How To Sell On the Phone

gentlemen Steve Jeff Baron this is Grant Cardone videoing from Hollywood California Baron sent me an email two days ago saying hey grant could you put together a little clip so the people here the executives here that shoot TV and make decisions could see exactly what you do when you come into UK and give a turnaround version my turnaround TV show version in the UK so rather than me telling you what I’m going to do what I’m going to do is use my own personal business let’s face it all businesses fail the question is do they fail a long term or just short periods of time so when we go when I go into a company what I’m looking for is the real problems the people in the business don’t know the problems if they knew the problems they wouldn’t have them so what I do is I go into a company and identify real actual problems I tell what rather me telling you follow me I’ll show you what I do this is the sales department okay i’ma blow in on the sales department and show them how to sell something that’s going to increase morale it’s going to drive revenue it’s going to make the business successful that’s what people all over the world are not doing sales meeting every day every few years this is a guy on right now just every trouble 4030 let you know be them a drop in not discussed a stroppy okay so what I require I do this I’ll give you a call at the end of the month sales well then we can see where we’re at as evening sweet let me have it oh really this is Carlos hey Carlos hey your business grant cardone here how you doing I’m great you’re in court no more for this this is this is rank are down sir the super buckling on very important for wanna record why you love it never thought I’d be talking you on the phone oh all this water well fortunately there bro you know what you’re talking to me right now Hey and the reason I’m jumping on this call Carlos is because I heard Jerrod say something about he’s going to call you back next month look at this big man okay but let me ask you something why did you look at in the first place what an interest in training man I had an interesting it my people trained and not you why do you have an interesting loading your people trying for 2,000 bucks well I’m a cleaner better near eye area with a more regular school in this favor okay so what’s important to you what problem you try to solve get our water I want to get on the table for handle situations add a counter say and I want to get my grades that are trying to want to get my better in United again you don’t seem to come to manage your eyes like anybody male trying to good in Carlos excuse me but do you feel like you’re missing opportunities right now yeah good so you didn’t call Jared you didn’t show interest in our product because you wanted to save money you call Jerry because you want to increase your income raised by your revenue by having your people better handle situations get your veterans experience and get your green your newer salespeople training to get what he’s a still I mean if you guys knew better than 1500 and 139 men well the 1500 a month that that’s your objection is the cost sees moved under come on under counter right Marv around there yeah well let me explain to you that it’s not 1500 a month it’s thirty six thousand dollars you save yourself plus the four thousand dollar startup fee which means it’s forty thousand I need you to think about a forty thousand dollar decision not at $1,500 a month decision you’re going to be on this program two years not one month if you’re not going to be only two years you need to tell me that upfront because then we don’t need to do it it won’t work anyway let me ask you a question Carlos I will when’s the last time your company spent forty thousand dollars you would probably spend spend almost a month on advertising uh-huh have you ever had it not work well you can’t ever really put it together but I’m sure you know it’s working we wouldn’t keep any money right so look you’re going to spend forty thousand dollars to train your people over two years over two years to handle every opportunity it comes to you and you spend four hundred and eighty thousand dollars in the same period of time on advertising this represents basically eight percent of your ad budget do you want to train your people do you want them motivated if so if you’re going to do this sooner or later if you’re going to do this sooner or later and I’m going to suggest and that’s why I’m getting on the call take time out of the equation and let’s do this the reason I got on the call was to assure you that I’m here to support you can help you look Carlos get on the back of me a contract either crying Carlos I appreciate your business thank you buddy okay and also like I can’t argue that look dynamite hey let me well that’s what everybody should be doing right now to make businesses work so they survive and prosper what’s your what’s your home address I want to send you something personal for me you got horses what was it what’s the zip code again I missed it for that name okay good you do you have any do you have any concerns about doing this money but I mean like you know it the way the way you explained it to me egghead man I mean ya know breaker yeah that’s right would there be briefing right would there be any reason you would change your mind you know man I’m not gonna kill my little or Lucy if I damage it I’m gonna do it I’m sending it to you right now thank you so much for your business and look look for your mailbox look in your mailbox for something special Mary are you very great guy okay thank you so see Wonka’s look is not always going to work like that but if the executive drops in brings in the altitude brings in the enthusiasm even if I would have failed I restored my sales department they see that I’m watching they see that it’s happening now they see success that’s what I want to come to the UK and do to wake the UK up before these John Haeger I know John yeah but he has an agreement very good yeah okay sure John Piper yeah yeah I know John gonna call yeah sure you still you still recording it out as cut this no yeah yeah totally so here’s another here’s another client right now this close but they’d like to talk to me let’s just see what happens in it’s called yeah look these are these are completely crazy random happens all day long happens to every business it happens in the cupcake business it happens in the vacuum cleaner business the furniture business the motorcycle business see Armando he’s not making enough phone calls Houska never get a chair hey Jana Jana hey John’s David Bradley Frank cardones I guess y’all in favor what’s up buddy long time I know it go oh wait you call me on my lap hey on with the jobs bigger power quick yeah do you want me to call you in your landline yummy call you on your landline yeah what’s the number you gotta wonder what’s the best use of time for the executive oh right now we’re drive revenant I want to increase the revenue the company that is the the grease for the machinery it’s money it’s sorry particularly over there right now with the second recession you’re experiencing it’s money you got to drive the cash register and the only way to do that is to talk to customers to interact with customers to touch customers to get involved a meetings not going to do it organizing it’s not going to do it hey man what’s up player everything Jarrod everything’s good yeah man good good I want a girl anthem I throw Randy you know maybe yeah was it that big convention right thats right good in business good for you yeah we’ve had a good year yeah David good yeah well I hear find good David’s right here no no wait we’re just telling your brand friend say Bradley this we raised you from a pup you do man she doubled responsible for me right I got you we got your cake darlin yeah you did pop when you after your own felon I appreciate that I appreciate that we just we just go ahead and know that the most famous would come from Louisiana yeah yeah well on time I’m working on doing something to elevate that to another level so yeah why are you sitting with a contract in front of you for me yes we are told related as long as you come along with a deal you come to eat here we’re ready to sign up today what do I need to do brother you got to come over here and kick it off oh man I can’t come all the way over there and kick this thing off dude I’m so busy but I can tell you what I can do when I can drop in virtually I can drop in live on a Skype or a Google Plus call okay I won’t do that you know and I’ll do a look at you know object I’ll do one of those to kick it off but I can do more you know if you call me up and give me like 60 days notice I’ll just put it on my calendar you know maybe when we’re 60 or 90 days into the deal and do another one for you all right so officials Fox News make it over there with you yeah yeah because that’s a moving and people dog okay hi what do you got there for you oh don’t um let me see what do I have what I have in front of it if you want over the numbers with him he’s got it what’s the contracts and what what’s the contracts say oh it’s negotiable set up being the found and put three thousand if we want you want you to kick it off yeah so it’s going to be four thousand dollars twelve ninety-five for 24 months get together with you and have a chat I know that if you go watch Jaguar no no no that’s if I come over the over over virtually potentially incorporate how many guys you run with we don’t want a baby hurry down the only bone no man you want that I’m telling you it’s for the setup okay I’m actually giving you that dealers you you definitely want dad to come out there’s that David or John you yeah you want that man I’m telling you I’ll kick this thing off so hard first of all David is going to kick it off with your management team to show them how to set it up then I’m going to either come in two weeks or four weeks into the program I don’t I’d prefer to do it after they’ve been on in a while to come in and start answering their questions so you know 90 days into the deal you want me to do another one we’re friends I’ll do another one for you Hey oh you don’t wait hey yeah sure in the few going forward like look whatever y’all want me to do I’ll do going forward just to ask me to do it I’ll do it okay oh that I paid about that right no why you why you want to do that to me man why you want to nickel and dime me like that gonna make it on somebody else you know hi so so what are we gonna do yeah I mean this is retail no it’s not no it’s not no you just saving six hundred dollars a month out of that there’s not only eighteen hundred bucks whatare the agreement do y’all want me to do unlimited support for you or do you want do you want to nickel and dime me up front of the deal well with unlimited support you call me up say grant do another 20 minute 30 40 minute meeting for us let’s do one in December grant let’s do one in March grant let’s do one in gym well okay well look like that I look I choice for grant a pop for those okay you do four year for every quarter about that they just caught you you want me to do one every month if I can put on my calendar I’ll do it no no no I got a core you’re a busy man how about you do it every order for I’m just saying you guys call me and tell me when you want me to do it I’ll put it on my calendar that’s what I’m telling you won’t be flexible in your calendar yeah good okay four grand 1295 I’m sending it to you right now any reason you change your mind don’t hit it right now but I’m gonna put on a portal are you gonna do old Bing what that’s right that’s the American Way right Morgan more is better I’m in alright I’ll send it back over ink it send it back over get your guys on it for two weeks and we’ll schedule the first one okay hey Graham I’m calling you here in a few days I’m here hey love you guys who do you know who do you know other than yourself that would be interested in doing this no a lot of people well soon as we get on it I’ll give it now you already know me well enough who’d you think of when I asked that question hey do twenty groups right now cool okay when can I speak to one of the group’s I got to make sure it works good I’ll give you all these names I don’t want to recommend you unless I got a recommen brought your name up the other day the 20 group was uh Brian Paragon yeah yeah he’s been on this thing 18 months okay okay so who do you guys know come on should share the crawfish guys uh let me go coming back right I meant soul group yeah you have it any better know about who’s your best friend in the group your best friend in the group who is it that’s right Rick Rick towers but so okay okay can you give me a meeting with him show this to him I got a CI name is saying it yeah yeah okay what are you trust me can you send me fifty pounds of crawfish then any of the money can you see me fifty pounds of crawfish Yeah right hey profit leaves over going well with good one wins coffees come when when they come in Frank you gotta come sprinkle it all right okay give your they give me to come speak to you twenty grew by hey I’ve got a tiger meeting coming at you there yeah I’m here okay I got a twenty group meeting I’m going to Monte uh actually Sunday I’m leaving okay we’re mostly it’s in Philadelphia I don’t want to go till Adelphia well anyway up and up I got I’m an infinity twenty group Davidson accurate twenty group okay so the guy I Paragons one of course we knew about it but Paragon was yes singing your praises the other thing right one of the group’s okay his room okay so uh but now I got some pretty heavy hitters and in mine be accurate India that’s how it works okay that’s a no guys abused it guy needs more than they see in my place cool that’s around welcome to they feel announcement elders in revenue in ten minutes Gordo yes sir okay you know Dave me low or uh oh I’ve got I don’t really know all the guys I’ve only been in one group and every mother okay we’ll just give me you know maybe and put me on the agenda son he say hey can we bring car down in he’s doing business with Ben stock I’m doing business with Rick case you know you yeah yeah I’ll bring it up I’d love to hang out with y’all come to stay an extra night we’ll throw back stint on Julio you’re the man okay buddy thanks for your business I appreciate player by K know that there’s a good example okay my god David might have been I’ll take the deal all the way but this and it fuel to the fire okay gets it hot in here they’re like oh my god we can do business and it might have speeded up the process this is what we need to do for a TV show in the UK you

Low-label Time size Existence Insurance coverage safety – The best way to Collect Dust Low-label Time size LIfe Charges

immediately we’re gonna get low-cost dust low-cost however not that type of low-cost we’re speaking about low-cost life insurance coverage say what life insurance coverage Jeff it’s possible you’ll discuss life insurance coverage wait too lengthy I do know I’ve however this is the factor individuals nonetheless do not bought no life insurance coverage fifty million individuals 5 zero 5 zero fifty million individuals haven’t got life insurance coverage that is California and Illinois mixed the primary excuse that folks do not buy life insurance coverage is as a result of they are saying it prices an excessive amount of an excessive amount of an excessive amount of are you critical are you critical do not we discuss an excessive amount of so that you’re gonna sit right here and inform me that you simply’re gonna spend $100 a month to have limitless texting to have limitless information in your cellphone in your cellphone however you are not gonna spend $100 a month and make it possible for your loved ones’s taken care of I’ll smack you upside the top with this flyswatter do not bought me survey was simply introduced that two thirds of folks that do have life insurance coverage are paying lower than $100 a month shock and of these half are paying lower than 50 bucks a month that is two 20s and a ten that is two of those in one in every of these 50 {dollars} so now that we have established that life insurance coverage is affordable I wish to present you three straightforward methods to make it possible for whenever you go purchase life insurance coverage since you aren’t gonna purchase it if you haven’t any three straightforward methods to get life insurance coverage tremendous low-cost let’s have a look the very first thing you gotta do is cease residing like Sir Richard Branson you realize the man that skydives made a visit to the moon does all these loopy daredevil methods be loopy Superman loopy loopy cease residing on the sting cease making an attempt to be a daredevil you little loopy you for those who’re a skydiver a BASE jumper or a crocodile wrestler you gotta understand that life insurance coverage corporations are going to contemplate you to be excessive threat so yeah you continue to may be capable of get life insurance coverage but it surely ain’t gonna be low-cost it is gonna be tremendous costly the second factor you gotta do will not be procrastinate the final time I checked we’re not getting any youthful we’re all getting older do you see these hairs they weren’t right here a few years in the past however they hold popping up the older that we get dearer life insurance coverage goes to be why would you not wish to lock in a low charge whenever you’re younger it is sensible proper you hear me you hear me so until you are Jack Palance who can do one arm push as much as the age of seventy the Oscars who’s Jeff Jack get your life insurance coverage now when you’re younger and the ultimate factor you gotta do is lower out the crap did he simply say crap I imply in case your concept of the three wholesome meals teams aren’t Cheetos hotdogs and Ben and Jerry’s I feel you are in for a little bit of a shock residing the dream boys stay within the dream you gotta handle your self you are gonna have hypertension excessive ldl cholesterol diabetes obese all these items and if that occurs guess what your life insurance coverage are going to go skyrocket upwards in order that’s it that is how straightforward it’s to get low-cost life insurance coverage he is nonetheless bought excuses are you continue to gonna attempt to inform me it is too costly do not make me come at you with this flyswatter take into account your self warned exit and purchase your self some dust low-cost life insurance coverage that is jeff rose do not even come out with Matt do not even come at me with that deep my ft click on I am a daredevil be fast I gotta purchase life what life insurance coverage no Superman loopy loopy shock I do not wish to purchase life insurance coverage a day I wish to do it tomorrow I am drained yeah one two three

How To Write A Best-Promoting E book | Tim Ferriss

hello Steve Harrison right here with Jack Canfield welcome again to our dwell forged and anytime TV producer needs to placed on an excellent present they actually attempt to line up an all-star collection of company and there are company generally which are onerous to get and Tim Ferriss is with us we’re thrilled to have him he is a tough to achieve he is often called the the writer of the 4-hour workweek the lobby physique and since in all probability solely works 4 hours per week you understand he picks his media interviews intently and I do know that as a result of he was mentored by you Jack we’re glad that he stated sure to this dwell interview I am thrilled to have him he is one of many coolest guys I’ve ever met in my life and I met him when he I believe he was like 26 years previous and he was making like 65 thousand {dollars} a month and utilizing the Web in a complete new means that within the pc world and needed to jot down a e book and I used to be lucky sufficient to get to know him and and be taught Tons from him however the factor was I used to be capable of introduce him to my agent who agented the my success success ideas e book and I get a very nice Christmas current yearly from that man saying thanks thanks thanks for dissing me to tempest effectively Tim need to welcome you to our present right here thanks for having me yeah it is it is totally my pleasure to be right here and pay it ahead if I can in any means effectively Tim you understand I used to be saying earlier that Jack is obi-wan Kenobi and if he is obi-wan Kenobi you are Luke Skywalker yeah effectively that is uh I am a Star Wars geek so I am going to take I believe obi-wan Kenobi is way cooler than Luke Skywalker why tends to be form of whiny however you understand perhaps that is perhaps that is additionally a part of my make-up however I I’ll take it and I’m uh I’ve discovered so much from Jack and we phrases I used to be simply saying earlier than we got here on Lama F as a result of the expertise I believe could be very complicated to folks I simply stated you understand the field of crayons has modified the toolkit might have modified barely however the ideas of the ideas and I believe you understand Jack actually embodies methods to apply them repeatedly constantly and only a few folks may do this we’ve we’ve simply 1000’s and thousand teen eighty-four folks watching our dwell forged and one of many issues that we all know is that a number of them are considering of writing a e book however they’re they have not performed it but okay there’s they’re typically feeling uncomfortable fearful uncertain perhaps afraid of criticism take us by your journey I do know that you just started instructing like a school course and then you definitely had this concept of the e book it’s going to inform us a bit of about the way you determined to jot down the 4-hour workweek the e book was considerably unintended as Jack can attest to so I actually discovered to hate writing ah my senior thesis in class virtually killed me and I vowed I may don’t add to myself a 4 write something longer than an e mail ever once more after after I graduated and naturally that hasn’t fairly labored out the best way I anticipated however in the midst of constructing my very own enterprise after commencement began visitor lecturing at Princeton twice a 12 months on this excessive tech entrepreneurship class which I actually loved I nonetheless return I attempted to twice a 12 months loves beloved instructing I’ve all the time beloved instructing and at one level I used to be touring and attempting to kind by my existential crises on the time and pull myself out of the enterprise all the issues that later ended up within the 4-hour workweek and one of many college students who was very snarky fairly typical Princeton stuff and I can say that cuz I went there I stated within the feedback the suggestions discussion board stated effectively I do not know why you are instructing a category of 50 college students you need to simply write the e book and be performed with it ha ha ha and so these concepts saved occurring to me for chapters or ideas or instructing or headlines no matter and I could not get to sleep I am actually dangerous insomnia so I began writing down these notes simply to get again to sleep so I have never a notepad I am going to write them down simply return to sleep they usually began to mount up mount up mount up and I used to be in Argentina dancing tango on the time lengthy story have not learn 4-hour work week and I had a good period of time in the course of the day so I made a decision to place collectively a proposal study publishing only for the hell of it by no means ever not solely did I not plan on writing however I did not need to write a e book and I sir I acquired all of it collectively I assumed to myself that is truly considerably attention-grabbing perhaps not very attention-grabbing and I despatched it I despatched the proposal to Jack which on the time was referred to as way of life hustling horrible horrible title horrible and I stated it to Jack and I stated Jack am i fully loopy and stuffed with it or is there truly one thing right here and I might actually admire your suggestions and I developed a relationship with Jack however largely going to Jack for kind of philosophical life recommendation greater than the rest so that is the primary time I had requested in regards to the publishing enterprise and he wrote again I bear in mind after which he stated truly I actually suppose there’s one thing right here you need to go ahead to be good for Fox and Buddies and this and this and he ought to meet these three folks and and I used to be a bit bowled over as a result of as he referred to as my bluff I anticipated I used to be virtually hoping that he would say yeah this e book write something I do not suppose it is for you however you are nice at this and this so I am going again to what you had been doing and as an alternative he stated no you need to and I used to be like oh boy right here we go and ended up assembly to Steve who’s now my agent and has been for ever since I you understand met him by Jack and that simply led me on this whole journey the e book was turned down by 26 out of twenty seven publishers which seems like so much till you hear what was it Jack for Rooster Soup for the Soul 144 publishers sure then precisely so I believe the variety of copies you promote is proportionate to the quantity of people that turned you down I believe since you I suppose so principally jack is offered you do you add million you had 62 six digits to the top of the variety of publishers and then you definitely’ve offered that or extra copies of your books however that was the journey it was it was very uh it was made a lot simpler by having a few easy introductions and suggestions from Jack after which every thing else flew that every thing else got here from that not so that you talked about that you just discover writing very very troublesome and I believe that individuals can actually relate to that ones are watching or or you understand our dwell forged so Tim you are now the writer of the 4-hour workweek the for our physique you have acquired this nice e book give a bit of plug right here the 4-hour chef that will probably be popping out have a look however give some what would you counsel to folks which are watching you they usually’re saying you understand what boy writing it does appear fairly daunting what are some methods of constructing it simpler I am going to inform you so the the primary 4 chapters I wrote for the 4-hour workweek I bear in mind I needed to toss out as a result of we’re so pompous sounding they had been horrible like large Ivy League phrases it was horrible horrible writing it was boring to jot down and it was boring to learn so I tossed it after which I used to be like all proper I must loosen up I have to be humorous so I attempted humorous and it was like slapstick silly it was so dangerous it was like you understand the a transcript of the Three Stooges it was not it was not good writing after which I made a decision you understand I am simply going to jot down this for the one or two pals I’ve who’re experiencing the identical issues I’ve form of found out that is it and I’ll write to them as if I had been sending an e mail to them heartfelt e mail two glasses of wine that is the tone like I’ve had two glasses of wine I am relaxed I figured a few issues I actually need to assist one or two pals and that is how I began to jot down it is humorous you say that as a result of Jack was in Philadelphia talking to a few of my purchasers simply final week and this was a degree that you just actually made that it is a mistake that so much folks make is that they attempt to sound good or higher they attempt to sound larger than they’re and I all the time say that you need to speak and I like what you stated two glasses of wine there was three cups of tea by Greg Mortenson now as much as cup and half of glass of IU – however the thought is that I speak like proper like I am speaking over the desk to somebody we’re having you understand lunch how would I speak to them so it is a very clear private relaxed dialog with somebody I care about hmm yeah go forward Jim no I used to be simply going so as to add a few issues so the primary despite the fact that I am not a fiction author at this level who is aware of perhaps I am going to attempt that and make a multitude of issues however hen by hen first for all of the psychological trials and tribulations hen by hen is the e book that I learn after I really feel like I am going into the abyss or having a whole meltdown it is a great e book for getting out that however I additionally would say like if you’re caught if you’re unsure what to jot down inform a narrative so that you like present do not describe it present it so should you’re like oh how ought to I describe this level do that do this like bullet level this bullet level that give an instance give a narrative and simply so what’s an instance of how you probably did that within the 4-hour workweek uh it effectively anytime I I hit a sticking level which was very very fairly often I’d there have been a pair issues that I’d I’d ask myself who whose story can I inform like who embody is that this level or this precept I imply Jack clearly is a grasp of this type of storytelling and secondly PO Bronson who is a good author and has written many many good books at one level I heard him on a panel and any person within the crowd requested him about author’s block and and also you stated effectively after I get author’s block I take into consideration what makes me actually actually indignant and I proper about that and it is truly incredible recommendation should you write about what most frustrates you why it frustrates you after which like what you probably did about it uh you normally provide you with one thing good and I’d additionally emphasize sorry I’ve a number of ideas on this however that just like the e book is a very powerful factor you want to bake the product the market heading into e book like that is that for me that’s virtually all of it after which the remainder a number of it takes care of itself however what I’d say is make your quota actually small so two crappy pages a day that is your quota for me that is the one means I can slog by a e book like not pleased pages a day this concept of to is is I believe we’re hitting the quantity two yeah all proper yeah I can’t consider a e book or I am going to simply need to like cry into my pillow and fall asleep I can not do it effectively with job we’ve a query from the dwell a chat this is love this title any person by title of eventual million that is like s the positioning how did Tim enhance his writing expertise if he by no means thought he was a author is it the individual’s I am not precisely a author however I acquired approached by two literary brokers what would you say I used to be yeah so for bettering writing I’d say there are a number of there few keys so I I did I did take the craft of communication very critically as a result of you want to good enterprise however I by no means thought-about myself a author you do not have to be author within the literary sense you need to have an genuine voice and that is it a constant genuine voice which is you and I’d say that to enhance your writing let’s have a look at on writing effectively is a e book that basically helped me easy and direct additionally one other e book that that basically helped me and what I’d say is you need to imitate earlier than you possibly can create so should you actually actually love a sure author for instance Kurt Vonnegut in my case is one author I like imitate his type attempt to write two pages as should you had been Kurt Vonnegut after which perhaps you perhaps you end up three pages of rubbish and then you definitely get into your circulate and you understand it is not rubbish since you wanted these three pages to heat as much as get to the purpose that you just finally use to begin the issue and so let me ask you this we’ve Michele Lopez from Colorado harm her query is in your view is dangerous publicity value it and we’ve one other query from I like this title naughty photog for Tim havoc had a deal with delicate materials that freaks folks out of sexual nature is it critically that is each our largest promoting level and a detriment I do know a for our physique you got here up with a very killer teasing bullet that acquired you a number of publicity of a sexual nature sure sure I did it so I’d say that simply to deal with each factors I do imagine there’s such a factor as dangerous publicity I don’t agree that each one publicity is nice publicity I believe that notably in an age the place Google actual property is extraordinarily essential in case you have in case you have earned someway a nasty publicity I don’t imagine that it pays optimistic dividends does not imply you to cry over dangerous opinions both however I do not exit of my means for dangerous publicity actually however on the flip aspect associated to the sexual content material I do not exit of my means keep away from offending folks if it’s a byproduct of me having a powerful opinion on one thing I believe will assist a number of my readers I’m pleased to polarize I don’t shrink back from it so I am not going to you understand needle somebody in a very offensive means only for leisure however uh if there isn’t a polarity should you do not take a powerful useful stance on something then you definitely’re not going to create any debate you are not going to create a dialogue and in a social world that lukewarm response goes to kill you mmm yeah this you you had been capable of get recommendation and from Jack and suggestions what do you suppose the common one who is considering writing a e book can can actually be taught from from Jack and simply his a few years of expertise as an writer oh man I imply we may we may go on a thought of it however and I believe that mr. Jack has it is not like Jack had one profitable e book uh Jack needed to earn the success of that first e book greater than virtually anybody I do know and tried every thing I stands out as the kind of portfolio of issues that had been thrown on the wall to see what would stick is simply my endemic to me and I’ve tried a number of stuff Jack has tried every thing underneath the Solar after which some and I believe that what’s essential if you’re attempting to create a world-class e book and have a world-class launch for instance and world-class longevity like hitting the bestseller record from one week is not attention-grabbing to me hitting the bliss and staying there for a pair years that is actually attention-grabbing to me and I believe that you understand jack is aware of methods to do all of that and simply as essential having the ability to inform you what to do and that is one thing that is uncared for I believe is mentioning what not to spend so much time on and you understand I bear in mind talking to Jack actually early on at one level and there are a lot of instruments to make use of once more you need to decide your weapon so to talk however we spoke means early on and it was you understand radio these particular shops actually transfer books blogs rising in significance actually have an effect in he is following methods and so I simply targeted on these two issues I imply that was the launch of the primary e book hmm yeah yeah and one factor I believe you – you understand obi-wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker right here one factor that you just actually have in frequent is you are each I bear in mind I requested you on the teleseminar stated effectively Jack you understand what do you say to folks simply stated effectively Jack acquired fortunate with Rooster Soup for the Soul and he is like no no we had been actually strategic you understand and I do know Tim you are extraordinarily strategic on the subject of your advertising let’s speak a bit of bit about leverage you understand getting influential folks that is one thing that Jack and who we’ve an enormous emphasis on in bestseller blueprint Tim that is one thing that you just recognized for your self is to determine sure influentials who may then do a few of the heavy lifting for you with the intention to save time speak a bit of bit about how you probably did that along with your books I did it it is a lengthy dialog however I am going to give the quick the quick model so the 80/20 precept variations of the recommendation is if you’re searching for out influential folks on-line so let’s simply say they’re bloggers likelihood is they they are going to be u 2 dice may be very onerous YouTube can work so very onerous to get the eye of a youtuber with 2 million subscribers they’re getting hit 100 occasions a day and have a enterprise supervisor in Hollywood it is simply it is simply very onerous a number of the highest bloggers I can nonetheless be reached should you suppose’s primary is you are not attempting to promote a e book everybody on the earth that is the way you fail in advertising you want to have a sniper shot what meaning is to hit the New York Instances record relying in your week relying in your class let’s simply say it is 10,000 books per week okay Sunday to Sunday 10,000 books per week be actually particular in who you attain out to and be sure that your content material is totally an ideal match threading the needle with their viewers if do not hassle as a result of should you had been pitching the New York Instances and also you had the fallacious part they are not going to run your story similar factor with blogger so you need to have very very particular focusing on what I’d say subsequent is that emailing these folks is competing in essentially the most crowded channel attainable so in case you have a bit of little bit of lead time and I’d HIGHLY extremely advocate it’s that you just go to appearances should you’re going after tech for instance know thy viewers my case my first my first goal not my solely viewers my first goal as a result of I belong to that demographic it is 20 to 40 12 months previous tech savvy males that is it with a spotlight in San Francisco New York and I begin there so I do know who I am going after then I’d go to a spot like South by Southwest so X s sorry s x SW comm Austin Texas yearly that was one of many tipping factors for the 4-hour workweek I’d go there meet these folks in individual hang around with them do not pitch them get to know them it is not a transaction and should you view it as a transaction you’ll fail it needs to be a relationship that you just domesticate over time and also you do this by getting them to belief the messenger earlier than the match which it does not matter how good your messages in the event that they’re frightened about placing you on the weblog then having you do one thing silly and embarrass them they are not going to do it I and I’d say lastly is do not do not fake like your product appeals to everybody so one of many issues that I did after I met actually good bloggers is I’d ask them a number of a number of questions after which after they stated effectively the place do you as much as I am going to say oh I am engaged on my first e book e book and I form of go away it at that and to be like effectively what’s it about and I allow them to lead the dialog in that means after which I’d simply provide very very gently I’d say look I do not suppose the entire e book will probably be of curiosity to you to be completely sincere however they’re there one or two chapters perhaps 20 pages complete I am pleased to ship you a evaluation copy my publishers give me a bunch of them and I can simply put a sticky observe on these two chapters I do not count on you to put it on the market I do not count on you to endorse it however I’ve a bunch of those copies and also you would possibly truly take pleasure in it so pleased to ship you one if you would like and that was the pitch bloggers don’t reply effectively to a tough promote any greater than you understand name this the New York Instances would and I take care of each of them and I am going to inform you like you understand my weblog my weblog has greater than half the variety of subscribers than the Wall Avenue Journal so you need to deal with it accordingly do not ship me a crap do not ship me a crappy pitch I will not reply and I do know you you want to offer bloggers which have large followings unique content material and even at the same time as you are proper as a result of one of many issues that we have been emphasizing is that you need to suppose advertising even whilst you’re writing the e book you are speaking about acquired to construct relationships I do know you construction a few of your content material aren’t you already fascinated with what weblog this might go in as you write as you write the e book a bit of bit or give some suggestions on that yeah completely yeah completely so the the considered one of my writing suggestions can be to jot down in a modular vogue so should you have a look at the 4-hour physique it is actually a select your personal journey e book they usually’re about 50 books in a single and also you select prism curiosity you that makes it simple to order which is a profit to the reader it makes it simple to jot down an order which can also be useful if you hit a sticking level one slam your head in a automobile door okay so that is that I yeah let me ask you this one factor what go forward I do not do you know I used to be simply gonna say by fascinated with which blogs can be an ideal match for sure content material it makes your e book higher since you’re not being salesy you might be answering the query who’s my reader and that’s the advertising who’s my reader hmm nice level you understand one of many issues that individuals watch this dwell forged they see Jack Canfield with 47 New York Instances bestsellers they see Tim Ferriss Wow you understand the 4-hour workweek you understand they usually and the 4-hour physique they usually’ve seen this parade of best-selling authors they usually’re listening to us speak about all of the success which actually could be theirs in the event that they put collectively you understand issues in the proper means we have additionally talked Tim about how there are advantages of simply being an writer even should you do not turn into a best-seller however the factor is folks maintain themselves again there’s worry doubt you have talked about that writing is troublesome I simply noticed an excellent quote from you on Twitter the opposite day I can not quote it precisely however it was one thing to the impact that after we take into consideration our personal insecurities and fears we overlook that everyone else has these as effectively communicate to their speaks inform us a bit of bit about what recommendation would you give that one who’s considering I actually need to be an writer I actually this sounds thrilling I need it I need to step ahead however I am afraid of what I do not know perhaps folks reject me or criticize me or would communicate to that uh I’d say that Willie are some things so and I’ve to be very candid right here so the primary is uh I acquired a blasphemer a really very profitable writer at one level very profitable and he stated to me should you’re gonna write a e book write an effing e book do not fiddle do not do me yeah okay as a result of it is extra of a legal responsibility than the rest I’d say that you understand writing e book or a e book is like dropping 100 kilos you are able to do system le and virtually get aren t the end result should you comply with a sure recipe I believe the jack is best certified than simply about anybody to supply that however I am not going to say that it is easy however I’ll say that the method of trying to jot down a e book is effective even when it by no means will get revealed okay secondly should you write a e book and publish a e book even when it isn’t an enormous New York Instances bestseller who cares a very powerful advertising article I’ve ever learn is known as 1,000 true followers it is written by Kevin Kelly who was the founding editor of Wired should you may handpick the thousand folks on the earth who acquired your e book delivered to them in individual they usually learn it from cowl to cowl wouldn’t it be value writing that e book and I’d say completely and you may in some methods engineer that that and the way do you do it as a result of you understand you a reader and then you definitely write the e book then at before everything you need to learn after which secondly that they need to learn hmm this is a query from Jenny Kinson she stated for Tim if Tim was beginning proper now what a program like Jack’s bestseller blueprint would this assist him or would he do it the onerous means that is the query effectively I do not know why I’d do it the onerous means so I’d I’d go I’d discover one of the best mentor somebody who’s truly performed it somebody who’s not speculator and you understand Jack has performed it repeatedly many many occasions over so I I do not know why should you can afford it I do not know why anybody wouldn’t do it but when you determine the worth of your time I imply you can spin your wheels for years on these items and most of the people do they usually it’sjust I do not see I am going to see the explanation to do it III do not see the explanation to make your life more durable than it needs to be Jack we had been speaking about there’s a number of various things that you want to come collectively to achieve success as an writer and Tim is the poster boy for lots of various optimistic attributes on this regard what do you see in his story that that individuals can glean effectively I see two issues I believe somebody who you understand one of many nice issues that makes folks profitable is being keen to be teachable and to know that you do not know and to be keen to go discover out and be taught from the Masters one of many chapters I’ve my e book is a examine with the Masters and I am not the one grasp Tim it reached out to over the course of his profession however that willingness to say okay I do know that I do not know and I’ll discover out and what Tim’s performed in every thing he is performed is claimed who is aware of essentially the most about this I’ll go examine with them whether or not it was folks for his e book on you know the way do you train higher what do you do nutritionally how do you drop some pounds too quick nostril you understand he spent a number of money and time touring all over the world to review with the consultants so if you examine with a grasp you possibly can you possibly can velocity issues up you understand within the e book outliers they speak about takes 10,000 hours to turn into a grasp and Tim has confirmed again and again with you understand he is a Guinness E book World Report of the variety of tango turns it may be performed in a minute that you may velocity it up should you examine with somebody who’s actually good at what they do and so hanging out with folks whether or not it is by a program or by mentorship or by teaching or by an audio program no matter he is performed that and just about each space of his life and the second factor is a relentless dedication to excellence I imply a impeccability on a stage that you just hardly ever see and you have heard three folks tonight say that Lisa Nichols Marilyn delicate and now Tim that you have to write e book and you need to care passionately about what you do after which do one of the best you possibly can to make it one of the best you possibly can and to determine your viewers I see so many individuals attempt to be one thing to everyone and also you stated you understand Who am I writing to let’s Mitch it them and we did it with hen or area of interest books did very effectively after we wrote to a selected viewers versus the mass public and I believe these are after which Tim is a he is a type of folks that basically does go and provides earlier than he will get I imply his willingness to exit and actually create relationship with bloggers and to offer and to attach and to be actual and to not be like you understand doing a transaction as he stated it is visibility credibility after which profitability and he is a grasp at that as effectively and and being in motion takers Tim communicate to that a bit of bit since you’re often called homosexual the writer of the 4-hour workweek he should not work a complete lot is form of the factor and I you understand I do know however however you are any person clearly who takes motion how is that speak to speak to us a bit of bit about that effectively I’d say simply simply to deal with one level actual effectively two factors actually rapidly as a result of I believe they’re essential that I am going to reply that the the primary is that the bloggers who ended up serving to me with for instance the 4-hour workweek I am nonetheless pals with these folks seven years later I discovered folks I linked with effectively I’d be pals with anyway who occurred to be writing about related that thanks and we acquired alongside and we nonetheless get alongside uh secondly I’d say because it relates ii simply simply to encourage folks is that i nonetheless have days a number of days the place i don’t write factor I’m nonetheless paralyzed and screwed up so I am not getting every thing proper I’m succeeding regardless of that as a result of I comply with a few guidelines principally and that goes all by way of taking motion I’d say that persons are afraid to take actions they’re afraid of failure and which isn’t actually clearly outlined however simply encourage folks should you’re contemplating doing one thing writing a e book quitting a job no matter it may be is you need to worry sit identical to you aim set so write down you understand the worst issues that might presumably occur should you tried X no matter it’s you could have a column of these issues second column is issues I may do to stop these outcomes after which third column is what can I do to get again to the place I’m internet out undo the injury if any of this stuff occur you run down and then you definitely understand that is it is a piece of cake that is nothing that is fully recoverable if I even when I fully flop and I believe that is what folks must do to take motion oftentimes okay so my final query is what I name my my Tim Ferriss query I have been trying ahead to asking you this Tim I do not know should you’ve ever been requested this however however how does the philosophy of Seneca how does it how does it apply to writing a e book and selling a e book Wow Wow yeah the that is the philosophy of Seneca they’re a few issues so Seneca in addition to kata I will not go into like a complete stoicism rant as a result of I like stoicism if you need if you need an working system for all times I am going to simply inform you my abdomen my set and I can thanks for the the softball pitch after Jetta the Seneca is would train a number of issues and he was essentially the most profitable funding banker in Rome advisor to the Emperor world well-known playwright in that day in Rome not simply an idle thinker however he would say you want to be taught so for it as an illustration he would advocate that you just put on odd clothes which is one thing truly I believe was Cato did to be taught to solely be embarrassed in regards to the issues which are value being embarrassed about primary so don’t love pie within the face who cares like why are you attempting to impress folks you do not like anyway I recover from it second is that if you be taught that a very powerful issues in life are usually not depending on for instance having a primary New York Instances bestseller however they’re depending on the method and the folks you encompass your self with then you definitely you remove your worry of loss you remove your worry of failure after which you are able to do issues which are seemingly inconceivable and I’d say that maybe maybe these are two effectively the ideas that Seneca would it could emphasize effectively I believe that is an excellent observe to finish on hey thanks a lot for the generosity of your time and giving us your inspiring story and methods has been nice to be with you yeah my pleasure thanks for having me effectively it stick with it that the worry of household like a beer industrial I like you man thanks for becoming a member of I am right here actually I am right here in in very massive half due to the early assist and steering that you just supplied me so my pleasure all proper thanks take care see you guys bye

My Life Notion – How To Arrange Your Life, Be Productive, Balanced And Function Lasting Success

hey guys this is stefan from i have an incredible video for you today on how to manage your life this is exact process that I go through that I personally use every week and every day on how to manage my life how to balance my life you know there’s so many areas of life whether it’s your business in my case multiple businesses or your career or your finances or relationships or your health and fitness your family life your friends your spiritual life there’s so many areas of life that demands so much from us and this process has really helped me and will help you if you apply it to have that balance in your life to make sure that you’re making progress and growing and each area of your life that’s important to you well being more productive okay more productive reaching your goals reaching your outcomes and more importantly than that being fulfilled and I think that’s one challenge that a lot of people face is they go after these goals and maybe they make more money or they have a great body whatever but they’re not fulfilled and if you reach success and you’re not fulfilled than your failure so this process will help you be more productive and actually achieve more while being fulfilled at the same time and I think a lot of people you know number one they have so many mixed beliefs when it comes to the concept of balance and the truth is that balance doesn’t really exist is it possible to be completely balanced I never go for balance I go for progress I want to make sure and for you as well to make sure that you’re making progress in each area of your life that’s important to you because anything in life that doesn’t grow dies you know if your relationships not growing is dying if your business isn’t growing its dying if your body isn’t improving is getting worse and I think so many people and I’m so guilty of this so I’m not pointing the finger I’ve done this so many times it’s scary but we put a certain amount of focus in a certain area of our lives whether it’s your business you get really passionate and focus on that or transforming your body and it’s great because we’re making momentum and you’re making a lot of progress in that area but what happens a lot of time is that we kind of forget and ignore and neglect the other areas of our lives and as a result of syria’s go down and it really costs us our fulfillment and our joy and everything you know so this process is really designed to help you be able to manage all aspects of your life have more motivation than ever be more productive and more fulfilled and it’s not something that I invented actually I got this from Tony Robbins he’s got an actual program on this called time your life incredible program highly recommended I’m actually going to have a blog post on project life mastery comm that will kind of supplement this video so I’ll have a link somewhere on this video so check that out I’ll have a link to his program if you want to learn more about this process but I’m going to kind of share through here because it’s made such a difference to my life it’s really revolutionized my life in so many ways and I just really thought it’d be really incredible to share that with you so that you can apply it as well and then also I’ve kind of modified it a little bit to enough model things from Tony Robbins and some of the things he has thereof modeled as Stephen Covey he’s got a really great time management system brian trace he’s got a great model on how to set goals and everything i’m gonna talk about here as well but i do this whole method on an excel spreadsheet that i can have a download link for as well for this video they can check out and i have a template that you can kind of use if you want to apply this whole kind of model and system for your life and just by going through this i can guarantee you’ll really change your life in so many ways okay so i’m going to jump into this video and share with you the process because it’s a lot to it there’s a lot to set it up and understand with it but that’s why i’m gonna have the blog post that goes along with this you can kind of follow along okay so the first thing that i kind of look at in terms of managing my life is to have a vision for my life and that is so because so many people they don’t have a compelling future something to look forward to an ultimate vision of where they want to be who they want to be how they want their life to be and this great saying in the Bible you know without a vision people perish and having that compelling vision for yourself something to look forward to is really what drives you if you’re lacking motivation a lot of times it’s not because you know you’re lazy or you procrastinate or you’re bored it’s generally because you don’t have a vision a purpose something that inspires you something that if you were to focus on it would just put a big smile on your face and just excite you you know you get something that will just get you jumping out of bed to want to pursue and go after and I am a dreamer I’m a visionary I love to create a vision for myself and I always visualized it and if you can write out the vision get clear and specific about how you want your life to be and then I’m going to share with you as well I have a vision board and have we have pictures and images and and and how you want your body to be in the relationship if you want to have the house in the car or the lifestyle or whatever it is for you everyone has a different vision but having something like that is the most important first step when it comes to managing a life or creating a life and so many people are caught up on just living their lives you know day to day they’re paying their bills or trying to get through the day that they don’t leave stopped actually design their life and if you don’t have a plan for your life then you’re going to fit into the plan of someone else’s so it’s really important to actually stop and go through a process like that and really figure what your vision is ok so that’s the first really step in let me break down the different steps here but let’s put it number one the calls ultimate vision kind of having an ultimate vision for your life your entire life and when you create your vision make sure that it’s something that there’s no limits by you know if you think oh you know but I can’t afford that or whatever you’re already doubting yourself imagine as if there’s no limits if I’m magician we’re able to come along and create the perfect life for you what would that be and I’m going to share with you guys what my vision is and give you some examples for this process so that you can model it get an idea of what I do and how it drives me and this is a process by the way that I go through every week so it’s really important to set this because your vision and your purpose and the things I’m going to share with you is a process that I like I said I go through every week right to make sure that I’m consistently making progress and moving towards my ultimate vision and then I’m going to go into the different areas of life and having a vision for that as well and then even break it down into specific plans and action plans the goals for each area of your life and your you know your whole life together want to make sure that you’re making that progress right because any progress you can’t make it unless you have a vision something that you’re moving towards right otherwise you’re too stagnant so I’m going to share with you my ultimate vision for my life and it’s just something that you know again is for me so you know for you is probably totally different I love this this inspires me and whatever inspires you is what’s important okay so this is my vision to be a person who is truly a leader in the world someone who impacts thousands of people’s lives there is an incredible vision determination courage compassion creativity and commitment can to constantly improve the quality of people’s lives worldwide to be a successful internet marketer that creates incredible products and services that make a difference in the lives of others to be financially free to focus on and do what I love to grow and evolve who I am to the my maximum potential and to be the best second be while sharing those gifts with hundreds of thousands of people through my coaching events products and services worldwide to build my own foundation to have an incredibly loving wife and family constantly nurtured and growing to live in a mansion in Laguna Beach California with my home gym in a dojo and a private beach to be a multimillionaire to be physically fit being 190 pounds at 80 percent body fat to have traveled the world to be a ten in all areas of my life and to have attracted my perfect ten my soulmate and one woman of my dreams will spend my life with to be completely fulfilled happy passionate and grateful on a daily basis incredible friendships and family life to be spiritually connected to God and a creator in the universe okay just even thinking about this gets me emotional you know it gets me excited it gets me it really gives me goosebumps and you know it’s something that I’ve modified and changed around in there and whatnot but that’s that’s what I want my life to be about that’s something that I’ve thought about I’m always adding to it I’m always evolving it so it’s not set in stone but I’m always creating a higher vision and purpose and how I want to live my life to be so it starts there and the key with this as well as really languaging it in a way that inspires you so I have certain language here that inspires me and juices me and sometimes when I hear certain things from other people or they have a certain vision I can maybe add that to my vision as well and add that just because it excites me so I had this stage of my life that’s my vision so having that mission is really important they’ll have something on my blog that can kind of help you go through that process to discover what that is for you now the next piece once you have your vision for your life the next piece is having a purpose just asking yourself what is my ultimate purpose for achieving this vision okay why do I want this what will this give me and so the next key is your ultimate purpose and this is extremely important especially when it comes to setting goals or anything as well which I’m going to talk about in a bit too so when you have a vision you going to ask for simple why do I want this what reasons do I have to actually make this happen and fall through and so my purpose is that pretty deep here but it’s humbly serve God by being a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities of life offers to any of us the moment we acknowledge and rejoice and their creators gifts this is silly it’s love and serve in all his creations to live life to the fullest but because I believe I was right because my life has a meaning and a purpose and to honor this is the most powerful way to show my respect for myself and my Creator by endeavouring become one of myself I can set up a strong example of what’s possible for others because I believe that we only get one trip to this lifetime it’s important to enjoy the process that’s what we remember in the in it and the head isn’t all the things we have done but the lives we have touched in the memories we have created along the way because I believe that we get that you get what you give in life and so it’s important to give everything and you have a passionate love affair with myself to ensure that I have more to give because I want to reflect over the gratitude I consistently feel inside I also want to ensure that my body reflects the soul that I know I am inside to give to my friends family loved ones absolute certainty about my love for them so that it lasts well beyond my physical years on this planet to feel proud and excited about my life and what I can give share an experience have a blast create an unbelievable story and leave behind a legacy that grows and inspires my friends and family for generations to come you know so I have certain phrases that just really inspire me of like this is my purpose this is what I’m doing this for this is what I’m made for that’s you know shorter things to you notice magic moments fulfillment to live life on my terms and then never settle for less than I can be you do creator gift to be happy for fun for growth progress connection love significance because the secret to living is giving to fulfill my potential as a human being to live to being a living example of the endless possibilities of the human spirit to be an inspiration to others a role model to be remembered legacy to be attended and attract my perfect ten to be a mentor leadership to grow them to give to live life a peak experiences financial freedom freedom to do what I want when I want so I can travel the world so I can live my perfect day confident sexy fun laughter Beauty desire respect contribution to have an impact to add value because it’s what God put me here for it’s because it’s my mission and purpose passion joy intimacy family gratitude so I can feel proud about my life so I can have more energy so I can live to be a hundred so I’m going to share my life with health sex it goes on and on and on so um that inspires me that chooses me that gets me excited and I go through that process every week and I remind myself hey this is what my vision is this is what I want what I want my life to be about and this is why I’m doing it that’s what gives you the fuel to get through life to to make progress that’s what gives you the fuel to go after your dreams and make this vision a reality so having a purpose for your life and why you’re doing what you’re doing is such a powerful experience so I set it down to purpose now the next piece is their identity okay and your identity is basically who you are or who you strive to be and your identity is essentially a sum of beliefs about who you are that’s all it really is it’s what you believe who you are and this is such an important piece because you can’t let other people around define and dictate who you are and that was so much of my life so much of my life when I was in high school and I was younger I’d let other people dictate who I was and you know people make fun of you or in this ahir like this or like that because I didn’t know who I was and they have a strong identity I was like oh I guess that’s who I am I guess I am this way and the only person that can define who you are is you and you have to consciously do it and so I you know really took the time and you can do this process as well just ask yourself Who am I who improve I want to be Who am I committed to being if I were to look my name up in the dictionary what were to say about me and so this is another piece as well that I associate to every week just to remind myself of who I’m committed to being and who I am at my core so this is what I have here I’m an extraordinarily loving man who loves Cod people family friends animals ideas that make a difference I love to discover to create I love nature mountains ocean streams sunshine rain I’m a passionate man who takes life’s good and magnifies it and shares it openly and lovingly passionately and playfully with others I’m a source of massive inspiration to thousands of people I’m someone you can count on to do the right thing I’m an instant instigator of good joy of creativity and of higher standards on a creator of possibilities of options of solutions of choices of visions I’m a creator of magic moments an example of what’s possible I’m an amazing friend’s son brother uncle strategist marketer entrepreneur student teacher coach speaker writer visionary and strategic planner I’m fun I’m silly playful and arrangements of adventurous and spontaneous I’m a mover and shaker of possibility I’m a grateful man I’m happy and fulfilled I’m an athlete bodybuilder and fitness model I’m a force for good I’m a force for God I’m a playful kid who’ll make you some my tie firefighter and mixed martial artist and confident powerful masculine I’m attracted sexy I’m a spiritual man I’m a leader I’m an internet marketer I’m president of a good listener I’m committed right and I just go on and on and on and that inspires me as well you know that gets me juice gets me pumped up so going through a process process like that I’m just discovering who you are we are committed to being and conditioning that as well and that’s the amazing thing when you condition that you started to come that so that’s the next piece now this after that I paint here is something called your code of conduct and this is basically how you’re committed to showing up so it’s a standards that you have yourself standards give set to lender life by and for me is kind of short but it’s to be fun playful an outrageous your loving and caring to be confident to be passionate to be cheerful happy and joyful to be grateful to be disciplined to be motivated and determined to be healthy and energetic to be proud to be an example of all the good that’s possible in people’s lives to be outgoing social and friendly so those are the standards I just remind myself every week and is associated this is who I’m committed to being this is the standards that I want to live my life by okay so these four things are the driving force this is what just really sparks you and and it’s just important to how vision something to look forward to and if you can actually have this written out you know like for me I have it written out in my apartment I have it on my desk I have a vision board at images of that and constantly reminding myself of my vision my purpose my identity the standards that hold myself to and that’s what you have to do you have to always condition it if you just do this one time and I’ve been guilty of this as well you know you set goals or a vision and our mission statement or something like that for your life you do it one time you forget about it you never look at it again so this has to be a ritual that you do every week sometimes I’ll do it twice the way you can find down or kind of unmotivated because of the moment I focus on this it inspires me and calls me to action it calls me to my purpose and it aligns me with what’s most important in my life okay so the next piece as well is I break down I break down on my life into one year goals okay so now there’s different areas of life that I’m gonna get in so for every one is different but I’m going to share what it is for me I kind of categorize life in terms of just right here areas life I don’t know if you can read my ready or not um but you know one there’s health and fitness okay it’s really important number two let’s say there’s business or your career right most people have that is an area number three your emotional life so your emotions okay number four say your relationships there’s your finances there’s our friends there’s a family and it’s a spiritual life now those are the main areas of life I’d say for you it might be different you know for me I can have a little bit different as well as I have different businesses that I focused on so I have more areas there may be time as an area for you or whatever whatever it is for you maybe it’s for kids so there’s different areas of life and it’s really important to have goals for each area and a plan for each area okay and the goals and everything really is embodied by your ultimate vision of how you want your life to be and so I kind of categorize and again I’m going to have an Excel spreadsheet it’s going to lay this out of the whole template for how you can manage and kind of fill all this in of your life so that you can make it into original have it all in one place and continually check it you know every week and every day but each year in my life I generally give it a cool name I put a certain label are you where I use language to make each area sound more compelling because sometimes this health and fitness or relationships or finances doesn’t really drive you to spend time and focus in that area so I make it set a little bit more juicy so for example for my health and health and fitness I call it physical power world-class health and fitness for emotions they call it emotional power and limited juice and vitality incredible relationships passion and love absolute financial freedom a leader and contributor of lifestyle transformations in an internet marketing freedom facilitator extraordinary family life extraordinary friendships spirit and soul force for God which is my spiritual life you know so the more that you can use certain language that inspires you the more when you read it and focus on it the more you’re going to feel and the more you’re going to want to participate and be involved in that area okay so when you have the different areas like I said I kind of go through the same process where each year my life I think about what is my ultimate vision for each of these areas even before I get into the goals okay so for example health and fitness it’s really important to have a vision of how you want your health and fitness to be what would that look like for you if there’s no limits there’s nothing holding back what would be the ultimate body cultivate levels of energy what would be the ultimate business or financial well-being or the emotional life that you love to have or create for your life want to be the ultimate relationship describe that ultimate you know friend and family life your ultimate spiritual life and then going back to this having that vision for each area and then having a purpose why do you want this why do you want to have great health great fitness great energy levels why do you have and be successful in business why do you want to have amazing relationships so having that purpose is really really important as well once you have that then you can break it down to one year goals then I break it down into 90-day goals three-month goals and then I break it down into an action plan okay so I’m going to go through this whole process but I’m going to share with you just kind of my vision for you know some of these different areas just as examples for you for you as well just to go along with but my physical body to be my ultimate vision is to be 190 pounds at 8 percent body fat to be vital healthy strong athletic 10 dripped and energetic to look in the mirror and smile and feel proud to feel outstanding sex do you have high self-esteem feel confident to be an inspiration to others okay so I use certain language okay this is my ultimate vision of that by an ultimate vision emotionally to everything you do happy grateful proud loving loved excited passionate present committed ecstasy HUD confident outgoing social strong determined motivated inspired adequate adequate attractive certain significant balance Center energized or filled slowly playful or8 is fun worthy at a level of 9 or 10 to wake up each day excited jumping into bed and enjoying the process of the day credible relationships to be an amazing passionate love and honest exciting fulfilling fun committed extraordinary relationship with a woman of my dreams my total 10 my soulmate a beautiful incredible woman to attract and be the woman to spend my life with start a family with stay committed to you forever to have living total abundance financial freedom I have this is my vision again men continually dollars a year and I’m very specific about this as well which is really key but two million dollars a year hundred sixty three thousand dollars a month fifty four hundred dollars a day income with ninety percent of it being earned through passive income which is internet marketing businesses real estate and investments to have a net worth of ten million dollars to own one point to one of 1.7 million dollar penthouse in Yaletown Vancouver a sixty million dollar mansion in Laguna Beach California Lamborghini personal shaft personal trainer housekeeper code coach etc so it’s really finding that financial financially what is your vision how would it be you know what would be ideal for you what would really excite you and that’s just what excites me you know I have my coaching business as well you know to have certain coaching clients at a vision for that my internet marketing business I have a vision for that as well of where I want that to be my family life you know to be totally connected with and in regular communication each remember my family several times a week having fun supporting each other and match moments in their lives to go on a family vacation every year and so forth extraordinary friendships you know people that I want surround myself that support me inspire me that make me feel good you know challenge each other people that I travel with have fun with my spiritual you know vision is virtually connected to God the universe nature myself and all beings around me while feeling centered and at peace growing and evolving my spirit and humbly serving my Creator by living my each and every day by making a contribution in the lines of others to celebrate fully each and every moment of the day to live in the present to live with an open heart you know so I have visions for each area and that’s extremely important and so many people they focus they have a vision maybe for their business but they neglect the other areas and other areas they’re lifers are equally important so it starts with having that vision now let’s go into the purpose okay you’re going to have a purpose for you charity of your life as well and I know this is a lot by the way I know this is a lot of information aside really I just want to kind of give you everything that I do and I’m trying to make it as organized as possible but really just make sure you go to the blog and follow along there because I’ll have everything laid out in detail and the exact kind of worksheet if you would an Excel spreadsheet or a document on Google Documents that you can actually go through and fill this out for yourself as well and get clarity for your life so for my my health and fitness purposes vo standing to be the inspiration others should be sexy a total 10 now to be attracted more confident non-stop energy to live to be a hundred to stay young a healthy environment to look in the mirror to feel proud to be fitness modeling and show and shows to be able to have physical presence when they walk in the room to be a walking anatomy chart rights I did I had a fitness competition that was a big driving force for me you know my emotions to have a deeper sense of meaning in my life to experience life to the fullest really enjoy the journey in process of life and I really answer why I want that why do I want to make sure that my emotions are high my relationships what’s the reason that I have having amazing relationship be able to share my life with someone that have more fun and excitement to be able to be in love intimacy connection Tran something to travel with and so forth you know financially live the life of my dream to be fun never said all live life fully do what I want when I want you know and add each year in my life I have a purpose something that excites me the fuel of why I want it so I’m not going to go to the whole thing just because I have a lot here as you can tell but I’ve really took in the time to really you know figure out what I want from my life what I want meteor to have clarity the more clear you are about what you want why you want it the more likely you already actually make it happen and achieve it okay so my vision another piece as well that I’m going to kind of mention too is that kind of goes under here as well but under each area is having back to the identity you know certain rules of who are you in each of these areas your life because that if you can create an identity for yourself or beliefs or just kind of use certain language and excites you the more likely you are to associate yourself and spend time in that area so for example for my fitness I have I’m an Adonis I’m a Greek god I’m green by the way world-class athlete fitness model shredded Steph and lean mean fat burning machine a manifestation of vibrant health and energy I’m an energy dynamo a peak performer an exemplar of physical vitality and strength it’s the fourth you know I’ve got an emotions in stoppable confidence a beacon of joy full of fulfillment a vibrant happiness next to see now saw an EJ in my life I have you know for my coaching business you know this is the identity I have myself in world-class coach I’m a facilitator of change I’m a force for good a force for God I’m an agent of transformation I’m a leader called upon by leaders a mister solution instant change artist a developer of the human spirit I’m an architect of change that inspires me so much more than saying oh you know I’m a coach or I’m a teacher okay having a certain identity in your emotional life I haven’t stopped confidence you can have joy one if full fulfillment vibrant happiness and ecstasy etc you know my relationships I have my different roles and identity in that you know extraordinary investor financial genius smart save our wealth creative strategist marketer a creator of the good life creator of fortune a millionaire in the making same thing with the you know for the marketing and so forth I have marketing wizard coffee shop millionaire internet marketing guru visionary possibility powerhouse SEO extraordinaire money-making machine my family and loving son love amazing brother influential uncle source of inspiration to support to all my family instigator of magic loans my friendships you know I’ve got best friend loyal partner and so forth spiritual eyes spiritual life from a force for God force for good I’m a growth monger and give her a caring shelter of hope I’m a positive impact powerhouse elegant presence you know so I just have certain identity certain rules tonight you know associate to each air in my life to condition that because strongest force the human personality is the need to be consistent with how we define ourselves if you have certain beliefs about yourself if you believe that you’re shy that you’re introverted that you’re not good enough that you’re depressed then the behavior follows those beliefs follows that identity and so that’s why changing the behavior is not enough unless you change their identity and beliefs of who you are because if you had to believe that I’m successful that I’m you know in my fitness model or I’m an Adonis then the behavior follows that you’ll start working out you’ll start to eat healthy just because that’s a belief about who you are and so if you can really identify what are the beliefs the rules the identity that have in each aspect of your life that can have a very powerful impact if I always make sure that I do that so next things let’s get on to the one-year goals so for each area of your life you can have one year goals that I set for myself okay so I have one year specific goals for my health and every year in my life now I’m not going to go too much into goal-setting but the important thing is is to be specific as specific as possible clarity is power the more clear and specific could be about a goal the more likely you are to achieve it it’s just like if you’re getting your car and you want to get to a certain destination well if you don’t have you know that address of where you want to go or they get lost right so you have to know where you’re going you have to if you want to be able to hit a target you got to know where that target is and so you can’t just be like oh I’m gonna lose weight that’s not very clear that’s not compelling either so having the exact amount you know exact ideal body you’d want to have and how much would you weigh what would your body fat be what would your measurements be how would it look how would you want to feel what would you look like something that inspires you something that motivates you is so important on same thing at business and finances you know when I shared my vision for my business the finances I have exact numbers I have exactly how much I want to make a year how much I want to make a month how much I’m gonna make a day my exactly net worth I didn’t have the exact amount of money how much it costs to live in the penthouse that I want to live in to live in the mansion that I want to live in and hold all the features and stuff and I actually have pictures that represent that as well I had pictures of the ideal body I want to have how I want to look like so having that being specifically clear about it is really important the other piece is having a deadline having a deadline of when you’re going to hit this goal by okay so by October 1st 2013 or whatever that that date is it’s really important to have that and the other piece I mentioned as well as to make sure that your goals are compelling language them in a way that excites you so that when you read it and you read it as a sentence or a phrase read it in a way that makes you excited makes you want to go after it’s going to create motivation just by reading it so really make sure that you have that compelling now the next piece is once you have the goal right you’ve got your purpose and everything then it’s setting a 90-day goal okay so I like to chunk my goals and the 90-day goals and also monthly goals as well because I find sometimes having a yearly goal is a little bit too overwhelming you don’t really know exactly how you can make it happen so you know I’ll break it down if my goal let’s say is to make you know $100,000 a year okay which is 84 hundred dollars a month then I’m going to break it down into a 3-month goal which is maybe I need to make six thousand dollars a month and then a monthly goal maybe I need to make five thousand dollars a month okay so you want to break it down and make it specific as possible too so once you have the monthly goals right then the next piece of the action plan so let me write that out so you know what you want you know why you want to have your purpose your ultimate vision in each area of your life your ultimate purpose in everything your identity you got your one year goal you have 90-day goals and of course monthly 30-day goals next to the action plan you can ask yourself what actions do I need to take to achieve this goal to achieve the goals that I have for myself okay so being specific with the actions is also extremely important so you want to make $100,000 a year okay you’re gonna make whatever five thousand dollars a month let’s say as an example what actions do you have to take what actions you have to take in your business you know what phone calls do you have to make what steps you know if you were to break down the steps the plan if you were to follow that plan to reach the goal would that plan meet won’t the strategy be a better example might of you if you want to have a certain type of body you want to lose ten pounds right maybe that’s your yearly goal in to lose five pounds whatever it is you know okay I’m gonna work out five days a week I’m going to do cardio three times a week I’m gonna follow this nutrition plan I’m gonna go see a chiropractor I’m going to do this I’m going to do that you just know what that is nobody’s there certain book so you got to read minions hiring a personal trainer maybe signing up for a gym membership it means buying some workout clothes but having that plan is what’s going to help you be able to execute and be able actually make that goal or dream a reality okay so having that specific plan is so important and so again this is a lot of stuff it’s a lot of supplement and share with you and everything will kind of go together and it’s all spreadsheet a template that you can kind of lay it out and see it now this is the weekly process that they go through okay every week I make sure that I associate remind myself and read over as you can see I have it on my iPhone so I can access it easily I have it on my computer as well I like to make sure that mobile and digital because I travel a lot everything and I want to be able to carry it with me instead of having to carry around a big book but I so all this stuff and I was remind myself kick one of my one-year rules for my three months goals by one month goals and again you can’t fall into the trap of this looking at at one time okay that’s the biggest mistake people make is they set goals and then they forget about the goals just like that right you have to make sure you have the ritual constantly focused on your goals in each area of your life where focus goes energy flows okay and what if you focus on you move towards so the more that you focus on it the more you’re going to move towards it and as long as you execute the action plan that you have you’re going to make progress you know maybe actions and your family and friends could be calling you know your parents every week or calling them every day an action for your spiritual life can be doing prayer everyday or going to church once a week or meditation or maybe contributing in some way you know something something in that sense maybe it’s just giving thanks and doing a gratitude ritual your emotions and well-being maybe you have a certain action plan of every day you do a morning ritual you know I had a video about that my morning ritual check it out by having a ritual like that you can condition the motions the emotions that you want to feel every day maybe you have an action plan for your relationships you know if you’re single maybe it’s going out and socializing once a week twice a week three times a week maybe it’s a ritual into relationship with your partner you know your finances maybe it’s updating your finances or investing or checking the stocks or whatever it might be for you saving money but having that plan and being specific about it is so so important okay so I know it’s back to what I was saying so every week I go through this and another important process of how I set up my week is I actually take it a journal and you should use a journal like this and I’ll first reflect on the week before before I go into the planning of the week of the week ahead okay one of my favorite ways to do this is I like to number one make sure that I’m measuring where I’m at in each area of my life which is such an important piece you can’t manage something if you don’t measure it you have to make sure that you’re measuring your progress in each area of your life on a regular basis and most people they don’t really measure near their life to like once a year but if you only measure once a year then you’re going to have a bad here if you do it once a month and the worst you’ll have a bad month once a week you’ll have a bad week so making sure that the more often you measure something the more easier it’s going to be to make sure that you’re making progress because you’re always checking it I kind of think about it if you want to make progress in your body from the lose weight or gain muscle you got to make sure you know where you are today and you’re measuring every day your weight your measurements your body fat you’re going to measure your finances I measure my net worth every three months I might manage my finances all my income and expenses every week I manage every area in my life right to see where I’m at I take pictures of myself as well for my body so I can see the little changes that I’m making this see whether or not making progress because you’ve got to know whether or not you’re doing is working because then you can adapt and you can change your approach try something else instead of repeating the same thing again and again and again expecting a different result so measuring is so important so it might Excel spreadsheet in the document I’m going to give you I have each area and ask myself every week we’re in – scale from zero to ten in each area of my life okay with ten mean exactly where I want to be zero being not okay so maybe I’m like okay my health and fitness I’m having a seven right or my business I’m at an eight or making this area I’m at a three and I’m always adjusting it and try to make sure that I’m living as balanced as possible to make sure that each area is continually growing so that’s a great thing you can have if every week you’re doing that you can look at the excels freshing to see how you’re growing in the different areas of your life okay so I do that every week another thing with my journal going back to that is I reflect on the week before so I write down all the magic moments of the week before all of my accomplishments all the things that I got done all the amazing experiences that I had and I really just associate that because an important piece that will fulfillment is making sure that you’re celebrating your life you’re celebrating every moment you’ve had and rewarding yourself because whenever it gets rewarded it gets repeated more than you acknowledge yourself celebrate yourself or making things happen or just reliving those moments the more you’re going to attract more of that into your life so having a ritual like that in is really great saying by Jim Rohn which is that a life worth living is worth recording so making sure that record your life every week some people journal every day which is great but just associate to all the successes all the positives or the week before somebody had asked himself what did I learn from last week you know what were the lessons that I learned okay so I make sure I do that now when it comes to planning the week that is to come what I like to do is I like to capture everything that I need to get done then the next week okay so I’ll make an entire list and I’ll start writing you okay to work out five times I need to call this person I have a meeting with this person I have a coaching call at this time on this day I have to do my morning ritual every day I’m going to read a book I’m going to do this I’m you know whatever it is I have to look up this I have to take these steps in my business I’ll capture everything out on paper and then I’ll start to categorize it in each year in my life and what I like to do is each week I like to set specific outcomes of what I want to achieve for that week okay so I’ll be like okay what are my outcomes in my body for this week what is my outcome or my goal for my my my finances or my family life you know maybe my own come from a family life is just to connect my family this create a magic moment with them okay and then I’ll write down why I want that what’s the purpose that I have for that and then I’ll write down the actions that I had captured in that list for what I want to get done and I’ll put that under that category okay so I’ll be like this week this is my home this is the purpose and I’m going to call my mom on it you know take my mom out I’m going to buy a gift for a family member whatever it is okay for my physical body this is my outcome this is the reasons why and then this is the actions I’m going to take this week of a workout five times I’m gonna do some stretching and they go to yoga class I’m going to go for a run and have that plan for that week okay and then once we have a plan for each area when you have your outcomes for the week and the reasons why then it start to the next step is to schedule it for each day okay so I like to schedule all my meetings I like to know okay on these days of the week this is where I’m going to focus on my business okay from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock I’m gonna focus on building my business from you know at this time I’m gonna focus on high emotions I’m going to do my morning ritual to schedule that in my week in a calendar or something like that I’m going to schedule um the time I’m gonna workout in the gym every week I’m going to schedule time to work on my friends and my relationships and that’s going to be Friday and Saturday right so as long as you make sure that you schedule in your schedule areas in the week little blocks of when you’re going to focus on each area and bold erroneous actions you’re going to have a rich life you’re going to be fulfilled you’re going to make progress in each area which is the goal and can I ask one of the things I said the beginning of this video is to make sure that you’re being productive and making progress in each area that’s how you’re going to have that balance by making sure that you associate remind yourself these are the areas of life these are my vision my purpose the goals that I have set for it and then these are the actions that I’m going to take each week and the key is to make sure that you do something you have to do something each week to grow and improve each area okay so you cannot see alienate and ignore each ear of your life now some areas are going to put more focus than others right maybe your foot more focus on the business right now that’s great but you have to make sure that you’re sustaining and you’re growing the other areas of your life as well okay so that’s a really important piece in this whole system is what will allow you to do that and if you actually follow through with this crazy long video that I just made and the blog that goes along with it I’ll really know I have a lot of respect for you because you’re the type of person that wants more for your life you’re the type of person that’s not willing to settle you’re committed to living an extraordinary life and I have so much respect just for the fact that you made it this far watching this video and the important P is the next step is really making sure you take action because it’s one thing to watch something in a passive state something is totally different than actually doing it so I really hope that you apply what you learn in this video and as you go through this process and just take the time to give yourself that gift and get clarity of your life how you want your life to be you know what it envisions the purpose or identity your you know code of conduct or your goals and set that for yourself where the goals in each area of your life why do you want those goals break it down and then what are the actions actions you need to take and then making sure that you plan out your week you schedule everything but come back to this process every week and at the beginning of might may be a bit challenging or different or maybe it takes a lot of time but once you’ve got to set up as a system it’s going to be something you look forward to it’s going to be something that’s going to create a lot of freedom for your life and make you really fulfilled and happy and you’ll feel like your life has a purpose you’ll won’t just be you know working out for the sake of working out or working for the sake of working you’ll be having a purpose in the vision that you’re doing everything for and everything they’re going to be doing is going to be aligned with that purpose and I believe when you do that and you find that purpose of yourself and that vision you have something to look forward to and something excites you and an identity and you know who you are and it really really will change your life it’s changed my life that’s why I’m so passionate about this and that’s why I’m putting out this video to you and really hoping it’s going to follow through on this and create that freedom that joy that fulfillment that balance that productivity the life that you deserve so thanks for watching this video it’s a little bit long-winded I know but I hope you enjoyed it I hope you follow through check out the blog project life mastery comm get the template on the half there check out the post and I’d love to hear what you think so thanks for watching talk to you soon bye you

Easiest Areas To Make investments Your Money For the Fast Duration of time

I have $65,000 I want to invest it where I can make the highest return possible I don’t want to lose any of my principal and then want access to my principal whenever I need it hey this is jeff rose I get questions like that pretty much all the time investors don’t want to make a lot of interest but yet don’t want to take any risk whatsoever and in this low interest rate environment that’s pretty much unheard of see your rates are at all-time lows or mortgage rates are all-time lows so trying to make the most amount of money in the short term is very hard today I want to share with you some of the best places that you can invest your money for the short term the first one may surprise you one of the best places that you can make money the short term is to pay off your debt I talked to so many people to have credit card debt consumer loans student loans whatever it may be they’re paying high interest rates yet they want to take their money and invest it in the short term if you’re only going to get 2 3 4 percent in the short term and you’re paying 8 9 10 12 percent on credit card debt or any other type of consumer debt then what’s the point of investing if you’re trying to make money in the short term pay off that debt by paying off that debt you’re going to make return by whatever the stated interest rate is other options you have when choosing the best places to put your short-term money is ditching your brick-and-mortar or your local bank or credit union now sorry to all the local banks but if you are comfortable going online you have the ability to open up online savings accounts online checking accounts and online at money market accounts and companies like Ally ing perk Street all these are offering fairly attractive interest rates especially compared to what your local bank is all not to mention the fact that the online banks don’t charge you certain transaction costs that sometimes you see with your brick and mortar and some of your bigger financial institutions up Bank of America it’s amazing how much technology is developed nowadays to where a lot of your online banks offer some of the same services that your brick-and-mortar or your local financial institutions are offering tour even even need them anymore and that’s depositing checks ATM withdrawals transferring money and everything else another option you have for investing your money for the short term is buying a CD now you can choose your brick-and-mortar location but I also encourage you to shop online online banks like Ally are very competitive with their CD rates if CDs aren’t paying enough or paying what you’re looking for then another option can be now this option comes with a little bit more risk but trying to find short term bonds even municipal bonds now you can buy the actual individual bonds themselves which is a little bit hard to come by but you can also find mutual funds or ETFs that are going to have short term bonds included in them now when I mean short term typically you’re looking for bonds with a maturity between three and five years you want anything longer than five years there’s this inverse relationship with interest rates and bond prices a little bit complex but you could lose your principal when interest rates go up so you want to make sure that you’re choosing the shortest term possible another option that I’m pretty partial to when investing your money flash short-term is peer-to-peer lending peer-to-peer companies such as Lending Club and prosper offer a very unique way to basically you become the banker so now you’re loaning money out and you are getting paid the interest rate that a bank would get when they make a loan to you if you were to apply for a home or an auto loan you can check out my review post where i show you how i open my Lending Club account and shows you how I’ve averaged just north of 8 just about 9% since I opened my account which is about three years ago and last but not least one of the best places that you can park your money for the short term is opening a Roth IRA now I can hear you’re thinking Jeff the Roth IRA is not investment and you’re right it’s not but by putting money to a Roth IRA at least you’re ensuring that you have money save for retirement now if you think you need it for the short term I would invest in the stock market or individual stocks keep it in something liquid and safe but if you recall with the rules of the Roth IRA you have access to your contributions at any time so if you put money into it and you need it you can always pull it out obviously you want to make sure that you’re investing it conservatively you don’t want to the stock market here but that way if you need it great pull out if you don’t you’ve got money save for retirement so that’s my recap for some of the best places that you can invest your money for the short term if you have any more questions good financial sense comm is where you find me you can also check me out on Facebook too this is Jeff rose certified financial planner take care

Pat Flynn from on Fox 5 San Diego

it’s the dream of most folks who work hard then enjoy the fruits of their labor sooner rather than later well tonight Jamie chambers is on the money with a man who has cracked the formula for consistent cash flow without having to go to the office yeah Lauren Pat Flynn faced a common problem in recent years he got fired but instead of looking for a job he looked for cash flow and he found it inside his computer they’re the two sexiest words in the financial world and they are wait for it passive income simply put money comes pouring into your account but you don’t have to do anything on a daily basis to get it like most of us Pat Flynn started out working for his money he was an architect until that was actually brought into the office and I was told that you’re one of the youngest brightest guys we have we have to let you go he was fired weeks before his wedding but desperation shifted his thinking and his first idea was to build an online study guide for architects to become green certified builders no started to see how I could generate money for me and the first thing I did was I put advertisements on it and that first day I remember seeing two or three dollars come in and it was the best feeling in the world then he wrote an e-book with the same architecture study guide but he sold no hard copies remember he didn’t want to do anything on a day-to-day basis if you have a physical book you have to go to the post office you have to you know ship it and people become insight by the book they can get it automatically delivered to them after purchase and I don’t even have to be there in order for a transaction to happen when then replicated his architecture guide in the form of a security guard guide and a few podcasts later I am financially free but I’m continuing to kind of expand my passive income portfolio it takes a lot of dedication a lot of time a lot of failures but if you can always fall forward and you can be patient and just keep working towards something you’re always you’re gonna see results happen and that’s really what it’s all about and Flynn says he cash flowed fifty six thousand dollars last month alone now he podcast his secrets on a show called smart passive income dot-com Flynn says he’s been so lucky he now wants to give back Kathleen paid for thank you so much our Jamie chambers well as you know

LeadPlayer WordPress Plugin Demo and Consider

hey whats up that is Pat from sensible passive revenue and on this video I will stroll you thru the way to use lead participant a extremely superior video participant wordpress plugin you should utilize in your web site to embed YouTube movies however not solely which you could really embrace opt-in kinds in your electronic mail checklist and name to motion buttons on high of your video it is superior you may see precisely how this works I will stroll you thru how I do it proper now now what I will do is definitely on my getting began web page there is a video right here we’re simply is smart to have a name to motion on the finish of it once I scroll down there is a area and internet hosting sec part the place I’ve a video already there that I’ve posted on YouTube it has been on YouTube for some time and it walks folks by way of the way to construct a weblog now simply make sense that on the finish of this that if there was a button that individuals may click on on that was really a hyperlink by way of my affiliate hyperlink if folks make a purchase order by way of that I get a fee it simply is smart to have that on the finish of this video so that is what I will do with lead participant now step one is to get the hyperlink from youtube for the precise video you wish to put by way of the lead participant capabilities and I will seize it from YouTube right here I will go over to guide participant and click on add new video I will add that URL right here embrace the video title and you may change these different choices like I do know the peak and the width of this explicit video you may have it autoplay permit pause present timeline allow HD one other cool factor is you may really add your personal thumbnail picture when the video is embedded in your website when you’re not a YouTube companion you may’t do this and most of the people will not be YouTube companions so now lead participant provides you the flexibility to create your personal thumbnails which is nice for once more membership websites so I will even have a undergo the opposite choices right here I can embrace an opt-in kind any second in time throughout this video which I do not wish to do on this one I wish to embrace a name to motion now the decision to motion is I will click on on sure and you will see that I can change the button to say click on right here to get a reduction in your blue host internet hosting as we speak and my url I will be I will set it up for my affiliate hyperlink and I would like this to point out up on the finish of the video and that is it so I will save that new video it is set as much as present a name to motion on the finish of the video with this button with exhibiting this textual content and that URL would be the hyperlink so I will save new video return to my movies and up right here it is the primary one really I can really click on on it to preview it now you may see it there I am going to really present you the what it seems like as soon as it is posted you all it’s worthwhile to do is copy the shortcode like I’m proper now I am simply gonna hit copy and paste that wherever you need that video to point out up so I am going to enter my HTML right here really you may see it down right here in you wish to submit it not in HTML you wish to submit it in visible if in case you have a shortcode let’s have a look at area and internet hosting there’s that huge video there and eliminate that and simply paste the lead participant quick code I will hit replace now what I will do is I will open this submit and I will scroll down and you will see the video really seems a bit of bit totally different it is lots cleaner I am gonna hit play and I will scroll to the very finish the place that button ought to present up so you may type of see what it seems like when it lastly will get there so simply in a pair seconds it ought to pop up for you all proper superior so now that button exhibits up really I can click on on it and you will see it takes me proper to Bluehost by way of my affiliate hyperlink for that low cost in order that’s superior now I wish to present you what it seems like when you embed an opt-in kind for an electronic mail checklist I’ve that arrange on one other video that I’ve proper now so I am simply going to hit play and you are going to see an opt-in kind pop up and type of see what that appears like increase there’s the optin kind you may change the textual content on any of these items you can provide folks to op the choice to skip this step or not skip it and require them to enter their electronic mail deal with to proceed watching which is fairly ninja I am really simply going to skip this for now and you may see that the video really performs on in order that’s these are some actually actually nice issues that lead participant permits you to do and I’ve already seen this video we simply put up on the place is it this one which needed to construct a weblog one this had been up for a month I really simply deleted it so I may present you the way to put it up there once more and dozens of individuals have gone by way of that button and transformed into shopping for clients and I’ve earned a fee typically and I imply really works I imply simply make sense on the finish of sure movies which is smart to have a name to motion to have them do one thing now a pair different fast issues in lead participant you may have participant choices the place you would change the textual content of your buttons and the colours and issues like that and lastly let’s speak in regards to the default video settings space as a result of there’s some actually thrilling stuff occurring right here there’s three sections video decide in and name to motion beneath video that is simply the fundamental video measurement for all new movies that you simply creating another choices however what I actually wish to discuss is the opt-in and the call-to-action default settings if you create a brand new video you may select to customise it or use the default settings when you create for instance 10 movies that use default settings it is all the time going to confer with the choices that you simply put right here so what occurs is you may have the flexibility to immediately change the decision to actions or what occurs within the opt-in kinds throughout all the movies in your website that use default because the setting so for instance if I come out with a guide and the default setting has 10 movies which on the finish says hey thanks for watching this video go purchase my guide I can have or not it’s one hyperlink and perhaps I come out with the second guide or perhaps I come out with a course then I can simply change it right here within the default video settings on this name to motion space I can simply change this URL on the button textual content and it updates it throughout your entire website the place all these movies are utilizing the default settings so it is simply it is simply actually wonderful you may immediately change what’s taking place by way of all of your movies within the name to actions when you use the default video settings in your movies and I am going to present you that actually fast for instance if I am going to edit in one in every of my movies in name to motion I can set it because the default one proper now the default is disabled but when I am going again right here goes to name to motion and click on sure and finish and save settings if I am going again to that video hit edit and go to name to motion and hit default you may see that the default is what I set in default so I can it simply modifications throughout the board now I do not need it to try this so I will hit no I am name to motion after which that ought to replace right here for me name to motion default nope so I am simply going to hit sure as a result of that is what I needed to do and that is it in order that’s leadplayer i hope you loved the video i hope you are excited as I’m about it if you wish to try extra if you’d like an affiliate hyperlink for it I like to recommend really you undergo the hyperlink that is under this video when you’re watching this on youtube as a result of that is going to take you to the weblog submit the place I may doubtlessly have some reductions and issues like that I’ve labored with a developer on on hooking folks up in case you are watching this early within the type of debut of this video type of participant on my website so if not that is okay I imply no matter I simply need you to get extra leads and get extra gross sales and have extra motion occurring in your website and lead gamers good way to try this thanks I am going to see you the subsequent video

You Desire a Funds (YNAB) Review; Interview with Founder Jesse Mecham

what’s going on everybody jeff rose and bring them back another interview today today is a topic which I don’t even know why I’m doing this interview because i hate this topic the topic is the b-word many of us know this as budgeting if you read any of my blog material you know that I I hate budgeting I would do so many other things watch paint dry try to build something that I don’t know we’re doing you know power tools which I’m not handy guy by any means but no I seriously do hate budgeting i bounce or set to my wife she’s like the budgeting person or household people laugh at that is about financial planner but nonetheless I know budgeting is important I know that is essential for any household that’s trying to get in charge of their finances that they had to have some type of budget so there are plenty of tools out there that many people can use the one that I’m intrigued and interested to share with you today is called you need a budget other people know it as YNAB as I’ve just been instructed and today i’m bringing you Jesse Meacham who is the creator founder president CEO marketing guy try everything but he has created this awesome program the software program and I want to bring him on today to share with you more how it works and for those that are in the exact same situation as me that hate budgeting but no they need to do it and use it here’s a platform that you can try out that I think Jesse will tell you that you will love it after you get going is that right Jesse that is right I’d be lyin if I if I didn’t try and convince everybody to do it so yeah absolutely awesome so we were talking a little bit beforehand about you know what where this program came to be talked a little bit about the beginning of wine Abbe you know why you felt the compelling need to create this product and it kind of how its evolved over the last several years yeah it started in 2004 and actually it started in early two thousand three I was going to be married I was had about three years of school left and I was working on a master’s degree in accounting and I was kind projecting what my wife’s hourly rate was what my hourly rate was I think they were like eight and ten dollars so we were just rolling in it you know and live a lawyer so i’m looking i’m thinking you know i think we need a budget to be able to manage us once we’re married and it was pretty dismal and and so my wife was going to graduate in a semester in social work which everybody knows is just an extremely lucrative field so our prospects even after her graduation weren’t great and then mine was three years off so i was i was thinking okay ramp to pinch pennies and that was my original thought with budgeting was this is about penny pinching you know hanging on for dear life to that last coin but um what ended up happening we i created a spreadsheet because i was an accounting nerd and showed it to my wife we were in the honeymoon phase so she of course except it was like oh yeah okay that sounds great because we still were you know really into this whole marriage thing and that was good timing on my part so we started doing the budget and it was really working well i kind of developed a method that we now you know sells for rules but they were rules that i just kind of stumbled on if i will this make sense and this makes sense and then when wen we were going to have our first boy porter that was where I was trying to figure out okay I don’t want to go into debt for school how can I make some extra money and I decided I would try and sell the spreadsheet that I’d built the spreadsheets now long gone and we’ve you know we’ve morphed it into a standalone software package and I just teach people my method these four rules I try and dispel myths surrounding budgeting and yeah we try and put out good software so it’s we’ve got a pretty good team in place now and yeah we’re just trying to spread the word as much as we can awesome so you said you have four rules when it comes to budgeting absolutely yeah the first one is to give every dollar a job so you sounds like your wife does that but we we basically just say hey when money comes in you know tell it what to do and I know you have a military background because you know of your book that and soldier finance right so I was thinking I just got this military background I’ve seen some of your videos that the are awesome so uh it’s the same we know when the drill sergeant stands up there and tells you what to do you you’re standing at attention and then you do whatever he says no matter what it is you just use do it with with money it’s the same thing that you’re the drill sergeant and you just bark out orders and your money will do what you say as long as you’re there giving direction and I’m sure we could run with analogies for the rest of the interview about the military and giving direction and how it would not function if you didn’t but that’s the that’s the gist of the first rule making sure every dollar has a purpose and yet people find that a lot of their money has been doing stuff they didn’t really care about and that’s where a lot of the savings initially comes from I like it so second rule is just take bigger large expenses that kind of throw you off like Christmas for instance everyone knows it’s coming you know so it comes pretty much the same day every year as far as I can tell and we’re still surprised by it right you know we still oh my gosh Christmas can we got to get the kids some stuff I got to get my wife something and we run up a credit card bill or whatever so we try and teach behaved you’re going to spend for the sake of easy math twelve hundred dollars on Christmas set aside 100 bucks a month make that large bill a monthly bill and then when the bill comes you just you know you have fun with it and enjoy enjoy the holidays and same thing happens with property taxes or car insurance that you pay every once in a while it’s just we don’t people to get blindsided by those big expenses that throw their budget off and then they think hey budgets don’t work it’s usually just because they’re they’re not including those bigger ones that surprise them so um rule 3 we tell people roll with the punches it’s okay to make mistakes it’s okay to overspend it’s okay to adjust the budget isn’t set in stone if we celebrate when someone over spends I tell them hey good job good job for realizing you had to spend the money you made an adjustment you change your game plan and you just move on there’s nothing wrong with overspending in a budget it’s just a plan that is malleable as new information comes up so forth one’s an aspirational goal teach people to try and live on last month’s income so what you earn in you know July you spend in August what you learned in August you spend in September and get people away from that paycheck to paycheck cycle so added that that’s it in a you know pretty much as quick as I can sit him but there’s a lot more to it so no that’s good you know I think the one of the biggest objections or obstacle that people come they come to budgeting is one getting started and then after they get started is maintaining that can you talk a little bit about how YNAB helps people one you know make it makes it easier to get people get started and once they get started that they can continue the process absolutely the the key is in getting started is to not try and do everything all at one time most people have they think their finances are simple and they’re actually fairly complex they’ll have sometimes joint accounts with the spouse though sometimes have eight different accounts or three checking accounts multiple credit cards some they use some they don’t use it gets fairly complex quickly and we try to tell people the first rule when getting started is do not forecast your budget do not project what you want and I don’t care if you’re on a salary that you’ve been on for ten years that’s absolutely consistent like clockwork you do not project you sit there and you say okay if I were to start like if you and I were to say I hey Jeff I want to get you started in two minutes okay Jeff pull in your you’re spending account take your balance let’s put that into wine out now let’s take that money and divvy it up into categories where you want to spend that money until you’re paid again it’s just basically answering that question what I want this money to do before new money comes in and that’s all there is to getting started you can add layers of complexity like hey I have this credit card that I use all my spending on and I paid off in full that’s that’s fine too and you know you can walk through that but the gist of it is is just ok what do I have right now on hand what do I want to do with it before I have new money on hand once you get the new money you ask yourself the same question ok what do I want to do with this money it’s like you got new go with my analogy again new soldiers lining up say hey what do you want me to do I just got here you say ok you go here you go here yeah and that’s that’s the gist of it end sticking with it the biggest thing we do that separates us from most every other software application one I think people should know right away is we do not directly connect with your banks to automatically pull in your information and this is by design and I think we’re just one of the last of a dying breed that doesn’t do this but we I want people to enter their transactions manually I want them to do it on their phone and just have it update automatically over the cloud I want them to be able to stand and home depot after they purchased that rig and pop it in into their lawn & garden category or whatever it is and no right there okay i just spent money this is how it affects my budget I’m feeling good about it I planned for it and staying up to date by being involved in the process instead of assuming hey I’ll just grab everything once a month and do a post-mortem after all the dust is settled and so that’s that’s the biggest thing to stick to it is you build a habit of staying engaged it’s I like that because you know I think if everybody always says you know use meant you know usually use all these places which like you said it keeps track of what you’re spending but only if you log in and look at it you know you go to home depot and spend 150 bucks I mean like you said you know you know you did it but until you actually log into your account a month later you know what is that how does that really affect you when you’re really trying to mail manage what you’re spending yeah absolutely it’s like it’s like looking at you know you’re looking at a football game right and all you do is look at video and you never actually make a game plan for the next game you just look in at video and so it’s like yeah that that data is really good except you’re not turning around and applying what you learned going forward and that’s where we just try and get people to face forward instead of always looking in the rearview mirror yeah so does yeah um you talk a little bit about how if somebody was in line they just bought that rake how they can go in and put that on their phone there is an app that you guys have can you talk a little about the app and maybe any other tools or resources that people can use to kind of help with their budgeting game plan yeah the first thing I would have people do just if they’re getting started we run live webinars almost daily where we take about use about 40 to 50 people would try and keep the class is small so we can answer questions but these aren’t like recorded webinars we run them live we answer these new questions from people coming in and we basically walk people just from point A to Z like okay here is exactly we need to get started and when they start off right there chance of sticking his white high so that would be the first resource ID wonderful too because second one is to stick to it the mobile apps are huge and I actually underestimated how important they would be a few years ago I thought well you know okay yeah they’re great but as I saw how it affected my own finances having your your money with you on your phone where you can just check on the go having an update to the cloud having my wife be able to look at her phone she’s got an android i have an iphone but they both they stay in sync all the time the desktop stays in sync it’s just an effortless situation and we do some pretty slip things on the phone like this is coming to the end or but on the iphone if i’ve already recorded that home depot transaction a few weeks ago and there again buying something else because i know i will be then we it recognizes oh hey Jessie’s standing in home depot or near home depot the pay’s home depot it’s probably in this same category so what i end up entering is the amount as I’m sitting there at the self checkout and you’re talking about a 10 second thing to ply your phone and do that but the psychological win is is huge so the mobile apps I think are game changers and I’m excited to see all the tech that’s going that way because I think it’s going to help people stay engaged yeah everything that you just outlined is starting to make me up I’m trying to get me to convert into becoming a budget or now don’t stay strong stay strong alright so for those that want to get started that they’re interested in trying out YNAB tell us how that how that works tell us how it works how to get started like cost involved oh yeah absolutely so jump on the wine am calm or union budget calm I go to the download link you can run it for 34 days which gives you we did it 34 on purpose gives you time to see how the month rollover happens you can just see how this Deford will method applies to an entire month in the X planning session so I jump on there poke around a little bit check the class schedule see if there’s a class that works and then just hop on to the webinar they’re usually about an hour they’re very Pro like very dialed in um you won’t have someone popping in and just kind of shooting from the hip like these presentations are rock solid so jump in there for an hour and you’ll have a lot of light bulb moments as to okay yeah oh I thought about money this way yeah but if I think about this way it’s a whole new thing and we’re really trying to shift people’s thinking along those lines so I say jump in there grab the free trial and check the class schedule you can go to click on the support link and see him there and then if it works for you we sell it for sixty dollars and we do free minor updates and then every once in about two years we’ll do a major upgrade where we’ll give people a discounted price if they’ve purchased before but it’s not a subscription it’s just the one time deal and you every turn keeps simple online awesome great and I’ll have links below in the post so people can click on over and try it out and i love the website i’m looking at right now i mean it just you make budgeting look cool it is cool it’s not it’s not fake man that’s the real stuff it is cool love it alright well just I appreciate your time man and like I said I’m excited to get people on budgeting get them get on board so this looks like a great program to try out any closing thoughts thanks for having me on I appreciate it no I appreciate ma’am and I don’t be touching base to Fink on here soon so can’t wait alright I’ll talk to you then alright appreciate your time you