Establishing a 4K Video Enhancing PC vs Trying to get hold of a Mac [$1500 Build]

– Hey everyone. That is Roberto Blake of and I am geeking out with you at this time over one thing actually superior. It is gonna be my 4K video
enhancing and gaming machine. This factor is one thing I’ve
been eager to do for some time, nevertheless it’s now very
sensible for me to do it. I am gonna speak about it. So, I’ve acquired loads of the elements right here. There’s some stuff that is
delivery from Amazon. I am gonna have Amazon
hyperlinks to all of the elements within the description beneath for you guys, together with among the thought
course of behind this construct. I am not constructing on digital camera right here. I need to discuss to you guys
about it first as a result of there are loads of you who
are entering into 4K video for enhancing and for
enterprise and I wanna speak about why I selected my
elements, what I am doing, and why I am doing a 4K
video enhancing machine as a substitute of simply shopping for
a 4K or 5K Retina iMac. So, that is what this video’s all about. So, for me, it’s totally
sensible to construct a 4K video enhancing machine
as a result of it has nothing to do with my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel’s
gonna profit from it, however that is a part of my
enterprise and one thing that I do not know that you simply
guys all perceive or get is that I do loads of
shopper companies for content material manufacturing and creation. I do loads of public talking round that. I do non-public talks with
corporations about it. I do consulting for them, as
effectively as small enterprise purchasers. So, for me, if I am enhancing
for certainly one of my pals ‘trigger I’ve loads of
pals who’re audio system, if I am enhancing a reel for
them or I am enhancing stuff from their final talking
engagement and placing that collectively and chopping it
up for them, then that actually as one gig pays
for one thing like this. So, that is why it is smart for me. So, from a enterprise
standpoint, that is extra about video manufacturing and
enhancing and what I wanna do as a creator too for
different tasks that I’ve that I promised you guys
motivational brief movies, issues like that. So, that is why I am constructing this rig. When you’ve been following my private vlogs and my Pricey Entrepreneur’s
vlog, then that additionally I am embracing some extra
of my infantile escapism. You guys know that I am
a giant fan of Star Wars and I am an old style
gamer, Mega Man and Zelda, that type of stuff, however
there’s loads of issues that like, caught my consideration
and there have been pals who have been doing a little attention-grabbing issues. So, casually, I’d ease a
little bit again into gaming. So, this pc is gonna
help 90% of the stuff that I am doing on the
enterprise facet to any extent further. I will not want to purchase a brand new
pc for a desktop for years after which once I
casually need to entertain myself, that is gonna be actually nice
for that for watching movies in 4K and in addition for enjoying
video games with extremely settings. So, that is why I am doing this construct. The explanation that I simply
did not resolve to get a 4K or 5K Retina iMac was
for the amount of cash I am spending on this
construct, which is between $1200 and $1500, together with equipment, that may be like a base mannequin inventory iMac that I will by no means be capable of improve once more, and I will not get all of the issues
that I am getting with this. Let’s dig a bit of bit
into my elements although. I am gonna tease you guys with this. That is one thing I am gonna
unbox and evaluate later, so far as a brand new drawing
pill, could be an inexpensive different to Wacom. So, I am teasing you guys with
that as a result of it is sitting right here on the product desk. If you’re enhancing 4K
movies, pace issues with all of your elements. So, I’ve acquired a bunch of Samsung SSDs. I even have three of those. Two of them are 250 gigs
and certainly one of them is 500, and there is a motive for that. I even have two 1-terabyte
Western Digital blue drives. These are 7200 RPMs and
these are excessive pace, and these are gonna be
high quality for a desktop, and there is a motive
that I am combining these. So, for the working
system and the functions, like Premiere Professional, Photoshop,
all that great things, I am utilizing one of many 250 gig Samsung SSDs. The opposite 250 gig SSD is for a media scratch disk
and for undertaking recordsdata. That is your short-term storage
and that is your undertaking storage and the rationale you
need these issues separate is as a result of that is gonna
actually assist a program like Premiere Professional make the most of
these issues quicker. The media caching is
necessary as a result of the archive of the place do I discover all
of your video recordsdata, the place do I discover the entire
supply recordsdata, that is one thing that takes some time to look by. So, you need that on a quick drive. You additionally need it to be it is personal factor in order that when it is constructing that library and it is looking out by,
it does not have so much to undergo. You additionally need to retailer
these supply knowledge recordsdata on their very own onerous drive layer as effectively, and that is the place the
Western Digital drives are available in as a result of these are
gonna be these knowledge drives. That is the place the precise
footage dumped from my cameras is gonna go and there is two
of them as a result of it is going to be mirror RAID. It is gonna be RAID one so
that I’ve a backup of that footage, it doesn’t matter what
earlier than I offload it to my distant storage. So, that is why two of those,
these might be RAID one mirrored and that is why. The final Samsung SSD, the 500
gigabyte, is an export drive, which means that after I render
these recordsdata, they are going to their very own separate onerous drive. The explanation to place all
this stuff on their very own onerous drives as a substitute of simply
one onerous drive is due to what’s referred to as inner
bandwidth and that is gonna actually show you how to so far as pace. Simply think about it as lanes on a freeway and that now your entire
knowledge and your entire particular sorts of knowledge have their very own
lane that they are staying in. That is tremendous necessary and that issues. For video enhancing, a GPU is necessary. I went with a GTX 970. So, that is the GPU that I went with. It is about 300 bucks. Once more, hyperlinks to every part will
be within the description beneath. The GPU and the CPU ought to
be arriving whereas I am out of city on a visit, however
they’re going to be right here once I get again. So, I am not gonna put
all these things collectively till I get again from journey,
guys as a result of, one, I needn’t rush on this and
then two, I am gonna be doing a little extra talking stuff. I am on two panels at a conference. So, I wanna deal with that. I can maintain all
of these items later, however I am utilizing i7 Core Processor with 4.Four gigahertz of pace and that is gonna be
great for video enhancing. With Premiere Professional, it is
really much less in regards to the variety of cores and extra about
the pace per core, and that is why I went
with a quad core possibility over six core possibility. So, these are true quad
core and that is superior. That is gonna be very highly effective
for the rendering facet and the GPU, the GTX 970, that could be a 256 bit. So, that implies that I’ve
acquired much more uncooked energy there, when it comes to GPU. My render instances are gonna be nice. My video playback’s gonna be nice. So, that is gonna be actually
necessary for this construct. I went with a Gigabyte
for the motherboard. I may’ve went so much
of various instructions, however I belief them as a model. I additionally belief Asus for
motherboards as effectively, however I went with Gigabyte
realizing what I used to be doing and this explicit
mannequin is about 200 bucks. It is extremely sturdy. It is the Z97XUD5H. So, that is actually cool. That is gonna work with that GPU. It is acquired the 4 RAM slots
and goes 32 gigs of RAM. I am gonna be utilizing Corsair
Vengeance for that. So, that is the RAM. I went with EVGA for the
energy, 750 watts bronze, three yr guarantee. That is gonna be great for me. This construct once I checked
it on PC Components Picker, it is most likely solely going
to make use of about 500 watts max at any given time, however I needed to have the improve functionality. If I wanna throw a second
GPU in there, I can. For 4K video enhancing in
Premiere Professional, the fact is that you simply actually
do not get that rather more out of SLI and a second GPU. Lots of people assume you do,
however not for the video enhancing, perhaps for doing loopy stuff on gaming, certain, however for me, it is sensible
to simply have the one drive, but when I actually need to,
I can improve to one thing else loopy later or I may
slap a second one in there. So, two video playing cards, not
essentially the most important factor on the planet.. Lots of people disagree on
that, however the actuality is, every part that Adobe says
means that you could get by with one and you will be greater than high-quality. Between having a extremely good
CPU and a extremely good GPU and 32 gigs of RAM like what I am doing, it is greater than sufficient. So, simply break down some
of the pricing for you. The Samsung drives that
have been 256 gigs, 89 bucks. So, 90 bucks for every of these. The Western Digital drives
have been solely 50 bucks a chunk. So, between that after which the
$150 for the 500 gigabytes Samsung SSD, you are wanting
at, let’s examine, $150, $250, after which $180. So, you are about
$430 simply within the storage capability nevertheless it’s due to
the way in which that I need to do it. You definitely may
scale all of that down. That is simply what is smart for me and I made a decision to go huge or go dwelling. With the RAM, you are $150. It is not unhealthy. The case that I am utilizing,
the (mumbles) case, that was solely 60 bucks. It is acquired loads of nice options for it and it seems to be cool. Seems like a bloody stormtrooper, and that is what I am gonna name it. So, this was not essentially the most
costly factor you possibly can construct however I selected these choices
as a result of that is one thing it can save you up for. That is one thing that I
assume may be very sensible for most individuals in case you
take your time with it and in case you purchase your elements individually. The opposite factor is for
me as a result of I am utilizing this for paid work, I am gonna make
again the return on funding on this very simply. So, that is going to be
essential for me, to not point out, I am
gonna purchase again my time. Rendered instances for every part that I do for the YouTube channel
take up loads of time and often, I simply stroll
away when that is happening and I take advantage of one other pc
for one thing else. This can nonetheless imply
that I can have most productiveness and nonetheless
use my finest machine, even whereas that is going
on within the background. So, I feel that purchasing
again your time is an efficient technique to spend any cash
and that is a part of why I am doing this. So, now why I am constructing a 4K video enhancing machine. I am gonna discuss extra about these
elements in particular person movies. I am gonna provide you with some
extra recommendation about my journey within the 4K video enhancing
utilizing my Panasonic digital camera, and the opposite stuff. I am really going to be
investing in a Panasonic Lumix G4 along with the G7 that I’ve. So, I am gonna get the GH4
finally, perhaps by the tip of the yr, after I construct
out extra of the lenses there as a result of for talking engagements,
it is smart as a result of that digital camera doesn’t have
the 30 minute time restrict. So, that makes loads of
sense for me and to have the ability to shoot in 4K if I actually
need to and be capable of crop in scale down, for one thing
like taking pictures a speaker reel, the place you have got the massive stage
and you’ve got all these issues, you possibly can shoot free and
broad with 4K and that makes loads of sense, particularly
once you wanna get these shut ups of somebody talking on stage. So, that is why an funding in one thing like that for the world
that I am taking part in in, for who my purchasers and my
contemporaries are, it makes loads of sense for me, and it is a great way to spend the cash, plus
it is a tax write-off. Anyway, that is it for my
4K video enhancing construct. Once more, hyperlinks for you guys
within the description beneath for every part I talked about. Additionally, I may provide you with
recommendation on a funds model of a video enhancing rig
‘trigger perhaps you do not want 4K video for what you are doing. When you’re a YouTuber, you
definitely do not want that. When you’re an impartial
filmmaker, you a lot not want that. I may definitely inform
you tips on how to construct one thing for 600 or 700 bucks that
is greater than adequate. So, if that is one thing
that you simply’re taken with, let me know within the Feedback part, and I’ll make that video. Anyway, Like this video in case you prefer it. Do not forget to subscribe. Take a look at the opposite superior
stuff on the channel. As all the time you guys, thanks
so very a lot for watching and geeking out with
me over my new 4K video enhancing rig, that can even
get me again into gaming.

Tucker Max, E-book Publishing & Ingenious Storytelling | #AskGaryVee Episode 207

– On this episode, I invite
Tucker Max the jam with me.
(hip hop music)
– [Gary] You ask questions,
and I reply them.
that is The #AskGaryVee Present.
– Hey everyone,
that is Gary Vay-ner-chuk
and that is episode 207 of
The #AskGaryVee Present.
I am excited.
We have a visitor.
I will let this glorious
man introduce himself.
I do know loads of
you realize who he’s.
It is post-Memorial Day however
in the beginning and extra
importantly than the rest,
I need to give an enormous shoutout
to my child daughter,
Misha, completely happy seventh birthday.
I might be operating out of right here in
a second to go see you at college
do the cupcake factor.
Very excited, I like
you with all my coronary heart.
Talking about love, India.
– [India] Hello.
– It is good to see you.
– Good to see you.
– The way you been?
– Good.
– You have been
away perpetually I really feel.
I really feel like I have never
seen you in years.
Did you go to the
west coast or one thing?
– No, I used to be in DC for
one evening on Thursday.
– Oh, that was cool.
You’ve gotten a very good time?
– Yeah.
I went to see a film
on the White Home.
– Was it enjoyable?
– It was superior.
– Did you see the President?
– No, he was out of city.
He let me know
although earlier than time.
– He let you realize?
– Yeah.
– For one evening?
You bought the questions?
– I bought the questions.
– Prepared for the present?
– I am prepared for the present.
– Alright, let’s go to
our visitor, my pal.
Why do not you inform the Vayner
Nation, truly I’ll eat this
salad when you do that half,
who you’re and
what you are as much as.
– Alright, so my
identify is Tucker Max.
I wrote a ebook referred to as “I Hope
They Serve Beer in Hell” which
spent like half a decade on the
bestseller listing and there’s a
film made about it and no matter
and now I’ve an organization referred to as
E-book in a Field.
– And what’s E-book within the Field?
– We flip concepts in to books.
If in case you have an thought for a ebook
and you do not need to sit at a
laptop for a yr typing it
out we now have a course of the place we
interview you, we place the
thought, construction it and create an
define, get everything–
– Is the interview course of
nearly like a model of
ghostwriting which then
permits the ebook to be created?
– No so ghostwriting is like
in case you’re hiring a ghostwriter,
you are hiring somebody to write down
their model of your concepts in
your ebook and also you’re paying them
so you may put your identify on it.
– Sure.
– With us our course of would not
work if you do not know precisely
what you are speaking about
as a result of it is all of your
personal content material.
We’re including nothing to it.
It is nearly like an algorithm
however a structured course of the place
nice writers and editors are
guiding you thru it asking
questions so it
looks like magic to you.
All you are doing is speaking
about what you already know.
– You understand what’s
bizarre about this?
That is truly
how I do my books.
– It is the way you do your books.
– Yeah.
I principally simply speak and get
interviewed by Steph and to me
after which I do not know in your
world this works after which I
principally all of the enhancing that I
do is at all times principally my dream
situation is that, A, she
helps me construction for positive.
One steady run, I might have
one lengthy run-on sentence.
That’d be my ebook.
And two, grammar,
after which any phrase
scares the, I am at all times petrified
do I even say that?
Would I say that phrase?
It is actually simply the
transcription of the
– We do not do transcription it is
extra we interview as a result of spoken
phrase is completely different than written.
– 100%.
– So as soon as we have it
structured within the interview the
job of the editor is to
interview you, get every little thing
out your head after which as soon as
it’s transcribed to translate
that into written.
– And the way did this occur?
Was this a situation the place, it is
humorous, that is the primary time
we’re assembly, proper?
– Yeah.
Which is loopy ‘trigger we now have
severely a whole lot of
associates in frequent.
– Pals in frequent, yeah.
What I do know from afar is I
assume what occurred was
you had this… Really,
you realize what let’s take
it there for a second.
This ebook was a smash hit.
– My first one? Yeah.
– Proper.
You undoubtedly did not assume
that is what’s gonna occur.
– After all not.
– How did you even get to the
level of writing that first one?
Why did you write a ebook?
– It is humorous. I began I went to
legislation college my associates and I went
to completely different cities to work.
– Your legislation college associates?
– Yeah, proper.
All legislation college associates.
I bought fired–
– The place’d you develop up?
– Kentucky.
– Adore it.
– Complete BFE Kentucky.
Nowhere Kentucky.
– Adore it.
– You find it irresistible as a result of
you did not develop up there.
It is a horrible place.
It is a horrible place.
There is a purpose
everybody leaves.
– Received it. Center of
nowhere Kentucky.
After which the place
did you go to high school?
– College of Chicago for
undergrad after which
Duke for legislation college.
– Spectacular.
Nowhere Kentucky
taught you one thing.
– College is simple when you
discover ways to hack the system.
– I nevered
determine that half out.
Okay and so that you go and try this
and so that you assume you are going to
be a lawyer?
– Yeah.
– That is like what’s up.
– Mhmmm.
After which I bought fired–
– From nowhere Kentucky that
was like holy shit you made it.
– Yeah, kind of.
I got here from a household, they
weren’t actually wealthy however fairly
effectively known–
– Within the space?
– Yeah.
My grandfather was a physician, my
mother was one of many first girls,
sorry my grandmother was one in all
the primary girls to ever graduate
from the College of
Kentucky so I got here from
a household of achievers.
My nice nice nice grandfather
was a US Senator,
possibly 4 greats. Manner far again.
– So that you wanted this
ebook to get into the sport?
– Precisely.
– So that you go to legislation college you
get some buddies, you guys are
going completely different
locations the place did you go?
What metropolis?
– I moved to Silicon
Valley to Mountain View.
I used to be working for a agency
referred to as Fenwick and West.
– I do know them.
– Proper. After all.
– I’ve used them
for a few of my offers.
– There you go.
Nicely, they fired me.
– Superb.
– And I deserved it although.
They weren’t dicks.
I deserved to be fired.
– As a result of?
– The rationale I assumed I bought
fired was I bought tremendous drunk at
this large legislation agency occasion.
– Yeah.
– There’s like an public sale and I
grabbed the mic and I principally
yelled on the different individuals who
are bidding on me for this factor
and it was actually humorous
however it was type of
mildly inappropriate however not.
I did not fairly cross the road.
I assumed I bought fired–
– This was to win
a date with you?
– No, it was just like the hiring
associate was driving individuals
round for an evening.
You understand, it was a
charity public sale.
It was some nonsense factor.
– Yep.
– And I used to be blind drunk, like
double fisting bottles of wine.
I used to be a 25-year-old moron.
– You have been consuming wine?
– Oh, yeah dude.
– I like that.
– It was at Silverado.
It was on the
resort, yeah, in Napa.
I do not know what I
was consuming although.
I used to be hammered and I assumed
that is why bought fired however the
actual purpose is usually because
the senior feminine associate within the
agency propositioned me and I
did the worst doable factor I
turned her down after which I advised
everyone. If I had slept with
her I’d have been
principally bulletproof.
– And that is what occurred?
– And if I had shut up,
I might’ve been positive. Proper?
– Okay.
– I ended up getting fired,
it was each issues mixed.
I used to be a reckless
unguided missile.
I had no enterprise
working in a legislation agency.
They have been completely proper to
fireplace me however the actual instigating
issue was that.
– What occurs subsequent?
Your fired, the subsequent day.
– Then I’m going work for my dad, it
was type of like a complete mess.
I principally bought blackballed from
the authorized occupation ‘trigger
I wrote my associates
an e mail about it.
Concerning the occasions,
the consuming proper?
– Sure.
– That was like Saturday.
I ended up getting
fired Wednesday.
So on Monday I wrote this actually
humorous e mail, despatched it to my
associates, I get fired and of
course my associates are dicks so
they ahead this
e mail to everyone.
– What yr is that this?
– That is 2000, 2001.
– Again when individuals
forwarded to their complete listing.
– That is earlier than Myspace
or something like that.
– The unique
social media, e mail.
– Precisely it was e mail forwards.
– Uh-huh.
– So I get blackballed from
the authorized occupation as a result of
everybody will get this e mail
of me telling this story.
– Yep.
Let me ask you an actual straight
up query that I am curious if
it is ever been requested,
how a lot
subconsciously or consciously?
– Rather a lot. I do know precisely what
you are going to ask.
– Do individuals ask that?
– No.
– Yeah, proper, no person’s,
everybody’s scared to
ask you the suitable query.
I am not scared and
I need to carry worth.
I am listening to this
I am like this guy–
– You are proper.
You are proper.
– Do you truly know
that you just had this in you?
Did you assume you are a comic?
Did you assume your
tradition hacker?
What do you assume was brewing?
You understood
one thing was brewing?
– Yeah.
– There is not any means that you just’re
right here and have that,
you see the place I am going?
– So we have been speaking
about this truly.
She went to legislation college too and
I feel being a lawyer is a
horrible job for probably the most
half for most individuals.
And I am fairly high-energy,
I am fairly inventive,
I am fairly entrepreneurial,
I love to do issues completely different
and that is the alternative
of what you need to be.
Should you’re a lawyer you are simply
following guidelines and also you’re
someone else’s paper monkey.
– After all.
– I feel I noticed that however
fairly actually, dude, I do not
assume I had the braveness to
do something about it or the
emotional maturity to
even acknowledge that.
That is the place the
unconscious stuff is available in.
I will act out and power
them to do one thing that
I haven’t got the braveness to
do myself particularly at 25.
No means.
– What occurs subsequent?
– I went to work my dad.
He owns a restaurant
firm in south Florida.
So I truly know
loads about wine,
my different aspect of household
is eating places.
– That is cool.
– Then he finally ends up firing me six
months later, my very own dad fires
me from the household enterprise.
– My dad fired my sister.
Really this is an unknown
reality, my dad fired me as soon as.
I used to be fired by Sasha.
That may be a actual factor.
I who labored each minute of my
god rattling life as soon as requested in my
senior yr to go away at 7 PM,
which was thought-about early,
a 10 hour day, to go to a
commencement get together and
my dad stated I wasn’t
dedicated to the business–
– You personal commencement?
– My very own highschool commencement.
You do not perceive, I labored
each day of highschool,
each weekend,
each summer season trip.
This weekend I frolicked with
my household, we bought a spot and
I am like I lastly perceive
why individuals summer season a lot ‘trigger
I by no means had one
since seventh grade.
And my dad fired me
so I perceive being
fired by your dad.
And by the way in which I received that battle
and pop you realize it as a result of
I then was pumped I had two days
free to myself in the summertime.
I used to be like wait a minute
frolicked with my associates,
performed wiffleball, I went to
a baseball card present.
I used to be not asking to come back
again after which my dad needed to say
what’d he say?
He walked in my room
he is like,
“I will see you at seven
the morning.”
I am like alright.
– I feel that could be a distinction
between you and me.
I did get fired
for that stuff, man.
I bought fired as a result of
I used to be a jackass.
I bought fired for
completely legit causes.
The lengthy, lengthy story is
principally that my dad had a
bunch of clowns working for
him and I used to be 25 and silly
and did not perceive
something in regards to the world.
I assumed my dad has an ideal
enterprise, I do know I can broaden
this and I went in and I advised
the clowns working for him that
they weren’t ok to work
there and I used to be going to get
them fired and I used to be
going to construct this enterprise.
– Yeah.
– That is my social
intelligence on the time.
And naturally these individuals all
know workplace politics and my dad
a lot better than I do.
– Yeah.
– However I nonetheless assume
it would not matter.
I am proper and my identify’s on the
door clearly my dad goes
to choose me. So then I additionally give
me all of the ammunition within the
world by doing issues like
I will meet some woman at
the restaurant–
– Actual fast due to that is
the vital theme for them,
attempting to carry them worth,
once more you assume subconsciously?
– Sure. Nicely this is
what happens–
– Let me ask you the query
that is burning inside me?
Do you know that you just had this
type of persona that you just,
did you actually assume did
you perceive the web effectively
sufficient at that time?
However did you assume that you just
have been going to turn into
well-known or a persona?
– The God trustworthy reply is–
– Like actually?
– I actually actually principally
lucked in to loads of stuff.
I lucked into loads
of alternatives.
I picked up these alternatives
and busted my ass
as soon as I had them.
– Did you assume that you just
had a likable persona
to dudes and bros?
– No, as a result of I used to be no
completely different than my 9 associates.
The blokes I went to legislation college,
within the phrases of intelligence or
social skill or humorous I used to be
lifeless within the center at finest.
– Proper. Proper.
– I had loads of associates
who have been funnier than me.
I am simply dude who wrote it
all down and the rationale I wrote
down, I get fired–
– Is that what the ebook was?
They have been tales?
– The primary like eight tales
within the ebook are the emails
I despatched my associates.
They’re emails.
– Really actual fast I do know we
have questions ‘trigger that is
being extra of an interview than
The #AskGaryVee Present however
I am having fun with it plus that is
like eight years of
pent up friendship.
– Precisely.
– I simply need to get
some context,
how did the ebook deal occur?
– I truly I attempted to
get printed.
So I wrote these emails
to my associates about all of the
tales, the dumb issues that
I did that bought me fired like
having a woman I connected with
some woman within the toilet
after I was on shift and
all these kind of issues.
So I gave all of them the
ammunition to speak dangerous
about me to my dad.
He fires me and I write
emails about all of the dumb
issues I am doing, consuming
hooking up with these
ladies in south Florida
and people emails
my associates are like
“That is the funniest stuff
I’ve ever learn.”
You are not that humorous in
particular person however you are humorous emails.
– Have been you getting a tremendous
excessive from the suggestions of your
associates response a lot?
Making it self-populating.
– It wasn’t about writing,
it was about making
my associates snigger.
– Mhmmm.
– It by no means occurred to me that
anybody would assume these emails
have been humorous exterior
of my 9 associates.
– Proper.
– After I get fired from each
jobs, one in all my associates was like
look man, you are not good at
the rest however you are actual
good at writing these emails,
that is what you need to do.
It by no means occurred to me be a
author at that time so I despatched
my emails each agent, each
writer that is ’01, late ’01.
Perhaps early ’02,
everybody I may discover
100%, with out
exception, rejection.
Most individuals ignored it and the
those who responded were–
– Impolite.
– impolite.
– Most of them are
like “dick face.”
– Most of it was
simply kind rejection.
There have been for 3 or 4
personalised you are the worst
author I’ve ever seen.
You want to go die.
– I genuinely hate you.
Expensive Tucker, I hate you.
– Proper. I bought into writing to
maintain individuals such as you out of it.
– HarperCollins.
– Critically, for actual.
– So who printed you?
– So after that I ended up
getting this dude
Jeremie Ruby-Strauss who
labored at Kensington which was,
nonetheless is type of
a small writer.
He discovered my weblog, beloved it.
Thought it was the
funniest factor he ever learn.
– Wait a minute,
there’s somewhat piece there.
You began placing these
articles you realize
what I am attempting.
– I bought rejected from–
– It is a enterprise present,
what I am extra fascinated by
you clearly knew what was
taking place with the
present state of the web
throughout that time period.
You are doing emails that you just
know are getting forwarded.
You simply went right into a weblog.
If we’re speaking ’01, ’02
what are you running a blog on?
Blogger? Typepad?
– GeoCities!
– That is the half I feel
it’s most fascinating to me.
– TypePad! I want.
– Proper. To that time to me
at all times fascinated about
tips on how to extract worth such
a giant portion is aware of who’re,
learn that ebook,
issues of that nature
however so many do not.
– Proper.
– To me once more, this is one other
person who executed in a
platform that was underrated
consideration and used it to broaden.
– The factor is I get rejected
by all of the gatekeepers, proper?
That is nonetheless ’01, ’02.
I get rejected by all of them.
– You go immediately
to the buyer.
– I did not know what else to do.
The web, GeoCities was
beginning to blow up so I used to be
like I will simply put my tales
out without cost and everybody
actually laughed at me
as a result of how may you try this.
You need to cost for writing.
And I am like I’ve
nowhere else to publish this.
– Distribution.
– After which it blew up it
took about four to six months.
– What was it referred to as?
– It was referred to as
– Even higher.
That is what I might identify it.
– This woman ended up suing
as a result of I wrote about her.
It was all true.
– Did you say her identify?
– Oh yeah.
It was all 100% true and it
was a giant First Modification case.
She bought this momentary
restraining order issued
prior restraint, lengthy, lengthy story.
However blew my web site up and
then after that it bought all this
site visitors and I received the case
‘trigger I used to be telling the reality
and I used to be proper.
Then publishers all got here again to
me and the man I ended up going
with was the man who I had
the most effective relationship, proper.
– Yep.
– E-book did not
come out till ’06.
That was ’02, ’03.
– Why’d it take so lengthy?
You had extra shenanigans.
– It was loads of bullshit.
Mainstream publishing
all that stuff.
– Yeah.
– However the cool factor is, I bit
my e mail listing the entire time.
Not even attempting.
I did not actually perceive it.
I simply had the e-mail listing
as a result of it is the
best technique to attain individuals.
– And it is the way you began.
– By the point the ebook got here out
I had a 50, 100,000 individuals so
I bought 6,000 copies
the primary week.
Actually zero opinions, nobody
talked about this ebook wherever.
I hit the New York Occasions
bestseller listing out of nowhere.
– Proper.
– And I used to be that first, my ebook
was the very first one to go
weblog to bestseller.
– Adore it.
– Very first.
– Did you get loads
of protection for that?
– Probably not.
That was nonetheless again when
media was like
“Who’re these
weblog individuals?
“These Web
individuals, they do not matter.
“They do not exist.”
– That is when?
– ’06, January 2006.
– That is proper when Wine Library
TV began. That is superior.
I bear in mind your wine
present was blowing up
about the identical time mine was.
You have been simply all
these different–
– Style.
– All these individuals
completely different type of
discovering their methods
in to issues,
type of accidentally.
E-book type of took off and
then went down and
then constructed by
word-of-mouth after that.
Folks credit score me for all I’ve
accomplished all these advertising issues,
oh that is so good.
I actually do not assume
any of that stuff mattered.
I feel the truth that I wrote a
nice ebook that lots of people
love and advised
their associates about.
– And also you referenced
earlier first ebook,
you’ve got written multiple?
– 4.
– 4.
– 4 in that style.
Just like the New York Occasions referred to as
it “fratire” which makes no
sense as a result of I wasn’t in
a fraternity however no matter.
After which now, I’ve
retired from that because–
– You had your run.
– You’ll be able to’t act like
your 20s in your 40s.
– That is proper.
All proper, India.
That was enjoyable.
– [India] Yeah, that was enjoyable.
The primary one from Taylor.
– India’s going to ask questions
and we will reply them.
– Shoot. Let’s do it.
– [Voiceover] Taylor asks, “What
has been the largest key to your
“inventive course of and
the flexibility to inform tales
“that join individuals?”
– That may be a nice query.
The best way I at all times body it, and
I feel it began this fashion by
accident and I’ve simply stayed
this fashion, is I began writing
as a result of I used to be attempting to
make 9 individuals snigger.
You understand the saying if you would like
to vary the world, you bought to
begin with one particular person both
your self or one particular person first.
I feel the identical factor
is true for storytelling.
If you cannot make a small individuals
snigger or react in no matter means
you seeking to get–
– You are lifeless.
– you may’t get a get
large group to do it. Proper?
Each time I write I at all times
assume consciously in my head
who’s my viewers,
why do they care?
– Tremendous fascinating.
You guys have heard
Sally Arkansas,
his world could be
like Rick Polo.
I think about these those who
I feel that there is means
greater than 9 of them.
Your 9 buddies signify
22% of dudes in America.
– Precisely.
– And that is why it is a large
viewers and that is
what I take into consideration right here.
Even the way in which I interviewed in
the primary 10, 15 minutes right here.
I am like okay, I do know
who’s watching.
Boy, woman, black, white, inexperienced,
alien. They’re entrepreneurial,
they care about issues as I
was listening and getting extra
context on what I
typically know.
This man received and
did effectively in books.
I am like wait a minute, this man
knew, this man knew with e mail
forwarding and
running a blog very early.
Once more, at all times attempting to drill
house for them that white house.
So that is what I do.
I reverse engineer what
is the largest worth?
Wine Library TV labored as a result of
I spent 10 years in a wine store
and watched individuals are available and
those who have been like Duke legislation
attorneys who’re like
– Tremendous clever about wine.
– Alpha males strolling within the
retailer and I want a bottle,
god wine world is so
douchey, so suppressive.
In the identical means I feel
about entrepreneurship, proper?
Now I simply need to empower
individuals to be like who offers a
shit when individuals, simply do it.
Reverse engineer
may be very related.
Go forward.
– [Voiceover] Jonathan needs
to know, “Final time I heard the
“identify Tucker Max I completed ‘I
Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’.
“Tons has modified.
Would you do all of it once more?”
– After all.
– It is what bought you right here, proper?
– I’d try to do a
lot of issues in a different way.
– Like what?
What’s probably the most, in a no
bullshit means as a result of
I am having fun with this.
As a result of I feel you can–
– There isn’t any different means
to be in no bullshit.
– Figuring out once more again why you
have been completely happy, I need to go to a
place the place I do know you’ve got been
on so many various issues.
In a really fucking possible way,
what is the one core factor you
assume you’ll do completely different?
– I’d understand loads
earlier that it isn’t about me.
Regardless that, I am actually
good about that my artwork.
My tales, though they’re
about me, in case you learn all 4
of my books you truly do not
know very a lot about in any respect.
You understand loads about issues that
occurred to me and
you’ve got laughed loads and
you’ve got actually loved it.
However I do not burden the reader
with nonsense about me as a result of
individuals studying my books
need to be entertained.
They are not attempting to study
deep about my feelings,
no matter, proper?
However the what could I make
enterprise choices,
early in my profession I used to be
boastful and silly and
I made most
of my decisions–
– Since you thought
you have got the leverage?
– There was a film
made about my first ebook.
That film ought to have accomplished
$100 million or extra on the
field workplace and it did
like $2 million.
– As a result of?
– Due to my
vanity and my hubris.
– You needed to impose
sure issues that you just had
inventive management over?
– Yeah, man.
It actually was.
Writing is a really singular artwork.
I do not want anybody
else’s assist to crush a ebook.
To make a film, it is a
entire group of individuals.
And even the smallest
film ever continues to be 50 on it.
– And also you went into that place
of like look, “I like you”–
– That is about me holding tight
and due to that I picked the
incorrect director, I picked
many of the incorrect manufacturing.
– You picked yes-people?
– No, if I picked yes-people it
might need been simply my imaginative and prescient
which might have been
higher than what it was.
– ‘Trigger it turned
a Frankenstein.
– Yeah.
– It was half pregnant.
– Yeah. Precisely.
And I picked lots of people who
advised me what I needed to listen to
early on however had
their very own agendas.
– Positive.
– I used to be blind to it and I used to be so
caught up in myself and my very own
ego that I screwed up a very
huge alternative for myself.
– Positive. It was a recreation changer.
If that goes for a hundo,
various things.
You understand it is humorous individuals
at all times ask me my largest mistake
and I at all times attempt to give you
one thing as a result of I do not like
to consider my errors.
I truly disrespect
my errors,–
– Proper.
– it is a very fascinating factor.
I acknowledge them however I
give them no fucking vitality.
– Proper.
– Actually, I am like cool
mistake you go over there.
No query my largest errors
have been the issues which have
handed on and have not accomplished.
– Yeah.
– It was fascinating to assume
about and that occurred however
I may have been a
decide on “High Chef”.
I may’ve do all these
different enterprise exhibits.
There’s loads of issues I at all times
that I at all times take into consideration the
issues I that I have never accomplished.
Investing, proper?
I’ve accomplished effectively however passing on
Uber twice was the clear one.
– I did too.
– Everyone did.
– I do know.
– Everyone had an at-bat.
Alright, let’s go.
– [Voiceover] Daniela asks,
“I am an immigrant with
“an entrepreneurial dream.
“All my dad and mom care about
is school which I hate.
“Any recommendation?”
– That is robust.
– Did you get pressured
to be a very good scholar?
– No. I got here from one in all
these households the place
it is simply anticipated.
– Proper.
It was binary, proper?
– I got here from one in all those–
There wasn’t even
a dialog.
– No, it simply wasn’t
even a dialog.
I got here from a type of bizarre
households the place excessive expectations
have been at all times there however my dad and mom
weren’t superb at being
dad and mom so I used to be principally
ignored so I kinda
needed to increase myself.
However unconsciously–
– You’ve gotten siblings?
– No. Solely baby.
– Solely baby.
– I feel unconsciously I
understood at a really younger age
that the adults have been
by no means going assist me.
Nobody was coming to assist me and
so I needed to study the system as
it is offered to
you is bullshit.
The one reward they gave me of
being horrible dad and mom is that
I used to be by no means fooled by the
lies that the system tells you.
Like college.
I realized tips on how to
hack the system.
– You’re feeling like early on you
decided that you just weren’t
getting worth out of your dad and mom
and thus each grown up throughout
your youth you regarded in
the cynical perspective?
– Not simply the grown ups however the
precise programs that the grown
ups are working
and represented.
Whether or not it is work or whether or not
it is companies or college.
It isn’t that every little thing is
invalid, it is simply that the face
that they current is
by no means the fact.
– It is so fascinating, I on the
different hand had superb dad and mom
however got here to that very same
realization at a really younger age.
– Yeah.
– It is so fascinating completely different
paths to get that place.
It is actually dictated my life
the place I used to be like,
“Oh my god, I am not this.
“I’ve bought one other,” geez I
was in fourth grade for positive.
I am like, “Crap, I’ve bought
one other 9 years of
consuming this shit.”
– You bought out early, I am like,
“How do I break this technique?”
“How do I hack it and
make it work for me?”
– Yeah, you determined
to win inside it.
I made a decision to actually go on
trip as a result of I noticed
subconsciously I used to be by no means
going to be on trip once more.
– If we’re speaking
about unconscious.
I feel I noticed
I had no different help,
you had nice dad and mom.
I’ve this different
world I can go into.
– You are like, “I want this.”
I respect that.
– I must win at this technique
in order that I’ve ‘trigger
I haven’t got anybody else.
– What is the particular person’s identify?
– [India] Daniela.
– Daniela, I will give
you very troublesome recommendation.
I actually do it’s good to have
probably the most trustworthy and truthful
dialog you’ve got ever had
along with your dad and mom after which
react to their response.
I do not know in case you’ve ever
gone there all the way in which
the place that is actually ruining me.
Not like “Hey mother and
dad, I do not like college.”
It is like, “I am suffocating and
actually imagine my life is not going to
be nearly as good because it may very well be
if I’m going down this path.”
Watching your dad and mom’ response
to these phrases verbatim
will provide you with a very
good indication.
As a result of then you definitely get to
perceive are your dad and mom
wired to actually worth you and
the place you’re and
what’s in your finest curiosity
out of your perspective
or do they actually care
about their perspective and
what their kid’s success
means to them.
I’ve turn into very fascinated.
You might need
higher perception on this.
I grew up in a means the place I
did not know the flamboyant world so
bumper stickers of schools on
automobiles and oldsters telling children to
tackle school debt
at higher colleges.
Wait a minute, that is that their
curiosity ‘trigger they get to inform
their associates College
of Chicago is actual fancy.
I might be tremendous pumped if
Misha and Xander went there.
I am like holy crap
that is fascinating.
– I feel that is unbelievable recommendation.
Let me simply add one
kind of technique to body this.
So once you go speak to your
dad and mom, I feel the way in which to
body it isn’t this is my
argument ‘trigger you are by no means
going to persuade somebody with
a compelling argument
or very not often.
What you need to do is
begin by asking them questions.
Do you care about me?
How a lot do you care?
What do you actually care about?
What issues probably the most to you?
And what they’re gonna say is,
“We care about you being completely happy.
“We care about you
discovering your self.”
No matter, proper?
Get them to decide to that and
then say alright in case you actually
do care about me and you actually
do it would not matter to you that
I’m this completely happy, I will
let you know I do not need to go to
college as a result of it makes a really,
or school, it makes me very
sad and attempting these different
issues for a yr or two is
going to make a lot happier.
Will you help me
as I do one thing?
And you may even
body it as momentary.
Give me a yr or two, help
me and if it would not work I am
completely happy to return to varsity.
– And help me
mentally, proper?
The monetary part–
– That is completely what I imply.
– I do know that.
– Emotional.
– I do know that.
I need to body
that up for individuals.
And I’d say the opposite factor
like look, there’s casualties of
conflict and your dad and mom should not
going to be round to your
casualties of what
they assume is in your
higher curiosity than versus you.
The reward that I used to be on condition that
I actually want I may stick into
each god rattling particular person is the
audacity and confidence at a
very younger age to simply
say that is the deal.
That independence is unimaginable.
And that is a tough
for lots of people.
Should you’re asking me on this
present, to me actions communicate louder
than phrases in case you publicly
tweeted this and requested me and
needed me to reply your simply
on the lookout for someone to
push you over the end line.
A lot of you’re watching this
and assume it might however by no means
tweet it publicly in concern
that your dad and mom would see it.
You are clearly this shut and
you want someone to nudge you.
I am keen to nudge you.
I actually do assume there are actual
moments in time to say go fuck
your self mother and pop.
And it is actual and
it is actual not from a nasty,
cool like bro-ing out,
from a that is it.
It is a crossroads and
lots of people give
pressured into doing it.
There are children with huge debt
as a result of they needed to appease
their dad and mom they usually lose.
They lose as a result of they kick
their 20s and do not take the
danger reward issues they need to
be doing to simply pay down the
debt they usually get up at 34 and
a simply lastly are at even from
one thing that
they determined at 17.
– As a result of their
dad and mom pressured them.
– 100%.
– Yeah.
– Now that I’ve gotten older and
I am spending time with dad and mom,
of their dad and mom
vested curiosity of vainness.
– Sure.
– The worst.
Let’s do another.
Talking of oldsters, I gotta
run to Misha’s college.
– Hey Gary, I am
Steven from Columbia.
I’m 10 years outdated.
My query is that if I need to make
movies about automobiles, bikes
as a result of I find it irresistible or my life in
basic, I imply vlogs as a result of
I find it irresistible too, what ought to I do?
Since you say that you just work
so arduous till 30 and
you say that folks will
respect you to your actions.
I dream of being a
profitable entrepreneur and
I would like respect too.
However maintain out for outcomes?
Or I ought to work in silence?
I imply, no digital camera?
No social media?
What ought to I do, Gary please?
I need to go all-in.
I like you man and anyone
on this planet such as you.
Sorry for my English.
– English is superb.
A lot better to my Spanish.
– Bye.
– He even edited
with the subtitles.
– Superb.
What’s his identify?
– [India] Steven.
Steven, I will leap in actual fast
and Tucker please
add something you may to this.
I need to offer you a definition.
I stated that I constructed a enterprise
till I used to be 30, 32 after which
I talked about enterprise stuff
as an alternative of being a 20-year-old
giving enterprise recommendation.
You are a content material producer.
You are speaking
about your opinions.
That is completely different.
Should you have been giving recommendation as
a 10-year-old, 20-year-old,
30-year-old about constructing
a enterprise or constructing a
bike enterprise or issues
of that nature, that is very
completely different than you
pontificating, giving your two
cents, including to tradition, social
commentating so what I need to
offer you definition is my entire
wait ’til you are 30 to speak to
the world, if you are going to
give recommendation I do assume it ought to
be predicated on one thing
recommendation giving your two cents
we’re all entitled
to our opinions.
Social commentating,
we’re all entitled to that.
Making movies and commentating,
I feel the journey of your life
and your ideas and
these issues is tremendous positive.
You clearly, I imply,
I’d push very arduous.
What I simply noticed gave me
a pleasant little tingle.
Hold pounding, produce content material,
use all of the platforms,
use your youth
and native skill
on this world that
we now stay in
musically, Snapchat,
produce for all mediums.
Get it on the market.
– Yeah.
It appears to me like he has
loads of charisma, proper?
– I agree.
– He completely may be
a content material producer.
So then ask your self
what we talked about,
the very first query.
What viewers do you
need to speak to and
what do they care about?
And there is loads of younger guys,
I might wager in Columbia, who care
about automobiles and bikes and
that stuff, in case you turn into the
man who speaks to all them that
places you in an ideal to begin a
lot of various companies.
– Or I can inform,
that is precisely proper.
Or I can let you know one other factor,
there’s lots of people which are
truly simply curious
about youth life and
tradition in Columbia is.
I used to be watching that
wanting within the background.
Can I study one thing what the
children, I truly simply assume your
life is definitely fascinating to
so many individuals and no person,
in case you’re not in Columbia,
you may’t produce content material round
Columbia so use your
benefits that so many
individuals assume
are disadvantages.
– Proper, precisely.
– My man.
– Tremendous good, man.
– You get a parting shot right here
something you need to ramble on
after which a query of the day.
It is a nice
focus group alternative.
So perception that you just
could also be on the lookout for.
There is a ton of aspiring–
– You need me
to ask a query?
– Yeah. Each visitor will get to ask
the query of the day.
There is a ton of aspiring,
I imply a whole lot of individuals have
emailed me round writing a
ebook and issues of that nature.
I do know you guys
are jamming on that.
– Yeah.
– Any query about that or any
perception that you just’re on the lookout for.
– I used to be wanting on Twitter
proper earlier than you got here in.
– Yeah.
– A bunch of individuals requested
questions on writing books?
We truly wrote a ebook that
particulars our complete course of.
To rent us is admittedly costly.
– Yep.
– It is like 20 grand
for E-book in a Field.
However we wrote a ebook that
tells precisely what we do.
– Let’s undoubtedly
hyperlink that up, Staphon.
– So simply go to
your followers can go there and
they get a free copy
of the ebook if they need it.
And actually step-by-step
course of to make use of our methodology to
write their very own ebook.
It takes extra time than in case you
rent us however it’s the very same
templates, every little thing
begin to finish.
– Tremendous good. Knowledge
in trade for good content material.
That is nice.
– Good man. Thanks for that.
– ‘Course.
– And now query.
You get to ask any query.
Any query.
Could possibly be foolish, we’ll
sit right here for 45 minutes.
– You bought a wise
viewers who’s good at media.
So anybody who’s
go have a look at our web site,, what do you
assume they we’re doing incorrect in
phrases of messaging or advertising.
– Free analyzation.
– Our audiences are individuals who
have nice concepts for books, who
can monetize these concepts like
coaches, consultants, CEOs,
entrepreneurs, individuals
who’ve had success.
What are we doing proper and
incorrect to speak to these individuals?
Any concepts you have got please ship
to me,,
I might would love to listen to them.
– Tucker, thanks for being on.
– Thanks.
– You you retain asking questions,
we’ll maintain answering them.
What’s up guys?
Hope you loved the present.
Please do I get to
hyperlink it up wherever?
Is it in right here or
is it down beneath?
Is it in print or in my video?
– [Staphon] It’s going to be down
to your left.
– It is right here right down to my left.
Proper right here, there is a button
for them to subscribe
to my YouTube video?
Yeah it is that
little buggy factor.
That is proper guys, click on this.
That is proper, use that.

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what occurred it is wonderful the man that I shot within the head what was the identify of Robert Robert he simply could not make it right here he is good man although nice man Oh Robert Perez yeah yeah Robert Perez yeah so come on GC come on jeez so younger you ain’t gonna assist you you realize what is going on that can assist you man he advised you something about making a whole lot of school that is what is going on frequency child that is my view I attempted it I attempted operating it however someone else’s method like I wished come on I wish to run my deal my method and I do know it takes to toe to push that factor up the hill yeah of yours as much as seven months underneath to roll away from effectively no it is change as a result of what what occurred to start with was was you realize I did not wish to spend my cash so I might make just a little cash dude and I might be like I used to be so scared as a result of I did not know what was going to occur I stored considering it was going to get so once I was 30 I’d have a month or 1 / 4 or a 12 months writing like how lengthy is that this going to work now wanting again now it was like that huge proper however I used to be like I used to be amazed at what I used to be doing after which I imply I made that a lot cash in an hour however once I’m 30 years outdated like $20,000 am I going to go do that every little thing was down I used to be I used to be unsure about every little thing is there was no plan there was no like I did not have anyone to assist me so I did not I did not have anyone with me I am in an workplace that is actually this huge the workplace goes from this wall to proper right here and I had a $2,000 laptop that I used to be terrified about every little thing was worry and so I used to be scared and I used to be scared on a regular basis I did not know the place my clients I imply my assume wasn’t sufficiently big you realize so the purpose of that’s each time I received a greenback I simply pushed it apart after which I did not use it when you do not spend cash on your corporation it is unimaginable go to a man who will not spend money on his enterprise is a God that may you possibly can’t generate income from us it’s important to be prepared to maintain spending cash and the rationale why is just not as a result of the cash goes to develop the enterprise it is the flip aspect of it okay there’s the corporate that will not spend cash is unsure about their capability to get cash when you perceive the distinction it is not like I stated I used to be going to spend cash and generate income the issue was that I wasn’t spending cash as a result of I used to be unsure about can I’m going out and do it once more that was the underlying downside now immediately you possibly can 25 years later man I do know for certain we are able to go get extra money there is not any doubt I am given cash and immediately the distinction is immediately I’ve Fb Twitter snapchat who is aware of what’s coming periscope stay occasions conferences with folks I received a TV studio in there I received so many alternative methods to disseminate once I was 30 I had a method that telephone hey I am a being I will be in Nottingham being your neighborhood I will be an umma be in your neighborhood subsequent week can I come by and see you and he would say no put up economic system nah not hanging up on him that may not even be authorized over there the place you might be bodily sure after which I’d present up in Nottingham and go see the man but it surely was so onerous man brutal as a result of now I received to go see a man that is sitting up I received to stroll in hey I am the man you hung up on the opposite day once I advised you I used to be coming yeah I advised you to not come over okay okay I perceive and now I received to determine how you can get cash out of that what was so onerous immediately I can do this I am your Fb I can I can use there’s so many alternative angles I can hit this man so however you realize additionally additionally the being scared concerning the cash assist that can assist you get a place the place I really had a life so the aim is now or you realize I wish to take my actual property portfolio from from half a billion to 4 billion {dollars} I might wish to take your public go to Wall Avenue with it however I am on I am on a hiatus on that I am on just a little little bit of a trip on that proper now as a result of they seem to be a break as a result of I can not purchase any actual property proper now as a result of it is sort of a worth so I received to attend it out after which our aim is to get our on-line platform completely different enterprise our on-line platform which is mainly actual property digital actual property persons are paying me for content material delivered over the Web and get that to many individuals as doable with translating the drug the languages proper now so I received to go from my English to your English at that time they’re positively in another way so you realize we wished me to achieve as many individuals as I can I should be a Spanish I believe being Chinese language and Russian they are not going to comply with me in mom when you guys wish to assume must be like lobster you realize even even when it is not even when it is not seem like if that is your goal proper right here you realize that is how huge that that is what you have to be going after as a result of this man this level over right here would possibly really know you realize I need folks in South Korea and North Korea to know me I do not care if their communist does not matter they do Kim jung-hwan Kong no matter dude I do not care I do not you realize I need all I need all these particles these are particles these are folks proper they’re like I need all of them to know cash as a result of if all of them know my identify dude they ship a vibration to that man I received it folks do not know you they do not purchase from you okay there’s an outdated saying if folks received to love get about from you it is not true folks should know you although they do not know you they will not belief you the extra they hear your identify the extra this one level proper right here this is this identify oh I believe I can belief that identify you realize you realize this Jordan Belfort man over you are gonna have to chop this I imply it is piece of rubbish I am guys love him over there cuz you do not know how a lot injury he did over right here garnet I believe it was the Phil day yeah yeah so folks Bobby however see we see the purpose the movie Jordan however all I can belief him the final man you need to belief okay ripped off so many individuals and it is one factor ripping folks off however he by no means cleaned it up so he made a giant mistake he tells everyone yeah however did not clear it up okay you possibly can’t rape and pillage a city and never return to wash it up you bought a Clinton city up so that is once I once I grew up I believed I wanted to market right here this was my promote it was a mistake man ought to’ve been out right here which means you want cash although as a result of a whole lot of this advertising and marketing goes to be wasted you realize and it takes a whole lot of vitality man so that you want your group on the freakin you want your group for me to market to this one guys one one one vitality degree for me to market to all these folks every single day okay received to recollect these persons are in a special time zone these folks so I get eight hours to sleep on the market 16 hours 16 hours a day dude it is hammer down perhaps with a 10-minute nap it is freaking hammer down which means I want my spouse and my children on with on board on a regular basis 16 hours I have to hit and early on I did not have that as a result of I did not have the girlfriends you realize he is aware of – coming in with the digital camera proper these guys over there know to gentle up and you bought to get your group proper as a result of that is what you are taking on you are not taking up this time see that is what everyone goes into enterprise factor like I am gonna get my marketing strategy however look the marketing strategy is that this it is a it is on this proper that is what your marketing strategy is you realize you want vitality you want vitality to go to those locations so I do not want a girlfriend saying we could not simply cuddle did I received time to cuddle I am making an attempt to do that factor okay what you helped me do that factor after which we received a while to cuddle you realize so actually actually vital to get everybody on the identical web page nice e-book razor biola quantity energy and situation the situations of how you can get in energy so that is it is a mentor of mine okay you realize books might be mentored man audio applications mp3s a 10x rule you realize you began listening to that factor you possibly can get off it I Metroid you in that second was that I want one particular particular person to infinity this received greater than anyone but this god I’ve by no means ever nothing helps greater than that man that man’s the mack daddy proper there it’s as a result of what he does you bought to recollect that is the this this man proper right here has received to deal with all that okay so this man higher be in good situation I am not speaking about his physique or his jacket or his tie you realize you guys all know how you can look good he is received to decorate up received a puffy man what number of occasions you repair that Buffy this morning I’ll assume so this cat’s received to be in good condition and as a lot consideration as you are given to your garments you have to give to who you might be you you might be huge like method larger than your physique look method larger than the factor you gown up and also you higher be by the best way as a result of that is what you are taking on if you wish to be actually profitable you bought to get in contact with all this all of you you realize me you realize take a look at you take a look at some children and that Mozart man Mozart was a seem like the child was producing music as a toddler and it did not he did not even play with an instrument so how do you you you have all identified someone had talents that no person taught you these talents so that is what you bought to start out you so in that 16 hours when you’re doing all that stuff that you simply gotta work out hey man who’s this cat what’s this cat although one of many issues I’ve carried out since I used to be 25 has helped me greater than something is consistently put consideration on me what can I do to enhance me Who am I actually why do folks get cash after which blow it complain all week lengthy little make sufficient cash after which they exit a Friday evening and blow the entire thing silly however why do folks get in relationships which might be dangerous for him they knew the woman knew when she received into mattress you bought it was a foul man and he or she did it after which later stated oh you took benefit of me what’d she do this oh by the best way she does it time and again like what simply this self-sabotaging that is what I wished to know strip all that away and what do you left with Abel God you are left with someone with out all the rubbish a number of the greatest deposit you plus whole which could six do not it is not about your companies about you I make investments time and I do not do the sort of Jordan Milford is aware of as a result of I had dealt with so I am not vulnerable to changing into a prison I do not take shortcuts like that I am not vulnerable to it as a result of it is gone and this e-book first that is about ethics see once you take away all of the again the rubbish from an individual take away all the incapacity gender however a superb particular person you realize we did a string yesterday we’re making an attempt to hit a goal proper now we had two days left so the place did this I’m going in there I received it my spouse desires me to go to a film with my spouse and the children she’s promised him to go to Alice in Wonderland so I received fed how to try this and I am making an attempt to hit this goal proper so I are available in on a Monday morning that everyone else is off I ought to have been in December that make any sense I did not assume there was an issue I are available in we shoot this we shoot this video we have you learnt we hit half our goal yesterday in a thirty minute video wow I’ve this deadline the purpose of that’s it I’ve to be in good condition to have the ability to make these choices to get on a video stream out to the world and say purchase my product proper now purchase my product proper now time and again you realize or that’s there if the rubbish is eliminated dude I can do something and I needn’t apologize why are you pressuring it hadn’t closed but that is why do it and I am simply gonna come again with extra stress as a result of I haven’t got I had all these items dealt with that does not does not have my mommy telling me again once I was a child do not give up ask it give up insisting proper that all of us received being introduced up so when you can strip all that stuff away man what are you left with you are left with a harmful factor this dude and also you wish to be harmful proper as a result of you have to be prepared to be harmful to get to get to get consideration of all these particles on the market and maintain getting it and undergo all of the criticism and the hey why are you doing this see when you when you guys take this dialog again to the UK the very first thing you are going to hear someone’s going to say to you dude that is American that is not going to work or assure you going to get that first half the folks you are taking that is the American factor that is not gonna work over right here okay you guys used to personal freakin one-third of the plan okay y’all y’all of the it retains getting smaller and smaller over there’s coming right down to the Queen or a fortress earlier than it is over with how y’all gonna have is to solid the Queen’s pencil and a bunch of recollections that is what occurs to nations man yeah the place’s the largest second once you give up to date however with all of your stuff so many this auto immune or so assume what the primary ones assume it is lengthy I used to be simply out too small too too lengthy a number of the issues that assist me with a number of the issues that harm me you realize I did not uh I did not make investments sufficient cash however I did not you realize I used to be scared however I saved that cash put that cash away till I might investor I stayed too small too lengthy did not have any workers for too lengthy I wasn’t selective sufficient concerning the folks round me there weren’t dangerous folks they had been simply common folks do you imply occupation the tip that was the every little thing it is all sanity this man proper right here does not know when he is at house when he is on the workplace when he is assembly me dude this man’s not grant or the husband for 58 years outdated this God is that this he is not in a swimsuit her you realize so I gave me my identify grant it is not mine I do not know what I’d you decide what would you assume dangerous and proper so you realize I am saying I imply like like this man cannot be stopped he is not in a swimsuit so you realize these are a number of the errors I made Maximus so would you say that like self-development is like Hotelling would that be the factor that motivates you register yeah can I get to find me oh yeah you realize subsequent time you are doing like I will do this’s that man or perhaps get out as a result of so long as I am that is what’s mistaken with all of the all of the guru guys the stomach’s all up right here V’s okay they do not do any one thing proper they’re doing up there and I did this I did this for too lengthy I received so standard on stage I used to be on stage 250 days a 12 months speaking to the viewers every single day however I would not take any time for me when do I get my time when am i the viewer within the reader and the learner and that is what occurs to all these guys that implode on themselves after they grew to become tremendous profitable you realize they’re made a bunch of cash after which the following factor you realize every little thing falls aside round them as a result of they by no means did they by no means took care of the unit that is going to be with you the entire time so this man’s received to be in good condition that is what it’s this doll wrecked anyway you guys journey round to see how screwed up issues go proper you see it this man’s received to be in nice form do you ever get come throughout folks you see look it up a whole lot of potential however they get it so influenced by their household in the bathroom as a rule have you learnt clearly they are going to get it what they do not however that is proper do you ever attempt to assist them out we simply allow them to make their very own I imply I attempted I attempted to assist folks out immediately you bought to wish to be that man otherwise you received to be wish to be consumed by all that that is simply going to devour these folks most individuals will not pay the worth howdy oh yeah good good Margaret Margaret the way you doing yeah good to fulfill you hundred see hello oh yeah what are we hiring you for buyer customer support okay relations yeah superior sounds good assembly you you say you achieve this so you realize simply most individuals will not pay the worth of me I am a take a look at ten folks Margaret thinks she’s gonna pay the worth screaming what a name folks you do not come to an interview with a espresso

Fresh 2016 Rolls Royce. Tai Lopez. Custom-made Constructed Ghost Sequence II Appropriate Shipped In

just got a new car shipped all the way from the UK new rolls-royce custom-made bespoke you got the guess what just came brand-new car Rolls Royce go series to work where they shiver from pump she’s having me the key I’m good with England got shipped it’s called what bespoke is what they call it custom-built so they shipped it on a boat it has nine miles on it let me crawl up here on the flatbed make sure I don’t fall there we go Scott it’s badass inside white with two-tone and I figured I show you right off the flatbed is all custom-built Scott it’s got the story light package inside I’ll show you what that means but it’s kind of cool it’s never been driven so they flat bedded it here it’s a white with grey on the back I mean on the front so pretty sweet pretty cool well sweet okay you want to unload it now sounds good we’ll unload it he’s unloading it now you got to pull that thing off they don’t like to drive him so they flatbed him from right from the port what port did it come in from Long Beach work no but where do they bring it in the u.s. Oh New Jersey and then it goes on a boat oxnard or a flatbed to och oh okay so it goes to New Jersey 0:01 off I brought it on a flatbed got it from Oh Gaara it’s got nine miles or something on it so you have the full technology package driver assistance three they call it Cyrus’s got everything on night vision lane departure warning head-up display active stop and go cruise so this is hand painting there’s only one guy in the world that does it hand-painted freehand I forget like there’s no sense take 16 hours per side well cause it’s the double coachline yeah and he uses like a squirrel hair crappy brush but he’s teaching his 17 year old son right now now we move to the back yeah so just how you well the picnic table well I love it as a picnic table and it’s a black piano wood to match the – so you can pull this out and have a book right here and then you also have memory on each side and you have massage on the back of Cecil’s well it’s nicer than a private jet I feel very blessed to have this new car I remember my first car that I was able to afford was a Mitsubishi Galant I don’t even remember what year it was but $6,000 I bought it from like Carmack’s or something in North Carolina and so if you’re watching you know and you see stuff I got a lot of cool cars now but you got to work your way up to it you know and that’s not even about cars for you you might want to work your way up to something else but you got to have patience you know this car that was a that Mitsubishi Galant was a white car so it’s kind of reminds me of the same thing it’s all about patience patiently building and rewarding yourself as you work hard you know work smart work hard step by step the the quote I love from Charlie Munger the billionaire so step by step you get ahead not necessarily in a fast spurts so I don’t want this to just feel like me bragging or something maybe this will help you out you know encourage you that no matter where you are now you could build up to something cooler and life’s all about the rise it’s all about the increase and they hardly fit in here anyway I thought I would share that with you and hope it encourages you you

How To Invent An On-line Business While You Procure A Paunchy-Time Job

Hello, this is Stefan from and in this video I’m
going to share with you how to build an online business while you have a full time job.
Now if you’re someone that’s watching this video right now and right now you’ve got a part time or
full-time job and you want to know how to escape it, maybe you have the goal,
the dream, the aspirations to build your own successful and profitable online
business. You want to be able to quit your job one day and escape the 9 to 5 and have
freedom and travel the world and do whatever it is that you want with your
life then this video is going to be for you. I’ve got a lot of great tips and advice
that can help you. At one point for me I had a job. I had a full time job. It’s been
a while but the last time I had a job was when I was 21 years old. I was
working for the family business at the time and I was doing construction and sales and I
didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t like it all. I felt like I was spending all this time
building someone else’s dream and my dreams were getting neglected. It
wasn’t my passion and even though it provided for me, provided some
income I still wanted freedom. I remember I read the book The Four Hour Work
Week and it just totally blew my mindset of a different reality because the
Internet has changed our lives in so many ways and changed the world that now
there’s so many opportunities that exist that never existed before. The
whole traditional model of go to school and get good grades then go to
university and get a job, that’s fine for some people but now there’s a
whole different world, a whole different opportunity that’s existed that society
is starting to actually realize and understand a little bit more. The whole
traditional education system, maybe your parents or people in an old school mindset
they might not get it or understand it yet but the world has shifted.
here’s jobs that exist, opportunities, businesses that exist that never
existed before. I think it’s a great opportunity for us to adapt and
can provide us an opportunity to make money online, to travel, to live whatever
kind of lifestyle you want. I know for me I was once in that position. I can
share with you guys what I did, some advice for you that can help you make that
transition from
employee to full-time entrepreneur, make a passive income or being able to
travel etc. Also at this point I’ve worked with thousands of people
now who have been in a job and have quit their job and built their own successful
online business. I’ve got different training courses and helped a lot of
people make that transition. I can share a lot of tips and advice from my
experience of working with people because I’ve worked with people that are young
and people that are older, people that you might be watching this and you
might have a very successful job. I’ve worked with people that got a 6 figure income,
very successful job, they’ve got their family to support, a house, a mortgage,
cars, all that sort of stuff and it is a little bit more challenging because
you’ve got other obligations and they’re used to making a certain amount of
money but I’ve also worked with people in that scenario as well. Now, where to start?
Number 1 I think you got to realize that the most important asset that you have
is your time.
Time is more important than money, time is something that’s depreciating. We all
have time, it’s a depreciating asset and learning how to utilize time is the most
important thing that you have to be a master of if you want to be able to build
your own online business while you have a full-time job. The biggest
thing that prevents people from being able to grow fast and efficiently in their
online business is the current job they have that sucks up 8 hours of their
day. The 9 to 5 most of their time is dedicated on that job and so a lot of
people the only time they have remaining to really build their dream, their goal,
their online business is on their evenings and weekends. In order to
actually be able to get out that position you’re in you’re going to
have to become a master of your time, master of time management. You got to
learn how to use your time efficiently so you can build your business to grow
it. Any business that you want to start and grow and make money with, it’s
going to require time. Sometimes it’s not as much time as you might expect but it
does require time and it also requires money. I think you also have to
understand that your current job is actually a gift and a blessing, can actually be an asset to
help you grow your business faster. There’s some people that I work with for
example, they have
unlimited time but they don’t have any money. They have all this time to grow
their business but don’t have any money that they can invest into their business.
Often times my advice for those people is go and get a job,
make some money from the job so you have money that you can invest in your
business to help grow it. To build a successful online business
you’re going to need money to invest in training and courses and education,
different software, maybe a virtual assistant, some different
elements like that to help you grow your business.
Maybe it’s also investing in freelancers like graphic designers or web designers
content writers, whatever it might be. You are going to need some money without
a doubt and your job is actually a blessing for you because it’s an asset
that can help provide some additional cash flow for you. Now
if you’re one of those people that has a job and you make a certain amount of money and your expenses
match your income then you’re going to be trapped. It’s going to be very challenging
for you and you’ve got to really learn how to manage your money a little bit better
because you should not ever be in a position where you’re living paycheck to
paycheck. Your job is basically there to provide an income for you and you
want to make sure that your expenses do not match that income. You want to make
sure you have a positive cash flow every single month that you can use to save or
invest in your business or whatever it might be. If your expenses
are matching your income you’ve got to deduct some of those expenses. You’re going to
have to budget your money, budget your finances, you might have to downgrade your lifestyle, you
might have to sell your car and take the bus, take the bike, walk to work, whatever
it is. You might have to move back in with your parent, I don’t know, whatever
you got to do, cut back on
fun and entertainment etc, quit some habits you might have whether it’s
drinking coffee every day or buying cigarettes. Whatever it is you’re
going to have to somehow learn to budget your money because you’re going to
make it more challenging for yourself because then you’re not going to have
any capital that you can invest to grow your business. You are going to need
some of that. View that as an asset in your business. Your job is going to help
you build your business. The other piece as I mentioned is time.
Mastering your time is critical.
Often what I recommend for people, what I did for
myself is I scheduled certain days out of the week,
certain chunks of time where I dedicate that time to building an online business.
For example you work
9 to 5 but what are you doing from 6 o’clock to 11 o’clock at night? Those
are the times that you’re going to build your business. What are you doing on your
weekends? Saturday and Sunday? Again those are other fantastic chunks of time,
opportunities that you have to focus and grow your business. I know some people
for example, they schedule the time before their job, people that wake up at
5 o’clock in the morning and spend that time to work on their business and
do certain things before they go to their job. One complaint that I
often hear from people is, “I work 9 to 5. I come home and I’m tired, I’m exhausted. I
just want to watch TV, I just want to do whatever.” Part of that number 1 is
that you’ve depleted your willpower all through the day. We only have so many
willpower units and you want to make sure that you spend the most important part
of your time
first thing in the morning on what really matters. That’s going
to be your online business because that’s what’s going to provide
the lifestyle, the freedom for you to be able to quit your job. For me, in my
business, in my life I always focus the start of my day doing the most important
things, the most important outcomes in my business. If you’ve got a business
I recommend if you can wake up earlier, before your job
spend that time while you have the willpower, while you have the energy, put
that time, there’s no distractions, put that time into your business then that’s
a very powerful strategy that can allow you to really
accelerate your business a lot faster. Everyone is different. Some
people like it early in the morning, some people are fine the evening time.
Another piece is making sure you take care of your energy, your body.
In order to be successful with anything you need energy and often when
people tell me that they’re tired after 8 hours of work that tells me
that you haven’t optimized your energy in your life. Energy
really means taking good care of your health. For me making sure you’re
hydrated, deep diaphragmatic breathing, consuming foods that have water in it
that are raw,
that aren’t cooked, that aren’t processed, they have the enzymes that can actually vitalize your body and
give you energy.
A lot of people they eat so poorly, they eat foods that just kill their energy
because their body has to spend so much time digesting food. You eat food like that
it’s going to make you tired. Any time you have a big meal you’re going to want to take a
nap afterwards and just sit around and be tired. You got to make sure that
you’re taking good care of your health.
Maybe it’s also exercise. I remember one quote from Richard Branson,
the founder of Virgin, he said that, he was asked the question, “What’s your
number 1 productivity tip? How do you be more productive?” Richard
Branson thought about it and he said,
“Exercise.” He said when you exercise it actually gives you more time because
when you exercise you have more energy, you feel better so you’re going to be more
productive. That was really interesting how exercise and I totally agree with it,
taking care of your body is going to help improve your energy. Making sure you’re
sleeping well, making sure you’re not dependent on coffee and caffeine because some
people they take coffee, they get through the day and then they crash. They’re not going to have any
energy, it’s not a sustainable source of energy. Managing energy, very important.
Also understanding you’re going to have to spend your evenings and weekends
to grow your business. Another common issue, another conflict or complaint
that I hear is people, they want to have balance in their life. Unfortunately
to build an online business you’re going to have to be out of balance and you’re going to have
to make sacrifices in order to make that business successful at least at the
beginning stages because the beginning stages you got your job, the
only other time you’re going to have is your evenings and weekends. You can’t expect to
build a business just spending one day out of the week and really expect for yourself to
get ahead. A business is like having a baby,
okay. It requires your attention, your time, your focus, your energy. Sacrifices
are going to have to be made. You might have to sacrifice and give up
time with your friends, time with your family. You might have to give up
watching TV and doing fun things. I know from myself that is one of the
biggest breakthroughs that I had, is realizing in order to get what I
want part of getting what you want is understanding and realizing what you
have to give up in order to get what
you want. You’re going to have to give something up, whether that’s
watching movies or whatever it is that you do, watching TV or whatever,
time with friends. Friends going to call you, I had many my friends, “Hey Stefan, let’s go” on
the weekend, “let’s go, let’s meet some girls. Let’s go to a movie, let’s do this fun
thing.” I said, “No guys, I can’t right now. I got to work on my business. I got to focus.” My friends
didn’t really understand that but I knew that this was more important because if I
built this business I can quit my job, I can have passive income, I’d have the
freedom to do whatever I want, I could travel, I could hang out with my friends
at any other point. I understood the value of that was more important than
anything else. Again, it’s a short term sacrifice. I’m not saying you got to make this
forever. You might have to make it for a year,
be prepared for that. That’s what it takes to get to where you want to go. You might
have to sacrifice again spending money, you might have to budget things. Again it’s
always a short term sacrifice and it’s always worth it in the long term.
I look back now, I’m like I’m so happy that I made those sacrifices because now I’m in
a position, I’m 30 years old, I can do whatever I want. Understand
long-term, you got to focus long-term, not short-term, okay. All right, you’re prepared to make
sacrifices, you budgeting, you got some money to invest in your business, you’re
managing your energy, all very important things. You got to master a time and you got to
schedule your time. You’ve got 7 days of the week, you work from 9 to 5, you got to
schedule from 6 o’clock to maybe 10 or 11 o’clock 3 days a
week or whatever. You got to put that in the calendar. You got to schedule that. You
got to make that an appointment with yourself that’s non-negotiable. During
those times, during those chucks of time that you decide that you’re going to focus on
and build your online business you got to make sure you stick with that. I like
to schedule things on my phone or on my computer so I know during this time,
6 o’clock to 10 o’clock I’m working on this outcome, that’s when I’m immersed on it,
I’ve got no distractions, I’ve got off my cellphone,
I’ve got off Facebook and social media, I’m primarily focused on that. Focus is
another very important thing that you also have to become good at and successful at
to build a business because one of the challenges a lot of people that go from
a job, being an employee to being an entrepreneur, there’s a big struggle, there’s a big
transition with that. When you have a job you get paid for your time,
that’s a big problem, you get paid for your time so you show up 9 to 5 you get paid for those
hours. It doesn’t matter what results you produce you get paid regardless. When you
have a business you don’t get paid based on your time. You can spend 4 hours
a day on your business but it doesn’t matter because what matters is results,
you only get paid for results. When you’re actually an employee you’re almost in
position of being a value extractor. Often times employees, some of them,
not all, but you can actually be lazy. I know that was for me in my case I wasn’t
passionate about my job, I was lazy, I was just looking at the clock thinking
about how can I get through the days so I can get my pay check. Those habits
aren’t going to allow you to build a business. You got to make sure that you shift your habits and
our focus and focus on adding value instead because going from a value
extractor to now a value adder which is what it takes to build a business you
got to add value to other peoples lives,
that’s a transition. It’s a different mentality, it’s a different focus. You
got to understand it’s not necessarily the time you spend is important but
making sure the time you spend is focused, you’re working on the most
efficient, most productive things that you can be doing in any given moment to help
produce results in your business, that’s very very important,
okay. Understanding that, it’s a little bit of a transition, your mentality is
very key and also understanding that having a business you have to be
disciplined because when you have a job you have accountability, because
you got to be 9 to 5, you got to be there. If you’re not there you’re going to be fired. You’re
accountable to your boss and your boss is telling you what to do. When you
have an online business you’re your own boss.
You’re probably working at home and stuff, there’s so many distractions that
are there, there’s so many things that are pulling you in different directions
so you got to be a master at saying no to things that are going to distract you,
no to other people so you can focus on what’s important and at
disciplining yourself and saying to yourself, “Okay, from this hour to this hour I’m going to
work on this.” And really force yourself to actually follow that schedule that
you have for yourself. One question people ask is how many hours, how much time should I spend
on my business? Really it depends, it’s totally up to you. In my opinion the more
time you spend the faster you’re going to grow, the faster you’re going to succeed. I’m pretty extreme,
I work on my business almost every day, not because I have to but because I
want to. I’m in a position where most of my income is passive income. I’ve made a lot of
money online but I do it because I love it. It’s a joy for me, it’s my mission in
life, it’s not a business, it’s not a job, it’s my purpose, it’s a mission. If you can
associate your business in that way then you’re going to want to spend as much
time on it as possible. Often times a lot of people, they want
to make money so they can avoid working, they can just live on the beach or
whatever but the way I’ve always looked at is let’s say that you
met someone, you had a partner or relationship with someone and you really
loved that person, you’re really excited about them, you’d probably want to spend all
day with them, all the time that you have with that person because you love them so much.
Your business is the same sort of thing. You’ve got to love it so much that you
want to spend all your time doing it and if you can have that passion for it you’re
going to have a huge advantage. That’s another important piece as well, really
enjoying it and loving it but as much time as possible however I know that’s not
realistic for everybody so I would say having a schedule, maybe it’s 3 or 4
days a week, maybe it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6 o’clock to 10 o’clock
you’re going to focus and build your business and then at least one day on
the weekend. You can get a lot more done when you immerse yourself as
opposed to spaced repetition. Space repetition is like, “Okay, I’m going to work an hour
a day.” I don’t think that’s the most effective way of doing things. I like to
immerse myself. If I can work 10 hours straight, you get into a flow state, you
get momentum, it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you get into that
state. I don’t like to work an hour because I can’t really get,
I can’t dive into a really big project within that time because once I get to the peak
of that, the momentum of that before you know it the hour’s over. Immersion is key and
another strategy,
there’s really so much I can give you guys but another strategy that’s been really powerful
is any time you can immerse yourself for a longer period of time. I know for
myself and other people I’ve worked with, what they’ll do is they’ll take a week off
from their job so they might take their vacation week, whatever it is
and they’re not going on a vacation, they’re going to use that time to build a business.
That’s how you have to think. You’ve got to, again, sacrifice your vacation, sacrifice the
weekend so you can get ahead. One thing they’ll do is maybe a week, they’ll
take a week off from their work, their vacation and they’ll go somewhere,
whether it’s their house or maybe it’s going on a trip, going somewhere
that’s secluded, there’s no distractions but they can go somewhere and focus for that week.
During that week they’re going to make significant progress in their business,
they’re going to make a quantum leap and be totally immersed in it. No distractions,
no friends, no family, nothing that’s distracting you and it’s amazing what
you can accomplish in that one week.
You’ll get more done than you will in 3 months. It’s amazing how productive you can
be. I know for myself I had moments where I traveled to Thailand. I
put money aside, I traveled to Thailand and South East Asia and it’s very inexpensive
to live there so I just lived in hostels and stuff, just trying to get by budgeting my
money but I just put all this time into building my business. Within the
3 months I went traveling, took a break from my job I was able to grow so much,
I was able to make some money online. Once I started making money online it
allowed me to grow even faster. Immersion like that powerful, powerful
strategy. Also understand once you start making some money you got to be
smart with the money you’re making. A lot of people they make money, they just use
that money to pay for their expenses. I did that but now in retrospect what I’ve
learned is that it would be much smarter to use that money to invest back into your business
to grow it even further. That’s what I do now and that’s what I try to aim
to focus on teaching people now as well.
If you make 500 bucks from an online business take that money, might be
worthwhile to hire someone and maybe get a virtual assistant for 3 or
4 dollars an hour that can do certain things for you. One mistake a lot
of people make when they first start working in a business is they don’t
realize that their time is worth a certain amount of money and are often times
are doing things that’s worth less than what their time is worth. For example
if your time is worth $20 an hour but then in your business you start doing
things that you could outsource to someone else that might cost 3 or
4 or 5 dollars an hour or even $10 an hour but people spend all this time
doing it, it’s not a smart way of spending your time because your time
is worth 20 bucks an hour. You can make that at your job. You can spend more hours
at your job to make 20 bucks an hour so it would be more worthwhile for you to do that,
work more hours at your job and get paid 20 bucks an hour and then hire someone for
3 or 4 or 5 dollars an hour in the Philippines that can do some of those
repetitive, redundant things that don’t require much thinking
for you in your business. Again, it’s being smart about your time and being
efficient with your time and not spending it on things that aren’t the best use of your
time. As you can see there’s many different factors, different
mentality you have to adopt to be successful in business, that’s totally
different to having a job. Your job, you’re basically valuing all the
activities in your job the same way because you’re getting paid the same amount of
money for every activity. Business, there’s many activities but not every activity
is worth the same amount of focus or time for you. Outsourcing, using some
of the money you make, building a team, investing in software, those are things
because even still having your job could help support you to pay for some of those
things that can allow you to grow. Really it’s about working
smarter not harder, okay. It’s a combination really, working hard and smart.
Hopefully a lot of these tips have been helpful for you. I’m a big believer also
in compressing time and speeding it up. You got to understand again what I said at the
beginning, time is more valuable than money. A lot of people don’t realize this when
they have a job. They think that they’re going to build their business spending all their time
just learning from
forums and blogs and stuff like that and trying to put all the pieces together.
That’s not very efficient. You’re wasting time, losing money by
doing it that way. You got to understand you want to make money from your job,
use some of that money, you can invest in a training program, something that’s structured that can
guide you step by step and guide you to get there much faster. That’s going to save
you time and money by doing it that way. Again, that’s about working smart.
You got to work smart. You got to use your money and invest it in the right ways to build your business
but by doing it that way, again, you’re going to be able to get there much faster.
I do recommend, once you start making a certain amount of money in your business,
maybe it’s a certain amount that replaces your current income from your
job don’t just quit your job right away, okay. You want to make sure that your business
is secure and sustainable at least for 6 months before you quit your job at
that income. If it’s 5 grand a month or 10 grand a month
make sure you’re making that consistently month after month for at least 6
months and that it’s actually secure. Business is not like a job.
In a job you get paid the same amount every 2 weeks, every month, it’s secure. Business,
you’re going to have months of highs, months of lows, it’s more up and down, okay, understand that.
Also you want to make sure you put money aside, all right. Some of the money you make
put it aside,
maybe have 3 months to 6 months in earnings, have that aside for you in case
you need it for an emergency and also have a back up. For me I always knew that
if at any point I needed some extra money, right, let’s say my
business was just dying for 3 months, I always knew I could do some coaching. I
always knew that I could get a construction job on the side and
make a certain amount of money, right. I always had a back up just in case.
That’s another important piece as well. Hopefully this has been helpful for you. If
you guys want some more help on how to build an online business I’ve got a few
different training programs you guys can check out, I’ll have some links below. One of those
is on Kindle Publishing and I’ve got another one coming up on how to do affiliate
marketing and build an online business that way. I’ll share some links below
in the description for you guys. I want to thank you for watching this
Make sure to leave a comment below, let me know
what you think. Let me know the position you’re in right now whether you got a job and what you’re going to
be doing to get out of that position so that you can build your online business.
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20 Reasons Why Most Of us FAIL To Originate A A success Online Industry

Hey, everyone. This is Stefan from In this video, I’m
going to share with you 20 reasons why most people fail to build a successful online
business. Now, before I jump into things, I got a little warning for you, guys. I’m
going to be shooting you straight in this video. I’m going to be totally honest, totally
authentic, totally real, and I’m not going to hold anything back. I’m going to tell
what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. So if you’re someone who’s
easily offended, I recommend you turn off this video, you look somewhere else.
Because in order for me to effectively communicate what I’m going to share with you in
this video and share these 20 reasons why most people fail and prevent
you from failing in your business, is I need to communicate with a level of
intensity, and emotion, and caring, and honesty that’s unlike anything else. I’ve worked
with now thousands of people to build a successful online business, and a lot of
people that have gone on to be very, very successful and a lot of people that failed,
a lot of people that struggled. It frustrates the hell out of me. As you
guys know, my whole mission in life, everything that I do in my business, is
because I want to make a difference in your life and other people’s lives as
well. I’ve dedicated my life to this and take my business, my time very
seriously what I do. I want you to succeed. I want to see people succeed. I
want to see people have success and achieve what you want in your life.
So when I see people that fail, it really bothers me. I get emotional about it, because
because I worked so hard to help people succeed. I’m hoping you guys get that, I’m hoping you
guys see the caring that I have behind everything that I do.
Right now, I’m recording this on a Sunday, not because I have to do it,
but because I want to do it. I want to make a difference.
That’s why I put out hundreds and hundreds of videos on YouTube. It’s because
I want to help you succeed in your life. That’s why I create training programs and
products and might recommend different courses and products to you. It’s because I
want you to succeed. A lot of people that I’ve worked with have gone on, changed their
life for the better, make a lot of money online, six figures, seven figures, eight
figures even. I’m very proud of that, but I’ve also seen so many people that
fail and struggle, people that are watching here on YouTube, or on my podcast, or on my blog.
Seeing people struggle, people that maybe even invest in my training
programs. I see a lot of people struggle. People that are in my Facebook groups. I’m just
seeing a lot of different post and messages and I’m just seeing so many
mistakes that people are making. I’ve made these mistakes myself. If you guys
don’t know my story, I failed for years. I struggled for years. It was not
easy for me in any way. I struggled more than most people did. I was always very
slow. It took me a long time. I had a lot of barriers that were holding me back, a lot
of the things I’m going to share with you in this video. It wasn’t until I was finally honest with myself
and got to the truth and looked to myself in the mirror that I was able to make
changes in my life. Part of what I’m going to share with you guys, I want you guys
to be honest with yourself. That’s the only way you’re going to make a change. It doesn’t feel good to be
honest that’s why a lot of people they
cover things up to come up with reasons
or stories, or justifications on why things are okay. Why things are acceptable
the way they are. Why they’re doing okay, instead of getting to the truth,
because the truth doesn’t feel good. Facing the reality, it’s uncomfortable.
It might mean that you have to admit that you’re not enough, or that you’re
failing, or you’re coming up short.
I get that, but I’m going to ask you, in order to change your life, you have to
have courage. That’s what it takes, man. It takes courage to change your life. It takes
courage to build a business to be successful.
It takes looking yourself in the mirror and being willing to be vulnerable with
yourself. Put aside the ego. Be vulnerable. Have an open mind and be one to admit
that you could be doing more. You could be doing better. You could face this. You could overcome
this in your life and then just going for it. That’s what you got to do. So, I want you guys
to be honest with yourselves based on what I’m sharing with you. Reassess
yourself, really. Identify, “Okay, what’s stopping me?” I’m going to list 20
reasons here. Which ones are stopping you? If you guys can do that and have the courage to
ace yourself head on, look yourself in the mirror and admit to yourself that
you’re coming up short,
you need to work on this or that, and then actually take action to overcome it,
you can break through and create whatever kind of success that you want for your
life. I’m often reminded of something that I heard from Tony Robbins that I
that I preach on my YouTube channel and you guys probably already know this, “80%
of success in anything is your psychology, 20% are the mechanics.” That
80% that’s psychology is what I’m sharing with you right now in this video. Because
the how-to, the strategies are there. I’ve got great training programs, I’ve got my K
Money Mastery, I’ve got training that I’ve recommended to you guys. It’s there for you.
The training, the step-by-step is there. It’s available for you to create the
success that you want. You follow the training, you follow the formulas, you work hard. You apply the
psychology that I’m sharing with you, you’ll create whatever kind of success that you
want. Again, most people fail, because they’re missing that psychology.
Hopefully, I can communicate with you guys in this video, the importance of
this and help you make that shift so that you can break through and create the success that you
All right? With that being said, let’s jump into the 20 reasons why most
people fail to build a successful online business. Number one, reason number one,
and none of these are in order of importance, they’re just random reasons that I came up with.
Looking at the thousands of people that I’ve worked with. I’ve identified the
patterns of success and the patterns of failure. Number one reason, is a lot
of people, they fail because they lack belief, confidence, and certainty in
themselves, and in the process, and in their business.
All right? A lot of people, they lack confidence. They lack belief.
You can’t be successful if you’re not confident. Show me someone that’s massively
successful that doesn’t have confidence to go along with it. You have to believe
in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, then you’re not going to take
action. You’re not going to do what’s necessary to build your business, because you
don’t believe in yourself. You don’t even believe that you’re going to be
successful. So, how can you possibly create success if you don’t have that
belief, if you don’t have that confidence, that certainty? If you’re uncertain, if you have doubt, then
you’re going to do a little bit here and there, but you’re not going to be all in.
You’re not going to commit yourself fully. You have to have confidence and belief
in the business, in the opportunity, in the process. If you don’t believe that
your business model is going to create the success that you want or help you
achieve your goals, then you’re not going to take action either. I see this time and
time again with people that invest in my training, but they didn’t even believe fully that
the training is going to work for them. They’re kind of like, have one
foot in and one foot out. They dabble with it a little bit. Then sure enough, they
sure enough, they look for reasons to reinforce why they’re not going to be
Right? They publish a book or they do something, start a business
and it doesn’t work out their way. They reinforce that belief and say, “See? I told
you. I told you that you’re not going to because successful. I told you this wouldn’t
work. I knew that other people, my family, or my friends said that you’re not going to be
successful. It’s not going to work.” Then, you justify that belief, because you’re holding
on to that story.
That’s stopping you and holding you back. You’ve got to overcome the limiting
beliefs that you have and believe. You got to have faith. Faith is a stronger level of
belief, that’s believing even when there’s no reason to believe. That’s what
faith is. You have to have a delusional belief in yourself that you will be
successful no matter what. That this business will work. I know for myself,
I had that belief when I was younger. I just knew that I would be successful. I had no
doubt whatsoever. I knew that I was going to be a millionaire by the time I was 30. I just knew it.
Once I discovered Internet marketing, online business, there was no doubt in my
mind, because I saw all these other people that were successful. I knew
that as long as I work my ass off and do what it takes, then I’ll be successful as well. I
had that unrelenting belief in myself even though there were no
reasons in my life to believe. I was a failure. I was a loser. I had a
lot of issues, a lot of limiting beliefs. I was living in my friend’s living room.
I was struggling. I was in debt. I had no reasons to believe that I was actually going to be successful, but I
had faith that I was. That’s what faith is, guys, and you need that to be
successful. I can give you a few tips on how to build and develop that belief.
A lot of what I share on my YouTube channel can help you with that, but
number one, is feed your mind. Feed your mind with stories of people that are
successful. When you see other people that went from failure to success, that
shows you in your mind that you can do it as well. If they did it, you can do it.
Find role models. Maybe I’m a role model for you, great, but find more. Find other people
that failed and then created success, because that will reinforce to you that you can do it,
that you’ll be successful. If your entire role models in your life are people that are failures around
you that have a negative attitude and they’re all broke and struggling in it, that doesn’t give you
any hope. That doesn’t give you any belief that you’re going to be successful as well. So, you’ve got to
change that. You’ve got to find people that are more successful than you and feed
your mind and surround yourself with them. Read books, or invest in training,
or maybe from my YouTube, whatever it is. Learn from people more successful than you.
I try to interview people and share them here on my YouTube channel, hoping that you
guys get that. You could see other people that have done it,
other people that are successful. That’s showing you the way of success,
that you can do it as well. Anybody can do it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where
you live in the world, what your circumstances are. I’ve never encountered a type of person
that doesn’t have the potential for success, but you have to believe in
yourself. All right? I believe in you without a doubt and I might not even know you. I probably don’t even
know you, but I still believe in you. Because I know that if you’re here
watching this video right now, you have the potential to change your life.
If you’re someone that subscribes to me, follows me in some way, you have that courage. You have that faith.
Because to follow me, to invest in my training, to invest in one of my courses
takes courage, takes faith, takes trust. Maybe it might not be consistent for
you, that belief, but I know it’s there. You got to cultivate it. One of the best
ways to cultivate it, that you guys know I’m huge on, is a morning ritual. Taking that
time everyday, you got to condition your mindset, your belief system, every single
morning, to prepare yourself for the day. You got to start the day with that belief.
If you don’t have it, you got to work on that everyday.
Affirmations, incantations, reading books, doing everything that’s necessary. That
prepares you, that gives you the confidence and determination to put yourself in
this state
of doing what’s required to build your business every day. It starts with a
morning ritual, guys. Again, if you guys want my training program, what I’ve
created on creating a morning ritual, then check out It’s helped
thousands of people now. I’m very proud of that program and it will share with you
how you can make that shift in your psychology, your mindset, your belief
system to be more productive, to be achieve more success in your life.
Create a morning ritual, that’s one of the best ways that I know of that I did for
myself since I was 17 years old to condition myself, to make who I am today.
Because everything that I am today,
everything I’ve created, I created years ago through repetitively doing my morning ritual
every single day to condition myself to be who I am today and who I’m going to be in the
All right, so believe in yourself and the process.
Number two reason why a lot of people fail is they don’t have any patience.
They focus on the short term not the long term. Listen, if you want to build
anything that’s meaningful, anything that is success in your life, whether it’s
a business or anything, it takes time. It’s not going to happen overnight.
You have to be patient, you have to trust the process. I don’t know anybody
that just invests in a training or starts a business and then all of a sudden, just
like that, they’re a success. Doesn’t happen that way. Most people fail, most people go
through setbacks and adversity along the way, but because they’re focused on the
long term, they’re patient. They’re willing to get through those adversities and get through
those little speed bumps because they’re focused on the horizon. You’ve got to focus on the horizon,
you’ve got to have a vision for what you want. Then, work hard and be patient
along the way, but the problem is there are a lot of people looking to get rich quick.
They’re looking for a loophole, a gimmick, they want to press a button and make all this
money. That’s a surefire way
to fail in business. You might make a little bit of money here
and there, but it’s not going to last, it’s not going to be sustainable. You
have to give up the short term thinking. Focus on the long term, it’s a marathon not a
Focus on not what you’re going to get a month from now or three months from now, or
six months from now, but a year from now,
five, ten years from now. That’s how far you have to think. You’ve got to prepare and take action today, knowing that what
you’re doing is going to benefit you five years from now to create the life that
you want. So focus on the long term guys, have patience. Don’t
make that mistake. Number three, people fail because they’re not willing to do the work. They’re not
willing to fully commit themselves and put in the work that’s required to
create the success that they want. Success
is not easy, guys. It’s a lonely road.
There’s a lot of work. That’s why a lot of people don’t achieve success is
that they’re just not willing to do the work. You have to want it so bad, that doing
the work it is just something that you understand, that you’re willing to do, because
what you want is so important for you. I mean, if you guys had any idea
how much I work every day and how much I’ve worked throughout the years. Most people
wouldn’t even be able to relate or fathom the amount of work that I’ve put into my
business and myself. If you guys follow me on Snapchat, which I recommend
that you guys do. There will be a link in the description, but my user name is stefanjames1.
stefanjames1. You guys will see every single day, it’s a Sunday, it’s a Saturday, I
don’t care what day of the week it is, I’m working my ass off to build my
business. I’m in a position where I don’t need to be working as much. I’ve already
made millions of dollars online. I’ve already created a lot of success and I’m
living the life that I want, but I want to create more. I want to make more of an
impact. I want to make more of a difference. I want to grow and become more. I love the process of it.
I’m focused on my goals, my vision, five, ten years from now. I’ve never lost that
hunger. You’ve got to have that hunger if you want to have success and you have to be
willing to hustle and grind and do things that most people are not willing to do.
If you want to have in your life, what very few people get a chance to have and
experience. You’ve got to work your ass off. I can’t tell you how many days and nights
that I’ve worked, from morning till midnight,
beyond midnight. I remember one time I was in Bogota in Columbia,
struggling back in 2012. I was, at the time, just building Project Life Mastery. I remember one time, I
stayed up two days straight. Did not sleep, two days straight. I was renting this
little place. I didn’t go out at all, I hardly left, except I went to the store
to buy a loaf of bread and like sandwich meats and mustard. That’s all I ate
for like a week. I just had bottles of water. I just couldn’t even, I
didn’t even want to spend anytime
to grocery shop or even think about food, because I wanted all of my focus, energy
and attention
going towards building my business. I was operating from a place of
desperation. People are driven by desperation or inspiration. Often times,
desperation is a much more powerful motivator but that’s what it was for me.
So, working hard guys, that goes without being said, but you can’t be lazy.
I see people, they just don’t have the work ethic. They’re lazy.
They’d much rather watch TV and play video games than spend that time to grow a
business or achieve their goals. They’re not going to achieve anything
being a lazy person. You’ve got to overcome procrastination. You’ve got to change your
habits. You’ve got to change and develop discipline in your life. I can’t go into all the
how-to’s of everything but, guys, check out my YouTube channel, my blog, my podcast. I’ve
got videos on all this stuff that can help you guys make these
changes but that’s another common reason why a lot of people fail and don’t have
All right, so look at yourself. Write this down, guys, Hopefully, you guys are writing this
Is this where I’m coming up short? Do I have the work ethic? Am I doing whatever it
takes? Am I working hard? My habits that are holding me back, am I procrastinating?
Am I focused on the short term too much? Am I focused on the long term? I
don’t have any patience. Is that what’s holding me back? Is it the belief? Is it the confidence?
All right, I want you guys to really think about it. That’s how you’re going to make that
change. It’s not just by listening to me, but actually asking yourself these questions. Look at
yourself in the mirror, that’s how you’re going to make that change.
Next goal, next reason why people fail. This is a big one. They try to do things on their
own. Man, trying to do things on your own is just stupid. It’s just stupid. If you’re
someone that’s watching this, I warned you that I might offend you. If you’re trying to do things on your own,
you’re an idiot. Trust me, I’m not pointing the finger, because I’ve been stupid
before too. I’ve been an idiot before myself.
I remember I spent years trying to just learn how to build a business
from looking at message boards, forums, Google and stuff. Trying to
put together these pieces of these unverified sources of people that were
out there on the Internet, sharing different articles and stuff. Trying to put
everything together, and as a result I’m spending all this time and making so many
mistakes along the way. I was so stupid that I didn’t realise that I should have find a
training program, a product, a course and invest 100 bucks or less, whatever it
cost. Even if it’s 1,000 bucks, whatever, invest that money to invest in something that
could help me, that has the structure, the step by step, that can guide me a long the
way to make it a seamless process to get to where I want to go. That didn’t
occur to me at the time. It took me a long time before I realized that because
I was too stuck in the mentality
of, oh I can just figure it out on my own. I had too much ego. I was closed off. I
was too proud to invest. I was just trying to be a know-it-all. I was afraid
to invest the money or do what was necessary to get to where I wanted to
go. It was just stupid for me to think that way. Eventually I realized, I’m
going to spend years trying to do it this way and the time that I’m spending is
much more valuable than the 100 bucks or even 1,000 bucks that I can
spend, because that 100 bucks or that 1,000 bucks I can earn that just working a
few weekends doing car washes and working at a temp agency or getting some
extra work doing construction. I can earn that money in a much shorter period of
time and use that money to invest in a training that can get me there a lot
faster and save me the time, save me the money, the stress, the failure, the
mistakes that I would make along the way. It blows my mind, how many people
don’t think that way. They’d much rather spend so many hours of
their life and time. They don’t realize how valuable their time is, instead of just
investing in something that will get there much faster. That’s how I think now. If I
want to get anything in my life, I think about where’s the training, the product,
the resources, the people that I can learn from, that can show me the way. I’m not going to
reinvent the wheel. I’m going to learn from other people and model them and get there much
faster. That’s another huge mistake that I see people make time and time again, I can’t
tell you how many people, they eventually invest in my product or coaching
or whatever it is.
They always say I wish that I got this from the start, because now they’ve made so
many mistakes and they realize how many mistakes they made. They have to go back
and I have to work with them to fix all those mistakes that they made, all those bad
habits that they made and all those screw ups they made in their business. When they could
have just gotten the training from the start, from the beginning and created the
success that they wanted and much faster. That’s been a core thing that has helped me be
successful in my life today is I learn from other people. I don’t have any ego.
I will learn from anyone who is more successful than myself. Even people that know things
that I don’t know, I’m obsessed with learning from them.
I’m not afraid to invest the time, the money, whatever it takes, even if I didn’t
have money, I still did this. Back when I was broke and struggling I realized that
I needed to invest in training, because what I was doing wasn’t working
and if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve
always gotten. Things have to change, and you can’t do the exact same
thing, expecting a totally different result. It doesn’t work.
Another reason why a lot of people fail is they have crazy, unrealistic
expectations. This kind of goes back to thing number two that I mentioned,
and number three is lacking patience. People get caught up in this short-term thinking
mentality, the get rich quick mentality. As a result of that,
they think that, “I’m just going to start this business, or whatever,
and I’m going to make millions of dollars. I’m going to make hundreds of thousands of
dollars.” If it was that easy, then everybody would be rich and successful. It’s not
that easy, guys. Often times, I’ve done videos on this, what I recommend for people is your first goal
is always to make $1, $1 online. That’s it. If you can make that $1 it gives you
confidence. It verifies for you that this works. It’s supposed to give you that belief in the
process and in yourself. If you can make a dollar, you realize, oh my God,
I can make $10, I can make $100. You start to see the vision of what’s possible.
Understanding that you’ve got to have realistic expectations, if you’re brand
new, if you’re a newbie to something, you can’t expect to get the results of somebody
that’s more experienced than you. Someone that’s maybe already been building businesses
or already has a background or has more experience with computers or technology.
They’ve already been through different businesses before, or different
training before. You can’t compare yourself to other people. What’s most
important is you’ve got to have realistic goals for yourself. So make it $1, then after
that, maybe $100. At the beginning, you’re not going to have these
amazing results but you work away at it, the real results are long term. They’re
six months, a year, five years from now. That’s what you’re going to be able to create the hundreds
of thousands of dollars, the millions of dollars that you want to create in your business.
All right, so make sure that your expectations are realistic. There’s no
program, there’s no business that you just invest in it, you don’t have to do any
work and you’re going to make all this money. It doesn’t that way. It takes a lot of
work, it takes time, patience, everything that I’m sharing with you guys.
Another reason, I’m going to try to move through these a little bit for you guys.
Another reason is, they’re afraid to invest money. Listen, to build a
successful business, you’ve got to invest money. I can’t tell you how many people,
that are afraid to invest a little money here and there to build a
business. You need to invest in technology. You need to invest in maybe a
graphics designer and a product, to get your product made and stuff. People are
looking to cut corners, they’re afraid to invest here and there. They’re trying
to save $10 here and there, it’s just crazy to me. Often times, I’m working
with people publishing Kindle books and stuff, and they complain about a service
that costs an extra $10. I’m like, “Dude, what are you talking about, man? It’s an extra $10, you’re
going to get a better product and you’re too focused on saving money and you’re not focused on
making the best product that you can have, that can help people.”
They’re getting a cover for their work done, or something like that, a graphic.
They’re going to go with the cheaper option of $5 or $10
rather than spending the extra the $5 or $10 to get a much better
quality cover and product. That’s going to make the difference in your success. I
mean, it just drives me insane when I see this. I don’t know
what to say. You have to spend money in your business to grow it. You have to invest
money. When you make money you have to invest it as well. Any business you want to start
requires an upfront amount of money and capital that you invest. You’re always going to be
running at a deficit at the beginning. Show me a business that doesn’t
operate that way. You want to start a restaurant. Okay, great, you know you need $50,000,
$100,000 to start that restaurant. Maybe you got to take a loan from the bank or
whatever. You have to put money aside and save up and do that. You’re going to make
money from it and you’re going to have to pay off that deficit that you’re operating at.
That’s what’s required to start a business. You’re going to have to invest
money to create a product, to create a book, to create whatever. You’re going to have to
invest a little bit to market it and the tools, the resources that you need to
help support you to grow your business. At the beginning, you’re going to be operating at a
loss. That’s just how it is. I mean if you don’t understand that, then
don’t be in business. Business is not for you, if you’re not willing to invest
some money to start your business. It blows my mind, how people are just … They don’t
realize you’ve got to invest money, not just in the training, but you’ve got to invest money.
If you want to build a website, you need a domain name, you need hosting. You’re going to need a logo,
you’re going to need some graphics, you’re going to need some things. If you want to start an Amazon business, you’re going to need
to invest in some inventory. You’re going to need to get a logo and labels done. You’re going to have to
ship the product. It’s going to cost you some money before
you start making some money. You want to build a publishing business, you’re going to
have to order the book and get a book written. You’re going to have to get the graphics. You have to spend some money
to market it. You might have to hire an employee, someone that can help you build your
business. These are all things that prevent people from success,
is they don’t realize these sort of things. If you don’t have money, then go out there and make
money. I don’t know what you’re doing with your day and your life, but
there’s seven days a week. You can get jobs out there. There’s many
opportunities. There’s 24 hours in a day.
You can work eight hours a day, you can spend your weekends. You can work
construction. You can work at a temp agency.
You can be resourceful. You can do some extra work on the side or whatever
to make some extra money that you can invest in your business. Sometimes
that’s what you got to do. You got to work hard and make some of the capital from your
job and what not, then use that money to help your business grow and support
it. That’s another reason why people fail, and again, look at yourself. Is
that you? Are you one of those people that’s held back by money or
one of these reasons. Next reason, they try to cut corners and find loopholes.
Again, that may make you some short term money. It’s not going to last.
Look at the long-term sustainable strategies, not the short-term loopholes.
People are always obsessed with that. They’re looking to get rich quick, again, they’re focusing
on the short-term.
For me, there’s a lot of short-term loopholes in my business. There’s short-term
loopholes I can use to rank my YouTube videos, to attract more people in the search engines,
to make more money, but I ignore those. I said, I’m not going to do
those things because I’m focused on the long-term sustainable strategies. I don’t
want to cheat the system for the next six months and make some money and then have
that go away. That money that I was depending upon, or risk my accounts in
some way or my reputation. I’m not willing to do that. So don’t look for the short-term
shortcuts and the loopholes and the gimmicks. Focus on the long-term
solutions to strategies. That’s a really important one. I’m not going to go too
much deeper into it. I’ve shared some other videos on that before, but again, it comes
down to focusing on the long-term. Next is people learn from the wrong people
I see this time and time again as well. A lot of people that I work with, they invest in my
training and I’m trying to help them create success. They’re learning from
someone that’s done it, that’s created a lot of success. I’ve built many different
businesses. Success in different businesses, I’ve made
millions of dollars now online. Then they start learning from other people
that I mean, have made a couple hundred bucks, a couple thousand bucks, they start
listening to them. I’m like, “Dude, what are you doing?” You’re trying to learn from
someone that’s making a little bit of money, and you’re going away trying
to do all these different things that’s
not from the right person that you should be learning from. I
I think a lot of people, again, it comes down to a lot of things I’ve already
shared. People looking for short term results, not having patience and
what not. So they start to get frustrated and they start to look for other answers.
They start to look for other people that can short cut them the process and get
them there a lot faster. They end up going down this totally wrong path. I can’t
ell you how many people that I’ve worked with that hire me for coaching or
other people that I’ve worked with as well. They’ve gone to my training,
they’re doing it, but then they start doing all these other things. I’m
like, “Dude, what are you doing here? Where did you learn this stuff from?” They’re like, “Oh, I learned from this guy. Here who’s making
$500 a month and I want to try and learn from this guy.” I’m like, “Dude, I made, I built a
six figure publishing business and I’ve millions of dollars online from my
businesses and you’re learning from this guy who’s making $500 or $1,000
a month? You’re doing something that’s totally different?” Again, that comes down to
not trusting the process. Learn from the right people. Learn from people that
have created the success that have the results and the business and that
have the reputation, they have the success stories of people that they’ve
worked with. Learn from those people, not from the people out there on
the Internet. The keyboard jockeys that know all the theory, but they’ve never actually built a
business before. You want to avoid those people. Another reason is, they don’t
listen to advice from successful people. This is where people have an ego, they’re
close-minded, they’re too proud, they think they know it all. I’ve encountered
people like this. They’re the keyboard jockey guys that know all the theory
and they’ve done all the research, but they’re not doing it. They have a closed mind and they think
they know it all and that their way is the right way. That is another
important reason that people fail. I’ve worked with people, coached them, and
I’m trying to help them but they’re arguing with everything
I might tell them. You can’t help someone like that, if
they don’t have an open mind, if they don’t trust you, if they don’t trust the process. So if
you’re going to learn from someone that’s more successful, listen to them,
listen to what they say.
They have the experience, they’ve been doing it for years. They’ve created the
results, not just with themselves but countless other people.
I see this time and time again, when people even when they invest in my training.
They start … I have certain things that I say. Okay, do this, do this, do this, do that. I guide
them step by step how to do things and how to grow their business.
I’m blown away by how many people that don’t even listen to it. I
recommend, okay, you’re going to need this to grow your business and then they go
out there and they get this. Or, they just end up doing totally different things, the
opposite things of what I’m trying to teach them. You can’t have
success if you don’t trust the process and the training and actually listen
to your coach or the mentor or the role model that you’ve invested in.
If you’re going to invest in something, if you’re going to learn from people that are successful, listen to them.
Do what they say. There’s a lot of things that I share with you guys on my YouTube channel
and my blog, and things that I can help you. If you guys just did what I share with you
guys, you’ll be able have success. You’ll be able to create it,
but most people aren’t willing to do it. I remember one thing for me, I struggled
with, for a period of my life. I remember learning from successful people,
you’ve got to giveaway away a certain percentage of your income to charities
and organizations. You’ve got to give back.
For me, I was like, “I’m not going to do that.” Because I didn’t have the money, I was in a
scarcity mentality. They said, that’s why you have to give because the
scarcity, the fear that you have right now in your life is preventing you of
attracting and making more money. So I looked at myself, I decided, you know what, they’re right…
if I’m listening to these mentors, these role models I’m learning from and
I’m not doing what they say, which is to give away 10% or a certain
percentage of my income to charities. Then, I’m not even listening to what
they’re saying, what they’re trying to teach me. They have the success. They have
the proven track record. I can’t think that I know it all and let all these
things, my ego get in the way, because I just got to trust this person who I’m trying
to learn from. They have the best intentions for me. If I listened
to them, I’ll create the success. I started doing it. I started giving away 10% of what I make
supporting charities, organizations, giving to homeless, giving to my church.
Sure enough, what I found is that it got me out of that scarcity,
that fear based mentality, opened me up to new opportunities and making more money,
It really changed my life. So that’s just an example, but you’ve got to be willing to
listen to what people, especially that are more successful than you, what they’re
trying to teach you. Just do what they teach, it’s really as simple as that.
Another reason that I have here, my battery or my memory card is going to die
in about four minutes. So I’m going to have to clear it. Maybe I’m going to have to do a part two or pause the
video in a sec here. The next one that I have here is people don’t focus
on one thing, they easily get distracted by what I call the shiny
objects syndrome. So there’s so many opportunities out there to build a
business, to make money online. Often people get distracted, they’re
doing one thing,
they’re building their business and there’s this other opportunity and they
totally get sidetracked. They jump from one business to the other. Again,
this comes down to people not seeing results fast enough. They’re focused
on the short-term. They’re not having patience and focus on the long-term, but you
have to focus. I tell people when you sign up for my course, my training,
unsubscribe from everybody else, because that’s only going to distract you. It’s only going to do you a
disservice. You don’t need to be on 100 people email lists
because they’re going to market, promote the different opportunities. There are always
going to be things that come up. You’ve got to focus on what you’re doing and say no
to everything else.
You’ve got to learn to say no and focus. Say I’m doing this. I get opportunities
all the time, every day. They’re sharing this business
opportunity. They want to partner with me, They want to do this or that. I’ve got
to ignore all that because I’ve got my goals. This is what I’ve committed to. It’s there on my
blog. It’s there on my YouTube channel. That’s what I’m committed to this year.
Anything that’s not in alignment with that, I’m saying no to. Maybe next year, when I set my
goals again next year, but for now, this is what my focus is on and I’m not
going to be distracted by any other shiny objects out there. So don’t fall
into that trap. Another reason why a lot of people fail, is they can’t deal with
failure and adversity. Now listen, show me a person out there that’s massively
successful that hasn’t failed.
Doesn’t exist. Everybody that’s successful today has gone through failure.
They’ve gone through challenges, adversities, set backs. Part of the process, you’ve got to realize that. A lot
of people, it might their first time starting a business. You’ve never
encountered failure,
because when you have a job, there’s no failure when you have a job. You have
that security. You just show up, eight hours a day. You get paid for your time. Doesn’t matter what
you’re doing. You’re not getting paid on the results, you’re getting paid for
your time and the hours that you’re putting in.
So when you have a business, you don’t get paid for your time. You get paid based on
results that you produce. The only way that you learn is through failure. It’s by
making mistakes, having set backs, going through adversity. A lot of people don’t have
what it takes because they’re so sensitive, they take failure
personally. They can’t deal with it when it comes up. They
create a negative meaning and association to failure and they end up giving up as a result of that.
and they end up giving up as a result of that. Listen, you have to have a core
belief and understand that failure is expected. It’s part of the process but
failure’s a good thing.
Failure is feedback. Failure is an opportunity for you to learn and to grow and help
improve your business. I failed thousands of times. I can’t even tell you how many
times I failed in my business, but I don’t view them as failures. That’s the difference
between someone who’s successful and someone who fails. The failure lets
lets the failures in their life define them. They get discouraged, they give up
because of those failures. The successful person still fails just as much as the
failure does. The difference is, he doesn’t view them as failures. He just
views them as opportunities to learn and he actually sees them as a good thing, so
don’t be afraid to fail. I see a lot of people who are afraid to try different
things. To invest money on this, and maybe it doesn’t work. I’ve invested money on
different marketing things, and all that. It doesn’t work, I lose a couple
thousand bucks, whatever. That’s okay, that’s how I learn. I invest in
training, sometimes I don’t get as much value from as I expected.
That’s okay. I invested in an Instagram training the other day. It was like a $60 program, I
didn’t learn anything from it. I was, all right, that’s fine. It helped me reinforce what I already knew so
there’s still some value in that because it helped me internalize what I already
knew at a deeper level. So I still find the good in everything. I don’t believe
in failure whatsoever. I think every experience has value in it. You’ve got to
find where that value is. So what I’m going to do. I’m going to pause this and continue this,
because my memory card’s going to die here. We’ll resume this
in a few second. All right, I’m back. Reason number 12, why most people fail is that they
care too much about what other people think of them and they have a fear
of rejection. Now listen, in order for you to create success in your life and your
business. There’s always going to be people that disagree with you. There’s
always going to be people that make fun of you, that are going to doubt you,
that are going to be negative and try to hold you back from creating success. If
you think that once you become successful that that’s going to go away.
You’re deluding yourself, because the more successful that you become, the more people
will dislike you. There’s a lot of people that will like you, and love you, but
also what comes with that is a lot of people that dislike you. The haters,
the people that are going to be negative. They’re going to try to pull you down,
because they feel insignificant. One of the … If you want to have the tallest
building in the city, you can build your own, which takes a lot of hard work and
sacrifice and faith and belief, a lot of the things that I’m sharing with you. Or, you
could tear down every other building and then you can have the tallest building in the
city. Most people focus on tearing down everyone else. So understand, if you’re
starting a business, you’re going to have people in your life that aren’t going to believe in you.
Maybe it’s your family, maybe it’s your friends. People are going to make fun of you. I
had plenty of that when I started back in 2012 even, back with Project Life Mastery.
I shared my YouTube videos and I was enthusiastic and passionate about my goals and all
that stuff. A lot of people made fun of me. They didn’t believe in me. They
thought what I was doing was stupid or silly. They just
thought it was ridiculous for me to put myself up there on YouTube and do what I was doing.
They didn’t believe I could make any money from a blog. They didn’t believe that
YouTube was a viable career or this Internet thing, right? A lot of
people in your family, they might think, you’ve got to go to school,
you got to get an education, you got to get a nine to five and all that sort of stuff. If you buy into
that, you’re going to have to settle for a similar life as them. You have to ask
yourself, do they have the life that I want. That’s where it comes down to the
belief in yourself again
and having that faith. You have to believe in yourself and the process.
You can’t let other people, what they think, their opinion, hold you back or
stop you. Like I said, there’s going to be plenty of that along the way. When you
become more successful,
you’re going to have to deal with a lot more of it. Trust me. A lot of people out there, that
don’t know me, but there’s always some negative opinions about me
or assumptions or accusations or whatever it is,
of people who really don’t know who I am or what I’m about. That’s totally
fine. I don’t focus on that, you can’t focus on and care about what other people
think and let them define you. You have to have confidence and decide for
yourself. I decide, I dictate who I am, nobody else. I know who I am. I can look
in the mirror and I feel proud of myself.
The shadow that follows me, I’m happy with that shadow, because it’s never
going to escape me for the rest of my life. As long as you know in your
heart of hearts, that you’re doing the right thing, that you’re building something.
You have your vision, you believe in it, that you’re not willing to give up, and you don’t care
what people think. You’ll be successful. Again that takes courage, I’m not going to lie.
It’s not easy. If you can have that courage, you’ll be able to again create
the life that very few people get a chance to create. Then,
when you have success, there will be people that hate you, while a lot of people
will love you. A lot of people are going to say, “Hey I want to
learn from you and find out what you’re doing.” That’s what happened to me,
because when I started having a lot of success
with the Kindle publishing. All of a sudden, my family, my friends, my cousins, all of them wanted to
know what I was doing. I started teaching my sister, I taught my brother,
I taught my cousins, I taught friends of mine as well. They went on to have success
also. It’s kind of funny how that is. At first, they doubt you, but eventually
when you have the proof, it really changes how people perceive you, which is a pretty
interesting thing. You can’t have that fear of what other
people think. You’ve got to believe in yourself and the process.
Another reason why a lot of people fail, is they have limiting beliefs or
negative mindset and attitude. Very important. This kind of goes back to what
I already shared. Low self-esteem, negative attitude, I see people like this.
They’re just negative about everything. If you’re always looking for what’s
you’re going to find it. You’re going to find what you look for. You look for what’s good, you’re going to find
the good. In every situation, there’s good and there’s bad, it’s all how you interpret it and the
meaning that you create. This goes without being said, you
just can’t have a negative attitude about things. You have to be positive,
positive in your process and your business, in the journey. You’re going to work on yourself and
work on that attitude and mindset. Again, part of that comes down to the morning
ritual. I’ve encountered customers and people that just have a horrible
attitude and often times, those are people that I don’t want to work with. I don’t really
want to help those people. I’ll say to them, “Listen, you got to work on your attitude, you’ve got to work on your mindset.
You’ve got to be more positive. Here are some free videos that I have here on YouTube,
my blog. Go through those. Right now, you’re not ready. You’re not ready to build a
business. You’re not ready for my course, my training.” I’ll actually refund them and
kick them out of my program, because I don’t want negative people. I don’t want
to deal with those customers. I’ve got a Facebook group, communities
that I manage. I don’t want negative people in that. I have no tolerance for
that whatsoever. I found for myself if people have that attitude,
they need to work on their attitude first, their mindset before they’re ready to build a
business. If that’s you, your attitude, your mindset is negative, then I recommend
you read some books. That you start to feed your mind with some more positivity. Work
on that part of yourself, because you’re going to need it to be successful
Another reason why a lot of people fail, going back to that, limiting
beliefs was part of that. You’ve got to identify the beliefs that are stopping
you. A lot of the beliefs that you have are self-sabotaging your success. If
you have a belief that you want to be successful, but you have another belief
that says that, you don’t want to put in any work or you want short-term results.
That’s what’s called an inner conflict. One belief is positive and one’s
negative. They counteract each other and they’re gonna pull you in two different
directions. So you’ve got to really identify your limited beliefs and address them.
morning rituals are one of the best ways to do that. Number 14, I think I’m at right now.
This is a big one as well. A lot of people fail because they’re not committed to learning
a constant, never-ending improvement. If you want to be successful, you have
to learn. You have to keep working on yourself. The more that you learn, the more that
you earn. So you have to continue learning, you can’t just learn and do
something one time and expect to have all this success
afterwards. A lot of people even invest and start their business, they invest in training
but they don’t keep investing in training. That’s part of the process, because whatever
training you learn, understand that it’s only going to get you to a certain point.
As Einstein said, the level of thinking that’s gotten you to where you
are right now, is not the same level of thinking that’s going to get you to
where you want to go.
It requires a different level of thinking. You always have to be looking at how
you can improve things and become better. How you can improve yourself, how
you can learn more about your business or industry. Learn the latest of what’s
working, how you can improve your products and always making those better
and better. That’s one core thing that’s really helped me get
to where I am. I’m always looking to improve myself. I’m improving my products, everything that I
put out and sell, I’m always making it better and improving it. it. I’m always improving
my YouTube videos, my blog, my channel. Everything that I do, I’m improving it.
I’m improving myself.
I’m investing in training. I’m investing in coaches. I’m investing on all these things.
I don’t have to be because I’ve already
created a lot of success, but I still am, because I realize what’s gotten me to where I am is
learning and growing and improving myself. I need to keep doing that to
get to where I want to go. I just signed up the other day, one of my
goals for this year, is to go to Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery. $10,000 seminar.
Invest $10,000 for a seminar.
People are like, “Why would you do that. That’s a lot of money. Why would you spend that money on a seminar?”
Because what I’m going to learn from that seminar is going to help me make millions of more
dollars over the next few years and the rest of my life. I can’t afford to
not learn the latest and to learn things that can help me grow and
improve my business. I’m going to be missing out on money … If I invest in the training, there’s a lot
of money I’ll be missing out on, if I don’t gain the skills and the knowledge that I need to gain
right now,
early on in my business career. So I’m not afraid to invest in myself. Back when I
didn’t have money, I remember I invested to go to Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny
seminar, which is a $5,000
seminar. I remember I invested in coaches when I didn’t have any money. Thousands of dollars on coaches.
That’s what helped me get to where I am today. So I’m going to keep doing it, and
I’m going to keep learning and evolving and improving myself. I’m investing in
training all the time. I’m going to tons of different seminars and doing different
things like that. You always need to be learning, evolving and improving
yourself. Another reason why a lot of people fail is they fail to anticipate changes and
adapt. The Internet is always changing. The world is always changing. It’s changing at
a much faster pace then ever before.
If you don’t anticipate the changes, you’re going to be left behind. You’re going to
end up failing. There’s going to be things that are going to happen and if
you don’t prepare for them now, and get ready for them, then you’re going to pay the
consequences. So you have to be able to anticipate, see the road ahead. I was able
to anticipate changes with Amazon. That’s why I started teaching, changing my
strategies and my model because I knew things were coming that were going to
change. I wanted to change
early so that I could get an advantage over everyone else and it wouldn’t effect me as
much. A lot of people react when changes happen. They’re not anticipating. You’ve
got to anticipate and see the road ahead. You always have to be willing to adapt.
I’ve always been adapting
as changes happen. Facebook changes, I’m changing my Facebook strategy to adapt.
There’s a new technology coming out and there’s Snapchat. Okay, I need to adapt, I need to
get on Snapchat. Amazon just released video on demand, or Amazon
video direct or whatever. Okay, I’m going to test it out. I’m going to adapt, because who
knows what’s going to change with YouTube. Who knows what’s changing with Google. You always
have to stay one step ahead and anticipate and adapt. Be flexible. Very
important. Number 16, they lack creativity or basic intelligence. This is
a really important one.
A lot of people they just look to copy someone else. They just want to
follow the formula and not have to use any creativity or thinking for
themselves. You might have some moderate success with that, but in order
to be successful you have to use your creativity. You have to have some basic
common sense and intelligence. Often times I get frustrated with people that just
follow things exactly. I have templates and stuff. They want my training. They follow things
exactly the same. They’re not realizing there are other people doing the same thing.
You’ve got to think outside the box and use your own ideas. Come up and use
your own brain and creativity and do things differently than everyone else if
you want to be successful. You learn from people that are successful, but then you also
enhance things. You do things better. You’re going to have to have some
creativity and intelligence if you want to have success in your life.
There’s a lot of people that I see that are just, honestly they’re just lacking
intelligence. I don’t know how to fix that. I think just learning and improving
yourself and a lot of experience can help you, but you’re going to have to
have some basic intelligence and improve your creativity if you want to have success.
Work hard on yourself, improve yourself
and just become a smarter person is all I can really
Very important though. Another reason why a lot of people fail, is they don’t have clear goals or
outcomes for what they want. You guys know this. I preach this all the time
on my blog, my YouTube channel. If you guys still don’t have goals, I don’t know what to
say. I mean, if you don’t know what you want, you’re not going to ever get what you want. I remember I put
out a YouTube video,
I think it was one of my monthly goals reports. Someone left a comment. He’s like, “Maybe I should start setting some goals.” Yeah, I’ve been sharing goals setting for
years, How can you not have goals. You’ve got to have goals, guys. I share this in all my
products, my K Money Mastery course, my new course that’s coming out. First thing, you’ve got to have goals.
You’ve got to have realistic, attainable, smart goals. Specific, measurable,
attainable, realistic. Having a timeline. You’ve got to set goals for yourself. You’ve got to know
what you want.
Have that clear outcome. If you don’t know what you want, you’re not going to get there. It’s like you get in your car,
but you don’t have a destination. You’re just going to drive around in circles. You’ve got to
have goals, that’s a big one. Also, number 18, you have to have compelling reasons for why you
want you goals. You’ve got to have hunger. You got to be hungry and want it bad.
Again, that’s another big part of the 80% of the psychology is
why you want it. 20% is how. You’ve got to have a strong why. You have to have strong
reasons and you have to have reasons that are your reasons not anyone else’s. You
can’t be doing it because what your parents want you to do, or your friends or
society. They want you to do this or that. That’s not going to drive you long-term.
You’ve got to have reasons that drive you, motivate you to create the success that you want,
the life that you want. For me, every moment that’s created my success, is
ecause I have these reasons, I have this hunger, this motivation, this drive
that pushes me every day. That wakes me up early, that keeps me up late, focusing and
working hard towards creating a life that I want. Your reasons
can be positive or negative. Maybe it’s to create a better life for yourself, to
travel the world, to make more money, to be financially free. To be able to take care
of your family, your friends, or to give and make a difference. Or, it could be more pain related
reasons to avoid pain. Like you’re tired of settling in your life, you’re tired of being
broke and struggling and working at a job that doesn’t fulfill you, building
someone else’s dream and not fulfilling your own dream, your own mission
in your life. You’re tired of being a slave to someone else.
Whatever those reasons are you’ve got to identify what they are and associate with them.
Then, have them drive you and pull you towards where you want to go. If you just have a
reason to make a little bit more money, you’re not going to be driven. You’re not going to be
motivated enough. It’s too tough of a battle. The war’s too tough. You’re not going to
survive. So, you’ve got to have reasons that really drive you, that are really
emotional for you, and will keep you going over the long-term,
Another reason why people fail, number 19 is that they don’t surround
themselves with like minded successful people. I’ve already mentioned this one a
little bit, but who you spend time with is who you become. I remember reading a study or a stat, that
the income that you make right now is similar or like 10 to 20% off of the
five closest people that you surround yourself with. If you currently make
50,000 a year, then my guess is the five closest people that you spend time with
also make around 50%, maybe
$50,000, $60,000, $70,000. Maybe 10
-20% less or more
of the amount that you make. If you want to get ahead, it’s not going to
serve you being around people that are making the same amount of money as you.
You’ve got to get around people that are more successful than you are. You’ve got to surround yourself,
You’ve got to surround yourself, at least with people that are like minded. People on the same path, the
same journey that are just as committed as you are. That’s why I created communities, Facebook
groups for my courses. So that you can interact and meet people, you’re not going at it alone.
The friends, the peers you have, they don’t want you to change. It’s the truth,
it’s the reality of it, because they’re afraid that if you change, what is it
going to mean for them. They’re going to lose your connection, the love that you guys
have together. That’s going to make them feel insignificant or not enough. So they
want to be comfortable. Everybody wants to stay in their comfort zone.
Part of their comfort zone is having you be just like them, the same way that you already are.
So you have to recognize that in a subconscious, unconscious level, your peer
group is actually holding you back. Not intentionally. But because it’s human
nature. If you want to have a great body and get in amazing shape, but your
friends are all overweight and you are as well. Then, they don’t have any
bad intentions for you, but just being around them, their belief systems and
their actions
and habits are going to hold you back from creating the body that you want.
You’re going to start to eat healthier and try to go to the gym, but then
then they’re going to say, let’s just go watch TV tonight or let’s order
this. Let’s go to McDonald’s or whatever it is. That’s going to hold you
back, that’s going to influence you in some way. You need to be around people
that are more successful than you,
that are at least like minded and positive, on the same path, on the same journey. Surround
yourself with that. The last one, just to wrap this up, because this has been a long video. Thank
you, guys, for sticking with me, but all these reasons are very important. Last
reason why people fail is they give up. They give up. They quit. If you quit, there’s no chance of
success. They just decide that this is too hard. I’m just going to go back to having a job.
A job’s much easier. I get short-term money from it. It’s secure. I don’t have to deal
with the failure. I don’t have to deal with the hardships and everything.
They settle, but there’s a part of them that’s never fully fulfilled and satisfied,
because they know that they’ve given up. They know that there’s a greater life
out there that’s possible for them. That’s waiting for them, that they got a
glimpse of. It’ll haunt them for the rest of their lives, knowing that. Every
time they look in the mirror, they’re always going to wonder, what if. What if I
just went at it? What if I just committed myself? What if I overcame these 20
reasons and I stuck at it long-term and I created that lifestyle? So you can’t give
up. Giving up, quitting, can never be an option.
It never was for me. One thing that often inspires me is I remember this
story of Sylvester Stallone, when he started his path of being an actor.
He was struggling and broke in his life. He wanted to be an actor, that
was his mission, that was his dream. Everybody said he should give up. He got
turned down over 1,000 different agent offices in New York. All saying
that he looked stupid, he sounded stupid. He just believed in his vision, his
dream and would not give up. He refused to get a job.
He believed if he got a job then he would lose his hunger. He would be seduced back into being
comfortable. So he refused to go back to get a job, even though he was so
desperate he had to sell his wife’s jewelry and his wife left him after that. He got so
desperate that his best friend, his dog. He needed 50 bucks so he went to the
liquor store and tried to sell his dog. Eventually someone bought his dog
for like $30. It was the worst day of his life, but he would not give up. Sure
enough, he got the idea for Rocky. He wrote the script. Rocky became this big success.
People said an overnight success, but they didn’t see the years of struggle and hard work that
he put in, and the rejection and the failure. Everything that he went through. All of a sudden, all this
success and all this fame and all this money. He got the life that he wanted because he
wouldn’t give up.
He kept at it. He believed in himself and his vision. You do that. You have
that belief. You have these reasons here. You overcome these reasons here that I
shared with you so far. You’re going to be able to create the life that you want.
I can’t promise you guys that’ll happen overnight.
I don’t believe in that. It takes time. Everybody has their own path to success.
Some people are faster than others, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there,
as long as you finish. Man, it’s like you start a race a marathon It doesn’t matter how long it takes.
Other people are faster, other people have been training longer and are more experienced.
What matters is that you finish the race. You make it to the other side. You don’t
just give up and throw in the towel, wondering what if later. One of my
favorite quotes from Jim Rohn is that discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.
You don’t want to have regret. So, that’s it for the 20 reasons, guys. I want to
thank you for sticking with me for this, I want you guys again to look at
yourself, ask yourself, be honest with yourself. Where am I coming up short?
What’s holding me back? What do I need to do to overcome it and commit even more
to your success than you ever have before. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this
video. Make sure to leave a comment below. Let me know what you guys thought. Thank you guys immensely for
sticking with it. Hopefully you guys received some value today. I want to thank you guys for everything. Make sure to Like
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How I Made $1000 From A 7 Day Damaged-down Fresh Discipline

oh I didn’t see you there hey this is Alex Becca and I have a question for you have you ever one to make money online well guess what today in a series of videos I’m going to show you how to make money online even if you’re a lazy sack of it’s going to be fantastic stay tuned damn guys you see that got props we got a new intro the production level on this channel is getting close to a JJ Abrams movie you’re welcome without further ado do what I’m going to get into in this next series of videos it’s just practical step-by-step ways you can make money online now I want to give a quick intro before I get in the first tactic it’s straight up a to B you can just use it right now it’s the easiest thing an entire world even you’re a beginner but I want to make one thing really fucking clear all right I use quotation marks when I say all mine because I’m sure you guys have seen this crap everywhere some YouTube channel or ad you see with some guy in like a beach or whatever saying I used to be broke now I Trevor on the world all day long making passive income from my computer by doing absolutely fucking nothing and if you pay me money I will show you how to do that to YouTube could be a lazy sack of shit like me calm down join now alright and I’m sure you guys have seen that all before and stuff like that and I want to make one thing abundantly clear what I’m going to show you in these videos has no catch I’m just going to show you point a point B what to do because a lot of my videos I’m giving you a lot of big advice like broad stuff to put in your head stuff like that but I also want to give you a share of practical straightforward action advices you can use from this channel as well as post video game videos as well post me in comment videos just whatever the fuck I want to put in this channel whatever I want to put up there and today I feel like putting up practical advice now you’re probably wondering why I’m doing this I’m gonna be straight fucking forward with you I do have the a/b Academy that’s just a little Academy that I use people want to get more stuff for me but what I want to do with this channel and what I want to be known for is I don’t want to be some make money online guru I don’t want that shit I don’t want to scale business like that I don’t want to be known for that there’s nothing wrong about that if that’s your business plan or anything like that but I don’t want to do that because I don’t fucking need to do it I saw for company as I’m building that I want to get a huge level and I want to be known as the guy who builds really cool fucking businesses that people want to be a part of like Tesla and stuff like that I’m not building like a Tesla right now but I want to build stuff like that and I also want to be known as the guy that just gives so much crazy levels of value that you just have to go and shout it down the street because it’s so awesome alright so I want to be that tough entrepreneur and I just want to give you as much as can I just want to give you everything for free because there’s no real incentive for me to really hoard it okay that’s it so that’s where I’m coming from with this I don’t want to be some make money online guru I don’t want to be known for helping people to make money online I want to be known as the guy who builds incredible hundred million dollar businesses and it just tells everybody how he did it because he already made a hundred billion dollars that’s that’s who I want to be so what I’m going to get into in these videos and stuff I don’t personally do all right to stuff I do you can’t do you can do it but if you’re just starting off it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to hire a team of developers costing you tens of thousand dollars a month and build software and run paid advertising that’s what I do you can’t do that nobody wants to learn how to do it because it’s expensive I want to show you stuff you can do is a complete beginner to go out there make money okay this is stuff I’ve seen it works this is stuff that I taught people that works and this is just stuff that just plain out straight works it’s not stuff I’m doing every single day because my goal isn’t to make a hundred dollars a day I want to make $50,000 a day that’s my goal that’s where I’m headed but I know a lot of you watching this channel we want to make ten bucks a day twenty-five bucks a day 100 bucks a day that’s what I’m going to show you to do cool all right so this first time we get into is an SEO based act that doesn’t require you to know any SEO whatsoever if you are a single mom you’re a six year old man you’re a 12 year old kid and I hope I’m not making videos for 12 year olds that’s creepy but whatever age range situation you phone you can do this it doesn’t cost hardly any money to start and you don’t need any experience whatsoever you don’t need to buy anything for me just going to show you how it works so we’re having my computer right now I’m gonna break down this entire strategy to you right now if you like these strategies go pick up my book the 10 pillars wealth I make like a dollar every time you buy these but I want to get the sound to the world so go do it and that’s what I got be sure to subscribe and like and share this channel with all your friends too because I’m sure they’ll be amused by the guy in the Stormtrooper costume cussing at people and teaching people how to make money online why do people watch this channel anyways let’s get into the let’s go to the training ok secret scroll buddies what’s going on welcome inside my computer it’s nice here and we have cookies every Monday but you’re not invited okay so if you can get over that I’m going to show you in these videos some very very simple tactics and there’s other videos on this channel as you can find their hundred percent free did that this video also builds off of for example what I’m going to show you these videos if you don’t know the build a website I show you to build a website in the video on this channel if you don’t know the basics of SEO or LS it works there’s a video covering the basics of SEO so there you go but what I’m going to show you in this video even if you’ve never seen in these videos even if you’ve never seen before is really going to lay out just how simple it can be to start a business online now like I said before I don’t do this stuff personally this is stuff that I know that works that I’ve seen other people doing and I done mimic myself just to show people you can do it I’d like building software companies and so forth but this is something if you don’t know anything you can go do this right now if you can copy and paste and put up a basic WordPress site which anybody can if you can’t do it you have no business trying to make money you should just go and dig through people’s trash cans and make like a fort out of trash and just live there you’re better off that actually take more effort than what I’m about to show you so this is a basic SEO tactic and what it involves and what you’re going to need is a copy and paste tool you’re going to need access to the internet you’re going to need a computer and you’re going to need about twenty to thirty dollars that’s it okay now what you’re about to see here you can easily turn into a site that makes you two hundred to a thousand dollars per month if you expand on this I have a friend actually I’ve mentioned that fifteen-year-old he makes like a thousand bucks day I mention him in like one other video he does this but like in a super-huge much much much larger scale like millions and millions of pages this is just stuff you can do starting off so this is also scalable if you want them to go and take this the moon you can also dig down this route some more but at the very beginning of this if you were even a squirrel you can go and do this right now I’m going to show you a simple this so what you see right here if you go and type in College Station rhinoplasty frisco rhinoplasty Lubbock rhinoplasty these are this is what a nose job is okay and so basically someone types in College Station rhinoplasty and they click on these sites obviously they’re looking the hire a rhinoplasty surgeon to fix their face duh okay now run replaces surgery cost about five thousand dollars now the southern have to be rhinoplasty either just an example I need to use because know a lot about the surgical niche as a whole and it’s probably the best niche to go after when you’re getting in SEO just because of how high-paying the clients may be but besides the point what I’m going to get into right here is if you see this site showing up first for all these terms is called my peak sue calm you’re like what what the hell is that is this like a peekaboo themed website on here so we came to in conclusion before the people are coming through and typing in College Station rhinoplasty if they land on one of these sites they hired a surgeon the surgeon can stand to make quite a lot of money by having a number one search term right here okay if they get like three clients here just made them extra $12,000 if they get like ten clients here you can do the math a rhinoplasty surgery is anywhere from like three to four thousand dollars give or take depends on the surgeon and whatever so if you clone these sites you will see my site right here which is literally a copy and paste website it’s the basic WordPress theme this takes about 30 seconds to put on and then what I did is I went and typed in a rhino plug Rhino not Rihanna the one I got I want to hear the work song right now alright but we’re going to type in right on plasti articles okay and what I did is I went to one of these sites right here and if you know anything about SEO you’re like oh went and spun the content no I didn’t even do that okay I just want to copy and paste an article put on this site and then what I did is I clone the pages out and to do that in WordPress you go in and I’m not going to talk about how to build pages in this video if you want to see how to build WordPress site an HTML site there’s a link in the description and they’ll put a link right here that will cover those very basic details I don’t want to I don’t want to have to re-iterate the entire video okay so learn how to do that first it’s super easy again it’s hard were sent for free just chill out and so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go on that site you just want to go and find suburbs in towns in the United States this also works if you’re in Europe this also works wherever the hell you are if there are businesses that like customers knew of Google in your local area you can do this it’s probably a lot easier outside of America because people aren’t as SEO savvy it’s not because they’re like dumb or anything it’s just like SEO is not isn’t caught on over there like it has here in the States so go and find States okay you know those big things that people live on in the map the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are fighting over right now okay so what you’re then going to do is find towns and suburbs don’t go after two C’s just find towns and suburbs like Bryan Texas College Station Texas Lubbock Frisco Allen etc etc okay so we’re going to go and make all these pages on this site and what we’re going to do is we’re going to copy and paste the article into the pages themselves and what you’re going to do is you’re going to get the keyboard rhinoplasty College Station in the title of the page the URL and I believe you want to get loosely in the content that’s all you’re going to do all right if you don’t know anything about SEO just this is it you make the title the article College Station rhinoplasty you put an h1 text right up I see College Station you put in rhinoplasty in here or you just copy and paste hard that’s it okay if you can do that and just go and make a page copy and paste make a page copy and paste there’s also plugins you can use to do this I’m not even again in that we don’t even need to do that okay you’ve been a little just copy and paste pages do this now what do you then do we’re going to go back and take a step back before we make the site what we’re going to do is you’re going to go to any place you want online all right the place I used to get domains basically everyone in this you uses to get the mains I think I don’t know it’s called source market I own this chillax eyes are other people that you’re buying from I’m not making like a profit I think 5% of every single sale and source market it’s just this is where most of the best pbn buyers are okay so alright so there you go so what you’re gonna do is you can go find one of these dudes on here I don’t care who you buy from I was just gregory ortiz new we just had this new star thing so it’s good alright so anyways i would suggest going to gregory ortiz right here he has really good PB ends and really good high metrics sites so what we’re gonna do let’s imagine we just go this guy for this sake of this okay so what is going to do and i’m not going to explain the core principles of SEO because there’s another video I’ll link in description to explains as well but you can see he’s very excited to be here either that or he’s ejaculating in his pants you’ve seen that music video it’s funny anyways couldn’t have a video without a masturbation joke way to go ox alright so what you’re going to do is you’re going to get one of these PB n domains and if you know nothing about SEO just know they have this thing called trust flow and it’s hi and they have this thing called domain Authority which is hi okay and what that means is essentially how much Google trust the site and how much power Google has given the site that’s not the whole nitty-gritty of it that’s all you need to know okay what you going to do is you’re going to buy one of these domains from any of these dudes okay this one has metrics that work just fine okay I got this site my peak su from the same people on this site right here now I normally start fist there’s almost full will be okay so and we’re going to get to the main form of these guys and what you’re going to do is you’re going to build one of the sites we just talked about if my page will load up apparently I blew up my peak soo we’re going to build our site on top of one of these sites because that already has these metrics that Google naturally looks at it and gives higher rankings to sites the site has a high trust phone domain Authority it’s naturally going to start showing up a little bit higher than sites that don’t now these searches right here are extremely uncompetitive these are not world winning competitive SEO searches and we don’t need that okay like I said before if a surgeon is able to go and get two to three to four extra clients an entire year he’s made $16,000 or whatever so you could easily rent this page to them for 50 to $100 I’ll get into that here in a second so anyways we go and build that site on top of these sites right here and naturally it just starts to float up and rank because no one else is doing SEO for these terms that’s it really that’s it we’re done okay that’s all it is you just put it on there and you can do a ton of these every single day if you want or you can do one or you can do none at all it’s up to you I’m no I don’t give a shit what you do it’s for you to decide choose your own future so what you then do is you just wait for these go out and rank and if you choose a bunch of suburbs what I would do instead of like choosing five suburbs get a list of a hundred and make a hundred pages on your site and then what you do is just wait from the show up and rank that’s it it should take like a week or two you’re done okay so do what you do is you go and find local practices in these local areas that would like clients ok rhinoplasty surgeons like clients everyone likes clients even people that clean toilets and actually plumbing is a really good term to rank for actually but everybody likes clients so you call them up you call them up and what’s going to happen is you’re usually going to get to talk to what is called a gatekeeper that’s like a secretary or something obviously they’re meant to turn you away when you call up wanting to sell shit to them that’s their job it’s where they call the gatekeeper ok so what you tell them as you say hey I notice you are a Frisco rhinoplasty practice and I rank number one in Google if you type in Frisco rhinoplasty I show up first now I have a problem on a rhinoplasty surgeon and there’s a ton of people calling up looking to get rhinoplasty surgery done their customers are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon I don’t have anywhere to send them would you like for me to send these clients to you guys and trying to find a business wants them I’m just calling every business and I’m just going to give them to somebody all right so how do we make money doing that hold up all right we’re talking the gatekeeper not the person who makes any decisions for the business so at this point in time the gatekeeper is going to have to choose between hanging up on you and maybe losing their doctor a bunch of business or their can choose to giving you the benefit of the doubt telling you to call back at five six seven and you talk to the surgeon okay it puts them kind of in a lose-lose situation and sometimes usually just telling you the call back later is the better idea for them because hey look we just got us five new clients it makes us look a little bit better okay a lot of people will go and try and use this tech and they’ll call up and start trying to sell to the gatekeeper gatekeeper doesn’t know what the hell ranking and Google is okay if you like hey miss I do SEO and I build backlinks and I’m ranking high in Google getting lots of searched rap you’ll be like are you high you’d be like probably but what you want to do at that point times you don’t want to do that because that’s going to turn off a gatekeeper that’s what she’s she or he is trained to go and knock out so you approach it like that where you put the gatekeeper in a hard place is this the world’s greatest sales pitch no is this difficult to pull off no okay if you use this pitch right here you will eventually get someone to say yes and if you want to make money bad enough this is as simple as it can be buying a twenty dollar site domain sitting aside on it copying pasting on there waiting told Joseph in Google and then renting out the site are selling the phone calls to local businesses this this is easy as it gets if you cannot do this you have no business doing anything you should go and cut people’s lawns try and start a lawn mowing business going door-to-door even though that’s much harder than doing this so what I want to do in this video is just lay out how easy this is what I’m going to put right here on the right of the screen is two videos one explained how to set up a wordpress site I’m gonna put another video right here explaining the basics of SEO this is already on our channel and I’m also going to link to another video that goes deeper into this tactic right here again it’s so from another one of my business is called source web but I go way deeper into this tactic if you’re like an SEO and you’ve never seen anything like this before so this is kind of video one in the series that I want to do this is how easy it is go get a site go buy a domain name for 20 bucks I believe that’s how much it costs in here then go and put a site on top of it then go out find suburbs towns whatever make pages for them on the site copy and paste an article get the keyword in the title and in the first word on the page you can have to put is the last it doesn’t matter you don’t have to get this 100% right for it to work and then that’s it then so the site sold the page so the phone calls so whatever you can to local businesses this is a tried-and-true method I know people that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month selling leads to lawyers roof repair water damaged surgeons you name it I’ve seen it done especially with tactics similar to this a lot of really pro SEO so they’re making a lot of money right now is they build massive directory style sites with this tactic and then ranking like every town in the United States unfortunately for them they’re actually not fortunately for everyone there’s so many freaking types of businesses you know do this for it’s just so damn easy to do like if you type in luxury landscaping Plano it’s just a person you like copy CAD me and you can see that they’re showing up right there as well you can see almost the same exact tactics right here there you go same exact thing so pretty dang simple so with that being said guys that’s what I have in the video today if you like these types of video be sure to subscribe below this video share it with your friends tell your mom tell your dad tell your kids they don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s good anyways and that’s what I got see in the next video you

What is the Inequity Between Volatility and Implied Volatility?

we love volatility out there so let me clarify a bit bit about what volatility is basically volatility is a measure of exercise out there when it comes to a spread of worth motion if there’s a number of worth motion in a given inventory or an index it has a excessive volatility a number of motion in different phrases it creates a really excessive quantity when it comes to volatility now volatility is used as a really crucial part of the black-scholes method that figures out the worth of choices so the black-scholes method is utilized in possibility pricing on all the web sites in all places the place you do an possibility so it is fairly essential you perceive what it’s so what we do once we take a look at the worth of an possibility is we work out what is the vary of volatility that this selection has gone by way of this this inventory has gone by way of over a yr time frame that vary of worth motion creates its volatility now that is known as historic volatility now historic volatility costs the choice now curiously the choice worth that theoretically it ought to be is usually totally different from what it really is and the distinction must be calculated into one other method within the black-scholes method and the way in which it is calculated is to interchange historic volatility with what’s known as implied volatility in different phrases historic volatility is what the choice worth ought to be however implied volatility tells you what it really is predicated on what is going on on out there now this is why we love to grasp these items if we are able to get a excessive implied volatility on an organization that we perceive if we already know what the worth that enterprise is it is an amazing alternative for us to make some huge cash in a short time the rationale that we are able to make some huge cash in a short time with a really excessive implied volatility is actually cool hello implied volatility basically is a measure of worry that one thing’s going to occur okay one thing’s going to occur instantly so the market makers get actually nervous and so they begin to trigger you to pay extra to purchase insurance coverage in opposition to that factor taking place and that adjustments the worth of the choice so what we’re searching for them wyd volatility is a chance the place there’s a number of worry however we’re not fearful as a result of we all know what the worth of the enterprise is that if we are able to get that exercise out there we are able to make an enormous amount of cash in a extremely brief time frame simply by stepping in proper earlier than the implied volatility will get modified from excessive to low now the time when that occurs is true earlier than earnings when all people else is working for the hills earnings are about to come back out you are able to do some wonderful issues with choices by benefiting from implied volatility we will train you that in the long term however for proper now let me simply let you know that it exists that we are able to do it and you’d simply go in make a commerce on the proper time take the commerce off two or three days later and we persistently make thousand {dollars} right here in two thousand there and you may be taught to do it too now in the event you loved this video please subscribe to my channel and go to rule one for extra content material now go play