Keyword Research: 5 Untapped Systems

It’s no secret that keyword research is the
most important part of any SEO campaign. Keywords
determine your content, your competition,
even your customers. But how can you find
high volume, profitable keywords that your
competition doesn’t know about without needing
weeks of research or expensive keyword research
software? I’m Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko,
the place where marketers turn for higher
rankings and more traffic, and in this video,
I’m going to show you 5 of my all-time favorite
keyword research strategies for finding underground
keyword opportunities that your competition
doesn’t know about. Keep watching.
It turns out that most people go about keyword
research the complete wrong way. What am I
talking about? Well, when most people start
off their keyword research process, they fire
up the good ‘ole Google keyword planner. But,
believe it or not, the Google keyword planner
is one of the last places you want to look
for awesome keyword ideas for your business.
And the reason I say that is because there’s
two huge problems with the Google keyword
planner. The first one is that it tends to
give you very close variations of the keyword
that you put into it. So, for example, if
you put the keyword ‘weight loss’ into the
planner, it spits out really close variation
like ‘weight loss tips’ and ‘weight loss strategies’.
It doesn�t give you intelligent related
keywords like ‘nutrition’ or ‘exercise’ or
things like that. The other problem is that
it tends to give the same exact keywords to
everybody, including your competition. So
in order to find keywords that are profitable
and your competition doesn’t know about, you
need to step outside of the Google keyword
planner and use one of the five strategies
that I’m going to outline for you in this
So let’s start off with one of my all-time
favorite keyword research goldmines, forums.
Now, I’ll admit forums are a little bit old
school, but where else can you find a place
where your target audience hangs out and has
discussions 24/7? So in order to use forums
you want to head over to a forum and look
at threads that people have started. And usually
when someone starts a thread in a forum, it
means that they don’t know the answer to the
question, or they’re having a problem that
they can’t find a solution to online. And
these are the same types of words and phrases
that they use when they head over to Google
and use Google search. So they’re great keywords
for you to put into the Google keyword planner
to drill down specifics like monthly search
volume and cost-per-click.
So next up we have Wikipedia, one of the most
underutilized keyword research resources online.
Where else can you find topics that are curated
by thousands of experts and organized into
neat little categories. To use Wikipedia for
keyword research, just head over to Wikipedia
and enter a broad keyword related to your
name. So for example, let’s say that you’re
a personal trainer, head over to Wikipedia
and put in a broad keyword like ‘fitness’.
And then when you look at that Wikipedia entry,
take a look at the contents on that page.
Each of the contents are basically see keywords
that you can put into the Google keyword planner
to see the search volume and also to generate
new keyword ideas.
So the next strategy is a little bit weird,
it’s a way to use Google to find keyword ideas
without using the Google keyword planner.
So there’s this little area at the bottom
of Google search results that you may not
have even noticed, and it’s one of the best
places to find new keyword ideas. It’s called
“searches related to”. And “searches related
to” is basically Google’s way of showing you
thematically-related keywords to the keyword
that you put in. So to use “searches related
to”, just enter a keyword related to your
name- again, if you’re a personal trainer
you could put something like ‘fitness’, scroll
down to the bottom of the page and look at
searches related to. A lot of times, these
are keywords that the Google keyword planner
will never show you. And sometimes they’re
close variations to the keyword put in there,
but a lot of times, they’re more like keywords
that are related but are something that’s
a little but tangentially related, so it’s
something that the Google keyword planner
would never ever show you.
Believe it or not, Amazon is one of my all-time
favorite keyword research websites. So you’re
probably wondering how do you use Amazon for
keyword research. Well, just head over to
Amazon, enter a keyword in the book section,
and find a popular book in your niche. Then
click on “look inside”. And this will show
you the table of contents of that book. It’s
basically each chapter within the table of
contents are great keyword ideas in and of
themselves, and they’re also great SEO keywords
that you can put into the Google keyword planner
to find some close variations.
So the four strategies that I’ve shown you
so far are great, but I think you’ll agree
that I’ve saved the best for last. Last up,
we have the holy grail of keyword research, Now if you’re not familiar with
it, is basically like Yahoo Answers
except the answers are actually useful. And
another feature it has that’s really nice
is that when you search for a keyword in Quora,
it shows you the most popular questions. Which
basically means things that people are interested
in; in other words, keywords that people search
for in Google. So just head over to
and put in a keyword related to your niche,
and you can find questions and answers. So
you actually want to look at the questions,
find keywords that come up again and again,
put those into the Google keyword planner,
and you can also read the threads themselves
to see if there are any followup questions,
which are also potentially really great keyword
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The kind to Make a Squeeze Online page That Converts at 21.7%

The truth about building an email list is
this – it’s really hard to turn ice cold traffic
into email subscribers. Sure, you could try
to bribe them with a free E-book or an online
course, but you’ve probably seen firsthand
that that doesn’t work really well. So what’s
the answer? The social squeeze page. It’s
the simple page that I recently added to my
site and it’s currently converting at 21.7%.
I’m Brian Dean, the founder of,
and in this video, I’m going to show you exactly
how you can add this high-converting page
to your site.
So, a few months ago, I had this problem – my
site was getting a fair amount of traffic,
but I couldn’t get anyone to actually subscribe
to my email newsletter. So I tried slapping
opt-in forms all over my site, and that helped
a little. I also tried giving away a free
E-book, but that barely made a dent. Then
one day, I stumbled across this page on copyblogger
called “How to Write Magnetic Headlines”.
And I noticed that even though it was a squeeze
page that existed solely to collect emails,
it was beautifully-designed and actually had
social sharing buttons on it. And that’s when
I realized that the tried and true squeeze
page still worked it just needed to be adapted
to today’s audience. So after a lot of research
and experimenting, the social squeeze page
was born. And since putting the social squeeze
page on my site last year, it’s converting
at 21.7%, which is ten times better than any
other page on my site. So you’re probably
wondering what exactly is a social squeeze
page, and how can I add one to my site. Well
that’s exactly what I’m going to show you
how to do right now.
So the social squeeze page that’s converted
so well for me is called “How to Rank For
Any Keyword”. And on the surface, it looks
like a simple page with a video on it, and
in many ways, it is. But there’s a lot of
important things on that page that make it
convert so well, and those are the things
I’m going to walk you through right now.
So first you need a topic for your social
squeeze page, and your topic is really important.
You want to find something that your target
audience is hungry to learn more about; that
way, they’re likely to hand over their email
address for more information on that topic.
In my case, I did a case study, because I
knew that most of my readers were sick of
reading fluff SEO content from other blogs,
and they wanted something actionable and real,
and were willing to hand over their email
in exchange for learning more information
on that topic.
So next it’s time to actually create your
video. Now, you don’t have to stand in front
of a camera if you don’t want to; you can
record a PowerPoint presentation using screencap
software like Camtasia. But the important
thing is that your video has to be really
good, it has to add value, and ideally it
should be between 3 and 10 minutes. Any longer,
and it’s probably too long and going to lose
interest, and any shorter and it looks like
just another squeeze page video. Because remember,
with the social squeeze page, you’re actually
adding value in your video.
Okay, so now it’s time to create your Headline
and Subheadline. And like any webpage online,
the headline that you use for your social
squeeze page is _huge_. Now the goal of the
headline of your social squeeze page is to
give a person a specific benefit that they’ll
get from watching your video. So for example,
if you ran a site about weight loss, you could
put something like ‘How to Lose 2 inches From
Your Waist by the End of the Month”, or let’s
say that you ran an e-commerce site, and you
had a blog on that site, and your e-commerce
site sold rugs – you could have something
like ‘How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Any
Room in 3 Minutes or Less.’
So once you’ve reeled them in with the headline,
it’s time to move on to your subheadline.
And the job of the subheadline is to create
what’s known as an information gap, which
basically is going to encourage people to
click on your video and watch your video.
In my case, my subheadline is “Here is the
exact step-by-step process that I use.” And
that opens an information gap, because a person’s
like ‘What is the step-by-step process that
I use?’ and then they watch the video.
Next, you want to add opt-in forms to your
page. The first one should go right underneath
your video. That’s a really important place
to put it, because when someone’s watching
the video, their eyes are going to drift around
the page, and the more times they see your
opt-in form, the more likely they are to opt-in.
And you may also want to put another opt-in
form at the bottom of your page. And that’s
for the simple reason that the more opt-in
forms you have on a page, the more opt-ins
that you’ll generally get. And I also recommend
hosting your video with Wistia or LeadPages
because both of those services allow you to
actually collect emails from within the video.
So once you’ve done that, it’s time to move
on to actually one of the most important steps
of the social squeeze page. Finally it’s time
to add social elements to your social squeeze
page, like comments and a social sharing button.
And remember – because your video actually
provides value, people are going to want to
share your video, they’re going to want to
comment on your video. And because as more
people comment and the more social shares
you get, the more social proof that page has,
the more your conversion rate will actually
increase over time.
To sum up, the social squeeze page is one
of the easiest ways to pile email subscribers
onto your list. Do you have a friend that’s
struggling with conversions? Send him or her
a link to this video and you’ll be helping
them and me. And if you want more exclusive
marketing tips just like this one, subscribe
to my YouTube channel, or better yet head
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newsletter where you’ll get marketing tips
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The Quickest Methodology to Develop Your Social Media – CardoneZone

so fashions I can match my Hodgins admit mouth and my different path is I do not understand how nice are actually the place my champions at the place my Japanese did not the lights simply to recreate the atmosphere the homicide stage name an ambulance second of silence my condolences I am going loopy I do not assume that I can maintain it in however pull up the but sprinkle some stress every considered one of us can construct wealth exchange shortage with abundance exchange common with greatness exchange uncertainty with conviction success is there for the taking small enterprise homeowners entrepreneurs startups and the bold Grant Cardone tells you what you need to do to prosper on this new economic system and inform you in the whole lot enterprise finance and profession associated prepare discover the data to your success it is all right here proper now within the cardones zone hey grant cardone right here welcome to the cardones oh and each week I come to you discuss your small business your funds your profession the whole lot that has to do along with your profession dang I am on hearth as we speak oh this present is gonna be nice as a result of we speaking about considered one of my favourite matters considered one of my favourite matters on the earth one of many nice presents that I’ve been given within the final 5 years is a factor referred to as social media I learn an article about ROI and social media now I’ve been for 4 years now telling individuals good if it is advisable make sense of your social media you aren’t getting social media you aren’t getting it on Twitter on that Grant Cardone our cellphone quantity right here is 305 865 eight six six eight three or 5 eight six 5 eight six six eight eight is my favourite quantity as a result of it represents infinity and that is what I am working for each time I make a submit on social media and by the best way I should not perceive social media I shouldn’t be getting the advantages of social media that I get I shouldn’t be utilizing social media to the diploma that I’m utilizing I’m a really sensible man a enterprise man that I squeeze $1.00 canine I can squeeze it down I bought to make sense of it I bought to verify the funding sensible however I bought to inform you social media has been the best present I’ve ever skilled in enterprise if it is advisable make sense when you want an ROI rationalization in case you are a social media firm that does the entire yeah I can validate the ROI dude if it is advisable validate ROI to a buyer to ensure that them to become involved in social media they don’t perceive social media take a look at this text okay spending on social media advertising continues to develop however what are the metrics that might truly measure and may they be benchmark in opposition to ROI companies all sizes and shapes that purchased into the thought of social media advertising test this out now 1.7 billion customers on planet Earth the rise of social media has offered business enterprises with a brand new and distinctive technique to have interaction with current and potential new clients in relation to truly quantifying the advantages nonetheless there’s nonetheless a whole lot of company head scratching happening a latest survey of chief advertising officers discovered that almost 49% have been weren’t capable of quantify whether or not social media had made a distinction to their firms nicely eight mister Carper mister sitting in some White Tower okay some off into the the land of Baba the place you are within the clouds and never linked to individuals anymore the one cause you would wish an evidence as as to if that is working or not is as a result of you do not know learn how to something about Fb do not learn how to use Fb Twitter Linkedin you do not know how so that you want any person to clarify to you why is it value it 36% of chief advertising officers dude I do not also have a title like that okay 36 % mentioned they solely that is about 1/three had an excellent sense of the qualitative although not quantitative outcomes 15 % mentioned they’d seen a confirmed quantitative influence I am going to provide you with one instance an organization referred to as impartial Texan espresso home the espresso grounds began utilizing Twitter as a direct ordering channel ordering ordering it noticed gross sales and market share enhance by 25% okay imma take a caller right here in a second however I wish to provide you with some details about social media in case it is advisable make sense of the ROI what if I may inform you that I may join with 58% of all of the individuals on planet earth with social media 58% of all individuals are on some social website 98% of all individuals 18 to 28 years previous 24 years previous truly are on a social media website 56 % of inhabitants USA 11 % of the world populations on Fb 14 % on LinkedIn 11 % of the inhabitants is on Twitter 9 % on Google+ these are all Google+ workers by the best way common time on social test this out 7.6 hours a month that is approach much less time than I spent on it 11 hours the Israelis spend eleven hours in comparison with the American that spent seven level six hours you too by the best way just isn’t thought of a social media platform which is extraordinarily attention-grabbing an opportunist of a man like me the distinctive distinctive visits to YouTube a month anyone know what the quantity is exclusive visits to YouTube each month 490 million individuals are distinctive to YouTube a month the hours per 30 days are you able to guys guess hundred bucks yeah worldwide 2.9 billion hours are you able to pull up my numbers on YouTube only for the final week I make a collar first Charles from Houston Texas the way you doing it is Charles right here yeah woman Charles the way you doing man wonderful nice the way you doing good my pal is that this Charles cannon that hit me on YouTube after my final present that is Charles carriage one you guess the final present my man met Charles Charles how did you ways did you discover out about me Charles so me from my seminars again after I was in Houston years in the past yeah I have been within the enterprise of years okay I labored at Laurence Marshall Canadian seat and after I first bought in enterprise a supervisor made us go to your seminar and I used to be I used to be impressed he made he made you you would not have gone if he’d have left it as much as you proper precisely so so Charles now you wrote and also you hit on my YouTube channel final that is excellent that you just’re calling in as a result of that is what social media does if you’re out social okay as a result of I have never executed a seminar in Houston for some time however I am out doing both a radio present that we broadcast on YouTube or Ustream after which submit on Fb and Twitter and Charles picked up my present final week and I used to be speaking about what was the subject of that present Charles will go you have been speaking concerning the minimal wage enhance and the way it’s gonna have an effect on everyone the minimal wage oh yeah going from seven and 1 / 4 to 10 {dollars} proper and then you definately posted one thing I truly you posted one thing on my Twitter feed and on my YouTube and I did not see the considered one of them after which Charles took took the initiative to e mail me instantly Charles I can not I can not inform you how a lot I respect you being an expert sufficient to know one grant would wish to know what I give it some thought quantity two and we’ll inform you right here in a second one invoice do this break and quantity two he continued okay so I did not see it on YouTube I did not see it on Twitter and also you wish to inform him what you wrote me an e mail about yeah mainly what what it was was I watch your reveals on YouTube each we I do not get likelihood watch their lives I am at work so he is on my approach house i watch it so and stuff and trigger pay attention to listen to your feedback about the minimal wage enhance and then you definately have been receiving speaking about obama and then you definately mentioned you caught a phase that you just mentioned that caught my consideration after which then an image confirmed up within the background after which I used to be like nicely perhaps I would not hear invite so I bought house I listened to it and I used to be like okay and so they not proceeded to so however simply so everyone is aware of okay I used to be speaking about Obama I talked about Obama and I talked about Obama having large ears after which I talked about I used to be speaking about politicians and after which I mentioned these baboons simply so Charles I used to be not referring to Obama after I mentioned that and I simply confirmed the clip okay see I ought to know I do know individuals beginning on the 30 minute mark and you’ll have been speaking about politicians however the best way it got here out you have been speaking about Obama on the time at that particular time limit you made it once more you made your consideration and I am speaking about politicians however in that particular yeah what I did even earlier than I emailed you come on man John I e mail although that is what I did I I stole his video clips of 20 completely different individuals completely different races completely different completely different backgrounds individuals did not know you yeah factor was watch this clip and let me know what you assume and I bought it to start with I gotta inform you I thanks for spreading the phrase okay yeah I do know I yeah however however truly guys it with out the 20 individuals one particular person considered you probably did okay and and the others have been like yeah that is that may be deemed offensive yeah and once more p-people there some new you some blacks and white side what yeah yeah yeah they’d no thought what what what racially charged simply so we everyone has okay okay so although and so was your would in a whole lot of time this occurs which you imply to say and the way it comes out to be completely various things so I do not know you private gravel invasion at one time are yeah yeah I do not assume I do not assume that you are a a evil dangerous private races no matter yeah yeah yeah remark day adventists it some I like II and different folks that watch it it was it bought to me bought interpreted in another way than why would you do yeah completely as a result of I am going to simply inform you I did not vote for Obama however I do not after I see a dar president I am like okay he is our president man let’s help them as a lot as attainable I do not like all politicians I do not like Boehner I do not like Reid I do not just like the white the the white lady that is a 90 years previous and she or he’s a Pelosi I do not like Obama however it’s bought nothing to do with the colour his pores and skin it means nothing to me you may regulate in Charles when you’re ever down in Miami I would like you to return in my workplace and see what number of completely different races that work in our workplace what number of girls work right here it do not matter to me outcomes matter to me and I am sorry that you just interpreted like that I do not know if we will play that may we play it you bought to construct a play for me man it is at 13 minutes what was the time chopper 13 69 or one thing I let individuals play watch about three minutes um once more I do not say something I do not say hey what do you assume it I simply I say give me your opinion of it I do not deal with preparan in any respect in any respect yeah proper there proper there let’s play that okay dangle on Charles I feel we’re gonna be capable to pull it up and play it our minimal wage okay however go forward performed all you want earlier than you hand over management to those freakin baboons after which the picture county will not let me saying that they Maryland that the maryland invoice c however when i am speaking concerning the baboons dude when i am speaking concerning the baboons i imply the president’s in a single particular person reduce it the president’s one particular person not many individuals and by the best way my man reveals a chimpanzee now he does not even know the distinction as a result of he is the place you from he is from czechoslovakia I bought a man Czechoslovakia he’d had one other gun between a baboon and a chimpanzee both approach Charles look I actually what I wish to say to start with is social media works people it will get you consideration quantity two I wish to commend you Charles for being so skilled about this entire factor okay you possibly can have simply simply form of written me off and mentioned screw Grant Cardone he is a racist white redneck pig and I hate his guts and you possibly can have simply mattered about me amongst your individuals however you did not do that you just wrote me an e mail you hit me on YouTube you hit me on Twitter and dude due to that I am sending my new audio program mp3 obtain vendor be offered I am gonna make you one other 100 grand this 12 months how about that hey Ashley nice I do not wish to pay for it I do not know dude I wish to ship it to you although oh no my objective was to not get some free meals my particular person I do know that man I do know the place I don’t want nothing free I am gonna pay for it okay okay okay black laborious or silver card okay man okay now dude I simply wish to ship it to you I respect you calling in although Charles what are you on Twitter Charles sure I’m which what’s your deal with by handles at Charles L cannon all proper okay I am gonna get you some followers in all proper all proper Grand Opera proper thanks buddy so people we’re speaking about social media we’re gonna take a break proper right here however after I come again I am gonna present you learn how to construct your Fb web page your Twitter your LinkedIn why you wish to construct them and learn how to ensure you haven’t got to fret concerning the ROI it is gonna be bang in for you might be you a type of individuals not glad with good when you’re at $100 and wish to go to 100 thousand or when you’re at $1,000,000 and wish to obtain 10 million it is time to change your sport when are you gonna make the temper if you’d like extra freedom if you’d like extra decisions in your life then grant cardones mp3 game-changer bundle is for you the 10x rule the foundations of success and vendor be soul was narrated by Grant Cardone himself be taught to go from nothing to the whole lot from being unknown to being recognized worldwide grant needs you to have your freedom and to attain your highest potential a $700 worth on sale now for 179 grant cardone got here from nothing and is now a multimillionaire the knowledge contained on this bundle bought him there you want the instruments the inspiration the steerage and the method to attain your potential order now at Grant Cardone com ahead slash game-changer that is Grant Cardone com ahead slash game-changer all the time be shifting ahead discover your freedom and your alternative order your game-changer mp3 bundle as we speak all proper hey grant cardone welcome again cardones personal each Thursday I come right here discuss your small business your funds your profession your future your monies your paper what you are going to do to get your sport on that is what I am speaking to you about each week on Twitter I am at Grant Cardone hashtag Cardone zone listed here are the issues with social media okay that is the issues I feel all firms have primary you are not utilizing it oh yeah grand I am on it no no you are not utilizing it for enterprise okay you bought an egg for an avatar proper your organization’s clear water and you bought an image of a lake okay or your you bought an image of uh a canine and you are not a veterinarian even when your veterinarian dude I ain’t sending my canine to a different canine I must know who I am sending my canine to 1 you are not utilizing it quantity two you are not utilizing it accurately quantity three you are not utilizing it sufficient and Who am I to say anyway guys begin pulling up my numbers all proper Who am I to say now I am simply 56 years previous function three companies do not match any demographic for social media one you are not utilizing a quantity two you are not utilizing it accurately quantity three you are not utilizing it sufficient and quantity 4 you are not utilizing all of them look I exploit all of them okay to me it does not matter I exploit something and the whole lot to get consideration the advantages to social media after I have a look at social media I do not see expertise or laptop I see signage I see the power to get consideration I see how how can I make myself conversant in individuals that do not one get consideration first quantity two make myself conversant in them how do you get yourself up to speed you present up on the similar restaurant day by day I may be on Fb day by day it is like exhibiting up in a restaurant day by day I may truly truly retweet about that restaurant day by day with out visiting the restaurant day by day and get that restaurant and its workers I did this just lately I am in Miami the perfect inside designer on this metropolis could also be within the nation definitely within the state of Florida is a cat named Steven G interiors by Steven G I would like everyone to hit his identify proper now on twitter at interiors by Steven G I would like this man to design this place that we’re shopping for okay I would like him to do the inside design so what do I do I begin banging the man on Twitter and on his fb web page at interiors let me ensure that’s proper yeah intent by Steven G int by Steven G int by Steven G the perfect within the enterprise so what can we can we hook up I will get him to do my place he will do the inside design of my place he is the perfect of the perfect that man costs 350 grand I am gonna get him to do it for nothing as a result of I am gonna commerce my social media presence and consciousness okay with {the marketplace} why do you wish to use social media not as a result of there is a return on funding you wish to use it as a result of it is signage its consideration its familiarity its branding its consciousness if the management and it is a social social just isn’t for adverts and it isn’t for a proposal first social is a approach so that you can truly handle your fame for example can we google my identify Grant Cardone can y’all do this from there when you google my identify what you are going to see come up and you will have to plus it up so individuals can truly see it you are going to see me management the entrance web page completely with out ever spending a nickel from anybody you will note you ain’t even go larger than that poly you are gonna see okay grant cardone gross sales knowledgeable subsequent one Grant Cardone YouTube do not inform me social YouTube’s not a social media that is ridiculous it is a technique to management my fame on-line it comes up second as a result of it is owned by Google okay grant cardone Wikipedia it is trash not that good they will not let me management the enter they will let anyone else put no matter they need quantity 4 grant cardone on Twitter why am i why am i sitting by myself entrance web page you assume it is cuz my identify is grant cardone no it is as a result of I bought I do not know forty 9 thousand tweets grant cardone Miami Seaside on Fb that is my fan web page that is not my private web page Cardone success just isn’t my identify there is a 300 and eighty thousand 300 and thirty likes on that web page eighty six thousand 5 hundred sixty 4 individuals are speaking about that web page proper now what am I telling you signage consideration familiarity model consciousness management place fame administration the following one is Grant Cardone Huffington Put up what am i doing I am writing articles for Huffington Put up they do not pay me till it hits my entrance web page Amazon Grant Cardone books why write a e book you do not write a e book since you wish to generate profits promoting books you write books since you wish to grow to be a celeb within the house Grant Cardone LinkedIn why do I exploit all these I advised you the errors you are making them you are not utilizing them you are not utilizing them sufficient you are in search of an ROI and you do not use all of them I am utilizing all of them okay I exploit all of them that is the primary web page okay that is the primary web page so if you assume social I would like you to after which I am gonna take Adam is Adam unemployed mentioned who have been taken okay Adam it is gonna come on however first I wish to inform you if you assume social I would like you to assume the phrase ages ages consciousness first give second educate third s is for shares you need individuals sharing I do not know when you can present that submit that we did final evening there was I do not know two thousand likes 100 9 thousand views and a few 50% share proper now they discover this proper right here shares is eager within the social media world return Polly simply so we will see this was like thirty 300 and thirty one instances and this easy little quote I will succeed as a result of I am loopy sufficient to assume I can that is not my quote and by the best way share or get pleasure from extra it quotes a dump calm I did not take their identify off of it I used their identify gave them credit score for it I bought thirty 300 and thirty one likes out of it and extra importantly I bought twenty 5 % of the individuals say hey I preferred it sufficient to share it huh three thousand I am sorry 3331 likes 100 and ten thousand individuals noticed it’s that invaluable 114 thousand individuals noticed it’s that invaluable what did it get me what did it get me it bought me consciousness I would give one thing to individuals ages a consciousness G is give E is educate am i educating after all individuals wish to be educated and so they wish to be entertained and S is for shares it is referred to as ages child let me discuss to Adam after which we will go to a brief break Adam okay moocher nuture you are into Adam talked an excessive amount of a query go entire second what is going on on Rockstar the way you doing my pal fairly good fairly good I am supplying you with a buzz in I am skilled gross sales recruiter for the final 13 years and had a query prefer to get your opinion on let’s do it brother let’s do it I I recruit professionally for Fee solely gross sales positions I have been ranked in Fortune 500 firms within the high 1% and what I discovered loads just lately as individuals which might be turning away physicians to proceed simply to remain on unemployment and I used to be seeking to get your ideas on that proper there it’s ugly innit loopy when unemployment unemployment is healthier than going to get a brand new job I feel I feel the one factor I’d inform you is this case jogs my memory of firms that do not wish to spend or make investments any cash or prepare or educate their individuals it is a very comparable scenario now dude I am good I am glad what I’ve we do not wish to educate our individuals I do not wish to make them higher we’re simply going to maintain doing what we’re doing it is the identical factor with the man says hey no I do not wish to get an excellent job I simply wish to get some meals stamps so I feel the factor I do when I’ve that drawback after I attain a ban of individuals which might be complacent glad do not wish to put money into their future do you bought it you simply bought to extend your bandwidth and you bought to extend your funnel I’d get the e book when you’re not first you are final when you’re not first you are final is a New York Occasions bestseller about prospecting and filling up your pipeline I feel you may see it proper right here someplace when you’re not first you are laughs final I hope that helps however it’s a drawback in America people individuals being glad that is an issue for them it is a chance for you okay how we doing let’s take a brief break proper right here we will come again and choose it up with a social media knowledgeable named Michael shine and see what he has to say about this entire ROI factor this Grant Cardone on Twitter at Grant Cardone you may hashtag your query Cardone zone I will be proper again hey grant cardone right here and by this time you have in all probability heard the information yeah it is true what you have heard is true I undoubtedly did go too far my attorneys have advised me to form of watch out about making this video however I do wish to take time to apologize to you to my followers particularly one apologize to my my household my two little daughters I hope I hope once they develop up they’re capable of perceive this apologize to my spouse I like you that comply with me on Twitter and Fb and YouTube you guys have supported me for years I apologize I do know that I went too far I do know that I did an excessive amount of I take full duty for and whereas I remorse it okay just like the ransom okay look I knew I knew I used to be getting carried away final 12 months with the rants we did 115 manufacturers a few of them have been excessive the 23,000 tweets there it was a whole lot of tweets it was loopy a few of them a few of them have been simply approach excessive Santa the Santa tweet my workers took it down it was so over-the-top the Miley Cyrus tweets the tweets to Obama into the Governor of California okay the chris Christie tweets the the Sierra’s tweet the Macy’s the pennies the retail tweets okay it was insane man so whereas I remorse offending anybody that follows me dude if that offended you wait and see what I do that 12 months it is gonna be freaking over-the-top loopy okay it is gonna be a relaxation degree loopy on Twitter you bought to comply with me on Twitter as a result of this 12 months I promise you no less than 30,000 tweets over the following 12 months know what encourage you’ll inspire you and can present you learn how to take you your small business and your loved ones to a different degree child I am taking Twitter to jail welcome again to this Grant Cardone within the automobile down son we’re speaking about social media we’re speaking about our oh I are oh I can not even say it okay I simply had Brandon Hampton Hampton his Twitter deal with is sick at CEO uh he simply advised me he says 20 tweets a day for a enterprise is a large no-no I feel I feel he is telling me that as a result of he is bought my identify on added on there yeah I would not do 20 a day I would do 2 an hour 24 hours a day I do 48 a day and I would say it isn’t a no-no so long as it is inventive so long as it is as a result of my enterprise when you go have a look at my Twitter yesterday okay and he is following me and I am following him now uh however yesterday I had no less than 40 tweets he is saying 20 a day is a large no-no I am telling you people you are not utilizing it sufficient let everyone assume it is a no-no let everyone thinks that is the rule that is good for me dude I wish to get on the market okay when you may purchase each billboard down the freeway between your private home and your organization you possibly can take town of Chicago or Indianapolis or wherever you reside and you may actually you possibly can say I will take and on each billboard each mile between your own home and your workplace would you personal all of them how about 20 miles on the opposite aspect certain oh no that is an enormous no no you may’t do this that is an excessive amount of you are going to be overexposed in case your coca-cola do you wish to be on each shelf in each grocery retailer on the earth or simply a few of them cuz you are apprehensive about being overexposed they’re exhibiting you my Twitter feed from yesterday okay look they’re in order that they’re so completely different they’re these are my enterprise Twitter handles okay that is Grant Cardone the character is a enterprise so we’re discussing social media as we speak ages consciousness give educate shares okay if you are going to create a Fb web page okay begin with Fb begin with considered one of them begin with any um I do not care however as an example you go get a Fb web page in your a enterprise to start with do not get a private web page get a fan web page get a fan and web page create the web page and get an important graphic within the background are you able to present the distinction between my private web page and my fan web page by the best way I’ve them each avatar your avatar issues okay no eggs on Twitter okay do not be so lazy that you do not submit your photograph okay now this can be a shoot that we did for no matter it takes it is also bought the picture of me proper right here if you may make it larger individuals can see you want an excellent sturdy profile picture of you and your organization this may change however it must be attention-grabbing it must say one thing about your organization on this case are you able to make it larger on this case what are we saying about my web page proper there my fan my fan web page I am saying hey that is who I’m okay so additionally if you’re making a fan web page create a objective what’s the objective of this web page for example the aim of this web page is completely different than the aim of my private web page now I will beat this factor to demise I feel we had what number of what number of views yesterday pauley on this web page Paulie what number of views yesterday 300 and thirty thousand views on that fan web page am i utilizing it an excessive amount of I do not know we had 250,000 views as we speak earlier than I mentioned hey elevated the submit my final submit yesterday was at 11:59 an evening so I used to be on the point of go to mattress had just a little woman in mattress with me I put one final submit up that was the one which was hit from midnight til 5 o’clock within the morning create a objective to your web page that pages objective is completely different than this pages objective oh look who’s within the background Superman my brother my weaker brother from one other mom create objective for the web page see my private web page is about me my household what I am doing one thing I run into some place I am going my fan web page is about quotes enterprise methods decide to frequency you want frequency people okay frequency and also you want consistency you want a lot of consistency I can not doing three posts like my spouse is on Twitter or on Fb both one she’ll chill dump for submit in two minutes as a result of she’s a lazy social media particular person she’s on for a second it is advisable be constant and frequent ‘sure we drop drop drop drop what does constant means persevering with preserve going bleed the freaking market out bleed it out man simply preserve attacking assault assault how do you get a village to give up assault assault assault they’re gonna battle at first till lastly what okay give up I am in there you are both gonna stop following you or they’re gonna say hey what I like your materials now in case your materials sucks that is an issue when you’re inventive is dangerous and I talked about this in a present final week I mentioned look Mike Tyson did not go broke as a result of he overspent Mike Tyson stop making new cash Metropolis when his profession was over he could not create new earnings to help his spending he had an earnings drawback not a spending drawback on Twitter if you do your Twitter web page if you create a Twitter web page create the web page create a objective what’s this web page for I am making a web page easy price you nothing okay what’s the objective after which I would like you to assume when it comes to frequency what’s the frequency I feel each 30 minutes is a pleasant technique each 30 minutes drop a tweet share different individuals’s tweets look the aim of social media is to not have associates it is to generate profits man and the way do you generate profits each week I come to you and say look man the primary rule of getting cash is to get consideration to your model you wish to grow to be high of thoughts to your clients you should use frequency and consistency when you get high of mine you have to repeat the command is Greg Cardone over your grant cardone over your grant cardone over right here hit me up on Twitter comply with me on Fb hey my youtube channel not thought of a social medium we get most of my enterprise from YouTube most of our calls from individuals we do not know comes from that little channel proper there the place we up what video bear in mind the acronym acronym is ages first consciousness there’s 1200 movies on YouTube what I had individuals inform me you drop in an excessive amount of video on YouTube you give an excessive amount of away on YouTube individuals aren’t going to offer you cash all of your stuff is free on YouTube okay 1200 movies is zero or ROI look the extra movies I put up free on YouTube the extra money we make right here in my firm I haven’t got three movies up there are twelve and I do not fear concerning the high quality first I fear about consciousness first consciousness comes from amount quantity two give give individuals one thing they need three educate individuals and just remember to’re placing some video up there that’s shared high of thoughts to your clients should use frequency and consistency grow to be a celeb in your house look I wish to be the superstar go-to if you say my identify gross sales if you say that identify gross sales that phrase gross sales you say grant cardone the place’s he but okay Adam from is it Adam or Antonio Antonio come to me brother okay inform everyone McDonald’s to be quiet man what’s your query brother Greg Cardona sure sir hey how’s it going man my identify is Antonia how are you good man I am doing nice the way you doing I am doing good pay attention the explanation I am calling in is as a result of I am form of having hassle determining which what I wish to do and what steps I wish to do I am shifting ahead so far as a future or a enterprise or no matter and I imply I have been to many roles however it appears to me that I imply I really feel like I am psychologically unemployable which is why I preserve going from job to job and do not inform me who advised you who advised you that you just’re psychologically unemployable your mother your dad your brother my vote mattress no no any person else advised you that who advised you that man uh I should have heard her deter bought it from from somebody buddy a very long time in the past who advised you man I would like you consider who advised you that you just have been psychologically unemployable ah what to be trustworthy come on man come on man give me a reputation I would like a reputation any person advised you that you’re psychologically unemployable who advised you that I I do not know I do not know any person advised you that Doha did I see it in your present no hell no I would not inform you that they may have been there is a course I would like you to do I would like you to name my workplace if you’re executed right here okay okay you may go to my web site Grant Cardone calm and I would like you to go do a course referred to as ups and downs okay as a result of any person dropped a bit of information on you dude that is not true there’s you are not psychologically unemployable however when you consider you might be I imply the interview just isn’t going to go superb I gotta inform ya once they provide the check and so they say let’s do a check you will be like eh I am psychologically unemployable I already understand how this check ends so bro what you bought to do is you bought to get round the fitting individuals since you’re hanging round one thing flawed individuals might be mother dad brother uncle aunt cousin might be your pals it might be any person any person is urinating into your freaking gumbo mmm and that is gumbo you do not wish to eat bro as a result of it may have a nasty aftertaste sure I imply I proper now in my scenario I imply I I imply so far as like having cash to begin a small enterprise a pair thousand {dollars} I imply cash’s there however I imply I am caught I I do not know what to do you do not want cash brother you do not want cash how a lot it motivated by cash however I am with you brother however you do not want cash proper now what you want is a psychological rehabilitation you want an excellent swabbing of the mind you want an excellent cleaning of the soul child you want an excellent you want a you want a psychological enema you want a what do we’d like a colonic we’d like a like a inventive colonic the cleaning of of the assumption of my man Adam it is Adam proper Antonia I am sorry Antonio Antonio we simply bought to get you attached dude we bought to get you on the foundations success however very first thing I would like you to do is a course referred to as the ups and downs course people you want a straw on sturdy sturdy sturdy social media presence to construct your model consciousness you do not want to search for ROI firms like American Airways how concerning the Miami Worldwide Airport how concerning the Chicago Worldwide Airport how about Los Angeles Worldwide Airport Regis journal Oh Regis USA how about Entrepreneur Journal or Complete Meals I am in Complete Meals the opposite day I mentioned dude I bought to make more cash simply to buy at Complete Meals and what occurs literary moments I am tweeting that actually moments later Complete Meals says oh yeah and by the best way take a look at our recent meals and seafood I am like oh my god I simply complained concerning the costs and so they’re tweeting again to me ensure you test it out look it is advisable be on these social mediums these usually are not for teenagers they don’t seem to be a gimmick you needn’t fear concerning the ROI I can inform you that we have had a 75% enhance in net site visitors a 69% enhance in market intelligence I’ve extra knowledge from {the marketplace} to know what individuals are excited about firms are claiming that their elevated the loyalty from followers you may measure this people you not must measure do I’ve one thing to speak about in a each day assembly to have one thing to brag about with my shoppers am i reaching individuals in India China Taiwan Mexico throughout the planet do I’ve extra individuals speaking about my identify shopping for my books behind my merchandise social media is a approach so that you can promote to the world when you do not wish to be recognized you wish to fly beneath the radar do not use these social mediums however you want them they’re low cost there is no price you don’t have to pay any cash you don’t have to purchase an advert it is advisable be inventive it is advisable be frequent it is advisable be constant and it is advisable determine to manage your social media as a way to management your social fame this Grant Cardone within the cardones personal each week I come to you to share with you concepts about how one can enhance and management and improve your small business your funds your cash Hey look let’s face it when you’re simply going to be common on social media do not anticipate any outcomes like I say each week be nice or nothing else cuz our and it’ll occur be nice or nothing else tempo you could have gross sales individuals that may’t shut the sale refused to make these further calls and by no means hit their quotas when you personal or handle an organization is dependent upon gross sales take note of this all my identify is Grant Cardone best-selling creator for enterprise e book for the reason that financial collapse I’ve labored with the highest fortune 100 firms to extend gross sales manufacturing look the explanation your self individuals do not shut offers and do not make these further calls and may’t hit their quotas just isn’t what you assume I wish to give you free entry to my on-line gross sales device that may coach your individuals in real-time learn how to deal with each sale scenario in each gross sales problem whether or not your individuals promote over the cellphone or in particular person my on-line platform will present your individuals precisely what they have to do to get these further gross sales are lacking name 803 685 771 that is 803 685 771 to your free entry to essentially the most profitable gross sales teaching website on the earth as we speak that is eight hundred three six eight 5 seven seven one know learn how to swim working like is to of me however I take no rounds and the Matteo I am not immodest I am simply satisfied pay attention I am so modeled I can match my pocket admit mouth and my older previous years I do not understand how nice our approach

Photoshop Refine Edge Protecting Tutorial | Photoshop CC

everybody that is roberto blake and welcome to a different Photoshop CC tutorial video on this tutorial I will be exhibiting you the way to use the fast choice software in addition to the refine edge software and the way to use the totally different choices within the refine edge software panel should you’re simply discovering my channel for the primary time do not forget to subscribe to get new Photoshop CC tutorial movies normally on Thursdays and graphic design movies on Mondays so let’s get began with at present’s tutorial fast choice and refine edge are an effective way to go forward and masks out photographs particularly advanced photographs with fur or hair such because the picture that we now have right here of our lion and I am simply going to click on off of the maxed model with the intention to see the unique and see what we now have there fast choice is among the simpler methods to select once we wish to take away objects from a background and alter the background behind them you possibly can entry that by utilizing the toolbar right here or by utilizing shortcut W so we’re simply going to go forward from high to backside and make our choice if you find yourself getting part of the choice that you do not need you possibly can maintain down alt possibility in mac and you may go forward and take away that space out of your general choice as soon as your choice is made go forward and click on on refine edge as soon as you’ve got clicked on refine edge you possibly can see what we now have to work with right here within the View mode you possibly can see totally different situations of what your masks goes to appear like we are able to see what it may appear like on a black background a white background we are able to go forward and see what the precise masks itself appears to be like like and we are able to see it with the layers revealed on transparency if we had something behind this picture then it will be exhibiting up right here as effectively so let’s go forward and go to overlay for now simply to have the ability to see form of the distinction between what we’re masking out one of many first issues we will wish to do is we will wish to click on on the sensible radius software that is going to assist us with the refine edges brush and simply form of make a extra detailed and refined choice so we will choose that and on this case I feel I will transfer it as much as about 2.5 pixels having executed that I will go forward and take my refinement brush you possibly can go forward and you may improve the dimensions of that brush both right here or by utilizing the bracket shortcuts and also you’re simply going to wish to paint the realm round your choice that you really want and I will go slightly bit into the fur right here simply so it form of like picks that up and understands what I am attempting to do and also you’re simply going to go forward and maintain down and transfer round along with your mouse or your Wacom pill I extremely suggest utilizing a Wacom pill for this simply because it may be faster and it may really feel much more snug for you if you do not have a Wacom pill although simply utilizing your mouse might be effective generally for this I am simply going to go forward and do this and actually rapidly over in right here and we’ll click on off and see what that does okay we nonetheless have a number of areas to scrub up not an issue simply go forward and do this and that labored out actually good for our picture so we will go forward and go over to the view and we will see it on black and simply going to scrub up slightly extra there on white have a look at our masks and we are able to see you realize the gradations and the way detailed that’s there and have a look at on transparency now in concept we might cease right here however I wish to get this nearly as good as I can so we will go forward and we will return over to our menu and we will choose a number of choices one of many choices that we will initially choose is distinction with our masks mode chosen simply to see what rising and sliding the distinction does to sophisticated this masks and I feel that perhaps 25 perhaps 20 could possibly be good after which let’s simply go forward and see what that appears like on black that is not too dangerous however these edges really feel slightly harsh some so I will simply go forward and feather it just a bit bit and feather is simply going to melt these edges in order that they are not you realize tremendous harsh and do not feel as lower out so you should utilize feather to do this and perhaps I will simply improve that slightly simply form of play with that and see what feels proper all proper another choice that we now have right here that we are able to use is decontaminate colours and what this can do is that if any of the colour on this case the white is bleeding over to the picture or to illustrate you had a inexperienced display screen it will assist form of decontaminate a few of that coloration wash that will get into there so I normally simply slide this over to one hundred percent and see what I get and you may see that that really did make a distinction in our general picture so finally I feel that that really appears to be like you realize actually good and you may play with these sliders to your coronary heart’s content material and simply see what you assume appears to be like proper however as you possibly can see within the totally different modes right here in our picture that that is truly a very good masks and the refine edge software and fast choice software did job even with the fundamental default settings so I do not see an issue right here we will click on on OK and it may commit to creating {that a} new layer with a layer masks for us all proper and there you go so now if we needed to simply form of see you know the way effectively this work we are able to go forward and one thing that I love to do is normally simply throw in some form of you realize gradient behind there and simply form of see how that appears and that really appears to be like fairly good so this masks got here out fairly effective if that appears pretty good and regular and once more if we actually needed to we might go in right here with a Wacom pill and a brush and simply clear up something that we did not need effectively I hope you guys loved this tutorial I hope it helped you perceive the fast choice and refine edge software so much higher like this video should you preferred it do not forget to subscribe go forward and take a look at the opposite Photoshop CC tutorial movies on this channel and as all the time thanks for watching and do not forget to be superior at present I hope you all loved that Photoshop CC tutorial video go forward and subscribe to my channel to get my different Photoshop CC movies together with Photoshop retouching tutorial movies Photoshop pace artwork movies and in addition do not forget my graphic design movies on Mondays do not forget to subscribe to get every part you

Easiest Free Graphic Accomplish Instrument (Free Downloads)

hey everybody this is web designer roberto blake and in today’s youtube video i’m actually going to be talking about the best free software for graphic design now if you’re just finding my channel for the first time don’t forget to subscribe monday i do graphic design videos thursdays I do Photoshop CC tutorial videos so stay tuned to get all of those so let’s talk about some of the free applications you can use as a graphic designer there are quite a bit of them but I’m just going to kind of limit it to one per different area of graphic design to keep things simple I will probably leave links to other ones in the calm in the description below so definitely check that out and if you know some free graphic design software that I don’t cover in this video feel free to leave that in the comment section below so let’s start with the obvious one you need a Photoshop quote-unquote replacement or you need a free version of Photoshop you can use the GIMP and there’s a plugin for it called GIMP shop that changes the interface to be a lot more Photoshop friendly and just more intuitive but GIMP is a graphic image manipulation program which is what the acronym stands for and it is a free open-source comparable equivalent to Photoshop in the fact that has layers as brushes and you can accomplish most of the things that you would in terms of photo retouching and digital art creation through GIMP a lot of people have been using it for years and refuse to buy Photoshop as a result but again if you do want buy Photoshop you do have the subscription model now if you can’t afford it otherwise you could also get Photoshop Elements for about $70 but again if you want something free there is the GIMP if you plan to do logo design or vector illustration then you’re going to want to get Inkscape Inkscape is equivalent to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw and Inkscape is a vector-based illustration application and you can use that to create EPS files or even SVG files and these are scalable vector graphics and um what you can do with that is again if you’re primarily doing logo design or you need something to scale and this is how you get those graphics that you can um you know no matter what size you make them they’ll be clean and they’ll be crisp with their hard edges and so on things you need for business cards and for print design then Inkscape is the way to go as far as the open source free versions of stuff if you need to do print production and page layout I’m going to recommend Scribus it is the open-source equivalent to adobe indesign and quarkxpress so that’s going to be really helpful for you if you need to do on layouts for magazines etc and you just for every reason or it’s a mock-up your student it’s not quite that work because if you’re doing that work you can afford to get InDesign or quark but again if you’re a student and you have to practice at that outside school then you can always use Scribus and that is the open source free equivalent and I believe it’s done by the same people who make Inkscape I’m not a hundred percent sure but in any case this is a good way to be able to go ahead and do page layout and digital print production and learn about typesetting CMYK and do all those things you can do them in Scribus if you don’t have Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress if you need an equivalent to Adobe Dreamweaver for coding and WYSIWYG web design then you can use composer it’s completely free and open source as well now you don’t necessarily need a WYSIWYG application to code or you don’t need something like Dreamweaver to code but it can be useful and it can be helpful to have it if you’re a visually driven person as opposed to a coder but if you are a coder you can either use something like TextEdit or notepad plus plus or you can use what they call an AED you can use Eclipse and you can use aptana so those again are all free solutions and completely open source that you can use to do web design obviously if you want to do video production you can use iMovie or you can use Windows Movie Maker that’s not technically graphic design but it might be useful information for some you guys to have in terms of free video editing software there’s a whole lot of other free of video editing tools that you can find on doom 9 org if I’m not mistaken it may be do 9 that net now I forget but I’ll leave a working link in the description below so that you guys can check that out and you can download some of the other free video and audio editing tools available for that speaking of audio editing you can always get audacity if you need to go ahead and do audio editing like if you want to go ahead and try and do a podcast and you’re going to use composer or something like that to put that on your website or what have you and clearly again you can use GIMP the cover artwork for it etc now I’m sure there’s a lot of other free open-source graphic design tools out there but these are the ones that I’m aware of and the ones I consider to be the best these are the ones that I have experience with and have used and if I had to use open source software instead of my commercial software for some reason these are the ones I would use and recommend due to the amount of information that’s available out there on them how easy they are to find and download how frequently they’re updated and the large user community of people you can reach out to to get help from them not to mention the large number of youtube videos that exist with tutorials for them that’s extremely important with regard to any software that you get that there is a way for you to figure out how you’re actually going to use it anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have ideas on other free graphic design software that overlooked in this video again leave that in the comment section below like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe to the other videos on my channel and as always thanks for watching

MCA Motor Membership of The US Replace Jay Brown !

hey what is going on on my good pals is Jay as we speak I wish to discuss MCA I do know I have not did a video on this firm and who I say about 5 months now however I am gonna make an actual fast video on this firm as a result of I have been getting lots of people asking me am I nonetheless concerned in MCA Motor Membership of America guys similar to I mentioned in my earlier movies I did about this firm there isn’t any manner there isn’t any manner on God’s inexperienced earth that I am gonna ever stop this firm this firm has been a blessing to me I imply I’ve made a ton of cash on this firm this purpose why I like MCA a lot as a result of it is to me it is it is simple to promote it I imply as a result of it it sells itself you are not speaking about vitality drinks you are not speaking about nutritional vitamins you are not speaking about weight reduction product you are speaking a couple of service of advantages that folks really need I am saying I imply you may’t this these are the kind of advantages the advantages that Motor Membership of America provide or the kind of advantages that folks want every day I imply who automobile do not break down who do not just like the keys up in a automobile to him and it is solely $40 to the jaw joint they usually’re gonna give me a fee of $80 each time I signal any person assist for $40 and $20 for cash guys why would I wish to stroll away from that I simply been so busy you in all probability know I have been concerned in a whole lot of completely different corporations you not promote completely different companies I do not I am a kind of kind of men that I at all times wish to have one thing that everyone can relate to one thing that everyone will not cuz all people do not wish to be part of MCA although they want it all people did not wish to be part of MCA so I’ve one thing else for you one thing I at all times bought one thing in my arsenal for everyone however MCA is to me my favourite firm guys I not speak loads about these different corporations how I feel additionally they like this new firm I am concerned with known as the e system there guys paying you 2 hundred p.c commissions I imply I 200 however 100 p.c fee man I really like this firm however MCA is that if it is above all I am saying above every thing on the market so in case you’re trying to become involved with Motor Membership of America go to revenue with Jay comm or click on that hyperlink under this video and simply go to the web site watch the movies and be part of me as we speak guys as a result of this can be a firm that may bless your life and put meals in your desk put cash in your checking account so do not hesitate be part of as we speak click on the hyperlink under and I will see you on the following video peace

My Day after day Ritual – How To Develop At Your Most sharp, Be In A Peak Growth And Be Superhuman

you hey guys stepping right here from calm on this video weblog I need to discuss to you guys about my every day ritual okay now I’ve accomplished video blogs on my morning ritual and I’ve additionally accomplished video blogs on my night ritual however that is my day after day ritual that I do daily is to wrote the day as a result of the reality is your day is a ritual okay and I actually imagine in doing a morning ritual very first thing within the morning to be sure to’re at your finest in order that you can carry out on the highest degree all through the day and simply completely be on hearth being an amazing state have enjoyable and simply recondition your self to be at your absolute best and I nonetheless do my morning ritual I like it however what I do now that is much more highly effective I imagine is I do my every day ritual that means earlier than sure moments that I’ve or all through the day I carry out a fast wealthy rule which is components of the morning ritual that principally are 5 to 10-minute rituals that simply ensure that I am an unimaginable nice state for the second that’s proper earlier than me okay so let me clarify to you guys what I imply by this what this appears like so in the middle of my day I’ve sure appointments which are fairly vital I do a variety of teaching consulting with individuals I do it over Skype and every part individuals pay me some huge cash for that and I all the time need to ensure that earlier than every session that I’ve I am at my finest I am in the absolute best state that I might be in as a result of I do know that is going to have an effect on the one my efficiency how I carry out for principally every consumer that I work with it is also going to make a greater affect on them it may be contagious infectious it may have an effect on their state and it is simply going to offer a a lot better expertise for everyone okay I’ve a ritual earlier than totally different interviews that I’ve however you interviews individuals interviewed me for podcast I’ve a ritual earlier than my video blogs earlier than these video blogs proper right here I do not simply get up and simply activate the digicam do a video weblog I put myself within the state that I should be in to ensure that I am acting at my finest now I am within the nice state as a result of I do know that if I talk with ardour with power and I am within the nice state that the knowledge will stream out of me every part that I have to say will come out it is like I am guided and manner however by placing myself in that resourceful state that is what permits me to be my finest and lots of people once they do not do that that is once they carry out poorly I do know you may in all probability relate to this being in sure states the place it is like your mind simply is not working it is similar to possibly you are sort of stumbling over your phrases or yours an excessive amount of in your head or no matter it is perhaps and it does not come throughout successfully and that is since you’re not placing your self within the state that you must be in it so I all the time ensure that once more I put myself in the proper state by placing myself in the proper State that is what is going on to permit me to serve and have the best affect I can probably have I used to be working with a consumer the opposite day and I used to be speaking about how he hated his job proper and he hates his job he will it he whereas he is there he is simply hating your complete course of and I mentioned to him you bought to have a ritual proper earlier than you go into work every day as a result of proper now you do have a ritual whether or not it or not all of us unconsciously have a ritual as a result of every part you do up by way of the day is a ritual you just about do the identical issues each single day and a lot of the rituals that we’ve got are so autopilot so conditioned as a part of us that we’re not even conscious of what we’re doing it is only a sample that we’re operating so this man earlier than he goes to work every day he is driving on this automotive and he is principally saying to himself man I hate my job I do not need to go to work I do not need to see my boss he is fascinated with all of the damaging crap all of the damaging issues he has to try this day you simply deal with all that he is flooding himself with it he is acquired all his damaging beliefs and associations round his job so guess what he already seems like earlier than he even steps into the workplace after which in consequence all through the day he is having a horrible time and he is principally simply extra repetitive damaging stuff is happening till he lastly escapes goes dwelling after which the following day repeats your complete course of another time loopy proper however that is what individuals achieve this what I mentioned to them is you bought to have a ritual for you earlier than you go to work every day as a result of if you are going to be doing this job you thoughts as properly frigging get pleasure from may as properly love ardour may as properly change your beliefs and simply just remember to’re having fun with each second of that job the easiest way you can so I mentioned let’s create a ritual to begin with what beliefs do that you must have that may assist you and having fun with this job and having fun with every day and so we got here up with some new empowering beliefs when you’re saying your self I hate my job properly guess what so long as you imagine that you will hate your job you are going to have the damaging feeling of hating your job as a result of no matter you imagine is so true for you whether or not it is even true or not simply the language of that to deal with that’s going to have an effect on your biochemistry it may carry your state down it may make you’ve gotten all this damaging emotion and associations in direction of your job so I mentioned what is the antithesis of that what’s a brand new perception that we might have what is the reverse of that so only a new perception or the brand new language of claiming I really like my job wow what an idea what when you simply deceive your self and trick your self and simply preserve saying on a regular basis I really like my job I really like my job you see that on the drive to work I really like my job you say it with a smile in your face you say it with ardour with power such as you actually imagine it how when you imagine that as a result of the explanation why you hate your job it is since you preserve saying it to your self repeatedly and also you simply repetitively say it so that you imagine it so when you say the alternative you retain saying to your self I really like my job you begin to deal with the nice the constructive parts of that’s it doable by doing that ritual that you can truly begin to get pleasure from your job is it doable that you can begin to get pleasure from something in your life by having a ritual earlier than you do it particularly the issues that you just hate is it doable that when you’re in a greater state every day and you place your self in a greater state you are going to carry out higher at your job you are going to have a distinct expertise as a result of you are going to be experiencing life to a distinct filter a distinct lens you are going to have a look at challenges in a different way you are going to reply to issues in a different way you may reply to alternatives in a different way wow what an idea so having a ritual earlier than that’s what will make the shift and as a number of issues I am a positive few guys that I do earlier than experiences that I’ve sure moments they usually’re simply fast five-minute ten-minute issues that get me in an amazing state so I can carry out at my finest I could possibly be at my finest if it is your job that you just hate you can undoubtedly apply it for that actually something on the market that you just’re dreading ensuring that you just’re performing you place your self within the state to recondition herself but in addition be at your finest so that you could carry out on the highest degree and simply actually get pleasure from every second of your life as a result of life’s too quick guys you bought to get pleasure from and cherish and simply actually absorb every second it is best to by no means be doing something that you don’t get pleasure from doing in your life and when you do not get pleasure from doing it and it is not the factor that that is actually the issue it is your mindset it is you it is what’s up right here as a result of you may stop the job get the following one however you take you with you and when you acquired the damaging mindset the damaging perspective on this job you may’t discover a strategy to get pleasure from that guess what you are going to repeat the identical cycle within the subsequent one after which you are going to repeat the identical cycle within the subsequent one you are going to repeat the identical cycle in your relationships each space of your life considering that it is your job it is your boss it is your relationship it is all these exterior issues and I am realizing this up right here it is you is how your your mindset the way you’re processing the experiences of life how you take it in the way you’re representing these experiences in your mind to your self somebody that is actually spiritually developed and develop they study to seek out the nice in every part they get pleasure from every part they discover the pleasure the enjoyment the love the eagerness and all every part each second each expertise you get to that time man life turns into enjoyable life turns into a present life turns into a blessing a pleasure completely happy turns into lots higher place so let me share when you guys a ritual right here so earlier than I do these movies earlier than I coach a consumer and by the best way if you have not seen my morning ritual video return and test that out as a result of lots a variety of the stuff there may be the place I am referencing the one one factor I do is I ensure that I am in a peak State bodily alright I need to ensure that my physique is like unstyled and I am principally I am out of my head and bodily my physique is awake alert as a result of the most effective methods to alter how you are feeling is to alter the best way to make use of your physique altering your physiology okay how will you utilize your physique impacts how you are feeling and so when you’re if I do if I did a video proper now and earlier than this video I am like you know the way down like this and my head’s down on my respiratory a shallow and simply pressure in my physique and I am simply beat up or no matter then in fact it is not going to come back throughout it is not going to make a distinction nobody’s going to need to watch my movies if I am in that state and my physiology is without doubt one of the ways in which’s going to have an effect on my state so earlier than every video earlier than these moments I need to ensure that I am bodily my physique is standing up straight I normally shake up my physique am I do stretches I acquired my mini trampoline rebounder I will soar up and down on that for a couple of minutes simply to loosen up my physique one other factor is I’d simply make a radical shift in my physique make up an influence transfer as a result of one factor that Tony Robbins teaches is construct these anchors these associations the sure actions that we’ve got when you go to one in every of his seminars he will get like everyone within the viewers is clenching their fists saying sure and by doing that you just’re linking that peak state to that so it is a actually highly effective factor so I’ve some kind of ritual that I do bodily okay you are able to do the identical factor simply by doing leaping jacks push-ups simply one thing to get your self out of your physique out of your head and simply get your self shifting as a result of it is that motion that can change your biochemistry and alter the best way that you just really feel okay so I will do one thing like that simply to verify I am out of my head feeling good one other factor I do is the incantations or affirmation so I say some constructive issues to myself repeatedly to situation the beliefs that I need to have so I’d say issues like sure I really like this this could possibly be a lot enjoyable or I really like my job or I could make such a distinction I can add a lot worth Tony Robbins has an amazing one which I’ve stolen from him which is de facto nice and he says himself I now come and my unconscious thoughts to direct me in serving to as many individuals as doable at this time however give me the power the ability the humor the gravity the arrogance the understanding the eagerness of pleasure the regardless of the resourcefulness no matter it takes to ensure that I alter this particular person’s life now and that is a ritual that is like an affirmation an incantation he’ll say to himself and I say that too earlier than movies that I do for teaching shoppers simply to ensure that it empowers me to be in an amazing state one other nice one I’d simply say all I want is inside me now all that I want is inside me now proper or I am an unimaginable coach I am an unimaginable speaker no matter beliefs that I have to have that may assist me on this second okay so that is what to do I shake out my physique I’ve some empowering phrases incantations affirmations one thing that I might say that simply make me really feel good simply enhance my state much more so after which the third factor that I do is extra concerning the psychological focus is I begin to deal with and ask myself extra empowering questions that can assist put me in a greater state as properly so a number of the questions that I’d ask is one no matter subject did I need to communicate on or possibly you are drawn to your job you hate or I am teaching a consumer I all the time ask myself why is that this vital why is that this vital why is it vital for me to create this video why is it vital for me to speak about what I am about to share why is that this subject vital why is that this job vital as a result of I really feel that if I could make myself imagine that that is actually vital then I can actually talk with extra passions individuals and actually assist individuals at a deeper degree as a result of if I do not imagine it is vital then they are not going to really feel it is vital both as a result of what occurs after I document these movies after I coach individuals is you are getting this transference of emotion from me it is my certainties my ardour my power that different individuals really feel once they eat info that makes them truly go and apply it and it truly makes them purchase in and really get by way of to them so if I do not really feel it is vital then clearly you are not going to really feel it is vital both you are going to gas that power so I requested myself why is that this vital and I’d say what that is one thing that is modified my life man this has made such a distinction in my I do know what it is prefer to undergo that ache and undergo these issues and challenges and I do know the distinction that this will make in order that’s why it is vital I do know as a result of there’s individuals on the market proper now they’re struggling or in ache that which are struggling and that is one thing that is crucial this little stainless low thought this little thought might change the best way you consider your self in your life and make an enormous distinction that is vital as a result of this can provide you a chance to alter the world to make a distinction to have an effect to alter relationships change individuals’s lives and I actually simply sort of flood myself and actually suppose and actually get related in sure about why that is vital one other particular person one other query I ask myself is why do I care about this particular person why do I care about carry on my weblog why do I care about individuals which are watching this video why do I care about my clients what do I care about after I go to my job every day the people who that my co-workers my workers my boss why do I care about them as a result of I imagine that you actually need to care to make a distinction to have an effect as a result of you may’t simply be centered on you it is actually including worth is if you’re outdoors your self and also you’re solely within the different particular person you are solely deal with them and assembly their wants and so I ask myself why do I care and I care as a result of I have been to these issues too I have been by way of these challenges I’ve know what it is prefer to undergo that I care about is individuals I respect them as a result of they’re dedicated you guys proper now are dedicated truly watching this video studying one thing enhancing your self enhancing your life I respect that a lot I care about individuals like that since you’re the leaders of the world you are the individuals which are going to affect the remainder of the world make a distinction simply by way of your day after day lives and having that ripple impact of affecting and impacting everyone so I actually suppose I feel hey I’ve acquired compassion for these individuals I’ve compassion as a result of I have been the place they have been they’re in ache they’re struggling I’ve instruments info sources that may actually make a distinction in order that’s one other nice query I requested as properly why do I care one other query may ask is how can I get pleasure from this how can I’ve enjoyable whereas I am doing this course of now the query is perhaps how can I be at my finest proper now how can I be in the most effective peak optimum state how can I’ve extra enjoyable proper now how can I be in a state of certainty and positive sufficient if you ask these questions you provide you with solutions it adjustments your state however you come up the solutions that improve it much more if I ask myself the query hey how can I get pleasure from my job at this time and simply say if I smile if I breathe deeply if I deal with all that every one that’s good and he provide you with these solutions and also you simply do them and it completely adjustments her total expertise okay so these are the primary issues that I do okay it is a 5 ten-minute ritual and I like to recommend to implement this and every part you are doing all through the day any when you’re having a tough time going to the fitness center every day you want a ritual proper earlier than you go to the fitness center okay you want a ritual proper earlier than you go in to get your self in the most effective state so that you just carry out at your finest and guess what you are going to begin to benefit from the means of going to the fitness center or to if it is your job having a ritual for that if it is my case doing movies and doing interviews and doing teaching ensuring that I am in the most effective state for that as properly being the absolute best state guess what you suppose this is sort of a new factor like I am the one one like a every day ritual no skilled athletes people who carry out on the highest degree actors musicians all these individuals performers they’ve a ritual as properly I assure you backstage earlier than each musician will get up on stage they’ve a ritual they’ve a ritual to organize their voice they’ve a ritual to organize themselves mentally and bodily skilled athletes man you you go on the market and also you watch earlier than the sport they’ve a ritual that they do a warm-up a preparation to ensure that they carry out at their finest for regardless of the occasion is wherever the event is that they have that ritual they undergo basketball gamers earlier than they shoot the free throw they’ve a ritual as properly you may see the issues that they do it is only a repetitive factor that they try this they’ve anchored they’ve related that enable them to get in that state I am an enormous LeBron James fan Miami hey I am hoping they will repeat this yr however I have been conscious of the rituals that this man it is fairly unimaginable I do know that he has sure strikes that he makes like he has this one the place he goes like like this or one thing like that I acquired to have a video for it nevertheless it’s fairly fairly cool nevertheless it has this this transfer that he does to alter like his physiology and he does that when he hits his huge photographs which actually what it’s is his anchoring that emotion that of hitting that huge shot to that feeling and I’ve seen him try this transfer earlier than his video games earlier than he performs so it is fairly superb if you watch this and also you watch how different peak performers the rituals that they need to be in an amazing state and when you do that as properly man it may change your life do not simply have the morning ritual however have a ritual earlier than each second man if you go on a date with a woman or a man you need to be sure to’re in an amazing state when you go on a job interview just remember to have a ritual to get your self in an amazing state earlier than you allow the home every day man get your self in a peak state earlier than you’ve gotten that huge mission that huge job in your to-do record that you must get accomplished and you are like man I do not need to do it get your self in state earlier than you do it spend 5 ten minutes get your self in a state ask your self these questions why is that this vital why do I want to do that why is that this a should for me why do I care what distinction is it may make ask your self these questions get your self in state earlier than mat your finest guys get pleasure from each second of daily and when you try this what I am saying to you guys man your life will rework so anyhow I hope you guys loved this rant I hope this hope you guys apply this I will have a weblog publish as properly that goes into possibly some extra on this and a few step-by-step sensible stuff you may click on the hyperlinks under thanks guys for watching have an amazing day

How To Write A E-book In Much less Than 24 Hours

you hey this is stefan from in this video i want to share with you how you can write a book in less than 24 hours literally now you might think that sounds crazy or insane or impossible or you might be extremely skeptical and I understand that but I want to share with you in this video my experience with be able to write a book fast within 24 hours no exaggeration I’m going to share with you how you can do it as well I’m gonna give you some practical useful tips because I’ve kind of developed a method here of what’s been working for me and I’m gonna share with you guys just how this works to kind of change your paradigm around it so that hopefully if you wanted to write a book your entire life you can actually produce a book write it get it up there start selling it and making money because I know I have so many people that come to me and they say I want to write a book but they don’t have the time but they’re not a great writer but you know whatever it might be and the truth is is that there are ways to do it fast and efficiently actually writing it yourself not even necessarily having to outsource it and hire someone else to do it for you that is an option as well but a lot of people want to write their own books and you know I outsource a lot of my books but I also had books that I’ve written myself and these are the books that I’m talking about that I wrote in less than 24 hours and the benefit of reading a book yourself is that you can build your own brand you can build your own name which is a very powerful thing so I want to share with you guys a little bit about my method but before I do I want to share with you my experience in writing books now the very first book that I wrote was an e-book and it was on dating advice for men and I used to have a dating business here in Vancouver where I did dating coaching and seminars and everything and so I had this idea that I’m going to write a book and I remember that book taking me over a year to actually write and I remember just wanting this book to be perfect and being so anal about all the little things from it and I remember just the the task of writing a book by the way for so many people so intimidating and so big that they end up putting it off and procrastinating and you know they get writer’s block they’re not in the right headspace and so I can definitely relate to that but you know it’s the funny thing is is that when you see people that talk about it takes so long to write a book it’s not that it actually takes a long time to write the book it’s more so the procrastination and everything that happens with people putting off the writing in the process of actually trading the book so I want to share with you guys um what happened for me which was I spent a year writing it I wanted my friends my family and everyone to proofread it and when I actually launched the book it turns out the book didn’t actually do as well as I thought I didn’t know how to market it the right way and do the research and all this sort of stuff and so I ended up investing a year and Telus time energy and effort to write this book and really not even getting much of return on it so I was really disappointed in it and then one thing that’s really changed for me recently in my life that I think has been a core component in helping me have a lot of success in my life is a concept that I have called speed of implementation meaning when I have an idea when I have a thought when I have something that I have a potential to make money from it could be a book idea whatever it is I’ve been very I’ve been very fast at executing that taking massive action and actually creating something of value and that’s a skill set that I’ve developed and part of what I’m going to teach you guys in order to write a book is developing that habit of being able to execute things fast quickly and efficiently and there’s a few things that have to happen for you to adopt that kind of mindset but let me share with you guys the three books that I personally wrote less than 24 hours okay the first one is a book called life mastery and it’s a book that I personally wrote it’s over 200 pages it’s for sale on Amazon and Kindle you can do a search for it great books gets over it’s got a lot of reviews and everything makes great money and it’s a book that you know helps people and proud of it and I wrote that book and about 23 hours of actually actual writing time okay the second one is a book called Kindle money mastery which is kind of like an introduction to how I make money on Kindle how I make six figures passive income on Kindle publishing Kindle e-books that one took me I think twelve hours to write and it’s a great quality book great reviews and everything and the third one is a look more recently that I wrote called Kindle marketing secrets 33 ways to promote your Kindle book and get more sales and I wrote that book in six hours and when I did that I was kind of looking back and I was thinking hey you know I think I’m onto something here I think I have a method I think I have something that I could teach people because I’ve just been really fast and really efficient at writing these books getting up there and making money from them and so I figured why not teach us to other people because I know so many people that want to write a book but there’s so many reasons and excuses that hold them back from being able to do that so I wanted to throw that out there those are the three books go to Amazon check them out you can see the books for yourself see how well they’re doing they’re actually quality books they do help people they’re not just these crappy books that I publish out there but they’re actually great books but it coming back to that speed of implementation concept that’s really the key and that’s the main thing that I want to teach you guys today and I want to share a little bit of just my belief about Kindle books or selling books or writing books just for a moment as well I think a lot of people when they think of writing a book they think of it as being a book that is going to be hundreds of pages and it’s going to be this epic high quality book with perfect grammar and spelling and it’s just going to be this incredible thing that is going to take them a year to write this this long process and they’re going to sell it for maybe $10 or $15 or I don’t know something like that and it’s you know they’re just going to put it out there and I want to kind of challenge that paradigm a little bit because I don’t fully believe in that model of writing a book now I’ve been involved in Kindle publishing for a number of years now published over 150 books I’ve got a method of outsourcing books and I’ve also written some of these books myself and with Kindle and the way that the world has been changing in terms of people actually consuming information on Eire eaters like Kindle devices or you might have heard of a nook or Kobo or smasher it you know all these different readers or maybe even on their iPhone or the iPad that’s how people are consuming information these days now the interesting thing about ebooks is that less than 10 per send people that buy a book even read past the first chapter of it okay I’m going to say that again less than 10% of people to actually buy a book okay that buy your book will read past the first chapter now why is that why aren’t people reading these books now I’m sure you can maybe relate to this I know if I can I’ve got books on my bookshelf that I bought I’m like eh I want to read that I’m going to buy that book and it’s still sitting there and I haven’t read it the reason is is because people are intimidated by the process of reading that gigantic book a book that is more than 100 pages 200 pages 400 pages people will put that off but procrastinated it or they’ll start it but they won’t finish it can you relate to this have you ever bought a book started reading a book and not finished it we all have okay now what I believe that sells better and has actually adds more value to customers and potential customers is having shorter books okay books that are easily consumable by people that people can buy and buy it at a much cheaper price point so you know if you had a book that’s maybe 30 pages long 40 pages 50 pages you might not sell that at the same price point as a book that’s 400 pages but you might because it doesn’t really matter how long the book is it’s the quality of information in it so the length of the book does not determine the value of of it I know great books that are 20 pages that my opinion are worth hundreds of dollars and I’ve paid that for them in fact there’s a great book called it works it’s like a 10 page book so this little little pamphlet book like this and you read it in like 10 minutes and in my opinion that little book right there it works can change your life it’s changed my life in so many ways it says to do three things in order to achieve anything that you want that it’s a great book go to Amazon type in it works go buy that book but that’s a book that is only like 10 pages long you read it in 10 minutes but it’s such a valuable book I think it’s more valuable than a lot of books that are 400 pages ok so what I’m trying to get across to you is that the length of the book doesn’t matter in fact I would even go as far to say that having shorter easily consumable books at a lower price point is actually more beneficial to customers consumers and readers and not only that but also thinking about instead of having a hundred page book or 400 page book or whatever taking that book and chunking it down into shorter consumable books and creating a series of books because that’s what sells better on Kindle for example if you had this long book on dating advice for men right it’s like a hundred page book or whatever well and you sold that but for ten bucks what would be a better way to sell that book would be to create four books out of that having each of them be 25 pages and each book being in a specific part of the process of dating okay so maybe the first book could be a 25 page book on how to approach a woman the next book could be how to have a conversation third book could be how to build a traction fourth book on how to get a phone number or how to get a date right and you sell each of those books or 25 pages maybe solve them for $2.99 on Amazon or Kindle and that would be a better way of doing it and so all of a sudden I believe that you can help people more by having shorter books having a series of books and not only that but I’ve also proven that it can actually make you more money doing it that way because if someone buys the first book and they like it they read it guess what they’re gonna buy the next book and the entire series of books from you okay so part of my method is writing shorter books okay and it doesn’t have to be a 25 page book it could be a 50 page book or even a hundred page book you know in my case that I’ve done but my mindset around writing a book has generally been that this book is essentially going to be a series of blog posts a series of articles I kind of chunk it down in that way because really a book if you break it down it has certain number of chapters okay so maybe you have ten chapters in a book or eight chapters in a book each of those chapters for me the way that I look at it as a blogger is going to just be a blog post and I’ve got a lot of experience now writing blog posts and articles and all that sort of stuff and so for me I just got to produce if it’s an eighth chapter book I just got to produce eight blog posts and I know in my case it takes me about an hour of just sitting down and writing to produce one blog post now you might say hey Stefan you know what you’re a great writer you’ve been writing for years or maybe you’re a fast typer you know I don’t have that ability that you do okay well what they’ve found is that the average writer the average typer types around 55 words per minute okay now I personally type to the honest view around a hundred words per minute okay I am a freak of nature in that sense but 55 words per minute that means that that’s about half the time that it’s going to take me you know you can do it okay so I’m sorry I didn’t double the time so essentially if takes me you know one hour to write a blog post and I think you could do it in two hours okay but that’s just kind of how I chunk it that’s kind of how I frame it I’m just this is going to be a series of blog posts and that’s it you know I’m going to map out the chapters of it and everything and that’s really the first step is is coming up with the topic mapping out the chapters that you want doing the research on it in fact you don’t have to know anything about the topic that you’re going to create a book on you can actually do all the research on the Internet today everything is free and I’ve got a process for doing that as well you can research everything find everything that you want and basically create the chapters and then be able to write them in yourself but that’s that’s part of them the method that I go through now I’m going to share with you another kind of technique or tactic that you can use that’s really helped me when it comes back comes down to that speed of implementation and that is using a timer okay using a timer now you either use my phone okay my phone right here use the timer on that or I’ll use something called an egg timer on my laptop and what a timer does this is a Productivity tip for you is it creates a sense of urgency and it makes you work more efficiently as well in a short period of time many times what happens is people end up surfing the net or they end up working aimlessly they’re not aware of the time and I’m sure you can relate to this where just hours go by and you’re working on something and you’re looking back what happened like how did the time go by so fast I didn’t even get you know whatever done in that amount of time it’s because they weren’t working on a focus efficient way okay so what having a timer does is you set the time maybe to write one of these chapters of your book within an hour okay and you’re not going to be a perfectionist okay because trying to be perfect is what stops people from following through there’s no such thing as being perfect impossible okay so basically it’s the lowest standard you can have because you know it’s not achievable so really it’s just a way to beat yourself up and procrastinate and put things off so what I do is I say you know what I’m going to write a chapter to a book one hour here’s my timer I’m gonna find a way to do it and you know there’s going to be spelling errors grammatical errors this is just going to be a draft I’m not going to filter my thoughts I’m just going to let it flow okay you’re you know you’re writing for the waste bin is what they say okay so you’re not you’re purposely trying to make sure that it’s not perfect because when you have that perfectionism filter and you’re micromanaging every thought and everything that you’re writing then you’re going to keep hitting backspace and trying to correct things because you’re micromanaging things and trying to make them is perfect so you set a timer okay one hour I’m going to write this you just sit down you write as fast as you can you just let it flow out of you maybe you have a document with all your research that you’ve done and everything you’ve gone over okay that’s another thing that I do is I have all the research and stuff specifically on that chapter that I can go through and refer back to and I might do some research while I’m writing as well just on Google but I give myself that time of an hour because it creates that urgency and it forces me to remind myself hey I got to work fast I got to get this done by this time now what’s going to happen is by the end of the hour you are going to have a chapter finished in a book okay now it’s not going to be perfect that’s okay that’s exactly what we didn’t want we don’t want it to be perfect you know there’s going to be grammar errors spelling errors all that sort of stuff but you’re going to have it you’re going to have a draft of it and then all then from there all you’re going to do is this modify to eat get proofread it revise it which is part of my method as well which you can do much faster but the core essence of it of what you want to communicate and good across will be there and that the key so that’s another part of my process is really making sure you don’t have the mindset of being perfect because really when I look back at me a year to write a book I was actually doing people a disservice by taking that long to write my book because it was really my issues that I had to deal with of worrying about all the perfection isms and all those little things because most of the people that would read the book wouldn’t even notice the things that I was so worried about same thing and even recording this video right now I’m not perfect recording this video I’ve made mistakes you know I’ve kind of been a little bit all over the place and stuff but it’s still something I can add value to you and help you if it took me a year to record this video maybe I can make it more perfect than it is now but you guys would be missing out and you wouldn’t be receiving the value that you’re getting from me and so that’s actually the 8020 principle meaning that you want to focus on the 80% you want to focus on the most important part the 20% all the little things you know that most people are going to notice don’t even matter okay and I’m gonna share one more tip because this video is getting a little bit long and I want to wrap up soon but one more tip to let’s say that you you aren’t a good writer you can’t write that’s okay you know you can always write it yourself and then have someone else proofread it and revise it for you that is an option as well and you can do that quickly by the way fast but another option as well and I’ve done this with a with a book too is you can use a dictation software meaning if you can just basically speak if you can just speak a chapter and just exactly what I’m doing right now I’m just speaking to a camera whatever or speak to your phone and record it speak to your computer and record it you can use a dictation software that will actually transcribe your words and the audio of that and turn it into a book or you could actually record it and hire a transcriber to do that for you this is actually a method that I learned from Dean Jackson he has a book called a 90-minute book and basically all he does is he has someone interview him or he speaks about something for 90 minutes and he has it transcribed into a book and and he sells that so that’s another method as well you don’t have to actually physically sit down and write you can actually have somebody transcribe it for you or to use a dictation software that can basically it’s just like a computer robot that transcribes the audio for you and then use that as a book and sell it and and help people with it and one thing I learned from Dean Jackson is that you know you want to be able to communicate your ideas in an efficient way meaning if a mean one it shouldn’t take you four hundred pages to communicate what you’re trying to get across you want to use less words a shorter book to communicate that same message and just get rid of the fluff anyway as an add value what I’m recording to you guys right now I hope you’re receiving value from it by the way I hope you guys are actually benefiting from this but I could actually take this the audio from it and have it transcribed and turn it into a Kindle book and maybe sell it for $0.99 or $2.99 you know depending on how long it is and how much value I feel that it warrants okay so the value that I’m communicating to you guys right now on video on audio right now this could be something that I can turn into a book and sell that could help people and I’m sure people will leave great reviews on it and benefit from it just like you guys are benefitting from it right now watching it hopefully still if you’re still watching it you’re benefiting from this but it’s the same method and same mentality okay so that’s a little bit of a little bit on scattered I know but this is a bit of my method and my thoughts and my strategies and tips and techniques that have allowed me to write a book fast like literally within 24 hours now you don’t have to write a book in 24 hours like me you can if you want you can do it in a weekend or a week that’s totally fine but I actually created I decided to create a course teaching people exactly how I do this step by step by step in fact I’ve broken this entire process down to a ten step process okay so if you’re watching this right now and you’re like hey you know this is awesome I want to write a book great I’ve got a course that you buy the course is actually inexpensive great quality course that you can go through and apply and basically I’ll have videos and PDFs with it where I step-by-step help you to write a book in 24 hours okay I go over my entire 10 step method with you you watch one video at a time you follow the steps not until you’ve done that step then you move on to the next step but I’ve broken it down so I’m actually there with you guiding you it’s almost like I’m there in your house holding your hand being like alright let’s do this let’s do this together I’m going to you know step one this is what you’re going to do and I give you the assignment the homework and then we move on to step two and then by the end of the 24 hours or by the end of the day or whatever you’ll have a book done ready to be published and ready making money from okay so this is a course that I created and I want to tell you about it and invite you to buy it if you’re the kind of person that wants to write a book he’s always wanted to it’s a great method that I’ve come up with it’s exact method that I personally do funny thing enough I actually traded this course in less than 24 hours as well and I kind of joke about that in the program because it really just helps you execute and take action not just in writing a book but probably anything else that you want to do if you want to create your own course your own video like me or whatever I share with you that method that I have that I go through that allows me to produce content fast quickly even if you’re not a good writer even if even if you don’t know anything about the topic and what you want to create a book on I still share with you how you can do it how you can do it fast and efficiently so this is a course that I’m releasing I’m going to have a specific date of when this course is going to be available but it’s going to be coming up pretty soon here I’ll give you guys a link to the the website that you can go to to go purchase the course if you want I am going to offer at a limited time discount at the beginning kinda like an early bird kind of get in the door sort of thing it isn’t inexpensive as well it’s of course that’s the purpose of it is to get you to it’s not a long lengthy course either it’s a ten step method but it’s something that you’re going to consume in less than a day as well because it’s the whole purpose is to get you to write a book fast but my goal is that if you actually apply it if you actually do it you’ll get incredible value out of it and you’ll be able to produce a high quality book that helps people in less than 24 hours and actually be successful at this and then you’ll have your very own book that you can now make money from it put up on Kindle or Amazon or anywhere on the Internet and produce passive income from that effort that you put forward so it’s a pretty cool feeling you know you spend the time one time to create something and at one book or that one piece of your work it’s going to be on the internet for the rest of your life for a hundred years if you want and it’s going to add value to people and it’s going to continue to pay you residual consistent passive income month after month after month okay so I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to check the link in the description should go at the blog post go you know by my course when it’s out it’s definitely going to help you if not if you’re like hey screw this I don’t want to write a book I just want to outsource some that’s totally cool too but I thought it’d provide a method and share to you guys what I personally do what’s work for me to be able to write my own books if you want to go down that path thanks for watching see in the next video