Techniques to Contact Influencers, Tune Marketing & Making ready to Reside Circulation | #AskGaryVee Episode 202

– On this episode we
(dial tone) do it again.
(upbeat hip hop music)
– [Gary] You ask questions,
and I answer them.
This is The #AskGaryVee Show.
– Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk
and this is episode 202
of the The #AskGaryVee Show.
I have some new kicks.
Get in here Staphon.
Feeling’ pretty
good about these.
Went with the blue
shirt along with it.
India is here.
– Hi.
– And we are very focused
on a 202 call-in show.
We’re bringing it right back.
All of you hated on it.
We made some adjustments.
We think we got
something, India.
– Yep.
– Are you ready to
get into the call-in–
– [Both] Show?
– I am although–
– No, no.
We weren’t done yet.
– It’s been like
outsourced to robots.
You know?
It’s the future.
– Oh you got very upset and
what happened in 200, huh?
– No, it’s actually
kind of nice.
– Or you just so
busy with the in–
– Yeah, I have so many
meetings the schedule.
It’s kind of a relief.
– Alright, let’s do
it one more time.
Are you ready for the–
– [Both] Show?
– Very good.
Andy, this is on you.
Are you ready to
take responsibility
if this is glitchy?
They didn’t like the cadence.
They didn’t like the chop.
We think we got it.
– I’m ready to add
operator to the resume.
– [Gary] Alright, operator.
Let’s do it.
Episode 202 of
The #AskGaryVee Show,
Facebook Live you are the
backbone of the
call-in and live episodes.
949-793-7611, call in the show.
And we’ll get to the first
caller in one second but if you
are not following me on
Facebook, Staphon, let’s do a
nice little edit here.
Let Zak or Andrew
design something here.
Not like your font.
Get something pretty here that
please and link those links up
on YouTube and Facebook
when we post it.
On Facebook that’s kind of
weird but anyway on YouTube.
Make sure you’re following
’cause Facebook Live will be
the backbone of me
doing this show.
Oh by the way, I have an idea,
this is ad hoc even though we’re
filming it will be in the
show this is not really for the
show, give me one second.
Actually, you know what?
Black-and-white this out.
You don’t usually do that,
do that for me right now.
I think we should
do a commercial.
Something screwed up?
– [Andy] Spinning
wheel of death on Aircall.
– Yes.
You’re in deep trouble, right?
I love it.
While you crash that out, while
you panic, I’ll tell these guys.
Are you dead?
– [DRock] Andy, Force quit.
– [Andy] Yeah. Spinning wheel of death.
Everything I can do
but if I go here–
– [Gary & DRock] So force quit.
– I love it.
– [Andy] I don’t think
it’s going to fix it.
Right before I was talking to
the guy and he was like I was
talking with the tech team, how
many exactly do you think are
going to be calling in?
I was like a lot.
It’s going to be a lot of
calls in a short amount of time.
He’s like alright, when’s
the day for the show?
10 minutes.
Oh, wow wow wow.
Wow wow.
– Alright, so what’s
gonna happen now?
– [Andy] I’m gonna quit.
– I’m going to stall
here while you do this.
India, find a question.
– [Andy] We’re going to
go to old-school way.
We have a new number.
– No, we can’t do the
old-school way.
I think that thing was
really working well.
– [Andy] It’s broken.
We broke it.
– We didn’t break it yet.
You give up so easily.
– [Andy] I can’t even, I have
to shut down my computer.
– Let me show how you do it.
It’s very easy.
You go hmmmm, you
hold it, you hold it.
What the problem
going to lose stuff?
– [Andy] I mean
cool but then all right.
– But what?
– We can still use the
Google Voice number.
– I don’t want to.
I want to use this thing.
– [India] I have questions.
– [Andy] Google Voice works.
– India, you ask a question.
I’m not using Google Voice,
I want to use that thing.
Is that the guy calling?
– [Andy] Yeah.
– I love it, good hustle.
Way to watch.
You keep doing your
thing, we’ll do our thing.
– Want to talk about what
you would do if you were
the CEO of Yahoo.
– Yeah, let’s talk about it.
– If you woke up and you are
the CEO of Yahoo what would you
revitalize the company?
From Robert.
– I think what I would do is
truthfully a lot of M&A,
mergers and acquisition.
I would go and look at the
Anchors and the Musically’s and
the after schools and the
things that are emerging in the
marketplace and realize what I
have is a business model that is
cold or not working as well
and not rolling so that’s what I
have an issue in and when I have
an advantage in is that I have
dollars and assets and money
from Alibaba and other places
that I can deploy and so I think
when your core business is not
driving upward mobility
in growth in your company.
The thing you do is you
leverage that asset to try and
build up your future.
And so my answer would be M&A.
I think to Marissa’s credit, the
current CEO, and I have a lot of
respect for her and I think
it was a tough gig that
she jumped into.
She went out and did that and
bought Tumblr for a big nut.
And to me in hindsight if she
would have been able to buy
Instagram instead of Facebook
buying it though I’m sure Kevin
wouldn’t have sold to Yahoo
that he would have to Facebook.
There was definitely other, I do
believe that when Marissa became
the CEO there was probably a
moment where she could have
bought Snapchat for 1 billion
or two but then the question
becomes when you buy these hot
things on the way up do they
stop becoming those hot things
once they go and get cashed out
and there’s not the same energy.
The other thing I would have
thought about is hardware.
I’m very obsessed right now
with the notion of hardware.
I think Facebook should
absolutely, don’t worry about
the cost I think that Facebook
should absolutely make a
television for example.
I think Yahoo could
have made a television,
could have made
a Netflix competitor.
I didn’t like your
reaction there Andy.
Worry about the cost.
And so the biggest thing
I would say to all of you
to make this a little more
relevant to so many that watch
why don’t you focus
on the following.
If you’re in a business that
has a situation where it’s not
growing as well, you need to
kind of disrupt yourself and try
to make new revenue angles
and try to do different things.
If you stay the course and try
to do incremental things
that grow your business
that becomes a vulnerability.
So if you’re in a 3 to 4 your
year funk where your business
is flat, you have to really change
the business not just do what
you’re doing a
little bit better.
For example, Wine Library one
thing I’ve always debated that
if we capped out our growth on
the wine stuff is to really build
out Gourmet Library and become
like a supermarket and sell
cheese and gourmet meats
and things of that nature.
That’s a big change than
just doing wine selling
a little bit better.
Doing a little bit better on
email service to adding a couple
more selections or changing
the pricing strategy on the core
business so if I was Yahoo CEO a
year ago and just trying to grow
the business, not taking any of
the Wall Street dynamics into
play which Marissa had to,
I would’ve done very drastic
things in hardware would
have been on the forefront.
I think phones are too hard.
I think televisions are easier
and so I would have done is made
a Yahoo television
that was unbelievable.
Would have bought a TV producing
company that makes TVs and put
Yahoo at the forefront of
the brand and then build an
over-the-top Netflix like
business and produce original
content that would have driven
into there because Amazon and
Netflix are now making
some of the best television
in the world.
That means anybody can.
Facebook, Snapchat, anybody
can and that’s what I’d done.
I probably would’ve reached out
to this guy named GaryVee and
give him a late night show.
That would’ve worked.
– [Andy] Yo.
– You ready to go?
– Yep.
– [DRock] Same number?
– [Gary] Same number?
– Same number.
– Good.
(phone rings) Here we go.
– [Phone] Call
from unknown caller.
To accept press one.
– Pedro?
– [Pedro] Yes.
– This is Gary Vaynerchuk you’re
on The #AskGaryVee Show
episode 202. How are you?
– [Pedro] Oh my
god, I’m good now.
You’re my man, my Jesus.
What is going on?
– I appreciate it, man.
Pedro, what can I help you with?
Where are you from and
what’s your question?
– [Pedro] I am from
Portland, Oregon.
I am the social media
specialist of MotoCorsa Ducati.
My question is
about live streaming.
– Okay.
– [Pedro] As far as preparation
for live streaming if you are
going to do Periscope or
Snapchat how much do you need to
be prepared for that?
– I think that and thanks of the
question it makes a lot of sense
obviously when you’re an
entrepreneur or personal brand,
I actually think the
more ghetto the better.
The more real there are so many
other platforms, your Instagram
photos your Facebook posts,
there’s a lot of places to
go to polished.
I actually think live
streaming’s big upside is
actually just the real and the
raw and the lack of preparation
is really attractive and has
been the reason people loved
reality TV and the reason
they would love Periscope.
Now when you work in a big
company like you and others,
you need to be careful.
Is there something
in the background?
Is there a document on the
desk that people can see?
You got all these things you
have to worry about that big
companies worry about so you
need some level of preparation
but I think that’s awareness
to what could happen
versus actually prepping.
You know what I mean?
– [Pedro] Right, yeah, perfect.
Pretty much all of our
good stuff if on-the-fly.
– Always man.
– [Pedro] No preparation.
– Pedro, always.
I’m going to go next call.
I appreciate you
watching, brother.
I love you. Thank you for that.
The bottom line is that people
are always going to be more
attracted to the authentic.
There is an absolute place
for the polished movies, TV.
I think YouTube’s an incredible,
look were doing DailyVee
polished because I
believe in the strategy.
In a world where now I believe
YouTube videos are going to be
very easily consumed on
televisions all across America
I think it’s a good strategy.
You got a call coming Andy?
How’s it going?
– [Andy] I had it
and then right when–
– It’s all right.
Here we go.
I think it is super important
to recognize that real and
authentic is just as potentially
important as polished.
I think way too many creators
and videographers and
people that make videos
always overthink that.
They don’t understand that the
raw (phone rings) can be just as
good as the glossy.
It’s like fashion, India.
Like a great suit is great
a little bit of swag in the
T-shirt is great too.
Let’s go to the next one.
That’s right.
– [Phone] Call
from unknown caller.
To accept–
– This is Gary Vaynerchuk
you’re on episode 202
of The #AskGaryVee Show.
Who’s calling and
where you calling from?
– [Caller] Hello?
– Yes.
– [Alex] Hey, what’s up Gary?
This is Alex Schwartz.
How are you doing, man?
– I’m doing super well, Alex.
Where you from?
– [Alex] I’m from San Diego.
– Love it.
Everybody’s very lazy in
San Diego. Don’t you agree Alex?
– [Alex] Totally agree.
It’s a bunch of party
people and pot heads.
Hard to do business here.
– I agree man.
You need to move to New York.
– [Alex] I wish but
it’s too cold for me.
I’m originally from Brazil.
– Respect.
Alex, what’s your question?
What can I answer for you?
– [Alex] I’m an IT consultant
and I’m kind of struggling on
going to the next level of just
being me, the IT consultant,
to actually creating a
business and a brand.
Unfortunately, I’m
usually known as the IT guy.
– Yep.
– [Alex] The PC Guy, and it
sucks but I don’t care because
it’s good money.
– Yep.
– [Alex] How do I move from
being the PC guy to actually
having a business,
a name and grow.
– What do you want?
Alex, what you want
the business to be?
What do you want to sell?
– It’s IT consulting and IT
support and IT management.
– Got it.
You want your own gig and you
want to build a personal brand
so that clients then come to
you and you can build
employees underneath you.
At first you’ll do your own work
and then you’ll get other people
and you’ll build a firm like I
did with VaynerMedia, right?
– [Alex] Correct.
– You gotta put…
Go ahead.
– [Alex] I’m putting the work
but it just me and my name and
I’m kind of struggling–
– Well that’s because–
– [Alex] It’s actually
business, not just me.
– Yeah, I get it.
The way you gotta do that
first of all is produce content.
Become bigger of a name.
Put out all your best advice.
Blog on Medium, put out
Instagram tips, do white papers
on Slideshare, do Facebook
Lives, Periscopes, make content,
make content, make content.
Show your expertise, have
inbound business and just like
with VaynerMedia, people want
to hire Gary Vaynerchuk but
Gary Vaynerchuk’s
not available.
It’s VaynerMedia.
But guess what, Gary Vaynerchuk
was available in 2009, ’10, ’11
and ’12 and then I made enough
money to hire other people and
Gary Vaynerchuk
wasn’t available.
Right now, don’t stress about
the semantics whether they want
you or your business you don’t
have the money or the need to
hire a bunch of people yet.
Create such demand that you take
those dollars and hire people
and then just tell new clients
it’s my expertise delivered to
my employees but you don’t need
me to physically fix your PC,
got it?
– [Alex] Got it.
Now, real quick question you
always say that Facebook is
doing much better for
ads than Google ads,
do you still believe that?
Do you think I should,
if I were to run
some ads should I go–
– You should do both.
I think Google search is great
for the business you’re in.
I do think Facebook is
better for content and branding.
You should do both but my first
start making a lot of content.
I need you blogging on about your thoughts
on PC and your thoughts on IT
and your thoughts on tech in
today’s society over and over
and over again content, content,
content video, written form,
audio, Soundcloud, Anchor.
All of it.
It’s all about
the content, Alex.
Thank you brother.
Thanks for being on the show.
Let’s get onto to
the next call Andy.
I don’t know if you
got it figured out yet.
(phone rings)
Oh my God.
I’m getting excited.
– [Phone] Call
from unknown caller.
– Kyle.
Kyle, turn down your audio.
How are you?
Oh, we lost him.
We didn’t figure out the hack.
Kyle gave up and hung up.
– [Andy] Kyle!
– [Gary] Kyle.
Listen, Kyle is making
your game look bad, Andy.
India, actually I found
a new thing for you.
– [India] Oh really?
– Yeah, good news.
Computers have not
taken over your life yet.
– I’m cool with that too.
– No, I know you are.
But what’s really cool is
that we can, in these in-between
moments where funny things
like what’s going on with Andy
(upbeat hip hop music)
questions and
things of that nature.
It a whole new
little thing for us.
– A mini show in the show.
– A mini show in the show.
– [Both] Cool.
– Yeah. Like it.
Andy what’s going on?
Go ahead, India.
(phone rings)
Oh here we go.
– [Phone] Call
from unknown caller.
To accept…
– Hello this is Gary Vaynerchuk
you’re on episode 202 of
The #AskGaryVee Show.
Who’s this and where you from?
– [Sylvia] Hi Gary.
This is Sylvia I’m from
Vancouver, Canada.
– Hey, how are you?
– [Sylvia] Good.
I have a question for you and
my question is I’m breaking into
the online market.
I have made courses before but
I took some time away and
now it’s…
– Darn it, I’m so sorry.
I’m so sorry.
It was too choppy.
She was breaking it online
courses I could hear it but she
was also breaking up.
And I’m so sorry.
I hate this but I have to
navigate the cadence and the
flow of the show and
it was just too choppy.
Andy can’t figure
out the choppiness?
I know we’re not doing is the
way, we’re not screening calls
and I think we should
continue not to screen calls.
I know a lot of you are like,
screen calls and do this I get
it this is how
we’re gonna do it.
(phone rings)
You know?
That’s the way it’s going to be.
– [Phone] Call
from unknown caller.
– Hey this is Gary Vaynerchuk
you’re on #AskGaryVee 202.
Who’s this and where you from?
And please turn down your
computer or what have you.
– [Cam] Hey.
– Hey.
– [Cam] Hey, this is Cam.
– Cam what’s up, baby?
Is his Cam Newton?
– [Cam] I can’t
believe I got on.
No, Cam Herald.
I wish it was Cam Newton.
– Cam, where you from?
– [Cam] Oklahoma City.
– Love it, brother.
What can I help you with?
– [Cam] I’m currently working
on a book and I’m interviewing
different entrepreneurs.
What advice would you give to
someone that is trying to get a
hold of influencers
and stuff like that?
– Twitter, Twitter, Twitter,
Twitter, Twitter, Twitter,
Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.
Period. Twitter.
No LinkedIn, no cold
emailing, it’s not gonna work.
Go figure out the 500 people you
want to interview, go see what
they’re tweeting about.
If you want to interview Cam
Newton go look at Cam Newton’s
last 10 tweets try to jump on
the last thing he’s talking
about and add value
to the conversation.
Say like “Yeah” or “Disagree” or
“No way” or whatever you
want to go with it.
Create some context so don’t ask
for the interview right away,
get in to a little banter
build up a little rapport.
This takes a lot of work, Cam.
This is five, seven, 10 hours a
day every day for a month but
you get, then you go in for the
ask, you get a little context of
those people you ask
them to interview you.
They’ve been talking to you
about sports or wine or candy or
sailing or surfing or raising
children over the last month now
they got a little context for
Cam on Twitter and then Cam
goes in for the ask one of the
very 80 of those unbelievable
people will say yes so if you
think about 80 people getting
one to say yes and you needing
20 people that’s an unbelievable
amount of people that you
need in your ecosystem, right?
You’re talking about 1600 people
that you are hitting up which is
going to take you months but
it’s putting in the work and
that’s how you’ll
actually get them.
Got it?
– [Cam] Yeah, appreciate it.
– No worries, brother.
Cam from Oklahoma City.
Let’s go to the next one.
– [Phone] Call from–
– Roberto this is
Gary Vaynerchuk from
The #AskGaryVee Show
episode 202.
Roberto Blake always a big
fan, always supported me.
I appreciate you.
I’m glad you’re on.
How are you doing?
– [Roberto] I appreciate it man.
I missed you at
Big South yesterday.
I wanted to ask a super
important question about a
business decision
I’m trying to make.
– Let’s do it.
– [Roberto] You’re the
person that can answer.
– Well, here we are episode 202
of The #AskGaryVee Show coming
through in the clutch.
– [Roberto] Right on.
I am working on a YouTube video
SEO video guide to help some of
my audience who are
struggling with this.
And a lot of my friends are
giving me advice that
I should presell it.
– Okay.
– [Roberto] I feel awkward about
selling something that I haven’t
made because I feel awkward
about I want to just deliver on
something, deliver the value.
I feel like why should I sell
it if I haven’t made it yet.
What are your thoughts on that?
– I think a lot of people that
watch me and hear me and feel
they know where I’m going to go
with this answer may be
confused by this.
I’m very comfortable with you
preselling it as long as you
feel like you’re actually
going to deliver on it.
If you feel like it’s actually
going to happen and you’re not
taking people’s money, I think
pre-selling something and then
not delivering in two ways,
one, not delivering and being a
criminal and stealing people’s
money, I don’t think you’re
going to do that.
And I actually think it’s
unacceptable to also even return
the money because you not a god
damn bank and it would’ve been
much better for them to have
it in your bank account than you.
You just have to hundred percent
make sure that you’re going to
deliver and the big
vulnerability because I know you
little bit and I know you’ll
deliver on that too the problem
is if you lose energy or
some other amazing opportunity
happens tomorrow, right?
If I email you tomorrow and say
I want to be the new official
cohost of The #AskGaryVee Show
with me but you have to work 10
hours a day when we’re not
filming doing X, Y, and Z but
you got to go deliver on this
guide what’s going to happen
Roberto is going to bullshit the
guide over the next month or two
’cause your not going to have
time and it’s not going to be
the thing you actually thought
it was going to be because you
still finish your word.
The vulnerability of pre-selling
is not delivering to the
capability that you have set in
your mind because you don’t know
what’s going to happen tomorrow.
Got it?
– [Roberto] Got it.
That is exactly what my concerns
were and you are really good at
figuring that out and yeah you
do know me a little bit so that
was perfect, thanks so much.
– You got it brother.
Thanks watching the show.
– [Roberto] I know
what I need to do now.
– Good brother.
Take care. Alright.
Changing lives
Andy K on episode 202.
See what I did there.
The mouth was the zero.
The mouth, DRock, the mouth.
Actually, I gotta find a good
cadence in-between these calls
while Andy struggles and
makes episodes awkward.
You know what we
could actually do?
We could do the
quick little topics.
Quick hits.
– [India] Quick hits.
The player they got hacked
yesterday right before
he got drafted.
I like how people were confused
and thought that he posted that.
People were like “Yeah, hacked.”
I’m like “Yes, hacked.”
Yeah hacked being cynical of
somebody getting hacked is when
you say something racist or
inappropriate and then you’re
like no no I didn’t do that Andy
you can send a call in anytime.
No, I didn’t do that my
intern, (phone rings)
oh nice job Andy.
My intern did that.
You don’t get hacked when you
post something that cost you
$8 million in 40 minutes. Silly.
– [Phone] Call
from unknown caller.
– Hey this is Gary Vaynerchuk
and #AskGaryVee episode 202.
What’s your name
and where you from?
– [Calvin] Hey is Calvin Laymen
from the San Diego event
Social Media Marketing World.
– Hey Calvin, how are you?
– [Calvin] Doing well, brother.
My question is my question is
after you have come off this
super successful book number
four launch at what point do you
now set your sights
on book number five?
– That’s a great question.
– [Calvin] The next big thing?
– And why are you asking that?
I think that’s the more
interesting part of this
question for me.
– [Calvin] I’m just
interested in the minds of
successful people.
How long they bask in their own
success or when they go to the
next thing.
– Cool.
Well, that’s a
great question Calvin.
I would tell you and these guys
can say this especially when
they all kind of maybe India
really was in the Vayner world
more than the rest of the gang.
Calvin, I’ll tell you it was
crazy what happened inside of my
body when you said
“basked in the success.”
I have zero capability of
basking in the success.
I wish the camera was 360
right now because all of my team
except for Andy who is worried
about screwing up the show the
three of the rest them were all
shaking their head because they
know way more than anyone
that’s watching right now
that there wasn’t even a remote
moment, not a celebration,
we didn’t have a dinner.
We didn’t get together–
– [Calvin] You
suck at celebration.
– I suck at celebration, man.
I don’t have my eyes
set up five right now.
I’ve got my eyes set on making
VaynerMedia huge, building more
businesses, making smart
investments, helping my
investments build
their businesses.
Getting credibility as a great
businessman while I’m out of
GaryVee mode for a little bit.
Putting out good content,
continuously upping my game in
my distribution of my content,
so there’s no book 5 but what
I’ll tell you, and Calvin thanks
for calling, what I’ll tell you
is that I am always,
always onto the next thing.
As a matter of fact, I would
actually argue this is a slight
vulnerability of mine.
I actually think it would’ve
probably been smart to have
a dinner with all of us especially
Andy and Alex, you know
all of us really.
To just be like hey
that was a nice launch.
No, we don’t have that.
As a matter of fact, let’s make
it really intense today is
AJ’s last day at VaynerMedia.
I was at a business meeting at a
breakfast spot this morning with
a client, I looked over and AJ
was there was Yudkin and Nate
and Tyler and everybody was
celebrating AJ’s,
Tyler get in here real quick.
This is perfect timing.
Why wasn’t I invited to AJ’s
celebration breakfast
this morning?
– ‘Cause you were busy.
– Okay great, get out of here.
What’s really interesting
about that there wasn’t even
consideration, Tyler,
AJ’s former assistant
my current team mate
with India assistant.
There wasn’t even consideration.
Think about this: this is my
cofounder little brother’s last
day at Vayner
they have a symbol.
This wasn’t a one week trip.
This was a simple 90 minute
sendoff breakfast and we didn’t
even consider for me
to be a part of it.
It’s funny, we don’t celebrate
it’s a celebration by the way.
It’s not like a sad thing.
Now I’ll be with AJ tonight
which is great, second day of
the draft but even when we
sold a piece of the business we
forced ourselves a year later we
went to Atlantis in the Bahamas.
We thought we were really
going to celebrate but we just
became degenerates and
gambled for 39 straight hours
only barely even talked about it.
I’m just not good at celebrating
Calvin and by the way I’m not so
sold that’s a good idea.
As a matter of fact, I guarantee
that you’ll see a blog post from
me whether it’s on Medium or
whatever it is of the day
six years from now of
finding celebration.
That’s what it’s
going to be called.
Finding celebration and it will
talk about me not being happy
that I was so extreme
to the non-celebrating
aspects of business.
I think you should celebrate
the good things in life.
I think it is a miss on the
way that I navigate the world.
It still doesn’t come natural to
me it still doesn’t, even though
I know this, I’m trying to sell
myself right now but I still
can’t get there and I’m
always following this over this.
This says celebrate.
This, that’s heart and gut, this
is still not saying celebrate.
And so I can’t celebrate.
And honestly if this never says
celebrate and I take last breath
and I think about it for a
second I won’t regret it because
I always listen to this.
But this understands that
it’s not necessarily
the best move.
And I think it would’ve been
really nice if we had a nice
dinner and talked war stories,
“Oh remember that time the
“person canceled the
order at the end.
“Ah ha-ha-ah!”
You got one or no?
– [Andy] Yeah.
– Where is it?
You need to reset?
– [Staphon] Not reset.
– What are they saying?
– [DRock] They’re loving it.
(phone rings)
– They’re loving it?
– [DRock] Yeah.
– Alright, good.
– [Phone] Call
from unknown caller.
– Hey, this is
Gary Vaynerchuk and you’re on
The #AskGaryVee Show
episode 202.
What’s your name and
where you from?
– [Caller] Daniel
from Miami Florida.
How are you?
– I’m great Daniel.
– [Daniel] Happy Passover.
– Thank you, brother, you too.
Thanks for being on the show.
– [Daniel] I’m always
on the show virtually.
I’m not in tech.
I’m actually a songwriter.
I’m releasing an album and I’m
trying to avoid spending money
in ways like hiring
publicists so on and so forth.
– Yes.
– [Daniel] I’m trying to really
ramp up my social side. What I’ve
been doing is I’ve invested in
several giveaway items to try
and accumulate a street team
which has worked and I was just
going to find out if you had
any additional ideas because you
will hear about me sooner or
later because this record will
get heard.
– Good for you man.
– [Daniel] I just wanted
to ask your opinion.
– Well, thanks and I’ll give
you some opinions and I’ll even
throw out there something
that we’ll give you.
If you want and you might’ve
noticed in the last DailyVee we
featured Ron Gilmore Jr.’s music
if you want to reach out to
DRock and talk about some of
your music if you want to have
some of your music featured in
an upcoming DailyVee, I’m not
sure what kind of music it is or
what DRock and Andy’s ears are
for that kind of stuff.
– [Daniel] Arabic rap.
– Great. I think you’re
really cool.
– [Daniel] I’m kidding.
– Got it.
The craziest is part I was
actually fucking pumped.
I was like yes Arabic rap I know
exactly with the kind intensity.
Anyway, one I’d love to offer
you that because fan of the
show, I’d love to be some
exposure so speak to them and
let’s see if that’s a fit.
Here’s my big plug: Influencers,
influencers, influencers.
I think you took a very
smart tactic of street teams.
I think books and albums when
they do that do quite well.
I think the biggest arbitrage
for attention at the lowest
possible cost right
now are influencers.
If you can get people to
do skits or other things on
Instagram with your music
I think you would crush.
And so I think if you spent two
hours a day just reaching out to
people based on
hashtags on Instagram.
So you go to Instagram you
search hashtags and then you
engage with people that
are putting out stuff around
thematics of either the names of
the songs or the genre of music
or things of that nature I think
you could really have a major
impact by getting some
influencers on board to give you
some awareness and
exposure to your music.
– [Daniel] What about TweetDeck?
Do you think I should continue
doing that ’cause I am engaging
with people through hashtags?
– Yes but I think Instagram
is a better push platform than
Twitter which is why
I’m pushing you that way.
I would also document the
journey of releasing an album.
I would write at least 2 to
4 articles of the journey of
releasing an album on
because their editors there pick
some articles and they populate
them to the top and I think
there could be some
real opportunity
for you there as well.
I would also reach out
to places like
HuffPo, Forbes,
Business Insider cold.
Send them an email and say would
you like me to write a piece
original for you on one
musician’s point of view on
releasing an
album in 2016, 2017?
All of them are always looking
for content and I believe that’s
a very inexpensive quick way for
you to get exposure to a crowd
that might be reading for
business or other things but
everyone loves music and you’re
getting awareness, got it?
– [Daniel] Got it totally.
How can I get in touch
with DRock regarding–
– It’s
– [Daniel] Okay and would it be
okay if I send you a signed copy
of my album and maybe a poster.
– That would be amazing.
Work with DRock he’ll
figure everything out and
I wish you well Daniel.
Thanks for
listening and watching.
Thanks brother.
Awesome, good show I
think we got better.
We made a quantum leap
from 200 to 202 but
that’s actually up to you.
That’s the question of the day
we need feedback as we go into
this new frontier so please
leave your two cents
on the show.
You keep asking questions,
especially if you call,
and I’ll keep answering them.
happens we can do fun little
banter and you can do little

How To Be taught A Information Each Day (three Step Skedaddle Finding out)

hey guys what is going on on that is Becker I used to be capturing some adverts and the boy as we speak an infinite white area that I’ve in my basement it is actually bizarre do not go down there it takes me like an hour to get out of right here whether or not being stated I need to reply some questions did you guys I am hitting me about and in the event you observe me on snapchat you see I learn a ton of books actually I attempt to learn 4 or 5 books per week I am not fairly up there with Tyler locations ebook a day however I need to present you precisely how I learn so shortly now earlier than we get into that remember to observe me on Instagram and subscribe as a result of what occurs folks asking questions on ask me something is on Instagram after which I reply the questions and video or in snapchat so how do you learn a ebook a day how do you learn lots of books per week so this is not going to be one of the best essentially the most thorough technique to learn a ebook okay however what you could perceive with lots of books which can be primarily based round studying stuff or studying abilities or choosing up new issues and nuggets as I wish to name them they repeat themselves an entire lot and there actually is not you are not studying these books to get enjoyment so I am such as you’re studying a Harry Potter ebook the place you are simply you bought to learn each web page you are gonna miss that Dumbledore information on web page 256 by the best way if you have not learn the ebook haha spoiler aha han Solo dies in Star Wars 2 if you have not seen it by now you deserve that as effectively so in any case the way you learn the books is you need to get as many nuggets out as you presumably can and that is type of a way I bought from ty Lopez and likewise studying lots of velocity studying guides and how one can learn books as quick as shortly so gotta cite my sources I do not wanna be like guess what I like guys information and studying a ebook a day that may that may create some raised eyebrows okay so in any case that is the way you do it in the event you do not watch that video that is the way you do it so mainly what you need to do is you need to extract as many nuggets as you may from the ebook or studying it as shortly as doable okay what I do is I’ve a notepad subsequent to me the whole time and I am going to take notes each time I discover a new concept or the ebook time evokes me to have a brand new concept and one of many explanation why I learn lots of books is whenever you’re at a plateau it makes you begin considering and seeing issues in a unique gentle and when you won’t 100% use the whole lot from the ebook it helps you type of change your thoughts and views that lets you transfer previous that plateau so what you need to do is you need to learn the primary chapter after which what you need to do is learn the final chapter what that does is offer you gist of the ebook and vital issues which can be being mentioned no what you do is you go to each single chapter you learn the primary paragraph and you then learn the final paragraph they’re often going to sum up the whole lot within the chapter at this level then what you need to do is undergo the chapter a paragraph by paragraph studying the primary sentence and if it applies to you or if it looks like a giant level as a result of what lots of authors do is that they spend like three pages making one level in the event you can simply get to that time and go okay so earlier than I ask earlier than I begin an important dialog I must ask myself these three questions increase you simply bought the essential level out of there and what you need to do is take as many essential factors out of it whereas skimming over all of the fluff what most books are is about 15 to 20 actually good factors or classes after which three inside pages of fluff you needn’t learn all of the fluff that is the vital factor to remove from this so you may learn the opposite stuff however whenever you discover the massive factors the bolded phrases what the conclusion of every few pages is learn that learn the stuff round it and type of skim by way of these first paragraphs that you just went by way of and type of piece collectively and that is the way you’re in a position to get the gist of what is being stated within the ebook now some folks would possibly say effectively you are not rooting each phrase so not getting the complete quantity of the ebook among the best books I ever learn was known as the one factor it is an amazing ebook you may go test it out google it I am not going to hyperlink you you lazy piece of and what the ebook does is as superb factors that helped me quite a bit however it repeats itself for nearly 200 pages okay like sure you could deal with one factor I get it okay I do not want you needn’t spend two hours studying that now who’s going to know extra okay the man that goes on the market and reads 5 books of the week and takes away 100 150 factors or essential classes or the man that reads one ebook each two weeks that simply reads each single phrase and pulls out like ten massive classes it will be the primary man in order that’s how you could look and that is how you could have a look at your studying the quickest technique to be taught stuff shortly is to have the ability to skip to the content material that does not apply to you otherwise you already know after which get straight into the content material that really offers you these aha moments and so that is what I do with each ebook that I learn I’ve already learn that one so disrespecting books that is not instance in any case that is how I do it that is it observe me on Instagram ask me questions I am going to reply them on snapchat which you’ll be able to observe me on as effectively in the event you like movies like this subscribe why would you not in the event you watch these why aren’t you subscribed okay I would like that quantity to go increased so I can really feel cool about myself brag to my buddies you can even observe me beneath this in the event you’re on cell phone in order that’s all I bought for you okay

Gary Vaynerchuk Dialog at LinkedIn

good afternoon LinkedIn how’s everybody doing today all right good afternoon happy Thursday and welcome to the New York City local edition of LinkedIn speaker series out of curiosity how many of you have attended a local edition speaker series before fantastic look at all those hands will fantastic so for those of you who are brand new to the program or joining over the stream the New York City local edition is an extension of our LinkedIn global speaker series program which is basically the whole point is to take all these local rockstars that exist in New York City bring them into our office to inspire and form us spark conversations start connections and really just make sure that we’re being informed about all the different things that are new next note or the across different industries and fields so so excited to have you all today and even more excited to introduce you to our phenomenal guests gary vaynerchuk so how many of you had the chance to see hear or read about gary in the news at some point almost everyone’s hands fantastic so I personally and what’s above like 70% of the room will just round up but super excited to welcome Gary so for those of you who don’t know and many of you do know Gary is the internet famous social guru and builder of businesses famous for everything from lemonade to selling wine has his very own digital media agency vaynermedia which he runs with his brother since 2009 which has had great success he is the definition of an entrepreneur with total hustle so very excited to welcome him to really inform and inspire us share what’s new what’s next what’s noteworthy within his space and he’s going to be joined by our very own chip cutter one of our senior editors here at LinkedIn so with that help me give a warm LinkedIn welcome to Gary as well as chip come on up guys all righty so I’m going to hand it over to chip as well as Gary but with that know that of course we want you to be social throughout this experience so you can talk to Gary via his handle at Gary Vee Vee or using our hashtag and speaker so have fun get social and gentlemen can they just raise their hand yeah they can do that to go do it online offline the whole thing all right with that here chip thank you be great we’re gonna keep this really casual going to talk for a little bit then we want to get make sure we have plenty of time for QA thrilled Gary’s here so as you all know we have this tradition here where we asked guest speakers to tell us or ideally show us something that’s not on their LinkedIn profile so so Gary what’s your what’s your secret Talent my secret on your special what’s not on your LinkedIn profile that we should know about uh what’s not in on my LinkedIn profile is I once judged the Miss America contest two years ago I’ve been thinking about putting that on my LinkedIn actually so that was kind of weird that was special talent oh I can I can do this with my tongue it’s about all I got hey that’s perfect that’s great I’m pretty one-dimensional luckily that thing makes money so I’ve been able to survive but but I mean so tell me about that I mean so you you hosted Miss America you you I don’t you’ve developed a wine business from from you know this into this huge kind of online juggernaut you’ve you’re now working at this digital agency you’ve got a ten book deal with Harper how do you kind of think about your career how do you get to how did you get to this point well I think you know and this is just the truth when I look up there and I see guru it makes me want to stab myself in the neck I know where I’m at as somebody who talks a lot and I understand why it happens and it has a lot to do with just my overall DNA and I know how I communicate and what my shtick is but I take a lot of pride in the fact that I was thirty years old before I ever even popped up my head to the world and had already built a 40 million dollar a year business by just being an operator right so I think that I take a lot of pride that my digital agency has gone from three to a hundred million dollars in revenue in four years and that’s been on execution that’s not because I’m funny or I have a lot of Twitter followers that’s because the biggest brains of the world and decided we do a better job than droga or widening Kennedy or 360 I like I mean I’m a business I think of myself as a businessman who happens to have a personality that because his mom gave him so many compliments as a kid he’s desperate for compliments from others and so he has to put himself out there to had to have scale in admiration so it’s just the truth right like that just like luckily I also have self-awareness so I can say that but like to me probably the most fun that I have in my career is that I know probably half of you and any of your friends and 80% of America when they first see a video in a Facebook feed or read it influence your post or watch me on YouTube or see me at a public event literally think that I’m a bullshit snake oil salesman I’m not confused that that’s kind of six seven out of tens people’s first reaction there’s a digital there’s a very dirty little secret about that spiel though is when you actually have the chops you start getting double credit for not being full of shit and so I actually think I get more credit for my business accomplishments because nobody thought that that’s what I was actually doing and so that’s kind of a funny thing well and your your your personality your brand is so much a part of your company’s brand and everything else too I mean so how have you how have you thought about that I mean we’re right now we’re being filmed by your daily video show do you rock d-roc is back there or dailyvee so how do you think about all that of you’re kind of building you up your own personal brand everything else there too you’ll have different levers right like I did basically here’s what I do for a living I day trade attention so what I do for a living is I day trade end user attention that’s how I launched an e-commerce website in 1996 even though that I had no tech skills and really even knew what the hell I was doing the only thing I knew was that when people were gonna buy things on the Internet and that was not something you’re all youngsters like a lot of you don’t remember this that was highly debated the Internet itself was a debated thing and so that was the macro-level and then basically email newsletter and Google AdWords and YouTube content and Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn content has out you know you said to me earlier you were so nice when I first reached out you were in right away I was laughing because I was like of course you had one of the biggest platforms in the world around the context of business I want to be there in that space to me that was the easiest yes of my life well I remember it was like a Friday afternoon I called you up we were talking about the influencer program we first launched this you were I think I got like two sentences out you’re like I’m in I do this all the time No spamming him I was like I was like 100% and so the reason the you know to me I’ve been watching snapchat for three years and only in January did I start getting really loud of like this is gonna work to me there is no doubt that snapchat is at scale and we’ll be at scale for mainstream because there’s a network effect at a certain scale and so I am very good intuition on what everybody in this room is going to do a lot of times before they even realize they’re gonna do it that’s my core thing that’s what I’ve got and now I’m trying to scale it and the reason I decided to hide it my career to take a step back and eat shit and build a client service business was because I needed to scale the one thing I had and that’s not what I have now I have a 600 person for office 100 million dollar revenue business that scale is my capability as a human to understand really had a day trade attention and know when something’s overpriced or under priced and know how to not be a headline reader in the world of social media 24 months ago when everybody was crying about Facebook organic reach and Wow they pulled the rug from underneath us and this is so bad and don’t do it anymore I knew as a practitioner that the best ad product that I’ve seen since early Google AdWords was being built and so and then I became a practitioner in it I’m a practitioner in snapchat the reason I do snapchat stories I want to be a practitioner YouTube was something I was on so early that I took it for granted and I realized I had to get my game back on and so that’s why I do content because I’m learning through my own consecration and then I have my own like spiel the reason I do daily be is because I spew a lot about hustle and I realize crap I don’t think people really realize that I am fundamentally out working everybody so basically this is just propaganda to stick it to everybody that I work harder than that hey you can see we watch you all day long what you’re doing everything else – yep let’s go back to this idea of like trading the attention though and snapchat what was the moment when they told you okay snapchat is the real deal this is something we got to kind attention more attention to I mean very very very early on there you know I also enjoy the other thing about being good at this is you get the i-told-you-so moments right like I love the clip when I was on with Piers Morgan saying that Facebook stole Instagram for a billion dollars which led to 10,000 tweets that I was an idiot because a lot of you remember was only 500 days that Instagram was in business and like a billion it’s crazy that it wasn’t that long ago but a billion for that seemed like outer space and the same thing would snapchat I’ve been on snapchat very aggressively since 2013 what got me to pay attention or the moment was tens of millions of people were using it like this is like the funniest thing like nothing bothers me more than when people set first guru but ii ii is futurist or disruptor right you know to me I think I’m the most practical operator and marketer in the world I just mark it for the day we actually live in right now not yesterday not tomorrow so do I know VR or after school or musically are emerging and things will happen of course but do I think it’s the best use of every dollar and hour right now no I do not and so I that’s what I do so I watch snapchat every day and then 9 10 months ago I’m like okay this is really hitting critical mass and then when I watched the first week of what was happening with dj khaled I was like okay this is millions this is millions of people watching this this isn’t the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands that I thought people were getting from snapchat this is three million I got a screenshot from it like three million people I’m like okay this is now a real true meaningful scale which means it’s not just 13 to 18 and then I just live life right like I travel so much I started seeing 30 and 40 year old people with a yellow app on their home screen right like it was really that basic and then there’s the thing that blows my mind which is everybody this room can do what I do which is wake up in the morning and the first thing I do grab their phone look at the App Store top 103 apps and look at the charts it’s just been sitting there in the top five for fucking I don’t know a year and a half like that’s real data like I’m like there’s no guest I’m not I’m not predicting musically success it’s been a top 20 app for four and a half months like it’s like this is just very basic yeah so so and then so for people in this room then too and everything how should I mean you were quoted in a Wired story saying snapchats about to have its mom moment right where it just crosses generations and everything else – how should marketers and sales people and everybody else that’s in this room how should they be thinking about it and well I mean look I mean you know you said ahead of time there’s a lot of salespeople here and I’m like cool I’m a Salesman like that’s like that’s all I do all this stuff or so in a b2b environment you know you just got to think about what what works for example I think Sports Center marketing television 1988 292 is really interesting what do I mean by that ESPN knew that Fox and CNN were coming and we’re gonna have competitive sports networks so they knew that anybody could cover Jordan and Griffey and Gretzky so what they did was they started story telling about their newscasters they made their employees the item I think one of the best lengthens business could be better if LinkedIn’s snapchat account right now was actually you guys doing your version of the office and building the personal like just going around and doing that because then that’s going to make you more human and any of the 23 to 30 year old decision makers of 2017 in a b2b space are gonna feel a bigger connection to you if they’re a nerd funnel if you’re putting out that kind of content now that sounds silly that’s not like that’s not the common thing that people are thinking about but these are the things I look at because I look at history to repeat itself quite a bit you know I think pattern recognition is extremely important in what we’re living through now because the Internet itself is really changing the game and we’re still just in a very guys we’re only 20 years into this like I know it’s been around longer but I mean normal people started going in 95 you know and so it’s still very very very early and so for me they should be thinking about a does the person they’re trying to get to actually spend time and attention on that probably not but I would say in 2017 and 18 it does and if they want to use that you know it’s like running a marathon if you’re not training for it you get caught a lot of companies have the audacity by not doing this stuff that they’ll just throw money at it but then you don’t have the cadence and you don’t have the context and you struggle with the transition and you miss your opening so I do a lot of early behavior stuff not for the ROI of the moment but 18 24 months I’m very I’ve done well with Instagram video or snapchat because I learned a lot back on social cam if you guys remember that that was hot for I don’t know eight seconds but it was very hot because the newsfeed on Facebook big dit that millions of users wasn’t good enough product to have the long-standing but I learned a lot about 10-second video production in a mobile environment that I then deployed against vine which was very successful REE that I’m now deploying against snapchat and while we’re on video I mean what do you think of of meerkat and periscope and everything too are you so focused on those or no I love live streaming I think I think we’ve all seen this it’s hard to be good at live so I think right now there’s a lot of crap on it but I think it’s a very big medium I think anything that happens in real life will happen in our world and so live television is real and so I do think like I could see eSports and the gaming leagues doing really well with stuff like that or some sport that doesn’t exist right now using that as their live mechanism to the world you know I’m an early investor in meerkat but I’m spending all my time in periscope and Facebook because I need to be historically right not my investments be successful so that’s how I’m thinking about that landscape right now I also say another thing for all salespeople here I came from B to C right I tried to get any person in America that drank wine to buy for me I’ve now been in b2b I think b2b marketing is the best I love it when you actually know the name of the human being that you’re trying to get to this is the holy grail that I’ve been expecting from you guys my great disappointment personally with this company outside of all the things that I love is I just want a better ad product that lets me I mean the fact that I can target people against their job description or things like the dream that I had three years ago when I was in the office here that I thought was coming soon it’s still not here is when somebody changes a job I wanted to run Wine Library champagne congratulation ads but I want it to be more see the thing is it’s got to be seamless and they have to consume it but these are the things that I think about right hey where’s the attention clearly you’ve got the b2b attention the problem is it’s used too much as a utility then you guys came along and I was like yes this is what’s going to happen now I just need the ad integration to be stronger and I would spend a boatload of money on a platform like this or any other platform that has people’s attention especially when I understand the psychology of that person on the platform if I’m trying to sell to a 42 year old woman executive what I would put in front of her content wise on Facebook Pinterest and LinkedIn would be substantially different because of the psychology of her when she’s in that stream and so the reason I wrote Jab Jab Jab right hook my last book was because we are not spending enough time understanding that these social networks they are not distribution channels they’re actually places you should tell stories you just have to understand the context just like old-school TV what you put on at 11:00 p.m. at night on NBC is different than when you put on at 3:00 p.m. and so those are the things that I spend a lot of time on the psychology of the end user got it so I want to get into you know one of the things that you do you’re running a venture capitalist now you have a your you have a seed fund you’re doing you’re raising another another round with that um what are you looking at right now what interests you where are you looking kind of trend wise the next 12 to 18 months I’m very hard on eSports I think that twitch reminds me a lot of MySpace let me explain not that they’re similar or have similar outcomes when myspace sold a lot of the BC people kind of said well that was the big social media exit and they kind of got lazy to understand it was the first inning not the end and I think twitches billion dollar exit has a lot of people saying well that’s that and I think eSports is just starting I mean when I think about where eSports is 15 years from now more people are watching the eSports World Championship match of the biggest game of the moment then are going to watch everything but probably the Superbowl so I want to ride that trend so I’m paying attention to that I’m obsessed with VR and I mean obsessed but I’m obsessed the way I was about the Internet itself in 1994 what I mean by that is we’re much further away from VR being real consumer than people realize all the people that look like me all the fucking gurus we’re going to all say it’s here it’s not here but what is here is getting into the pitches and the forks the infrastructure there’ll be a lot of money to be made if you can buy the companies that you know the big companies of the world are gonna have to buy to be successful VR sound is something I’m paying attention stuff like that so I’m very bullish VR is the first thing that’s come along in society that reminds me of the Internet itself and I think it will fundamentally change all of our lives 20 years from now including things like tourism think about a world everybody’s worried very young in here think about a world in 20 years when you’re wearing contact lenses not this fucking oculus shit contact lenses and your brain is 98.6% in bill of what you’re seeing and you’re looking at the Eiffel Tower it’s interesting I mean if you’re getting that far along in your brain believing it like I don’t know what none of us know what that one 41.4 looks like and I don’t know if that data is right that’s being spewed but I can tell you that everything in our society has to be rethought if we really believe we’re somewhere or with someone and definitely the movie industry and the gaming video game industry like are clearly going to be disrupted in those are huge industries so I’m very excited about that space and then honestly I’m just in the jockey business right if I find an entrepreneur that I really believe in that has the ability to pivot three or four times and figure it out I’m always looking for that girl that guy because they win they just adjust they know how to manage their burn I think we just lived through the greatest year of fake entrepreneurs you know for the last five years what I mean by that is everybody saw the social network movie and decided since they were under 25 they were fucking CEO of a startup it and so I mean and it makes me sad right because there’s so many kids that I meet every day that would have made a lot of money if they did go to beta Mackenzie for three years learn craft and a 20-7 would have had great careers right now they’re wasting their time because they really aren’t number ones they don’t have the stomach for it like being an entrepreneur is a different game like it’s like there’s a level of pressure you know the one thing I’m trying to talk more about the reason I’m trying to talk more people out of it is not because I want more for me there’s room for everybody it’s that we’re not talking about the downside of all the failures that are happening there are literally people in our space that are committing suicide there are people in massive depression because they failed and it’s only because they put themselves in a position to fail because everybody just feels that if they go to an Ivy League school and they have rich ecosystems that they should do their business and there’s so many you know the number seven guy and the number 13 gal at Facebook made a fuckload of more money than anybody that’s going to start a company in the next ten years you know so not having self awareness of what you actually are are it and because of the hyperbole of entrepreneurship right now is causing a lot of people to have limited upside and success interesting like well we’re gonna open up to Q&A soon but you touched on something on the aspect of storytelling what would your advice here be for for some of the people who are in sales and in different functions throughout the company what would your advice be for them for their own storytelling approach to reverse engineer everything and to listen 24/7 365 I’m selling a ton of shit in a b2b environment by following the people that I want to sell to on social networks and figuring out what they like in the world besides being who they are as a professional and reverse engineering and exploiting their passions as a way to sell them so in real English I mean go follow people on Twitter and if they’re into fishing talk to them about fishing and then sell them your SAS product you said you said take it when you burn a post about taking a month off I’m selling right I’m just not doing it just listening and everything else do right so I talk so much that people are confused I listen 98% of my life that’s what I do for a living I listen and it’s confusing because I’m a paradox that way because I talk so much but it’s only after I’ve listened to fully I’ve literally been watching everybody to the scale of my human capabilities for three years on their behavior on snapchat that’s why I feel like I’m ready to talk and the b2b stuff is a fucking money pit it’s amazing like I think I I have no empathy for you guys I think it’s super easy compared to me to say I’m being dead serious you know it stand at fucking Ogilvie or you know it’s Rick at AT&T this shouldn’t be that hard and more importantly what you have to do is you have to eliminate romance you have to understand what they care about more than what you care about and that’s too common mistake of sales people like no shit you’re trying to hit your numbers and do your thing but if you know what the rationale is to why they’re not using you you need to exploit that you need to figure out what that vulnerability is and explain that to them so I’m just reverse engineering at scale it’s why prep for zero meanings you know zero prep I’m gonna listen like never like I have to walk in and listen for a little bit and then I’ll know what to do by the end you’re not reading up on them before and you’re not checking out their social accounts any of that kind of stuff you’re no not not if it’s a real pit like I mean no answer’s no later I may do some of the stuff I just talked about of getting to know them or if there’s like I need but no no I’m not what other mistakes just drive you crazy you see sales people in your own office you see marketers and other places what just drives you insane people are still doing some things certain ways it’s more of that marketing in the year that you live in you’re still using lines that had a value prop nine months ago and you’ve just become a robot you’ve got a script and you’re like like I I said a meeting today where one of my people didn’t like I wanted to punch him in the face like you know just it’s it’s just uh it’s what they do they’re just repeating or just repeating horseshit like I just you know people are just fuckin headline readers and don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about and just repeat the fucking company line when they already know that the person doesn’t give a fuck like they’re just mailing it in you know alright cool so that’s what’s it that’s that’s a bad salesperson right you’re just better off going like the reason I think I’m a good salesperson I’d rather go in and if I can read that it’s not gonna be a win I’d rather just get out of there I’ll take my 18 minutes back and honestly I want to be respectful to them and as a matter of fact somebody doesn’t want to buy from you that if they see that you’re responding to that and you get out of there and you respect their time they probably gonna do business with you at some point in four or ten or fifteen years from then like to me it’s just respecting the meritocracy of the game I respect the game business entrepreneurship more than I care about my own KPIs and that has allowed me to be very successful is the goal the eventual goal sold by the New York Jets 100% that is the goal people know about it people do the Jets uh just know about it yeah um you know I look I sold my agency when I knew I was gonna grow it substantially at a very low cost I sold a piece of my agency to Steve Ross the owner to the Miami Dolphins because I wanted to get into the ecosystem and so all my behavior maps that one KPI and actually think that’s super important like I literally sold a company on a nickel on the dollar because I literally was growing it super fast I was in full control I knew I was going to run it I left a lot of money in the table tens of millions of dollars of personal wealth on the table because I know that I want to buy the New York Jets and so when the opportunity presented itself so when you actually know like this is just like let’s get out of like business like if you actually know yourself like if you actually know what you want to happen in your life or like how you’re well hardwired the second you make that shift to actually reverse engineer that at all costs including short-term losses you win and it’s hard and I don’t want to get into not practical stuff of like your not being able to pay or student loans or rent or upset your parents or your spouse but fuck man this you’ll only really get to do this sometime and like playing a game that doesn’t map what you actually want it to be is a really big mistake on that note I think let’s open it up um yeah I’ll be doing like sorry yeah we’re gonna use the mic so we can hear it in the recording if that’s okay thank you big glamorous walk to the mic and if you guys have other questions you’ll just want to start lining up so we can do it seamless oh you’re gonna you you can’t like take the mic and bring it to them because we’re gonna lose like four questions cuz people are fucking lazy so you guys are seriously official right what’s up getting that’s up man how’s it going what’s your name our thermally a fold so to eat to your entrepreneurship point on your snapchat to three weeks ago you asked for people that are you know write in or tell you what they wanted what their goals were you’re sort of contradicting that today saying you know you want to get like that Bain McKinsey feel before you just like go in and call it quits become an entrepreneur it’s something I’ve been struggling with personally yeah you and I first interacted when I was on the Obama campaign back in the day and I wanted you to see some wine tastings as an entrepreneur then I then went to finance I went to LinkedIn and I still have great ideas but I feel like I’m too afraid to make a jump into being an entrepreneur again yeah so like what advice would you have given I feel like I can comfortable saying this cuz we’re all about transformation what advice would you have to like taking a step away from your day-to-day that you love and you really enjoy but you know your endgame is somewhere else I think you have to calibrate if you’re a entrepreneur or if you have entrepreneurial tendencies and I think this is something that’s not being talked about enough either which is to me and I’m one guy so I don’t get to say what it is but to me the definition of an entrepreneur you can’t work at LinkedIn ever like there was no like there was no there was there was no I was gonna work somewhere right like that like it couldn’t even like rap like I could’ve breathe I couldn’t even do school I became an F student because by 14 there now I’m probably all the way over here for the more normal conversation you know I think I think it comes down to that conversation you’re having in your head all the time to me I love entrepreneurship and the process so much that I need nothing I don’t need like I would I want to sleep on the floor with four buddies in a studio in Hoboken because entrepreneurship is more interesting to me than a nice watch right I mean it I mean it’s a very simple equation you can do it you just have to give up a lot of shit and are you willing to and that’s it and so there’s no advice there’s just the conversation you’re having with yourself and recognizing that you can have and you know what’s amazing about the internet you can do both this didn’t exist before it’s why I wrote crush it the first book I wrote was really just about you know 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 in the morning you know if you’re complaining so much and you don’t want to have a job but you have to feed your family or pay off your college loans good news your parents didn’t have this option but all of you do go home and instead of watching fucking Breaking Bad you work and work from 9:00 to 2:00 in the morning for long enough until you built something that allows you to switch I mean it’s quite practical and there’s nothing I can and you’re right I do contradict myself because it’s the advice is not forever like everything but he’s got their own advice I don’t know everybody individually if we hung for 30 days I’d probably be able to have a much better answer but I will say this if you have entrepreneurial tendencies you should always that should become your full-time 24/7 365 hobby you know no more bowling no more I’ve never been to a happy hour in my fucking life like you know what I mean these are this is time to do what you want to do if you really want it on the flip side maybe it’s not like in the flip side there’s a lot of times that I wish I had more balance in my DNA like being on the bowling team sounds kind of cool like like you know like like being able to relax and not know that everything is your fault is kind of interests you know when it’s yours it’s all your every single problem at vaynermedia Wine Library and Manor capital is 100% my fault because I empower everybody else that’s fucking up so there’s a lot of pressure with that I mean I don’t know if that answered it but like yeah cool hey Gary and Jesse hey Jess um a really specific question um I like you I like the grind Thanks sounds crazy yeah I do hey question is aside from revenue yes I from traction aside from see your business growing how do you measure it how do you measure your grind ability that’s a good question a lot of different ways um first I measure on impact how many emails am I getting on a day that are similar to that question or the result of something I did that impacted so like the dailyvee stuff where dafuq is see the askgaryvee show and the books and and taking an hour and doing this is hopefully for one person to get or one person hearing that answer over there saying fuck that’s right you know impact like you know you know what’s really an you know money’s awesome right and more followers and bullshit metrics that’s fine nothing and I mean nothing is like getting an email every single day of your life or two or four that start with you changed my fucking life now when you’re scared shitless of the word guru and you don’t want to be Tony Robbins or Oprah or the secret you’re pushing and you’re pushing in the other direction too but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the most important measuring stick I have is that for some unknown reason through my energy and my communication style I’ve been able to break through and help people it just I don’t feel comfortable making 50 to 100 million dollars a year just being that because I myself have cynicism around that and so I need to identify with myself as being an entrepreneur operator so I need to build things but to me you know I laughs I think digital agencies all these digital shops they’ve all become my friends and contemporaries they would be devastated if they realized that I was able to build a much bigger business than they have over they’ve been running for 1215 years I’ve tripled their size in four and if they realized that I’m not spending a hundred percent of my time doing that it would really fuck with them right you know like to me I take enormous pride in the operations part but I’m pumped and I still have twenty to twenty-five percent of my time that I’m giving back to the overall community and I’m guilted into it like I actually within 2000 like when I stopped while rbtv like I kind of wanted to walk away completely and just build businesses and then I just kept getting emails from crush it and they’re like the emails are intense like my fucking dad died and then this happened and then I read watched 38 seconds of a YouTube video and good things happen you start getting worried that are I started honestly saying am i selfish to the narrative I would say don’t be romantic write about other things I was like fuck I’m being romantic to be respected as a business man and I don’t want to be this guru thing but meanwhile the only person that benefits is what I want the narrative to be meanwhile all these people like and so that’s really how I measure it am i capable of putting my ass on two toilets of both being a businessman and both being content that drives results for others that’s my I know that’s not you know that’s my personal way of doing it and I think everybody’s got their own version of that right are you happy about the way you are as a parent or do you feel good about yourself as a citizen of the world are you deploying enough energy against NGOs and nonprofits what’s the other part of you even though you’re grinding 24/7 that you feel good that you’re bringing to the table is how I think about it yeah yeah I was some intense shit right there I know Gary this is that getting deep know how I follow that up Gary Connor Connor thanks for doing this pleasure when you’re looking at investing in a medium or a new channel whether it be like snapchat Pinterest the internet way back when how do you measure adoption versus perception so when do you know the iron’s hot looking at snapchat which a lot of people still think is like this sexting thing college kids use most people think right and I’m sure we could get Donald Trump to put a LinkedIn shirt on yeah and a lot of people would see it but it would speak negatively because yeah perception how do you know and judge that and it seems like you’re pretty good so because I trust the masses over the tastemakers right because the LinkedIn t-shirt would get negative responses from the authorities and the tastemakers but maybe not from the masses so for me being super immigrant and quite average and pretty much everything but this little thing that we’re focused on in this talk and just you know just remembering where I comfort like I don’t know I feel much closer to Sally Arkansas then I feel in my body to any of my rich friends that now surround me 24/7 365 it’s just it’s the taste in my you know it’s funny I ran into a Clive Davis right his son was like like came up like I met him somewhere and we were at a Knicks game the other day and he’s like me my dad and I was talking to him for a little bit and I thought it was good opportunity for me to look at somebody who does something similar in a different way and like it took how to talk to him about like what does he feel when he hears that that first time that somebody sings and then and he knows that they’re gonna be huge right and he couldn’t really is his answer was shit in the same way that my answer is shit to you right now right it’s I don’t know what I know is that fucking I just go now like it’s literally so ridiculous like I’m uh I’m almost embarrassed by the lack of answer for this I pay attention I put in my work I watch people you know I do silly real-life data stuff like look at the app store and there’s some yellow app at the bottom download it like I’m a prac Tichenor hey I’m traveling weird that yellow app that showed up at 1:30 in the rankings that’s staying there and has it moved out yet I’ve seen that yellow app on a lot of fourteen-year-old girls at the airport that’s actually by the way if you ever hear that I got arrested I am NOT a creeper it’s just that I’m really all up in on teenagers phones when I’m at the airports some dad almost beat the shit on me the other day what is your crime did you find anything snapchat happened to me that way the reason I was so early on snapchat was it kind of popped a little bit on the bottom of the charts and then I just cuz luckily honestly no joke luckily it was yellow you want to talk about something easy to see like when people just I’m like I’m seeing that a lot just started digging like um but when I decide all in like I have what snapchat it’s usually just a combination of pure math and a lot of intuition right some things don’t scale some things you were just given right and I feel like I really understand people I like at the ultimate I think I’m the ultimate salesman I think I can I mean to get really crazy deep the reason I’m a happy person is because I truly think I can manipulate anybody and the fact that I don’t do bad things with that makes me feel super at peace with myself seriously dude like honestly I think that my IQ I don’t even know what it is I should probably figure it make a good post I should probably figure out what my IQ is because I don’t know what it is but I’m super not excited about it but I in my will have a line that says if humans ever figure out how to quantify EQ I want to be dug up and tested because I truly believe that I’m all-time that you’re that you’re good at 100% true what’s up Gary hey bro how’s it going awesome um so you mentioned a little bit about nonprofits and all that stuff I was curious where you think social entrepreneurship is going and just social enterprises in general I think it’s shit right now because I think everybody saw TOMS shoes and realized they can make money by fronting that they give a fuck so where do you think it’s going and how can it be done yeah it’s true right yeah and we all the reason everybody’s laughing is cuz we all know it’s true like all of a sudden after TOMS shoes did well every pitch I saw in 2013 and I was on the board of I was a well member of charity water and I was I’m on the board of pencils of promise those are fancy NGOs of the day and so I would get pitched eight thousand times and literally before anything came out of their mouths like okay listen for every umbrella we sell we give two umbrellas to the people in the Congo you know it’s like just like like it was just it was it was a tactic right now as a marketing tactic right correct now that’s why to answer your question I’m actually quite excited about it because now we’re on the tail and it’s Esau’s right it’s how I think about social networks we want completely open for the most part with Twitter and Facebook wasn’t completely opened but it was open then snapchat because of the openness had an opportunity to be a little bit more closed I actually think the next Twitter’s gonna get built in the next five years and so I’m really like kind of like trying to pay attention the the space that I most was upset about that I missed was tinder I invested in so when Grindr got big in the gay male community I’m like this is a hundred percent gonna happen with guys and girls so I invested in yo Bongo in one in high light I chased I tried to get into high light I chased every single people discovery app which I knew would mean let’s hook up and so thank God tinder was incubated I never got a chance to invest in it but like no joke in 2011-12 and in 213 the biggest fear of my life was I was going to miss that app because I knew it was going to explode it’s how I feel right now that NGOs or social entrepreneurship I think that somebody who comes with pure intent and not a tactic is going to produce a very meaningful company I’m just waiting for that nothing that I’ve seen maybe it’s out right now you know I don’t see everything but I do think that we do as humans have enormous amounts of compassion and we’d like to get behind those kind of things the problem is we know that all the hucksters came in and used that tactic and so we kind of all shut down from that it was kind of why I was getting so mad back in the day on social where people were so desperate to get their following counts up like Haiti haiti’s earthquake was that the the worst moment for me in marketing really because literally even my friends people were doing things like for every Twitter follower I get from this tweet I’ll donate $1 to the Haiti fund you know like that cat and I was just like literally I’m just sitting all day just replying like hey fuckface why don’t you just donate to the daily fund like you know like are you working on anything now that is you know socially beneficial this is a quick – yeah sure to meet now to me Scott Harrison from charity water really helped me on this makes this answer a lot more fun than it would have been if I didn’t meet him he said we were sitting down one day and said you know Gary I’ve got to really know you’re good dude he goes you’re just playing this traditionally meaning nonprofits and doing good he’s like I can tell your plan is to just amass a lot of wealth and your 60s and 70s and 80s you’ll do all the right things and he said why not now and it really hit me and so for the last several years what I’ve been doing is whether it is pencils of promise or charity water or other things that affect my family I’ve been doing a ton of here’s the funny thing with me with this subject matter even right now I’m not like Dirac I don’t want this like I’m very uncomfortable using my good stuff as my public conversation because so many of my scumbucket friends use nonprofit as a disguise to paint a picture that they’re good people so I’m trying to go the other way I in the same way I like to surprise people that I actually have chops I once had somebody trolling me on this issue okay Gary Vee fucking Mark Cuban and Jason Calacanis and Tim Ferriss always talking about charity stuff and tweeting like why don’t you and to the point where he just basically say I was a bad guy I literally met him at a Starbucks on the Upper East Side and showed him my tax return so I what I’m yeah I’m a little weird what he said ya know I wanted to teach him lesson the kid was kind of cool I was like I showed in my tax return he was completely blown away by my donations and I said you’re a fucking idiot you’re confused by what they’re doing and you buy into that anybody can formulate the PR story of themselves if they want to like I’m like here’s what I do I do this and I don’t talk about it I do talk about myself as a businessman and everybody thinks I have an e gonna sand that and I’m like I’m fine with that because that’s business like that’s what this is winning and losing there’s no like there’s no like this is real like this is competition like people really don’t want you to win you want to win like it’s not super complicated so what I do is I am very heavily involved with the one thing the biggest asset my life is my time and so what I do for Autism Speaks and for pencils of promise and charity water is the biggest thing I think I could be doing and then of course I donate for stuff I mean yeah yes and then the other thing I’ve started doing more of I did it yesterday and felt so good start realizing I’m giving money to certain things because of people and doing less from my inner circle and so I had a friend who has a go fund me yesterday that somebody else started for him because his car went on fire and so I donated to that yesterday so I’m trying to like hack what what’s the right thing to do by the ultimate judge and jury of the universe and so I don’t do a lot of pup like the two things I don’t talk about in public is my family like it’s hard to find pictures of my kids like all my friends that are social media gurus love to use their kids to fucking spike up their fucking stats right I’m I think I’m playing the absolute reverse of what so many people think I’m doing when they first consume me and I’m excited about that long-term narrative yeah right I think we have time for one more is that yeah we got much – yeah cool great yeah I’m like three more I know it’s 4:30 like 4:30 have to be downstairs right fucking bang ow fucking tonight’s and 15 nice all right all right great um so this is a very basic question which writing Brenna Brennan’s meet you nice to meet you uh so I found myself pretending like I knew a lot of the companies you mentioned okay um so I’m wondering what’s the best way to stay informed I know you said you’re a practitioner and you’re constantly referencing like observing other people but how do you stay informed of startups or just just the whole ecosystem media and I’m in a weird spot in my career now because so much of its coming to me so you know one of the great things and one of the reasons I decided to build my personal brand the reason I built the personal brand was because I need the admiration the cuddling and all that but to was you start reversing it and it comes to you so I have a lot of stuff coming to me but there are a lot of tactics ice time this is boring but I’ll say for a fifth time the top 150 free apps in the App Store in Apple is a very easy way you see things pop up you’re like what’s yet Yaak you download it you play with it you now know what it is there’s producthunt which i think is a great utility if you want to know about that and then I still think what LinkedIn influencers do and what Twitter does well for what you know there are clearly tastemakers who can be the DJ’s for you I think really taking a step back and deciding the twenty six five nine people that you want to follow that are actually in the business to keep people informed with whatever you care about is quite me I mean the shit I give away for free is ludicrous seriously I’m giving away my best advice for free every day because I feel like that’s the best way to attract opportunity not to hold it back and sell it in a mastermind class or an e-book or at vaynermedia even so I would say there’s plenty people like me in different genres find those people follow them and let them be the DJs of all that noise for Jason Hirschhorn email list is incredible he’s also an influencer he writes I rep he’s amazing I think he’s super interesting I think there’s 25 to 50 DJs I’m assuming I don’t I know Jason’s one that I believe in that are out there that can really really help you and cut out the noise trim it whatever lists or subscriptions you’re in find those people for whatever you’re trying to achieve it’s very very very possible to achieve yeah you’re welcome they’re coming up there’s got to be more people in the audience that have question you make blood circulation it’s good to get up so I’m gonna ask this one and then you guys will have a minute to come ask a few more so this one’s coming from the stream the question is by the way the Downs the Dow is down 254 points I just want to make a random statement this is just ad hoc side note I’m so fucking pumped I want the economy to completely melt because well what I’ll tell you why because back to the fake entrepreneurs things the amount of bullshit businesses that are raising money that have nothing I hate when the economy is great because B and C and B players get to live a player lives I want meritocracy I want this I’m pumped and I’m going to lose a fuckload of money I’m sitting on so much paper money on snapchat Pinterest ubers like life-changing like all my feet like I’ll lose a shitload of money that’s how much I love meritocracy these down rounds from fidelity and everything like no worries you like this nothing worries me not when it comes to business sorry and we’re back alright the question from the stream gary is who is a better dinner conversation tim ferriss or kevin rose that’s a good question um for me it’s Tim Ferriss because I love how I just answer it um super didn’t dodge that so I’m much friendlier with Kevin rose and and feel much more kinship to Kevin Kevin really put me on like I feel like Kevin was like dr. Dre and I was like Snoopy like put like Digg nation’s changed my career that video blog the reason Tim’s more interesting for me is Kevin and I are so similar we have a lot of the same beliefs and so that’s a fun conversation to just you know ego it out for two hours and just go back and forth and say how awesome we are Tim’s on some different shit Tim’s like LSD is good and like you know like it Tim’s just in outer space in a place where I’m not and he’s super different than I am and and and super similar I would say we’re 80% similar but the 20% is massively interesting he’s thinking about things at a heavier level than I am he just is and some of those things are right and so I feel like learn more from Tim because our brains are different not that I feel like plenty of people learn more from than Tim and vice-versa it just depends on how you’re wired so for me the more interesting date is really Tim because he’s gonna be like dude there’s this new thing like if you take baby oil and this rock from Cambodia and you do this and he shave it on your head you’ll live forever I’m like really okay you know like like he’s into that kind of shit which I find interesting thank you and somebody else get up and ask something like this like is it I mean never see you again in real life never again um hi I’m Donna hey Donna um so I actually started my career in PR and back then it was like the cool thing to do everyone now it sure and now it doesn’t exist and everyone wants to work in digital agencies so um as someone who has a digital agency what do you think is sort of gonna be like the next wave of that and where do you think um the concept of PR is sort of going so I think I think this thing stays LLL evolve and I’ll probably be VR 15 years from now that disrupts it but here’s why PR got disturbed by this it was just that PR is b2b you know PR when it was cool and its heyday was b2b you had a rolodex you could influence the Today Show or the New York Times and what the internet did was commoditized storytelling and information and so now we’re all in play we all tomorrow can be that and so became the world of selling through stories became much more c2c than it became b2b and that’s why PR got disrupted so I think the thing that happens next is when the platform of attention shifts and I think the only thing in sight is VR and how will that work and what are going to be the rules of that world and does is there one is is this Facebook win and oculus controls all our contact lenses or Google and then they get to be the first page we see and they go back to b2b behavior versus see so I don’t I don’t think I don’t think there’ll be a change right now because so many voices can carry so much weight I think of it as remember when everybody said that a you know your 15 minutes of fame now I think of it as everybody’s famous to 15 people and I think that shift is a big one I think that her PR hey Gary David you got me to do something on Sunday that I thought I never would do I joined periscope you were tweeting from the Superbowl and I thought it was like it was awesome it’s cool right yeah it was it was like I can’t believe this happened or even I was like I thought I was gonna get arrested I got on the field somehow through David Levy the president Turner somehow finagle my way on the field of the Super Bowl and then I go on periscope and Facebook live and it was just crazy and the amount of fun you brought that up and this is what I do I do things and then I listen and so watching how many people like holy crap like I’m really not watching the pregame show I’m watching Gary Vee stream because it’s more access right it was more real and it was just like you know we like that stuff I felt like I was at the Super Bowl I was like on the field and I get to see what everyone’s talking about it was crazy you were passing the phone around to all your friends and other like it was great yeah I was like coming I’m there um thanks brother I wanted to click my shoes so yeah who do you rely on like for mentors or seek advice or is it all self manifested this questions tough because this is the one I think most puts me in that ego place that I’m always scared to be in because I’m in it to begin with I outside of my dad early on teaching me that which is really where I didn’t go and become a huckster at mastermind and really went to my word is bond my legacy matters I want to be good like he really helped me cuz I was cuz the reason I am what I am is I have all that bullshit in me besides that piece of advice and that moment I’ve been weird I’ve read like six books like I know nothing about all these other influencers outside of if I know them like really I don’t even know how they like I get into some weird things where people like bring up very famous people and I say things like who’s that like really inappropriate things like because I’m super undereducated on some of this stuff I’m so in my own shit it’s so I mean I didn’t even know this is not a joke what I’m about to tell you in 2006 when I was 31 years old I didn’t even know agency these were a thing because the way I built wine library I did it all myself direct to the platforms that I was using I didn’t even know that Madison Avenue advertising agencies existed somebody came to sell me billboards if you lived in New Jersey and during that time I just have billboards of myself up and talked about in our society there was billboards of me saying watch the Wine Library TV show because I literally used to drive from New York to New Jersey I’m like hey you know like and when the guy sold him to me I did the creative I gave it back to him and then he gave me a bill and I lost my shit because I didn’t know I thought he worked for CBS Viacom but he had some lope you know Lopez like mediate like he was a media agency who was charging him like for what like you know like like I literally didn’t even know there that ecosystem and the truth is my under education my lack of education my lack of that has hurt me because I had a pattern recognized later my life it’s why I’m gonna win later in my life the reason I’m not gonna buy the Jets in my 40s and I’m gonna buy him in my 70s is because I didn’t I didn’t know when I put all my personal post tax money into Twitter and Facebook this is satisfy I’m now 35 I didn’t know that I could go to other human beings and raise money and take 20% of the upside if I did I’d already be a billionaire because I would have bet my life on Facebook so like just think about that just basic something you could read when you’re 11 years old on the Internet of like carrying money like basic fun dynamics was something I didn’t know at 35 years old because if I did I would have raised it made a lot of people in my world of time a lot of money and I would have made 20% the upside which would have been remarkable so you know I don’t when I say I don’t have mentors I think of that as a weakness but I just know it’s my truth and it’s all I got and I’m so Slyke meditation meditation is about to explode in America right like like what happened with Starbucks and coffee shops and what happened with SoulCycle and exercising is one thousand one thousand percent can happen with meditation in four and a half five years everybody here is gonna go to the fucking meditation thing and they’re gonna have their fucking t-shirt so we’re all gonna sit there and it’s gonna be at scale it’s a trillion dollar business why does it why because I paid consumer trends because they had space because of the couple of studios in New York in LA because I just know how shit works and the only reason I’m telling you this story right now is to get it on film so we can do the recall in four years would be like I told you and so so if you want to know why I’m telling you this story but oh I was trying to figure out why did I get here besides that I will never do it I’m so happy and so grateful for the way I’m hardwired and soft wired that I’m literally scared to do meditation cuz I’m scared in my triggers something in my brain in a different direction and make me not this 100% complete happy and it’s the same reason that I have mentors I know what I’m doing it’s good for me I like it I don’t even want to be affected by other people I don’t want to hear from any fucking guru I want to watch what you guys do it’s scale and make my decisions and just do my thing okay yeah let’s do it thought that was a pretty good way to end but okay that was good okay like it’s not gonna be a storybook go ahead d-roc can you believe this today we’ve had a very weird day like this has come up like four times today I don’t it happened because I’ve been snapping my like I did it yesterday I went to a from LA meetings to San Diego speech to redeye to Miami to New York to meetings late last night so it’s come up because of my last 24 hours on snap I think um not really you know you know like once like four times a year like I like collapse and go to sleep at like 7:00 p.m. and I’ll need like a hard core like 15 hour sleep but and I started taking care of my health about two years ago 18 months ago and I was not I mean I don’t think I’ve picked up any more energy when I was 25 pounds heavier and eating like shit and not exercising I just have so much a natural adrenaline I showed up to somebody’s podcast yesterday and he was Facebook liveing and I went back and read all the comments last night at midnight because I don’t get tired and literally everybody’s like this guy’s on fucking drugs which is really interesting for LA and they meant it cuz they don’t know who I was like they’re like like why do all these guys have to take drugs to like and I was like fuck I’ve never even tried a cigarette I’ve never done anything in my life I’m like I’ve been left out from all that good shit and people still think it because I just had it’s just natural DNA I truly think it’s the same way as being pretty or six-foot-five it’s just something you were given and like I like it I’m glad I like that I can I truly truly I really believe what I’m about to say and this is hyperbolized to the moon I truly think I’m the hardest-working person on earth I truly believe that I just work 18 hours a day every day like I just do cool is it awesome Gary Vader thanks guys all right Gary chip thank you both so much LinkedIn thank you please thank them again for their incredible time

Tai Lopez LIVE Speech (NBA Secret)

hey dudes and dudettes that is Becker should you did not know that that is bizarre and I feel the title of this video says all of it however if you cannot learn here is what is going on to occur it is a video of Tai Lopez’s speech at my occasion ten pillars reside to have a good time the launch of my ebook the ten pillars of wealth which you’ll be able to pre-order proper right here we have already got fifteen thousand pre-orders jeez it is fairly cool oh and in addition heads up we will be beginning with my interview with Ty first then it’ll get to his speech so I am going to have little time markers within the description it’s going to let you know the place to go in order that’s all there may be to it it was a completely superb occasion we even have movies of Grant Cardone talking on the occasion and in addition me talking at my very own occasion I did that too so benefit from the video and also you in order that was my fish speak thanks guys guys like that beside what’s up how are you good fairly good I am doing fairly good let’s get this interview going so huge query I’ve seen lots of your movies and there was a time in your life the place you were not doing so scorching what was the thought what was the lesson what was the second the place he determined to vary your life when was the second the place you had that breakthrough concept that present took you from the sofa to what you are doing now oh my thought was is that this all life has yeah and that is I learn Hugh Hefner’s ebook not too long ago not that Hugh Hefner is the perfect position mannequin so some guys he’s it some individuals he not however he was on it he was on a bridge at 28 years outdated and he simply mentioned is that this all life has for me he did not like his life two weeks later he launched the primary subject of Playboy and was an immediate hit so I feel that is one to have – superior superior so right here in my storage sure how did that begin what was the inspiration behind it what was the plan would you simply go in your storage and movie the video or what occurred so I gave you guys the bonus framework receives a commission to do what you are gonna do anyway I used to be already strolling out to the storage actually and I used to be like I am going to activate a digicam and also you personal a shaggy dog story about that so my pal was on the town just a few days earlier than I have not informed many individuals this story and now that is final January pal was visiting the identical man I used to be telling you that he is on my snapchat should you try my snapchat I will not do I do not like to present many name to actions out of factor as a result of I do not wish to take away from this one however should you can test it out snapchat I fought to it is ty Lopez and the primary if you do not have snapchat you might be behind the curve and different individuals are seen round corners do not ever spot your self in and say I am too outdated for that in case your largest drawback is determining snapchat you will by no means make any cash as a result of as Elon Musk mentioned you receives a commission in proportion to the issue an issue you noticed you’ll be able to’t work out a free app that eight-year-olds work out you are performed okay so my pal was on the town and he he I mentioned he has an organization’s doing over 200 million {dollars} in income he raised eighty million bucks for it one of many smartest guys in Silicon Valley and he mentioned to me I mentioned Alex let’s go up let’s go see this film and he was sitting I will not ever neglect it was I am I he was on my kitchen desk and he regarded up and he goes actual quick he type of get bothered he goes recreations overrating like that they went proper again and I bear in mind anyone right here an entrepreneur and also you suppose you are exhausting working then one other dude challenges you and like oh I used to be like oh this man simply confirmed me up however so he was gone the following day was a Sunday and all my mates had been like hey man we’re gonna be on the town you wish to exit and I had mentioned sure nicely that recreation is overrated factor and I remembered texting him again and going I am unable to exit I did not give him a purpose after which I mentioned to myself I believed to myself and I mentioned I’m wondering if I can give you one thing that’ll make some cash and now 600 million views later it was a it was a premonition and I simply grabbed my digicam it is the identical digicam I’ve the identical cellphone off to cellphone similar cellphone and I simply grabbed the cellphone and I walked within the storage then I simply went what do I say nobody right here my storage simply bought this new Lamborghini oh nicely there you go it is good I like it so talking about social media Instagram and snapchat it is apparent how you employ YouTube however had been do Instagram and snapchat fall into it and what would you inform somebody who needs to get into that actually needs to get into that curve that is happening proper now so I feel Instagram is slowly dying Fb in a approach I’ve combined emotions on Fb a part of me needs to say it is already useless one other half thinks it’s totally vibrant snapchat isn’t useless there’s nonetheless a window though it’s closing rapidly YouTube continues to be there however getting tougher here is the factor for social media extra essential by which platform it is what you put up and social media tells the reality it is a bit bit like time and so should you’re not modern should you’re not dedicated to lifelong studying should you’re not studying should you’re not coming to conferences like this and staying on the leading edge it will present actual fast in your social media it will get boring after which no quantity of gimmicks and methods and here is the way you put up and caption and it needs to be 400 phrases in Tuesdays one of the best knowledge posting it is best to put up at 11:00 a.m. is healthier all that belief me you put up put up I’ve posted put up at 2:00 a.m. on a Saturday theoretically the worst time it outperforms every little thing if it isn’t a turd you’ll be able to’t polish a turd and social media is not going to polish a turd in actual fact social media simply takes a turd and sticks it in all people’s face and it does not take lengthy put lots of people cease following you so social media is simply an extension of what you are already doing and it is a fantastic one to make use of as a result of it will present you your blind spot so it will present your weaknesses it will present you the place you are not innovating it will present you once you’re boring attempt to write 7 Twitter posts a day it is a fantastic little train Twitter is considerably dying however attempt to put up 7 fascinating issues a day on Twitter now I learn a ebook a day and generally I am like that is exhausting a man who’s a Twitter King taught me that some eighteen yr outdated child that hundreds of thousands of followers he is preferred I observe you I am going to provide the greatest tip put up seven occasions a day and it that begins exhibiting you different weaknesses you’ve gotten in different areas of your life you’ll be able to’t put up that a lot on enterprise as a result of all of it begins trying cliche since you’re probably not innovating you are probably not like Warren Buffett studying eight hundred pages a day and by the way in which you do not three 800 pages a day however should you do not learn a eight I am completely satisfied so that you can compete with me Juno’s Charles Barkley with my favourite factor Charles Barkley was a basketball participant and he talked about generally he performed groups the place the man competing in opposition to him was horrible and he mentioned dude I used to ship that man a limousine to ensure he confirmed up on the sport my reply he mentioned I’d ship flowers guarantee that man had a meal he is like I do not need that man injured I really like and and that is how I take into consideration people who find themselves simply utilizing social media however they’re probably not staying and mad-scientist like oh cool so a extremely easy query what do you search for when hiring someone after I look so I used to have three frameworks I’ve modified them a bit bit so I am going to offer you guys probably the most cutting-edge and I used Warren Buffett’s for a very long time which is you are going to write it down it is power artistic or its power intelligence and integrity so power are they lazy you need an individual who walks quick they arrive into your workplace they usually’re sluggish they don’t have any power Larry King informed me of all profitable individuals he is interviewed ever interviewed from dictators celebrities sports activities athletes the primary defining attribute was drive you’ve gotten Drive and that is in easy English power no power your performed so for all of you who are suffering with power points write a tremendous ebook on the way you remedy that drawback individuals can pay you get energetic so you continue to use power integrity is extra like I exploit it as integrity two techniques should you inform them each day be right here at 10:00 put up this by 10:30 they usually already do it at 10:45 they don’t have any integrity to your system and the third is intelligence you want artistic problem-solving most individuals you inform them go carry me a drink they stroll to the door it is locked they arrive again I haven’t got the water why the door was lengthy nicely kick it down or go round one other door is what I really feel like saying now the way in which I rent is a bit totally different it is round studying skill and since I’ve given up on discovering good individuals you and I and I put myself proper in there with all people on this room should you had been educated by the system and every little thing is just about the system Public Faculty personal faculty constitution system even your personal dad and mom who could also be nice individuals my mother’s a pleasant individual she was tricked by the system all people now’s just about system oriented they’re filled with flaws they usually’re considering not as a result of they don’t seem to be good individuals however due to the system and so I gave up on my outdated mannequin was tremendous badass individuals nicely the issue unhealthy ass individuals is that they’re working hundred million greenback corporations so I have not found out what paycheck I can ship them do you wish to deal on do you wish to come work for me you made 14 billion {dollars} I am going to pay you 350 plus a 401 Ok cannot get them so what I do now so how can I take individuals take them out of the ghetto take them out of wherever and make them study quick and the way in which what I search for now you could possibly write this down to 3 methods to study quicker you wish to learn to pace learn or not do Jitsu and half the time half the time double the outcomes it is this primary factor I search for is consciousness people who find themselves tremendous Spacey and haven’t got the power to focus neglect about it this adv factor is robbing individuals of their lifeblood and all people Kobe Bryant is a spotlight dude it is insane how he focuses I imply I sit subsequent to him on the courtroom it is like six inches I see the reality they do the true centered position south focus Alex my pal once you generally alex is zoned out he is in the identical room you want Alex well-known like and I requested him what he is doing he goes I am fixing an issue he likes to drive from San Francisco I say why go then I’ve eight out of six hours to suppose on one drawback I at all times go together with one drawback six hours to LA and 6 hours again you could find individuals with uncooked expertise who can focus in the event that they’re tremendous Spacey watch out until you actually wish to be someone’s mother and pa the second factor I search for is adaptability by the way in which these are the primary three or 67 steps is the place I bought them the second’s adaptability some individuals even once you present them that you just’re proper they simply do not change who ever had one thing like that no such as you’re like oh you see this it did not work let’s not do it once more no I am simply crying to that individual I had a man in my coaching program I known as the enterprise bodyguard and his dude I’ve a high poker man come prepare me a couple of times every week as a result of I play poker anyway I turned the digicam on him I’m going round pipe over I bringing one of the best poker trainers receives a commission to do what I like one among my trainees was there and he had a pair of sevens anyone right here play poker at a pair of sevens and he folded earlier than the flop and the poker coach mentioned to him he was considering proper after the large blind it was solely three of us taking part in and the poker seller who’s additionally educated the highest poker gamers on this planet mentioned you should not have folded you’ve gotten a 51% likelihood of successful and that is what the man wish to attain over the desk and smack him within the head my HR individual would really like this he goes um yeah you are most likely proper however I normally fold a pair of sevens I mentioned it is math moron he simply confirmed you he does not have a vested curiosity in it he is right here to show us not tricking us he is not taking part in in opposition to us I by no means preferred that man he was out hiring no person it will get one of the best poker coach within the struggle gonna argue with them over statistic that is our statistics the third factor I search for so look for those that once you present them the apparent fact they go change on a dime and I attempt to maintain myself to this normal I went to the Oscars this yr it is fairly cool and have my entire tuxedo on and it was a loopy day as a result of I had lunch with Tommy Hill uh Tommy Hilfiger and I needed to minimize it quick I used to be like oh my god I am reducing this assembly quick as a result of I am getting in style world and he is a reasonably large dude proper and so I mentioned I solely bought like 10 minutes we had been on the Peninsula Resort what is the number-one factor I have to learn about constructing my style model goes primary make brand now for years I’ve informed all my employees and logos aren’t essential it is a factor that I used to be cussed on and for the enterprise I’ve been and hasn’t been an essential however I immediately texted my workplace change of instructions get me a badass brand as a result of when a man who constructed a billion-dollar model tells you one thing simply go thanks I am not gonna sit there and be like this man gone oh yeah I am considering a invoice I’ve bought two t-shirts so I am so tremendous those that once you present them the reality they activate a dime the third attribute I do know it is a lengthy reply to query however it’s the worst query the third factor that you just search for is humility and uh I do not need anyone who will get butthurt mainly I like individuals get excited once they get I really like when tommy hilfiger informed me that I am like nice I am gonna put this on all my social media I am going to make a YouTube video guys I am silly I have been telling all people I wish to be humble sufficient that I get excited and only a few individuals no person is all three of those by the way in which so here is my recommendation to you get two out of three and whip the third out of or into him you will not get all three I by no means had all three however I’ve gotten two out of three so after I discover one out of three or zero out of three I am identical to what it is best to go work for this dude and I give him my opponents cellphone quantity I am such as you’d be nice over there I had that after one among my high-level staff in an organization I used to be gonna fireplace when he stop and went work for my competitor and I used to be considering how can I ship a limo to ensure he exhibits as much as that job as a result of he is gonna decimate that firm over there anyway yeah that is superior okay secret espionage all proper so final query what do you search for in a mentor and the way do you discover the proper mentor okay simply seize a water actual quick uh what do you search for a mentor you wish to make him who right here needs to grow to be a millionaire discover someone spend lots of time round someone that in the event that they made one million {dollars} in a yr they’d hit large melancholy that is what you wish to hang around with Mark Cuban made one million {dollars} this yr he could kill himself critically they’ve performed Research on individuals have I earnings that drops it is it desk should you make 100 million a yr and then you definately drop to 30 million your happiness is decrease than someone who goes from 101 than 30,00zero like on any MRI fMRI machines you simply crumble so after I play again the opposite day this man I did a bit retreat of my home I really like this this man got here from Germany cuz Ben we had been simply taking part in basketball in my yard and he uh he fairly good at basketball I might inform an enormous man like six six and he began taking pictures pictures generally individuals do not know I am not one of the best shooter however I might shoot we begin taking pictures he begins speaking crap straight away and I informed him I look to him lastly was speaking to my trash I mentioned I simply performed Chris Paul you suppose you are gonna scare me after which I whipped his ass the primary of 20 pictures hit 20 so after I reset what’s regular to me every little thing turns into chump change simply play basketball Chris Paul after which or arrest your life each courtroom you go to is downhill discover someone who’s imply to you makes you’re feeling uncomfortable at each flip intimidate you scares you after I was 19 I used to be with 5 mentors I noticed Gary Townsend Joel Salatin Allen nation a man named dr. Gordon Hazzard and Mike Murphy was a VC these guys had been like 30 40 years older than me I went to this looking lodge in Mississippi they had been all southerners and one among them bought drunk the opposite bought drunk and it was like 11:00 at night time and I’m going what do you wish to do Ty and I am this 19 yr outdated trying as much as these guys they usually’re consuming away and I am like I wish to be an entrepreneur I bought some good concepts oh actually they’re usually good however alcohol adjustments a person generally they usually go actually what’s your projected IRR in your buddies are like hedge fund type of guys I am like I do not know what IRR might be half of this room undecided what IRR is inside price of return which is totally different than ROI anyone know the distinction yeah it is exhausting to a different dude not that arduous you’ll be able to know in a second however I used to be like I do not know what I rrroar or ROI is I got here out of the varsity system I do know the California State chook I keep in mind that gem of data I bear in mind when the struggle of 1812 was I keep in mind that the Civil Battle was 4 years all that however I do not know earn a living and I did not say like that and I am going to always remember all of them checked out me and laughed him to go you will at all times be poor and simply began laughing and proper then I I do not cry a lot in life very not often that is about closest IRA bought to only breaking down and however then I resolved to myself and I mentioned nobody will ever giggle at me once more in the case of the topic of cash just a few years later I went out and I bought a CFP and I I ran a cash administration firm by no means once more do I meet those that intimidate me so them destroying me and wrecking me is what it took to interrupt my thoughts out of the delight that all of us type of have and so once you search for Mentors think about there is a barometer or a air con little field and that field exhibits you what the traditional temperature of the room is 72 or no matter you want be round those that have that factor set at 98 and also you stroll within the room and also you’re sweating however ultimately it turns into regular I love to do issues that push me and what I feel is regular and once you do this abruptly every little thing turns into simpler like generally I am like I am constructing a workforce after which I feel nicely Invoice Gates has 100 thousand staff it resets my Barama oh that is not that arduous who here is attempting to boost capital for this enterprise they’ve this Travis man who began over he is raised eight billion {dollars} I feel eight billion eight thousand million {dollars} I do know lots of people in LA they arrive to LA they usually’re like I am gonna have to maneuver house I am like why they’re like I bought to make 5 hundred {dollars} extra to pay my lease I am like you’ll be able to’t make pot that is divided by 30 that is like $18 I mentioned go on a regular basis and stand on the nook in LA individuals give anyone cash as a result of they really feel it is all karma city someone provides you with a $20 invoice you’ll be able to’t remedy it Ilan the way in which that I made myself reset my barometer for a traditional burn are Elon Musk one among his corporations was burning 100 thousand {dollars} a day now that is actual burn should you’re utilizing your personal money burning so it is likely to be spending 200 making 100 so that you’re burning so should you’re burning proper now thousand bucks a day or this it is a bit drawback use all these individuals as mentors now they’re extra barometer resets for me and simply use that you really want a six-pack discover someone that if all that they had was a six-pack they’d be actually unhappy as a result of they have it they bought an eight pack they usually bought the abdomen veins discover that man or that woman and simply spend I probably the most ripped I ever bought and I am going to let you know is a bit magical is that our timer right here oh yeah there’s a bit magical factor I do not imagine in magic that a lot however I am going to let you know I simply noticed the film miracle from heaven for with Caitlyn Jennifer Garner and I a bit bit imagine in miracles and there’s a miracle mentor of and I had this man shoot him however these individuals did a shoot at my home like GQ shot at one among my homes and this man had I simply walked down my stairs they had been taking pictures and it was a male mannequin and I used to be after I was attempting to get lean and this dude had actually I’ve by no means seen a 6-pack like this man and so I walked out he was along with his girlfriend and we simply talked and we turned mates and our entire summer time we hang around we frolicked and similar was Janelle Castillo he is actually well-known male mannequin one of many highest-paid male fashions had been Ford now in New York and we frolicked for that summer time and it is bizarre nicely I say it is a miracle he confirmed me just a few issues I mentioned how do you get a six-pack he mentioned jog and do these two youtube movies a one Manny Pacquiao has a video of him doing does it do this one Manny Pacquiao factor in medication so I did that type of diligently not sufficient and I frolicked with them wealthy I went to the films I watched how he ate he at all times ate a bit higher than all people else that summer time I had rattling six-pack I bought it recorded as a result of I needed to archive it I did not even prepare that rather more and I do not know if it is some psychosomatic factor or no matter however it’s tangible you’ll be able to see it should you return far sufficient in my scream then he left for New York by no means been capable of get it again I am at all times calling him on like bro I wanted six packs Ford in New York moved again to LA let’s go to the films as soon as every week I am gonna get my six pack again however I feel you are able to do that with cash we’ve eight minutes as a result of that is a bizarre technique to finish I rely or kick alright so lets say you are a newbie okay and also you take a look at your snapchat you are studying this all types of books it is everywhere what would you counsel an individual give attention to once they’re simply beginning off what kind of ebook ought to I learn what expertise ought to they give attention to uh I do have a bit a web page on my web site Tai Lopez achieved books I checklist out concerning the high hundred books that I like however I am going to offer you just a few that I actually like some old style so new could I put managing oneself by Peter Drucker as the primary ebook as a result of I really feel like as I used to be telling you if you cannot handle and encourage your self then nothing else actually issues all of the how-to books on this planet simply stack up um so I’d say one get it get some books on time administration one other nice one is Gary Keller has a ebook known as the one factor it is humorous I have been pushing this ebook for Gary I do not actually receives a commission I talked to him on the cellphone he he began the biggest residential actual property come on this planet he was like Thai I might launched this ebook and it bought fairly nicely after which abruptly years later turned a best-seller I am like that is after I began selling your ebook for you Gary taking out the dinner by no means took me I did web however that is a fantastic one the one factor I do not make any cash on you are shopping for it it is a fantastic ebook and it is actually about focus so I might say one focus ebook you could possibly additionally do Peter Drucker’s there is a ebook from Harvard on on time administration the second type of ebook that I’d get is on social expertise on the finish of the day cash adjustments fingers from different individuals so we not construct our personal cabin prepare dinner our personal hunt our personal meals we alternate and when you’ve got poor social expertise you will at all times carry out what you could possibly have performed there is a Navy SEAL man says he predicts the typical individual operates at one twentieth of their potential one twentieth of their stamina cardio their power psychological stability and all that he was the highest Navy SEAL in the entire Navy SEAL class or no matter and so I feel you want and I feel social expertise is a kind of ones some you wish to search for books for instance that train you cope with battle you should have battle in your technique to making my books on persuasion so for instance so sensible ebook is that old-school ebook win mates and affect individuals Keith Ferrazzi is a pal of mine he wrote a ebook known as by no means eat alone learn some books like that in your social expertise after which the third ebook okay I am truly knew earlier than as a result of I type of name the 4 pillars good just like the third one can be a ebook on the language of cash you will need to lay it should you go to China and also you communicate no Chinese language you will get taken benefit of and you will not have life you both want a translator or you should let know a bit Chinese language your self and also you type of want each and a few good books on the language of cash um a fantastic one is uh Charlie Munger’s poor Charlie’s Almanac it is a compilation of probably the greatest cash managers conversations and speeches it isn’t a ebook he sat down and wrote he is 90 some years outdated there’s additionally one other ebook on-line what’s that Peter Blevins ebook Nathan look on my tie Lopez comm slash books it is no it is about no the one with Warren Buffett on it I am going to provide the title in a second so language of cash you should know what issues you should know the distinction between a inventory and a bond you should know what a convertible observe is you should perceive what the benchers are you should perceive what Brent crude oil costs are you want now some individuals are like ty why nicely as a result of in some unspecified time in the future you are going to be in a room with refined individuals and even should you’re not within the oil enterprise should you’re like brent i’ve a pal named Brent they’re gonna take a look at you and the mind is an algorithm and it robotically demotes you in a standing and other people solely hang around with their standing however even when you do not know you should know should you’re in China communicate a bit Chinese language so you do not they do not go that is an outsider you do not wish to be the outsider the final ebook you should learn is a ebook on function or happiness a fantastic ebook on this that is a pleasant scientific ebook however however very readable is the happiness speculation by Jonathan Hite New York he is a pinky’s NYU professor who spent his life finding out what makes us fulfilled what makes us completely satisfied and it offers lots of sensible perception so you bought your and and I’d add to you could learn a well being ebook though well being you books at a well being it is like books out of basketball you wish to put a basketball put a bit basketball you wish to get wholesome go to the fitness center so these different 4 are an important I feel superior final questions we are able to get in there what’s the important thing to networking you are clearly superb at it what would you say is one of the best factor to become involved with individuals you wish to be round to maneuver your self ahead lots of people have bother networking they usually simply mainly preserve the identical group of mates their total life what would you say to somebody who needs to go up within the meals chain so the very first thing is there is a saying on the streets I grew up taking part in basketball within the undertaking bought just a few Road issues any actual acknowledges actual one other approach should you reside within the suburbs you’ll say like attracts like I like actual acknowledge actual you stroll in a room there’s three individuals you wish to be like them you both must be like them or they odor it on you that you just’re about to grow to be like them that is about it so that you wish to go play basketball Kobe Bryant you both be good at basketball or they give the impression of being over and go that is how I used to be after I was twelve this individual’s going someplace if you do not have these two all of the gimmicks crumble you ever seen the gimmick up would someone wish to do social nice to satisfy you I’ve a persona system I invented AI Elon Musk mark my phrase one purpose I have been capable of community each time I bought a LAN do not look Elon Musk within the eyes it is a unhealthy networking tip why he is an e within the persona system have a PSE @pa ASE system he is emotional you look someone within the eye who right here does not like someone that comes as much as you type of tacky and goes nice to satisfy you at I am going to tie I hate that I am like the place I roll up subsequent to Elon Musk and no matter he is taking a look at I simply look the identical approach and type of discuss what is going on and we by no means checked out one another until about 10 minutes later you flip and look so the gimmicks about social most of them are fallacious by someone it could actually’t community in any respect they could know write a ebook however they’re an introvert I can let you know how someone who failed and succeeded in networking that an important factor is actual acknowledge actual after I say that I been a flurry of individuals I have been round not too long ago Hillary Clinton and Elon and Cuban and all these cool individuals and after I say to him I learn a ebook a day and what you mentioned remind each one among them goes Kobe Bryant the final one I actually talked we’re again within the locker room he died going you learn a ebook a day and he begins telling me concerning the ebook he is studying he is studying at JK Rowling’s ebook uh and he I’m going what do you want concerning the ebook Kobe and he talks and he talks and he talks after which he began telling me different stuff actual acknowledge is actual he is a wise dude so once you drop out books off what most individuals do a can I’ve an autograph he is not an autograph seeker so once you’re an autograph seeker you are totally different and actual needs to be with actual and like needs to be with gentle are available in there one thing spectacular about you I wrote a ebook like I used to be speaking to somebody over right here I wrote a ebook you you could possibly say you wrote a ebook I was shy Kobe I wrote a ebook on boldness I discovered just a few ideas from you Kobe will take note of you Elon Musk will do the identical factor actual acknowledge actual after which the second factor is you bought to must learn individuals individuals are very totally different there’s some individuals you wish to look straight and I so in I’ve this method which I haven’t got time to speak about however the a P P is for sensible a is for motion s is for social he’s for emotional Elon Musk I already know getting into that’s an E I’ve watched youtube movies I can learn him very it isn’t that arduous an emotional individual is fear-based a brand new individual strolling as much as them elicits cortisol so what your fundamental focus is studying and adjusting and eliminating the concern the easiest way isn’t bum-rushing them now on the flip facet Kobe Bryant is an a motion and motion individuals have delight so the very first thing I mentioned to Kobe and I practiced it and that is going to be the third factor after prepare I stroll as much as Kobe and I used to be such as you’re sensible dude I learn a ebook a day and I bought a query for you very first thing after I learn individuals he wants a bit recognition not that he actually wants it from me however it opens and lowers his guard Elon Musk is an e you do not want to try this it will come off its faux however that individual must be handled that approach and the issue with most books on individuals is that they lump all individuals collectively however we all know all individuals ain’t the identical yep I’ve six brothers utterly totally different persona sorts two of them are just like a mom reverse after which so then the very last thing so studying individuals and adapting one of the best so one of the best networker of all time was a man by the title of what is the Casanova caste anytime you bear in mind for 300 years to your seductive powers over girls you are free and he wasn’t simply seductive with girls he made Kings his greatest pal he talked his approach out of jail twice should you can go as much as the jail guard chitchat lengthy sufficient they usually’re like I am gonna lose my job however let me open up the door and he stroll out one time he escaped however one time he talked out and Casanova mentioned he laid it out it is on his Wikipedia web page he did not write it someone wrote he mentioned you have to be the chameleon you will need to learn and adapt the very last thing we’re at zero minutes is you bought a prepare and belief me do not prepare on Elon Musk you get one shot do not go in there child the replace is after I was simply final Sunday there are two Sundays in the past after I was doing the COBE factor I had my cameras out he is busy do one of many busiest guys proper now since you had been hiring I knew I used to be gonna return within the locker room with them and I used to be like apply what you are going to say and it solely takes like two minutes I had each of my telephones prepared I had them flipped round to me I had the sunshine proper I apply should you would have seen me earlier than Kobe you’ll have thought I used to be insane I had there was some like safety individuals round him I do know they had been considering what the hell is that this man however I do not concern different individuals I solely concern residing a shitty life so I bought shitty life is getting a shitty interview Kobe so I do not care all people right here thinks I am loopy as a result of the factor about sensible individuals as they give the impression of being and sound loopy to dumb individuals I do not get Lamborghini driving recommendation from Toyota individuals I wasn’t attempting to determine be a safety guard on the Staples Heart I used to be speaking to Kobe the king of the Staples Heart so I practiced that unhealthy boy and he got here out and it went seamless besides I did not focus the sunshine wasn’t that good which I did not prepare sufficient prepare till you are too good to disregard and that is uh what I am going to finish with should you do not prepare no coaching no gaining and it is a easy one and I did not have time to speak about that however I spend 50 to 100 thousand {dollars} a month proper now on trainers bodily trainers yesterday had a hedge fund supervisor he comes and trains me on inventory market stuff he ran a fund with Paulson billion greenback fund individuals suppose tie are you sensible nope I educated beneath sensible individuals I play unhealthy prepare and basketball some individuals like you’ve gotten a good shot I am like yep I prepare with poo Richardson he was a beginning guard within the NBA for ten years in opposition to Michael Jordan I discovered just a few methods from him you wish to be studying your small business you wish to study affiliate slipping on our web stuff study from the individuals all of the individuals right here within the convention study from you that is the way you do it and also you prepare and it ought to seem like coaching individuals who work for me you coaching something should you work for me you come work for me it is like all proper you are my assistant uh you might be coaching with a reproduction of me earlier than you ever meet me I went to the Oscars rehearsal we bought individuals again when Chris Rock man they set it up similar to the Oscars they’ve actors that seem like two actors which are going to simply accept the award I used to be within the Oscar rehearsal going am I in the true freakin Oscars they introduced the winners individuals come down as an viewers the woman who’s Christian Bale or regardless of the guys Christian Bale does the I Christian Bale I inform jokes it is insane I discovered from their prepare precisely as if it is actual you wish to make one million bucks begin coaching logging into your checking account what number of financial institution accounts all I’ve when I’ve one million bucks you most likely could have multiple set him up now prepare prepare when you’ve gotten 100 bucks do not be like my buddy who bought his firm for eighteen million bucks when he is 28 and now has zip he began coaching after you do jujitsu as a result of a man assaults you on the road and also you go uh-oh I by no means attempt I did shaolin kung fu with a man from the Shaolin Temple for years and he mentioned my grasp an outdated Chinese language man informed me should you stroll out on the road and also you get beat up do not ever get mad at the one that jumped you you type of begin it is best to have began kung fu at seven you are 30 you get mugged you forgot to do one thing proper at seven however like they are saying one of the best time to begin is ten years in the past second greatest time is at present so I hope you guys will begin one thing huge I assume all good to see you man bye for coming at sorry I did not good I did not see the queue to expire on on stage all excited the way you guys doing candy all proper I bought one thing a crowdsourced what I ought to discuss I learn a ebook maintain on one second I learn a ebook on collaborative intelligence the way forward for the world is collaborative there’s so many individuals that may join it’s important to use your mind anymore so now as a substitute of deciding what I ought to discuss tonight I simply posted on my snapchat about 20 minutes in the past two topics that I wish to discuss vote so let me I am going to present you the outcomes let’s examine what they’re very fascinating who right here is on snapchat anyone all proper so my two choices you guys can vote in order for you I am going to let you know what I threw on the market primary get 100 million individuals to concentrate to you advertising enterprise quantity two mad scientists life discover and create your future who votes for primary yell wait wait wait maintain on I’ll examine it will be fascinating to see if the votes right here come compete with the votes on snapchat who vote who votes for get 100 million individuals to see your concept yell okay primary is I am very you guys will discover of me I do lots of experiments I’ll discuss that in a second who votes I speak the mad scientist life discover and create your future I feel that 1:1 I feel you bought one one okay so we’ll discuss that that is good who right here is doing any collaborative crowdsource stuff to get concepts anyone doing something loopy like that okay how many individuals listed here are entrepreneurs simply because I have not been right here the entire convention increase your hand should you’re an entrepreneur proper no longer considering of being one increase okay increase your hand should you’re considering of turning into an entrepreneur however aren’t but okay and in addition how many individuals right here and this isn’t attempting to be impolite simply so I’ve a tailor this how many individuals listed here are doing a six determine enterprise six figures how many individuals listed here are doing seven figures gross income increase your hand how individuals are doing 5 figures so beneath 100 grand increase your hand okay so it seems like six determine we’ll discuss that as a result of there’s totally different destinies at totally different occasions in your life and so I’ll speak concerning the mad scientist’s life discover and create your future once you’re out the six-figure stage and may I do all of them 5 six and 7 we’ll see how about how a lot time I’ve uh we’re gonna put a bit whiteboard up right here I normally do not use slides however generally a whiteboard is sweet I’ll offer you what’s are about three fundamental issues three fundamental methods after which I am going to depart a while for questions and solutions and I do know there’s an interview with me up on stage after that so should you’re penning this down I learn that you just’re fifty-one % extra prone to do one thing should you take notes however I’ll warn you do not take too many notes I’ve discovered I’m going to conferences I attempt to stroll away with one fundamental nugget gold nugget and to try this I would like to write down down three to 5 issues per speak should you write down an excessive amount of you’ll lose the prepare of thought however the very first thing I wish to write down is correct there within the title however once you die or after I die I hope one factor that is all my my headstone is he was a mad scientist and why do I say that it is as a result of every little thing that we profit from proper now within the trendy world got here from someone who was type of a mad scientist if you consider Tesla anyone know the story of Tesla not the automobile however the man Nicholas Tesla he was misunderstood it was most likely mistreated he is most likely benefiting from however he modified the world a few of the individuals like Galileo Copernicus all of those nice astronomers and scientists a few of them had been informed should you preserve speaking we will kill you proper they usually needed to recant and all that Martin Luther King jr. these individuals who had canine sicked on them governor’s say you could’t eat in the identical restaurant they usually had been forward of their time so I am going to do that after I was inexperienced truck primary every individual right here it’s important to grow to be your personal type of mad scientist and the sub-point if you wish to put quantity a beneath that it’s important to be forward of your time so write that down be forward of your time I do not care lots of people how many individuals listed here are associates I do know we’ve lots of affiliate if we do not how many individuals are on-line entrepreneurs doing one thing on the Web okay good so I am that is nice due to you for that InFocus i am going to tailor this principally to on-line entrepreneurs doing six figures lots of the stuff that on-line entrepreneurs are doing is all the identical that does not qualify you as a mad scientist you are not a mad scientist of proper now you are inventing electrical energy okay you are approach behind the sport you bought to be doing it proper now you are not a mad scientist entrepreneur if proper now you are pioneering the web the web bought huge within the late 1990s 2000 what are you huge in that no person’s seen Mark Cuban was over at my home anyone seen my Mark Cuban video my home he came to visit I did not document the entire thing as a result of it turns into intrusive to him however I recorded in 30 40 minutes however one of many issues Mark Cuban informed me I feel it made it into the video as he mentioned by the way in which I bought these Simple’s on I informed this outfit all is smart the Yeezys are very snug they’re overpriced however they’re snug the camouflage pants are so if I do a nasty concept I can simply disappear proper right here on stage and outdated low-cost imagine it or not it isn’t about title manufacturers Dolce Gabanna makes one of the best rattling garments it is like handmade simply feels good I reside it on the Amish for 2 and a half years one of many first issues after I lived on the Amish um I stayed with this man named Irvin Miller and his spouse got here as much as me and was like let me see one thing and he or she had all day I might like ten children one of many daughters was like 5 and got here as much as me with the tape measure measured all stuff and like two days later she got here nicely the large factor of customized garments that that they had handmade for me I nonetheless have them I do not put on I assume I might put on them to this convention I am going to undoubtedly be forward of my time or possibly we simply totally different uh so yeah that is the outfit however attempting to be forward of my time with the he’ll match it turns into that and the B factor you suppose we are able to get a flip board if not it isn’t an enormous deal Kenna come on do you suppose oh increase you’re the man haha thanks Mark Cuban I used to be forward of my time I used to be already on to the following level I forgot that foot nicely Mark Cuban mentioned to me mentioned tie I requested them what’s your superpower such as you made you made a billion {dollars} which may be very exhausting to do however he did not settle there he is now tripled his cash he is now price three billion {dollars} you would possibly suppose that is simple however imagine it or not it isn’t there’s lots of billionaires that their internet price goes down we are going to most likely push this to the very again so the utmost quantity of individuals can see you see this you’ll be able to’t see it possibly I am going to level it a bit bit so mad scientist life to seek out your future and I talked a couple of and B let me I am simply going to leap proper into it so lengthy I imply interrupt he mentioned tie I’ve at all times been good at seen round corners okay neglect what letter I am on however forward of your time so if you cannot see this board don’t be concerned it helps arrange my ideas so I can provide a greater speech even if you cannot see it so see round corners there’s weapons now within the navy that permit the soldier to stroll as much as this entrance no proper exterior there’s an enemy combatant take the gun and I neglect the way it works I feel they really have bullets now that may go across the corners however extra importantly they’ve scopes and every kind of stuff you see that you just ever seen these little when there is a bomb now they drop these little robots in and the robots go in there was only a transfer there is a film out proper now known as I within the sky about little drones which have there they seem like hummingbirds they usually simply fly within the latest factor is drone these little drones are going to be filled with sufficient explosive they will discover enemy combatant little bugs going to return up subsequent to increase simply blow up and kill you however no collateral harm type of scary thought um hopefully you do not autumn hopefully you are not confused for someone else however to see you round corners you are a six-figure entrepreneur are you able to see across the nook what possibly possibly online marketing will cease working possibly a movie advertising will get double or triple the scale that it’s now possibly affiliate marking a advertising will go from offline to op on-line I imply on-line to offline would be the subsequent huge alternatives are mailing out postcards for giant manufacturers and doing offline advertising if you cannot see across the nook you’ll at all times lose to the one that can see across the nook and your earnings will stagnate it’s totally simple who right here is plateaued of their earnings the place you had a purpose you hit six figures however it’s not you had deliberate to be at seven figures by now however you have not gone across the hump increase your hand if that I feel that is occur to all people you stagnate a few of you who noticed 5 figures so you have not had time to stagnate how do you see round corners these see that is throughout mad scientists being forward of your time the C factor just a bit sensible tip to see round corners I am going to provide the greatest sensible instance that actually proper now’s taking place as we communicate I guess you it is taking place proper now Warren Buffett is studying 800 pages proper now he is been studying 800 he says now he is outdated he solely can do about 500 pages so he’s studying 500 pages possibly 800 on day it is a Saturday so he is most likely studying rather less and lots of people after I inform a most typical factor of individuals I’ve seen of a TEDx speak that is gone fairly standard I feel it is quantity 15 of all time proper now it is the quickest rising one on this planet in addition to the beatbox one and other people meet me on the road and like do you actually learn a ebook a day and I am like yeah they usually’re like that is loopy no person I do not imagine you nicely let me let you know one thing about mad scientist the Albert Einstein mentioned the factor about sensible individuals is that they sound loopy to dumb individuals so on now here is the deal I do not ever get cocky cuz I am Means behind the sport Warren Buffett’s been doing 5 to eight hundred pages which is roughly three to 4 books a day now any of us within the room myself included who you suppose’s going to see across the nook extra an individual who reads seven annual studies a day an individual who’s studying newspapers from all over the world should you guys need anyone right here watch my snapchat increase your hand I’ve I get 15 newspapers I get 18 a day three mainstream newspapers USA At present Wall Road Journal and the London Monetary Instances however I get 15 international newspapers say I get Kenna the place had been the newspapers from final time we had been trying the newspapers what nations did we’ve we had been trying by way of them yesterday we had sure she thought I used to be too choosy as a result of I used to be searching for headlines we had Beirut we had Israel we had Russia we had Cambodia newspaper Indian newspaper Jakarta’s newspaper individuals mentioned why are you doing that simple attempting to see round corners if all people reads The Wall Road Journal all people’s on the identical web page do not ever be on the identical web page as all people else that is not a mad scientist mad scientist is sitting there Jules Verne Leonardo da Vinci within the 1500s is drawing up the helicopter now the expertise did not exist to assist his helicopter concept Elon Musk I’ve gotten to spend I’ve bought to hang around with Elon Musk 3 times within the final six months I had totally different occasions that I used to be with him on the Golden Globes and not too long ago merchandise film premiere and now he type of is aware of me as a result of I at all times we at all times discuss books we’re not shut mates however sufficient I talked to him sufficient that I see how his mind works all the cardboard corporations on this planet Ford Common Motors Toyota large I learn Toyota’s annual report you are speaking corporations doing 200 and twenty billion {dollars} of income no person needed to return out with a Tesla besides one mad scientist man bought PayPal took 100 million {dollars} took each penny he had individuals thought he was loopy however the factor about sensible individuals is that they sound loopy to dumb individuals now who laughs final individuals doubted him in 2008-2009 should you learn the papers again then they’re like this man made a mistake and yesterday he simply did a product launch who right here has ever performed a product launch on the Web Elon should did a product launch yesterday of a $35,00zero Tesla as a substitute of 85,00zero he made seven level 5 billion {dollars} yesterday of pre-sales earlier than the automobile has been performed that is a launch that is at web regulation individuals let you know somewhat see I made six figures in in the future I am like he made seven thousand million {dollars} that is the way you say 7.5 billion you do not say seven level that simply appears like 7.5 that is low so yeah I made seven seventy 5 hundred million at present why proper there seeing round corners after which what I put right here it’s important to be an data gatherer and that is what Warren Buffett is and you’ve got to have the ability to take it it’s important to be eclectic it’s important to take it from what’s known as disparate sources disparate means seemingly unrelated sources whether or not it is the Jakarta newspaper Time journal a Victoria’s Secret TV present should you’re desirous to be a mad scientist and be forward of the sport you are taking golden nuggets from every little thing from this convention proper right here from my speak now from faculty you are sitting subsequent to Charlie Munger the billionaire enterprise accomplice Warren Buffett mentioned what made us cash they began it should you had given them $10,00zero I feel it was 1962 someplace round 1962 you give them 10 G’s you know the way a lot cash you’ve gotten at present 50 million {dollars} when you’ve got put $10,00zero in gold on the similar time he’d have 500 grand proper now it does not take a genius to know higher to have 50 million than 500 grand and the way did they do this they gave he offers the reason yearly there’s an annual report I’m going I am an annual convention I’m going to it not many individuals go to it I’m going there as a result of I am gonna be forward of my time only a few individuals are there no web individuals are there I am there it is lots of old-school enjoyable scrapes and issues like that it isn’t costly anyone right here might go to it and also you hear issues the place Charlie Munger grows what made us cash in 1962 wouldn’ta made his cash in 1963 and what labored in 63 did not work in 64 and we’ll work on 64 and so forth all the way in which to 2016 he mentioned we have solely made 25 good choices since 1960s and we had been there and in a position to try this capitalize on the identical funding the identical world that everyone lived in however they had been capable of do it as a result of they had been gathering data they had been okay with being mad scientists they had been afraid to see and weren’t afraid to see round corners I bear in mind like anyone bear in mind in like 2000 2001 I bear in mind studying a newspaper the place individuals all these by no means get your data from reporters and presenting report is right here I hope I do not offend you however if you wish to not be a reporter speak to a reporter you wish to drive a Lamborghini do not speak to Toyota driver house owners you speak to Lamborghini house owners how’d you get that Lamborghini you need monetary recommendation do not be getting it from the one that wrote the Wall Road Journal article get it from the one that owns the Wall Road Journal and Charlie Munger Warren Buffett they had been saying about these guys these guys are sitting on all this money billions of {dollars} with little or no return on money they need to be investing in all these corporations like pet no matter on-line and on-line this and on-line internet and that was proper earlier than the bubble and that occurred 2007 2008 I bear in mind studying Charlie Munger Warren Buffett guys like that trying round corners they mentioned this housing markets overpriced however who laughs final as time tells the reality there’s just one factor that can inform the reality in your life belief me individuals will misinform you enterprise companions will lied to you a speaker at a convention will I do time does not lie and as they mentioned when the tide is available in you see who’s swimming bare and when these busts got here in heat up it was sitting on all of the money he noticed what was coming across the nook and he mentioned oh now you guys want cash Financial institution of America I am going to purchase ten I am going to offer you sufficient cash to maintain you afloat give me 10% of your organization plus since nobody else can provide you money as a result of I am the one Joker on this planet sitting on tons of money I wish to management the board I’ll management the compensation package deal now you’re employed from me and he did that again and again and all these corporations and now as a 300 billion greenback firm see round nook 700 billion greenback firm Apple see round corners Steve Jobs did you will need to grow to be an innovator it is best to write by yourself headstone earlier than you die be at liberty to pre write it individuals get grave purchase cemetery plots earlier than they want it I am like you do not want the cemetery plot after I die you’ll be able to put me wherever I do not care I am useless if I care about something it is how I am remembered not the place I am put so I am like what they need to be promoting is tombstones written out what you wish to say there’s truly a ebook on this they name it eulogy objectives what would you like mentioned at your eulogy so I am going to offer you a bit bonus level ABC a bit bonus level sensible one write out your eulogy this weekend why as a result of then you definately simply reengineer get it if in your eulogy you needed to say he was a fantastic mom or a fantastic father to 10 children nicely now you higher get to work making infants should you needed to say by age 40 he was retired and also you’re 30 to determine how a lot cash you should retire at 40 and divided by 10 after which go oh I would like 10 million {dollars} I higher hit one million bucks a yr divide that by 12 I higher make 80,00zero a month divide that by 30 I higher make 25 to three n {dollars} each day now you’ll be able to shrink the issue in order that’s a pleasant segue attempt to segue right here into quantity 2 to be a mad scientist we frequently suppose we will not be a mad scientist as a result of and I used to be truly speaking to Ken about this kena’s right here should you’re with my little group are you able to get up and say whats up for one second come on past I watch for zeg we bought Rome within the again room over there I name this by the way in which my enterprise bodyguard kena you did not get up all people Kenna’s it bought an enormous half in a film get up so she come on you’ll be able to’t be shy and be an actress all people give attention to earth um so quantity two right here it’s important to shrink the issue write that right down to be a mad scientist see forward of the curve be like an Elon Musk or Galileo or anyone shrink the issue the rationale most of us are overwhelmed by the considered making one million bucks or 100 thousand {dollars} or quitting the job that we do not like redoing our destinies we make the issue at all times greater I discovered virtually each drawback shrinks right down to some my new Splinter that is in your foot you’ll be able to’t work out you go to the physician like my entire legs horrible amputate the entire thing and physician simply goes maintain on let me really feel it let me contact right here let me go round wait dude you bought a splinter in your toe there is a singer there was a singer not that way back oh you went to the physician the physician is like your huge toe is tousled let me repair it the man mentioned no it is simply my huge toe I am good I am gonna heal it went off after which he got here again who right here is cussed increase your hand should you’re naturally cussed this dude was cussed he mentioned I do know mom physician and he went off and the man got here again six months later and the medical doctors like hear now it is bought worse I bought to amputate your toe you bought a illness there it is spreading no I did not let his true story left lastly that dude got here on was on his deathbed from that drawback and he invited his children he had lots of children and one among his sons who’s type of well-known stood subsequent to his loss of life to his hospital mattress and the final phrases of his out of his mouth was cash cannot purchase life after which he died and that was Bob Marley speaking to his son Ziggy Marley he did not shrink the issue he had every little thing going for him nice singer he simply needed to repair his toe if I am gonna die minimize my toe off it wasn’t even I do not even know fall is his huge toe you do tremendous who right here for 100 million {dollars} would take away one finger 100 million bucks wired to you proper now she tremendous with that one finger this man would not as a result of all of us fall prey to this we make the issue greater and so this for these you’ll be able to’t see the board it simply says shrink the issue hey let’s take an issue let’s simply do a random round-robin I’ll perform a little random factor I’ll throw this cover out with out trying so it is all random whoever it catches it has to throw out it has to say an issue of their enterprise we’ll stick the enterprise right here oh not the best throw okay I’ve by no means met you earlier than proper this isn’t arrange okay what is the largest drawback in your small business holding again your earnings however let’s attempt as particular as you’ll be able to yeah that is one I imply let’s attempt to get like a advertising or you’ll be able to’t enterprise accomplice you do not the capital to develop or do not know what to do what number of staff you’ve gotten okay what sort of enterprise is it okay search engine up for these you’ll be able to’t hear search engine marketing enterprise native purchasers been getting cash within the final quarter now has to determine reallocate that cash to proceed to develop the enterprise tried one worker proper so you are not only a the way you flip into an actual enterprise who right here appears like they’ve a enterprise however they do not have an actual I at all times say when you’ve got beneath 10 staff you do not have an actual enterprise you ever had someone come as much as you with a enterprise card and it says CEO and I am like do one worker they usually’re like yeah they’re sheepish I am like then this you’ll be able to’t use no CEO of 1 your card might say janitor since you’re the CEO and the janitor of your personal enterprise you are cleansing up your personal desk in order that’s one so we’ve an issue right here you are in a precarious state of affairs if your small business depends on one individual the percentages are I turned a CFP which is licensed monetary planner and one factor I bear in mind from the coaching was by age forty you’ve gotten a virtually a 40% likelihood of being disabled for 3 to 6 months it might be bodily it might be an enormous disaster come up in your life most individuals haven’t got the money stream to only have one thing go disastrous for six months so you are not in actual enterprise if you cannot disappear for six months as a result of it most likely going to occur to 1 third of this room this entire group by the point you are 40 simply plan on it three to 6 months you are going to be knocked out and Invoice Gates solved the issue he had 100 thousand staff individuals are speaking about automated earnings I am like oh there’s just one type of water made earnings it isn’t the web it isn’t actual property it is individuals Getty the billionaire the oil man he mentioned I might somewhat have 1% of 100 individuals’s labor than one hundred percent of my very own that is why he is a billionaire and none of us are I am assuming you are a billionaire I am going to get off the stage you’ll be able to come speak so after we take this drawback this is not actually a however is brainstorming I wish to shrink that drawback down how do you develop the enterprise and discover the following step increase your hand should you’re searching for the following step in your small business you are on the border okay it is lots of people 30 40 % of this room let’s shrink it down there was a Russian mathematician within the Stalin eight period who was truly killed by Stalin Stalin killed lots of sensible individuals he was afraid of individuals and this man was a mathematician I learn this not too long ago within the ebook he mentioned all issues have there’s solely 140 totally different type of issues on this planet that is it mentioned each drawback could be categorized in 140 methods after which he mentioned there’s like 1800 options to any drawback like generalized diagram you could flowchart off of the unhappy factor is the man bought killed earlier than he wrote all of it down as a result of after I learn that I am like what is the 140 please so now it is up for us to try this in our personal life the purpose of that’s I do not know if there’s 140 however there is a finite quantity of choices so that you can develop your small business let’s simply take some here is a fantastic one if you wish to write down and everytime you’re caught in enterprise for peace write down the 4 PS that is old-school enterprise I haven’t got a trigger diploma however I learn lots of school textbooks individuals at all times like what’s your stand on school I am like easy-easy who he thinks gonna win someone who goes to school from eighteen to twenty-two after which by no means picks up a ebook once more or what an individual who takes one school class for the remainder of their life who Younger’s gonna be higher Bruce Lee mentioned I do not concern the person who practices a thousand kicks i concern the person who practices one kick a day for a thousand days I do not concern anyone with the school diploma come on I had 4500 individuals apply for a job in in the future I put up on my snapchat who needs to work for me and concern any of these individuals until I discover out they’re like Warren Buffett what made me cash Monday and going to work Tuesday so Tuesday I’m going to work innovating and seeing across the subsequent nook that individual I concern Brazilian Jujitsu you see individuals coming in a fitness center they do jiu-jitsu for a yr it’s important to fear about them I educated beneath a man named Henry Gracie grandson of the founding father of jiu-jitsu I mentioned when did you begin mentioned eight months at eight months my dad had me rolling round in a geek he is coaching his daughter’s six months she’s already rolling round belief me man or lady you do not wish to meet a lady who had been doing jujitsu since she was six months outdated I bear in mind I might began doing martial arts after I was 12 I went into judo within the san diego neighborhood heart my mother did not I had a mood rising up so she did not need me to know martial arts as a result of she thought I’d decide lots of fights it is most likely true and I used to be 12 and I went into the category and the trainer mentioned you bought to go together with my daughter to coach your new and I could not bear in mind she was a brown constructing or purple what I neglect what the judo belts are she had a belt on and I bear in mind being like cuz I used to be fairly athletic as a child and I am going to always remember we did a bit sparring factor and I always remember my toes going over my head I can nonetheless bear in mind it now she simply grabbed me and went what pot and my after which she bought judo has some robust pins I couldn’t stand up and I bear in mind considering who concern the lady who had been doing jiu-jitsu since she was a bit child and for every of you which are entrepreneurs we are able to study from school some individuals go to it some individuals do not however take all one of the best and depart the remainder probably the greatest issues that I discovered from a university textbook was the 4 PS additionally Brin rating which is pretty superb I discovered it in a university course known as Brin I am going to attempt to speak to should you remind me a bit bit later I’m going communicate in any respect the highest faculties they create me there they neglect they do not know that I’ve a university diploma so I bought ties coming to talk these jokers do not know what Brin is Bryn died out within the 50s and 60s it is a fantastic device however earlier than I get into Brin I am going to speak concerning the 4 peas that is the way you shrink your drawback from an enormous drawback to only 4 issues every of you’ve gotten in enterprise so if you wish to write them down the primary P is product the second P is pricing the third P is promotions and the fourth P is placement flip a coin begin on one among them there is no one which’s higher than others though usually you wish to go in that order you wish to create a product so if you end up on the stage you are at you’ve gotten a present product it is search engine marketing native advertising however go deep inside your merchandise there is a saying in enterprise you’ll be able to’t polish a turd lot of individuals I preferred I I am going to rent you because it might so I am probably not a guide I am like I can have the ability to afford me if you wish to rent me different guide I am going to simply offer you this free recommendation your concept is it turd and no quantity of shining and shoe shining going to make it something however a turd and a few issues are simply exhausting to promote and a few issues are simple it is easy to promote what makes some huge cash what metropolis are we in proper now simple to promote or exhausting to promote glamour earn a living quick guess right here million {dollars} scorching women exhibits journey you suppose this city has a lot drawback advertising the place do individuals come from each rattling place on this planet Vegas all people involves Vegas now and my grandpa my step grandpa informed me he drove by way of Vegas and he was born in 1915 he only recently died however he informed me mentioned I went to Vegas in like 38 he informed me 1938 or or no matter I used to be like what’s like he is like there was like 12 toes he is like there’s like 100 individuals right here it was a me labored at a mining firm he was an engineer boy why do not you would like someone in your loved ones had regarded across the nook and mentioned there’s cash to be made on this desert strip mad scientist would have seen it it took the Mafia to seek out this you would be stunned the place you discover mad scientist generally there are individuals doing unlawful stuff the primary P product shrink the issue possibly it is only a product subject and no quantity of pricing construction no quantity of promotions no quantity of we altering the fourth P so it is product pricing promotions and the fourth one is placement after they pay you cash how do you place and ship your product of their hand okay now I what time do I’ve what time did I begin okay so I bought 25 minutes as a result of every of those is an 80 hour speak do however I simply attempt to offer you one level on every of this particular to shrinking your drawback primary simply ask your self would you actually purchase this should you did not love your self proper down that precise query would you actually purchase this should you did not love your self as a result of most entrepreneurs love themselves they usually love their product to allow them to’t fathom that nobody else will the man who began FUBU Daymond John he had a fantastic little check and he mentioned when he had a t-shirt model he went out and he went to the baseball stadium in New York and when the sport Gannett bought I set free he went and bought this shirts chilly market stroll as much as those that tells the reality as a result of it isn’t promoting most individuals promote to their mates and mates of mates and heat visitors once you convert chilly visitors that is a product however if you cannot think about I bought just a few little checks I mentioned I want had extra time however although I known as the 1 million individual check does not imply it’s important to have a 1 million buyer do not launch companies that you just could not see one million individuals shopping for from you globally I am not saying it’s important to have one million prospects to begin and even ever hit it but when your greatest product is a course on underwater basket-weaving the entire world identified world enthusiastic about underwater basket-weaving is 400 individuals and also you by no means get greater than two even McDonald’s solely has about 10% market share within the fast-food enterprise McDonald’s you’ll be able to’t get dominant shares in markets very simply anymore until your Google boob or issues like that which have a mass community of it impact these are tougher to do most individuals listed here are going to do companies that you just’re you are not going to go to get 50% market share you are gonna have the ability to get 1% so if the entire market is one million bucks and also you get one % you making ten thousand bucks a yr the typical entrepreneur in America makes $40,00zero a yr they underperform that


– [Man] Typically once you play
within the clouds an excessive amount of,
there isn’t any concepts within the clouds.
To me all the nice
concepts come from the filth.
(hip hop music)
– [Gary] Marcus? Po?
Let me know.
– Yeah, you are okay to
wait a pair days, proper?
– [Gary] Yeah, I knew
what you are doing.
I did not do this for, I did
that make the cash work.
– That is why I’d take a look at
different guys that are not good
would possibly however would possibly become profitable work.
Okay, no worries.
– [India] (inaudible)
Mark Evans.
– [Gary] The 6-60,
I wish to actually pound it.
– Okay.
– That video, have you learnt how
many individuals within the final fucking
week have come as much as me
and stated it modified…?
We’d like each 40 to 60-year-old
on Fb to see it.
Get it completed.
– Yeah.
– Get it completed ASAP
and I am going to provide you with.
Get a captioned and
I am going to provide the copy for it.
Let’s get it completed ASAP.
(sluggish music)
Fascinating day.
I am really feeling slightly
extra torpid than regular.
My vitality is little down.
Mark and I, Mark and I this
is an enormous day for Mark and I.
We had breakfast collectively,
we had one other assembly collectively,
we’ve one other assembly,
we’re now going to consumer.
– [Mark] Lots of M.E. time.
– Lots of M.E. time.
Mark Evans.
We’ll see, I am certain we’ll choose
up some momentum as we go alongside.
Bought some stuff completed.
Did not get anyone I needed
my fantasy baseball
wire transactions.
On the waiver wire so a
little disenchanted in that.
It is an exquisite day.
That is bought my
vitality up slightly bit.
This dude’s
hair’s bought me excited.
We’ll see.
All it takes is one factor
to get the momentum go.
(sluggish hip hop music)
I believe it’s the
reverse traits of getting
the arrogance and the bravado
to suppose that I may run a
enterprise of that dimension whereas
having the humility and the
endurance to know the rationale
VaynerMedia’s profitable is
as a result of I have been operating it
day in and time out, 15 hour days
periods working very onerous and
patiently over the past 5 to 7
years so I believe that, you understand,
I do not suppose I can stroll into
any enterprise proper now that is
giant in an trade I’ve
by no means completed earlier than trend,
promoting automobiles, no matter it could be
however I do know that over a
5 or ten yr interval
I might study it by doing
hands-on expertise and
then turn out to be very profitable in it.
I believe it comes right down to the
confidence in really doing the
work and doing
the tried and true.
I am unable to achieve success
by simply saying it.
I’ve to be prepared to place
within the work and I believe I am
prepared to place within the work and
have proven myself that if I put
within the work I’ve the
expertise of studying
on the job and over a
time period
changing into profitable.
(sluggish hip hop music)
Pleasure, actual good.
How are you?
Hey man.
– Chris.
– Chris, Gary.
– What’s good, man?
– Hustling child.
– Heard.
– You?
– I am blessed, man.
Simply bought off of labor.
– Good weekend?
– Nice weekend, man.
Had lots of good digital shit
going with that chook man clip.
– Oh yeah?
– You did not see it?
– I did not see it.
– Put some respeck on my title.
– I am gonna examine it.
– Out of the highest 15 trending
toppers we was like 13 of them.
– [Gary] Get the
fuck out of right here.
– Yeah, it was just like the
Breakfast Membership, Charlamagne,
my two co-hosts,
Angeline, DJ NV.
– What did he say?
– Nothing.
It was actually like
2:30 within the morning.
He got here in there he stated all
three of you mom fuckers are
going to cease enjoying with my
title, study to respect my title
however he was saying
respect like R-E-S-P-E-Ok.
It was like he sat down
and did this I ain’t gonna
say no extra.
– [Charlamagne] It’s a
privilege and an honor to have
the man that we’ve right here immediately
he’s a person who has turn out to be one
of my favourite
company thug motivators.
Goes by the title
of Gary Vaynerchuk.
Gary did I pronounce
Vaynerchuk, proper?
– Yeah, you drilled it.
– [Charlamagne] Okay.
– I am impressed.
– [Charlamagne]
What’s occurring, brother?
– Issues are phenomenal, man.
How are you?
Something I discuss is for
folks which can be complaining.
That means once I discuss hustle
and I discuss work lots
it is the one factor that I believe
is controllable that in the event you’re
sitting now and listening and
you are complaining you are not
completely satisfied of the place you’re that
there’s lots of issues that
I like to speak to
these folks about.
– DRock did the clouds and–
– [Gary] And the filth.
– the filth video.
– [Gary] Yep.
– That was his concept for
you to do this, proper?
– [Gary] Yep. Yep.
DRock emailed me a pair occasions
and eventually I stated sure so we
made video known as
“Clouds and Filth”.
– [Charlamagne] Clarify the
philosophy of clouds and filth.
I find it irresistible.
– It is macro and micro so
I wish to purchase the Jets,
I’ve bought all these large concepts,
I believe I do know the place
the world’s going.
And I am going to fucking get up
at three within the morning
and fucking reply electronic mail.
See what folks do not perceive
is that the filth is so necessary
as a result of until you could have really
have the abilities your fame
or what you probably did the day earlier than
or who your mama is is not
gonna influence your success.
Your success goes to be
predicated by the filth and the
filth is a mix of getting
the work ethic to get your fingers
soiled after which the
expertise predicated from
really doing the work.
Should you’re not working in your
craft, in the event you bought too fancy to
maintain doing all of your factor.
You lose.
It is why love comedians that
nonetheless go to small golf equipment and nonetheless
work on, Seinfeld in his prime
simply going to bullshit golf equipment in
the center America and dealing
on his craft, that is a winner.
Folks that play acoustic or
folks that simply go and
battle who’re
hip-hop artists. It is filth.
It is by no means getting too fancy to
get away from what bought you there
within the first place.
– [Ron] Precisely.
– That is how folks lose.
– [Ron] Yep.
– It is like you understand when in
hip-hop any individual will get large,
and I am certain you’ve got
stated this, which is like
yo, the streets do not
fuck with you anymore.
– [Charlamagne] Yeah.
– Proper?
– [Charlamagne] Phrase up.
– Bought it?
– [Charlamagne] Yeah.
– In enterprise world I need
the streets to fucking love me
greater than life but I wish to be
the flowery businessman that is on
the duvet of Time journal.
Bought it?
– [Charlamagne] Completely.
Clearly make some huge cash
or have made some huge cash.
However not as soon as have I believed to
myself cash is your motivation.
– I need legacy.
You are proper, I made extra
cash than you understand…
You are proper. You’ve got sniffed me out.
The folks that know me
one of the best notice cash
is the very last thing I care about.
– [Charlamagne] Yeah.
– Look, I need it.
– [Charlamagne] However
you do not discuss it.
– Look, I wish to
purchase the New York Jets.
I am not going to win
it on my charisma.
– [Charlamagne] Yeah.
– I will want cash however I
suppose once you search for cash
you may turn out to be wealthy,
once you search for
legacy or fucking up
the sport which I really like doing.
I grew up within the wine enterprise,
I constructed one of many largest wine
retailing firms out in
Jersey known as Wine Library.
I did not need cash.
I needed to alter the
wine trade without end, proper?
The abilities the very fact of the
matter is you bought to have the
expertise and also you get
that from the filth.
And the filth is so necessary.
Everyone desires the clouds.
Everyone desires the large desires.
Everyone desires
the large image.
Everyone desires the
issues that drives you.
It is enjoyable to be romantic about
the clouds, what you are pushed
by, the place you are attempting to go,
the general image, the macro,
the micro. The micro is the
gateway to the macro.
By dwelling within the filth
you may lastly get to
the clouds someday.
And so I am only a
very large fan of filth.
I really like filth extra
than most individuals.
As a matter of truth, DRock I used to be
in a documentary known as “Filth”.
A film.
Actually in my IMDb there’s a
reference to me being in “Filth”
the film so use that DRock.
And so the rationale I am so completely satisfied
and so snug and so at
peace is as of this second I’ve
achieved my bucket record merchandise
which is I’m in pursuit of
shopping for the New York Jets.
Not proudly owning the New York Jets.
And I implore so a lot of you to
actually give a thought of how
do you create a sport in your
life that you’ve got really gained
earlier than you’ve got even began it.
I like doing that.
I used to suppose
about that lots.
It is humorous, even I am improv’ing
this text proper now,
I have never talked
about this in 15 years.
I used to speak lots to
Brandon and my dad about
profitable earlier than it began.
It is sort of how I believed
about VaynerMedia.
VaynerMedia’s an enormous success
as a result of it gained earlier than it began.
I audited the panorama.
I knew that I used to be the
chief in social media pondering.
I knew that I might drive it and
it is humorous although lots of
issues that I achieved
appear large or difficult,
I am really fairly conservative.
I really very often put
myself ready to succeed
earlier than it even occurred.
Therefore there will likely be no
devastation on my final breath
if I do not personal the Jets.
There would solely be a
devastation if I did not go
by means of the method
of attempting to get them.
(gentle piano music)
– [Ron] Those who’re
profitable have this
gutter, filth work ethic about them.
As you, actually, virtually lonely.
It is like you could have the demeanor
of a king and queen and you’ve got
king and queen worth
however you need to
work like a fucking peasant.
Particularly on this
fucking trade.
My recommendation is simply do not put your
skills earlier than your work ethic.
You wanna work.
Should you fucking 2% expertise
then you definately higher work 200%.
You perceive?
You wish to work manner
past your expertise stage.
Suppose if I maintain the music first
which I at all times attempt to do and
know who I’m.
Understand how I got here to this sport.
Know what I am actually good
at, what my strengths are.
I am gonna at all times on the
capitalize on that, you understand?
And I imagine that it is time.
All these greats are dying now,
we’d like new greats.
We’d like new folks
that we are able to look as much as.
And I haven’t got an issue being
a type of folks as a result of
I imagine, I imagine in myself.
And I am gonna imagine I used to be
presupposed to be that chief for
everybody to observe behind.
However I am gonna be an
instance of how to achieve success.
Coming right here immediately, assembly you
guys, getting a really feel for what
goes on right here it simply bought me
excited, you understand,
as a result of I really feel like we
can all assist one another.
You already know?
I do know what I can do
and I really feel like
I am gonna need assistance doing it.
I do know not going to be do shit
on my own and I do not wish to.
I need as many individuals that need
to be concerned within the shit,
be concerned. Inform me
and I’ll assist you to.
I really feel like extra folks
concerned the higher it is gonna be
and the extra folks you may attain.
You already know?
Amen. And that is it.
– [DRock] That was good.
(gentle music)

The honorable scheme to Import from India & attain Substitute in India

when individuals consider importing items from abroad they instantly take into consideration importing items from China however there are many different international locations on the market with enormous export markets and India is one in all them India has an enormous export market and has the profit that English is the principle language for commerce and enterprise which signifies that typically it is going to be simpler for brand spanking new sellers or new importers to purchase first from India somewhat than China in case you’re contemplating leaping in and dealing with Indian suppliers listed here are six suggestions that will help you do this tip primary there are industries and which NGOs both the world chief or one of many world leaders and if you’re contemplating importing these merchandise it is best to take into account Indian suppliers as effectively in case you’re importing merchandise in one in all these industries I’d strongly suggest that you simply analysis the totally different Indian producers for them and take into account them and a few of these industries are generic pharmaceutical medication cotton textiles cereal native spices cosmetics paper merchandise toiletries and leather-based footwear and garments India additionally world leaders in exporting metal and iron however in case you’re a small enterprise proprietor you are in all probability not thinking about importing these uncooked supplies in case you’re an e-commerce proprietor I reckon that there’s a very giant alternative for importing generic pharmaceutical medication from India and in relabeling them and placing them up on Amazon FBA program if you wish to discover Indian suppliers you need to use Sal who provided listing lists what you will discover a hyperlink to within the video description under two different nice locations embrace Alibaba India and commerce India do not get caught within the mentality which you can solely import items from China take into account different international locations like India as effectively tip quantity two do due diligence in your provider similar to in case you’re importing items from China I like to recommend that you simply do due diligence in your suppliers in India meaning really choosing up your cellphone and calling up the provider and speaking to them dodj depend on electronic mail once more I’ve mentioned this earlier than and it appears actually apparent however plenty of individuals make the error of simply counting on electronic mail do not depend on electronic mail name up your provider and speak to them and take a look at their deal with and Google Maps I like China there are much more locations which are accessible with Google Streetview so take a look at the deal with for the manufacturing unit that they’ve given and go to Google Maps and make it possible for it is an actual manufacturing unit doing due diligence in case you’re utilizing a provider from the salvage root jury checklist it is really very easy as a result of the entire suppliers have actually needed to being vetted they usually’ve needed to be working for not less than two years in case you’re utilizing Alibaba India I might suggest that you simply safeguard your self and your suppliers which have gold standing and have been on the web site for not less than a yr response price is a very good indication of how dependable a enterprise is so I might look to be utilizing suppliers which have not less than an 80% response price commerce India is one other nice web site that I advisable for locating suppliers in India to guard your self in opposition to unhealthy firms you’ll be able to search for suppliers which have belief badges which have premium photo voltaic emblems they usually’ve been on the web site for not less than a yr constructive suggestions on the provider listings is a big bonus however do not rule out firms simply because they have no suggestions I can inform you as somebody that makes movies they don’t seem to be everybody leaves suggestions in the event that they’ve loved your video of they’ve favored it so do not rule out the truth that a few of their prospects might have been too lazy to depart constructive suggestions and mentioned makes use of different strategies to determine if an organization is reliable and naturally one of the best ways to determine if a provider is reliable it is to work with one that somebody you already know has had a very constructive expertise with so make sure to ask round your native enterprise group tip quantity three begin out with their minimal order and ask for a pattern first whenever you begin working with any producer whether or not it’s a native producer or a producer abroad it is best to begin out by asking for a pattern product first and in case you like that it is best to then transfer on to their minimal order do not fall for the temptation to purchase a giant order to begin with despite the fact that this may in all probability make your revenue margins a lot greater as an alternative safeguard your self as I’ve mentioned earlier than it is rather a lot simpler to make one pattern unit of top of the range than it’s to go and make 100 items of the identical high quality and it is even more durable to go from making a items of top of the range to a thousand items to begin with the minimal order first and a set in case you prefer it you’ll be able to then enhance your order subsequent time and you may progressively work your manner up nearly all of the time your producers are going to haven’t any issues and growing your order dimension whereas sustaining the standard however I nonetheless suggest safeguarding your self and beginning out small tip quantity 4 negotiate costs down do your personal analysis into your totally different delivery choices store across the tradition and India may be very totally different to the West in the case of negotiation and India the whole lot is negotiable for instance for example that you simply took a taxi whereas in the USA you’d be anticipated to pay the fare that the taxi driver offers you negotiating that may be seen as very unusual and fairly vote however in India negotiating with taxi drivers as to their pricing is taken into account to be very regular so be ready to barter with Indian suppliers and to drive down the costs as a way to get the very best deal on that notice makes love sensing that it is best to analysis your totally different delivery choices this places you in a robust place if you find yourself negotiating together with your delivery costs so once more which you can get the very best deal and do the identical in the case of the merchandise that you simply wish to buy store round and get totally different quotes from totally different producers this may put you in a stronger place to barter the worth down together with your most well-liked provider tip quantity 5 when working with Indian suppliers do not depend on timeframes and deadlines there’s a humorous cultural quirk in India as a foreigner you might be anticipated to be on time however the reverse just isn’t true for them enterprise may be surprisingly lacks and carefree in India do not depend on your provider to fulfill your timeframes and deadlines count on delays if they are saying that one thing will take 4 weeks there is a very sturdy likelihood that it’ll take extra and this is not to say that it essentially will take longer however have no expectations in India household takes priority of a enterprise if a household situation had been to return up it will not be shocking in the event that they had been to cancel say a enterprise assembly it they’ve had scheduled on the final minute I can think about that this could put lots of people off within the West from working with Indian suppliers and I perceive as a result of within the West we now have totally different expectations and concepts of how we do enterprise however on the flip facet Indian firms are very loyal to their enterprise partnerships they usually do have nice costs so take into account the professionals and cons and tip quantity six in India they do not like saying no similar to in China they do not like saying no individuals in India will attempt to keep away from saying no as a lot as attainable fortunately not like China they will not simply say sure after they really imply no whenever you’re working with Indian suppliers you will often have just a few extra clues as an alternative of claiming no they’re going to say issues like presumably or let’s examine or I am going to attempt in case you get a response like this that is most definitely them saying no in case you get a response like this and also you want readability and the reply then pushed for readability ask for a sure or a no reply within the least confrontational manner which you can watch out at sounding aggressive we’re negotiating with Indian companies it is best to keep away from utilizing high-pressure techniques so these are my six suggestions that will help you when importing items from Indian suppliers in case you like this video I might respect in case you gave it a thumbs up and if you’re thinking about beginning your personal e-commerce retailer then make sure to obtain our free e book the way to make $10,000 a month on-line with drop delivery you will discover a hyperlink on the way to obtain this unbelievable life-changing e book and the video description under hello there and thanks for watching this video created by us right here at wholesale Ted it’s our mission to assist each begin and develop their very own on-line enterprise that’s the reason we have created a logo right here which exhibits how anybody sure even you may make ten thousand {dollars} every in each month with dropship even when you do not have startup cash make investments of all we’re gifting away this e book at no cost and sure we actually want her to apps lutely free so prefer to get this doubtlessly life-changing click on on the hyperlink on this video description and get it now

How To Install a Fb Tracking & Conversion Pixel on Shopify

hey guys today I’m going to be showing you how to install a tracking pixel and conversion pixel in Shopify so you can track what’s going on on your website and optimize your ad verse so this is probably the most requested thing a lot of people will have trouble figuring this out and it can be quite hard if you don’t know the proper way to do it and there’s not many videos online they actually show you so I’m going to show you how to do it the best way to do it and just the simplest way it doesn’t need to get technical and confusing so we’ll get straight into it and I’ll show you how I store my tracking pixels and for you guys that don’t know what tracking pixels are I use one for tracking who comes to my website so then I can use that later on to retarget them and future adverts and I also use a purchasing a conversion of pixel so what happens is every time I get a conversion a sale my facebook ads will only will charge me for that but they do also tragedy for impressions but they’re going to optimize my advert for conversions so I pay 41 cents per sale after for this specific advert here this is probably going to be a winner out of the Rizk the wrists haven’t actually made it any conversions this is a test I did last night so yeah six conversions so six purchases and we’ll show you how to set that up and then my facebook ad is now optimized for conversions so as you can see here 41 cents per conversion so we’ll get right into it I’ll show you how to do it you want to be in your Facebook Ads manager so manage ads you know tools and it should say create pixel here but I’ve already done one so I got my pixels up and you just want to go into here and it should say something here like create pixel I can’t remember what what it says I did mine a while ago but it should say create a pixel here and then you’ll go through the process of creating one and you’ll get the code but I’m just going to go to view my pixel code and here it is but I’m not actually going to use this one here because I’ve just blurred out my page so you guys can’t see it so we’re going to use this one here I’ve just copied it over now don’t worry about this but at the bottom this is unfallen into our conversion pixel so I’m going to be doing two separate codes this first one here is going to be to track who comes to your website so you can add them to a custom audience list if you like and retarget them for our future adverts as you notice here there’s a little snippet of code that says –trackpageview that’s what you wanted this one just that you don’t want anything else and then we’re going to copy that and just going to go to your Shopify and you’re going to go to this little icon here online store and then themes and then you’re going to click on here and edit HTML now you don’t have to do this this is only for if you want to track but I’m going to show you both anyway I just make sense to do that you want to click on theme and liquid and what you’re going to do is delete my code here you want to find the head so click on head here and it’s going to highlight the head at the bottom ok very straightforward stuff so you’ve got to hit sections here you want to go to here push enter and put do another space you’ve got a space here and simply copy your code ok so this is the code here that I copied from my text file in order to make sure this is here so what this does is this tracking code is now on every single page of your website and it’s going to track who visit your site that’s all this one is for just tracking who visits your site so if you don’t want to track that you don’t have to put this in but I do advise you to do that it’s going to give you more accurate data on your Facebook Everts count so that’s all you want to do for this and I’m just going to delete that because I don’t need that in there I’ll just go back it should um leave leave here so you’re just in the head section right before the last one on your theme liquid and this is just for tracking not conversions yet I’m going to leave this page next you want to go to where we’re going you want to go to settings and you want to go to checkout this is where we’re going to be putting our next code and we’re going to be putting it down here ok down here so ad manager what you want to do now is you want to get a quote only a create conversion track custom conversion open own I think that we’re going to go to track conversions with some code so you remember how we had the little snippet here that does the actual M that will tell Facebook what’s going on we want to get the purchase one and what we’re going to do is we’re going to add the purchase one to the code and we’re going to add it just under pages view so what this does is this will tell Facebook when someone has purchased something from your website but we’re going to put it on the Thank You page after the checkout but the problem is it says value zero point zero zero so what you need to do is put in how much the item costs off across 20 bucks you’ll put twenty point zero or 30 point-0 for thirty dollars but the problem with that is you have basically you’re telling Facebook that all your items on your store cost 30 dollars so if you’re if you have different price items you need to put this little snippet in there instead and I’ll leave that in the description for you so where the numbers are you simply paste that and leave it like that or change it to the currency that your facebook adverts is so US or whatever just leave it like that so you’ve changed the currency here and change it how I think I might have a double up I don’t know just let me check my code and I’ll make sure I don’t have a double up here and we’ll be right back alright so I have a double up so I’m going to get rid of this one here and that’s it so you want to put this little tracking code under page view just here purchase value and then just put the code where those numbers were okay that’s it then you want to copy this again and if you want to like you could also put other things and stuff you want to do like your leads or add payment and for complete registration but you have to put that on different pages so I’m not going to get into that that starts to get confused confusing you only need to do purchases okay this is what I’ve talked about all my other years so want to copy this code now I’m going to go back to our shuffle fire and when you’re in the checkout section you want to go down to where it says additional content and scripts and you want to add that code in there okay so now you’ve got the code in here and this will be on the Thank You page so when someone checks out it’s going to fire to Google and tell them that they’ve made a purchase okay so you’ve got your view pixel on your entire page from when you put it into the themes are your entire site and now you’ve got your purchase conversion tracking and the additional content and script so this is on the Thank You page after someone makes an order okay now how do you check to noon disperse safe so how do you check to make sure you actually have for the pixels working so this is very easy to do I will show you really quickly and as I just want to make sure I’ve haven’t missed anything up here while doing this not short having it so I’ll show you how to do that okay my keyboard is going flat here so if we bring this down you’ll see that I have a extension cord pixel helper you need to get that and it’s going to tell you that your pixels are firing correctly so as you can see here my page a few one that I put into my header is working okay now to check the purchase one there’s really no other way to do that unless you wait for someone to purchase or you purchase yourself and just refund and what happens is when you purchase when you get to the Thank You page check this again and then it’ll come up and it’ll have the little it’ll say purchase in brackets here and also efforts green your good efforts are ready then there’s an issue but if you follow this video exactly how I’ve done it you shouldn’t have any issues at all okay so we’ll just go over that and quickly one more time so you get the hang of it of what we’re talking about here so when you get your pixel view pixel code you want to put the one hoof page view and nothing else in the header section of your thing so this is going to be for your whole website and sort of track every person that visits your website from your Facebook advertising now you don’t have to do this but I recommend you do do this for better day for better data now and then you put that in the theme head section which is what I showed you in the start of the video next you want to for your purchases I’m going to create conversion get some custom code here and get your purchase and then put that into the code like I showed you before so right here and then you want to change your value to the code here that I have I think we need to do this section here so we’re going to change the value right here – that this is only if you have different prices of through your whole site and then you put this code into your checkout section where it’s asked for the extra snippets that’s it so you got two codes tracking and purchasing I hope that helped you guys who had the issues if you do have any more problems leave a comment here but if you follow this video you shouldn’t have any problems but that’s basically exactly how you do it the most common problem people have and it’s really bad because gonna cost you a lot of money is when you put your tracking pixel in the theme a lot of people will put the purchase pixel their tracking code so what happens when people go from Facebook to your website to any page of your website it comes up as a conversion on Facebook so they’re charging you for all these conversions that have never happened they don’t exist because you put your purchase pixel on the wrong page so you’re going to be in Facebook you might have 10 20 conversions but no sales and then they’re charging your dollar for each conversion you’ve just wasted ten or twenty dollars when it hasn’t actually happened and it’s going to give Facebook the complete wrong idea and it’s going to mess up with your ads and it’s just a big mess so you want to make sure your purchase code is on the Status page of the checkout so are your your after you know your Thank You page that’s what you want to do here and this is what this section does for you and follow this video correctly and you shouldn’t have any problems you shouldn’t have any issues and then test your pixels and make some money with Shopify and I’ll see you guys in this video any more questions let me know and I’ll do a video about it someone did ask me to do a video about the extensions I use but I’m probably not going to do that I’ll just reply to you directly and tell you what I use because I don’t really use much so I don’t really want to do a video about it but I’ll see you guys then and have fun making money on Facebook you

The way to Salvage Paid as a Freelancer [FREE CHECKLIST]

– Hey everyone. That is is Roberto Blake, of serving to you create one thing superior right this moment. So right this moment had been gonna
discuss freelancing. Extra particularly we’re gonna discuss how you can receives a commission as a freelancer. That is one thing that is tremendous essential, as a result of a variety of you as freelancers you are not getting what you’re price. Generally you are not getting
paid by your purchasers in any respect, and that may very well be
devastating, trigger money circulation, that is an actual factor. So, let’s discuss some methods
that we can assist you receives a commission as a freelancer. That is truly one thing I
cowl in my free electronic mail course, on Freelancing, and
Freelancing is just not free. It’s the title of the free
e-book and the course. And it is extra than simply
getting paid by your purchasers. It is also about understanding the funding you must make into your freelancing profession. And so I actually encourage
you guys to verify that out. Hyperlinks are within the description,
and the annotation up right here. Getting paid by your purchasers is one thing that could be a actual problem, for lots of freelancers. Nicely a variety of it has to
do with the easy indisputable fact that a lot of you aren’t asking
for that fee up entrance. And so I might extremely encourage you to all the time cost a deposit. That’s tip primary right here. Cost a deposit. Sooner or later some level within the course of, it’s worthwhile to speak concerning the upfront cash that you simply’re gonna be
attending to take this on. And nonetheless it’s worthwhile to
justify that, it is positive. I personally favor to
define the steps or phases in a venture, and description
the charges related to every part within the venture. So part one will characterize a deposit and it is going to be X and it’ll
be tied to deliverable Y. That’s the method I sometimes method it, and in order that’s why I
encourage you guys to do. I favor to do not less than
three phases of a venture. Generally it’ll go extra, however I’ll principally arrange a service price that is related to part one. It represents the non-refundable deposit, for staring the work, and as soon as the settlement is
made, that turns into due upfront. I then cost deliverable primarily based charges, in each different part within the venture, and because of this they’re
paying for one thing, and getting one thing. They’re paying for one thing,
and getting one thing. So that everybody feels that
it is fare and applicable, and that is often the
straightforward option to negotiate this. One of many different issues
I like to recommend you to do, is when you begin to
taking this critically, think about using contacts. I do know that that may appear intimidating, and it may possibly for the purchasers too, you are able to do quite simple contracts, with one thing like Good day
Bonsai which is free, and it will stroll you thru
you the steps of that and generate a contract for you. You can even get free
contacts from docracy,com. Once more, these are all free assets which might be in my free electronic mail
course, and I discussed them. So that you undoubtedly wanna verify that out. You get an inventory of assets
in each a kind of emails. However these are instruments that I’ve used, and that they have been very useful to me, and so I might advocate you do this. Now, in case you are getting paid sufficient, then it turns into time
to spend money on a lawyer, to generate normal contracts for you. That is often a number of 100 bucks. Completely price it although, to pay
for that, one time, upfront, after which make modifications to them. Simply little tweaks down the highway. However once more, when you’re
taking part in for sufficient cash, then that is sensible for you. The opposite factor that is
gonna make it simpler so that you can receives a commission, is to arrange an invoicing system. You are able to do this both
with without cost. Additionally you may think about using FreshBooks. I’ve received a hyperlink for you within the information card intonation
up right here someplace, and within the description beneath. You can even received to and check out a free trial. Nope, they are not sponsoring the channel. A minimum of not but anyway. However they’re one thing that I used, and they’re an affiliate of mine, and so I wish to advocate them as a result of it has helped me
truly hold observe of my time after I want to do this, as a result of
they’ve a time tracker. They let me hold observe of not
solely my invoices for purchasers, but additionally I can observe my very own bills. That is actually helpful if you
begin making sufficient cash, to the place you tax scenario
will get actually attention-grabbing. You may need to account
for all these bills. I am going to have a complete different rant
about freelancing and taxes, at one other time. So please keep tuned for that. You are gonna wanna pull up some popcorn. It is gonna be enjoyable. Yeah, you guys know I get ranty. Some freelancers wish to put
their charges on their web site. I personally am not not a fan of this, as a result of I actually nonetheless really feel
like each venture is exclusive, nonetheless there are freelancers that profit by simply doing flat charges and charges. And so I might encourage you to determine which class you fall in to, after which, placing your costs
upfront in your web site, will filter purchasers that
merely cannot afford you, and that may prevent a
lot of time and frustration. Shoppers that comply with your costs primarily based on seeing them upfront
usually tend to pay them. For those who do any freelancing in individual, utilizing one thing like Sq. or utilizing one thing like PayPal right here which you could simply swipe a debit
card or a bank card with, it is gonna be actually handy
for accumulating your charges. So I might encourage you to do this. One other factor that you would do is you would arrange financial institution wire transfers, and I might advocate that
should you’re gonna do this, you understand how to obtain
that by way of your web site. You observe their directions. You may wanna tie that to a enterprise, checking account of some sort that is related to your small business, or your DBA, LLC. No matter your small business construction is. In order that’s one thing that if it’s worthwhile to, I might say, speak to the financial institution about that. I actually do not wanna offer you
an excessive amount of particular on that. I simply do not suppose that
any person that is not a banker… I do not really feel tremendous certified for that. And relying on the place you
reside, and what the principles are, it is likely to be totally different. It is likely to be totally different primarily based
in your banking department. It is likely to be totally different
primarily based in your nation. So, actually look into that. One other method to make sure that you are getting
paid out of your purchasers, is to perform a little analysis
on them earlier than you comply with tackle their venture,
and do not begin the work, till you have gotten a deposit. You could possibly simply make that
a coverage going ahead. I do know it is troublesome, particularly if you’re simply beginning out. However should you arrange these good habits, it’d harm slightly bit at first, however you will save your self a variety of ache, heartache, and frustration within the long-run by filtering your purchasers
and figuring out when to say no. Anyway, I hope this was useful to you. These are my prime ideas for
getting paid out of your purchasers. I even have a guidelines
which you could get without cost, if you join
the free electronic mail course. You may get that on prime of the free e-book. So there’s a variety of freebies
and goodies you may get, and all it is gonna value
you is your electronic mail tackle. So once more, these hyperlinks are down beneath and in addition within the information card above. You probably have questions on freelancing or working with troublesome purchasers, depart these within the remark part. I might like to attempt to assist you out. Anyway, like this video should you prefer it. Do not forget to subscribe. Checkout the opposite superior
content material on the channel. As all the time you guys, thanks
so very a lot for watching, and do not forget, create one thing superior right this moment.

Contend with Haters & Of us Who Don’t Take care of Their Word | #AskGaryVee Episode 201

– On this episode, I get really
deep on that last question.
Don’t fast forward!
(upbeat hip hop music)
– [Gary] You ask questions,
and I answer them.
This is The #AskGaryVee Show.
Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk
and this episode
201 of The #AskGaryVee Show.
Alright, we’re in to the 200s.
Monday morning,
feeling good about that.
DRock doing some
snaps over here.
We’re taping a DailyVee today.
– [DRock] Yeah.
– [Gary] Which I’m
very excited about.
You’re not filming right now.
‘Cause we got this, right?
If you want to take a quick
little sample, you’ll do that.
India, great to see you.
Is that a San Francisco Giants?
– [Staphon] I told you.
– What?
You guys were
debating about that?
– [India] I was like,
“Should I wear it?”
– That’s really cool, I like it.
– [Staphon] She was
like “He won’t notice.”
I was like, “Yes, he will.”
– I noticed.
India, are you
ready for the show?
– I’m ready for the
– [Both] Show.
– Call in show was a lot of fun.
I enjoyed that,
I want to do that.
I think we have some
things to figure out.
I really wish this was a call in
show but I feel like we didn’t
have time to talk
about the kinks.
– Yeah.
– I feel like there’s kinks.
– For the call in?
Yeah, we’ll work them out.
It’ll be easy.
– But I think 202 or 203
I want to do it so
I want to address kinks.
– Okay.
– Alright.
So we are now into the next
frontier episode 200 to 300.
You know, I’m really curious
how long I’m actually
going to do this.
I don’t feel it
wavering, don’t worry.
But I do think, I would say I
was positive I’d get to 200
I’m not positive I get to 300.
I can see us doing something
weird and being at 267
being like that’s it.
I really do believe that.
– [India] 267?
– 267, we’ll all
be watching that.
Alright, India,
let’s get into the show.
– [Voiceover] The Wealth Life
asks, “How do you deal with
people who don’t
keep their word?”
– Wealth, I’ll be very honest
with you I think one of the
great secrets of my business
success and life in general is
zero expectation of others.
I know that a lot of people get
mad at me when I say that
in my life, in my business life,
when I say it in public but
it’s my truth.
I’m just not that devastated.
It’s a data point.
People don’t keep their
word all the time, India.
As a matter of fact,
it’s probably a thing I struggle
with the most in being
the CEO of this company.
A lot of people have worked in
other places where the person
hasn’t kept their word and
they’re cynical to my word.
And listen, by the way,
I haven’t kept my word
my whole life.
Even now because something
may fall through the inbox.
Like, you see
what’s going on now.
I know that I promised to give a
shoutout or a birthday wish and
I miss it.
There’s human error in not
keeping your word and then
there’s just not keeping
your word which happens often.
It’s a reality,
humans are flawed.
And I would tell you that the
biggest differentiation between
myself and many others if I’m
self-evaluating that has been a
big deal for me is
I just don’t cry.
There’s no crying in business.
How do I deal with it?
I move on.
I collect data.
I’m like, “Oh, Staphon doesn’t
keep his word very often
“so his word is not as valuable
to me so I’m going
“to take it with a grain of salt
“that he’s going to
actually link this up.”
Whatever it may be, I think
it’s something that you know,
I don’t like entitlement.
And I do think believe it or
not, I do think that people get
upset with others from a
level of entitlement more than
anything else.
Like sorry, Rick.
Sorry, Wealth Wellness,
Wealth Life sorry that
entrepreneur life
let you down and
didn’t post that thing.
It is what it is what it is.
I just let stuff
roll off my back.
It is what it is.
I’m just prepared
for the negative
and so I’m completely unfazed by it.
I’m like,
“Oh, that was intriguing.”
Not like, “Oh, screwed me.
I’ve been sabotaged.
“I failed because India didn’t
come through with her word.”
“Ogilvy screwed me.”
It’s business.
Put on your pants.
Your big boy, big girl
pants and get to work.
I contextualize it.
I use it as a data set for my
next business behavior with that
individual or organization
and I just move on.
And, I don’t dwell
and I go forward.
People slow themselves down.
– [India] Ready?
It’s good.
Really good.
– Thanks, it’s true.
It’s true.
It’s the game, I’m sorry.
People are going
to let you down.
People are not
going to come through.
Almost nothing turns
out the way I want it to.
It’s the ability to adjust to
that that separates winners and
losers in the business world.
– [India] From Justin.
– Justin. Timberlake?
– Yes. Justin Timberlake.
– This is Justin Timberlake?
– No.
– [Gary] Bieber?
– [India] It’s whatever Justin
you want it to be right now.
– Okay.
– [India] Bieber or Timberlake.
– Neither. I’ll tell you later.
– [India]
– Novello.
– [Voiceover] Justin asks,
“If you were building a retail
“biz from the ground up,
what trend would you
“be paying the
most attention to?”
– Justin, this is
a silly question.
All of them.
What do you mean “what trend”?
All of them.
How people are shopping on
mobile, how bricks and mortors
are still very viable.
Health and wellness,
meditation, technology.
There’s no one trend
to pay attention to.
I’m not going to give
you, there’s no secret.
There’s no episode 201 maybe
Gary will answer my question and
give me some incredible insight.
They’re all in play.
All the trends matter,
mobile commerce, people shopping
behaviors, real time delivery
and then all the genres of
things you could
be selling, right?
Just a million things that
people are in to like tea and
yoga pants and I don’t know.
This question is kind of
exhausting and I’m not mad at
you, Justin Novello, it’s just
it’s a silly question
because they all matter.
I pay attention to everything I
can as much as possible, Justin.
As many things as possible.
They’re all data sets, they
all can lead to opportunity.
You know, that’s what I
would pay attention to.
There’s a million
things going on.
There are 75 different pillar,
core things that are
going on in retail.
The lack of people
traveling to malls.
Postmates same-day delivery.
Downtowns and cities
emerging again and
the gentrification
of neighborhoods.
Fashion trends.
What people are
drinking and eating.
Sneaker swag.
Accessories on cell phones.
Everything that’s happening in
Asia that one out of every seven
times happens in the US.
Like, I don’t know, all of it.
– [Voiceover] Melita asks,
“If we aren’t good with numbers,
“can we really be
good at business?”
– I’m shit with numbers.
– [India] Perfect.
From Andy.
– Andy.
– [India] a video.
– I’m not that shit with
numbers but I’m very average.
– What’s up, Gary?
This is Andy_Barton.
Staphon, link it up, here
in the Teton in Wyoming.
I know you say you don’t want to
climb that god damn mountain but
how do you think nature effects
your brain and do you take time
to get outside?
Thanks for everything.
– Andy, great question.
Beautiful setting.
I do like videos.
Good job, India for picking
one, I do want more videos in
beautiful places.
Andy, this is one.
Look, nature is not at the
forefront of it for me but I
think a lot of people use it.
I have a ton of
entrepreneurial friends who
rock climb, run marathons.
I had a meeting this morning
with Mark Evans that you’ll see
in DailyVee, he’s running
40 races for
his 40th birthday year.
That’s how he escapes.
And that’s how he keeps his
mental health and I think nature
is an incredible,
incredible driver for so many.
I’m so thankful for
nature in many ways.
Obviously, what it is in society
but from a business stand point
I’ve watched entrepreneur after
entrepreneur after entrepreneur
really get enormous value from
walking trails to surfing.
It’s incredible.
It’s not my
thing, it’s just not.
I really don’t care
about pretty sunsets.
I have no interest in ever
going on a mountain trail.
I have just none.
Beautiful fields are
not interesting to me.
I would be like, “Oh, we
could build homes here
“and make money.”
It’s not who I am but that
doesn’t mean that it doesn’t
bring enormous value to people
and I watch a lot of people here
go to the mountains even a lot
of people that work at Vayner
love working in L.A.
and San Franscisco ’cause
they provide so much of that.
I’ve watched the New York crew
do the best they can in to the
Upper Westchester or the
Vermonts or the Maines
or things of that nature.
They’re all probably getting
pumped because we’re getting
that time of year where
nature plays a little bit
of a bigger role.
So many get so much value,
even look at the body language
of these three,
like it’s awesome.
iI’s just not how I escape.
I escape really in weird ways.
I escape with the Jets.
The Jets matter so much
to me that’s how I escape.
And the truth is I work out,
obviously, seven days a week now
as you guys know.
I’m doing a lot of that indoors.
So I don’t know.
I’m just not drawn to nature.
I’ve never been.
Mother Nature and I
have respect but not love.
– [India] Last one.
– Yeah.
– [Voiceover] “This is Vignesh.
“I am 15 years old.
“My question is whenever
someone puts you down,
“how do you push
yourself back up?”
– Vignesh, you know, it’s
tougher when you’re 15 as you’re
building your self esteem and
your foundation of your life.
Listen, if you’re 45 or 62,
there are so many people right
now that are not doing what they
love because they’re worried
about what other people
think or what other people say.
Especially your inner family.
We’ve talked
about this at length.
I’m very passionate about this.
I’m so grateful I don’t give a
crap about what anybody thinks
of me while equally caring.
It’s incredibly important to me
what India or DRock or
Staphon think of me.
It’s incredibly important.
It’s stunning though how
anti-establishment or how much
I would push back
when they would try
to impose their will on me.
And that’s a very
important differentiation.
Actually, that’s one of the
first time I’ve ever articulated
this way and I like this.
There’s a very big difference
between what one thinks of you
and what one tries to do
by imposing their way on you.
I’m very open, empathetic
and quite self-aware of what
everybody thinks of me and pander
to it, react to it and adjust to
it but for somebody to try to
impose their way on me without
knowing me is just
super not interesting.
And so, I was able to navigate
through junior high and
high school and really not
struggle with peer pressure.
I just, very honestly, thought
I was better than everybody.
I didn’t act that way.
If you go find all the kids that
went to high school with me
I don’t think any of them would
say that I walked around like
I was cooler than them.
That would have been very hard
as a 4 foot 11 freshman that was
being made fun of
for not being 5 foot.
It’s how I thought inside
and I think there’s a lot of
intestinal fortitude to use a
gorilla monsoon term,
that’s when wrestlers would beat
up and they would fight like the
Hulkster and Macho Man
and Ultimate Warrior
that was the whole kind of
genre of the 80s, get beat the
crap out of and then all of a
sudden and so,
that’s kinda how I am.
I can take a lot and then
all of a sudden fight back.
There’s nothing other I can
say than you’re 15 now,
when you’re 51 or when you’re
91 you’re going to be stunned
how little you care.
How little it mattered and this
includes your parents and your
siblings and even your children.
This is an intense thing,
this is a very intense thing.
But if I could wish anything
besides health on people
there’s a lot.
I say this saying a lot.
There’s a lot of traits I like.
Self-awareness but man there’s
unbelievable happiness that
comes along with self-belief and
recognizing how this plays out.
And let me tell you how this
plays out, Prince as he was
taking his last breath, as a big
shout out to Prince,
I’m a huge fan,
I don’t think Prince cared what
Billboard Magazine said
or what anybody said.
It’s just the way it is.
It’s the way it is so if through
this plea on this show, on 201,
on a Monday in late spring,
if four of you to understand,
if I could get four
of you to understand
it’s just not going to matter
when people I mean…
I love when people…
I don’t even know
what else to tell you.
I’m going to say it very clear.
Staphon get very focused here
because I want to really
deliver this with all the
drama that it deserves.
I like when people put me down.
I get off on when
people put me down.
Nothing is more interesting
to me than to prove
all of you wrong.
I love the people that think I’m
a huckster or I got some hidden
agenda or I’m not that good or I
won’t be that great or I think
too big of myself or my dad had
a liquor store and that’s the
only reason I’m
successful or I got lucky or
Show me.
Please, please, please continue
to judge me and underestimate me
because it’s the only driver I
have and that’s how I’m wired.
And I don’t expect all of you to
be wired that way but if I can
through my energy move any of
you and trust me I’m reading your
comments ’cause your
comments are my oxygen and
I see so many of you.
So many comments over the
last three or four months of
people saying I’ve got a little
more cockiness or
confidence than I used to.
As a matter of fact,
I see it in you guys.
I truly see my inner circle
have more confidence,
it just rubs off.
India, you’re getting cocky.
– [India] I probably am.
– [Gary] Have you felt it?
– Yeah.
– [Gary] Yeah.
– I think it’s confidence.
– [Gary] I know, I know, I know.
But it’s true, right?
There’s a rub off.
It’s kind of like a
leader on a sports team.
It rubs off.
One of the great accomplishments
in my life will be the fact that
I was able to rub off my
confidence not only on my
inner circle but on the
community that decided to.
It’s unbelievable how good I
feel that I get to reward the
amazing reward that you give me
which is in all the things you
could be watching right
now you’re watching this.
In all the things you could be
reading, spending time on, time,
you’ve decided to watch me. Me!
Do you know how incredibly
empowering that is and
it’s at scale?
It’s not three people.
Do you know how
empowering that is?
And for me not only knowing I
can give you tactical advice or
in a funny way that I answer
question number three a girl in
Indonesia might say if GaryVee
is bad at math and has been
successful I can too.
Or in this ending rant you can
care a little bit less what your
coworker or your older brother
or that naysayer says or what I
know so many of you deal with
which is the trolling and the
hate and the disagreeing even
when it’s done well and I love
when people disagree with me in
the comments section I take it
for what it is.
Even when that happens…
You know how pissed I
was at DailyVee 030?
How many people like were
emphatically were drilling me
for a bad episode?
Fine but after all that and
that’s fine and I agree and we
didn’t do a good job setting
that up and I don’t think I set
up DRock for success.
It’s a genre that he’s not
as passionate about.
I could have done a better job.
I understand that but it blows
me away of how much venom people
can put like
after you provided…
You’re only as good
as your last at-bat.
200 great episodes of a business
show, 30 great episodes of a
docu show, 5,000 fucking
interview of business stuff,
unbelievable engagement,
answering your questions,
answering your snaps.
Boom, one baseball fantasy thing
pure and utter disagreement,
disparagement, hate,
negativity, that’s hard.
I’m the most confident and it
felt bad and I didn’t like it.
So what do I expect from others?
I get it but it is what it is
and at the end of the day it’s
not gonna matter and you have
to love yourself first and
feel good and complete with
yourself first so as a 15 year
old I would do what I did as
a 15 year old which is start
building those skills and not
listen to your parents and not
listen to your teachers and
not listen to your friends.
Respect it but don’t let
anybody, anybody impose their
way on you. It’s you.
You’re with yourself and
you’ve got to make
yourself happy first.
Good, right?
– [India] Inspiring.
– You’re inspired?
– [India] Mhmmm.
Thanks, India.
DRock, were you inspired?
– Eh.
– [Gary] You’re so used to it?
– I’m just kidding. Definitely.
– Real cynical, right?
See what happens.
– [Staphon] Confidence.
That’s what it is.
– No, it wasn’t confidence.
You see what he just did?
He just did exactly what I said.
Right, you two are switching.
Alright, great.
That’s it, right?
Question of the day.
What should I ask?
What are you, you guys
interested in anything?
India are you interested?
Actually, India, you and DRock
get to ask the question of the
day I’m not passionate about it.
Start with DRock.
– [Gary] Alright, tough guy.
– [India] Mine’s a stupid question.
– [Gary] It’s alright you
got a lot of time to think.
– What was your favorite
episode of DailyVee? Why?
– [Gary] Ooh. And why?
That’s a good one because
DRock wants some qual data.
– I want to know who your
baseball team is and
who you root for.
– Alright.
Awesome, you’re in
a baseball mood.
Guys, thanks for
watching 201,
ooh 201 it’s like
the next grade.
Isn’t that how they
do it in college?
101, like Econ 101, Econ 201.
– [DRock] Yeah.
– You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them.
(upbeat hip hop music)