Best Cameras for Making YouTube Motion pictures 2015

hey everyone that is roberto blake of serving to you create one thing superior right this moment so in right this moment’s video I will discuss the very best cameras for making YouTube movies now I am not going to get into loopy particular digital camera fashions for essentially the most half I’ll have hyperlinks to these within the description under so that you can take a look at however I will discuss in regards to the varieties of cameras that you should utilize to make youtube movies and why these cameras are good and a number of the quirks about them so in the event you’re doing YouTube movies which are beneath 20 minutes I like to recommend getting a DSLR digital camera and there are a few the explanation why one the standard of video that you’ll get goes to be extraordinarily good in a whole lot of instances additionally with the ability to use several types of lenses isn’t actually assist you to out with low gentle conditions for indoors the audio high quality is often on be higher as a result of you will have an enter jack for a microphone so you should utilize a lapel mic or you should utilize a shotgun microphone and get higher audio high quality out of it you’ll be able to mount lights on prime of them you’ll be able to put them on a tripod like I am doing and that may actually assist you to out now they’re dearer DSLR cameras entry-level for YouTube are between 500 and a thousand {dollars} on the decrease finish of that clearly you may get tremendous excessive on that however the kind of digital camera is that I might advocate for doing YouTube movies are extra like your nikon d 3333 6i is out I do know that already however there’s a sensor problem in a recall so I am not going to actually push that I might say the nikon d50 500 might be the very best entry stage digital camera for YouTube proper now for dslrs um that is clocking in at about possibly eight hundred {dollars} with the equipment lens so i might say that these are actually good DSLRs and i’ve extra of them within the description under if you wish to get into youtube movies i might say that the equipment lens is okay possibly get a 35 millimeter or 85 millimeter lens when you’ve got a little bit bit of cash spend you may get an 18 to 55 f 2.eight and that may actually assist you to out with low gentle drop off backgrounds in the event you really feel it’s good to do this these are good issues to do with a DSLR digital camera now the issue with DSLR cameras is you can solely shoot 20 to 30 minutes at a time additionally typically for the stay viewing with the recording they are going to overheat in the event you shoot too many movies again to again or too lengthy so these are some points with them that you just will not have in different video cameras i might say aside from DSLR cameras the following smartest thing could be a camcorder now the standard on camcorders I do not really feel nearly as good however they are often um you need to regulate lots much less settings with camcorders they do superb with the auto focusing and with the low gentle with out you doing a lot and being technical so in the event you’re not tremendous tech savvy or you do not wish to take the difficulty to discover ways to use a DSLR digital camera then a camcorders going to be nice for you and it may be very inexpensive you may get camcorders for you already know possibly round 200-250 you go very excessive finish with you already know 500 or extra you’ll be able to go tremendous excessive finish in the event you actually wish to get into it however they’re inexpensive a whole lot of instances they’re tremendous transportable and small and so they’re simple to make use of so camcorders nonetheless are superb for doing YouTube movies now there are some smaller camcorders and I did this manner again within the day after I began out you should utilize issues like little tiny handycams and people is perhaps beneath 150 {dollars} you would possibly be capable to get them beneath 100 {dollars} even sony makes some good ones however for video and audio high quality that is what i began on and i believe they’re nonetheless good right this moment so you will have issues just like the flip you will have the sony HD weblog ease and internet ease and i believe that these are nonetheless good cameras in the event you’re simply beginning out and you’ve got a extremely tight funds clearly one of many best cameras to make use of for youtube movies goes to be a smartphone now if you are going to do this there are a few issues you ought to be doing one it’s best to nonetheless mount it on a tripod which implies it’s good to get a ten or fifteen greenback equipment i am going to have within the description under to mount it on a tripod so to have steady video if a tripod isn’t an possibility it’s good to do it on the go then they’re hand grips and pistol grips they’re like fifteen twenty {dollars} you can get and people will actually assist you to out with steady video footage while you’re on the go as a substitute of attempting to ninja grip it along with your hand so I might say that it’s best to test that out and smartphones are simply getting higher and higher when it comes to video high quality so I feel it is high quality to make use of these in the event you’re doing vlog type movies the following sort of digital camera we’ll discuss is the GoPro the GoPro is nice for motion cam stuff on the upper finish ones can shoot 4k video I might advocate these additionally for in the event you’re capturing stay occasions and talking engagements that might be good for you for day-to-day youtube use I really feel like for the worth of a GoPro you could possibly simply get a DSLR digital camera now they do shoot for longer durations of time than DSLR digital camera in order that is perhaps a cause to go the opposite manner additionally they shoot vast angle so go professionals are nice for in the event you’re doing journey running a blog or journey movies on in the event you’re doing a whole lot of occasions that might be superb and I might extremely advocate them they’ve fashions which have waterproof casing and issues like that a few of them can shoot 4k video so a GoPro is perhaps a really inexpensive manner so that you can get into 4k video for youtube lastly we’ll discuss webcams webcams have been proved and webcams are in all probability a number of the least expensive cameras you may get for youtube movies and if you wish to do a whole lot of stay Q&A periods or stay vlogging and response movies webcams will be nice I extremely advocate webcams from Logitech they’re beneath 100 {dollars} have some hyperlinks to them in description under I feel the Logitech webcams are the very best ones that use the very best ones that I’ve seen and I feel that they are simply super when it comes to their high quality for the worth and so they’re a great way to get into the market now the webcam in your Mac when you’ve got one or in your laptop computer is perhaps okay a whole lot of them will not be full HD a few of them will not be capable to deal with Lowell merchandise by way of a little bit grainy if you do not have a lighting setup so that you simply must maintain that in thoughts often shopping for a devoted USB webcam is the best way to go and I might extremely advocate that particularly if you wish to stay YouTube hangouts on air I might advocate going that route however in the event you’re simply beginning out and you have already got a laptop computer and you do not wish to spend any cash you may get by on the digital camera in your laptop computer to begin out with so far as a webcam anyway I hope you guys loved this video on the very best cameras for capturing YouTube movies there will probably be hyperlinks within the description under to particular digital camera fashions like I mentioned I simply did not wish to get tremendous techy right here on that I’d do a video the place I discuss and examine totally different digital camera fashions so that may come on my Wednesday movies the place I discuss DSLR cameras and video manufacturing so be sure to’re subscribed and staying tuned for that anyway like this video in the event you appreciated it remember to subscribe take a look at the opposite superior content material on the channel as at all times you guys thanks a lot for watching and remember create one thing superior right this moment

Learn the answer to Originate an Pleasant Tear Presentation (for Keynote or Powerpoint)

Hey, what’s up, everybody?
Pat Flynn here and welcome
to episode 17 of SPI TV.
This episode you’re going to learn
how to create an awesome slidedeck.
So the next time you’re up on stage
or doing any sort of presentation,
anything that requires a slidedeck,
I’m going to help you make it look better,
much better than what you see here.
There’s a lot of things
you shouldn’t be doing,
a lot of things that I do see out there
and hopefully this will help guide you
so that you create an awesome slidedeck
and impress people who
you are presenting to,
have a more memorable presentation,
and you’re going to be able to stand out
from all the other presenters out there
who are going to be creating slidedecks
the normal, boring way.
So, check it out.
Cue the intro.
(upbeat music)
Have you ever sat in on a presentation,
whether at work or at a conference,
where you literally
just want to fall asleep
or maybe you have fallen asleep
or maybe you get bored
or just lose interest
and you check your phone for email
or Twitter or Instagram or
maybe you’re playing a game or something?
It’s the worst, right?
You just want to leave.
You know you’re wasting your time.
Well, if you’re a presenter,
if you’re up on stage presenting,
this is obviously not what you want
the audience to look like.
You want to hold their interest.
You want to captivate them.
You want to engage them.
You want them sitting on
the edge of their seats,
listening and hanging
on to every next word
that you have to say.
That’s what we want,
and a lot of times we don’t do that.
One of the big reasons is
because of the slides that we have.
Slides are an amazing tool.
Unfortunately, we abuse the tool
that allows us to create these slides,
PowerPoint or KeyNote,
we use them in a way that
bores people to death.
That’s why there’s this thing called
death by PowerPoint.
I found this really funny cartoon
where this guy’s being executed,
but he’s not being executed
by guillotine or hanging
or anything like that.
He’s being executed by
being bored to death
by a PowerPoint presentation.
There’s a guy pointing at the presentation
in the little mask
and it’s just so funny
because it’s so real,
this death by PowerPoint thing.
I mean, this is a typical slide
you’ll see at presentations,
at board meetings,
at conferences and it’s just
you’re killing people when
you do things like this.
I mean, the bullet point situation.
They’re called “bullet
points” for a reason.
Why? Because bullets kill people, right?
And because, when people start
reading this from the top,
I mean, they see all these bullet points,
they start reading ahead,
and when they do that, they don’t listen
to what you’re talking about.
Plus, oftentimes you’re just reading
off this bullet point list.
It sounds totally boring and unprepared.
And then you might think,
“Well, you know, having
all the information there
helps me cover all the
points I need to hit.”
And, yeah, if you don’t practice.
And that’s what most people do.
When they don’t practice, they
rely on the bullet points,
they rely on the PowerPoint,
to help guide them through and
it just sounds boring
and it just shows that you
haven’t put in the practice.
This is what happens if
you don’t know the content
and if you don’t believe in yourself.
But I’ll tell you what:
If you know what you’re talking about
and you do believe in yourself,
you don’t need this
and you can make your
presentation much more engaging
and here’s the guiding principle.
Slides are your trail guide.
That’s it.
They’re there to help trigger
certain stories and case studies
and things that you’re going to say,
but you’re not reading off of them.
They’re there to trigger something,
to be a visual to the
story that you’re telling,
to the point that you’re making.
If you consider slides
to be your trail guide,
it’s going to help you in so many ways.
You have to trust yourself
to know the content that
you’re talking about,
but you can use the
slides as a trail guide,
as that arrow that’s going to point you
in the right direction.
Now, you’ve probably sat in
in presentations that are amazing,
that have amazing-looking slides
and then you try to do it yourself,
you try to make it look great,
but then you get frustrated
and then you punch a hole in your computer
because it’s too much work.
Here’s a hint: It doesn’t have to be
and I’m going to show you
the following nine tips
that I’m going to give you.
I’m going to give you nine specific tips
to help you work your
way through the slides
to give you some guiding principles
so that you can totally crush it
the next time you’re on stage
and so you don’t have to
rely on your bullet points.
So let’s get started.
Okay, first up: Get
the correct slide size.
Get the correct slide size,
because different
conferences, different events
require different slide sizes.
You want to make sure you
know what the size is,
or what the ratio is
of the slides you need
before you start building your deck
so that you don’t build
it on the wrong size
and then the night before
have to switch over
when really the night before
you should just be relaxing
or maybe going over your
presentation a few more times.
Typically, the slides come in
two different ratios or sizes:
widescreen, which is 16 by 9,
or standard, which is 4 by 3, but check.
Some do different or custom sizes.
Contact the conference director or owner
or sometimes they’ll have
a packet or a PDF file
for you to read over.
Sometimes they also give you a template
and you can use that template to guide you
and have that be really the
size that you want to use.
Now, I will say one
thing about the templates
that these conferences give you:
I never use that.
And you may be required to,
but I often try and fight that
because they don’t really look very good.
There’s a lot of stuff on there
that doesn’t need to be on there.
I want my slides to be
exactly what they need to be,
not anything more.
I mean, a lot of those things have
the name of the conference.
We all know what conference it is.
We don’t need to say it
on every single slide.
Anyway, that’s just a pet peeve of mine.
Try to be able to customize your slides
for what you need to do
based off of everything
else that I mention
in this particular episode of SPI TV.
Don’t use templates if at all possible.
Number two, and this is a hard one,
probably the hardest one:
Don’t use any bullet points.
Yeah, try not to use any
bullet points whatsoever.
This is a gun-free zone.
Bullets kill people.
Try not to use any bullet points.
Now there may be a part
of your presentation
where you will have to list a few things.
There’s a lot of different
ways to list things.
Maybe it’s images, like
I’m doing right now.
I’m listing nine different things,
by using a different image for each.
Now, if that’s overboard,
you might have to put some bullet points
in your presentation,
but, for the most part, try to avoid them
as much as possible.
You’re going to make your
presentations so much better
if you try really hard not
to use the bullet points.
It’s going to help guide
you in other creative ways
to share that content with your audience.
No bullet points.
Number three, and this is
my general rule for slides.
Most of my slides will look like this.
You’ve probably already noticed
in this particular presentation.
Just a few words about the topic
and then one supporting
image to support that topic.
Again, this is used as
a visual trigger for me
so I know stories to tell
and what topic I should be focusing on
and it’s a tool for the
audience to understand
in a flash what we’re about to talk about
so that they can then take
their eyes off of the slides
and put them back on me.
That’s what you want to happen.
You want people to look
at you and focus on you
and hear every word that you’re saying.
And you get to control the
experience your audience has.
When you get people reading a slide,
it’s all over the place.
Everybody’s at different points, but no.
Here is the topic, an
image to go along with it.
We’re all visual learners,
and then they can focus on you
and listen to the story
that you have to tell.
The topic, one supporting image, boom.
Number four: Choose a
style that works for you.
Well, what do I mean by that?
What I mean is pay attention
to other presentations.
Pay attention to different slides.
Go to sites like
and view as many presentations as you can
and try to find a style that you like
and adopt that style for yourself.
Now, I don’t mean copy.
I absolutely don’t mean that.
Don’t copy the fonts, don’t
copy the images that they use,
but copy the style.
That’s where I got this style of
having the big blocky
letters right next to
a cursive style font
and it just works for me
and whatever words they use
is going to be different,
but, again, choose a
style that works for you.
View other presentations
and see what you like
and you can pull inspiration from those
to make yours unique and
interesting for your audience.
Number five.
Now, you have to realize
that when you presenting,
especially if it’s in a large room
but even if it’s not,
there’s going to be people
who won’t be able to
see everything that’s
going on in the slide,
especially if your text is on the bottom.
You want to keep the text
up as high as possible
for everybody in the room,
never down here at the bottom.
I’ve been in a number of presentations
where people put a lot
of important information,
URL’s for example, at
the bottom of the slides
and you see people start to stand up
and start to take pictures
because they can’t see.
It just kind of ruins the
flow of the presentation.
Keep your text up at the top,
never down at the bottom,
especially your most important text.
And now you may realize that
the fact that we’re doing just a few words
with a visual image
means that we can make
the fonts much bigger
which means that, as a byproduct,
our audience in the entire room
should be able to see what’s going on
and see what that slide’s about
and then, again, focus on us
because they don’t need to read anything.
They see it up there.
It’s a big font; it’s great.
It’s near the top.
Everybody in the room can see it.
Everybody’s happy.
Number six.
Now, one thing I love to do
is to let people know where I’m at
and let people know where I’m going
and also how far along we are.
In other words, I like to show a roadmap
and you can even see this roadmap
that I’ve had since the beginning.
We’re at number six right
now out of nine tips.
And this is really helpful for you
because you can see
how far along we’re at.
It also helps you keep the
bullet points kind of organized
in your notes, if you are taking notes.
It also helps me, too.
This is a little trick
to help yourself, too,
because then I can see
which number we’re on.
It’s another thing I can associate
with either a story or a topic or a tip
or something I can share.
It becomes much easier to memorize
when you have a roadmap,
not just for your audience,
but for yourself as well.
And they don’t just come
in numbers like this.
There’s a lot of
different ways to do this.
This is something I
shared at the beginning
of one of my other presentations
which was essentially the roadmap
that I was going to take people on.
This is the Affinity Pyramid
and here in this presentation
I was talking about
how to convert your
casual audience members
into raving fans.
So you start at the bottom
with your casual audience.
You convert them into an active audience
and there was a whole section
in the presentation about that.
Then I talked about how to convert
your active audience into
a connected community
and then into a raving fan
and this is exactly how the
presentation was split up
and I brought people back to
this pyramid every session
where we added a new part to it.
Here’s another slide from
a recent presentation
where I had a roadmap built in.
You can see it at the top here
where I talked about the past,
the present, and the future
about different topics
and you’ll also see the same format
that I was talking about earlier
with the few words talking about the topic
and then the one visual
to go along with it.
This is really helpful for people
and also for me to
understand where I was at
in the presentation.
Number seven: graphs and tables.
A lot of us love to
include graphs and tables,
and it’s great to introduce
data to support your points,
but when your data looks like this.
I mean, think about it.
You’re sitting in a presentation
and you see this slide;
what do you make of it?
You have no idea what’s going on.
Even if the person who’s presenting
is telling you what to look at,
you’re going to be confused
and your eyes are going
to go in every which way.
You just see colors and numbers.
You won’t know what to look at
and just imagine what it’s like
for the people in the back of the room.
My gosh!
You’ve all seen tables like this, too,
where it’s a little bit more organized.
This person is trying to do a better job
of making the fonts a little bit bigger
and helping you understand
exactly what’s going on.
Again, I just randomly pulled
this image from Google but
just to show you this still doesn’t work.
And, for one, I don’t know why it starts
with 2006 on the left-hand side
and goes to 2002 on the right-hand side.
Typically, it should be flipped around.
But let’s say for example
this person put this up here
to show that they finally have in 2006
a positive net earnings per share.
Well, if that’s the point,
then you don’t need any
of this other stuff.
Here’s the trick:
You only want to show what is
necessary to prove your point.
That’s it.
You only need to show what
is absolutely necessary
to prove your point.
So, net earnings per
share positive in 2006.
This is how I would go about it.
And, again, I’m not even
going to put fancy graphics
and you shouldn’t even
try to make it so fancy.
I’m just doing this to show you the impact
of just how when you just focus on
the information that’s important to
this point that you’re talking about
the kind of impact it can
have on your audience.
So, net earnings per share.
So, like, hey guys.
We’ve had an interesting few years here.
In 2002, our net earnings
per share was -$5.09.
In 2003, it improved a little bit,
still in the negative
at negative 87 cents.
2004, getting a little bit better:
negative thirteen cents.
2005, negative two cents.
In 2006, guess what, guys?
We’re in the positive.
Twelve cents net earnings per share.
Woohoo! Yeah!
You see how much more impactful that is?
I mean, you don’t need the
picture of the kid there.
I just put that there for dramatic effect,
but that’s much much better
than looking at this graph here like that.
It’s much more impactful,
it gets the point across,
and I’m only sharing little bits of data
that are required to prove that point,
not all this other stuff.
People put too much on the screen.
You don’t need to do that.
Okay, let me fast forward here.
Okay, next I have a
really cool trick for you.
This is called the lightbox trick.
Now, I already did a video for you
a long time ago, actually,
that shows you how to do this in KeyNote.
Now, I expect that you can
also do this in PowerPoint,
but it’s a really cool effect
where you can highlight
one portion of your slide.
For example, if there’s
a lot of text going on
and you want people to focus on one thing.
For example, if I want you
to just focus on this URL,
which will redirect
you to the video, boom!
You see how clear it is
what the call to action is
just by the lightbox trick?
So, go to
and that will redirect
you to the YouTube video
where I teach you how to do that.
So, again,
So you can grab the information you need
to create that effect.
Alright, and to finish off, number nine.
One of my favorite tips,
I think it’s very subtle
but it can make a big difference
in how your audience responds to you
during your stories.
Now the thing is we’ve been
talking this whole time
about what to put on the slides
and what to not put on the slides.
This time, I want you to think about
turning your slides off.
Now that’s not turning your
PowerPoint presentation off
or your KeyNote presentation off.
It’s not shutting down your computer.
It’s the fact that,
when you’re presenting,
you know there’s a part
in your presentation
that’s coming up
where there’s a story
that you’re gonna tell
where you really want people to focus on,
this is what you do:
You go dark.
You essentially are
turning the slides off,
taking people’s attention away
from any slide distraction
and putting that focus directly on you
so that you can tell your story on stage
and really wow people.
This is one of my favorite tricks to do
and you’ll notice this.
If you see me speak on stage,
I do this quite often,
because I try to control
where people’s attention is,
and if it’s story time, I
want them to focus on me.
You should focus on that in
your next presentation, too.
I really feel like that’s going to be
a big game changer for a lot of people.
If you do that, it’s a small subtle thing,
but it makes a huge difference
and it allows you to really
get deep into your story
and the stories are truly what
make presentations memorable.
It is the stories you tell.
It is the people in the
audience putting themselves
in your shoes or in the shoes of those
who you are telling the story about.
And the next time you go
into a story, go dark.
Obviously you’ll need to put that
into your PowerPoint presentation.
This is essentially a slide.
It’s just a dark slide
and to get into that fading effect,
I just used the dissolve effect,
so it dissolves from
one slide to the next.
I’m not going to go into
exactly how to do that now.
I’m sorry you’ve been looking
at a blank screen for awhile,
but I’m going to switch to the next screen
and just say, first of all,
thank you for watching this.
I hope you got a lot out of it.
Let us know what you think.
Leave a comment on YouTube or on the blog
and also I have the slides for you.
If you want to download the
slides for this presentation
you can go to
That will take you to the blog post.
If you’re on the blog post now
watching this YouTube video,
you can use the form there
to download the slides.
Or you can actually,
you can test this out.
This is brand new.
You can text “SLIDETIPS” to 33444
and just respond with your email address
and you’ll get it sent
right to you immediately.
So, again SLIDETIPS to 33444.
Hey, thanks so much, guys.
I really appreciate your time
and I hope you enjoyed
this episode of SPI TV.
Make sure to subscribe
because we’ve got a lot
of great stuff coming up.
Got a little bit of a break during summer
because I’ll be headed to Ghana.
I’m also going to Hawaii
and also Australia,
but then, on the other side of that,
you’ll see actually some footage in Ghana
with a couple of schools that I built
and I get to meet the
kids and the teachers
and to see what the schools are like.
I am so excited for that upcoming trip.
You’ll see it in a
future episode of SPI TV,
so make sure to subscribe
and I’ll see you in the next episode.
Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

How to Produce a Clickbank Affiliate Internet online page online – On-line Marketing | Part 4

hey what’s going on guys this is Franklin here and this is part 4 of my affiliate video series in this video I’m going to be showing you how to make an affiliate website and this one converts what are the best for me out of all the ones I’ve used now first you need some hosting I suggest Bluehost because they have super cheap hosting I mean this is really the cheapest you can get and if you go through my link you will get discount and a free domain I’ll leave a link in the description for you now when you go to Bluehost or wherever you’re going to go valve is going to use Bluehost for this example you want to click get started now and you only need the cheapest plan okay you don’t need a bigger plan because we’re not going to have a website with a lot of you know we don’t need a lot of space so we’re going to click the cheapest one now with the domain you want to use a domain that has your keyword in it okay because our photo our main keyword is going to be on the home page now it doesn’t have to be exact okay that people say exact domains helped a lot and they do in some in some situations but then Google sometimes slap you for having over a optimized you know tablets that with the title the meta description and and all that and with the domain so you’ve got to be careful so I usually do the keyword the domain with maybe one or two other words but in this one I’m just going to do piano lessons online and online isn’t part of my what does add a number there to is probably taken online isn’t part of my keyword sauce that domain isn’t over optimized now this section is flat all your details you don’t really need sight lock because we’re going to be using something else site backup Pro is definitely a good thing because you can give your site backed up every day or if your week I think and this is very good because you do in this game there’s a lot of hackers the case you need to be backing up your site domain privacy protection that’s done protects or your private information service you definitely need this and I suggest using your real information with blue house because you will have to verify your account either by ringing them up and get on the on your mobile number or sending them an a picture of your ID now I don’t really like sending my ID online so I ring them up and they just confirm my phone number then you put on all your credit card details now once you’ve done you’ll get all your information sent to you and then you want to log into your cPanel and this is we’re going to be installing WordPress and then all you do is you click install WordPress I’m not gonna dog because I’ve already done on this I don’t overwrite my website once you’ve done that you will have a section like this you basically pick your domain from here you click check domain it will install it if you want to go view credentials and it will give you a URL here and a password and you want to keep this handy because you’re going to need this but you can change that once you log in so once you’ve got your your URL you want to go to your URL the miners online resources org select our forward slash WP dash admin for this tutorial next thing we want to do this is very important is go to settings permalinks you want to click post name because this will benefit us and when we do our SEO because it doesn’t show all the other stuff in here you know you want a nice clean URL next we want to go to plugins now I’m going to install all the plugins now and then I’ll show you them afterwards and I’ll explain to you what they do ok all right so I’ve got my goons installed and I’m going to show you exactly what all of them do first one I’ve got as content copy protection that stops anyone from copying any content on your website and duplicating it now what this can do is someone can come along copy your stuff and make a website exactly like yours and this is bad because it creates duplicate content and Google might slap you for or there may even help out rank your site and make more money than you so this is a very important plugin that stops anyone from copying your website disable author pages this is very very good plugin it disables your author page so hackers cannot see it by clicking on your name in the post the that you put up on your website let’s see if you don’t have this plug-in anyone can just hover over your name and a post or click on your name and it will give them your username for your WordPress website and they can use a tool or brute force program or anything to try and hack your website next is the enhanced text widget I’ll show you how to use this soon leverage brow browser caching ninja this speeds up your website very cool little plugin it will speed up your website and help you and Google with your rankings pretty link is a like a suppose a cloaks link so it doesn’t really cloak links but it will hide your affiliate links so we’re going to be using that as well w3 total cache II this will speed up the website as well I’ll show how to use that in a minute to sustain a security plug-in here your SEO plugin and then we’ve got a cleanup plug-in here that I’m going to show you as well so first we will go to the leverage browser plugin me not at all happen there here we go you just want to click enable and update standard settings are fine then we’re going to go to performance and all the standard settings all of us will be fine but we do want to do a few things we need general settings just want to Knable page catchy here and this just makes kind of like a mirror of your site so when people come back to your site isn’t it the load again for them and it’s not slow you don’t really need to mess with any of these other settings you can add a CDN what this does is this distributes your content from different locations around the world so it speeds up your loading time for different countries now I use Mac’s CDN I will leave a link in the description for you if you want to use it I use this on all my sites it’s not necessary but it will speed up your site and it does help with Google rankings okay having a fast site does help Google really look does like fast sites wood fence is the next one first you want to do a scan of your website okay once you finish with that make sure everything’s fine standard is fine but one thing you do want to do is change the login attempts now it’s an options and you want to change login attempts to about four or five okay because if it’s any higher than that it gives any kind of tool a chance to crack your whip your crack your password so you want to make up four or five there’s really no chance any tool is going to crack it and four or five attempts if you have a good password that is so we will change this to 5 here now I’m not actually making a real site okay I’m not really using the site I was going to rank this site but I’ve decided not to because I’m a bit too busy but I hope I’m going to be giving up to one of my students to rank so I’ll leave it up to them to do what they want to do with it next one is WP cleaner now what this does is every time you edit a post or you delete something call you do anything it leads it leaves a trail and your WordPress it just leaves you know every time you make a change to your post it will leave a draft so you like drafts here or you every now and then you just want to click everything and go empty they were empty all of the stuff for you and it will speed up your website let’s just load in here right now as you can see it’s cleared a lot of stuff out some sometimes it doesn’t do everything just leave it and there you go you’ve cleaned out all the stuff on your site all the rubbish that you don’t need next we’ve got link builder sorry pretty link and what this does is this will cloak your your URLs so you your fleet link sorry so it hides it from Google and you don’t get in trouble now let’s get to the good stuff so let’s have a look at our site it’s going to be ugly ok when you first start your WordPress website is going to look very ugly so this isn’t really what I want so I want to get myself a new theme I recommend my theme shop they have the best themes they’re super fast really good coded and they’re just a really good price you can get some free ones on here as well so it’s just a free one or you can buy one if you click on my link below this video you will get a 10% discount if you use the code online dimes now I’ve got a theme so I’m just going to upload this theme really quickly to do that we just click on themes add new at the top here add new upload theme oh here we go sorry and then you should have one in your weather you’ve got it after you’ve downloaded it from wherever you bought it from if you can just use you know the free themes that come with this WordPress bride I just like to use my theme shop because this themes are really really fast I’m going to go to activate if we refresh here we have a better theme I’m going to do a few things first we need rid of all the stuff on the side here we don’t need any of this this just creates cluster we’re going to go to widgets we’re going to get rid of recent comments meta tags categories and archives and just leave these two here we probably don’t even really need to search but I’ll leave it there for now next we want to create a page so go to pages and all pages we’re not gonna be making a post right now we’re going to be making our main page for the main website or for the front page you know for the main keyword I should have said there and one’s going to delete the ocean I won’t delete this that will create 404s I’m going to go add new page I’m just going to put anything in the title or your pineapple your keyword and I’m going to grab my article here now this article isn’t laid out the best I wasn’t too happy with it but you know you got to tweak it and stuff this is from my writer and paste it in here so I’ve got a lot of gaps okay we’ll leave that for now next you want to go to you want to save this okay so publish then we want to go to settings and reading I want to go we want to put on a static page we want to select a front page we get Peter Save Changes now our front page where we have our main keyword and domain should have that post on it there we go as you can see we don’t have any of the stuff on the side now and we’ve got got an article here now I’m just going to fix this up really quickly so we can kind of get a better looking article here alright guys so as you can see I’ve made my article look a little bit better they’re still not very good usually I would spend a bit more time than make it look really nice but since we’re in the tutorial I don’t think it’s necessary now you can see my keywords here and another one here and a few more up here doesn’t have to be in bold I would change that if this was actually going to be a website now we’re going to work on the sidebar first we’re gonna get a banner so we need a banner from wherever our product is from and we’re going to copy this code we’re going to go back to our site we go to widgets we’re going to add the enhanced text widget we want to put it above recent recent posts I just want to add the content here next we want to go to pretty link and we want to get our affiliate code so I’m going to get it from here promote create copy pretty link and a pretty link you want to make it up 301 permanent and you want to click nofollow this is very important now follow this link and click create I’ll the slugars taken ok click create you want to copy this link and you want to go back to our widget and you want to replace this here and safe now if we go back to our website we should have a banner and it is massive just how let me see if I can fix this really quick because that’s not the size we want okay as you can see now I have a banner here I just change the size by changing the numbers here and you can Center the banner if you want by putting some Center codes in or some align codes and it’ll Center for you next thing we want to do is add some text in the actual page with our link so I’m going to do that really quickly and then I will show you what I’ve done and explain why I did it so what I’ve done here is I’ve added some text with a link to my product and you want to make sure to opens in a new window and the reason this is people will get distracted and let’s just say they click out of the actual product and then go and do something like eat dinner go play with their kids or whatever when they come back your site will still be here and there you might possibly get a sale out of them now the Edit here and edit it here and I get most of my conversions off of these actual links here here I don’t get it off the banner so this is really simple really easy to do next we’re going to add a picture down here actually our you’re going to add a picture down here with some text as well so we’re kind of like we’re making the people read here and they get kind of interested in something and then they might click on here they might keep going they get more interest now I click here or they get to the bottom and they’re probably really interested in something you know learning how to play piano and then you’re going to have a call to action down here so I’ll do this really quickly and I’ll come back and show you exactly what I’ve done actually what I’ll do is I’ll I will upload it now and I’ll show you just so you kind of see what I’m going to be doing so I’m going to go back to dashboard I’m going to go to media here we go add new so let’s go add new up here I’m also going to drag in my picture okay so I’ve got our image here down here now we’re going to pages we edit my front page again all I’m going to do is add my image I just found this on Google you can find wonder slo-mo and related to your product we have a center here and I’m just going to do some text and I’ll show you what I’m what I’ve done alright what I’ve done is I’ve added my image here I’ve added some text now this is a very good text here this is just a quick example I would usually do a lot better make it more appealing and put on some really good call to actions and I might use a bigger picture because I actually had a look and it wasn’t very big so what I’m going to do is go preview changes the road under here as you can see I’ve got my image down here and some call-to-action you secure your copy now I’ll because you secure your copy before they run out and III left they not have a link here to their product and the picture and to do that you just go to your picture and you click that and you put your Lincoln and preview changes again we go down there we go or I would have a Buy Now button here or Buy Now button underneath but this has converted for me the best out of any affiliate site I’ve made ok so they come here they have a little read a lot of people put the product up the top here before the put the person even gets a chance to have a read and they just bounce the site because they’re not here to buy something they’re here to just you know look at piano lessons and teach their kids how to play piano but as they get down and they start to see you know usually my articles will be worded so the buyer gets I attract the buyer into buying my product okay and then you’ve got a kind of a call to action here it’s not too too much it’s just a subtle one and then they go down well they’ve got another one that they might click on then when they got to get to the bottom you’ve juiced them up for a for a sale so they’re probably going to buy the product so this is rundown of how my front page would look like and then you we’re going to I’m going to show you how to set up a category okay so if you want to do some other post and then when you do your other post you will have some here and you would edit those posts they look the same as this now let’s put in a category that’s super easy we just go to post categories just edit the standard one if you want to edit this because you it’ll be a dead page if you delete it and Google will pick it up and give it a 404 we return to piano lessons or change the piano here update and to add your posts to the page to the I don’t think can actually add a page to a category have a look here no you can’t so you have to only do it for a post so if we go to a post you can add this post to your category so piano it’s already added when we refresh our site we now have piano here can we have our post next thing I want to do is I want to add a free ebook now this is a necessary you don’t have to do this but at what it does is it brings in email subscribers to your page and you can then use that later to send them more products I wouldn’t necessarily do it in this scenario because there’s only really one product we can sell but I’m going to send it up anyway to show you exactly how I do it all right so I’m in my email platform and I use Aweber you can use MailChimp or whatever you’re used by to use a witness I’m going to show you here well I’m going to go to signup forms and I’m going to create a signup so if it’s a load really quick all right so my sign up fault here I’m going to add an image but I do need a URL so I’m going to back to my blog I’m going to upload an image here go add new I’m going to add my book that I found on Google I’m going to click on it in it more details and I gave the you URL I always mess that up copy it go back to my form copy it in here and there we go and I’m going to move it to the top and usually I would edit the image so I can kind of get a better center and stuff like that but we don’t need to do that right now why should I go center oh there we go so we’re going to Center here and then I’m going to add some text I’m just going to say I’ll just type it up really quick and it will come back eh all right so I’ll just put some text in here nothing to flash it could be a lot better next we want to remove power powered by air Weaver you can leave it there if you like I like to keep things nice and tight and then we’re going to go go to step two and then you want to kind of create I mean you should know how to set this up I’m not really going to go through it you need to set up like an autoresponder okay and then you need to link it to this an order responder is an automated message and in that message I would usually have a message that says so you can’t download the free ebook right now we’re going to fix this right away and then I’m going to try and sell them the piano ebook that I’m trying to sell or you can find a free ebook if you like and you can give out a free ebook that’s fine so there’s two ways you can do it you can either just say you know look the free ebook isn’t available right now and then you can have a email pitch and try and sell them a new one or the one that you’re trying to sell or you can actually give them a free ebook and then you know push them up do another sales pitch for the other one but I find that the first the first example works the best and I’m going to go go to step 3 so go back sorry I’m just going to save the form go to step 3 and I’m going to go I will install my for myself I’m going to go raw HTML okay I think JavaScript my work so we’ll copy this go back to our blog I want to go back to widgets enhance texts want to add it in here and we should have our form so we go refresh our page here then we go we have our ebook we have our banner and the dinner would use it is centered and what’s this has done is it’s not it’s not over doing anything it’s nice and subtle it’s not crammed with heaps of you know um heaps of other stuff you don’t want to have your sidebar full of a lot of stuff because the whole aim of the game here is to get the buyer to get your sign up to your email list and buy your product so you have a banner here you have some stuff here you have some stuff here and you have something at the bottom you can put a picture of someone here if you like to make it look more personal you can add maybe a few other things if you like but I wouldn’t overdo it okay because it tends to people concentrate more on the other crap that’s on here they don’t worry about buying it you know the product then you can add your logo up here this is super easy with this theme you just got I’m going to go to playbook here this is the theme options here and then you just load up your logo here your favicon you can put your analytic analytic analytics stuff in here you can change your footer text here your copyright text you have some styling options here color themes and this is a free free thing I don’t buy this thing and then that’s it it’s super simple you know with a little bit of tweaking you can really get this look really nice I’ve still got to do a lot of editing on the actual article here beer that’s it super simple and then just you just make your site live and there’s still a lot of tweaking to be done actually I’m going to in my next video tutorial we’re going to cover where’d we get pages here when they cover on-page SEO so on page search engine optimization which is all the stuff down here but this was just to show you how to set up your affiliate website super easier your front page and then you just want to add a few more articles if you want to rank for those articles but in this article right here we’re going to be ranking for three keywords that I will show that in the next part five I think it is part five I will show you exactly how do your on-page the SEO and how I’m going to be ranking for three keywords of this if I was to do this website so I have that out a couple days if you liked this video subscribe to my channel and I’ll have more videos coming up soon okay so here’s an example of my site I’m not going to be showing you most of it because I don’t want to expose my niche but I have a picture here to make things a bit more personal a little bit of personal information underneath because I have some social social buttons here I’ve got a header I’ve got all my categories about me page and contact me I would sadistically knows put on your website and down the bottom I’ve got this my banner and everything I showed you in the tutorial so if you liked this tutorial subscribe to my channel and I will have my next part out in a few days and it will be concentrating on search engine optimization hey if you like this video feel free to check out any of my other affiliate marketing videos and don’t forget to subscribe if you like my channel

Morning Tea That’s Better Than Coffee – Tim Ferriss

I used to drink coffee every morning I still love coffee but I prefer a new cocktail the ingredients are black and greeting tape blended coconut oil and butter for grass-fed cows my favorite teas are pure T which is an aged black tea from China has some credible applications for fat loss among other things when it comes to the these large bricks that are typically air dried you can also get embers but they’re very very hard to find and green tea from Japan caboose a Sencha ka Buse Sencha the way I’m going to make this to you is I have a canister a tea basket full of the KU air and green team I’m going to pour hot water over that and it can really really beat the hell out of it ku era can tolerate a very high temperature especially typically what I like to do with this too is I will let this steep the first steep for about 30 to 60 seconds if you ever want to decaffeinate your tea here’s a here’s a tip you steep it really quickly in hot water I mean say 180 degrees or hotter you know let it let it cool off the bottom for a few minutes then pour out the first steeping that’ll get rid of 70 80 percent of the caffeine from the leaves themselves so let that sit there into the same thing in another because I’m actually use this to drink the tea and there are many different ways to do this this is one that’s it’s helpful for doing it on the road so I’m going to let this steep for about two minutes in the meantime what I’m going to do let’s get my butter and I’m going to put in tablespoon for me to intestinal comfort one tablespoon coconut oil which is about 40 to 60% medium-chain cars inside by the weight that’s why I putting it in there MCTS and then you’re going to let it melt you wash it off you can stir it up all that fatty deliciousness coming to the top I’m going to take our set get a bit of tea now put it in and what I found through experimentation that you can certainly blend this and I actually travel with a small pocket-sized blender for that purpose but just as easily you can grab a couple of mixing sticks pour spoon and mix up in your good shape if you want to head on it like a Guinness then use the blender delicious guys this is Tim Ferriss here I’m just having my tea and my what would you attempt if you knew you could not fail mug and for all the episodes of the Tim Ferriss experiment go to 4-hour work week calm /tv that’s fo you are etc etc calm /tv where you will find not only all 13 episodes of the Tim Ferriss experiment that you will find extended interviews really in-depth tutorials two to three hour in-depth dissections of some of these experts and their skills tons of stuff that we just couldn’t put into 21 or 22 minutes of television but for all of it behind the scenes stuff all sorts of cool things of every type and variety go to 4-hour workweek comm /tv and thank you for watching you

L-Carnitine Advantages & Overview

hey this is stefan from team now l-carnitine is an amino acid that I do recommend that you supplement with every day especially if you’re into physical exercise or you’re an athlete I personally take it right before my workout and right after and some of the benefits of it is it helps you with your workout performance and your endurance so you’ll get a lot more from your workouts and it also helps you with your workout recovery and it helps you burn body fat and have more energy and one of the ways that it does that is it basically helps support the healthy fatty acid acid transfer into the blood into mitochondria which are the fat burning furnaces of the cell and that basically helps your body burn fat as fuel which is a much cleaner source of energy which is what we all want we all want to burn fat whenever your body is burning carbohydrates you have an immediate burst of energy it’s kind of like lighter fluid you have a big burst but then you crash but by burning fat is kind of like burning coals which is slow and steady and it will start to burn the body fat off your body so that you’re in much better better shape another great benefit as well is it helps reduce lactic acid buildup anytime you’re doing anything that’s anaerobic whether it’s lifting weights or sprinting or anything that requires that bursts of energy your body is building up lactic acid in the muscles that lactic acid is what fatigues your muscles and so l-carnitine by supplementing with it it helps your body get rid of the acid much faster and also inhibits that build-up of lactic acid so it means that you have much better workout so you can go a little bit further and you can recover a lot faster in between your sets and the other big benefit as well is it helps reduce any metabolic waste build-up from your muscles because whenever you’re training or putting any physical stress or demands on your body it’s building up metabolic waste and so l-carnitine helps your body recover a lot faster from them now the supplement that I recommend is right here life mastery nutrition l-carnitine is available on this is our brand and our product which is the highest quality electronics out there I believe and I’ve tested a lot of them out there as well and in my pursue of creating life mastery nutrition and our products I really want to ensure that our products are high quality using the best ingredients and has one of the best manufacturing processes and I spoke so I spent all this time going around the United States checking all the different manufacturers suppliers and comparing all the different lab assays and one thing I’ve learned is that no supplement is the same they might use similar ingredients but the quality of those ingredients can vary from manufacturer to different manufacturers and so you know one product you might buy might not be good as good as a next one because they might be going cheaper on manufacturing and producing that product and so with life mastery and nutrition I spend a lot of time ensuring that our products are super high quality these are veggie capital capsules each of them are 500 milligrams I take one right before my workout and then one right after two help with my performance and my recovery as well there’s no stimulants in this there’s no preservatives in it we also have a hundred percent money-back guarantee so if you buy it on Amazon you receive the product you test it out and you don’t like it then you can receive your money back a full refund as well so if you want to know more about the life mask and nutrition l-carnitine then go to and search for l-carnitine you’ll find it there or you could also click on the link below that will have below this video as well as on the blog post so that you can go directly to it and learn more about it thank you for watching this video I’ll see you in the next one

Self-Consciousness: Know Yourself: Gary Vaynerchuk

– The underlying current
when people write about you.
– Yeah.
– Is who the (beep) is this guy?
– Yeah.
– I mean, you get that, right?
– [Gary] Of course.
– Who the (beep) are you?
(ambient music)
– This is a word that is rarely
talked about in our space
that I wanna start building
more attention for.
I wanna deliver on
this message so much.
I would create a test or a drug
that allowed people
to become self-aware.
One potion inject,
not hustle, not smart.
I don’t fear being self-aware.
I know I suck at a lot of stuff.
I think everybody
lies to themselves.
Some people are meant
to be B and C players.
And I’m pissed
that the narrative now
is that you need
to be a number one
and have your company.
Because a lot of
people are gonna lose
or leave money on the table,
because that’s just the narrative.
‘Cause I’m such a positive guy,
I struggle to think about
the things I’m bad at,
but self-awareness
requires understanding both
and then choosing which
path you wanna go through.
I’m a big fan of going
all in on your strengths.
And don’t give a fuck
about what you suck at.
Self-awareness isn’t only just
betting on your strengths,
it’s accepting all
your shortcomings.
Let me tell you one thing.
What works for me does not
necessarily work for you.
I think being at peace with
yourself and your skill set
is such an important
part of this.
Too many people
try to be like me,
because it’s sizzly
and it’s sexy,
and people wanna be
charismatic and on stage.
So many of you do so many
things better than I do.
You can look at how people roll,
and it’s great to admire
and things of that nature,
but it’s so damn important
to stick to your DNA.
Try to get to a place where
you understand yourself
and understand what
your strengths are.
You’ve gotta find
your self-awareness.
All your shortcomings
are there for a reason.
They’re there to also
allow you to be great.
Deep in your brain,
deep in your heart,
you actually accept
all those shortcomings,
is the second your life
goes on the offense.
I worry that people don’t
tap into their strengths.
You have to audit
who you actually are,
because then you’re not
gonna bullshit yourself.
You’re gonna story-tell yourself,
you’re gonna motivate yourself,
but you’re not gonna
bullshit yourself.
And once you believe that,
either for yourself or
someone else told you,
go directly all chips,
all in to that.
And we’ve all got something,
and you just need to
accept what’s yours
and go in on that.
Then you’ve got a
starting point to success.
And so self-awareness
at its finest
is accepting your shortcomings
and accentuating your strengths.
– Who the (beep) are you?
– I’m an entrepreneur.

Guided Meditation on Gratitude – 15-Minute-Miracle Exercise – Attract Abundance & Miracles

(meditative music) – [Dan Lock] Gratitude
is a fullness of heart that moves you from limitation and fear to expansion and love. When you’re appreciating something, your ego moves out of the way. You can’t have your attention on ego and gratitude at the same time. You can’t have your attention on fear and gratitude at the same time. When you’re grateful, fear disappears. When you’re grateful, stress disappears. Gratitude helps us connect with
something outside ourselves, often transcendent and
larger than ourselves. By the end of this exercise, you’ll find a positive emotional state by simply focusing on
the parts of your life that you are most thankful for. Appreciate the abundance in your life. Being grateful is an energizing
way to start your day and a relaxing way to end it. Gently close your eyes. Place both of your hands on your heart, and relax your whole body, and take a feel deep breath (instructor breathes in and out deeply) and breathing slowly through your nose. (instructor breathes in and out slowly) Ask for the feeling of gratitude to show up in your body now. If you feel nothing,
just wait and be patient. Maybe you’ll feel just a warmth or maybe a little pressure or movement. Be patient, whatever the feeling is, don’t discount it, just
move your awareness to it. Who do you appreciate? Visualize their faces. Yes, and physically reach out in the air with both of your hands, and grab them, and put them in your heart. Who are you grateful for for
having in your life today? Maybe it’s your spouse, your loved ones, your family, your kids, and your friends. Picture them one by one. Yes, and grab them, and
put them in your heart as if you’re giving them a big hug, yes. Who else are you grateful for
for having in your life today? How are you fortunate? What are you grateful for? Go ahead and say it. Yes, touch it, physically grab
it and put it in your heart. What are you grateful for? Say it. Now, notice your improved feeling, and be appreciative of the way you feel, and ask for the feeling to amplify 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times. And what material possessions
are you thankful for? Picture them and physically grab them, and put them in your heart. Go for it now! What abilities do you have
that you are grateful for? Visualize them and physically grab them, and put them in your heart now. Pay attention to your senses. Everything is seeing, hearing,
feeling, and smelling, maybe even tasting,
and see how many things you can find to be grateful for. What an amazing and blissful feeling. In the center of gratitude,
you are everything and have everything
anyone could ever want. What relationships are you thankful for? Feel the love, compassion,
and understanding that gratitude brings into your heart. What are you taking for granted that, if you stop to think about
it, you are grateful for? What is there about the
challenges and difficulties you have experienced that
you can be thankful for? Yes, what have you learned? How have you grown? Feel the love, feel the joy, feel the happiness, own it. It’s all yours. Notice how the anger disappears. Notice how the guilt disappears. Notice how the fear disappears. Imagine losing some of the things that you take for granted such as your home, your ability to see or hear, your ability to walk, or anything that currently
gives you comfort. Then, imagine getting each
one of those things back, grab them one by one, faster
yes, put them in your heart and consider how grateful you would be for each and every thing you already have. And ask for the feeling to amplify 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times. And notice how the feelings
get stronger and stronger. And, just for a few
moments, consider the things you have in your life that
you could be grateful for, all the nurturing relationships,
the material comforts, body and the mind that allows
you to understand yourself and everything around you. Just breathe and be grateful for the air that is filling your lungs
and making your life possible. Simply feel your body and your aliveness, and acknowledge what a miracle it is just to be alive right now. Allow your awareness to
appreciate what you’re seeing, smelling, and touching
just at this moment, and you will find yourself in the middle of the stream of life
without trying at all. Now continuing in this
relaxed state of gratitude, you’re going to allow
yourself to take a journey. Feeling relaxed, peaceful, and calm, allow yourself to imagine your ideal life. This is your personal vision for yourself. As negative thoughts
like I can’t have that, I can’t do that or that’s
not possible arise, gently release them. Right now, you can
create any life you want, and you won’t need any
baggage for this trip. Take a moment and pack up your worries and cares in a suitcase. Actually, physically close the case. Put it down and leave it there. Imagine yourself leaving it behind feeling peaceful and relaxed. Let’s begin your journey. Put both of your hands in the air. Imagine a bright white light
shining above your head. Let the light fill your whole
being with peace and love. Let it penetrate every cell in your body, every tissue in every organ. Imagine that you’re traveling
into your ideal life, a life in which you can and
have achieved your dreams. See the person you are in this vision. Everything that you have wanted has come into your world. Your dreams effortlessly came true. Your dreams effortlessly came true. Your confidence is restored and your trust and believe all of who you are. You no longer question
anything you desire, you trust the universe. What are you doing? Yes, see it, feel it, live it. Where do you live? Who are you with? Notice everything you see and take a moment to absorb it all. How are you making a living? How are your finances? See everything in as
much detail as possible, and ask for further clarity if you need. What are your surroundings like? What are you doing for spiritual growth? How do you spend your leisure time? Yes, how does it feel to be you? And notice everything that you see, and take a moment to absorb it all. Is there anything that could
make this vision even better? Remember, there’s no
boundary to your thoughts. Go for it now! On the count of one, two, three, I want you to say the word freedom. One, two, three, go for it! On the count of one, two, three, I want you to say the word
freedom twice as loud. One, two, three. And on the count of one, two, three, I want you to say the
word freedom one last time as loud as you could. One, two, three! See it, feel it, live it! In a few moments, we will prepare to return from our journey. Is there anything more
you would like to explore before we leave this vision? Take a moment to express gratitude for all you have seen in your vision. Imagine yourself slowly
traveling back to the present enriched by this vision,
and when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes. Take a moment and see
your life and yourself in the present through those eyes.

The acceptable method to Fabricate and Make the most of Lock Picks

this will get me very very excited as a result of I really like improvised instruments that you may trend from available objects these are actually actually superior and such a decide set is sufficiently small that you may actually journey with it but it surely’s not as readily adaptable as with the ability to create a set from subsequent to nothing that opens virtually 80% of the padlocks on the market carry you some paper clips now I am going to make a rake okay okay so is that the Ricker’s this the wwp all proper now my consideration open up the paperclip all the way in which I get it shut the center as I can finish it over I am good yeah that is what you are gonna bounce flatten it that approach and it that is a change that it had a few instances good factor about it’s as a result of this metallic is so gentle yeah you actually cannot put an excessive amount of pressure you must preserve it actually tight in any other case good [Music] so my god I would like to interchange all my household that is an electrical toothbrush did you forged like eight bucks it has a brush head on it you pull the comb head off after which in the reduction of the neck and that is the precise buzzer that is the precise neck not simply its as a substitute of a $300 lecture that is one thing that is hey guys that is Tim Ferriss right here I am simply having my tea and my what would you try when you knew you may not fail mug and for the entire episodes of the Tim Ferriss experiment go to 4-hour work week calm /television that is fo you’re and so forth and so forth calm /television the place you will see not solely all 13 episodes of the Tim Ferriss experiment that you will see prolonged interviews actually in-depth tutorials two to a few hour in-depth dissections of a few of these consultants and their expertise tons of stuff that we simply could not put into 21 or 22 minutes of tv however for all of it behind the scenes stuff all types of cool issues of each kind and selection go to 4-hour workweek comm /television and thanks for watching you

Variable Annuities Printed – 5 Causes Why You Should aloof In no draw Grasp One

you scent that man what’s that scent somebody neglect to take out the trash no what you are smelling is a variable annuity variable annuity is the stinkiest funding I’ve seen any monetary adviser promote and immediately I wish to share 5 explanation why I ought to by no means purchase one I have been a monetary advisor for over 12 years now and I’ve seen shoppers bought plenty of investments that they in all probability must be in both they’re paying means an excessive amount of or they’re taking means an excessive amount of danger however there is not any query that the worst potential funding that I’ve ever seen bought any shopper is a variable annuity so that you is perhaps questioning what makes variable annuities so dangerous what makes them so pungent here is the 5 belongings you look out very first thing you should know is variable annuities have tremendous excessive charges most individuals already suppose that monetary fighters receives a commission means an excessive amount of okay possibly we do I do not know however here is the factor variable annuities have an entire lot of charges that you do not know about guess what they’re hidden truly Morningstar quotes that the typical of annuity ft is three level six one p.c per 12 months that is three level six one p.c per 12 months that you just’re paying in your variable annuity although you by no means see it so what are one thing costly that you just’re paying you need to pay your mortality and expense you need to pay administrative charges a listing goes on and on and on there’s so many charges that you just’re simply mainly getting robbed do not get robbed by variable annuity the second purpose why you do not wish to purchase variable annuity is that you’ve got restricted funding choices I do not find out about you however I like going to a buffet particularly these I’ve 80 to 100 totally different objects I simply love getting my grub on so think about you are going to your favourite buffet as an alternative of getting 80 choices you may solely select from 10 10 choices and what’s even worse it is just like the 10 choices do not even prefer to eat so that is what a variable annuity provides you will have restricted funding choices a few of my helpful fighters will each say oh you will have 100 to a few hundred choices you do not have 100 or 300 choices now we have possibly 50 and guess what of these 50 they’re in all probability not that good you may have extra choices by opening a web based brokerage account and gaining access to over 20,000 totally different mutual funds and guess what you do not have to pay these 3.6 1% charges on the variable annuity fees the third purpose why you wish to steer clear of a variable annuity is that how assured is it I understand how many instances I’ve seen a shopper that was bought a variable annuity I promise you they did not purchase it they had been bought to it as a result of it was providing some form of assure however the query is how assured is it there have been two giant curiosity firms which have mainly rescinded and pullback that assured the place you thought you had your annuity assured you had your cash assured however guess what shock that assure is not there anymore they type of letter within the mail saying that keep in mind that annuity assure that we provided for 5 six seven years in the past guess what it is gone see ya now some monetary advisors would possibly argue that these annuity ensures being taken away it is simply an remoted incident it’s going to occur to your variable annuity okay however the truth is it occurred to 2 main insurance coverage firms in the previous few years is it remoted you may make the judgment on that however guess what it might occur fourth purpose why you wish to keep away from variable annuities is that they may very well be a ticking time bomb ready to explode now why that nicely variable annuities have these ensures we’ll simply talked about which we’re not likely certain how assured they’re however with these ensures they’ve sure restrictions that make you make investments a sure means for instance they may make you will have a lot of your portfolio into bonds and most of us suppose that bonds are protected investments and we can’t lose any of our cash however the actuality is again in 2008 bonds simply took as a lot as successful that the inventory market did so making your portfolio be invested a lot into bonds with rising rates of interest across the nook you may see a significant hit in your portfolio the fifth and last purpose why you wish to keep away from the brand new purpose all value is simply that value bees charges there is not any purpose why you need to be paying three level six one p.c in your investments and guess what that is simply the trade common there have been reported that some variable information can have value on as much as 5 p.c 5% pricey Lord how a lot cash is a monetary advisor have to make sit down with a certified monetary fighter that has your pursuits at coronary heart not the truth that they’re making an attempt to make Fee’s by promoting you a variable annuity and that monetary advisor tries to promote you on the nice options {that a} variable annuity have to supply wrote a one that is jeff rose from take care