SEO in 2013 – What to Function (and AVOID care for the plague!)

Hey, hey, what’s up? This is Pat Flynn from
I’m really happy to have Alex Becker on the
show with us today. He has a website at And he’s an SEO expert and
he’s going to help us understand what’s
working today with SEO and backlinking. So
let’s get right to the interview.
Hey, what’s up Alex? Welcome to the Smart
Passive Income YouTube Channel. Thanks
for joining us today.
Hey, Pat. What’s happening? It’s great to
be here. I’ve been a long-time
Well, thank you. And actually, it was Alex
that reached out to me because
he said that he had some interesting stuff
to share in regards to search engine
optimization. So Alex, why don’t you tell
us a little bit about who you are and what
do and what your website is and why you’re
here today?
So, for lack of better words, I guess you
could call me, I don’t know, an
SEO enthusiast. But what I do is I handle
the SEO and the search engine marketing
for pretty large companies in the past. A
long while ago, I actually worked as an SEO
Director and SEO Manager of a few marketing
agencies. And what that allowed me
to basically do was work with a lot of budgets
and see what’s really going on in the
SEO world and just concentrate because I just
had all this like test, test, test going on
because of the budget.
But Source Wave, what is that all about? Source
Wave is basically my blog where I go
out and I share a lot of my SEO knowledge
because basically when I got started, it was
really hard to find really good SEO knowledge
online. So I started the blog. It kind of
blew up a little bit. And now, it’s like my
number one client-getting attraction ever.
pretty cool stuff.
Nice. OK. So you’re an SEO expert and you
have a blog at Source- And why are you here on the show
today? What do you have to offer us?
All right. So, what do I have to offer? Well,
I used to be in Air Force
and when I was getting out, I really didn’t
have any income stream to rely on. It’s just
basically like jumping off a cliff. And I
heard about this SEO thing and how a lot of
people were making money. So, I asked a friend
who was involved with it and I said,
“Where can I go to get some solid SEO information?”
Of course, putting your Niche Site
Duel, this was almost two and a half years
ago. And basically, that’s what got me all
started. It’s just what has completely fueled
me to what I am right now. And of course,
there were other things I looked at but it
was one of the big things.
So what I wanted to do today is come and kind
of give back because right now, I see a
lot of people saying SEO is dead or a lot
of people just throwing in the towel. And
fact is, with the current algorithms, it’s
easier than ever to rank. So, I just want
to come
on today and give your readers some really
solid info to just basically allow them to
Google’s butt right now.
Well, thank you, Alex. Of course, we really
appreciate that. And it’s really
interesting because I’ve been hearing a lot
of the same stuff. My backlinking strategy,
I’m testing it and it still works but not
quite as well as before. And when it works
when it doesn’t work, it’s not even clear.
So I would love to hear what you have going
I mean it was pretty much ever since the Google
Panda and Penguin updates when
things started to go awry. So maybe the first
question I should ask you is what should
people avoid doing in order to get better
search engine rankings or to avoid being
slapped by Google right now?
That’s where it really all comes down to.
If you can avoid penalties while
getting consistent results in SEO, you can
basically do whatever you want because
you’ll slowly but surely get up to the top
of Google, which you don’t have to go so slow
anymore. You can actually rank in a few days
or a lot of times, a week if you do things
the right way.
But to answer your question, what is really
getting people penalized right now and why
there’s so much confusion is because if you
go anywhere, you’re going to see people
saying, “Oh, it’s about quality content or
it’s about having your site setup this exact
certain way or having your links from these
exact places.” And it’s really a lot simpler
than that. And this crazy confusion that’s
going on right now is just because people
don’t truly understand what Panda, what Penguin
and what EMD update did.
And Panda of course, it would go out and would
kind of sort of spammy links. But the
reason why 90% people get hit right now, it
all comes down on anchor text. That’s
what the Penguin update was all about. That’s
what the EMD update was all about.
The reason why these updates were so effective
was because of how Google designed
Basically, what they want to do is go out
and just take down as many SEO sites as
possible. But it’s kind of hard to do since
there’s a lot of websites in the Internet.
they want to look at something that all SEO
websites have in common. And back in the
day, it was all about anchor text, it’s all
about anchor text, it’s all about anchor text.
So, all Google have to do is say, “Hey, let’s
just go out there and look at the sites that
have an abnormal ratio of anchor text.” And
that’s 50% – at this point right now, it’s
actually 30% plus. And what you want to actually
keep your anchor text on now is
about 20%. But back to what I was talking
about, what Google did is they looked at all
the sites and say a site is
And 50% of its backlinks all have
the anchor text blue sneaker for sale. That’s
just completely unreasonable.
What they’re basically logically thinking
is that it’s completely just ridiculous to
that all the people out in the Internet would
be building links to the site. Let’s just
there’s 10,000 links to the website. It would
be completely insane that 10,000 people
built those links all with just the main keyword
in mind. They would build more natural-
looking link site, click here or this URL
So, all Google really had to do was just look
at the anchor text of websites and that’s
the main reason people get hit right now.
I’m sure there’s other things that hit people
right now, having a little quality sites,
having really spammy links. But for the main
95% of sites right now are just getting hit
by the anchor text. That’s why you see so
many people were got hit by these updates
because all Google had to do was just look
back and just look at the anchor texts and
go, “All right. Well, 60% of your links all
blue sneaker for sale. That’s crazy.”
OK. So anchor text, meaning the link that
other sites have — the link that
they click on to link back to your site. And
you’re saying that, and I know this back in
the day, it was pretty much, the more you
have the better of the exact match of the
keyword that you’re targeting. And now, it
should be — you said 20%, so one out of
every five links should be your primary keywords
and all those other ones like should it
be your primary keywords plus a couple other
keywords or should it be things like “click
here” or “read this”? What’s working best
right now?
And so, that’s a really good question. It
actually brings up some really
cool ways to be making anchor texts right
now that really help your site but are not
damaging like having the same keyword over
and over again. And then it comes down
through use of what I like to call synonyms
and missed keywords. And the way I like
to do this is kind of break the keywords down
in three groups. I actually got this from
a really good friend of mine, Greg Morrison.
But we sat down. He actually told me this
and I started using it. It works like crazy.
So, what we want to do when we’re building
links, as I said, you want to keep it around
20% to 30% for your main keyword.
Let’s just say, we build nine links. We want
to follow it in this kind of
pattern. So, let’s just say the first three
links were built. Let’s just imagine ourselves
about blue sneakers for sale. And what they
would want to be is blue sneakers for sale,
best sneakers for sales, and maybe place to
find sneakers for sale online. Now, that
would cover kind of our main keywords and
we want to hop into our synonyms. And
this is how they work.
So imagine if we had a site out there about
blue sneakers for sale. Logically, a lot of
anchor texts would be like shoes, buy shoes
online, flip flops, things related to shoes
like shoe strings maybe. And what that does
is it really tells Google, “Hey, there are
lot of natural links coming in.” And it kind
of pick — paints like a big picture of what
site is relevant to because of course, the
main thing it’s relevant to is blue sneakers
But as we go through, it’s like it’s relevant
to shoes, it’s relevant to high heels, it’s
relevant to flip flops. And this doesn’t have
to be in the shoes niche. But you see it
paints that kind of overall picture of relevance
to the overall niche and that’s where the
synonym kind of branch of links comes in.
Now, the final three links we want to build,
so we’ve got the six links. We got three
main keyword links. We got three kinds of
synonym relevant backlinks. The next three
backlinks we want to build are just what I’d
like to call missed links. And these are what
most people build link-wise. I’m talking about
maybe just “click here” would be the
anchor text more info or you just have a plain
URL there.
And what that does is it paints a really natural
backlink profile. And what a lot of people
are doing is just going out there and maybe
60% of their keywords would have blue
sneaker for sale in them. And that’s just
such a dead giveaway.
OK. So, how are we building these links? OK.
We sort of understand
the anchor text and I’m sure there are more
detailed ways to go about it and more
formulated ways to go about it. And just so
you know, those of you watching this right
now and listening to this, I’m actually going
to be putting this stuff to the test.
Alex has a lot of case studies where he’s
linked pretty competitive keywords using his
strategies in a week or ever less which is
pretty ridiculous. And I want to put this
to the test and I want to see it working and
he’s going to kind of show me how this
works and we’re all kind of going to do it
together and see what happens.
But anyway, we understand the anchor text
sort of really low percentage using
synonyms and other types of keywords within
that particular niche not necessarily using
the same keywords that matches your target
keyword. But how are you building those
links? I mean there’s obviously — the traditional
way is like article writing and social
bookmarking and directories, and things like
that. What should we do or what’s working
right now? And also, what are people doing
that is not working or that we should
All right, Pat. So, like we talked about last
time, there are two strategies
that are really working right now. And I kind
of want to lay out two strategies. One, is
kind of more, you have to invest a little
bit and the other strategy where everybody
really hop into it. And the first strategy
when it comes to building links, this absolutely
kills it. If you get this right and you do
this the right way, you can rank in days to
like I showed you in a lot of case studies
I showed you the last time we talked.
Now, the first strategy requires going out
there. And before I get into that, you got
to understand that the core of SEO is relevance
and PR. If you can get more high PR
backlinks from relevant places, then you win
at SEO. Now, the challenge is those links
are really hard to get. If you make a site
about, let’s just say, dog training. It’s
to be really hard to go out there and find
a ton of high PR dog training sites that want
to link to you. And by high PR, I mean just
on the home page, it has all the high PR.
That’s a really big challenge. You’re not
going to be able to really do that efficiently.
So what we can then do to kind of get that
core relevance plus PR is we can go out
there and we can buy high PR domains. And
it depends on how much you want to
invest. Say, you have a local client who’s
paying you a $1000 to $5000 per month to do
that, you can go out there and you can invest
in buying some PR5 domains. Say, you’re
kind of just getting started in this, maybe
investing in some PR2 or PR3 domains which
you can usually pick up for $15, or $20 with
some places where they’re showing you
how to, of course, find the map for that price.
It’s kind of a steal but there’s a secret
getting them.
So say, we have a site about dog training.
Now, what we’ll do is just simply go out
there and we’ll buy a few high PR domains
just say, PR2 to 3. And what we’ll do is,
here’s one thing to keep in mind, the URL
doesn’t matter too much. But we’ll fill these
sites with content relevant to dog training.
We’ll put in maybe a few articles on there.
Make sure the keywords are kind of spread
throughout the page. And then we’ll simply
link back to our site.
And so what happens is we get that awesome
core and relevant backlink that’s just
core PR, core relevance linking back to our
site. And that just allows us to see basically
almost overnight success sometimes because
you just get that core of SEO. And that is
PR and relevance.
Now, the strategy works extremely well when
you combine it with other types of
kind of backlink that I’m about to get into
right here. And this is what I’d like to call
PR1 backlinking. So what I want you to imagine
right now is we kind of stick to the
backlinking strategy in the past, kind of
building the pyramids we have, kind of the
2.0 and so forth point to our sites.
Now, what we need to do now and what Panda
really hammered down on was spammy
link sources. If you’re posting on what I
like to call, bad link neighborhoods, then
going to get in trouble. And these bad link
neighborhoods are really, really hard to
avoid if you’re just using normal tools or
services because no tool right now is designed
to avoid bad link neighborhoods. And there’s
only one real way in my mind to really
go about finding these bad link neighborhoods
and really kind of completely avoiding
So, what you’ve got to understand about bad
link neighborhoods is 90% of sites that
have a bad profile with Google might be penalized
or might be recognized as spammy
link providers. They’re usually going to hang
around the PR Zero or PR N/A range. And
that gives us a very good definition of where
we’re going to be. Now, not all PR N/As
and not all PR Zeros are bad sites. That’s
not true at all. But most of the bad sites
going to be within that range and all. So,
PR Zero and PR N/A links don’t really provide
you too much value.
So, what we can do to overcome this is we
can simply go out there and we can post
only on PR1 sites. Now, it’s not that every
single PR1 site out there is clean. But if
go out there and we post two PR1 plus sites
then we can almost completely avoid all
those bad link neighborhoods because a lot
of times, Google is not going to award
a PR2 sites it does not like. So, when we
combine that kind of PR linking and that’s
something easily achieved with tools or just
very specific services out there, you can
actually just have a very good link profile
as long as you keep your anchor text by what
we talked about earlier. Then you’re basically
on fire.
So, those are just two strategies. And the
way they really worked together really well
is if you combine the first strategy with
the second strategy. Of course, some people
might not want to invest too much in the first
strategy because they’re just starting out,
that’s OK. The second strategy works very
well as well.
OK. So, few follow-up questions to your strategy
one and strategy two,
strategy one being where you’re sort of buying
PR2 to 3 depending on your budget five
sites and then — so I have a question on
that and also, a question on this PR1 sort
network that you’re talking about. So talking
about the one that you just talked about,
getting PR1 sites. Now — does that mean if
you’re building links on those sites, is the
root domain, the PR1 or bigger or is it — because
I know a lot of times when we create
articles even on things like,
when we create an article and put a back
link on it, it’s a PR Zero article because
it’s just brand new.
Yeah, that’s a really good point. A lot of
times when you post on Ezine
Articles, we create links places. They’re
going to be on PR Zero, PR N/A pages. But
what I meant by kind of the PR1 pyramids that
we talked about is basically, you want
to be posting on sites where the root domain
is a PR1 or a PR above like you talked
about. As long as we kind of stick to sites
like that, we’re going to be pretty safe.
Now, there are a lot of tools out there. You
can set your tools to automatically post to
only PR1 plus sites. It’s very, very easy
to do. And so, that’s basically what we want
aim to do. Of course, a lot of the pages we
create will be PR Zeros at first. It’s just
want to stick to that kind of PR1 plus sites.
OK. You keep mentioning these tools. What
are these tools specifically if
you don’t mind sharing?
OK. So there are about three tools you can
use. And the first one I really
like is SEnuke but not the base version, all
right? If you just open up any of these tools
and press the go button, you’re going to get
some very mixed results. What I like to do
with SEnuke because I like to go on there
and you have to set the tools in a certain
to only post to PR1 sites. Sometimes, I’ll
go and actually edit kind of the files. But
a lot
of times, you can just kind of select the
sites you want to post to. It’s very easy
Now, two cheaper alternatives to that are
Ultimate Demon and Magic Submitter. Now,
both of those tools are not as pick up and
go as SEnuke but they are good alternatives
as you can manage each of these tools to post
only the PR1 plus sites. So, that’s how
we’re going to go out and kind of set that
Now, are you writing articles for those tools?
Is that how they work? You’re
submitting articles to those specific sites?
Yeah, pretty much. Some of the links you build
like social bookmarks
and what not don’t require an article but
a lot of times, when we’re submitting to kind
of Wiki’s PDF or article sites or Web 2.0’s,
definitely going to need an article. And of
course, you want to go through and spin that.
OK. Now, going back to your other strategy
where you’re talking about
purchasing PR2, 3 or whatever sites. Now,
I remember a bunch of link networks that
a lot of people were using, Blog Blueprint
and Build My Rank that were blog networks
that got just totally killed by Google. Now,
isn’t that what you’re kind of building here
purchasing these sites and creating — you’re
creating your own little network? Shouldn’t
we have to worry about that or what are your
That’s a really good point. I thought the
same thing too when I used to
go out there and I started building PR networks
when I was working at this agency. I
used to think, “Well, that happened to Blog
Blueprint. That happened to Build My Rank.
Do I really want to do this and invest money?”
But the thing you’ve got to understand
about those networks is they were kind of
like the link mafia.
Think maybe back in the ’20s where like the
mafia was just getting away with
just murder. And eventually, when they’re
out in the street just waving a red flag,
eventually they got busted because it was
just so obvious they were doing it. And
eventually, the cops, the government, whoever
cracked down on them.
Well, Google is the same way. Back in the
day with the blog networks, Google was
very, very well-aware of these networks and
it was very, very easy to spot who was
behind all of them. But all Google had to
do was go out there and hop on the forum
and just read a few forum posts.
And it’s just that — it’s just crazy because
a lot of people are really paranoid about
Google tracking their whole activity online,
looking at their analytics, looking all their
backlinks and stuff like that. But then they
think Google is too stupid just to hop on
Black Hat World or Warrior Forum and see what
type of network everybody was using.
And at that point, it’s just a really simple
solution to go out and nail these networks.
now, when I talked about the Google updates,
Google wants to go out there and they
want to nail as many SEO sites as possible.
And so, what these networks kind of end
up being was like a giant fly catcher for
Google. They just have to wait for the networks
to build up and look at what everybody who
was using them and then they slap all of
And so basically, when Google goes out there
and just looks at the forums, looks at
all these networks that are being heavily
advertised, it’s like they were literally
billboards all over the internet saying, “Hey,
we’re breaking Google’s terms of service.
Come break it with us.” That’s all they have
to do at that point. All they need to do is
hop on the network. And it would be fairly
simple for even a basic SEO to hop on these
networks and track all the sites.
So after they wave their banners everywhere,
they made it completely clear they were
abusing the Google terms of service then at
that point it was just a matter of time
before Google hopped on them. And that’s why
PR networks like that just don’t work
anymore because the second the network starts
to get big, the second a lot of people
start talking about, the second you buy a
massive banner ads saying, “We’re abusing
Google.” Google is going to crack down on
Now, this is almost totally different than
what we’re going to be doing. When you set
up your own kind of private network and it
doesn’t take a huge investment upfront
either. That’s what kind of intimidated me
at first as well. Basically, when you go out
there and you set up your own network, Google
has much bigger fish to fry. There are
multibillion dollar companies. And so, when
go up there and we’re setting up a network
about anywhere from 10 to 50 sites, maybe
way down the road, you really don’t have
anything to worry about as long as you’re
not doing what these big networks are doing,
which is buying banner ads and going in the
forum and telling everybody, “Hey, you
can join up now.” And basically, just telling
the whole world that they are abusing
So with your own little private network, Google
just really — doesn’t have the time or
resources to find it. They don’t even really
care that much. It’s all about nailing the
fish. And you’re basically pretty safe. So,
the chance of you really getting nailed like
Blog Blueprint or Build My Rank is virtually
zero. It’s just — and until you start making
a huge ruckus and basically spitting on Google’s
face, you don’t have much to worry
about. So keeping the network to yourself,
keeps it pretty safe.
Got you. OK. Now, one more question in regards
to that particular strategy.
If you’re buying these sites and I’ll ask
you in a second, where you’re saying that
domain and the content on that site that you’re
buying if it’s PR2 site doesn’t have to
be relevant to your site. You can buy that
because it has a PR2 or 3 or whatever and
then change things around? And then putting
the proper anchor text and make that site
relevant even if the domain name is something
like fly fishing and your stuff is about
dog training. Like that works?
Yeah. But it’s a little bit different because
a lot of times the sites we’re
going to be buying, they’re not going to be
pretty populated with contents. It’s not that
we’re going to be buying a big site that really
has all these articles on it and then going
to sneak in our links in there. What we’re
going to be doing is basically going out there
and finding domains right before they expire
that have good PR. And then what we’re
going to be doing is just basically putting
WordPress on the side, very simple and then
filling the site with relevant content. And
that’s really all it takes at that point.
basically working with a clean slate that
has a really high PR.
OK. I see. So, any sort of — where would
you find these sites online? On
Flipper or …?
Well, most of the time where we’re going to
be finding this sites, we’re
going to be finding them on Go Daddy. And
there are a few tools actually out there that
help you find sites right before they expire
on places like Go Daddy and a few other
domain auctions. And that’s really useful
because the Go Daddy auctions and other site
auctions aren’t designed to help you find
PR sites. It helps you find domain names and
so forth.
But there are a few sites like
or a tool called PR Powershot. They
basically let you go out there and you can
see the domains of PR sites before they’re
expiring on Go Daddy. You can basically jump
in there in like the auction house right
before they expire and jut basically hop on
these domains right before they’re bought
so you can now be getting a lot of PR4 domains,
PR3 domains, PR2 domains for way
cheaper than they would usually go for.
For example, sometimes PR3 domains go for
like 90 bucks but if you go out there and
you use FreshDrop or PR Powershot, you’re
going to be able to go in there and find
kind of those cheaper PR2 or PR3 domains that
I talked about earlier.
Now, if you’re looking for kind of the higher
PR domains, you’re usually going to have to
go through a domain vendor. And these are
usually guys you can find on Digital Point
and a few other websites out there on the
Internet. Most of the time, you’re just going
to have to dig for them. They’re on Digital
Point or from a lot of places. And what they
do is they’ll basically go out there and they’ve
done really good at buying those really
high PR domains and you can basically negotiate
and buy the domains through them.
If you’re selling out though, PR Powershot,, great resources for finding
kind of lower PR domains for really good deals.
How many of these sites you want to shoot
for in your sort of network or
If I was just starting out, maybe three to
four. Of course, you just
want to go out there and you’re going to get
that initial testing done. And maybe later
down the road, just start building up on it.
But you’ll get really good results from a
domains just like that right off the bat if
you do your keyword research the right way.
And you just need one link coming from the
sites to point to your main
Well, the way we want to build the links on
the site is kind of by the kind
of anchor text profile that I talked about
earlier. All we have to basically do is we’ll
out there and we’ll make maybe one main keyword
link to say our site is about dog
training. Let’s just imagine that.
Our main keyword link on the site will be
like dog training. Our next
keyword link will be like puppy cage training
or something like that, something relevant
to the niche. And then our final link on the
site will be like a URL link or an image link
and that kind of gives us that really natural-looking
backlink profile coming to site and
also gives us three backlinks coming from
the high PR sites instead of just one.
Right. OK. I don’t know if those of you who
are listening or watching this
right now are probably — if you’re not an
expert on SEO really, your mind is probably
blown or you probably don’t know what to do,
that’s why I wanted to sort of put this
stuff to the test just to see what happens
just like I did with the Niche Site Duel.
See if
I can bring another site up in today’s SEO
world. And so, we’ll see what happens and
I’m going to work with Alex and see what we
can do and just put this to the test. It will
be fun.
Now, we talked about purchasing tools and
websites, what about for people who don’t
have a budget? Can they still rank?
Oh yeah, you can definitely go out there and
still get really good results
with this. You’re just going to be doing your
keyword research really well at this point.
And of course, you’re not going to be going
out there. You’re not going to be competing
in really competitive niches. But that’s not
how you should start out anyways.
So if you go out there and you kind of build
sites kind of like how Pat used to in the
Niche Site Duel the way he saw me like a lot
of Web 2.0 and someone link to those
websites. That still works very well. And
you can get it basically going and you can
to a social web marketing site and link to
your site like that. And you can still get
doing that as long as you’re doing your keyword
research the right way.
And also with that being said, we really get
to tap on anchor text. If you’re creating
your site and you go out there and you build
tons of links and all your links are the
same kind of anchor text, that’s still going
to get you slapped. So go out there, kind
of use the kind of free methods you’ve seen
Pat used before in the Niche Site Duel.
They’re great examples. But just keep the
anchor text in line and you’re going to be
seeing pretty good results as long as you
do your keyword research the right way.
You’ve got to pick your keywords.
Yeah. I think the big theme here is anchor
text. And I know a lot of people
got hit because they were over optimizing
their anchor text. And I believe, and correct
me if I’m wrong really quick, if your site
got slapped in that update, you can work on
your anchor text and try to get back some
of those links or change some of the anchor
text to get that profile link back to where
it should be. Is that right?
Oh yeah. You definitely can. But the cool
thing about Google right now is
you can still rank for competitive keywords
extremely quickly. Last we talked, I showed
you myself ranking for like a 22k search month
keyword or like a 30k per month search
per keyword and a few days, there’s actually
almost like 24 hours. So sometimes a
better solution is not to try and fix your
site, not try and do the Google rain dance
healing, as I like to call it but you can
actually go out there and you can just make
new site and rank it just as fast actually
like three days later. So, that’s kind of
my input
on that.
All right. Now, thank you, Alex, for coming
on the Smart Passive Income
YouTube Channel. You said you had something
to offer us just to kind of give us a little
bit of more information on this before we
get together in another video when we start
to do another Niche Site Duel or case study.
What is it that you had to offer?
Yeah. What I want to do is I’m pretty sure
this interview probably created
more questions for people than it kind of
made answers and show them some really
cool opportunities but they’re like, “All
right. How do I really get started doing this?”
Because really in SEO, you need the nitty
gritty to get started. So what I want to
do is put the two strategies we talked about
earlier in two separate PDFs for your
One, the kind of just easier, less competitive
strategy that is kind of for people that
want to just get started and the other one,
the kind of more hardcore, very competitive
strategy you can use, say you have SEO clients
who you’ve been doing SEO for a while.
In that way, anybody who really needs the
nitty gritty can just hop into it and kind
pick up and kind of get the small details
that everybody really wants.
Yeah. And we’ll try to do that the next time
we meet. So thank you, Alex,
for coming on the show. You know Alex, again, Go check him out.
He has got some great case studies. He’s very
transparent there. And he’s got a great
community built there too. And yeah, thanks
again, man. Appreciate it.
Yeah. Awesome, Pat. Very happy to be here.
All right. Take care.
All right. Cool.
All right. I hope you enjoy that interview
with Alex Becker from Source- Lots of great information and I’m
sure you’ll get a lot more questions. But
like he mentioned in the video, there are
a couple downloadable PDF files that you can
get. The links to those will be in the description
below or if you’re watching this on the
blog, there will be links to those PDF files
here on the blog.
And please stay tuned. I got a lot more stuff
in regards to niche sites coming up with
Niche Site Duel 2.0 coming up. I’m going to
put these strategies to the test. I’m going
to interview some more experts to try and
get the best information out there on how
you can build a high-ranking, quality, valuable
niche site that’s going to help people and
also help pay us back in return. So look out
for that. I look forward to seeing you in
next video. Take care.

Paying off $84,000 of Debt in 4 Years with Travis Pizel

what’s going on everybody we got jeff rose and i’ve got an awesome interview today i got Travis pizzelle who has an amazing debt journey in the tune of paying off eighty four thousand dollars of debt in under four years and just look that number kind of super minute cuz that is such a huge huge number a great accomplishment for Travis you’re probably just enjoyed to share your story absolutely you know I want to be Travis in here he has really been prominent of August fear you know just sharing his dead journey also encouraging and motivating others you know giving them hope that they can get out of debt and today I just wanted to kind of go through the journey of you know kind of how did we get into the debt what was the the point where you like the the oh crap moment like oh my gosh like how did this happen and then you know the process you went into deciding you know the debt consolidation with care one you just how you went into that so do you mind just kind of Shirin does the story become the backstory sure absolutely Jeff so it really started immediately after my wife Bonnie and I got married we know we communicated well about everything but finances really and so you know pretty much right off the bat we we were overspending and and it really you know started out with we both had good jobs and we had a good income so we kind of felt that entitlement that we should be able to do anything that we wanted to do whenever we wanted to do it and as a husband I really felt that you know if I wasn’t able to provide everything and anything for my family then then that would be a failure for on my part so as we you know began our married life and we started to you know figure out what we wanted to do for fun and what we wanted to do for entertainment we would commonly overspend and when the money ran out then you know there’s always credit cards righted you know 15 years ago credit card companies were very eager and willing to send you all kinds of you know offers in the mail so you know using credit cards to supplement our income and we always you know I always knew that we had credit-card debt but as the years marched on and that number got bigger I really started to hide what that number was from her because I really didn’t want her to worry I really wanted to shoulder that that stress myself you know and it was out the thought process that I had was you know that the next income increase the next salary increase you know this is the the internet bubble time right when people are getting 12 percent increases all the time the next salary increase is gonna allow allow us to catch up and and that never happened so about the June of 2009 we got a we got letters in the mail from from a major creditor with that we had six accounts with and there are increasing the minimum payment policy I think it was from to pers or 1% to two and a half percent of the the balance was gonna be the minimum monthly payment and and when I sat down and really tried to figure out how much that was gonna be and what that was gonna do to our monthly payments it was it was obvious that we weren’t gonna be able to make those payments anymore so that was really our financial cliff at that point and we needed to figure out what it was that we were gonna do about that and so we went and talked to our bank and they really want to hold out a help for us there their advice was well pay down your second mortgage so that you can refinance your house and and and fold all that debt in and I said man you’re not understanding what I’m telling you I need help now I don’t need help in two years or three years I need help right now and they just shrugged their shoulders and you know I walked out the door so the next thought was you know either consolidation loan or bankruptcy that’s really all I knew that existed at that point and and bankruptcy didn’t sound like a good alternative you know but if that’s what we had to do then that’s all we had to do but we wanted to search and see if there’s any other options and that’s when we started searching the internet for you know just debt relief if you go and and put debt relief in your favorite web browser your search engine you’re gonna get all kinds of stuff yeah and we found a couple of different debt management companies debt relief companies and I started to take a look at them and vine and I did it together and we a lot of times looking at websites reading reviews and and the company that we ultimately went with care 1 Debt Relief Services has an online community where their customers speak out and they tell about their journey and they ask questions and and other customers also respond to those as well as the employees and that’s what really caught our eye about about that company and after after spending countless hours reading through those forums and reading external reviews that’s when we decided to make that phone call yeah so before we talk a little bit about that process I’m really interested I mean you mentioned that you were you were trying to shoulder the load you know of this debt and you know kind of keeping the wife at base where you’d have to stress out about it at what point time did you have to have that tough discussion with her to let her know and you know how did that conversation go that’s it that’s a good question that was really when we got those letters in the mail about the the minimum payment policy change and I realized that that we couldn’t make the payments right up until that point you know I like to think of myself as a pretty creative guy and sometimes that you know in this case that didn’t really work out to my benefit but I would spend time at night in front of the computer desk you know looking at different ways to ballot or transfer balances around or applying for new credit cards or you know doing whatever I could to kind of keep our financial house of cards from from collapsing and up until that point I was able to do it but there just wasn’t any other way that there wasn’t any solution I didn’t have a solution so you know we had to sit down with those five letters five or six letters and had the discussion of look this is this is what’s happening this is the state that we’re in and I don’t know what we’re gonna do about it and she was understandably very upset you know marriage is all about trust and and and I really didn’t give her any reason to trust me at that point but we had a very very honest and very frank discussion about how we got to where we were what I had been doing what I’ve been hiding from her and you know at that point I didn’t know I didn’t know how we were gonna fix that problem I didn’t even know she’s gonna give me an opportunity to fix this solution I thought she might pack her bags and walk out the door for all I know but but luckily for me she stayed with me and we’re still together today with her two beautiful children and and from that point you know when when when that discussion was over then then as a team you know we we sat down and started started looking for a solution that’s great man because I mean I wanted to highlight that because you know finances I mean this this is make or break a couple and you know this could a very pivotal point in your marriage and you know the fact that you guys were able to talk it out and devise a plan plan of attack I mean that’s you know that is what marriage is all about you know come together so you know awesome that you guys were able to work through that and just you know and how you now you here for four years later you know eighty four thousand dollars a debt paid off I mean that’s awesome and that’s so that’s a team yeah but thanks Jeff it’s it’s been a it’s been quite a journey and you know getting into the debt relief program is it’s really only really only half of it you know a lot of people think that oh I signed up for a debt relief program and I just make my payment every month and and they’re not good and you know paying off our mountain of debt is certainly a great thing but if we didn’t address the real base issue of how we got there to begin with then we would just end up in the same situation again so we’ve been working really hard over the last four years to increase that communication level have regular budget discussions we’ve gone through countless different ways of trying to handle our finances and budgeting techniques and and you know to tell you the truth probably within the last eight months we’ve really found the one that works for us and you know it’s a continuing process you know that everybody knows that that that handles our finances correctly that it’s a constantly evolving sort of thing as your life changes your the way you handle your finances has to change so you know we talk about it regularly you know a couple of times a week have major budget discussions every morning we go over our checking account together and that keeps us on the same page and that’s something we’ve never had before and you know if I would have known how good that feels and how stress how much less stressed it is to share that with her and to work as a team than to try to shoulder that by myself man I could have saved myself a lot of a lot of hurt all right so live like said I mean that’s you open wide the communications I think that’s huge I mean most couples they don’t do that enough you know you might be my wife like we try to talk but you know we’ve got three young kids and we’re you know just being stretched every direction so trying to find that time to talk about these issues you know sometimes it’s hard like we try to talk over a dinner but you got three kids creepy whatever else so the fact I mean but you do have to make an effort you know and that’s that’s the point and you guys are doing that so okay so now you’ve you know you’ve addressed the fact you start doing your research you want to care one just looked at their community so you began the that could solve a consolidation process so kind of walk us through for someone that’s never been to that process what does that look like what is that how does that feel oh sure so I want to tell you about the the first phone call that we had with a with a rep from the company and a lot of times when you’re dealing with with finances and financial products it’s kind of like talking to a used-car salesman right it’s that high-pressure sales thing to try to try to get you to buy something to get you into the program and we really didn’t feel that at all the gentleman that we talked to we were on the phone with him I think we called it like eight o’clock at night and we were on the phone with him for like 90 minutes I don’t even know if he is supposed to be on the phone with us anymore but you know he he wanted to make sure that we completely understood what we were what would be getting herself into how the process worked what would be going through what would what to expect what not to expect what our responsibilities would be and then at the end of the phone call right we went through our income we went through our bills and he came up with the the proposed amount you know how much would our monthly bill be you know ballpark figure and it’s a pretty big number and I said Wow and he kind of was skeptical about what I meant by that and he said is that is that it can you do that is swinging a ball and I said if you tell me that I can pay that much each month for the next five years and this debt will be gone you make me the happiest person on the planet and he said no GCD scared me there for a second I thought you’re gonna tell me that you know take a hike but but at that point he said you know I don’t want you to sign up today I want you to think about it and I’m gonna call you back and I’m gonna call you back in two or three days and we set up a day and a time for him to call us back and in the meantime we did more searching Ronnie and I sat down from the computer and and read more community forums read more reviews did more searching made sure that this was the company that we wanted to go with and I remember he was supposed to call us back at I think it was six or seven o’clock in the evening and that time came and went and and that phone never rang and we said well maybe that’s a sign maybe maybe this isn’t the right company for us and then and just then the phone rang and it was his personal cell phone the phone lines have gone down at the company and but he had promised he’s going to call us so he called us on his personal cell phone and that we talked for another 90 minutes you know more questions going over what was going to happen and at the end of that phone call we we signed up and it was you know is a great relief at that point we knew we had a lot of work yet to do but we knew we were on the right path yeah so the question I always have in this situation so you know you consolidate all your debt how does that affect you know other be able to purchase other things like you know these two have a credit card you know if you want to buy a car it could you it hasn’t affected like your other day-to-day financial operations sure that those are great questions Jeff so the the statement when you join a debt management company is that you don’t want to get any other unsecured lines of credit I’ve read that people have especially towards the end of their program we have we have some accounts that you know like store credit cards that are not on on the on the program and we don’t want to use them we’ve slipped up a couple of times and then we just cut it you know we’ve cut these things up and so that we don’t have that temptation close those accounts well but there’s always the risk that if you open another unsecured line of credit because I’ve got letters I saved all of them from all 13 creditors that have got on the program some of them explicitly say that they’re gonna check your credit report and if they see any new lines of credit that open up that they you’re in you might get booted off the program so you really don’t want to take that risk especially especially getting so close to the end of the tunnel right right as far as buying a car anything that secured car getting student loans for college and in buying a house all those things that you’re able to do because they’re secured lines of credit secured secured loans it may be more difficult because when they pull your credit file it may say you’ve got accounts that are that are being handled by a credit counseling but you can get a letter from your debt management company that says you know that you’ve been on the program since this date and this is their payment and they’ve been making consistent payments for this many months and that that’ll you know be a good thing to take to your lender with you so when is the official debt payoff date I’m free got on your calendar right oh absolutely it is March 28th of 20 2014 Wow yeah that’s coming coming real close so we we made that our payment just a couple of days ago last week and it even said I remember sending out a tweet about it last week I realized that we only had 12 payments left you know that it was one year you know it wasn’t five years it wasn’t where we weren’t halfway there we have one year left and you know I I honestly I kind of teared up a little bit because it’s a it’s a it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a very awesome day you kind of already mentioned this previously but like went through this journey you know would have been some of the big changes like just in yourself and with your family that you that you’ve noticed yeah and that’s that’s it’s been a process that tell you we knew that when we joined the debt management company and enrolled in the program that we’re gonna have to make major life changes you know we’ve been living above our means for you know had at that time for the first 13 years of our marriage and we knew that we were gonna have to cut things what we didn’t know is we didn’t know just how far and how deep our gonna have to cut we really weren’t honest with ourselves even for the first probably a year or a year and a half we you know we did all the things that you normally do you you stopped going out to eat you stop leaving town you stopped going out to eat all the time you stopped you cut your cable bill you look for all you evaluate every one of your monthly expenses trying to figure out where you can cut but the fact that we still had a 500 gallon hot tub in our backyard you know really told you that we didn’t quite get it yet but you know that so it wasn’t so much of a switch right from off to on as it was kind of a slide right you know from yet we’re gonna cut well yeah we got to cut a little bit more you know what this is nuts we really got to cut a lot so you know drain the hot tub sold that you know really really made more significant cuts you know talk to the kids you know we want you guys to be in activities but we’re not going to be able to do as many as we did before you know and no really the thing that I like to say I read in a blog post once not that long ago you want to be selfish with your money you want to really spend the money on the things that that you value in the things that make sense and having you know a 5 gallon 500 gallon tub in the backyard that you sit in once a month isn’t being very selfish with your money but spending some money to go and get a movie and ice cream and sit with your kids and talk to them what they did for the day that provides real value for your life yeah yeah that’s cool so how old are your kids now 10 and 14 10 14 so they’re definitely in an age where they they could feel it more than like a five or six year old oh yeah whatever yeah and and and they’re actually very aware of what we’re going through they they know what care 1 is and and you know they they know that I’m a customer blogger for them they know that I blogged for a couple other websites I actually had my daughter write a blog post for enemy a dad a couple of months ago and that very interesting to see her perspective about our situation yeah that’s awesome I go check that post I guess I missed that that’s cool man so so anything else I mean I think we covered everything that I had to tend to cover this is exactly all I wanted to hear but you know just any last last bits of encouragement for those that are in debt and just want to get out yeah you know the biggest thing that I want to tell people and the message that I try that I’m trying to get out there and the reason why I’m even blogging is to really try to get the word out there that there’s always hope right I remember what that felt like when I saw those five or six letters and and that I didn’t have any hope and that you know I didn’t know what I was going to do and people have options people that are in debt have options and I didn’t know what debt management was I didn’t know there were you know other options out there for me besides just a lot of debt consolidation loan and bankruptcy there’s other options out there they’re not for everybody I mean you have to assess your own personal situation and figure out what the right the right solution is for you but there are solutions out there and people just have to go and find them man so anybody that wants to connect with you and just more than your writing where where should they go sure so on Twitter I’m debt Chronicles so you can connect with me there otherwise I am also a customer blogger for Carolyn debt relief services so that’s wwk one credit comm and I’m also a the main blogger at enemy of debt so enemy of debt comm perfect and I’ll have links of those so everybody check that out and I’m actually going to include that link to your doggers post that sounds really cool it’s awesome man well Travis I appreciate a man I mean I know the the blogging community appreciates you and just your willingness to open up and share I know talking about dead you know especially you know this is it’s hard for a lot of people but you know you’ve embraced it and use it a way to educate and inform others and you know I know a lot people who owe that a lot to you for that so we appreciate it buddy thank you Jeff thanks for the thanks for the opportunity to talk with you I’m from man we’ll talk soon sure bye Jeff you

Should silent You Devour Your 401ok to Payoff Your Credit score rating Playing cards?

do you end up in a monetary pickle the place you are oh so tempted oh so tempted to money then occasion or 401ok to repay some credit-card debt or to repay some sort of excessive curiosity mortgage oh yeah somewhat bit tempted tempt me do not tempt me with that mortgage I need to money it in I’ve had a number of folks ask me on the weblog hey Jeff ought to I cashed in my 401ok to repay some credit-card debt you already know my easy reply is let me let you know okay you had a current reader query the place the person had a 25% curiosity mortgage their bank card was 25% loopy they usually have been simply stressed about how a lot they’re having to repay every month they usually wished to borrow towards their 401ok really I believe they need to cashed in a part of their 401ok to pay it off after which no matter they have been paying on their month-to-month fee they have been gonna put that again of their 401ok they usually requested me what I believed they need to do and what I advised them was this totally not did you hear me completely not no do not do it certainly not are you ever are you ever going to borrow money out a part of your 401ok to repay any debt not allowed not beneath my watch so what are your choices what do you do let me provide you with two straightforward issues that you are able to do to decrease your rate of interest primary go to your native financial institution or credit score union and see when you can take out a private mortgage and a decrease rate of interest one in all my readers that emailed me that need to money out their 401ok that is the place I prompt and guess what they went to their native credit score union they usually’re in a position to decrease their rate of interest by over 10 % 10 % I believe they stayed virtually $200 a month on their curiosity funds alone another choice if you do not have relationship together with your native financial institution or credit score union is to go surfing they usually use on-line suppliers like lending membership or prosper the opposite person that had a 25% rate of interest bank card who has simply felt that they have been misplaced and that that was the one choice they needed to do to money out the 401ok I had them go to Lending Membership they stuffed out a fast utility on-line subsequent factor they know their rate of interest low went from 25 % right down to 12 % in order that they acquired a mortgage from Lending Membership paid off their bank card after which that they had a mortgage to Lending Membership at 12 % that is 12 % rate of interest simply by going surfing as you possibly can see there are different choices and cashing out your 401ok we’re not gonna allow you to jeopardize your monetary future by cashing your 401ok to repay some foolish bank card debt not at this time that is jeff rose from take care

Pointers on methods to Rating out of Debt

so many Individuals are in debt these days you’ve got received buddies you’ve member of the family in case you have co-workers that you recognize are scuffling with that hey that is jeff rose from and with my FICO at this time I wish to share 5 methods you could get out of debt the primary essential step in getting out of debt is addressing the why why are you in debt what received you in debt within the first place Eric Ries from the e-book the Lean Startup shares the tactic of utilizing the 5y methodology to discovering what is the root of the issue so how do you apply the 5y take a look at to your self and attempting to determine how you bought in debt you need to begin off asking your self why why did you utilize these bank cards properly as a result of I did not have any money available it having emergencies enjoyable why did not you’ve an emergency fund properly I simply do not save sufficient as a result of I’ve spent an excessive amount of on different stuff why do not you’ve any financial savings properly I am simply not disciplined as a result of I simply do not understand how how come you do not know how as a result of nobody ever confirmed me methods to do it so do you see how strolling down these steps and asking your self these 5 why questions how one can uncover why you bought there the second step in getting out of debt is managing your money move money cash child okay all joking apart you actually must know what you’ve coming in every month I am amazed that folks make good cash have a very good paying job however once I ask them how a lot they’re spending on no matter every month they don’t have any clue you need to know the place the mines coming from and most significantly the place it is going sure that includes the B phrase the finances but it surely’s not that troublesome budgeting may be so simple as an Excel spreadsheet a white sheet of paper and pen or some nice on-line instruments like mint and also you want a finances calm the third step is cease being blind you are lifeless okay I do know I’ve received debt I simply it is over right here someplace the place’s my debt I’ve debt good day debt I am unable to see you take away the blinders so to lastly face your debt head-on one factor that individuals are very blind to is their credit score most individuals do not know what their credit score rating is or what their credit score historical past is all about you may get your credit score rating you want a free credit score report head on over to to determine what is going on on along with your credit score the opposite factor is you could understand how a lot debt you actually have I as soon as met with this couple that claimed they solely had a bit little bit of demise just a bit bit once I requested him how a lot they actually had they weren’t certain so I despatched them dwelling on a homework task to search out out the actual whole seems they’d fifty thousand {dollars} of shopper debt now final time I checked that is not a bit little bit of debt that is so much the purpose is you can’t be blind to your debt you need to understand how a lot you’ve so the fourth factor you need to do is to have fun your small wins and throw a bit get together paying off debt is usually a lengthy and endless course of at the least that is the way it feels so celebrating the small wins are necessary in case you repay the small bank card have fun exit to films with your loved ones exit to a pleasant dinner simply not too good keep in mind paying off debt is an extended journey particularly in case you have a number of debt have fun these small wins possibly it is including $500 to your financial savings account or making a double cost on a excessive curiosity bank card no matter it’s take pleasure in it write it down and simply have fun the truth that you probably did have a small win the ultimate step of getting out of debt is staying targeted hey are you continue to there hey come again come again ah there you’re good keep in mind you need to keep targeted you need to keep in mind what received you in debt within the first place keep in mind these 5 why’s be sure to write them down remember do not fall in that debt entice once more these are simply 5 straightforward methods you could get out of debt however I am curious what methods have you ever used to get a debt please share with the neighborhood so others can profit we wish to hear your story that is jeff rose from take care