The Commended Liver Cleanse & Gallbladder Flush (My Ride & Recipe)

hey everyone Stefan here from and this thing I want to share with you my experience of doing a liver flush where I literally flushed out hundreds of gall stones from my liver and my gall bladder now before anything that I showed you in this video and before doing a liver flush you always want to make sure you consult with your doctor first make sure it’s safe for you there might be some circumstances or conditions where it’s not safe so make sure you check in with your doctor and I really want to encourage you as well to do your own research on this also I’m just sharing with you my experience if it sounds like something that would benefit you then there’s a lot of great information out there online that’s free there’s a lot of great books out there as well that can help you learn more about it and basically you know learn exactly how to do it okay now I understand when it comes to a liver flush there’s a lot of debate out there about it you know some people believe in it and think it’s awesome other people argue against that I really don’t have time to get in a debate about it and comments or anything like that you know I found when it comes to health there’s so many different opinions out there and every health expert right they all believe that their way is the right way you know there’s a whole debate about doctors and naturopaths and the natural ways of doing things and where there’s natural remedies and you know because certain things haven’t been proven scientifically that is no good it’s not effective there’s so much debate that’s out there you know when it for me when it comes to my health I always look number one does this make sense to me okay does it make common sense and then number two I test it in my body and I let my experience of that you know my results from that be you know what I determine about that so you know you know just reading a bunch of articles and stuff you end up just getting really confused about health in a lot of ways so I’d recommend you know learn as much as you can about it but then just give it a try if you feel it’s right for you and see for yourself if it’s effective measure and test how do you feel afterwards do you have more energy do you feel better have you gotten rid of toxins from your body and your symptoms diminished and you know you’ll find tons and tons of stories and successes online from other people out there about liver flushes and how it’s changed their life how they’ve been able to cure different things so I believe in it I think it’s amazing I’ve done research but also ultimately I’ve tested it myself and I’ve gotten great results in doing so okay so I want to put that out there I don’t not looking in the debate you know I just just try it go for if it’s not for you then don’t do it and if it is then just do it again and again that’s that’s my belief when it comes to health now what is the liver flush okay so the process of it it is pretty simple there’s a really great book on this and there’s some great YouTube videos by someone named andreas Moore eats and I’ll maybe put a link to his book below his book I got his book on Kindle and I’ve been reading it and it’s called like the gull gallbladder and liver miracle claims I think it is I’ll put a link to it below on Amazon but he’s got a great book and a lot of great information out there also the website Kuro I think your zone com or org they have a lot of great information out there about liver flushes as well but essentially the process is is a few days before your liver flush the actual liver flush is one day it’s like less than 24 hours maybe 16 hours total but before it it’s really important they have like a parasite cleanse that you want to do beforehand just to make sure you don’t have any parasites because I think there’s some sort of affect with them and then also you want to drink apple juice every day for five days before it as well in the apple juice there’s something in that or there’s a supplement that you can take as well where the apple juice helps soften the gall stones the actual gallstone process is not painful at all I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever and not doing a you know flushing out the gall stones from my body from my liver my gall bladder I don’t know if anyone that has but they have a process a protocol that you do beforehand now on the actual day that you want to do a liver flush this is this is how it works around 2:00 p.m. you’re going to stop eating okay in the morning you’re going to eat something you don’t want to have any fats that morning but around 2:00 p.m. we’re going to stop eating then what you’re going to do around I think 6:00 p.m. is when you start the process is you’re going to have some water with Epsom salts now when it comes to Epsom salts there’s different kinds there’s a kind of use in your bath which you do not want to use because a lot of the Epsom salts that you use in your bath they have perfume chemicals in that so you want to have a hundred percent pure epsom salts and I found it at my health food store you can find it maybe a pharmacy as well just check around in your local city on where to find it but essentially what you’re going to do around 6:00 p.m. is you’re going to have I’m not sure the exact recipe but a certain number of tablespoons of epsom salts with water you want to make sure it’s cold and you’re going to drink that and drink all of the certain amount I think it’s three quarters of the cup that you’re going to drink now it tastes really really bad I didn’t have any problems drinking it I’m weird like that for me I know is she’s with pet but my girlfriend was really disgusted by it and I had to really motivate her to actually do it she did it with me as well they have like certain things you can throw in to make it taste better if that’s an issue for you but essentially it’s the epsom salts in the water and what that does that starts to help open up your liver and your gall bladder now at 6:00 p.m. you do that you do that again I think two hours later and then right before you go to bed around 10:00 p.m. you want to get everything ready for this and what you’re going to do is you’re going to have olive oil okay organic extra virgin olive oil again I don’t want to say the exact portions because it’s available online already Mabel I’ll link to some articles and stuff but you’re going to have all of oil and you’re going to have that with either lemon juice or grape grapefruit juice okay and what the olive oil does with that especially right before you go to bed is you drink that and you go to bed right away like right after you drink that you want to lay down like you don’t want to do anything else after that you want to make sure that you’ve already brushed your teeth you’re already ready for bed you’re not going to clean the kitchen or anything like you literally drink it and you lay down right away immediately and then you just lay down and try to stay as still as possible and for me I just focused on some breathing but the amazing thing was right away like within a minute I could feel things happening my liver your livers on the right side of your body right you know below your ribcage and or right right in that area right there and you start to feel like gall stones coming out of your liver like a kid you not like they’re almost like it kind of feels like these little marbles just kind of rolling out of your liver like you can feel some crazy stuff happening there so that’s a pretty unique experience it doesn’t hurt at all in any way you can just feel your body flushing it though and you go to sleep um I had a bit of a hard time sleeping I was kind of waking up because my body was like my liver was just like I could feel like stones just like rolling out some of them bigger than others some of them really small but it’s really an amazing experience I noticed that like while I was sleeping so I was waking up along the time as well now what happens is when you wake up in the morning and you want to wake up I think it was around like you know 7:00 a.m. or so like that you wake up and what you’re going to find you have to go the bathroom right away and you go to the bathroom that’s where the magic happens that’s where you literally start to see gall stones coming out of your bowel movements that are there in the toilet and sounds pretty disgusting but it’s actually kind of cool for this as an experience and you literally you know I saw tons and tons that were there now certain ones will float these little stones there’ll be different sizes as well they’re usually either green color or tan and they’ll float at the top of the toilet bowl those are the ones that have cholesterol in them there’s certain ones that are calcified though that will sink to the bottom of the toilet bowl now a lot of people have actually taken their goal stones and you know I I did person didn’t do this but they’ve taken them to their doctors verified them they’ve got lab tests done they’ve got an ultrasound done and verify that they are in fact goal stones so a lot of people have proven that though those are actually gall stones because other people have different theories about that as well but essentially in the morning you’re having some more epsom salts with water I think to other doses as well and you’re just going to the bathroom for the next few hours throughout the day and you’re not going to eat again until I think in the afternoon or the evening time but every time you go to the bathroom man it’s like more and more these gold stones are coming out and the Epsom salts helps you flush them out afterwards as well which is pretty cool but some of them are small like little pebbles some of them are the size of a marble and some of them are actually pretty big so it’s amazing there’s no pain I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever I was excited every time I went to the bathroom because yes like I’m getting the stuff out of my body out of my system and overall afterwards I felt good you know I felt great I felt great since and you’re actually supposed to do it several times to get them all out of your body they say once you have about 2,000 out and you do a gall bladder flush and liver flush and there’s none that come out after that that’s when you’re free from all of them so you can do it every two weeks and minimum they say you want to wait at least two weeks because too much of the epsom salts isn’t good for your your body your kidney I think so every two weeks you want to do it two weeks to a month some people have reported you know going about ten times or so before they get them all over their body your liver like I’ve been learning a lot about the liver and gall bladders the gall stones and stuff and how it affects your health in so many different ways even back pain anger emotions there’s so much that’s affected and tied into your liver and the more that I researched it and how many people were able to cure different things different conditions from flushing out the liver the more excited that I got about it and once I did it the first time I’m like man I got to do this again like this was amazing an amazing experience and you know I just want to keep going again with this because every time I do I feel better and better while doing it so I recommend to do some research on it learn more about the liver flush gallbladder flush there’s some great books out there I’ll maybe provide some articles or some links below or on my blog post um but you know give it a try if it’s right for you and your doctor says it’s okay I’d say go for it and and report back let me know how it was for you you know so hopefully you know you you consider this and look more into it and maybe give it a try health is the most important thing in your life and you got to prioritize it and give your body that break and cleanse out all that toxicity all the the bad stuff that your body has accumulated for all those years so thank you guys for watching this video please like this video if you got some value and benefit from it leave a comment below let me know what you think let me know any questions that you might have and if you guys want more great videos like this make sure you hit the subscribe button so you can subscribe to my youtube channel and get access to more videos that I’m going to be releasing so thank you guys so much for watching to you soon you

How To Achieve & Withhold A Healthful Relationship – Huffington Publish

trol I’ve we do have the questions okay all proper so yeah I imply you guys discuss lots about you already know the 10x plunge for {couples} and you already know success being that Obligation obligation accountability how does that form of work in your definition of how your loved ones works and the way your partnership works with Elena and Elena clearly the identical for you yeah effectively I imply up for me for me Lisa it could be that you already know that is our sport I imply we needed to choose a sport and that is our sport success is we take into account success to be one in every of our kids like no completely different than Supriya or Scarlett our third little one our first little one might be success I imply not to not say that success is extra essential than Sabrina or Scarlett however it’s our sport proper it is one in every of our offspring and that retains us that retains us along with a sport that we will win collectively like we’d for our children like we’d defend Sabrina we’d defend Scarlett we would like the perfect for each of them and we additionally need the perfect greatest for this third little one referred to as success effectively that is your legacy proper yeah precisely proper and no completely different than the children the the artwork goals as a pair completely different than our goals as people earlier than we got here to the connection is our legacy superior so Elena how do you the way do you view that as being a part of you already know um the aim of your form of this the household and the partnership effectively I view the aim of the household and the partnership as as one thing that you already know it is a good alternative for one thing for us to do collectively and it it’s the entire basis of what makes our relationship so robust is as a result of we lay out that function that we wish to create a really profitable marriage we wish to truly be position fashions for others for achievement in relationships so whenever you maintain your self as much as that prime of a normal then you do not get to let your self off of the hook when the cameras aren’t on or whenever you’re in entrance of individuals so behind the scenes you already know once we are combating or no matter like iconst we get to go you already know what my larger function my larger motivation is that we’re a profitable couple that we’ve a better function different than simply the 2 of us and it is to you already know unfold that different folks can have success of their marriages too so it would get sort of makes me drop that righteousness or have that should be proper in that second yeah for the better good of our relationship and our function so it actually helps us to be greater and higher than the 2 of us alone you discover it simple for that self accountability to come back into play yeah positively trustworthy simply between the 2 of us it is simpler for us to get into sort of a battle towards one another like I am author he is author he will get to have the controller we sink down into this decrease sort of sport this battle sport with one another I do not know why yeah and their self accountability Lisa Kent can you already know first it isn’t going to happen but when an individual by no means makes a dedication saying hey I want to carry myself accountable on this relationship to deliver one hundred percent not fifty you already know there was a there was a time when it grew to become standard that you already know one particular person would deliver 50 and the opposite particular person would deliver 50 and that may equal 100 I am like I do not know what faculty you guys are going to however 50 and 50 do not make 150 and 50 makes frickin two folks at 50% makes nothing completely as a result of for those who’re not coming in at one hundred percent and permitting that different particular person off the hook a bit and to slack what does that say in regards to the partnership proper yeah and and it is my perception that it is in all probability simpler in some methods to go life by your self as a result of then I haven’t got to consider that different particular person once I’m driving to the shop on my own I haven’t got to fret about her you already know once I along with her although it makes the drive extra pleasing it actually makes it you already know yell at him for his driving you already know and it offers to drive extra function despite the fact that I do know she’s gonna do her backseat driving factor it does give the drive extra function so two folks actually truly makes the journey to me simpler when it appears to me at the least watching the 2 of you within the public eye that you simply form of get it like what it takes to proceed to impress one another in a great way you maintain the attraction and you already know clearly no one all the time is aware of what goes on behind closed doorways however it looks like there may be that fixed pushing of one another and even once I see you want on a dwell stream you are continuously saying hey help my spouse observe her stream see what she’s doing proper and he or she’s doing the identical and I feel that is superior yeah and you already know not 95% of time we’re doing it proper you already know and and and uh we actually attempt to fortify the rightness within the relationship not the occasions once I flunk fail come up brief which you already know that is infrequently no however I’ve quite a lot of shortcomings proper I’ve quite a lot of shortcomings I obtained an enormous mouth you already know I stated sort of would what’s ever ever on my thoughts that actually bothers her that is not her fashion in any respect she’s way more would you’d you agree with that she’s way more conservative a little bit extra reserved considers folks’s emotions and I do not so I am gonna flunk and you’ve got a really extraordinarily excessive commonplace for the those that run round in your circle as a result of you will have such a excessive commonplace for your self that typically it is like whoa you already know like yeah and so I’ll blunt 5 – 6 % of the time minimal possibly ten % of the time simply due to I’m I feel that individuals must go in relationships figuring out that you simply’re not on the lookout for a 100 I can get out of school with if I get a 98 in school I am one of many smartest folks within the room so if I can get a 95 in a relationship try this like for those who’re on the lookout for good go be by your self okay after which discover out you are a couple of 70 you already know it is so humorous that you simply use the phrase good as a result of I inform folks on a regular basis particularly in a relationship you already know we actually must cease searching for perfection in an imperfect world proper proper as a result of there actually is not any such factor I imply you may you may have success you may have greatness however I feel typically for those who assume and also you cease and say that is good and that is okay and that is ok it does we push you to maneuver to the subsequent stage yeah and let me let me simply add to that I feel that beneath the perfectionist is somebody that’s truly attempting to justify being by themselves or someone that is not producing something so the man that claims I gotta wait until the merchandise good is definitely someone that is discovered how to not produce something you are arising with a pleasant technique to package deal I am not doing something and oh by the way in which I am on my own as a result of I am on the lookout for perfection effectively it is only a worry it is a worry of stepping off proper into your individual greatness actually yeah I agree with that so Elena I do know you guys discuss lots about um the entire form of 13 month chase we’re granted and quit what made you maintain out over these 13 months so what made me maintain in and out going out on a date with him for 13 months was the truth that um AI thought he was conceited uh I believed he was a little bit impolite and and and backside line he did not come within the package deal that I believed he preferred my man was gonna present up as six two and inexperienced eyes this very superficial logical once I confirmed her the package deal oh my god um no so so it actually it my very own pondering of what the man was gonna appear like sort of held me again in addition to the truth that he was so like abrasive and so simply in your face and so assured I suppose that bothered me now it turns me on I find it irresistible there’s half you so it is fascinating as a result of what bothered me prior to now I like and need I had extra of it however I additionally want it you already know at occasions it was a little bit pulled again so it is fascinating as a result of what held me again then ultimately become one thing I truly really admired that is fantastic at what level did you that little change in your mind flip and say me you already know I’m you already know the change occurred um it occurred about 13 months later I had written an out of over like 100 qualities that I wished in a person and so that you had been on the lookout for a person I used to be on the lookout for a person and I had oh I had over 100 qualities that I wrote on this little piece of paper um and so what turned the nook from me with him was that he stored sort of all the time exhibiting up all the time being there he grew to become buddies with my buddies he was and I obtained to sort of see that he wasn’t this man that I believed he was I made up lots about him with out truly figuring out who he was and I had quite a lot of prejudices primarily based on his peak or the truth that he had brown eyes I imply it is ridiculous cuz I by no means thought-about myself to be a prejudiced particular person earlier than this however then he stored exhibiting up and and I knew that he preferred me and he wasn’t going away and I do not know for those who’ve ever seen the film Notting Hill however Julia Roberts stands in entrance of the person and he or she says I am only a girl standing in entrance of the person asking him to like her and you already know I noticed Bob at that ebook however I felt like that was grant like when are you gonna see me like get up chick like I am your man I am not going wherever I am gonna be loyal I am gonna love you and I need you and hastily once I obtained that I used to be blown away all of the sudden the 6-2 did not matter the inexperienced eyes did not matter after which I went again to the notes that I had had the hundred and two notes he was 100 out of the standard’s the one two he was it was six two and inexperienced eyes I used to be like oh my god and that is once I turned the nook I used to be like she had she at the least she had dumb stuff on there like no hair on the again I imply I do not know if that is dumb I stated no hair on the butt or again okay and a person guess what I’ve a man that has no hair on the butt or the again that meant one thing to me effectively in figuring out grin he might need waxed it for you I’d have I’d have been a little bit axe however it was nice I had ethically formidable has an amazing relationship together with his mom and sisters um and I did not even know the man would have mom I imply sisters after all the mom however anyway he simply I wished someone who did not drink or do medication or was monogamous and you already know put actually essential issues on there as effectively yeah no you probably did you did not you had listing yeah so grant you persevered for these 13 months what was it about her what qualities that she have that you simply had been like that is the one you already know the the qualities that Elena had that that that that afforded me the vitality and dedication to proceed to observe up is I feel one was I used to be upset I used to be 35 how previous was that once we obtained collectively 45 yeah you had been 45 years previous I had met sufficient girl girls dated sufficient girls gone to sufficient locations the place girls had been he loves that a part of the story to know to know that to know what one my girl and I used to be extraordinarily I used to be you already know I I used to be very profitable financially in my life however I used to be very lonely emotionally and actually wished the proper particular person and and so I stored for these a few years you already know 45 years that I used to be single I suppose from you already know regardless of the age of 15 once I began courting 30 years that I used to be single I used to be on the lookout for the chick any man that claims they aren’t on the lookout for the accomplice you girls on the market they’re all on the lookout for the proper chick belief me I do not care in the event that they’re full-on playboy playboy out banging each frickin day 3 times a day James Bond in it I do know I have been there okay hated each second of it lonely as could be lonely as could be attempting to please that many ladies in a single week Lisa once I assume that quite a lot of occasions you already know for them folks doing that they are filling a void Oh completely completely completely empty inside attempting to fill it up and again and again nobody dude this in the proper one after which once I felt once I noticed Elena initially I needed to go away town I lived in I lived in San Diego she simply wasn’t there you guys must land you guys on the market you wish to discover the proper chick you could go to the place the place she is and if it isn’t in your neighborhood the typical of the typical male lives inside 25 miles or whether or not mommy lives until you are gonna dwell along with your mommy sleep along with your mommy okay you then may wish to go away mommy you might need to go away mommy to search out your new mommy and I’ve to Isis you too that forces you to develop up a bit too and settle for some accountability and be that particular person write that up completely worthy and for those who guys know that on the market you guys know that on the market I left San Diego the place I had it made I knew everybody transfer to Los Angeles the place I used to be a little bit fish in an enormous pond and I am head Alayna the primary evening I used to be there actually the primary evening I used to be there I met her okay and I have been within the incorrect city for too a few years and and and made a dedication adopted my instincts and met her the primary evening after which I simply knew I knew instantly she was the proper hen that I simply wanted to stick with Italy so I do not understand how I knew it however I simply knew it she appeared the way in which I wished to examine the look – oh pricey say you had been a little bit prejudiced your self – no she had a glance anyone who says that they do not have an thought of a glance oh for positive everyone’s obtained a glance you already know what this is the factor you already know and granted your spouse is beautiful and delightful on the skin as a lot as she is on the within however I feel that individuals do overlook that they usually overlook these qualities of how attractive and the way stunning could make somebody once they have integrity and character they usually have that that lovely half on the within that actually does permeate to the skin folks miss that yeah and he or she all proper Lee stated I imply Elena positively does have the within half you already know she’s a pleasant compassionate caring and what folks typically do not learn about it she’s she’s a particularly um what is the phrase aggressive particular person about one enhance her personal life and her personal life-style and keen to take quite a lot of private accountability for the place she will enhance in our life and what she must be taught so I used to be additionally on the lookout for that I used to be on the lookout for a accomplice that was additionally fascinated by self improvement in order that the connection might develop yeah it is fascinating you say that as a result of as someone who coaches in relationships that’s in all probability the largest factor I preach to girls is um roughly having your individual life so as your individual happiness your individual objectives and dealing on your self in an actual approach yeah you wish to discuss that true no we all know that you could develop your self to have the man you wished effectively I am speaking about which might be you continue to getting heartburn Claire oh pricey um yeah you already know like one of many issues that when once I was on the lookout for him and I had lastly had it with the man pool that I used to be ending up with and I wrote the listing of each high quality I wished a man I had heard so many ladies do that and it is really easy as a girl going I need this and I need this and I need this and I deserve this and this and this effectively after I wrote my listing I used to be like oh my god that is like how am I ever gonna get this man I imply like like actually do I anticipate that I am gonna get this and after which I actually appeared on the listing and stated effectively who do I’ve to be who is that this man gonna need and this man’s gonna desire a girl who’s highly effective who can maintain her personal funds whose moral with cash with you already know monogamous and and and never hanging out in golf equipment and getting drunk and embarrassing your self and no matter I wrote all these issues and I used to be like that is the particular person I’ve to be now if I flunk on this space how do i enhance that how do I get this get this little statistic up in order that once I do discover that man I can be all these I can he’ll be like dang that is my listing yeah yeah yeah superior so with as busy as you guys are you already know operating the companies TV exhibits all of that how usually are you guys put aside a time for one another and the way do you make it a precedence in your relationship to essentially set that apart effectively you Lisa we we spend we’re solutions to this we talked about this earlier than the present and the way a lot time we spend collectively simply me and her was a very completely different reply I am like effectively we try this each day do it each day we I get up with you I fall asleep with you we attempt to watch at the least one Netflix factor an evening earlier than we go crash out that is time with you she’s like yeah however that is not likely time to get on like we spend Sunday’s collectively going over simply the longer term we do a film Saturdays we do one dinner per week I imply I imply I am how a lot you already know that is quite a lot of time to me so long as we’re truly acknowledging that point you already know the that then that’s our time the one approach that I differed within the and that query was that we’re on the level in our relationship um she travels with me fixed I am saying that we we’re at a degree now the place we spend a lot time collectively and I am so lucky that he is let me into his world in enterprise and I can assist him that I am with him touring I am with him within the workplace I spend a lot time that I I am not having this starvation or this must have alone time Matt yeah purpose I completely different yeah yeah we do watch our Netflix and we’ve our Sunday film and that is an actual luxurious however I do not really feel like she desires to go that Lisa she gotta go to each assembly with me I am such as you can’t go to this assembly this can be a boys assembly she’s like that is ridiculous I am like look they don’t seem to be gonna they don’t seem to be gonna perceive whilst you whilst you’re right here after which after I do the assembly then the man comes as much as me says dude why’d you deliver your spouse we had been to shut this deal if she was right here yeah however have you learnt what although that is an incredible factor that she’s hungry for the data hungry for the information she’s superb Atlanta is a person and he is superb for truly entrusting me with that I will not embarrass him or make him look dangerous or you already know what it means the folks at Huffington Publish are gonna hate this are gonna be like these persons are gagged out couple there is not any approach it truly is that good effectively it’s actually good however we’re each very intense and we each have very robust factors of view and we do conflict at occasions and there is positively folks round us that may attest to that they’ve seen the moments the place they’re like scared yeah however we deal with it as rapidly as doable and the second it is dealt with it is carried out we’re again into the longer term once more we’re not like wanting again like oh woe is me or oh that second or oh you damage my emotions that second is gone and due to the aim that we had been saying earlier due to our function we’re all the time going into the longer term collectively as a group in order any teammate you may have Conflict of the Titans and nonetheless be okay so long as you you will have the lure the the belief right here you are giving me a easy going onto mortgage onto like a she’s like a film that by no means ends effectively and you already know what she’s completely proper you may’t look again cuz you are not going that approach yeah yeah I feel most individuals are moving into Reverse although when that is entire factor for those who spend a lot time up to now any a part of your life you are by no means going to see that future imaginative and prescient ever yeah windshield windshields are like seven toes vast for a purpose yeah precisely so what’s it about grant Elena and Elena grant that that makes you higher like what’s it what’s it that the factor about them that brings out the perfect a part of you the factor that grant does that brings out the perfect a part of me is that that he’s dry ahead and his desirous to make a distinction for the higher like like I get sucked into that and he is all the time motivating me and difficult me to have this drive to all the time be doing one thing and he helps develop that in me and he is made me um a lot extra educated in so many areas particularly enterprise and life and and tips on how to confront folks and discuss to those that I actually truthfully I want you’d have discovered me ten years earlier geez what about you uh you already know the factor that I discover most fascinating about Elena is you already know her damage her willingness no how do I make you higher Oh how do you make me higher is that the query that was the query I believed it was the very best quality you see in I see in her what what sure yeah like what’s that high quality in her that brings out the perfect in you that makes you higher yeah she she is look she got here to me the opposite day and stated look when are we gonna make a billion {dollars} no no no that is true stated you will make and I such as you you may’t put that sort of stress on it yeah this is my cash present me my cash present me my cash she’s prefer it’s not like that and I am like no you are gonna make a billion {dollars} however I am simply telling ya let me inform you I feel I feel that is sort of a humorous tongue-in-cheek factor however you already know girls girls on the market you already know you guys must push your man man we dwell in a society now the place persons are not pushing each other sufficient and and Elena does push me she pushes me in a the cash factor was a little bit of a joke however put she she’s like she is aware of what I am able to doing and he or she’s like why not try this and I really like that about her and I find it irresistible she’s an unbelievable mom she takes such excellent care of the children and he or she’s so affirmative of them and the one factor that I’d inform you Lisa that that I have never informed her in all probability in a very long time is when Elena thanks me for the life that I’ve that we have created and significantly that I’ve created actually for us when she thanks me dude it simply kills me prefer it’s like you already know they do not assume you and is that that’s simply amazed that is the killer proper there for me it is like simply having a thanks and you already know what it is superb you say that as a result of that is one of many factors I drive house to girls particularly on a regular basis and I say when a person brings you flowers or he buys you a bit of knickknack to point out you appreciation I stated in Reverse a easy I respect you or thanks it is the very same factor to a person completely informed completely so pondering again over the course of you already know rising this enterprise and this household collectively what has been your hardest time as a pair you wish to take care the toughest time that we had I’d say was effectively proper after we obtained collectively she broke up with me she left sheet sheet she was bailing on me as a result of she was having like cuz she was delusional and after which you already know everyone’s delusional early on within the relationships in the course of the connection someplace in that relationship one of many companions will get a little bit bizarre it appears to me I used to be bizarre again then I’ve to confess you already know and in order that was that was exhausting on me I used to be like oh my god did I I believed I had this deal carried out I believed it was like a deal to me proper it was like buying buyer or getting a ebook deal or the deal I imply she is a deal I am Hawking she’s a part of the package deal man I do know some persons are gonna like I hate guys that discuss like that however for me she is a component she makes my life full proper in order that was very troublesome for me and the opposite time is 2009 when the economic system collapsed I actually obtained to fulfill her as a result of I got here I went to her Lisa and stated look we can’t spend any cash on something for any purpose beneath any circumstances and he or she checked out me and says carried out and I by no means needed to deliver it up once more that was a particularly troublesome time for me as a result of I did not understand how lengthy it was going to go how dangerous it was going to get effectively that is superb of you to Elena to form of not likely query it and simply say alright you are driving this ship and you already know I am gonna co-captain and we’re gonna do that collectively oh yeah it wasn’t even a distant thought I imply every little thing that he is been capable of present us is is an actual testomony to his work and the entire the entire unit that we’re is we are going to do no matter it takes to make success for our household our society for our neighborhood so I imply if we’ve to chop again I am not on this for like some social standing or how somebody sees me I do not care I care about do you care I do know do not lie you may look after myself I wish to put on clothes that I yeah however I imply what I do not want a push come I shout Spanish involves shove if I wanted to go work as a janitor or no matter I am rubbish gonna be so I’d I will not be she’ll give me to be Janice however I’d in the event that they got here right down to it and I wanted to you wager your backside greenback one thing tells me she completely would that is proper least I’d so you already know with haven’t any disgrace the energy that you simply guys have in in all that you simply do how do you assume that units an instance for you children what do you assume is your children and what do you assume is the perfect factor you do in your children the perfect factor I do for my children is I’ve all the time handled them like they’re big beings and little physique so I talked to them with out placing grownup issues on of their universe as a result of grownup issues must be between myself and my husband or whoever however I defined every little thing to them and have because the second they had been born whether or not folks checked out me like I used to be loopy or not as a result of I am telling an toddler look if you could sleep now as a result of when mother sleeps higher at evening I am extra affected person with you and this factor can work out higher and I simply informed him I imply actually issues like that and I’ve carried out that from the second they had been born and and I am going to inform you they get much more than you assume they do they usually’re keen to work they get the data you are saying sure they get the data they work with you they enable you to and and and and I’ve by no means you already know one of many issues I am actually happy with is you already know I used to be raised in a different way I used to be hit as a child that was simply frequent I simply do not consider in that so my children have by no means needed to expertise worry she nonetheless likes to be spanked everybody positive that is factor evening I simply do not consider in hurting a child to get them to be into submission to do it yeah I do not consider in controlling children with that and and and he or she’s an unbelievable mom Lisa she’s an amazing mom I am a unique dad or mum like what I’ve carried out with the children is I educate them that they will do something I educate them to speak to everyone that there ought to you already know discuss to strangers they’re good for you the strangers have every little thing you need it is my job to make the setting secure so they don’t seem to be speaking to strangers alone yeah supervise and and my job I educate them tips on how to be harmful Alina all the time says you already know what you are an amazing father you are a horrible mom there’s quite a lot of reality once I realized that he was an incredible father however a horrible mom like my life grew to become simple as a result of he has no womanly motherly frequent sense for like like final evening just like the elevator obtained caught in our constructing and the and someone that is working in in our with us on the weekends sit you already know obtained all traumatic in regards to the elevator oh my god it obtained I am like hey the children needn’t hear that the children needn’t hear about your claustrophobia this wasn’t a light-weight the elevator the entire world turns into scary so my job as a dad or mum I consider is to make my first make the setting round my children secure and quantity two give them the braveness to exit and actually actually be themselves in that setting and I feel it’s extremely apparent and I once I reached out to you guys for this interview one of many issues that I stated specifically that I seen about your youngsters is you had been doing a periscope in the future grant and your daughter walked within the room and wished to say hello sure and also you stated they wish to know what your identify is and he or she stated hello my identify is Scarlett and I could be something I need yeah yeah yeah I am like my coronary heart melted and I believed what a self-aware superb little one our children do homework each day they’re required seven days per week to do homework yeah that is Elena okay so I am not gonna I am not going to do the 5 day deal the 4 day deal I imply we’ve colleges we obtained our children in colleges proper now they could common three days or 4 days there take off for every little thing however for those who take a look at the Chinese language the Taiwanese the Japanese these children are in class seven days per week they’re attempting to get an edge up and right here in America children are going to highschool studying nothing getting out figuring out nothing and and I simply do not wish to try this to my children and I simply learn an article just lately – in Asia they do not have quite a lot of these colleges there is not any janitors these children yeah weep the halls yeah they usually educate these children that is the place you be taught and also you care for it yeah you are taking accountability in your setting that is one other match the way in which we increase our kids is that they they’re on a star board and as a reward system so that they get stars for selecting up after themselves studying throughout their homework this this they acquire sufficient stars they will purchase their very own garments you already know with the Stars toys no matter after which as soon as they’ve these they’re theirs in the event that they wish to break a toy they don’t seem to be gonna hear me yelling you introduced the toy what it isn’t mine anymore it is theirs in the event that they wish to break it or they wish to they earned it they paid for it with their stars and it is it is there so that they they’ve a really sense of satisfaction yeah um with their stuff with their setting with you already know with the issues that they’ve earned so that they really feel like they personal issues the place quite a lot of mother and father may you already know say oh it’s important to share this it’s important to try this it’s important to anyway I am going off on a tangent yeah um so whenever you guys do get to some extent when it you already know whether or not it is enterprise or the household whenever you do disagree and I’ve heard you guys discuss a little bit bit about this earlier than how do you will have a productive battle that you simply come out of it on the opposite facet actually seeing how the opposite one you already know thinks or feels about it and coming to some form of decision effectively I actually take accountability for that he is often excellent now I am going to give this to you he is excellent about apologizing and saying sorry in all probability higher than I’m however what I am liable for is once we’re actually gonna get right down to enterprise and have a productive battle and never only a imply battle with one another as a result of these are clearly not productive and ensure we’re each well-rested and well-fed earlier than we’ve the battle or the productive battle after which we every have the intention and settlement earlier than moving into do you wish to remedy this yeah yeah do you do you sure I do now right here it’s and the way can we come to an settlement and work it out so we’re each completely satisfied however the final function must be how can we remedy this and make it work if in case you have any you are incorrect you probably did this you are not gonna get wherever and it is gonna lead into that imply factor once more and and and the way can we remedy this downside and never do that one once more and do one thing else I imply one of many issues we attempt to do is we attempt to have new issues I do not wish to maintain having the previous the identical the identical fights the identical disagreements simply react you already know for those who’re having the identical issues again and again it is since you’re not resolving it effectively yeah it simply results in resentment within the relationship yeah so we go into that argument we glance what you are gonna you you are gonna have disagreements with your self add one other particular person you simply doubled so to assume that you simply’re not so we simply go into it like hey rational attempt to be logical not emotional what is the biggest good what’s the perfect consequence for this we obtained a saying round my home who’s on second you already know which suggests who’s in scoring place who can get pushed across the bases overlook this little that we’re speaking about continuously most individuals are in dugouts on reverse sides of the sphere when they need to be on the identical area attempting to get the opposite particular person round second to attain yeah yeah and that is the entire thing as you already know it is it is a win as a as a unit as a pair as a household whenever you’re pushing one another proper proper so one of many issues it was um I used to be watching one of many broadcast as a GE present and by the way in which I downloaded the my GCT at my GC TV app once I noticed it come up on Fb of it I used to be like BAM uncle G in my pocket superior superior ha ha I used to be like that was superior so one of many belongings you stated whenever you guys had been going forwards and backwards in the future was keep analytical and never emotional in your relationships how come you assume that’s essential grant and Elena do you agree with that effectively I feel the entire you already know I went by this entire interval in my life from 35 to in all probability 4 eight the place the entire thing was like Oh have your emotions get in contact with your self the kid inside all that stuff that broken colleges that’s broken so many thousands and thousands of those that has that like I do know so many guys they obtained caught on this cycle of touching their interior little one and discovering the younger boy I am like however you already know what occurred to you whenever you’re to get rational get rational okay get on purp you already know her greatest level let me end okay get get rational persons are spending a lot time they usually’re emotional it is deceptive them to answer their emotions slightly than the requirements of life life simply has some requirements you already know and and I obtained to eat on a regular basis I obtained to care for the children I must care for my marriage it isn’t about emotional it isn’t that that is after the primary three or 4 or 5 dates possibly the primary three months in the end you are going to be married 20 years or not you are going to be within the deal it’ll be her physique’s going to become older mine’s going to become older what are we going to do to care for one another long-term when issues change you are not going to be 20 without end then it’ll be 30 then 50 then so to me it is let’s make some good analytical selections in order that we will have an extended nice affluent enjoyable time collectively proper and for me emotional is is what’s that so what I am unhappy in the future is that gonna cease me no feelings are or you already know when persons are led by their feelings they they they are typically wishy-washy or go together with nevertheless they’re feeling yeah yeah and and and that does not get the job carried out what will get the job carried out is having your function and going for it regardless now if you wish to use your feelings as a gauge hey I am not feeling completely satisfied proper now why do I must have some wins in an space after which set out okay you already know what I must I must have some wins as a mom I must have some wins as a spouse what can I do how can I make myself do that permit me plan one thing particular for him let me make him completely satisfied oh wow child and increase I’ve a win now I really feel happier in that space so I feel actually the entire emotional factor is simply for those who’re gonna use it use a gauge to how one can like make your self higher you already know cuz you need to be completely satisfied for those who’re not completely satisfied then then do you will have a function if in case you have a break if in case you have a function you are going to be completely satisfied that we would not watch the film Everest this weekend it was terrible by the way in which boring and the obtained the God the lead in it Josh Brolin stated you already know once I’m house I am depressed and once I’m on the mountain III you already know I am unable to get sufficient of it I am like since you obtained a function whenever you’re on the mountain and whenever you’re house you do not in order that’s sort of the simplicity and it is about having the UM you already know I do not essentially I do not just like the phrase stability however it’s about having happiness in additional areas proper sure yeah sure so Elena I liked once I was watching one other episode you guys did and also you talked about you talked a little bit bit about this earlier about arising along with your lists and your entire idea of writing that listing of your um perfect accomplice and you then had been saying you already know proper subsequent to that you know the way do you measure up in these classes so did you actually write out 100 issues it was fairly near it as a matter of reality I wish to get that that little piece of paper framed I truly rolled it up it was in such tiny letter I rolled it up and put it on a sequence in my necklace um so so yeah it was fairly near 100 issues and and yeah after which I checked out who I needed to turn out to be or be or the place do I want it to enhance and after which I actually labored on these areas um I feel that is superb and I feel extra folks once they write lists ought to write them that approach with that two column idea proper mm-hmm yeah as a result of I feel it is really easy to say effectively I need this and I need that evening effectively what are you keen to do what are you keen to surrender what are you keen to you already know put in vitality and effort and time to enhance effectively I feel folks once they when they give thought to writing that secondary listing they see it as settling and never a lot compromising and that is what I inform you on a regular basis you already know you already know that is nice if you need a sure sort of life-style and you already know he must be in a sure zip code or sir peak and and all these items however what do you deliver to the desk sure you already know if are you on the lookout for a free journey right here or are you seeking to be a real accomplice with someone and once more have that function to you already know undergo life and get higher that is true as a result of the man that for those who’re on the lookout for a free journey or some rich man that is simply gonna care for you chances are high the man that’s that is not on the lookout for a lady that he has to care for that is by no means gonna be happy till he gives this and this and this and it is all the time an AE the possibilities are he is gonna desire a companion somebody who stimulates him mentally and and you already know who’s that particular person what’s your factor what do you will have happening and if he would not need that you already know you gotta you gotta take into account that as effectively I imply I do know those that make they extend lists to go to the grocery retailer than they do for what they need of their life I am like you already know you go on trip you bought I do know girls that would love I am going right here and I am going right here I am going right here what would you like a man I do not know you already know extra about the place you wish to what you wish to see in Spain you then wish to see within the man that you’ll spend the remainder of your life with or the woman or regardless of the scenario is so yeah I’d simply say make an inventory what would you like on it and what are you keen to surrender in your listing that’s one in every of your deficits proper now to get that factor so yeah so if you need this man however you are courting these mediocre guys that aren’t the man however you simply wish to get exit to dinner and have leisure or no matter one I consider possibly possibly you simply wish to discover them whenever you’re doing that possibly give that up possibly and in addition you girls on the market let me simply say this okay you guys ought to search for males which have cash I do not know why you guys look why you guys make it besides why girls make it acceptable to positive males they can’t financially care for themselves if a man cannot care for himself how the hell is he going to care for you and two children you inform me someone please clarify that to me someone stated someone accused Elena being a gold digger I am like uh yeah what’s what’s incorrect with that by the way in which she’s not however quantity two what’s incorrect with that if she is on the lookout for the oil effectively the gold the platinum the diamonds the standard life-style what can be incorrect with that besides a society is someway made that incorrect she’s keen to do her half yeah what would make that incorrect is that if the girl was not in change for that yeah in the event that they felt entitled to that slightly than I am gonna be the perfect mom the perfect spouse I am gonna prepare dinner them a meal or no matter how a lot quickly the change I am assuming good respectable persons are studying this so that you girls on the market which might be keen to surrender a life up oh I do not care if he is obtained cash effectively that is simply silly no offense to anyone that’s freaking silly for you silly in your children for his or her mother and father that is a man that clearly doesn’t perceive what it takes to care for himself a lot much less a household so when you will have this sort of dialog I do not know for those who’re having these sorts of conversations along with your daughters now or what you propose to say to them sooner or later you already know I simply say Lisa I simply inform my children and my little women they’re six and 4 proper now I am such as you simply discover someone like popping you will be alright they might be all proper they might be you already know I am Annette look I am moral they’re gonna be complete coaching I am clear I do not lie if I get audited by the IRS I inform everyone like like I’ve clear fingers I am not good I’ve made quite a lot of errors I’m going again and clear up my errors they’re gonna do no matter they’ll do anyway I it is my perception that the mother and father can solely achieve this a lot to have an effect on the course of a kid’s life like my mother might have carried out nothing to vary or alter among the selections I’d make later however you already know I attempt to be instance anyway effectively we won’t anticipate as mother and father to have full management we’ve to do our bucket and instill all of these issues in our kids yeah you already know to the perfect of our skill and you already know ultimately in some unspecified time in the future a little bit little bit of socialization comes into play and we simply must UM you already know know that we did our bus and typically we’ve to set them out the door not likely figuring out what is going on to occur that is dependable so what would you say and I do know grant you simply touched on this about you already know your piece of recommendation whenever you’re speaking to people who find themselves single and particularly girls what they’re on the lookout for however and Elena I would like so that you can touch upon this as effectively you already know form of one thing you’d say one piece of recommendation for single folks and possibly your your one strong piece of recommendation for those who are married on you already know clearly courting seeking to get into that long-term relationship however tips on how to maintain it going whenever you’re single guys look you already know you could go the place good good girls are you bought to go the place high quality girls cling on the market they’re sometimes they don’t seem to be in strip joints I have been in to strip joints my entire life I used to be there a complete of possibly six minutes mixed journeys a pair buddies desirous to go I simply do not go to him Elena wasn’t in strip joints she wasn’t in golf equipment you already know she was earlier in her life however not by the point when she was prepared for one thing she was not there so that is what I’d do I’d go the place high quality folks go you already know that that matches your listing until that is not what you are on the lookout for it which is that is positive too you guys obtained to go get no matter you wish to get so I’d simply say for the one man goer high quality girls are and and be the standard particular person you you wish to appeal to in a girl and quantity two as soon as you discover what you need persist till you get it okay do not accept lower than that simply persist she’ll change your thoughts and and and the third factor is for those who are married you already know look it isn’t exhausting work okay it is exhausting work being by your self on a regular basis it is lots simpler it is lots simpler making it work dent then I’d not say marriage is difficult work I’d say it is quite a lot of work discovering the proper particular person it is simpler working it out with the proper particular person and I really like how solely you may make stocking look cool yeah cease oh yeah yeah yeah yeah it isn’t stalking if it really works all the time in order that’s identical to you guys whenever you discover the proper chick for those who freaking simply maintain following up maintain following up if it really works it isn’t stalking yeah and Elena what would you say to that oh effectively no the singles factor I imply I am unable to say it any higher than grant did um for relationships or companions uh you already know once more it is if when you you may sit down with one another get on the identical web page get your function as a pair after which work on that branding that no matter you wish to name it that enterprise mannequin that accomplice mannequin and work out the way you’re gonna try this and and try to do this or how we’re gonna work issues out once we get in arguments or how this or what’s our function for the connection get on the identical web page after which work in the direction of the aim and you already know I feel you already know for those who begin doing issues like that you simply’re you are positively headed in robust secure course that is stunning okay I obtained one final query for you guys what’s for those who needed to say it in a single phrase the primary high quality you for those who had been a single particular person on the lookout for someone what’s that one high quality that you’d completely require whenever you’re on the lookout for a husband or a spouse there’s so many I imply I imply I do know mine is moral for me is sure a moral you are not truly formidable ethically formidable moral simply no matter moral is moral yeah change moral you already know the decision funds moral with youngsters moral with thanks for those who’re moral moral isn’t an emotional way of thinking you already know I do know it is simply it is a approach of being waging a author it is incorrect it isn’t it is proper or incorrect you may put it on piece of paper something moral could be placed on piece of paper and also you’re gonna discover out whether or not it was proper or incorrect you could put that on a t-shirt with a kind of arrows that claims I am with ethically formidable yeah like that sure moral particular person you might be alright effectively this has been stunning I wish to thanks guys once more for sharing a little bit little bit of your day with me I respect that and simply have an amazing remainder of the day and you already know um actually respect this please get pleasure from your app okay let me write a evaluate on it okay I positive effectively alright hey love you Lisa techel oh nice thanks a lot all proper you guys have an amazing day okay you too

How To Web Started Selling A Product On Amazon Atmosphere Up Your Story & Product Listing

hey guys Stefan here from in this video I’m going to show you exactly step by step how you can get started to sell on Amazon your product now by this point you should already have a potential idea product that you want to sell on Amazon if you haven’t already found one you also want to make sure you found a supplier or a manufacturer that can private label your product as well but really once you have that you’re ready to get started to setting up for Amazon product listing and so in this video I’m gonna walk you through the steps of that how to set up your Amazon seller central account and how to set up your Amazon product listing so that you can have it available for sale on the Amazon website and once this up you can start selling it you can start making money on Amazon so this is going to be a great video that will walk you through the steps and I try to provide a really great example on exactly how to do this now if you guys want more great free training videos like this on how to build a successful online business with Amazon then I want to encourage you to press this button here that will probably appear right here on this video or press the link below in the description if you’re on a mobile device and then go to that page enter your email address because that’s where I’m going to be releasing a lot of these free training videos that will help you build a successful online Amazon business so I want to encourage that you do that as well if you want more of the additional training that I’ve already done in future trainings as well but otherwise I hope you guys enjoyed this video and let’s begin in this video I’m going to walk you through step-by-step how to sell a product on through Amazon FBA now in order to sell a product you need to make sure that you know what the product is you’ve done the research you found your supplier your market and I’ve already shared that in previous videos as well and if you haven’t seen those previous videos and I’d recommend that you go to project life master calm slash FBA or click the link in the description or just look around on this YouTube channel because I’ve already released a number of the videos already explaining a lot of the process and how to do it and if you want more videos like this that are free go to project life master comm / FBA or click the link in the description okay so to sell an Amazon you need to setup a seller central account Amazon seller central website to access this page right here is go to seller central and you click on register now you’ll be taken to this page right here now there’s two different options you can sell as a professional or you can sell as an individual now I do recommend that you sell as a professional it does cost money whereas the individual is free but professional you get a lot of different options it’s definitely much much better if you’re gonna sell in Amazon definitely sell as a professional okay it cost $39.99 per month however you get the first month free so just by getting that set up first you know you get the first month free and you know through it you know during that month you know you’ll be able to you know have your product shipped to Amazon they’re going to handle all the payments for you it’s going to be listed on their website they’re going to handle all the fulfillment if you’d like as well you can have them ship your products store it in their warehouses their inventory they have a lot of you know advertising features Amazon ads promotions there’s a lot of amazing amazing features so it’s definitely worth it all the top sellers obviously you know sell as a professional but again you do get one month free so you’d want to set up your Amazon account here in seller central just by clicking here they actually take the money either from your credit card every month or they’ll take it from the sales that you’re making on your amazon inside your Amazon account okay but that’s really the first step is getting everything set up here now once you’re set up with Amazon seller central you’ll be taken inside the the home page here and I do recommend by the way selling on especially to start with because that’s the biggest market for Amazon that’s where the biggest potential is that’s where you’re going to make the most amount of money it’s very very easy to get set up on of course you can sell on other markets such as the United Kingdom or Germany or in India or Canada or Mexico you can sell in all those other platforms as well however you in order to do that you need to send inventory of your product to their fulfillment centers and their warehouses based in those locations so if you want to sell your product in the United Kingdom you’re going to have to ship a certain number of units to their fulfillment house in the United Kingdom if you want to sell in the United States on then you’re going to have to ship your product to their fulfillment centers in the United States if you want to sell in Canada then again you’re gonna have to ship product to Canada so I actually live in Canada and I always started on just because that’s the biggest market of where you’re going to make the most money I do recommend starting there first and then once your product is selling then branch off to the United Kingdom which will be the next biggest market and then you can branch off from there to other parts of Europe and Canada as well okay so I just want to put that out there I’d recommend to start with now here to access this ad product page there’s going to go to inventory and add product and here you can either if your products already on Amazon search for it and add it or if it’s not then click on create a new product so I’m going to click there for this next thing you’re going to have to do is pick the category of your product so let’s say that your product is I don’t know let’s go to sports equipment or Sporting Goods and let’s say that it is I don’t know we’ll say it’s like a snow a running running GPS unit or some like that okay or sports reflective gear whatever the category is let’s actually make something else like a soccer a soccer ball okay so soccer ball so you can see there’s a category there’s so many different categories they have so you’d find whatever the category is for your product the best one that suits it and select that and click on select for soccer balls now I will mention that there’s some products that you have to be approved to sell in that category some some supplement products or beauty products or food item products you have to be approved to actually join that and they have certain requirements for that as well usually they’ll ask for you to send them some information from your supplier so for example they might ask you for and invoice from your supplier on that product or some more information about it or the logo that you have or a product image in which case you just send that to them and they’ll usually approve you after a few days for your product to sell in that category now if you can’t get approved in that category then I’d recommend just selling in any other category you could because you can only switch categories later as well okay so whatever category you pick don’t worry it’s not set in stone you can change it at a certain point as well so you know just pick the best suited one now here you’re going to be asked to put in all the information for your products so the product name manufacturer brand name the ones that have the asterisk here next to it those are the the mandatory required information that you have to fill out so if your product was a soccer ball when it comes to the product name you want to make sure that you have the keyword for your product in that product title so if we were going to Amazon a simple way to fill this out is type in that keyword you can already see the other suggested keywords as hit as well here which is really useful but you’re going to want to look to see all the other products there as that are available and what they’ve put for their information for their products because that will reveal a lot of great information to you that will help you when listing your product so you know soccer ball is the primary keyword which you’d want to have in your product title however you can throw in some additional information to make it more descriptive or make it sell better you know so it looks like performance is a common you know keyword that’s being used as well I mean the color you could mention that also so you could just put for example performance soccer ball and of course the more descriptive you can make that sound the better your manufacturer is going to be your you know your company name so whatever your brand name is for you know this product that you want to sell now if you don’t have one yet you could start thinking about that now or just make make something up I do recommend that you know you really consider the name of your brand because that is important you’re probably going to launch several other products under that brand so the brand is important you know and that’s probably going to be part of the logo that you’re probably going to have on your product as well so whatever that brand name is and again they can also go here also in brand name but whatever that is make sure that you really think about that so let’s say it’s just high-performance soccer equipment okay you can put that for a brand name also and again you can change a lot of these things later as well certain things are is going to leave blank you know they’re not required especially when you’re you know first getting started you can leave a lot of this blank and just get a listing set up and then go back in and change some of this stuff as well so you know I don’t have all the information for this product so I’m just going to leave all this blank for now and just put in the most important information now you will need what is called a UPC code and there’s different options you can get a UPC from and the UPC is essentially the bar code that every product has to have now if you click here you’ll offer different alternatives that you can have but a simple way to get a UPC barcode is just by going to type in UPC or by UPC code for Amazon you can see there’s a bunch of websites you know speedy barcodes I think maybe this is the one that I used but there’s a lot of different websites here where you can buy a barcode one for only six dollars and fifty cents especially five dollars on the sale price right now you click Buy they’re going to email it to you and then that’s going to be the barcode that you’re going to put in for your product now every product has to have a barcode you know the barcode for the product is is going to be on the label for the product it has to be on the label work and be on a sticker and Amazon actually has something else that you know to put on your product as well to sell it on Amazon but the barcode is primarily used for like you know retail stores you know how to scan a product you know every product has a barcode on it so you need a bar code and that code is what you’d put right here so I don’t have a bar code but I’m going to see if I can put in a bunch of numbers for now and see if this works okay we’re now going to move on to the offer for the product and again you’re going to fill out the required information so condition I usually select new price the product now this is going to be based on what the the product is already selling for in the market so just by looking here on Amazon for the other products and what they’re priced at that will give you a good idea of what to price your product at now it’s also very important to understand what your profit margin is as well you want to make sure that you are making a profit usually 30 percent if 50 percent is pretty good for a profit margin usually a minimum 30 percent profit margin is what I aim for and of course as our product starts selling and it gets more reviews and it’s ranked better you can actually sell it for much much more and then on top of that as well you know once your product is selling you can order more units from your supplier and get it at a much cheaper price which will bring down your call cost also so let’s say for this we’re just going to put I don’t know 39.99 there’s actually different price options that we’ll list here I’ll have the price and what’s called a sale price so let me show you what that is so you put the price 39.99 let’s say for this product the sale price is going to be the actual price that’s going to show up and you know this product here is $24.99 so let’s say the real price you want to sell it at is $24.99 and we’ll just select a start date for today and we’ll just carry this on you know essentially for forever let’s say for a year now on that the product listing page here you know by having it the way that I just show the actual price and the sale price it’s going to show $39.99 but it’s going to be crossed out and it’s going to show the price $24.99 so it’s actually creating the perception that the customer is getting a discount and you know they’re saving $15 let’s say per order so anytime that you can use this and jack up this price and have the actual sale price lower then I’ll create a perception that your products on sale and that will two more sales okay quantity would just be one you know there’s one soccer ball that I’m selling again additional information that you can add in here as well again you can come back to all this stuff also now here the shipping methods important I want to shoot this item myself to the customer if it sells or I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items that I sell so this is where you get to decide whether you do fulfillment by Amazon or fulfillment by merchant fulfillment by merchant means that you’re the one that’s in charge of shipping the product and holding the inventory I recommend doing fulfillment by Amazon you’re going to pay them a fee for that they’re going to hold your inventory at their fulfillment centers they’re going to ship your product for you when someone orders it they’re going to deal with the customer support as well again you are going to pay a little bit for that but I highly recommend it makes your life much much easier by having them handle that for you alright so that once that’s done you can move on next to the product images this is where you’re going to add the images for your product as you can see you can have several images here for your product this is going to be in the main product image and when it comes to the product image you want something that’s going to be big and take up as much space as as possible you want something that’s going to stand out from the other products be high quality and as you can see this one here stands out great it’s a bright green ball so the more you can have it stand out the more people that are going to click on your product ad and be more likely to buy it okay description and by the way that the images for their products you can get a graphics designer to create for you you can even have a photographer take pictures of your products as well as a variety of ways to get high quality product images and I’ll probably do another video on that so make sure you’re subscribed you know the link below in the description to get access to additional videos I’m going to do ok description here that right here is when you click on the product there’s this part here ok the bullet points are the different features and benefits of the product and there’s the actual product description down here as well okay so that’s what you’re going to be putting in there now you’re the product features what I often do is just look to see what my competitors have you know and just kind of get ideas from them of different features and benefits that they have and just basically add them in here if you want to offer like a money-back guarantee on your product then that could be a product feature you can have here also if your product is made from a certain material or it’s a certain quality then again that’s all additional information that you’d want to throw in here as a feature for the product okay even if you have a bonus that’s that one strategy that I’ll share in another video having a bonus when they buy your product you’re going to give away some bonuses to them so if the product is a soccer ball the bonus could be I’m going to send you some free soccer workouts some videos or you know a free pdf when you buy my product that’s going to have some great free soccer workouts for you so you know that can be a great hi perception bonus that people are going to want when they buy your product now description you can have a maximum two thousand characters and I recommend using every one of those characters you want to have take up as much space as possible and really make sure that it sells the product and you know that clearly describes it but also sells it which is very important so make sure that it’s standing out from the other descriptions out there and really selling the product now keywords is very important now for this category every category it’s a little bit different okay so you can fill out you know whatever they require here about the target audience and attributes etc but mainly the search terms is the keywords that you’re going to throw in that will basically tell Amazon what’s relevant to your product and you know show show up in their search engine in different locations so you know the keywords that you’d want to put in or the main ones like soccer ball separated by a comma but you’re going to want to go on here on Amazon and see all the other keywords that people are already using so if you just put in soccer ball it will already tell you a bunch of additional keywords that you can use so soccer ball you know soccer ball size for size five size three soccer-ball Nike soccer ball bag pump these are all great keywords that you could throw in in here as well so soccer ball size 5 soccer ball Nike and etc you just continue that and again if you can think of other related keywords as well then that’s awesome too so even if you just type in soccer ball and you look at the other products and what keywords that they’re using that could be really useful for you as well just to get some ideas so maybe even a adidas soccer ball or Wilson soccer ball these are all keywords you can throw in so that when people search for those products your product will show up as well and that could potentially lead to a sale you know international soccer ball could be a keyword you know maybe even just typing in soccer see what comes up soccer I mean you could put another soccer equipment if you’d like again just try to come up with the most relevant keywords but again be strategic about it because whatever keywords you select it’s going to allow your product to show up in a bunch of different markets as well you want to use up all of the keywords all the search terms here for your product Platinum is when at a certain level once you’re a high level seller on Amazon you become a platinum merchant so you actually can put in some more keywords you get some other great advantages as well okay now finally the more details section now here you can put in some more information all of this is pretty much optional from what I understand you don’t have to put in all this stuff again every product is different like you know lithium batteries etc you know if your products on the battery just leave all that stuff blank I don’t even know what all this stuff even means myself so again you don’t need to have all of this filled out it’s just more additional stuff based on whatever product that you’re selling ideally you want to fill it as much as possible you know depending on your product ingredients for example if your product has that just to provide the customer with as much information as possible so you could see there’s a lot of information here they’re just going to fill it out to the best of your loading and then when you build out everything you’re just going to click on save and finish now I didn’t fill out everything so it won’t allow me to move on to the next step but you’re going to want to fill out everything for your product to the best of your ability and again don’t worry about being perfect because you can come back and change all of this stuff you can come back and change the price you can come back and change the images for your product the keywords for your product the description you can change almost everything here and even then it you could always set up a brand new listing as well for your products so don’t worry about filling out everything perfectly in fact I recommend if you even if you don’t have all this information just put in something for now just so that you can have your product listing set up and then once it is set up then you can you know you can start to ship your inventory to the product and you can improve all these things you can improve your description so you don’t even have to have your description ready yet to create your Amazon product listing you can just put in a sentence for now and then come back and improve that and change it ok so again this is the really the last step of that process on how to set up your Amazon product listing that’s really all there is to it and then once you have that set up you’re going to want to send your inventory to Amazon the fulfillment centers and I’ll probably do another video showing that for you all the details of that but for now I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to click the like button if you did leave a comment below let me know what questions that you have or any comments make sure to subscribe for more videos like this and click the link in the description or go to project life mastery com / FBA I’m releasing a lot more great amazon free training that can help you guys out immensely but thank you again so much for watching this video I’ll talk to you soon you

Best Video Present cowl Recorders For YouTube [Mac & PC]

hey everyone that is roberto blake of serving to you create one thing superior right this moment so right this moment we’re gonna be speaking about video display screen recorders we’ll discuss the way you really seize what is going on on in your pc display screen whether or not you are utilizing a Mac or a PC so there are stay display screen recorders on the market obtainable there’s solely a few good ones in my view personally and I do know a few of you might need some differing opinions so we’ll discuss a number of the free display screen recorders obtainable that you would be able to get for Mac or PC and we’ll discuss some they paid higher display screen recorders that you would be able to go forward and get so a number of the paid display screen recorders simply to start out off proper from the again with the very best of the very best are going to be ScreenFlow and Camtasia should you’re on the home windows facet this implies camtasia studio that is gonna be just a little bit dearer should you’re on the Mac you will get simply Camtasia for about 99 bucks and get ScreenFlow for about the identical worth ScreenFlow and Camtasia do a whole lot of the identical factor not solely do they report the display screen however additionally they assist you to go forward and zoom in on particular areas and there are a whole lot of different packages that do this as effectively I imagine even one other program that you would be able to get that is solely twenty-five {dollars} on the Mac referred to as Wawa which is what I exploit I believe it additionally has that functionality I simply select to not benefit from it however once more it is fairly frequent within the paid display screen recorders Revealed have this zoom in functionality in order that’s really fairly cool I’ll say about Camtasia is it creates this large useful resource file in your desktop or your arduous drive or no matter in order that takes up a whole lot of area and I actually don’t love that reality personally so I am extra apt to make use of one thing like voila or ScreenFlow to keep away from that specific downside by way of free display screen recorders should you’re on a Mac you possibly can really use QuickTime and that may really be a free display screen recorder that you should utilize now the factor about that’s simply relying on the specs of your mat you might need some syncing points so far as submit course of modifying in one thing like Adobe Premiere Professional and I am not precisely positive why the audio would not sync up the best way that is alleged to there or the body charges not constant however that occurs ever since just like the Yosemite replace so hopefully they’re going to repair that in Mac OS X El Capitan and we can’t need to cope with that anymore so I’d say that that is one you would use from or PC I imagine you should utilize open broadcaster and I’ve linked these things within the description under and that may enable you out what I exploit over on the home windows facet is I really use a display screen recorder referred to as a free video display screen recorder and I am going to have a hyperlink to that in description under however that works flawlessly for me a lot of the display screen recorders that I am utilizing can report as much as 60 frames per second which is why I love to do for my tutorial movies that is why I doing voila right here and that is why I used to do with QuickTime earlier than it stopped working correctly and that is additionally I do with a you realize free display screen recorder for Home windows so that may work on Home windows 8.1 Home windows Eight and Home windows 10 so no matter which Home windows working system you utilize should you’re utilizing trendy Home windows working programs it’s best to be capable to use open broadcaster and free video display screen recorder with no points once more additionally on the home windows facet you would use Camtasia if you’re nonetheless I believe on Home windows Eight you may really be capable to use camstudio which isn’t Camtasia it is camstudio however it will probably use the free lossless codec from Camtasia and you are able to do display screen recording that method as effectively that is why I used to do a whole lot of my early Photoshop tutorials with so I’d say you possibly can benefit from that and you will be simply wonderful I’ve heard of another display screen recorders on the market and video apparently has one that’s utilized by lots of people for gaming and I even have heard about fraps which I do not use personally however I’ve heard combined critiques on that when you’ve got suggestions for display screen recording software program positively use that within the remark part under and we’ll speak some extra about however once more that is what I am contemplating to be a number of the finest paid and free video recording software program that I needed to speak to you guys about when you’ve got questions positively depart these within the remark part under I am going to try to reply as a lot of your questions as I can anyway like this video should you favored it do not forget to subscribe take a look at the opposite superior content material on the channel as all the time you guys thanks a lot for watching and do not forget create one thing superior right this moment

How To Invent Money On Clickbank For Free ($100 A Day Neatly-behaved For Inexperienced persons)

hey what’s up guys welcome back to another tutorial in this video I want to show you how you can make money from Clickbank products for free every single day so you don’t need any investment you can have an investment if you want I’ll show you how you can do it with a bit of it a bit of investing if you like you might get a better outcome you might not but if you don’t know Clickbank is it’s simply a website will you promote products and get a commission you usually get quite a decent Commission 30 50 % at least and you can just promote products so I’m just going to have a quick look through here we’ve got some fitness products I haven’t signed into my account but please have a look you’ve got fitness products there’s just so much stuff so let’s just say this one here the 21-day sugar D whatever that means goes to $67 right you would usually get half of that so all you’ll need to do is make one or two sales a day to make a bit of a decent income coming in so same for one hundred dollars a day and it can be achievable with this and there’s all sorts of different categories here I’m not ready to go through them because if you’re watching this video you probably already know what Clickbank is so this method isn’t my method it’s I found this on a blog so I’m just sharing it with you guys and sharing the information with my followers so what it basically is is you going to be the free version is going to be commenting commenting in the comment section on blogs that have bring out up-to-date post so they’re going to be quite popular post and you’re going to get a lot of interaction with your comments and if you look here there is a guy that’s been doing it for a while he makes about 50 bucks today this is on blackhat world and then there’s another guy here that actually created this method to all the credit goes to him he makes $100 a day from this method as well this is his blog I’ll also leave a link for his blog in the description so you can check it out but basically what he does okay it’s quite simple you need to make a website first a nice-looking website related to your product now you can either pay for this but if you want to do it for free like I said in the sphere this is a very free method you can use free website builders like Wibbly Wix I think is another one and you can just build yourself a nice free website to use for this method I would suggest maybe putting a bit of money into it later on but if if you don’t have much money to start with then you can dot for free so these has our disguise I’m earning it I think it makes about six figures a year not too bad and I’m going to give you a rundown of how it works so you just want to identify your niche you need to get a niche probably simply not doing a search engine optimization in this case you can go for harder Nisha’s more popular harder niches and it’s probably best thing to do because it’s popular so it’s a popular topic right you’re going to have people that are really engaged and people that are really passionate about the product or niche that you’re in and you just want to find a product I mean you know hehe says here about weight loss products and stuff like that so that’s quite good because it’s an evergreen niche there’s always products coming out for that it’s a very very very big niche very broad in each health and fitness so once you set up your website I’m not really going to go through that because this isn’t a video about setting up websites but I do have videos in my channel about there if you want to check it out so and he also goes on about off the vault which was like a CPA offer thing you can do but I don’t really do any CPA so I’m not going to go over there either so you just want to build a website okay very easy to do for free and the website builders or you can use a nice style like he’s gone on about here and then you just want to promote your website so we’re going to concentrate on the one that it talks about here Google search tools what you want to do is go into Google and I’m just going to type in fitness here we’ll just put women’s fitness actually and you want to go to search tools and you want to put it for like the last 24 hours or I go Simon the search I just had to quickly stop and open up some tabs for a side didn’t take a while can you find some blogs but what you’re initially doing in this situation is you’re going to be dis finding the latest blog posts and commenting on them first so people can see your links right so I explained that as soon but first I wanted to show you a forum so what I what I do is I go to you wanna go to relevance and sort by date okay and it brings up all the latest blog posts or just whatever the latest stuff based on women’s fitness okay so you can find blog post in there if you want you can put blog post up in the search thing here but I found a so these are really really good to get free traffic to your office so you can put your link in the signature you can put your link on the forum but I’m going to tell you right now to not spam that okay because you’ll get banned so fast people don’t like spammers seriously that’s the worst way to ever promote a product people I say to me off frankly I’m not making any money from this there and I always say well show me your method and they’re spamming that’s why they’re not making money spamming so you want to come in to this forum you want to become a valuable member and you want to maybe just write an article article about something can just sneak your link in there or you could put your link and the signature just build up some value on the forum all sorts of forms fitness forms whatever form your product is related to and you’re going to get sales because remember you only need one or two sales a day to make some good money if you’re selling a product we get 40 bucks per sale and you make two sales per data it’s 80 bucks you’ve just made it one day so that’s not too bad just from going through and posting on forums right so forms are equate way to get free traffic to your Clickbank product now the next one is blogs so this blog came up on my Google search and you can just go through and find the latest post and where is it here so if we go to the latest one should have a read more but it doesn’t so you just go into the latest one you comment on the on the article right and I’ll show you in these ones here so this is quite a new one it got posted today and I think about 20 minutes ago you’ll simply go down and write a comment with your link on it and still add value okay don’t spam you need to add some more value as well and you’ll become the first link so people will see your content same with this one here oh this is about food healthy foods just go and comment put your link in and in the description or some some value of some sort and you’ll be the first commenter because you’ve got to remember that these blogs have just posted this stuff they could have hundreds of thousands of followers that haven’t even seen this stuff yet and as soon as they wake up or soon as you get on social media or they see this you could potentially get thousands of clicks on your link if it’s a very very popular popular site okay and then you’ve also got this one here this one is the same I think has some a comment section down here and this is quite this I think this blog post is a few minutes old about 20 minutes old and you can just simply put in your comment here and you’ll be the comment in that blog post okay and this doesn’t take very long at all to do so I’m just going to quit out of all these because it’s very very simple just go to blogs put your link in there with some value the next thing you can do is go to Google Alerts so you just put in your keyword and make sure you’re locked into your Google Plus account and you’ll get sent alerts every time someone posts something about that new stuff someone post a blog blog post about blogging online you’re going to email about it you can go and check it out you can post your link on that blog very straightforward so Google Alerts that’s actually how this guy’s been making as money 50 bucks a day with Clickbank and Google Alerts that’s it fifty bucks a day done very very easy so that’s that now the next one on this blog here so we’ll go through the Google next one the free another free strategy is Facebook commenting if you get to the top of the comments on Facebook you can put in hyperlinks rather than text so you can put in a link and people might click on your product imagine if you get to the top of Facebook for a really popular page about health and you’re selling a health product and you get like hundreds and hundreds of likes imagine how many clicks you get to your Clickbank product you know you might spend a few days I’m not making him make any money right or not going to clicks but if you had it right and you get it on the right blog or the right face will pay for something like that you’re going to make tons and tons of money in one day and that’s it so Facebook and Google and just spread around your link for free and there’s the blogging section we talked about so you know just go on the blog comments and stuff like that so this is how you make money on Clickbank for free I don’t take any credit for this method I simply found it I’m just passing it on to my followers so you can check it out and you don’t have to you know with this you can pick a hard niche because you’re not working with search engine optimization you’re simply spreading a link around for free but remember to add value do not spam just build up some good traffic to your website he talks about it here I’ll leave a link in the description to this blog it’s definitely a good read check it out I don’t know how is I just found this on a forum and I’ll see you guys in the next video hey just before you leave if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to my channel I bring out videos every single week at that affiliate marketing making money online ranking website to Google and heed some more you can also get my free e-book on how I rank my web sites and Google and outrank my competitors it’s 100% free just click on the e-book below this image feel free to also check out any of my other videos on the left over there and I’ll see you on my next video

15 Day Juice Lickety-split (My Fat, Sick & Nearly Listless Reboot Juice Cleanse)

hey guys Stefan here from project life master comm in this video I want to show you my experience of completing a 15 day juice fast now I just finished this juice cleanse a few days ago and I’ve been feeling amazing ever since if you’re watching this video and you’re considering doing a juice fast or a juice cleanse that I highly recommend that you just do it I mean the benefits you get from it are pretty amazing in terms of your happiness levels your mood you know getting rid of cravings or energy just you know goes through the roof you know if you’re sick and you have different like ailments and stuff how your body will just heal itself and recover from that you know if you want to lose weight it’s just a really amazing experience to do and I really believe that everybody needs to do a cleanse you know I claims at least once a year this wasn’t my first cleanse was my first juice fast only I’ve done other cleanses before but there are more like raw food cleanses and I never went 15 days before either and I also even you know juice before doing this cleanse as well and so you know all of us we have toxicity in our bodies either from our lifestyle because nobody is perfect or just from our environment as well just breathing in you know air and chemicals and and all that sort of stuff so I really believe that our bodies need to have a chance where you just give it a rest every year and you give it an opportunity just to do a reboot now I was originally inspired to do a juice cleanse from watching the documentary fat sick and nearly dead now I really recommend that you watch this documentary first it’s really powerful it’s really life-changing very inspirational I watched it on Netflix I’m sure you can probably find it somewhere online that to be available to watch they also came up with a second one called fat sick nearly dead too and basically what it is it’s a story about Joe cross who’s this Australian fellow and he’s overweight and he has this autoimmune disorder and I think it was like 300 pounds when he started it and he decided that he wanted to go on a cleanse and he learned just you know basically about juicing and the power of them and he kind of describes that his entire life for 40 plus years you know he just kind of turned his back to mother nature and kind of like went away from from plants and vegetables and and and fruits and so this time around he decided to cure himself from this autoimmune disorder which by the way doctors and stuff said was incurable and to lose the way it restores body back to balance again that he was going to go towards mother nature and he was just going to only eat vegetables fruit and the reason why he wanted to juice is because the amount of nutrition that you can absorb when you’re juicing is pretty amazing you know if you were trying to just eat vegetables and salads you know with the fiber already in it then you’d be limited in the amount of nutrition that you can actually get because the fiber is going to fill you up and are going to feel full also your body is going to have to expend energy to try to digest that food oftentimes when I’ve done like a raw food cleanse I’ve enjoyed it but I often get bloated your body has a hard time digesting and breaking down certain vegetable fibers as well and so when you’re juicing removing all the pulp all the fiber and you’re basically flooding your body with all this nutrition because in order to get you know a glass of juice it’s like it’s like a massive size of vegetables and fruit and if you were to try to eat all those vegetables and fruit without juicing it would take you forever to do that so juicing allows you to really condense the nutrition in the vegetables that you’re consuming flood your body with all that nutrition your body doesn’t have to digest it because anytime you digest something your body turns off cleansing your body is already all we’re always cleansing itself you know when you’re sleeping when you wake up your body is cleansing your body is detoxing the moment you put food in your body though your body has to digest something it turns off the cleansing process and now spends as energy and puts his focus on digesting food so when you’re juicing you don’t have to digest anything you’re just absorbing the nutrition it’s just going right into your bloodstream as a result you feel amazing like you’re like oh my god like I never felt that I could feel so good you have spontaneous levels of happiness as well your mood transforms like you feel really energetic like I almost felt too energetic and I still do like I was just talking faster than my thoughts you know would even be racing to my head so the energy have is amazing the mood the emotions and that’s all because you’re putting the nutrition in your body your body doesn’t have to digest it so I know there’s a lot of theories out there I’m juicing and smoothies and all it’s you know whether you should blend or juice away I’m not looking to get into a debate about that I recommend you just try give it a shot see for yourself the benefits from it and really ultimately you have to decide what’s best for you and your body you know you have to you know for me I’ve always just tested different things because often times there’s so many different experts out there they’re saying you should do this or you should do that or this is wrong or this is right and it’s just really really confusing whereas I found that if I just test it for myself and test it my body and I measure that then only me and only I can decide whether or not that was beneficial for me and if it’s worth doing it again and again so I think if you watch this documentary it’ll really inspire you though and you’ll want to start juicing more and you can decide on how long you want to do a juice cleanse or juice fast for now I also read Joe crosses book it was called reboot with Joe like you know reboot juicing with Joe or some like that I’ll probably put a link below in the description or on the blog post but it’s available in Amazon and on Kindle and that was great because he explained more about the process the step by step of juicing and you know how you can do like a three day reboot if you want you can do a seven day reboot by the way Joe Cross in the movie he did a 60 day reboot I didn’t finish that story he went for 60 days juicing traveled around United States interviewed a lot of people he brought his juicer with him in his in his band you know traveling around the country and he’s just like sharing his experience and documenting it so he ended up losing over a hundred pounds in 60 days and he ended up he was taking medication and he was all supervised by a doctor as well it’s recommended if you’re gonna go beyond 15 days that you have a doctor supervise you especially if you’re on medication but you know the doctors like supervising him he you know was able to slowly decrease his medication as the 60 days went on after the 60 days he was off all medication he basically turned himself from his auto disorder we had like these skin outbreaks and stuff and it was really really inspirational but the more inspirational part of the movie was he meets this guy like a truck driver and like a gas station and because he’s like sharing his juice with like random people like getting them to try his juice and stuff and this guy was like overweight like 400 pounds and he had the exact same autoimmune disorder as Joe did and this guy ended up going on the juice fast and you know I want to run the whole thing but it changes his life he does it for 60 plus days loses like 200 pounds cures himself and now there’s this like this huge epidemic right now of people juicing all because of this documentary and all the people that it’s inspired so highly recommend you check it out now terms of my experience I shared a little bit about the benefits of what I got but essentially what I did was just only juice for 15 days so I I have a juicer I have an Omega juicer as a slow juicer which I recommend because you extract more juice from it you can buy one for like a hundred bucks on Amazon obviously the higher quality the better and you actually save more money by having a higher quality juicer because you’re getting more juice out of the vegetables I’ve often stayed away from the electrical juicers because they destroy a lot of the enzymes and the heating process of it as well as it is a lot faster but you know you can really decide you do the research and decide what’s best for you but 15 days only juice I also bought juices juices like that I have a lot of local stores here in my city where they juice things that day put it in a bottle and it would last maybe about two to three days in my fridge so I was doing that as well I was also drinking wheatgrass juice which I had find is you know local parts of my city also so I’ll just flooding my body with juices I was probably having four to six juices per day my juices were primarily green juice I try to avoid a lot of sugar because you know especially when it comes to juice everything is so concentrated so if you’re having like a lot of sugar you can flood your body with over 50 grams of sugar then you’re going to have a huge in insulin spike then you’re going to crash off that so when I’m cleanse it guys stay away from sugar especially if you have Candida or yeast that you want to get rid of you I had a little bit of sugar like a little bit of apple or lemon or ginger in my juices which kind of helps add some punch to it and makes it more enjoyable but there’s a lot of great recipes out there Joe’s got a lot of great recipes on his website in his book if taste is an issue for you what happens is usually if you’re really toxic and you’re starting to do a juice fast your body will go through some withdrawal symptoms so you’ll have some detox symptoms or you might get a little bit of a headache or runny nose or you’ll feel tired or Moody and really the first few days are the hardest part you know that’s where most people bail on a juice cleanse because you have to get over you know the hunger pangs and you have to get over just the cravings that you might have and get through that that that tough part but the more symptoms that you have the more withdrawals that you have a more detox symptoms that you have the more that you need to do a juice cleanse because your body is basically the reason why it’s doing that is to trying to get rid of all the toxicity your body is basically like oh my god we finally have a chance to get rid of all the toxins in its body and so that’s essentially what you’re doing by doing a juice cleanse so your body you know the first few days can be a little bit tough you know especially if you’ve never juice before if you don’t like the taste depending on how toxic you are or how overweight that you are but if you can get past the first you know three four or five days after that it’s actually very very easy you know our body is one thing that Joe describes our bodies are made for feast and for famine you know whenever you eat something and you eat it you’re going to be hungry again in like three hours just because our body is now in that mode of feasting however when your body goes into a famine mode and you don’t put any food in it then what happens is you know your body basically turns off hunger and it accepts the fact that you know what we’re not going to get fed so now we’re going to go into famine mode and now your body is going to use the fat stores and your muscle to start providing energy for your body so your body’s going to start burning that so just like you know thousands of years it goes you know when we lived with dinosaurs and stuff you know feast you know maybe for a little while and then you know we might go certain phases where we have famine there’s no food around in which case our body would just use that stored energy which is what body fat is and use that for for energy and start burning that so what happens is the hunger just goes away after like four or five days you’re no longer hungry like I kid you not like you’re drinking like a few juices per day but you have no desire for food you might have some emotional cravings which is very interesting because you start to notice that when you’re bored or you’re stressed or frustrated how you might want food but it’s not because you’re actually hungry it’s because just these emotional cravings that you have and I found that to be an amazing benefit that I got from from juicing is just overcoming a lot of those emotional tendencies to eat food to change my state because food has become a drug for people you know people use food to change how they feel to connect with themselves in some way to cope with things so when you don’t use that as a vehicle anymore it’s pretty powerful it’s amazing the changes that you have after like five days energy just like goes through the roof you feel more productive more focused your eyesight is better your hearing is better your smells better your taste is better your sleep is better your waking up earlier like you basically feel like like I’m eight like just unlike incredible I remember like ah the first time I’d ever did a raw food cleanse and I did that I was like so happy during that and I was like oh my god like is this like the cure for depression like is this amazing because I really believe what you put in your body everything has an electrical energy to it and if you’re putting in bad food in your body like junk food not only do you feel bad because like your body has to digest it and it’s putting a lot of stress on your body but also when you put in that bad food you’re basically just kind of putting in junk in your body and it makes you actually feel depressed it makes you feel bad it makes you feel lazy and just all these negative emotions around that whereas when you put in vegetables fruits foods that actually have water in it foods that are actually alive and have enzymes in it life force in it sunlight that you’re you know basically getting in from the the plants that you’re putting in your body when you put that in your body the energy you get from that is like just happiness joy excitement passion so it really really affects how you feel the foods that you put into your body it’s amazing the emotional connection of what foods can do to our moods and our states so after like I like like I said five did you feel amazing you feel great everything is awesome I decided to go fifteen days and not beyond that I lost a lot of weight and I’m already pretty skinny I do a lot of you know working out and stuff like that too but I have a hard time putting on muscle and so I also didn’t want to lose much muscle in this process now if you go longer than 15 days Joe recommends you have some protein in your diet like a plant-based protein whether it’s hemp protein rice protein pea protein pumpkin protein so I had a little bit of protein like just just to help have a little bit more protein in my diet so that I wouldn’t my body wouldn’t burned too much muscle I know lost a little bit of muscle I lost a lot of water and fat as well though primarily but I just wanted to have a little bit of protein every two days or so just to make sure that like 20 grams or so just to make sure my body would keep the muscle around and not burn that too much I also did some very light weight exercises like literally like 5 10 pound dumbbells and I wasn’t trying to go intense or strain myself but basically just engaging the muscles enough so that my muscles know that they need to stick around that they need that they’re needed and they’re not going to disappear and leave my body so so I did some very light like even some body weight push-ups some bodyweight squats just again just to engage my muscles a little bit as well I also did some rebounding on my mini trampoline which is great for lymphocytes and get rid of getting rid of toxicity in your body also I also did have a little bit of essential oils – like I like kudos oil or just like flax oil or hemp oil fish oils just to have a little bit of oils because that’s really good for you just in terms of your brain function and also you know getting rid of toxicity in your body also getting rid of acidity so a little bit of essential oils also I also did some colon hydrotherapy I did four colonics or basically four not familiar you know you go to a place and they stick you know you put like a tube up your butt like a really thin tube and it goes like two two inches or so into your rectum and I know it sounds crazy and stuff but it’s really effective and they flush water into your colon and you’re basically flushing out all the plaque all the mucus just all the junk all the stuff that’s been hard into your intestinal walls over the years which was really great for me also because I’ve had some challenges with my colon in the past I did I had some a little bit of supplements like probiotics digestive enzymes um I’ve been working on rebuilding my gut so having a little bit of glutamine has been good for me as well so just a variety a few different supplements just to help my body repair itself and rebuild specific areas you know if your liver for example is something that you struggle with and maybe take out some liver milk thistle can help you with that and rebuilding your liver during this cleanse also but essentially I think that’s primarily yet you know I also did some massages I got some massages done my girlfriend and I it one day she’s been doing it as well she’s actually go along ger than me which is pretty awesome and we went up to a spa and they have hot and cold pools so we did that when you jump in a cold pool or you go actually go into a hot pool for about ten minutes a hot tub and then right away you go into a cold pool like a freezing cold pool for like thirty seconds and just by going through that switch has some amazing healing effects in your body in reducing inflammation and burning body fat as well but I think for the most part it’s pretty much it what I did with my cleanse you know it was great I mean the key thing is just being prepared if you’re if you are hungry just drink juice I you know go for walks maybe do some light exercise just to change your focus but again after the first few days you’re just you’re flying like once I started eating again and I just started just having some raw food at first and slowly eating more and more and getting back into the gym once you do it’s like they’re kind of disappointed because you know at first I thought that eating again would be so amazing but once I did I was like Oh like right away and notice what food does for my body now and that’s the amazing awareness that I got from this as well is that when I eat something now I know exactly how it makes me feel afterwards I’m super aware of every food now that I put in my body because of this juice fast just because I lived without food for 15 days so it’s amazing you know what that is but now it’s like I don’t have any cravings for bad food because I just you know rid my body from all that stuff am i eating has been really really solid since so overall it’s been an amazing experience I had highly recommend that you do some research and learn more about it I also did a liver flush as well by the way I’m going to share that on another video that will explain more a little bit about that but yeah I always say go for it you know go for a juice cleanse again you don’t have to do 15 days you can no three days you go sixty days if you want totally up to you I recommend watching that documentary fat sick and nearly dead and just do some research and learn more about it so I want to thank you guys for watching this video hopefully my experience has been helpful for you in some way make sure to LIKE this video if you enjoyed it clicking the thumbs up button will give a comment below if there’s any questions or comments and make sure to hit the subscribe button for more great videos like this thank you again I’ll talk to you soon you

Discovering Your Inside Personalities – 4 Lengthy-established Character Kinds – NOT DISC Character Profiling

(bombastic orchestral music) – So, discover when you’re networking, it isn’t what you do however the way you do it. Your facial features,
your physique language. Do you hesitate, or do you
simply go proper in there? Do you meet somebody with certainty, or did you hesitate? Confidence, or insecurity? All of that’s how individuals reply to you. It is the way you undertaking your persona. That is why I mentioned it isn’t who
you realize, it is who you might be. There are individuals who go
to networking features, they usually stroll up with nothing, or, “Oh, I have not met anybody
significant,” this and that. Nicely, generally it is the group, however fairly often, it is the individual, that they do not know easy methods to community, they do not know easy methods to undertaking themselves, or they do not know easy methods to
use their physique language, or they do not know easy methods to
use their facial features. Now you know the way to do it, and we’ll do
that for like an hour, so that you’re gonna meet a
lot of attention-grabbing individuals. I wanna offer you a chunk that I imagine, this talent is a really, quite simple talent, however if you happen to study this talent, it could assist in your relationship, it could aid you in your online business, it could aid you earn more money, it could aid you in all endeavors, so long as you are coping with individuals. So, I wanna offer you a
crucial piece, and we’re gonna have loads
of enjoyable doing this piece, and it is referred to as GEMS. Now, what number of of you may have heard of… What number of of you may have really performed some sort of persona check? Can I see a present of palms? Okay, most of you. And I did a persona
check a few years in the past referred to as DISC, D-I-S-C. What number of have heard that earlier than? Yeah, so DISC persona. And after I first took that check, I believed it was wonderful, ‘trigger I did not know there have been really 4 kinds of persona
and 4 kinds of individuals, and I believed that was
nearly mind-blowing to me. And as soon as I discovered that, I
thought that was attention-grabbing, however I used to be additionally confused on the similar time, as a result of I wasn’t certain. Okay, now I do know there
are 4 personalities, however how do I apply that in enterprise? How do I take advantage of this, or how
does that assist in gross sales? I sort of perceive the
idea, conceptually, however I did not know easy methods to apply it. So, over time, I
added my very own spin to it, and studying from different individuals, now I do one thing a little bit
bit totally different referred to as GEMS. Now, I name it GEMS as a result of I imagine, with gems, if you concentrate on it, we’re all made very distinctive, and every persona is exclusive, and there are principally
4 persona varieties. What number of varieties? 4. And never one is healthier than the opposite. Not one is healthier than the opposite. There are 4 varieties. And also you take a look at gems, normally once they’re discovered, they’re ugly, however via refinement, via course of, that is the way you flip into
one thing lovely, one thing price nice worth, and I imagine we’re all the identical, that now we have this persona,
however it wants refinement. We have to additionally discover ways to talk with different personalities, so we’ll be more practical in enterprise. Does that make sense? Mm-hm. So, I imagine the only
and simplest approach to get to grasp
totally different persona varieties is thru GEMS, via GEMS. So, let me offer you simply the general view, after which I am going to go a
little bit extra in-depth. With GEMS, you discover, with the 4 totally different personalities, what number of of you might be very clear
about your personal persona, like, as an example for DISC or no matter, you are very, very clear? Okay, what number of of you might be,
“Mm, I am not so certain”? Okay, by the tip of this night, you may be crystal clear. Then, you may be crystal clear concerning the individuals in your life, may very well be your dad and mom, may
be your brothers and sisters, and generally why you
would have conflicts, generally why you may have
sure mates who get alongside. It is going to be fairly attention-grabbing. You may have a special
understanding of individuals. So, there are principally 4 varieties. What number of instances? 4 kinds of GEMS. The primary sort is what I name sapphire. Sapphire. Now, with sapphire, they
are motivated by enjoyable. They’re motivated by enjoyable, they usually’re normally the lifetime of the get together. They’re loud, they’re animated, they usually simply wanna have an excellent time. They wanna have an excellent time, sapphire. What number of sapphires do now we have within the room? Can I see a present of palms? Okay. So, sapphire. After which, now we have pearls, pearls. So, sapphire is motivated by enjoyable. Sapphire is motivated by what? Enjoyable. Now, pearls, however, they’re motivated by a trigger. They’re motivated by
serving to different individuals. They’re motivated,
not motivated by cash, they’re motivated by serving to different individuals. And normally, you see that generally of their spare time,
they do volunteer work, they’re very loyal. Delicate spoken, normally. Very good individuals, very loyal. Love individuals, they love, love, love individuals. What number of pearls now we have within the room? Nice. After which you may have emeralds, and emeralds are motivated
by info and figures. Analytical, detailed, exact, correct. Accountants, engineers. Very organized, emeralds. What number of emeralds are within the room? Nice, okay. After which, now we have rubies. Rubies are motivated by a problem or cash, generally each. Rubies are motivated
by problem or cash. So, if you wish to affect
and inspire a ruby, simply inform the individual, “I
do not assume you are able to do that.” The ruby can be like, “Let me present you.” It is really fairly silly,
if you concentrate on it, however they’re motivated by problem. So, rubies are risk-takers,
they’re go-getters, they’re bold, they’re pushed. Typically, they wish to take cost, they wish to win, they’re aggressive, wish to earn money, to invent
stuff, not very organized. What number of rubies within the room? Okay. What number of of you aren’t
fairly certain which one you might be? Okay, good. Now, out of the 4 gems, normally, human beings, now we have a main. A what? Main, after which now we have a secondary, though all of us have a little bit little bit of the 4 gems inside us, more often than not, we function in a single, we talk in a single
main gem via that, and generally you may have
a secondary as properly. So, you see, myself, in
sure instances, I am a ruby. More often than not, I am ruby, however sure instances, I am like an emerald, however sure instances, I am like a
sapphire, that is potential too. However more often than not, we function underneath one main gem. Does that make sense? Good, so, this is what we’re gonna do. Now, we go a little bit bit extra in-depth, then we’ll begin networking. What I need you to do is, and I want your assist with this, I need you to face up, and I want you to seize your chair, and I really want you to maneuver. So, pay attention intently. Let’s examine if you may get this proper, rubies, which I do not assume you can. Okay, now, critically, so, sapphires. I need all of the sapphires
to type a gaggle in right here. Do not transfer but. So, sapphires right here, in
entrance of the stage, okay? And seize your chair and
face the center half. Now, all of the pearls, I need you to go to that aspect of the wall, left aspect, my left aspect, okay? Emerald, I need you to to go to the again, and rubies, dealing with this
aspect, the best aspect. So, seize your chair and
face the center half. Okay, simply seize a chair. I am going to offer you 5 minutes to do this. So, sapphire, proper? (crowd cheering) Pearls? Emerald? Rubies? Wow, take a look at what number of rubies now we have, all these money-grubbing S. O. B. In spite of everything, we’re an
entrepreneur group, proper? Now, a few of you could be sitting like, “I am not so certain. “I am like, ruby, sapphire, I dunno.” That is okay, and you’ll transfer throughout the entire recreation and train, ‘trigger I feel you may discover out, possibly, “I believed I used to be a ruby, “however really, I am extra like a sapphire.” Now, the way in which the room is
arrange, that is on function, that means this, fairly often, as an example you may have a ruby
main, who’s a ruby, you’ll be able to secondary as a sapphire, or a secondary as an emerald, it is regular. What isn’t pure is you may have a ruby, after which a secondary as a pearl. You guys are the other. Identical factor with the sapphire. Sapphire, emerald, eh, not fairly, okay? So, that is your pure cross-over. That is your pure cross-over. Identical factor right here, proper? Pearl, you’ll be able to have
pearl/emerald or pearl/sapphire. Does that make sense, okay? – Query.
– Sure. – What if I’m the other? – Good, simply sit within the center. No, however critically, main? – Main ruby. – Ruby, main, go to main first. Thanks. Give my group a spherical of
applause, come on, thanks. (crowd applauding) Okay, so, properly, let’s examine. That is not gonna block
the door if there is a fireplace or something like that, it is okay, proper? Okay. So, okay, let’s begin. Which group ought to I begin? – This group! – Let’s examine what group is the loudest. Rubies? Make some noise. (crowd cheering) Okay. Emerald? (crowd cheering) Discover, discover, okay? Pearls? (crowd cheering) Sapphire? (crowd cheering) Let’s go together with essentially the most enjoyable and
thrilling group, how’s that? (crowd cheering) Okay, all proper, all proper, all proper. Emeralds like, “You guys are nuts.” You guys are nuts. Okay, so, I am gonna go
via some particulars, and I need you to take
notes and listen, ‘trigger that is essential, ‘trigger it could have an effect on you,
the way in which you’d talk with totally different gems afterwards, okay? So. Sapphire. Now, in the case of clothes, they like one thing shiny, one thing enjoyable. Colourful, what’s hip, what’s cool, okay? You take a look at the colours. They like perms, experiment
with totally different funky colours. That is what they’re into. Equipment, they at all times
have tons of equipment, mixing and matching totally different bracelets and earrings and blings
and watches, earrings. Normally cheap or faux, by the way in which. (crowd laughing) And so they may need tattoos,
piercings, you may discover that, and sneakers, they’ve a ton
of sneakers, a ton of sneakers. What number of have plenty of sneakers? All proper, are they enjoyable? – Oh, yeah. – All the time enjoyable, fun-loving sneakers, okay? Colourful, excessive, as a result of for them, sapphires, hearken to this, it’s all about standing out, it is all about standing
out for sapphires, okay? Group isn’t your
strongest swimsuit, mm-hm. Actually, they could not care much less about it, and in the case of their automotive, they like a enjoyable automotive that is cool colours, and generally the sound system is costlier than the automotive itself. And so they have plenty of stuff within the trunk, you may discover there’s heaps within the trunk, they usually do not know
what’s there, no concept. They’ve sweet wrappers,
quick meals wrappers, beneath all of the seats. What number of have that? Okay, thanks. And if you happen to ask them for
license and registration, it is in all probability crumpled
in a ball someplace, within the factor, okay, they could not discover it. Once you open the closet doorways, a majority of their hangers are empty. Have you learnt why? As a result of most of their garments
are on the ground, okay? It is on the mattress, it is
in every single place, ‘trigger who cares? I am gonna put on it tomorrow,
I am going to discover what I want, proper? I am going to discover what I want. After they go grocery buying, they spend totally approach too
lengthy within the grocery retailer, and most of them may purchase
greater than you supposed, and normally completely neglect to purchase the important thing objects you
initially went for, okay? When residence alone, they need
to placed on a little bit music, normally, and placed on the TV,
and hearken to loud music, and name somebody, all on the similar time. All on the similar time, okay? With regards to relationship, they
most wish to go to concert events, out dancing, one thing enjoyable, one thing a little bit bit
totally different, one thing energetic, and you will discover, if you happen to
have a gathering with sapphires, though they set their
watch ten to 30 minutes prematurely, forward, they
are normally late, okay? They’re normally late. And you’ll see they’re loud and animated, so sapphires, generally, in my workshop, after I ask a query, they
are those who would reply, ‘trigger they do not assume with their head, they assume with their mouth, okay? So, once they’re within the viewers, they assume they’re the
solely ones within the room. I ask them a query, “Sure, Dan, sure!” Okay, however they need to get it out, they need to assume with their mouth, okay? My spouse is a sapphire, so I get it. So, I let her speak! I let her speak. And– (“Everyone Dance Now”
by C+C Music Manufacturing unit) Now, that is sapphires’ theme music. Okay, good. So, now, sapphire, individuals
love hanging round them. Folks love them. Have you learnt why? Have you learnt why? They’ve vitality, they’re enjoyable! They’re superior! They’re superior. Folks like to be round them. Actually, let me ask you this query. See, they worth relationships. What number of of you may have mates
from highschool days? Not these guys. Not these guys. Highschool mates do not make
me cash, who offers a fuck? Sure, you worth relationships. You wanna have an excellent time. They like to get together, and
love an excellent time, okay? As a result of, in truth, what number of… However this is the issue. Their entire life, their entire life, the college system is designed for what? Emeralds and pearls. The college system isn’t
designed for sapphires, okay? The entire faculty system is designed to dumb them out and numb them out. What number of of you may have been
into the principal’s workplace? What number of have been in detention? Okay. What number of of you may have
gotten a velocity ticket? Okay, there you go, there you go. As a result of within their, pay attention, as a result of within them, they know that guidelines are supposed to be– – [Crowd] Damaged! – And for the emeralds,
guidelines are supposed to be– – [Crowd] Adopted. Now, discover, sapphire do not want cues! Emeralds like, wait, I
end, comply with, okay? Take heed to that, hearken to that, okay? They forged visions. Folks need to comply with them. They’re the best
promoters on the planet. They’re the best
salespeople on the planet. Not good college students. That is okay, as a result of
that is not their present. That is not what’s designed,
that is now how they’re made, it isn’t how they’re wired. Now, you probably have salespeople, would you like some sapphires
working for you, sure or no? You need some rattling
sapphires working for you. They’re nice! Now, it does not imply they
haven’t got the flexibility to prepare, ‘trigger they
can throw nice events. When you inform them, “Hey, you realize what? “We’re throwing a celebration subsequent week.” Man, let’s make it occur! They’re gonna be organized, they’re gonna have a good time, as a result of they are often
organized, so long as it is– – [Crowd] Enjoyable! – There ya go, they may very well be organized. So, if you happen to’re working with a sapphire, speaking with a
sapphire, you wanna be sure you’re speaking in that side, enjoyable. Do not speak to them about cash, rubies, and do not speak to them
about serving to different individuals. Do not let that be, they
love serving to individuals, however in a enjoyable, sort of entertaining approach. That is the way in which to unfold the love, okay? Biggest promoters, love serving to individuals. Now, what do they need assistance with? Group. Group. Now, what’s attention-grabbing is, you generally be aware it is a couple. Typically, as an example
the spouse is a sapphire, after which the husband is an emerald. That is an amazing mixture,
as a result of their entire lives, they have been entering into hassle, proper? So that they know that they want somebody to sort of stability it out, proper? So, somebody to maintain them from going broke simply spending all their cash, proper? So, emerald, it is good, it is that aspect. Like generally, “Nicely,
how come I am a sapphire, “and I wanna discover any person reverse?” As a result of they praise one another. Does that make sense? They praise one another. And similar factor, why would an emerald discover a sapphire to be a partner? Once more, it is a totally different aspect of them, as a result of once more, now we have all of the 4 sides, 4 gems inside us,
we go, ” what? “I am at all times info and figures. “After I meet this individual,
they do not give a rattling! “They only wanna have enjoyable! “It brings a special aspect
outta me,” and stuff like that. And that occurs too, and
that is when romance occurs. They love recognition. They love recognition. They’ll work for recognition
far more than cash. They’ll work for recognition
far more than cash. They like teamwork. What number of like teamwork? They like teamwork, okay? They like teamwork. And the way in which they promote,
by the way in which, is that this: “Belief me, it really works. “Simply belief me, it really works!” Now, that isn’t gonna fly for emeralds. “Belief me, it really works!” “No, no, no, present me the
paperwork, present me the substances. “Present me every thing and the historical past, “after which I am going to do my analysis
alone, for 3 months. “Then I am going to get again to you.” Okay? So, that is sapphire. Give them a spherical of applause. (crowd applauding) Now, I might love, simply hold
the hearth, hold the keenness. You guys rock, yeah? (crow cheering) Now, take a look at the valuable pearls. So quiet and good and excellent there, ready for me, proper, it’s extremely good. Hi there, hiya. Now, they’re similar to sapphires. Additionally they love individuals. Actually, I might say they’re nearly, I might name them a sapphire gentle. Sapphire gentle. They love individuals, they
love serving to individuals. They’re simply not as loud. Not at as animated, okay? They wish to get together too! Pearls wish to get together, however their concept of a celebration is
extra like a pot luck, okay? Extra like a pot luck, or a dinner with a pair mates, little little bit of candles and home made items. That is a celebration. Sapphire, what’s your concept of a celebration? – Dancing!
– Dancing? Beer, alcohol–
– Martinis! – Martinis, getting drunk! See, their sort of events are the events that cops
come and shut it down. That is what we’re speaking about, okay? So, pearls. So, in the case of clothes, they wish to put on one thing
that is snug. One thing that is snug,
and breathable, non-binding. You additionally may need plenty of outdated issues which have been handed down
from technology to technology. Typically, you want earth
tones, earthy tones. Equipment, you do not
put on plenty of equipment. You do not wish to put on
plenty of equipment. When you do, in all probability it is handmade or equipment which have been handed down and maintain sentimental worth to you, okay? Sentimental worth to you. And take a look at right here, you do not
see plenty of funky colour, ‘trigger they do not wanna harm their hair, in contrast to a sapphire. They use essentially the most pure
natural stuff, okay? Pure natural stuff. Okay. No matter is simple, no matter is straightforward. You see plenty of snug
slip-on sneakers, okay? One thing that is simple getting out of. With regards to your automotive,
they need a automotive that’s what? Secure. They need a automotive that’s secure,
and good for the surroundings, ‘trigger they’re the kinds
that need to save the world, they usually’re human, too. They need to do each. And your vehicles prior to now have had bumper stickers on the again, and normally, generally,
footage of the youngsters inside, or your pets. They at all times have tissues
and wipes within the automotive, simply in case any person wants it, proper? Simply in case. Once you open their closet doorways, their closet’s full of
plenty of pure tones, snug natural
supplies, natural supplies, and once you go grocery buying, straight to the natural part. What number of purchase natural meals? Okay, nice. Why, by the way in which, why? ‘Trigger it is more healthy,
sure, it is more healthy. When residence alone, they wish to
placed on some stress-free music, kinda sit down and calm down a little bit bit, and possibly get pleasure from a cup of tea. That is the way in which they calm down. (“Heal the World” by Michael Jackson) Anybody’s acquired their lighter? You possibly can convey out a cellphone, sure. With regards to relationship, they get pleasure from a pleasant, quiet restaurant, that is not too costly, however
has an natural aptitude to it. (laughing) Now, in dialog, you
discover they do not speak too loud, they’re extra reserved,
a little bit bit extra quiet, they usually are usually the
first one to pay attention, they’re the best
listeners, nice listeners. With regards to cash,
not an enormous spender, they usually have a tendency to provide and lend cash to family and friends. What number of have lent cash
to family and friends? What number of of them haven’t paid you again? Okay, there you go, there you go, okay? Pearls are very, very loyal. They’re a few of your greatest
mates, they’re very loyal. They’re very loyal staff, they’re very loyal enterprise companions. It could take them loads, like you would need to be an
completely horrible individual for them to sort of go away you and never be loyal to you, ‘trigger they’re very, very
loyal, superb individuals, they usually’re at all times keen to assist, they usually’re not the
varieties that simply ask you, “Oh, is there something you need assistance?” No, they really aid you. They see one thing, they
go forward they usually aid you. You possibly can rely on them,
you’ll be able to rely on them, you’ll be able to at all times rely on them. You possibly can at all times rely on them. Very delicate, non-demanding, and generally the issue is, with pearls, they keep away from confrontation. They keep away from what? – [Crowd] Confrontation. – Why? Why? – [Man] It isn’t price it. – Not? – It isn’t price it.
– It isn’t price it, sure. – [Man] They wanna be well mannered? – Not a lot, as a result of
they worth relationships. As a result of confrontation, properly, you realize, which may damage different individuals’s emotions, it’d destroy their relationship. Let’s not even go there. So, generally, regardless that they might be, individuals are making the most of them, however they’d be like, “Okay.” They’re simply silent,
they usually sort of study to simply adapt to the scenario. Make sense? Okay. Is not these items fairly fascinating? – [Woman] It is superior. – Yeah, okay. Now, I do know the rubies are ready. “When the fuck is it gonna be my flip?” (crowd laughing) ‘Trigger they at all times need to be first! ‘Trigger if you happen to’re not first, you are what? – [Crowd] Final. – So I purposely make
them wait to the tip. And I am a ruby too, so I
get it, I get it, okay? I get it. The emeralds are principally
timing me, by the way in which. Emeralds, it is like, “Okay,
sapphire, you bought ten minutes, “and these guys, 9 minutes. “You higher give me ten minutes.” Very loyal, at all times keen to assist. Now, with pearls, discover when
you talk with them, in truth, can I get a mic? Can I get a mic actual fast? Let’s simply do that in a short time. So then, when you realize,
doing a networking train. Now, who’s an excessive sapphire? You assume you are like an
excessive, what’s your title? – Yulia.
– Julia, okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait. – Oh my gosh. I set myself up. – Simply give Yulia the mic,
simply maintain on to that, okay. So, inform everybody your title. – Yulia Tudor. – Hello, Julia, Julia, proper? – Yulia!
– Yulia, hello, Yulia! – [Crowd] Hello, Yulia. – Now, you let me ask you a query. So, once you meet somebody, if somebody is like, let’s
say a really emerald sort, like sort of sort A. Yulia, good to fulfill you. – Hello!
– Yeah, hello. – What’s up? – What introduced you right here? – Enjoyable.
– Okay. – Meet individuals. What introduced you right here? – Oh, simply meet some individuals,
do some enterprise, sure. Now, how do you are feeling? – Awkward. – Awkward, okay. Now, I am simply being sort of
skilled, not too excited, however you are like, “What’s
incorrect with this dude? “What is going on on, proper?” Now, versus if I am extra sapphire like. Hey, Yulia, how are you? – Nice, how’s it going? – What introduced you right here? – Oh my gosh, I wanna meet individuals, I wanna have enjoyable, I wanna– – Superior! – What about you? – Nicely, you realize, I’ve recognized
Dan for quite a lot of yearss. Would you like me to introduce you to him? – Completely! – Yeah, he seems like an honest man! – Okay, see you in there! – Okay, good! So, you see, how do you are feeling this time? – Excited. – Yeah, extra comfortable, proper? – Yeah.
– Extra comfortable. So, figuring out the golden rule is that this. Respect others by treating them
as they need to be handled. You must discover ways to talk of their language and perceive, okay? So, similar, response, impression, okay? Give her a spherical of applause, nice job. (crowd applauding) Now, let’s do a pearl. Let’s shortly do a pearl. David, David, David, let’s do a pearl. Who’s an excessive pearl? Like, that is like, “Pearl!” After I described that,
it is precisely who you might be. – [Man] Hugging bushes. – Take a look at the rubies! “Oh, the treehuggers.” Higher than the moneygrabs. (laughing) And what’s your title, sir? – Chris. – Chris, hello, Chris! – [Crowd] Hello, Chris. – So, discover, now, simply
look the physique language. Discover Chris is a little bit bit slower, like, placing down his stuff. “Okay, I am supposed to face up?” Sure, proper, okay? And Chris, what introduced you right here? – To fulfill new individuals, to
work together extra with individuals, ‘trigger I am on the pc an excessive amount of. – On the pc an excessive amount of, and also you do pc, that is
your main type of work? Like, you do business from home, or? – Yeah, pc work. – Are you a programmer? – Um, marketer, blogger. – Okay, discover the tonality,
the way in which he speaks, okay? Concentrate. Once you get good at this, you’ll be able to study, you’ll be able to dictate, you’ll be able to decide the persona, the gem of this individual, you realize, with a little bit little bit of follow, possibly 5, ten minutes. These days, I can do it in seconds. I can meet somebody, I’ll
know, “Okay, that is a sapphire,” or, “That is a pearl.” Typically, I see throughout the room, “That is a fucking ruby,” proper? I may inform, you can inform,
you realize, you realize, proper? So, Chris, let me ask you a query. What do you want about what you do? I like to assist individuals get
out on the earth with cash. – Now, discover he mentioned
pc stuff, proper? However discover, what’s his motivation? It isn’t simply computer systems,
it is serving to different individuals. How are you serving to
different individuals proper now? Are you able to inform me a little bit bit extra? – Yeah, by simplifying issues for individuals, giving individuals a possibility
possibly they would not have, for giving individuals an opportunity to have extra freedom in
their life, stuff like that. – Discover what number of instances he mentioned “individuals”. It is all about others. It isn’t about them,
it is all about serving. They like to serve, they like to serve. Chris, do you continue to have mates from highschool days, some? – Sure. – Sure, are they good mates? – Um–
– Okay. – Some, one actually good good friend, however yeah. – One actually good good friend. Are additionally they, is he or
she a pearl, are you aware? – That is an amazing query. Uh, sure, I might say, really. – Okay, spherical of applause,
spherical of applause. Thanks, Chris. (crowd applauding) Now, discover after I’m
speaking with a pearl, I tone down my ruby. After I’m on stage, I am
all ruby, you bought it? You do not need to bulldoze a pearl. They’re like, “Hoo, what
the hell is occurring?” Decelerate, pay attention, listen,
join with them, proper? – Spherical of applause
for pearls, by the way in which. Spherical of applause. (crowd applauding) Emeralds, emeralds. (crowd laughing) Oh, this’ll be enjoyable. Okay, now, emeralds,
they love directions. They love directions, so as an example, once they buy an merchandise, as an example some sort of furnishings, this is what they are going to do. They’ll, to start with, learn all of the directions first, okay? And take a listing of all of the components. Each nut, each bolt, each screw. Lay every thing on the
desk, or lay every thing on the bottom within the
orderly vogue, okay? And if there’s one thing lacking, if there’s one thing
lacking, what would they do? – [Woman] Try to discover it? – Strive, and if it isn’t there? – [Man] Freak out. – No, they’re going to in all probability
contact the company, and e mail them, and say,
“Hey, you realize what? “I feel you may have some
manufacturing concern right here. “It’s best to ship me a alternative, proper? “Though, I did get the merchandise on sale, “however anyway, simply ship me a alternative.” And so they love directions. Now, for the sapphires,
once they need to assemble some sort of furnishings, some sort of merchandise, they do not learn the directions. They only take a look at the photographs. And if there are not any
footage, what do you do? – [Woman] We’ve got emeralds! – You bought emeralds, okay! However you do not have
emeralds, what do you do? – [Man] Simply attempt to determine it out. – Simply attempt to determine it out! Okay, now, simply so you realize, there are at all times components left over, and for sapphires,
“Nicely, this factor works, “and leftover components,
in all probability do not want it! “Additional, toss them away!” Okay, sapphire. For rubies, in the event that they’ve
assembled furnishings, first, the rubies would grumble, “How come this isn’t already
pre-set up and pre-assembled? “Why the hell am I paying
cash for this shit? “My time is just too beneficial,” proper? Okay, and they’d put it
collectively very, very quick, like, (clicking and whirring) Proper? They’re going to determine it out on their very own. And for rubies, and once more, if there are specific components left over, toss it over,
would not matter, do not want it. Do not want it, ‘trigger time is? – [Crowd] Cash. – Who has time to assemble
this furnishings shit, proper? Emeralds, very exact, very precise, very planned-out, very planned-out, okay? In case you have a supervisor, you
need emeralds working with you to maintain you organized, to
hold all of the numbers in verify. Actually, what number of have
some sort of portfolio? Can I see a present of palms? Some sort of portfolio,
funding stuff, yeah? Okay. With regards to clothes, they’ve objects of their closet, what number of of you may have objects in your closet which are greater than 5 years outdated? Okay, can I see? Okay, greater than ten years outdated? Greater than 15 years outdated? Okay. – [Woman] I’ve it with me proper right here. – Proper right here, proper there, 15 years outdated! You guys, they’re like, “15 years outdated?” My stuff isn’t even 15 months outdated! Okay. Equipment, they like
one thing that is easy, easy. Typically, they solely put on a watch, or some sort of wedding ceremony band, quite simple. Hair, they have an inclination to choose a coiffure that is not requiring loads
of time to simply keep. Maintain it easy, save on time. They buy high quality
stuff at an excellent value. You wanna discover discount… To them, the first query,
“Does it make sense?” Does it make sense? And so they like a automotive with a
little little bit of analysis behind it. What sort of automotive do you guys like? – Honda.
– Honda? – No automotive.
– No automotive, what kinda– – Honda.
– Honda. – Porsche. – Porsche, oh, little bit
of ruby, emerald happening. Sir? – Mazda.
– Mazda, okay, cool. Once you open their closets, there’s a spot for every thing, okay? There’s a spot for every thing. It is very organized, with the
hangers in the identical route, and the garments neatly
hanging proper there, and these guys, all on the ground, okay? After they’re residence alone, they like to drag out their residence job listing and start finishing issues that should be performed, one after the other. With regards to relationship,
they’re at all times on time. By the way in which, out of the 4 gems, they’re the one group
that is on time on a regular basis. They’re on time. Actually, you hate individuals
that are not on time, as a result of when somebody’s behind schedule, what does that let you know,
what does that imply? They’re impolite? Sure, they usually cannot be counted on, proper? – [Woman] Not dependable. – Not dependable, sure. These guys, at all times late. And you’ll see, they
normally speak in some sort of rhythm, in some sort of monotone. You possibly can see, you’ll be able to hear
once you meet an emerald, you’ll be able to inform in a short time. Now, they do not like
senseless conversations, as a result of it’s a waste of– – [Crowd] Time. – And time is– – [Crowd] Cash. – Cash, proper? Do not like senseless conversations. Now, in the case of
friendship, perceive this. Our society, good college students, dangerous college students. Good college students, dangerous college students. Fairly often, you may assume, you probably have a dad or mum that is a sapphire, however you may have a dad or mum that is an emerald, emeralds, they generally
wanna change individuals to form them into like them, that you have to be organized,
it’s best to do that. Cannot you see that is extra environment friendly? That is the easiest way to do it. You gotta comply with instructions, they usually are likely to wanna change individuals and form individuals into precisely this manner, however as soon as they notice
that hey, you realize what? There are different persona varieties, and you’ll inspire
individuals another way, you may be very, very efficient. Like to study. In case you have a analysis
undertaking, who do you give it to? Who do you give it to? Emeralds. You wanna throw a celebration? – [Crowd] Sapphires. – You need somebody to scrub your own home? (crowd laughing) Simply joking, simply joking, simply joking. As a result of I do know they will not
be mad at me, proper? Pearls. Okay. And sapphires, fairly often, they’re intimidated by the emeralds, as a result of emeralds, they like
to ask plenty of questions. And sapphires, once you ask
them plenty of questions, they really feel like being what? – [Woman] Interrogated. – Interrogated, so if you happen to
have a child that is a sapphire, and you retain asking them,
“The place are you going? “The place have you ever been? “Who have you ever met, and da da da,” you are feeling like, from
emerald’s perspective, I am caring, I am loving, however
from their perspective, you might be interrogating them, proper? So, that is all for emerald. Thanks very a lot. Thanks on your time
and your consideration. Thanks. (crowd applauding) Now, it is on for rubies, and
they’re already pissed off! “How come we’re going final? “How come, cannot you see “we have the largest group of individuals? “We’re gonna kick your ass, Dan!” Okay, they wish to win. Actually, they wish to play, in truth, if you happen to’re gonna play a recreation, if you happen to’re not gonna win
then why, why play in any respect? For sapphires, you’d simply play a recreation to have some enjoyable, proper? These guys, “I wanna win! “If I am not gonna win, what is the function? “What is the level? “What is the level?” With regards to sports activities, they wish to play particular person sports activities. What number of wish to play particular person sports activities? Yeah, they do not like
basketball, that sort of stuff, ‘trigger hey, you realize what? I can at all times rely on myself. I can not rely on these silly idiots. What if I do not win, proper? So, people, I can
at all times rely on myself. With regards to clothes, they wish to put on the very best,
the most well-liked labels, the model title stuff, proper? Blingy shit, proper? Okay? Gown to impress. They wish to put on plenty of black. Loads of black, darker colours. Equipment, they’re attracted
to the very best jewellery, okay? The best high quality stones and in metals. Mainly, they need to put on stuff that claims, “I’ve acquired extra money than you.” Okay? Simply to indicate you guys up, okay? And if a lady, in the event that they’re
sporting a diamond ring, in the event that they’re paying with a bank card, they do not wanna pay the
bank card this manner, they wanna pay the bank card this manner, simply to see, you realize? “Oh, yeah, you realize, my husband
acquired that for me final yr,” stuff like that, you realize. Hair, they like hair that is
stylish, skilled, since you guys pay loads
of cash to keep up it, proper, after all. They’ve a number of
top-of-the-line model title sneakers. A number of pairs in black. What number of have title model sneakers? Wow. You guys, what number of have title model sneakers? There ya go. With regards to a automotive,
car, they like the very best. They like clear, glowing, able to getting plenty of consideration. Once more, standard manufacturers,
quick automotive, sports activities automotive. Usually, purple or black. What number of like purple vehicles? What number of like black vehicles? What model do you want? Yell the reply. – Mercedes Benz.
– Mercedes Benz. – Maserati
– Lamborghini. – BMW.
– Audi. – BMW.
– Audi. – Audi, sure. Discover, these guys, Honda, Honda, Porsche, however Honda, Honda, Porsche. As a result of she labored in a
Porsche dealership earlier than, in order that’s not, you realize? (laughing) Now, once you open their closet doorways, they don’t seem to be overly organized,
although not overly sloppy, as a result of they’re simply
too busy to prepare it, as a result of they’re so busy doing what? Earning money. Earning money. After they go grocery buying, in the event that they do go grocery buying
in any respect, it is seize and go. It is seize and go. The thought is to get out
of the shop as what? Quick as you’ll be able to, yeah,
as shortly as potential. And once they’re residence alone,
you realize what they do? They pull out the pc
they usually hold working. And so they hold working! Actually, generally they work
a lot, they skip meals! They neglect to eat! What number of have skipped meals? They neglect to eat, as a result of
they’re too busy what? Yeah, earning profits, and time is? Nobody has time to eat, so that they skip meal, skip
meal, lunch, after which dinner, after which when ten p. m. comes? – [Man] Grumpy. – No, no, they make up for all misplaced time. Now, it is three meals mixed
with snacks in between, and also you end the entire
factor, seven minutes flat, to allow them to get again to
work and make some extra? – Cash.
– Cash, okay? Now, the pearls, it is like,
“Who’re these individuals? “I do not perceive, they’re evil! “What is going on on?” Now, what number of that is
like, fairly aha, proper? Aha second for you. Is not that the craziest? Give it some thought. When you may have dinner with them, they’re the primary ones to complete the meal. Not end, inhale their meals. Very decided, see, they
do not know when to give up. Very bold. What number of of you set objectives recurrently? Okay, aim setters,
achiever varieties, sort A. Fast determination makers. You wanna promote to a ruby, simply inform them, restricted version, only a few individuals have it. Actually, the one one left on the town is the most costly, you need it? Sure! It is fairly simple to promote to them. It’s fairly simple. Now, with rubies, let
me ask you a query. What do they need assistance with? What do they need assistance with? – [Crowd] Dinner. – Dinner, no, however what do they
need assistance with in enterprise? (crowd murmuring) Have stability, have some enjoyable, sure. Group, particulars, sure. Some emerald to assist
you in your life, sure. – [Man] Interpersonal relationships. – Sure, however as a result of rubies, they wish to take cost on a regular basis. They wanna take cost,
they like a problem, so generally, they may very well be management freaks inside the enterprise, and at
sure instances, initially, you’ll be able to develop your online business
to a sure level, they usually’re making good cash, then they hit that cup ceiling, they usually’re like, “Okay, simply
let me put in additional hours, “put in additional hours,” however
to a degree they notice, “Nicely, you realize what? “I must have a group. “I can not simply rely
on myself on a regular basis. “I want another person to assist me out.” “However what if you happen to’re not so good as me? “What if they do not care like I do?” However generally, now we have
to let go, as a ruby. Now, what’s attention-grabbing is, for myself, I am a ruby/pearl. I am a ruby/pearl. Now, how may that be? ‘Trigger you may discover, it is fairly unusual. Let me let you know a fast story, then we’ll get into networking. As a result of my mother and pa are
each pearls, excessive pearls. Loads of mates, love
individuals, do charity work, at all times giving, giving,
giving, giving, giving. They’re pearl-like. So, after I acquired into enterprise
within the first couple years, and a few of you realize my story, I acquired taken benefit of,
misplaced $150 thousand to a man who took benefit of me, took
my cash, and disappeared, after which I discovered, “Shit, if I am a pearl “like that in enterprise, what do I get?” Ache. I acquired taken benefit of. , enterprise is
ruthless, it is about who wins, it is about getting all
the chips on the desk. So then, I discovered my mentor, a special position mannequin,
who’s an excessive ruby. I discovered, okay, I believed to myself, “With a purpose to achieve success
enterprise, I should be in ruby.” So, I developed, nearly
formed and compelled myself, and developed the
traits of a ruby. However then I wasn’t completely happy,
as a result of that is not who I’m. It isn’t who I’m, as a result of
each my mother and pa are pearls, and I am a pearl, however I do know as a pearl, if I am only a pure,
excessive pearl in enterprise, it isn’t as efficient. Does that make sense? So, then I discovered a stability. So these days, I’ve this stability, and principally, I’ve the
intention of a pearl, of serving to, however I’ve the toughness,
and the psychological toughness, and the enterprise acumen of a ruby. Does that make sense? So it is a mixture of two, and I imagine it is a
fairly good mixture, ‘trigger earlier than, after I was an excessive ruby, I do not give a fuck, I take all the cash, I make all the cash. I do not care who I damage, something. It is all about cash, cash,
cash, cash, cash, cash. Then I had the cash, and I wasn’t completely happy. So now, I’ve this stability. On the similar time, I’ve acquired
a spouse that is a sapphire, so it brings some stability in my life, so I am not working on a regular basis, we go on holidays, now we have enjoyable, proper? After which I’ve a enterprise
associate that is emerald. So, in enterprise, you gotta see, it’s important to have a
group, with all of the gems, all of the personalities in your group. Then you’ll be able to have a profitable enterprise. Does that make sense? So, spherical of applause, then
we will start networking.

What’s an Earnings Assertion?

hi guys I’m Phil town for rule one investing I want to talk to you today about the income statement one of the three critical financial statements which include the balance sheet and the cash flow and the income statement the income statement is all about profit and loss you’ve heard the terms top line and bottom line hey bottom line is this bubela bottom line right that comes from the understanding that there are these two major important lines on an income statement the top line is your sales the revenue kind of the gross income you’ve got coming in right so the big money that you’ve got when you sell let’s say you got a lemonade stand it’s the dollars you collected that’s the top line that’s the revenue of your company and then down on the very bottom is net income net income is the bottom line that’s what you’re making and that tells you whether you ought to be in business or not so income statement is the very very important that effects the first thing people look at when you’re looking to see if a company is any good is they’re going to look at the income statement then what we look at is this we look at the growth of the revenue over time and we look at the growth of the net income over time those two numbers are the critical numbers that come off the income statement so what are we looking at well every year we see how much revenue the company got and each year you could compare it to the next year the next year the next year and you should see a steady growth of revenue steady and you’re going to look for what that number is when you use our tool set it rule one you’re going to get that put out for free right I mean just automatically tells you here’s the growth rate year by year now you also want to know the growth rate of your net income and you want to see that also year by year you’re going to calculate it year by year now let’s say your Apple Computer and you’re growing at 20% a year twenty percent a year twenty percent a year like that for ten years same thing down here with net income and what you see is that the revenue line the top line is growing at twenty percent every year like clockwork and the bottom line is growing at twenty percent every year like clockwork and that’s what you want to see now what would be a red flag well a red flag would be that revenues growing up like this and net earnings are going down like that that would be a red flag we want to see these things growing together always together together that’s what looks like on an income statement when you’ve got a great company now how important is that for rule one investing it’s really important we look at that to see what number should I use to determine the growth rate of the company now the number one number we use comes off the balance sheet that’s the equity growth rate but we want to see if the sales growth rate revenue or the net earnings profit growth rates are just the same as the book value growth rates we also want to see if cash coming in from operating activities is growing at that same rate so when you do this analysis you’re basically looking to see am I getting the same growth rate across these major important numbers and when you’ve got the same growth rate at least looking out the back window of the car at the history of this company you get your long-term growth rate for figured out what’s this thing going to be worth so if you like what you’ve seen on this you guys and you want to do the more of this and subscribe to my channel for more content and you’re going to learn how the best investors in the world figure out the value of businesses and make millions I’m Phil town it’s time to go play