Credit score Score Scale – What is a True Credit score Score?

we’ve all heard of it whether you’re going to buy a house buy a car apply for a loan at your local bank the term it always comes up is what is your credit score hey this is jeff rose today I want to talk a little bit about finding your credit score and knowing if you have a good credit score scale several years ago when I was doing research for my book soldier of Finance I want to find out more about credit scores I knew some of the basics but I wanted to be able to become a subject matter expert in that particular space well I’m still not a subject matter expert but I have learned a lot regarding credit scores and what a good credit score scale is but the first thing I realize is why our credit score is so confusing and the reason is because there’s more than one yes there’s more than one you see a lot of these free services offering your free credit score how to find out if you have a good credit score scale and you have to realize that sometimes that’s not the true credit score otherwise known as your FICO score that most lenders will use and like say what what do you mean it’s not the same score that’s right a lot of these are called consumer education scores they’re just to give you a general guideline to give you some idea how your real credit score might be how does that make you feel now with me my consumer education score was pretty close to my real FICO score and I knew this because I requested my consumer education score right around we were building our new home so I saw my real FICO score and it was really close but I talked to a lot of other people that their consumer education score shows it being really good but then we actually went to apply for a loan their FICO score was like a hundred point difference yikes so as you can see a lot of these consumer education scores don’t give you a good gauge whether you have a good credit score scale or not so if you’re trying to determine if you have a good credit score scale before if you had anything above a 680 and typically the FICO score on the high side is 850 so if you’re in that 680 to 850 range it was considered to have a good credit score scale but after the 2008 to 2009 financial crisis a lot of lenders have been a lot more picky regarding your credit history so now 720 is generally considered to be good credit score scale or on the high side and I’ll even make the argument that you want to be closer in that 740 range am I being a bit obsessive with that possibly but here’s the thing if you’re a 720 today all it takes is one miss payment one late payment one stupid thing with your credit history where your beloved 720 now becomes a 650 and now when you go to apply for a loan probably still going to get a prude but you’re not going to get the better rate that you would had you head that 720 credit score so if you’re on the web and you go to one of these sites are offering a free credit score because you’re trying to figure out what your credit score scale is be very careful just because you’re getting a free score does not mean it’s your free FICO score so your credit score scale will not be what you really think it is but the other thing you have to remember about your credit score that it changes daily just like the stock market changes daily so if you get a score today a week from now it could be different especially if something happened with your credit history that you’re not aware of but that’s why you want to make sure you check your credit report on a frequent basis to make sure that nothing’s happening if you want more information regarding your credit score or how to determine your credit score scale be sure to hit me on the blog at I’ll be glad to help you out and if you’re on Facebook be sure to give us the big thumb and join us on the good financial sense fan page this is Jeff rose take care

The 30 Day Divulge – How To Alternate Your Lifestyles In 30 Days

hey guys this is stefan from I’ve got a great video today to discuss them called a 30 day challenge which is something I’m going through right now in my life and hopefully by the end of this video you feel inspired and whenever way possible to send a challenge for yourself and your life over the next 30 days that could really transform and improve your life for the better uh basically I just got back from Whistler here in British Columbia just last weekend and I’m a part of a mastermind group which is basically a group of people there just like me there they’re motivated and driven they have got crazy goals dreams and all that kind of great stuff which is really a great thing I recommend everybody to have a mastermind group have people in your life that could support you challenge you push you hold you accountable I think it’s a really important piece to being successful in anything but we basically we meet every week here in Vancouver and we also set goals every three months and we’re up in Whistler just discussing some goals that we’re going to set for ourselves and I was really thinking about it I thought what are different goals that if I set for the next 90 days or 30 days it just really transformed my life for the better and I started thinking about what have bitumen goals that if I did something every day and ingrained a new habit how would that transform my life because I really believe that success is a series of habits of the little things that you do every day consistently they end up being this amazing thing right so I thought what are you so what are some new habits that I want to really install in my life and implement and I basically pick two of them they were just I’m going to reveal at the end of this video to you guys but the whole philosophy give a 30-day challenge you probably heard it before you know or 21-day challenge or whatever same thing I like to do thirty days because I you know everyone else is 21 days I like that up the ante right so I like to set 30-day challenges for myself but there’s been a lot of research that’s been done that it takes about 21 days to develop a new habit and we we already have somebody habits in their life whether you’re aware of it or not you know we are basically our habits you know a lot of people you know we’re brushing keith is a habit you do every single day don’t you think about it you just do it maybe exercising every day is I have it you have or eating healthy or eating junk food that’s also I have it too right or a lot of people that have is they wake up and they drink coffee and they go to work or you wake up you check your email on face right so we already have these habits I think the goal is you want to cause the conscious of our habits and start implementing more habits that are going to support us and align this with our goals and our dreams and our purpose and life and so I was really thinking about that and there’s really a great philosophy that I learned from a guy named Evan Kagan who has this this concept he calls defy gravity and escape velocity and what he describes is that you know as human beings we don’t want to change okay we want to stay in our comfort zone our whole purpose of our mind is survival and protection it’s to keep us safe and it wants to keep us doing what we know in our environment in our surroundings right and we’ve been you’re our brain it has that purpose and it’s a good thing right it to keep us safe right but the problem with that is that if you only stay within our comfort zone then we don’t grow and everything that you currently want right now in your life is outside of your comfort zone because if it wasn’t you’d already have it and so in order to achieve anything in your life or to grow we have to step outside that comfort zone which is a very uncomfortable thing for a lot of us and it’s something that our mind has a lot of resistance to ok so this guy haven’t pagon he says oh what he described is that when a spaceship goes into space in order for that spaceship to get off the ground and to get outside of our atmosphere it uses up about 80 percent of its fuel just to get into space so all the effort all of you everything is just in that the first little bit or whatever just to get the space once it’s in space then it doesn’t it requires very little fuel and really you describe that making a change in your life or developing new habit it’s really the same thing right for the first 21 days generally any time you want to make a change it requires a law effort a lot of discipline willpower right but after those 21 days then it becomes automatic you not to think about it this part of your life is habitual as automatic pilot for you which is really a great thing so it’s usually that first 21 days is that the most challenging is the hardest but once you get past that then it’s easy and in fact it will take more willpower more discipline more effort not to do that Abbot been able to do it in the beginning and I really can relate to that because for me uh you know exercise and go to the gym eating healthy doesn’t require any discipline and just require any effort and he will power it’s something I feel pull to do it’s automatic it’s a habit that I have in fact for me not to go to the gym is very difficult for me it’s very hard that’s probably one of my biggest challenges in life is is taking rest I don’t like to rest it’s a challenge that I have that leads to overtraining and all these other challenges right but there was once a time in my life where get myself to go to the gym required effort it was difficult it was hard but I’ve trained myself and done it so many times as is part of my day-to-day life and the crazy thing is the cool thing is you already have things like that for you as well if you actually look at your life things that are great that it is automatic for you that you trained yourself to do so we can basically do the same thing but I set 30 day challenge or 21-day challenge towards the things that you want to implement and just consciously do it so that we can develop new habits or life I’ll just become automatic and support us and meet your goals or being successful so I hope that makes sense but it’s basically the two challenges I set for myself is one one of the biggest challenges that have had the last few months is lack of energy I recently competed in a fitness competition I’m very fit and active and I’m still probably healthier than 95% of the planet but I did it at the expense of my health meaning that health and fitness are two totally different things people confuse the two just because you’re fit does not mean that you’re healthy and I was you know during that process I was consuming a lot of protein powders and whey protein and dairy products all which are great for rebuilding muscle tissue and looking good but it’s not good for having lots of energy and getting super healthy because those are very mucus forming foods in it your body can’t probably digest that so I was living a lifestyle that was really kind of costing me my energy in my health and so one of my challenges I decided is that for the next 30 days I’m going to be juicing wheatgrass and if you don’t know wheatgrass is it’s basically that crazy juice that’s grass that’s right behind me it’s basically what it is it’s grass but it’s a certain kind of grass that it’s actually the most nutrient dense food on the planet and I’ve been drinking about 1 to 2 ounces a day for the last 5 days my shot on day 5 of this challenge and so I may be drinking that every day just to really nourish my body cleanse it give it the nutrients the energy in fact one ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent equivalent to about two and a half pounds of vegetables highly recommend you research that check that out on the other thing as well is I’m juicing vegetables so I’m juicing every day beets carrots celery and spinach and cucumber and green pepper this really juices my body giving it everything it needs to operate at full capacity just to really cleanse itself and giving you the energy it’s really great saying that if you want to be alive eat live foods are the only foods that are alive are vegetables fruits and sprouts and for my fitness competition unfortunately I wasn’t eating a lot of raw organic foods I was eating a lot of cooked foods which again is great for getting the protein in and repairing muscle and all that a really bad first give yourself your body the energy and everything that it needs so it is that’s one thing that I know that if I commit to that for the next 30 days man my energy is going to go through the roof pipe right now I’m sick I don’t know if you can tell or not but I’m going to a detox right now my body has been getting rid of all the toxicity all the poisons all the acids and everything that is accumulated over the last few months it’s all coming out of my body in more ways than one which is a great thing so that’s part of the process that I’m going through right now so that’s one thing the other thing as well is I know whether or not you watch the video but put out a video a while ago on my more ritual it’s by far the most popular video people love it I get a lot of comments about it’s got thousands of views likes and everything on youtubes on my blog but it’s basically what I do every day just to really take care of my mind my body my emotions really just to make sure that I’m the best that I can be for that day and just growing and expanding myself so they have more to give to others have more to give throughout my day I can actually more productive be happier and sort of conditioning myself to live life the way that I want to live excuse me and so that’s another thing I decided to commit to you for the next 30 days is just to really make sure that I’m giving myself that gift that first thing in the morning I’m starting it off with my hour of power my morning ritual it’s really taking care of myself in that way really taking the time to feel grateful feel happy to feel passionate you’ll commit it to feel proud all the emotions that I want to experience giving myself that gift first thing in the morning to condition myself incantations uh basically you know that the beliefs that I want to have in my life to do some form of physical exercise so do breathing rituals just to put a smile on my face putting myself in that peak stay that physiology reading every day whatever it is I’ve got my own kind of ritual check out the video I’ve actually change it up and everything when I’m doing right now for the next 30 days but having something like that I know that if I do that for the next thirty days I commit to it I just stick with that consistently man like your life transforms and I’ve had that as a habit part of my life consistently already for many years now it’s one of the greatest things in my opinion you can ever do because you take care of yourself mentally emotionally physically in every way possible and you start off the day that way then nothing fazes you you know you walk through life in a different level of confidence a different level of energy a level certainty when there’s freaking challenges and adversity around you everyone else is freaking out and stressed and reacting if you’re like a freaking Rock or solid you’re grounded it’s really incredible thing so those are basically by two commitments for the next 30 days so number one is the health aspect the grass and vegetable juice and number two is is taking air myself mentally and emotionally with my morning ritual and I know if I do those for 30 days overcome automatic I want to think about it part of who I am that’s a really great thing so that’s what I’m committing to and another great aspect too is is if you’re going to make this change in yourself too you would commit to something have a way you can be accountable have someone in your life that you got to be accountable to you whether it’s a friend that you can do a challenge with and every day you’re going to text each other call each other or email each other just to say hey you know what I did what I said I was going to do today for the next 30 days that way you can’t all back that way you can’t shoot yourself right you have someone that’s going to be on your ass I mean every day to make sure that you’re following through and there’s a lot of power in that I’ve got a mastermind group where I do that with got people my life I’ve got this video blog which is great that’s what I love about this video blog is that you know at first I started to just himself just to hold myself a kiss on the fly through and I had to follow through and do it so having something like that is great it’s the mom well I’ve got certain coaching clients that are accountable to me got one client every day she’s going to message me at the end of the day by email all the positive things for that day all the successes all the accomplishments and straining herself training her mind to focus on the gift I got another client every day she has to take pictures of all the meals that she eats for the day and she has to email it to me yes it’s a great way for her to be aware of the food section she’s eating and she knows that she you know she’s does he’s bad or whatever that I’m going to be on her ass and I’m the you know since she’s more likely to eat healthy because she knows that someone else is watching she’s accountable to someone else which is an awesome thing so whatever you want to commit to whether it’s a gratitude ritual every day now how would that transform your life over the next 30 days transform your mind and just condition yourself to focus on what you’re grateful for or a morning ritual or eating healthy I’ve done challenges where I’m going to wake up at a certain time each day right but having that accountability aspect is so key because if you’re only accountable to yourself then you can lie to yourself you know your is no there’s no consequence there’s no to get state they’re accountable to other people there’s a lot more at stake and you’re more likely to fall so hope you enjoyed this video hope it inspired you in some way set a 30 day challenge for yourself you know what’s something if you committed to doing every day for the next 30 days or transform your life for the better it doesn’t have to be big it can be small it can be a little thing the little things to make a big difference if you compound that over a period of time you can transform the life of the better so I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching I’ll let you guys know how my challenge goes and I shall talk to you soon

Catch Motivated and Do not Break Time – Grant Rant #121

let’s face it everyone’s received two cents and everyone’s received two minutes so here is my two cents in beneath two minutes hey grant cardone right here the big apple instances best-selling arthur and that i wish to simply let you know this little word if you realize what day it’s you aren’t busy sufficient I just lately heard this week oh it is Monday man it is so exhausting to get began on a Monday I am like dude how do you even know it is Monday I do not know what day it’s on Wednesday we hear it is hump again day we’re midway there so it is Friday and it is like oh thank God it is Friday or comply with Friday or like dude how do you individuals know what day it’s you are not busy sufficient you might want to be so freaking busy that you do not know what time it’s you do not know if it is earlier than lunch after lunch earlier than dinner after dinner come on you have had these productive days keep in mind the day once you had been so productive you you actually work by way of lunch and dinner and also you seemed up at seven o’clock you need to have been residence an hour in the past and you are like did I have never had lunch or dinner you realize why as a result of that day you had been consuming {the marketplace} you had been consuming {the marketplace} since you had been energetic productive hitting it slamming inventive and utterly dedicated look that is the place you might want to be as we speak in the event you do not like your monetary place in life you might want to get so busy okay so devour so obsessive about exercise that you do not know concerning the celebrities which are getting a divorce you do not have time for O’Reilly and his unhealthy information you do not have time for Anderson Cooper popping out telling everyone he is homosexual like who cares man okay why I do not care Anderson I do not care you realize why not as a result of I am a homosexual basher not as a result of I am not delicate cuz I am too rattling busy dude look I do not know what Monday Wednesday or Friday are I do not find out about Saturdays and Sundays I do know this create super quantity of exercise a lot exercise that you just lose observe of time your success just isn’t going to return from watching TV or a calendar your success goes to return from exercise from being busy from being obsessed from being like so into it that you do not know about oh my gosh the Monday morning blues or Wednesday humpback or Friday what I do know Friday what no matter okay get busy

Doable picks to Investing into the Stock Market

This is Jeff Rose from
As a financial planner I work with a lot of
clients and we invest in the stock market,
we invest in bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, all
that good stuff. Every so often I’ll get some
people that want to invest into stock market
alternatives, meaning that they are a little
bit fed up with the ups and downs of the market,
and who could blame them. So they are always
asking me, “Hey Jeff, what are some other
areas that we can invest into?” Today I just
want to share five stock market alternatives
that you can invest your money into. Stick
around for the fifth one because the fifth
one might be a bit of a surprise to you.
Number one, gold and silver coins. You’ve
heard it. Everybody wants to buy gold. Everybody
wants to buy silver. The price of gold has
escalated well over the last couple of years.
Now people, you have to realize that gold
is a risky investment, and it fluctuates just
like an individual stock. That being said,
it is a stock market alternative, so if you
have a fear of the stock market, then investing
in gold coins might be a viable source for
Another stock market alternative can be antiques.
I am going to use my stepdad as a prime example.
He’s invested into antique toys. These are
the toys from the 30s, 40s and 50s. He invested
into various paintings and other different
types of art. Also, another thing could be
antique cars. If you have a passion for things
in the past, investing your money into such
things as antiques might be a good alternative
for you.
A third stock market alternative is one that
I dabbled in, didn’t have much success. Hopefully,
you’ll do better. It’s real estate. If you’ve
been to the blog I have an awesome blog that
you need to check out if you want to check
out real estate investing. A buddy of mine
named Eric Mormon who is 29, maybe 30 years
of age is making a killing off real estate.
He’s done everything from lease to buy to
foreclosures to wholesale. He’s done it all.
This post covers a lot of that.
Obviously, real estate is a very, very awesome
stock market alternative if you understand
it. It’s something you don’t just dive into.
You want to do your research. You want to
ask some people, ask some experts. Talk to
some realtors and understand it before you
start diving into it. Just like my buddy Eric.
He spent a lot of time and a lot of research
and it has proven to be very, very voluble
to him.
A fourth stock market alternative that I’m
partial to is peer-to-peer lending. If you’re
not familiar with peer-to-peer lending, it’s
relatively new, but has definitely gained
a lot of traction in the last couple of years.
There’s a few big players in the space, but
the top two that you’ll want to check out
are Lending Club and Prosper. I will tell
you that I do have a Lending Club account
and have done very well with it. I have not
tested Prosper out yet. I have heard a lot
of good things about it.
Real quick, what is peer-to-peer lending?
It is exactly like what it sounds. You are
lending money to a peer and then you’re getting
paid an interest rate. You’re acting like
a banker to a potential borrower. It makes
things very interesting.
The thing I like most about peer-to-peer lending,
especially through Lending Club is let’s say
you invested a thousand dollars in Lending
Club. Of those thousand dollars, only $25
would go to one individual borrower, so if
that borrower defaults you don’t lose a
whole lot of money. Think of it like buying
stock in a mutual fund. If one of those stocks
in that mutual fund goes belly up, you still
have 99+ stocks in that mutual fund still
making you money. Same thing with Lending
Club. That’s why I like it. It is diversification;
you’re not putting your loans into one basket.
I’ve done pretty well with it. Check out my
blog post. I was averaging between 9½, almost
10% return and as of today I’m still there,
so definitely worth checking out as a stock
market alternative.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this video,
the last stock market alternative might be
a bit of a surprise to you, but think about
it. The one think that you can invest in is
yourself. How do you do that? You can invest
in going back to school and getting an MBA,
getting a PHD, maybe getting a degree that
you never got, or getting another degree.
For me, what I’ve done is I invested into
designation whether that be, for me the CFP
designation, or let’s say you want to be a
CPA to be a Certified Public Accountant. Maybe
there are certain designations in your field
that could give you potential raises or open
new opportunities for you at your job.
Other ways you can invest in yourself is by
hiring a coach. Maybe you can do a personal
development coach. I’m currently doing a coach
for entrepreneurs, and I will tell you that
the investment has been worth it tenfold.
I’ve only been doing it for just over a year
now, but the processes that I go through,
the mindset that I’m in has completely rocked
my world and had I not invested that money
into myself I never would have realized the
untapped potential that lies within me. As
you can tell, I’m very partial to coaching
and I’m very partial to investing in yourself.
These are just a few of the stock market alternatives
that you have at your disposal. If you want
other tips like this, be sure to check me
out at the blog,, and
if you’re on Facebook be sure to give us a
thumbs up on the Good Financial Cents Fan
Page. See you soon.
The opinions voiced in this material are for
general information only and are not intended
to provide specific advice or recommendations
for any individual. To determine which investment(s)
may be appropriate for you, consult your financial
advisor prior to investing.

Precise Dwell Sales Name Sales Practising

gentlemen Steve Jeff Baron this is Grant Cardone videoing from Hollywood California Baron sent me an email two days ago saying hey grant could you put together a little clip so the people here the executives here that shoot TV and make decisions could see exactly what you do when you come to the UK and give a turnaround version my turnaround TV show version in the UK so rather than me telling you what I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do is use my own personal business let’s face it all businesses fail the question is do they fail long term or just short periods of time so when we cope when I go into a company what I’m looking for is the real problems the people in the business don’t know the problems if they knew the problems they wouldn’t have them so what I do is I go into a company and identify real actual problems I tell you what rather than me telling you follow me I’ll show you what I do this is the sales department okay imma blow in on the sales department and show them how to sell something that’s gonna increase morale it’s gonna drive revenue it’s gonna make the business successful I’ll give you a call at the end of the month then with me see where we’re at Lacedaemon let me have that off oh really this is Carlos hey Carlos grant cardone here how you doing this is you know when you’re talking to me right now hey and the reason I’m jumping on this call Carlos is because I heard Jarrod say something about he’s gonna call you back next month okay but let me ask you something why did you look at it in the first place okay so what’s important to you what problem Carlos excuse me but do you feel like you’re missing opportunities right now good so you didn’t call Jared you didn’t show interest in our product because you wanted to save money you call Jarry because you want to increase your income be raised by your revenue by having your people better handle situations get your veterans experience and get your green your newer salespeople trained well the 1500 a month that that’s your objection is the cost yeah well let me explain to you that it’s not 1500 a month it’s thirty six thousand dollars plus the four thousand dollar startup fee which means it’s 40 thousand I need you to think about a forty thousand dollar decision not at $1,500 a month decision you’re going to be on this program two years not one month if you’re not going to be on it two years you need to tell me that upfront because then we don’t need to do it it won’t work anyway let me ask you a question Carlos I will when’s the last time your company spent forty thousand dollars a hue ever had it not work right so look you’re going to spend $40,000 to train your people over two years over two years to handle every opportunity comes to you and you spend four hundred and eighty thousand dollars in the same period of time on advertising this represents basically eight percent of your ad budget do you want to train your people do you want them motivated if so if you’re going to do this sooner or later if you’re going to do this sooner or later and I’m going to suggest and that’s why I’m getting on the call take time out of the equation and let’s do this the reason I got on the call was to assure you that I’m here to support you and help you look Carlos Carlos I appreciate your business well that’s what everybody should be doing right now to make businesses work so they survive and prosper what’s your what’s your home address I want to send you something personal for me you got horses what was it was the zip code again I missed it okay good do you have any do you have any concerns about doing this yeah that’s right would there be right would there be any reason you would change your mind I’m sending it to you right now thank you so much for your business and look look for your mailbox look in your mailbox for a so special okay thank you so see walkies look it’s not always going to work like that but if the executive drops in brings in the altitude brings in the enthusiasm even if I would have failed I restore my sales department they see that I’m watching they see that it’s happening now they see success that’s what I want to come to the UK and do to wake the UK up sure John pain yeah I know John gonna call yeah sure you still you still record your head on his cut this no yeah yeah you totally so here’s another here’s another client right now this close but they’d like to talk to me let’s just see what happens then it’s called again look these are these are completely crazy random happens all day long happens to every business it happens in the cupcake business it happens in the vacuum cleaner business the furniture business the motorcycle business see Armando he’s not making enough phone calls Houska never get a chair hey Jana Jana hey John it’s David Brent crank cardones I got a favor what’s that buddy long time yeah do you want me to call you on your landline you’ll be calling you on your landline yeah what’s the number you gotta wonder what’s the best use of time for the executor right now I’ve written it I want to increase the revenue of the company that is the the grease for the machinery it’s money and it’s sorry particularly over there right now with the second recession your experience in its money you got to drive the cash register and the only way to do that is to talk to customers to interact with customers to touch customers to get involved a meetings not gonna do it organized he’s not gonna do it what’s that player everything Garrett everything’s good yeah yeah good I think the last time I saw you I ran into you yeah was it that big convention right that’s right business good for you yeah yeah David good yeah you do man she got a responsible for me that’s right yeah you did it back when you better your own fella I appreciate that I appreciate that yeah yeah well I’m trying I’m working on doing something to elevate that to another level so yeah hey are you sitting with a contract in front of you for me what do I need to do brother come over here oh man I can’t come all the way over there and kick this thing off dude I’m so busy but I cannot tell you what I can do we I can drop in virtually I can drop in live on a Skype or a Google Plus call you know I look you know object I’ll do one of those to kick it off but I can do more you know if you call me up and give me like 60 days notice I’ll just put it on my calendar you know maybe we’re when we’re 60 or 90 days into the deal and do another one for you yeah yeah because that’s a living in people dog let me see what do I have what I haven’t run oven if you want over the numbers with it he’s got it what’s the contracts that what what’s the contract say yeah so it’s gonna be $4,000 1295 for 24 months get together with you and have a chat no-no-no that’s if I come over the over over virtually potentially incorporate how many guys should run with no man you want that I’m telling you it’s for the setup okay I’m actually giving you that dealers you you definitely want that there’s that David or John yeah you want that man I’m telling you I’ll kick this thing off so hard first of all David is gonna kick it off with your management team to show them how to set it up then I’m gonna either come in in two weeks or four weeks into the program I don’t I’d prefer to do it after they’ve been on in a while but come in and starting to turn their questions so you know 90 days into the deal you want me to do another when we’re friends I’ll do another one for you yeah sure in the feed yeah going forward like look whatever y’all want me to do I’ll do going forward just ask me to do it I’ll do it okay right no no why you why you want to do that to me man why you want to nickel and dime you like that no it’s not no it’s not no you just save been $600 a month there’s normally 1,800 bucks whatever the agreement do you all want me to do unlimited support for you or do you want do you want to nickel and dime me up front on the deal you call me up and say grant do another 20 minute 30 40 minute meeting for us let’s do one in December grant let’s do one in March grant let’s do one in June I look I charge four grand a pop for those okay they just caught you you want me to do one every month if I can put it on my calendar I’ll do it I’m just saying you guys call me and tell me when you want me to do it I’ll put it on my calendar that’s what I’m telling you well well be flexible here okay four grand 1295 I’m sending it to you right now any reason you change your mind Bing what that’s right that’s the American Way right more more is better I’m in send it back over ich it send it back over and get your guys on it for two weeks and we’ll schedule the first one okay I’m here hey love you guys who do you know who do you know other than yourself that would be interested in doing this now you already know me well enough who did you think of when I asked that question new 20 groups right now cool okay when can I speak to one of the groups yeah yeah he’s been on this thing 18 months okay so who do you guys know come on should share the crawfish yeah know who’s your best friend in the group your best friend in the group who is it Rick Rick coward okay okay can you give me a meeting with him show this to him yeah okay well you trust me can you send me 50 pounds of crawfish then can you send me 50 pounds of crawfish winds crawfish come when they come you gotta come in the spring for this all right okay 20 group I yeah I’m here okay I got a 20 group meeting that’s going to quantity uh actually Sunday flavin okay we’re mostly it’s in Philadelphia I don’t want to go til Adelphia well anyway toughen up oh my god I’m an infinity 20 group David said about an accurate 20 group okay so the guy Paragons one of course we knew about you but Paragon was yeah singing your praises the other thing right one of the group’s okay okay so uh but now I got some really heavy hitters that sound guys refused but it’s morning and they see Michael a fool that’s they feel a thousand dollars in revenue in ten minutes Gordo yes sir okay you know Dave mellow oh I don’t really know all the guys I probably okay we’ll just give me you know maybe put me on the agenda Sonny say hey can we bring car down in he’s doing business with Ben stock I’m doing business with Rick case you know you yeah yeah I’ll bring it up I’d love to hang out with y’all come to stay an extra night we’ll throw back stint on Julio okay buddy thanks for your business I appreciate that there’s a good example okay my god David mind if L take the deal all the way but this and it fuel to the fire okay gets it hot in here they’re like oh my god we can do business and it might have speeded up the process this is what we need to do for a TV show in the UK

You Favor To Get Cash? Be half of Motor membership Of The US

hey what’s up nicely jbrown right here oh I’ve simply sitting out right here my automobile simply got here again from the shop inside I sit out right here to make a video you understand oh you are uninterested in being cooped up in the home on a regular basis however anyway I do know you in all probability personal this video since you’re on the lookout for a approach to become profitable from dwelling I do know you are in all probability uninterested in losing cash on these bullshit ass packages that promise you the riches however you by no means make one penny with I do know most individuals failed on-line as a result of most most of those packages on-line no religion most of those folks on-line are faux that is telling you to bullshit however the firm on with I imply you may you may google it that is the day it’s important to do your analysis it’s important to do a background verify the corporate that I am in has been round since nineteen twenty-six you may go google it you may go to Fb and you may see all of the folks raving about this firm I imply folks that by no means by no means I imply atypical folks that by no means made cash on-line having success you may see the checks you may see the proof the proof is within the pudding and if you happen to’re on the lookout for a approach to become profitable from dwelling you are uninterested in your boss man boss girl respiratory down your throat telling you what the fuck to do if you happen to’re uninterested in waking as much as that annoying as lengthy plug each morning to go to your 9 to 5 if you happen to’re able to make a change and begin making a living be a part of MCA and that is all i gotta say simply go to the web site the hyperlink is within the description see what we acquired as a result of what we acquired is highly effective it is lots of people use lots of people having success and that is that is that is all i gotta say simply go to the web site and see what we acquired till then my identify is jay brown peace and blessings tables

Be Laser Centered When Existence Challenges You – Grant Rant #119

let’s face it all people’s bought two cents and all people’s bought two minutes so here is my two cents in underneath two minutes hey Grant Cardone New York Occasions bestselling Arthur and I need to discuss to you immediately concerning the TSA that is proper my associates at transportation for the airways look ever since my FA drawback appear to be an issue to you okay the TSA has been nothing however good to me and it jogs my memory again in Could 21st 2009 my spouse known as me there’s an excellent story right here and I simply did an interview with MSN about it my spouse calls me at 6:30 within the morning Houston time I used to be on the Hyatt Lodge on the Intercontinental Airport in Houston and he or she says we’re having a child immediately now we knew the newborn was coming however I believed it was going to be in June so I deliberate this seminar as a result of I am the supply man I am the doula at my home I do not know if you realize this however we do pure trial delivery at my dwelling I do not need medical doctors reducing on her drug in her and I do not needed to be in a spot the place a bunch of individuals are sick damaged hungover home drawback points I do not need all that so we had our child at dwelling so my spouse calls me she says it is advisable to come dwelling I am like dude I bought 257 folks at a seminar it is advisable to come dwelling she’s laser targeted it is advisable to come dwelling since you made a dedication to ship this child with me and I am such as you’re proper I will be dwelling what do I do I seize my baggage a purchase ticket on-line I seize my baggage I am going to the tram in Houston tram shut down what do I do I bought 11 minutes to make a 8:30 a.m. flight so I might be at dwelling and time to ship my first child lady what do I do dude keep constructive okay no negativity allowed right here I am like keep constructive grant I simply begin hauling ass pulling my baggage I am going all the way in which throughout the Intercontinental Airport I come as much as TSA I begin reaching in a safety safety line I am busting by way of the safety line I am like hey give me some assist give me some assist I am late I am late assist me assist me assist me assist me I am begging folks for assist proper keep targeted man I do know I can not make this flight I do know I can not I look Oh the place’s my driver’s license the place my passport no driver’s license no passport I’ve misplaced each um you realize what you do in that state of affairs you stop that is what most individuals do they stop cuz quitters stop that is what they know learn how to do what did I do I say particular consideration I want some particular consideration I bought a particular state of affairs these are two key phrases you need to use in an airport everytime you need assistance particular state of affairs now do you assume all grants gonna drop the being pregnant card they’re having a child immediately assist me up no dude do not try this save that you do not blow your entire wad at one time you’ve got been doing that your entire life okay you say particular state of affairs he says yeah what’s it I mentioned look I haven’t got a driver’s license haven’t got a passport however test it out grant cardone 10x rule I simply wrote this e-book is sick it is advisable to get one and by the way in which here is my photograph proper right here okay additionally on that cellphone is my fb account and my Twitter account test me out that is who I’m Grant Cardone you with me man says okay come on by way of it is a supervisor I am going straight to the road he says you are by no means gonna make it unimaginable you’ll by no means make this flight you are down in like seven minutes I mentioned please have one among these be constructive be constructive okay as a result of if I quit now I can not make it so I am like if I am gonna fail I am gonna fail on the final second that is longer than a two minute rant however why is it necessary dude do not cease obstacles issues challenges hold transferring ahead I bought in a airplane eight hours later delivered my first child lady I’d by no means need to miss that day let me simply inform you one thing grant you would’ve taken the following flight I’d have missed three hours of my spouse and labor man I bought a shot to look at my spouse and large ache for 3 hours and I bought to be there supportive of her to assist her to consolation her to take showers together with her being the jacuzzi together with her proper to like my spouse by way of these moments the place it is troublesome look the pure childbirth was probably the most unimaginable factor I’ve completed in my life supporting my spouse was probably the most unimaginable factor I’ve completed in my life as effectively and making that flight was unimaginable it was miraculous and it was due to one factor I saved taking truly do the identical factor

Solutions to Find Your Dream Job – Grant Cardone and Profession

grant cardone here New York Times best-selling Arthur I want to talk to you about unemployment I’m going to show you how to get a job these 12 tips will guarantee you a job and they’ll guarantee the job you want and literally get you the job you want in 36 hours number one there’s what I want you to do I want you to impor literally stay away from any idea that you’re going to accept unemployment unemployment is a killer don’t do it do not be tempted by this easy thing called unemployment yes you paid into it yes you deserve it no you don’t want it trust me okay you don’t want it the government offers crumbs what are you gonna do you’re going to have to go back into the marketplace sooner or later and say what hey I want a job I need a job I got to get to work work is important and the guy’s gonna look at you saying what happened the last thirty three weeks well it’s a bad job market he’s thinking he thinks you’re contaminated don’t kid yourself it’s not fair it’s not right it shouldn’t happen to anyone he’s going to look at you and if somebody was working three weeks ago and you hadn’t worked in 33 weeks I promise you he’s taken the other guy so what I want you to do is I want you to say no to unemployment say no I do not want it I will not take it my job is to get a job and go into that marketplace refuse the easy route go the hard route I’m going to show you the other 11 steps how to get the job and decide you’re going to get a job if you don’t make that decision if you’re tempted by the unemployment the other eleven strategies won’t work your second tip to acquiring a job in 36 hours is to do this decide you’re going to get a job you understand what I’m saying look you are going to get a job I don’t care what the job markets like because you’re not out of work what do I mean you’re unemployed what’s your new job nobody goes without a job your new job is to get a job I want you now to put more energy more effort okay more tenacity more persistence and more creativity into this new job getting a new job then you gave to your last job if you worked eight hours a day your last job I want you to work ten hours a day at your new job what’s your new job your new job is to get a job look if you’re going to work for the man okay and now you can’t work for the man because he let you go cuz his firm failed or he got too small or your industry collapsed and it wasn’t your fault had nothing to do with you maybe right or maybe it was it doesn’t matter anymore your new job is that you work for you your new job is to go into the marketplace and get a job so if you used to go to work at 8 o’clock in the morning look I need you to get up at 6 I need you to be at work at 7 if you used to stay till 5:00 for the man then once you stay till 6 or 7 4 you get a job you get it get a job is your new job you not out of work I remember man tell me this I was out of work I’ve been like 2 months without work and he’s like dude you ain’t out of work your new job is to get a job I was like what was that thinking I literally went unconscious for 60 days your new job is to get a job I want you to put more energy more effort more tenacity more follow-through and more creativity and even invest more money today into your new job than you did in your old job the third tip to getting a job and getting a job in 36 hours and getting the job you want in 36 hours is to be willing to take a job even if it’s beneath you and you’re like well wait a minute you just told me out you were going to get me the job that I wanted and the pay I wanted yeah I will but here’s the deal you have to say yes to a job if somebody offers you a job you’re like I it’s a little beneath me I don’t want to do that to you you had to work right now no you’re not out of work you’re working for yourself and you need work you need to take a job you need to get a win it’s like being at a blackjack table okay or a roulette wheel you lose you lose a second hand you lose a third hand you lose a fourth in you can’t lose any more hands right now get a job staying connected to the workforce to the employment force to the people that are out contributing giving working you know integrated with community every day is valuable forget how much they’re paying you for a second stay connected to the workforce you’re out of work on Wednesday you’re back to work on Thursday even if you have to take something a little beneath you don’t let your ego get in your way I have taken jobs beneath me before I have taken less pay than I deserved before many times I have worked for nothing before and it’s connecting me to people that ended up giving me new opportunities look you’re in the people business economies are made of people businesses are made of people stay connected I have a brother-in-law that got disconnected from the workforce first it was a month then it was three months the next thing you know it’s a year then it’s two years then it’s three years he can’t return anymore his health started to go down his morale started to go down he should have taken a job beneath him years before look this was over 20 years ago he’s still not working today how do you think he feels about himself I want you to take a job I want you to get a job I’m going to show you how to position yourself where you can get that great paying job the job you wanted to turn this lost employment into an opportunity but look if you get a shot on Thursday to take a job that you think is beneath you dude I want you to hook it up take it and then keep searching the fourth tip to getting a job is something you need to avoid doing not doing okay and that’s this disregard all the negative talk and all the negative people that say no one is hiring there’s millions millions of businesses in America millions of small businesses and trust me they’re all looking for one thing great people so if you’re going to be exceptional extraordinary unique you don’t have a problem if you’re going to be a naysayer no one’s hiring and you don’t have a shot you got to believe you can make this you’ve got you have to believe people are hiring and then you need to go to those places where people value exceptional where people value extraordinary even if you’ve had negative experiences in the past maybe you were taking advantage of it your last job maybe they didn’t value you at your last job maybe maybe you didn’t invest enough energy and effort and creativity in making yourself stand out and extraordinary and that’s why you’re out of work tonight for 25 years I’ve worked for myself I wake up unemployed every single day for 25 years and I got jobs but I got to go get new work all the time same thing for you disregard all the negative naysayers can’t get it you got to be positive you got to find the rainbow you got to find the shining light at the end of the tunnel you’ve got to find that one that one company that will value you the fifth step to you getting the job you want is do not do not rely on a resume they’re just words on a piece of paper people don’t hire resumes nobody hires this they hire people what happens to you when you go in with a resume okay with the HR department or the executive they’re looking at your resume what are they not looking at they’re not looking at you look I want to literally take the resume away from the guy want to take it sir give me that a second I want to tell you who I am see I want him paying attention to me because he’s gonna hurt me he can’t hire this you buy a paper you don’t hire paper I wanted to hire me I want him to see me for who I am this does not have value okay you speak three languages showing that you speak three languages let me tell you who I am let me tell you what I’ve done let me tell you who I’ve worked for and let me tell you most importantly why I’m exceptional why you might look at 83 people for this position and I’m the only one the only one that you should hire and by the way let me tell you this if you don’t hire me I promise you you and the company will regret it and let me tell you why you start ripping off number one number two number three number four number five you need this pitch down you need this presentation down and a piece of paper a resume can’t pitch you how can two or three pieces of paper be more valuable than you as a human being in your presentation you need to have this thing nailed like you’re delivering Shakespeare or some great play or you’re selling your your your finest piece of work right now because when you’re getting a job that’s what you’re doing resumes don’t get positions you know what happens to most resumes they sit on a desk with a bunch of other resumes and they’re all equal you’re not a resume you’re an extraordinary human being I want you to get in front of that person that’s going to make the decision to hire and I want you to sell yourself tip six for getting a job I want you to avoid depending on headhunters and and Craigslist for getting you this job or even for a referral getting me a job don’t misunderstand me I’m not suggesting you wouldn’t use a headhunter are a connecting service I’m not suggesting that at all what I’m suggesting is don’t rely on them understand this the head of hunters pitching lots of people lots what do you want you want to blonde a redhead you want a brunette you want a white guy you want a black guy what do you want you want an engineer you want to mechanic you want to chemists what do you want see their kitchen lots of people who you pitching your pitching you don’t rely on them look I got an agent I got a literary agent I got a marketing agent I got a guy doing my PR I don’t rely on any of them I still have them I still use them they still make connections with me I have friends I have relatives I have business acquaintances I use them all but I don’t depend on them because once you break your reliance and dependence on another person to take care of you you’ll stand up and take care of yourself I promise you it works for everybody so I’m not saying no to headhunters I’m not saying no to searches I’m not saying no to ok I understand that I’m not saying no to getting friends relatives and neighbors and referrals and business acquaintances or the last company to make a phone call for you but don’t rely on them depend on yourself you know stand tall be strong go out into the marketplace put these other tips together and decide dude I’m I’m the guy they’re hiring not the headhunter it’s me rely on yourself you’ll make it go right tip number 7 of 12 is do not rely on the HR department human resources is a screener it is a problem for you do not rely on it now look this is completely I’ll tell you right now completely politically incorrect what I’m about to tell you but I guarantee it’s one of the most important of the 12 steps I’m sharing with you do not rely on the hiring person the HR department the manager the assistant whoever these are filters and screens you want to get in front of one person in that organization one person the owner the executive the top guy or gal the person that makes decisions for everything the person in that organization it literally said this morning no more hiring and can meet somebody at lunch and say harm right now CHR can’t do that anybody below that executive level cannot make that kind of decision you want to go to the very top get in front of a decision-maker don’t rely on that resume have yourself do that presentation to the guy that’s most affected by great people so I’m assuming you’re a great person I’m assuming you want a job I’m assuming you have something to bring to the party then I want you to bring that story that exact story to the top person in the organization not a manager not the VP I want you to bring it right to the President of the United States that’s the point I’m making here okay go to straight to the top bye pass HR how are you going to do that find out somebody that knows the guy at the top somebody knows somebody at the top somebody knows Grant Cardone find out who it is pay him if you have to do whatever it takes find out where he’s at when he arrives in the parking lot when he gets to work where he’s going to be tonight what time he leaves where he goes to lunch should get in front of that guy you want a job you want a great job you want the job you want get in front of the decision-makers not the HR department tip number eight do not rely on social media to get you a job okay Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google+ they can’t get your job so when somebody posts on Facebook that they’re looking for someone don’t post back in comments oh Derka Derka Derka tell me more about the job I just had this recently we were just looking for someone I literally had all these people respond and then half of them half I’m are saying give me more information tell me more about it dude don’t be ridiculous what are you doing get your body in front of that person not start tagging back and forth electronically just like I won’t hire resume I’m not gonna hire a comment on Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn look you’re being lazy wake up you can’t take shortcuts here your job is to get a job you’re in charge of this new company to get a job for myself company that you’ve just started what are you gonna do respond on Facebook are you looking for a job you’re going to get up early right you’re going to stay late you’re going to invest more energy more effort more creativity you don’t do lazy things like give me more information on Facebook under God can I get an appointment when can I see someone dude the guys on Facebook Grant Cardone hit more information about him get in front of Grant Cardone then you’ll get a job put all 12 tips together I guarantee you won’t just have the job you won’t just have the job you want but you’re going to have confidence you’re going to believe in yourself in you’re going to get a great paying job in fact you might look at this and say best opportunity I have in the whole life was losing the last job I had because now I got my game on tip 9 I want to talk about the interview now you’re in the interview you’re in front of the right person you’re in front of a decision-maker you’re not relying on your resume anymore what I want you to do is this I want you to talk about what you’re going to do for these people this company this individual not what you’ve done in the past I want you to put all your attention on what you can do for this guy watching literally to paint a picture about how effective how great you’re going to be what you can do for his company going forward I don’t want you to talk about what you did for the last company because every time you refer to the last company or the last job or where you were three or four or five years ago you’re reminding this guy of the past Wow he’s only interested in what if he’s a decision maker like I am I’m not interested in yesterday last month three months ago bring me to my future my future is an executive as an entrepreneur has hope in it you don’t want to talk about three weeks ago three months ago three years ago you want to talk about what can you do for me today what can you do for this company what do you where do you see yourself fitting in where can you make the biggest bang where can you exchange with this individual in such a monster way then he’s like my god man who are you dude who are you where have you been why haven’t you come here sooner I’m glad that other company let you go dude let’s put this guy on payroll right now get started you see what I’m doing you see the difference make a difference in how he views you and his company going forward it’s mental ownership you got to get that guy to think about hiring you where you’re going to sit what desk you’re going to be at how you’re going to be effective how are you going to communicate with him how are you going to solve problems for him that’s what you need to go into this interview with not to pass go get it tip number 10 you’re not going in to do an interview you’re going in to sell yourself you’re going in to present yourself as a valuable extraordinary product that no matter what they offer you in money you’re worth a hundred times that this is all about selling okay you want a job this is about selling yourself now I’m gonna tell you right now when I go into an interview to get a job I don’t come out without a clothes they’ll either hire me on the spot or they’ll regret not hiring me you might not hire me but I promise you you will regret not hire me and are you’ll say dude who was that cat who was that guy that just came in here you want to control that interview and make it a sales presentation tell them you’re extraordinary tell them you’re great tell them you can make a difference yep oversell yourself if you have to don’t undersell yourself over commit over commit over a promise sell if you don’t know how to sell get my book seller be sold the book is sick fundamentals of how to sell anything yourself a product a brand to market yourself to correctly promote yourself because here’s the truth if you’re worried about over selling yourself the problem is you’re not sold on you so the first thing we have to do before you go to this interview where you’re going to sell yourself is we’re going to get you sold on you what makes you different what makes you unique what makes you extraordinary what makes you worth more than the highest amount of money they could ever offer you this is an opportunity right now you’re out of work this is an opportunity to get finally to finally get the job you want to get this is a fresh new start you need to go in there and bang this thing knock this thing out of the park by selling yourself not just doing an interview good luck tip number eleven you need to understand that the most important thing to every company every department is revenue look if you can bring revenue into this interview into this presentation if you can bring the concept of you increasing revenue making it easier to get revenue somehow connecting this company because of your job your position what you’re going to do an offer there somehow you’re going to either assist in generating revenue or actually bring in new revenue you got this job is locked it’s a done deal because nobody in interviews is talking about that Jasper’s helping me with this video today he missed it in the interview he missed the opportunity dude I’m faster I’m quicker I’m more efficient and I’m going to show you video we’re going to post video that’s going to drive revenue to your site grant that’s going to make it easier for you to sell your products your services and to command a higher price I am a revenue guy so you do that in a presentation they’re going to be like hang on a second I got to bring so-and-so in here because nobody’s doing this in the interview not to talk about first of all they’re dependent on the resume number two they’re being interviewed they’re not selling okay you’re going to shift them you’re going to shift into hey I’m going to tell you why I’m going to be here I’m going to tell you why I’m extraordinary and you’re going to bring in you’re going to bring in King our revenue okay it is it is the god of the marketplace today anytime you have monster contractions like you have right now every business owners worried about one thing not their expenses first that’s not true little players are worried about expenses the real players worry about one thing not how much they spend how much can they make how can they increase revenue I’m not worried about how much money I spend that’s not what I think about every day I think about how can i generate more revenue bring that into your interview bring that into your sales presentation bring in how whether you’re a receptionist an engineer a mechanic I don’t care what the position is your sweeping floors in a school good how can you produce more revenue for that school or that company show then that BAM you got a job tip 12 of how to get the job you want is this never ever talk about how you’ve been let go wrongly don’t talk about how somebody mistreated you do not be critical or negative about the last company you work for I don’t care if you were in a sweatshop being paid two bucks an hour had to work 22 hours a day and they were completely breaking the law do not bring it up when you start getting negative about the last place the first thing this God thinks is oh my gosh is what’s going to happen with this person at my place literally I have ended interviews in 40 seconds because hey tell me about your last job I’m just fishing just fishing for negative I’m waiting to hear what they’re gonna say about me when they leave me oh yeah this guy he was really unfair tell me about the worst boss you’ve ever had you know the answer that never had a bad boss sir never had a bad boss okay never had a bad boss I don’t have anybody to complain about okay I just don’t see negative people are there some people that are harder to work for than others absolutely but you know what I focus on what can I bring to the table and that’s what I’m here to talk to you about today what can I bring to your company how can I make a difference for your company what would I need to be extraordinary unique unbelievable here grant I’m just looking for a receptionist great foot the table on it remember we’re not doing the interview we’re doing a sales presentation tell me about your best receptionist tell me about your worst one what would I have to do to exceed the level of your best one by 50 times I could get a job literally in 36 hours all you got to do is get in front of the right company the right people and do the right presentation you want to be that shining light when he least that’s the most positive person I’ve ever met in my life that’s who you should be every day particularly on this interview you should be the beacon you should be the model you should be the billboard of positive you should be the guy walking around we’re like we’re like one is on his cape mr. positive mrs. positive okay mr. attitude mrs. attitude god I gotta hurt that guy I felt when I was around that person see that’s what you’re going to do in this interview there’s your 12 tips to getting a job if you use these exactly the way not just one of them I just two of them put them all together pack Jim listen to this over and over again decide that you’re going to get that job get in front of the decision-maker don’t rely on the HR department don’t rely on a hiring party okay don’t rely on anyone don’t rely on your resume get in there don’t do an interview do a sales presentation and do a great sales presentation don’t talk about the past don’t talk about how you’ve been wronged talk about what you can do be that beacon of positive you put all that together and I guarantee you’re going to get a job okay now in addition to that I want you to do one other thing this is my 13th rule the 13th commandment and probably the most important of the bunch I want you to literally select not an industry like construction or social media to go into I want you to make a list of three to five companies no more than five companies three to five companies that you want to work for I want you to literally target like you would a car or a vacation or a girl or a guy what you want don’t keep it broad okay don’t keep it real broad keep it confined to three or four or five people three or four or five people at the most companies you want to work for you’d be excited you can’t wait to work for them and then I want to fight I want you to find out who runs those companies and I want you to get in front of those three four or five companies those individuals they can make a decision on you use the 12 tips I gave you and I guarantee you not only you’re going to get a job you’re going to get the job you want work for the company you work for you’re going to make a commitment to them that you’re going to be freaking extraordinary unbelievable you’re saying no to unemployment you’re saying yes to job you’re saying yes to working for yourself you’re going to be a beacon an example of greatness but you’re not going to just change a company you’re not going to just change your life you’re going to literally be a great example for the entire US economy in your community your church for your kids take my 13 tips put them together package them make them part of you watch this again and again if you need to get back to work get the job you want get the money you deserve so you can take care of yourself your church your community your family and yourself thanks a lot this is Grant Cardone hey and be sure you follow me at Cardone success on Facebook and at Twitter at Grant Cardone