Internet cash has modified my LIFE!

hey what’s up on the market jbrown right here I am making an actual fast video I used to be truly simply sitting right here fascinated by how blessed I’m to have the ability to get pleasure from life be free not have a job and do issues that I get pleasure from doing oh I imply I haven’t got to fret a few boss telling me what to do I inform me what to do I’m my boss although what I do solely takes me to 24 hours a day I am nonetheless capable of purchase issues that I wish to purchase and it’s possible you’ll be taking a look at this video fascinated by that is the kind of way of life that I need properly I wish to inform you buddy that the web is highly effective you bought massive companies on the market like fortune 500 corporations everywhere in the world paying common individuals like me and also you to promote their merchandise on-line they usually’re paying nice cash for that so the chance is right here buddy and when you’re in search of a means you in search of a approach to change your life and make some good cash I imply begin your personal enterprise and be free now I’ve half the slave at a nine-to-five job each single day then go to my web site try what I obtained click on the hyperlink beneath this video go to revenue with jay calm peace and blessings

Would perchance perchance straightforward I Make investments Right into a Enterprise?

Mic Test Mic Test 1 2 Kenya Hill man are you able to assist me I occasion hey greetings and salutations that is Jeff rose with one other version of sure I at all times ask and also you at all times say {dollars} and cents that is the place I am answering one in every of your questions what are your considerate questions that you really want a solution to and I am right here to offer it so let’s give it immediately’s query comes from Neha Neha asks hey Jeff thanks for e-mail I’ve a query about a health care provider good friend who’s in a monetary repair he’s a full-time heart specialist that is legit individuals cardiologists with no life that is a bummer he is some associates fb fb college he works his butt off seven days per week however I consider his not price working so exhausting as a result of he nonetheless is confused about the place to speculate his cash he has a pair million {dollars} that is a kind of good issues to have he has a pair million {dollars} however would not know what to do along with his half earn cash effectively I assumed shopping for mutual funds along with his financial institution can be good however he needs to open a enterprise greater than sir I do not know however do you’ve gotten any recommendations on the best way to use 1 to 2 million {dollars} by somebody from the medical discipline somebody who has no expertise with shares and shares is it too dangerous to purchase shares wasn’t save this enterprise he can make investments into alright Neha let’s examine what we received right here so you’ve gotten a good friend who’s in a really revered occupation he is a heart specialist working seven days per week we all know most medical doctors labored her butt off however they’re serving to individuals since that is an excellent factor he is received a number of million {dollars} and undecided what to do with it as a result of he spends all his time working and now he needs to open a enterprise now once I first learn that the very first thing that got here to my thoughts is should you’re working seven days per week the way you gonna run a enterprise how you bought time to run a enterprise are you severe give it some thought and perhaps that is only a false impression of those that have by no means ran a enterprise however once you run a enterprise now should you’re a enterprise proprietor you’ll be able to relate to this you have to run that enterprise you bought to be there you gotta handle it or no less than you have to put a crew and course of it in place to make that factor run effectively you simply do not go purchase a enterprise and it simply damage making your cash are you able to hear me all proper so verify it so on my weblog I wrote this publish it was sort of a enjoyable publish however it was like would have occurred if I received the lottery how would I make investments 1,000,000 {dollars} there are lots of alternative ways that you could make investments it do not should do with simply shopping for shares for mutual funds you recognize there are peer peer lending there’s actual property there are mutual funds there are CDs there are annuities there are issues that you could purchase and what I might counsel is assist your good friend assist your good friend perform a little research you recognize do not put all of your cash into one factor you recognize do not put all of your eggs in a single basket you recognize a kind of widespread cliches that you just at all times hear available in the market however it’s so true you recognize perhaps put some cash with one financial institution purchase some mutual funds take a look at some peer to see lending however so far as entering into and investing right into a enterprise particularly with I am undecided should you’re speaking about the entire one to 2 million {dollars} however you bought to do some homework first and I do know homework is not that thrilling however guess what we’re speaking to at least one to 2 million {dollars} individuals hey Sony how the very best suggestion that I can provide on your good friend is that this take a break day discover a good monetary adviser one that’s not compensated by commissions however hopefully a fee-only advisor and the way did that individual have them sit down along with your good friend and consider all of the completely different choices that they will do they usually do not belief the monetary advisors then go to a CPA undergo some sort of belief an expert that may assist them as a result of they do not simply must dump their cash into one thing blindly after which find yourself shedding every little thing that they’ve yeah I received 1,000,000 greenback if you’d like this who needs it I received this you need this over right here so have them take a while do some cautious analysis earlier than they make any blunders with their cash and simply in case he is having hassle discovering an excellent monetary adviser I believe I would know one okay Neha if in case you have any extra questions on your good friend or for your self you recognize the place I am at I am proper right here I am prepared to offer you a solution to your query if anybody else has any questions it is what I do get me up I will not offer you a solution that is Jeff rose with one other version of {dollars} and cents if you’d like extra info head over to the weblog be glad that will help you out till subsequent time take care

Getting out of Debt and the Power of Asserting “No!”

one of many hardest issues to beat while you’re attempting to get out of debt is saying the little phrase know whether or not it is saying no to household and associates going out to eat to borrowing some cash to going buying principally the issues that made you get into debt within the first place if you do not have the power and the braveness to say no you will by no means get out of debt while you’re coping with shut family and friends belief me I understand how arduous it’s I wish to share a private story of how I needed to say no which was extraordinarily uncomfortable however I knew I needed to do it in any other case my monetary future is in jeopardy within the first few years of being a monetary adviser I used to be in a position to get most of my scholar mortgage debt paid off I had credit score rating and issues have been going as deliberate now that is again in 2004 my mother had simply moved to Las Vegas and he or she was dabbling in some actual property now when you bear in mind what was happening in Las Vegas actual property issues have been actually booming again then my mother had made some questionable monetary decisions so her credit score actually wasn’t the place she wanted to be so she wanted somebody to co-sign for her to purchase some these funding properties so the place does she go to her younger son who had actually good credit score yep that will be me you are trying proper at him so we spent just a few cellphone calls and he or she was attempting to promote me on the actual fact how this might be an awesome funding alternative for myself how the true property market in Las Vegas was booming and the way I may make some huge cash ain’t gonna lie there was a part of me that was tempted I used to be a numbers man and the considered taking a small sum of money and turning into a giant pot of cash in a really quick period of time was extremely engaging the extra I assumed concerning the extra I noticed I did not know something about actual property I had no enterprise investing in actual property in any respect I had a younger girlfriend who would quickly be my spouse and we have been beginning our future collectively so I simply actually extra I thought of it I did not actually wish to jeopardize my future for one thing I did not fairly get so in the end what does that imply which means I needed to name my mother the individual they gave delivery to me and inform her no I needed to inform her that I wasn’t going to co-sign for her on this funding property it is the very first thing very first thing about me I hate confrontation I hate it Rob watching a scary film on TV I am the man that has to cowl my face with a pillow alright simply let me know when the scary elements over with okay so for me to make that cellphone name I used to be a nervous wreck I used to be really exterior of my home I used to be pacing like a nervous idiot making that cellphone name however I known as her and I stated no and initially she was upset I used to be really very pissed off together with her response as a result of I assumed that she’d be understanding and I come to understand that the majority household and associates while you inform them no while you inform them one thing that they do not wish to hear their response it normally will not be good it’s totally irritating as a result of that and that is why it makes it a lot more durable to say no when it’s important to so I am trying now the place I can have a look at hindsight 20/20 and understand what would have occurred if I might have achieved that if I might have co-signed that mortgage about that funding property we do not have in the true property market Las Vegas fell fully underneath these funding properties have been all topic to quick promote she misplaced her however and if I might have co-signed my monetary future would have been ruined so how are you letting your loved ones and associates that destroy your monetary future are you lonely any cash to them when that you just simply cannot afford it when you in the end wish to get out of debt if you wish to lastly get management of your monetary life it’s important to say no it’s important to discover that braveness and also you may damage some folks however you’ll be able to’t allow them to proceed to harm you it’s important to deal with your self first they’re going to finally get it they’re going to come again round in the event that they actually actually love you they are going to come again to you I promise it is time to arise for your self and it is time to say no take again your monetary life that is jeff rose you

Inspirational Sales Video Have to Peep by Grant Cardone

joining us right now is the star of turnaround King international sales expert girls and wait we’re done that’s for grant cardone grant cardone is an entrepreneur and author I sell juicers I don’t want to save my way to wealth I don’t want to contract in order to become bigger I want to expand and spin you’d have to decide hey I’m gonna turn this around and quit making excuses quit being distracted this management is about to lose everything their last hope this man grant cardone expert money maker business school but can he save this business it appears to me that they’re not sold on their own products and keep a family from falling apart turnaround king premieres Sunday June 19th starting at 9:00 on National Geographic go back and restore that childlike quality you have to really get what you want you know I should get what out you should get what you want people should have what they want there’s no shortage of money there’s no shortage of love there’s no shortage of the things people want and so if you can sell and persuade if you can first to sell yourself in a video there’s not a short maybe I could have what I want now I have to so thank you for spending the next few minutes with me how’s everybody doing good so what I want to talk to you today about is like how do you get to that next level my whole life whether I was doing well or doing very poorly which I have I’ve always wanted to know how do I get to that next place okay how do I get myself individually is an individual to that next place how do I get my business to the next place how do I get other people to the next place so when Alex says that he stole my guy it’s true he did and I admire him for being a predator today what I want to talk to you about is how to dominate not compete the truth is the fact that Alex could take one of my guys doesn’t make him a bad guy it makes my system weak I shouldn’t resent him because he grabs somebody out of my organization who Rauf for him would you agree shame on me for having not having the holes of the Lynx tight enough of my organization that this guy wouldn’t leave me it’s not his fault it’s not Alex well it’s my fault so look in my life I mean what I’m going to give you for the next 50 or 60 minutes look if you want to get rich you want to be really successful when I say rich I’m not talking about money I’m talking about a rich life freedom time with family choices get to do what you want you get to move where you want go where you want do what you want I’ve lived in Los Angeles California for ten years I was in La Jolla California for twelve years before that I left Texas zero percent state income tax to move to California was willing to pay the 10.3 I was found with the 10.3 now they want to take it to 13 and I told Jerry Brown if you raise it to 13 I’m leaving I’m gonna pick up my family i’ma pick up my business why because I’m free I’m free I get to roll baby I get to do what I want go where I want that’s why I’m doing business for myself I’m not trapped I’m not a slave you’re not going to handcuff me so I’m gonna go where it’s friendly where people are supportive where it’s good for me and my business in my family and the people that work with me and where it’s good for me and I would expect it that’s why you got is for yourself right look if you want to be in business for yourself and free you must learn to dominate you cannot compete okay how many were trained this competition is a healthy thing that message was not being delivered to entrepreneurs that message was being delivered to consumers there was somebody saying look the more more oil companies we have the better because it’s good for the customer right the more technology companies we have is not just Microsoft the better for the customer and intermittent inventions and you know improvements and products comes from competition but if you’re the one playing the game you want to dominate the field would you agree let’s say I’m playing a football game or a basketball game or a baseball game I want to be on offense the whole time right if I owned banks I’d want to own every bank I’d want the New World Order I’d want to dominate planet Earth okay how many of your room have an iphone how many in the room have a phone that looks like let me see where’s money I never let go of my phone ever you know why because this phone is a prospecting tool this prompt own is a way for me to stay in communication with millions of people this is not a phone anymore right when Steve Jobs got into the business of printing phones do you know what his company told him Stevie don’t do it do not do it stay with your iPods bro leave the phone alone okay he’s like I’m gonna make a phone so sexy y’all know this story I’m gonna make a phone so sexy though people will want to lick the buttons off the phone how many of you have an Apple product an iPhone how many of you have licked your phone okay most of you in a room bought that phone in the last five years you bought it through the single worst contraction in the history of the United States and you spent 500 bucks on it plus the hundred and a quarter you spend every month right you got about two thousand dollars wrapped up in a phone and you haven’t even considered what you paid for that phone and you don’t use it you don’t use it properly and if you don’t have a piece of technology like this it’s impossible for you to dominate impossible if you this is called a smartphone if you don’t have a smartphone what kind of phone do you have that would be a dumb phone right Debbie I got a dumb phone I got one of the old blackberries all I can do is email with it do you want it you want this thing to do everything you want this thing I want to be everywhere all at the same time that’s freedom okay so look I want to talk to you about domination not competition and I don’t want to talk about you dominating other people physically I want to talk about dominating space by using things like Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+ and blogging and becoming an expert in your field to where when somebody thinks about your business your picture comes up if that’s not happening you are going to blame the marketplace the marketplace will will deliver pain to the people that compete why because they’re all competing and then there’s this one guy way out in the lead he doesn’t compete right that’s where you want to be that’s how you have to think now okay you’re in a new economy how many believe this this economy the one you’re in right now is extremely fragile filled with tremendous amounts of uncertainty how many agree with that okay how many agree also come 2013 when this election gets handled whether it’s mitt or whether it’s mr. Barack Obama whoever it is okay how many believe they got their hands full we haven’t even solved the debt problem yet okay you think this thing couldn’t roll over again I’m here to tell you it can and you know who’s gonna who’s going to feel the pain the people that compete who will cherish that moment but the people that dominate space why because people that dominate like contractions people that are extremely well versed well trained you know if I’m training for a ball game right I’m the best trained team I like a muddy field I like it wet I like there I like ice on the field would you agree because mother my competition is not as well-trained I want to dominate space I actually look for opportunities of contraction trust me folks in your life you’re going to see another contraction more severe severe than the one you saw in 2007 more severe is that scare you scares me it scares me enough to say hey buddy you got a better get busy I was 51 years old when Lehman’s collapsed okay let me see is that right knows 49 years old when Lehman’s collapse I had never written a book in my life it was on Thursday afternoon Lehman’s it had been made clear that Bear Stearns and Lehman s were done okay on that day I’m sorry I started writing a book by Sunday I was finished with this book I wrote the chapters between Thursday and Saturday okay on Sunday I started writing the book in three hours it was finished this book is about on that day I wrote all people on planet Earth became salespeople when Lehman’s collapsed because money wasn’t available anymore who did well how many people just got wiped out of real estate The Pretenders did write the guy that was at Pizza Hut and now I got in the mortgage business he can’t make 700 grand any more Kenny truth is he never deserved the 700 C the marketplace will always discipline people that aren’t prepared success loves preparation it loves it it admires it it just flows money back to it success loves preparation and the marketplace will discipline those that are just stuck in the pack so today I’m not going to talk to you about dominating your market or even dominating your competition but I want to start thinking about how are you dominating yourself like what do you think the number one thing that most of us have our attention on every day and one of the things that one of the things that makes these conferences so beautiful is you get pulled out of some of that noise out there would you agree who do you think your number one competition number one problem in real estate today is yourself okay who else who else could it be so again absolutely the people around you anytime I have production stall in any of my companies the first thing I look at I don’t look for talent I look to get rid of people first thing I do every time who can I get rid of I’m looking for somebody to freaking kill I need to get rid of somebody you know why because I push with so much force into my universe into my business is whether it’s buying real estate apartments whether it’s it’s pushing rents up whether it’s doing my seminar business my book business I pushed so hard that if I’m not getting results all the time somebody has to be pushing back somebody in my organization actually has to have the intention conscious or unconscious to hold me up the first thing I’m gonna do is start get rid of people okay who is it who is it I’m looking for the I’m looking for the the cancer in my organization you know you talk about people dying from disease look people die from negativity every day they just got to wait 80 years to make it official how many of you know negative people how many the room have been negative before you have been negative you know why because the number one dominating force on planet Earth is the media it’s the media the media 800 TV channel spew negativity on to the American public in every other country on planet Earth they they just puke it on you oh but I watch Fox good they puke it Fox and they do it MSNBC it’s just you’re in agreement with the puke I got some conservative puke I got some liberal puke right and you got Stossel in the middle he’s like okay I’m I’m just a independent puker the puke is puke would you agree just because you got used to it all I liked O’Reilly puke I liked Hannity’s puke I use every one of the news channels if you’ll see me on TV doing news one day okay i don’t i don’t watch news i make news see the shift you see the slight shift don’t watch the news decide when you leave here today to make the news right you don’t read the newspaper you write newspaper articles you don’t read books ya read them but learn to write them and you know that you don’t need to take for it you don’t need to spend a lifetime right in the book this was three hours okay we still 40,000 copies that is one book and it was self-published has never ever ever been in a bookstore a guy writes me says then you got misspelled words all in that book I’m like yeah yeah what so what where are they 123 128 134 165 120 I’m not yeah yeah and bad grammar too I’m like yeah what’s your point dude I don’t what’s your point man why you keep telling me that he’s right cuz man you got misspelled worked in a book it’s a best-seller bitch okay so we did a best-written okay you know what I’m not now just work bitch just so any nobody under you to think that that’s a cuss word the word bitch look it up in the dictionary means a complainer a wine or an excuse maker I wear a little ban on my pin here on my wrist here it’s a little black band and it says champions dominate and on the other side don’t be a little bitch yeah that’s right because I don’t need it I need to get rid of the whiners the excuse makers oh my god is the market it’s the market oh my god the prices hello inventory okay now much go there’s too much inventory now too little inventory you human beings have so many excuses it’s unbelievable you know why because you watch the news too much because you’ve agreed to receive news not make news so when Lehman’s collapsed I watched twenty five years of hard work either either dissipate and I’ve done everything right everything okay conservative never used high leverage I put sometimes I’ll put 40 percent or 50 percent down on the deal everything cash flows from day one I didn’t do any of the stuff all the problem makers did all the over leverage the Dedinje all the builders that have never been disclosed it really created this problem it wasn’t the banks it was the builders bringing product to the banks born 115 percent building product that couldn’t be sold yet making up actual buyers for the product okay I didn’t do anything wrong yet was I caught up in it all my assets gets frozen I got a bank that I owe 42 million dollars to the bank goes under new bank comes in they don’t know me they’re like hey let’s go right because my loans maturing values had gone down and I’m sitting with my wife’s aunt oh my god I got four businesses and they’re all on stall engines died what does this mean grant my wife’s an actress okay what does this mean I said baby this is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime it’s the biggest it’s the monster okay now here’s the problem with it you’re going to 40% lip then you’ve seen me before okay you’re not going to see me much because I’m going to go out into the marketplace right now and I am gonna literally cover up this is my moment to expand into the marketplace while everybody was doing what was everybody doing for three years all of them retracted okay this is my moment to cook to dominate not compete so that’s really what I want to tell you about today I want you to walk out thinking man how do i dominate not other people how do I start dominating my own self my own time if you know what day it is you’re not busy enough okay oh man I can’t wait till Friday do not only what what there isn’t right now you should know it’s Monday you should be busy you should be but grant sunday is the Lord’s Day it’s the day we take off you need to reread that whole deal God created the universes in six days and took a break okay everybody’s stuck on the Sunday okay you forgot about the party did before that I know people taking Saturdays and Sundays up and they didn’t create anything all week true or not true look I hear about the unemployment numbers every day I said I sure wish they talked about all the people that are employed that don’t deserve a job because there’s millions of those still in the marketplace and the next time we get another contraction those people are going to get fit delivered pain that’s what the marketplace does man it basically disciplines anybody that refuses to discipline themselves it is the correction so look here’s the deal I might be wrong in what I say okay I might be wrong in the things I do in my life and the business that I started my families told me not to start every business that I’ve been involved in every one of them every one of them was a risk everyone on my hand to take a chance I remember my mom used to tell me I wouldn’t do that if I were you I wouldn’t do that if I were you I wouldn’t do that if I were you I’m like mommy you wouldn’t do anything well you wouldn’t do anything except be the mother a great mother to five children my mother was an entrepreneur she didn’t have my dreams just because she’s my mom doesn’t mean she dreams like me would you agree okay my mom was wrong about everything she told me not to do love my mom to death okay unbelievable friend of mine she was wrong I needed to do those things okay Steve Jobs needed to build this phone would you agree did he help a lot of people did he make some money while he was doing it 119 billion dollars in five years in the bank cash I’m not talking out probably I’m talking about in the end done in the bank sitting there okay brings a great product to the marketplace domination or competition total domination coca-cola competition or domination total domination okay Exxon total domination you see what I’m saying you want to be in a dominating point okay so what we got to do is we got to get you thinking we got to get you thinking like the dominators think how do they act how does Warren Buffett act what does Warren Buffett do with his time all the time those are the people I study today I don’t study the people that I went to school with the teachers I went to school with I don’t even study my own family members okay I’m looking for people that are way up here that I could say hey what are they doing cuz they’re doing it right my dad dad we was 52 years old my dad worked his whole life to provide for five kids and his wife and he did his job and then he died that’s not the program I want to get on is that the program you want to be on my dad died his drink he bought his dream house nine months before he died he leads to ten-year-old boys one of me I’m a twin two ten-year-old boys never got to enjoy us I never got to enjoy him why cuz he works so hard with no concept of freedom he was he had a good job he made some money but he is basically imprisoned in his thinking that work is hard it is it’s difficult to compete would you agree Real Estate’s difficult how many agree is difficult and when he gets good what happens everybody comes into it right and then you’re like what’s this guy doing it okay what’s this guy doing right now so I look to surround myself with people that can dominate people that are certain okay people that know what they’re doing people that are in control so when I say I’ll be uncertain I might be wrong I might be wrong about it would you agree like I’m leaving California I might be wrong but I’m certain in my wrongness somebody said how do you know how do you know you’re gonna like Miami look I’m going I’ve already made a decision I’m going to Miami I’m moving to Miami like Miami once you go try it out no need to try it out I’m committed of course I need a realtor okay no offense but it’s a dumb question why would you ask me do I need a realtor do you think I don’t need a realtor no I got the Internet I mean really really see those are the things you’re asking out of an old economy you got to change some of your kids you got to think different Austin Texas I don’t own anything in Austin one year ago last October I’m in in exchange out of California I find a piece of property on the internet it’s called nominally no apartments in Round Rock Texas anybody know that property property’s been on the market for ten months it’s 242 units it cash flows right now it’s great property ten years old I call this guy the king of Austin commercial real estate Charles Grant Cardone from Los Angeles California I want to buy Round Rock yeah sure this guy’s the king he’s a legend okay but you see all legends have this cycle where they legend and then they lose interest and they keep coasting as legends and then what happens the they’re not running the game anymore they’re not they don’t want to dominate they’re resting on yesterday’s laurels they’re not reading anymore they’re not studying anymore they’re not coming to conferences anymore right they’re not in the game anymore they’re not preparing anymore I’m listening to the phone call okay because I think everything I think is in terms of domination everything every phone call them on every email I’m looking all the time for that moment where I can seize an opportunity like like like Alex did was stealing some of my people okay okay a true American he is I like that about you Dave okay see that’s a guy I can trust that’s the kind of guy I’d want to be in partnership with not somebody I wouldn’t trust why cuz he’s aggressive dude he’s the winner that’s why you came I don’t I don’t want to be around people hey you rest in you’ve been working so hard my god man when you gonna take a vacation I mean get a little break you know my assistant said you need to get some rest I’m gonna get to hotel when you read I into Orlando tonight I’m gonna get your tail I’m like hey man I don’t need a hotel I asked you for a hotel don’t be still hey you don’t know if I’m tired or not you’re tired you go get some rest I’m fine how many of you knot it you never if you ever seen anybody die from work I want to see your hand you ever seen that happen ain’t gonna happen to you people are dying every day they don’t get burnout you don’t get burnout you lose your purpose you lose your purpose you lose your meaning when I’m tired I look at my purpose what’s my purpose okay what’s my purpose oh my games not big enough my games not big enough my games not big enough I’m not interested anymore right so here I am limits collapse it folds up I got real estate tied up okay I start blowing these books out every six months I’m writing a book and then I start spending back in the marketplace with real estate I started looking for opportunities in real estate I call this Charles two-car got up I’m like hey that 242 units in Round Rock I wanna buy this what he tells me I’ve never sold anything to anybody in California I said we’ll do we’re gonna go in we’re gonna go ahead and break that up for you okay you’re not going to be able to say that you guys are too difficult to work with I’m like dude I’m the easiest clothes you will ever get in your life what am i doing right now he’s like look the seller wants full price product products been on the market place for ten months I don’t tell Charles that’s been on the market for ten I don’t tell Charles it’s over Bryce this is what I tell Charles I’m gonna buy it I’m gonna close in 30 days I’m going there tomorrow I’ll be there tomorrow I’m gonna plane tomorrow would you at least drive over there and meet me okay it’s 2,000 miles for me and it’s probably 18 miles for you I’m gonna pay full price for our Charlie okay it’s gonna be the easiest deal you ever did in your whole freakin life okay I guarantee I’ll get a loan or I’ll pay cash for it which you would you meet me tomorrow please what am i doing right now huh I’m selling him I’m not this ain’t begging this is begging Charles please please Jose please Joe Charlie Charlie Charlie please please Charles I’m selling Charlie right now what a buyer has to sell to get a loan I gotta sell the bank you guys aren’t in real estate you’re businesspeople and every business person has to sell you show me one business that doesn’t have to sell the day Steve Jobs died they called him everything inventor genius world changer being the universe they called him all these things not one tweet and there was hundreds of thousands of tweets not one tweet said Steve Jobs master sales person but that’s what he was why cuz in America we have this disdain for selling we have a hate a dislike you don’t even put it on your business cards do you oh I can’t put that on there now now I’ll call myself anything but a salesperson right you tell me somebody that’s not a salesperson what do you think what happened if you go to India you go to Mexico or you go to China and I walk in a room and say I am a master salesperson I know everything about a sale I know as much about selling as a neurosurgeon knows about the brain I know when somebody says budget it’s over our budget I actually know that that means they’ll go over their budget you don’t know that you don’t know that you don’t understand what somebody says they have a budget if you really break that down you’d understand that they’re actually saying above from everybody except you and that’s why I put a budget in place I’m trying to control my urge to purchase so when somebody says to me but it’s more money than we planned on oh I’m with you sound right there it won’t be the first time all right you’re right let’s do it the products too much money do you hear that objection you knew that before you called me and you still made the phone call let’s go see you today okay I’m selling a piece of real estate in and I’ll come back to the Round Rock story my house is being sold in Hollywood every realtor in town told me it was too much money every ruler is too much money they said I was an idiot they said I was stupid they said he’s insane okay the person that’s going to buy my house is going to be a billionaire it doesn’t matter a million dollars here a million dollars there it doesn’t matter right does he overpay for everything I got this more thirty nine billion dollars does he overpay for stuff huh what do you think every day so why shouldn’t he overpay for my house what’s the difference man come on bro it’s just money let’s roll but but selling my real estate in Hollywood doing the doing during a tough market I have to keep the realtor sold you got to stay certain how do you know it’s overpriced Alex was showing you numbers today you were wrong but for the last 30 years right Miami you can’t buy anything in Miami they said they had ten years of condo stock in Miami dude they got two months a condo stuff stock or less okay if you look at the prices in Miami they are straight up and vertical it’s the hottest real estate market in the country you got people from Argentina Brazil coming in you got people from Russia and Europe and France saying this is cheap this is steel see people in the neighborhood never changed the market you know why because they’re looking in the rearview mirror how many of you drive a car next time you get in your car I want you to pay attention to the windshield okay it’s that big the rearview mirror is about that big I could take my rearview mirrors amp jerk I’m out of my car because I have all my attention up in front of me the other thing is I go extremely fast so I don’t have people on the side of me oh I’d rather the ticket I want to get there quick I value my time do you right so this choice of car guys like oh my god you you’re gonna come out here you really a bar have you looked over step did I’ll pay the full price I’ll do the deal and what I realized was Charles Sekar was the wrong broker to list this property he was doing this to everybody he wasn’t doing it just to me okay I bought the property paid full price closed on a Thursday put it back on the market to fall on Thursday for eighteen point six million dollars closed in three months for eighteen point three and I paid 16 this happened six months ago in Austin Texas tough tough market to buy a product in would you agree multifamily product be quality lot of institutions could look at that kind of product it’s big enough okay look you got to get in the game to dominate the game you got to look for every opportunity how many believe you’re missing opportunities right now they’re coming past you they’re there there you got it you got to get in the game you can’t be in a newspaper you can’t be on TV you can’t be watching Anderson Cooper and his little tight t-shirt and he comes out and thinks it’s big news I’m like dude everybody new come on bro okay biggest problems biggest problems okay number one biggest problem is uncertainty it’s not competition it’s not the banks it’s not leverage it’s not competition it is uncertainty you’re uncertain if you’re uncertain I’m uncertain would you agree you get uncertain I don’t know if I should do it or not number two obscurity I don’t know who you are if you don’t know who I am and that’s what I told Alex I said let’s do the video I think we did the video did we yeah we did the video okay people have to know who they’re doing business with if I’m obscure and you don’t know me okay you’re Lehman’s collapse nobody knows me so I write a book I write this book come out with it six months later write a book on closing a deal okay we publish that book we talk about it this book comes out if you’re not first you’re last I’m talking about it this is in one year three books okay if you’re not first you’re last is a book about how to literally get people to not forget you okay that becomes a New York Times bestseller and then I come out with a 10x rule this out sells every other business book in in airports now why am i right in books there’s no money in books folks why would I write four books the average American reads one book a year why would I write books so again notoriety I’m trying I’m trying to cover up space these are losers I lose money selling books okay Oh that’d be great yeah this is chaired by the way give Jarrod a big hand okay Jarrod help me win some money last night playing blackjack we dominated okay these people dominate what look around this look around this place can we get you something to drink uh can I get you cigarettes why are they doing that they know what you’re leaving a table can they get you insurance hmm I got some insurance for that 16 dude look if they offer it to you in this town don’t take it why am I doing this because I want readers to know me the average American reads one book a year the top CEOs in America read book on five books a month 60 plus books a year okay you want to be in the game read I buy books I’m not I don’t care about the 30 bucks the book costs you know what I’m looking for I’m looking for $1,000,000 every book open I’m looking for a million bucks okay I quit looking for $10 I did that when I was a kid I’m looking for millions now I’m looking for a million dollars how many believe this is much work to work for $10 as it is for a million it’s the same amount of work man same amount of rejection same amount up hill it’s the same amount of okay so you just changed the target okay if you were homeless and I was going to coach you out of homeless the first thing I would tell you is not to change your clothes not change your location just change your ask the ask do I know can you give me a hundred how about a hundred man just a hundred man how many believe he’d be better off at the end of the day if he was asking for 100 rather than a quarter just to change the amount you asking for do you see what I’m saying you know when I go into an organization I want to do the easy stuff not the hard stuff I don’t want to change your guy’s clothes his location and everything I just want to change one little thing so today I’m telling talking to you about man change what you’re reading every day change what you’re reading change the influence of your getting a guy gets this book we heard this last night he’s on the audio version of this book he goes from 30,000 a month in income to 80,000 a month in income in one month he’s been on a program for four days okay he’s like oh my god man I scored the first the fourth day I was on the program he starts listening to again everywhere he goes he’s listening to this audio program all of a sudden it changes the way he’s thinking about how much action he has to take it takes 10 times the amount of activity phone calls emails it takes 10 times just 2 per burst through noise would you agree you’re trying to get people’s attention because you’re in obscurity with them hey could you meet me tonight he’s thinking about picking up his daughter tonight you’re an obscurity he doesn’t know who you are yet so if you want to get successful a couple things you got to do you got to get certain how many of you agree with that okay that doesn’t mean at this conference this weekend that means when you leave here man what can I cover myself up so that I’m certain number two how do I get out of obscurity how do I get people to know me you everybody here should write a book everybody in this room should write a book you should be writing blogs you should be tweeting every day okay twitter twitter in facebook these are not new things these are prospecting tools these are tools that cost nothing and for those of you in the room have have kind of like just said I don’t have time for social media I got a business to run anybody ever heard anybody say that I don’t have time for Twitter I’m running a business into the ground okay just just just to crash some old beliefs okay just so you see what this this does I’m gonna take a picture these people over here okay and just tell me anybody got a second hand on their watch tell me how long this takes a watch okay sorry let’s see how long that type ten seconds two hundred and twenty three thousand people will see that tweet I don’t have time for Twitter no you-you-you you’re competing and not dominating you’re not using the tools available to you they’re free Facebook and Twitter or your friends LinkedIn is your friend you need to understand them you can’t delegate this okay you don’t turn this over one of your people your office there’s not a person in my office they can come to me and knows more Facebook Twitter Linkedin communicating because I could have a social media person who doesn’t know how to communicate would you agree he knows all this fancy stuff about Twitter but he didn’t know how to market on it you know how to get a 10 on it you want to get attention you’ve got to get out of obscurity with people the third problem you have is they’re not thinking about you when they go to pull the trigger yeah I knew you were in real estate how many had this situation they didn’t you to list your house because they forgot about you oh my god I forgot how many had that experience you failed on number three they weren’t thinking about you when when they were ready to pull the trigger and number four because you lack persistence it’s very difficult to be persistent particularly if you’re living in it in a in a thinking that I’m going to try once I’m gonna try twice I’m a threat three times and that’s it it’s going to take way more than three times would you agree my wife watched me call one man fifteen times in three days without a return phone call she’s like how many times you gonna call him I’m a calm until till we talk my god I’m like it worked on you it worked on you I meet this where you ever seen a helluva guy with a beautiful you ever seen that you know how did how did he do that that is impossible how many seen that before okay I met my wife the first night I moved to Los Angeles I met her I knew immediately I’m like that’s my wife right there I’m gonna marry her she’s gonna have my children guarantee you I know for sure I called my mom hey I met my wife tonight you’ve been out with her not she don’t want anything to do with me okay what’s my job now I got a cellar I don’t need to date her I got a cellar I called her twice a month for 13 months without a return phone call if you ask my wife ask her the story if you ever meet her great chick 13 months man twice a month not one return phone call okay her friends are like grant you gotta quit calling her man this is like bordering on stalking I’m like it’s not stalking if it works if it works is it stalking no it’s marriage okay I need to stay interested see this is what people did they set a target you remember when you were a kid and you set targets or a big giant had nothing to do with reason they were giant right and then you had some difficulty getting to it and somebody said what did your goals are unrealistic you need to drop your goals down and add 40 years and end up with nothing certainly not couldn’t grew it with your potential how many believe you have more potential than you’re going for right now – this way up here it’s it’s beyond what you’re going for so you want to set it here I want to set my targets up here I never lower a target never ever that’s my target I’ll fail on my target my whole lifetime I might fail on that target but I won’t let it let it go so when I when I first started buying real estate I used to write this down I own ten apart it’s owned 10 plus departments it’s all I buy his apartment owned 10 plus apartments Owen templates apartments I own 10 plus apartments first deal I ever bought was 38 units ok about 38 I want a hundred apartments I just changed my number I 100 miss next deal about was 40 next deal about 70 next deal I bought was 250 uhm let’s go I got to stay interested I got to keep my targets up here I got to keep changing that target so I’m you did I’m not talking about talk success money accumulation and about keeping interested in my potential it is my duty it’s my obligation it’s my responsibility and I would say to you this is I guess you can hear the problem oh I just want to be sure you guys know okay I would say to you that it’s your duty your obligation and your responsibility to fulfill your potential and that that’s actually what success is success is not money success is I’m gonna get this chick to marry me right I’m gonna get I’m gonna get her attention what was my problem uncertainty okay let me X that off dude I’m certain she’s the right one okay she is the one okay good now how do I get ever to security with her thank you how do I get Elena okay how do I get Elena to know me excellent job give this man a big hand okay a big hand come on man let’s go yeah you got to practice in Dulce Azzam okay that was good that was good I was good if you if you do that with him what do you think the customer when a customer calls guy calls me on the phone hey man can you handle do you have any short sales uh sir did somebody tell you to ask for me do you know powerful that line is you know powerful that opening line is you have no short sale inventory nothing zero it’s been going for 90 days you got anything this this being short so anything up the bank did somebody tell you to ask for me would you just say to him ah your guy right you didn’t say you had any product you said I’m your guy I can help you you think if we had a bankruptcy two years ago did somebody tell you to ask for me enthusiasm wish you enthusiasm at oh yeah it’s in your living room you watching Jennifer Lopez on American Idol that’s where it say that you left it right there oh she was so good do what are you doing man what are you doing you know what most people are gonna spend more time in their life working than any other single thing and not being successful man work is good is unbelievable particularly when you’re winning right me having to work for my wife is good for me right or wrong okay she don’t want to go out with me so I’ll lower my target let me go get an 8 okay that didn’t work let me get a 6 whatever that is right okay let me get a 4 all right I’ll just go to a strip joint that’s why most guys no offense ladies but that’s one girl didn’t have girl they want because they take shortcut use too many quick options when you be you got to be totally committed everybody agree you got to be completely uncertain you want a million dollars you want two million dollars you want five million dollars how much money do you want how much success do you want how much notoriety do you want you want a New York Times bestseller why can’t you have everything open I’m 65 so what man Colonel Colonel Harland Sanders made all his money after he was 65 years old he wasted the first 64 years okay I got a little girl little girl I have this baby we have two babies right now both of them born at my house we don’t go to hospitals I go to the doctor my wife’s pregnant is she really pregnant my god I’m so excited I know I did that grant what hospital y’all going to do we going to a hospital she’s sick she’s pregnant why would I bring her to a place with sick people that’s just dumb grandma you got to bring her to hospital no I don’t you got to come to the house to help me I didn’t go to hospital have sex with her I didn’t start a dairy and go finish it there baby grant you don’t know anything about having children I did I don’t know anything about most things I did the first time but you know what I’m certain we ain’t going to hospital it’s not complicated she’s young enough she’s in good shape I got a decent head on my shoulders don’t show me what to do we’re gonna do it the house I am NOT going to have the single most important single moment of my life robbed by hospital because I get a third row seat and I get to hug a vending machine the whole time because they kick me back to the curb and say get back there buddy were the professionals I want to be involved see what I’m telling you everything in life the phone calls the phone calls whatever you’re doing dude what is happening get involved in your business or you will be disciplined again and it’s going to be ugly and it’s going to be painful for a lot of people a guy says you know granted here you talk about money lot a lot and you know I just want to tell you money won’t make you happy I said yeah what’s your point dude your point is you ain’t got any money that’s why you’re given this dumb advice cuz being broke won’t make you happy either okay I tried the experiment I went on the experiment how many been on the broke experiment were you happy were you like oh my god this is good look if you took five million dollars out of the marketplace and you made five million dollars from Planet Earth would anybody know an event took place would anybody know anything happened would you do good things for that money good how many believe that work for five million is going to be the same work for fifty thousand same process same involvement look you’re occupied either way okay so if you’re not sure of your value if you think you’re worth 80 grand you’re worth 80 grand would you agree if you think you’re worth 150 grand you’ll probably worth 150 if you think you whatever you think you’re worth if you’re not sure of your own value your own goals and what you want the world will never reward you of what you want your value and your goals never it won’t happen can’t happen I got to remind myself every day what is my value in the marketplace what are my goals in the marketplace what am i worth in the marketplace okay what do I deserve in the market I deserve those 242 units I deserve to make money on those 242 use I deserve to sell this house and make a profit I deserve to be able to move to Miami I deserve this woman I deserve these two kids I deserve to have my kids learn to swim rather than putting a fence around my pool because I don’t want a fence around my pool I hate the fence just teach them how to swim man dominate the kid put the kid in the pool every day okay she’s three days old I’m dunking her in the pool every day try this try this try this try this okay she’s not crying the moms crying the baby’s like hey is cool dude I’ve been in water for nine months whatever right my daughter is one year oh I can throw in the pool walk away at one year all can walk away she could swim the entire length of the pool it three she can swim it underwater I know I got we got friends that are eight years old they get around the pool and everybody’s freaked out the point is what dominate whatever you want you got to commit all the way in and think in terms of domination not a spectator you don’t want to be a spectator folks spectators pay players get paid believe you look at the word up believe this isn’t a web subjection area okay you probably have one of those if you don’t have one at your house you can certainly google it it’s going to say this to have confidence in the truth the existence or the reliability of something although without absolute proof how many believe the real estate market is getting better okay how many believe it could get worse good hey that’s right and when it gets worse what are you going to believe I’m gonna believe hey dude there’s still value there you got good there’s still value there okay I mean how many how many of you have shown somebody a house before they didn’t pull the trigger and and they regretted it you know what shame on you why didn’t you shut that deal down I don’t want to pressure anybody if you won’t pressure a client that you like it’s because you don’t believe in you the product okay or the company that you represent period if you will not pressure somebody to do the right thing it’s something you don’t believe in look at the word what it believed means to have confidence in the truth what is the truth this is a good deal and you need to do it your pressure me grant I sure in now sign right there let’s do this it’s the right thing why he looks at me and says what oh my god this guy’s so certain are you sure it’s the right thing guarantee it’s the right thing lean on the pin let’s do it and you’re thinking to yourself I couldn’t do that right now dude I wasn’t taught how to do this I spent 17 years in school they don’t teach you this you have to train this muscle okay if one of your children was crossing the street and you knew it was a bad thing would you pressure them not to exactly why spreche you’re a bad thing it makes diamonds but I know so many people in business I don’t want to pressure anybody do you need to pressure yourself you need to cook yourself you need a necessity level way up here look the middle class in America is failing folks it’s failing you know why because it doesn’t push itself hard enough it operates on a premise based on just enough I’m going to make enough vacation enough save enough just enough Oh forgot to plan on Lehman’s Oh forgot to plan on foreclosures Oh forgot the plan on LIBOR oops forgot the plan on the internet bust and that’s why the middle class is failing the middle class is that failing because of politics okay the middle class is failing because the middle class is using the wrong formula a formula that worked forty years ago might not work in the US economy today right maybe Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday that five day job maybe that gigs over and maybe it’s seven days now maybe it’s a seven day pitch now I don’t know I know in my life at seven days I’ll never ever have my freedom taken from me again so it’s not money I’m trying to accumulate it’s market share I’m trying to accumulate I’m trying to accumulate market share so when things soften again who’s left the strongest player in the market so although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so only if one believes in something can one act purposefully okay that means I need to be every day selling myself selling myself I’m gonna write a New York Times best selling book okay I’m going to speak to tens of thousands of people I’m gonna help millions of people on planet earth I’m literally reminding myself every day when I wake up in the morning I write my goals down when I go to bed at night I write my goals down it’s the first thing and the last thing I do every day I’ve been doing that for 25 years push me I’m dominating myself in my own thinking success formula okay here are four steps that I learned when I was 51 years old I’m like oh man there it is baby that’s it that’s it that’s what you’ve been doing that’s what all the successful people been doing here are four steps you must take to create the next level of success in your life number one you must get attention hey see that’s what I mean you got to get attention if you got a screen to get it get it okay the moment you start hey you listening to me see the moment you start doing that you’re going to start getting criticism when you hit that right ban that right tone level of attention okay well you’re really getting attention you’re going to get criticism somebody’s gonna say do you need to quiet down bro you need to bring it down a notch brah right but you freaking do we hey this is a party let’s not talk business now go chill I’m getting criticism is that good or bad the Kardashians love it right the Kardashians have worked this formula perfectly monster attention no product there’s no product uh is that a product that ain’t a product man look at that look at that look at that over and over a loo dad look at that huh okay look at that look at that okay and she gets criticism she they didn’t start banking until they got the haters they had to get haters wherever they got criticism they actually kept throwing wood on the fire to actually grit get something bigger than criticism which was hate which was I hate those people that’s what promoted them it wasn’t the promotion that promote them it was the disgust for them okay and until they moved into this four step which is admiration see most people stop here you get a little criticism and you shut it down I’m calling you back too much okay I won’t do that again you should call him back more you send an email back hey quit sending me emails no you should double up okay you should stay with the cycle until you close the cycle folks why because you believe you believe it’s the right thing to do belief is not something some esoteric thing belief is some action you take all the time in the marketplace you say hey I’m doing the right thing for you you just don’t know it your confidence okay you got to build it until you’re invincible that’s why you come to this that’s why you read books that’s why you bury yourself in audio programs the Internet is a very dangerous place today because you can look at anything what do these people have in common okay there’s Michael Jordan Warren Buffett Steve Jobs Oprah a Navy SEAL and my mother okay you know what they had in common this greatness has in common immersion they’re immersed they’re immersed completely in their environment number two they’re dedicated completely dedicated three they have a total total commitment my mother was as committed as Warren Buffett is do you know a Warren Buffett spends most of his time doing reading most of his time during the day is spent reading and their duty driven all those people are Duty driven okay whether it was my mom Oprah Steve Jobs Warren Buffett at some point it was no longer for money it was duty it’s my obligation it’s some some sense of I have to do this so what do you hear me say to you today what do you hear me say immerse yourself okay you have to immerse yourself right now with reading the right reading audio programs video find YouTube channels that are good for you to where you can watch YouTube like we started dropping videos on YouTube maybe 24 months ago we dropped about 900 videos on YouTube that’s what got me my TV show people saw me on YouTube the UK found YouTube videos two weeks ago do we love what you’re doing on YouTube man can you come out to the UK and do a TV show why I’m breaking through obscurity anybody can do this folks anybody can do this this is not about a college degree this is about mass of amounts of action to get attention for yourself your brand your company your products your ideas your dreams then this is what I would tell you to do okay and I’m a closeout here number one I would immerse yourself with books audio video daily okay you hit all three of those well I’m reading something listening to something and watching something these are completely different ways to learn number two you want to test your abilities actually if you have employees how many of you have employees you need to test their abilities just because somebody is good at what they do doesn’t mean they have an ability you want to test their abilities with assignments tests and drills look the economy needs people like me and you drive in the marketplace its entrepreneurs and businesses that build economies would you agree it’s me and you not governments governments do not build economies people build economies entrepreneurs people with ideas people that are driven you people like Alex are the ones that make the economy and frankly folks it’s your duty as an American to get out into the marketplace and be a role model and recreate this economy Thank You meryt very much

Grant Cardone Chatting with Cypress Bay Excessive College Athletes

I want to talk to you today about success alright I want to I want to tell me if you’d like to have success in your life okay what does that mean to you though I want you to talk to me okay I’m only going to be here 30 minutes and I’m getting on a plane to flying to Los Angeles what does success mean to you in a word money that’s what I like what else winning winning that’s what it means to coach what else again recognition people recognize somebody okay what else come on man talk to me power oh I like some power dawg okay what else huh respect okay what else happiness okay what else how about a hot chick could it mean that could it mean that could it mean that to a guy okay exactly alright so look look today I want to talk to you about something that was never taught to me in school success what is it man what is it to win somebody said this to win somebody said it’s the girl somebody said it’s money somebody said it’s power and respect and admiration and people recognized me look everybody in this room should have some of that would you agree you’re going to either go get it or somebody else is going to go get it this is how this thing plays out okay it will have nothing to do with your grades it’s going to have something to do with whether you decide and stay focused on what you want in your life okay everybody’s going to have a choice to get it there’s two types of people in this room right now and that’s it there’s two types of people people that are going to get what they want and the life they want and people that don’t two types of people folks people that get the life they want and everybody else okay what group you want to be in okay two types of groups what are they get the life they want and everybody else my little girl she’s three years old she wanted a piece of gum this morning on my way to work she’s like pop I want some gum I’m like baby you don’t get gum until you eat your breakfast now you know that she’s like that’s not fair I said life is not fair life is bad for too many people but for a bunch of people and great for this many which one you want because it’s not fair how many agree life is not fair how many see bad things happen to good people happens all the time ok so I want to talk to you about what is success for me success is defined because all of you said money the girl the house the career respect admiration for me money is defined as the gap it’s the gap the difference between where I am right now and where I want to be it’s the potential not potential this to get to the next level ok how many believe you have a greater potential than what you’re using right now so I don’t know how old I look to you it’s curious to me I wonder how would HDL think I Amity okay what else the hell is wrong with you laughing at me huh okay how would you think I am what do you think 25 36 36 what else keep guessing man I got gifts if anybody can get it 42 okay okay you know what you know what it don’t matter okay y’all already made me feel good so look check it out all right I was 15 years old okay just just let me let me explain to you I was 15 years old and the biggest problem I had when I was 15 was I was bored too much I was bored all the time man I was constantly bored I didn’t have enough to do I was I didn’t know anything about potential I knew I had potential but the biggest reason I was bored is because I wasn’t going after my potential all the time it’s why I didn’t study I didn’t pay attention in class okay when I got out of class I didn’t know what to do I didn’t think my grades matter but they did matter you know why because until I until I actually learned how to read a book until I decided hey I got a read man I got to learn how to read I couldn’t fulfill my potential everything you want folks everything you want is in a book everything you want to learn in life is in a book somewhere you can resist it the average American reads one book a year okay the average American reads one book a year some of you you’re like damn that’s more books than I read last year okay I’ve written five books in the last four years because I when I look at America today I’m like oh my god America is in trouble right now you know why because average is an epidemic average people average athletes 250,000 kids every year come out of high schools playing basketball 250,000 kids every year are playing playing basketball scholastic basketball in order to try to play in the NBA you know many out of 250,000 play in the NBA five out of 250,000 life ain’t fair life is bad for a bunch of people good for a lot of people and great for a few you guys got to decide where it’s going to be okay like your potential is where you’ll determine your greatness I challenge you this summer to only be focused on hey man what’s my potential tsubame operate in my potential the next place no matter how good you are I may agree there’s another potential no matter how good you play your video game no matter how good you are in school no matter how you good you are on the field there’s another place where coaches trying to push you to that next level and that’s where it gets exciting that’s what people get excited LeBron could retire right now to rings money he can’t spend right why does he stay in the game what keeps me excited it’s not yesterday’s success it’s his potential it’s this right here and everybody in the rooms got another potential okay failure is defined falling short of your of your potential there’s two types of people in the world people to get whatever they want when they want how they want it how much they want of it they get their cake they’re eat it too they can toot their own horn they get to play wherever they want to play go where they want to go they never run out of money they never run out of women they never run out of whatever they want in their life okay and then there’s everybody else I got one woman in my life I just had hey one woman’s good for me when you get the right one you just settle on one okay when I fail I don’t get what I want I don’t fulfill my potential 10x this book that I’m going to give you that JJ by the way give JJ a big hand for donating this book to you all right if you hate reading if you hate reading okay you will love this book if you hate to read I guarantee you can read this book in two nights if you if you have never been able to read a paragraph in a book I guarantee you can finish this book because I write the book exactly the way I talk about the exactly way I’m talking to you right now okay in this book it talks about competition competitions for sissies is one of the chapters I think is chapter 10 competition is for sissies little babies little girls okay competition is for for losers you don’t want to compete folks you want to dominate your space I want to dominate space I want to walk into a space and own it not compete with somebody else I don’t want Rocko’s gain to determine how good my game is right because that’s a little reactive if his game is good my game gets better sounds like it’s good right oh that’s good man he pushes you competition pushes you but what if his game is no good today then what does that do is that caused me to back off good right I’ll say this game gets better and I get better I’m waiting it’s reactive okay I want to dominate I want to make a decision when I’m walking into a space to always go from my potential no matter what two types of people those that give what they want in life and everybody else this book is going to show you exactly how to be that first type of people to get what you want in life when you want it how much you want of it whether it’s money how many of you like to have money money is a good thing it’s not a bad thing people going to tell you it’s a bad thing okay you want your own money or your dad’s money I want my own money man I don’t want had to check with him hey can you give me a little bit okay right can you give me Kim you can’t hey can I have some money it doesn’t have to be like that okay look there’s people walking out of high schools right now saying hey I’m gonna go get my piece and you guys have an opportunity right now to learn it in the auditorium to learn it on the playing field everyday to build that discipline to say hey I’m going to get what I want don’t wait until you’re 25 or 35 or 45 years old start building that discipline right now to get what you want because there’s seven other seven billion other people on this planet trying to get it trying to get this thing called success see most people think success is a straight line I’m going to get out of high school I’m going to get a job and everything’s going to be fine that’s not how it plays out folks okay this how it plays out guy decides he wants something and the line gets all squiggly see that’s really what success looks like what this guy did over here was he persisted this guy’s in a fantasy this is a fantasy it’s not how it works okay see right now God decides over the summer hey man I’m going to I’m going to get this job this summer and I’m gonna make some money this summer and then he gets distracted by the first squiggly I don’t know what he’s doing he’s squiggling off because he’s not focused on his success he wiggles you ever used this term squiggle yeah man I’m doing a squiggle you know I’m going to go out and hang out with the guys this weekend it’s a squiggle it’s off path off purpose off potential and so he ends up in a bunch of loops over here most people get stuck in loops I did it when I got out of high school I was in a lot of trouble didn’t have any focus wasn’t fulfilling my potential was distracted didn’t have a coach didn’t have an older brother didn’t have a father lost what am i doing okay don’t know where I’m going I know I got this potential is sitting there inside of me it’s a little candle burning I know it’s there I hadn’t quite put it out when I was 20 years old but it was it was lo any of you ever been there what am i doing every day man why am I getting up every day why am I going to school I didn’t even know why I was going to school I was just going to school I was just doing school I didn’t want to go to school see I’m squiggling around okay if you persist and stay focus and surround yourself with other people that persist and stay focused who knows maybe you’ll come out the other end two types of people what are they people to get what they want have the life they want and everybody else okay so look here’s the four degrees of action this is what I’m going to challenge you to do this summer number one do nothing everybody in the room has done that before how many room have done nothing before okay you think you have actually number one doesn’t exist number two is to retreat okay I’ll explain all these these are the four actions you’re going to take this summer to do nothing sit around and do nothing number two to retreat to back up guy you ever retreat you ever retreat anybody in room ever retreat no never retreat back up I’m a backup hey man I need to study right now and then you decide not to study what is that that’s back it up that’s retreating okay you do that all the time okay hey man I’m gonna go I’m gonna help my mom out I’m gonna help my mom out man oh no I ain’t I’m gonna help my little brother out no I’m not your a retreat that’s an action backing up as an action number three is normal normal levels of activity people just do what is ever expected of them normal I’m going to show up for class I’m going to sit in class for 15 minutes I’m going to act like I’m paying attention but hey come on let’s keep it real I’m squiggling I’m squiggling in the classroom I’m over here I’m over there I’m over there I’m not learning I’m not reading I’m not studying I’m not preparing I’m on a squiggle serious squiggle how many been on a serious squiggle doing normal the whole world is doing number three and number four is massive massive levels of activity massive tremendous amounts of activity is where success lives okay which one of those four do you think is the most dangerous huh number four he thinks number four is dangerous I like that too now he’s going to pick number one let’s go for number one now okay okay number one is impossible you actually don’t do number one unless you’re in a coma you passed out on the sidewalk you’re doing number one okay most of the time you’re doing number two number three or number four okay the most dangerous of all those is number three normal normal levels of activity you showed up for practice and you just did the practice okay number two people do constantly particularly in schools they back up from an activity they wait for the teacher to do something or the coach to do something rather than jumping in say hey I’m here I’m going to dominate this space what word do you like better compete or dominate do you want to dominate you don’t want to compete in a space you want to own a space so the way to do that is number four massive levels of activity some people think number four is actually dangerous but I’m going to suggest to you to be dangerous find something you love man and do it own it control it take massive levels of activity with it people people tell me dude man you got you got you’ve got some problems man constantly I had a guy tell me three days ago do you got problems man I said really what am I prompts your obsessive-compulsive a DD any any of you to remember Ben label those things you got attention deficit disorder you got you got what is it a OCD what is it call obsessive compulsive disorder I’m like bro I ain’t got a problem yeah man you got compulsive obsessive disorder I’m like dude that’s a gift I got gifts my brother I have been blessed by the great gods of the universe with obsessive I am obsessed with my success with my family success that’s not a disease let me tell you the disease right there is number three number three is the disease number three is an epidemic in this country you’re going to school with kids that are just average rather than saying dude I demand greatness in my life I want success massive action when you decide this summer to take massive action for the next how many months how long is summer okay you’ve got three weeks guys if you take three weeks and say hey I want new problems for the next three weeks new problems you know what a new problem is big juicy problems most people want want nothing to do with a problem right they like leave problems alone look you want big new problems juicy problems for the next three weeks if your body hurt more than it hurt yesterday that would be a new problem would that be a good problem or a bad problem means you’re working right okay you want new problems I want I want to experience bigger problems number two criticized by your peers the moment I take massive action I’m going to be criticized by other people I’m showing up early I’m staying late what are the average people going to say you’re a freak please call me a super freak okay number three I’d actually be promoted into the cycle if I was taking massive action it’s a guaranteed I’m just showing you guaranteed ways to be that first group of people what’s the first group they get whatever they want you want to get whatever you want in your life go get you massive action get new problems get promoted you’ll be more inspired you want to have goals so big you want to have goals so big that your your problems pale in comparison how many of you got problems in your life everybody in the room I’m going to suggest to you that you get you get you get your focus on where you’re going your potential where you want to go get that focus so big that your problems are smaller here’s the deal if you have attention on your problems your goals aren’t big enough if you have attention on any problem you have in your life it is because your goals aren’t big enough how many how many of you wrote your goals down this morning anybody in the room how about yesterday okay how about this week I’ll write my goal is down every morning and every night okay every morning when I wake up pull out a legal pad hey where am I going in my life where am I going what do I want to do how what kind of life do I want for my family what kind of life how much money do I want do I want to own a private jet would I like to have a helicopter what I like to have a big boat okay what do I want for my kids every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is I write down my goals before I go to sleep at night I write down my goals every time I lose in life every time I lose every time I’m defeated I write my goals down why do I want to do that why would that be beneficial to me it motivates me it puts my attention on where I’m going not where I’m at let’s say let’s say I’m working a deal I just finished working a deal and I was defeated in the deal do I want my attention on the defeat or do I want my attention on where I’m going I want my attention on where I’m going so I put my legal pad out I don’t look at the defeat I look at hey where am I going where do I want to go in life what is my destination if you’ve ever been in a car a windshield in a car is that big right how BIG’s a rear-view mirror it’s about that big why you think that is because you want your attention on the future on the potential on where I’m going on my goals so a couple things I’d like you to do when you leave here number one if you like the idea writing your goals down every day this isn’t homework your teachers going to give you okay hey I wake up in the morning where am I going I don’t care how big it is man I want a billion dollars okay I want the hottest chick in the universe I want Maxim top five whatever you want I don’t care what it is I want a little boy I know I don’t whatever you want there your goals okay you want goals that are giant folks you want goals that are so big so big that every day you wake up and you’re excited and the reason I wasn’t excited when I was your age was because nobody was telling me man have some goals man because if you don’t have your own goals this is what you’re going to do you’re going to spend your whole life making somebody else’s dreams come true two types of people people to get what they want and have the life they want and everyone else okay so again we gave you some gifts here okay first of all you’re going to see some wristbands it’s a red wristband and there’s a blue wristband how many of you have both good okay this is a little postcard called success success is your duty obligation and responsibility this card was written because we we I see most people going after success like it doesn’t matter you know you got friends that say whatever you use this term whatever you know I like like I don’t care let me tell you something if you don’t care if you think success doesn’t matter you will not have it if success matters to you if success becomes something like I have to have that I am obsessed with the idea of success in my life whether it’s in the classroom on the playing field or out there in the real world because folks the truth is the playing field in the classroom I’m going to last a little while okay it’s going to be the next 50 or 60 years of your life that you get to decide hey what are you going to really do and what you’re doing right now is going to determine where you’re going to be in a year two years three years five years so I’m gonna ask you a question here I want you to think about what you would like not to do in your life what would you like to do okay but like like what would be a job that you would hate to do in your life what garbage man he would hate to be a garbage man okay yes sir do again say again working for somebody else period cutting grass he doesn’t want to cut grass okay what else working at McDonald’s janitor okay so we got five people I’m gonna admit how old are you 16 he’s going to be a janitor for the next 60 years what what is it you didn’t want to do McDonald’s he’s going to work in McDonald’s and package McNuggets for the next 54 years and then died okay well you wanted you didn’t want to what he he’s going to be he’s going to work for other people his whole life okay his entire life he will be stuck and every one of his bosses is going to be an ass okay would you not want to do dude this guy’s going to be cutting grass he’s allergic to grass and he’s going to be cutting it every day bagging it putting it in bags he doesn’t want to be a stripper nobody else wants you to be a stripper either bro okay trust me trust me please please don’t do that to any of us okay okay you’re one guy that I don’t want to take massive action okay please okay my man’s gonna be a stripper okay he learned the game pretty quick there no dude he’s like okay I’m a Pixum I don’t want to be he’s going to give it to me and then boom that’s what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life you’re a very intelligent man sir okay probably a genius sitting with us right there you don’t know what a genius looks like y’all know what a genius looks like you don’t know let me tell you something every most of them look like freaks okay every geniuses has ever walked this planet was criticized this is what happened every genius every one of them had new problems they were criticized by their peers they were later promoted and they became inspiration to other people you don’t know what they look like they come in all different packages and there’s some brilliant people in this room right here the question is will you take enough action because if you don’t take enough action if you don’t take enough focused action that is positive to your potential consistent with who you are and where you want to go if you don’t do that you’re going to end up being everybody else my goals I’m write and write my goals down every morning I don’t want to work for anybody else I want to work for my goals I don’t want to work for a person I want to work for my goals I want to work for my dreams man everything I’m doing every day like I’m drawing on flying to Los Angeles today okay I’m not flying to Los Angeles because I want to go to Los Angeles I’m going I don’t even want to do what I’m doing in Los Angeles but I’m doing it to invest in my future the things I’m not talking about money now I’m talking about my potential this is what you should walk away with today the gap the gap is the difference between where you are where you sit right now and what and where you want to be and everybody’s got a potential right everybody in rooms got a potential on a scale from one to ten what are you right now what would you give yourself your potentials at 10 but – okay what else maybe he’s being honest see you don’t know what my potential is people have told me my whole life man you’re doing great man you’re doing great you did this TV show you did this radio show you got this thing going you but you know you’re doing well in life I’m like how do you know how do you know if I’m doing well and they’re like what do you mean man I could tell you’re doing well I said you don’t know man you don’t know what my potential is I was speaking to a group at Google and uh up in New York and they were like man you’re so confident you don’t know that yeah man you look confident I look confident but you don’t know if I am or not right do you know what’s inside of me you don’t know on a scale from one to ten what are you right now good man you don’t know you need to put a number on it man you should be putting a nut you should be calibrating all the time I’m a four right now I’m a five right now I’m a three right now I’m a seven right now okay and I don’t care what you are hey did all you want to do is focus on the gap the gap is where your motivation is if you have any motivation is by staying focused on the gap the difference between where you are and where you want to be okay this says success is your duty it should say success is my duty okay there’s going to go in your locker or wherever you want it to go in your life on the back of it if you turn it around there’s a pledge okay look at it can you guys read on a scale from one to ten what kind of reader are you maybe an eight okay 8.5 he says he’s at 8.5 and he wants to be a stripper okay wow wow wow wow wow wow wow okay let me go ahead and give you this right now that okay this says your greatness don’t fight it all right on the back of it it says if you haven’t read this one it says it says I am obsessed I am not like others I do what others refuse to do I must control my destiny I am never satisfied I cannot settle I rise while there sleep I refused to quit I’m driven to succeed and I’m a role model for others okay we’re going to give everybody a copy this one it says I am greatness don’t fight it everybody in a room has greatness in it okay quit fighting it man don’t be a stripper either all right this one says success pledge it says I pledge a commitment to my success everybody try that I pledge a commitment to my success i’ma do it than you do it okay I pledge a commitment to my success my family success and to the success of survival of the company I represent success is not an option for me but something I insist upon achieving success is not something others can give me nor is is something the government or the economy can provide me success is not determined by luck chance race creed color or religion but is dependent upon hard work creativity follow-through and persistence I refuse not to have my success I refuse to quit prior to achieving my success and I will do everything ethical in claiming my right – my success my success is my duty my obligation and my responsibility dude have a great summer right thank you guys very much

Elevate NYC 2013 Keynote

I get up each morning upset about one core factor within the context of why we’re all right here in the present day from a enterprise standpoint and that’s that that it is 2013 proper it is 2013 and 99.9 p.c of the individuals on this room proper now are advertising and marketing their occasions prefer it’s 2004 the and that to me is it proper that to me is the one purpose I have been profitable in my life the rationale I used to be in a position to construct my household enterprise in a five-year interval from a 3 to 45 million greenback enterprise isn’t based mostly on my attractiveness or charisma it is based mostly on the truth that I understood the place the buyer was in 1996 and the place they have been extra importantly going to be in 1998 I launched in 1996 it was the second wine web page on the Web I paid fifteen thousand {dollars} to construct the web site and we bought eight hundred and twelve {dollars} in wine within the first yr I do not know what number of of you on this room have a Soviet father however that didn’t go over very nicely thirty six months later we bought 4.5 million {dollars} value of wine that went over just a little bit higher and so I believe I believe what I am keen about is that we get caught within the methods we market junk mail e mail advertising and marketing print radio tv all of which within the final half decade have collapsed within the consideration of our client proper if you take a look at open charges of e mail how many individuals right here have executed e mail advertising and marketing for any of their companies or what you do for dwelling elevate your palms disguise do not me thanks so most everyone how many individuals right here have been doing it for greater than 5 years elevate your hand Howard your e mail open charges in comparison with the way in which they have been 5 years in the past as a result of there’s one factor I do know greater than something greater than the truth that I do know that the Solar will come up tomorrow the factor that I do know is that entrepreneurs destroy every little thing it is true proper how many individuals right here by present of palms that know half-ass palms once more how many individuals right here signed up for Groupon LivingSocial day by day sweet a type of websites elevate your hand nice bear in mind three 4 years in the past the way you could not wait to get $40 value of sushi for twenty bucks that it was the best factor that ever occurred to you nicely you do not open these emails anymore proper you do not care if Groupon provides you one million greenback residence for 100 bucks you are like delete spam unsubscribe as a result of they despatched you a lot stuff that you just did not need at scale proper and so I imply Google AdWords such an efficient scalable solution to market and and so they’re down 15% this yr I imply Google is reporting themselves that clicks on AdWords are down 15% habits are altering we’ve got to on this room perceive that the one factor you do I do not care the style of your convention I do not care for those who’re an operator for those who’re b2b and attempting to get individuals whether or not you are attempting to be b2c and get individuals to come back to the occasion I would like everyone on this room to grasp together with myself whether or not you promote wine or or a artistic social media company it doesn’t matter what you do there’s greater than break it doesn’t matter what you do each particular person on this room is a storyteller it’s our job to inform our story what our worth proposition is to anyone alongside the trail of buy interval it connects each one among us and to be a very good storyteller you really want the eye of the shopper to get an at-bat to inform your story the eye of our clients my buddies are shifting and so they’re shifting quick the eyes and ears of the those that we’re attempting to achieve are in a really completely different place than they have been three 4 even two years in the past and that’s one thing we’ve got to reconcile on high of that we’ve got the respect of easy methods to truly story inform in these locations means too lots of you and I used to be wanting on the hashtag within the tweets earlier than this occasion after which sort of strive to take a look at what you guys did for a dwelling to create just a little context means too lots of you and I am speaking a staggering 99 p.c of you’re pushing in your social channels you are treating the Fb’s and Twitter’s of the world prefer it’s e mail advertising and marketing you assume that that works you assume they’re simply pushing come to my occasion join my that’s bringing completely no worth to the tip client for those who have no idea easy methods to present worth in your communication you’ve got completely no shot of conversion as a result of the world bought noisy proper we’re following a lot extra stuff we’re dwelling via the ATD impact of our society at scale time and a focus is the one precious factor within the recreation proper now and it is advisable determine easy methods to break everyone’s tradition and inform your precise story how many individuals on this room and bear in mind mendacity is the satan how many individuals on this room 5 – 6 years in the past stated the next issues to themselves or to anyone else I am not signing up for Fb I am going to by no means have a Fb account that is for teenagers I am going to by no means want one elevate your hand do not lie elevate them thanks what number of of these those that simply raised their palms do have a Fb account elevate them what everyone within the again simply bought to see is what I take into consideration day-after-day which is that I take into consideration the issues that I do know that you will do that you just assume you are not proper now you are sitting right here and you do not assume you are gonna put on Google glasses you are sitting right here proper now and you do not assume that you just’re gonna be on snapchat and I do know you are going to be and so I spend my time attempting to determine easy methods to inform tales on these platforms it is what I’ve executed my complete profession and it is what I completely implore you to essentially take into consideration here is what I would like you to essentially follow for those who bear in mind one factor what you assume is socially acceptable or correct or the way in which that it needs to be has completely nothing to do with the way in which you have to be working your enterprise simply since you do not assume it is nice that persons are of their cellphone twenty hours a day or simply as a result of if you exit together with your boyfriend – or husband or spouse partner – at a dinner and also you see a pair over there and you are like look how unhappy that’s they’re on the telephones the entire time simply cuz you imagine that and simply since you do not prefer it and cuz you are scared that your children are watching YouTube for four-and-a-half hours a day simply cuz you do not like that does not imply that that is the way in which you are alleged to market your enterprise you are alleged to flip it perceive that is the fact of {the marketplace} the quickest solution to exit of enterprise is to be romantic about the way you make your cash and I extremely implore all of you to determine that it’s 2013 in case you are not as an occasion marketer in full pledge effort of storytelling on Fb Twitter Pinterest and Instagram at this second you have been borderline not related to what’s about to occur in subsequent 24 months that is a interval that is the truth that do you assume your junk mail who right here cannot wait to depart this convention run to their mailbox and open up and undergo their junk mail fastidiously who right here loves navigating via the web and clicking on banner adverts we’re advertising and marketing in a means that we might by no means act like that as a buyer however we’re simply set within the ways in which we have all the time story advised and the way we spend our cash e mail among the old-school individuals how many individuals right here had e mail in 1998 1997 simply elevate your palms so much superior do you guys bear in mind how we learn e mail again within the late 90s we beloved e mail there was a film known as you bought mail proper like I imply I bear in mind I bear in mind sending so many emails in 95 and 6 as a result of I actually thought they’d finally cost for it as a result of I used to be like holy crap I am by no means gonna ship a letter which I by no means have I imply how is the submit workplace gonna keep in enterprise they’re gonna cost for this e mail they’re gonna cost for these things that I imply do you bear in mind when used to get e mail in late nights you actually learn each phrase you opened it went via it fastidiously I imply that is what we lived via and so now we simply do not try this now we do not click on banner adverts my first banner advert marketing campaign for anyone anyone right here do banner adverts in her profession elevate your palms simply curious so for the few of you my banner examine this out my banner advert click-through in 1997 was 41% now level zero one is superior it is true it is true now now that we have established that it is sort of foolish that we’re considering and never realizing that each time you throw an occasion you are sitting with an enormous worth of content material proper proper now that is being recorded that is worth you recognize for biz bash or bear in mind I imply this chop this up that one three-second remark I made chop that up and put that into Fb as a result of movies over 10 seconds do not work on Fb or take a nonetheless shot from that final nice discuss and put a quote from her and make {that a} Pinterest pin that truly will get shared that hyperlinks again to those two firms that is what I am speaking about my buddies the way you truly natively story-tell on the platforms that persons are truly utilizing and we’ve got to respect the psychology of why anyone’s on Pinterest versus them being on Fb see most individuals the 99% you consider social networks as distribution for consciousness for one thing else you assume that you just’re gonna tweet out a hyperlink and also you’re gonna submit a hyperlink on Fb and it is gonna hyperlink again to your web page the place you signal them up on your occasion proper you consider it as distribution I consider these platforms as platforms to natively story inform to carry consciousness it’s a substantial distinction and what it does is it forces me to truly carry worth on these channels as an alternative of considering of them as impressions that’s the shift extra importantly I additionally realized that social networks are the primary platforms ever which might be truly a two-way dialog and it is not simply push proper I imply we must always promote emails too we must always despatched Four million emails to wine clients and get 4 emails again it wasn’t what you probably did proper we despatched you an e mail you would not purchased the wine now you ship a tweet to 10 individuals for can probably return and ask a query about it it is a much more two-way dialog Twitter let’s discuss it for 2 seconds I used to be taking a look at numerous the accounts that have been utilizing the hashtag have been mentioning this occasion once I checked out eight completely different accounts of these eight individuals ninety-five p.c of the tweets they’ve despatched within the final week have been full broadcasting tweets and I’ve had about one or two as much as 5% of truly replying to individuals on Twitter Twitter is the cocktail get together of our society and it is about listening and never speaking for those who go take a look at my Twitter account which is Gary Vee you will note that if you hit all as a result of the way in which Twitter you landed you simply see what I broadcast however up there you possibly can toggle and say all you will note that 90% of my tweets are responding to individuals I am looking wine or enterprise phrases and leaping into conversations and now I’ve gotten sufficiently big that numerous stuff involves me and I simply reply I carry worth we’re not bringing worth sufficient in our networks and so what it is advisable be occupied with is how do you story inform within the platforms that matter to carry worth to your precise client how do you make a tweet that brings consciousness to your occasion however is not pushing your occasion and the I named my new e-book Jab Jab Jab proper hook is as a result of it symbolizes to me give give give after which ask I mainly need to stay a lifetime of guilting individuals into doing the issues that I would like them to do and I imply that it is essential to grasp I really imagine and most comfy it is my very own DNA that if I give first that if I pay ahead first I’ve a dramatically higher probability to transform and after we market our occasions we’re not giving first we have to give them free content material we have to reply their questions we as organizers wants to leap on Ustream or spreecast for an hour and reply questions on it we have to assist promote the individuals which might be our occasion not simply pay them to make use of their fairness to drive individuals to the occasion we have to be occasions that construct up personalities as a result of that is a means so that you can save {dollars} as an alternative of paying for personalities we have to perceive this essential assertion I actually need you to depart with this each particular person on this room and each occasion on this room is a media firm and for those who do not perceive that you don’t have any probability of being related going ahead this can be a very substantial assertion and I need to say it once more each your occasions and also you as people are actually thrusted into competing as media firms and in case you are not placing out content material and in case you are not partaking with the tip client you have been going to have a really tough time to breakthrough in a particularly noisy world and that is that and that is what’s taking place and so I’ve shoppers fortune 500 shoppers there they’re spending billions of {dollars} on billboards proper here is a basic instance of what how I take into consideration this if you guys go away this convention I do know lots of people most likely New Yorkers however for those who’re not and for those who occur to drive particularly exterior of town do me a favor bear in mind this discuss and consider this one level if you’re driving take a look at 5 individuals driving by you proper simply drive take a look at 5 individuals I have been doing this at scale now for about six months I am gonna inform you a pair issues primary Oprah is correct it’s harmful on the market I’ve actually for the primary time in 20 years I am now driving with two palms as a result of let me inform you this 3/Four out of each 5 persons are truly taking a look at their cellphone whereas they’re driving proper so my buddies billboards which promote on impressions which if you used to drive you might need noticed individuals aren’t taking a look at billboards anymore they are not even wanting on the highway anymore there is a bus cease advert proper by my workplace I could not get my cellphone out fast sufficient to take this image there was a GI Joe the film the rock handsome dude diesel massive poster proper they most likely paid about $8,000 for it numerous visitors in New York Metropolis utilized in 1997 in 2003 you’ll have noticed that you just have been strolling to the workplace you noticed it each single particular person I used to be strolling the opposite means all 12 individuals have been doing this and they also did not see that and so they did not see your banner advert and so they deleted your bulk e mail selling your occasion and on and on and on and so I implore you to begin taking these channels severely Instagram bought 50 million customers 50 million customers in 1.6 years proper and 15 months of a theme I imply 50 million customers in a snap proper these platforms vine 15 million customers proper in 90 days we’re at scale on the Web ret scale we’re simply beginning we’re grossly underneath estimating it and what we need to do is we need to shout and push and inform individuals about our factor and what we have to do is hear and assume after which convert that listening which is what’s I wish to name client insights a humorous factor occurs if you actually perceive what individuals take into consideration your occasions or the occasions that they need to go to proper in case you are not looking the important thing phrases in your enterprise on Twitter occasion what I do you know these issues at evening the place they go hashtags of occasions you recognize aggressive occasions for those who’re not looking and understanding the sentiment and the suggestions the genuine suggestions that they are giving not if you give them just a little factor on the finish of the convention and say how is it I everyone’s all the time over-indexing know how they actually assume on Fb and Twitter after they you recognize act like themselves not via a type for those who’re not understanding that suggestions and for those who’re not paying consideration that suggestions you are lacking out on a lot knowledge of easy methods to make your product and repair higher and so that is what I spend all my time on how do I story inform within the precise yr that it’s in the way in which that we truly do issues how many individuals right here watch tv do not reply but how many individuals right here watch tv primarily on their time both on-demand DVR HP on the go exterior of stay sports activities and Sunday evening as a result of it is bought its personal little factor exterior these issues how many individuals on this room do not lie no half-ass palms watch TV on their time elevate your hand okay bizarre everyone what number of of you in 2013 have quick forwarded each single business elevate your hand we heard virtually everyone in the meantime the shoppers I work with collectively are gonna spend ninety billion {dollars} attempting to inform you a narrative that in 2006 you’ll have noticed and heard and understood and decided about that you just not consumed and even when they’re fortunate to get the business to air in your face how many individuals right here watch tv with a minimum of one different digital gadget a cellphone a laptop computer or an iPad elevate it good everyone to offer it to me to a cellphone and both a laptop computer or an iPad elevate your palms elevate them excessive elevate them excessive entrance row look again I simply need you to grasp hold them up elevate them excessive we’re speaking about let’s simply let’s simply quantify this my buddies eighty-five p.c of this room watches tv with two different screens to distract them so even when a business involves inform you to purchase one thing you recognize that if you’re watching the Bachelorette and you’re taking out your cellphone and you are like holy I can not imagine she did that you just’re not listening to the precise business simply out of curiosity how many individuals right here watch tv with three screens cellphone laptop computer and iPad elevate your hand all proper I will want to speak to the 11 of you you’ve got bought some points let’s join after this and it is gonna worsen and worse and worse when the Beatles had lengthy hair that was a nasty factor that was rogue proper everyone thinks snapchats about sexting snapchat about sexting is outdated white individuals writing tales about snapchat snapchat is a communication funnel that for these 9 seconds when you’re holding it you even have to concentrate which is why it is essential and as soon as it evolves the way in which Fb advanced and turns into older there will be a chance for you possibly can you determine easy methods to inform a narrative in an 8-second image with textual content over it that disappears are you able to give them a worth proposition of why they need to come are you able to be good sufficient in advertising and marketing that know that snapchat works that you may display shoot it and in the event that they display shoot it that provides them $10 off on the door are you good do you get it as a result of I promise you the individuals that are not good that do not get it they get put out of enterprise and a lot better enterprise individuals and a lot better organizations and far richer individuals than you’ve got been placing out of enterprise within the final 10 years as a result of they refuse to play just like the yr that we’re truly in do not be that particular person do not let that occur I hope you’ve got a very good day [Applause]

MCA Motor Membership of America – You Do not Have $40???

hey what is going on on I am making an actual fast video about MCA all people is aware of that MCA is the most effective rattling program on the web and I am making an actual fast video as a result of I have been getting so many emails of persons are saying hey Jay I ain’t received forty {dollars} to take a position I need to be a part of your program however I simply do not have the cash look I simply need to say forty {dollars} man forty {dollars} is nothing I imply you’ll be able to’t go get forty {dollars} after I first joined my on-line program it was like 200 and one thing {dollars} and I needed to go borrowed it why we did not borrow lifeless as a result of I believed in myself and I believed that I might generate profits on-line I imply I wasn’t scared to take a position 200 {dollars} as a result of I imply you go on the market and purchase mother mothers and pops I will joint you are gonna spend far more than that you do not spend 1000’s of {dollars} what’s forty {dollars} to take a position forty {dollars} can actually make you 1000’s of {dollars} in return with MC an important automotive seems nice companies I imply nothing on the market that is prefer it despite the fact that I am doing different applications chances are you’ll know that I am doing get up now empower community however MCA there’s nothing prefer it I imply it is the one firm that I see common individuals common on a regular basis individuals making 5 and six-figure earnings from after all they they’re working for it however they nonetheless being profitable and so they’re not working like such as you work laborious at a nine-to-five job there they’re simply an excuse me they’re investing a bit of time one or two hours 3-Four hours a day persistently and making good cash from so I simply need to say forty {dollars} you may get forty {dollars} i imply i am fairly positive you you made us to get some cash to place in your fuel tank i am fairly positive you handle to get cash spin on the films or take your all girlfriend a boyfriend out to eat proper take into consideration this investing is one thing like MCA could make you 1000’s that is all I received to say individuals my title is jay brown and that i see peace

How To Manage Your Cash For Financial Freedom

you hey guys Stefan right here from as you may inform good and also you look occurring proper now I shaved my head a number of weeks in the past for summer time so undecided when you acknowledge me or not however we’ll see the way it goes for the subsequent few months however hear on this video weblog I wish to speak to you in the present day about methods to handle your funds and I’ll share with you a system or ritual when you would that I’ve used each single week for the final 4 years that is actually reworked my life on this space and I am additionally going to have a weblog submit that goes together with this video so just be sure you go on to mission life grasp comm I will have a hyperlink to it within the description as a result of I’ll give this methodology to you I’ll provide the spreadsheets the templates the whole lot that I’ve used to essentially remodel and handle my funds on a weekly foundation now I’ll say that most individuals are completely clueless with regards to managing cash in reality most individuals they’re so targeted on making extra money and their job or their enterprise they’re obsessed about it however they have not first realized methods to handle what they have already got and if you cannot handle what you could have now even when it is a small amount of cash then going on the market making an attempt to make more cash is just not going to make something higher in reality you hear these loopy tales proper the place folks they win the lottery that went 1,000,000 {dollars} after which certain sufficient inside a number of years they’re proper again to the place they have been earlier than and the reason being is as a result of the explanation why they only spent all that cash and the whole lot is that they did not know methods to handle it they did not have the self-discipline the behavior the mindset the mentality to have the ability to handle that amount of cash and so creating the behavior creating the mindset round handle your cash now even when it is a small cash it isn’t the quantity that’s vital by the best way it is the behavior the behavior is extra vital than the quantity however when you can discover ways to do it then you are going to set your self up for fulfillment and you may truly get additional forward and lots of people which are making extra money than you as a result of it isn’t how a lot cash you make is how a lot you retain and it is having the ability to handle the cash you could have and reinvest it accumulate property and construct your web value and monetary freedom so these are an important issues if you would like nice books about this take a look at Wealthy Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki take a look at the millionaire thoughts intensive which is a seminar by T Harv vector additionally has an amazing guide known as secrets and techniques of the millionaire thoughts it is a guide known as richest man in Babylon that goes extra into managing your funds effectively however actually just be sure you’re studying and learning this space your life as a result of you recognize it’s good to have that basis earlier than you are ready to essentially begin making an increasing number of cash now I’ll share with you guys first methods to observe your funds they usually go into that in a later level on this video and simply type of present you precisely what I do however monitoring your funds is the primary place to start out it’s good to know precisely how a lot your earnings is each single month and what your bills are I truly go over each single week what I do is I exploit a spreadsheet and I add up precisely how a lot I am making each single week from my numerous earnings streams and that is vital since you want to have the ability to verify and just be sure you’re making progress you recognize are you making extra money this month and also you have been final month are you making extra money than you have been final 12 months and also you wish to you recognize all the time be setting targets for your self so you make an increasing number of progress in that space of your life when it comes to your earnings you additionally want to trace your bills it’s good to know the place your cash goes most individuals are shocked once they truly take the time to undergo their bank card statements and the whole lot them to see the place their cash goes and also you is perhaps shocked to appreciate like oh my god I am spending all this cash on consuming out and you recognize not except you truly tracked it on a weekly foundation you would not concentrate on that and also you would not be capable of make any adjustments in that space so for instance you would possibly understand that you just’re spending all this cash on consuming out effectively now you may make an adjustment and begin consuming it you can begin cooking extra meals you can begin going to grocery retailer you may make these changes and that is all doable due to the attention that you’ve whenever you begin to handle your cash you are going to see you recognize precisely the place your bills are and I feel one mistake that folks make is as a result of they do not handle their cash they typically get into debt you recognize I bear in mind for myself after I first began the enterprise years in the past I did not know something about these things and you recognize we’re making all this cash however we have been spending cash like loopy and we believed that we have been creating wealth proper that is how we rationalize to herself as a result of we had this cash coming in however we weren’t taking note of all of the little bills that have been including up on a month-to-month foundation and it wasn’t till we truly checked out her funds and she or he wrote the whole lot else we might see the place the whole lot was we got here to the conclusion that we’re truly shedding cash each single month and we have been getting in debt and that is the place you dig your self a gap which may be very tough to get out of and that is why when you begin now you discover ways to handle the whole lot now then you’ll keep away from a few of these errors one other large mistake that we made is we did not anticipate and put together ourselves for taxes on the finish of the 12 months proper within the first 12 months of enterprise we weren’t ready for that we weren’t placing cash apart we weren’t managing our cash and certain sufficient we obtained into hassle in a while and in order that’s a part of the explanation why it is so vital to have the ability to observe the whole lot so that you could truly see that you just’re having a revenue proper you bought to be sure you’re having a revenue each single month you may’t be residing paycheck to paycheck you are gonna must make some form of changes so that you just’re seeing a revenue okay so I’ll go extra into methods to observe your funds and the spreadsheet the whole lot I exploit however the second most vital factor is studying methods to allocate your funds that means you could have a sure amount of cash that is available in proper you could have a sure amount of cash that is available in each single month out of your job what you are promoting or earnings streams no matter it’s proper you must allocate that cash and put sure percentages in numerous areas okay so one mannequin that I’ve used from T Harv Eker he has a guide known as secrets and techniques of the millionaire thoughts and he has a seminar known as a millionaire thoughts intensive which I will have a hyperlink to within the weblog submit as effectively as a result of I did a evaluation of it final 12 months however what he says is that 55 % of your earnings ought to go in the direction of your requirements okay so 55 % of your earnings goes in the direction of your lease your groceries or mobile phone all of your requirements when it comes to every day residing now the issue is that most individuals it is like ninety or one hundred percent of their earnings goes in the direction of the requirements and the issue with that’s you may by no means be capable of get forward since you’ll by no means be capable of lower your expenses you may by no means be capable of make investments cash and you will simply be residing paycheck to paycheck and not likely making any progress not constructing your web value or your monetary freedom okay so that is what he says 55 % in the direction of our requirements 10% of your earnings ought to go in the direction of long run leavings okay long-term financial savings you do not contact this cash this cash is long-term financial savings for one thing one other 10% is a monetary freedom account okay so you have heard in regards to the philosophy of pay your self first all of the self-help books on the market speak about this all of the finance books speak about paying your self first 10% of your cash pay your self first and I am shocked to see how few folks truly do this I have been doing it since I used to be 18 years previous that is all the time placing 10% of my earnings into investments mutual funds saving it the monetary freedom account is something that may assist construct your monetary freedom something that may begin to accumulate passive earnings for your self it could possibly be actual property it could possibly be shares and you recognize mutual funds investments you recognize reinvesting that right into a enterprise however it’s good to have just be sure you’re placing cash apart for that function so that you could actually get forward you may have your cash to start out working for you okay so 10% long-term financial savings 10% monetary freedom one other 10% is an schooling account it’s good to be taking 10% of what you earn and make investments that into your self guide seminars coaches applications issues that may truly make you higher as a result of you recognize warren buffett stated one of the best funding in the present day is in your self it isn’t shares or actual property is in your self and when when you’re not enhancing your self and investing into your self to make your self higher then once more nothing is basically going to alter you are not going to have the ability to attain your targets and get additional forward so you must just be sure you’re investing in your self additionally the opposite 10% is in the direction of enjoyable account okay so you must be having enjoyable you recognize 10% of what you make you need to be doing issues that you just take pleasure in you recognize actually having some achievement your life as a result of when you’re simply working to avoid wasting and make investments cash and you are not rewarding your self by giving your self any pleasure then it isn’t going to it’ll be very tough so that you can maintain going with it except you are beginning to see some form of pleasure and taking the time for your self to essentially take pleasure in life as effectively and the final 5% is a give account so 5% of what you could must be in the direction of simply giving to charities foundations and a few type of making a distinction in order that was his mannequin of allocating your cash you recognize when you learn the guide the richest man in Babylon they’ve a considerably comparable mannequin however you recognize what it comes right down to is ensuring that you’ve cash left over each month so that you could reinvest it and it can save you that cash which is extraordinarily vital okay so I’ve a weblog submit so go extra into element of that and the philosophy is there however proper now after I soar over to a different video and I’ll stroll you thru the spreadsheet that I exploit to handle my funds on a weekly foundation and be sure you go to the weblog and you may obtain the whole lot that I exploit so that you could begin making use of it in your life as effectively okay guys so that is the template that I exploit to replace and handle my funds each single week so first you may see that it is a Google doc I want to host it as a Google Doc that method I can entry it from anyplace on the planet from any laptop and that is simply the template that I exploit I modified it you are going to wish to customise it for your self however I will have a hyperlink to it on the weblog the place you may obtain this and use it for your self if you would like and there are different methods on the market there’s extra subtle extra elaborate um you recognize web sites or no matter that may do some of these items for you however I want simply to make use of one thing easy and you recognize a spreadsheet is basically all you want and I have been utilizing it for the final 4 years and its actually made a distinction for me and one factor I will say is that you’ll wish to choose a date out of the week that you just do that so for me it is each Wednesday as much as my replace my funds and the explanation why you wish to do it each week is that when you depart it to be each month then the whole lot is simply going to be too overwhelming for you and it’ll take numerous time to truly do that and I discover lots of people will not truly do it if there’s simply an excessive amount of funds that you must go over during the last month and so for me by doing it each week it takes me perhaps 15 minutes to undergo the whole lot whereas if I did it each month it would take me an hour or generally extra and in order that’s why I wish to be sure that I am managing and searching over the whole lot each single week and it actually makes a distinction for me that week as a result of it provides me numerous energy and management over my funds and so the very first thing I will do are the very first thing you are going to wish to do is to be sure you change these earnings streams to no matter earnings streams that you’ve so for me I’ve a number of earnings streams even have method out to right here as a result of I’ve numerous web sites and the whole lot that pay me cash however when you simply have a job you recognize or one earnings stream they’re simply going to wish to have that right here you may do away with these ones you recognize when you’ve got a aspect enterprise or you recognize simply the rest that may produce earnings for you you are going to wish to be sure you listing it right here and what I do is I come down right here to August 2013 and I will undergo the totally different earnings streams that I’ve and add up precisely how a lot of generated up to now that month proper right here so for instance one in every of my earnings streams is thru teaching by means of my weblog and so I make a constant earnings for teaching and I will simply have that label is teaching and I’m going by means of right here and add up precisely what I’ve made up to now for August for teaching proper right here it is perhaps one in every of my web companies and I will go into Clickbank calm or would possibly go into my Amazon Kindle account and simply add up how a lot I’ve made up to now for that week or that month for August and so I will have all the info in numbers right here for that week so I can see precisely how a lot I’ve made after which proper right here is the overall and I’ve already arrange the components the place when you add within the earnings proper right here then it is mechanically going to complete it proper right here and I will present you your annual earnings for the 12 months as effectively and that is actually good to have a look at this so you may truly see how a lot you recognize you made earlier to the month earlier than and the way you are progressing their bills it’s principally the identical factor you recognize right here you may need your lease you may need um you recognize your your cellphone invoice your health club membership you recognize all of the totally different bills your groceries enterprise bills you may need items or books or seminars or all of the bills you could have right here and what I do is I’m going by means of my bank cards my financial institution accounts on-line and I principally add up the whole lot for August that I’ve paid up to now that week and so I will not point out that I keep away from truly utilizing money loads simply because it’s totally tough to trace money I want doing all my transactions on a bank card and plus you may generate numerous factors and stuff like that from that so I exploit bank cards for the whole lot I be certain that each week I am paying off these bank cards so I am not a queue you recognize a excessive steadiness or something like that however I principally simply type of undergo there and my statements and I add up precisely what my bills have been it totals it up and I can simply evaluate say okay do that is what my expense was up to now this month and that is what my earnings was and hopefully when you’re doing issues proper you are going to have cash left over and you are going to have the ability to allocate that cash successfully and you can too have a look at your annual bills you recognize I simply have a notice right here after I final up to date this as effectively however you may modify it customise it make it extra superior if you would like make it be just right for you however the vital message right here is is to just be sure you’re creating the behavior of managing your funds each single week so you recognize precisely the place your cash goes and also you’re utilizing you recognize they are saying the key to wealth is to spend lower than you earn and make investments the distinction and so so long as you are managing your funds and also you’re spending lower than what you make and also you’re utilizing that cash to take a position to construct your property to construct your web value then you are going to be okay and you are going to have the ability to be financially free so hope this video helps you be certain that to go over the weblog submit to be taught extra about this and obtain this template I will speak to you quickly have an amazing day

Soldier of Finance Book – Reputable Video Trailer

my favorite thing to do as a kid was to play with my GI Joes I had bored GI Joes and any kid at my blog my dad would buy me every single GI Joe I could ever want and I love him for it these GI Joes represent what my dad was he was in the military and he was a real American hero people used to ask me what do you want to do when you grow up it was so simple I knew it I wanted to be a GI Joe just my dad but somewhere along the way I got lost I was in a dead-end job struggling with college and just literally going nowhere in my life I just remember sitting on break one day and just asking myself Jeff what are you doing what are you doing with your life I forgot those dreams I has a kid I forgot those GI Joes and how they inspired me I remember how those GI Joes reflected the amazing role model I had my father they were the reason I grew up strong and at that point I knew I needed to make a change I knew that had to go back and become an extraordinary GI Joe that’s when I realized that a career in the military could get me back on track to help me regain that strength that strength that I’ve lost I can remember remember calling my dad and telling him that was going to be a real life GI Joe I remember how proud he was he was so proud it was in that moment that the direction of my life changed the military gave me a newfound sense of confidence and discipline I never had before this led me to becoming a financial adviser I was helping people make smart decisions with their money I was doing something good as I started helping more people with their finances it slowly made me aware of what was going on with my father’s finances turns out that his life was a financial mess he was buying stuff on his credit cards he’s buying computers appliances clothes remember those GI Joes turns out he was buying those on his credit cards too I can remember when I finally figured out when I finally learned what a financial mess my father’s life was I was devastated he was giving it all just so he could be a positive role model in my life but in doing so he was ruining his financial life that’s why I knew I owned it to myself into the world to use those skills that my dad taught me to help others after my father passed away after he passed away with a long-term struggle with dead it became clear what my mission my mission was to help people to inspire them to find peace and define financial freedom to have a good new control over their money so they didn’t have this sacrifice so they didn’t have to struggle it doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what bad choices you made in the past all that matters what you do about it today the only two things that you need to do to make a difference is to acknowledge that you want more and to take action that’s what this book is about it’s a guide to help you take charge of your money and invest in your future you