9 Methods to Rep an Immediate Improve of Vitality Ahead of You Work – SPI TV Ep. 4

Hey what’s up all people. Pat Flynn right here and
thanks for becoming a member of me in episode Four of SPI
TV. On this episode I’ll offer you
9 various things you are able to do to assist in giving
you an instantaneous enhance of power earlier than you
begin your subsequent work session, so let’s get
proper to it. No 1, you possibly can wash the dishes.
What? How does that matter. Once you wash
the dishes, you are cleansing stuff, you are
getting stuff finished, you are spouse’s blissful too,
however throughout that point you are getting and transitioning
into work mode. It is actually laborious to leap into
your workplace, or in that seat and begin working.
Washing the dishes and getting stuff finished
goes that can assist you. Belief me. It sounds
so bizarre, however I acquired this tip from Yaro Starak
at Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, and it fully
helps, and in addition “Completely happy spouse, blissful life.”
Quantity 2, clear your workspace. Now in an
preferrred world earlier than you left that workspace
it could be clear and away from muddle, however
if not, do this factor first, as a result of there’s
nothing extra distracting then that little
factor right here, and that little factor there, and
subconsciously these issues distract you from
what it’s good to give attention to. Ensure that
earlier than you cease your subsequent work session that
you clear up, however in case you’re going into a piece
session and issues aren’t clear, simply do it.
It really works in the identical approach as washing the dishes.
It should clear your thoughts. It will get you
so excited for what you are doing subsequent. Quantity
3, you wish to train. Exit for a stroll
simply 10 minutes. You probably have an Erg, which
is a rowing machine. Tim Ferriss talks about
this. He will get on that earlier than he begins writing
and doing stuff. I love to do some leaping
jacks, some push ups. That is how I look jacked.
Probably not. That is unhappy that I stated that on
this video, however that is okay. Do some kind
of train.
I do know Michael Hyatt, he likes to leap on
the trampoline that he has in his workplace.
Transfer round somewhat bit. Do one thing. It is
going to get you pumped up then you can begin
your work mode. Be sure to transfer round
somewhat bit, and get your coronary heart pumping earlier than
you utilize a few of that mind energy. All proper
quantity 4, set a timer. They’ve this factor
referred to as the Pomodoro Method the place you set
your timer for 15 or 25 minutes, and that is
the period of time you’re employed. It would not have
to be that, however the thought of setting a timer,
and having it depend all the way down to when it hits zero
that may get your thoughts in that proper mindset.
It trains you the place you have been educated over
time to reply to that depend down timer.
Set a timer for your self, and that is good
as a result of then you possibly can cease working, take a
break, perhaps go on somewhat stroll, or do some
leaping jacks, after which come again at it. It
actually does work, so set a timer for your self.
Quantity 5, and it is a massive one. You need
to ascertain what the top appears like. When
you visualize what is going on to occur after
you do your work, chances are high you are going
to get to that time, and you’ll really
have in your thoughts what it should be like,
and you’ll do what it’s good to do to make
that occur. It is actually vital. What’s
that reward that you’ve got on the finish of it?
Perhaps it is spending time along with your youngsters. That is
what I take into consideration after I work, as a result of I
wish to spend as a lot time with my youngsters as
potential. I envision the top an entire job,
but additionally what I get to do afterwards, and
that fully motivates me and stops me
from all of the distractions, as a result of I do know
that ever second I waste on Fb, or Twitter,
or no matter, is a second that I take away
from the work that I ought to do, and in addition the
time I’ve with my youngsters.
Quantity 6. Learn, or say an inspirational quote.
It completely works that is why I embrace them
on the finish of each episode. My favourite quote
proper now that ought to pump you up whereas watching
this video is, “You can’t construct a repute
on what you are going to do.” That ought to pump
you up. Quantity 7, take heed to music that pumps
you up. I do not care what sort of music it
is, however you are an athlete. You might be placing
your physique within the frame of mind, or mode the place
you are going to get loads of stuff finished and
do good work. Like athletes do, pump your self
up with good music. For me, it is some hip
hop, or I’d even get into some flamenco
music. I do know that sounds bizarre, however for some
motive it completely pumps you up. No matter pumps
you up, take heed to it for five minutes earlier than
you get going. Perhaps you possibly can mix it with
no 1 and wash the dishes whereas listening
to music and getting your juices going, and
flowing, after which that is how one can get stuff
down proper once you sit down. You flip it
off, and also you’re in that work mode that you just
should be in.
Quantity 8, drink a glass of no matter earlier than
you get began, or drink a cup of espresso.
For me, espresso works rather well. My work
would not reply rather well, however when she
will get a drink and clears her thought somewhat
bit, completely. It really works as a result of we’re all made
of no matter, and loads of love espresso, and
that helps stimulate us as properly. No matter
the case could also be, get your self a glass of water.
Be hydrated since you can not operate when
you are dehydrated. Get a glass of water. Drink
a cup of Joe. Quantity 9, to place all of this
collectively, no matter it’s that works for you.
Perhaps it is all the above, or perhaps 1, do
the identical factor each time. Hold monitor. Pay
consideration to what works for you, after which
preserve doing that each time you are about to
get into work mode. That is how one can set up
this behavior, and how one can bust by way of these
brick partitions which are going to face you when
you are working, and how one can keep on the
prime of your sport.
That is what it is all about. These are the
9 issues. You possibly can decide your favourite. Begin
with one. Let me know what you suppose, and
when you’ve got something … I ponder why my voice
did that? Do you may have something that you just do
to get your self into productiveness mode, and
work mode? Share right here on the weblog, or on YouTube,
or in case you’re watching this on iTunes within the
video podcast, head on over to WatchSPI.TV
and discover episode 4. You possibly can depart feedback
there. Thanks a lot. I can not learn … Or
I can not learn. I can not wait to learn. That is
actually bizarre, and also you’re in all probability not going
to edit that out are you Kelly? No, you are
going to maintain that in? Okay. I can learn. That is
how I am ready to do that proper now, however I can not
wait to learn what you need to share. Thanks
a lot. I am going to see in episode 5 of SPI TV.
Thanks guys.

Most interesting Free Video Editing Utility

– Hey, everybody. This is Roberto Blake of RobertoBlake.com, helping you create
something awesome today. So in today’s YouTube video, we’re gonna talk about free software that you can use for your video editing, especially if you’re gonna
be doing video for YouTube. Now, in a previous, older video, I talked about the best overall
software for video editing. Today, we’re gonna talk
about the free stuff. I know a lot of YouTubers
don’t have the budget for the type of programs that I use, which are Adobe Premiere
and Final Cut Pro. And there are cheaper solutions out there that I’ll cover in a whole other video, like Adobe Premiere Elements
and Corel Video Editor, but again, I will cover those in detail in a whole other video. Today, we’re just gonna
talk about free software. And we’re gonna focus on three of them. We’re gonna focus on iMovie for the Mac, we’re gonna focus on Windows
Movie Maker for Windows, and we’re going to talk about
another free editing software called Lightworks, and
why I don’t recommend it. So most of you are familiar with iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. You know that these free software exist. What you may not know is
that many YouTubers today still use them and got
their start on them. And these programs are perfectly fine for you doing basic vlogging-stype videos, and even a little bit of the
commercial stuff as well. There are companies that actually take advantage of this software
for their YouTube channel. So these programs aren’t bad. There are limitations, however. For one thing, you don’t
get multitrack editing. What that means is you can’t sit there and do multiple layers of videos stacked on top of each other, you can’t do, you know,
pop-up stuff on the screen. So, that’s gonna be a problem for you. Also, there are some issues in terms of how you utilize audio tracks when compared to the paid software. And these programs, again, they’re limited in what you can do. You can only use certain
video file formats with them. They don’t have a lot of robust features. But, they are good for
someone just starting out and learning how to edit. And, of course, they’re free. So, if you’re a younger
person in the audience, and you don’t have money for software, or your parents can’t
invest in that for you, then you can still do
great video editing work using the free software until you’re ready to
move onto something else. Now, at some point, I will
do tutorials on the channel with how to use these
free software applications to do some basic video editing. I will have to refresh
myself with them a little bit because honestly, I haven’t
used them in quite a while because I have access to
professional-grade software and intermediate software
for other people. So, videos that I will cover in the future in terms of some lower-level software just below the professional stuff, are going to be things like Corel Video Editor and
Adobe Premiere Elements, which are affordable. These are programs under $50
and $100 that you can use for your video editing. I’ll have links to them
in the description below so if you can afford those,
then you can step up to those from your basic video editing software that came free with your computer. What I will say about iMovie is that iMovie has some
pretty advanced features if you know where to look for them. You can control, for example, the look and the color grading
of your videos in iMovie to create a film look for your videos. In Windows Movie Maker, you
can’t necessarily do that, but there are features for
making your own titles, and that can come in handy as well. And it does have some
interesting transitions and wipes that you can use for your videos or for presentations. So, I would say that that’s
pretty cool for free software. And it’s come a long way from
what it was back in the day. Now, as for Lightworks, Lightworks is competitive
with higher-end software. My problem with it is that it’s just too
complicated for beginners. You could use it, but again, the interface is clunky,
it’s super complicated, and it’s not nearly as intuitive
as the other two programs, and that’s why I personally
don’t recommend it. But, if you have good
experiences with Lightworks, I don’t wanna say don’t use it, I’m just saying that if you
find Windows Movie Maker and iMovie to be easier, then use that until you can afford
professional-grade software or intermediate software,
something from Adobe or Corel, or Final Cut from Apple, something like that. Or, there might be some other applications that I might cover that come
out of the iTunes App Store that might be affordable for you as well. In terms of free software
for screencasting, because some of you want to
just record tutorials like I do, well there are some free programs
that you can use for that. If you have a Mac, you can use QuickTime, and that will record your screen. And if you want to use it on Windows, QuickTime won’t work there,
but you can use CamStudio, which is a free application
for screen recording that you can use. I had some success with
that years and years ago with some of my first Photoshop tutorials. So, I would recommend either of those for screen recording and
capturing what’s going on on your computer screen. And both of those applications
are completely free. I believe you can also
use CamStudio on Mac, I’m not gonna swear to that, but I do know that it works
on Windows, and like I said, you can use QuickTime and
the screen recorder there if you’re on a Mac. If you want to use the iSight cam on your Mac computer and just kinda do vlogging that way, you can also use QuickTime
to do that as well in the movie recorder mode. So that is something that you can take advantage of that’s free and can let you do some simple
vlogging with your webcam. Also, don’t forget that YouTube has a built-in video editor, so you could always
just upload your videos directly to YouTube, and do
your cuts and your edits there. It also has some filters and some effects, so you should definitely
check those out as well. So that’s my take on some of the best video editing software you can get for free, especially if you’re a YouTuber. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have questions, definitely leave those in
the comments section below. If there are video editing applications that you want me to start
doing tutorials for, let me know in the comments section and I will try and get to those and post those up on the channel. I have a walkthrough on Adobe Premiere Pro if you guys are interested in that and you want to use that
software, or you’re in the trial. I go from beginning to end
on how you edit a video and export it for YouTube. So make sure you check that out. I’ll make sure I leave a link in the description below for you. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
content on the channel. As always, you guys, thanks
so much for watching. And don’t forget, create
something awesome today.

Are You Working Laborious Enough?

Austan asks Gary in episode 63 you say you watch and can tell if people are hustling how do you tell engagement frequency or gut also this is a great question I love the recall to that long long long time ago episode number 63 yeah I mean this is how I do it and funny I’m I’m in love with this answer and like you know 20 I by the way I’m giving you a a pre alert that I think the answers on this show are gonna be really good I feel up for today’s answer I’m gonna go even deeper I remember why I started this show which is can I go deeper on all my quotes for my fans I’m gonna challenge myself in this episode to go deeper both in the tactical aspects and the theoretical aspects and what I mean by that cloud and dirt by the way what I mean by that is how do I figure that out is very simple it starts with the fact that I put in work so when I go look at your Twitter account and your Instagram account I will actually click your posts I will actually look at all your posts I go to everybody’s if you go to a Twitter account you can hit their profile and then you can save you all with replies right so if you go my account twitter.com slash Gary Vee you’ll see all my non reply tweets anybody go Gary’s pushing out a lot of stuff but if you click with replies all of a sudden you get a much deeper picture into what I’m actually doing on Twitter which is I’m engaging at scale with my community so when I get pissed at all of you one of the things I’m looking at it I’m like oh look at all these 15 people that I just got the last 35 minutes looking at when I click their Twitter account because they just engage with me I’m double checking so I just click very quickly usually on my phone okay cool you say hello I mean let’s do one right now real time baby let’s do one right now very simple this is gonna be interesting somebody’s about to get really called out right so you open a Twitter app right and I go to my notifications and I don’t know what I’m gonna get here do you rock do your best but I look and I’ll be like you know social media Twitter right well you know social media twtr this dude right he says he’s been I asked how long have you been following me a lot of you answered thank you by the way right so I’ll click in and I look at him and I’ll say okay a thousand ten eighty and then I’ll look at what he’s actually doing and I see does a lot of retweeting okay that’s interesting to me right he’s doing a ton of retweeting cuz that’s for his account so that gives me a sense of what he’s doing I’m gonna skip ahead cuz he’s kind of playing that game now Kristin will say great point by Gary V thanks Kristin and I’ll go into here LCC has 7,000 followers they’ll give me some information and then I start looking at what she’s doing and then she’s engaging she’s engaging she’s engaging he or she’s retweeting she’s hitting that person up I love this hey saying to somebody they love the new profile bitch this is starting to give me a sense and actually Christine let’s give her some let’s give her some DAPs can you zoom in top right corner are you able to do something there to give her some DAP so she gets some pink Club you know so she’s doing a good solid amount of engaging she’s doing some nice solid retweeting she’s actually really engaging oh crap like I don’t know I didn’t want to curse there if you look now go over here dear akka this is very faint but you can see they’re gonna bring it up shore on the all the way in the right where it’s just one hour one hour two hours can you see that on the right here it’s very small but what I’m seeing is that she’s I mean this is all happening in the last two hours a lot happy engagement she’s crushing the engagement there so then the next thing I’ll do when this is work like like if anybody understands like like how do i how do I know cuz I’m putting in the work next thing I do is I hit her URL on her Twitter account which is radical dot social right and then this pops up and now I’m looking at this is her blog as this is where she works I don’t know yet but here we’re about to look okay now I’m looking and I’m like do you know there are tons and I’m like what is this I’m trying to figure it out and sometimes if I don’t figure it out quickly I’m like I don’t know what this is I’m out looks like your blog like talk to me like you know like this is hitting up Chris anyway so these are the things I’m doing I’m analyzing right I’m looking at the other thing to do if I was looking at my Instagram I look at the pictures what does that person put out and what I’m seeing my friends and the reason I called out so many people is one I’m seeing the far majority people only in the right hook business right thanks to Christine here I’m in a good mood because he’s jabbing the out of it right so that’s great but then there’s other things is she throwing right hooks is she trying to drive people like cuz the right hook is part of the jab jab jab right hook which is the overall thesis put out great content create value upfront convert it into business and so when I see people and I see a lot of you asking the same questions about your coffee business your catering business all this I’m trying to see if you’re doing that mix are you only right hooking are you only jabbing are you driving people successfully is your is your website responsive because it’s a mobile world these are like I do this like as you could see that alone I’m not even done with Christine like auditing that alone is five seven nine minutes that’s insanity in a world where I’m so busy but that is the reason so many of you follow me I truly believe that I believe in this karma Zen kind of aspect to it that I’m capable of giving great answers on this show cuz I know you way better than you think in a world where every one of my contemporaries that’s at my level whatever that is thinks that the last three minutes of this show the things that I do with my time in a world where in my inbox I mean let’s let’s like to break this down let’s understand what I’m talking about in a world where I’ve got all these emails right now and like going back and so I hope some of my clients are gonna get upset here I think but like here’s a very important email from John the lead developer at Wine Library about a new program that we’re about to launch online better come from Friday not answered yet right because I’m looking at Christine’s Twitter account nobody no businessperson thinks that’s the right move none and so I think if you want to pop if you want to be an anomaly you’ve got to act like one [Music]

#AskGaryVee Episode 74: Podcasts, Unwell Days, & Viral Movies

– On this episode, we speak
about 71 years previous, podcasts
and what occurs once you get sick.
– [Voiceover] Gary Vee!
(cheers and applause)
– [Gary] You ask questions
and I reply them.
(vibrant digital music)
That is the The #AskGaryVee Present.
♫ Jab, jab
♫ jab Proper Hook
♫ Information is energy
♫ You probably have the Proper Hook ♫
– What’s up all people,
that is Gary Vay-ner-chuk,
and that is Episode 74
of The #AskGaryVee Present.
Had a good time in Napa
Valley this weekend,
large shout out to all people there.
Actually loved that,
actually loved the actual fact
that Staphon is behind the digital camera in the present day,
I do not wanna have a look at DRock, that is good.
Very enthusiastic about my video going,
I do not wanna use the phrase viral,
however now we have a video
going loopy on Fb,
my Monday video, which we
additionally put up on YouTube.
Staphon, get it up right here.
No, I believe DRock is likely to be enhancing this,
I did see one thing occurring.
Is DRock enhancing?
– [Staphon] I am gonna begin it.
– Just a little double combo
enhancing for Episode 74!
India! Present India!
I at all times prefer it once we present her.
Let’s get into the present.
– [Voiceover] Brendan asks, “Gary,
“what’s your tackle podcasting?
“You are enjoying within the
house, however not all in.
“Not price it but?”
– Brendan, nice query.
The one motive I am not all
in on the podcast proper now
is as a result of I am too busy, that means,
all people has to sort of
resolve alternative prices,
and for me, I believe I over-index on video.
I carry out higher on
video, I like video extra,
I like this complete factor.
Proper, you were not
prepared for that, Staphon.
That is what occurs,
I am rookie-ing you up.
I am half-pregnant as a result of
I am transcribing this present
into audio kind.
Huge shout out to all people
who’s listening on the podcast
‘trigger I do know a ton of you
are on the best way to work.
I believe podcasting is a large phenomenon.
Clearly, the smartphone
has modified the dynamic.
Folks can take it with
them once they’re working
and figuring out, persons are
clearly Bluetoothing it up
of their vehicles, public transportation.
Podcasting has clearly exploded
during the last 24 months.
Issues like Serial grew to become
a nationwide phenomenon.
At a podcast kind.
It is enjoyable for me to look at
as a result of podcasting was
actually large in ’04 and ’05.
If you consider what Ev
Williams did, he did Odeo
in between Blogger and Twitter.
That was podcasting.
I am all about podcasting
in its conventional kind
as an audio automobile.
To me, I believe it is an enormous play,
I extremely suggest a
lot of individuals doing it.
Let’s not overlook, a hell
of much more individuals
can do the audio model
versus the video model right here.
This takes, actually, one other, not one other,
a unique dimension and ability set,
one which I believe I personal,
thus, I am going this route
after which use the audio to
create two items of content material,
video and the audio kind,
and by the best way, the podcast listeners,
please hit up Twitter and
give me your suggestions.
I believe I have been attempting
very exhausting, even the opening,
like, as an alternative of claiming,
“You are watching Episode 74,”
I stated, “That is Epi–,” like,
I am attempting to make it a
little extra native for each,
so I am attempting the most effective I
can to be podcast-oriented
within the type of your query.
It’s a byproduct of it being video first.
If I had time to do two separate reveals
like so many individuals have
requested me to, I might.
I do not see the ROI return on simply audio
for what I am doing for a residing proper now,
and in order that’s this.
That was, I might held up a pillow
that claims VaynerMedia for
all you podcast individuals.
(gentle laughter)
Let’s go to the subsequent query.
– Hey, Gary, Spiker Helms right here.
I used to be questioning, in the event you created
a social media platform,
what could be your key function and why?
Cannot wait to listen to your response.
See ya.
– See ya!
So, I’ve lengthy had an thought,
and I am gonna share it with you guys,
which is the notion of a social community
that regarded like Instagram,
however extra like Path, such as you
may put any piece of content material,
might be an image, a video, audio file,
extra content-agnostic so
not simply image or video,
but in addition the power to
do audio on prime of that,
however the entire web site, the entire app,
the entire social community
was predicated on the notion
you can solely communicate
as soon as a day in any 24 hours.
In order quickly as you place
out a chunk of content material,
you’d now not be capable to put out
one other piece of content material
till 24 hours later,
as a result of my perception is that the
provide and demand of noise
is the true problem with social networks.
Path went down how many individuals you comply with.
I believe it is the quantity
of items of content material.
I nonetheless suppose it is
gonna be a giant enterprise,
I nonetheless suppose that restrictions
is the place the motion is
for the quick time period, and
I might not be confused
if all of us look again at this video,
and discuss how I
predicted any individual going
and executing this billion-dollar thought.
I believe the restriction of
one piece of content material a day
is the place it is at, as a result of
it forces all of us
as content material suppliers, which all of us are,
to place out the most effective
piece of high quality content material
‘trigger it is that restriction, plus,
there could be oomph behind it.
Think about I might say,
“Completely happy birthday, Alex,”
and that was the one factor
I may say that day, wow!
In a world the place there’s
so many different issues
I wish to put out,
so my social community could be
predicated on one piece of
content material per individual a day.
– [Voiceover] phone4life
asks, “Gary, I am 71 years previous.
“How can I filter years
of thrilling adventures
“and experiences into worth
“that somebody would
truly be all in favour of?”
– Carolyn, to start with,
that’s my favourite image
that has been put up on Instagram thus far.
It is a phenomenal image.
Thanks a lot, thanks for
listening, watching this present.
By the best way, this can be a
good time to simply say
get your questions on
the present utilizing Instagram,
have a look at that execution as inspiration.
Look, I do not know.
Are your 71 years of
expertise fascinating?
Does anyone give a crap?
I imply, you realize,
I simply went from such a beautiful place
to such a detrimental place.
Throwing curve balls out
there like we do on Mondays.
Monday present.
Monday video.
That is two occasions you gotta
put it in there, Staphon,
in the event you’re doing the enhancing.
I do not know which one’s your half
and which one’s the opposite half.
So, Carolyn, actually what
it comes right down to is worth.
It is all worth trade.
I very a lot worth any individual
who’s lived 71 years lengthy
for all times recommendation simply on residing!
However what additionally issues is how
you are gonna talk it
and in what kind are
you gonna monetize it?
Do you wanna put out a present
the place you reply questions,
or put out content material, or inform tales,
however then how are you gonna monetize it?
I imply, there’s simply so
many open-ended questions
that should be requested of you
based mostly in your query, however
here is what I might say.
There’s a number of methods to earn cash.
You might have subscription,
you may have teaching,
you may promote content material,
you may promote promoting,
you may construct up fairness
by placing out content material
and placing on a convention.
There is a ton of how.
I actually do suppose I am one
of the golden examples
of earn cash
with out instantly promoting it.
That means, once more, there is a
lot of my contemporaries
who promote eBooks, or white papers,
or entry to their VIP place.
I do none such issues.
I put out the content material at
scale, therefore, this present,
however then it builds model
leverage that enables me
to cost some huge cash to public communicate,
or when my e-book comes out,
it permits me to have a giant
fan base to get a leverage
of a giant upfront, the place I
do not even want all of the books
to promote, although I wanna
fulfill that contract.
It gave me the leverage to
begin a social media company
with my model fairness that
then I operated round.
There’s a number of methods to earn cash.
You have to resolve how.
If that is even your aim,
I am making the idea
‘trigger this can be a business-oriented present,
but it surely’s all about content material, child.
It is all about content material,
and what you are placing out
issues in two types.
One, is it priceless to an viewers?
Worth’s subjective, however two,
how do you wish to talk?
Is it video kind?
Is it audio kind?
Is it by means of amazingly cute
and superb Instagram images?
Like what’s it that you just do?
There’s that Moments in New
York, or what’s that man,
Folks of New York?
– [Voiceover] People of New York.
– People of New York!
That was simply footage on Instagram
that led to a giant e-book deal, like,
how do you talk,
do individuals like that,
after which how do you resolve
to earn cash on it?
That is actually the sport.
– [Voiceover] Robb asks, “Gary,
“what’s the Fb
equal of driving hashtag?”
– Robb with two Bs, to start with, India?
is it true that Robb with two Bs
pisses you off that there is two Bs?
– I simply wish to know why there’s two Bs.
– Now, that is how his dad and mom named him.
I imply, this can be a robust
place so that you can go
as a woman named India.
– It is true, it is true.
– All proper, so, simply needed to
set up that.
– [India] I simply wish to know
– [India] about two Bs.
– I imply, you are not Karen.
Sorry, Karens.
Robb with Bs, it sounds
like this can be a little bit
of a black hat, or at the very least grey hat,
Fb hack, growth-hacking transfer,
which, pay attention, I consider in
being good and efficient.
That appears to be…
It is an fascinating tactic,
however you have nailed it,
and also you edited your personal
submit, so that you nailed it.
You realized that cool, OK,
so there’s some software that is telling you
this video of a child falling
within the snow goes viral,
why do not you simply take it and
submit it, which can then work
as a result of people react to the identical issues,
which can then enhance
your edge rank, proper,
which permits different content material
that’s round health
to be seen by extra individuals, so
that will be the worth of it,
however you are proper, in the event you’re placing out,
in the event you’re a health play, like look,
if I, in Gary Vaynerchuk’s
fan web page, begin placing out,
like, penguins falling off timber
and giraffes consuming Bitter Patch Youngsters,
ice skaters falling into the
water however then getting saved,
or the Mentos and Pepsi factor,
yeah, I imply, that will deliver
perhaps some normal consciousness,
however it will additionally dilute
why individuals signed in for my channel.
If Spike TV now began
enjoying cleaning soap operas,
perhaps they’d do OK, or a actuality,
this one’s the truth TV factor
that lots of people struggled with, like,
what do individuals watch it for?
I believe media’s turning into agnostic,
so I believe all people can
play in a number of genres,
so I believe the danger is definitely higher
than it was three or 4 years in the past,
however I do suppose that you just
can dilute your model
after which get away from it, and
in the event you’re a health channel,
I imply, look, let’s take a step again.
What are you attempting to perform?
We’re all pleased right here, Andy simply texted me,
I believe we’re gonna get 1,000,000
natural views on the video
and I am like, “Cool!”
however is that undertaking what I would like?
Are the precise million individuals gonna see
my Monday Morning Motivation video?
Three, hat trick.
Sure, however what am i attempting to attain
in looking for
like-minded enterprise, hustle,
rising your base and be
appreciative, gratitude individuals,
I am attempting to develop extra of my viewers.
You might get 1,000,000 views
on that penguin leaping off a tree,
however did they keep in your health?
If they do not, then you definitely
actually achieved nothing.
– Hey Gary, I am sick in the present day,
and I used to be simply curious
in the event you ever get sick.
Perhaps you actually are Bionic Man.
For those who do get sick,
how do you deal with that?
How do you hustle once you’re sick?
Actually sick.
– Ryan, to start with,
hope you are feeling higher.
I imply you appear like shit in that video.
Initially, large shout
out to Lizzie Vaynerchuk
as a result of within the final 11 years
that I have been married,
I’ve not been sick.
I believe that has rather a lot to do with the actual fact
that Lizzie tries to
get me to clean my fingers
and the truth that I do not
have a bizarre draft coming in
like I had in my previous residence,
which I believe caught me a pair occasions.
I imply…
You are speaking to a previous
college Japanese European child
who truly thinks that
getting sick and being sick
is definitely psychology.
I believe the mind is
probably the most highly effective software.
Like, I do know the reply
to this isn’t true,
however I do really feel like…
I might be mendacity if I did not
suppose there’s a way
that I am stopping myself
from getting sick.
In the identical means that I used
to have the ability to get myself sick
to get out of college,
and I do not imply like,
“Oh, my tummy hurts.”
I imply,
on this bizarre, yeah, I am going someplace.
I’ve by no means stated this out loud.
That is truly even
scary to say out loud.
I am so satisfied that the
mind is that this highly effective,
I used to have the ability to create a temperature,
and I do know that each logical
individual, together with myself,
I actually simply stated, “Bullshit,”
however I noticed it.
I imply, and certain, generally,
I put it as much as the lamp
and that is how I did it, however
there was a few occasions
the place I might simply psych my…
Even proper now, I simply began doing it,
and my abdomen turned a bit of bit.
I am not kidding!
Guys, the mind is a sick factor,
so I suppose the reply to
the ultimate query is,
you do not hustle once you get sick.
In the identical means you do not
hustle once you get sleep.
We have got that quote card
that did rather well, proper?
That quote the place I am like,
“It isn’t what you do,
“it isn’t what number of hours you are awake,
“it is what you do inside them.”
I am thrilled to get six
or seven hours of sleep.
I really like when individuals suppose
I am a 3 or 4 man.
I am going to take eight each evening,
as a result of in these different 16,
I’ll dominate your face.
I really like individuals who sleep
4 hours, however chill,
and chilling is simply not
doing one thing essential
for 40 minutes or having a
dialog on the buying and selling ground
for 30 minutes concerning the large recreation
or what the fuck occurred
within the Oscars final evening?
Who offers a shit?
Execute, and so, however wait,
who did this shit for me, I am
purely targeted on my factor.
Some individuals like 30 minutes
of speaking concerning the Oscars
‘trigger it breaks up their day.
That is their relaxation.
You do you, however let me say this.
Once you’re sick or when
you are sleeping, relaxation.
Your physique’s telling you one thing, and so,
like weirdly, perhaps I used to be sick
as soon as within the final 11 years,
I used to be pumped.
Let me simply say that
once more ‘trigger I do not know
if all people understood that.
I weirdly want I used to be
sick at some point this yr.
I might actually benefit from the day off.
I might take pleasure in enjoyable, and the youngsters come.
Misha comes residence at three, it would be enjoyable!
It would be enjoyable,
however there’s one thing subconsciously
that is actually attempting to
not enable me to do this.
In a world the place I take
a hundred-plus flights,
the place that place is like, I do not know…
Bear in mind how a pair episodes,
I stated that the 20- to
30-year previous Gary Vee
is smooth in comparison with me?
That man did get sick.
Now I do not,
and I do suppose it has rather a lot
to do with my deal with it,
so I do suppose you may
out-hustle your illness
to a point, however
once you succumb to it,
as a result of at some stage, all of us do,
I believe that you must
simply loosen up and luxuriate in it.
Query of the Day.
A pair issues.
Truly, you realize what,
I am going again a bit of bit.
One factor I am not getting out
of the Questions of the Day,
which I ask as soon as each 20 or 30,
is I would like a critique of the present.
We had Casey the opposite day as a visitor.
It has been a bit of bit sporadic
as a result of I have been touring rather a lot.
Why do not we do an Episode
74, State of the Union,
of the place the present is at?
The way you feeling, what would
you wish to see from me,
and I might additionally like a bit of banter.
You might discuss being sick,
you may discuss
the Oscars final evening,
and you may discuss
my Monday Motivation video.
That is what’s acceptable within the feedback.
You retain asking questions,
I am going to hold answering them.
Oh crap, wait, Subscribe!
(makes taking pictures sounds)
I would like subscriptions as a result of I am unable to push
this many proper hooks
in social, so Subscribe!

Marc Fitt Interview On Shedding Tubby, Gaining Muscle, Industrial & Productiveness

hey guys Stefan right here from projectlifemastery.com I’m very excited to carry you a buddy of mine mark match mark is a health mannequin from Montreal and he is obtained an awesome web site known as mark match comm the place he shares quite a lot of superb data on easy methods to get match well being health motivation even similar to quite a lot of life stuff too which I actually love as a result of he is been in a position to obtain quite a lot of success simply by turning his ardour his passion right into a enterprise as nicely so mark thanks a lot for taking the time right this moment my pleasure comen so my first query for you is you possibly share a bit of bit simply your story your journey of the way you turned a health mannequin yeah for certain um principally I used to be a scholar like nearly everybody of my age I used to be when he fell keep in mind at a time and I used to be sitting and hoping the police academy to change into a police officer and I used to be simply in love with bodily exercise so I used to be simply coaching on a regular basis coaching a couple of good hour 30 to 2 hours regardless that now I do know it is too lengthy I used to be simply loving my coaching and simply pushing myself and my objective was simply to change into sturdy and there and and simply change into one of the best model of myself I did not actually care concerning the form principally I simply wished to find a way prefer to I relaxation everybody it doesn’t matter what with you or no matter so it began like that then I simply felt in love with the sensation as a result of I wasn’t somebody was like had quite a lot of confidence in me in order that was a weight like to specific myself and change into extra and simply feeling extra comfy with folks and I do not comprehend it simply turned simply extra and I simply felt in love after which folks had been asking me query as a result of I turned actually in form with a six-pack and I used to be tremendous ripped by the point I nonetheless not too unhealthy after which I imply I simply began to provide recommendation similar to that and I noticed some health mannequin within the US as a result of I am dwelling collectively proper now and health shouldn’t be as huge as within the US or Europe or Australia so there’s not likely quite a lot of health mannequin right here who do on-line stuff like movies or who’ve a weblog or e mail advertising and marketing or no matter so I noticed some mannequin within the US and I simply noticed them I simply stated to myself honey I do know I can do one thing like higher I can do one thing that I’ll encourage folks and I will be greater than than what I am doing proper now for certain was occurring like my buddies and folks in school however I believe I had just like the potential to to do extra so begin it this manner after which I began a bit of wordpress.com I do not even keep in mind what was the area identify I believe was health paid for all dot wordpress.com one thing like that so I began like that then there is a widget I believe it is oh my god what is that this widget on wordpress.com you’ll be able to choose this statistic of how many individuals go to your website so I stated it I had like couple thousand of individuals had been doing I put my wordpress.com so I I simply stated oh my god that is loopy that folks learn my stuff I had quite a lot of feedback after which I used to be posting a day by day submit simply saying what I used to be consuming some recommendations on coaching my exercise all that sort of stuff and I used to be her hugly website was actually early it wasn’t even good however like folks discovered like worth into it so I simply stored going like that I did my first video on YouTube after which I do know folks had been simply loving it I wasn’t chatting with in my movies at first I do not know if you happen to keep in mind that however I am French you most likely hear the accent so I wasn’t talking talking like one phrase in English if somebody was beginning to converse with me in English I used to be simply getting learn and it was like oh my god I do not know what to say I am so excited like that however I used to be simply placing like subtitle of the train and I used to be simply doing it cool it did factor however regardless that like I had like a she digital camera supply of English and I do not comprehend it was simply doing like my finest at a time and utilizing like my entire Toshiba laptop computer as a result of I’ve no cash I like three of the {dollars} in my checking account and yeah it simply began like that and I put some video on YouTube footage and share ideas it is superior and ya know I’ve I’ve recognized you for a number of years I met you on-line I do not even know the way we turned buddies on Fb however I keep in mind we had been simply each like I used to be actually into health and also you’re another person like wow this man has an incredible physique and this was years in the past and I’ve seen like your transformation your progress over time and that is actually like inspirational when you’ll be able to see you already know such as you had been been placing on muscle mass you have constructed this superb web site you are now into web advertising and marketing enterprise you are touring all around the world so that you’re performing some fairly superb issues and I am gonna ask you questions concerning the health and going to companies nicely in a bit however do you wish to possibly share a bit of bit simply what your your bodily transformation was like the place had been you earlier than like if you like when did you begin understanding like the place had been you earlier than after which what was just like the the progress you have made and had been you now my surname was little market in highschool so I used to be 128 kilos five-foot-ten and principally I used to be simply small I wasn’t like skinny skinny as hell as a result of there are some folks like a few of my agency such as you you they’re simply on a small body you already know yeah I had a bit of chest however no more than that I used to be enjoying hockey I used to be extra into that so I wasn’t like coaching bodily on the fitness center or simply lifting weights so I began at that and principally I do not know what with the years of I began simply not in school I began to work out actually late that like 19 or possibly on the finish of Might 18 after which I began to see some change and from my first video I believe I am in youtube I used to be 100 and forty seven kilos one thing like that then I did the change your life video we obtained quite a lot of views and path to my web site which is loopy I used to be possibly hundred and fifty 5 kilos 153 however I used to be tremendous rip and C’s then since then I am proper now 180 kilos by 185 kilos however I imply they’re chopping pays for all of the expo of the years so what like what motivates you want what no matter you say has been the most important factor that motivates you to alter your physique and enhance it I believe there isn’t any n is simply you you by no means have sufficient yeah not not one of the within the time period of like being a bodybuilder and simply being 260 kilos of muscle is simply I do know I will be extra it is like enjoying a online game I did this metaphor quite a lot of time it is simply you begin at stage one and then you definately you enhance your a part of your self you get some gear so some muscle however then you definately maintain going maintain going and it is simply extra enjoyable as a result of you already know all of your physique works you already know what to are you aware nicely take instances you already know that it’s a must to observe your weight loss program however you already know on the finish you all the time maintain your eyes in the long run image and you already know that you’ll attain it nevertheless it’s similar to someday and I believe what I felt in love isn’t just being in form however the means of being form the method of proper now I am there however I do know I will be there and I can see myself being like that and I believe it is simply so good for simply to be extra assured and like if you begin being good at getting in form you can begin being good at enjoying along with your psychological you can begin being good at controlling your emotion as a result of it is it is actually arduous to there are some individuals who go work out simply to work out the opposite plan they’ve 10 reps capacity will do 10 reps however they won’t push themselves to the utmost so for me it is I’ll take a weight {that a} to final rep I cannot even be capable to carry it carry it proper I’ll simply battle like loopy however I’ll simply do my finest and if I fail I fell however normally on my boat prefer to push it as a result of we we put our personal psychological barrier we put our personal our personal bodily barrier and I believe it is simply I do not know I felt in love with that simply pushing myself and attain the following stage on a regular basis and quite a lot of time as a result of now I am doing it professionally I do know there’s tens of millions of people that can choose like my choose oh he is much less in form or however I all the time come again like stronger and I simply maintain that in thoughts I do know that some folks suppose I am on the high however then I simply know the place I am going after which growth I understand an image like everybody like oh my god once more a lot oh my god is a lot extra rep I am not doing only for folks I imply it is a good motivation proper now simply you to remain on the high of my sport with with the gang but additionally simply to to construct confidence on the identical time yeah and I believe one factor that um I’ve seen with somebody such as you it is such as you do little issues that make an enormous distinction that I believe quite a lot of the common individual that goes to the fitness center does not do such as you talked about such as you push your self tougher whereas most individuals they only do their ten reps however I believe like I keep in mind I heard from you when you I believe you talked about one thing about your weight loss program was the most important factor that you just modified that made the most important distinction as a result of earlier than I believe you are simply sort of consuming good and all people however then you definately began to trace your energy your meals and every little thing and that is I believe that alone like that little factor is one thing that lots of people do not do however there’s like these little disciplines these little requirements that you’ve got that maintain you on the high and there does not I suppose habits for you now could be that proper like different yeah issues like that that you just discovered and make the massive distinction such as you did there’s all the time one thing you’ll be able to enhance to succeed in a brand new stage and on the time I wasn’t form I used to be in fine condition however I wasn’t like monitoring and ready on my meals so however then once I begin began simply to weight every little thing I used to be robust natch and simply by doing that I reached like the sting that nobody is reaching round 95% of individuals they do not do this so I do not say like along with your full on a regular basis however I am like that as a result of I simply like it once I do not wake my meals I do not really feel nice about it as a result of if you wake your meals you already know precisely what you eat and if you aren’t getting the end result that you really want then you’ll be able to deal with your self simply however in case you are not doing that you just suppose that you just eat the correct amount of energy or protein carbs and fats however in actuality you are not since you’re not reaching your objective and everyone seems to be completely different so if you wish to make it possible for’s you you attain what it no matter you wish to attain you have to wait your self you have to wit your self you have to weight your meals you have to monitor every little thing as a result of this manner you’ll be able to see the place you are lots missing at one thing after which you’ll be able to regulate your self and get simply attain it quicker that is superior yeah if you happen to guys know Mark sitcom it’s a must to the counter or what did the matter a dietary planner the place you’ll be able to truly put in create meals monitor every little thing intimately and I’ve you already know I’ve performed that um once I’ve performed like these Health issues and every little thing however one problem that I’ve had has been sustaining it you already know like as a result of I believe lots of people they do like a health present or they only go on a weight loss program they wish to drop some weight they usually’re doing that for like three months or no matter after which they get to that physique however then they cease doing these issues as a result of now they only wish to eat no matter they need and every little thing like how have you ever like one factor I like about you you have been so constant you have been like lean for years now you solely keep a bit of physique fats like how have you ever been in a position to keep so lean and simply maintain that up yeah it is it is a psychological sport this it is simply that it is Abbot’s if you happen to develop the fitting apparent for instance I have been in LA I believe a yr and a half in the past and I am a man I do not like to essentially prefer to get up early within the morning however I’ve like your routine of waking up at like 3:30 or am throughout some time it has been like 2 years and that is why I used to be ready I simply – work work work as a result of everyone seems to be sleeping so nobody is disturbing you you are simply working in your stuff and also you get extra issues performed by like 10:00 a.m. after which folks is waking up so your stuff will not begin to do ring all that sort of stuff and also you enter within the routine of the world I used to be doing that however once I went to LA I used to be with folks weren’t partying that a lot however they they weren’t like working waking up concurrently me so I I simply I wasn’t influenced like them – to get up at like 9:00 a.m. 10 am and once I got here again was actually actually are to return again to that routine nevertheless it’s the identical factor for meals so precept you you you had been speaking about such as you do your competitors so it’s a must to go you have got an finish objective and also you simply concentrate on I must get in form I must observe that that that to provide the end result to make it possible for I am doing nice at a contest however then you definately cease you cease for a few days or even weeks however then you definately you simply have like unhealthy habits that is it it is simply the plain of doing it and I believe the very first thing is simply just be sure you know why you are doing what you are doing and it is it is cliche however that claims you simply must have like your hand objective you arrange a objective after which it is going to simply change into simpler to observe it and do the issues that you have to do to observe it so one other identical time it is my job proper now so I would like to remain in form for certain they’re they’re a few of my favorites on this mannequin they do not monitor stuff like me I am sort of loopy about it however I believe I am all the time lean if somebody are available for a photograph shoot they name me now and tonight I’ll simply do some deeply simply getting my water taking extra carbs and that is it I will be able to shoot each time I will an occasion and I am feeling nice I am not too low I am about six 5 level 5 to 6 % proper now cuz I am chopping a bit however I am feeling nice I am simply it isn’t it isn’t arduous for me now proper so so that you’re saying just like the habits so hmm when you begin getting the behavior of it you simply change into used to it do you eat like lots the identical meals on daily basis as nicely or yeah what do you do for that yeah my dad shouldn’t be difficult it is simply I’ve some inexperienced inexperienced greens have normally I eat hen as a result of I am allergic to fish I can eat some lean beef however I am not that tough on my weight loss program I do not wish to complicate stuff I simply eat my veggies my meat then my good card so brown rice one of the best mysterious or candy potatoes and that is it I do not I am not like good cook dinner if you would like so I simply observe the identical factor it was simply simpler I imply I work all day I get up early within the morning then I cook dinner my breakfast then I already know what I’ll eat then I do not know it is simply I simply see the identical factor over and over it is like your perception with meals as a result of I believe lots of people they get bored or they suppose yeah you already know they take pleasure in going to eating places and stuff like what’s your mindset or perception round meals meals its macro so protein carbs and fats so I see it this manner however there is a method to put one thing on air there is a method to to make your your meals style good and you may change stuff I imply there’s a lot and even now it is simply simpler to place some taste in your meals as a result of there’s so many things like zero energy inside which you can have some good meals who tastes good and they’re additionally good to your physique and to remain in form as for restaurant they usually pan once I go in a restaurant I will attempt to oh my god it is rely it rely will rely for instance if Saturday as a result of proper now I can’t cheat earlier than all of the occasions I simply stopped dishonest for like three weeks however I went to a restaurant and I simply I knew that I’ll go to the restaurant at night time so I made a decision to not eat carbs throughout the day nearly nothing after which I went to the restaurant and I took some some fries nevertheless it was candy potato fries with a superb steak and that is it no sauce and my veggies with it in order that’s that is what I am doing superior and sorry the connection is a bit of bit dying a bit of bit okay my subsequent query for you is do you ever like you already know simply the Walker weight loss program eat poorly you already know however simply you already know you I do not know you eat ice cream or no matter and if you do this I really like ice cream yeah how do you cope with it as a result of I believe lots of people once they do this they beat themselves up you already know it is like a typical problem with weight-reduction plan and stuff proper folks they they only eat poorly they go off their weight loss program they beat themselves up like what’s been your mindset or have you ever handled that um I believe yeah folks they really feel an excessive amount of responsible once they cheat I name it a reward meal as a result of I prefer to have a reward meal as soon as every week and now we’ll eat them most each factor that I need so I I am a man of ice cream I simply take pleasure in ice cream earlier than I used to be earlier than I began to Practice I used to be consuming like 4 liters of ice cream each night time yeah actually I simply take pleasure in ice cream so Oh normally I’ll go loopy on ice cream in a day with my girlfriend of one thing at that then for me it is only a reward meal I do know that I would like it to remain on monitor as a result of it is going to simply suck my physique my physique will simply pace up a lot to burn all these energy and it’ll simply be good as a result of once I can be on monitor on my weight loss program and I’ll maintain having end result in order that’s all I seen my reward cheat meal um however I do not cheat greater than as soon as every week so it relies upon for instance like my girlfriend I’ve women are all the time completely different as a result of they’ve like all their hormones it is ‘we complicate extra difficult than us and I do know she’ll Ikes sugars so she will be able to have like a mini cheat meal 3 times every week however she’s working actually arduous on the fitness center so she’s not she she do not feel like actually responsible however when she is a she is on the fitness center she simply give every little thing that she will be able to as a result of she knew that and she or he she ate no chocolate like final night time or one thing like that I imply such as you should not simply be too arduous on your self however make it possible for if you keep on monitor keep on monitor and provides your all on the fitness center simply do not maintain the unhealthy and damaging power with you all proper she even you simply take into consideration that in your exercise as an alternative of that simply concentrate on the variety of reps units you have to do put your iPhone and simply give every little thing which you can and sweat as a lot as you’ll be able to and burn quite a lot of energy yeah no I believe it is it is it is actually highly effective I believe for folks to listen to that as a result of mmm I believe one factor I do not know if you happen to can relate to this in a roundabout way however you already know lots of people they take a look at somebody on-line to illustrate Tony Robbins proper and also you see this man and he is similar to excellent proper like he is simply he looks like this superhuman man and I believe lots of people even see you want wow marc fitt he is like excellent and every little thing and you already know in some ways you are solely seeing what they need you to see however you are not seeing behind the scenes however you already know you are not they don’t seem to be seeing for you for instance that you just eat ice cream every now and then or that possibly you battle otherwise you get off your weight loss program and also you simply get again on monitor and so I believe that is an necessary factor that I’ve discovered as a result of typically I simply attempt to you already know be excellent with every little thing pondering that like that is that is what these health fashions or no matter however you do not understand that they to possibly get off monitor you already know you will not you shared you went in your trip to LA and then you definately ending it again into your routine and stuff no yeah man I believe that is that is superior so I suppose what I am gonna ask you is do you battle in any respect at instances what’s your weight loss program like or with motivation or something like that for certain like motivation is one thing that I have been working lots on it proper now I do not actually battle with it I am ready prefer to get again on monitor actually quick however in the beginning I used to be actually arduous even like my dad was loopy I used to be like nearly no playing cards and I have been I used to be tremendous shred however at night time I had some disaster of like I wished like sugars and carbs I wanted carbs and I had some little disaster so however I had quite a lot of photograph shoot like throughout like a few months so I needed to stealing in order that was actually arduous however once I began simply to combine like one sheet every week it simply held myself not simply to consider just like the cheetah like for instance prefer it’s on Friday I simply do not take into consideration like oh I labored on Friday and I simply concentrate on the cheat meal however I imply if you cheat is an efficient factor as a result of you’ll be able to really feel a bit responsible for certain I’ll really feel responsible nevertheless it’s a superb good guilt as a result of then you definately’re simply singing to your self I wish to be again on monitor I wish to be again in form I really feel off form however I can be again and I do not know I’ve simply used it as a motivation to get again on monitor as an alternative of simply being arduous on myself in order that but additionally um what else what I’ve struggled with I imply there’s a while you do not wish to go exercise in my exercise aurelion tan scent typically is simply you do not really feel like understanding you are similar to oh my god I’d keep residence as an alternative however normally I simply compelled myself I enter within the automobile take a bit of pre-workout or I put some loopy music or watch a video of order health mannequin mannequin or physique builder or simply hearken to speech and I am again at it and I am simply I simply need all of it as a result of I simply remembered I am doing every little thing that I am doing to go away my mark and sometime I can be too previous to maintain coaching like I do proper now and proper now it is my time to to provide one of the best that I can simply to to shoot folks that they’ll do no matter they need in life and it begin by simply being constant consistency is every little thing in every little thing what recommendation would you give to somebody to illustrate that simply desires to drop some weight you already know they wish to lose physique fats and possibly even similar to me there are 10 to 20% physique fats they wish to have that six-pack displaying are you able to possibly give like a number of ideas and recommendation of what yeah what works for you yeah very first thing I’d simply begin monitoring what they eat throughout a day or regular day I am simply seeing by themselves what they’re consuming simply very first thing do not do not even care about what you are consuming simply observe one thing that you just do normally after which simply write it down every little thing and attempt to write the amount as nicely and simply then attempt to calculate it up a bit the common of the energy that you just eat per day that will provide you with a good suggestion of that you just possibly have some unhealthy habits along with your meals possibly you prepare artwork and actually arduous however if you happen to’re not following the fitting weight loss program you wish to have any end result I believe is every little thing you’re what you eat and it is true it isn’t only a fancy quote or one thing it is simply that and for me weight-reduction plan is 80% of the end result and 20% is understanding as a result of everybody know yeah nearly everybody know easy methods to work out they know easy methods to do a bench press they know easy methods to do some curl like Prescott all of them know that all of them do it however they do not all observe the Diamonds that is what made the most important distinction within the end result so I’d begin by that simply know and be only a data to your self that possibly I do not eat proper and simply seeing it by your self after which I’d simply possibly begin to drop a little bit of carbs making an attempt to focus extra and good high quality of protein that you just eat concentrate on good advanced carbohydrate like oats brown rice finest supplies like I stated candy potatoes that sort of carbs lean meat I will sort of tuna fish each single time that I’ve an interview I say that however we eat ORS in Quebec I do not know if you happen to if you happen to do it is a it is a good me is basically lean however actually good nevertheless it’s like consuming a canine if you happen to say that like within the US what else lean lean beef nicely it might be good too and that is about it a superb steak and for veggies all sort of inexperienced veggies so broccolis inexperienced peppers you have got spinach simply you already know what to eat everybody know what to eat however they only do not do it and you already know everybody know what’s LT an alt meal however you simply do not wish to do it otherwise you’re surrounded by individuals who say uh we do not actually care about that it is all good however I assure that if you happen to begin following that first you’re going to get extra bodily end result you’ll really feel higher man you should have extra power you you should have a sort of a readability of your imaginative and prescient of what you wish to do in your day of what you wish to do in your life and it is simply provide help to to it is simply empowering you to to do extra and be extra in order that can be the very first thing simply concentrate on a weight loss program second factor if you wish to drop weight you wish to be intense on the fitness center so what you wish to do is maintain your your relaxation time between every set actually low so within the 30 to 45 second to make it possible for your heartbeat keep I and burn quite a lot of energy throughout the 45 minutes an hour you are within the fitness center so possibly concentrating on at 20 to 30 reps and taking 30 to 45 seconds integrating superset can be good so what’s a superset is you do one train and then you definately go to the following one with out relaxation and then you definately take your relaxation for instance if you happen to’re doing a bench press and superset with flat dumbbell fly you’ll do your bench press for 20 reps then you’ll go instantly in your flat bench to do the dumbbell fly for 20 reps and then you definately take your your relaxation time of 45 seconds for instance that and I imply it is simply I do not do quite a lot of cardio what I’ll do if I need for instance like subsequent week I’ll begin doing cardio however I do not want as a result of my cardio is sort of me in my exercise it is simply I am exhaust doing to it simply begin doing that like 20 reps 30 reps and simply take 45 second relaxation you will note you can be exhausting you’ll really feel drained and it is sort of your cardio and you’ll burn quite a lot of energy however then if you do not have just like the end result that you really want as quick as you need then I’ll simply recommend you to do it cardio so what’s it’s Anton I depth interval coaching so principally you attempt to do a dash of like 30 second then you definately stroll gradual for a minute and then you definately relaxation arduous for six to 10 instances so for subsequent like subsequent week I’ll begin integrating it cardio twice every week with my intense exercise as a result of I do not wish to drop an excessive amount of weight and I am already low physique fats however I simply wish to attain just like the little edge and make it possible for I burn all of the energy that I must burn for for the occasions so we’ll begin by that and possibly 3 times every week it is cardio if you happen to you’re feeling that you just’re not shedding sufficient boss it relies upon if you happen to’re in a heavy weight if you happen to’re 250 260 or 300 kilos I imply doing dash shouldn’t be good to your knees at this manner it isn’t good so possibly doing it on the elliptic or simply specializing in the exercise first after which if you drop some weight then you’ll possibly begin doing the dash as a result of it is actually arduous in your knees if not okay then what about somebody that wishes to placed on muscle mass and I believe one factor with placing on muscle you already know lots of people they go on a bulk ryan pondering like oh this fats and muscle and actually i believe you are doing your self a disservice if you’re doing that as a result of if you wish to lean out once more you already know sometimes if you lean out you would possibly like lose a bit of little bit of muscle as nicely proper and it is simply me that a lot tougher since you’ve gained all this fats so if you you have performed bulks however you all the time keep low physique fats so are you able to share a bit of bit about your course of to placed on muscle mass whereas nonetheless staying lean yeah principally it is nearly the identical factor as I simply stated for the chopping section however you should have extra energy to your weight loss program so normally I’ll begin including 500 energy greater than my preserve energy zone so there is a your BMR it is arduous to elucidate similar to that with audio and video however I will provide you with some hyperlink if you wish to put within the present notes simply to know easy methods to calculate your BMR after which along with your exercise stage so variety of time you are understanding in every week you’ll know precisely what number of energy you want per week after which you have got 5 over 5 hundred energy to that so for instance for myself once I’m within the bulking section I eat about three on three thousand eight hundred energy to 4 thousand 200 I eat lots as a result of I’ve a quick metabolizer so I must hate much more than 5 hundred energy greater than my written energy on as a result of I simply know myself however for somebody begin begin with 5 hundred energy extra after which see all you progress and after we say begin when your alene is if you’re ready prefer to see your six-pack so if you’re between 4% 4% is basically low two six six eight % you can begin bulking however if you go over it at ten % now your abs begin to fade out and I’ll recommend to go on reduce once more however for somebody who’s between the Four and eight % you wish to begin 500 energy extra tailor-made to their weight loss program I’ll goal a rep vary of eight to 12 repetitions in your exercise you are able to do some superset as nicely you are able to do some drop units so principally a drop set is if you happen to begin with 12 reps you do 12 reps with a weight then you definately take a lighter weight to do 10 reps after which a lighter weight to do eight reps I will be the other you’ll be able to take extra weights as as you go and principally it is simply focusing extra in your relaxation time can be extra within the minute to a minute 30 rests your energy consumption after which simply keep constant and that is all you see if you happen to if you’ll achieve muscle and if you happen to do not achieve as muscle like normally folks will achieve round a pound to 2 kilos a month that is that is all I see if I am heading in the right direction and if I do not then I possibly add up some energy to my weight loss program I imply I’ll most likely add that to 50 energy extra to my day as I can be within the surplus of like 750 after which for instance Matt to work with me is you have got a loopy metabolites are like we’re bumping up like within the thousand energy extra simply when he’s in a reserving section so it is simply understanding your self however at first begin with the essential so 500 energy you 500 energy extra eight to 12 reps a minute to a minute or the remainder between every set and that is it then there’s some precept like um extra compound motion you are able to do for two to three weeks however I imply I can speak about that like throughout years and years I wish to encourage folks go to mark sitcom and you’ve got a lot movies and content material there sufficient similar to every little thing you have got you certain your exercises like a lot data with that so I wish to swap gears and discuss a bit of bit about your enterprise mmm you already know what you already know one factor you have constructed an enormous following on Instagram Fb YouTube what what would you say are the most important issues that you’ve got performed to assist construct that huge following it simply being my self there’s too many individuals attempt to be another person and folks can discover it they may see it straight away if you happen to attempt to clear a sport or he certain is aware of herself and I believe earlier than as a result of I wasn’t sort of within the early chook within the health like actually in social media and I’ve seen the very first thing that I did is simply sharing extra a part of my life that was the staff you already know proper now like actually yeah the TV present it is all all the time actuality stuff all the time reside stuff folks wish to see what individuals are doing of their lives so that is what I did extra earlier than that it was you sifted all these the man who do all of the journal is it God you are able to do no matter I imply it was loopy and folks simply see that and the factor it is loopy however they only they don’t seem to be impressed by them that a lot as a result of it is simply sort of been attainable to simply see that so that is what I did I believe that performed an enormous function in simply seeing like a younger child or her simply doing his finest and making an attempt to share every little thing that he you already know and simply being himself and seeing like his household in order that and I imply that was simply uh doing that and I believe it helped lots you to succeed in extra folks and folks we’re seeing that I used to be true and I believe it simply helped so principally like one factor you are huge in your Instagram you submit quite a lot of footage progress health footage and stuff identical factor with YouTube as nicely you submit exercise movies and if you happen to discovered it it is simply been extra so prefer it simply will get shared and likes a lot that it simply goes viral then extra folks observe you is that sometimes what what occurred um I will say it is all natural I do not pay for advertising and marketing I do not know not one cent I do not pay something so it is natural I believe I simply attempt to share one of the best that I can and folks simply discover worth into it they usually share it they usually present their buddy um YouTube has performed an enormous function in that as a result of folks had been simply seeing me that it isn’t simply Photoshop I believe that helped lots there’s lots of people simply share loopy paint however you do not see like who they really truly are in life so I attempted additionally quite a lot of the below sing in my life and the video that I share on YouTube is all the time a top quality modifying at first it wasn’t that good I imply I care a bit of software program my oppa Shiba so I used to be simply so drained in any respect and however folks was the place her loving as a result of nobody was doing that like on the time that I began so it simply began to observe the the French man simply sharing his work out and being intense and I used to be in like the most important form on-line or no matter however I do not suppose like this shake clear an enormous function within the success which you can have it is simply who you’re if you happen to’re go prefer to you to share your worth and encourage folks folks will simply observe again and they’ll wish to be part of it and simply see the place you’ll be able to go and they’ll simply cease believing in you anybody wish to encourage you and man like how have you ever handled simply all the eye that you just get you already know like this began off simply in small city in Canada after which now it is like tens of millions of followers you get a lot consideration and you will get quite a lot of you already know I do know for myself criticism as nicely so it could possibly be robust proper like having a bit of success all the time folks look as much as you and every little thing so how have you ever been in a position to deal simply with all the eye and every little thing that you’ve that is being a means of adaptation something at first once I began my and at first once I as a result of earlier than I used to be health paid for all my fb web page I had a staff 5000 followers or one thing on Fb and I simply determined to alter the identify my concept to my identify I simply marked it growth I’ll put that as an alternative of health pitch for all the time extra like a motion I simply resolve to place myself because the particular person in entrance of it of the model in order that began like that after which the traction was superb I imply folks had been happening my website commenting at to close down the feedback on my weblog first we will add over I believe fashioned a thousand feedback on the weblog and my very own they stated we can’t finish all that anymore there’s too remark and we simply steered to all of them as a result of we’ll shut down the server you are utilizing so uh I began by that after which I used to be simply getting lots quite a lot of emails asking questions asking questions on my private pattern that I used to be a body the opposite service but additionally like since I am touching lots of people of their life not even simply within the health but additionally like within the relationship in that manner something the best way they the be behave I’ve like I am lengthy query similar to story of their life you already know simply folks sharing what they have been by way of what the factor they need to do or simply asking recommendation so I get quite a lot of enormous are emails so it is actually on it at a time simply to answer to everybody I used to be repeating all of them however sadly I wasn’t in a position to reply to everybody as a result of I used to be there alone behind the scene and simply modifying movies all day transport orders getting all this consideration nevertheless it was actually arduous however in some unspecified time in the future it is simply this I went to the Toronto brochure as I suppose like I used to be on the past your self boot and assembly just like the followers and somebody known as Matt got here to to the boot and also you simply introduced his is summarized that is abstract I do not know if it is a proper phrase however you introduced like truly the paper of the the place that it’s a must to work earlier than and also you simply present all of the fanatics to work with me and he stated I can carry quite a lot of on the desk I can assist you prefer to endow folks and I used to be like I do not want your your sheet of paper and I imply like simply throw that within the rubbish and I simply noticed like the fervour in his eyes and I simply noticed that it was possibly simply I’ll simply give it a attempt to simply give it a shot he supplied me three months of labor with I like paying that is loopy that is actually somebody who need it and need it unhealthy so I simply stated yeah let’s go let’s do it after which I simply present him like all of the emails we had been getting implement like your software is known as apps god I used to be speaking about that earlier earlier than by way of simply an superior software to finish all emails I imply it is simply helped us to answer extra folks in a day in order that then I ought to present him all of the software that I used to be utilizing after which simply began to assist me like filter all of the emails that you already know that I must see and the emails which you can deal with and that is the best way that we’re working proper now however by way of social media earlier than I used to be replying to all of the feedback on YouTube in Twitter Instagram however now I we can’t do this even we if we had been like a staff of 50 folks it is sort of unimaginable yeah that is loopy man Wow and simply what about you already know what recommendation would you give to somebody possibly that’s simply beginning to down their path of beginning their very own enterprise as nicely like they’ve a ardour or a passion they usually wish to flip that right into a enterprise like every recommendation that you’ve got discovered my guess through the years that you’ve got performed this which you can share with somebody that is simply beginning out yeah simply do it with ardour folks do not actually care at first of a glance of it there’s lots design is necessary below % priming is basically necessary however I imply once I began my website was not that good however the consideration behind like the best way I used to be producing content material with worth knowledge I used to be including to every little thing I used to be producing folks noticed that so they only wanna after which with the time I have been in a position to enhance all all of the service that I supply so at first simply do it with ardour put your self within the place of others when they may obtain your file or when they may purchase like your garments what they may really feel once they get it yeah you you have to do this as a result of if you happen to’re not doing that then you do not do it for the folks you are simply doing it for your self so you have to find a way like to simply put your self into that and likewise see your self on the third particular person on a regular basis that manner you act the best way you converse the best way you are producing content material is it one thing good to your model is that one thing good for you do you’re feeling nice about it but when I did some photograph shoot I did one photograph shoot in my life that I wasn’t comfy by no means after which it was over I simply each single time that I am having a photograph shoot if I do not really feel it I cannot do it so it is going to be the identical factor if you produce one thing if you happen to really feel that you can be sort of a rip-off by posting one thing simply then do not do it as a result of if you happen to’re doing that you just simply set a bomb in a timer and in at some point will detect legislation and folks will simply see you die oh my gosh scan and what we wish to do is simply construct one thing on the lengthy runs simply America that’s basically sinking if you’re coaching you do not prepare simply to be in form at like 25 and take roads and simply be in one of the best form of your life however then if you’re like – you simply begin to do not do something you you simply wish to attempt to all the time be constant and simply do one thing on daily basis and we’ll be the identical factor with your enterprise I imply you my web site I’ve introduced my web site purchase my residence I do not I by no means I might like a designer or a graphic designer for my web site or no matter or to code stuff so on daily basis I attempt to add one thing and folks see that I imply I simply maintain every little thing that I am doing and simply put quite a lot of power and folks can see it so I believe that carry lots of people to stay round and simply all the time go to the positioning as a result of they know that they may all the time discover one thing one thing new they usually know that I am pondering care taking good care of what I am doing so are available and I wish to ask you yet one more query then I’ll wrap up fairly quickly however um what about simply intern there’s a lot we might speak about however simply by way of productiveness you already know I might be curious to know similar to what are issues that provide help to be productive and even I do know you are huge into morning rituals as nicely so is there any type of morning ritual that you just do or issues that provide help to to be extra productive every day how unhappy simply all the time really feel myself not productive sufficient I used to be looking for some extra simply to the be extra productive what I do I simply begin to do one factor at a time yeah as a result of we we suck at multitasking we predict we will do every little thing and one thing we simply lose our head and we’re hen with out a head man it is simply we’re not doing what we’re supposed to take action I simply attempt to all the time concentrate on one factor at a time to-do checklist I take advantage of it then not as a result of what I imply by that is simply if you happen to put an excessive amount of stuff in your to-do it will do nothing yeah it is similar to that you just simply really feel overwhelmed oh my god to take action a lot stuff and you’ll not do something so each morning I simply ask myself what can I do right this moment then assist me to probably the most what I must concentrate on so normally can be extra doing stuff for all my prospects all my shopper and there is stuff that I all the time have like the identical sort of stuff to do on daily basis tubos right this moment I’ll do a submit normally like within the morning otherwise you’re fed with within the afternoon six hours later I’ll do one other submit as a result of it simply do not break my if you happen to submit an excessive amount of stuff each hours then I simply really feel let it break their attain and you may annoy folks so I attempt to have no less than six hours between every pose so I do know that I would like to try this then nicely put together orders again orders will assist my sister assist me to pack orders however there’s different folks she helped me however I nonetheless do quite a lot of orders printing a label however I am you already know simply tried to concentrate on what I must do there isn’t any magic app or stuff that can provide help to to change into like me or all of the folks which you can see you’re actually productive is simply the they construct a superb staff with them who will assist them in quite a lot of stuff that they should not concentrate on they concentrate on what they should focus after which they only get to work they only do not give it some thought they only get to work what concerning the morning rituals or any routine that you just do very first thing within the morning yeah very first thing I strike to drink quite a lot of wasps it is a traditional any morning which all that yeah however I get up sort of nuts low however I do not I prefer to rush an excessive amount of stuff I’ve a foul concept to take my cellphone proper no get up as a result of I get so many emails and I wish to see if somebody have one thing like pressing to be fastened or no matter oh I can not plug in in your aspect would normally be similar to forgot their password or one thing like that and we will simply click on on forgot my password however they do not you are not doing it that sort of stuff however I prefer to reply quick to folks as a lot as I can so normally yeah yeah I imply I I simply get up I sort of in a rush however I attempt as a lot as I can to take my time be pleased about for simply engaged on what I can work simply being at my home phrase from my home and simply having fun with what I am doing as a result of I began as a scholar working as a safety agent then you already know I do not know I simply really feel blessed to to do what I do and to have the ability to share with so many individuals’s and its tens of millions of individuals so on daily basis I simply really feel superior about that that I I can not simply affect lots of people and I take an enormous accountability and that as a result of I do not wish to share like unhealthy stuff I simply wish to enhance folks and what they they wish to do bodily mentally they usually’re like so I am grateful for that get up then normally I’ll textual content my staff see what is going on on how they’re doing it the opposite nice exercise or what’s their their plan of the day as a result of I do not set folks prefer to work out from 2 5 or no matter they’ve stuff to do they only to get performed and that is it so I simply begin to take some information on when they may do it so I can plan my stuff round on it after which that that is one morning normally I believe my breakfast straight away then I’ll return that is your map your exercise meal so then I would like to attend an hour 32 hour or so we’ll begin working then what we did you then come again and that is superior man um cool so I made my final yet one more factor when requested is simply something any closing message that you just wish to share with folks which can be watching this that both you already know they wish to change their physique they wish to change your life they wish to change their enterprise like every closing closing recommendation which you can give do what you wish to do in life it is tremendous necessary and 95% of individuals are not doing it they really feel that they need to do one thing they usually simply maintain working at their job however they do not like and if you keep in that path it is simply it is a unhealthy circle since you’re simply doing the identical factor over and over the whole day and I see so many individuals simply watching TV they only they go to work after which they arrive again residence they watch TV after which they return to work and if you happen to all the time do the identical factor you can not enhance there is no such thing as a manner you’ll be able to enhance your life so if you happen to’re in that state of affairs attempt to go at your phrase to get you some revenue you you will have it to begin your enterprise or any sort of undertaking you wish to begin however if you’re again residence attempt to attempt to work no less than an hour to hour and your stuff to enhance to alter your state of affairs as a result of if you happen to’re not doing something then there isn’t any manner you would not show there isn’t any manner you’ll really feel fulfilled there isn’t any manner you can be completely happy and I believe if you happen to really feel doing one thing is as a result of but but yeah this present to provide to the world and I believe you simply must do with it as a result of if you happen to really feel that it is it is an intuition it is you have to observe it and when it creates something any sort of service product otherwise you sort of submit you do it with what you’re feeling what did what is true and I believe if you happen to observe that then you definately you can be extra completely happy extra fulfilled then ever crazy-ass life superior thanks a lot for taking the time right this moment for this interview encourage you guys slot in mark sitcom and all I will make certain to incorporate your your web sites your Instagram your like Fb all that stuff as a result of even simply liking and following you you simply you get a lot from somebody that’s that’s dwelling their ardour and is doing these superb issues like I do know for me simply seeing your Instagram posts your Fb posts or no matter may be very inspirational and you already know you are somebody that I appeared as much as lots in well being health and even what you are doing and also you even discover I’ve an image of you on my imaginative and prescient board as a result of you already know your physique is what my imaginative and prescient is and I believe that by surrounding your self or simply sort of following folks such as you it may possibly encourage everybody else to to develop and obtain their targets additionally so I wish to thanks once more a lot man and thanks everybody else for oil does a video depart depart a remark under like share it tell us what you suppose and that is it so thanks you

Systems to Change into a Web Style designer in 2015 | Create Careers

– Hey, everybody, this is
graphic designer Roberto Blake of robertoblake.com helping you create
something awesome today. So, in today’s video, I’m
gonna talk about how you become a web designer in 2015,
how it’s changed since I got started in web design
about, what, 17 years ago when I was like 14 years old, and what you need to know today to succeed as a web designer, whether
that be as a freelancer or working at an in-house company or working at an ad agency. One of the big questions
that always comes up is do you need to learn HTML
code to be a web designer? And the short answer is yes and no. And I say that to say this, you can design websites
without learning HTML coding, but it’s not recommended,
and just because you can code doesn’t necessarily mean you can design. It requires both things. Part of the process of web design actually still requires some pen and paper because you have to plan these things out. You have to know a lot
of things when you wanna get started as a web designer. One of the first things is, what is the website gonna be about. When you’re taking on
a web design project, just like any other
graphic design project, you need to start with a client brief. Too many people, whether
it’s designers or whether it’s more technical people,
want to jump into the computer and not deal with human beings first and deal with pen and paper. Pen and paper is still part of the process and there’s a reason for that. You need to organize your
ideas, you need to have a hierarchy for the
website, you need to know how many pages it’s going
to be, you need to determine do those pages have different layouts and are there templates
that need to be developed for specific parts of the
website, different types of content that are gonna be on there. What media types are
gonna be on the website? Is it gonna have a lot of images? Is it gonna have a lot of video? Is there gonna be an audio component? Is there gonna be a blog? Is this an e-commerce website
that needs to move products and if so, what are we
doing in terms of, like, taking credit card payments, PayPal? All of these things are important and they need to be decided
before you even think about touching a keyboard and mouse. So, people ignore the
planning stages of a website and people don’t know what to
necessarily ask the clients. You needs to ask the clients
a lot of specific questions if you’re going to be
designing websites for clients, and if it’s a project team,
you gotta make sure you have a brief from your supervisor
and you gotta know, well, who’s supplying the content? Are you creating the images? Are the clients or your
employer going to supply you with the images? As for the copy of the website,
the text that’s gonna go in each of these web pages,
who’s supplying that? Are you responsible for the copywriting? Or is the copywriting
gonna be provided to you, and if so, I recommend requesting
it be in a Word document sent to you in an email as an
attachment so that you have the ability to just
copy and paste it out of the Word document, you
have it to to where you can strip out any formatting,
and you have a documented timeline of the fact
that it was sent to you. So, those are important things. If there are pictures, you
need to know if they’re gonna be delivered to you digitally or are you gonna have to scan them? If it’s gonna be stock
photos, you need to figure out who has the rights to them. So there’s things that have
nothing to do with coding, nothing to do with visual
design, color theory, CSS, PHP, Word Press, any of that stuff
that people take for granted as web designers to begin with. They don’t know how to plan a website. The other thing is you need to
understand how websites work. You need to understand that
websites require a domain name. When you go to a dot.com,
it’s a domain name and you get that from
a company like GoDaddy or Bluehost or 1&1, and
you don’t actually own it. You’re more or less leasing
it and you have to renew it every year and there’s a cost to that. It might be $5.99, it might
be $9.99, it might be $14.99, you know, it just depends
on what your deal is and what your arrangement
with your hosting company is. The other part of that is, the web hosting is where the content and
where your website sits. So you think of a web server as a house or an apartment that you’re renting, your files are the
furniture that fill it up. The files and the content,
they belong to you, just like your furniture. But you don’t own the web server. You don’t own the property, if you will. You’re just occupying it. So you have to pay that monthly fee and that’s what web hosting is. And again, that might be $2.99, it might be $1.99, it might $5.99, it might be $59.99 if you
have a dedicated server. So you need to think about
these things and you need to understand what the
aspects of a website are, what the technology that backs
it is, and you need to have a grasp of those before you
even think about touching a computer and trying to code
a website or use a program like Adobe Muse or Dreamweaver
or WordPress to build one. So, let’s talk about the software you need to operate, run, and manage a website. Now, we talked about HTML code. HTML code is how websites
are traditionally built. But there are other editors
called WYSIWYG editors, or what you see is what you get, and coders and programmers
hate these applications, because in their mind,
real web designers code. I firmly disagree with that. Coders code. Designers design. And you might be able to
code and build a website, but you might not be
able to design your way out of a paper bag, because
you might be able to make this great, robust,
functional website that is ugly as sin, that can’t
sell your client’s product and can’t accomplish
your employer’s goals, so that doesn’t make you a designer, that makes you someone
who built a website. And that’s not a dig at coders. Like I said, I’ve been coding
since I was 14 years old. I coded in Notepad. That’s why I know what I’m
talking about when I say that. There are people who style
themselves as web designers who can’t design. Now, there are designers who can design who don’t know any technical
things and can’t code, but at the end of the day,
people are more interested in how a website looks and
presents and whether it accomplishes getting someone
to want to buy the product, and then if it doesn’t work,
then they get frustrated. But they will never get
that far to figure out that the button they’re
clicking doesn’t work if they look at the
website, it’s ugly as sin, and they leave in under five seconds. And that’s kind of the conflict
between coders and designers sometimes if they’re not
someone like me who is both. And I think it’s important to be both. Is it difficult? Yes. Does it take more time and
energy and training? Yes. But at the end of the day, you
need to be able to accomplish well placed, aesthetic,
visually appealing design that can sell a product,
service, get people engaged, get people interested, and
then it actually needs to work under the hood and do
what it’s supposed to. And then on top of that, you
probably are gonna have to learn how to market and promote this thing because if no one sees it, then who cares. But that’s another
conversation and that goes into search engine optimization,
how to rank in Google, which I will cover in other videos. But circling back for a moment to tools. So, the tool that I prefer
to use for hand coding and visual coding in split
mode is Adobe Dreamweaver. I think Adobe Dreamweaver is great because it helps you organize your files, set up a test server environment,
if you know how to do that kind of thing, you can see the code, but you can also see what
it’s creating in real time, you can get a feel for
whether colors and fonts are working well and whether
you need to change them, you can do that with a client
sitting over your shoulder or a supervisor sitting over
your shoulder and make changes in real time without
having to upload anything, and I think it’s great
from that point of view. I also think that the
way it visually works with color coding and
some of the short cuts are just gonna be better
for productivity and speed. I love the CSS editor
for doing certain things. And I just think it’s faster. It’s a lot easier on my eyes
than a lot of the applications that hardcore programmers like to use. So, that’s what I prefer. Now, that’s if you’re doing hand coding or a little bit of WYSIWYG. If you wanna do straight
up WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get, no coding,
you can use something like Adobe Muse, and you can
actually visually draw out what a website looks like. And the thing I like about
this is, like I said, pen and paper first. So you could sketch the
layout of a website, just like you would if you
were doing a traditional print advertisement, and then can
create that in Adobe Muse, based on what you drew as a sketch. This is great when you’re
working at an ad agency, because a lot of agency types, creative directors and art directors, a lot of them are a bit
older and old school, and they don’t want some
complicated explanation as to why you can’t do something in code. For them, why can’t you
move it an inch to the left? Why can’t it be perfectly centered? Why can’t it be this, why can’t it– They want to design websites
and they want you to design websites they way
that they designed print ads using something like Adobe InDesign. So, Adobe Muse is the perfect for solution for the ad agency world
if you’re doing a website that’s under 20 pages and doesn’t require a blog or anything like that. So it’s the perfect solution for that. Now, if you’re gonna do
something more robust and you need a blog and
you need e-commerce, then I would suggest
something like WordPress, which is a content management system. If you’re doing e-commerce,
maybe use OpenCart, osCommerce, different things like that. I’ll have to do a whole ‘nother video on e-commerce platforms and what
the best solutions are there, so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned to get that video from me. So, again, those are
your three basic types of web building applications. You have HTML, hand coding editors, and hybrid editors that do both, you have WYSIWYG or visual
design applications, and then you have content
management systems, which function like WordPress and Joomla! and these are pretty simple
to use once their installed and updating and adding
pages is as simiple as updating a Facebook page. So that’s why a lot of
people enjoy that platform. For managing and uploading
things to a website, you wanna use an FTP program, which is called a file
transfer protocol program, and that’s just a
complicated way of saying that we take if off your
computer on your desktop and we put it onto the website. It is literally that simple. If you’re using a Mac, then you might be using
Fetch or Cyberduck. I prefer to use FileZilla
for both Windows and Mac. If you’re on Windows, I recommend WinSCP, it’s a great tool. There’s also browser-based
ones you can use like FireFTP. So those are some FTP programs that you should definitely look at using. Working on websites
often means working with graphics as well, and some
basic programs you can use for graphics for your website,
whether that’s banner ads and background images and so
on, are obviously Photoshop, which I prefer to use,
Photoshop Elements if you can’t afford that or don’t want to
go to the subscription model, you could also use Corel Photo Editor, you can use PaintShop Pro, you can use GIMP, which is free, you can use painter.net, there’s
just a lot of applications that you can use for that, and, again, links to all these things will
be in the description below, so make sure you’re checking that out. So let’s talk about how you can learn to become a web designer today. When I learned how to
become a web designer, we didn’t have Google, unfortunately, and we didn’t have YouTube. We had to use webmonkey.com and learn the basic principles there. I also learned by disassembling
existing websites, modifying things in the code,
and seeing what happened. And this was, again,
something I was having to do in a challenging way using
Notepad back in the day. Now we have a lot more
applications like I talked about, you have free editors, you have Composer, which is a good free editor
for HTML, and, again, you have things like Adobe Dreamweaver and so on to be able
to do this, Notepad++. So, again, you don’t have to use Notepad like I did way back when. Experimenting, disassembling
existing websites, using books and using
websites like webmonkey.com were really the only way that someone not going to school for
it, and it was still rarely being offered in college at the time, this is back in the
late 90’s, early 2000’s, that was the only way to
really learn web design. Today you have things like
Codeacademy, Khan Academy, Learning Tree, you have
Lynda, Udemy, YouTube, you have blogs like mine, you
have all these different ways that you can learn about
web design and HTML code, and I think that that’s great and I think you should
take advantage of that. Yes, you can go to college
to learn web design, but, again, the value of that
might be a mixed bag of nuts because, again, you’re seeing
the trouble that people are having with going to college,
taking out student loans, the job market being what it
is, a degree not being enough to get a job anymore,
so if you wanna to avoid some of those things and you
wanna get real world skills, you can do it on your own, you
just have to be disciplined enough to do it, and remember,
there are kids and teenagers doing this every day, and
even years ago as a teenager, I was able to do it and within
a summer I was at a point to where I was actually
starting to get paid for building websites for people locally. So, just keep in mind,
this is something you can teach yourself, you
don’t have to pay for it. But if you do wanna pay,
it’s cheaper to try to do it through something like
lynda.com or Udemy or Skillshare or any number of online
learning sites, to try it first at a lower price point than
paying hundreds of dollars for a college course, so
just try and give that a shot before you go to that traditional model. I’ll have some recommended
books in description below that you can use to try
and learn HTML coding and the principles of web design as well. So, some other things you need
to know if you’re gonna be a web designer in 2015,
aside from the tools that we talked about, learning
things like WordPress, as far as content management systems, you might wanna pick up things
like jQuery, JavaScript, and a little bit of PHP as well. Having these under your belt
will help you as a web designer because you’ll have more
flexibility, you’ll be able to do more complicated tasks, and
you won’t be restricted by the limitations of just doing
front end work, you’ll be able to do some more complex and
advanced things as well. I also think you should look at learning some visual design skills
in terms of typography, so that you can lay out
your websites in a way where the text is readable and pays
attention to visual hierarchy, I think you should learn
the gestalt principles of graphic design, which
I’ll cover in other videos, and I think you should
learn visual editing and photo retouching so
that you can make banner ads and make really impressive-looking
websites that don’t rely on basic colors, shapes, and text alone to be visually interesting
so you can draw people in and have an effective
website for your customers, your employers, your
clients, what have you. It goes without saying
today, you wanna learn about SCO search optimization, get
people to go to a website, and how to rank in Google. I’ll have other videos covering that. If you have questions,
you can leave them in the comment section below
and I’ll try and answer them, but, again, I’ll cover
that in other videos. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this video on how you become a web designer in 2015. Again, I’ll answer any
questions you still have in the comment section below. Like this video if like it,
don’t forget to subscribe. Let me know what other
videos on web design you want me to cover. As always, you guys, thanks
so much for watching, and don’t forget, create
something awesome today.

Monday Morning Motivational Video

So it’s early Monday Morning
and I’ve been wanting to
make a Monday Morning video
for a long time
and finally DRock
we’re doing it.
So, real quick.
This is just a rant. Very simple.
And something that
I want you to pass on
or watch every Monday Morning
because the level of
complaining is unacceptable.
Look, what If told you
this was the last
Monday morning of your life?
What if I told you
you die this week?
Would you complain
about your crap job or
that test you don’t wanna take?
I doubt lt.
You’d go much
higher level thinking.
Well that’s really
what it takes.
It takes understanding that
if you’re not pumped right now,
if you’re begrudging
what you’re about to do,
if you’re not looking
forward to it.
Look, I respect praticality.
You gotta through school
because your parents want to.
You gotta pay your rent.
You got student loans. I get it.
But please recognize
the world we’re living in.
We’re living in a world where
there’s so much more opportunity
This internet thing created way
more opportunity for all of us.
Way more.
Look, you might not
even have been alive.
Your mom and dad could
have had sex like 3 min later
and you wouldn’t even exist.
And you’re complaining.
You could have
ended up being a bus.
A tree.
I just don’t get the mentality
of being head down,
sad on a Monday Morning.
I’m gonna make
Monday Morning my bitch.
I’m gonna make you
Saturday, Monday Morning!
That’s what I want
do every morning.
And that’s what
I want from you.
Please, take a step back and
think about how
awesome it actually is.
And then recognize you can
attack the world in a totally
different way ’cause you were
lucky enough to be
born during this era.
Fuck you, Monday!
(hip hop music)

Assemble You Have to Draw To Change right into a Graphic Dressmaker?

hey all people that is graphic design roberto blake of robertoblake.com serving to you create one thing superior at present so in at present’s video i will speak about one thing fairly attention-grabbing to me at the least the concept that folks assume they’ve to have the ability to draw to be a graphic designer now the factor is you do not have to have the ability to draw to be a grep designer however there are elements the tough design trade that may aid you in when you can draw however I might preface this by saying that when you’re not going into brand design your capability to attract impacts your graphic design profession so much lower than when you had been going to be a decrease designer during which case it will likely be a hindrance to you when you can not draw or at the least do primary geometric shapes or considerably detailed illustrations when you’re going into print design Net Design photograph manipulation something like that key art work movement graphics then you definately in all probability do not want to have the ability to draw to have the ability to do these issues most of your work will nonetheless be within the pc you must nonetheless do thumbnail sketches and simply get primary concepts and storyboarding out of your head and use pen and paper for that however when it comes to precise superior illustration capability you do not want that to have the ability to achieve success as a graphic designer now when you’re doing brand design then I might say you positively have to have some primary stage two intermediate or superior stage of illustration and drawing functionality with a purpose to be very profitable as a brand designer to have the ability to make distinctive logos and to have the ability to cost larger charges when you’re somebody who can solely push pixels within the pc then it should be very limiting for you as a brand designer it is gonna be so much tougher to brainstorm and get concepts out if you cannot draw or when you wrestle with that you could nonetheless do it you would possibly be capable to achieve success however essentially the most profitable brand designers have conventional illustration and hand drawing expertise so I might simply preserve that in thoughts and if that is the course you need to go in I might say polish that talent and do not feel intimidated there are a number of alternative ways you may study illustration decide it up their planet channels on YouTube that particularly go into drawing an illustration I’d even begin performing some primary drawing lessons right here on the channel if folks request that so if that is one thing to be attention-grabbing let me know within the remark part beneath whether or not or not you need me to cowl some primary artwork and illustration stuff right here on the YouTube channel as an alternative of simply the digital stuff and the profession stuff and so on and so on let me know if you’d like some precise conventional illustration lessons that can assist you with the fundamentals of drawing however once more you do not want to have the ability to draw with a purpose to be a graphic designer and achieve success anyway I hope you loved this video I hope you discovered it informative when you nonetheless have questions go away these within the feedback part beneath and I am going to try to reply them like this video when you prefer it remember to subscribe try the opposite superior content material on the channel as at all times you guys thanks a lot for watching and remember create one thing superior at present

Straightforward ideas to Bag Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

– Hey, all people. That is Roberto Blake, serving to you create
one thing superior right this moment. So in right this moment’s YouTube video, I am gonna speak about the way you get your first 1,000 subscribers in YouTube. Now, if you happen to’re watching this, you clearly know that I’ve over 20,000 YouTube subscribers. As of the making of this video, I’ve really lately cleared 21,000 subscribers in YouTube, and I’ve finished that in a
comparatively quick time period. Its been about, perhaps, as
of the making of this video, 18 months since I began doing constant content material on YouTube. I have been round for some time, however I wasn’t placing out movies. And placing out constant weekly content material is an enormous a part of the way you develop
to 1,000 or extra subscribers. In reality, it’s good to
be placing out content material most likely about roughly thrice per week. And doubtless a few of
the very best days to do that are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, to set you up with a constant schedule, unfold your movies out, and nonetheless be engaged with
your viewers at peak occasions. So, I’d say having
a constant schedule of placing out movies thrice per week, and I am recommending Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday, is an enormous a part of the way you get your first 1,000 subscribers in YouTube. One of many different issues is it’s important to produce high quality content material. I do know all people’s drained
of listening to that by now, however it’s important to produce high quality content material. It needs to be fascinating
and price subscribing to. It needs to be the sort of factor the place if anybody watches
one in every of your movies, they will wish to come again for extra. Take into consideration why you tune
into your favourite TV present, or the place you are subscribed
to your favourite channel. It is often as a result of they’re creating some sort of worth for you that makes you retain coming again. So just be sure you’re doing that and that you simply’re retaining your viewers on the prime of your ideas if you’re placing out your content material. Sure, you must put out
issues that you simply wanna see, and issues that you simply take pleasure in, and movies that you simply wanna do, however it’s important to take into consideration your viewers in case your objective is to lift
your subscriber depend. With that in thoughts, cease
asking for sub for sub. I imply, I am unable to inform you what number of occasions I’ve needed to delete feedback the place persons are asking for sub for sub. Look, the one cause to
subscribe to a YouTube channel is that you simply benefit from the content material and also you wanna assist the creator. There isn’t any cause that
if you happen to sub to my channel that I ought to simply go forward
and subscribe to yours, as a result of do you actually need a subscriber that is not excited by your content material, simply to lift your numbers? And on prime of that, you
might not understand this, however YouTube is penalizing sub for sub. When you have subscribers, and so they’re not
in your content material, and so they go lengthy intervals
of time with out watching or clicking on any of your content material, and so they’re simply there as subscribers, YouTube says that your
channel is irrelevant, and also you rank decrease within the YouTube search. And that is vital
as a result of I’ll inform you that over 50% to 60% of my views come from YouTube searches. So, something that hurts
your YouTube search rating goes to harm you in the long term by way of your YouTube channel. So for this reason you want
to cease doing sub for sub, cease requesting it, cease
hijacking folks’s feedback with “sub for sub,” “sub
to me, I am going to sub again.” None of that. If persons are gonna subscribe to you, it needs to be as a result of
they love your content material, and so they wanna assist it, and so they wanna see extra of it. That is all there may be to it. Now, one thing else I wanna level out. We talked concerning the YouTube search. To have the ability to get extra views, which is able to result in subscribers, it’s good to be specializing in YouTube search, which suggests you can’t be
lazy about your titles, your descriptions, and your tags. Just remember to have subscriptions with over 300 phrases. That may seem to be loads to consider to explain what is going on on in your video, however that is what it’s good to be doing, as a result of YouTube cares about that, and that is going to create relevance by way of what persons are trying to find. It wants these phrases in order that when somebody searches in your video, whether or not that is, oh, how
to do that in Photoshop, or humorous Name of Obligation movies, they want to have the ability to discover these phrases. And if it is not in your titles, your description, and your tags, it is gonna be more durable for YouTube
to search out that sort of stuff. So that is what you want
to be fascinated by by way of the way you get extra views and the way these views lead
to extra subscribers. And that is one thing that is vital in your YouTube technique total. One other factor it’s good to be
doing is utilizing social media. And I am not speaking about
spamming social media along with your movies, I am speaking about being
engaged with folks in Twitter, Fb, Instagram, and completely different locations, in order that they like content material
you are placing on the market, and is likely to be
in your YouTube channel in the event that they know that you’ve got one. In order that’s why I positively
advocate doing, after all you must
be posting your movies in these platforms as
nicely, wherever you may, however you additionally want to supply context. Do not simply publish your video with out posting an outline and a few context as to why
someone ought to watch this, and why they need to
subscribe to your channel. And on the finish of the day, simply be sincere with your self about why you are on YouTube and why you assume folks ought to subscribe. Take a tough take a look at your content material, and see if it is price maintaining with, and if it is not, then you definately
have to make some modifications, and that is the very best suggestions I’ve for getting your first
1,000 subscribers in YouTube and going past. I’ll most likely do one other video about hitting your first
5,000 subscribers in YouTube, as a result of I nonetheless assume that that is an vital
milestone as nicely. So, the subsequent video on YouTube subscribers shall be a 5,000 subscriber video. After which, after that, we’ll do
the 10,000 subscriber video, and I’ll speak about options that having 10,000 subscribers
unlocks, together with entry to the YouTube studio area
for creators over in L.A. Nicely, I hope you guys loved this video. I hope you realized extra about the way you develop your
YouTube subscribership. Should you discovered this video
and the content material in it to be fascinating, then I hope you will positively subscribe. I put out new movies about the way you develop your YouTube channel every week, so be sure to’re
staying tuned for that. See? That is the way you ask for a subscription. You present what the worth is
and why they need to come again, and that is the way you get subscribers. Anyway, like this video if you happen to prefer it. Do not forget to subscribe. Take a look at the opposite superior
content material on the channel. As all the time, you guys, thanks
a lot for watching, and do not forget, create
one thing superior right this moment.

My Top 5 Productivity Tools That Can Make You Higher, Faster & Stronger – SPI TV Ep. 3

Hey, what’s up? This is Pat and welcome to
episode three of SPI TV. In this video, I’m
going to give you my five favorite productivity
tools that are going to help you get more
work done faster, better and stronger. Here
we go.
Okay, so this first tool I want to share with
you is called “by word” and this is distraction-free
writing. This is essentially a word process.
This is on a Mac computer. Now, there is a
Windows version of this called Ommwriter.
There’s a lot of different distraction-free
word processors out there. The purpose is
really just to get rid of all the other things
that might stop you from doing what you should
be doing when you’re writing which is focusing
on your words and taking that stuff in your
brain and putting in here into text for your
blog post, for your book writing, whatever.
For blog post specifically actually for anybody
on any word processor even if you use WordPress
as a place to edit your blog post which I
wouldn’t recommend because sometimes it crashes.
Could be finicky. That’s why I would recommend
using a third party program specially something
like this which is distraction-free. Again,
this is called “by-word”. I don’t want to
give you a tip which is related to episode
one of SPI TV which was about how to write
a super fast first draft for your book. In
that, I shared a strategy using post it notes
to brainstorm and mind map your next book.
You could do the same thing. You could use
post it notes to take all that information
in your brain. Put it down on your desk or
on your table and start to organize them.
Pull out those post it notes and put them
into sections, in groups which then become
… In a book, there would be your chapters
and sub chapters and case studies and all
those things. In a blog post, essentially
the same thing. Different sections and talking
points and conclusions and calls to actions
and ideas for a titles and things like that.
After you use your mind map and brainstorm
using the post it note method like shown in
episode one, you can do the following which
is my workflow for getting through a blog
post super fast. Now, it’s not because I type
faster but it’s because I take a different
approach using the transformation method.
What I mean by that is you’re essentially
thinking about how you can transform your
audience with this particular topic that you
want to write about.
The first thing that you want to do is literally
write down transformation. Then, write down
how you want your audience to transform after
reading this particular piece that you’re
writing. The reason I love thinking about
it this way because when you really think
about that, I mean, it’s just a summary. You’re
just writing the summary of the post, the
purpose. When I think about the transformation
that people have after reading it, that’s
much better. Because you’re thinking about
this in terms of how it’s going to help your
audience. It’s always at from your audience’s
perspective, what your audience’s best interest
in mind. Not yours but your audience’s which
is who you’re writing for, right?
Think about the transformation that you want
your audience to have after reading this post.
This is going to guide you in terms of what
you’re going to write. What your support points
are going to be. What your case studies are
going to be. What your conclusion and your
call to action. Also, your title. Think about
that. That’s the first exercise you should
always do before you write a blog post or
even do a podcast episode. What’s the transformation
you want your audience to go through? That’s
tip number one.
After that, you actually want to write down
your support points. Support point number
one. Support point number two and support
point number three. There might be more but
it’s always good to have three. Now, when
you have these different support points. Again,
thinking about the transformation in mind.
These are points that you need to make in
order to convince somebody about this transformation.
They might be case studies or experiments
or examples or stories or anything. Support
Now, within … If you have three, perfect.
If you have more, that’s fine. Here’s the
basic structure for the strength of each of
the support points. There’s a specific order
that will give you the most bang for your
buck here. The first support point would be
the second best support point. The second
support point should be the third best or
the last. Then the third one is going to be
of course, your first best or the best.
The reason for this is you want your worst
example, your worst case study, story whatever
to be sandwiched in the middle, between the
two best ones. You always want to end on a
high note. You want to end with the best thing
so that’s the last thing people remember or
the last thing they read before they get to
that call to action. That’s going to best
support your idea. The second best one is
there. That’s just keep them going. I want
to that point, they’re going to get to the
end. Again, the intro and the title are very
important. We’ll talk about that in a second.
Those are your support points.
After that, then you can write the conclusion
which will all relate. All of this, it’s hard
to type in, saying stuff at the same time.
Conclusion and also call to action. That’s
what you write out then. Yes. First, your
transformation which is the summary about
again with your audience in mind. Then your
support points in that particular order. You
would know that order based off of your brainstorming.
Then your conclusion and your call to action.
Then, you can write the introduction. Again,
this is important to put nearly last because
it is one of the most important parts of your
Once people click to read it, the introduction
is the first thing they read and it has to
be great. Again, it’s got to be convincing.
It’s got to keep them going down the page
and that’s all going to be based on the support
points and your call to action. Again, keeping
in mind, what it is you want your audience
to do after they read this? The introduction
goes there.
Finally, after all that, your title. The title
is the most important thing of your post because
that’s what people see when they go to your
website. That’s what people see when they’re
on social media. Before they read any single
words that you write on your post, they read
the title. It’s important for the title to
be great and this gives you an opportunity
to write a whole bunch of things. Think about
this post and really craft it before you come
up with that perfect title and doing this
all before the title’s going to help you out.
That’s how you can just go really quickly,
much quicker than if you were to start at
the top through your blog post and hopefully
that will help some of you. This is how I
approach my blog post and if you don’t do
this, perhaps, it might be a great experiment
for you to try. Or you might have your own
method or workflow for going through a blog
post. Over the years, over six years, this
is what’s worked best for me and this is how
I always approach my blog post. Type that
The next tool I want to share with you is
called “Calendly”. This will help you literally
take control of your time. I don’t know if
you’ve ever tried to schedule an interview
or a meeting and just step back and forth
those emails. Are you free then? No, I’m not
free then. Are you free here? No. Actually,
I’m not free there. Well, what about next
week? Blah, blah, blah, blah. You go through
all these emails as back and forth and then
you either finally, after hours and wasted
transition time. Find the meeting time that
works for both of you or you just don’t do
the meeting at all or that interview. It’s
just really frustrating.
After using Calendly for the last couple of
months, it has really changed my life and
it has changed the life of my assistant, too.
Because she knows when certain things happen.
The way to approach building your calendar
out specially on the tool like Calendly and
there are a lot of other tools just like it.
I like the interface for both the user and
the person you’re sharing your calendar link
with, on Calendly the best. I did a bunch
of research on all the different kinds and
I like this one the best.
The really cool think. The way you own one
approaches is you have specific days and times
where specific things happens. Specific events
happen at certain times on certain days. You’re
here on my dashboard and so you’re seeing
on Tuesday, this Tuesday I have a bunch of
things lined up. That’s because Tuesdays are
my interview days. When I send people a link
to schedule an interview, Calendly knows to
only show them Tuesday is available whenever
there is time available on Tuesdays.
What’s really cool is I can sync this up to
my Google calendar. It knows to not schedule
me over something that I already have scheduled.
Or when I schedule something here myself,
it puts it in my Google calendar for me which
is really cool.
I’m going to actually show you what it’s like
to create a new event and how you should approach
this. I’m going to go my even type settings
and you’ll see different types of events here.
You’ll see interviews for food trucker, for
smart passive income, a 60-minute meeting,
a 30-minute meeting and a 15-minute meeting.
Again, each one of these event types has a
specific link that you can share. If you’re
going to schedule a 15-minute meeting, you
just give them the link for the 15-minute
meeting. They’ll see a whole list of openings
and they could choose the one that works for
them. That’s based off of when you are open.
Again, this is taking time under your control
and not giving anybody else a chance to tell
you when you’re supposed to do something.
You’re taking control and that’s so important.
I’m going to walk through how to create an
event type really quick with you. I’m going
to create a new podcast actually. Let’s do
Pat’s new podcast interview. We’ll make this
one hour long. Pat’s new podcast. Event link,
I’ll just put a calendly.com/patflynn/pat’s
… Or let’s just do new podcast. I’m going
to make the event color green. That just doesn’t
matter but if you have a bunch, it might help
Availability. Now, this is work, it’s really
cool. Now, I only want to conduct interviews
for this brand new podcast of mine. I don’t
even know what it is. Again, this is just
hypothetical. Not on the weekends but let’s
say Monday is on. I want to edit this specific
time. Let’s do Monday from, have it start
every 30 minutes. I’m not starting it in the
middle of an hour expect for at the half hour
of course.
Let’s start it at 1PM. Let’s end at 5PM. Let’s
apply this to actually Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday only. Done. Now, Tuesday and Wednesday
has been updated. You can see between 1 and
5PM for both of those days. Then, I’m going
to Thursday off and Friday off. I’m only conducting
interviews for the new podcast I have between
Monday and Wednesday from 1PM to 5PM. When
I get people this link, this special link
that I created or my assistant does it for
me. Again, calendly.com/patflynn/newpodcast.
They’ll only see what’s available in my schedule
on those days, in those times.
I’m going to go here and say how far in the
future can schedules be, can events be scheduled.
It gives you 60 days. Custom questions. This
is really cool. Phone number. No, I don’t
want people’s phone numbers. Custom question.
Skype contact or Skype user name is probably
the best way to say it. Skype user name required.
Single line, yes. Add a custom question. Any
special requirements. We’ll just make that
multi line but also optional. Add. Custom
links, no. Email notifications, you can change
the way it gets. You can set reminders and
things like that or advanced settings. I don’t
want this to be public. I just want one invitee
so I’m going to keep that.
Let’s see. Buffer time before or after, no.
Display button to schedule another event,
no. I’m going to save changes. All right.
It has been successfully saved. Now, if I
go to calendly.com/patflynn/newpodcast,
you’ll see what my calendar looks like if
you get to select. You’ll see what it’s like
if you’re going to schedule this particular
interview with me. I have no openings until
February 25th because those times are already
booked in my calendar which is cool. Someone
can go here but maybe they’re not good for
Wednesday. Maybe they want Monday or something.
Here’s the first Monday available. Monday,
March 9th. I’m going to click that. There
are two start times available. Let’s do 4PM,
confirm. Then it’s going to ask me what those
questions were. Okay, Skype user name. PatFlynn3.
Special requirements, nope and schedule event.
What’s cool is the people who sign up on the
other end, they’re going to see this information
and they’ll be able to quickly add it to their
iCalendar or Google or Outlook. Then, you’re
Man, this is super easy. What’s really cool
is this automatically put to my schedule as
well. If I go to my Google calendar. Again,
this is March 9th, 4PM. I’m going to go to
my Google calendar. I’m going to go to the
correct calendar. I’m going to hover to March
and click March 9th. Here we go. Very quick.
This event, you’ll see. Pat’s new podcast
interview. 4-5PM. It is done with Pat and
it’s for smartpassive.com. The user name is
PatFlynn3. Any special requirements, nope.
All in there already.
That, when I go into a podcast interview,
it’s here in the calendar. I click the calendar
event. There it is with the Skype user name
so I don’t have to go and dig it out. It’s
there already. Boom. It’s been a life changer
for me and it could be for you, too. That’s
The next tool I want to introduce you to is
called “Trello”. This is a project management
tool and it’s how both myself and my team
members are able to understand what projects
we’re working on. Within those projects, who’s
doing what and when things should be done.
This is really cool because it takes the place
of a physical folder system that it had. Literally,
physical, manila folders with pieces of papers
sharing every single task of what needed to
be done in order for the project to be completed.
This takes that place and it’s better because
I can have my team members there. I can assign
certain team members to different tasks. They
can all converse with each other and there’s
due dates and check list can be added on to
different tasks as well to make things get
A lot of you wonder how we’re able to do so
many things at the same time and Trello is
definitely it. I’m going to give you a quick
tour of how I use it. Now, there’s a lot in
here and I don’t want you to be overwhelmed.
There are also a lot of other great project
management tools out there that I’ve only
used actually Basecamp is one that comes to
mind and Asana. I know a lot of you use those,
too. As long as you’re using something like
this to manage your projects so you can understand
what has to be done next. Who’s doing that
thing next and when, then you’re set.
Trello maybe for you, maybe not. It is working
for me and my team definitely. I’ll give you
a quick tour and show you how you might be
able to use this right away for what you’re
doing right now. On the dashboard here, you’ll
see these boards and all these boards consists
of different lists and tasks. Within those
things, you can have different assignments.
It’s really easy once you get into it. I’m
going to show you an example in just a sec.
There’s so many things in here. I’ll give
you and get started to look really quick at.
The inner workings of the smart podcast player.
Now, don’t be overwhelmed by what you see
here. All this is internal stuff but I’m just
going to give you an idea. From left to right
here. The left here is the backlog. Which
means, these are just all the ideas that us
as a team and also the users of the smart
podcast player. You can find that at smartpodcastplayer.com
All the ideas that anyone has ever had for
adding additional features to this podcast
player are put here in this backlog. Then,
my team and I go in once a week and take all
of these suggestions and prioritize them.
We can easily just add new cards here for
new suggestions and we can prioritize one
over the other for example. Then, what happens
is the developers come in and they pick the
top one. Whenever it’s time to work on a new
feature. Then drag and drop it over here and
they say, “Okay. We’re going to work on that.”
That’s how everybody on the team knows that
that’s what we’re working on right now.
Again, it just keeps the developers focus
on that one thing. You can see, they’re working
on a couple other thing right now which is
really cool. We’re actually working on a free
trial version right now which is a [inaudible
16:33] pretty challenging but we’re really
excited about that.
Here, UI/UX, that’s the design stuff. If anything
needs any design work done first. It goes
over here and then Dustin my UX guy takes
care of it. Then, things that are ready to
go are put over here. Done and ready for launch
here. Then there’s some checklists here for
any testing that needs to be done.
This is a higher level version of a board
here used in my team. Let me show you one
that might be a little bit easier to use for
you. I’m going to create it from scratch actually.
This is blog post. We all write blog post
or I know a lot of us do. Or maybe it’s podcast
episodes. Here’s how you can use this to your
advantage. I’m going to add a list here and
this could be blog post ideas. Then under
here, you can add different cards. For example,
five ways to use Trello for super fast productivity.
Add. I’m going to add another one.
The worst night of my life. Insert joke here.
I’ll add one more. Fishing with my dad is
awesome. Again, this isn’t for real. Like
that would be weird if I had all those things
on the blog. Oh, maybe not. Anyway, the next
list you can add would maybe be working. Or
maybe doing research. Research on the certain
things. I’m going to add another list. That
might be currently writing, ready for editing
and done and ready to publish. You can see
where I’m going here and publish.
Let’s say for example, I have this idea for
a blog post. Five ways to use Trello for super
fast productivity. I can actually click on
this card and open it up and then I can write
comments on it. I can add certain people or
attachments to it. Maybe I want to add some
screenshots. I’ll give you a quick tip in
just a second in my next tool to show you
how to make, just take a really quick easy
Anyway, I can edit the description in case
this is something, somebody else needs to
read. I can label it. I can add members to
it. I can add due dates. I can add checklists.
For example, as to the five items. I can do
item one. Item two, item three, item four
again. Because this is five ways and item
five. Once I find these things, I can check
them off and it gives me 20% done, 40% done,
60% done. I’m going to close this. You can
see here, three out of five done. I know that
this isn’t ready yet for example.
Or maybe what I can do, is if I have somebody
on my team that’s doing the research, I can
move this card over here. Then, I in the whole
team understands that this is the card that’s
being researched right now. If you have one
person on the team, maybe you can just set
the rule out. Okay, there’s only one that
you should be researching on before it goes
into currently writing. Or maybe it’s just
you and that’s the one you’re researching.
Then after you’re done with that, you can
edit to currently writing. Maybe somebody
else in your team is researching the worst
[man 19:50] of your life.
Then from there, after you’re done writing,
you can edit over to editing and then you
can maybe assign it at that point to somebody
on your team. Let’s go to Matt. This is a
private port so I don’t have any other team
members in here. But, you can assign it to
your editor who can then edit and then you
can put a due date to that at which point
this person would take it and put it in the
done and ready to publish. That’s where you
can go and you would have this bank of articles
that you can then publish and boom, done.
Then overtime, this list will grow and you
just get super motivated because you can see
everything that you have accomplished. You
can always go back into these to see what
research you did if any or who was assigned
to something. It just makes it super easy
to go through this workflow. Then you or anybody
in your team can just add another idea. Then,
just keep going down this line. Then man,
it just becomes so productive in terms of
the workflow here. It’s just crazy. That’s
how you could use Trello right now. There
are a lot of other ways you can use it but
I can’t spend an hour talking about it. I
just wanted to introduce the tool to you and
give you a quick tip on how you might be able
to benefit from it right now.
One of the most helpful tools I’ve ever used
in my business and I still use almost everyday
now is called Dropbox. A lot of you probably
already have Dropbox. Now, I’m going to share
a quick tip for you that even if you have
Dropbox, you might not know yet that it’s
been really helpful for me. However, if you
don’t have Dropbox, you have to get it. It’s
just the most helpful tool you can use specially
if you have team members because you can easily
swap files, images, documents, using the cloud
storage that Dropbox gives you and you can
sign up for free too which is really cool.
Now, if you sign up for free through my link
if you go to smartpassiveincome.com/dropbox,
you’ll get some extra space I believe and
I also get some extra space as well for going
through that link. That’s how they grow so
fast. That’s really smart business move. You
don’t have to go through that. You can just
go to Dropbox.com too if you just like. Totally
up to you.
After you get signed up with that, what you
can do is you easily are able to swap files
and upload stuff to the cloud and be able
to access that from anywhere, from any device.
It’s just so easy to use from videos, to images,
to documents. I have … Most of my most important
files are on my own Dropbox account. You should
too because if your computer crashes, at least,
you have those there. If you ever wanted to
share files with you, I mean, I share movie
files and I share MP3 files from my podcast
with my assistant almost every single day.
That’s how they get access to them. They can
then take them, edit them and then put them
into my podcast.
Dropbox is just really incredibly helpful
for that. Now, the tip I wanted to share with
you is involving screenshots. Now, I take
a lot of screenshots and you might too. It’s
a great thing to potentially add an image
on to social media. If you ever wanted to
share an image with one of your colleagues
really quick. Maybe you’re talking to them
on Skype and you just really wanted to show
there, something on your screen with them
really quick. You can take a screenshot and
show that with them.
Now, if you hook up Dropbox to capture your
screenshots. Those screenshots immediately
get copied to your clipboard and then link
to that Dropbox folder where your screenshots
get dumped. In other words, when you take
a screenshot, if you connect it to Dropbox,
and I’ll show you how to do that in just a
minute. It puts all those screenshots into
a Dropbox folder that’s special just for the
screenshots. Then when you do that, you have
a link already copied through your clipboard
that you can paste into your instant message,
into your Twitter, or wherever you want to
share that image. It’s just super cool.
To set this up. What you want to do, is you
want to go to your top menu here. Or wherever
the desktop icon is. Click on Dropbox. Then,
you want to go to this little cog icon. The
settings icon and go to preferences. Then,
what you want to do is go to import. Then
at the bottom here, make sure this is clicked
on. Share screenshots using Dropbox. Now,
if you take a screenshot and you have Dropbox,
you might have seen a prompt like this come
up for the first time. Maybe you have it enabled
already but if not, this is really helpful.
Make sure that’s on. It’s on for me already
and I’m going to give you an example.
Let’s say, I just take a screenshot of the
front of Dropbox. I’m just going to take a
screenshot. I’m doing this by holding command
shift and 4. Now, I’m able to move this around.
If I wanted to even move the corner of this
box which you can’t move right now, that’s
the pivot point where I started. I can hold
shift. If I hold shift down all at the same
time, still holding all four of those buttons.
I can move this around and maybe I can just
take screenshot of this image here. That’s
just really cool.
Again, on a Mac, it’s command shift 4. I believe
Dropbox gives you instructions if you’re on
a PC. How to take a screenshot like this just
on the fly. Again, this is how you would do
it. Then, hold space bar down. In addition
to that, if you ever want to move that box
around, then, I’m just going to let go. In
my ears, I heard a camera sound. I saw a little
pop up that said, “Sharing screenshot.” I
have a link available. Now, if I actually
go to this link, again, that was automatically
just put in to my clipboard and hit enter.
There’s the screenshot. Super cool. Let me
take a bigger screenshot of my whole desktop
and then put it in here.
Now, it’s still uploading. It has to upload
to the server really quick. Then, it’s little
bigger so it’s going to take some time. There
it is. That’s super cool. That’s how you can
take quick, easy screenshots. Have them saved
so you don’t ever lose them and they don’t
just become junk on your desktop. You’ll be
able to easily share them to those who need
All right. The last tool I want to share with
you is called “SelfControl”. Now, I know a
lot of you like myself get super distracted
by certain websites that you might visit.
They’re dangerous because you can go down
that rabbit hole and be in there for hours
and come out of it like, “What just happened?
I just wasted all of that time.” You probably
have an idea of what those sites are. Using
this tool SelfControl. There’s also … This
is a Mac application. You can download it
from SelfControlapp.com.
There’s also a Windows version available which
is a different company but you can go to stopprocrastinatingapp.com.
Anyway, I have SelfControl install and I deleted
all my websites because I wanted to show you
how to add them in. What it is, is after you
install it, you get this little app that shows
up. You can put domains into your domain blacklist.
I’m going to hit plus, I’m going to put Facebook,
it’s the big one. Facebook.com. I’m going
to out Twitter.com. I’m going to put BuzzFeed.
That’s a huge one that a lot of people waste
time on. Then you could even import this list
and give it to other people. Or you might
be able to find one from somebody else actually
if they use this.
This is a fairly popular tool. You might use
it already. If you do, I’d love to see how
it’s been for you because I’ve just recently
started using it. It’s totally changed because
that’s just … It’s just totally changed
my productivity because you know, I actually
caught myself going to sites without me even
knowing it. It’s just a habit. This has been
really good.
Then to start this self-controlled time sequence,
what you do is you hit start. You can adjust
the minutes here to see how much time you
want to not be able to access these sites.
If I were to go 15 minutes and hit start,
I would not be able to access Facebook, Twitter
or BuzzFeed. What’s really cool is even if
I turn off my computer and delete the application,
it would still go to when you hit the time
setting. I wouldn’t be able to access any
of these sites for 15 minutes.
I might do that right now. Start. Password.
Okay. Loading and now, those sites are blacklisted.
Let’s see what happens when I go to Facebook.com.
Nothing. Nothing’s happening. Let’s just make
sure … Oh, yeah. Webpage not available.
Now, let’s just double check to make sure
that the internet still is working. Cool.
Twitter.com. Nope, not available. Buzzfeed,
please. Because I just need to go there because
the next article about the 26 things that
remind me of my childhood is so important.
No. Okay. Yeah. Again, those apps are SelfControl
app. Then also, Stop Procrastinating app.
I hope those tools will be helpful for you
as much as they have been for me. Now, if
you have any tools you’d like to share with
the SPI community, feel free to leave a comment.
If you’re watching this on Youtube, leave
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one of them because I’m always looking for
better tools to help me become more productive.
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Or if you’re watching this on the blog, leave
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