Gross sales – Automobile Sellers are Shortening the Gross sales Expertise

bread thanks a lot once more on CBT information it proper thanks for having me thanks for being a fantastic to be with you and love every little thing you guys are doing over there nice nice thanks effectively let’s speak slightly bit concerning the the five-step gross sales course of that you just wrote about in Vega in karpin’s At present journal how’s that for a bitch okay how about that for shameless head precisely thanks a lot however the five-step program we bought a number of suggestions on clearly you are shortening the you already know this the the standard perhaps the twelve or 13 step gross sales course of in a dealership and so speak to us slightly bit about that the rationale behind it the rationale for it and and what what you consider works effectively to begin with no person no person desires to be in a automobile dealership for 4 hours no person desires to be anyplace for 4 hours when you’ve ever gone to a marriage the very first thing you ask on the best way the marriage is how lengthy is the mass essentially the most valuable commodity folks have and it’s the factor they do not need to waste going to a automobile dealership is already painful sufficient for most individuals they’re scared they do not do it typically after which so as to add three or 4 or 5 hours to that’s much more of an issue for them and it is also an issue for the gross sales folks the dealership that was on the the transaction solely made two or 300 {dollars} in complete does not need to be on a transaction 4 or 5 hours it wrecks CSI scores no person desires it it does not behoove the salesperson the dealership the client no person wins however the fact is twenty twenty-five thirty years in the past the idea was and that is nonetheless maintained by some folks at present is that the longer you spend with any person the higher off you’re the higher probability you might have a sellin however the higher probability you might have additionally reckon any sort of optimistic rating the client has of you too that is proper that is proper so what why do not you are taking us by the 5 steps and after which perhaps contact on every considered one of them if that is cool yeah so what we did the very first thing we did was we diminished the twelve steps which you will historically see a dealership discuss ten or twelve steps and we scale back these to the 5 that each dealership on the planet has to do I imply you must do these 5 steps to get a deal accomplished you must greet a buyer look if I did not need to greet a buyer I would not I’d actually eliminate something and every little thing I may so if I may shut a deal simply by strolling outdoors and saying here is the pen take the automobile join let’s go I’d do this any clever individual that wishes to get volumes of exercise would do the identical factor if there was an app that might accomplish that I’d what we’re making an attempt to do is simply get all the way down to these issues that have to be accomplished greet the client the greeting and we discuss it in your automobile biz at present the greeting needs to be lower than two minutes I solely put two minutes to not scare anyone as a result of the reality it needs to be the greeting ought to final 20 seconds that’s not the place you construct rapport that is not the place you get qualifying data it is not the place you establish wants the greeting needs to be my identify’s grant what can I get you data on the client got here for data they got here to get information they have been on the web for 9 or ten hours presumably so the salesperson needs to be trying to compact issues get proper to the purpose if the individual desires to spend 4 hours with you actually they’re entitled to in the event that they need to get to know you that is nice however a reputation badge would assist cash grant cardone they are going to neglect my identify anyway my identify is grant cardone welcome to the dealership what can I get you data on that is your greeting hopefully the client responds positively go forward so get proper into getting proper into attending to the purpose when it comes to what they’re there for and that is the info hundreds of dealerships and checked out what what could be the following logical transition step not what does the automobile dealership needed it what’s the most reasonable straightforward sort of fluid transfer for the salesperson to make no we did this with hundreds and hundreds of automobile sellers Antron concerned in transactions and tracked these transactions to seek out out what was essentially the most profitable factor to do and that second step essentially the most fluid straightforward factor to do was the appraisal actually to have the salesperson transfer in – oh wow good automobile you might have there they drove up in it that is the place I needs to be contacting a buyer when you did not see what they drove up in it might be what did you drive up in at present why do you need to know that the client says as a result of I would wish to get any person busy getting the automobile value for you in case you have any curiosity in getting a quantity on it now why would I need to do that why would I need to transfer away from discovering the automobile the best automobile supposedly to their automobile okay look we all know they purchased their automobile we do not know if they are going to purchase considered one of ours proper so I do know they purchased that I need to discover out why they purchased it how they purchased it what induced them to purchase it what they preferred about it what they did not like about it what they’d repeat what they would not repeat so the simplest technique to discover out what any person will do subsequent time is to seek out out what they did final time proper good level okay it does not matter whether or not you are promoting telephones or vehicles or making an attempt to get in a relationship discover out what dangerous scenario occurred final time keep away from that discover out what good scenario they’d final time repeat that and you are going to at the very least have a a lot better probability of speaking the shoppers language and I feel to be clear on that you just’re not giving the client a quantity earlier on proper you are doing all of your providing you with’re providing you with’re nonetheless holding that price that clients appraisal quantity till later within the course of appropriate yeah I am not giving a quantity proper now you see everyone goes to freak mill proper now like oh my god he is given numbers no no your individuals are giving numbers I am not I do know precisely what I am doing and the rationale your individuals are given numbers proper now’s you are asking them to do ten or twelve steps and maintain onto a buyer for 4 hours it’s not possible not possible for anybody to try this even the strongest salespeople can’t maintain again information for that time frame the longer you spend with any person the much less cash you make proper we are able to validate that on hundreds of thousands of transactions not hundreds the longer you spend with the client the much less cash you’ll make as a result of the salesperson and the supervisor are going to have to make use of information actual information arduous information numbers funds commerce numbers / allowances they are going to have to make use of that to make to maintain the client there that lengthy so what we’re doing within the second step is that this nice automobile love your automobile good automobile can I get you figures on it effectively we do not know if we’ll commerce it in sir the value determinations free it is a free appraisal price you nothing at that time he is like yeah why do not you inform me what it is price let me let me discover out I won’t strive it no drawback we’ll provide you with numbers each methods I am going to present you with the automobile and with out the automobile okay these numbers are gonna come later in them yeah yeah I am not doing them now I bought to gather the info I am gonna collected 800 good automobile you bought there you all the time go for doorways yep all the time did you purchase it new or used i purchased it model new okay nice I see two youngster seats within the again er these yours are you already know yeah yeah that is our youngsters three and a five-year-old see I discovered issues out I pop open the trunk I would like the salesperson to do that as a result of the salesperson is accumulating information clients do not give folks data at present that automobile will actually provide you with all of the frequent floor you want with a buyer you open up the trunk and the man’s bought golf golf equipment in there hey how’s your sport see it is all proper there now this must be accomplished this appraisal or pre appraisal on this case must be accomplished in a short time being Bing Bing Bing turned the automobile over to the used-car supervisor the used-car supervisor is now going to introduce himself hey Wow good automobile you might have all the time needs to be good automobile I do not care what that automobile seems like good automobile nice automobile we love you automobile we’d like a automobile like this I do not if there’s 12 totally different layers of paint on that automobile and a bunch of bondo don’t point out it simply be good to folks acknowledge their property the used-car supervisor Wow when you guys give me about six seven eight minutes I am going to have you ever a quantity on the automobile that buys the salesperson time to maneuver to step three which is choosing demo based mostly on the info they collected mentioned the client additionally is aware of that they only flip the keys within the automobile over to another person so that they they are not going anyplace yeah effectively they are not going anyplace they usually’re there in addition they let me simply let you know what the client actually feels just like the buyer actually looks like I’ve accomplished them a favor now to take the time to drive their automobile which needs to be a should in each automobile dealership I do not give this a $50 automobile a $50,000 automobile it’s best to take the time to drive their car why would I do this as a result of after I do one thing for them they will do one thing for me now now they will reciprocate by driving my car I do know automobile dealerships at present the used-car supervisor will not take the time to drive the automobile he places a quantity on it with out driving I am like why would you insult any person look if you wish to purchase it when you actually need to purchase their automobile take the time to get in it have a look at it and present curiosity within the automobile positive so by the point I do my demonstration and presentation is step three I present the man 4 door then what I’ll do is after I’m accomplished with my demonstration presentation do a drive okay it is within the article proper listening to CBT child okay I do not know any shares in your organization I am simply being good to you proper now and and we’ll choose and demo to a great sturdy demonstration after I’m accomplished with that demonstration the used-car managers already referred to as the numbers in now that is a fantastic deal totally different from what the standard supplier does at present as a result of he is doing his choice first then his demo then if he will get a write-up he goes to take a seat the man down and trip him up and what he does not have but is your bread that is proper so the client for example the shoppers actually oh I like this automobile I would like this automobile needed by this name what’s it going to price me you sit down and he is all excited proper that is the time to shut him that is not the time to appraise the automobile proper see the best way we flipped it now we flip that we are able to transfer straight from a demo in the event that they’re excited write them up we’ve got numbers proper there isn’t any search for the used automobile supervisor and losing one other 20 minutes of my time are their time and I would appear I would appear to me that the placing the appraisal and the place you’ve got put it up entrance is extraordinarily buyer pleasant so the in order that as a result of all the course of the client is asking you I am not going to carry you to it however what’s my automobile price what’s my automobile price what’s my automobile price as a result of they already know what the payoff is that they need to know if they need to wait new vehicles so to have a gross sales individual say hey allow us to go forward and reward your automobile could be I feel they are going to be shocked as a result of the 4 locks that they only got here from they did not need to even contact the appraisal no yeah are you yeah precisely otherwise you had been required to do one thing else earlier than they’d do this that is proper however this does not make any sense on this new world that we’re we’re in okay the place the shoppers already been – true automobile he is bought a value on the brand new automobile he is been to Auto merchants commerce in market he is bought to verify in his pocket for his automobile and you bought a automobile supplier nonetheless saying I let’s conceal the weenie I imply it is like I need to see the place the meat is is there any beef on this burger I open up the bread I am like the place’s the meat man that is all I need to learn about and that is what the client desires to know what is the value what is the cost what is the down cost and by the best way what’s my commerce price that is proper that is proper they usually’re reluctant to maneuver in till they get that okay so that you’re you are chosen demo after which current proposal after which we current to everyone okay we current it is step 4 current to everyone okay it is step 9 for you 4 for a standard supplier it is step 4 for us and we current to everyone okay I imply that is one factor we’re doing professional work for 2 main producers proper now considered one of them we improve their that we actually had the best again by JD Energy and Associates the only highest transfer in buyer satisfaction a rating ever within the historical past of the car trade okay the largest single transfer and it was as a result of we shorten and tighten up their gross sales course of and are giving clients what they need after which presenting numbers to all of them no matter their chance of shopping for at present or their preparedness to buy proper so like we do not ask the query are you prepared to purchase a automobile at present I imply I do not ask that query I assume they got here to purchase a automobile as a result of they spent 10 hours on the web they left their house they drove by visitors they pull right into a automobile dealership I would not go there if I did not work there proper or if I wasn’t interested by shopping for one thing there so we current to everybody and we all know by doing that we improve our our supply ratio perhaps perhaps decrease our closing ratio however we improve the variety of vehicles delivered so so the following subsequent step is simply the closing exit yeah at this level I’ll present the bar we use an digital worksheet referred to as e pencil and so we’ll present the bar a number of downpayments each on a purchase order and a lease we’ll present a number of down funds and we’ll present them a variation of phrases at this level we’ll determine whether or not we are able to shut this transaction or whether or not we are able to you already know let the client go away gracefully with a number of worksheets now that is not within the article and if folks need extra data on this they will actually contact us – okay effectively what would I let a buyer go away with proper now we’d by no means ever let a buyer go away with one worksheet on one automobile ever by no means yeah okay okay in order that so that you’re you are actually giving that shopper all the knowledge that they should make an knowledgeable resolution no matter their dedication distorted by a automobile I am giving him sufficient information to buy me and purchase from any person else if they need so what do you say to the supplier that that claims I am nervous about doing one thing like that what is the rationale behind I dread the I’d inform the supplier I’d slightly lose any person as a result of I labored after which then then then dropping as a result of I did not ah you already know like look if I am in a strikeout I do need to swing the bat I have been struck out sufficient occasions watching oh wow oh as a second oh there’s the Thurman and then you definitely go house and now you are like God I may have swung I imply with my eyes closed I at the very least have a shot see you will see we did a thriller store final yr with 573 automobile sellers additionally did a thriller store for another main retailers like Sears if you have not seen that video on YouTube edit you already know like if a serious retailer like Sears can miss it I imply I did this can be a fundamental beta’s fundamental fundamental as you will get you can really promote any person that that you do not like they usually do not such as you when you write them up yeah you can really promote any person the mistaken automobile for too excessive cost with an excessive amount of cash down they usually don’t love me proper nevertheless it’s not possible you can line up all the celebrities they like me they like the shop they just like the automobile the funds are proper when you do not write them up nothing’s going to occur so we simply write everyone we write everyone and within the worry the supplier’s going to have is I’ll I bought a man down the road you already know he is prepared to prostitute his product we do not need to do this and if I give him a quantity he’ll go down there and the man down the streets going to beat it okay effectively so what man be within the sport be within the sport swing the bag go for it take your shot and ensure your administration is assembly clients that is the opposite motive we wish that pre appraisal within the second step as a result of I need to power administration to start out making contact early in a deal not late in a deal I would like the desk supervisor I am sorry to interrupt you however I would like the desk supervisor really timing this deal that is why we put a clock in your your newspaper okay automobile biz at present okay the 5 step course of we’re really telling the managers with the clock hey the place you need to be within the course of proper now proper there isn’t any query clients need to get out and in you already know I feel it is also essential to notice that the common shopper outlets one-point-three dealerships earlier than shopping for a automobile 1.three so the times the man happening the street or go to a competitor and say I am gonna store the entire you already know new automobile alley right here it sort of over do they only need that quantity validates that they need to get accomplished now they need to get into get out and this gross sales course of I can perhaps on it cuz it shortens the method it provides the client every little thing that they need the hardest sale about this course of is to not you or me or to the patron it is to the supplier listening you already know it simply breaks each mildew that they’ve ever been taught beneath and and nevertheless it actually however however however you already know the opposite the opposite factor I’d ask the supplier is look may you purchase a automobile at your individual dealership would you ship your buddy there with out making a telephone name first proper are you able to promote your course of see if you cannot promote your course of okay if he hadn’t turned me off already if you have not marketed if you cannot promote your course of then there’s one thing mistaken with it like like would you go on TV and say we’ve got a 12 step course of come to our retailer we’ll take you thru our 12 pleasant steps okay what concerning the service stroll yeah we’re gonna present you the service division despite the fact that we have not confirmed you a automobile but as a result of any person believes in that I do not know no clients asking for service walks no however no buyer says hey I need to see I’m going to Macy’s to purchase one thing I do not need to go to the again of the place and see the place they take transport returned it is loopy so so some guide got here up with this idea okay the supplier’s bought 10 million {dollars} invested within the facility he is pleased with it I do know you need to present it to the folks you need to make them comfy however I am telling you man you are not going to promote me a automobile like that and also you’re in all probability not going to promote anyone with cash a automobile like that as a result of they need to get in they need to get out they usually need to transfer on and cross their fingers and hope they by no means have to return to service proper you already know the trade has modified a lot on this new digital area that we’re in however the 12-step course of hasn’t yo till somebody like your self come out and mentioned hey let’s knock off 7 steps right here and lower 2 this fashion look I bought to show a 26 yr outdated 23 yr outdated child you need to train him 5 steps or 12 steps proper I need to train I need to maintain I would like to have the ability to duplicate one thing and the 26 or 23 are okay educating at present does not perceive the opposite seven as a result of he too was introduced up within the digital age yeah Jack lees I stroll this flippantly in assist of this that then that then saying effectively I need to be within the dealership so lengthy look god this 23 years outdated does not even know why anyone goes to a automobile dealership positive he is sitting there scratching his head saying why did anyone even drive right here proper I do not perceive why they did not do the entire deal on-line proper I imply the automobile got here to us with no cash in it you already know you bought vehicles coming to you that after you add the sellers pack the salesperson goes to the desk with a full sticker deal and he owes the shop cash proper you already know lengthy say it he says boss how a lot cash down make on this deal he is like make dude it is sticker you owe me 200 so and we may go away in your article okay I maintain pointed this as a result of it principally exhibits down right here hundreds of thousands of transactions I feel on this case we had accomplished a research of 200 and forty-eight thousand 200 and eight transactions and it exhibits you that when the time goes from 12 minutes in negotiating to 61 minutes negotiating the gross went from $1,100 a automobile to a few hundred and eighty eight {dollars} a automobile yeah superb so when you’re interested by making more cash when you’re interested by in really satisfying the client when you’re interested by an easier simpler quicker course of when you’re interested by one thing you can really promote to the general public and you can say hey come to our dealership I’ll let you know our course of earlier than you even get there we’ll say hello to you we’ll appraise your automobile we’ll discover the automobile you need you’ll be able to drive it if you wish to you do not have to then we’ll then we’ll provide you with some numbers on it and you are going to determine see that is I’d inform the entire public that I’d promote it that’s the final litmus take a look at can you are taking your course of and inform the general public what you are going to do with them earlier than they get there since you actually would not inform any person hey we’ve got a twelve step we’ve got twelve steps right here you already know they are going to confuse you with Betty Ford child Ford offered 600 vehicles final one I am simply kidding yeah yeah proper hey if we are able to change gears right here slightly bit whereas I bought you on the telephone simply that man I do know you are very busy that is proper speak to us slightly bit it is Grant Cardone Toyota and it is the kickoff assembly for 2014 proper dealerships bought to concentrate on three stuff you bought the administration crew within the convention room you say guys this yr we’re gonna concentrate on three issues to to knock the duvet off the ball okay a type of three issues oh dude the three issues that imply it is easy it is like come on perspective day by day it is bought to be perspective okay I imply I bought all these little wristbands and stuff in right here these little gimmicks to maintain folks optimistic you already know considered one of them says no negativity the opposite says champions dominate this one says no matter it takes that is a TV present I am about to promote to one of many community’s this one says success is my obligation these are gimmicks okay I imply each supplier that I’ve ever met within the final 25 years all of them say man perspective is every little thing that is one thing must be preached harped on repeated the Keuka do conferences two and 3 times a day on perspective and it will not damage anyone perspective is a very powerful factor to any gross sales group or for that truth any group doing something whether or not it is the army or a automobile dealership the second factor goes to be okay what’s our strategy it is referred to as the three that is referred to as the three eights principally okay a cubed first is perspective second is strategy what’s our strategy do our folks know our strategy to our clients know our strategy do does the supervisor know our strategy is the used-car division the brand new automobile division utilizing the identical strategy is our retailer throughout city doing the identical strategy that we’re doing if the client visits listed below are there do they get the identical strategy everyone ought to know this strategy okay everyone ought to know it is easy it is easy as quick as pleasant and I’d inform my greatest buddy that is how we promote vehicles the third factor goes to do goes to be as motion how a lot motion can we take and I like the quantity 10 as a result of 10 is sort of a rounding quantity you already know it is like okay can we do 10 of every little thing after which as soon as I get to that tin can I ten up on that the quantity of motion the dealership takes the gross sales group takes service or elements the quantity of motion with the best perspective and the best strategy goes to finally decide 2014 outcomes not how good the automobile enterprise is look the automobile enterprise is nice okay clearly once you bought Macy’s and Nordstrom’s complaining the automobile sellers are stealing shirt gross sales that is how good the automobile enterprise is true now nevertheless it additionally tells you the way weak the patron is the patron is extraordinarily fragile wait far more fragile in my perception then then is being reported by the media and you already know God bless automobile sellers as a result of they’re having a great time proper now as a result of nevertheless it’s not as a result of they’re nice it is as a result of there’s pent up demand the incentives are sick the producers are so aggressive and the value that automobile is being held down is artificially being held down for folks to have the ability to buy one and the patron has simply sufficient cash to purchase a automobile and that is why you gotta have the best perspective the best strategy and you bought to take a number of motion superior that is nice I like all that each one the content material you present – yeah you already know I used to be I used to be on FOX TV at some point and and I mentioned vanish referred to as vendor be offered and I confirmed it they usually’re like what a shameless plug it was Neil Cavuto and I am not I mentioned no there’s nothing shameless about it my man you assume you assume anyone anyone will get on this present for something aside from consideration to their product come on give me a break that is America child that is precisely proper no query about it we like it that is what we’re all about we need to assist everyone develop their companies whether or not it’s the consultants the trainers the authors such because the self or or automobile sellers which is our core viewers as you already know so yesterday 4,200 sellers tuned in to CB t information which had been very enthusiastic about effectively that is nice that’s the place we’re very excited concerning the development that we’re having and definitely with guys such as you serving to and serving to us out the place we won’t thanks sufficient so actually we might love to speak to you perhaps in one other name about some concepts that I’ve bought with regard to coaching and and such that might be despatched out to all of our 70,000 subscribers and and see when you’re prepared to assist us okay good luck to you’re keen on to speak to you about and I am positive I am going to see you within the soiled soiled yeah that is your hometown down yeah that is proper all proper effectively you will in all probability see us as a result of we have we have wrapped a million-dollar motor house and we’re oh wow stops alongside the best way and shoot the present from various dealerships and uh and and pull as much as Ma da and so we might like to have you ever on the bus and perhaps get an interview from you there as effectively like it like to see you there yeah all proper thanks a lot grand I recognize it in that search for that thank you might have a fantastic yr okay thanks you too

three books you MUST study

you okay what up dudes nets right this moment I need to offer you guys my three books that I am at the moment studying and these are a number of the finest books I’ve learn within the final month I attempt to learn one every week yeah one every week after which I’m going by means of and journal on the e book take out the Huge Concepts all that jazz and actually attempt to take within the data however you do not have to learn one every week or for a month or no matter you may learn one a month get this in case you learn ten pages a day that is a e book a month you are able to do that that could be very doable I am gonna offer you three books which have actually helped me and in case you learn them you will most likely see a variety of the fabric I take advantage of for these movies and just a few ideas that I rant on so with out additional ado right here we go primary I learn these all inside the previous month method of the superior man okay in case you’re a dude or a lady attempting to grasp dudes then that’s your e book it isn’t about being a superior man over folks it is about being a superior man of your self it isn’t about dominating others about dominating your self and transferring up the dimensions of the place what was as soon as arduous is not arduous anymore and the place you might be an integrity together with your life killer killer e book positively advocate it okay subsequent e book tacky title horrible title nice phenomenal e book find out how to win pals and affect folks proper I wasn’t kidding in regards to the the title it is a type of classics Dale Carnegie offered over 15 million copies completely is so Western American like 5 steps to success and like listed below are 15 methods to affect folks to your mind-set so it is hilarious and really direct very linear very masculine nevertheless it works a number of the ideas in there it is simply I am going to offer you one get somebody saying sure sure instantly get them to start out agreeing with you so in case you’re in a battle in case you get them to agree with you at the start they’re extra more likely to be in your aspect all through your complete con as a result of one thing psychologically has now switched of their thoughts to the place they’re agreeing with you and so they need to agree together with your aspect reasonably than going at it straight away in an argument and saying no no here is the place we disagree swap it and concentrate on to what you do agree on so extra ideas like that in that e book find out how to win pals and affect folks lastly most likely my e book of the 12 months is that this man proper right here the happiness speculation this was just like the underdog of the Yr by Jonathan hight I feel that is the way you pronounce his identify this one’s most likely 300 pages however extra psychology extra on the tons of research that I’ve given you on this channel tons of stuff like that and that one in case you’re sort of in a stoop proper now and searching round for you recognize meanings to greater questions that is positively one I’d go to first however these are my three books that I learn lately or reread I ought to say they’re actually actually make an affect so a few of you guys had been asking and there you go management your life don’t let life management you later guys

Photoshop CC Masking Tutorial How To Settle away Backgrounds

hey everybody that is graphic designer Roberto Blake and welcome to a different Photoshop CC tutorial video now normally I might do these movies on Thursday however immediately I am doing a particular Saturday tutorial to deal with one thing that got here up within the feedback of my Photoshop CC masking tutorial video Jeanne commented that the picture within the Photoshop CC masking tutorial video was not very useful as a result of it was not a real-world picture it had a single colour background and quote-unquote any noob can masks that out now since lots of you have got truly commented that you simply like that video I am not gonna insult you by calling you noobs and saying that you simply preferred that video as a result of you possibly can’t masks out advanced photos the truth is that with the refine edge instrument in variations cs5 via cs6 and CC of Photoshop it truly actually virtually does not matter whether or not you have got a brilliant advanced background or a easy 1 colour background you possibly can roughly masks out photos with the press choice instrument and lasso instrument just about the identical manner when utilizing refine edge nonetheless I will simply go forward and do a video with an actual world picture {a photograph} that I truly shot myself on a Nikon d3200 DSLR digital camera of my brother for promenade and present you the way I truly masked that out so that is what this tutorial video immediately goes to be it is going to be one other Photoshop CC masking tutorial utilizing a fancy background and actual world sensible Photoshop so let’s go forward and get began as you possibly can see right here within the authentic picture we have now a quote-unquote advanced background there are numerous totally different colours right here and although we have now depth of area you may nonetheless name this advanced background it isn’t one colour it is many colours a few of them mix in with the colours of the shirt so we’ll use the fast choice instrument to get our topic my brother right here out of this background and put them towards black such as you noticed earlier within the remaining model and what I am gonna do right here actually rapidly is I am simply going to unclick my layers so I can protect them right here and I am simply going to just about begin over with a brand new layer masks on the background picture after which simply transfer ahead from there and I will get into what the human saturation masks that I am utilizing above is slightly later so for now you do not actually need to fret about that I am simply gonna go forward and click on off a few of these layers and begin from scratch for you so right here we go now once more I am simply gonna be utilizing the fast choice instrument with refine edge however whereas I am utilizing the fast choice instrument to make the choice I am simply going to truly tremendous velocity quick ahead via that so that you guys haven’t got to attend via all that for us to get into the precise quote-unquote tutorial a part of that I am positive by now all of you understand how to make use of the fast choice instrument it is simply shortcut Q after which you choose the elements of the picture that you simply truly need to masks out should you get a portion of the picture that you simply wished to not choose to be a part of this isolation masks simply go forward and use the alt button after which click on on that and transfer round till you have got it D chosen and that ought to be fantastic for you okay so along with your topic chosen go forward and click on refine edge you are going to discover a sequence of sliders right here you are going to need to choose decontaminate colours on the output slide that over to 100 after which you are going to need to go forward and be sure you have good radius chosen and also you’re simply going to regulate this stuff as you see match no matter you suppose goes to be good these settings are what I do know will work effectively for this specific picture should you do not feel like refine edge did a superb job of eliminating a number of the edges you may need to use the shift edge and transfer it over to the left into the unfavorable and normally I counsel going forward and including some distinction if you need to do that when you’re utilizing the masks view as a way to see this white on black to see the masks the distinction will make extra sense to you and you’ll modify the slider on that as you see match to make your picture higher if you find yourself masking out areas that you do not need to with this you possibly can modify your slider settings and it’s also possible to use the erase instrument brush as an alternative of the refine edge’ brush over there and that may carry again something that you’ve got taken away that you simply need to carry again into your picture you simply paint that again in and then you definitely’re fantastic so simply do this and you’ll right something that you simply really feel you overdid after which you’ll return in with the comb and simply do away with what you need too and as you possibly can see right here that is figuring out slightly effectively we bought what we would have liked and once more you possibly can simply do that as your {photograph} requires there’s actually no final refine edge grasp choice you can make that is gonna be completely excellent there is no mathematical components for this it’s quote-unquote artwork so it is subjective and you need to decide what’s proper to your picture I can not let you know what’s proper to your picture with out it sitting proper in entrance of me however for this picture we did not actually should do an excessive amount of and that is as a result of in Photoshop cs6 and Photoshop CC the choice instruments there are monetary instruments all this stuff have been optimized they actually do not carry that up lots on the Adobe web site however I’ve seen the development as a result of I have been utilizing totally different variations of Photoshop for a really very long time I began again in Photoshop model 7 which was earlier than the Inventive Suite ever bought began so I am slightly extra acquainted with it go forward and use the black and white matte to only see what it is advisable to clear up in your masks and one of many issues that basically pays off right here is the distinction instrument you possibly can shift that round and you’ll simply get a greater total choice and also you also needs to use this sort of maintain observe of issues in order that if you cannot get it with refine edge you are able to do it along with your precise brush instrument as soon as the masks is full so we’re simply gonna form of toggle via and see this you possibly can see that this would possibly not simply work on black this can work on white as a result of somebody may say oh effectively you probably did that on black in order that we cannot see any of the failings or errors no you possibly can see clearly right here that even on white it comes out slightly effectively so there we go and once more that is simply the masking portion if you need to clear up one thing that you’ve got made like this there’s much more that you are able to do with retouching to excellent it that wasn’t lined by the masking you possibly can modify ranges curves and you should utilize different issues like an extra hue and saturation layer to wash up any colour bleed over from the lighting or the background or what have you ever and that is what my hue and saturation layer above this actually is for was simply to wash up any of the sunshine that was left over particularly within the hair in order that’s how we reap the benefits of that I am toggling again and forretress you possibly can see you understand how clear this masks is and that we do not actually have any of that background left in any respect and that was a fancy background there was lots to that so it isn’t a strong colour it isn’t one plain colour it was a background with totally different colours and texture values and lighting so there’s that with the hue and saturation you possibly can simply go forward and make a hue and saturation adjustment layer take the saturation all the best way down as should you had been making a black and white picture and then you definitely paint again in along with your masks something that you simply need to strip the colour out of and once more in case you have colour bleed over from lighting or what-have-you you are able to do that you may additionally use this for some retouching in locations the place you might need um bloodshot eyes or no matter so it is simply one other retouching instrument um that you should utilize and I am simply being nitpicky right here and going again and simply form of making some pixel excellent changes to this {photograph} as a result of I actually can not help myself with that typically however as you possibly can see we have masked this out and it is wanting actually good contemplating how advanced that background is and also you roughly would not know that we shot this towards white and I am simply going to do away with a few of these blemishes right here I am sorry I am having an OCD second whereas I am doing this I apologize I actually simply can not help myself typically after I get into Photoshop I’ve to right issues I can not have a look at them imperfect and that is only a behavior of mine so once more I apologize and also you’re simply getting slightly one thing additional other than the masking proper now as a result of once more OCD however yep in order that’s just about it for this Photoshop masking tutorial we have successfully confirmed you find out how to masks out a fancy background in Photoshop once more I hope you guys will like this video should you preferred it do not forget to subscribe do not be afraid to let me know what you guys truly suppose within the feedback since you by no means know I would resolve throughout the hour to do a totally new tutorial video simply since you wrote a remark so there you have got it anyway Jean this one’s for you there you go actual world Photoshop masking off of an precise {photograph} not a inventory picture towards a fancy background so I hope you recognize it anyway like this video should you preferred it do not forget to subscribe I will see you guys within the subsequent Photoshop CC tutorial video they’re normally on Thursdays all proper thanks for watching

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I wished to principally be capable of present a product the place I may coach folks earlier than throughout and after the sale and the cellular is the one factor that permits me to try this in order that Grant Cardone is accessible to the skilled gross sales individual that wishes to grow to be closest a lap ensures to make you a grasp negotiator and nearer as a result of it handles each scenario you’ll face closest sale lap is geared to all skilled salespeople all new salespeople all veteran and extremely skilled salespeople most original characteristic about this app is the multitude of closes which can be designed to suit completely different personalities and completely different conditions I’m going to provide the phrases the instruments and the precise technique to take and you are going to suit your persona in that scenario and you are going to shut

Is The Four Hour Work Week Every day life Bullshit?

hey guys Stephanie right here from Challenge life mastery comm on this video weblog I need to reply a query that I obtained just lately by one in every of my followers and it was the query of is the 4-hour workweek way of life is it actual or is it bullshit and it is a fantastic query that I need to go into as a result of you realize I have been blessed to have lived earlier than our work week and it is a type of an idea or concept that I I agree with however I additionally disagree with as effectively and by the way in which if you have not heard of this e book the 4-hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss that I like to recommend that you just go on the market and truly get it as a result of it’s a actually unimaginable e book that I like to recommend everyone learn particularly when you have a 9 to five and particularly if you wish to generate income on-line and reside a life-style the place you may journey the world and generate income doing no matter you need alright so it’s a nice e book I completely advocate it go on the market and purchase it and skim it however I need to speak to you guys just a little bit about it and offer you my ideas on whether or not it is actual or not now the 4-hour workweek is actual okay there are folks on the market which might be dwelling a 4-hour workweek way of life I’ve lived at sooner or later in my life the place I turned financially free a lot of years in the past and I used to be basically making about 5 grand a month passive revenue and that was based mostly at 50 greater than lined my way of life bills on the time and it was nice to some extent as a result of I had whole freedom to do regardless of the hell I needed and I did not work all day and I simply sat round watching motion pictures and mainly doing nothing and so it’s potential there are folks on the market which might be dwelling it however I disagree with it in so some ways as a result of it isn’t a really fulfilling way of life your life now these guys that promote and market the 4-hour workweek to you reminiscent of Timothy Ferriss Frank Kern possibly these totally different web advertising and marketing gurus and stuff like that the reality is is that these guys aren’t dwelling a 4-hour workweek way of life okay Tim Ferriss Frank Erne these web gurus they really work extraordinarily extraordinarily onerous okay these guys truly work greater than 40 hours every week they’re working basically day by day on their companies they’re obsessive about it they’re hooked on it and it isn’t a nasty factor as a result of they actually truly love doing what they are you aware these these individuals are in positions the place they do not should work on a regular basis they may simply reside a 4-hour workweek way of life however they’re mainly working their asses off creating new merchandise running a blog no matter it is likely to be as a result of that is what they like to do they actually take pleasure in it they benefit from the technique of earning profits working a enterprise creating issues constructing issues it is as a result of they’re an entrepreneur and that is the character of what an entrepreneur is okay so while you type of get this concept that you realize these are simply guys which might be dwelling on the seashore you realize sitting round consuming martinis and stuff like that it isn’t true now embarrassed he is in all probability lived up for our start week at totally different levels of his life you realize he’d give tales in his e book when he went to Thailand any went to those totally different nations South America I am positive there’s totally different components of his life the place he was working 4 hours every week and that is nice however it’s not a constant way of life that these guys preserve and so I need to type of break you below the the mindset of that you just’re gonna reside this 4-hour workweek way of life as a result of I need to share with you my expertise of that so like I mentioned I made some huge cash at a younger age by totally different web companies that I used to be working and every part was automated and making me passive revenue about 5 thousand {dollars} a month it was sixty thousand {dollars} a 12 months which extra they lined my bills the issue that I discovered with being financially free as nice as it’s is that you just get very very bored together with your life okay as a result of basically you may solely achieve this a lot sitting round on the seashore and every part as a result of everyone else that you realize is working everybody else is doing issues and creating issues and I discovered myself getting very weak lazy unmotivated and my life began going downhill I mainly simply wakened each time I needed to which I do know sounds nice however after some time while you’re sleeping in to midday and every part you do not actually be ok with your self and your life dwelling that means I additionally simply sat round and simply type of watched motion pictures and TV exhibits you realize I I went out I mainly did issues that have been type of enjoyable to do however it was only a street who I used to be my productiveness and the way I actually needed to reside my life I mainly stopped rising is what I am saying you realize there’s nothing improper with you realize simply doing nothing and having enjoyable and simply type of dwelling up your way of life and every part however I finished rising which is likely one of the core wants that each human being has is that something in life that does not develop dies you all the time should be rising indirectly now enterprise and earning profits is not the one means which you could develop you may in fact decide up totally different pastime as an curiosity that might drive you to develop in different methods however I discovered for myself the 4-hour workweek way of life prevented me from rising and I discover that having a transparent mission in your life a goal of what you need to do whether or not it is you realize earning profits or making a distinction or possibly it is nonprofit stuff no matter it’s that needs to be a core a part of your life as a result of with out that you just get very bored and really unfulfilled so you need to be rising and contributing I felt like I wasn’t contributing in any option to society I used to be simply type of losing away my life sitting round and yeah I imply even simply type of going out and stuff like that received boring and I simply had nothing to do I felt very uninterested in my life and so I wanted one thing that I may contribute for and I discovered that after I turned financially free and dwelling the 4-hour workweek way of life as soon as I used to be in a position to type of get by that that path and I type of realized wow this is not what I needed in spite of everything I began to focus my power and efforts on what I like to do and I created companies that have been a ardour for me and now with these companies I work my ass off I work more durable than most individuals that I do know I work day by day on my enterprise I do not take days off often even once I’m on trip I am nonetheless you realize performing some kind of work or speaking to folks or no matter and it is cuz I like it it is prefer it’s it is such a ardour and it is such a thrill for me I like it as a result of I am making a distinction I am rising I am actually dwelling that the life does meant to reside and so I might encourage you simply to type of take a look at issues just a little bit otherwise and eliminate this concept that you just’re simply gonna retire early and younger you realize there is a examine that was executed with the insurance coverage firm is that after folks retired on the age sixty-five years previous a couple of years later plenty of these folks ended up dying why did it die as a result of they do not have a goal of their life you want a goal with out a goal we have now nothing to do you want a compelling imaginative and prescient a goal to your future that may drive you day by day in the direction of one thing higher however you all the time should be rising we have now to be contributing in case your life is gonna be significant and fulfilling okay so do not make retirement your aim do not make the 4-hour workweek your aim in fact attempt to earn more money attempt to have freedom attempt to be financially free and all that type of stuff however and possibly you may type of undergo the identical path that I did which is being financially free and simply type of having fun with it for a short while however I simply needed to type of reply this individual’s query one of the simplest ways that I may and simply type of offer you guys the truth of the scenario the reality about it’s that Tim Ferriss these guys these web entrepreneurs they’re doing what they like to do they’re working their asses off they don’t seem to be sitting on the seashore working 4 hours every week or no matter it is likely to be they’re mainly working their asses off as a result of they discovered a calling they discovered a mission a goal of what they like to do and for those who take a look at probably the most profitable folks on the earth whether or not it is Donald Trump or you realize Mark Zuckerberg or no matter it is likely to be Richard Branson these guys they do not should work one other day of their life they’re billionaires however they nonetheless do work as a result of they’ve a mission they’ve a goal which might be doing one thing that they love that it is forcing them to develop and to contribute okay so these are my ideas on the 4-hour workweek way of life and that is it for in the present day guys thanks for watching

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you hey that is Stefan welcome to my undertaking life grasp a YouTube channel on my youtube channel you are going to discover prime quality superb movies for me on the whole lot from tips on how to earn cash on-line motivation well being health you recognize how one can simply get extra out of your life and stay life on the highest potential degree me to get movies from me on touring proper now I am in Bali Indonesia proper now recording this to you you are going to mainly get movies and remark and prime quality content material from me personally on totally different areas which have made a distinction to my life you recognize I am actually keen about myself and no matter means that I can and the extra that I frozen human being I wish to really share that with different individuals and my youtube channel and in addition my undertaking life mastery weblog is my means of doing that sharing the perfect of what I do know has been an impression on my life with you to be able to improve the standard of your life so I wish to encourage you to hit the subscribe button to my youtube channel be sure to subscribe so that you get up to date of each single video that I put out and that i additionally wish to invite you to go over to my weblog undertaking like grasp calm don’t fret i’ve hyperlinks to it someplace right here however go on over there join my publication so you may e-mail updates from me and in addition observe me on my Fb web page I’ve acquired a podcast as effectively to desire to devour info as a podcast my weblog I’ve a whole lot of articles that go together with all of the movies that I put on the market so there’s a whole lot of nice ways in which we will keep in contact and hopefully construct a tremendous relationship collectively in order that I can actually make a distinction in your life for the numerous years to return thanks for watching this video and sit up for speaking to you

The useful diagram to Earn Consideration – Cardone Zone

grant cardone saved my enterprise about six months in the past I discovered grant cardone on YouTube and I immediately favored what he was saying I wished to know find out how to exit and get the sale I wished to know once I wished cash find out how to flip the tap on and get cash I name that cash on faucet and grant cardone taught me find out how to get that stuff no matter it takes do what you bought to do go get it what you need in your small business and in your life I would like a brand new guru someone who’s actually up-to-date and fashionable and that is when I discovered Grant Cardone and that is when I discovered 10x look large large large large motion [Music] what are you ready for you are both going to have extra or you are going to have much less make the choice get dedicated learn the books get to the seminars take motion you are attempting to construct a large model I believe there’s no one higher within the nation than Grant Cardone [Music] [Music] I am positively in my sound dude in the event you attempt to in the event you attempt to maintain me from getting in my zone i’ma run over you imma imma imma damage someone that tries to get in my means cuz I am gonna bust 2014 prefer it’s a balloon filled with water simply pin prick it until it blows up throughout me and that is what I need 2014 to do for you my title is Grant Cardone on Twitter I am at Grant Cardone you most likely know that from from my latest attention-getting gimmick that we’ll be speaking about immediately look this present the cardones owns about your small business your cash your funds and what it’s important to do to take what is going on on within the present financial system if there may be one and and do every thing attainable to be sure you’re the winner within the financial system you are a winner within the state of affairs no matter what the federal government is doing no matter what enterprise are the general financial system is doing my objective on this present for you is that your small business your loved ones your funds are in place so I come right here each week we will strive to do that present each Thursday each week we will do that for 2014 and broadcast to you are taking your calls at 3:05 eight six 5 5 two six zero numbers three oh 5 eight six 5 5 two six Oh the markets are off this 12 months that is what we all know is occurring the markets are off this 12 months shares shares have dropped once more yesterday on this morning I have been telling you now for about three months go away it alone you’ve got missed it if in the event you in the event you weren’t in it when it was 9,000 do not get in it when it is 16,000 Friday’s gross sales of Black Friday gross sales at Thanksgiving had been flat at finest after which Cyber Monday I got here to you and mentioned cyber monday blew up and what they have not reported since is that these sob Mundi gross sales are going to be seeing loads of returns Finest Purchase mentioned immediately they got here out their inventory is off 30% this morning they mentioned yesterday they had been off immediately their inventory comes out opens 30% down now what’s that what’s that that principally that principally validates two issues that I’ve advised you keep out of the market okay quantity two retail gross sales aren’t there I am telling the American shoppers spin out okay everyone’s attempting to inform you it is a new financial system a brand new time is not is it a brand new financial system is the financial system getting higher the place you are at I might recommend to you I am not right here to present you unhealthy information I am right here to get you ready I am right here to get you paranoid I am right here to get you in your toes so as to handle your loved ones so you can also make your objectives and goals come true JC Penney it will lay off 2,000 employees it will shut 33 of its underperforming shops I talked about JC Penney all final 12 months the buyer is spin out that is the purpose of this they’re spin out they’re burning you bought retailers blaming automotive sellers you’ve got bought the retailer’s Macy’s was really blaming autos for the explanation why someone cannot purchase t-shirt and a pair of blue denims so what are you going to do about okay I do know what I am gonna do about it I am gonna get consideration okay this is what this present immediately is about how a lot consideration are you able to get and I am going to offer you an ideal instance of how that is working you understand about Pat Robertson you guys find out about Pat Robertson over at duck dynasty I’ve by no means watched duck dynasty okay they get 11 million viewers an evening 11 million viewers duck dynasty Pat Robertson comes out you understand he is a he is a really sturdy bought very sturdy very opinionated Household Values very sturdy spiritual beliefs very opinionated then got here out with some very anti angered anti-gay feedback about homosexual rights and a and he tried to dump supposedly tried to dump Jim Rudd Pat Robertson Pat Robertson wasn’t there a reverend or preacher named Pat Robertson you understand once I come again I am gonna name myself Pat Rob and simply because he is pat robertson guys are winners man so he tried to drop pat robertson and i am unsure whether or not this was an attention-getting gimmick or whether or not it was they had been really attempting to do away with him however I simply know they rescind him and final night time duck dynasty had a document night time document viewers extra individuals and I believe homosexual persons are even watching duck dynasty now to search out out what this man’s really saying look atencion atencion is the successful formulation it’s important to get consideration it’s important to determine find out how to get consideration for your self you bought to get consideration for your small business you have to get consideration and you bought to get consideration loads of it this is step one to getting your product to {the marketplace} that is what they do not educate you in faculty they’re instructing you enterprise they’re instructing you basic items however how do you get consideration significantly when your dad and mom have advised you issues like be seen and never heard do not get an excessive amount of consideration fly beneath the radar the eye is important so that you can get the place you need to be consideration is definitely required so that you can get cash cash follows consideration cash principally cash the cash that I’ve in my pocket proper right here is principally an indication that someone had confidence in me that they had extra confidence in me than they did their cash they’re like mana you understand what I used to be believing in my cash till I till I noticed your e-book so as a result of I need the data in that e-book and I bought consideration from him about that e-book he mentioned I am gonna offer you that cash on your confidence see cash principally is confidence once I make investments cash within the inventory market I am like okay I am gonna give my cash as a result of I’ve hope that that inventory goes to go up now earlier than you give someone cash or earlier than someone offers you cash it’s important to get their consideration irrespective of how good your product is how good your organization is how low your worth is it would not matter if I do not know who you’re consideration is the holy grail for an entrepreneur consideration is it man it is advisable to put in 2014 significantly this primary quarter all of your consideration on how will you get consideration I say this within the e-book known as the 10x rule obscurity is your solely downside it doesn’t suggest that that is your solely downside I believe jay-z mentioned he had 99 issues however however a bitch however a bitch ain’t one proper nicely I am gonna inform you one thing I bought 99 issues consideration is one in every of them how can I get consideration how can I get large quantities of consideration from the general public and to get consideration immediately you are confronted with some issues I keep in mind once I first began with social media and by the way in which we’re taking calls right here 305 eight 6 5 5 to six so you probably have a query about find out how to get consideration on your specific enterprise possibly you are in gross sales or possibly you and Bridal or your plumber your contractor and also you’re attempting to determine find out how to get consideration you may name in to 305 865 5 to 600 I am completely satisfied to reply your questions you can even tweet me on Twitter it is at Grant Cardone how far will you go to get consideration once I first began working with social media fb youtube linkedin i used to be overwhelmed and i am like a person twitter i haven’t got time for these items i bought a enterprise to run i bought i bought workers to pay I bought a seminar to go converse to I bought a household to handle I bought to handle my very own you understand I need to work out handle myself I am writing a e-book proper now how do I make time for Fb and Twitter after which I noticed the actually the lacking piece for me was not find out how to make time for Fb and Twitter but it surely was find out how to get get me dedicated to getting consideration for myself my model my merchandise and that is what it’s important to do Fb and Twitter and time aren’t the issue it is your dedication to getting consideration that it is an actual problem consideration is cash if consideration is cash in the event you’re not graphing the quantity of consideration you and your organization will get then you definitely clearly aren’t going to get more cash proper the extra consideration I can get the extra viewers I can get the extra YouTube views the extra tweets the extra Fb posts the extra media on the aspect of the highway the extra promoting I bounce CNBC the extra TV I can do the extra consideration I get the extra individuals gonna be like you understand what I am gonna go purchase a e-book immediately my buddy Gary Vaynerchuk okay that is a fantastic job with getting consideration he simply wrote his e-book Jim Jab Jab Jab proper hook I will be speaking about how this e-book really impressed me to to do a video that we will present you right here within the present immediately he needed to get my consideration for me to ever purchase his e-book as a result of once I was prepared to purchase a e-book if I am not considering garyvee I am not shopping for his e-book I’ll purchase someone else’s e-book consideration is the only most necessary factor you ought to be targeted on on this first quarter the three questions you ought to be asking your self proper now you probably have a solution in is that this how far will you go to get consideration if you do not know no one is aware of if you do not know you will not go there quantity two how a lot how frequent how a lot frequency are you able to drop in the event you had been going to bomb a village how usually how usually would you hit it how a lot frequency okay and the way far will you go stick with me this Grant Cardone on the automotive down zone I am positively in my sound no matter you need you bought to commit all the way in which in and assume by way of domination not a spectator you do not need to be a spectator of us spectators pay gamers receives a commission [Music] there’s not a second a 3rd or fourth or fifth it is simply first or nothing enhancements and merchandise comes from competitors however in the event you’re the one taking part in the sport you need to dominate the sphere [Music] [Music] your energy base is your life one it is everybody that you understand and it begins very small it begins in your instant circle and branches out from there individuals underestimate this on a regular basis on this e-book grant tells you who your energy base is the way you contact them in what order and precisely what you do now how do you do this in your small business comply with up emails cellphone calls persistence private visits dominate your patrons assume [Music] look so if you wish to learn to outwork the competitors with efficient methods bought to get in the event you’re not first you are final grant covers precise methods on what it is advisable to do so as to really push advance and dominate your market [Music] [Music] hey grant cardone again with you on the cardones personal on twitter on that grant cardone we’re speaking about consideration 2014 what are you going to do to get consideration what are going to blow your small business up Dan or tooth simply tweeted me on Twitter I suppose that is the place you tweet dan says garyvee proper now grant cardone is speaking about you within the automotive down zone Seth Seth Seth whiting Seth whiting automotive says how tall is Grant Cardone dude I am 100 ft tall son that is how tall I’m however how tall I’m isn’t necessary how large I’m prepared to go okay that was the ideas I used to be supplying you with proper earlier than the break it is like okay if you are going to get consideration how exhausting how a lot and the way usually that is what each single girl in America desires to understand how exhausting how a lot and the way usually you feeling me when you concentrate on consideration I need you to consider someone you’re keen on man how exhausting will you exit of how exhausting will you punch how exhausting will you hit in the event you’re in a combat dude it do not matter in the event you can throw one punch increase you throw that one punch good luck in the event you can knock him out however more often than not with media with a combat with a household with with dominating a market or a sector it is about how exhausting how a lot and the way usually first one who retweets that grant cardone says it is how exhausting how a lot and the way usually dude I bought somewhat reward for you uh 305 is my quantity 305 eight six 5 5 two six zero three or 5 eight six 5 5 two six so the primary one to tweet how exhausting how a lot and the way usually is what Grant Cardone says it is advisable to do with in terms of getting consideration Stephen Stephen from Boynton Seaside what’s up my man grant cardone Stephen Scarl the way you doing good brother the way you doing I am doing nice yeah simply listened to you the way exhausting how how usually how exhausting was swing I will be in there all the way in which until the til the top hey you but you are going to die one thing I used to be speaking yesterday on Twitter I mentioned look you understand velocity would possibly kill however going low means you will by no means get wherever completely completely what’s your query my buddy Mike my query to you guys what does somebody bought to do to return work with you and be a part of the workforce dude I am your man proper you simply took step one man you achieved your man I am supplying you with the eye yeah Wow proper now if I had been you I might roll down I might roll all the way down to Miami okay stroll into our workplaces and and and get in entrance of me that is what I might do okay okay will you play it on I am going to do it okay good brother preciate Ciccone man completely so that you’re Stephen Stephen simply did precisely what I am telling you Stephen desires to get a place with the corporate Stephen is the product okay you need to promote a cup of espresso okay you need to promote a e-book you understand you understand how many individuals I do know that need to promote a e-book anyone can write a e-book the query is are you able to promote a e-book anyone can construct a automotive are you able to promote the automotive you may’t inform me that that it is the finest vehicles which can be being bought on the earth immediately no it is the vehicles that get all the eye which can be bought you may’t inform me the very best the very best singers are the one on levels promoting out stadiums I do not consider that you would be able to’t inform me the very best actresses or actors are those which can be getting the TV gigs I believe that is most likely true within the case of Leo Leo is a superb actor and he will get loads of work however I am positive there’s loads of different good actors on the market which can be getting appeared over or not paid consideration as a result of they do not get consideration in 2014 of us it’s important to get consideration it is advisable to get your partner on the identical web page with you it is advisable to get your children on the identical web page it is advisable to assume very creatively about what you are able to do to create consideration for your self your model your organization how exhausting how a lot and the way usually how exhausting will you hit how a lot will you hit with and the way usually and if you do not know the reply to these questions you are not getting consideration on the ranges that it is advisable to I used to be studying an article this morning it is known as construct your small business model 5 suggestions for turning into a celeb skilled I am going to put this up on our web site I like for Leo to determine how we might really put this this text up at Grant Cardone com ahead slash automotive downzone they usually say the way in which to get the way in which to get consideration for your small business primary is the way you doing primary is talking engagements okay nicely dude I bought to inform you one thing I imply as a lot as I agree with that as a lot as I agree with that no one is aware of you talking engagements would not be the very first thing I might go to quantity two they are saying running a blog glorious it is a fantastic concept quantity three is web radio or podcast if no one is aware of you no one’s going to have you ever on the Web the radio or a podcast quantity whether or not you can do your personal podcast however once more what are you gonna need to get you bought to get an viewers it is all the time going to return all the way down to getting an viewers quantity 4 be a media useful resource Fox TV known as me twice on the throughout the holidays Fox Enterprise Lisa nonetheless upset with me about it Lisa’s our PR individual I handed on each offers Fox says hey we wish you to cowl this subject now I’ma cross the explanation I cross was and I might not have handed a pair years in the past the explanation I handed although this vacation is as a result of there was not the quantity of viewers on these days that I wanted now in the event you’ve by no means achieved any media I might inform you take each attainable deal you may get proper now the fifth factor on this article was write a e-book I am simply going to inform you this talking engagements that’s not the factor it is advisable to be doing proper now until you are going round talking to small teams of individuals free of charge and also you’re doing it two and 3 times a day through media useful resource you are not going to be a media useful resource as a result of you do not have viewers but and writing a e-book wouldn’t be the factor that I might do first okay what I might do is I might do something that did not value you any cash and that you can repeat again and again and over and over how exhausting how exhausting will you go how a lot are you able to do it and the way usually the place’s your content material going to go the place’s it going to get laid out Twitter Fb YouTube Google+ LinkedIn these are all mechanisms the place you could be simply blowing up you can simply blow up proper now and supply video content material written content material blogs you see me do it on daily basis okay in the event you go to Cardone success calm card personal success calm I’ll ship you I’ll ship you the precise structure of what it is advisable to be doing this week as a technique I am write myself a word proper now for getting consideration the precise steps for getting consideration and I am additionally included that we created this week that you’re going to discover very helpful go to Cardone put in your first title final title and your e-mail deal with and I’ma put you on this week’s technique for getting consideration I do know Lisa and Sheree proper now are scrambling in our again workplace this Grant Cardone on Twitter I am at Grant Cardone tweet your query you can even name it in three oh 5 eight six 5 5 two six oh three oh 5 eight six 5 5 two six Oh be nice stick with me I will be proper again your job is not full till your buyer has taken supply of your services or products so if someone involves me they usually have a necessity that my product can fulfill it is going to be unethical for me to not insist that they do enterprise with me immediately closing to me is guaranteeing I present a service to my shopper you do not really present a service to your buyer till you shut them it is advisable to know immediately about this market about your buyer is the closest every thing immediately how do I push by resistance how do I push by the buyer spirit how do I get them that shut after which push them over the sting so we will really be of service to individuals it’s your obligation it is your obligation to ask individuals to do enterprise with you in the event you’re not doing that you’ll miss out on loads of alternative promoting is one factor closed in a transaction is one thing utterly totally different [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh yeah are you within the zone are you aware the zone is the zone is wherever you win it nicely you are busy the place your hammer and the place you are working it out the place you are hitting exhausting you are hitting usually you are punching by persons are scared to get within the ring with you child that is what I speak about within the e-book known as in the event you’re not first you are final dominate your sector dominate the market personal or not it’s the presence be the man or gal that your rivals have both both given up on or they concern they concern a lot that they drop their costs once they compete with you as a result of they’re like the one means I can compete with this man was with a lower cost proper now I bought Dave Robards comply with me on Twitter Raja Rajesh says it is how exhausting how a lot and the way usually you are ready to get consideration will decide how profitable you come Brett burns how exhausting how a lot how usually and also you guys horny timko with my you espied is on twitter says grant says how exhausting how a lot and the way usually his grant says it is advisable to get consideration Danny D Danny is at 9 one DSM how exhausting how a lot how usually you guys are coming man and this present is sizzling immediately dude we will need to have I do not know there should be 130 feedback proper now Victoria had designed three RV says signal me up Ingrid Colton says get within the zone J and L markings following by the way in which J and L advertising I’ll be at nad a in New Orleans subsequent week for any of you my schedule subsequent week on be an na da from Wednesday to Sunday if y’all need to rob me in Miami Seaside I will not be right here so the place might be vacant that’d be a superb time to hit the place I will be down in New Orleans I am really doing an entrepreneur convention for about 500 entrepreneurs on Wednesday for entrepreneur journal after which on Friday I am with the fellows at J and L advertising na da I am doing a Wounded Warrior charity occasion Sunday night time Sunday night time in New Orleans for a seller monitor it is known as wounded warriors if you wish to assist that I actually recognize your assistance on that we’re speaking immediately about consideration how do you get consideration what are you doing to get consideration what mechanisms are you utilizing okay how far will you go look consideration is the Holy Grail of us it is the Holy Grail by the way in which Paulie simply jogged my memory subsequent week I’ll be in Lakeland Tuesday Tuesday I am gonna be at my nearer seminar in Lakeland Lakeland Florida that is Tampa Florida and if you wish to get tickets for that you would be able to name us at [Music] 800-501-7737 Sai begin listening three months in the past I do about two hours a day of your stuff and uh I am about to undergo large overhaul simply change every thing about my life take the negatives match to positives and I need to ask you uh each time a listening you are massive on numbers massive on statistics massive on uh you understand the truth of immediately how do you get that info like how would you recommend someone that desires to get that quantity of consideration to be credible about it what do you do to get that info at this second small query how do I shut my spouse uh nicely how do you get what what info what statistics are you speaking about nicely uh that simply earlier than you are speaking about um at you understand we’re speaking about statistics like uh you understand the center class the place they’re at uh the one p.c uh charge how a lot cash they’re making uh you understand totally different totally different employees you are speaking a few gear that is a fantastic query okay as an illustration I decided again in 2008 that I used to be now not going to observe the information for the sake of gathering knowledge or being the impact of knowledge as a result of most of it I imply one minute you will hear this quantity then you definitely’ll hear that quantity what I what I did I advised my spouse I really went to my spouse and I mentioned the one motive I am watching the information anymore is make information so so the one motive I watch CNBC or MSNBC or CNN any of them okay in the event you stroll them off as you would possibly see the TV function and dude solely motive I am watching that or googling or looking is to seize knowledge to make information I need to make information not be affected by the information so I am utilizing loads of that that is why I am getting loads of my statistics or like I used to be engaged on a e-book in regards to the center class and so I am going to do loads of analysis from the center class what their earnings are how a lot they’re saving what they’re doing find out how to shut your spouse however males it is advisable to embrace her it is advisable to embrace her within the sport you understand in the event you discover my spouse does video I conclude my spouse and loads of video loads of put up embrace my household in that after you embrace them as soon as they turn into a part of the workforce I imply it is sort of exhausting to stroll away if you’ve made some inventive dedication to the course of the group so I believe what you do gizmos possibly simply spend somewhat extra time possibly asking her hey what would you do with this video how do you want this what can we do to make this higher do you have got any concepts for this weblog that I am writing are hey why do not we go to this charity occasion make some new associates okay I imply there’s loads of methods to get consideration yeah adore it whether or not that is nice man that is uh and I have been doing somewhat little bit of {that a} love impact you convey a spouse and youngsters on there man once more watch loads of these movies once more attempt to kinda you understand keep up a correspondence she scared that success goes to remove from the household and I am liking about that about being nice at every thing proper Dan precisely man and you understand what the success would not take away from my household it provides it offers me extra issues to do together with her and and uh you understand your spouse principally someone principally has advised or one thing that success is gonna imply your loved ones’s going to get divorced or one thing she’s bought she’s bought some calculation occurring that each one profitable individuals get get break up and collapse nicely the reality is man there’s loads of sad marriages on the market and I assure you success or failure could have something to do along with your marriage however I do know that the majority marriages really break up up as a result of persons are failing within the marriage oh and the opposite factor is I do know this my spouse must be profitable and I must be profitable to be a cheerful companion in that relationship as a result of it is not 50/50 it is a hundred and 100 that is proper and I believe in the event you go to her and simply say look man I do not need to convey 50% to this relationship and also you convey 50 after which we have now 100 that is simply rubbish I need to convey 100 you convey 100 we convey 200 and what if we convey another individuals in right here to convey 100 we’re not going to only be a household we will be a household associates enlargement of enterprise so that you’re asking the precise questions oh man I recognize you calling it gizmo recognize every thing you do a person and I am going to maintain holding in contact to sharing it really gonna be seeing loads of stuff with throughout all I am doing I am gonna put all of it on-line it is impressed by you and simply simply following and it is gonna be dope thanks a lot recognize it yeah this grant cardone you are on the cardones personal my twitter deal with is at Grant Cardone would love to listen to from you I do not know in the event you guys are arrange can you may you may we run that one I am gonna offer you an instance proper now of one thing that we created yesterday this got here this was impressed by my buddy Gary Vaynerchuk he says on web page 21 of Jab Jab Jab proper hook I haven’t got the title proper however I did purchase the e-book and I’ve I’m studying it okay once I purchase a e-book I do not know what I paid for this 52 bucks I paid fifty three {dollars} for this e-book okay good for you good for you Gary um hey guys I simply need to remind this e-book is fifty three {dollars} okay that is what I paid for the e-book okay no extra $25 bucks I am achieved so he says so on web page 21 if you wish to speak to individuals whereas they devour their leisure which is what persons are doing on daily basis there individuals need to be entertained you understand I keep in mind a man telling me this once I was 28 years previous and I did not get it he is like hey man individuals you understand you need to be a trainer you receives a commission specific amount you need to be an entertainer you receives a commission a specific amount I am like what do you imply he is like nicely Jay Leno goes to earn more money than all of the lecturers in LA County it reveals you individuals need to be entertained he says Gary Vaynerchuk says if you wish to speak to individuals whereas they devour their leisure we have now to be we have now to truly be their leisure meddling seamlessly into the leisure expertise okay so once I learn that one factor and by the way in which once I purchase a e-book I did not end this concept once I purchase a e-book I am on the lookout for one line all I would like is one line I do not complete e-book Allah Oh what number of pages what do I get for my $52 dude I would like one concept one concept to make sense of anybody e-book okay so with that one concept we had a gathering yesterday morning they usually’re like hey guys I need to blow Twitter up okay and we had this concept and the thought was what if we convey a digicam everyone’s bought cameras we will do it on a excessive cellphone if you do not have a funds and we go into Starbucks and the woman says mister mr. black can I get you the rest as a result of that is my code title at Starbucks is mr. black and after I get my 4 photographs in my cellphone I might say yeah I would like seven billion Twitter followers after which I’m going to McDonald’s I would like some french fries the rest we will get for you sir as a result of they’re my code title is golden and and mr. golden is there the rest we will get you yeah yeah I would like 7 billion followers the place are we going to go throughout city and do this I am like McDonald’s did you let me in Starbucks within the lemon but we spent about what one other 10 minutes on this okay okay possibly 10 minutes I bought on the web appeared round somewhat bit you understand have a look at some pictures as a result of pictures principally brought about me to start out excited about stuff and that is the advert we got here up with for 2014 for Twitter value us nothing it has been hit 5,000 instances in lower than 20 hours you will not purchase that hit it hey grant cardone right here and by this time you’ve got most likely heard the information you yeah it is true what you’ve got heard is true I positively did go too far my attorneys have advised me to you understand sort of watch out about making this video however I do need to take time to apologize to you to my followers I particularly need to apologize to my my household my two little daughters I hope I hope once they develop up they’re capable of perceive this apologize to my spouse I like you too comply with me on Twitter and Fb and YouTube you guys which have supported me for years I apologize I do know that I went too far I do know that I did an excessive amount of I take full accountability for and whereas I remorse it okay just like the ransom okay look I knew I knew I used to be getting carried away final 12 months with the rants we did a 150 manufacturers a few of them had been excessive at 23,000 tweets there it was loads of tweets it was loopy a few of them a few of them had been simply means excessive Santa the Santa tweet my employees took it down it was so excessive the Miley Cyrus tweets the tweets to Obama into the Governor of California okay the chris Christie tweets the the Sears tweet the Macy’s the pennies the retail tweets okay it was insane man so whereas I remorse offending anybody that follows me did it that offend you wait and see what I do that 12 months it is gonna be freaking over-the-top loopy okay it is gonna be a relaxation stage loopy on Twitter you bought to comply with me on Twitter as a result of this 12 months I promise you at the least 30,000 tweets over the following 12 months they’re going to encourage you’ll inspire you and can present you find out how to take you your small business and your loved ones to a different stage child I am taking Twitter to jail [Music] [Music] like that advert how you want that advert now right here that value us nothing proper nicely I imply I bought individuals right here to assist me edit the video Robert did an unbelievable job we needed to create the pictures Robert nice job dude thanks bro okay 5,200 hits 20 hours what do I’ve to do to get that video out I imply the movies inventive we did not spend all day creating it I do know individuals that might spend weeks proper did the precise say it once more Robert it was prefer it took us lower than a day to try this I imply it wasn’t even a day dude it was like just a few hours is to shoot it put it collectively yeah I went into the studio I shot it the primary time I did I used to be like I have been arrested I bought thrown in jail we introduced it to Sherry positive he is like no no no take out that I bought arrested stuff and no no cannot go there yeah and so we went again in there I shot it yet one more time however principally we’re in somewhat room with a digicam like I am proper now we shot the factor one take Bing Bing Bing and walked out he dropped it in we mentioned let’s go black and white made it make it look grainy dude it would not need to be excellent is the video excellent no I am going to inform you one factor I mentioned in it it’s unimaginable for me to do I mentioned within the video I am gonna tweet 30,000 instances this 12 months in the event you assume final 12 months with loads of it a tweet 30,000 achieved you understand me individuals have had already inform me dude it will be unimaginable I bought individuals really telling me dude that is 84 persons are doing the maths on it 84 tweets an hour no one can do this okay nicely did I get their consideration sure how do you get consideration would you like cash would you like your companies to succeed you bought a battle plan for 2014 and attentions not even on it dude you guys do not also have a funds on consideration man no one’s telling you to do that no faculty within the nation is telling you find out how to get consideration go get vaynerchuk’s e-book okay jab jab jab proper hook get his e-book okay I am not getting paid to do that I am doing this as a result of I need to enable you to okay get my books get all of them man get vendor be bought get the closures get the 10x rule get in the event you’re not first you are such as you want a library of enterprise books you want that assume in your head so as to stand up each morning say dude I am gonna hit exhausting immediately I am gonna hit usually and I am gonna maintain hitting again and again till they submit mark from Kansas Metropolis what’s your query man grant pleasure at life-changing 10x rule really change my life you’re the Guru of greatness Oh bro Thank You Man you bought it brother actually recognize it so to talk of your level about grabbing atten I wholeheartedly consider in what you are saying and in my I work in cloud contact middle house so something within the cloud powerful to seize the eye good factor the markets trending that course now getting the eye is one factor as soon as I do have the eye of a shopper how do you the way do you go about difficult the shopper to maneuver from an antiquated system to the reducing fringe of know-how usually it is a powerful factor to do to persuade them to enter the cloud and taking a hands-off method to the know-how side yeah nicely I believe you understand I I do not know quite a bit in regards to the cloud however I do know quite a bit about this downside of being too early you understand most of the merchandise that we have created right here that you do not you do not see right here on this specific present however in one other firm that I’ve we had been means forward of the entire we had been forward so I needed to really convey a product to individuals and say they usually’re like no man we’re not doing that we’re not going there and my pitch principally I used to be providing an excessive amount of for them to assume with too quick so I believe in the event you might again up possibly what they discover the issues they agree with discover the factor they’re storing their knowledge someplace they want it saved someplace you are going to have to search out some level of settlement after which possibly present them how that is actually not that a lot totally different possibly do not present how superior your know-how is and really you understand convey it again all the way down to a tenting tent hmm you understand what I am saying somewhat than somewhat than the following good thing you understand it is like I heard a man inform me as soon as once I lived in Hollywood we had been to the opening of a present and he was like speaking about how this man got here to him to promote a present and he is like the most important mistake individuals make once they’re pitching their merchandise or their present their new concept you’ve got by no means seen a present like this ever there’s by no means been a present made like this nicely who desires to observe that present the way in which aliens was bought was with no script they usually mentioned assume jaws in house they usually’re like we’ll purchase it proper now they purchased it with no script okay and increase alien was made and it made all this cash so I do not know if that helps man however I believe I am again down the the standing discover that place that they agree I bought a retailer info I bought a retailer content material after which give them a bunch of bunch of heavy hitters that that you understand company a conservative mainstream as soon as you’ve got gotten their consideration then then convey it down and present them a bunch of mainstream then it is achieved achieved precisely what your what your within the e-book which may enable you to known as in the event you’re not first you are final as a gross sales e-book there we go okay thanks man thanks for calling in of us you hearken to Grant Cardone on the cardones personal each week I convey you the present to speak about your small business your enlargement speak about your funds immediately we have talked about relationships we talked about find out how to promote a product we’re speaking largely about consideration in the event you hit my web site Cardone cardones and join my e-newsletter I am going to get you connected with my technique for getting extra consideration in 2014 look I need you to be nice I need you to do nice {the marketplace} really desires to reward the individuals which can be nice they don’t seem to be going to reward you in the event you’re not step one to creating your small business profitable this 12 months is getting consideration the sort of consideration that Pat Robertson would dynasty or the Kardashians or not the sort of consideration that j-rod is getting proper now okay proper however look a rod needed to get a bunch of consideration at first to get the large contract the truth that he broke the principles alongside the way in which that is not the sort of consideration clearly anyone desires actually it is not the sort of consideration he desires immediately however he needed to get massive consideration to get anyone to concentrate to him to present him 100 million greenback contract of us there is no scarcity of cash on the market none zero there is no scarcity of cash irrespective of how good or unhealthy this financial system is or isn’t you’ll solely be rewarded solely be rewarded in the event you get loads of consideration grant cardone thanks for tuning in immediately recognize you being right here go forward who you bought sherry Hank hey I bought it however nicely I am gonna take this cellphone name as a result of I bought Hank Norman on the cellphone with me I need I need Hank to present us a tip about this man’s a media skilled he runs an organization known as to market media he he principally works with individuals he is labored with me to assist me get radio and TV had been working with Hank proper now and his companion Steve to get a TV present known as no matter it takes which I am going to most likely play a play a chunk of subsequent week so tune in that is achieved thanks with me okay how I good however I recognize you calling in man no worries take unimaginable {dollars} larger within the house than you you understand that and I do know that uh nicely I do not find out about that man however I do know I arrested I believed you get arrested so I do know you must combat dude did you see how did you want that video that was superior at I we had the interns within the workplace when Steve confirmed round sure to take a look at nice newest viral video they are going nuts man it was just like the one child one child even mentioned I by no means noticed anyone make a video to advertise themselves to get extra followers how is that attainable is not that what you are imagined to be doing to different what the video is you make it to get extra individuals to concentrate to you close to your messaging if not what is going on additionally Hank Norman is telling you the one motive to do a video is to get consideration with the video proper Hank that is it man you are the grasp from you man I imply what you are speaking about no dude however look you are you are you are genius so yeah I am glad you known as in and you understand we’re really out of time on the present however I am gonna make extra time as a result of now I am not tied to one in every of these stations so you understand I can do regardless of the hell I need to now I like that assist so honey Hank what’s the greatest mistake as a result of I do know you you’re employed with lots of people that need the media’s I yeah loads of massive individuals you need to point out any names by the way in which uh positive I am really if she’s not an enormous title she would be the greatest star we at proper now could be Nancy Ginsburg on the Meals Community I do not know did Steve inform you Jesus advised an enormous virtually one million greenback e-book advance deal for this girl due to her capability to get on the community be your self she the factor is what’s lacking about Nancy that’s the cautionary story if her numbers had been larger in social media she would have gotten a much bigger advance Wow nicely she bought virtually one million {dollars} yeah so that you guys are you guys are wealthy proper now cuz I do know you get like eighty p.c of every thing proper child so the most important factor is you understand granted the factor I hear within the quantity my greatest recommendation to everyone over and over that I and I am tweeting out the identical factor too is individuals who ask me about what is the ROI what am I going to get by being on Twitter being on social media they usually need instant payback and other people do not see what you see which is why I believe you’re an innovator on this house individuals do not perceive the time and the trouble you set in and the way it will get paid again later and it is large it’s important to put the time in yeah now so and Hank what’s the greatest mistake you see different individuals making most it is quite simple most individuals simply aren’t doing it uh-huh your numbers are by the charts and your I do not assume anybody ought to even attempt to be such as you everyone wants to search out out who they’re and what their messaging is and Twitter ISM is the easiest way to try this I took what individuals pay me some huge cash and all I do is inform them tweak ten instances a day you will discover out who you’re you will discover out what your messaging is you will ensure that your message is touchdown along with your prospects along with your purchasers along with your viewers yeah do you do you agree that it is amount earlier than high quality nicely I positively consider what you consider we consider the identical factor that motion do to doing one thing doing something she’s means higher than not doing climate I might somewhat someone try to fail and advise individuals to do is horrifying as a result of I am asking you to construct your model and inform me who you’re and do this in a public house yeah I perceive why persons are scared to try this yeah however however I believe lots of people do not actually know what their model is I imply and you are not going to know till you do tons of of movies tons of of blogs then you definitely begin determining oh I can write about this however I can not write about that or I can do a video on this and I can not actually do a video on that that is my groove in my spot yep and also you get suggestions the factor that social media will get you that no different medium will get use you get instantaneous suggestions yeah who turned who flip you on to Twitter man uh um no I partly you I me really you had been one of many first people who I noticed that was really killing it and I used to be like this man has a deal with on this sport that I actually simply need to get to know proper I actually I really was impressed by you yeah thanks thanks hey Hank Norman Hank Norman is with to market media if you wish to get extra consideration for your small business if you need some assist along with your media determining who you’re getting on the market if you wish to be a broadcaster telecaster TV star I can hook you up with uh Hank Norman with to market media is a superb man Hank thanks for coming in immediately Brett okay guys a genius he is helped me a lot I imply these guys you understand even once they’re not giving me recommendation about what to do they’re giving me encouragement they’re giving me encouragement cuz I disagreed with them on some issues earlier than like I am like like I am gonna drop a video this week on our new TV present it is a trailer for the present that I simply completed capturing six episodes of they usually had been like I do not know if we need to go to market with that but I am like dude I am dropping it I am dropping it I need everyone to see this I do not care who picks it up or who’s offended or CBS ABC NBC don’t go if I am going for broke I am swinging the bat I’ve struck out too many instances in my life by not swinging if I strike out now it will be as a result of I freaking ripped by a bunch of skinny air shut my eyes if I do this sufficient possibly I am going to crack one thing in the future you are listening to the cardones personal Grant Cardone on Twitter I am at Grant Cardone recognize you guys comply with me immediately recognize you tuning in to my visitor that known as in thanks a lot we’ll be again right here subsequent Monday I believe I am capturing my subsequent present subsequent Monday the Cardone zone additionally as soon as per week why do younger hustlers with jared glandt the nice Jared glad comply with him at Jared Clint that is how he ever says comply with me at Garrett land of us I need your small business to be nice 2014 be nice in the event you if I can get any suggestions from you in regards to the present what you want to listen to you may hit me on Twitter at Grant Cardone this 12 months this 12 months make it massive make it nice get loads of consideration of us get loads of consideration you understand this son you understand this that get loads of consideration this 12 months you want it I would like it you are busy wants it and your organization wants it and keep in mind this be nice as a result of nothing else goes to pay [Music]

How To Be A Life Coach: Life Instructing Guidelines From A A hit Life Coach

you hey guys Stefan here from project life master comm another Q&A video that I’m recording for you guys I’ve just been going through a few right now over the last hour and I just want to thank you guys for your questions if there’s anything you want to know you want me to answer your you know your questions in a video just go to my blog project life master comm hit the contact me section send me an email I’d love to hear from you and I’ll be sure to answer it for you and if you don’t want your name mentioned or anything like that just just mention that and I’ll keep it anonymous because I want to make sure that I respect people’s privacy and everything that’s why I only use the first name but okay I got a question here from Samantha and her question is okay how can I get started with coaching you know she wants to be a life coach you know I do coaching and I built a successful business doing that and so she wants to know how she can become a coach and actually start making money from it as well great question I get this one a lot as well I I’ve been a coach for almost over ten years now and I’ve been a life coach really for the last few years and now like an internet marketing specific type coach now for the last two years but before that when I first got into coaching I was a dating coach I basically coached men on how to be more confident more social develop their personalities and how to get a date and meet women and that whole kind of thing and the reason why I got into that at the beginning this is when I was 20 years old or so even younger than that I got into this because I struggled in that area you know I had troubles with my confidence and I was shy and introverted and I spent a lot of time years really changing myself and developing myself and developing my social skills and finding mentors and coaches and what seminars I invested myself and I put in a lot of work so I learned a lot and because I made such a big transformation and change people would come to me and they would ask me for advice they would ask me for coaching they would ask me to help them out and at first I did for free help people out I enjoyed it to work for them and in a certain point I started charging money for it and you know and actually the way it actually happened was people started offering me money for that asked to I could coach them in a weekend and pay me a couple hundred bucks I said sure and I was just blown away that they actually pay me for that kind of service and I started off doing that and I was able to build a business a coaching and some of our business with two business partners here in Vancouver and over five years we did seminars boot camps coaching for people in that area building their confidence and and social skills so that’s how I originally got into coaching now I’m a life coach now I make a lot more money as a coach now with how I’ve structured my business and it’s a lot more efficient and effective and I want to share with you how I built the current one that I have because it’s a much different business model than what I was doing in terms of local coaching dating coaching and everything so how I got into coaching and what you can do as well is I started a blog first and foremost I started project life mastery calm about two years ago and my whole purpose behind that was really just to add value you know I wanted just to have a place where I could just share things that I was learning doing in my life things that have helped me and benefitted me and I didn’t expect to make any money from my blog that wasn’t my focus my focus first and foremost was just doing something that I felt I’d be passionate about and because I was passionate about it and never felt like work to me and so what I did was I just started recording some videos of myself write similar to what I’m doing right now and I would just teach certain topics you know I’ve got my morning ritual video and my life plan and I’ve got like over 100 videos now but I just start recording stuff put it putting it up on YouTube and then you know just doing a blog post on it and everything and just putting it out there on the internet now I didn’t do anything to promote that stuff I just put it out there and for the first few months nothing happened you know nobody was watching my videos right in fact a lot of my videos my opinion sucked but I was just recording it on a little digital camera but I just you know I did I didn’t care again if I was making money or whatever I was just putting great quality stuff out there and I always made sure that the stuff I put out there was great quality you know if you read some of my blog posts on my content I’ll talk to up to an hour and some of the stuff some of my blog posts are over 5,000 words they’re like little books basically it’ll take me hours to write but I enjoy and I just kept putting that stuff out there after a few months what happened was it started to get some traction people started watching and finding my stuff on the internet through search engines through YouTube Facebook I start sharing it Facebook and everything and you know people liked it and before you know it started something start to take off and people started commenting on my videos or my blog posts people started messaging me and emailing me telling me how I’ve changed their life or how my blog post has really helped them or asking me you know really important life questions and everything and sure enough as this was taking off I got this momentum and then people started asking me for coaching why should what happened before that is I decided to compete in the fitness competition the WBFF was fitness modeling competition and I use my blog to document my progress in my body and to hold myself accountable and just a share of people and by doing that I had people contact me asking me for health and fitness advice again as I mentioned people contacting for coaching asked me do you coach can I hire you can you give me some advice or whatever I usually just gave people advice for free you know I just wanted to help people oh but it got to the point where you get so many emails and everything that you just can’t you have to charge people for your time but people were willing to pay and I got a few coaching clients and people all over the world and I basically said we could talk over Skype and we would Skype each other and I charged them for an hour of my time and they would pay about paypal me the money and you know I help them and add value to them and and as I started get some clients here in there and more and more interest with it I decided hey you know maybe I should actually turn this into a business because a lot of people are interested in it so I created a section on my blog for for coaching you know to have people there that can apply for my coaching because I don’t you know my goal ultimately isn’t to be a coach I like to help people on that level but I don’t just want to coach people all day because I’m to be honest I’m more passionate about building my businesses and building passive income streams but I still love coaching and I still wanted to work with people one-on-one so I have to limit the net number of people that I could work with and so I had it there where people could apply and they can submit an application to work with me and certain people I felt like I could I could help that I decided to you know work with and I eventually decided to create three-month packages just different packages and different price points and everything that I could offer and really just took off from there so I guess the lesson here for you on how you can become a coach and get into the industry I’d recommend first and foremost is put out quality content use the Internet to put yourself out there put out videos put out you know a blog blog post just focus on helping people first and foremost if you do help people okay and you’re making a difference they will come to you they will want to work with you they will want to hire you they’ll want to follow your advice and everything the wrong way of doing it is saying hey I’m going to be a coach and then going out there and trying to get customers and try to sell people okay that’s the worst way to do it that’s a very painful way it requires a lot of hustling okay you’re always hustling and trying to get customers and clients don’t do it that way you want them to come to you you want them to come to you and want to work with you instead of you have to go after them so the way that you do that is this quality content videos is great and content is really important because I see these coaches you know they just have like a website and they have like a coach and it’s like their picture and about them and stuff like that right but nobody really cares nobody knows who you are why would I hire you or whatever at least people hire me because they can watch my videos I’m helping them they’ve received I guess some sort of benefit from watching me or they’ve taken my advice and has helped them I’m helping them first and foremost so they know what they’re getting before they hire me just based on my blog the videos and all that kind of stuff that they’re receiving okay so if you’re just like got a website and you say you’re a coach nobody has any connection relationship with you because they haven’t been through any Content any videos there’s no trust or relationship that’s been developed there so by putting on content you also build that relationship with your followers with your fans and they’re going to want to work with you and contact you and look up to you and I just think that’s the best way to do it so and then also you know you know I think another thing that can help and it’s worked for me and I think it helped for you as well is being transparent you know I really believe in this transparency being open about your life things are you’re going through your accomplishments your successes I’ve shared openly on my blog what my goals are my New Year’s resolutions my fitness competition you know making money online all I can a stuff that’s part of the reason why people hire me is because I get results I get results in different areas of my life have it achieved a lot of great things in my life and a lot of those people they want the same results as I do so you know if you want to be a coach make sure that you’re getting results in your life and you’re successful you have something that other people want from you you know if you want to coach people as a personal trainer health fitness you want to teach people how to get in great shape you better be in amazing shape you better have a great body because that’s what’s going to inspire people to want to work with you you know by you sharing your transformation or how you went from here to there that’s what’s going to make people say wow you know I want to achieve that as well I want to work with you I’m going to hire you if you’re someone that’s overweight and you’re going to offer that kind of advice or you want to be a life coach but your life is like disorganize you don’t you know nothing’s going on in your life you’re broke and struggling then why would anybody want to hire you you know get your life together first become a successful person first share you know your life share help people they’re going to come to you and they’re going to want to hire you and the more successful you become the more demand there is for people that want to work with you so I hope this answered your question just on how you can get started as a coach it’s a great profession to get into it’s something that has changed my life I get a lot of fulfillment from it and you know I highly recommend just first and foremost is helping people first and the money will come with it so thank you for watching the video I’ll see you in the next video

Sales Training Guru Arrested – Video Apology

hey grant cardone here and by this time you’ve probably heard the news yeah it’s true what you’ve heard is true I definitely did go too far my attorneys have told me to you know kind of be careful about making this video but I do want to take time to apologize to you to my fans I especially want to apologize to my my family my two little daughters I hope I hope when they grow up they’re able to understand this apologize to my wife I love you that follow me on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube you guys have supported me for years I apologize I know that I went too far I know that I did too much I take full responsibility for him and while I regret it okay like the ransom okay look I knew I knew I was getting carried away last year with the rants we did 150 brands some of them were over the top for 23,000 tweets there was a lot of tweets it was crazy some of them some of them were just way over the top Santa the Santa tweet my staff took it down it was so over the top the Miley Cyrus tweets the tweets to Obama into the Governor of California okay the chris Christie tweets the the Sears tweet the Macy’s the pennies the retail tweets okay it was insane man so while I regret offending anyone that follows me did it that offended you wait and see what I do this year it’s gonna be freaking over-the-top crazy okay it’s gonna be a rest level crazy on Twitter you got to follow me on Twitter because this year I promise you at least 30,000 tweets over the next 12 months they will inspire you will motivate you and will show you how to take you your business and your family to another level baby I’m taking Twitter to jail wait

Every particular person’s reachable.

thanks you form of disdain the oldsters who usually are not truly utilizing the social media they’re speaking about their ROI on properly what in case your choice makers or your customers aren’t make aren’t utilizing that social media properly then you definitely should not be there however my perception is that that’s not true I don’t consider there’s that bizarre between Fb from an from an age standpoint and LinkedIn from a b2b standpoint I don’t consider that you understand outdoors of here is an excellent one I helped a nursing house as of as a result of it was a pal of a pal not for vaynermedia not for me not for a case research only a couple items of recommendation they’re like pay attention our shoppers are 82 you understand 90 years previous proper I am like they are not their children are your precise consumer there’s loads of 40 50 and 60 yr olds on Fb and once they began making content material for them they began changing and so here is one other one should you have a look at the dynamics here is why I like snapchat vine and Instagram to promote to 40 yr previous ladies despite the fact that they are not there should you have a look at the information proper now 40 to 50 yr previous ladies which have daughters which are between the age of eight and 16 the eight to 16 yr previous is affecting their mom’s shopping for habits a lot greater than 10 or 20 years in the past the place it was the opposite method round as a result of we’re dwelling by means of the youth of trip of our society should you have a look at the habits the way in which they gown the way in which they act what they do day in and day trip the common 45 yr previous lady at the moment is performing extra just like a 27 yr previous lady solely 20 years in the past that should you sit proper now males and feminine and you concentrate on what your dad or mum seemed like once they have been your age proper this minute you understand I imply folks thought they have been accomplished solely two or three generations in the past at 50 60 70 proper now we’re so fortunate we’re dwelling longer we’re taking higher care of ourselves and we’re dwelling by means of this large Uthoff occation proper that you understand the Cougar motion that was so enjoyable to make jokes about is a really actual factor and so I we pay attention we’ve got canine we’ve got different manufacturers we’re advertising and marketing to 15 yr previous women to make their mother by one thing as a result of if their daughter thinks it is cool their mother will purchase in so I do not know what you achieve this authorized service is a good instance of being within the content material enterprise so let me clarify properly go together with you on this authorized companies I’ll provide you with an instance of Guinness beer Guinness beer had an issue about 60 years in the past that they had pub gross sales decline within the UK for the primary time ever they usually’re like what are we going to do they went and did old-fashioned market analysis and surveyed folks in bars they usually came upon the 2 greatest issues that folks talked about the place soccer and trivia in order that they created the Guinness E book of World Information so I do not know what number of of you understand that I did not know this till even a yr in the past I am simply curious how many individuals had no concept that Guinness beer began Guinness E book of World Information so what they did was they began a media firm to unravel their drawback I might let you know in authorized companies that should you’re should you’re targeted on a sure style that on this e-book and I spend a bit of time on it it is a complete nother e-book and style I consider I am gonna make a reasonably large assertion that I need all people to wrap their head round I consider each particular person on this room proper now and the organizations that you just’re concerned in whether or not business-wise NGO or no matter you do each one among you and it are within the media enterprise I now consider that you just’re within the media enterprise comma authorized companies I am within the media enterprise comma company comma wine it is why I began my wine present so I truly assume what you might want to significantly contemplate on this world is to change into a media firm that means put out content material long-form round not essentially authorized however the form of issues that pursuits the folks that you just’re making an attempt to court docket after which in a method the place you don’t have any advertisements however each fifth publish is simply is an eighth of the advert consider it as advertorial take into consideration you that is very rogue so I do know it is gonna be powerful to digest however I need to pitch you one thing take into consideration you beginning a golf web site proper actually masking golf competing in opposition to Golf Digest and that each seventh publish was selling your enterprise I truly consider that that’s going to be a blueprint of individuals doing enterprise that they are going to begin creating media and content material across the curiosity of the goal that they are making an attempt to recruit for his or her enterprise over right here to the left Oakland and I do know it isn’t stuffed however I can see you understand it is it is it is pay attention I simply need to stick on this as a result of it is such an enormous level and I believe it is the subsequent decade the thought that we’ve got to be within the media enterprise as a result of the price of entry is zero and never actually zero however compared to beginning Golf Digest or the golf Community by placing a golf each on WordPress after which producing micro content material to drive visitors the price of entry is so low thus getting these youth so it will get it is a very fascinating factor I have been testing it it is exceptional we’re launching our first ever we’ve got a cracker and we’re launching the main cheese assessment web site of the web in March and we will be by constructing that it is going to be a gateway to the cracker and we do not essentially need them to match the cracker within the cheese it is simply that we need to elevate the model fairness of the cracker and like doing it with high-end cheese it is going to try this for us however that is the form of stuff and that is solely the media as a substitute of shopping for banner advertisements on the media