thing that I have to say at least about X theme is the speed I really obsess about this my websites are getting I’ve lots and lots and lots of traffic and so if if they’re too heavy too bulky too slow I definitely notice it and I when I tweak everything when I get a site going I can get it to load under one second using ex-demon so that’s really exciting to see because often the most feature-rich themes are also the most bloated and slow themes and I I don’t know exactly what they’re doing but it’s loading fast so it’s really cool we’re just gushing about this or they’re negative I I keep thinkin this is gonna sound like a paid ad that’s not it’s not at all the paid ads they’re not paying us at all to say these things um but I really do love X team I haven’t found anything a next thing that I really hate um my first blog I paid for a theme I paid too much for a theme honestly a lot of good themes out there you’re gonna pay a hundred bucks or more and that is one of my favorite things about X theme it’s like 663 664 dollars yeah it’s just it’s fantastic and and you get all the updates yeah you get all the updates the only negative to that $63 is its per site you can’t use it on multiple sites but still I mean to get all the updates and future versions I’ll take it yeah I don’t have a problem with that and to me it just it looks crisp it looks great I I do I guess I would say the one thing I don’t like and maybe this is something that’s that you know I can I can change on my site um but I don’t necessarily love like on your blog post the way that they say spaced out from one paragraph to the next it’s not I don’t love how its spaced on some of our articles yeah so because of that to me it’s not as easy to read because it doesn’t look like they have like a one and a half spacing between paragraphs that may be something that I that we can customize I just haven’t done it yeah no I don’t think that’s available in the customizer I think you got to put code in that for it but the cool thing with their support is they’re very very attentive to their support and so you can go in and ask something like that and they’ll just say hey put this custom code in just this is where to paste it and I’ve done that more than a dozen times and they always come back with like an actually helpful response but I agree with you I wish they would allow you to much more easy way to control that that space between paragraphs I found that annoying as well but really I love that you can do so many different things there’s the different stacks and even for any individual stack I mean if I remember right your improved photography plus that’s a single page navigation is on the ethos stack which is the same stack as all of our other sites but it’s it’s a different setup on that stack I mean you can go any direction you want to I could be wrong maybe it’s not eco so yeah they it’s just like look at these these are all demos of totally they look completely different but it’s all the same theme and they all have the the sample content so often you’ll you’ll see a theme you’re like oh this looks so cool you’ll buy it and then it never really looks like that because they don’t give you the sample content this will give you the sample content so you can make it look exactly like this with the same text and everything and then you just start editing it okay well we didn’t really succeed in stopping but I really do like the theme if you want to read our full review it is at income slash X and we got a lot there for you if you’re interested in starting a blog to earn income from it that’s what income schools all about you can read I have an article on there about how I earned almost $150,000 last year just from Amazon Associates and if you’re interested in starting a blog that’s going to make money go to income slash start that’s income school comm slash start we wrote at like a ten page like step by step by step this is how you build the blog get traffic and and start earning money from it passively so pretty cool solutely see ya

11 Ways Moms Can Produce a Aspect-Profits from Dwelling

hi I’m Julie and this is Emily and we’re here to add a four income school to tell you about some of the things that you guys can do to make money from home as stay-at-home moms because we both are stay-at-home moms and totally understand the need to help support your family in whatever way you can so one of the things is to start a free Amazon Associates account now I just barely did this just a couple days ago and the way that you can go look at it is go to income school comm slash start and it’ll give you all the details of how to do it but it’s awesome because you get a percentage of whatever anybody buys on Amazon if they click through that link that you put on your website and then they go start searching for things on Amazon so it’s anywhere from four to eight percent of whatever whatever they buy and a lot of times that’s a small amount but just that it adds up quick how much did you guys make last year yeah it was one hundred forty-seven thousand dollars or something in the year yeah and I’ve even seen moms on there their recipes linked to a pan and so there’s little things that you can do through that that can be really a good source of income the next thing you can do is you can freelance write for other people’s blogs and this is a good one because you can find something that you are passionate about and you know something about or can research and you can make anywhere from 30 up to 75 80 plus dollars for every article that you write on your own time during nap time yeah I know a ton of moms who just read a ton of other blogs and why not just use that time usefully and start writing your comments in a little article instead of just reading yeah so if you are interested in that contact the person of the blog who you’d like to write for and let them know that you’re interested that’s a good way to go about doing that so but the number three is to put money in an index fund so that’s pretty self-explanatory I think when we do this one and it’s really nice to see as the years go by this isn’t something you want to do to try and earn a quick dollar because it won’t work out for you if you do that but if you put in like the article says one hundred and seventy dollars a month and you could be millionaires after 40 years I mean it at just a 10 return which is pretty average okay let’s move on number four is sell crafts on Etsy so I just barely heard of on a podcast or a book that I was reading called the hundred dollar startup and there were these people who were designers and they were tired of being in the office and so they just wanted to use their talent and they wanted to make maps people made old maps that they wanted to put on the walls for decoration and they started selling them on Etsy they just thought what if people wanted to buy one of these maps and it worked it just blew up for them and they do that full time now and it’s just kind of cool what you can do one nowadays what mom isn’t crafty and can’t make something that someone else would like I know my sister-in-law is personally art they are making wonderful stuff all the time that other people would want and you can make some real money that way number five this is the way that earned some real money Emily tell us about how this has changed your family’s life yeah it really won’t we should say what it is it’s cool to start a blog yes start your own blog and we have all the information for you on income school comm slash start of how you can go about doing this and I’ve just barely started my own blog but my husband he’s had a blog for a few like several years now and it’s earned us about six hundred fifty thousand dollars per year so it really can be a good thing um and you just make a blog about whatever you’re passionate about and again income school comm slash start and they’ll walk you through the whole process so it can be easy for anyone and mostly the blogs is just writing and sharing with other people what you know you don’t have to be an expert on anything but the more you do it the more you do become an expert so it’s just writing and writing and more sharing and sharing what you can do from home with kids it’s not great okay number six be a virtual assistant tell us about Jesse who did that your friend so he just came to us one day and just asked us where what what he could do for us for $12 an hour or something like that and I was I was overwhelmed and so we handed over the office work to him and so he organizes a lot of different things for gym and he takes care of a lot of the paperwork but he does it all through email and at his own house and then he started advertising through his podcast to other people other photographers and he got he’s gotten more work that way and he earns about 8 to 20 dollars per hour so that that’s a really good option as well number seven speaking of photography you could become a photographer I know lots of people are doing it but there’s always someone who needs their pictures taken and if you get really good you can earn anywhere from $100 to two thousand plus for every job you do and you could also put stock photos up on I stock or Fotolia or something like that and they pay you per photo that you that you get accepted there okay number eight arbitrage from Amazon and I haven’t done this personally so if you want to come check out the article for more information that might be good for you but it’s pretty intriguing you go to the store and find clearance items and then you have Amazon sell them and you get a cut of the difference so a good way if you like shopping and you find some good deals you can make some money on that as well okay so the startup cost for that one you probably only need about $100 to go get your inventory in and to sell it to Amazon but then I’ve heard of a woman who did this and she really did earn a hundred thousand dollars a year just by having fun shopping which I wouldn’t mind yeah good idea okay number nine write a nonfiction ebook and I know Jim and Emily did this and we’re really successful yeah my husband he was really interested in photography and so he didn’t know anything about it but he decided to share what he learned about photography as he was learning it and just made I think it was 30 pages it wasn’t very long and Julie can read like 2,000 pages in a night no no no so it wouldn’t very long to write a tiny little ebook of just exactly what you know you don’t even have to go be an expert and he just put it up and he earned how $1500 in a few months see that’s that’s great so if you’re a good writer there’s another option for you to do yes we are and it kept it kept selling you know so I think the highest that had ever got it was $80,000 a year but we have to update it now because it is nonfiction so you know information changes yeah okay number 10 is a fun one it’s a flip things on Craigslist and this is kind of I don’t know if you’ve heard of bigger or better where you like start with a toothpick and then work your way up asking people for something bigger or better but it’s kind of like that on Craigslist where you find something that you know is undervalued and then resell it for something or for it’s more appropriate price and take the the profits now I in college or nine college as soon as we got married who went and lived in Virginia and we bought this desk for $20 off Craigslist and at the end of the internship we sold it for 40 so there’s an example of that but Emily she thinks bigger than than college does better right so we would we would flip the cars because we wanted like a thousand or two thousand dollars more than what we paid for it so all you have to do is look through Craigslist and find things where you’re like I bet I could sell that for more and I would not be not be too hard to do okay number eleven graphic design contest there’s a great website called 48 hours logo and you can design a logo for a startup company they give you a little description of what they would like and then you enter the contest and then they pick the one that they like the most so we I earned I did it once and I got a hundred dollars for the logo that was it fun and it was really exciting when they picked mine so hundred dollars right there oh and we even have a bonus for you guys today the bonus one is sign up for survey sites and this can actually be a good way to earn money if you don’t have long periods to sit and write if you just have five minutes here or there on our on our income school com it has a link to where you can find all these sir recites and the better ones because we looked through them for you guys so you don’t have to go to Nando’s good ones and you sign up and you can earn hundred dollars a month for five minutes here they’re filling out a survey for someone yeah it’s pretty fast so you can just go to income school comm slash start and you’ll it will go slash mom’s income school comm or slash surveys just go to income school it will take you everywhere you need to give up income school comm that’s the place for you good okay we’ll see you bye you