One thing else Is Conceivable – You Have been Created To Be A Creator

something is feasible do not let folks speak you out of your dream go searching you issues that have been could create it or from folks similar to you folks with a dream folks would have imaginative and prescient folks with an creativeness we have been made to be creators we have been made in God’s picture so create something is feasible no matter your thoughts cannot imagine it could’t obtain that is all I acquired peace and bless

Deciding on A Photoshop Laptop

hey everybody that is graphic designer roberto blake and right this moment i am truly going to speak to you about what computer systems you need to use as a graphic designer now this video truly is as a result of somebody truly requested within the feedback on a earlier video that i did on the way you get extra design purchasers they usually wished to know what kind of pc they need to truly use for graphic design as a result of they had been taking a look at improve primarily they had been attempting to resolve between um an imac as a desktop or whether or not they need to get a laptop computer and which one if any could be the perfect for them doing photoshop and graphic design work now if you happen to’re watching this video you may clearly see that i’ve an imac that i take advantage of is my desktop though i’ve used Home windows desktops prior to now I am truly nonetheless within the technique of constructing my final Photoshop PC which you’ll be able to examine in an article on my weblog on roberto blake comm slash weblog if you happen to’ve truly checked out my weblog earlier than you additionally know that make some suggestions as to how i’m going about selecting a mac laptop computer or computer laptop computer if you’re attempting to get into graphic design or photoshop so that they i’ll cowl a few temporary factors that i already talked about in these earlier article first off i’ll simply shortly deal with utilizing a desktop versus a laptop computer the brief reply is that you just most likely need each at one level or the opposite you are going to want each and here is why when it comes to doing extra intense work on with regard to print particularly you are going to desire a desktop as a result of you may even have the next degree of ram and quicker exhausting drives a number of exhausting drives built-in graphics playing cards and so on in a desktop akin to an imac or every other desktop pc that you will use ideally if you happen to’re doing higher-end print work I’d suggest 4 to eight gigs of ram as your minimal beginning place and go as much as as a lot as 16 or 32 if you are going to be doing that movement graphics or video enhancing now if you happen to’ve been watching my movies I simply wish to level out that I do my video manufacturing enhancing on this iMac which is on the bottom mannequin with 4 gigs of RAM and that is the mid 2010 mannequin so this has 4 gigs of ram half a gig of devoted video and twin core i3 processors now after I’m doing my Home windows Photoshop tutorials I am truly utilizing my Asus laptop computer which has eight gigs of RAM shared video reminiscence ah and twin core processors operating at about 2.2 gigahertz every main distinction between this and which are the exhausting drive speeds though for Photoshop work that is sort of hit and miss ideally you need a number of exhausting drives and also you desire a velocity of seven,200 rpms the large distinction between these is the exhausting drive velocity and that is truly the one actual shortcoming that my Asus laptop computer has however that laptop computer truly value me about lower than $400 after I improve the RAM and it truly competes with a Mac Professional when it comes to efficiency it competes with the i-5 MacBook Professional consider it or not now once more the eight gigs of ram makes distinction as a result of the usual on that laptop computer so far as the MacBook Professional is 4 gigs and if you happen to can improve it which you truly can solely technically improve the MacBook Professional to 6 gigs and if you happen to do it your self you void the guarantee that is a part of the difficulty so when it comes to selecting a laptop computer if you’re selecting a laptop computer you wish to have a look at the next belongings you wish to have over to level gigahertz of velocity or higher you desire a minimal of twin core however quad core might be for the perfect if you will get an i5 or i7 processors or higher nice if you cannot no less than ensure you’re getting a penny and B or Core duo processor when it comes to exhausting drive most of your laptops are going to have a normal for a 5400 rpm velocity exhausting drive if you will get a laptop computer that has an SSD drive and a tough drive that is most likely for the perfect as a result of you need to use the SSD drive or no less than a part of it as they scratch this Photoshop and as you already know if you happen to’ve learn any of my earlier blogs on that topic scratch disk for Photoshop caching I’ll velocity up your efficiency and Photoshop dramatically when going to an exterior exhausting drive or a secondary exhausting drive whether or not or not it’s within the laptop computer or a desktop if you do not have a secondary exhausting drive in your machine whether or not it is a laptop computer or a desktop you need to use an exterior USB exhausting drive as a scratch disk and that may truly enhance your Photoshop efficiency dramatically it is one thing that I like to recommend and that I truly do do with the iMac if you are going to work on a machine like an iMac I like to recommend utilizing the OWCA improve equipment for the RAM and going to a further eight gigs which can take you to 12 or getting the outright sixteen gig improve which if you happen to’re on a 2010 or earlier iMac that is the utmost you may go to if you happen to’re on 2011 by means of present iMac you may look the 32 gigs of ram though 16 gigs is the really useful most quantity however you may legitimately go to 32 and it will nonetheless work it should not have any issues after the ram improve what you may wish to do is you may wish to make the most of an exterior USB exhausting drive so you need to use as a scratch disk that is particularly useful if you happen to’re doing very intense Photoshop work with a number of layers or if you happen to’re utilizing filters liquify something like that if you happen to’re doing video enhancing you need to do the identical factor in Premiere Professional if that is what you are utilizing an After Results going again to laptops if you happen to do not wish to go a budget route which nonetheless works rather well for me on the Asus aspect you possibly can get it both an HP or a samsung a pocket book or you will get a higher-end Asus pocket book you will get them with comparable or superior specs to your commonplace macbook professional which begins out about $12.99 I consider for a 13-inch $14.99 for a 15 non-retina you will get one thing comparable in an HP Samsung or Asus for eight to 9 hundred {dollars} or much less normally if you happen to go together with the HP Samsung or Asus and also you’re attempting to get comparable specs to the MacBook Professional what you may find yourself getting is both i5 or i7 twin the quad core processors that max out at about three gigahertz every which is nice so far as your processing energy for purposes like Photoshop Premiere and After Results the opposite wonderful thing about these is they arrive with a devoted video card that normally has about all one gig and it is normally an Nvidia each the iMac and the MacBook Professional normally include about half a gig of devoted video a few of them you may improve and have the higher-end mannequin of that however this comes commonplace at 300 {dollars} much less in your competing fashions within the PC market in order that’s why I like to recommend these when it comes to preserving your value down and when it comes to a Mac versus a PC your efficiency goes to return all the way down to your specs having a Mac versus a PC doesn’t have an effect on your efficiency within the Adobe purposes if you happen to do not consider me there is a white paper on this that Adobe publishes you simply google Adobe {hardware} efficiency white paper they usually’ll clarify why so long as you are in a 64-bit working system it does not matter if you happen to’re on a Mac or PC all of it comes all the way down to specs at that time now when it comes to person interface and productiveness that is one thing that is up for debate in reality you may truly set up a theme on Home windows that may truly provide the similar person interface and person expertise of a Mac on a PC you too can go the quote-unquote hackintosh route if you happen to’re on a desktop and construct a desktop that is operating Mac OS and construct out all of your elements your self and have that machine at a less expensive value and have the flexibility to select your individual elements customized for your self and what you need them to be purchase them over time and so on which can most likely value you about half of shopping for a Mac Professional tower or the brand new Mac Professional as soon as it comes out that is the cylinder so once more to prioritize what try to be on the lookout for in a graphic design or Photoshop machine quick exhausting drives SSDs if you will get them minimal of 4 gigs of RAM ideally eight truthfully a most of 32 if you will get it when it comes to a desktop all-in-one if you happen to go to all-in-one mount route IMAX like what I’ve are nice if you wish to go to all-in-one wrap nevertheless you will get Samsung and HP all-in-one desktops which are akin to an iMac or higher and have touchscreen capabilities at about three to 4 hundred {dollars} much less when it comes to desktops Home windows desktops are going to be cheaper than Mac Professional’s I’ve a Mac Professional g5 tower sitting on in the lounge that factor is definitely very costly I inherited mine so I did not need to cope with that a part of it however I have been in a position to construct superior machines to that at a lot decrease value normally half or much less the price and having double the facility laptops ensure that your once more USB to your connections just be sure you’re getting devoted video inside that laptop computer so you may make the most of the brand new mercury playback engine within the Adobe merchandise and OpenGL just be sure you’re getting 4 to eight gigs of ram within that laptop computer and if you happen to can ensure you have a number of drives or SSDs or that you just’re utilizing an exterior drive to your caching area effectively I hope this helps you guys up know what laptops and what desktops try to be taking a look at when you are going to do Photoshop or graphic design work usually if you happen to’re an internet designer it truthfully nearly does not matter what you employ and you’ll truly go a budget route with no actual repercussions as a result of you are going to be principally working in both our very mild visible editor you could be utilizing Photoshop Parts you could be utilizing fireworks you could be utilizing GIMP you could be utilizing Pixelmator or one thing else like that and so far as your purposes you may be utilizing um you already know aptana notepad plus plus a composer or Dreamweaver these aren’t useful resource intensive in any respect so it actually does not matter if you are going to be an internet designer what machine you are on so long as you’ve got some issues that assist you out like WAMP xampp and so on so once more not very labor intensive when it comes to assets and processor to do programming until you are doing compiling then you definately want numerous processing energy and RAM anyway I hope you guys loved this video prefer it if you happen to preferred it do not forget to subscribe share it with others and I am going to see you guys on the following video do not forget Photoshop CC tutorials each Thursday if you happen to’re watching it this week this week’s tutorial is definitely going to be on sharpening so keep tuned for that

Be taught the intention to Launch from Nothing – Grant Cardone

[Music] like some here you’re in the cardones own news 96:5 wake up Orlando I want to get you rich I want to get you out of the trap hey this week this cat I’m sure you heard about it this guy wins four hundred million dollars four hundred my wife says why didn’t you win that money why don’t you mean that money you want to really take care of spy on you why can’t you pick the right lottery ticket look this week this cat wins four hundred million Grand Theft Auto five takes in eight hundred million dollars in one day that’s sickness pure sickness stock market hits all-time highs the one little stock I got even went up housing prices are recovering nationwide folks the rich are getting richer the wealthier getting wealthier and check this out this is a crazy thing a hundred and twenty eight million people on government assistance a program called snap forty-nine percent of Americans are receiving welfare assistance food stamps 14 percent of the American population is on food stamps with families struggling to put food on the table ok so what’s happening ok this is a recovery is this an economic recovery people went in 400 million you know grand theft auto makes 800 million stop market hits all times ha Buffett gets richer Bill Gates gets richer ok Carlos Slim gets richer and and and the rest of middle-class America is still suffering let me tell you why that yes this recovery will not the economic recovery the new economy we’re in will not recover for the middle class the recovery we’re in will not benefit anyone that plays by the old rules this economic recovery will further penalize I’m talking to rob and Tony and Paul right now this economic recovery will penalized further penalize those are the guys here in the studio with me they’ll further penalize anyone that refuses to make changes based on a new operating basis and a new economy you have to start making different moves now you cannot think the way your father thought your grandfather your mom dude it’s over folks it is over that old economy and those old ideas are over my name is Grant Cardone you’re in the cardones own on twitter you can follow me at Grant Cardone every week I come here on news 96:5 to talk to my friends right here in Orlando where I own a company and have for 25 years about what is going on with this economy look the rules have changed the middle class is getting crushed crushed crushed it is getting crushed okay you can see it all over the place it’s getting crushed because the middle class rules don’t work anymore you know the rules I’m talking about find a good job right make a decent income save your money buy a house oh yeah got to get a house to have a household I need a house get a good education half those people can’t get jobs half the people that own a home underwater invest for the long term oh yeah that had been brilliant if you’d have been been invested in Sears or JCPenney for the long term man you’d be on dead money forever even Microsoft would have been dead up and down money for the last decade the middle class rules are a myth let me tell you more than that the middle class itself is the myth if you’re in the middle class okay look look I came from the middle class okay the whole thing is a fairy tale my mother constantly told me be grateful we you have food you have three square meals a day okay you you you got clothes on your back you got a car okay you got an education be grateful that’s what my mom told me over and over and then all of a sudden we look up one day and man I know people can’t I know people I know people making fifty grand a year cannot make there cannot make ends meet they can’t get their kids to a good school okay they’re actually applying for food stamps folks if 14% of the population let’s see what is that 14 percent of 300 million people that’s a man that’s a lot of people man it’s 42 million people that are on food stamps something’s not working the median income in America is $50,000 a year how do two people live in any city with two kids have a car a couple of cars and a house on 50 grand a year there you got to think outside the box now okay it’s not find a good job make a decent income say buy a house get an education invest for the long term the rules have changed and my goal is to help you out with the new set of rules in the new economy okay you got to think different you got to think outside the box you got to get outside the box you got a completely rework you need to sit down with your spouse and your kids and say hey it’s a new game new economy new time new rules I’m gonna bring one a gentlemen Christopher music here in just a few minutes okay the guy’s a financial planner he’s gonna talk about ten business max ten Maxim’s of private practice millionaires right here in Orlando what they’re doing what they’re doing to break the rules how a household is a business and how your household must be treated like a business he’s gonna talk to you about a financial plan is the business plan for your house so in fact Christopher’s gonna be in Orlando with me October 3rd me Mel Robbins Paul Pott rets which is a that guy’s a social media and retargeting genius I don’t even know if I have a 10x seminar background here he’s gonna be talking about retargeting and a way to brand your business I’m gonna have Jason Mudd from Excel media the guy’s gonna be talking about how to advertise for as little money as possible I’m gonna have Jack Jack and telly here in Orlando October 3rd God’s gonna be talking about how to build a billion-dollar culture and oh by the way Jack knows something about it because he runs a billion that’s a billion-dollar business my name is Grant Cardone and I’ma be there talking to you about how to sell anything to anyone ethically get all the money quick discount in your product and I’m gonna show you how to 10x your goals 10x your money’s cuz folks you need more money okay I’m telling you you got to think outside the box I’ll bring Christopher on in a few minutes here to talk to you about it Chris is on exactly what we can do to break those Maxim’s you got to think out the box when it comes to work career incoming money look here’s the goal and then I’m bring Chris Ron first the new economy is about 1 increasing your income first ok you must increase your income the old rules was to save money it wasn’t to increase income the old rule is for my mom my middle-class mother that brought up three boys they did everything she could it was not to increase income it was basically to conserve capital and safe that rule won’t work today because you’re gonna earn about 0.15 or 0.25 or if you’re lucky maybe 0.4% 0.04 percent I mean it’s nothing it’s not gonna it’s gonna be $40 a year on a thousand bucks it’s no money number one rule increase income number two rule create multiple flows of income so you’re not dependent upon one that does not mean go get a second job by the way I’ll be explaining that later number three save only save only to reinvest and make more money you only save now so that you can reinvest in your company your brand yourself and make more money and I’m not talking about invest in stocks I’m talking about your the stock your the company and your the only thing you should be investing in right now number four you want to get your debt to zero even better than that have people borrow money from you be the bank you hate banks then be the bank and number five reinvest for more growth okay look this is no longer your daddy’s plan your daddy’s plan will not get you financial freedom it might have worked for him it will not work for you this is not your Grandpa’s plan okay he came here broke to this country stepped on the shores of America and he had a hard labor job scrap scraped and the house he bought was two grand okay your house is gonna cost two hundred and fifty eight thousand dollars look you’ve got an entrepreneur up now you have two entrepreneur up you got to be an entrepreneur you got to think like an entrepreneur act like one invest like one played the game like one and lastly before I bring Christopher music on anyone anyone that takes government handouts that you don’t absolutely need that means you’re bedridden okay if you’re bedridden take it if you’re not anyone that takes a government handout of any sort you will be punished and you will be punished brutally and permanently and let me tell you why cuz you’re robbing yourself you’re robbing yourself if you’re not bedridden don’t take the handout because look thirteen point six percent of the population is taking a handout for food you can’t tell me that thirteen point six percent of the American population forty two million people can’t find a place to eat tonight that have so little money and so little capability and potential that they can’t go get their own food the moment I stand in line to get a handout by the way all these programs are busted okay all the programs are busted Congress Congress is cutting the programs right now right today they’re saying hey let’s cut snaps in half they’re already saying less defund Obama care I know friends personally right now they can’t get their Medicare to take care of their doctor Christopher music you own with me man good buddy let’s talk about let’s talk about these Maxim’s Christopher this guy folks listen to Christopher okay he’s a financial planner the guy’s a genius he’s a financial prosperity coach okay he’s 21 year veteran a financial planning profession a best-selling author personal financial expert you’ve seen on NBC CBS ABC Fox he’s been on Forbes magazine Christopher thank you for being on what or the ten maximum of private practice millionaires here in Orlando well there’s a whole bunch of different characteristics that make up people who are successful financially and these Maxim’s Maxim’s are rules of ma X IMS Maxim’s and I discovered 10 of them when I actually went through and built my own financial planning firm and I transitioned out of itch and some are retired and then become a business consultant and just went through all these different permutations of my career and discovered that there are certain things that people who have money do and if they don’t do them they don’t have money and they’re not successful in what they choose to do so the whole idea of a private practice million error is the fact that I work primarily with licensed professionals people who are sales professionals healthcare professionals like dentists and optometrists and people that are in private practice they have they have pursued a passion in their life law real estate whatever it is but then they decide to actually run a business along with it and own that business and in doing so you have certain rules certain things that you have to do if you’re going to be successful what about one of those rules Christopher like like what you’re talking about entrepreneurs anybody that’s got that entrepreneur kind of commitment right that’s right absolutely I mean it’s just like you said you summed up the financial plan very well just before I came on and you have to be an entrepreneur in this new economy I did the first one and this is you know apropos for the topic you’re covering today is you have to provide the highest quality service in your in your market of which you’re capable so so let’s say I’m a Salesman I’m not I’m not I know my own business I don’t have any money and I’m a go to a break here in a second Christopher but when we come back I want you to talk to me about hey what’s the worst first two one two three things that I can do is uh a guy getting back from zero up okay stay with me is Grant Cardone you’re in the car down zone folks we’re talking about how to get out of the trap what you have to do to succeed and prosper in a new economy Mike’s off I was getting a budget you’re getting much of this yeah yeah okay they don’t hear that okay can Christopher hear me yeah hey great job thank you yeah also Christopher just talked about I’ll bleed into what your elbow I asked you a question about what what you’re gonna be covering on October 3rd in Orlando – okay because we want to push that yeah that’s basically it those ten Maxim’s okay is that what you’re going to be covering yeah in Orlando yeah okay good all right and you guys that are following me on Ustream and Google+ right now it’s not working right now why is this happening it’s just you know and then I gotta act like I got a bad attitude is it on who’s it up there right now you guys follow me right now I’m not really have a bad attitude I’m just the prick it’s different you see don’t say grant no negativity on the show man I wasn’t having no negative was than not it wasn’t a negativity issue right you guys right you feeling me also Tony Tony dude you got it Tony Tony don’t get too locked into that because then it’s like it becomes something else yeah okay okay what’s our stand for it went out okay that’s really okay let’s rope segment two mmm segment two mics on car down here news 96:5 here in the cardones zone welcome back good to have you here tonight we’re talking about the the old rules don’t work they’re not gonna work for you folks that mag give you plenty of proof of it thirteen point six percent of population USA is on food stamps okay they’re saying almost forty nine percent of the entire population is taking some kind of government assistance okay something is not working something’s not working some plan some idea something has broken down and I have Christopher music on with me talking to you about what the new plants are the new ideas what you have to do Christopher let’s assume I’m broke I’m 25 years old all I can do is maybe get a sales job which is a big job what do I do how do I get started well the first thing you have to do is study the correct technology on sales you learn how to be a sales person you know sales are sales people are professionals and it’s any profession you have certain technology certain techniques certain knowledge you have to have to get a product ok Maxim to get a product right yeah that’s right ok so when you’re dealing with when you’re dealing with trying to be a salesperson there it’s very important to really drill in that workable technology so you can get a result because the only thing you have to exchange in this economy with anybody else is the results you get if you get bad results you’re not gonna make any money because people won’t come to you get awesome results people are gonna hire you they’re gonna work with you they’re going to to exchange with you and that’s not your the first most important thing that people overlook is their own competence and how well they do what it is they do so you agree with me then Christopher that the first step is not for a company or an individual to save money but to go out and produce new revenue right to get new revenue in saving money can only be done if you’re making more than you need you live and reinvest for your own growth and Christopher that’s why I’m having you speak on October 3rd in Orlando with me at the 10x seminar because I’m telling people look this is a joke your first advice should not be to save your first advice is to produce more revenue even your second step would not be to save it would be ok I got revenue coming in how do I create some more revenue do you agree with that well absolutely I mean uh step number 2 which is means you need to promote yourself the promotion cost money I have to get out there and let people know who you are what you do what results you get and to get you know more expansion to more more people so so step one is to create more income step two then is to reinvest in creating in creating and ensuring that you got more income coming in I think a lot of people think they’re supposed to be out there saving money right now yeah and that’s unfortunate I mean yeah you should be saving money there’s no doubt about it but how can I save any money if I don’t have any money left over Christopher well that’s the problem right you’re not making enough income you happy making way more income than you need for your lifestyle like if you’re used to living 100 grand a year you need to be making three four hundred grand a year so that you can save a hundred grand or two hundred grand it doesn’t doesn’t affect your life that’s what I’m talking about I like the way you’re thinking now so I’m telling people and just let me be sure this is right I’m telling people look the old rules don’t work the rules have changed the middle class is getting crushed and the middle class is getting crushed because it believes in these old ideas like find a good job get a decent income save buy a house get an education do you agree for the most part with me on that or not that vanished in 1970 that whole reality the 80s were the evolution into a whole new entrepreneurial mindset where you have to get out there you thirty seconds and if you want to have a life beyond just the mundane go to work come home watch TV whatever you’re gonna have to get out there and create something bigger than yourself folks you listen to Christopher music he’s going to be working with me on October 3rd in Orlando Hilton Hotel Mel Robbins is going to be there we’re gonna be talking about how to 10x your business Christopher thank you for joining me this is Grant Cardone you in the car down zone stay with me and on the show you’ve been way out of this trap what other people have done to go from zero to hero grant cardone and the cardones own Mike so I say goodbye to Chris grant hello hey thanks so much have a good one okay gotcha don’t hey hey hey you there stay with me okay when you’re listening to the cardones zone we’re talking about how to get out we’re waiting for a guest to come on I’m gonna come back and rock your frickin world baby so stay with me this is what I told you in the first half okay this is what I told you that’s Tony right there trying to fix our TV back here look increase your income if your wife is hammering you saying hey we need to save more money I’m telling you dude it’s you gotta increase your income more money solves problems get more money and then get some more money okay second rule is to get multiple flows of income that does not mean go get a second job okay that means I got this one thing let’s say I’m selling widgets okay then I’m gonna keep selling widgets I’m gonna keep beating widgets out all over and over and then I’m gonna figure out oh do you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna get condoms for widgets okay don’t go don’t get in another business completely get something that aligns with the widget so now you got a widget and then you sell a condom for the widget now you’ve got the widget and the condom going you got multiple flows of income see feeling what I’m saying that’s how you work it that’s how you do it okay grant cardone in the cardones zone we talking widgets we talking condoms most importantly we’re talking unable to cast Cardone zone most importantly unexpected error occurred please try to follow me try Comcast again most importantly we’re talking about how to get out of the rut baby how to get out of the trap how to get out of the middle class which I believe and I never hear anybody else talk about this did the middle class the middle class is just it says unable to me to cast because really man you’re freaking me out man you’re freaking me out you freaking me out you see what I’m telling it you freaking me out okay am I freaking you out look your daddy don’t know how you’re gonna get rich in this economy bottom line unexpected error your daddy don’t know you’re your grandpa don’t know okay you know what he’s gonna say you need to get a good job and you need to work hard Shawn you got your good good to work hard you got to save the money dude the average income the median income in America has gone from 58,000 to 50,000 in the last 13 years okay it’s going the wrong way blueberries went spiking strawberries went this way okay verify your network connectivity okay you know look if your incomes are coming down okay oh who knows this might work now man good see I don’t know cuz I can’t see it we got to get that TV back all right I’m ready when John’s ready man we’re freaking out over yeah I’m about to tear this place up John place is insane man segment three what this is 15 minutes round yes sir you got it baby I got 15 minutes in me Mike time here news 96 five-year in the cardones zone on twitter I’m at Grant Cardone if you go to youtube you can find I don’t know about 1,100 videos that I’ve dropped in on the economy the career finances how to get your finances better off look I’m here every week with news 96:5 to talk about your finances in your career and I’m just telling you the bottom line folks okay there’s all kinds of good crazy news some cat wins four hundred million dollars in a lottery game the game goes public right what is it called Auto yeah auto auto five you know whack game Grand Theft Auto teaches kids how to be violent eight hundred million dollars in just one day okay there’s money all over the place so why explain to me why the middle class is getting crushed and I’ll tell you why it’s because the old rules don’t work find a good job get a decent income buy a house invest for the long-term these middle-class rules are myth and it’s leaving millions of people to have to go to the government programs that are corrupting so many people from their abilities okay I said in the first half look if you have to take I’m talking about a very small percentage if you have to take unemployment our food stamps if you’re bedridden take it if you cannot get up and go create if you can’t get in a wheelchair and roll someplace and say hey man you know I can do something I’m telling you don’t take them and let me tell you why the moment you take it the moment you take the handout the moment the government gives you money it cripples you and stifles you from the ability to create and see opportunities America is not as a land of opportunity that’s all it is it’s not maybe it’s the best country the world’s the only one I’ve ever lived in but America when you start entitling people and giving them things they get lost the epidemic becomes average the epidemic becomes entitlement and I can’t see the opportunity I’m telling you from personal experience I did this myself okay I did it myself I was going to the unemployment line in a moment I started going to that unemployment line what was I saying to myself forget what I was saying to the government what was I saying to myself oh there’s no opportunities the moment I killed the unemployment line as a solution I found a job I mean literally within seconds I found a job I I knocked off all the old think oh I gotta get a job as an accountant I gotta be a CFO I gotta have some special job no I didn’t do it I needed a job period okay I had to get a job and you know what I went took a job I hated I wouldn’t took a job I never could imagine I would possibly take I wouldn’t took a job that I did not go to school for and I made more money in that job than anybody else in the class that I graduated with see the opportunity will only show itself when you commit look you have to think outside the box now okay it’s not about find a good job and work hard okay it’s not about you know just find a safe place to work and don’t make ways you need to make ways right now you need to tip the boat over you need to be unbelievable right now you’ve got to get outside the box here’s the rules first you have to increase your income okay if you got a job making 30 grand a year now and you’re a plumber you need to get in sales I’m telling you right now get in sales and go tell everybody you’re not a Salesman you’re a plumber and you’ll make 60 grand the first year if you just hustle get you some hustle muscle get you a business card and tell everybody that you meet I don’t care what you’re selling cars furniture houses you just tell everybody I’m a plumber I don’t know nothing about selling I’m a plumber and I got two kids and a wife and I’m committed to take care of them I don’t have an education I don’t know what the hell I was doing I’m just a plumber a contractor I’m a lumber man whatever man just say whatever salesman I don’t know nothing about selling nothing then nobody guarantee you go from thirty to sixty you just you just accomplished the first rule in the first rule is increase your income the second thing on what you do is increase more I want you to create more income more multiple flows of income if you’re selling real estate then what you need to do is start looking at other things that are attached to real estate that you can sell as well I don’t know maybe it’s how to buy real estate courses I don’t anything anything connected with that thing you’re already doing don’t go get a second job yet get a first job bang it to death beat it to death okay and then add a second income to that three only save money so you can reinvest it in yourself and your brand right now do not worry about saving money at the bank you don’t need money at the bank you need money in your business you are the business grant out on a business everyone owns a business for every human being in America okay look we have over 300 million guns in America every person has a gun every person has a mobile device and every person is a business my wife is a business my kids are a business every person in America is a business you or the brand for reduce your debt to zero or even minus zero you’d love to be in a position to start loaning other people money and the last thing is you want to just keep reinvesting for more growth and more opportunities look this is not your daddy’s plan this is not grandpa’s plan you have to entrepreneur up you have to become an entrepreneur you’ve got to get your spouse to understand and your two kids the two urchins you got to get them to understand hey dude we’re entrepreneurs this is a family of entrepreneurs we are no longer a family of workers according to the Census Bureau thirteen point six percent of the u.s. population is now is now on food stamps this cost this country seventy five billion dollars a year in the government our Congress voted today to cut that in half this week I was recently interviewing people for a show that I’m doing called whatever it takes I met Yasmin mother of three been evicted she has three kids she has no money if the eviction goes through she will be she will loot be out on the streets lose her children and she has no cash I met 48 year old Jim Jim’s got 800 bucks to his name in he’s 48 years old his mother needs help he’s broke he can’t help his own mother okay 41 year old Michael that I met I said hey man how much money you got Jax huh four dollars and 55 cents dude how much you got in savings he’s like hey man I have four dollars and 55 cents to my name with no money in savings folks this is real this is happening to people okay so what do you need to do if you’re broken I’m gonna bring a guy on a friend of my jack-jack and Telly who also will be he runs a billion-dollar business he’s going to be talking about culture on October 3rd with me and a host of expert businesspeople talking about how to build and grow your business Jack’s gonna talk about what it’s like to be broken how to start over first rule folks don’t go get the government assistance unless you are absolutely bedridden number two get a job that has real income possibilities you’re out of work you need to get a job that has some real like sales job or multi-level marketing or do it be a masseuse go do home repair go be a nanny man I know nannies making 100k a year because they’re connected to some families they got money number three all attention should be on more income this is what you’re not gonna like okay look this is not a time 24 hours a day your attention should be on money income making more money 24 hours a day the only thing you should be thinking about right now is how to make more money you should be focused on this one thing only this is not a fun time this is not a time four days off this is not a time for vacation this is not a time to be doing what your friends do this is a very very serious time a new economy new rules your daddy’s rules won’t work this is not a time for a weekend off okay Jack Jack and telly talk to me my man hey what’s up man you’re done I know you’ve been down and out what what what do you do when you’re down and out talk to me about when you were a shoot in Houston Texas when you’re 30 years old well they it was a little bit a little younger than that but you know I think the version of down-and-out is is um is pretty broad you know my version of down-and-out you know what I think about being broke and and and I don’t think it equivalents a lot of people today but still you know still enough but being broke to me was when you’re like man I’m hungry and I ain’t got no money and I I can’t buy the new Madden or whatever you know but yeah you know I’ve been to that point in my life and and I think what happens is and I’ve told us a lot of young guys that I work with now and it’s been a big part of my life now is developing talent and and as well as yours but you know you you can’t I know we talked about these role models you know LeBron James well you can’t focus on the Brawn James you know when you’re in eighth grade you had a focus on a kid that’s in 10th grade that’s kicking ass on the basketball team and you want to be like him and in business that was me you know when I when I was busted out all I did was focus on somebody had food and ate all the time and had 11 cars out for the month and I’m like are they gonna be like him and as soon as I and we know we’ve always talked about goal setting you know like long term goals short term goals well this is the real world the real world is find somebody that you’re not as good as that’s what I did and then kick their butt in your head and then find somebody else and eventually you might be any NBA saying I want to be like LeBron James but you can’t just make that your goal for me it was I was selling eight cars I seen the guy selling 15 so no was a guy over there selling 45 but I I think I knew that that was that was out of my sight JJ let me answer so how did you get you got in the car business was that it was that did you go get an education did you come out of high school tell me tell me what happened um I just thought I knew what I want to do I want to sell you wouldn’t tell the truth was I I met a guy I didn’t know what I want to do but I have met a guy he met a guy who knew a guy I knew a guy I didn’t meet a guy I knew the guy huh they that I thought I was smarter than yet had a whole lot of life going on that I didn’t have and I thought well if he can do it I can do it and what’s he doing he’s selling cars wanna go do that and it was it was really identifying with something that was successful somebody you can relate to not some somebody on TV and I have I have continued to do that throughout and I stand I’m doing it today is I’m living and breathing and running a billion-dollar company with a thousand associates I’m still looking up to the guy who built this company so you went from being having nothing to sell nobody I was stealing I was going at night selling used cars and the girls would leave in the office upstairs that build the deals and rung up their money and all that and you know and they leave and I go upstairs and steal a yogurt and I’m lactose intolerant so I would eat that yogurt knowing I was gonna be sick but I was so damn hungry I did it anyway that’s crazy I love that story okay now you’re running a billion-dollar business so like when you when you what part of the country did you come up in I grew up in Youngstown Ohio now when you grew up in Youngstown Ohio did was your goal to be a car salesman now my goal is to get some food I go with it you know my goal was to you know I don’t know that I had a goal I just I just do it you know I guess I didn’t know anything that’s right you were desperate and you were hungry and you were willing to you were willing to do whatever it takes including hey I’m gonna sell cars if I have to but you weren’t thinking about running a billion-dollar corporation I wasn’t thinking about selling cars sellin cars just look like somebody I I had come in contact with cross my path that I died I made that short term goal yeah that I could I that I looked at and said I can do what he does he’s human he’s not some you know born car salesman you know what I like his boat I like his house yeah and I think I’m equivalent to him if not smarter so let me go do what he does yeah and then I continue to do that throughout once I latched on to that then I started seeing people in the industry the guy that was running two stores rocking I’m like I want to be like Tom now I just want to be like Grant Cardone yes I could be like Grant Cardone looks you’ve been there you’re listening to Jack Jack and telly Jack’s gonna be with me at on October 3rd at the 10x seminar you can find your your seat is waiting for you at 10x seminar com JJ is gonna be there with me he’s gonna be talking about culture how to get your people hungry literally how to make sure your people are hungry if you got a company people don’t cost you money people do not cost you money it’s the ones that aren’t acting hungry that costs you money okay JJ’s gonna be talking about he’s got a thousand employees how does he keep his people hungry how does he keep them excited how does he keep them motivated how does he make sure that they answer that phone in a way that would make you proud and make your customers excited and get your company going to the next level literally 10x seminar com how to 10x your business your profits look business is good JJ business is good right now right businesses business has always been good you know but it’s still it’s more competitive than it was in 2009 yeah you know in 2009 when economy was bad it was it was okay for us in 2013 when economy is much better it’s okay for us you know it’s still how much did a pie do you want to go grab right one minute right right and so but I hear a lot of business people telling me JJ you know hey the business you know the economy you know when business gets good more people get in business yeah example there’s more dealers now there’s more people out there trying to get its cut up same way exactly gotta go get yours got to go get yours baby kill eat what you kill be desperate be hungry and what do you think about this middle class concept do you think it’s a myth JJ and then I’m gonna break its it you know I don’t know you know IIIi just think that it takes a lot to recognize it that’s why I said this you know if you’re if you’re hungry little generally hungry like you I know food just find somebody that you feel like you can you can do this at a level that you want to be at and then eventually it’s just a stair step man you can’t you can you late folks okay be great stay with me I’m gonna come back and wrap up with the points the exact action plan you need for you and your house so this Grant Cardone you’re in the cardones zone News 96:5 get a man JJ thank you bro yeah you got five minutes five minutes 4:50 you know five minutes ago is that Diane chick calling it do we know about that hey bro I’m ready when you’re ready John you’re doing good today bro I can’t complain I don’t know man you you you little off from last week and I could feel more energy coming off of you last week what’s happening today you want to talk to me about it I went for Korean barbecue last night do you want Ashley you want me to get Ashley sure whatever man just let’s roll I feel like you got a little more bite this week there’s something different I got more bite and like you like it better you know or less it’s just a different it’s a different feel good or bad what’s going on with the ustream I think that’s pissing you off oh yeah no doubt yeah all right we’re good you hearing it in between there they’re not hearing it you know I hear you give me one minute to get Ashley and then well you got you only have minutes yeah we can go we can go I can go whenever you’re ready to go bro I’m ready to go we ready to go y’all ready to go we all ready to go folks I’m telling you this whole vacation thing taking time off look I’m not even taking time off I’m I’m sitting in some sick deep paper right now and I don’t take time off I just ain’t gonna do it I learned after Lehman okay when things get going good I’m riding a wave I’m riding this thing all the way and I’m gonna keep riding it when that wave hits the beach and it’s done I’m here we go riding that thing trol Ashley’s on to pasty trope [Music] Mike Sam take grant car down here news 96 five-year in the cardones zone Sunday night folks I just finished shooting a show called whatever it takes and I learned so much from this show we’re so sick of the hiring process here that we started looking at who we could hire and because the laws are so strict on hiring people I actually figured out a new way to hire people which was do an audition for a reality TV show so I’m doing this reality TV show we probably had a hundred people come in and I saw people and I didn’t know it was this bad for so many Americans 38 year-old man broke $800 the guy behind him is 42 years old he got four dollars and 55 cents to his name a woman yasmin mother of three she’s about to be evicted from her apartment if she does she loses her three kids okay we’re talking about more than money here we’re talking about changing your life permanently and forever and I’m reflecting on this after the show saying what day what is happening in America all this mutton money one of the wealthiest but it is the wealthiest nation on planet earth we have this unbelievably strong middle class we but but then when you look deeper you see the problems median income is dropped seven thousand dollars since 2000 the year 2000 in 13 years we dropped from 58,000 a year to 50,000 a year 51,000 something like that to people to kids living on what fifty-one thousand a year if you have two cars education a house insurance fifty thousand before taxes come on that’s no money we have thirteen point eight percent of the population almost fourteen percent of the population receiving food stamps forty-nine percent of all people in America on some type of handout by the government these handouts are breaking the backs of the American people it is the it is my belief that it is the entitlement program that will break you first and break your family second okay entitlements are corrupting individuals it’s not making you bad it’s blinding you it’s blinding you to opportunities like hey maybe I need to be a Salesman right now maybe I need to be in multi-level marketing oh no I could never do multi-level marketing you to a pyramid hey man look if you’re down and out you’re already at the bottom of the pyramid okay you’re on the ground you’re broke it’s not working I stood in the unemployment line okay I did not take the unemployment check the reason why is my uncle said to me to just go get a job I’m like what are you talking about I can’t he’s like hey it takes as much work to get a job as it takes to get a check go get a job become a salesperson this is my advice to you this is a new economy it’s a new time it’s a new moment okay America is being seduced Americans all over the world are all over the country are being seduced now to take a handout those handouts are killing Americans the only thing you renewed right now is whatever it takes you need desperation now you need a complete commitment burn the ships and go get yours the rich are getting Minister the wealthy are getting wealthy now’s the time to dig in you got to throw all your other options away unemployment food stamps medicare possibilities it’s not gonna be there for you this is what I want you to do I want you to sit down with your spouse and say hey maybe mommy and daddy’s plan is gonna work for us you know what I’m talking about the dogs you there’s people listening right now you have a dog and you can’t afford your dog okay you need to get rid of the dog okay I’m telling you you can’t afford the dog don’t do it I got a sister-in-law I’m like she’s got two dogs she’s got hamsters she’s got rabbits I’m like did you not even saving any money you’re crazy this is not a time for vacations it’s not a time for weekends it’s not a time for time off this is the time to dig in and buy and to break the rules this grant cardone news 96 five-year in the cardones in zone October 3rd I’m gonna be with Mel Robbins if the Orlando Hilton get your ticket at 10x seminar com god bless have a great week hey do you guys want what do you want me to tell Ashley we’ll go through her next week tell tell her that you had Korean barbecue last all right brother be well you too man have a good weekend god bless you guys out there in Google land into Ustream land what’s that seller be sold by the way if you want to get this program right here do I have an image of it thank you you got an image of it paddle paddle what is it 39 bucks okay folks this is the deal on this 39 dollar program just so you know 13 a dozen team that got a damn money okay that’s a lot of money not in one of the tips that I just gave you did I say save money I don’t even care if you ever save another dime okay what you need to do is make some freakin Bank okay you don’t have a $39 problem just so everybody understands I’m doing that program that program is three hundred and ninety dollars for the audio alone plus 30 bucks for the book that puts you at 420 okay you divide 39 into 420 and you’re gonna find out I’m giving you that program for like 8% it’s 92 percent marked off why am i doing that man cuz I want to help you okay I want to help you get in this mindset right here whatever it takes but you got to know how to sell it’s called sell or be saltcellar sell to survive cell to survive book and audio it’s an eight-hour audio program sell to survive it’s in the top 1% of all self-published books you need this skill you’re an actor you’re a plumber you’re a contractor you’re a business owner you’re a CFO I don’t care what you think you do do you need this book and you need this audio program that’ll change your life is 39 bucks and you need to hook up now get it this weekend you’ll finish it this weekend and we’re going to start 10x and your money and then I’m gonna get you on to these other programs when you’re ready to go look don’t be a little bitch don’t be a little don’t be a little bitch let me see if I can hit the camera okay I’m gonna try to hit the camera here okay don’t be a little don’t be a little do it okay we good 30 minute does look you ain’t got a $39 problem you know what you got a million dollar problem peace out

How you can Deal with Burnout

hey this grant cardone New York Instances bestselling writer and your good friend and enterprise and in gross sales you realize being an entrepreneur is without doubt one of the most fun issues that you are able to do together with your life and the chances are limitless one facet of operating a enterprise that I get requested so much okay time and again virtually each seminar I’m going to any individual will stroll as much as me and say dude how do you deal with burnout and my reply is quick and easy I do not consider in burnout that is proper I do not consider in burnout now I do know in case you’re experiencing the the exhaustion that’s related to this concept of burnout that no one can show by the best way that this appears unimaginable to you that burnout would not exist however I am telling you hearken to me burnout is just not actual it is made up take a step again for only a second whereas I attempt to promote you on this concept and attempt to keep in mind a time when you find yourself on fireplace on fireplace lit up enthusiastic about being an entrepreneur see that is gone proper yeah grin time burnout that is what I am telling you no no no return to the time while you had been lit up on fireplace you could not sleep at night time you did not must eat okay all you wanted was the thought of a future you had for this dream this concept this enterprise no matter see at the moment you had been aim pushed your the chances had been monumental they fed you you had been mission pushed see it is when the missions lacking it is when the mission goes away that an individual begins to expertise being tapped out or burned out or exhausted at the least that is my expertise look once I’m not tapped absolutely into my future my targets the potential the chances I do not care what the job is whether or not it was me once I was working at McDonald’s the nation membership I used to be engaged on a rig down in in within the Gulf of Mexico or whether or not I used to be writing my first ebook look when your targets aren’t sufficiently big while you’re now not bought in your imaginative and prescient your objective your mission the signs of dropping curiosity what many name burned out burn out or skilled any time you cease reaching for large success the subsequent factor you begin settling in getting comfy pay attention peddle to settle oh I simply need to calm down they need you simply however when you simply resolve to to be to hate your life on daily basis see that is while you begin having issues while you begin promoting that is why consolation and complacency are the entrepreneurs worst enemy in actual fact that might inform you this the consolation and complacency are everyone’s worst enemy the one time I’ve ever gotten in hassle in my life was once I was bored complacent once I was settling who needs common who needs common no one needs it okay no one regardless of the place you are at in life you do not need common however we’re surrounded by common folks on a regular basis common concepts common merchandise common promoting solely those who have given up on greatness would accept common in the USA at this time we regularly hear folks say I simply need to be comfy the oldsters that could be very harmful that could be very harmful to think about the thought of consolation such consolation mentality is what units entrepreneurs and companies aside it is what makes folks nice is saying I do not need to be common contemplate enterprise contemplate the variety of companies or possibly even folks you realize that we’re as soon as nice they had been on fireplace they had been doing nice issues they usually calm down into complacency they began resting on their laurels I lately was written by a lady that is possibly ten days in the past she informed me thanks grant at this time I used to be fired I mentioned what I learn your ebook to 10x rule and the identical week I used to be fired for being tremendous aggressive this lady was fired for being too aggressive to on fireplace and by the best way grant thanks as a result of I had six job presents by the top of the week see people that is the place you need to be even in case you’re in danger entrepreneurs are sometimes criticized for working too laborious have you ever been criticized recently be criticized be obsessed over your future be consumed by the chances and folks will criticize you the bold ought to by no means apologize for the one people who criticize them are the people who have given up the bold ought to by no means ever apologize as a result of the one people who criticize them are these people who have given up get excited be excited keep excited and by no means settle and you’ll take a look at the remainder of this text by clicking the hyperlink beneath

Straightforward strategies to generate leads for any trade

so that they get plenty of questions individuals asking me Jay are you prepared producing leads every day man are you actually actually making a living and all these alternatives that you simply declare I wish to see the leads Jay I wish to see the proof now I am not signing cocky right here by any means however I am gonna present you the leads that be coming to my gmail account every day verify this out now this digicam will not be all that however you possibly can see the lead at present is September the 14th and you may see the time these leads got here in and I am gonna scroll down present you some extra right here so it is like 242 p.m. and these are nonetheless coming in and yesterday which was September the 13th verify this out now let me scroll over right here and present you that these are leads a Weber Aweber which is my autoresponder service test it out see that September the 13th you recognize I am saying I can and I can click on to the following web page and I am saying present you some extra 13 you recognize I am saying like I mentioned I get leads like this on daily basis you recognize for the naysayers on the market so to reply your questions sure I do know what I am doing and if you wish to know learn how to get leads for your small business the identical approach I’m and get in touch with me get in contact with me my title is Jay Brown you possibly can look me up on Fb I additionally go away the hyperlink on the backside of this video and it’s also possible to go to the web site that taught me all the pieces I understand how to are you aware I am saying be part of my crew and I can share this with you that is all I obtained teas and classes

The Laws Of Attraction – How To Manifest What You Desire Snappy

you okay guys Stefan here from in this video I want to talk to you about of attraction and how you can manifest anything that you want in your life by using the law of attraction now the first question that people ask is is the law of attraction real does it actually work and you’ve probably heard about the movie The Secret and read the book you know law of attractions begin a lot of buzz over the last few years now but doesn’t work is it actually real and I can only share from my personal experience but I totally believe that it does and it’s not only work for myself but some of the most successful people in the world also live by it as well now Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein who are really smart guys both said that your brain is a transmitter and receiver of energy and frequency okay your brain this is what they said not me this is their words your brain is a transmitter and a receiver of energy and frequency meaning every thought thoughts are things okay every thought that you have or every emotion you experience you’re sending out a vibration okay you’re sending out a frequency it’s almost like I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this before but you could be at a restaurant or something like that and you can be having a conversation with someone and all of a sudden you can feel somebody looking at you can feel their energy and you look around and turn and that person is looking at you it’s because they were sending a vibration or a frequency your way now when you think about things that you want okay certain goals you know good things or even bad things you’re sending out that energy you’re sending out that frequency and that has a magnetic pull and you get back what you sent out and I’m not going to go too much into the science about it but there’s a lot of you know great books and resources about it but Earl Nightingale said you get what you think about most of the time okay Earl Nightingale said that you’ll get what you think about most of the time and I’m going to add to that and say you become what you think about most of the time and so whatever you think about the most is what you become is also what you get Napoleon Hill said whatever men can first can see and believe he can’t achieve okay meaning if you believe something and you can Steve it in your mind first you can achieve that just by having that thought and just by sending out that energy now there is some strategy to the law of attraction the first step really is knowing what you want okay having a clear vision and knowing specifically what it is that you want and that could be a goal and I’ve got a lot of great videos on how to set goals for yourself and everything but knowing specifically first what you want because if you don’t know what you want then how you even know if it passes you by how are you going to be able to track or be able to bring that into your life and so you first need to know what it is that you want okay now the next thing is you need to have two really important elements to be able to attract that thing that you want into your life the first one is belief okay belief and the second thing is desire desire okay now the first thing of belief let’s say that you have a goal that you know you say I want to make a million dollars a year on this year okay and meanwhile you’re making maybe sixty thousand dollars a year income now if that is your goal if that’s what you want let me ask you if that was your goal the question I’d ask you is on a scale from zero to ten okay what is your belief that you can make that million dollars that you can achieve that goal or get the thing that you want what is your belief and for a lot of people because they’re making sixty thousand dollars a year in a million dollars a year is something so massive they have no idea how it’s going to happen their belief might only be like a1 or a2 right and that’s a problem you can’t attract or manifest something in your life if you don’t believe that you can actually attract it and so you need to make sure that if you are going to set something out there that you want that you need to have a high level of belief that you can attain it okay that’s the first thing so for example if you’re making sixty thousand dollars a year and the thing that you want becomes now instead of a million dollars becomes eighty thousand dollars a year or a hundred dollars a year okay I’d ask you what is your belief that you can make that happen that you can actually attract and achieve that in your life and maybe your belief now is like a five you know four or five okay if I brought the number down to $80,000 a year maybe your belief goes up to a seven if I said what’s your belief that you can make seventy thousand dollars is here it might go up to eight nine or ten okay and that’s really important if you that that’s the first step is making sure you have you know what you want but also you have strong levels of belief that you can actually attract that into your life and bring it to your life and the level of belief would have to be an eight nine or ten okay anything less than that don’t bother you need to change your goal you know there’s a whole smart philosophy which is your goals have to be specific measurable attainable okay attainable realistic and have a timeline okay so the attainable and realistic part is really important because if you set a goal that’s too crazy or big you know I work with people with internet marketing they’re saying I want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year and I want to be making this kind of money kind of money in the next month or three months and it’s just not realistic cuz they haven’t made their first dollar yet you know your first goal the believability is just – it’s not big enough for that you need to start small so you have strong belief and you can easily achieve those things and you get momentum and you start to get on a roll and you can start to scale it up and go after bigger things because what happens is when you achieve things and you attract these things in your life that are small at first it gives you more confidence which increases your belief which helps you to attract and manifest bigger things in your life okay so know what you want have a strong belief that you can actually attract it and achieve it the third thing is the desire okay so if we take that goal of making a million dollars a year I’d ask you on a scale from zero to ten what is your level of desire for this goal how bad you want it and you’ll say at ten okay right which is perfect you need to be in that spot where the desire is really high for something okay because it’s the intensity of about something and the frequency in it and how often you’re sending out that is going to help you attract and manifest that in your life so you have to really want it if the goal is making 70 thousand dollars a year but your desire is really low it’s less than a 5 then it’s not going to be anything that are going to be able to attract and manifest so the sweet spot okay there’s a sweet spot to this whatever a goal or thing that you want to attract or manifest in your life you need to have a high level of belief eight nine or ten and a high level of desire an eight nine or ten okay if you can find something that has you have a strong belief for and a strong desire for then you’re going to be able to trap and manifest that in your life very easily okay and that’s the sweet spot now there’s certain things you can do to increase your desire for things there are certain things you can do to increase your belief for things you know one thing you can do is just imagine that thing that you want and just visualize it you know just close your eyes and think about it and Majan what it feel like to make that kind of money or drive this car or to have this kind of relationship that’s going to increase your desire for it and also help your belief okay I’m not going to go too specific into this but I’ll have a blog post that goes along with this video that will have a little bit more information if you want to start applying this okay but having that knowing what you want the belief the desire you also have to send out that vibration frequently okay you have to think about and be obsessed with what it is that you want the more that you can think about what it is that you want the faster it’s going to come into your life okay the speed of attraction is going to go up even faster so you need to be thinking about these goals all the time you need to be envisioning them you need to be feeling them you know you need to have them up on a whiteboard where you can see them every day and every day you’re focused on those things it doesn’t work if you just say I want this and you think about a one or two times and you forget about it you have to always be thinking and sending out that energy in that frequency the more often you do the more often the more that’s going to come into your life even faster okay so whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right okay whether you think you can you think you can’t you’re right Henry Ford said that and so it comes down to the belief and what you think about and the energy and the thoughts that you’re transmitting out there okay so like I said I’m gonna have a blog post that goes more in detail about this but if you want to start applying the law of attraction right away then you just want to start despite creating goals for yourself making sure that your goals are following that that that formula of hi belief hi desire and that you’re thinking about it and you’re focusing on it a lot whatever you focus on you move towards whatever you focus on you feel whatever you focus on expands whatever you focus on on you attract in your life okay so you need to get in the habit of that and what I really recommend is creating a ritual load out of it you know I have a video on my morning ritual I would add this to a morning ritual where every day you go for a walk or you’re in your house or apartment whatever and you’re thinking about visualizing and feeling what it is that you want and if you’re not thinking about it very often that you don’t have enough desire for it and it’s not going to come true for you okay so this is what I’ve done to manifest virtually every goal that I’ve ever set for myself it’s a formula that I’ve followed for years now and its really changed my life in so many ways and I can guarantee you some of the most successful people out there in the world also do this as well now it’s not as easy as just thinking about it and doing nothing of course you have to take action but what’s going to happen is when you have that high belief and high desire for something you’re going to want to take action towards it you’re going to want to go through the steps you know if you want to have a great body you want to lose 10 pounds and you have a strong belief and strong desire meaning you really want it bad you’re naturally going to want to eat better you’re naturally going to want to go to the gym and exercise okay so what I’ve found is that by having a strong belief in the desire the action plan will start to happen for you and you’ll have that motivation and you’ll start applying yourself and you’ll start attracting those things in your life and they’ll start appearing just out of nowhere I’ve gotten crazy phone calls and crazy occurrences that have happened just because I’m always just focusing on my goals and things just come together and come into place so it’s a really remarkable thing I in fact I had this one experience where I wrote down just recently a coach three coaches that I wanted to work with okay and just be my most ideal coaches in the world and I wrote down these three names and the crazy thing is about two days later one of the the person that I wrote down had sent out an email offering their coaching service for limited people with internet marketing and everything and it just came to happen and now that person’s might coach just by writing it out so it’s really remarkable I really hope that you start to apply this in your life check out the blog project like master calm thanks for watching

Photoshop Neon Comely Traces Tutorial | Photoshop CC

[Music] good day YouTube it’s Thursday so as we speak is time for one more Photoshop CC tutorial that is graphic designer Roberto Roberto Blake and as we speak we will be doing a glowing traces tutorial so let’s leap in we will go forward and choose the pen device since that is what we will be utilizing to make our vector primarily based traces for this glowing traces tutorial we wish to guarantee that’s set to paths going to create a brand new layer to go forward and draw these paths on and for the needs of my picture I am simply going to do some curved traces going across the clothes across the legs and the arms right here however you are able to do no matter goes to look fascinating on your {photograph} if you’re doing this go forward and ensure if you’re doing this that the brand new layer is chosen and go forward and plot your factors and your curves nonetheless you need keep in mind that in case you use alt and click on on the anchor factors which you can management the path of the curve so much higher however typically you do not wish to try this simply since you’ll get an fascinating curve by default from Photoshop and you are going to discover all through this that after I wish to go forward and begin some extent elsewhere then I am simply switching over to the direct choice which is shortcut a you are going to wish to go forward and use your direct choice device to pick the strokes that you’ve got made or the factors that you’ve got made with the pen device after which you are going to swap again to the pen device proper click on and use the choice for stroke paths you are going to stroke the paths and that is not meant to be a joke or a pun of any variety however if you stroke the trail that is going to be one of many first main steps to creating your glowing traces when you try this um you are able to do one among two issues you possibly can both go forward and truly can do something you need however in my case you possibly can both go forward as soon as you have accomplished that and duplicate armed the paths that you simply made simply to get sort of an fascinating impact when you do that and you are able to do these on a separate layer or you are able to do them on the identical layer or you possibly can go forward and delete the paths as a way to go forward and make fully new recent paths with out having to fret about any overlap or intersection however we’ll get to that right here in a second as you possibly can see I am nonetheless simply creating particular person paths right here getting ready to go forward and transfer to the following step of stroking these paths and including our impact if you’re doing the stroking for the paths you wish to be sure to have simulate brush stress chosen and you are going to need guarantee that earlier than you go forward and Stroke your paths that you’ve got adjusted your bread your brush to the thickness and to the settings that you really want so simply go forward and try this after which as soon as we now have these all chosen right here I’ll go forward and Stroke our paths ensuring that we now have the layer chosen and the comb device all proper now as soon as you have stroked your paths you possibly can go to the layer choices for the consequences panel and you are going to wish to go forward and choose outer glow you may as well do a few of this with internal glow you are able to do no matter results you want however for the needs of this tutorial we’ll do outer glow and choose the colour that we wish and we’ll simply go forward and use a mix mode of both display or shade dodge it simply sort of is determined by what your background wants if you’re doing that so simply go forward and work based on your images wants on this case we’re simply going to go forward and do that and likewise in case you regulate the vary slider you possibly can go forward and decide another issues about how this results goes to look however finally that is the way you obtain the fundamental look of glowing traces that you’ve got seen in different picture manipulations and poster work and so forth that is the way you try this now there are some extra issues that I’ll do on this tutorial and there is some masking that may be accomplished however I am going to do that as a two-part tutorial however that is the primary half for the glowing traces that you recognize we needed for this picture manipulation and there is plenty of different cool issues that we are able to do from right here however primarily that is the way you create the glowing traces and primarily based on what our picture is clearly we will paint away sure issues and we’ll get slightly extra into that into the within the second a part of the tutorial however you’ve got the overall fundamentals right here and that is how we accomplish the first impact after which clearly you paint out on what you don’t need with masking and if have not discovered extra about masking otherwise you wish to be taught extra about masking there’s a tutorial that I’ve on this YouTube channel the place I referenced that so you recognize be happy to examine that out um do one other layer the place we now have these paths will choose one other shade to make use of for this we’re simply going to go together with a pink and once more one of many different issues you are able to do with this simply when it comes to an additional shortcut is if you wish to you can begin by holding alt whereas on the consequences portion of the layer and drag that as much as one other layer and it will mainly simply duplicate the consequences that you have already got onto one other layer and that turns into one thing fascinating when it comes to a shortcut you should use within the second half tutorial I am really going to do some extra with this picture um there’s some extra results that I wish to add some mild sourcing simply various things however I am going to cowl that within the second half of this tutorial so keep tuned for that thanks for watching remember to subscribe like this video in case you appreciated it and once more remember that is actually the two-part video however you may get by with simply the strategies I’ve proven you on this tutorial and do some actually fascinating issues with that alright thanks for watching you [Music]